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Story [Star Trek] Adoring & Being Adored. S/U, Revamps/reposts. Posts on: February 12!

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    loved the banter and ending in loverly business
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    Mar 13, 2006
    Great explanations and emotions to relieve all the passions.
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Aww! You always have the best closure at the end of your ficlets, that is all I have to say! [face_love] And I completely agree with Nyota's frustration here. They just got out of a line of duty that was constantly throwing them into the fire, and to be so quickly in a testy situation again. Yikes! :( I could completely understand why her ire was so quick to light as a result, but, as always, he soothing through her arguments and fears was just beautiful. [face_love]

    Another lovely character glimpse and insight! =D=[:D]
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    Aug 31, 2004
    RX_Sith Mira_Jade earlybird-obi-wan

    Thanks so much for reading. A sweet two-for-one.

    Author Note: Definitely a repost for this one.


    "Coming to Grips"

    I was pregnant with twins when Sarek and T'Mai formalized their joining. When they commed us with the invitation to attend, I was thrilled.
    On my earlier encounters with T'Mai, I was deeply impressed by her innate kindness and compassionate nature.
    However, my bondmate was absolutely and tellingly noncommittal.

    "We'll get back with you later." I said meeting T'Mai's sympathetic gaze.


    I came up to stand beside him at the windows facing the gardens.

    I sent a silent invitation to talk if he was willing.
    Spock reflected thoughtfully:
    "I cannot say this announcement comes as a surprise. Yet, I find myself reacting as if it were."
    I replied sympathetically:
    "That is certainly understandable. I can just imagine how I'd feel if one of my parents were getting remarried. Happy for them, while at the same time -- totally discombobulated over the mere idea of it happening. And it would have nothing to do with whether the prospective spouse was lovable and loving." I sighed ruefully. "I could tell myself it wasn't disloyal ... but another part of me would still feel squicky."

    "A veritable tangle of contradictions." He observed, encircling my waist, and I reciprocated.

    I laughed.
    "Yes. Very much so."

    "Nyota. You do not consider my response 'irrational.?"
    The tone was lightly teasing.

    "Spock my heart. That's just it. It's confounding but not irrational."

    He wondered aloud:
    "And what would you do in that circumstance?"

    I replied softly:
    "Work hard to feel the positive emotions while not denying the other ones, and forming ties of affection with the new bride/groom would go a long way to quelling the latter, I think."

    There was a long pause.
    Across our bond, I could feel his ruminations, and I gave a mental caress and said gently:
    "Sweetest, think about it. We don't have to give a final answer until the morning."

    He continued to consider my words.
    "Declining would seem ..."

    I laughed again, nestling closer into his side.
    "Strange? Ill-mannered? Doubtless those who would leap to such conclusions are not in a position to judge and are being nosy parkers to boot. You could attend in spite of your mixed feelings of course, but never feel guilty for having them."

    He kissed me.
    "You are correct in all you point out. Your reasoning balances sensibleness with tact and discretion, and you are as sensitive and empathic as I have always known you to be, love."

    I grinned and winked.
    "You make it easy to be so! Then, does that mean we can comm them with an acceptance?"

    "Yes." Spock replied, squeezing my waist. "Thank you for not pressuring my choice and for knowing exactly what things I need to keep in mind. I appreciate it exceedingly."

    "You are very welcome." I responded with a tender glance.

    Hands clasped, we went to the comm-station.


    Note: A wonderful exchange of warm feelings & a sweet spontaneous gift.


    "Gentle Avowals"

    My bondmate and I were taking a stroll hand-in-hand in a local bazaar.
    Vendors tried to ply us with their wares, but we politely declined until a booth with brighttly colored bangles and wrist bracelets caught my attention.
    Upon closer inspection, we discovered they were cheap knock-offs.
    I was taken by some of the trite yet cute inscriptions inside.

    We continued on to a local cafe and ordered hot drinks.

    I smiled as I observed a couple enter.
    She and he were obviously newly in love: with the shy eagerness and amazement of early days.


    Nyota's happy perusal of the recent arrivals was touching.
    I gave her hand a squeeze and caressed her across our connection.

    "Not so long ago, we were them." She reflected with fond remembering, taking a sip of her drink.

    "Hmmm. Interesting tense of the verb, my own." I remarked, raising a brow at her teasingly.

    She laughed. "You know what I mean! When those delighted feelings are there, all the time, pervading everything!"

    I continued to tease: "Nyota, does that statement indicate that now they occur only intermittently?"

    "Oh!!!!" She blushed. "I'd better quit while I'm still behind by a mile!"

    I leaned close and kissed her softly.

    She sighed in relief when she realized I understood her meaning precisely.

    "Darling, I still have those feelings," She elaborated quietly, "But they're not as out there for everyone else to read." She grinned. "Just for you."

    "Indeed." I sipped my drink and caught a spark of tender reflection in Nyota's eyes as she made the following confession.


    "Spock, my heart, I've been in love with you for so long, so deeply, and each thing you do makes it stronger. Even when it's not directed at me."

    He could tell to what I alluded.
    His offer and acceptance of friendship - in just the right capacity and degree with others: a trusted confidante, a source for clearer perceptions on a situation - those things are as needed and treasured as being a buddy often is. Even more so, given the circumstances.

    "During the starting days of our tour, as friendships formed and solidified, I was touched as you became integral to even the oh-so-prickly Doctor, though he'd probably still deny it." I laughed.

    Spock agreed, with more than a touch of mischief:
    "His grousing invariably merits acceptance with a proverbial grain of salt, nothing more."

    I laughed.


    Later that evening, he presented me with a lovely bracelet, not one of the faux ones, but one with real gems.
    How very elated I was that I had foregone on the imitation jewelry!

    I beamed, giving him a warm hug. "Thank you!"

    He encircled me tightly.
    "Did you notice the inscription in the bracelet?"

    I smiled and slid it off to read.
    "Not until you mentioned it. Oh!" I breathed.

    It wasn't a trite cliche at all. It was direct to the point while being sweetly heart-felt.

    "Our destinies merge & hearts intertwine, always."

    "Ever and always!" I remarked. "This inscription is absolutely breathtaking, besides being true."

    "I often find myself realizing in the seemingly incidental, everyday moments how indescribably special is this that we share. You are ever-more cherished and prized as our time together continues."

    I melted at the sincere, tender words and emotion behind them.

    Then followed a sweet time - exquisite and adoring - of gentle caresses, lingering kisses, and a most genuine reciprocal "I love you."

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    Aug 21, 2006
    beautiful thoughts and a collection of very sweet moments. The gift was adorable and your ending:*
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    Mar 13, 2006
    Great interplay between Nyota and Spock as always.
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    Nov 9, 2010
    Lovely [face_love]
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    I'm here! A few days later than I wanted to be, but still. :p :oops:

    I loved the first one! Talk about a tangle of high and low emotions. I love that Nyota was able to help him sort through them, and I am happy for Sarek and T'Mai. The second one was just a sweet nugget of mush. I absolutely love the bracelets, and seeing just how better their relationship becomes with time. These were just what I needed to read this morning. [face_love]

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    And I'm one relieved puppy that you are here. ^:)^ [face_dancing] Exactly the tones/feelings I wanted to put across. :)
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