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Story [Star Trek: Voyager] Q Junior's Lessons

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by fardell24, Oct 1, 2020.

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    Aug 31, 2020
    Star Trek: Voyager – Q Junior’s Lessons
    Prologue - Disowned by the Continuum

    Q Junior pressed the announce button.

    “Come in,” Captain Janeway said.

    “Do you have a moment?” Q Junior asked. “A few days ago you offered to let me remain on Voyager. I know I’ve made a few mistakes since then, and you probably don’t want me around. But if it’s alright with you, I’d like to continue my training.”

    “But you have nothing left to prove to the Continuum,” Aunt Kathy said.

    “There’s a lot I still need to prove to you.”

    “What about your father?”

    “You don’t honestly believe we’ll see him again, do you? He obviously doesn’t want me around. Why else would he leave me here? Twice.”

    However, they were then no longer alone, as his father appeared in the usual flash of light. “The question you should be asking is why I keep coming back. Now, I'm sorry I left so abruptly, but the Continuum's verdict demanded an immediate appeal. I told them I refused to belong to any Continuum that wouldn't accept my son as a member. We're a package deal.”

    Junior was incredulous. “You left the Continuum for me?”

    “Oh don’t be ridiculous. I'm the only one holding that place together. And when they realised they might lose me, they crumbled like a Gelbian sand sculpture.”

    “They’re going to return my powers?”

    “Not yet,” his father said.

    “Not yet?” What do you mean not yet?”

    “They think that a week is too short a time to prove you’ve changed.”

    “How long,” Janeway asked.

    “How long?” his father said, rhetorically. “However long it will take for you to get home, is how long.”

    “So you’re saying…” the Captain began.

    “They want Junior to help you get home to the Federation as a member of your crew. Once you get back to Earth, he gets his powers back.”

    “That’s unfair,” Junior said.

    “I know it is, son. But it will be a challenge.”

    “Yes,” the Captain answered.

    “Yes?” his father asked.

    “Yes. I will let Junior remain on Voyager, which I was going to do before you returned.”

    “Thank you, Captain.”

    “Dismissed Junior. I would like to talk to your father, alone.”

    “Sure, Captain.”

    Kathryn watched Junior leave the ready room and then turned her attention back to his father. “So, the Continuum crumbled like a Gelbian sand sculpture?”

    “Yes,” Q answered. “Yes. Some of them even got on their knees and begged me to stay. It was pathetic. If you must know, I had to agree to a few minor conditions.”

    “Oh?” Such as?”

    “Eternal custody of the boy, once he regains his powers, subject to review once every million years.”

    “I hope he won’t spoil too much of your fun.”

    “Well some of it has been spoiled already. I wasn’t allowed to give you information that would have shortened your journey.”

    “We’ll manage.”

    “His contribution to the crew will more than make up for it. Besides, what kind of example would you make to him if you cheated?”
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    Jan 28, 2007
    Such a great Q and Jr. voice! Looking forward to their tale. :) Welcome!
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    Oct 11, 2005
    I agree with pronker. This pieces excellent voice.Q is as snarky as ever and Janeway is just as wary of him even if she likes him just a little bit. What will Q Junior do next?
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    Aug 31, 2020
    A Honey Trap
    Janeway and Chakotay stopped after a run around Deck 8. “How is Q Junior settling in?” Chakotay asked.

    “Well so far,” the Captain answered. “Icheb has been helping him.”

    “That’s good.”

    Janeway saw her first officer hesitate. “You’re worried about the two fighting factions ahead, aren’t you.”

    “Yes. It’s like the Kazon all over again.”

    “At least they haven’t threatened to take Voyager.”

    “I don’t think I could handle that again,” Chakotay said.

    The Captain knew what her first officer was referring to. “It’s unlikely there would be Cardassian agents among them.”


    “In any case, it’s dangerous to take Voyager into a war zone. I’d like to go around but that will add two or three weeks to our journey.”

    “So, you want to negotiate a cease fire?”

    “Yes. I know it isn’t really the Starfleet way, to act as a third party for our advantage.”

    “That hasn’t stopped you before.”

    “Of course not.”

    As Voyager approached the border of Uj R’baasagbr, Janeway heard the Ready Room door chime. “Come in.”

    Naomi Wildman and Q Junior entered. “Good Morning, Captain,” the latter said.

    “What are you up to today?” the Captain asked.

    Naomi handed the Captain a PADD. “Neelix has been on the local subspace network, gathering information on the region.”

    The captain took the PADD. “Potential Diplomacy option? Only one?” she asked.

    “Unfortunately, that is what he all he could find,” Naomi explained.

    “But it seems questionable,” Junior interjected.

    “How?” the Captain asked as she tapped the file open.

    “As you can see, it involves an arranged marriage.”

    The Captain read that particular passage. “I see. But it would depend on what the opinion of two people involved are.”

    “That’s true,” Junior conceded. “But I’ve looked through similar examples in Earth’s history. Most often neither person liked the other,”

    “That’s true. But there doesn’t seem to be any other choice,” the Captain groused. “I shall investigate.”

    Janeway exited the ready room. “Hail the Uj R’baasagbr,” she ordered.

    “Aye, Captain,” Ensign Harry Kim said.

    “So we’re going through with this?” Chakotay asked.

    “Yes,” the Captain answered.

    “I gather there’s a caveat,” Chakotay pointed out.

    “I have looked through the data Neelix found. There are many planets on the border between the two powers that could be set free,” Janeway said.

    “That would be a tough sell.”

    “Ensign Kim, open the channel.”

    “Aye, Captain.”

    Let me get this straight, Captain. You will transport the Princess in exchange for a negotiated independence for those worlds,” the Ambassador said.

    “That is my offer,” Janeway said. “Take it or leave it.”

    And I suppose that you want to be the negotiator?

    “Not just myself, but also some of my crew,” the Captain answered.

    It’s not my decision, but I’ll see what I can do.

    Janeway and Q Junior entered the Shuttle Bay. “You’re surprised the Uj R’baasagbr took my offer.”

    “It’s unlikely that they would give up the planets just like that, Aunt Kathy,” he said. “They’ll probably break the agreement as soon as they feel Voyager is far enough away.”

    “That’s why I’ll be bringing some of their neighbors into the agreement,” the Captain added. “Some extra accountability goes a long way.”

    “Certainly…” Q Junior murmured.

    “Chakotay tells me you’re bored with the diplomacy lessons.”

    “I know revision is an effective teaching method, but I’m eager to move on. Especially to the section on accountability.”

    “Or maybe you can join Neelix and I in the negotiations,” the Captain offered.

    “Wouldn’t that be a bit quick?” Junior asked.

    The Captain was about to say more when she was interrupted by Ensign Kim announcing over the comm that the Uj R’baasagbr shuttle was about to dock.

    The Uj R’baasagbr Princess emerged. She looked almost like a typical human of European descent, other than slight ridges on her face that were obviously extensions of the cheekbones.

    “I’m Elselan Mossezria,” she said by way of introduction. “Princess of the Uj R’baasagbr. Have some of your crew take my luggage.”

    Janeway turned to Q Junior.

    “I shall take it, Captain.”
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    Jan 28, 2007
    Yay, good old Neelix!:*

    I like seeing her thought processes. And now, a most Princessy princess to deal with!
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    Aug 31, 2020
    A Honey Trap Part 2
    “These are very heavy,” Junior complained as he approached the turbolift. ‘Why wasn’t the Intrepid class designed with turbolift access to the Shuttle Bay?’ he wondered. But there were other options. “Any reason why we can’t beam the luggage to her quarters?” he asked the captain.

    “It would be a frivolous use of the transporter.”

    “An antigrav sled?” he asked.

    “Now you’re talking,” the Captain said. She tapped her commbadge. “Janeway to Torres.”

    Torres here.”

    “Can you send an antigrav sled to Deck 10, forward of the Shuttle Bay.”

    Sure, Captain, but I’ll be a minute,” Torres reported.

    “Janeway out.”

    Soon, an antigrav sled appeared, with a DOT15 pushing it. It seemed Lieutenant Torres couldn’t spare any on duty engineers. Q Junior loaded the luggage onto it. “This is better,” he said.

    “Lazy!” the Princess commented.

    “I don’t want to have my back thrown out, thank you!” Q Junior shot back.

    The Princess didn’t say anything to that.

    Janeway was trying to relax in her quarters after the long day. She had left Neelix to explain to Q Junior the details of the negotiations they were going to undertake. However, the announce tone rang. “Come,” she said.

    Tuvok entered. “I have to report an issue with the Princess.”

    “What’s the problem?” Janeway asked.

    “She’s requesting the use of the Mess Hall as her quarters,” Tuvok answered.

    “I suppose you told her that it is a public space for the whole crew to use when off duty?”

    “I did. Twice.”

    “Then I’ll talk to her,” Janeway decided.

    “That would be advisable.”

    Janeway found the Princess facing off against Neelix and Ayala inside the Mess Hall. “The guest quarters on this vessel are pathetic. I need something more suitable,” the Princess said.

    “I’m sure it’s been explained to you that the Mess Hall is for the use of the entire crew?” the captain explained.

    “There are alternatives I take it?” Elseran asked.

    “Yes,” the Captain answered. There were several lounges scattered through the ship, and she supposed one of the Holodecks could be used as a makeshift mess hall at a pinch. ‘Better not tell her about them, or she might want exclusive use!’

    “Then the crew can use them for the time being.”

    “Why are the guest quarters pathetic, as you put it?”

    “They are rather small! Whereas the Mess Hall is much larger, and has a better view of the stars,” the princess answered.

    “This is a small ship, not much can be done,” the Captain said.

    “Still I insist on using the Mess Hall!”

    Janeway turned to Neelix and Ayala. “We’re not getting anywhere here. We’ll have to use the lounges for the communal meals while she’s on board.”

    “It will be difficult, but I can do it. I can cook in the aft lounge on Deck 11,” Neelix said.

    “Thank you, Captain,” the Princess said.

    Q Junior was annoyed that he had to take the luggage from the guest quarters to the Mess Hall, but at least Torres hadn’t recalled the DOT15 yet. ‘Good,’ he thought.

    “Finally!” the Princess said when she saw the antigrav sled with her luggage enter the Mess Hall.

    “Here it is,” Q Junior said. “I don’t know why you have so much.”

    “I had to bring everything with me,” the Princess said in a matter of fact tone.

    “Maybe,” Q Junior considered. It looked like he didn’t believe her.

    On the bridge, Tuvok was commanding Beta Shift. “Commander,” Crewman Austin Chang said. “There’s a fleet approaching on an intercept course.”

    “On Screen,” Tuvok ordered.

    The view screen then showed a large fleet of ships approaching Voyager.

    “Bridge to Captain Janeway. An armada is on an intercept course.”

    On my way.

    The Captain emerged from the turbolift. “Report.”

    “The fleet hasn’t answered our hails,” Tuvok reported.

    “Try again,” the Captain ordered.

    “Yes, Captain,” Tuvok said.

    Janeway walked down to the Command area. “This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager to the incoming fleet. State your intentions.”

    This is Admiral Laincurl of the Kaso-Dra. I know that Elseran Mosszeria of the Uj R’baasagbr is aboard your ship. I demand that she is turned over to us immediately.”

    “For what reason?” The Captain asked. “I was of the understanding that there was an arranged marriage between Princess Elseran and one of the Kaso-Dra nobles.”

    The Marriage wasn’t agreed upon by most of the Noble Houses.”

    “And I suppose those Noble Houses would continue to benefit from an extended war against the Uj R’baasagbr?”

    No comment.” Laincarl answered. “Hand the Princess over to us, or else.”

    “I don’t usually respond well to ultimatums, Admiral.”

    You only have one ship. I have twenty. I’ll give you five minutes to send her to us!” Laincarl ended the transmission.
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    Excellent cliffhanger and I am impressed with Janeway's character, among others, "voice." I could hear her authoritative tones in my head. Not really, but you know what I mean! :)
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    A Honey Trap Part 3
    Janeway knew she didn’t have much choice, but she knew turning the Princess over to that fleet wasn’t a good idea. “Ensign Baytart, reverse course,” she ordered.

    “Aye, Captain.”

    “The fleet is following,” Ensign Chang reported.

    “Increase to Warp 9.2, Ensign,” Janeway ordered.

    “Warp 9.2, Aye,” Baytart responded.

    Voyager increased her speed, but the following fleet kept up.

    “Fleet is keeping pace,” Chang reported.

    Janeway considered whether to call Lieutenant Paris to the bridge. She decided to wait on that. “Increase to Warp 9.4,” she ordered Baytart.

    “Warp 9.4.”

    “They’re still keeping pace,” Chang reported.

    “Scan for nebulae, comets or rogue planets where we might hide,” Janeway ordered. “Janeway to Lieutenant Paris, please report to the Bridge.”

    “On my way, Captain.”

    Tom emerged on the Bridge and heard Beytart acknowledge an order to increase speed to Warp 9.5. Voyager could only maintain that speed for so long. “Reporting as ordered, Captain.”

    “The Kaso-Dra have sent a fleet after us,” the Captain explained.

    “I see,” Paris said as he replaced Beytart at the Conn.

    “The fleet is keeping pace,” Kim reported.

    “Then it is up to whose engines can maintain the speed,” Paris added.

    It only took another ten minutes before the fleet increased their speed to Warp 9.6. “Warp 9.6,” Paris reported as he increased Voyager’s speed in turn.

    “Wait, detecting a rogue planet in a small nebula 0.1 lightyears ahead,” Kim reported.

    “Mr, Paris, alter course.”

    “Yes, Captain.”

    Laincarl watched the tactical display and the image of Voyager on the viewscreen. They had to know they were outnumbered. ‘One starship vs. twenty. It may be an advanced ship with Borg technology, but it has no chance against us.’

    Then there was a change. “Voyager has dropped out of warp, Admiral,” one of the officers reported. "They approach that small nebula."

    “They think they can avoid us in there, do they? Signal the fleet to surround it!”

    “Aye, Admiral.”

    Voyager entered the nebula and approached the rogue planet. “Prepare for landing,” Janeway ordered.

    “Aye, Captain,” Paris responded.

    In the Mess Hall, Elseran saw the ship drop out of warp and enter the nebula. What was the Captain up to?

    “Computer, how do I contact the Bridge?”

    Comm panel is in the galley,” the Computer answered.

    She quickly found the commpanel. “Mess Hall to bridge. Why are we approaching a planet in a nebula?”

    A Kaso-Dra Armada is pursuing Voyager. It seems your wedding is not to the liking of most of the nobles,” the Captain answered. “Please stay off the comm panels as we try to hide. Janeway out.

    The princess huffed. “Of course, it’s not to their liking!” She opened one of her bags and took out a PADD. “Now, let’s see what’s happening…”

    Voyager soon landed on the rogue planet, within a canyon mostly filled with plant life. “They will be hard pressed to find us here,” Tom said after he had set the ship down.

    “That they will, Tom,” Chakotay said.

    “Now we need to plan what to do now,” Janeway said. “Senior officers to the Observation Lounge.”

    The Princess had used her PADD to crack Voyager’s systems. She had looked over the information on the fleet that was pursuing the ship. “This isn’t good,” she said. ‘Still, hopefully they can lay low for a while.’

    “There are very few options,” Janeway said as soon as all the senior officers (and Seven) had entered the observation lounge. “But let me make one thing clear. We’re not turning the Princess over to that fleet. We’re going to abide by the agreement even if factions in the Kaso-Dra government don’t.”

    “I could go out in the Flyer and take out the weapon systems on some of those ships, but that would be very risky,” Tom contributed.

    “Too risky, Tom,” Janeway said. “Even if other shuttles joined in.”

    “But perhaps shuttles could be used as a distraction as we made our escape,” Tuvok said.

    “That’s a possibility,” Janeway considered.

    In the Mess Hall, the Princess was observing the meeting on one of the comm panels. She didn’t like where it was going. “Computer, list Voyager’s auxiliary craft.”

    “Voyager carries ten shuttles of varying types, the Delta Flyer, the Baxial and thirty six escape pods.

    Elseran thought for a moment. She doubted any of the escape pods would suit her needs. “Show information on the Delta Flyer and the Baxial.”

    The comm panel then listed information on the two craft specified. She quickly determined that the Delta Flyer would suit her needs.

    The staff meeting was going nowhere. “Ayala to Observation Lounge. The Princess has left the Mess Hall via one of the Jeffries Tubes.”

    Janeway looked to Tuvok.

    “I’m on my way.”

    “Dismissed,” the Captain said. “Wait, Chakotay.”


    “I suspect the Princess might have an agenda of her own. Contact Junior and tell him to meet me at the Shuttle Bay.”

    “Aye, Captain.”

    Q Junior and Icheb left Holodeck 2 having just played a game of Pool in Tom’s Sandrine’s program. “That was a good game,” Icheb said. “Although I suspect you were holding back.”

    “I want to make sure you had a good time too,” Junior said.

    “Sure, but you can win from time to time.”

    “Maybe,” Junior considered.

    “Perhaps you can try Kadis Kot, or Chess,” Icheb suggested.

    Junior was about to say something in response when Chakotay’s message came over the comm. “Chakotay to Q Junior, report to the Captain at the Shuttle Bay."

    Junior sighed and tapped his combadge. “On my way, Commander.”
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    Princesses are such trouble! Even when they try to help. Nice bit about Junior playing with Icheb.:)
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    A Honey Trap Part 4
    The Princess had crawled down to Deck 7 before finding that the horizontal Jeffries Tubes were cramped. “Uh!”
    She opened a hatch and found Tuvok on the other side. “Princess Elseran, please accompany me.”

    “No!” She took out her PADD, activated a site-to-site transport command and beamed away.

    “Unauthorised transport in progress!” Kim reported.

    “Track it!” Chakotay ordered.

    “Just outside the Shuttle Bay.”

    “Chakotay to Captain Janeway, the Princess is moving as expected.”


    Janeway and Q Junior waited just inside the Shuttle Bay. The doors then opened, admitting the Princess. “Going somewhere?” the Captain asked.

    “I don’t have to answer that,” Elseran answered.

    “We’re going to need to improve our computer security.”

    “I’m not going to let you give me to them.”

    “What makes you think I would do that?” Janeway asked.

    “It’s what I would do in your place,” the Princess answered.

    “I gave my word to your Empire. It’s what any representative of the Federation would do in my place.”

    The Princess harrumphed. “How naïve! Most people who think like that don’t survive long here.”

    “Really?” Janeway considered. “The Federation has survived for more than two centuries.”

    Elseran gave a derisive snort.

    “Look,” Q Junior said. “If you were to take any of the shuttles, you wouldn’t last long against that armada!”

    “But what would the alternative be? Voyager and her crew fighting to protect me, leading to my death along with theirs?”

    “Now that’s a pessimistic attitude!” Q Junior shot back.

    “Now, we’re going to join you on the Delta Flyer,” Janeway said.

    “Why?” the Princess asked.

    “Because you’re right. Voyager can’t fight that fleet. Therefore, I need to think outside the box, as it were.”

    ‘What do you mean?” Elseran asked.

    “What are you planning?” Q Junior asked.

    “We can’t just stay here. They will inevitably find us,” Janeway said. She turned to Junior. “Prepare the Flyer for launch, while I talk to Chakotay.

    “Understood, Captain.”

    “Don’t underestimate the Princess.”

    As he ran the pre-flight checks, Junior ruminated on what Janeway may be planning. ‘Probably using Voyager and Baxial in a ruse,’ he thought. He glanced at the Princess. She was just sitting at one of the other stations. He could get a read on what she might be feeling.

    Chakotay listened to his commanding officer’s plan. He had to admit, it was a little crazy. But then, that was true of many of Janeway’s plans over the past seven years.

    Laincarl was impatient. Voyager had entered the nebula twenty minutes earlier. ‘I’m not going to wait for days on end for Voyager to grow tired of waiting themselves,’ he thought. Besides his orders were to capture or kill Princess Elseran as soon as possible. And there was the fact that it would be his oldest son’s birthday the next day. He didn’t want to miss that! “This is long enough,” he murmured. Louder he ordered. “Prepare to launch fighters!”

    “Aye, Admiral!”

    The fleet has launched fighters!” Chakotay reported.

    “Acknowledged,” Janeway said. “Set the plan in motion.”

    Aye, Captain.

    Janeway turned to Q Junior. “Begin launch sequence,” she ordered.

    “Aye, Captain.”

    Voyager’s shuttle bay door opened and the Delta Flyer launched. “Where are we headed?” Elseran asked.

    “Just to the other side of the planet, for the moment, then Commander Chakotay will execute the next stage of my plan.”

    “Then I’ll know?”


    “The Flyer has launched,” Ensign Kim reported.

    “It will take four minutes for them to get in position,” Chakotay said.

    “This is an impressive vessel, Captain,” Elseran commented, as ‘Junior’ piloted the Flyer around the planet at a low impulse speed.

    “It was designed for a variety of missions,” Janeway responded.

    “But are you sure your plan will work?”

    “I’m certain.”

    “No plan survives an encounter with the enemy,” Elseran said.

    “That sounds rather similar to an old Earth saying,” Junior said.

    “Late 19th Century Germany, I believe. Much of Earth’s later military history is required study at the Academy,” Janeway added. “Along with that of Andoria.”

    “I’m not interested in learning more about your Federation,” Elseran retorted.

    “I have found that learning about other civilisations has broadened my horizons,” Janeway said.

    “The Captain is in position,” Kim reported.

    “Tom, initiate take off sequence.”

    “Aye, Commander.”

    Voyager slowly took off from the canyon, but remained fairly low in the planet’s atmosphere.

    “Ready?” Chakotay asked. “Open a channel to the lead ship.”

    “Aye, Commander,” Kim said.
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    Good action writing - and Elseran shows herself as filled with mettle, good for her!