Story [Star Trek] A Lesson Well-Learned! Kurusan's Fic Gift

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    by WarmNyota -- Disclaimer: Borrowing for fun & the FF Gift Exchange.

    This is for Kurisan -- who wanted Ny to grapple with a thorny challenge, connected with her professional acumen.


    Happy reading.



    Nyota scowled at her instructor, Mr. Bingham, as he handed her his report on her assignment.
    She had just completed a simulation of a diplomatic conference with the Romulans where both the overt and nonverbal cues had to avert a hostile encounter. She had navigated the figurative waters of the spoken but had totally missed the nonverbal unspoken cues. She had the impression and formed a conclusion based on her cultural studies that Klingons were aggressive and out in the open, flagrant about it, whereas Romulans were honorable types at least in the sense of being forthright in their own interests but sticking to any tenets of a treaty or agreement, rather like Vulcans would be.

    It was a lesson that she would recall later during her Enterprise tour. There was a mutual air of suspicion surrounding the acquisition of the cloaking device -- by admittedly devious means by the Federation.
    It was quite the achievement, being able to procure it. However, within no less than a year, a newer harder to detect one had been devised, in league with the Klingons!

    Nyota asked incredulously: "How could they team up with the Klingons?"

    "Why shouldn't they?" Jim asked. "They're both predatory and violent."

    "The Klingons will turn on them as soon as look at them." Nyota retorted with a tone that conveyed "I would think that would be obvious."

    "And you think the Romulans wouldn't do likewise?" He asked. "They're less like Vulcans than you might expect."

    Spock gave Nyota an appraising look. "Yes. I would hope you would know that, from firsthand experience, Nyota."

    She flushed in embarrassment. "I suppose I'm guilty of thinking they have to be similar to Vulcans whereas they really don't; to be frank, though, I never thought the reverse, that Vulcans are subtly similar to Romulans." She winked.


    When the occasion arose later that Nyota was able to assist in forging an authentic truce with the Romulans, she was astute in picking up the undertones and made sure everything that could have led to loopholes and squiggling out of the fine print was negated; all aspects were clarified and spelled out in minute details.

    "I wasn't about to assume or take anything for granted in the negotiation process." She told High Admiral Crisson when he handed her the Silver Crescent Medal.

    Jim sent her a message teasing her by saying she was the official expert on Romulan psychology and metacommunication.

    She rolled her eyes as she commed him back. "Don't expect me to relocate to the other side of the Neutral Zone."

    "So you don't think Spock would like to be Ambassador to the Romulans?" He teased.

    She glowered. "If he does, he'll be going alone!!" She threatened. "He knows better than that."

    Jim laughed and relented from teasing. "Yes, I am very certain he does."

    Spock strolled into her office and heard the tail end of this exchange. Being forthright and candid, Nyota shared the rest of it.

    "So I guess going without me would be a deal breaker." She concluded.

    His eyes upon her were gentle & full of warm affection. "This need hardly be said."

    She gave a delighted peal of laughter and leapt into his embrace.


    [face_love] :D
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    Vulcans and Romulans, yes that should lead to prickly discussions
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    LOL Romulans have few scruples & act with passion and ambition more often than not, which Vulcans would find objectionable. Vulcans on the other hand are supposed to not have emotions or a sense of humor, but we know different. ;) [face_love]
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    I love the cultural undertones in this! It's a fascinating subject in the theoretical, and then later put to application in the best of ways. She's definitely put both her education - and her first hand experience ;) - to good use.

    But the teasing at the end, both with Kirk and Spock, really was the best. A wonderful undercurrent of friendship and warmth always makes for a perfect gift! [face_love]=D=
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    I love the little look at Nyota while in school, and how she uses that lesson later on in her life. It's those mistakes that make for the best life lessons!

    I also love the teasing nature between Nyota, Jim, and Spock. It was a lot of fun!!
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    Thanks muchly Mira & mav. @};- I adore writing the progression of taking lessons from earlier and having them impact what one does later on. [face_thinking] And teasing among friends is always a delight.