Story [Star Trek] Stellar Journeys (UDC 8) Completed.

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    Aug 31, 2004
    by WNSA -- Disclaimer: Borrowing for fun and affection.

    Using prompts from UDC 8 in FF Writing Resource.

    Week 1 prompts by Mira_Jade.

    AN: Took inspiration from the way Chyntuck has done her drabbles, as a 500-word continuous entry with the prompts in the prose. :cool: [:D]

    Jim has never been one for overt introspection, as in second-guessing a decision already made. He does indulge in mulling over courses of action and their consequences. It is something that comes with being a leader in what often turn out to be unpredictable situations. He does not think a lot either about what "history" will say about his endeavors, triumps, or otherwise.

    He does care about what his friends and loved ones think of him.

    He realizes newly assigned officers might think of him as holding particular valor, but he wouldn't go that far. You do what is needed. He does want to be known for acting with honor. One thing no one could accuse him of was doing the "politically advised thing" just for that reason alone.

    Bones is the first one to hold that line of thought. Political advisement is something the Doctor scoffs at at every possible opportunity.

    Jim asks Audrey one evening over dinner: "Is there a choice, a line, you wouldn't cross in the line of duty?"

    She frowns. "Wow, Jim. That's a loaded question and one that's hard to answer. Why do you ask?"

    "Because before we got together, the answers regarding sacrifice would have been different for me. When I just had me to think about more or less, I probably would've been more reckless safety-wise than now."

    Audrey laughs. "You sure about that? You seem pretty reckless still."

    He puts on a mock-scowl but then winks in tacit agreement. "But now we're together, I have more to lose, and I think about how my incapacity or death would affect you, so that's the line. I know you can't tell when a situation will turn fatal, by the very nature of exploring unknown worlds. But as far as probabilities of survival goes, that is one line I will not cross."
    Audrey is touched. "That's wonderful to know, that you care about us, and me, that much."

    Which isn't to say Jim wouldn't bend the rules to breaking not so much to avoid defeat but to achieve victory. The former is one of pride, one's ego, and others' perceptions. The latter involves coming out with the outcome which is best for all concerned.

    This was seen clearly in the first contact with the Klingons. They were of a total different stripe than the Romulans. Brutally aggressive without the hidden agendas and schemes within schemes that the Romulans were known for. Jim's forthright nature was just what the Klingons would respect and his not-gonna-put-up with your poodoo stance was enough to make them back down from a contested world. Underneath the brash swagger, they weren't really prepared for an intragalactic conflict.

    "Commander Kruge was easy to persuade." Admirral Noguchi observed over the subspace channel. "He is one of the more reasonable leaders, if you can apply that word to Klingons."

    Jim smiled, glad for once to be getting an "atta boy" from Starfleet higher-ups. "Thank you, Admiral. You can thank Spock and Scotty too."
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    Great to see you doing them in one big story. Kirk can handle Klingons
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    That was a lot packed into just five-hundred words - but that's the beauty of this challenge. :D

    First off, a great look at Kirk's thinking and showing just how far he's come over the years. Yes, Audrey, this is definitely a tamer version - if no less brave and efficient! - on Jim, and he has several wonderful reasons to think twice before he leaps now.

    I also loved the bit about the Klingons appreciating Kirk because of his forthrightness and transparency - if anyone can level a truce between their two sides, he could. It was great to see the higher ups praising him for his efforts, as well - the crew's efforts, of course. [face_love]

    You're off to a wonderful start! I can't wait to see where you go next. :D =D=
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    Week #2

    Nyota will never forget Ms. Xylver. She taught secondary school culture and environment. When Nyota turned in an essay about name rituals in various cultures, she focused as was assigned on the meanings these held, i.e., for the community and larger society. Do names come from the paternal side or the maternal? Are surnames based upon clan or tribal affiliation? How are given names chosen, and how soon after birth? These features fascinated Nyota, but she also loved the lilt and melody of even ancient languages and the literal etymology of the words. This crept into her essay, and Ms. Xylver noticed this. It was a unique spin and yet did not diminish the intelligence and clarity with which Nyota drew her conclusions.

    Ms. Xylver asked Nyota to stay behind one day after class. Nyota was apprehensive. Was Ms. Xylver going to be a stickler for just including what was specified in the assignment parameters?

    "I like the title of this essay." Ms. Xylver began. "The Relevance of Names & their abiding legacy. I was also struck by the facility you demonstrate with languages."

    Nyota smiled in relief. "Thank you Ma'am. My father is in the diplomatic field and he travels to many places, and as I was growing up, I loved learning of ancient civilizations and reading classic mythologies. I was always drawn to the linguistics and communication styles of the societies and how that interplayed with the other dynamics of the civilization, how it was reflected in family and marriage patterns, religion, etc. I cannot even begin to give you the number of credits I spent on dictionaries and thesauruses."

    "It may be too soon to consider a career path," Ms. Xylver said thoughtfully. "But I think you have a true talent and gift and would encourage you to look into that as a field of endeavor. When you are ready to enter into University, I have some referrals I could give you."

    Nyota smiled and said sincerely: "Thank you! I would greatly appreciate that."

    This encouragement came at just the right date and time. It honed and sharpened Nyota's dreams and goals and gave them validity.

    Her parents were thrilled when they heard this. Her father, Fadhili, was delighted. "I knew that would be a perfect fit for you, Nyoo'sha."

    Her mother, Akilah, grinned. "Maybe translating your favorite poems into High Elven after we read the Lord of the Rings was a clue?"

    Nyota laughed. "Yes, especially when compared to Kashore, who couldn't be bothered except for the romantic stuff. Not that I eschewed the majestic tales of Arwen and Aragorn and Beren and Luthien, and my favorite, Celeborn and Galadriel!"

    Her sister came in at that point. "Are you talking about me?"

    "No. Of course not." Nyota said innocently.

    Kashore indicated her plate full of s'mores. "Just for that, you don't get any!" She mock-threatened.

    Nyota made a grab for the plate. "Don't spill!" Kashore said, laughing, as Nyota grabbed two of the delicious treats.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Ms. Xylver was there at the right moment. And love the banter with Kashore
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    Week #3: :D

    McCoy never felt so helpless as when a crewmember came back injured or came down with something obscure. Then he would have to scramble to find a treatment which could be tricky when you didn't know all the variables involved. It was fortunate he had such a dedicated competent staff of colleagues, physicians and nurses alike.

    He would not be satisfied until a viable solution was found. It was like working an intricate puzzle, but since lives could, and often were at stake, it was not just an abstract exercise.

    McCoy was the first to admit his support staff was excellent, but there was a downside to it all. This was crew transfers.
    There was a learning curve, not in technical skills. Those who transferred aboard the Enterprise were top-notch. But there was a more subtle type of learning, essential and almost needing to be automatic. Colleagues needed to be seamless in their activities and attuned to the nonverbal of the senior staff. Did this situation call for doing things by the book or "winging it?" Only working together through crises taught the new arrivals how to pick up the signals, and they had to be flawlessly accurate.

    "Enough is enough!" McCoy growled to Christine after the latest exit of more than one colleague. "Why do they have to leave in bunches?"

    She laughed. "It just seems that way. Baldavin and Jeran and Majeski leaving in such quick succession."

    "Yes. But thankfully, Dr. Benson and Nurses Jullio and John are still here and took to my managerial style rather satisfactorily."

    Chris rolled her eyes fondly. "Gruff with marshmallow on top, you mean."

    He mock-scowled. Sometimes his grumbling seemed non-stop but under it all, he cared deeply.

    He paid her a sincere compliment: "I really am glad you're on my team, Chris. You're invaluable."

    She smiled gratefully. "You couldn't pay me enough to leave."

    McCoy had advocated and received a burn triage unit (which fortunately) had not had to be used yet, but he wasn't about to be caught needing one.

    Christine admired him immensely for his persistence and tenacity. So when he asked her to share suppers and then more formal "dates", she was more than willing.

    When Spock was laid up in the med-ward, McCoy knew, Nyota was appreciative of him leaving no stone unturned, and he never failed to.

    She had teased him by asking which patient he thought was the more incorrigible and hard to keep in Sickbay, Jim or Spock?

    He had chuckled. "I always think it's one of them when whichever one of them is in my Sickbay, until it's the other's turn!" He admitted. "So, I'd consider it a tie."

    Nyota had laughed ruefully. "It's hard to imagine two more restless patients!"

    "You can say that again."

    Nyota and Audrey on the other hand were very cooperative patients. This was more in their temperament, but they also realized if you didn't cooperate with medical directives, you would wind up staying longer in the med-ward.
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    Nurse Christine Chapel.
    This is the TOS? Or the new Moviesverse?
    By the way, is Audrey your OC?
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    Aug 31, 2004
    DARTH_MU -- hi there. :) Yes, it's the 2009 'verse all the way down the line. ^:)^ S/U to the end of time! [face_dancing] Can you tell they're my non-SW OTP? Duh! Audrey is an OC of another wonderful author, whom I adopted LOL She's an Intelligence/security officer who is half-Betazoid. :cool: :D She is paired with Jim. :)
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    Aug 21, 2006
    fantastic to see McCoy and his gruff antics and musings
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    Up with #4, earlier than expected. :D

    "Ms. Boudreaux questions whether the paired quasars will interfere with the Transporter and other Engineering systems." Scott said to Nyota. " The unusual jets, precisely."

    Nyota nodded. "Yes, she mentioned that to me. I was going to check and see if they might impact communication traffic or signals."

    "Is there a likelihood they could? The Captain asked.

    "I don't think so, but better to be safe than sorry."
    "Yes, Lieutenant." Jim replied. "Have Ms. Palmer take over your station."

    "Thank you." Nyota answered.

    She asked Spock to join her in the lab, and he agreed, welcoming the prospect of a scientific enigma to unravel.

    The phenomenon in question was indeed interesting, and it held their attention for some few hours. Eventually, however, Nyota was presented with an urgent distraction.

    She was famished. Time had slipped away with all the concentration. Nyota pondered to defer a meal until they were finished or perhaps take a break and then resume.

    She knew that Spock did not feel the pangs of hunger on the same scale of time as she, particularly when he was engrossed in a puzzle and this one was tied to a fascinating conundrum involving converging jets from an alleged pair of quasars.

    Thirst was something Nyota also felt keenly especially for a sweet drink, so she got one from the replicator. It was a decadent milk shake with cookie crumbles.

    She settled back at the console and started perusing the data files again.
    Spock eyed the tall frosty glass with affectionate amusement. Nyota took a long happy sip.

    "It's like an itch you can't quite reach, isn't it?" Nyota smiled knowingly. "You won't stop until you've figured the ins and outs of the whole process, the whys and wherefores." This dedication to detail was something she found very compelling, and always had.

    "I will certainly make a concerted attempt." Was the calm, composed reply. He paused, and raised an inquiring eyebrow. "Since you know this already, Nyota, what is the point in asking?"

    She laughed, putting her data disks to one side and looking him directly in the eye. "You! Couldn't it be because I wanted confirmation?"

    Spock answered confidently: "No, I can tell that was not your purpose in asking."

    Nyota capitulated. "Okay. I enjoy your reactions to such things. They fascinate me." She chose that descriptor deliberately. A choice not lost on Spock, as she knew it would not be.

    They continued working in tandem sharing findings and correlations via message exchanges.

    "Nyota?" He said after a tranquil silence of several moments.

    "Yes?" She replied.

    "I believe I have reached a point in my data search which lends itself to a bit of reasoned conjecture and supposition. I feel therefore no qualms about stopping now." He suited words to action and saved documents and closed down the terminal.

    There was a yearning glow in his eyes.
    "This is because I am not yielding to impulse but indulging in a deeper enthrallment , one centered on you."
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    a great puzzle to solve but you have to eat and relax too
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    Week 5 is here. earlybird-obi-wan & Mira_Jade
    Dinner was a complete success. The appetizer was a stuffed mushroom with clam stuffing. It melted in your mouth, and the garlickyness was superb. Then came the main course, flaky filet of sole with asparagus and Hollandaise sauce. The dessert was a beautiful chocolate lava cake with extra chocolate drizzle on top.

    This delightful repast was followed by the theater. Kashore was so full she was afraid she would fall asleep but thankfully the plot was so riveting she didn't. She fell into bed later that night though and slept soundly.

    Her sister asked her the following evening over a pint of ice cream: "Did it go as well as it must have? You got in so late I didn't have a chance to ask you if was a dud or not."

    Kashore laughed around a spoonful of rocky road. "Dajan is a dear, Nyota. Charming and funny."

    Nyota smiled happily. Her sister was less (shall we call it) discriminating? But she wasn't a pushover or easy to entice either. She had high expectations and these had to be met rigidly. She had a rule: If you were bored within the first 30 minutes, or if he hogged the conversation, those were sure signs to cut out of there.

    Dajan, it turned out, had been a friend of a friend, so it wasn't exactly like being fixed up with a dufus. If you respected the judgment of your friend, and they spoke well of someone, that pretty much could set your mind at ease.

    It was more than a shot in the dark, it appeared.

    "So you'll be seeing him again?" Nyota asked.

    Kashore grinned. "Yes. If he asks."

    Nyota smirked. "There's a fine line between eager and desperate. He doesn't want to seem to be the latter but he wants you to know he is the former."

    "Mm hmm. Let's see how he navigates those waters."

    He did just fine. Kashore wasn't a fan of alcohol per se, but she did enjoy a mixed drink that was fruity. So when Dajan asked her out for drinks and a stroll along the beach the following Saturday, she was more than willing to accept.

    Their courtship was seamless & full of laughter and warmth.

    Nyota was full of preoccupations during this time of studying and matriculating, but she wasn't so preoccupied that she couldn't rejoice for Kashore's happiness.

    "You need to find yourself someone special." Kashore said. "Don't live vicariously."

    "I'm in no hurry." Nyota objected staunchly. "None at all."

    Kashore laughed. "Then out of an orange colored sky love will fall on you." She said warmly, "I just know it!"

    "You romantic." Nyota retorted, not willing to admit she was one, as well.

    "Yeah, well we'll see who's right about it." Kashore warned, teasingly.

    "Yeah, I guess we will." Nyota replied, always having to have the last word.

    The suddenness with which Nyota did eventually fall heart over heels actually proved her sister's flight of intuition to be quite accurate.
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    I quite liked the ending of your first week's short, discussing the Klingon respecting Jim's forthright nature, and backing down.

    I was ready to question the "good for everyone" assertion, but you acquitted it well.

    Nice piece.
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    And Ny did with [face_love] Spock
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    SQUEE! ;)
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    Alrighty, time to play some major catch-up (which I have to apologize for! This summer has been so crazy . . . :oops: :() . . .

    Week 2: I love this glimpse into Nyota's love of linguistics. She really had the right teacher at the right time, and the support of her family was just as beautiful to read. Of course I'm partial to her appreciation for the linguistics behind Tolkien's work, as well. She has excellent taste - but then, doesn't she always? [face_mischief][face_love]

    Week 3: Oh, Bones! [face_love] I do love his sweet and sour approach to work and life - but his care and concern really shines through, and I loved his back and forth with Christine here! But, the line that really got me at the end:

    Such wisdom, on the part of the ladies! Now, if only a certain few fellas could understand the logic behind that, McCoy's life would be so much easier. ;) [face_love]

    Week 4:
    And who says Vulcans can't flirt with the best of them? :p [face_laugh][face_love]

    This was a great day-by-day moment aboard the Enterprise. I liked the mystery you set up, and of course, it's an excellent showing of how well Spock and Nyota work together, in professional settings and otherwise. [face_love]

    Week 5: I love the bonding with the sisters here as much as I loved the bits with Kashore/Dajan! Kashore really knows what she's talking about, and Nyota will definitely know exactly what she means in no time at all. [face_mischief][face_love]

    These have all been fantastic so far! I can't wait to see what you come up with next. :D =D=[:D]
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    Thanks. :) I love writing drabbles this way. A seamless flowing narrative concentrating on a particular character, their feelings, motives, etc. :cool:
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    Delightful reflections in this set.

    "Our son dreams of the stars." Amanda had told Sarek on more than one occasion. "He needs more than one place can hold—his mind and heart both need larger spaces."

    Sarek nodded, agreeing with his wife's astute insight. "I never needed to go among the stars for their own sakes, for discovery and knowledge. My travels are only a means to an end, to help peoples and worlds find harmonious solutions and workable compromises."

    She laughed and gazed upon him with tenderness. "It is a wonder that the rank illogic of so many beings did not wear on you, my love."

    He raised an amused brow and answered: "On the contrary, I wished to infuse some much-needed rationality into the proceedings."

    Her eyes grew soft. "And compassion, don't you dare deny it."

    "It would suffice nothing if I attempted to." He rejoined, drawing her close.

    Sarek was surprisingly approachable professionally and personally. He did not wall himself off and that very fact had intrigued Amanda on their first acquaintance.

    Their son had taken after his father in that respect, although he was a bit more reserved at first and more observant. But once his loyalty and respect were obtained, they were unswerving until and unless betrayed.

    This was why T'Pring had not settled well as a life-mate with Amanda. She kept hoping the barricade would diminish; but it just grew thornier and more impenetrable.

    Sarek had covertly not had much good to say or think about her either, and as a superb judge of character, that should have sent off the klaxons.

    But they bided their time, and as so often happens, circumstances had taken care of the whole situation.

    Nyota had entered the picture. Her vibrancy, beauty, warmth, and intelligence—all stark contrasts.

    Spock had gravitated to her in an irresistible attraction, which Amanda and Sarek were pleased to learn, was more than mutual.

    "She enjoys walking in the rain." Spock had related to his parents, his tone a mixture of befuddlement and affection.

    Amanda had grinned secretively. That one little tidbit of information spoke volumes for the lady's spontaneity, and the fact that Spock was willing to indulge her indicated quite a lot about his feelings. Not an implication or an educated inference, but a definite fact.

    She was the one.

    "It will be a joy to meet her." Amanda had confided. "I believe she and I will be superbly amicable."

    "Of this I have no doubt." Sarek affirmed.

    When he met Nyota some months later, Sarek told her how eager with anticipation Amanda had been to meet her and of her certainty that they would have gotten along.

    Nyota's expressive eyes grew misty and wistful. "Oh, I think so too. I have no words to express my regret it never was able to happen."

    "Yes, indeed. I am pleased to finally meet you; it gives me a serenity beyond description to know you have given Spock a haven and home."

    "As he has done for me."
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Amanda was right about Nyota.
    Lovely story
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    Oh, this was so bittersweet and poignant! I have such the soft spot for Sarek and Amanda, and you captured just how well they work here. Both parents worry about Spock, in their own way, but it's fantastic to see Amanda's reservations about T'Pring laid to rest in Nyota. And how could they not be? [face_love]


    I feel that just sums everything up! [face_love][face_love]

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    Thanks. :D That was a treat to write, and so was this. :cool:

    The air was tangy. There was a crisp coolness to the breeze that wafted across the meadows which were sprinkled with multicolored wildflowers. The fragrance of the blossoms was sweet. Just breathing it in was invigorating and relaxing at the same time. The sun was lowering and the sky was tinted in soft shades of rose and pink. Christine strolled leisurely through the thick verdant grass.

    She checked her chrono again. Yes, she was on time to meet Len at the picturesque diner in one of Vermont's major cities. The streets were made of cobbles and the architecture was unique and classic.

    When she joined McCoy for drinks and supper that evening, she was all enthusiasm for the allure of the place.

    "This is a wonderful place to open a practice!" She said, taking a bite of spicy chicken wings. "It's terrific that you found this place!"

    "I was never one for roving the stars." McCoy confided. "Or for a big ultra-modern hospital setting. I really do want to be an old-fashioned GP."

    She smiled. "Competence and personal attention beats bureaucracy in triplicate any day."

    He grinned. "I'm glad you approve, Chris. My ex wanted the affluent lifestyle of a prominent physician. She would have been bored stiff in a place like this." He gave a bitter laugh. "Only one of many things that made us incompatible."

    She sighed in commiseration. "So often you don't realize things like that until you're married. That your values and goals don't mesh."

    "Isn't that the truth?" He rejoined rhetorically. "Sometimes you can make a compromise happen; other times there just isn't anything. The two things are diametrically opposed."

    Chris nodded thoughtfully. "It's wonderful Cole will be able to join you. He and Jenna will be able to raise their family here."

    "Yes. He was totally up for the entire idea when I contacted him about it three months ago."

    Chris took a bite of the russet potatoes in cream sauce and grimaced. They were a bit too bland for her taste. She would have liked to have more butter and definitely some garlic.
    The roast and greens however was delicious, and the gravy was excellent.

    "I was wondering," McCoy assayed after a beat, "if you wouldn't mind joining us?"

    "I had an offer at Starfleet Medical." Chris confessed. "I had an interview last week and had the tour of the various departments. I would get to supervise nurses in training. Some of that sounds appealing, being able to influence new professionals. But then again, patient contact would probably be not as extensive as if I were in a clinic or smaller community med center. I will definitely consider the offer."

    "That's all I ask." He said. "Don't feel pressured either way, Chris. Though I'd be less than honest if I denied that I would love to work with you again."

    Christine was touched by this admission. McCoy's friendship was hard won but once earned, it was deep, loyal, and something to be treasured.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    a sweet piece. I like to see McCoy settled there in a small practice. Christine should join him
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    Here with Week #8. :)

    First Officer Shannon McManus was nervous about this first away mission of hers. An actual abortive rebellion on Xanq VI.

    "Stops very short of being a revolution." She commented to Security Officer Demitri Styrnapolous.

    "One side says they're providing structure. The other says we're being oppressed. They're fighting for basic freedom.

    She sighed. "Ours is not to judge the veracity of the claims but only to safeguard the innocents and stop the miscarriage of justice."

    "And outright abuses of power." He agreed.

    "I was expecting a more gentle ramping up to being in the thick of things." She commented, her green eyes sparkling with wry humor.

    He grinned. "What I understand your sims record for resourcefulness and your being on the Command Track is why you were slated for this particular mission. The Captain would not have selected you if he were not sure you could do the job."

    "I just don't want to let anyone down." She frowned. "The stakes are so high."

    "Remember what he said at the pre-mission briefing. No martyrs. That means our team and the civilians as well. The military types can protect themselves and if they can't, that's an occupational hazard, unfortunately."

    "You're right." Shannon agreed. She and Demitri had been classmates and become close friends and confidantes. He was easy to talk to. His Mediterranean heritage was evident in his olive complexion and expansive and sunny, warm demeanor.

    Her Scots-Irish heritage was evident in her emerald eyes and red-gold hair. Her lithe dancer's figure had always drawn a great deal of attention, but her quick wit and agile mind had always kept it, and garnered respect as well.

    After a successful apprehension of the culpable parties with the aid of listening apparatus and hidden vid-cams, Shannon relaxed over a sweet mixed drink and sighed with relief. "I am so glad that's done and came off well."

    "Now the true criminals will be adjudicated and sentenced. The rightful government will prevail now and fair elections can take place." Helmsman Sergei Ivanovich said.

    Science Officer Kimiko Akihara smiled. "Now tourists can start going there again. It's got such lovely beaches."

    Shannon smiled and teased, "As lovely as those on Oahu?" That question was in reference to where Kimiko had grown up.

    "Well… Maybe it's a tie." Kimiko answered and they laughed.

    Engineer Yolette Boudreaux sauntered over to congratulate Shannon. Her gray eyes were admiring and

    Shannon thanked her sincerely. "I appreciate that Ma'am."

    Yolette had a personal connection to the Captain but this fact never made her take on airs and presume anything. She could be "one of the crew" during downtime and mete out needed commendation or discipline when "on the job."

    The Excelsior was a tight-run ship. Sometimes Captain Sulu must feel like a veteran of longer years than he'd actually served. But his excellent command ability was a blend of his personal skill and having learned under the very best. None of his crew ever had reason to quibble about that fact.

    earlybird-obi-wan and Mira_Jade --- did enjoy introducing OCs :cool:
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    Feb 9, 2005
    sims record! :)

    Ah the Excelsior under Sulu.

    In my headcanon she's still out there, exploring.
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  25. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Chosen One star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    Love to see Captain Sulu and the Excelsior
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