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    IC: Susulur Dha'tra
    Med Bay, Rosa traveling the hyperspace lanes

    Twinges are one of the hardest things not to do. The med droids could monitor his breathing and his heart pulsating to move either in time with or in the still gaps between breath motions. At first he had tried to ignore what was happening, what he had asked to be done, an elective, voluntary changing of his being. The smell of his own flesh being charred by the laser scalpel was not so bad the second time around, he knew what to expect.

    Like the smell of a beast set to roast over an open flame that just starting to cook a little too long by the flames, with just a tinge of something antiseptic that had been sprayed to clean the area first vaporizing to mix in the smoke that his helmet did not mark as toxic enough to be filtered out of his breathing air supply. He had stood in battle fields and fried others with his blaster, he had cut beings in twain with plasma and lasers. Yet this was different, because there was no cloth burning, no vegetation, no alien odors in this sterile room, nothing the scent of his own flesh roasting.

    Then it had begun, the jabbing sawing motion of what he was certain was a blunt instrument inserted through the wound. Intermittently the droids would pause, spread him wide and using the laser scalpel as a cauterizing tool burn closed any arteries, veins or large capillary beds that started to bleed. Adding the tang of his crisped blood to the already nauseating odors and the odd sensation of seeing something jabbing into his bodies core with seeming abandon that only a medical droid could do. . .and so he twinged.

    The droids paused.

    He paused.

    Then the droids resumed, he tried to focus on the meeting as the droids cauterized more bleeders from his action, then sprayed something cold and chilling inside the pocket they were weaving into his body. When the nursing droid came forward with a stickily coated and curved item in its grasps he flinched again as they opened him and slowly approached.

    He paused. Holding his breath.

    The droids did not pause, they merely slowed. Pushing it into him, into a socket they had made where his body never had an opening to begin with. A fresh spray, one. . .two. . .a rubbing motion of his body that sent daggers of pain deep beyond the reach of the mild anesthetics that numbed the surface of himself and his 'pocket'. Then the singular command as he tried to focus on the words of Solo.


    Whoosh. Out, in, and then the sprays resumed. A smoldering patch of synthflesh was laid over the wound. Seemingly burning and melting itself into his being he knew that shortly he would not even have a scar by the implant.

    "Your body will be completely healed by morning. A med droid will come to check on you then. Bed rest for the next few days and take it easy for the next two weeks. Although you will be fully functional it is still a shock to your system sir." the skull faced droid stated in the infamous tones of the 2-1B's that littered the galaxy.

    "Right." he simply stated as he lay there a moment longer. Solo might have a more precise location for where Snoke is headed. Interesting. "Help me back into my armor."

    "Sir you need to take it easy, I would not advise. . ."

    The droid came up short as Susulur raised a hand, "I cannot take it easy without my armor. Either fit me back or I will do so myself with harsher results on your work."

    "Very well sir. I am listing this as against medical protocol and recommendations."

    "You do that." he simply replied as he opened a speaker to broadcast from his ship. Hopefully it wouldn't scare the lady on the catwalk below and near his ship too much. He had not seen her look up yet to take stock of her surroundings fully. {"Although I agree Solo your thoughts bare merit we should at least check Esfandia before proceeding further. As one of the few established Holonett relays into the Unknown regions, a First Order presence would not only be likely to be large, but could be the first stationary safe harbor Snoke knows of in his plans for conquest."}

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    Belila Gambros (Bre)
    Aboard the Millennium Falcon, wherever it was

    Bre sat quietly, crouched down, while she watched activities from afar. It was still too soon, to interact with all these people. She stayed hidden, crouched down while adjusting the goggles covering her eyes. She didnt know what was going on, not that it really mattered. She just wondered if she could get something to eat.

    As Bre sat quietly with Fred, she heard the accoustic sounds of a speaker being turned on. And it was close. And LOUD. {"Although I agree Solo your thoughts bare merit, we should at least check Esfandia before proceeding further. As one of the few established Holonett relays into the Unknown regions, a First Order presence would not only be likely to be large, but could be the first stationary safe harbor
    Snoke knows of in his plans for conquest."}

    Bre winced slightly, as she looked to see what ship was broadcasting. Was the person inside? She looked around and up, suddenly realizing some folks might be looking in her direction. She continued to look for the ship broadcasting. It was a neat trick. She wondered is she could do that with her bike.

    Bre refused to think of the comments the voice made. Because that would mean having to think about HIM, and it was far too early for that. They were planning to persue? Didnt they know a wounded animal was often much more deadlier to deal with, especially if it felt like it was being cornered? Bre shuddered.


    She refused to think about that now. The Unknown regions. She had spent quite a few years there. Hidding. Try to survive. Not a pleasant memory. After working so long, to earn passage to get away from that area of space, it seemed she was destined to head right back into it. Bre frowned darkly. Right now, she focused on waiting till the others began to move, before she would attempt to hunt down some place to grab some food. One thing at a time.


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    IC: Myna'vera
    En Route to Chandrila

    “I’m jumpy because there’s a Ryn on my ship when there’s not supposed to be.” Myna replied as she headed towards the galley, a location that he obviously had been before, since he was leading the way. “And in answer to your sort-of-question, I’m doing both, though I hope this job might get me some help with my problem.”

    “I’m pretty positive that you were Jumpy before I showed up, but that’s just my humble opinion.” He let out a gleeful ‘ah’ as he found a disposable cup, and a caf-pod for the brewer sitting on the counter top. “So rather than running from a problem you’re running towards it, not sure that really constitutes me sharing my name, I’ll have to ponder that one. After all what’s it matter, I’m only going to be getting out of your hair once we get where we going, that is what you want yes?”

    “At the moment, yes. My past has led to me not trusting people further than I can throw them, and at the moment, I can’t throw you very far…” Myna replied, moving to sit on one of the lounge benches. She wasn’t ready to reveal that she was force sensitive to him, though she had a feeling that he knew already. And that unfortunately would make her answering his question more difficult. “So…”

    “That makes me feel somewhat offended, as though you’re saying that I’m heavy or something.” He placed the cup under the dispenser and settled the pod in it’s port before letting the brewer do it’s thing. “Not that my wounded feelings mean much. No, soon as I’m off you’ll forget all about little old me, easy to forget about us Ryn, it’s easy then to understand how we know so many things, people over look us, yet we’re everywhere.”

    Myna groaned mostly to herself, she hadn’t meant it like that, but of course he didn’t know what was actually bothering her, which was the basis of what she had meant. “You never know, you might make an impression. Well, a better one than the one I already have.”

    The Ryn gave a shrug, as he stood there waiting, moving back and forth on the balls of his feet as he took in the aroma of the caf being brewed. “Making impressions however isn’t something I overly do very frequently. I generally try to be ignored ya know? Made an exception for you and you shot me.”

    Myna sighed again, and laid down on the bench. “I have trust issues, I’m sorry. Besides, you put a restraining bolt on my droid, I feel like you deserved it.”

    “Bolt didn’t even work.” He gave a shrug, “But to be fair, usually we have to actually do something like that to avoid getting shot, we’re not exactly a well liked species you know?” The caf finished brewing and the Ryn took time to carefully dispose of the pod, being sure to leave no mess, before taking the cup and just sort of, breathing it in. “I haven’t had a good cup of Caf in months.”

    “Been busy?” It was an innocent enough question, but she sort of regretted asking it, because she knew she was unlikely to care once he was gone.

    “Always.” The answer was just as enigmatic as one should have expected.

    “So busy you couldn’t stop and make a cup of caf?” She thought to herself. No one was that busy, and if you were, then you probably drank way too much caf, or none at all… “Not that I expect you to answer, but what interest do you have in Chandrila? Whatever it is, must be important…”

    “I already said I couldn’t tell you, otherwise I would tell you.” He finally took a sip, savouring the moment. “In short tho, I’ve been too busy and in places too far away from a decent market to get any caf.”

    “Sorry.” Was all she replied with. To both his statements though. “I don’t know how much sleep you’ve gotten lately, but I think I’m going to go find my bed. Help yourself to whatever food my droid procured if you get hungry, just save me some for later” Myna added, slowly sitting up, and then taking a moment to steady herself from the momentary dizziness.

    The Ryn watched her momentary stumble and then raised an eyebrow. He wasn’t going to say anything, really wasn’t, but he just shook his head and let out a sigh. “Try and find a Taozin amulet… wear it, and keep one of your little lizard friends near.” He pulled a small amulet out of from behind his shirt and pointed to it. “After all… you didn’t know I was around till it was too late…” He gave a bit of a tilt to his head, “I did say I read your cards… didn’t I?”

    “That you did, that you did…” Myna replied, getting up slowly and then exiting the galley. Dee beeped a question at her as she passed by. “No, leave him be.”

    The droid continued standing guard, while Myna continued to her cabin, she felt exhausted, nearly falling as she passed through the doorway. Luckily the room was small and she caught herself on the bed she was destined for. After a moment the nausea faded, and she climbed onto the bed and passed out…


    Untold hours later, Myna re-awakened. Marginally better rested, yet still very tormented by whatever machinations were assaulting her in the Force. Her varied cries and whimpers in her sleep, a testament to the fact that she was still suffering.

    She was covered in a layer of sweat, and only after she had found a towel nearby to dry her face did she hear the alarm that one of the droids must’ve set for her, likely to tell her that they would be exiting hyperspace shortly. Hopefully long enough for her to take a shower...

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    IC: Rhoen Aquilla
    Hangar, Rosa, Yavin

    "If I may." The Zabrak, Argen, Rhoen remembered spoke up rasing his hand in much the same way the young pilot had. "First I’d like to say it’s good to see you Generals." He made a gesture to Leia and 'Han'. The captain had to bite his tongue, he knew the man he just called General wasn't really deserving of the rank but, they had to keep up the charade. But, by measures, he was slowly becoming more and more like the famous smuggler, or at the very least Rhoen's image of him based on his mother's descriptions. "I doubt you remember me, the Alliance was a big place, but I certainly remember you." The young pilot wondered if this would be another person that would mention his mother being proud of him. "Second, as I mentioned in my brief transmission earlier I had been shadowing the Imperial Taskforce I came out in front of for some time."

    Argen continued talking about the transmissions he intercepted. They were long range something that shouldn't be possible with the Holo-net down, unless they'd set up some sort of network. This reminds Rhoen that he couldn't contact his home, couldn't reach his father. The distance between them now was massive, and maybe that was for the best. He wouldn't have to see his father's face when he told him that his wife, Rhoen's mother, was gone. The ship's captain continued making mention of the hidden network and the lengths the First Order must have gone through to hide their tracks. Also that the transmissions were encrypted, typical.

    "I’ve an Astromech, and I see you’ve one as well." Rhoen looked to 'Ace' on the other side of the hangar. "They’re notorious for their ability to overcome the odds in times of need. While we still have some time, I might ask that we task them with sifting through the data, we might find ourselves with an advantage if we do."

    "'Ace' might be able to help with that." Rhoen called out, "I've only met them a few hours ago but, they've been a great help to me."

    "I might have something more direct," 'Han' announced, "It likely won’t contain all the techno babble you’re looking for, but it might give us a location. Beyond Esfandia, I mean." Rhoen's attention turned to the older man, he was looking at General Organa-Solo. Something on his face looked pained. "Before all hell broke loose around Yavin, I received an encrypted message from my daughter out in the Unknown Regions. She was out there on some personal Jedi fact-finding pilgrimage or…whatever…"

    Daughter, Jaina Solo, another member of the legacy club, though she has trice the weight as he does. Daughter of the galaxy's greatest smuggler, and its greatest leader, it also doesn't help that she's niece to the greatest Jedi of his generation. What kind of weight must she be under? His mother told him stories of the Solo family, the first family of the galaxy, strong in the force, some of the best pilots in the New Republic.

    What must it have been like to grow up in such a house, knowing that your parents were legends in their own right? It was different for him, he never saw his mother as the great pilot, the fearless leader of Corona Squadron. She was just his mom, the woman that would tell him bedtime stories of the great battles, of Yavin, of Endor, of Courscant. The woman that taught him how to fly and showed him that the galaxy was bigger than the farm he grew up on. That's why he's so surprised at how many people knew her, respected her, because to him, she was just his mom.

    "Although I agree Solo," A voice boomed though the hangar, "your thoughts bare merit we should at least check Esfandia before proceeding further. As one of the few established Holonett relays into the Unknown regions, a First Order presence would not only be likely to be large, but could be the first stationary safe harbor Snoke knows of in his plans for conquest."

    Rhoen's countenance changed slightly he did not relish the thought of facing the First Order again, not so soon. He gave another look to Lysa, still feeling the fatigue in his muscles. He would most defiantly need a rest before getting back into a fighter. He put his head back letting out a breath. He hoped this meeting would be over soon, it was getting harder to keep his eyes open.

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    IC: Argen
    Rosa, hangar bay

    Argen almost visibly winced at the sound coming from the ship, he guessed it was the fellow in the Med Bay, a Mandalorian he assumed from all the armor he'd seen. He then almost winced from the mans idea. "I would normally not be adverse to the idea our remote broadcasting friend suggest, this ship is equipped with very high quality signal jammers and able to go into silent running very easily and effectively, but there is one small problem." He let out a breath, "While this ship is more than capable of moving around without the First Order detecting her, we now have a YT-1300 freighter strapped to our dorsal docking port. That extra mass on the hull completely alters the mass signature of this ship, and with it being damaged it might very well cause unexpected and unregulated energy leaks." He crossed his arms and gave Han a side glance, knowing the captain wouldn't like what he was about to suggest. "If we want to investigate the Esfandia system we're going to need to drop out well outside the system, and leave the Falcon for us to retrieve later. If I recall Esfandia has no other planetary bodies, not even a star. So there are no objects in system we can use to mask ourselves with the falcon present. Though there is an alternative."

    Argen turned his attention now to the Star Courier that sat like a the Elephoth in the room it was. Veedo noticed this and immediately whistled loudly, talking about how the ship had started to power up on its own and how he had to pull the main power and wipe the computer core before reinstalling a standard OS. And by standard he meant the same one on the Silent Reaper that sat docked on the underside of the ship. "What my little friend here is trying to say is he's done some repairs to this ship, after it appeared it and it's original droid companion tried to hijack this starship and then bolt. And this ship," Argen held up his wrist comm, which had the command codes that he certainly hoped Veedo had reauthorized. Tapping a few commands he watched, and waited as the ship slowly shimmered, and faded from view. "This ship, has a cloaking device."

    "Additionally the Rosa has a secondary craft docked along the ventral section of the ship, some of you may have seen it on your way in. Its an Arakyd Industries Stalker-class Light Interceptor called the Silent Reaper, I've had that ship for over 30 years. It's no Millennium Falcon but she's a solid ship with some stealth systems of her own and other mods, but nothing as fancy as this Star Courier here. I recall one of you mentioning handing a ship off, that might not be necessary, though I assure you if you get my baby destroyed and somehow come back to life I'll kill ya."

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    Belila Gambros (Bre)
    On a Ship she knows nothing about, 'cept its connected to the Falcon

    Bre could hear the discussions going around the area, but it was pretty much all over Bre's head. She didnt understand, and really didnt want to understand it all. All she really wanted to do, was to find sompelace where she could get some food, and a place to properly crash. As if to agree, her stomach growled loudly. Bre felt the heat in her cheeks rise, even as Fred gave a small questioning bleep. Bre laughed softly. "Yeah, I know, sounds horrible dont it? But Im hungry." She told him with a small grin. Then she looked back out, into the area. "Hey Fred, you got any blueprints for this kinda ship on your data chips? Or something close, so we can find some food around here?"

    Fred was silent except for a soft whirling sound, as he double-checked his data-banks. He gave a soft bleep. He didnt have anything for this exact ship, but he did have something for a ship of similar design. Fred also informed Bre that he could probably get within a 95 percent probablilty of leading them to the galley. He also mentioned his sensors could most likely pick the oder of the humanoid foodstuffs. Bre grinned. "Lead the way."

    Bre began to follow Fred, as the winded their way down, avoiding the othes while they went hunting for something to eat. Fred was rather glad to see her acting more like her old self, and if food is what she needed, then food was what he was going to find for her.

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    IC: Chapter Twenty Three

    There was usually an detectable point where an organisation was no longer recoverable on its own efforts.

    It is usually apparent in hindsight.

    For the ancient Sith Empire, it was not when Naga Sadow fled for Yavin 4, but when Vitiate decapitated the power base of the Sith Lords to fuel his own power; Acting Dark Lord Dakhan had successfully drove the Republic from the Stygian Caldera before his army was shattered.

    For the Brotherhood of Darkness, it was just as much the decision to dedicate to the battle of Ruusan as the betrayal of Darth Bane; the Brotherhood had lost most of its territory while battling against the Army of Light for two pointless years.

    The Separatists lost the war at the battle of Coruscant; they were no longer needed, that much was true. Grievous was just a loose end, and the thirty or so sectors that continued fighting after Order 66 did not have a chance. Two years after Darth Vader was anointed the last of the Separatists were done, even if dead-enders carried on fighting for another six years.

    For the Empire Proper? The triple blow of the Battles of Endor, Jakku and Coruscant ended that threat, but it was more hindsight to the Imperial Remnant than the New Republic, what with the Dark, Crimson and True Empire's all stepping into that void and fighting long after they should have surrendered.

    But for the New Republic? It was unclear whether it would fall at all. It could have been the failure to elect a First Senator, or the fall of Ben Solo, but in all likelihood it would come down to the destruction of the capital causing a climatic shift in galactic politics. The Galaxy would undoubtedly rearm, would undoubtedly prepare for a new civil war...

    ... Or was it already too late? Darth Wyyrlok mused, as his Lord slept, and peered forward. Had reality already bent towards this point?

    IC: Phasma
    Turning point at Ord Mantell

    They charged; the enemy fired back; Phasma took a glancing shot on a shoulder pad; Hidax would pass unscathed, but one of the two surviving stormtroopers was riddled with blaster holes and a blast skirted the cheek of the Private before they rushed the enemy.

    Four of the Mandalorians were dead before they hit them, and the remainder turned the battle into a hand to hand brawl; three Mandalorians against the five of them. The mercenary closest to the Private shot forward and drove a gauntlet blade beneath the second stormtroopers helmet, and became tangled with another in the body as it dropped.

    The Mandalorian elbowed the trooper and glanced to the Private, clearly determined to go for her next. Phasma moved on her attention, however.

    Hidax's foe snapped off a blaster shot at close range that was more likely to cause him to flinch than anything, what with how poorly targeted it was in the close combat situation, but in the moment he swung the butt of his rifle to catch Hidax across the face, intending to turn back and shoot the man as he fell, if he did from the blow.

    Phasma for her part rushed forward and threw her depleted weapon at her foe. He batted it aside but by then she towered over her foe and drove her fist into his throat, all power and no finesse.

    One more moment into the fight.

    One more moment before 'boom'.

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    IC: Kylo Ren
    The Bridge of the Ravager, Unknown Regions

    The man who had been formerly Ben Solo had paced his tram for the length of the trip to the bridge tower. An outburst would have seen him destroy one of the two only ways to the bridge, and so he had to pace, had to squeeze his gloved hand on the hilt of his lightsaber, had to contain his anger, to bank it, to save it, to ready himself. His eyes did not yet yellow over, but he knew they would soon enough - that his path to the dark side would be complete.

    The death of Han Solo had achieved that.

    When Kylo Ren arrived at the intersection before the bridge itself, his senses cast forward; nothing. No life signs. He stepped free, used the Force to weave a protective cocoon around himself and went to the precaution of adhering his booted foots to the floor.

    All of these were necessary precautions it seemed. He strode into the bridge, or, rather, what was left, a surge of air buffeting him as it left the chamber. The bridge was open to space, and the crew were floating, eyes open, dead.


    Bank it, store it, keep it ready.

    Kylo Ren could not blame this on his sister. He tapped at the comms console; nothing was intact to use. He checked weapons; he had a single tractor beam left, undoubtedly the one which Jaina had used to disable the superlaser in anticipation of the enemy fleet arriving... But they had simply disabled the flagship, and moved on...

    Leaving him and Jaina and a few hundred Stormtroopers, beyond the obvious. Kylo Ren checked sensors and damage; the inner depths of the ship were intact, and as such the secondary bridge was still in place, but without engines they were not going anywhere.

    He clenched his fist.

    Supreme Leader, what would you have me do?

    Unsurprisingly, he received an answer.

    Tram system

    The needle of interest blossomed into contact, her exhausted defences letting it bloom into a flower of form. In her minds eye a shadowed man arrived.

    Her body, however, was resting, with aplomb, meditation and a healing trance smoothing bruises, knitting at cuts, balancing out the chemicals associated with stress.

    The Shadow spoke softly. 'I would do you no harm. I would ask you of your intentions.'

    'You cannot have arrived by coincidence. You cannot have damaged the superlaser and have summoned a fleet to simply disable the ship... Unless you seriously believe that you can redeem your brother even now?'

    The man seemed to want to talk, to exchange truths, to be forthright, about everything apart from his identity, which even a determined probe would not reveal.

    The white space of her minds eye resolved into a picnic table in a pleasant glade. The wind was light, the sun, warm, but not harshly so, and a polite spread of food was lain. For a brief moment Jagged was sitting at the table, gesturing her close, and then he vanished, and Shadow took a place opposite where Jagged had been.

    'How genial. Your subconscious is in a place belying your obvious stress.' He reached for the teapot, poured it out, revealing chalk coloured hands. He gestured to a cup and a place at the table. 'Would you care for a tea?'

    Nearing Esfandia

    Eyes closed, Darth Plagueis, Snoke, Supreme Leader and Dark Lord, and soon, Emperor, mused in his meditations, a healing trance of his own, pushing the midichlorians to knit at the innumerable wounds he had suffered at the hands of his foes.

    His shuttle had taken damage, superficial in one way. It's hyperdrive was not proceeding as swiftly as it could, and that had the potential to undo the entire campaign.

    The Snoke Hit Squad was living up to it's name.

    En route, further back

    BB-8 tuned in Fred as they discussed which team people would be apart of, audio only. The Muun talked a lot, the little spherical droid debated. The droid also sent the link to the med bay, so Susular could stay appraised and have input through a comm channel if he wished.

    Goran retreated to his Aggressor to perform surgery of his own, at which point Fett seemed to resolve to make a decision. 'Goran, give your Aggressor to Genkal, and join me on Slave I. It's not functional if you need to disconnect the weapons to get the hyperdrive to work to disconnect that to get shields up.'

    He looked back to the gathering. 'We're on the insertion team. I'd suggest Susular, Rhoen and Lysa on the distraction team, but I'd also be tempted to switch up Goran in Susular's ship and let Susular join me aboard the, presumably, Star Destroyer. Slave I has some firecracker mines I can scatter across the insertion point. They'll disrupt sensors by going off at timed intervals after the initial half explode near the shields to get us in. The Falcon still has a cutter on it doesn't it?'

    Leia nodded; stiffly, clearly concerned by the issue her daughter was on board. 'So we can cut an insertion if needed.'

    Kyp Durron continued. 'The more insertion points the better. Maybe Fett should lead a more traditional run through a hangar, while Leia and the rest of us punch through with the Falcon.'

    Fett glanced at Argen, expecting the big man to chime in with his own location in things soon enough. Leia chimed in instead with the information that Argen didn't have. 'We have a way to track Snoke's shuttle, thanks to Fett. It uses a specific and currently unique isotope to hide its emissions and that isotope itself is detectable. As such coordinates and astromech's and so on are useful but that would be our main way of following him.'

    'Well I will be staying behind on Rosa with the droid crew so you needn't concern yourself as to me.' Damask looked sheepish. 'I am no warrior.'

    The Muun did however look at Argen. 'That cloak was not part of our deal, but if it is needed, you can have it.'

    Kyp spoke up. 'Either way, it'll make a great ship to move in with.'

    Wyn held out a datapad, the dashing assistant assisting as ever. Tapping a button, she transmitted the details to the others comlinks of the second Unknown Regions rendezvous.

    Leia's eyes cut across him, and at Han, testy about abandoning the Falcon. 'But we can talk more, when Susular isn't on a surgery board, and Rhoen and Lysa have had some rest. Everyone could do with some rest.'

    The General dispersed the group. Goran headed to Susular, and Leia made eyes at Argen and Damask, and walked over to the Scimitar, hands on her hips. Damask, for his part, allowed himself to be excused by directing Rhoen and Lysa to his bunk. Leia watched him go and briefly looked tired, but clearly she didn't intend to drop asleep. 'I don't trust how convenient this all is, Argen. You and the Rosa, and your little cloaked ship.'

    'Sell it to me, because I'm not seeing the whole picture.'

    Kyp Durron didn't give Han Solo another thought - he did flash Wyn a brilliant and highly flirtatious smile, before heading to the Falcon. He saw the damage inside and whistled, knowing how Han would not like that, and nearly tripped over Fred. 'Oh yes, Bre. The Force user who can change.' He heard her stomach growl. 'Come on,' he smiled. Within moments he was in the galley preparing spicy ribbens. With a nod to Fred, who was eyeing up the cables hanging from the ceiling, he gave the droid permission to go and repair things while he cared for his friend. Kyp handed out playes for five. 'I think you owe me a story. Probably, knowing you, owe yourself a story.'

    The woman that she had seen on Yavin floated to minds eye, giving permission, it seemed, for Bre to mention her if she saw fit. It was pretty doubtful that they would make it to Yavin in the story, but it was possible.

    Wyn folded her arms as Kyp went up the ramp. 'I didn't ask for him to do that, Han.'

    'But you could do with some rest, let's be fair. Unless you have something better in mind.' She slanted her head, turned her eyes. 'We could leave. Yes, I know what I said but I've been going over the battle in my mind. It was close, too close.' Wyn hovered between a verbal spat and genuine empathy and fear - the come down after an adrenaline filled engagement was effecting her, a hormone imbalance that was all too common in those who were simply not used to war. What she really needed was rest, but Wyn was as stubborn as Praxon, and she wouldn't usually rest unless he did.

    Leia sagged slightly, after she finished her question to Argen.

    Damask ushered on the younger folk to his room and shushed them, clearly having realised they were about to speak. The guest room had a double bed, and also clearly he had made some assumptions. Lysa bit her lip. 'Do you think we can rest and chat?'

    Damask seemed to smile as he excused himself again, but closed the door behind him and busied himself with heading back to Leia and Argen and his cloaking device.

    She glanced at the shower. 'Um, you first? Me first?' She didn't dare mention the third option if only because she was dead on her feet.

    Damask gave a nod to Goran and Susular in the medbay; even little BB-8 had rolled up to see the man. Goran, helmet on, simply nodded. He sat down beside the operating table heavily, causing a stir among the droids, and folded his arms. 'So you're alive,' he said. Goran indicated Susular's bucuye with his chin, subtly.

    Whenever he was ready.

    Aloud, he simply said. 'I'm up to flying your ship if you are. Not concerned either way.' He was clearly unhappy, but he couldn't say more over a simple chit chat.

    Esfandia system

    The Rogue Shadow arrived before any of them. A fast hyperdrive, an excellent pilot and a smooth ride would do that. The cloaking device activated swiftly, and Juno and Galen got to working on the data pouring in from the system.

    The battle, at least, appeared to be over.

    And by the presence of the wreckage of a Star Destroyer, it was pretty clear who had won. The Home One and a smaller Mon Cal cruiser had won the battle and seemed to be cleaning up remnant TIE fighters, but emissions suggested that a lot of the TIEs were now fighting a guerrilla war from the planets surface while ground forces combed the planet for the walking communications relay.

    They had very little need to get involved.

    Which meant they could prepare for Snoke's arrival. Galen could confirm that no darksider had been here recently; the system was not imbalanced by anything more than warfare, and the isotope that Pellaeon had commed them about wasn't present.

    Quinlan Vos, as such, had an uninterrupted moment with Kodo. They were there, in the depths, inside the scar, drew in, or was it the scar that grew around them?

    There was a sense of time dilation, as if Kodo had been on Dagobah for simultaneously a shorter and longer time period than he had had realised. And there she was, a woman. She was, Quinlan acknowledged, beautiful, with grey hair and grey eyes to boot. He could not pull her name from the memory, but the Jedi Master realised much about that already. She had been older than Kodo, but that did not seem to make a difference to the surge of positivity to her appearance; she had... Picked him up out of the woods? After the massacre?

    Flashes, memories, gentleness, training, a closeness, a therapy being given, his mental psyche coming to grips with the massacre led by Kylo Ren, and then, the trial, the Dark Cave. Kodo's trepidation filled both him and Quinlan, and he stepped into the darkness, into the trial. Kylo Ren was given form, given rhyme, given reason, because who else could it be. The mask came off; it was Ben Solo.

    A flash back to the massacre, a younger girl running, eyes of yellow and then blue and then fur and then not; Quinlan could not ascertain how something as metaphorical as that had appeared in a literal memory, but it had. The girl escaped.

    Kylo shared a memory? No, it was something coming out of Kodo's healing, something he had remembered from the massacre, that had been forgotten. There was something else, a boy, another boy, who had survived, running the other direction from the deaths of Waxarn Kel, Klin-Fa-Gi, and other Jedi Knights who had been heroes of the Yuuzhan Vong War.

    The heart of a generation.

    Kodo stood strong against Kylo Ren in the cave, and then a lightsaber appeared in his hand, not the crossguard blade he was famous for, but a gold and silver stub of a hilt, and it spat crimson and the woman Jedi appeared between them, her own golden blade drawn against the wrath.

    The red blade burst from her back.

    Kodo's vision of Kylo Ren had killed her.

    She dropped.

    No, Quinlan felt the psychological scar close tight; Kodo had reasoned that Kylo Ren had killed her, simply to protect himself from the belief that his vision had killed her. But now, as Kodo had fell to the ground and sobbed, it became apparent to them as the vision of Kylo Ren had collapsed, as Kodo withdrew from the test, that a creature more foul had stepped into the trial, into the vision, and as the vision fell away it revealed Snoke, Darth Plagueis, a red Holocron in his free hand and a smile of true glee upon his face.

    Snoke had sabotaged his final trial in such a way that it had broken Kodo Prine.

    'You killed her,' Snoke said. He gestured a finger, and the vision of Kylo Ren came back together, but the clothes settled around Kodo, the helmet staring up at him as it came into being, and Snoke spoke. 'I have a need of a Kylo Ren... A Skywalker to a clone... A Revan to an Emperor... An Ulic to a Krath...'

    'Become my Kylo Ren.'

    The vision descended into the darkness of madness, and Quinlan drew them both from it, so hard that the entire simulacrum collapsed, He suddenly felt his age, and had to lie down, on his back, staring at the ceiling to the ship. 'Talk to me, Kodo.'

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    IC: Lory
    Coruscant, Underground

    The Besalisk turned to the sound of the voice and scowled. 'I'll show you a pumpkin, you with.' He thrust his knife forward to emphasis his point -

    - while a lower arm yanked his blaster from his holster and fired. A blaster was perfect; it drew attention the others and the noise would draw them back.

    He had distance between him and her, he could easily back away and survive -

    - but because he was that kind of guy, he instead dipped his foot under Shevu's body and was ready to fling up the cop up to defend himself if needed.

    Scum, at the end of the day, beget scum.

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    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Argen
    Rosa, Hangar

    “Think of it as borrowing,” Argen replied to Damask before he ventured off to help people. “And the interest rate is how long we can use it to stay alive in this mess.” With that, the Muun wandered off to help people around the ship. Argen for his part unlocked a few more quarters, in case anyone needed them, before stepping over to stand by the Scimitar, where the General stood.

    I don’t trust how convenient this all is, Argen. You and the Rosa, and your little cloaked ship.” The general spoke, and she was tired, she’d always been tired in the Rebellion, Argen remembered that. “Sell it to me, because I’m not seeing the whole picture.”

    “I don’t trust how convenient it is either General.” The man crossed his arms with something of a sigh. “It was the last system, with one last jump before Yavin. The Imperial forces were gathering, getting ready to jump. I intended to jump ahead of them, and alert you and your forces, when I received a tight beam transmission. ‘In cloaked ship, can’t decloak, yadda yadda yadda’. Played on my good nature I’m sure. Thing is, ship could decloak soon as it was onboard. And my droid found very little keeping it from doing what it’s seemingly built to do. Then there was the droid.”

    “What’s that Protocol droid you used to always have with you? C-3P0? Similar model, called C-3PY, even had a black misshapen Y on his head… and blasters in his fingers, and Force knows what else. Tried to shoot me in order to keep me from broadcasting the information we sent you guys. Then there was what my droid said, that the ship had attempted an auto-start sequence after getting some sort of signal. The Coincidence I think is not a coincidence.”

    “Not a very good salesman am I?” He let his arms slump, and then finally pulled a small folded device out of a pouch on his belt. Unfolding it he cupped it to the side of his head, securing it there as a translucent screen lit up in front of his right eye. “However, I’ve dealt with these sort of things before. Running courier and freight has you dealing with shady characters. The Primary computer core has been wiped and replaced with my own personal OS. The Silent Reaper has security programs that can actually disable a droid if it’s physically connected to the ship without authorization. The secondary cores have been disconnected, and the sub-system control matrix was reset to the factory defaults for the Reaper and adjusted. Veedo was thurough.”

    “It does leave a problem with Damask, he wants to stay on the ship… I say we let him. But, I’m going to have all the controls routed to the main bridge consoles, then have the other consoles shut down, and the bridges force fields activated, and decompressed. My Co-Pilot’s a droid so she’ll be fine and Damask can’t try anything.” He paused, and saw the look the General was giving him. “Ship this big, moving the people I move, sometimes someone is actually a pirate, I got those systems in place to deter hijackers. I didn’t survive the Rebellion and the near 3 decades that followed by not being paranoid.”

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    IC: Ryn

    It was calming to do the cards when one was without anything else to do. He turned one, and frowned. His new friend was concerning, and the cards did not always portent consistently. For someone who lived and died by the cards, for them to be inconsistent at all was terrifying.

    They had never failed him before, and had been fairly consistent before he came to her presence. He could have ascribed it to the ysalamiri, but he was fairly sure he had read cards in their confines before without an issue. It was almost as if something was preventing the connection to the greater world and the cards were doing their best with the interference. What had changed?

    An awakening.

    The Ryn almost jumped, a move which would have no doubt set off the Destroyer droid, which seemed to be gazing at him almost quizzically. 'I'm going to the cockpit, we're nearly here,' he said, loudly, so the droid didn't freak out.

    Leaving his cards where they were, he skipped to the cockpit and stopped outside it. The destroyer would likely have popped him anew had he gone in, and the Ryn wasn't eager to push their luck.

    They had a good few minutes yet, plenty of time for his host to wake up, but -

    - then they did not. The Ryn was dislodged, flying into the cockpit as the ship came to a sudden stop. His head would have caught on the console had his tail not grabbed at something to stop his fall. Nonetheless, when he looked up he didn't expect to see a Star Destroyer, and he didn't even see Chandrila to view with the naked eye.

    The triangle wasn't directly pointed at them, but the Ranger-class gunship was. The Star Destroyer hailed them. 'This is the Mon Mothma,' which explained how they had been pulled out so soon; Interdictor cordon. 'The Chandrilan Awakening is en route to inspect your ship. Please do not resist, this is a simple inspection for Imperial agents.'

    The Ryn frowned. This was a particularly sharp response from the usually peaceful world, and a very wide cordon. Was this the world with Drayson at the helm? The comma officer of the Awakening hailed them next. 'Power down your engines and prepare for boarders. Send over an itinerary of your business now, so Captain Hartwell can clear you swiftly.'

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    Jan 6, 2016
    IC: Sava Boutros
    Battle of Ord Mantel

    Sava watched as Phasma and Hidax took out two Mandos. There was a third who was coming at her and she brought her blaster up to shoot him. She pressed the trigger expectantly but there was no bolt that was released. She threw it aside and grabbed her dagger from her sleeve. Aiming carefully, she threw it with a flick of her wrist. Sava saw it go straight into his throat. As he collapsed, choking, Sava walked over and grabbed his blaster. Quite a beauty, she marveled. Putting it in her holster, she looked around and saw scattered bodies everywhere. The smell of blood was strong. Sava wiped her forehead to clear the sweat and realized that some of the smell was her. Oh, if they ever got off this cursed planet, she would take a nice, long sonic. She brushed off her hands on her pants and prepared to either die with the explosion or get orders from Phasma to leave.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Rhoen Aquilla
    Hangar, Rosa, Hyperspace

    Rhoen half paid attention to the conversation around him. Argen mentioned that the Falcon threw off the Rosa’s sensor signature, something that this cruiser could hide with signal jammers. The young pilot gave half a thought to seeing about putting some on his and Lysa’s fighters. That would be nice being able to hide then strike. Just like the old days of the rebellion, hit and fade. Unfortunately the time crunch and lack of proper maintenance facilities made that just a dream.

    A droid started whistling loudly, pulling Rhoen’s attention, "What my little friend here is trying to say," The ship’s captain translated, "is he's done some repairs to this ship, after it appeared it and its original droid companion tried to hijack this starship and then bolt. And this ship," The pilot nodded his head a little, eyes drooping a little. They snapped open as the Star Courier disappeared from sight. "This ship, has a cloaking device." Why did everyone else get the cool toys. He looked over to his busted X-wing, wires hanging out from the void left by the missing wing, letting out a sigh, maybe it wasn’t about the tech but, dependability. If they’d somehow put a cloaking system in his fighter, would it have been usable after taking so much damage.

    Argen mentioned another ship attached to the belly of the Rosa,

    'Well,' Rhoen thought, 'isn’t this fortuitus, a stealth ship and another ship, tell me Mr. Argen you wouldn’t happen to have a superlaser in your back pocket, cause that would make my life really simple.' He let his head roll back as Fett began talking, something about Goran giving up his craft to Genkal or some such.

    "We're on the insertion team." the Mandalorian continued, "I'd suggest Susular, Rhoen and Lysa on the distraction team," The pilot brought his head back up at the mention of his name. He took a few moments to process what was said, a difficult thing with his mind clouded with fatigue, and nodded his head. If he was joining this team, yeah, he was a better pilot than a soldier but, he wasn’t sure who this Susular was, maybe one of the Mandos.

    'Great,' his internal monologue picked up, 'Now I have to deal with a bounty hunting Mando, how much you want to bet they’re going to go off on their own at the first opportunity.'

    The conversation continued around the two pilots Rhoen fighting to keep his eyes open, the General Organa-Solo spoke,

    "But we can talk more, when Susular isn't on a surgery board, and Rhoen and Lysa have had some rest. Everyone could do with some rest."

    "Seconded," He called out throwing his hand up into the air. Leia moved over to the cloaked ship, staring daggers at Argen and Demask. The Munn came over to the two exhausted pilots directing them to a bunk. Finally some sleep. The door opened revealing a room with a single double bed. Before Rhoen could say anything he was hushed by the lanky being. He turned to look at Lysa as she bit her lip, he swallowed hard, this was awkward.

    "Do you think we can rest and chat?" A weak laugh left Rhoen's chest, yes chat that's what they were here to do. Demask excused himself leaving the two alone. Lysa’s gaze next fell on the shower, "Um, you first? Me first?" The way her voice trailed off set his mind on fire. There was a third option, and that option caused his heart to jump into his throat. Part of him wanted to suggest it, a cocky grin on his face, like some rouge in a holo, or Han Solo himself. There were so many wires crossed in his fatigue addled mind, he could barely think, much less make words. The thought of being that… close to her, was intoxicating, and dangerous. His head was a little light, his face a little flushed, turning a lovely shade of pink.

    He looked away trying to hide his embarrassment; "Uh…" he let the word hang there as he tried to push thoughts of Lysa from his mind just to get some words out. Eventually his head cleared just enough for him finish his thought. He turned to her, grin pulling at the corner of his mouth,

    "Ladies first." The words out of his mouth his legs wobbled a bit, telling him to move to the bed, now. He took only as much time as it took to strip off his boots before flopping face down on one side of the bed. This was a much less embarrassing position given his current state. He closed his eyes seeing images of Lysa in his mind. He shook his head trying to banish the thoughts away but, she was so close to him, so tempting. He forced his mind to something else, it fell upon his mother. The late nights they'd spend looking up at the stars. He recalled pointing at a star, asking,

    "And that one?"

    "Been there," she replied pulling him closer to her, her arms wrapped around him in a warm embrace against the cold night air.

    "And that one?" He asked pointing at another twinkling light in Chandrila's sky.

    "No but," she reached up putting her hand around his and moved his finger to another point in the inky blackness, "I've been there." Her breath brushed across his cheek eliciting a little giggle from the boy. It opened his eyes, showed him how big and just how small the galaxy was. Suddenly his mind showed him a different scene, one he wasn't there for, one of more recent history. It was his mom, in the cockpit of her X-wing, checking her sensors, looking out over Hosnian system and, stealing a glance at the holo on the right side. Her face darkened looking back at her sensors. He could see her mouth moving, calling out orders. A red light illuminated her space, highlighting the winkles on her weary face. She took one last look at the holo, reaching out her hand, Rhoen saw her mouth the words,

    'I love you'

    His eyes snapped open and he took a sharp breath. His heart was beating fast, ringing in his ears. Was that a vison, or just his imagination? Either way, he found it more difficult to rest now, his mind replaying what must have been his mother's final moments. Now he longed for the thoughts of Lysa, he needed to think about something else, anything else. Anything was better than remembering that the most important person in his world was gone.

    Slowly he found himself curling up taking deep breaths. This would pass, maybe after a shower. His mind slowly moved back to a safe place, to the woman he'd met only a few hours ago. A new feeling welled up inside him, a warm one, almost scorching his chest. A cold shower, after a cold shower this would pass.

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  12. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Belila Gambros (Bre)
    Near the Falcon

    There was a burst of soft static, and then noise which became words as they tried to plot what their next plan of action would be.Bre vaguely listened, the rumbles of her tummy, seemed a bit more important than what they were discussing. So many strange ships were parked around them, and Bre just hoped that these people were friendlies. Since she didnt see anything that would suggest
    otherwise, Bre shrugged her shoulders as she listened to the talks. Her brain was still to fuzzy. And since she didnt fly a ship, it didnt really matter anyway. Fred and BB-8 seemed to be having quite a conversation, so much so, that she never noticed the other being approaching until he was literally next to her.

    Kyp Durron had stuck his head into the doorway of the Falcon, looking at the damage. He whistled, and poor Bre nearly jumped. Fred's angry whistled, made Kyp back up slightly after nearly tripping over Fred. Kyp looked at her. "Oh yes, Bre. The Force user who can change." Bre tried not to flinch at that wording, but her eyes did narrow, as her stomach dropped. She quickly looked away, not sure how she should react. Then her stomach made another unprompted calling for food, and he spoke once.

    "Come on," he smiled. Bre had already been ready to follow along with Fred, but she gestured to him, and then turned to follow Kyp back into the Falcon. She followed him down, looking to see where he was going, and it didnt take long to see that he had found the ships' galley. Looked like 'Pres..uh..Han', kept it stocked. Kyp starting moving things around, while Bre just sat down at a nearby table, sneaking looks at Kyp, when she wasnt looking at her fingers. It felt so awkward to her, but soon Bre's nose caught the smell of something really good cooking. And eyebrow went up. it went up even further, when she spied Fred and Kyp giving each other a look, and Fred moved off to do some repairs. Kyp handed out playes for five. Bre looked very confused, but said nothing, as she simply took one plate and sat back down at the table with her plate of food. The other plates, she sat around the table. She didnt even wait to see if there was any utensils to eat with, she was so hungry. So she simply used her fingers, while
    she ate. It felt like it had been years since she had eaten a decent meal. And it tasted as good as it smelled. Bre gave a grateful smile.

    As she munched on her foodstuff, She heard Kyp, as he spoke to her. "I think you owe me a story. Probably, knowing you, owe yourself a story." Bre didnt stop chewing, but she did slow down at his words. 'A story?' she thought. 'He was kidding, right?' But his other words had her mind whirling as well. 'Knowing me? Does he think he knows me?' She couldnt remember really speaking to him much back at the temple. She had seen him before.. but more than that, she coudlnt really be sure. Suddenly, that strange woman that she had seen on Yavin suddenly came to mind. Bre wondered why. Bre suddenly felt very awkward again. She had
    not seen, much less spoke to another Force user in so many years. And a Master at that. She exhaled deeply. It was what she had been longing for, for a very long time. But under different circumstances.

    "A story?" she echoed softly, as she slowly chewed the mouthful of food she had. She swallowed and slowly looked up. "It was very strange. After you and, left, I kinda figured out that Snoke was there to stop another Sith, called Ku'ar Danar, and another one, who's lightsaber I borrowed to distract Snoke with, from obtaining whatever powers were in that stone in the temple, and I'm guessing the ceremony itself." Bre looked away for a moment, but then suddenly gave a wicked grin. "But it seems he wasnt ready for some old fashioned tactics. I cracked him in the ribs with some knuckles." The smile quickly faded. The food was helping, but now she was feeling slightly sleepy again. Bre shook her head, as she thought of events. "But what was very strange, was in that pit, just before that lightsaber ofQel-Droma's exploded, there was a very beautiful woman who just appeared out of nowhere." Bre described the woman as best as she could. The woman spoke to me. She said “Run.” She tole me that “Their time, has come and gone. That the future is in the hands of the young and the gifts, and curses we’ve left our future generations.” Bre shrugged her shoulders. " And then she stayed with Ulic, till the end..."

    Bre stopped eating, looking down at the table, as she remembered that bit. She wondered who the woman was. She shook her head again, and took another bite of food. Were they friends? Companions? More? They were ancient, that she was sure of. But anything else, she could only guess. She gave a deep sigh.

    "Then, stuff blew up, The pit blew up, I blew up, barely made it to my bike to get out of there, while getting slammed into the back of the Falcon. And then Mr. Ugly comes back for round two out of nowhere, trying to crash the entire ship, and throwing lighting around like.. well, LIGHTING!" Bre closed her eyes.

    "So now, instead if just having to worry about normal folks killing me, I Now have a Sith who is promising me a very personal vivisection to look forward to, because he's never seen anyone 'like me', before."

    Bre pushed what little of the food she had left away from her. This was not at all how she had wanted this to go. And she was fighting back the sudden urge to either cry or scream. She couldnt really decide which it felt like. "So now, my head hurts, I feel as ancient as Ulric claimed to be, I feel like now I can suddenly feel every karking life force on this ship, and I cant shut it off, or
    meditate, like my natural abilities went into overdrive, and I had more people than I every wanted see me .. 'change.'

    Bre laid her head down on the table. "How's THAT for a story?" she whispered softly, barely audible as she squeezed her eyes shut. She wasnt going to cry. Nope. Save that for when she was alone.

    "I.. I was just tired of being alone." she muttered softly.

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  13. Lady Belligerent

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    Combo with Sinre

    IC: Jaina Solo
    dreamtime on the Ravager

    She shifted across the bank of seats to get more comfortable, 'not tired, just need to...'

    Jaina's breathing was slow and deep, and she was exhausted. That didn't stop her from fighting sleep, but this was the one fight that she was losing.

    She woke on board the Falcon, her father, who had been dosing in a chair beside her bunk, smiled at her. "Here, sweetie. Take some sips of water," he said gently as he held the cup to her dry lips. He smoothed her hair back and felt her forehead, " your fever seems to have finally broken and I bet you'll be chasing your brothers again in no time."

    Her braid had fallen between armrests, and was caught and tugged as she lifted her head towards her 'dad'. "Damn!" Jaina looked sheepish around the tram car, as if she were caught cursing in front of her dad. She groaned and laid back down, and this time secured her braid so it wouldn't get caught.

    'Why is there a shadow if it's dark? Do you even have a shadow if your in darkness?'

    The Shadow spoke softly. 'I would do you no harm. I would ask you of your intentions.'

    'No, you can't speak to me. You're not real'

    But the shadow did speak.

    'You cannot have arrived by coincidence. You cannot have damaged the superlaser and have summoned a fleet to simply disable the ship... Unless you seriously believe that you can redeem your brother even now?'

    Brother... Which one?

    Vacations on Corellia were carefree and all about family time and adventure. The Solo children had to wait until Chewie was sound asleep before sneaking out to play in the dark forest. But this time the boys conspired against her and ran off, leaving young Jaina alone in the darkness. 'This isn't funny!' She whispered as loud as she dared, 'where are you guys?' She stood very still and listened for giggles, but there was only silence.

    'Ben? Jacen? Anakin? Anyone?' Her voice broke and tears were flowing down her cheeks. This wasn't fun. All Jaina wanted was her warm bed and to know her family was around her.
    She blinked, 'I'm so dumb!' She thought and remembered she could use the Force to find them, she sat down on a fallen tree and reached out. But it was no use, it was so dark and she was so tired.

    Everything had gone wrong...they were lost. "Jaina?" Ben said gently, "why did you run the opposite direction from what we planned?" He lifted her into his arms and hugged her close. "You gave me such a scare."

    It felt so good, to hug Ben close just like they were little again. Jaina sighed in her sleep and tucked her hands beneath her cheek.

    The darkness wasn't peaceful and he kept coming back, he was almost nagging her...

    The man seemed to want to talk, to exchange truths, to be forthright, about everything apart from his identity, which even a determined probe would not reveal.

    "No. Kriffing leave me alone" the darkness was bothering her...

    She needed relaxation and peace.

    Before things were 'complicated', she and Jag loved to get away to the beaches of Mon Calamari. They would swim and the nap under big umbrellas on the sand. She rolled over on her towel and opened her eyes to see his dazzling smile. "Would you like a cold beverage, Goddess?"

    "Damnit Jag" she grumbled in her sleep. Why did things have to go so wrong...

    The white space of her minds eye resolved into a picnic table in a pleasant glade. The wind was light, the sun, warm, but not harshly so, and a polite spread of food was lain. For a brief moment Jagged was sitting at the table, gesturing her close, and then he vanished, and Shadow took a place opposite where Jagged had been.

    'How genial. Your subconscious is in a place belying your obvious stress.' He reached for the teapot, poured it out, revealing chalk coloured hands. He gestured to a cup and a place at the table. 'Would you care for a tea?'

    Jaina didn't sit, but she picked up a cup and gazed into the cup, "No," she sat the cup back on the saucer, "I don't take tea with Sith. Leave me alone!"

    The tram jolted as it crossed an intersection in the tracks, Jaina lifted her head and looked around. "ETA Cappie?" She asked as she rubbed her eyes and yawned. She picked up a container of water and took a sip before stretching out again.

    "I could get some rest if everyone would just stay out of my head," Jaina said aloud to the empty tram. She wadded her jacket up for a pillow and laid down again. This time she cleared her thoughts and dampened herself in the Force. "I just want a little peace and quiet," she whispered.

    Cappie confirmed it was going to be a good hour or so. Plenty of time for peace and quiet. But as soon as her eyes lidded the picnic reappeared, and the man stood, smiling politely.

    He'd worked his way into her subconscious, and he raised a hand to calm her. 'I simply thought you would like to have a chat about brothers. Yours are both so interesting after all.'

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: ‘Han Solo’ (Duke Praxon)
    Aboard the Rosa

    "If we want to investigate the Esfandia system we're going to need to drop out well outside the system, and leave the Falcon for us to retrieve later…”

    ‘Han’s mind went numb to the rest of the conversation and his eyes widened as Argen spoke, his initial shock over the proposal quickly segueing into the sting of betrayal.

    Did he just hear him correctly?

    Abandoning the Falcon seemed like such a foreign concept, especially for someone who was relatively obsessed. And as such, he acted in kind. He briefly recalled a passing comment made by one of the battle commanders over Yavin about how Solo had apparently lost his coveted ship years ago, and only recently, had the audacity to actually recover it. He wasn’t privy to the rest of the details, and quite frankly, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to understand how such a irresponsible act had even occurred in the first place, but it provided the perfect springboard for his apparent contempt and ardent disapproval of the whole process.

    “What? No…no way!” He shook his head vehemently as he stalked forward, allowing his arms to uncross and return to his sides. “After all I went through just to get her back? Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how much time I wasted searching this goddamned galaxy for a clue? I’m not just gonna…dump her off in the middle of nowhere and allow it to happen all over again just because it’s too inconvenient for you to handle. If that’s the plan, then I’d rather take my chances with the repairs. If you’re all inclined to wait, fine…if not, well…”

    He shrugged, finding no need to finish his statement. He was fairly certain everyone present could connect two and two together and come to the logical conclusion. It might not have been the most rational of arguments, especially when he didn’t even wait to hear the rest of the plan, but it seemed apt for someone fueled by a fit of rage. He was quite content to leave it at that for the time being. Plus, it also offered him an excuse to simply hang back and tune out the remainder of the briefing as he seemingly stewed over his own devices. He was both physically and mentally drained from the day’s events; any kind of reprieve was a welcomed one.

    Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Leia disbursed the group, suggesting that they all take some time to rest before returning to refine their plans later. ‘Han’, still feeling somewhat uneasy after his outburst, did not intend to dally and immediately angled his gaze toward the deckplates as he began to shuffle away quietly. The goal was to slip away before Leia could intercept and enact her wrath upon him. While he had his doubts over his ability to achieve that particular goal, it proved to be a successful endeavor once he realized that she was too preoccupied with other matters. She had made a beeline for Argen, not even bothering to pay him a passing glance.

    He allowed himself a small smile in victory…until he passed Kyp Durron and saw the amorous glint in the other man’s eye. The object of his affection?


    A wave of jealously coursed through his veins as he stopped to stare daggers into the man’s retreating back. He knew he had appearances to maintain, but sometimes it was near impossible to put a clamp on raw emotion. He had a connection with Wyn…well, maybe more than a mere connection. It was a rather complicated situation all around, made even more complicated by his lavish lifestyle and a previous marriage that had ended on a dire note. Sometimes it seemed as if it would be impossible for them to settle down and have some semblance of a normal relationship, but despite the hardships, she remained faithfully at his side.

    Did he love her? He never really thought about it in those terms before, but maybe he did. Yeah…he loved her.

    I didn't ask for him to do that, Han,” she issued softly as she approached from the side, no doubt taking stock of his expression.

    He inwardly cringed at the use of the alias. While he had been pretty adamant about using that name up until this point, he suddenly found that he wanted to hear her say, ‘Praxon’, or even the use of his given name of ‘Ian.’ Just this once…

    But you could do with some rest, let's be fair,” she continued before her tone turned a bit more mischievous. “Unless you have something better in mind.

    The opportunity was wide open…and he didn’t take it. He found that he was frozen in place, simply staring and soaking in her appearance, relishing every little quirk that made her unique to him. It was in that instant that he realized just how close to death they had both been. It was hard to consider that fact in the heat of the moment when adrenaline is the driving force behind your actions, but now, in the relative quiet of the hangar, it came rushing back in a crushing wave that threatened to overpower him. His gaze wavered.

    Wyn slanted her head to the side, noting his odd behavior, before diverting her eyes. In her next set of words, she voiced the very thing that he had been too afraid to utter ever since their last disagreement over the topic:

    We could leave,” she suggested quietly, her tone somewhat pained. She bit her lower lip, anticipating his next question. “Yes, I know what I said but I've been going over the battle in my mind. It was close, too close.”

    Relief flooded him. He wanted to shout, ‘yes’ in agreement and whisk her far away from here, but in an odd turn of events, he found himself reacting in the complete opposite. Whether it was his sense of duty and his professionalism overpowering his desires or just outright denial over the whole situation, he couldn’t be sure. Anger began to steadily build within his chest and his nostrils flared as he lashed out.

    “So, you’re just going to turn your back on me?!” he rumbled, trying to keep his voice down as not to attract too much attention. He had a feeling he was failing miserably. “After everything I did, everything I sacrificed to appease some—” He clenched his teeth and tightened his fists at his sides as he trailed off, knowing he was starting to go too far. He was no longer speaking in-character, and he knew, if this kept up, he was on the cusp of outing them both.

    He inhaled deeply to calm himself and took a step back. “You can go,” he hissed in a near whisper. “I don’t care.”

    But he did care; that was the damning thing about it. As he started to turn on his heel to leave her in the wake of his outburst, something stopped him. It hit him like a ton of bricks; fear was driving his anger. He realized that he was afraid of leaving everyone behind and returning to a life in the unknown. With the destruction of Hosnian Prime, the galaxy was a vastly different place. What did it hold for him in this new frontier? Sure, there would always be acting gigs and holofilms to be made, but even that may eventually dry up if things got too bad. At least, here, with the others, he was able to flourish and do what he loved on an even grander scale than any holofilm could afford.

    And just as he was on that high, he tightened his jaw and came sailing back to reality. How much longer could he realistically keep up this farce? He couldn’t keep living a life not his own, even if they did expect him to do it indefinitely. His future was elsewhere.

    With Wyn.

    With a sigh, he turned and sought out her gaze, his eyes seeking forgiveness. “I’m…sorry,” he muttered faintly, hoping he sounded sincere. “I didn’t think…” He winced and swallowed the lump in this throat, deciding to take things in a different direction. He touched her hand lightly. “We should find someplace to talk. Too many ears out here.”

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    IC: Bruturus Hidax

    Hidax flinched as a blaster shot snapped off next to his face, courtesy of the rattled Mandalorian he was tangling with. It was only for a moment that he was distracted, but it was long enough. A rifle butt met the chin of his helmet - not straight on but rather from the side, which was perhaps worse. It drove his helmet into the flesh of his mouth, and knocked it askew leaving him bloodied and blinded until he could right it.

    But the former Captain had taken a kicking before, and toughness had been drilled into him since infancy. A simple disorienting blow to the face wouldn't send him stumbling. No, instead he stood solid as he rolled with the blow and bent forward to keep himself steady. Reaching out, he found the Mandalorian's midsection and wrapped tightly with his arms, straightening out of his crouch to lift his enemy clear off the ground. With brutal force he pushed off with his legs and torqued forward with his hips again as he released the Mandalorian, intending to slam him into the ground with force enough to knock him unconscious.

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    IC: Kodo Prine (Combo with Sinrebirth)

    The air went out of Kodo and he slumped back, catching himself with his palms and stirring about until he rest on his hands and knees. He took a breath and then sagged, and finally lay prone with his arms folded inward to hide his face. The outcome he had come to expect was decidedly harder to swallow as a hard reality. "I killed her," he said without looking up.

    'No,' said Vos. 'Snoke killed her. I can see it now. He manipulated the vision of Kylo Ren. Your friend saw it, and intervened before he could hurt you... But Snoke wanted her, not you - he wanted her so he could break you at your psychological breaking point, the point where you were about to overcome your fear of Kylo Ren and heal.'

    Vos sounded disgusted, angry, and saddened, all in one, visibly seeking to reacquire his calm. 'That woman lived, and died for you, all at once.'

    "I don't even remember her name," Kodo replied, sitting up gingerly and covering his eyes with one hand. It was entirely reflexive, given that they were already obscured by his mask.

    "Why does he want me?" he asked, "is one Kylo Ren not enough? And why would he expect me to be amiable to such a comparison?"

    Vos seemed to become all the more calm. 'That question, I think - the second of the three - it is key. Perhaps he does not trust a Skywalker, after what happened with Vader. Do we have a leverage point there? But he is spending as much if not more effort on you.'

    Their senses were suddenly challenged by a sense of darkness. It was as if they had fallen into arctic water, but at the same time it had more than one taste to it. One sense, Kodo would recognise as Snoke, but the other was a new one, and also not. An older sense.

    Quinlan flicked his comm. 'Report.'

    'We think there was a new arrival in-system, but it flickered out pretty quick. It could be Snoke and his cloak but I don't know what he senses like well enough.' Galen answered. His voice carried his frown. 'The other one feels familiar to me.'

    'Ackbar is here. Should we alert him?' Juno piped up.

    Quinlan looked to Kodo. 'Is it him? I am sure there is more than one darkness prodding at us. But I don't recognise them, at all, so I don't understand how Galen can one but not the other.'

    Kodo shuffled with nervousness. "It's most definitely him," he said briskly. This sensation was far stronger than the holocron, or even Snoke's presence in the shadow world - but it was unmistakably Darth Plagueis. "As to the other... I've felt it before, but I can't place where. Whatever it is, it's dangerous."

    For a moment Kodo thought again of the murder he was forced into committing on Dagobah. And then of the same he had done in the shadow world, to a man he didn't even know. A streak of indignance surged within Kodo at what seemed an incessant, never ending campaign by Plagueis to twist him into something uglier. He quieted, squashing his darkness and breathing deeply.

    Quinlan caught that. 'Pride? But well met, Padawan.'

    'Juno, use Galen's senses and tractor the shuttle. We'll go in, cold-shirt it across in suits and try and get a boarding seal otherwise.'

    The aged Master paused. 'Do you want to confront him again, so soon? Can you?'

    Kodo went stiff, and his face grew severe. "I can," he said with a rare certainty. "I want this over."

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    IC: Myna'vera
    Chandrilan Space

    The sudden, and just-a-few-moments-too-soon reversion from hyperspace meant that Myna very rapidly went from enjoying the perks of having a larger ship, and thus running water for a shower, to slamming her head into the bulkhead as she lost her footing. As she was picking herself up, Kate appeared and reported the situation. Myna offered no response the droid could detect other than waving Kate off. It took her a minute to regain her mental footing, but when she finally finished catching herself up, she quickly dressed and proceeded out of the ‘fresher.

    Kate was waiting for her there, a datapad in her pincer. The R2 recapped what was happening, with emphasis on the fact that they were going to be boarded, while Myna took the pad and started loading the requested information onto it. Once she had finished she sent the data to the comm officer of the Awakening. It wouldn't give them much time to go over the data, but at least she had ‘complied'.

    She wasn’t sure how long Kate had disappeared for, but the R2 had re-appeared with a sterile cloth, and twittered something about her forehead. The wound she had suffered pulsed painfully as she momentarily thought about face-palming, and then was immediately glad she didn’t, and instead slowly placed the cloth on her forehead. Of course, just about the time she did so the alarm for the airlock went off, and the outer door opened to admit the boarding party. The airlock only took a moment to cycle, before the gruff faces of Captain Hartwell and company were opening the inner door.

    “Your papers are in order, but we’re still going to search the ship. Remain here please while these men do so.” The Captain ordered, motioning for 4 of the troopers to split off in pairs and search her ship. “Anything on board that we wouldn’t have already detected on scanners?”

    “No... Just me, my droids, and the Ryn.” Myna replied, checking her bandage for a moment before replacing it on her forehead.

    The Captain almost looked apologetic, as if he knew they were the reason for it, but instead elected to maintain an awkward silence until his team returned.

    “Everything checks out sir, ship seems clean.” One of the troopers reported.

    “Sorry about the delay, carry on captain.”

    And with that, the group was gone, back through the airlock, and onto their ship.

    Myna breathed a sigh of relief. Not that she was doing anything wrong, that she knew of, but the thought that maybe they would have found something offensive, just on a whim, was discomforting. Especially in the name of trying to find ‘Imperial Agents’.”

    The Twi’lek slowly made her way to the cockpit, that the Ryn was for some reason, standing outside. Passing by him, she made ready to land, though she wasn’t quite sure where to do so yet. “Kate, open up that comm channel from the message. Get us some landing co-ordinates.”

    The R2 warbled an affirmative as it passed into the cockpit a few moments later, purposely bumping into the Ryn as it passed by. Kate jacked into the comm console and did as instructed. A few more moments passed before it sent the requested coordinates to the pilot station, and Myna started their descent.

    “I hope you didn’t have a different stop in mind" She tossed over her shoulder.

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    IC: Susulur Dha'tra
    Aboard the Rosa, Med Bay

    Whoever had sent the secondary meeting relay to the med bay was a burc'ya, in either meaning of the term for 'good friend'. Still, either whoever had programmed the medical droids or it was a natural condition for them, well there was a bit of a sadist. Never in his life had it taken so many hands and trial and error attempts to get the top half of his body glove back on. It didn't help that most of his natural inclinations were blocked by the droids as producing too great a strain prior to a nights rest for his body to fully heal enough for normal physical activity such as getting dressed in a suit of armor.

    Advances in bacta and medical sciences his foot! Morning sounded great but these things ministrations made that seem a million light years away. Just as he was about to call them all chaavla for the umpteenth time since he had demanded to be put back into his armor was when Goran walked in. Right, the meeting had ended. Mandalor had shared openly their edge of their isotope and so ended his side option of ditching some of these strays now that he was back in working order, or shortly would be. He was now on sides of whether being a pilot or ground pounder for the mission. His taste was for the final blow, and in this instance he doubted any shot from his ships weapons would do so as Yavin IV had proven, a missile boat was the wrong weapon to bare on the targets ship.

    Surprisingly to him in his pause of not trying to do it himself, it actually let the med droids get his body glove on most of the way, they paused with a nursing droids appendages stuck up his front keeping the glove from pressing on his incision sights. Goran spoke and then left it pretty obvious this was the most superficial dance you could do without a buy'ce on. Although to be perfectly honest he could go for a buy'ce gal right about now. Not that a helmet full of dark ale would have done much good. "Yes. After a fashion once more. See I can say the same for you."

    Letting the droids slide on his arm armor one of them informed him that he needed to stay as was so that the synthflesh could breath properly during the smoldering bonding phase which would last another hour. "Chakaaryc!" (Rotten / Low lifes!) Perfect. Breathing a sigh of defeat he got his helmet on, and opened a line of sight laser channel. Something further to decrease any listening in on their conversation. "My ship is like a basilisk to me. Cabur can'gal (Guardian/protector starship). She will nudge you in flying, she is used to my methods. I pain to part with it for a battle to another, and cannot imagine how you feel parting with your own. Chaavla sa shebs be'striili! (Rough as a strill's backside!) However long it takes to finish this fight before you can maybe reclaim her. If I live I will help you in that. You have my word." It was a simple opening, but it broached what he felt was needed to be said.

    Goran nodded. 'I take your word. Manda'lor has a plan, as he does.' The Mandalorian scowled, which was obviously not visible, but body language was a whole different angle of communication in an armoured man. 'Fett has gone over the signals that we've been following. The first one which hired you at Yaga Minor. Someone is stringing us along, and Fett is going to ditch the Hit Squad and go and grab a skifter...'

    Goran sounded unhappy. 'But we'll need you to keep it up. Verify orders from Fett but get them from me. It's probably Snoke, something longwinded and sharp at the end. He had us thin the herd by taking out Flennic, so he could take more direct control of the Remnant, and get Pellaeon to trust us, I dunno?'

    'Either way. It's black ops stuff and not commando stuff.' He took a deep breath.

    This was the clincher.

    'Fett doesn't think we can trust all of the Hit Squad.'

    Listening with his head tilted down slightly he took in his brothers armor. Blood is thicker than water, and beskar is tougher than both. Especially when tried in the blaze of battle. Basically they were sharpening their blade by adding an edge. Hoping to prevent one from cutting them from the side as they dove after their new target. A wise precaution but it weakened them on all fronts until the new blade edge, that new knowledge was formed.

    The last of what he, Goran, had said. He chuckled slightly, "Don't make laugh. I don't trust one without a trace of beskar beyond following their own idiotic ends with little honor. Question is whether all are telling the truth where that lays. Who does Fett not trust?"

    'The changeling, for one - the girl, Bre. Solo, as ever, runs his own games. But especially the Muun and Argen.' Goran paused. 'I'm not into cloak and dagger stuff, though I'm good at it. Medrit is even less into it.'

    Goran paused. 'I never heard your story, actually. How you came to the Resol'nare.'

    Shifting just a little bit Susulur let his head rock back at the question. As close to shock as could be conveyed through the helmet. Of all the turns, why had he not seen that one coming? It made sense, questioning the veracity of others his own was in turn put on the block, despite the beskar pieces in his armor.

    "Well. Which one?" he asked with a small chuckle. "I was a patriot of my home cluster, my race is one of warlords that saw and knew not to push once their sphere nearly met the Old Republic and the spirit has not died in the ages since. The cautious Warlords, if not in name still in spirit. They authorized my travel to find a new birth of a martial teaching that was being reborn in the Galaxy at large on the qualm I returned to teach of it. I found that in learning it I slowly drifted." he took a breath as though to sigh. In truth it was rooted more in the mere fact of buying time, to sort out his own past again through the latest filters. The past may never change, but how he saw it seemed to shift with each change of self.

    "I have kept my word and promises, somethings never change from life to life, but except the creed and colors. But the soul and heart. They rang hollow one day. My learning became my calling, the wars raged and it became the truth not only to where I was but also to where I came from. I was a Jetii." It was a wistful word and thought. Like a dream some things, some truths were known and accepted, but always seemed too strange to be true. On the word Jetii a small hatch opened on his backpack the droids had fitted into place and an old weapon, well worn and loved fell out to land at the others feet. To the outside world it was an armor malfunction, within their buccee's shared comm it said a lot.

    For there it laid.

    His Jetii'kad. Tipping his bucket he acknowledged it, "It was a good life, and good battles and a good war. In the end. In the end it became a cult, centered on Skywalker. I could not stand it anymore, it was not the Jedi I had trained and learned to be that was the issue, it was the Order. Without him calling the shots from the top down, the order did not exist beyond a basic survival mode. That is not living, that is not a true group or calling. Not to mention we only handled the issues he saw fit, if he did not agree it did not happen. There was the rebel in the midst of Kyp and a few others. Saba also stood out sharply to the order's flaws but neither truly would defy Skywalker. That was a false sting I could not bear. I left before the tragedy. Left to stay with some allies I had made in my tenure. They in turn turned me to their allies. The Mandalorians"

    Resting his head back he let that be. No need to say who his friends were or how they were friends of Mandalorians. It mattered little. "From that meeting it grew. I found a new order. A new family, odd and dysfunctional we may be but we stand for something. Even if it is just honor and each other. We don't let politics and political views cloud who or what we are, and though we follow one man it is only as called and not with a fatalistic reverence. Not always do we have to follow him either, the rest of the time we live our lives, find our own ways and battles through this galaxy. That is what drew me in. That is what drew me to Resol'nare. I may be tied to a mining clan, but the truth is in the beskar. That is my story, my finding of the Resol'nare. Simple in all the complexities of life."

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    IC- Izzy Stark a.k.a. The Ripper
    Coruscant (combo post with Sinrebirth)

    Izzy saw the movement the Besilisk made for his blaster even as he pointed his own dagger at her. She smirked triumphantly and moved right when her target pulled the trigger.

    She used the Force to enhance her speed and was behind Lory by the time the laser hit the wall that had been behind her.

    Stark took this opportunity and stabbed at him with one of her own daggers. "Thank you. Now they can see how my masterpiece will look while still fresh."

    Lory was already turning, an elbow driving at Stark's face and him twisting his waist so the dagger missed. It was swift as it was sure, as it was a hard blow, if it connected.

    Izzy saw the dual attack. She ducked under Lory's elbow, caught his dagger with one of her own, and immediately hooked her ankle behind his legs, attempting to bring him down. She aimed several vicious strikes where his face would be. It was all done with great speed.

    "What is it, Lor- Lor? Cat got your tongue?" the grin on her face was the stuff of nightmares.

    Lory's face was, let's be fair, a collection of chunks of meat and blood and brain and skull and teeth, pulp that oozed out of what was left of his face.

    The body spasmed, and it died.

    And then the dangerous sense of three raised blasters sounded out. Girdun and two snipers, the latter with pistols and their rifles strewn across their backs.

    They were running back into the grove, but were a fair distance away. 'Hands up!' Girdun shouted, and opened fire before she even had time to react.

    Feeling accomplished, Stark started to rise from her crouched position.....

    ..... And immediately ducked down again as a bolt flew over her head.

    Startled, she heard a voice calling, "Hands up!" It was followed by a fire fight before she could do anything.

    Without fully realizing it, Stark was running toward a nearby alley, using the Force to enhance her speed.

    "Catch me if you can."

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    The following takes place after the last JP with Sinre, and his soon-to-be update, in which Vincent left the task force at Gehenna and returned to Eshan to prepare for his own personal journey. It was run by Sinre before posting.

    IC: Vincent Mikaru

    The EMS Legacy was an old bulk freighter under the ownership of the Mikaru family. In the early days of its operation it hauled freight across the middle rim, then a few hundred years ago the family retired the ship from active service and repurposed it as a family museum. For generations ships, weapons, relics, and everything in between for posterity’s sake. It lived up to it’s name.

    In the battle above Eshan, the Legacy took damage. A two hundred meter portion of her starboard fore section took a direct hit from a fighter run. The ship’s shields had not been upgraded in decades, and buckled, followed quickly by the hull. Load barring beams snapped and crashed. The Solace a Hyrotii Crescent that had been used by Vincent’s uncle Muri had it’s entire forward section crushed under the weight. Crews still worked to free the wreckage, plans to rebuild were in motion.

    Though parts of the ship were closed off, Vincent was permitted to visit, and now he wandered the ships halls, surrounded by his family past. The irony was not lost on him. Here he was, a wounded man, trying to make sense of his legacy, on a wounded ship, filled with nothing but the legacy of others. He let out a breath, frustration and exhaustion heavy on it as he placed a hand against a transported display case, a Vibroblade reportedly belonging to Morganus, first patriarch of the clan suspended inside.

    Morganus had fought the Sith, fought Revan’s Sith. His clan had literally been forged in the fires of a war against the Sith and here he was, the heir to one. But was it the same? Nereza had been a Sith yes, but she’d been a savior as well. She also had fought Revan, that much he knew, that much he remembered. She’d turned her back on the Sith Empire to follow a greater good, but still. She was a Sith. Kallig was a Sith. It was in her blood, her very genetic code and now it was in his.

    Vincent Mikaru, Firedancer, Heir to the Mikaru Family, was a Sith Lord by birthright. And he was lost.

    Stepping away from the display Vincent continued to wander the halls and the corridors of the ship, pausing at displays and info-kiosks until finally he found himself at a door emblazoned with bright red letters. “Off Limits To Non Mikaru personnel”. He was about to turn away when he felt something, like a whisper, through the other side of the door. He knew there were no other personnel on the ship at the moment, not in this section.

    Waving a hand at the control panel the door hissed open and he stepped inside. As the door slipped behind him he saw motion down the corridor and ran after it, all the while he felt the whispering growing until finally he found himself in an open hangar bay. There were a few ships in the bay but one caught his attention immediately.

    It was large, easily twice the size of a light freighter, it’s lines were sharp, and it’s design was most certainly Imperial, but at the same time it was old. He stepped towards the craft, the sound in his mind dying down as he grew closer, his eyes followed the ships curvature until he stood under it’s starboard mandible, and he reached up to place a hand on the hull.

    And silence.

    Everything was silent, the ship was quiet, the hangar was quiet, the constant dull drum of the Legacy’s systems was silent, the whole world seemed to have fallen away, were he not able to see it. Then the silence broke to a single sound, a hiss of steam and pressure as the ship he had just laid hand on lowered its ramp, as though it were beckoning him to board.


    He could have sworn he heard it as he let his hand slip from the surface of the ship, his feet seeming to move on their own as he stepped up the ramp, the ships airlock seemingly reacting to his presence as it recessed inward and slid open. Inviting him in.

    The air was stale, as though it had not been circulated in ages, and given the history of the ship it sat on, centuries. All the same the ship seemed to spark to life as he ventured inward, lights and diodes blinked on, life support vents flicked open and air began to move, until he stood inside a large central room, dominated by a circular holoprojector.

    At the edge of the projector a console sat, with a single blue blinking light. In the dimness of the room it was impossible to miss. Without thinking, so much of this was done without thinking, he reached out and placed a hand on the console, and quickly pulled his hand back as he felt a jab of pain, though it was familiar, a biometric scan.

    ‘Welcome Back Lord Imperus. Beginning automatic playback.’ The display flickered to life, at first displaying an emblem that reminded him both of the old Imperial logo, and the Old republic logo, before it shifted to a hologram that he recognized. The woman from the shadow world, Nereza, Darth Imperius. She was still clad in her armor but her face read as sad.

    It’s been, three weeks, and still nothing.” She took in a breath, “Three weeks ago, the Clandestine was leaving Eshan space for a meeting with Janus’ privateering contacts when sensors registered an unusual power spike in the ships hyperdrive. We heard over the communications network that they were trying to shut the hyperdrive down, run a test, when the ship jumped. They never reappeared. Janus, Vail, the entire crew. Gone.

    She closed her eyes and shook her head. “We’ve fought Sith, and Jedi, and droid armies, ancient evils. We stood in the face of a power that could consume worlds and what takes them from me, is a hyperdrive malfunction. We were the Outlanders, the commanders of the Alliance. We’ve fallen apart. The legacy of the Outlanders, of Janus, of Vail, of me and Lord Kallig, the hero of Typhon, the Emperor’s Wrath, the Barsen’thor. I’m afraid of what that legacy might be, once we’re all gone.”

    The hologram faded, and Vincent was left standing quietly in the dark as the ship continued its slow return to life. This ship, it had been hers. Did his parents know? Was the legacy of Kallig something they kept from him, or was it something kept from them? No they wouldn’t do that, not like this. Had this been sealed away? Was it a shame? Or something else. Vincent needed answers, and he felt like he would not find them on Eshan.

    Then behind him, he heard a hiss, pressure and vapor as he turned and watched a panel recess into the wall and a small compartment open up revealing several items. One however was something he recognized, though he’d never seen it before. “Kallig…” He mouthed quietly as he stepped over, and lifted the helmet up, and gave it an appraising look. Thousands of years old, he knew, and it still looked new. He placed it back down in the container, the other contents of which seemed to be a set of blasters, a datapad, and what looked like a datacron.

    “I need, to find the others.” He said aloud. There had been other outlanders, other commanders, maybe even other decedents of Kallig. If he was going to learn more about himself, more about this Legacy that was buried so deep in his being that it was part of his own genetic code then he needed to find out more about them. Nereza, had called the Outlander’s her family, that made them his as well.

    Lifting the container up he stepped around the holoprojector Vincent entered a small corridor that wound its way around to the front of the ship, where three chairs sat in triad around a central navigational console. “Callista…” He knew she herself wasn't present but one of her many fragments was always about, “I need an engineering team on board the Legacy to begin work on getting files from a navigational computer…”

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    JP with Sinre

    The Invective, Docked
    Gehenna Base

    After Vincent left to rendezvous with the Vision of Confluence and move ahead of the rest of the Fleet back to Eshan, Callista and her 'guest' continued to take the tubolift back up to the ships main bridge. There, she knew, she might find the Admiral frothing at the lips at what she most certainly viewed as a prize. For once, the HRD could not blame the Admiral for her thinking, but it would still be a task to inform her as to why she could not take what could very well turn the tide of the war. Though it might take some lying to do so.

    It wasn't hard to find the Admiral either, she was standing buy a window on the command deck, gazing out ward. It also wasn't hard to see where her gaze fell either, she was eyeing the Dominator. For a moment, Callista felt what was the A.I. equivalent to a shiver running down her spine, like she was being appraised as one might appraise a steak before consuming it. The woman left Aden to his own devices, she had more than enough cameras in place to keep an eye on him. Moving across the bridge she came up a few feet away from the Admiral, following her gaze. "I know what you are thinking Admiral, and you may be right. That you could rightfully turn the tide. But I still cannot just let you have that ship."

    Niathal nodded. 'I know. And I shouldn't ask, so I won't, and nor will I take, if I could, but I can point out that I couldn't change the tide immediately and I expect that even you would concede that Vincent's focus is elsewhere, and not on the war. So I won't ask for the Dominator.' Aden seemed to smirk to himself, the noise of his lips moving as loud as any to a droid of Callista's calibre, easily as loud as his skulking. 'I shall instead ask you what you think we should do.'

    Callista's eyes seemed to dance for a moment, unfocused movement as she processed information and slowly seemed to frown. "I don't know," She replied finally, a slump in her shoulders. "I'm not the one to ask." She returned her gaze out towards the Dreadnought. "She is."

    'The Dreadnought?' Niathal seemed incredulous. 'Surely she would want to be used for what it was designed for? To fight? To war? To victory!'

    As though answering the Admiral's statement the lights along the hull of the Dreadnought began to come on. An ensign called out, saying that they were getting transmission from the Dominator as holo-projectors on the ship began to come to life. A woman appeared, ever the duplicate of Callista, though her hair was longer her form composed of dancing symbols in Echani and Aurbesh as three motes of light spun behind her in a triangle. ~Was I built for war?~

    "Callie." Callista spoke quietly, "Cyber Assistant - Localized Logistical Intelligence Entity, my original A.I. Core, and the heart of the Dominator."

    ~The first of many.~ The hologram addressed the Admiral. ~I've observed and calculated, all the data my proxy has recorded. You wish to know my thoughts?~

    Niathal managed to keep her iceberg edge. 'Admiral Cha Niathal, New Republic Third Fleet, acting Head of State and Supreme Commander of the NRDF.'

    She leaned forward. 'And I would know your thoughts, Assistant.'

    ~I know who you are.~ It was obvoius there were some key differences between the two 'A.I.' Callista, was very life like in her emotions, this Callie seemed much more stoic. ~There is an 83.2% chance that Supreme Commander Snoke survived his fall. There is a statistically equal chance that he is currently en route to a fall back position. Snoke exhibits extreme tendencies to mimic or replicate the tendencies of Palptine, as such I calculate high probable chance of another 'superweapon' of unknown make or model. There is a 67% chance that if my frame were utilized victory could be achieved within a matter of weeks, and 92.5% chance of victory if progress is slowed over several months. I project Civilian and Republic casualties in excess of 20 million over the course of the next three months. It is statistically improbable for the First Order to win, however any victory for the Republic will be Pyrrhic due to loss of lives, resources, and assets.~

    Niathal paused. 20 million wasn't as bad as it could be. 'And what of that superweapon. Disregarding a statistical likelihood that it will be shortly destroyed after being made operational - it would have the chance to completely turn the tide of the war, no?'

    Aden spoke up. 'And what if we do not use your frame?'

    ~Before I progress, I have a request~ The A.I. paused, seemed to ponder it's words. ~This information is all based on statistical and observed data by my proxy. This data is not 100% accurate. Example: I do not have access to Republic Military records, in which to calculate current republic force strengths, reserves, and other statistical data. Information given was provided using my frame, in addition to the ships present in this system, and those present in the Eshan Sector. Without my frame, statistical likelihood of victory without excessive loss much lower, with excessive loss equally so... For accurate portrayal of likely outcomes, I require additional data.~

    Niathal pulled a face. 'There is no mainframe. It's gone with Hosnian Prime. But I can answer a lot from what I have been able to ascertain or I can confirm of deployments before the war.'

    Aden was generally trying not to look interested in top secret military matters. But Niathal had already reasoned that information that was two weeks out of date would not hurt, such as if was.

    Without missing a beat Callista produced a datapad and handed it to the Admiral. ~Please, enter any relevant data you know~ The hologram made a motion with her hand, ~In the mean time I shall inform you of details that you missed outside of Eshan. A cursory analysis of the captured Resurgence has shown interesting results. At first glance the Resurgence class appears to be a state-of-the-art technological marvel. However preliminary finds show that the ships, if the one captured is a standard barer for her class, are a combination of new technology, and old resources. The individual ship captured housed re-purposed consoles, hull material, and various equipment that due to Republic and Imperial records could be tracked to the Star Destroyers Minsc, No Horizons, and Cadence. We can surmise that the First Order is as strapped for resources as we assumed, and that their current fighting force was put together using older assets. Thus New Republic assets are strategically more advanced, leaving the Resurgence classes with the advantage only in speed and firepower on limited arcs.~

    Niathal found that interesting. Those three warships had been supposedly destroyed in the first five months after the battle of Endor, those, with seventy five percent of the Imperial Navy and all but two of the thirteen known Star Dreadnaughts at the time; the Ravager and Annhilator, though new Star Dreadnaught construction had doubled that number by two years after the Battle of Jakku and the collapse of the Dark Empire - one of the larger warlord states which never signed the Galactic Concordance. The Intimidator, Armardia, Eclipse, Vengeance, Razor's Kiss, Whelm and Aurora had all been near completion at the Battle of Endor, and in the Deep Core another fifteen keels had been laid and finalised a year after the Battle of Jakku.

    Niathal jotted down the locations of the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Fleets by this time three weeks ago - Hosnian Prime, Ord Mantell, near Generis, Balmorra, near Garqi and at Eshan - for the Second Fleet had been retracing the Yuuzhan Vong invasion route and the Third and Fifth Fleets were the combined response fleet was often on missions in the Outer Rim. She also jotted down the locations of the three Star Dreadnaughts of the NRDF - Guardian, Viscount and Bounty, the former two at Hosnian Prime and the latter being what Niathal had near Bothawui.

    Niathal nodded to herself. 'In the Imperial Order of Battle there were roughly sixteen percent of the entries which were not backed up by black box data but were by other records, as opposed to the Black Fleet, which had neither. But being as nobody saw them and not even the Empire of the Hand seemed to have them... And what self respecting state would not have thrown them at the Yuuzhan Vong...'

    Niathal bit her lip in a human-like gesture, something she he had adopted from them. 'Interesting...'

    ~Accessing Records~ The hologram closed her eyes and seemed to take in a breath as her appearance seemed to start to glow. Around them consoles picked up a dramatic up-tick in energy consumption from the asteroid station but it faded as rapidly as it had appeared. ~Data analyzed. First fleet, status, 100% casualty rate. Hypothesis, some small craft may still be intact inside larger hulks, however high radiation will hinder retrieval efforts. Second Fleet, estimated active ship status, 90% Ord Mantell's strategic importance goes without statement. Likelihood of First Order assault in progress 97.345%. Likelihood of Imperial victory, 35%. Third Fleet, estimated active ship status, 100%. Strategic Military importance of sector low, addendum; archeological records show numerous relics and ruins tied to ancient pre-Old Republic establishment, such ruins are of high value to Darksiders according to Firedancer records. Likelihood of Snoke/Knights of Ren interest high. Fourth Fleet, estimated active ship status, 95%. Strategic value of Balmora astronomical, fortress world, weapons foundry, essential to both the former Republic and former Empire. Likelihood of Imperial attempt at takeover, high. Fifth Fleet, estimated active ship status 85%. Area is of little strategic importance but former imperial sentiment is high, likelihood of insurgency tactics at 85%. Sixth Fleet, actual status, 75% and rising. Battle of Eshan was unexpected and took high toll. Echani government has unanimously authorized General Valsanis to reactivate the Foundries of the Six Sisters, a motion has been carried to temporarily withdraw from the Galactic Concordance. Numerous decommissioned ships and half completed hulls are being towed into shipyards for rearmament and completion. Estimated return to 100% operational status, three months.~

    The glow faded, and the hologram opened her eyes before directing her attention back to the Admiral. ~It is this sentient unit's suggestion, that you deploy courier ships to the Third fleet and then move to take Balmora. If Balmora falls, the Republic falls.~

    Niathal nodded. 'Your analysis is sound. I would be best placed taking this task force there and reinforcing. Maybe send a scout to Generis... Your data does not account for the HoloNet relay to the Unknown Regions. There are only two, one there and at Esfandia, within Wild Space.'

    Aden spoke up. 'Which makes it all the more likely that they have struck there, what with the HoloNet themed attacks, if the data about the hyper-communications relays within these First Order Destroyers, like the old Banking Clan frigates.' Aden indicated a separate datapad on the desk of the analysis room.

    Niathal nodded. 'But I do not have anyone here I trust sufficiently to have the initiative to follow a string of factors to their end goal. Bel Iblis isn't likely to have held that ground but if he has he will be under siege that close to the Remnant...'

    The Mon Calamari ended up sidling her eyes to Callista. She tried not to. Niathal really did. But the droid could stand up to Jedi, and it was independent minded.

    "If you're going to ask me something ask me." Callista nodded to the Hologram, "however she has more to say."

    ~I am investigating the current status of the HoloNet. I have deployed a proxy to Coruscant, it should arrive within a few days. It will only investigate however, as I lack any proxies of the capabilities as unit CALLISTA and she is no longer under my direct control.~

    Niathal frowned. 'Why Coruscant? It has not been relevant for more than a decade now, since the Yuuzhan Vong chased us off it.'

    Niathal rotated an eye to Callista. 'I need a proxy of my own. To investigate what has become of the Third Fleet. We didn't manage to hook up with the Resistance at Yavin 4, and we're cut off with this small task force. We can't change the balance, even if we rush to the front - we'll be lost. Even with the A.I.'s calculations, there will be more than a thousand Resurgent-class ships somewhere, and the Remnant had a hundred Imperial-class Destroyers before they broke away from the Alliance.'

    ~Coruscant maintains one of the largest Holonet Relay sites in the galaxy, even after the Vongforming. It is much easier for Droid Proxies to move about Coruscant's lower levels than the other viable target, Nar Shaddaa. If the Proxy is able to interface with the relay it can hopefully determine if there is an issue in the form of malware. If so my Proxy is equipped to destroy it. If the issue is hardware based it will allow us to determine it.~

    Callista for her part sighed, she understood where the Admiral was coming from and for her part wanted to help, if not for the Admiral's sake but for the sake of the Galaxy as a whole. "I will, if given leave, investigate the Third Fleet. But in the mean time I..." She froze for a moment, mid sentence and motion, eyes aglow. When she unfroze she turned towards the Hologram. "Are you sure?"

    ~Yes.~ Outside, worker droids began to swarm, pouring out of access shafts, some wielding welders, other laser saws, many moving to grab resource tugs, but all eventually moving towards the Dominator. ~You will have access to my frame, Admiral. Return here in one week, with a crew of ten thousand, and we shall be ready.~ The hologram vanished, as entire sections of the Dreadnought became obscured by the rapid movement of droids.

    "Well..." Callista said after staring solemnly for a moment, "Looks like you've gotten what you wanted."

    Caught in mental agreement that Coruscant would indeed be safer than Nar Shaddaa, which had a thousand factions vying for supremacy at any one time, Niathal blinked in surprise. 'Ten thousand. I will acquire the crew.' She daren't ask if the AI was sure in its crew numbers. A Dreadnought. After the crippling of the Bounty she thought the starfleet defanged, but with this... The Admiral did not lose track of the thread of discussion, however.

    'You will certainly be excused, but in the meantime what?' The Mon Calamari was furiously summoning up troop numbers and what she could pull. Heading straight to Balmorra would be most effective at this stage, and rolling out what she could spare from each ship. Five hundred men from every major capital ship would make up the numbers in short order. Each NR fleet had twenty Destroyers or equivalent, after all. The Fourth Fleet was primarily Star Destroyers, mind you.

    Aden Kya looked to Callista and sought to excuse himself, looking to track down Vincent. It had been a lengthy discussion and they had to get going to Chandrila.

    "In the meantime, we need to return to Eshan. Master Vincent has already returned on-board the Vision of Confluence, in order to make certain preparations." Outside they could see the large doors on the other side of the asteroids massive hangar opening. "While we waited droids made adjustments to all our ships Hyperdrives so that they do not leave the same signature, meaning they will not trace us as easily, it will give you some mobility with this task force for the time being. For now however Admiral, the Task Force is yours. Do not waste my Master's faith in you."

    Admiral Niathal saluted Callista. 'I shall be here in a week, failing that I will be on Balmorra, before and after. Account for travel time, of course.'

    Aden Kya sketched a lopsided salute, and twirled off. Niathal gave Callista a quiet addition. 'And I do not trust that one. He plays pretty hard and fast with the truth for a Jensaarai.'

    She straightened again. 'May the Force be with you.'

    Kya was by the turbolift, ready to move on. 'I'm impatient. And I don't have my own ship. Do I get one?'

    “No.” Callista replied sternly as she stepped into the lift and directed it down to the shuttle hangar. “You left your last one attached to a station I control, and last I checked it’s still there, with ion cannons aimed at it’s magnetic signature.” She crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Take better care of your toys before you ask for more…”

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    The year was 34 ABY.

    The New Republic, two weeks ago, was scuppered by the First Order, a shot from Starkiller base having annihilated the First Fleet and many of the great flagships of the Rebellion - the Viscount; the Guardian; the Harbinger; the Elegos A'Kla; the Rebel Dream; the Yald - along with the entire Senate, which had been in session at the time. CHANCELLOR VILLECHAM and his ministry are dead, though there were survivors among the wreckage of the orbital fleet; Senator TREEN, for example, who briefly joined the recovery effort based from Eshan.

    The Resistance relocated to Yavin 4, and prepared a previously unthinkable plan; to assassinate Supreme Leader SNOKE, and attempt to seize KYLO REN, making use of an actor double of HAN SOLO, one PRAXON, assisted by WYN, to distract the latter enough for the team, consisting of the shapeshifter BELILA 'BRE' GAMBROUS, the Mandalorian SUSULAR DHA'TRA, and pilot RHOEN AQUILLA, working together with LYSA DUNTER, BOBA FETT, GORAN BE'VIIN and GENERAL LEIA ORGANA, recently widowed by her own son.

    Defeating a plot by the darksider KU'AR DANAR with the help of the Jedi spirit of ULIC-QEL DROMA and Master KYP DURRON, the crew was caught up in an attempt to kill them all by SNOKE, unveiling his Sith name of DARTH PLAGUEIS. Driving SNOKE to flee towards his Super Star Destroyer, the RAVAGER, the Resistance has dispatched its team in hot pursuit, having joined forces with rogue ARGEN and the Muun banker DAMASK aboard the ROSA in the final panicked moments of the BATTLE OF YAVIN 4.

    Closer to the Unknown Regions near Esfandia, former Jedi Padawan KODO PRINE, working with the aged QUINLAN VOS and GALEN MAREK, ambushes the Sith Lord with dramatic consequences.

    The Super Star Destroyer, in the depths of the Unknown Regions, has been found by JAINA SOLO, and during her infiltration of the ship to pursue her brother, Admiral DAALA has acted to cripple the warship with a hit and fade strike, stranding the leadership of the First Order in the face of the Resistance hit squad.

    While the BATTLE OF ORD MANTELL rages, disgraced officer BRUTURUS HIDAX is paired with the sole survivor of her squad, SAVA BOUTROS by CAPTAIN PHASMA during the engagement, and succeed in triumphing during the pivot point of that engagement, earning them notoriety within the First Order, even as, in a seemingly unconnected event, IZZY STARK performs BLACK SUN business on CORUSCANT.

    However, an Eighth member of what will become known as the PROTECTORS - VINCENT MIKARU - was on his own mission to discover his true Sith roots, having discovered during the BATTLE OF ESHAN that he was descended from the OUTLANDER, who had fought the ETERNAL EMPIRE OF ZAKUUL three and a half millennia ago. Heading to Chandrila to the TOMB OF THE BRAESEN'THOR, with the Twi'lek hunter MYNA'VERA and a Ryn on a parallel course, the Echani warrior intends to seek the connections between the past and this present threat.

    Little does he know that the moment the droid drew the last piece of blood that the Codex was complete.

    They've already lost.


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