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Story [Star Trek] Fascinating Voyages. Ensemble Cast (WIP)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, Jan 16, 2020.

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Note: This will comprise a collection of multipart adventures which in and of themselves will be standalones.

    Inspired by a great TOS novel I'm reading "Rules of Engagement". Disclaimer: I'm adding OCs and changing event sequences. The overall premise is what's been borrowed.

    Evaronian Eggshells Part One

    Jim scowled.

    "Extremists never fail to make it hard for everyone just because they have a stick up their rear," McCoy observed to the others assembled around the conference table.

    Nyota stifled a laugh at the Doctor's turn of phrase.

    "They want the Federation's envoy and all archaeologists and xenosociologists to be evacuated," Jim summarized the most recent communique, "but with nothing that could be seen as provocative. Passive sensors, minimal shields. They even eschew the use of the transporter. The fringe element is anti-tech."

    "Whatever," Sulu grunted.

    "What about phasers and communicators?" Nyota asked. "They couldn't possibly object to those!"

    "They ask that those be discreet." Jim rolled his eyes. "Maybe we could disguise them, make them look like camping gear or something. Old-style walky-talkies."

    Everyone laughed.

    "Illogical in the extreme," Spock commented, "but I suppose since it comes down from the 'brass,' we cannot, as you would say, ruffle any feathers."

    "True enough." Jim assented.

    TBC ...
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    As Bones would say, “Discreet my ass! I’m a doctor, not a camping aficionado.”
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    Oh but this is off to a wonderful start so far! Extremists surely do make it hard for everyone else, there's no more simple way to mince words than that! This is quite the tricky situation our crew is walking into, but I know they will figure things out in the end.

    I can't wait for more on this! :D =D= [:D]
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    tricky and needing disguises sure
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    Note: One-time [for this story] original charactrs of Jax Stoval and Captain Rowena Silvers of the Endeavour.

    Part Two

    When Captain Silvers got a disgruntled message from Commissioner Stoval, she sighed. The Endeavour had taken him to Evaroni not six months ago and he'd been irritable about the whole thing, seeing the assignment as a step down. The situation on Evaroni was volatile. They couldn't have selected a more confounding diplomat--where was the tact, the sensitivity? Silvers had shrugged...hers not to ask.

    Now, she was tasked with retrieving him from there while the Enterprise took the scientists offworld.

    Things went smoothly as the away teams went as tourists.

    Coming back to the ships was tricky, though, because of sunspot activity. Sulu's adept piloting stood them in good stead.

    Once they were away again, Silvers dropped Stoval off at the nearest Starbase and contacted the Enterprise.

    Jim commiserated with her woes.

    "For more times than I care to count, Ro, I've had to taxi obnoxious diplomatic types. They seem to get a kick out of throwing their weight around."

    Rowena chuckled. "Which I'm sure you did not let go on for too long."

    "Not for more than a minute. I'm just glad this mission concluded without any hang-ups or unexpected 'surprises.'"

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    yes those diplomats were often a pain in the posterior
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    Transportation of diplomats is akin to eating broccoli; not exactly a tasteful experience.
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    Title: Menace at Civana -- a multipart collaboration with @earlybird-obi-wan

    [Estella Chilliera is an original character introduced for this adventure]


    Stardate 2269.1115
    Captain's log: We are transporting diplomat Estella Chilliera to Civana. The colonists want to join the Federation. We will arrive in two standard hours.

    Uhura commed the Medbay. "Doctor, we are arriving to Civana in two hours. Your staff needs to be on alert status. The colonists aren't dangerous, but it's a world known for wildlife preserves, and not all of them are of the cuddly variety."

    "Duly noted, Lieutenant."


    “Numa had tales,” Nick Roberts swept into medbay with a big smile on his face. “On Ekos they had Nazis and a Hitler-like leader.” He looked down and continued, “Yes, they are sized big, and you…”

    “Nick, I know. You don’t have to remind me that I was wearing boots one size too small and Spock instructing me in getting these boots on,” McCoy said. “Numa has you captivated. Yesterday I couldn’t pry you out of the rec-lounge at all.”

    “Yeah, a tale about Scotty using his scotch to defeat a Kelvan was facinating as…”

    “Spock would say,” McCoy continued. “We have to prepare. From what I heard about Civana there is abundant wildlife and not all are benign creatures. And you know the captain.”

    “He is a trouble-magnet," Nick walked after McCoy to one of the store-rooms.


    "So," Sulu asked as they approached Civana, "What exactly do the Civanans wish to gain by aligning with the Federation? Besides the obvious. Do they have necessary exports?"

    "A terrific wine and exotic flora and fauna," the Captain responded. "For those so inclined, the preserves will draw the scientists and the tourists."

    "Ms. Chilliera ... I've heard she's rather a hard-liner for the regs." Uhura remarked.

    "She makes sure all sides understand the criteria, that's certain." Jin winked at her.

    As they achieved orbit, Security was contacted to request a team of security Guards.

    "Assign at your discretion, Mr. Crisson."


    Dripping wet, towel around him – Kyle Crisson was in the shower after a strenuous work-out in the gym – he replied “four guards ceremonial gear aye sir.” Donning a bath-robe he limped to Ops.

    “Been busy with a bit of baby-gym?” Alexander Lulumenko was busy cleaning his phaser when he saw his superior coming in.

    “He has been doing the wet-feet-twenty-meter walk,” Will Travaille pointed at the floor.

    “And getting new ideas,” Kyle headed to the end of the room where two men were busy with a game of 3-d chess. “Stan and Jerry, ceremonial dress and to the transporter-room on the double and take those two clowns with you.” He turned “Lulumenko, Travaille get moving.” And with that said he returned to the shower humming a cheerful melodie heard yesterday in the rec-lounge when Uhura was singing to accompany the Vulcan harp played so sensuous by Spock.


    Estella Chilliera was full of anticipation for the upcoming talks with the Civanans. She was friends with 2 of the colonists and they were known for being amenable and easy to arbitrate with. She had heard so much about the Captain of the Enterprise and was ready to keep him in check.

    When she arrived at the Transporter Room, she found Uhura there ahead of the rest.

    "A word with you, Ms. Chilliera?" the Lieutenant said.


    "By way of caution. Captain Kirk has been underestimated and misjudged by others besides you, to their sorrow and profound embarrassment. Please do not make that mistake."

    Chilliera gazed in astonishment at Uhura, seeing in her eyes loyal conviction but not one whit of naivete or gullibility.

    "I will keep that in mind." she said.

    If there was one thing she respected, it was someone who spoke their mind. This raised the Lieutenant in her estimation.

    The Captain and Security detail arrived and all assembled to beam down.

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    The anticipation of meeting the Civanans is obviously important so Uhura is making sure that Chilliera is mindful of that and of the authority that the Captain of the ship maintains.
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    "It is a pleasure and honor to make your acquaintance," Varan Creel greeted the landing team, his hazel eyes keen with geniality.

    Torin and Rainee Blaise greeted Chilliera with warmth and reminisced about their university days together; the Blaises had been exchange students at the university Chilliera had attended.

    "We have a marvelous delicacy!" Rainee enthused. "A traditional soup dish I know you'll love."

    She showed them a pot full of a broth and mysterious things floating in it.

    Jim and Uhura courteously but firmly declined.

    "I would dearly love to have a stroll in the garden?" Uhura asked their hosts, who graciously assented.

    "Mr. Mackis and Frain, please join us." the Captain said, much to their unspoken relief.


    "Whew!" Uhura said while they strolled amongst the blossoms of magenta, pale rose, and light blue, whose fragrances were as delightful as the colors, "I am glad we wriggled out of that one!"

    Jim laughed. "You and me, both. Their gardens certainly are lovely. Even though the Enterprise's hydroponics gardens are pretty and restful, there's something about planet-bound greenery."

    Uhura grinned. "I agree completely!"


    Alexander rushed out of the building and ran down the path towards a clearing where he saw Jerry.

    “What’s up?” Jerry – admiring a camelia – turned.

    “I--” Alexander dropped down on his knees.

    Will hurried outside after Alexander. “Did you see that?”

    Alexander was retching and between dripping saliva he uttered, “beetles and escargots mixed in soup and our diplomat was savouring that with a delightful look on her face. I doubt it.”

    “She is friends with the colonists,” Stan mused when he saw the captain and Uhura coming towards them. “Maybe she had beetles on her menu before and…”


    “Down, Captain!” Alexander, already on his knees took his phaser and fired a shot.

    Stan rushed to Uhura, getting her down next to a tree and began to fire with his phaser in the direction of the first shot.

    Jerry joined him, adding his firepower.

    A group of deer-like animals scurried across the garden paths. Shots were fired and the animals went sprawling.

    “Not my doing,” Stan grumbled when more shots passed him and Jerry next to him. They were protecting Uhura and firing their phasers in a rapid sequence. “They were using lead slugs.”

    “We need to get back,” Kirk crawled towards Alexander and Will.

    “Start to run on my command and use whatever protection you see from trees and rocks,” Alexander ordered. “One, two, three, go, go.”

    Kirk, closely followed by Uhura, began to run.

    “OOOOWW!” Alexander cried.

    “Man down,” Will Travaille turned. “Owww.” He sagged down in a flower-bed.

    “Two down.” Jerry reached Will, slipped out an emergency-bandage and pressed that against the abdomen not minding that there were some flowers and leaves between the bandage and wound. “Emergency beam-up, captain.”

    Kirk flipped open his communicator. “Enterprise beam-up, at my coordinates! Two wounded guards.”


    Alexander was crumbled on one of the Transporter disks with Uhura and Stan bending over him.

    “Medbay,” Kirk had his communicator. “We have two guards with lead slugs coming your way.”

    “Not Alexander,” Stan answered and got up to help Jerry who was supporting Will and keeping pressure on the abdomen. “We will get you to medbay. Hang on, Travaille."

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    Wow, getting fired at and now having to emergency beam-up to escape the precarious situation. I am pretty worried now. [face_worried]
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    “Nick, Christine, suit up, we have incoming wounded.” McCoy hurried into the changing room closely followed by the two.

    Three doors opened and closed in the room.

    “Unexpected nasty things, Len.”

    “The main walking disaster?”

    “Yes, and no,” McCoy answered. “Two redshirts have met with some slugs. One of them is on his way to us.”

    Nick was ready and rushed into the OT when two men arrived, carrying their wounded colleague.

    “Alex is dead, Nick,” Stan reported. “We couldn’t stop the bleeding in his thigh.”

    “Will is in a serious condition with a wound in the abdomen,” Jerry muttered while he was sliding Will on the table with Stan helping him.

    “Your training helped to keep him alive,” Nick had compassion and admiration showing in his voice. “Now we can take over. Get some rest. We will keep you informed.”


    “Ready, Nick?” McCoy entered the OT with Christine.

    “Yes, but his vitals are fluctuating. You have to hurry. Three units of blood are in already.”

    McCoy and Christine worked desperately.

    A rumble.

    “Hey,” Nick reached for the IV bag. “Keep it steady, guys.”

    “We must be under attack,” McCoy grumbled. “Jim; your miracle worker cannot work this way. Ah whatever. He is always busy shaking us around.”


    “Arrest,” McCoy grabbed the auto-stimulator.

    Kleng deng.

    "Flatline, doc.”

    McCoy shook his head. “He is dead, Nick.” His voice was heavy with deep empathy.


    Moments before, while calm still held, Uhura said:
    "Mr. Varan Creel is hailing."

    "Patch him through, Lieutenant."

    Mr. Creel had heard naturally of the events and the precipitate departure of the landing team.

    When he learned of the serious injuries, he expressed sincere condolence.

    "We've been having poaching problems," he explained, his voice heavy with frustration and regret that the Enterprise crew had gotten caught up in the Civanan troubles. "It's been an ongoing struggle keeping them contained."

    Ms. Chilliera then came on and insisted she stay on a while until the negotiations were concluded. She reported they were proceeding very satisfactorily.

    When the signal was disengaged, Jim commented,"Well, at least that's one good thing that came out of all this."

    Suddenly, sensors picked up a Klingon cruiser.

    The Captain called for a deeper scan and standby for yellow alert.

    "It's modified, very close to the specifications, but not exactly." was Spock's final assessment. "Weaponry and shielding, for instance, are not identical."

    "They're hailing us," Uhura put in.

    A cold-eyed visage filled the viewscreen.

    "I'm Kantale of the Conglomerate of Allied Systems. You took out two of my men!"

    "That makes us even; it was apparently your ... associates who injured two of my crew critically." replied Jim with icy crispness, "The government of Civana has a bone to pick with you as well, for the indiscriminate and unnecessary encroachment on their wildlife preserves."

    "Little I care for that!" snarled Kantale.

    Chekov then announced the cruiser was firing up their weapons array, which consisted of 2 phaser banks and 1 bank of photon torpedoes.

    A Barrage of multicolored energy bolts followed between the Enterprise and the mocked-up cruiser.

    Shields capacity went down a fraction on the Enterprise, but they definitely had the upper hand as far as being able to withstand an assault and their firepower was greater as well.
    Chekov reported, "The cruiser scored a lucky hit near one of the nacelles."

    Subsequent evasive maneuvers started a chain reaction in the Engineering section.



    Christine grabbed the edge of the table.

    McCoy reached for a cart that was beginning to slide away. It was halted by Christine.

    “Steady,” Nick was trying to remove a cuff.

    “Chris, will you help Nick? I have to inform his commander. And I want to know when this shaking stops.” McCoy wiped his blood-stained hands on his scrubs and disappeared in the changing room.

    “First this,” Christine guided the cart to a corner and saw that Nick was able to disconnect the breathing tube.

    Standing up, Nick had his hand going to a lead when he grumbled “what’s that?” Looking down he shouted “isolation, Chris!"

    Christine came with a stretcher to the table.

    “One, two, three, and go!” Nick directed and began to guide the stretcher to the door marked ‘Laboratory.’

    “I will examine that creepy-crawly for you,” She entered the laboratory and took the stretcher from Nick. Pushing a few buttons had the doors sliding shut and a red light indicating that the lab was now a sealed environment.


    “Mah poor engines,” Scotty grumbled.

    “It’s always happening when the captain is busy,” Sean McGinnis drawled. “We have a disturbance in the power-manifold.” He tried to manipulate a lever. “Resistance is futile. Monty I need help. We have to get this thingy down.”

    “Duffy and Bremer, watch your stations and keep the power low,” Scotty commanded and hurried to the power-manifold and grabbed the lever. “It’s serious, Sean!”

    Sparks were flowing.

    “Aaauww,” Sean cried, holding on to the lever.

    “Ouch!” Scotty grimaced. “There, down with the beasty.”

    The two managed to get the lever down and sagged next to it moaning softly.

    “Now, you need to see the doctor,” Scotty moaned. He was looking at Sean’s badly burned hands.

    “You, too,” Sean moaned. “Your hands are smelling like barbecued chicken.”

    “But we prevented a core-breach,” Scotty mumbled.

    A com chirped.


    “Coming," came the prompt reply.


    A clean blue uniform had replaced his dirty scrubs. McCoy was in his office comforting Stan and Jerry. He had found the two guards standing in the corridor just outside his office and had guided them in after informing the captain about the deaths of Will Travaille and Alexander Lulumenko. He had seen Jana and Marc carrying the stretcher with the latter towards the morgue. He had just commed Kyle Crisson when a red light began to blink.

    Four medics rushed past his office.

    “Jerry, Stan, you can wait in my office for Kyle,” McCoy soothed. “But it seems that my services are needed again.” He rushed towards the changing room.

    “We have incoming wounded from engineering,” a voice from one of the occupied cubicles said.

    “We are busy again, Nick,” McCoy reached for a clean set of scrubs when that began to tumble towards the floor.

    “I hope this shaking will stop soon. I have had it with those goons. Getting in your scrubs is quite a challenge.”


    Finally, the hunters suffered enough damage and skulked away.

    Damage reports from various departments came in, thankfully light.

    The Captain asked if there had been an attempt to contact the Civanans during or after by Kantale.

    Uhura shrugged. "I've been monitoring; doesn't seem to have been. I sent Mr. Creel a summary of all that's transpired. I believe planetary forces are now in a better position to pursue and deal with them. It seems most of the problem was they were elusive until now."

    "Hmm. So we broke them out of hiding," Sulu said.


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    More problems to solve in this one.
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    Ms. Chilliera signalled that she had concluded the talks, and Kirk went to the Transporter Room to hear the outcome. Her demeanor seemed to imply she was pleased with the outcome.

    "Things went splendidly. I will be recommending an unqualified membership." Chilliera said.

    "Congratulations, Ms. Chilliera." the Captain said sincerely.

    He looked at her closely. "You seem a little, as they say, green around the gills. Are you feeling all right?"

    "Something apparently didn't agree with me. I'm feeling a bit nauseous, as a matter of fact."

    "McCoy would likely blame that on the entire transporter experience. However, if it gets worse, check in with Sickbay," Jim suggested.

    "I will, thank you."

    As Chilliera headed towards her assigned quarters, her sense of dizziness and queasiness increased. She passed several crewmembers along the way, including Uhura, who was leaving the communications lab with data-discs.


    Jim came back and told Spock and Uhura about Chilliera's queasy symptoms and the status with the Civanans.

    "Next time, she'll decline the dinner invitation regardless of being friends with the hosts," Uhura quipped.

    As the shift continued, crew started checking in reporting similar symptoms to Ms. Chilliera's.

    They were referred to Sickbay if they worsened.

    "None of those crew indulged in the exotic cuisine," Spock remarked, "I hope Ms. Chilliera did not bring back a contagion of some sort?"

    "Uh-oh," Uhura murmured.

    As if their comments had accelerated some unknown process, the entire Bridge crew suddenly felt too incapacitated to continue their shift, but unfortunately even some of their backups were out of commission.


    Hurrying to the medbay were Jana John and Marc Jullio with on their grav-stretcher a loudly protesting Scotty. They were followed by Fiona Harris and Dr M’Benga with Sean McGinnis, also quite talkative.

    “Some bandages, and ah will be alright.”

    “Same for me, and you can tell me a bottle of scotch will do the numbing.”

    “Two techies not needing our attention,” Christine smiled when the doors opened. “But we have a very nice country-doctor and his quite persuasive manners.”

    “And a famous sleep-doctor,” McCoy was the first to come out of the changing room. Turning his head he said, “We have two complaining engineers with four crispy hands.”

    “No sleeping medicines needed,” Nick stayed in the door of the changing room.

    “And no mayhem afterwards Nick,” McCoy began to smile when he saw Nick’s mischievous face and continued, “but they have to stay…”

    “For a day or two,” Dr. M’Benga added and began to tell what he had done.


    Kyle Crisson was there for his men, silently sitting and listening to Jerry and Stan, giving a nod and a glass of water or a soft cloth when needed. The door to the office was closed.

    “Can you ask McCoy what happened in the OT?”

    “I will,” Kyle headed out to see McCoy and Nick vomitting in a bin. And he backed immediately into the office but too late.

    Soon he and his guards were using the waste-bin and whatever was in the office.


    “Hey,” Jana John became quite worried when she and her partner Marc Jullio were the two not showing any symptoms at all.

    “Christine is in isolation,” Marc stated. “She has the means to find a cure. “Do you remember that worm-hole?”

    “Worm-hole?” Jana repeated.

    “The worm-hole that had us meeting Jedi and helping to deliver a baby on Shedu Maad,” Marc began to access a terminal. “Here it is and yes this will sure help.”

    “An entry in a medical log of the Hands Down about bad porridge,” Jana began to read. “Christine should see this.” She began to make a file and sent that to the isolation-room where it got the attention of Christine.


    Christine soon got a big smile on her face. “Diplomat Chilliera is the cause. Marc get a sample from that beetle-soup vomit on the double. You are immune to whatever was in those beetles.”

    Marc got a sample-jar and returned to the medbay where the jar was transferred into the isolation room.

    Christine ran more tests, also taking the spider and began to whoop with joy. “I have found it. But now how to get it to the crew?”

    “Gas,” Jana offers. “Spock is on the bridge and not affected at all.”

    “Gas will do the trick,” Christine contacted the bridge. “Jana, Marc, get masks and don them. Make sure you have oxygen for at least one hour. And ready more space-suits and sets.”


    Clad in a space-suit, Christine opened the door of the isolation room. She was armed with a hypo and administered the first dose to McCoy. “Jana, mask and 100% oxygen for him” and going to Nick, giving him a dose. “He too and now one more makes six of us to cure the crew.”

    “Kyle is there,” Marc offered. “He is a former partner of Nick and knows how to use bottled oxygen.”


    “Aah,” Nick stretched his arms. He felt rested. ‘I must have fallen asleep after using a bin to deposit my coffee. Hmm no more nausea.’ He stretched again and reached for his eyes to find a visor. “What?” He saw a space-suited friend coming into his vision.

    “He is waking up.”

    “McCoy is also."

    “And Kyle."

    “Easy, Nick,” Marc Jullio said. “Christine has found an antidote for what was affecting all of the crew. We had you on 100% oxygen during one hour to get you awake after the sleeping-gas was administered throughout the Enterprise to get everybody sleeping. We need distributors for the antidote and you are one of them.”

    “And I, Nick,” Kyle is standing. “You know it’s the same as our HAHO-jump over Riad.”

    “That mission,” Nick got up with the help from Marc and Christine. “We had to breathe oxygen for a long time, and now it’s the same, I guess.”

    “Yes, Nick,” Christine answered and guided him to a screen. “You have these sections to administer the anti-dote.”

    “Ending up on the bridge,” Nick reached for a tray. “That’s nice.”

    “There you have to wait for my signal before you can give Spock the order to release the oxygen-rich mixture to wake-up the crew,” Christine said.

    “Why not me?” McCoy joined them.

    “You have to return here as soon as possible,” Christine replied. “We may have incoming wounded. That’s why Marc and Jana are going to these sections in the hull and Kyle this. Now let’s go and get rid of the bugs.” She took a tray and hurried out of the door.


    After a busy hour, Nick entered the bridge and walked immediately to the big viewscreen where Sulu and Chekov were between the navigation-console.
    He administered the antidote and turned to see Spock bent down near the science station and caressing Uhura.

    He pressed the hypo against Uhura’s arm. “She will be alright, sir. And now I have to wait.” He sat down on one of the chairs.

    Tsirp, tsirp

    “Ready, Nick, and return to medbay as soon as possible. We have a technician with a broken leg.”

    “I will,” Nick replied. “Sir, wake up the crew.”

    Spock had his hands flying over the controls and satisfied that the sections were turning green he slid down next to Uhura to support her in his arms.

    Nick smiled when he passed them on his way to the turbolift. ‘She will have a nice wake-up. And for me it’s business as usual.’


    In the medbay, now that the patients were reviving, they were getting restive.

    “Ah, my wee engines need some care and these mitts…”

    “Are there to stay. They are to heal those burns.”


    “No, Scotty lie down. You are at your post and you too McGinnis”

    “Engineering trouble,” Nick swept into the main room where Jana and Marc were standing between the discarded parts of the space-suits and helping Christine.

    Christine – half way out of her space-suit – was standing in the door leading to the ward where Scotty and McGinnis were occupying two beds.

    McCoy was in scrubs and had his most stern look towards the two engineers. He turned: “Nick, Kyle can help you in the changing room. Get scrubbing, we have a patient. Jana and Marc have placed her already on the table. Some sleeping medicine and a plate and pins and she will be joining these two.”

    Soon, Nick and Kyle were busy.

    “No daisies, Nick. You smell like a pig after a mud-bath.”

    “And this reminds me of that sewer in Kabul. You can use that changing cubicle and don’t stay or you will meet us for some water-fun.”

    “I will see.” Kyle disappeared into the changing cubicle.


    Nick was the last to come into the changing room. He saw McCoy and Marc and Jana and asked, “Hey, no free cubicles?”

    “No, they are all locked and from that one,” McCoy pointed with his hand “comes a snoring sound.”

    Nick began to laugh. “We can do something about that.” He took two steps to a counter with squeeze-bottles. “Get one and on my signal...” he waited.

    The four – armed with squeeze-bottles – headed to the noisy cubicle.

    “One, two, three”

    Four squirts of water were streaming over the top of the door.

    “Nick--you moron!” Kyle – dripping wet – pushed the door open and ran towards the counter “cann’t a guy get some decent sleep in here? You know certain Jedi do it all the time.” He grabbed a fifth squeeze-bottle and began to douse Nick.

    “But they don’t lock all doors,” Nick tried to reach for another squeeze-bottle. “You sure had some fun after I went to work.”

    “Here, Nick,” McCoy threw one bottle after grabbing two more.

    A water-fight began.

    Kyle dived into his changing cubicle and some squirming over walls and all cubicles were open for four wet contestants.

    “And no sleep this time,” McCoy was the last to enter a cubicle. “Doctors orders.”

    “Get some sleep in your cabin,” McCoy heard Nick and Kyle coming out of their cubicles. “I don’t want to see any of you here when I am finished.”

    “I have to write letters to Alexander’s and Will’s parents and prepare for the funeral,” Kyle sniffed.

    “I will help,” Nick voiced through choked tears.

    What more was said was unheard by McCoy. He had to report to the captain. “I am going to the bridge after I am finished.”


    On the bridge, Uhura's eyes opened, and she was not disoriented at all. She was right where she loved to be, most in all the worlds.

    "Hello, sweetest heart," she smiled, nestling closer in her love's hold. "Did you whisper Mara's and Luke's wake-up phrase to bring me around?"

    "No, Nyota," Spock answered, mischief lighting his eyes, "but that will come later."

    She smiled even more, and they resumed their stations as the doors of the turbolift opened and the Captain strolled in, looking none the worst for all that had occurred.

    Sulu and Chekov were now scanning their boards and all stations started to give status updates.

    McCoy arrived and sincerely expressed his satisfaction that everyone seemed to be getting back to norm.

    "Thanks to your medical staff, Doctor," Jim said warmly, "Besides the Engineering crew, you all are a bunch of miracle workers."

    "I couldn't agree more," Estella Chilliera said, arriving in time to catch the last comment. "A commendation for the entire Enterprise crew is going in my briefing report on the Civana mission."

    Jim smiled in candid and happy surprise. "Thank you, Ms. Chilliera, on behalf of my crew."


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    Glad that everyone recovered in medical and then were good enough to start a water fight to release the tension of the situation.
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    Note: earlybird and I collaborate on this romp, which is a little calmer than the others. ;)
    Title: Cerisian Shore Leave--A Little More R&R!


    McCoy was tired. And he knew that he wasn’t the only one. Medical check-ups on half the crew showed slight to medium to extreme fatigue. Datapad in hand he entered the turbolift and when he saw the doors of that lift opening on the bridge, a small smile passed his features. “If you know what I am thinking Jim, this will be perfect.”

    “For what, Bones?” Kirk swiveled in the chair away from the viewscreen where a serene world was displayed invitingly.

    “Shore-leave, as recommended by your kind country-doctor.”

    Jim looked to Spock who scanned for compatible atmosphere and any life signs. All seemed peaceful and serene. Jim gave a long sigh. Finally ... long over-due. He grinned at McCoy.

    "That's one medical mandate I don't mind following," he teased.

    Stardate 2268.1215: We are in orbit around an uncharted planet in an uncharted starsystem. An initial survey by my science-officer reveals no danger. And my chief medical officer recommends shore-leave. I will send a small exploration team first.


    Florian McLintlock had a dreamy look on his face. Yesterday he had had his medical check-up and it was as the doctor had ordered: ‘take it easy chief.’

    Sure he was a bit tired, but he loved his work designing new recipes. He had new ones for the various sandwiches served during lunch-hour.
    He had to cater for the chocolate-lovers among them: the captain, Uhura and her beloved Spock. Only two days before, he had received new recipes from his brother, who was chef at a famous Paris restaurant. “Hmm... Ile flotante and whipped cream surrounded by chocolate..."

    “Chief, what did the doctor tell you?”

    Florian looked up to see Dennis Samuels. “The same as he told you I think, and look at that.” He indicated a lush meadow on the planet below, highlighted on his datapadd.

    Dennis looked and agreed. “That’s a perfect place to relax.”


    Audrey was glad to be back from her brief leave. More than one diplomatic mission had become rather eventful during her absence.

    "When I'm not around, all sorts of ... hectic things arise." was her wry comment.

    Jim laughed. "Not because I want them to. I don't exactly go looking for trouble."

    "No, it comes after you, persistently." Audrey half teased.

    "Hey. I always manage to extricate myself or the crew, don't I?"

    "That you do," Audrey said fondly.

    Nyota and Spock were also looking forward to shore leave. She had a hamper of platters full of Greek salad and apple crisps with extra caramel sauce.


    “You are on the list too, Nick,” McCoy saw Nick Roberts coming in clad in his usual blue scrubs.

    “For shore-leave?” Nick shook his head. “Is that a good idea? It’s an uncharted planet near what was former called the expanse and you know what trouble it represented.”

    “You are infected by Numa’s tales,” McCoy grumped. “That’s the same for your friend Kyle. I saw him one hour ago for his check-up and ordered him to go on some R and R but he flatly refused coming up with Xindi-arguments. And he wasn’t the only one. I had Jacob Numa coming here and digging up some more information about the Xindi. Captain Archer was the last one to have trouble with one Xindi species.”

    “The reptilians,” Nick nodded. “They were nasty and wanted power for them alone with help from those transdimensional guardians, who could have destroyed the entire galaxy. I am glad they were stopped by the Enterprise. Captain Archer suffered under torture from those reptilians.”

    "We haven’t heard from them anymore,” McCoy continued. “And Jacob didn’t protest at all when I told him that he was on the list. He is eager to visit the planet and so is Florian. And Spock has declared it safe after the initial survey. He is already there with Uhura.”

    “And the captain?”

    “He too with Audrey,” McCoy said firmly. “Go and convince Kyle to have a nice work-out with you.”

    “OK,” Nick sagged with his shoulders. “I will get my gear and take Kyle. An extra pair of guards is what the captain needs.”


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    Down on the tranquil-appearing surface, Nick had heard of the Xindi and hoped they would not encounter any, that they would keep out of sight.

    Nick was climbing with Kyle towards a ridge when Kyle halted and took out his scope from his back-pack. He crouched down, scanned the valley and said: “Nick, I spot Xindi and their shuttle.”

    Nick settled down next to Kyle and watched with his scope. He saw the reptillian Xindi busy with wood. A small fire was soon too be seen. “I suppose it’s shore-leave for them too,” he smiled. “We have tales to tell when we see Jacob again.”

    “Or we can contact him and tell him where we are,” Kyle observed and took out his communicator. “Jacob Numa, reply to me.”

    “Numa, what’s up Crisson?”

    “Come silently to our position,” Kyle began and told more.


    Ten minutes later, Jacob appeared, slightly out of breath and joined Kyle and Nick.

    “Here, take a look,” Nick offered his scope.

    Jacob took it and had a delighted look on his face when he saw the Xindi reptilians busy. “That could have happened on earth if that comet didn’t exterminate the dinosaurs.”

    “Reptilians as the intelligent species,” Nick took a sandwich from his back-pack and was eating when his ears picked up a soft sound.

    “This is going south,” Jacob flipped out his communicator when he saw the two crewmembers beginning to sneak towards the valley. “Captain.”


    “There, Brian... Gorn.” Silvio Callo whispered.

    “Silvio, we can deal with them. You know what the captain did with that Gorn.” Brian answered.

    "Let's sneak around the other side and ambush them, scare them off."

    Jim and Audrey, Nyota and Spock had just finished a relacing lunch when a message came from Jacob Numa.

    "Looks like a couple of curious crewmembers are going sight-seeing, encroaching on the Xindi camp," Audrey observed.

    "Let's go," Uhura added.


    “I have to go down,” Jacob gave the scope back to Nick.

    “We will go with you,” Kyle stood up still watching through his scope. “But don’t worry, I see the captain, Audrey, Spock and Uhura headed this way.”

    “The captain has dealt with a gorn,” Jacob began to slide down. “He knows the difference between Gorn and Xindi. All Xindi are now members of the federation. And it’s a pity that not all are interested in history like you.”

    He was followed by Kyle.

    “The captain is there, and I am sure that he can difuse that with help from Uhura,” Nick was going down the slope after Jacob and Kyle.

    “She is,” Kyle slowed down. “Jacob can then give those two a history lesson.”


    Uhura helped smooth the disgruntled Xindi who were startled by the arrival of McLean & Callo.

    The latter were relieved that the aliens in question were not disposed to be predatory, at least on that occasion.

    They listened raptly as Numa told them of the Xindi in past encounters.


    As all relaxed in the verdant meadows, soaking up the sunshine and listening to birdsong, all tension melted away.

    A lazy afternoon and unhurried evening was just what all the crew needed as they came down in shifts.


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    Glad that during shore leave they get to experience history and relax.
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    Title: Avoiding the Booby Traps

    In medbay, Nick Roberts was putting away and sorting items in a medical cabinet when an unexpected shudder rippled through the entire ship.
    A tremor followed by a loud bang.

    Nick had a smarting butt after the hard landing on the floor. He was on all fours collecting IV-bags and various other items that had been digorged by the now empty cabinet.

    The floor tilted.

    Alarms were blaring.

    Nick rushed headfirst towards a bulkhead. He tried to stop reaching for a medbed with his hands and got a hold on one pole. He gave a loud “aauw” when his left arm collided with a cart that was careening out of control. Unable to hold on with one arm he continued his tumble towards the bulkhead where he crumbled into a heap after hitting his head and lost consciousness.


    On the bridge, everyone was efficiently scanning for the source and extent of the impact.

    They had just concluded a very restful shore leave and now it looked like things were becoming ... eventful again.

    Uhura reported that there did not seem to be a hostile presence responsible.

    "Small favors," remarked the Captain. The medals ceremony for crew members who had served with efficiency and resourcefulness for 4 years had just concluded to the satisfaction of all concerned.

    From the Science station, Spock reported that several mines are sticking to the outer hull.
    "There is also a derelict vessel of unknown origin," he continued, "and it appears to be on standby, minimal systems running."

    Captains log
    Stardate 2269.0106
    The Enterprise has come to a full stop after hitting several mines of unknown origin. The inertial dampeners have come on line after a short shut-down. Section 4.7 has been sealed off. The technical department is investigating the damage. Departments are reporting.


    McCoy answered the hail from the bridge, inquiring as to the aftermath of the impact.

    “We have only one serious casualty and some crewmembers with cuts and abrasions. I am very happy that you had the four years of exploration ceremony planned. We could have met with more medical disasters. And Jim, are you done?

    “I have told you already. We are stuck in a minefield, Bones.”

    “He is waking up.”

    Hearing soft voices, Nick tried to open his eyes.

    “And Spock is busy to get us unstuck, I presume.”

    “He is.”

    Nick blinked a few times and saw the grey ceiling and some beige and green swimming in and out. A few more blinks and the beige and green solidified into Tinco with now a smile on his face.

    “McCoy out.”

    “Ti...” Nick tried to speak.

    “Easy, Nick, here is some water.”

    Nick sipped from the squeeze-bottle and swallowed. A few more and he tried “Tinco, I hit something?”

    “You did, and McCoy is now coming and will tell you what happened.”

    “He is awake, Tinco?”

    “Yes. Very.”

    “Nick--good to see you awake,” McCoy had his most soothing voice. “You have taken quite a tumble and a slight concussion as a result of your head hitting a bulkhead. That’s the minor injury. Your left lower arm has a complicated open break in the ulna. I have repaired the break and stitched you up. Your arm is now in a splint. And thanks to my famous painkillers you don’t feel a thing.”

    “I--” Nick tried to lift his head. “I heard something about stuck in a minefield,” he was now more steady and continued, “I know a lot about defusing explosives.”

    “You are at your station,” McCoy had a hand on Nick’s right shoulder. “Your friend Kyle Crisson knows too, and we can ask him if the need arises.”

    “But...” Nick lifted his right hand, finding it attached to an IV-line. “He needs a partner.”

    “We will see.” McCoy took the hand. “You are here at your station.” He continued with a stern voice “and I don’t want to report to the captain that he has a copy-cat with you trying to get out of my care.”


    Yolette, in Engineering, was perusing the data feed about the mines and reported to the bridge about the placement upon the hull.

    "They're not live," she concluded, "that is not about to detonate, but they will need to be disarmed."

    This led the Captain to immediately think of Mr. Crisson who was skilled in neutralizing explosives.


    In the OPS, Kyle Crisson was stashing away a piece of the body-armour that had taken a tumbling after the inertial dampeners failed when he saw two crewmembers entering the room. One of them was well-known, and he snapped to attention. “sir.”

    “At ease, Lieutenant Crisson,” Spock said and began to tell what had happened.

    “Explains this mess,” Kyle indicated the various phaser-rifles and body-armour items still on the floor. “And what has you coming here?”

    “Lieutenant Yolette Boudreaux pointed out that the mines sticking to the saucer-hull sections 5.6 and 5.7 can be disabled using your skill and knowledge of explosives,” Spock stated. “Follow me to the EVA room and suit up.”

    Kyle followed the two. ‘That mess can wait.’


    Yolette was examining the mines placement with a tricorder, careful not to accidentally budge anything or even graze it with her grav-boots.

    "Ms. Boudreaux?" came a soft hail.

    “You can call me Yolette,” she said stepping out of the airlock that was near section 5.6.

    “Sure, and it’s Kyle for you,” Kyle followed her around the hull, seeing the familiar and unfamiliar shapes attached to the hull and with more floating around, he knew that serious trouble was ahead.

    He took a deep breath and heard the soft hissing in his helmet. He approached one of the mines, keeping a distance between him and the mine and took out his tricorder.

    He saw Yolette using her tricorder and taking large steps to another mine. “Caution, Yolette. I have seen that critter before.”

    “And that one?” Yolette took two steps back.

    “Is unfamiliar and has a remote control as you can see. It has an antenna and a panel attached to the top.”

    Yolette compared the readings that appeared on her tricorder display. “Maybe that thing has the answer.” She pointed at a dark shape. “We have to report this to Spock. Let’s head back.”


    Spock was waiting for them.

    Yolette – hurriedly removing her helmet – began her report. “We cannot disarm some mines. They are remotely controlled and …”

    Kyle – still helmeted – pushed his com-panel. “The others are those encountered by captain Archer during his first contact with the Romulan Star Empire. I have worked with similar mines when I was still a Federation SEAL and I know one who can assist me without us being blown to atoms.”

    "Very well, Mr. Crisson, and thank you both for a quick, precise assessment. Who is your assistant?” Spock enquired. “Let me help you first with your helmet or do you want to go back as soon as possible?”

    “Nah,” Kyle popped the seal of the helmet but left the helmet on his head. “We have to go to medbay. My buddy Nick works there, and maybe he is as busy as the rest of the crew is after the Enterprise tossed us all around. Getting there in person will convince McCoy of the emergency.”

    Spock headed to the door. “First we have to report to the captain. Follow me.”

    Yolette followed, leaving her helmet on the bench.

    'Always on the hurry and no way to get properly dressed,’ Kyle thought with a smile on his face when he stomped in his heavy gear after Yolette and the exec headed to the nearest turbolift. He entered in a hurry.



    ‘I am glad that Yolette is on the away-team. She will disarm those remotely controlled mines.’ Kyle had his orders. He had to get Lieutenant Roberts – whatever he was doing – as soon as possible to help him to disarm the mines. If he couldn’t convince any of the medical staff that Roberts had to help him, he could call for assistance. ‘I have the bridge with the captain on the away-team’ was what Spock had told him when he ushered him back in the turbolift and gave him the orders. ‘Nick won’t give me any trouble when he sees me fully suited’ Kyle stomped into the medbay and headed directly towards the office of McCoy.

    “What’s that?” McCoy swiveled around in his chair.

    “Lieutenant Crisson, sir, and I have to take Nick Roberts with me to disarm some mines.”

    “Ah, Nick’s buddy Kyle,” McCoy drawled in his southern accent. “I can tell you that Nick is resting in a medbed after encountering some nasty flying mayhem.”

    “He is injured?”

    “He has a slight concussion and a broken arm,”McCoy replied. “And we must be in dire straits before I can give him the command to do anything else than remaining in his bed.”

    “We are. I need him to disarm mines from the Romulan Star Empire that are attached to the hull. One of them was responsible for destroying section 4.7. He knows all about them.”

    “Alright,” McCoy stood up. “Follow me. You can have him but one promise” he pauzed for more effect “deliver him as soon as possible back here.”


    Stomping noise had Nick opening his eyes to see McCoy followed by a man in a space-suit. “What’s up, doc?”

    “Your assistance is needed, Nick,” McCoy took a wad and removed the IV from Nick’s hand.

    “Kyle?” Nick observed the space-suit. He felt a hypo pressing against his upper arm.

    “Yes, and I need you to disarm Romulan Star Empire mines,” Kyle said.

    “Ah, one of the beasties that exploded has me here,” Nick sat up with help from McCoy and swung his legs down. He stood swaying for a moment and felt the strong medicine kicking in.


    “Yes,” Nick – clad in his hospital gown – followed Kyle.

    “And don’t aggravate that injury, Nick.” McCoy - voice raised - saw the two leaving.

    “I will try,” Nick halted for a moment, “and thanks for letting me escape that bed.”

    “I didn’t,” McCoy began but what was said wasn’t heard by Nick and Kyle now speeding towards the nearest turbolift.


    “That splint has to go,” Nick – his lower body in the spacesuit – was fumbling with the torso.

    “I can help,” Kyle began to remove the splint. “And I won’t tell our country doctor when I return you to medbay;” he saw the vivid discolorations and stitches. “No plate and pins?”

    “No.” Nick grumped. “It was a simple open fracture. Tomorrow the splint will be replaced by a cast. Get my arm in this suit and we can get moving outside to deactivate our mine-disasters.”


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    Great that McCoy can fix up Nick when he gets into trouble.
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    Ny's Note: Wrapping this particular adventure and @earlybird-obi-wan thanks for the collaboration.
    Just what the frazzled muses need in these chaotic times. @};-


    “Ready, Kyle,” Nick stepped outside the airlock onto the hull and began to roll the cart with equipment towards the nearest mine. “Four of them and all are easy to disarm I see.”

    “They are,” Kyle followed and stopped close to the first mine after hooking his safety-line to the equipment-cart.

    Nick was already attached and secured the cart to the hull by pulling down a lever.

    A wordless almost dance-like event began.

    Nick supplied the necessary equipment, held wires and whatever aloft, and assisted when needed.

    Kyle used the tools to defuse the four mines and had the final wire cut. The mine was deactivated.

    A tumbling, sharp-edged piece of debris coming from the derelict got entangled in his safety-line and cut through it.

    The momentum of the debris had Kyle drifting away.

    “Kyle!” Nick shouted and reached with his right hand towards the frayed end of the line. Getting his left hand also on the line he managed to twist the end in an eight-knot. And hauling the line in he could secure the eight-knot to a hook on his torso. But he couldn’t prevent Kyle bumping with his torso against his left arm and felt bones shifting. “Ow.”

    “What’s... ow?” Kyle saw Nick’s pained look behind the visor.

    “McCoy will be very grumpy when you deliver me back in his care,” Nick grimaced. “My arm will need extra care. Let’s get inside.


    Yolette, Dirk Braylon, and Guards Vance and Frain were on the derelict, with senses and tricorders alert. They noticed the cubicles for suspended animation, noticing there were about 200 of these.

    "They're cycling to active status, something must've triggered them." observed Mr. Braylon.

    "No telling how long it will be before they're totally online," Frain said.

    "Do we really want to stick around and find out if they're hostile or not?" Braylon asked.

    Yolette responded: "Let's hightail it out of here," she advised and signaled the transporter room and the bridge of their findings.


    The EVA room was empty when they cycled back through the airlock.

    “No one to help us, Nick,” Kyle rolled the cart into the room.

    "You have to help me,” Nick was breathing heavily.

    “You first,” Kyle popped the seal of Nick’s helmet and removed it.

    The torso and lower body part followed with Nick helping as best as he could and gritting his teeth.

    Nick – only clad in his now soaked hospital-gown – sagged down on the bench and saw Kyle doffing his suit.

    By the time the lower-part joined the rest, Kyle was sweating profusely. “Let’s go and meet Dr. Grumpy.” Taking Nick’s right arm over his shoulder, he shuffled to the turbolift.


    “He is damaged,” Kyle – voice hoarse from exertion – stumbled through the opening doors.

    “I can see that,” McCoy grumbled before he could take a barely conscious Nick from Kyle’s grip. He was soon assisted by Christine.

    Kyle sagged down on the floor.

    “And you are in need of some hydration I presume?” McCoy asked not expecting an answer but seeing Jana rushing in with a squeeze-bottle filled with water. “Jana, after you are finished with him, I will need you in the OT. Nick will need a plate and pins to repair his arm.”

    “A what?” Nick – supported by Christine and McCoy – managed to croak before he saw the doors to the OT opening.

    “Some metal thingies,” McCoy led Nick to the table. “Hop on and Christine will give you nice dreams.”

    Knowing that it was inevitable, Nick did as told and saw the mask and smiling eyes of Christine before he lost consciousness.


    The aliens had indeed been aroused by the activation of the mines, which they also had fallen prey to. They deactivated these, checked their navicomputer and found the coordinates towards their destined homeworld had gotten scrambled.


    Nick was opening his eyes and observed the IV-bag dangling from a pole and looking to the right he heard soft footsteps and a blue shirted McCoy coming his way but halting.

    “Hey, Lieutenant Crisson. Lie down.”

    Nick looked to his right and began to chuckle very softly. “My chief is like a mother-hen.”

    “What was that, Nick?” McCoy said, pushing Kyle down on his bed.

    “I can leave your care because I am hydrated enough,” Kyle tried again to sit up, “and please remove this.”

    “You are at your post in order to keep me company,” Nick waved with his right arm. “I am forming a unit with my bed, you too, and mother-hen will have the last word.”

    “I am not a mother avian,” McCoy began when he heard the loud laughs of the two. “And now silence and get some sleep.”

    “I--” Kyle began.

    “He--” Nick interrupted.

    “Shhh,” McCoy pointed at the two and left smiling, “I have the last word.”


    Science and Engineering departments reported all systems were at norm if not optimal.

    "No more mines in the vicinity and no sign of hostiles," Science Officer Thane reported.

    "Excellent," the Captain replied, "Well done everyone. Let's head out to our next assignment," he consulted a data-file, "which involves routine sector mapping."

    Sulu commented, "Whew! Nice and routine, that's what we need."

    Chekov murmured, "Yeah but nothing's ever routine for us, don't you know?"

    "Shhh," said Audrey from her adjacent station, "Not so loud."



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    Yes, Bones has the last word and I am sure that the routine sector mapping will turn not so routine soon.
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    Title: Attempted Weapons Grab

    Summary: Admiral Jaxxon Boyce and a troupe of entertainers are being transported along with newly minted torpedoes to a nearby Starbase. The Enterprise is tasked to get them there.


    "Have you heard of Trayner's Troupe?" Sulu asked Uhura.

    "Yes, I have. My sister enjoys their routine."

    "And this Admiral Boyce is a friend of a mentor," the Captain remarked with a grin.

    "We're supposed to transport some sensitive equipment also," Audrey put in.

    "Yes, that's the serious side of what looks like an easy assignment," said Jim, grateful for the latter.

    Stardate 2269.0308
    Captains log. We are waiting for the shuttle of Admiral Boyce to arrive. He has chosen the Enterprise to transport him and a party of 30 entertainers to Starbase Intrepid. Also on the shuttle is a squad of marines. They are guarding a load of new photonic torpedos for the starbase.


    Nick Roberts was humming softly. For someone with sharp ears and a certain knowledge of a galaxy only to be reached by a worm-hole or someone with a great interest in old movies the tune was very familiar. He entered the medbay with a smile on his face.

    “Been watching ah let me guess The Empire Strikes Back or Attack of the Clones?” McCoy stood in the doorway to his office.

    “The second one and for this evening I have the third movie to see,” Nick headed to one of the changing cubicles to get into his blue scrubs.

    “Not that way Nick,” McCoy said. “You know what Spock and Sulu had only a month ago.”

    “That virus-critter,” Nick nodded. “It had us all baffled why only Spock and Sulu were affected and being not contagious at all. And you know what a certain virus did in another time-line.”

    “I have heard the tale from our archive-expert Numa,” McCoy directed Nick towards the isolation room. “And with both of us knowing the dire consequences of a mutating virus I want one of us in that room to examine it further.” He halted before the room before continuing with a smile “And if you get bored you can watch some old movies.”

    “I did for two weeks when I had my arm in a sling after the mine-disaster,” Nick grumbled. “I must have seen the entire series collected by Jacob. Some were very entertaining.”

    McCoy knew what he had put in the room and asked “Do you remember the titles?”

    “Ah, Die Hard was nice with a policeman against a group of criminals and for me very interesting was a Navy SEAL on the Missouri. He could prevent a disaster.”

    “Oops,” McCoy whispered and hoped that Nick didn’t hear. He had those two among three others in the room.

    “Oops, Len?”

    “Ah... whatever... go and maybe you have no time at all to watch a movie. And to wet your appetite, McLintlock has prepared a very nice lunch for you.”

    “And that pleases me,” Nick halted before the door. “And you? To the reception-party for the admiral?”

    “No,” McCoy muttered “I have seen admiral Boyce before. He is very friendly and was friends with the late captain Pike and admiral Noguchi but I had a very unpleasant conversation with him. He is one of those desk-huggers wanting to ensnare you in his department. And I will have Christine with me. She doesn’t like him either.”

    “Wave each time or make a funny face when you pass the door,” Nick disappeared into the isolation room pulling the door shut before McCoy could reply. And before the round glass in the door he stuck out his tongue.


    Meanwhile, the Admiral's party arrived and was greeted by the Command Bridge crew.

    They were shown their guest quarters.

    Mr. Trayner asked where the rec lounge was so his group could set up for the evening's entertainment.


    ‘I won’t see Len, Christine or Nick,’ Florian McLintlock was busy preparing the punch in the rec lounge. ‘McCoy has work for Nick and ordered lunch for him. Nick will be delighted when he opens the package.’ This and more on his mind he stirred the punch when a loud bang on the counter had him looking up. “Whata?”

    “Trayner is the name and I want you to follow me because this has to go in a store before it can be revealed,” the man with a handsome face adorned with a beard and longish hair and piercing blue eyes had a large package on the counter. “Uh,, by the way that punch looks delicious.”

    “It is and you must be new because no one orders me around here but I will oblige.” Florian put away his spoon. “Follow me.” And without waiting for the man he stomped towards the store-room and uttered a small cry when something hit his neck. Darkness claimed him and he crumbled on the floor and didn’t hear or see more. If he had he would have been extremely worried.

    Trayner placed the package before the ventilation system and set a timer.

    “Now we can spike the punch or when no-one comes near the counter we can use our weapons. I am ready with my sector.” And he heard the various replies coming from his crew. 30 packages had been placed at strategic locations in the ventilation system.


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    I hope that I am not a nerd for having all three of those movies above.