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    Star Wars: After the Awakening

    Han Solo is dead.

    Words which would have reverberated across the galaxy had the Hosnian system not also been destroyed. The Senate annihilated, the Chancellor dead, and the entire First Fleet of the New Republic Defence Force destroyed.

    Villecham, Trustant A'Kla, Triebakk, Ponc Gavrisom, and more besides, Senators who represented the heart of democracy, number among the Senate dead.

    The Viscount, the Guardian, the Harbinger, the Yald, the Rebel Dream, and other ships with legacies running from before the Battle of Endor, more than just the First Fleet, the great flagships of the New Republic, lost.

    Nine years ago the New Jedi Order was destroyed at the hands of Kylo Ren. Nine years ago the surviving Jedi were ordered to cease training and go into hiding until Luke Skywalker discovered the source of imbalance within the Order.

    Nine years ago the Jedi Order lost its heart.

    For, after Gantoris, after Desann, after Brakiss, after Dolph, after nearly losing Kyp, Corran, and Jaina to the dark, the fall of Ben Solo was the straw which broke Luke Skywalker. His wife Mara could not persuade him otherwise, Luke even refusing to train his own son Ben. With Han returning to his smuggler ways, without Kylo, with Jacen off on his sojourns and with Jaina as unofficial liaison between the known and unknown, there was simply not enough of the Skywalker-Solo family tree to convince Luke to change his mind, even a family buoyed by the return of Chewbacca, who had been caught up in the refugee trap that occurred during the Yuuzhan Vong War. The Jedi Council could not agree amongst themselves whether to continue on, and secluded the children of the Order, themselves going into hiding to avoid the unknown threat which rose to deplete their number further; the Knights of Ren.

    But now, Leia Organa knows that they need the Jedi. With Cal Omas returning from retirement to desperately weave back together the Republic in the face of First Order power, she reaches out to what little contacts she still has as Rey, Chewbacca and Artoo-Detoo head into the Unknown Regions to find Luke Skywalker.

    For Leia does not have time to wait for Rey to return.

    And the First Order is not going to give her time, either.

    For even if Kylo Ren was wounded by his confrontation with Chewbacca, Rey and Finn, Snoke was not, and nor were Hux, and Phasma - the loss of Starkiller does not mean their plans have ended.

    They have just begun.

    Continuity Notes

    - the Thrawn Trilogy now starts in 5 ABY, not 9 ABY. The Yuuzhan Vong War ended in 25 ABY. Everything set after the Yuuzhan Vong War occurs in its original timeline slots.

    - this game is set in 34 ABY, one year before the Dark Nest Crisis, two weeks after the destruction of Starkiller.

    - Jacen Solo, Finn, Rey, Luke, Artoo, Leia, Chewbacca, Cal Omas, Gilad Pellaeon, Kylo Ren and Snoke are not playable characters.

    - Original Characters are acceptable.

    - Legends and Canon Characters are acceptable.

    - No One Sith characters are playable.

    - All Jedi characters will have been in hiding since 25 ABY.

    Character Sheet

    Personal ship, if any
    Short Bio


    1. All Character Sheets to me for approval by PM first.
    2. All posts are to be preambled by IC, in character, and with a TAG to the player, including the USER.
    3. Force users are not immortal. If you exert yourself, the GM will impose a limitation join you. Please keep that in mind.
    4. If you cease posting, your character may be taken over by the GM.

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    GM Approved

    Name: Rhoen Aquillia

    Age: 20

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male

    Equipment: Basic civilian clothing, Republic flight suit, BlasTech DT-12 heavy blaster

    Personal ship: None

    Short Bio: Born on Chandrila to a Republic pilot mother and farmer father Rhoen spent much of his life without his mother working on the farm his family worked. Often times he’d go out at night and look up at the stars. Squinting hard he’d look for any sign that his mother was alright. During one of the times she was home on leave she took him up in her old T-16 Skyhopper. From that moment on Rhoen wanted to be a pilot just like her. When he decided to join the Republic Starfighter corp. his mother got a pained look in her eyes. She asked him, nearly pleading with him, to not rush the decision. His father said he could always stay and keep working the farm but, Rhoen’s eyes were always looking up, to the stars, not the ground. His desire to join the Republic also burned strong, the Empire may no longer be a threat and the Vong may have been defeated but, it was a vast galaxy, there were always beings in need of help. When he left for training his mother asked him one more time to reconsider. He could see her pain and now he understood why, she’d survived the fight with the Empire and the Vong, but many others didn’t. She didn’t want to lose her only son, but he couldn’t deny his feelings he wanted to fly, he wanted to protect the Republic his mother had helped build. He was good enough to pass, and get assigned to a squadron. They were far away when Hosnian system was destroyed. When he heard the news he asked on the status of his mother.

    It’s been two weeks, still no answer.
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    GM Approved!

    Name: Atropos (Karl Dodd)

    Age: 30

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male

    Equipment: Verpine Shatter Guns (Pistol and Sniper Rifle variants, one of each); DC-17m ICWS (all attachments): Phase 3 Clone Commando Katarn Armour (Space-Black Matt finish): Civilian Clothes,

    Personal ship, if any: "Vengeance" - Heavily Customised GAT-12j Skipray Blastboat

    Short Bio: Son of a former Imperial Security Bureau Assassin and veteran of the Yuuzhan Vong War, in which he served as a Sniper, Karl was content to muster out and return to work the family's Mugruebe Ranch on Agamar.

    Nine years ago his daughter died in the Jedi massacre, followed (not long after) by her broken-hearted, Farlander-clan, mother.

    Karl has spent the last nine years working as a freelance Bounty Hunter and Assassin to keep his skills sharp and build up a network of information providers. It has been said that no living being has knowingly seen his face in all that time - and survived!

    His objective? Elimination of the top First Order personnel, especially the Knights of Ren and their turncoat leader, Ben Solo.
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    GM Approved

    Name: Temmin "Snap" Wexley
    Age: 45
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Standard issue Resistance blaster pistol, Resistance Starfighter Corps uniform, a battered old copy of Galactic Expansion
    Personal ship: Incom-FreiTek T-70 X-wing starfighter
    Short Bio: Snap Wexley was born and grew up on Akiva, during which time he developed an affinity for piloting small craft and working with all manner of electronic devices. After being reuinted with his mother, Nora, Snap became a member of a small special forces cell in service to the fledgling New Republic in its struggles against the Imperial Remnant. With the rise of the First Order, Snap was quick to pledge his support to the Resistance, and soon distinguished himself as perhaps the best recon pilot in the fleet and, as he would be quick to point out, an indispensable contributor in the destruction of Starkiller base.
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    GM Approved

    Name: Kam Solusar
    Age: 58
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Lightsaber, Comlink
    Personal Ship: None

    Short Bio:
    Former member of 'The Dark Side Elite' Kam Solusar was drawn back to the light side of the force by none other than Luke Skywalker following a life of manipulation at the hands of the empire, after his Jedi Master father was murdered by Darth Vader.
    After years spent training with Luke on Yavin 4, Kam, along with his Jedi historian wife Tionne were responsible for guarding the young Jedi students at the academy during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

    Following the Yuuzhan Vong War, his recommendation that Luke relocate the academy on the ancient world of Ossus was agreed to, and Kam has gone on to become part of the Masters’ Council. After Ben Solo turned to the dark side, Kam feels a degree of responsibility, and as such, voted to follow Luke's edict that no more training of Jedi take place. With Luke in hiding, and the threat of the first order looming, his next move is uncertain, not only to his peers, but to himself.
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    GM Approved

    Name: Vincent Mikaru
    Age: 29
    Species: Echani
    Gender: Male
    · Echani Vibrosword: A single edged, curved blade reminiscent to a mix of a real world Katana and Khopesh. Being Echani made it is laced with Cortosis and thus saber and blaster resistant. This blade was one of many supercooled during its forging, making the blade cold to the touch and causing it to release a cloud of condensed air in warm environs.​
    · Glie-44 Blaster Pistol: Eirriss Ryloth Defense Tech blaster pistol with a reflex sight, upgraded focusing chamber and a barrel shroud.​
    · Vincent’s armor is full Echani Combat Armor with a cortosis weave cape, plating, and body glve. It is resistant to heat and energy damage and fully sealed for vacuum operations.​
    Personal ship, if any: The Ascendant Pride (link) and Ivory Dagger (Link 1 Link 2)
    Other Notes:
    • Cybernetic Left Eye: See Hi-Sense Enhanced Eyes
    • Subcutaneous Commlink Implant
    • Remote Neural Interface with Sensory Overload Restriction Firmware
    Short Bio: Vincent is the heir to the Mikaru Family Fortune, a Businessman, and Underworld dealer. Born on Eshan just after the battle of Endor Vincent was raised in the aftermath of the Empire’s fall. Like all Echani he has trained since birth in their tradition of martial arts. Vincent however is a Firedancer, one of a sect of Echani trained to fight against Force Users, and utilize the Force to some degree, since the death of Senator Yusanis at the hands of Darth Revan.

    Vincent operates a business known as “Mikaru Security Solutions” a private security firm that is a subsidiary of a larger family owned corporation. Though it has ample access to military hardware much of that is spread across the galaxy, acting as escort and picket for various clients. Vincent has direct access to one heavily modified Pelta-class frigate, his personal Starfighter, and local command of two company held Vindicator-class Cruisers and a single Allegiance-class Battlecruiser though the latter sits in drydock, receiving a new engine assembly.. Access to the larger Mikaru fleet, including its flagship, the Bellator-class Spirit of Eshan is a process that would be mired in politics, beyond dire circumstances.

    Vincent is not a staunch resistance supporter. He sat on the fence and like any good businessman played both sides, including selling equipment, and at times escort services to various Imperial Remnants, including the First order. Vincent has underworld dealings, and is a firm believer of ‘it is easier to control, than destroy’ and has a direct hand in the Black Market selling of his families company’s products, hoping to control their flow, as a clamped fist would simply have the sand fall through the cracks.

    Following the events of Hosnian however Vincent pulled all contracts with the first order near immediately, those forces in the unknown regions quickly making their way back into the outer rim and somewhat more civilized territory, grouping up with other MSS groups operating in that area for better defense. Immediately after Hosnian Vincent fielded the few ships at his immediate disposal to the Hosnian system, where for 36 hours the crews operated without sleep, in a radiation filled system, and only managed to rescue a little over a thousand people, a quarter of which died shortly after due to radiation exposure.

    Upon returning to Eshan, and being treated for his own exposure, Vincent placed his company into Military Lockdown, all forces not actively involved in contracts were recalled, personnel were brought back in from leave, and Vincent himself began reaching out for meetings with the leadership of the Resistance. The entire Galaxy has descent into chaos, while war was good for business, chaos was bad for everyone.
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    Name: Poe Dameron
    Age: 32
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Blaster, brand-new leather jacket, winning smile
    Personal ship: Black One, a T-70 X-Wing fighter
    Short Bio: The best damn pilot in the Galaxy was born on Yavin 4 to Rebellion fighters. Since his birth, the spirit of the Rebel Alliance has been in his blood. A passionate and skilled pilot, Dameron rose through the ranks, impressing General Organa of the Resistance movement with his commitment and determination. Soon enough, he was tasked with a personal errand: to retrieve a map of Luke Skywalker's whereabouts from Resistance ally Lor San Tekka. All went according to plan - until the First Order attacked the village where Tekka was hiding. His ship damaged, Dameron was captured and tortured by Kylo Ren, escaping with the help of newfound friend Finn. Making his way back to the Resistance, he soon led the counterattack on Takodana, before helping plan the daring attack on Starkiller Base. Dameron himself fired the winning shot on the base's thermal oscillator, but they lost many good pilots in the battle. Poe has seen what the First Order is capable of, and is determined to stop them - no matter the cost.
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    Check it! Sinrebirth tested, GM Approved!

    Name: Raadu
    Age: 30
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Modified Mandalorian Armor (lighter, less bulky, more along recon or scout lines. Still with jet pack and helmet), Dawnsorrow rifle, Bryar pistol (installed in right gauntlet), vibro-blade installed in left gauntlet)
    Personal ship, if any: Whispers of Bogden (Modified Simiyiar-class light freighter)
    Short Bio:
    Spending most of his life on the run, Raadu found himself on varying sides during the First Order conflict. As a young boy, he helped smuggle supplies to the resistance against the First Order on numerous worlds, known and unknown, before there was even a formal Resistance opposing the First Order. But when there was, he quickly attached himself to it. As he grew up, he was given various tasks to perform such as “set this crate of fruit near the barracks” wherein the crate held hidden explosives. His notoriety caught the attention of the First Order quickly and during one of his scouting expeditions, he was taken captive.

    It was in his capture that he surely thought himself to be left for dead. It wasn't until a Whiphid by the name of Z'marth came to his aid claiming to be a Jedi Knight. Long thought to be extinct, Z'marth had gone rogue and attempted to free any and all captives on the Imperial Base. Upon freeing Raadu, the two formed an unlikely pair: the Jedi having the ability to cloak them in the Force while the young man helped them escape through previously scouted tunnels.

    It didn't last long of course. A year or so after escaping and trying to find members of the Resistance to aid them, the First Order located Raadu and Z'marth and attacked their ship above what was thought to be a ship graveyard. The echoes of the Force kept the place hidden, and many strange occurrences kept the Imperials from following them further. A scout ship with a few dark disciples and soldiers was sent into the debris to locate the rogue Jedi and the young man. After a failed attempt at a sneak attack, Raadu and his ship came under attack, causing a hole to form in the hull which sucked the Jedi out before he could reach him.

    Determined to survive, Raadu clung to the last few moments of oxygen in his emergency tank and floated out towards a derelict vessel that still showed signs of being functional. After much salvaging and scrounging for more air tanks and better pressurized suits, he successfully evaded the First Order hunters.

    Fast forward a few years, Raadu had made a name for himself as a tracker-for-hire, using the gear he had found in those floating derelict ships to arm and equip both himself and his ship. It wasn't long at all before he had to find himself engaged in the conflict once more as he desperately clung to hope that his only friend in the world was still alive out there...
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    Insanity Tested - GM APPROVED

    Name: Susulur Dha'tra
    Age: 40
    Species: Epicanthix
    Gender: Male
    • Echani Electro-Quarterstaff: A molecularly compressed phrink quarterstaff, reminiscent to a mix of a standard club, a clone wars electro staff, stun baton, and pole-vaulters spear all rolled into one. Being of modern Echani make it is traced and laced throughout with phrink and thus saber and blaster resistant. This staff has black leather grips about the central meter. Kept on left side connected to side of backpack.
    • Pair of lightsabers: Pair of custom longer grip lightsabers with rare wood and crystal disc inlays in the rear pommel. Each saber is powered by a Vong Lambent crystal.
    • Bowcaster, collapsible, worn on right hip.
    • Dha’tra’s Armor: is full Mandalorian Combat Armor: Helmet, floating neck guard, shoulder, bicep, forearm, gauntlet, chest, segmented back }}}}}}, segmented abdomen ((((, cod piece, enclosed thigh, knee, shin, and boot armored pieces with armor weave kama. Color scheme is matte black with dull grey secondary color and orange accents. Armor plates are made with a phrink plated carbon-ceramic pieces over a reinforced body glove. It is resistant to heat, cold, and energy damage and is fully sealed for vacuum operations with a six hour reserve. No jetpack. Left hand crush gauntlet and forearm retractable magnetized bracer blades (ala Jango Fett), right hand stun glove and mirror forearm bracer blade with grapple launcher. Small armored back pack with ammo, grenade, and lightsaber forced dispensers to push the queued objects through ejector slots (grenade upper side, ammo middle – lower side, lightsaber under corners) out and away to the waiting hand when an internal command is given from suits bucce (helmet). Uses rocket boots (ala Cade Bane) for minor assists. Electro Vibro-daggers in locked in shin guards. Segmented abdominal plating. Split side comm antennae on left and range finder on right side of bucce with T-visor.
    Personal ship, if any: The Afluent Fool : A Retro fitted Missile Boat ( ) One General Purpose Warhead launcher and one concussion missile launcher have been replaced. Left side with self contained an ion cannon with dedicated generator, the other with a segmented storage pod with basic life support. Ship has also been modified with mag-clamps to be able to tow escape pod to medium starfighter sized objects through hyperspace or latch onto larger vessels.

    Other Notes:

    Short Bio: Dha’tra was not born Mandalorian. Nor where his parents, nor their parents. He was born something else, he had learned to fight, then he had learned how to fight properly, civilized. Then he found his own way to the Mandalorian culture, to a teacher, and he learned how to fight dirty. Before he showed up ten years ago there was no Dha’tra, not in any data-bank one could find, he didn’t exist before and he is linked to no one who did exist.

    Clues to his past are few, he will disappear to his species home cluster once every two cycles. He will visit Mandalorian colonies often, and he will visit Jakku once every five cycles to stand at the base of the Sitter’s pillar and leave a fresh canteen of nutrient enriched water. Never says a word, merely stands for the last two hours before the sun sets, leaves the gift right before the Sitter descends, and leaves the world. The tenth year dawns upon his existence and finds him returning to Jakku to the Sitter as the galaxy comes in greater need of a mercenary, a bounty hunter, a security or body guard, and someone willing to offer discounts to Force Users and ‘friends’ of Mandalor. If you can pay, no matter the side, he will stay true to the job, even after Hosnian.
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    GM Approved Character Sheet:

    Name: Kodo Prine
    Race: Kel Dor
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Weight: 190
    Height: 6'1"
    Physical Description: Wiry and fit, strong and agile. Average Kel Dor features.
    Clothing: Dark brown Jedi robes.
    Weapons: Green single bladed lightsaber.
    Skills & Abilities: Skilled with the force. Adept pilot and swordsman.
    Bio: Kodo Prine was only 16 and still an apprentice when Kylo Ren decimated the Jedi Order in 25 ABY. Deeply affected by the sight of his master slain before his eyes at the hands of the fallen Ben Solo, he has nearly fallen himself and often teeters on the brink of hate, struggling to feel the light and to keep himself at peace. Having learned in his youth of Yoda's exile on Dagobah, Kodo has followed in the old Grand Master's footsteps, and for the last nine years has hidden himself away on the secluded and lonely world, hoping to find serenity in solitude and meditation. He has not found serenity.

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    I be GM approved!! :)

    Name: Belila Gambros (Bre)
    Age: late 20's (26)
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Equipment: Thinsuit, hidden under her regular 'work' uniform, usually a tan jumpsuit, with various a multitude of pockets. A toolbelt, a work bag full of her equipment she uses on the job,several change of clothing, food and rations, Fred-see below,
    Personal ship, if any: Not a ship, but a Flare-S, swoop, called the Nimbus. With a side pocket for Fred.
    Short Bio: Belila works hard as a drifter, and part time droid repair worker. Her skills are quite good, and being able to work on and repair droids, with next to nothing resources. She is good at repairing, engineering, and programing them as well, as well as her skills in bargaining for her next job, and pay. She is no nonsense, but is fair, unless dealing with someone crooked. Then its all up for grabs then. Having to work on a few lawless worlds, she gotten rather good at bargaining for her price and contract, and while she works, she keeps an eye out on the movement on both ships and people. And sometimes, she sends what she knows to other interested parties as well.

    She works with an BG-19 repair droid, she repaired, and altered slightly to help her with her repairs. Renamed "Fred", she moves about to various star docking bays, and hires herself out to repair ship and maintenance droids, when she needs some spare credits. She's gotten rather good at it. She stays quiet, with only a few friends, having lost her only family a while back. She still feels the pangs of that loss deeply, and as a result, is sometimes reluctant to get close to others. She thought about returning to her home planet, but realized she still might be able to do more as she roams the galaxy, trying to find her place within it.
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    GM Approved!!

    Name: Duke Praxon
    Age: 54
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Civilian clothes, comlink, concealed vibroblade
    Personal ship, if any: The Easy Spacer, a SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht; he is also a collector of vintage starfighters, with an Incom T-65 X-Wing and a Z-95 Headhunter being notable highlights of his growing obsession
    Short Bio: Duke is a famous holofilm star known for his high critical acclaim and numerous accolades, including the CWCA’s (Core World Critics Association) prestigious best actor Star Burst for his role as Reht Murra in the holodrama, Kallea’s Hope, in which he portrayed a troubled father struggling to cope with his daughter’s drug addiction. But he was not always known for the more serious, arthouse films that always seem to attract the attention of the CWCA elite. At the onset of his career, he had the opportunity to portray Han Solo in Han Solo and the Pirates of Kessel and all subsequent films in the series that followed the adventures of the Corellian smuggler and other notable players throughout the duration of the Galactic Civil War. A daunting task for sure, but one that instantly shot him to stardom.

    In the years since his success with Kallea’s Hope, (a role that many considered a welcomed breath of fresh air from the usual, non-stop action romps that made him famous), Duke has transitioned himself into pursuing more dramatic and age-appropriate roles, but still has a heart for action and adventure.

    While very little is known about his background and private life, aside from having a wife and two daughters, he has become somewhat of a humanitarian in the intervening weeks since the destruction of Hosnian Prime and her sister planets within the Republic. He has responded to the call to action and has volunteered himself to travel to different systems to offer help with the relief efforts in this dark time.
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    Name: Azgath N'Dul (alter-ego of Darth Dreadwar, born Ku'ar Danar)
    Age: 25 (physically)
    Sex: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Weight: 185
    Height: 6' 2"
    Physical Description: N'Dul is a tall, athletic human male, with pale skin, high cheekbones, deep-set brown eyes and closely shaven dark brown hair.
    Clothing: A black and gold helmet of an open design, and over his forehead is a shining black metal plate, bearing an archaic symbol, and a grey-black metal serpent with demonic red eyes. Grayish shining metal covers his arms, and his chest bears a black and gold breastplate trimmed with blood red lines, in the design of a chiseled strongman's form. Then there is the short red kilt, trimmed with black, leaving legs somewhat bare to the knee; lower legs and feet are clad with boot/sandal hybrids shining black and red. On his back is a cloak of the same colours.
    Weapons: None.
    Skills & Abilities: Immensely powerful with the Force and a master of Sith wizardry, Dreadwar is well versed in every conventional power, and boasts a repertoire of more recondite abilities. He specialises in Sith illusions and similar applications such as creating Force phantoms, mental powers including memory rubs, and necromancy including essence transfer, summoning Sith spirits and reanimating Korriban zombies. Combat applications of the Force tend to revolve around his favourite arcane weapons: Deadly Sight and Force Drain. However, Azgath N'Dul is merely an avatar, chained to Dreadwar's will through the typical Rhandite method of nihil smokestone. Dreadwar's power being diluted among these Pawns, N'Dul is of average ability, equivalent to a standard Jedi Knight or Master in power.
    Personality: Dreadwar is a cynical rationalist with deep scientific passions and equally deep misanthropy. He is utterly amoral and empty inside, and eternally bored, adopting and casting aside many different identities to extricate as much amusement and experience from life that he can. Ultimately, he hopes to remake the universe in his own image, ridding the galaxy of death and forging a perfect society. To that aim he brings a ruthless, diamond-like clarity of mind infamous for its ability to exploit even the smallest circumstances or weakest powers to their zenith.
    Biography: Born to the name Ku'ar Danar, Darth Dreadwar is an ancient Sith entity that returned to the physical plane from millennia trapped within the timestream after the Battle of Endor. Bereft of much of his former might, Dreadwar has been forced to act with terrible caution and sloth, utilising embedded nihil smokestone, the inspiration of Cronal's usage of meltmassif, to assume control over a young, fanatical noble of the First Order.

    While his power within the Force is known well by Snoke and the Knights of Ren, Dreadwar in his new guise has kept his past, Sith identity, and true nature entirely secret for fear of Snoke's greater mastery and evident superiority, hoping to use Pawns such as N'Dul to infiltrate Republic and First Order alike and further his own designs. Laid low unto meekness might have been Dreadwar, but one thing is certain: he is determined to rise anew and bring about the return of his Fallen Empire.
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    *The Game is now Closed*

    Unless you have sent me a character sheet, or we are discussing a sheet already, then you have missed the boat, sadly. If you want to be considered should another player drop out, message me and we can discuss.

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    Coming in at the 11th hour and GM Approved:

    Name: Elias Noble
    Age: 26
    Species: Near-human (Tof/Zeltron)
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Blue Lightsaber disguised as a walking stick, roughly 1.5 meters in length, DL-18 blaster and shoulder holster
    Personal ship: YT-1930 light freighter “Noble One”
    Short Bio: Elias was born on Zeltros to a prominent Zeltron smuggler. His father was a Tof pirate on a scouting mission from a nearby galaxy, and was only with his mother for a few days, before leaving for his home galaxy. When he was 6 years old, his mother made contact with a Jedi named Luke Skywalker who sensed Force sensitivity in the boy. Enticed by the prospect of living unburdened by single parenthood, Elias’ mother agreed to release him into Skywalker’s custody.

    Elias trained as a Jedi under Luke until he was 17, when he was given a mission to settle a diplomatic dispute on a nearby forest planet. He was off world when Ben Solo took up the name Kylo Ren and destroyed the New Jedi Order. He received a message that he was to seek refuge, wherever he could find it, until Luke returned.

    Initially he sought to hide on Zeltros, but when he returned to his homeworld he found his mother had passed away. With nowhere else to go, Elias began wandering the galaxy, using his mother’s ship Noble One and what was left of her fortune. For several months now, he has been living on Coruscant in an apartment in the slums.

    Elias is built like his father, standing 2.2 meters in height and powerfully muscled. His skin, an odd combination of his parent’s species’ skin-colors, is a light-blue hue, similar to the ocean, and slightly luminescent at night. In his exile, Elias’ black hair has grown to shoulder-length and his beard has gotten long and full. He has nine bands tattooed around his right forearm, for each of the years he has been in hiding.
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    Looks like an awesome game with a great set of RPers! Have fun everybody
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    A few days earlier...

    'There has been an awakening, have you felt it?'

    Jacen Solo paused, turning his head slightly to listen again for that reverberation, for that echo, in the very Force itself. It had a dark tinge, a terrible one, as grave as it was mocking.

    It had been nine long years since the Yuuzhan Vong War ended, but Jacen knew that to return without an answer was to start a chain of events that would not end. That his daughter would assist the Dark Man in bringing down the Galaxy. Sensed he had, the deaths of Jedi, of more familiar ripples with names - Waxern Kel, Tresk Im'nel, Cheklev, Klin-Fa Gi, in one conflagration, perhaps - and more he did not. That voice, as well, he knew that, one day, he have to confront that voice.

    Assuming, Jacen thought, as he turned to face the mausoleum before him, a ruined construct within the broken citadel of Ziost, that the voice was behind him, and not in-front, some vestige, he thought with a certain wistfulness, of a dark side spirit endeavouring to persuade him not to tear apart its resting place, to steal its secrets and use them to defeat the Dark Man.

    With a grimace, purging himself of his arrogance, Jacen stepped forward.

    If it was a dark threat reaching out across the Galaxy for him, or some warning, a dark portent, it would have to wait for him to deal with his Dark Man.

    IC: Hux
    Now, aboard the Finaliser, deep in the Unknown Regions


    Flames across the Galaxy.

    But not enough.

    Hux leaned over the galactic map, at the first thrusts towards victory. The First Order fleets were emerging from the charted sectors of former Imperial Remnant space and advancing on all fronts. It had been a simple manner to overwhelm the disorganised forces policing the edges of Imperial territory, especially as those worlds had been depopulated by the Yuuzhan Vong and could only offer a token resistance to their Resurgent-class Star Destroyers.


    Hux turned to the board, to the irregular pockets of combat on worlds such as Dubrillion, Garqi and Agamar, with no reasonable build up of military strength on record beforehand. X-wings were particularly difficult to identity from one fighter to another - unless it belonged to Poe Dameron, or Corran Horn, who had a different colour scheme to most fighters - and it was not always possible to identify the difference between a T70 and a T85 design even if it was possible to see it between a T series X-wing and an XJ series. But the Resistance seemed to draw strength from the symbolic fighter which destroyed the Death Star and, now, Starkiller, rather than from the more modern E-wings.


    Hux initially paid no heed to Captain Phasma and her enquiring tone, not entirely removed by the filter on her chrome plated helmet, though he felt pressurised immediately to make a statement. 'We need to consolidate our position at Ord Mantell before we can proceed further, and then I am confident that we can progress with Operation Arrowhead from our position in the Ilum system.'

    'So what do you need from me?' The second voice around the command table was a grave one, and Hux already loathed it. Looking up, he was referred to a Knight of Ren, the vaguely named 'Crusher'. Known to be a Force User, he was short and to the point, but describing his black armour was difficult. Crusher claimed to have taken the visage from Tulak Hord, an ancient Dark Lord of the Sith, but Hux could not verify nor deny the claim - nor care. He was signing his orders in another name, and never seemed to be present when Snoke communicated directly, off Force walking or something similar, and so Hux found his decision to be involved now most insulting.

    Because this was not just a discussion in front of the new triumvirate in charge of the war effort. Miat Temm, former adjunct to Gilad Pellaeon, Azgath N'Dul, a minor noble in the First Order by virtue of his parentage, and Mareek Stele, a virtuoso pilot and former Emperor's Eye, one of the very few agents of the late Emperor who had remained loyal over the years. All there were Force sensitive to some degree, and Miat had served as the First Order spy within the former Remnant for several years. It was almost as if these four - plus Crusher - had replaced Kylo Ren in the group, as Kylo Ren was all of these and more besides - pilot, turncoat, nobility and Knight of Ren.

    Not all were present in person, attending by hologram, and several were not even present in mind, Hux thought, silently cursing Phasma for pressing him when she should have been working with him against the Force sensitives. Ren was bad enough, for him to have multiplied was infuriating.

    'I need one of you to track down the Resistance base, one of you to work towards obtaining the StarMap, and one, or a combination of you, to hunt down any wayward Jedi that appear, or to make that a secondary element. As the Supreme Leader has said on many occasion, if Skywalker is to return the new Jedi will rise.' That represented the largest complication in their calculations - if the young woman known as Rey was any indication, a single Force user could undo the entire balance of a military engagement, and the Resistance had one in charge, even if Rey was likely consorting with Skywalker even now, though even with star-charts travelling through the uncharted elements of the Unknown Regions would take days if not weeks.

    Miat Temm spoke up. 'I shall remain here and provide Supreme Leader Snoke's voice during his focus upon Kylo Ren's recovery and training.' Crusher seemed to incline his helmeted head to Miat, as if he would take umbrage, but let it go.

    'Fine.' Hux turned slightly to encompass the other three Force users. 'Your missions? I shall assign a Resurgent-class to your use.'

    Miat still felt the need to add, 'Agreeable.'

    'You need not a ship if you are staying here,' Crusher said gruffly. 'Wasteful.'

    Had he been a Force user, Hux would have felt a slight pulse of annoyance from Crusher about the whole affair, and a single surge of adrenaline from Miat, quickly dampened down, almost abruptly. From Stele, nothing was apparent whatsoever, his expression stoic.

    What none of them would be able to feel was the subcutaneous implant in a thigh, a pocket AI in all but name, append a single file of data to the hypercomm of the ship, to attach itself to a transmission sent at a later date, but programmed to branch off at a separate relay so as not to betray its location, or that the Destroyer had sent a message to someone. Even then, it would bounce through several relays before arriving at its location with two words.

    'I'm in.'

    TAG: DreadwarDreadwar
    IC: Gilad Pellaeon
    Location Undisclosed

    'I'm sorry, Cal, I simply cannot help. I am not positioned, or even able to, assist in rescuing the Empire from its new rulers. Head of State Sarreti is a puppet governor at best, but it is all very popular, and the First Order has ruled for nearly a decade now.'

    In short, the Empire is winning, and you aren't going to see Pellaeon interfere with that, personal opinions of Snoke and his theocracy aside.

    Cal Omas, light years away, nodded to himself. 'All I could do was ask. I would have done so sooner after Starkiller was destroyed, but it has been hectic.'

    'And if the First Order had actually been crippled by that destruction, perhaps I could have done more. I may not approve of destroying star systems, at all, but that is a matter of very public record. My saying it when the net result is the New Republic being crippled? Worth even less.'

    'I understand, Gilad,' sighed Cal. 'I hope I shall be in touch.'

    'I hope so too, old friend.'

    With that Cal cut the line, and Gilad turned to the other occupant of the ready room of the Right of Rule. His comlink had relayed a message that his agent was in place aboard the Finaliser. 'It looks like, now the players have been revealed, I can get started.'

    'But how to throw it?'

    Head of State Sarreti shrugged. 'How can we throw it? The Empire has been transformed into the kind of military junta that Devian or Hethrir would have been proud of - the lowest of the low, fascist to the core.'

    'Let's see what we can do.' Gilad Pellaeon pulled up his encryption, nigh impenetrable, and shot a message off to Susular Dha'tra, Atropos and Raadu.


    He had never engaged these particular hunters but Boba Fett had personally recommended them as alternatives to Kenix Kil or Aurra Sing, neither of which were pleasant options to Pellaeon. Fett was tied down to neutral Manda'lor, still recovering from the last war, as everyone sane in the galaxy should have been. As it was, the message was very vague, what with the lack of surname, but he hoped they would be sufficiently intrigued.

    'What are you going to hire those two for?'

    Pellaeon steeled himself to say words he had never spoken aloud, for even he could not guarantee the personal loyalty of every member of his crew.

    'I'm going to hire them to kill Snoke.'

    IC: Kurlen Flennic
    Yaga Minor, the Imperial Shipyards

    There has not been such a zest running through the Empire for nearly two decades. Eleven years after the Battle of Endor this region of the Empire signed the Galactic Concordance, ten years after it was originally drawn up with the regime of Ars Dangor on Coruscant. Of course that had been a sham, as they continued the construction of illegal vessels such as the Razor's Kiss, and then Thrawn had perpetuated the peace while pretending to lead a rogue task force. Every major breach was met with more lost territory, more reparations, and less of an ability to survive as a regime, and more peacekeeping against rogue organisations such as Hethrir and the Empire Reborn, Kueller and Brakiss, and the Second Imperium. The real war was over at Jakku, no matter what hardliners such as Palpatine Reborn, Daala and Flennic himself had sought to say.

    But now Flennic was validated in his long demands that they go back to war and win it. Supreme Leader Snoke had come to the Moff Council after the retirement of Pellaeon, and together they secretly brokered the funnelling of resources into First Order space within the Unknown Regions - resources which had been directed to them, amusingly, by the Galactic Alliance to restore Bastion, Muunilinst, Shramar and other worlds devastated by the Yuuzhan Vong War. Instead those worlds had been abandoned, and the resources used to push on the worlds to the west of the Remnant between them and the First Order, a bloodying for the two forces against Vagaari and Yuuzhan Vong remnants, calculated by both groups to leaders to forge bonds between their troops.

    As the Alliance faded as a cross galaxy treaty between the Chiss, New Republic, Remnant, Hutts, Corporate Sector and Hapans, the New Republic came back to the fore and the Galactic Concordance became the bind upon the Remnant again. Unable to train new Stormtrooper Corps unless in a state of war, banned from constructing anything larger than an Imperial Star Destroyer and from possessing shipyards which could properly maintain the two Mandator-class Star Dreadnaughts they had, the Dominion and Megador, the stranglehold of the Concordance was re-established.

    But now, in his full military honours, Grand Moff Flennic, as he was now known as following his rise under Supreme Leader Snoke, was ready to give the speech that the New Empire needed, to invigorate it to strike at the heart of the galaxy and triumph over he decapitated New Republic once and for all.

    Thousands of Stormtroopers made up the centre of the plaza, in one of the primary chambers of the shipyards, with maintenance workers, hired civilians and more besides cheering on either side of the display. With the resources of the First Order behind them, the Empire was reborn, renewed, and soon to be fully restored. With a pair of scarlet royal guards behind him, Flennic, fully garbed in his full military honours, was ready to give the speech of his career.

    'I today address the the First Order, and the galaxy at large. We, the successors of the old Empire, which saved the Galaxy from the horrors of the Clone Wars, from the depredations of the Separatists and that terrorist General Grievous, only to be forced to defend the old Republic from religious extremists and their allies in the Jedi Rebellion, have long awaited the time for when the fractious and squabbling Senate is again cast aside in the face of pristine Order and the final imposition of peace and justice upon a people which desperately craves it.'

    'For we are demanded to do this, to defeat the relentless tide of conflict and insanity that pours from the mouths of a thousand voices tearing this Galaxy in a hundred directions. Under the First Order there will be one voice, one direction, and none of the squabbling which allowed the Yuuzhan Vong to defecate half of the Galaxy in two years, defoliating whole worlds and uprooting millennia of civilisation.'

    'For we are the First Order!'

    Cheers from the civilians, a salute with a fist to the air for the troopers and naval officers.

    And so on. It was not too dissimilar to the one Hux had given before the destruction of the Hosnian system, but that had to been to a group of the most radicals of radicals, and though Flennic had watched it secondhand, he was half pleased that that circle of Imperials had been weakened by the destruction of Starkiller base, requiring him to be brought into the inner circle of Supreme Leader Snoke's plans.

    The other Moffs of the Council, Freyborn, Westermal, Quillan, Getelles, Trevin, and the new Moff Quille, though Sarreti and Crowal were conspicuously absent even in hologram form. Also present, unbeknownst to all present, and to each other, were three bounty hunters, each having been painstakingly handed, separately, the bounty for Moff Flennic, posted anonymously with data on the meeting and speech, designed to coincide with the relaunch of the Megador, many years after it was originally crippled at the Battle of Anx Minor, barely having limped away from the fall of Bastion. Both of them being present was supposed to cause a conflict in the middle of the mission, but to the advantage of the anonymous party. As with any political target, it was a wheels within wheels moment.

    Each Susular Dha'tra, Atropos and Raadu would have their own approaches to reaching the meeting, to navigating the ore freighter filled spacelanes, avoiding the two Imperial Star Destroyers in orbit, the Peerless and Defiant, and then a Victory-class, the Protector, which was on the edge of the system covering arrivals to the shipyards. The latter ship had even served at Endor, and was one of the two Destroyers who had continued to serve since then - along with the Relentless. Sadly the Chimaera had been mothballed, and even the aged Right of Rule was due to be broken up when it returned from its patrol route.

    In short, it was a fortress system.

    And as such three transmissions from Pellaeon, to each of them, would have been noticed, assuming they pulled up their messages, or were leaving them open as an oversight. Not that they had plenty on their mind.

    TAG: Zedd-Vega, Mitth-Fisto, TimZedd-VegaMitthTim
    Aboard the Galactic Voyager, outskirts of the Ruan system.

    Cal Omas closed his eyes as he cut off the transmission, turning to face the other hologram in his room, who would have not been apparent to Pellaeon. 'I did what I could.'

    'I know you did,' Leia soothed. 'But Pellaeon was always a pragmatist. He only signed the Bastion Accords because the Empire had lost, and that was more than a decade after the original Galactic Concordance had been signed, and he had been at the forefront of breaching it more than once.' Her voice was slightly rueful, recalling events nearly two decades gone by, sadness ringing every word.

    Sadness tinged every word she used, now.

    Cal Omas cleared his throat, pressing on. 'Which is why it was all the more apparent that the Senate had been infiltrated by the First Order, taking advantage of the breakdown in the system during the Vong War.'

    'Indeed,' said Leia, weariness upon weariness in her voice. Hindsight was twenty twenty. 'And I'm sure those Senators that Snoke brought off enjoyed their ring side seats for their own annihilation.'

    Omas had came out of retirement to this chaos, as had many others. 'And the Senators who survived are in shock and haven't returned my summons. Nor have worlds that responded to my call for new Senate, as of yet.'

    Leia shrugged. 'Ackbar says we need a military victory to acquire back legitimacy. Nobody will put their head on an aurodium platter if they can avoid it. We'll get some principled ones step up, but they need something to step up to.'

    'You have a plan?'

    'Three, actually. None of which you need to be aware of.' That was code for; not over this channel. While they could have benefited from Gilad joining their cause being leaked, anything else they could not afford to let get out.

    'Oh good,' said Cal drily. 'You think you can contact them all?'

    'I need only a few. Only the Force is going to stem the tide.'

    'Snoke will know that, and Kylo Ren wasn't the only Force user to fall under his sway.'

    Leia turned away. 'I know.'

    Her hologram vanished, and Cal Omas sat in silence for a moment. A small but growing coalition may have been forming around him, but the enemy had Star Destroyers which outclassed every ship he had left to hand.

    And although he knew he could rely on Leia to push things along, he also knew she would try to do everything.

    He pressed a button on his deck, took his seat back. His office was deep within the ship, and the screen showing the stars behind him was a hologram for the purposes of creating a room, and not a box. It also prevented him from lurching back to memories of the Rebellion, trapped in his X-wing, fighting a battle that was only just slightly more impossible than the one he had to face now.

    'Send in Captain Aquilla.'

    Rhoen was an orphan of Hosnian, as much as Cal was an orphan of Alderaan. Cal hoped that this would motivate him to defeat the First Order. Cal needed to gauge the mentality of his squadron leaders, and Corona Squadron was one with a grand tradition of fighting the Empire.

    The doors to the reception opened, which was only manned by C-3PO, leant to him by Leia in the absence of a full diplomatic staff, and likely also designed to keep an eye on Cal's associates, as distrust was very much her way since the Senate rejected her nine years ago. That caution was prudent, and not paranoia - Leia was simply the mother of all under her command. Cal went to speak to Rhoen, to make a wisecrack into the reception area about how he was only a harmless politician, when the glass behind him shattered.

    Were Cal not thrown from his chair, his desk turned over, the other chairs for guests strewn to the corners of the room thrown far away, he would see a single, black armoured special forces Stormtrooper, having somehow infiltrated the ship and blown the wall out from the other room. A single pilot, aged, greyed, was unconscious on the floor, in the room over, maybe even dead.

    The trooper lifted his blaster and fired it at the door mechanism, not even looking to see if he hit and automatically caused it to close, and, standing over the still form of Cal Omas, lowered his pistol down to shoot him dead.

    TAG: galactic-vagabond422galactic-vagabond422
    IC: Leia Organa Solo
    Aboard the Home One, deep space near Yavin

    Leia sat, still, for a fair amount of time. In many ways she was alone, without counsel. Han was gone, Luke too, let alone Chewbacca and so many others. She had lost so much. One son to death, one to the darkness, one wandering the Galaxy oblivious to the greater cause, and another daughter somewhere in the Unknown Regions.

    In other ways, however, she was not, as apparent when the door to her suite chimed.

    Admiral Ackbar padded through. 'No luck?'

    'Of course not, old friend,' Leia wistfully recalling the many years they worked side by side as President and Grand Admiral, though of course she wore the titles of Chancellor and Chief of State, insofar as much as Ackbar was Fleet Admiral, Supreme Commander, and, at times, Senator for Dac to the New Republic. He had faked his death with the help of Winter in the dying days of the Yuuzhan Vong War, taking the reins of Insider One - formerly Wedge Antilles - and retooled the secret organisation known as the Insiders into the Resistance.

    She steeled her gaze, not needing to reminisce over events years gone any more.

    'Ematt is positioned on Shadow, and the recon squad should be arriving at Generis shortly. And then we can move on with Operation Starwalker. We don't have much time to get everyone together.'

    Ackbar turned his head, one eye fixing her with its gaze. 'Then we should check on Poe, should we not?'

    In orbit of Generis

    What was supposed to be a recon run was clearly not going to be just that. Poe Dameron, leading the six other survivors of their fated mission to destroy the Starkillwe base, including Temmin 'Snap' Wexley, Nieb Nunb and others, arrived to investigate the rumours that Generis had been targeted by the First Order - as opposed to the confirmed reports that Dubrillion, Mygeeto and Ord Trasi had fallen, which had struck Leia as odd.

    Those rumours were now very clear. Though Snap's X-wing had better sensors due to its recon suite, Nunb saw them first, chittering in Sullustan. 'A squadron at mark two!'

    There they were, twelve TIE fighters, First Order variants, thankfully not the SF twin gunner versions that had proven so difficult to take down. But that was just the vanguard

    Beyond it, screened by a further squadron, this of elderly Preybirds, was an Interdictor-class cruiser, flanked by a pair of Strike-class cruisers, pointed in-system towards a battle involving a quad of Mon Calamari cruisers being surrounded by three Resurgent-class Star Destroyers and double that of lesser capital ships. As they arrived, the Interdictor was illuminated by the flare of a Republic frigate exploring.

    They were immediately caught in the gravity well of the cruiser, and fighters swept over them. The engagement was a rout, one which the Republic fleet, likely bereft of strategic command, was going to lose and then lose every ship they had.

    This was the time that the astromechs of the squad took the moment to exchange excited chatter about something that Snap's fighter had recorded and thus had just untangled from the static...? Nunb didn't catch it all, something about triangulating coordinates, shuttles and Starkiller, as if they'd been working on it for the last fortnight.

    It was all too much for Nunb, and Snap's astromech was particularly insistence for his attention, all the while R9 toned to tell Poe that he had a channel from High Command ready to be opened and it sounded urgent.

    Nothing like a few things to deal with at once, was there?

    TAG: Ramza, PengRamzaPeng
    IC: 'Dunc' - an alias
    Shadow, moon to Corellia

    Dunc would not say that he knew Shadow like the back of his hand, but he knew it fairly well. It and his associates had made famous use of its infamous shadowport, for many years. Because the moonlet was called Shadow, Dunc absently assumed that it was the very first seedy port within the original Republic, thus, 'Shadow'. That it was a Corellian moon only sold the story, as a system which had a habit of refusing to buck to authority.

    Of course, that also made it, occasionally, brazenly stupid, if only to stick a proverbial appendage up at the central government. This meant that Thrackan Sal-Solo was a Minister in the government when he should have been in jail. And that meant that Thrackan was railing against the failures of the New Republic in protecting his late cousin, Han, from the maliciousness of the First Order, and for failing to keep a Corellian patriot from getting caught up in the affairs of Force users, segueing neatly into reasons why Corellia should have more influence over its own affairs and should resist the urge to commit to the side of either government, in spite of the remarkable freedoms Corellia had been given in the last near-decade since the Yuuzhan Vong War - that was in the face of Corellia nearly signing up to the side of the invaders.

    Dunc shook his head as he half-watched the holovid from the chair beneath his 'tramp' freighter. He had been here nearly a week, his eyes covered with black shades to indicate he was blind to the rest of the Galaxy, his walking stick rested beside the pot for credits. His main of white hair, as much on his face as his head, sold his age. It was all facade, but he had to wait for a particular freighter...

    And here it was.

    Duke Praxon was doing half publicised half secret mercy missions across the galaxy and it was only a matter of time before he was directed to this shadowport and Dunc could act. That Praxon looked like Han Solo, sufficiently enough to have done a role as him in a holofilm, would require him to be subtle, but Dunc already knew the Duke was coming.

    However, Dunc was not the only person in wait. Four other operatives, strewn around the busy port, were waiting for the The Easy Spacer to touch down, positioned to collect legitimate supplies for worlds in need that were in a desperate state following the cession of galactic commerce in the last fortnight of chaos. Until the centre was re-established, they were in deep trouble.

    As the ship touched down, still half watching it squeeze into a bay four ships down, still turning his head as if all he was doing was registering a new noise as a blind beggar with a broken down freighter behind him. The four ships between him, Dunc had already directed to be cased, in-case Praxon had been seen by another. He did not know all of their names, but was sufficiently content as to their harmlessness. One was a YT-1930 light freighter, the Noble One, and that was the only one Dunc knew the name of. Little did he know that it belonged to Elias Noble, a Jedi. It would have resulted in Dunc taking a very different approach to this abduction. Dunc squeezed a button on his disheveled coat, setting off a signal.

    Nor would Dunc know that one of his four compatriots had currently his ship, an elderly starhopper two ships down from the Duke's ship as it set down in the busy hangar, was in a state of disrepair that had required him to, only this morning - thus preventing him from informing the rest of the squad - to urgently hire Bre and Fred to repair the port engine manifold so he could actually escape. Half of the deceit involved various members of the gang heading into separate directions, betraying the military approach of the kidnapping to put it onto First Order scopes. The man, a human nicknamed Fox - his given name to Bre - had no intention of paying her, and even now was hovering over her as she worked, but Praxon was early, which meant he promptly turned as soon as he received the signal and slipped on his helmet, drawing a blaster quickly from a locker and ignoring Fred's curiosity as he all but ran towards the Duke's ship.

    'Go,' was the signal. It did not need to remind the four of them, all garbed as if a Guavian death clan, to keep their blasters set to stun. Standing and throwing off his shawl, Dunc pointed his blaster at Praxon as he came down the ramp, shouting across the busy plaza, people already scattering.

    'Praxon, this is your last curtain call!'

    TAG: HanSolo29, Nick, KtalaHanSolo29NickKtala
    IC: Captain Mitaka
    Aboard the Relentless, in orbit above Dagobah

    Captain Mitaka was absently holding a gloved hand to his throat even as his command decanted from hyperspace. A brand new Resurgent-class Destroyer, an excellent promotion potentially caused by the selfsame reason his hands were clasped to his throat. It had barely been a fortnight that he had been throttled by Kylo Ren for delivering bad news about the 'girl', who, it had turned out, was Rey, responsible for the maiming of someone as powerful and terrifying as Ren. The bruises on his skin had faded, slightly, but the soreness was still there.

    He moved his hand back from his throat, as he began to issue commands. 'Take us into geosynchronous orbit, now, deploy all transports and launch two squadrons as support. I want a third defending the ship and the rest on standby to launch.'

    Their mission? To track down each and every 'Force nexus' and ensure the Resistance were not making use of it. Dagobah was reported to have been used by Skywalker as his private retreat, a secret kept from many but of course not his nephews, which included Ren. After this they would look to Yavin, and Endor, and so on, until they found the Resistance. A single Destroyer was more than enough to annihilate the Resistance, what with most of its fighters having been lost.

    Little did they know what they would find.


    Down below, a single voice would alert Kodo Prine, reverberating through his mind as much as his breathmask as much as the air around him.

    'Time to end your seclusion, it is.'

    A second came, almost a growl.

    'Yes. Come to us, and we shall see where your fate truly lies.'

    And then the Force was full of many, many more signatures, roaring into low orbit and looking to find a safe place to land amongst the swamps and trees, a single transport, loaded with more than twenty stormtroopers, coming down not more than a dozen meters from his makeshift camp, homing in on three times their number in life forms, of too many sizes to decipher between.

    It would be a few minutes before they touched down.

    He did not have much time.

    TAG: Darth_WanderguardWanderguard
    IC: Tionne Solusar

    It was another brilliant and beautiful morning. Silently gliding down the stairs of their home, and quietly moving the kettle - an old, ceramic thing, one of the many quaint accessories to their little hovel, complete with a gas fire, of all things.

    As much as Tionne loved teaching, she found that she could again love their life. After the first few years in hiding, establishing their new identities, Tionne had despaired, but supported her often stoic husband in his pursuit of... Well, not pursuit. His fleeing from his guilt. But, over time, she had managed to weave her studies of ancient history into their journeys, until they had settled here, nearly three years ago.

    They had a good rapport with the neighbours, and while a few may have suspected what they were - Jedi, dare she whisper in her own head - none had any issue with them, in spite of the long and arguably tragic history that Dantooine had with the Jedi Order.

    Of course, Tionne absently thought, the Jedi Order's present was more than a little tragic. She remembered feeling the death of so many students, remembered Luke's decision, remembered the in-fighting as Corran wanted to honour Luke's wishes, and Kyp wanted to lead a hunt for Ben Solo, and the others simply fell in-between, Mara refusing to be involved when her own Ben was her concern. The recriminations, and the quiet insinuation that those masters who had fallen to the dark side in the past could not be included in the discussion had been enough, and the children had been whisked away into hiding, the few dangerous relics of the Order kept with Tionne.

    Tionne knew the sound of her clattering, no matter how quietly done, would wake Kam, but it was about time they woke. Pulling her nightdress close as she transferred from the kettle to the stove from be sink, the doorbell rang, and Tionne, so lost in her thoughts, simply called out to Kam, undoubtedly lying in bed and dragging out the morning. Then again he was just as likely to be fully dressed and off on one of his mediative walks. The kitchen was set back from the lounge, itself connected to the hallway where the stairs went down, past the front door, so arguably Kam was closer to the bell than she was.

    'Honey, the door?'

    Her voice was as musical as ever, and she took a small joy in imagining the smile on Kam's face, her smile, which belonged only to her.

    But her attention was caught by the sudden surge of adrenaline when her voice registered with their visitor, and Tionne's danger sense switched on, loudly. Promptly dropping the kettle in the sink, she assessed the situation swiftly - namely that her lightsaber was upstairs on her bedside cabinet. Her mind rushed for the reason they had been found, and was struck by the obviosity of it - the neighbours.

    Reaching out and engaging the second layer of locks with a twist of her mind she heard an impossible noise from the other side of the door, as she moved quickly but quietly towards it, hoping to get passed and up the stairs before it was knocked in.


    A crimson lightsaber burst through the door.

    TAG: TensuTensu
    IC: Haydnat Treen
    Eshan, medical facilities of the MSS

    It had been a harrowing two weeks.

    Haydnat Treen, off and on Senator for Kuat for decades, had gone to extreme pains simply not to side. On a ship of Kuati design on the edge of the Hosnian system - in point of fact running late to the State of the New Republic address that the late Chancellor Villecham was due to give - she and her crew had barely survived the shockwave and subsequent radiation that had bathed the system when their vessel had been crippled by the firing of the Starkiller superweapon.

    Lesser women would have still been in shock from the affair, and one of her surviving crew had actually gone full blown insane from the affair, but Treen was made of harder stuff and she knew she had to get back into the fray and get Kuat into place to survive the future, and quickly. That meant tracking from Vincent Mikaru, who was the man who had saved her. Once she met him, she could push on from there.

    She found him in his last therapy for radiation exposure, and while Treen had anticipated he was the man who had directed the dangerous mission to save survivors, she had not expected that Vincent had done so himself. It sent her stomach a flutter at the idea of voluntarily not only putting her servants and employees into danger but also herself and she knew that Vincent was not a man to be toyed with. But, she was already here, and she had made an official request.

    Another man was there, waiting for him to finish his session. Heavy set, he gave Treen an appraising look, and Treen recognised his gait of that of a soldier of some kind. Vincent with his files might have a better chance of recognising him, but even then, it had been nine long years since Corran Horn had been seen in the galaxy at large, and he was, obviously, in disguise, his beard grown out, his skin tone with a pink pigment within it to make him appear a Zeltron, his clothes were the only link to his past, with Corellian greens throughout.

    As the only member of the Resistance that had stayed in one place, or Horn hoped that Mikaru was in the Resistance, it seemed if Horn wanted to get back into his fight he needed to start right here and right now. And so he was here, watching through the glass as the droids tended to Vincent.

    The doorway behind Treen clicked open and she turned, very surprised to see the aforementioned crew member who had cracked, her hair askew. She was in medical clothes, and Treen could even see Iv's trailing from her hands. 'Michel, you should not -'

    Treen tuned into the former engineers muttering. 'I sawwhatwashappeningstoppedtheshipmadeusarriveearlybrokenmychains... Broken the ship, broken.' Horn stepped up to Treen, midway moving around her to interpose himself between Michel and the Kuati, his mouth open to issue a warning, the deranged patient setting off a danger sense for him, though with a quick scan of Michel there were no weapons he could see -

    And then she thrust up her hand as Corran's shoulders came in line with Treen's and he was hurtled back, hard, into the wall behind him, cracking the transparisteel of Vincent's booth and dropping him out cold. Treen fell to the side, the elderly woman struggling to catch her breath.

    What in the nine Corellian Hells was going on?

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  18. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Vincent Mikaru
    Saara’s Ascent, Eshan, MSS Orbital Station, Medical Facilities

    Probably the most soothing aspect of bacta immersion was the complete removal of ones self from the world. This wasn’t so much a force technique as a meditative state honed through a life time of martial training. A calming centering state, a place to focus while the body mends, away from the pain.

    For Vincent he was on a boat floating along the Celisia river in the Southern quarter of the Northern Provence. The wind was chilled, and a fog skirted above the slow moving water as thermal heat pushing up from the vents bellow met the near frigid air.

    The jagged cliff faces of the Celisia basin rose up around him and he could hear the calls of the various cliff races that made their home in the nooks and crannies. He let out a breath, steam wafting in front of him as he leaned against the single plush chair on the craft, his eyes falling onto the blood red moss that grew on the rocks closest to the water, feeding on the heat the formations absorbed.

    Then there was a crack, a sound and a visual. It echoed through the basin, the birds scattering and becoming silent as a large crack, devoid of colour save white formed in front of him. Standing up the boat, strangely, didn’t shake at his sudden movements, and the crack spread, white light filtering through until the reality shattered.

    Blinking his eyes Vincent’s vision was blurred, and slowly filtered back in, the river and cliffs replaced with white and grey walls, sterile medical construction of Imperial inspiration, dating back decades. The tank he was in drained and the glass cylinder split open allowing him to step out onto an absorption mat.

    A single medical droid held out a set of shorts that Vincent quickly grabbed pulled on before standing up straight and getting his bearings. It was only then that he noticed the crack in the observation window, and the scuffle that had just gone on. “Security,” he called out, his left eye wincing as a burst of static filled his head, his commlink implant switching back on. “Incident outside treatment center five.”

    Pushing away from the droid that was giving him a lecture about taking it easy that he’d heard several times before, grabbed a medical robe that he pulled around himself and marched towards the exit into the observation room. After the two weeks of annoyance and hell that he’d been through after Hosnian he was in no mood for any sort of disruption like this, certainly not just outside his personal treatment.

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  19. Zedd-Vega

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    Dec 13, 2003
    IC as Raadu

    Somewhere in space, Onboard the Whispers of Bogden, Evening

    “It's fishy.” The hologram of the Quarren said as he checked the message over for what appeared to be the eightieth time.​

    “Of course it's fishy, Malbin.” Raadu replied. “'Sides... I'm no killer.”​

    Malbin massaged his temples with his fingers and let out a sigh. “But ten grand, Raad! Ten!”​

    “You can't even buy a starship for that.”

    “A junker!”​


    The Quarren sighed again and kept the message on repeat. “Even if you're not a killer, this Gilad guy dumped ten grand into your account. Can you imagine the money he'd drop if you pulled this one off?”​

    Raadu gave a soft groan and reclined back in his communication room's chair. “Check and see if anyone else got this message. He wouldn't just send it to a tracker if this was a Bump Job.” Raadu was perceptive enough to realize that; special skill sets were needed to take someone out. He was confident enough in his own abilities to assume he could locate this person, get their routines down, and find wherever they liked to frequent. But that would be the end of it...​

    'I'm no killer.' He thought.​

    “Checking... checking... yep, here we go. Sent to two others. Not that it matters.”​

    The scout groaned again. “Of course it doesn't matter who. Usually in games like this, they pit their dogs against one another sooner or later. No one works together in that line of business. Kill or be killed. Especially when there's the First Order lurking out there. Guaranteed they've gotten wind of it somehow... it'd be suicide.”​

    He stood up and made his way to the cockpit of the Whispers and plotted his course. A few silent moments passed before the hologram of the Quarren popped up on his dash.​

    “Raad? What're you doing?”​

    He flicked the protective switch on his hyperdrive and shot a sideways glance to his agent.​

    “Killing myself.” Raadu said, flipping off the transmission as his ship made the jump. It was a stretch really, calling it a suicide mission. But having been used to keeping his own transmissions secret, he used Malbin as a filter of sorts, bouncing any messages directed at him through his associate from Mon Cal. He couldn't really call him a friend, seeing as all that was on his mind was money.​

    Raadu would rather be alive than dead.​

    “So where does this message say I need to go...” He checked his datajournal, skimming the entries he typed in as Malbin recited the message mere hours ago. Raadu had this thing about taking his own notes and not relying on datapads being handed to him. Paranoia, some called it.​

    As he fine-tuned his course, Raadu glanced to the empty seat beside him. A brief glimpse of his old friend appeared for just a moment as the vision of the Whiphid turned and smiled.​

    “Be mindful of the future, because it's often that the Force guides us towards what we seek most.”

    Raadu smiled and shook his head.​

    'And I'll find you, old friend. Force willing...'

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  20. Darth_wanderguard

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    Apr 26, 2005
    IC: Kodo Prine -- Makeshift Camp, Dagobah

    The young Kel Dor Jedi known as Kodo Prine sat quietly before his campfire. The soft crackling it made was only a whisper against the active soundscape of the endless Dagobah swamp -- the chittering vocalizations of insects nearby, the low mourning howl of something else entirely a little farther off. He heard nothing from the depths of his meditation, or nothing with his ears rather, and yet he heard all of it through the force.

    His camp was simple; a fire, a log for sitting, and a small cot of relatively dry moss upon which to sleep, picked from the tree only a meter or so away and piled as a barrier against the soggy ground. It was a familiar set up, one he always seemed to use when he moved and made a new temporary dwelling. There were times when he would do so a bit less frequently, when his thoughts were less chaotic, though as of late he had found himself fleeing his camps often, as though he could flee from himself in doing so.

    He had done this for nine years. Nine years which his isolation had made almost surreal, and in which his most primitive aspects were brought to the forefront. The simplicity of this life -- food, water, and warmth as his only concerns -- had done as much in helping to calm him as his meditations on the force ever could, which was still less than he wished, on both accounts.

    'Time to end your seclusion, it is.'

    'Yes. Come to us, and we shall see where your fate truly lies.'

    Then in a moment, something had changed as these words reverberated within him, and his eyes snapped open. He felt a sentience other than himself for the first time in nearly a decade, and it was as if he had woke from a dream. He heard a ship approaching from above, and he knew immediately that if he did not act, he would be in danger.

    Thinking quickly, he looked up at a hefty branch directly overhead, and leapt upward with the help of the force. Catching the branch with the fingertips of his right hand, he swung his left around and found a better grip, pulling himself up with a grunt and perching atop it, retreating a few steps back to where it met the tree trunk so that he was obscured by the foliage. Patiently he crouched there, one hand grasping a branch above him while the other grazed the hilt of the lightsaber which hung from his belt, ready to shear the branch off in front of him and bring it down onto where he had been standing only moments before.

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  21. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Elias Noble
    Shadow, Corellian moon

    Elias woke with a start, falling off the bench upon which he had been dozing. He hit the ground with a thud and groaned. His head was throbbing. He started to stand up, but as soon as he was level, the room spun. He was apparently still drunk. Faintly, Elias could hear someone yelling outside his ship. Wherever he happened to be. The day was a haze of bad decisions, and Elias was only partially certain of where he had docked his ship.

    Elias reached out across the Main Hold, where he had apparently passed out, and his staff rushed to his extended hand. He slowly, unsteadily, walked towards the boarding ramp. He used an old Jedi technique for clearing his body of airborne toxins to lessen the effects of the alcohol still fogging his mind. It wouldn’t work perfectly, but his hangover would be considerably more bearable.

    As the hatch extended, Elias realized that not only was it not night, as he had thought, but it was mid-day. He looked out onto a crowded plaza of people running for their lives. ‘Another day in paradise,’ he thought, then vaguely remembered this wasn’t even Coruscant. He had taken a late, inebriated trip to Corellia’s moon, Shadow. He briefly wondered if he had brought anyone with him. Elias was shaken from his reverie, when he noticed several gun-laden men.

    With no reason yet to involve himself, Elias was content to watch the standoff unfold. He had apparently stumbled upon a stick-up gang lead by a blind, homeless beggar. Elias followed the villain’s aim to a man that bore a striking resemblance to the actor, Duke Praxon. His mouth opened slightly, at the bizarre scene before him. To make matters worse, Elias looked down and realized that he wasn’t wearing a shirt or shoes and his blue skin was shining in the sunlight. What a way to sober a man up.

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  22. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Rhoen Aquilla
    Galactic Voyager, outskirts of the Ruan system

    Rhoen took a deep breath while adjusting his holster. He was unused to carrying his weapon at his hip, or maybe it was because he was armed while meeting Cal Omas, political head of the New Republic. He wasn’t only worried about the blaster on his hip.

    He brushed the Captain’s insignia on his uniform. It was only a brevet rank, conferred upon him due to the same emergency status that required him to be armed, even for a civil meeting with a political officer. Extenuating circumstances aside, he was still the leader of Corona Squadron and that command weighed heavy on him. He now had twelve beings that he was responsible for, making sure they were ready to fight, making sure they were deployed correctly in combat, making sure of so many different things it was almost too much.

    Then there was his mom, Valere Aquilla, she was stationed at the Hosian system when it was destroyed by Starkiller Base. He’d asked if she was confirmed KIA but, no word had reached him. It was the not knowing that was killing him. If she was dead he and his father could grieve for her, and if she was alive he could be with her once again. This middle ground, this holding out hope with one hand and clutching a fearful heart in the other, it was unbearable.

    He shook his head and ran a hand though his blonde hair, made lighter my hours spent under the sun back home on Chandrilla. The New Republic needed Captain Aquilla, leader of Corona Squadron, not Rhoen, Valere’s boy. They needed a pilot, not a worried son.

    He gave another look to C-3PO, the only other humanoid in the room with him. The droid had provided some distraction with conversation but, Rhoen’s nervousness kept him quiet for long periods of time. Finally the door opened revealing an older human male sitting behind a desk. Rhoen approached prepared to snap to attention and salute.

    Before he could cross the threshold though, an explosion knocked the young pilot back. A black clad trooper stood over Cal Omas firing at the door control. Rhoen was already in a sprint drawing his weapon as he ran. Not knowing if the door would be coming down or not the pilot dropped into a slide. He pointed his weapon at the being now actively threatening Cal Omas, firing off as many shots as he could out of his DT-12 blaster. They weren’t well aimed but maybe they’d be enough to scare the operative off, then again there was always a chance he could get lucky.

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  23. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Belila Gambros (Bre)
    Shadow Moon to Corellia


    Bre pulled up the cover on her face, and adjusted her goggles as a starhopper dusted down a few stalls over. Bre was already annoyed. She got called into to do an urgent fast patch on some old ship, and the bantha who hired her, a human named Fox, was hovering over her like a swatfly on poodoo. She didnt like the guy, and he was giving off all kinds of bad vibes. Still, a job was a job, but she kept her eyes and ears open, having instructed Fred to keep watch. Something stank on this job, and she was pretty sure, it wasnt just the stale air in this place. She had planned to go to Corellia, but got stuck on Shadow. Lovely place. She couldnt wait until the next hop. But earning a few creds could be useful. But it was already proving more of a pain than she originally planned.

    Bre was reaching for a spanner, when Fred suddenly began squacking like mad. Beeps and whistles filled the air. Bre's head shot up, when Fred gave her a certain whistle. A blaster? Fox? Bree grabbed the scanner and scooped up the rest of her tools as she scanned the area quickly. Someone was going to be real disappointed, as she was not going to have a chance to finish the repairs. Following Fred's whistle, she saw that the human Fox had put on some strange helmet, and have taken off, running towards the ship that had just landed, blaster in hand. Didnt take a genius to figure out if 'Fox' off'ed someone coming off that ship, they woudlnt want to leave any witnesses around. Bre packed her tools, and whistled for Fred to load up, her swoop next to her. She peered over her swoop, looking for a good escape path.

    Her head hurt. Some guy was coming down the ramp, and Bre could hear shouting across the busy plaza, people already scattering. Fox was running towards the ship. Another guy was yelling out to the man. "Praxon, this is your last curtain call!." Bre frowned. It sounded kinda - staged. Why yell out to someone you planned to shoot? Course, not unless the folks Fox was working for was different than the other guy doing the yelling. A deal gone bad? Still, nothing for her to deal with directly at the moment. Not unless...

    Bre whirled about, as the sound of a hatch from another ship nearby opened. Another being, male, seemed to be curious, took a look out of the ship's hatchway. What caught Bre's eye, was the pale blue color of the alien's skin.

    He looked ... familiar?

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  24. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Atropos
    Imperial Shipyards, Yaga Minor

    A dead man surveyed a soon-to-be-dead man, three-quarters of a kilometre distant, through a powerful macroscopic sight. According to the bounty, the soon-to-be-dead man was one Moff Getelles, one of the Council leading the Imperial Remnant.

    The trouble was, the dead man did not now consider the soon-to-be-dead man an overridingly important target - not after hearing what the speaker, another Moff, was saying. The key words were 'First Order' and the dead man had two major reasons to harm proponents of that organisation in preference to any others; particularly others of unknown exact affiliation and/or loyalties.

    Dialling back the magnification, the dead man ever-so-slowly panned the sight about, searching for anything out of place. There.... and, yes, there. Two Armoured figures. Not Stormtroopers but apparently Mandalorians; and what would Mandos be doing here? Other than sticking out like sore thumbs, of course.

    Although he possessed personal armour of his own, and pretty effective armour at that, the dead man was currently clad in fully civilian garments - the better to pass unnoticed; as he had been taught since the time he could fully comprehend his father's words.

    Zooming in to closely inspect each 'Mando' in turn, the dead man noted that neither had as capable a weapon for 'reaching out and touching a subject with a clean kill-shot' as his own Sniper-configured DC-17m. If the 'Mandos' were in this area for the same reason the dead man was, they weren't trained assassins; that was for sure!

    The dead man’s father had fully trained his son as an assassin; incorporating his own training by Palpatine's Internal Security Bureau as well as his experiences as a Shadow Field Operative. The ISB must have had a real shock when his father had deserted and joined up with a very anti-Imperial Mercenary Group at around the time of the battle of Yavin!

    No. Let the amateurs try to make the hit on Moff Getelles if they wanted to (and could), that Moff was one of the more inoffensive variety, as far as the dead man was concerned. Unlike the still-ranting example. Time, then, for him to exfiltrate via his father's favourite 'Fresher-pipes maintenance-duct' route - it was how he had climbed to his perch - before any entangling trouble started.

    Only he couldn't. This was the first time he'd had anyone remotely close to the First Order in his sights and the rage was swelling in him, burning ice-cold, not hot. Almost unbidden, the 'scope came into the aim on the speaker and the rifle recoiled into the dead man's shoulder.

    Without looking, either at the weapon or the result of his shot, the dead man took the Deece apart and packed it into its inconspicuous (and sensor-shielded) carry-case, prior to heading along the exfiltration route back to his ship.

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  25. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Duke Praxon
    Shadow, moon to Corellia

    Traveling to Shadow had been a risk…he had known that going in, had been warned countless times by his agent that he was to forgo his plans in order to pursue a more ‘safer’ alternative if he was so insistent on helping the cause. But in this day and age, what was truly considered safe? It was all in the eye of the beholder and even his wife, who was usually very sensitive over such matters, had trusted his intuition and had given him her blessing. And so, with the help of his assistant and mechanic, Wyn, he had packed up the Easy Spacer and set course for the Corellian system.

    The trip was only scheduled to take a few days and Praxon had taken every precaution in order to keep a low profile while operating on the moon. Or so, he thought…

    ”Praxon, this is your last curtain call!”

    The gruff proclamation sent an icy chill down his spine, but it wasn’t until his eyes - hidden behind an expensive pair of dark shades - locked with the barrel of the blaster that he froze and promptly dropped the supply container he had been carrying. The sound made a metallic ‘clank’ on the landing ramp, which in turn, alerted Wyn that something was off.

    ”You alright, Ian?” his assistant called down from above.

    Praxon noted the use of his given name. He was no longer ‘the Duke’ here - a persona he had adopted a long time ago and had since become as much a part of who he was as the face he saw each day when he looked in the mirror. With a wince, he responded to the inquiry by lifting his hands into the air, not wanting to make his assailant nervous. The last thing he wanted to do was call for help and risk getting shot by some guy with an itchy trigger finger.

    “Easy,” he uttered coyly, hoping that Wyn would hear him and take the hint to get help. “Take it easy, okay?”

    He kept his gaze leveled at the other man, silently assessing him and trying to determine what it is he wanted. While he quickly ran down the list that included rabid fanboy, emotionally disturbed psychopath and much worse, he decided to give the man the benefit of the doubt and settled on the least threatening scenario - partly because he didn’t want to deal with anything else and to make himself feel better - and determined that this was another poor victim of the Hosnian tragedy.

    “I know it’s been hard, I really do,” he started in again, trying to sound sympathetic. With his hands still in the air, he nudged the supply container with the toe of his boot and kicked it down the ramp. “Here, take it. It’s yours…all of it. Anything you need is right there. That’s why I came. See? I don’t want any trouble…”

    By this point, he noticed that several onlookers were starting to gather, most notably, a young girl and a blue alien, both of which stood out against the harried scene unfolding around them. But it didn’t matter if they were running away in fear or gawking, it did very little to boost his confidence. It was only a matter of time before his secret was out and the media came swooping in like vultures to the kill. All they would want is that money shot of an assailant pointing a blaster at Duke Praxon.

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