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Story [Star Trek] Adoring & Being Adored. S/U, Revamps/reposts. Posts on: February 12!

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Aug 31, 2004

    "Much Ado ..."

    In times past, when Nyota spoke of her pleasure outings with Graeme Carlisle and upon seeing them conversing animatedly on a pedwalk ... this didn't exactly set my teeth on edge.
    But it came close.
    When she had revealed that she had never entertained a desire or romantic attachment towards him, something eased.

    "I assure you," She had said, "Despite any wishes he might have in that department, my feelings are and have always been purely platonic."

    "Hmmm." I then replied. "I figured you two might be compatible?"

    "We do have much in common, just as friends." Her eyes were soft as she gazed at me. "Yet, I consider you a closer friend."


    At one point, I found her writing a note.
    I asked if it was to Graeme Carlisle, not expecting an affirmative per se but I knew her fondness for "keeping in touch" and that they were still amicable.
    I told myself there would be nothing different in her correspondence with Graeme as with any other close acquaintance ...

    She smirked, mischievously.
    "And what if I were?" Her eyes danced with laughter.

    I favored her with a slight frown.
    "Are you, Nyota?" I asked crisply.

    She blinked at my tone, then smiled.
    "No, my heart. You were simply so lovable for asking in that way!"

    She sent the message and then reached out to me. "You are just too endearing for your own good."
    We held one another and exchanged tender, delighted kisses that lingered.

    Nyota drew back slightly while stroking my shoulder, and grinned.
    "That you could get your knickers in a wad over a never-could-or-would-have-been tickles me!"

    "My knickers were never in a wad, as you phrase it." I rejoined.

    "If you say so, love." She laughed.

    "Your tone implies you do not quite believe me." I observed.

    "Spock ashal-veh, I am an expert at the nuances of communication, or didn't you know that?" She asked, eyes sparkling. "There was definitely something in your nonverbals."

    "Nyota ..." I began, and she rolled her eyes, tolerantly.

    "Okay, I'll let that one slide, but I expect a decent thank-you."

    I relished this jocular exchange, and for answer I crushed her and nuzzled the hollow of her throat, making her purr with pleasure.


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    Mar 13, 2006
    Great exchanges between Nyota and Spock as they teaseeach other over matters of the heart.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Spock is a good observer and Nyota too and it leads to teasing, sweet and funny
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    Nov 9, 2010
    Don't they just love to tease ;)
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    Jun 29, 2004
    This was just an adorable interlude! I loved their back and forth banter, especially the line about non-verbal indicators. A master of communications she is, indeed! [face_laugh][face_love]

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    Aug 31, 2004
    "A Close Call and the Aftermath"

    When I am on an away mission and suffer an injury, Nyota's concern is palpable and her gratitude for the medical staff's prompt attention runs deep.

    We were about to cross a pedwalk, and Nyota was across the street when a speeding four-wheeled conveyance came screeching around the corner.

    A child chasing a yellow ball was about to run into the street.
    I and two others who were nearest ran and caught him up and brought him to safety while the vehicle screeched to a stop, scant inches from us.

    The child - nor I - suffered no harm.
    His grateful parent joined us, effusive with appreciation for our alacrity.
    "I was distracted and trying to settle down two of my other children." She explained, holding her son close.

    "We were happy we were on the spot." Picard smiled.


    While all this was transpiring, Nyota's shock and then subsequent relief were tangible things.

    Later, when we were alone, I sensed her intense irritation.

    "Nyota," I assayed, reaching to take her hand.

    She pulled away, which was not her wont at all.
    "Don't ever, ever do that again!" She exclaimed with heat.

    "Seek to rescue a child?" I asked, not trying to be obtuse or flippant, but rather seeking clarification.

    "You know what I mean!!" She exclaimed. "You could have been --"

    "But I wasn't." I spoke reassuringly.

    "That hardly changes things! I mean, it does, but it might have gone the other way and then what --"
    She broke off, and she squeezed her eyes shut against the daunting mental image.

    This was not the first occasion when I had been on the receiving end of her very brief annoyance; it passed quickly.
    Usually, an apology and quiet confiding sufficed to smooth things over.
    I was not sure if either would do in this case.

    Suddenly she grasped me tightly, shivering as if with cold.
    "Spock, my sweet darling. What would I have done if you had been lost to me?"

    I stroked her hair and shoulders.
    "My own, I believe that, in time, you would have --"
    I know that if I had lost her under any circumstances, it would have been shattering, and I believed it would have been so for her if our positions were reversed. But I was confident of her resilience and wished to convey that trust.

    Nyota glowered.
    "Moved on?!?! Oh, yes!! Certainly, I would have! Eventually! Scant comfort that would give me at the moment, don't you think?!"

    I decided it was best not to offer any more inferences on the matter, so I sent her loving calm.

    She withdrew from my hold abruptly and got ready to retire in uncustomary silence.


    As we lay together, I forebore from enfolding her, since I concluded it was what she preferred at the moment.
    However, after a few long moments, she groaned and moved to embrace me.
    I encircled her closely, stroking a hand along her back.

    Nyota gave a contented sigh and said:
    "I love you! I need you! Don't you forget it!"
    Through our connection, her emotions mirrored the spoken sentiment.

    "You're not likely to let me." I proffered a light quip.

    Nyota grinned appreciatively at my lighthearted reply.
    "I must truly baffle you at times ... but you must permit me to react strongly when it comes to your well-being or at least expect it."

    "Nyota. I do not want to seem to treat your concerns as unwarranted or trivial. I would not wish to cause you distress intentionally or otherwise by my words or actions." I told her sincerely.

    Her eyes softened. She squeezed me.
    "My ashal-veh, I could not have held out until morning, you know that?" She asked.

    "In that case, it is fortunate for both of us that it's not in your character to hold onto annoyance." I answered, mischief flowing across our bond.

    She laughed.
    "I can think of better things to do with the rest of the night than lie awake, stewing." She smirked, as I kissed her soundly--and she returned it most tenderly.

    I kissed her again and affirmed:
    "I do not doubt that. I am in full agreement with engaging in those particular pastimes."

    Nyota smiled happily.

    It seemed that we had a deeper understanding. With none other could or would either of us be so candid and swift to resolve an issue.


    Thanks as ever to:

    RX_Sith Hazel
    earlybird-obi-wan & Mira_Jade

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    Aug 21, 2006
    her reactions are so genuine. [face_dancing] No one likes to see a beloved get hurt. Love how Spock reacts to her distress
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    Mar 13, 2006
    Spock at least reassures Nyota that she is always on his mind and that he cares for her deeply despite the circumstances.
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    Especially in their line of work, I can completely see why she had her moment of panic here. I can only imagine the level of fear she has to work through in the big situations. I can completely understand her freak-out here. But Spock handled it excellently - the second time more so than the first :p - and the resolution was beautiful to see, as always. [face_love]

    As always, thank-you for sharing! [:D]
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Thanks RX_Sith & Mira_Jade & earlybird-obi-wan :)


    Ny's Note: A repost with the same overarching theme but a completely different setting.


    "Sometimes, The Joy Overwhelms Me"

    "Mr. Gandahar: I am very pleased with your handiwork. It is beautiful! My father didn't exaggerate when he praised your artistic prowess." I enthused and sent the personal and scrambled message.

    The gift had been a long time planning & I was pleased beyond words could tell at the sheer perfection.
    The artwork was a lovely sculpture in miniature yet made to scale, of a tree whose white blossoms loaded down the boughs.

    Tucked in among the branches was an exact replica of a glimmering bloom, made of origami, with a loving note inscribed.

    (Hikaru's lessons in that lovely art form had certainly come in handy.)


    I presented it to my betrothed on an evening shared on a beach of beautiful white sand, with a sapphire-to-amethyst hued ocean as a backdrop.
    Soft linen encased the beautiful work of art.

    "So this is the Mr. Gandahar you were sending messages to off-hours." His eyes glinted with realization. "When I asked, you said it was a surprise, and there was no way you were going to tell."

    I winked.
    "No. I was not about to breathe a word."

    "I have never seen workmanship so exquisitely detailed."

    "I agree. It's unique, and there is an understandable demand for his works. I put a note in there for you, sweetest."

    He unfolded it and read the following:

    "Spock--my very darling love: You are my light in darkness, guiding me homeward. My haven in storm-ravaged seas & the truth behind the immortal words: 'Love means two souls inhabiting one body.' I carry your heart in my heart, and I always will."

    He remarked:
    "Including quotes from Aristotle and Cummings make for a very poignant love-expression, Nyota."

    Across our bond, I first felt his initial surprise over the gift, followed by pleasure over its bestowal and its loveliness, and now a loving tenderness over my note.

    I smiled happily and whispered:
    "I mean every word."

    Spock tucked the note back and favored me with a long look replete with adoration, and then cupped my face very tenderly.
    "You are the home I thought I had lost, and more; you bring balance and serenity - at the very least. You have been ever and without fail a selfless source of empathy, love, and passion. In any and all times where I do not have you (for whatever unfathomable, illogical explanation), there would be an utter lack."

    "Thank you!" I replied, touched. "Sometimes, the joy of having you overwhelms me, and I wanted to tell you in a special way."

    We exchanged lingering, tender kisses.

    After a few happy moments I grinned and leapt up from the sand - drawing him with me.

    "Do you remember when we danced on the beach? Pretty soon after our relationship started?"

    Spock quirked a brow at me in amusement.
    "Yes; and as I recall, I pointed out to you we did not have any musical accompaniment."

    I responded with a delighted shiver of remembering:
    "Then I said: we didn't need any."

    As it turned out, we hadn't needed one single thing but each other and the rising moon.
    The holding closely, my laughter, and his warm kiss had woven a tapestry of sweetness around us then, and we hadn't left the beach until later, very much later.

    I was elated to find that history repeated itself on this occasion.

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  11. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    What a lovely gift with all those words. And the beach[face_dancing] that's the place to be for loving and caressing
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    Nov 9, 2010
    Two great ways to start the weekend :)
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    Mar 13, 2006
    A great gift to show his true feelings of love and more.
  14. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    This was just the perfect mixture of fluff and sweetness - and just what I needed this morning! Thank-you so much for sharing this. [face_love]=D=
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Note: Happy squee over familial approval and the nummy reactions.


    "Deliciously Honest Opinions"

    After our visit to my family for the first time, Kashore's honest opinion of my betrothed was glowing, exceedingly.
    "He's so right for you! Everything I could have wished!" There were a smile and dancing emoticons afterwards. "I can see how happy he makes you, Ny, and it thrills me."

    He and I were enjoying cups of Earl Grey tea as I read this wonderful note.
    "Lover? You've gained my sister's wholehearted approval." I told Spock with a wide smile. "What did you think of her?"

    Our bond communicated little as he replied, except a calm sincerity.

    But the glint in his eye made me suspicious I was being teased.

    I decided to tease back by acting like I wasn't aware of that.

    "She's very much like you in personality, lively and outspoken. I can see those estimable qualities that make her such a loving wife and mother and empathic sister to you."

    I grinned. "I'm happy you think so, darling."

    "But her welcome of me and reception of our betrothal ..." There was a pause as if of apparent reticence.

    I frowned, setting down my cup.
    "Yes?" I asked, very carefully.

    "These seemed slightly different from my expectations." Then he let me finally sense his true intent through our bond. "They left nothing to be desired, ashal-veh."

    I felt the warm assurance behind the words as he squeezed me.

    Now, he knew that I had guessed all along, and his eyes glowed approvingly at me as I snuggled closely and asked lowly: "What am I going to do to you for teasing me like that, you sweet heart you?" My eyes danced with mirth.

    He nibbled my ear lightly. "I'm sure you can think of something suitable."

    "Yes. I can guarantee we'll enjoy it immensely." I replied huskily.

    "We may have to defer it, however. I made tentative arrangements for a chess match."

    "Ah! Chess." My tummy flipped. "Such an engrossing game. I have a confession to make, Spock my own. Your expertise at the game -- I fell in love even with that facet of your nature. I tell you, I was hopeless." I laughed.

    He answered: "Nyota, I found you more enthralling than our chess matches."

    I melted at this revelation.
    "How sweet!" I then asked between kisses: "As to this possible match of yours ... Which would you rather be doing? Besting your worthy opponent or savoring me?"

    He crushed me, caressing one hand along my back.
    "That is not a fair contest. You would win, every time"

    "Hmm." I smiled, looking at him speculatively. "Guess you're downright besotted with me, then."

    Both brows rose at that.
    "Besotted? I would hardly select that word to describe it." He teased.

    "Are you sure?" I laughed & winked. "Really sure?"

    "It is a very fanciful, emotion-laden word." He responded.

    I smirked.

    He kissed me very warmly - nicely and effectively ending any further talk. However, I noticed that he never actually denied my assertion.

    We proceeded to enjoy one another fully, unhurriedly.


    Mira_Jade RX_Sith

    Hazel earlybird-obi-wan
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    Lovely interaction between Spock and Nyota as they get Kashore's approval and more.
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    Besotted indeed! What isn't there for Kashore to approve? [face_love] Another beautiful snippet. [:D]
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    Nice interaction and is it the 3D-chess they are playing? that was on TOS one of the games loved by Spock and Kirk
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Sure 'nuff. :) :* Such an informal, relaxed atmosphere. :D
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Note: Whee jinkies! These vows are off the chain!


    "Fruition of All Longings"

    We stood before T'Lessa - the one who would officiate our joining, but first we spoke our vows.

    I was wearing a shimmering gown of irridescent white, glowing like the moon, with pearls and diamonds sewn along the hem and trailing down the sleeves.

    I met my betrothed's eyes and spoke clearly, as we clasped hands:

    "Spock, my chosen one. I have never known anyone more loyal and giving of themselves than you. And you have demonstrated this not just to me, but to your closest friends, as well. I am privileged and blessed to be cherished by you. I will give you a place to share joys & sorrows, a love & trust - which you so utterly deserve, and which I cannot even begin to express in words, until my last breath."

    Spock replied, squeezing my hands:
    "Nyota, my chosen one. Your gentle, loving nature drew me to you, as well as your intelligence and vivacity. I cannot and will not find completion apart from you. Unlike the Trees of Deathless Valinor, which knew a dimming, my commitment and treasuring of you will never be quenched."

    I gasped, and tears of wonder filled my eyes at the reference.

    In the audience, I heard audible gasps of sheer delight from Kashore and Sherralyn.

    Then he and I shared a warm kiss -- in honor of the Human custom at weddings.
    It threatened to become very protracted, but we drew apart - eventually, reluctantly.

    A ripple of soft applause and laughter greeted our enthusiasm.


    T'Lessa guided us through the next steps.
    We needed very little actual assistance.
    Our bond was so pervasive & so interwoven, already.
    But then, it took on a whole new quality and texture.

    We could deepen it at will, speak across it, as before.

    Yet somehow, it was richer, as if seeing in a broader spectrum of colors and hearing a wider range of sounds.

    There had been a concern from others that it would overwhelm me, but like a swimmer jubilantly standing on the side of a mountain lake, I dove right in!

    I immersed myself in our entanglement with euphoria & boundless love, and felt these returned.


    After the reception, I loosened the elaborate coils my hair had been done up in.

    My amethyst gown had a full skirt and fitted bodice and fasteners running up the back.

    My mom & sister had helped me into it before the reception, chatting and full of smiles, so effusive in their gladness.

    I had been uncharacteristically quiet, savoring each moment, each literal second, with intense delight.

    Now, I gazed at my reflection and saw eyes glowing with wonder and happiness still.

    Spock came up and laid a hand on my shoulder.
    "May I help you with the fasteners?"

    "Please." I breathed.

    His deft fingers made quick work of these.
    He kissed the nape of my neck and slipped an arm around my waist and led me to the wide and thickly cushioned sleep couch.

    "Spock, heart of my heart. I've been anticipating this day for so long." I said softly. "Now it's here - I find it surpasses anything I could have imagined."

    "Nyota. You are the fruition of all longings." He replied, caressing me slowly.

    "How very much I adore you!" I murmured.

    As our loving touches and kisses combined, our newly-deepened bond flared to a level of resplendence never felt before.
    I deepened it as our essences intertwined.


    RX_Sith earlybird-obi-wan


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    Aug 21, 2006
    What a lovely bonding. Uhura must be looking gorgeous in the dresses you describe.
    Dunai elder bonding;) is about the same
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    Great exchange of vows followed by endless passions of love.
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    You know that this just completely melted me. I have nothing else to say after that - just passionate and lovely. Everything one could want from a wedding. [face_love][face_love]

    And then the last line just cinched it for me. Quenya indeed! Perfect. [face_love]
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    That sounded lovely :)
    Wonderful posts, Ny!
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Note: Droolicious repost. [face_love]


    "Beyond Words to Express"

    Nyota and I were in a cafe waiting to meet a Senator Beltayne.

    A very drunk, obnoxious patron ambled over to our end of the bar and grabbed my bondmate.
    "Hey, pretty lady." He slurred.

    She whirled around even before he was finished speaking, grinding her heel into his instep. He let out a yelp and made as if to strike her.

    The establishment's "bouncers" moved in, but I was there, first.

    I seized him and tore him away from Nyota and pushed him up against the bar, perhaps more firmly than necessary. "You will not touch her in any fashion nor for any cause. Is that understood?"

    My tone somehow conveyed more than sufficient menace. For he merely let out a squeak and meekly went off with the security detail.

    Nyota's eyes widened as she glanced at me.
    "Lands, quite the display there." Her tone was noncommittal, but wry. I couldn't tell precisely if she was ill-pleased or not.

    "No one puts their hands on you." I said in a hard tone, then it softened. "My apologies, my own, for using that tone with you."

    "Just the adrenaline, I'm sure." She grinned with a small shrug, but as I reached for her hand to go to the table where our contact had just arrived, she eluded my grasp and strode purposefully across the room.

    I lifted an eyebrow at that. She doubtless wanted to convey that she was undaunted and unruffled by the recent encounter.

    I could tell she was those things, however, through our bond. My life-mate has amazing, unflagging inner fortitude, for which I admire and respect her greatly.

    Our meeting went excellently, and we made great strides in coming to a viable compromise in our mediations. Nyota and I worked with our usual seamless efficiency.


    We went back to our suite, pleased with how well the mediation process seemed to be moving productively forward.
    A fire had been laid and lit by the concierge staff in anticipation of our arrival this evening.
    Nyota disappeared into the changing cubicle, giving me only a brief, cursory glance.
    When she emerged and joined me in the common area, I suddenly knew what had been behind her mental ... reticence.

    She was wearing a black lace and mesh teddy.

    She had lingerie in black and also in lavender hues, but this one was - even more sheer and clingy than those.

    I gazed at her like someone coming upon a lake after days in the desert.
    In the vernacular, I drank her in thirstily.

    I felt her burning admiration and adoration clearly now.

    "I couldn't let you feel any of that in public." She breathed in a husky purr, coming to curl against me.

    My hands reached for her greedily, as she hugged me in turn.

    "I agree. And I understand, now." I replied.

    "I would have made a spectacle of myself, jumping you then and there ..." She laughed. "Hardly the decorous image we want to convey, don't you think?"

    I murmured, "Nyota love, this looks as the saying goes: painted on. It fits like a second skin."

    She laughed again, eyes sparkling with amusement and affection.
    "Oh no, sweetest. It comes off. I have three more, just in case this one meets with a sudden accident due to ..."

    "My impatience?" I murmured as I kissed her eager mouth, and my hands continued a slow, loving stroking.

    "Oh, I do love you so!" She breathed, as in a locked embrace, I pulled her to the thick rug before the fire.

    That presumptuous and inebriated fool in the bar reminded me fleetingly of Ensign Reed, who had dared to ... At the very thought, my blood seethed.

    "Shhh, lover." She murmured. "Neither one of those gundark butts deserve even that much of your thought."

    I had to agree.
    With this lovely, vibrant, passionate lady filling my arms and senses, and her desire tugging at our bond, all other thoughts fled away. I was more than willing to devote all of me to my bondmate's (and my) pleasure.


    A very pleasant interval later, we were completely and tightly wrapped around each other.
    Our bond was softly glowing and radiant with our mutually expressed passion and devotion. What we shared went beyond words to express.

    "Hmmm." Nyota observed happily, snuggling nearer. "It would seem this outfit is an agent of seduction." Her tone was decidedly pleased.

    "On the contrary, it is not the apparel but the lady wearing it." I answered.

    The waning firelight caught in her eyes, and I marvelled anew at her loveliness.

    I could tell that Nyota was quite content to remain where we were, not in any real hurry to leave the fireside or my embrace.
    I placed a kiss on her forehead. "We shall have to move, eventually."

    "Mmm. Later, darling." She laughed softly.

    I held her gaze. "I believe we would find the bed in the master suite more conducive to ..."

    Her eyes lit. "Well, now that you mention it ..."

    Much thanks and tags:




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