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Star Wars OPEN Star Wars: Black Sheep (Always Accepting New Players)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bardan_Jusik , Sep 24, 2017.

  1. The Vanguard

    The Vanguard Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 12, 2016
    IC: Blackbone
    Black 7-11 Covering Wing, Swordfish System

    Alright, let's find these bastards, he thought to himself as Kid weaved off ahead of him. He could see Zero and Cadera out the port side of his cockpit canopy begin to head off in their clockwise sweep. Blackbone and Kid would be clearing in the opposite direction and so far everything was off to a quiet start. Yov was never trained in the ways of the Force like his sister was, he didn't know how to use it. He did, however, know when it was saying something to him. It was a 6th sense he could neither control nor understood at times, but he could take his best guess. Between that, his eagle eyes, and Kid's sensors he hoped they would be the crew to find the target. Not necessarily to prove himself as the new guy, but because he wanted to uproot and destroy any Imp he could get his sights on. Hatred is not our way, his mother would tell him. He didn't much care for the cultural mores of his people. He accepted his upbringing for what it was, but he saw a lot of inconsistencies and hypocrisy that slowly drove him away. Then when Yara died, or "disappeared" as his father would say, he felt a big part of himself just cut off. Maybe he would return to his roots, maybe he would die before that could happen. Either way, he would show up today as Blackbone and earn his keep.

    Patting his shoulder pouch, Jaqa double checked his stim pack out of habit, making sure he didn't forget to bring it. He wasn't supposed to fly with them but Black Sheep didn't seem to care as much about those regs. Putting a little more space between he and Black 7-11 lead, he pulled back on his A-wing.

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  2. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    Pre-GM Update

    IC: Jocelyn “Joy” Sunwalker
    Her Cabin, the Intrepid

    Jocelyn sat behind her desk. She just had a shower and wanted to relax a bit before going back to her Y-wing. These past few days had gone like in a dream. A lot had happened and there was hardly any time to process it all. She was good at “shelving” such thoughts for later.

    Something caught her attention, it was Carols. The kitten was biting and struggling with the toy that Skipper had brought her. It was an adorable sight, which made her realize that she had been kind of absent minded when she got the present. Joy growled angrily at herself. ”Jocelyn, you idiot!” There was no time to look for the man so she took her datapad and decided to send him a message.

    Hey, Skipper, I am sorry for this rather impersonal way to thank you. I am sorry that I could not express my gratitude back when you gave the toy. I had been rather… absent minded lately. I am sure you have a lot on your mind as well. Anyway thank you, also Carols thanks you as well.


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    IC: Jocelyn “Joy” Sunwalker
    Black 4-12, Swordfish system

    They had exited hyperspace. The sight was magnificent but there was no time for enjoying it. There was a mission to be done. It had priority over everything else. Even her own doubts and fears. There was no time for it… But when will there be time? She had been repressing most of her feelings and she could feel that she was on the verge of bursting.

    Not now, Jocelyn, not now she thought while turning on the sensors.

    She was worried that the Imperials might pick them up sooner than her and thus get warned of their arrival. Nothing so far, which was not surprising, you can’t get a jackpot right at the beginning of the mission. Joy gave a reassuring thumbs up to Ethan, hopefully he could see it through the viewport.

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  3. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Ianna Mcear
    Swordfish system

    Ianna gave an enthusiastic wave to the other wing pair as they split off covering their respective areas. She knew Eliana, Alec and Zara couldn't see her, but she hoped they could feel her waving. Stupid radio silence stopping her from saying good luck to her friends. It was lonely and somewhat isolating sitting alone in her Y-Wing her temporary wingmate hanging back just at the edge of her sensors. This was the moment she wished she had a two-seater Y-wing like she did on Hoth. As it was she had the one seat variant, where the turret was locked forward and the seat removed. It could be put back in, but it wouldn't be as effective the modifications made were intended to make the craft easier to handle with just one being in the cockpit.

    Filling the silence Ianna hummed a little tune, another popular song she'd found poking around the hyperwave. There weren't many opportunities to listen to music and most of what she could find was imperial propaganda. Though there were those times she found good music or even better a wavecast of a Limmie game. This brought to mind the game she would be playing against Kara and her squadron. She had some volunteers for her team, though she might need more.

    It gave her something to look forward to when she returned. Her hand began to tingle again, she had another reason to return as well. A promise she made to a special person. It brought a happy smile to her face knowing that he was waiting for her. Her cheeks reddened mind wondering this way and that. Her sensors were reading clear no contacts. Which was good because she was a little distracted at the moment.

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  4. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Queen of something I'm sure of it. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Amber Tehanis
    Swordfish System, in ship.

    Reverting from hyperspace, Amber immediately noted her Major Taab’s position and as per their conversation, well hers mostly as the man wasn’t particularly talkative, she dropped back, a long way back. She had her secret weapon Jeen had installed and it was all she needed to be up on his wing again in a matter of 5 seconds or less. Scanning her screens in silence she noted nothing, nothing but rocks and space, lots of empty space. Sitting back, she adjusted her belts and sighed. “Squirt, I’m going to rest a bit, can you scan the Majors ship and surrounding areas, and us please, on high alert if you can?” She droid chortled a quick response she’d come to know meant, ‘Yes ma’am!’ and she smiled. This was going to be long, at least if they found nothing but the feeling she had in her stomach said otherwise. She still had that ‘feeling’ of something bad is going to happen, but her starting at read outs wasn’t going to change that. Closing her eyes, she brought her feet off the floor and crossed her legs on the seat, it was cramped but she made it work. Deep breathing like her mother had taught her, close off the noise of the galaxy, feel the you inside. Find your centre, and balance on it, allow your mind to wander, to find what you seek even if you seek nothing. Her hands resting loosely on the controls, she opened her eyes, but she was far away, not seeing with them.

    The multi-faceted and oddly shaped crystals floated lightly around themselves, in a dance not yet choreographed, yet hypnotizingly graceful. There was darkness around, then hands, two hands held palms upwards un-moving and steady. It was warm, not unpleasantly so, but enough to make the soul feel at ease and comfortable. It rose, between the hands horizontally, the long silver cylinder ornately decorated with gold filigree, and a green button. It had an opening, elongated and slender and it came closer to the dancing crystals. The hands moved around to the side as the crystals began to slow and line up, they fell into a line almost but on angles, sparkling in the dim light they moved slightly adjusting as they lowered ever so slowly. The angles they fell in a manner that showed no pattern, no semblance of order, but they managed to fit. They were lower now and entering the slender hole in their almost joined manner, and then, they were in place. A soft glow emitted from the chamber as a cover came from nowhere and settled over the opening. The cylinder turned to be vertical as the hands came in slowly and deftly grasped it. The green button was pressed, and a violet blade burst forth.

    Amber gasped as she woke up her eyes wide. Did she just see how to fix her lightsaber? Was that a vision? She was still breathing deeply as she checked screens and Squirt asked her if she was ok, then she saw the time. She’d lost 20 minutes somehow. “I’m fine Squirt, honest.” She said breathlessly, seeing nothing was on the screens. Taab was still scanning and still a couple kilometres ahead, there was still nothing out there yet. Sweat? where did that come from? She wondered. She wiped her neck and it was wet. “Well that was something..….” She breathed softly, “on the upside………..”

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  5. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009

    IC: Louise "Lou" Gray/Airen Vehn

    Swordfish System

    Lou did another sweep with her eyes for the hundredth time. Boredom was starting to seep into her mind. Flagg had shot out on ahead actively pinging away while she tracked the data coming across her MFD. She spent a bit of time enjoying the beauty of the Swordfish system but even that failed to captivate her full interest. She knew she had to be alert, however, because wherever the Sheep seemed to go so too did trouble.

    "So why Tesserone?" Airen called out from the back as he shifted in his seat.

    "You got enough leg room back there?"
    Lou teased.

    "Fine. Answer my question," Airen shot back .

    "The family estate," Lou said as she scanned the abyss, "its been in my family for generations. The name comes from the old Roonian world tesserarius which is roughly translated as watch commander. You see, in the ancient days when Roon had an army, the ancients used the tesserarius to keep an eye on the sentry guard around their fortifications and were responsible for getting the watchwords from the commander and keeping them safe. Lots of responsibility. Over the centuries, Tesserone in the modern dialect, became our watch tower. From the family estate you can see the Laweeya Priarie, the Lady Constance Mountain Range, and even the tall spires of the capital of Nime in the distance. I suppose it was our way of keeping an eye on things."

    "I've had some ideas for improvements to the place,"
    Airen suggested.

    "Yeah, like what?"
    Lou asked.

    "Well, for starters, having the the front porch redone so that it actually blocks the afternoon sun would be helpful," Airen said.

    "You don't like getting sunburned?"
    Lou teased.

    "Not really," Airen admitted, "I grew up on Ord Mantell. The only thing burning me there was scalding hot metal from the scrapyards. I didn't have the luxury of green spaces to play or views that went on for kilometers."

    "I see," Lou said, "so why did your family settle there?"

    "Work," Airen replied, "they settled there because the scrapyards and smelting facilities paid well. I still have family back there. Distant relatives. That sort of thing. We were a loyal and hard working military family. My father served in the Republic and when the Republic was no more I served in the Empire."

    "You and me both," Lou admitted, "we have a similar start."

    "The Empire gave me a way off world. A chance to see the galaxy. A chance to find myself,"
    Airen said.

    "Yeah," Lou replied her voice trailing off, "a chance to make your mark."

    "Exactly," Airen said, "and then I wound up on Jedha fighting the insurgents."

    "And I wound up on Carida fighting enemies close to home,"
    Lou finished.

    A heavy silence permeated the cockpit. In so many ways, Lou thought, she and Airen had a lot in common. The shared military service, the need to get off world and see the galaxy, and the failures of that service weighed heavily upon their shoulders. In their eyes the Empire had not only failed them but they had failed the Empire.

    "Is it weird for you having me as a partner?" Airen asked.

    "Well," Lou said, "if you mean being in a relationship with you I..."

    "No, I don't mean that," Airen cut Lou off, "I meant being a partner in your family's estate. You're the last surviving heir of the Kolvaard family. You're all that's left. Now you have to share ownership of your estate with me, an outsider."

    Lou bit her lip in a thoughtful gesture, "I never really had time to think about that. The war it's taken so much from both of us. My brother, your friend, and so many others. I suppose I don't mind having another set of eyes. I also don't mind having someone to help me run the place. You've got a good eye for detail, you're thorough, and your aren't so bad to be around most of the time."

    Airen laughed, "Nice, Lou."

    "Hey, I'm trying," Lou chuckled as she once again resumed her agonizing search.

    "So, uh," Airen shifted a bit in his seat again, "what are you going to name the baby?"

    "I don't know," Lou replied, "I mean we're so early in this thing I don't even know the gender yet. When we get back I'll see if they can run some tests. Might be too soon."

    "If it's a boy I'd like him to be named after my father," Airen said.

    "Here it comes," Lou grumbled.

    "Derek," Airen said, "his name was Derek."

    "Huh," Lou replied, "not bad."

    "Not bad? It's a good name. A strong name," Airen said.

    "Well, since you opened this can of worms," Lou replied, "if its a girl I'd like her to be named after my mother."

    "Please," Airen groaned, "don't go there."

    "Her name was Sadie," Lou replied, "which is a darn fine name."

    "Yeah, reminds me of my pet I had growing up," Airen groused.

    "You're some help," Lou said, "do I need to come back there and kick your rear?"

    "I'd like to see you try, blondie," Airen teased, "Sadie, what a name!"

    "Oh you good for nothing scoundrel!"
    Lou shouted.

    Airen roared with laughter, "You and I are going to kill one another. How do we ever think a marriage will work?"

    "Oh the marriage will work just fine if you do what I say and keep your mouth shut!" Lou shot back .

    Airen said in a casual tone, "that's not a marriage. That's a dictatorship."

    "Same difference," Lou grumbled.

    She wasn't that annoyed with him. She loved him. Even when he was being a stinker. They'd come a long way in a short amount of time. Combat and the intimate quarters of the Intrepid had oddly done wonders for their budding relationship. They'd had to cover hard topics and conversations. Perhaps, in so many ways, that was for the best.

    "Aren't you glad you got a two seater?"
    Airen asked.

    "Real glad," Lou said, "because that means you can absorb more incoming fire when I've got a Defender on my tail."

    "Hey now," Airen said, "that was a bit much."

    "So is this," Lou laughed, jerked the stick, and did a quick barrel roll in her bomber.

    "Lou!" Airen yelled, "Stop or I'm gonna vomit all over the inside."

    Lou replied, "that was nothing. Just wait till the fighting goes hot."

    Airen gulped, "I can't wait."

    Lou continued monitoring Flagg's progress. Somewhere, out there, the Bith Marquis was waiting to be destroyed.

    "Come to Mama," Lou whispered.

    "What did you say?" Airen asked.

    Lou sighed.

    This two seater thing was for the birds.

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  6. Sarge

    Sarge Chosen One star 7

    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: PO3 Lughdyt [face_pig], LT Balzroth [face_devil]
    Intrepid Hangar Bay

    Lughdyt sat on Rebel Rouser's hull, polishing the A-wing's canopy, giving it one last wipe for perfect clarity. If a pilot got shot down because he mistook an attacking TIE for a smear on the transparisteel, it wouldn't be Lughdyt's fault.

    "I like the pinstripes, Lug!" The Ugnaught glanced up momentarily at the sound of his pilot's voice.


    "With all th' new Sheep A-wings zooming 'round out there now, figgered th' others would need t' see which one was leader. Red trim 'round th' black oughta make y' stand out 'nough t' recognize." He stuffed his polishing rag into a pocket and turned, careful not to mar the fresh red outlines of the ship's black markings. Reaching down into the cockpit, he pulled the circuit breakers that controlled energy flow to the twin blaster cannons, and activated their servos. "See how y' like this." The weapons pivoted upward, passing their previous limit of sixty degrees, through vertical, all the way around to point dead aft. "They'll spin 360 now, or at least they would if th' deck wasn't in th' way."

    Kayn showed his fangs in a happily evil grin. "That's gonna frack the world of the next Imp scum to ride my tail. And is this what I think it is?" The Devaronian tapped a metal box about 30 cm wide, welded onto the flat bulkhead of the fighter's aft end.

    "It is, but it's empty. Still tryin' t' work a deal for a load. Should be able to swap that Deathtroop rifle, but what we're shopping for ain't easy t' come by. Bean counters keep count o' them, y'know."

    "Right, and if it were easy, I'd get a droid to do it for me, right?"

    "Fracking droids can ***** my lower ***** *****."

    "That sounds as unpleasant as it does anatomically improbable. Warm up the power core while I check the rest of the flight."

    Lughdyt grunted and began flipping switches, readying the A-wing for flight as Kayn walked over to the other ships of B Flight, calling out, "Everybody loaded for gundark? B Flight is about to show the whole kriffing galaxy how to frack up some Imps today!"

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  7. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    Ethan Malek
    Black 4-12, Swordfish system

    Ethan returned Joy´s gesture, giving his wing mate a thumbs up. It was quiet up here, even more with the radio silence between the fighters. The system possessed a great natural beauty he had to admit but in his life he had lost some of his amazement for things like this. Though it and the scanning of the surroundings reminded him of his younger days, when he had hunted pirates with the ORSF and flown endless patrols along the main traderoutes of the Seswenna sector. There was no danger surrounding them at the moment and R7 did most of the piloting so Ethan allowed his thoughts to drift away, back to his past and to the letter he now kept in his pocket... Maybe, he asked himself he should have stayed on Eriadu all these years ago, he should have listened to Tanja at the time... No there was no point in thinking about it, he had made his choice and had to live with the consequences, no matter how much it hurt him...

    "Sergeant Malek, this is not what it looks like," the young woman´s face was white with fear and she held her lightsaber in a defensive position. "Well to me it looks like you just killed and entire squadron," Ethan replied aiming his blaster at her while keeping a safe distance, the rest of his squad was taking positions behind him. It had only been twenty minutes since the message from Coruscant had reached them, twenty minutes since everything had fallen into chaos. The Jedi had betrayed the republic the message had said, they have tried to murder the chancellor and other high ranking officials in a coup. Ethan still couldn´t believe it, how the Jedi who had fought at their side for years had turned against them, why they had betrayed the republic they had sworn to serve for thousands of years. As with most Eriaduan´s Ethan hadn´t trusted the order, had seen them as self righteous and arrogant. But in the last few years the Jedi had proven themselves loyal and understanding time and time again. And now he had found this young Pantoran, an apprentice judging by her age, he had seen her several times in the base during the last days but Ethan couldn´t remember her name. Standing over the remains of Delta Squad the burn marks on the dead soldiers left little in question how they had died. "They tried to kill me," the girl said and Ethan felt the panic in her voice, Delta squad hadn´t been made up of volunteers like his unit but clones, who as with the Jedi had shown themselves to be dedicated and loyal soldiers. Something was wrong here he felt, maybe this was all a misunderstanding, maybe this girl had nothing to do with the deeds of her brothers and sisters. At least he should give her the benefit of the doubt he felt. "I´m sorry ma'am," he said carefully while stepping a bit closer to her. "But I´m under orders to arrest or kill any member of the Jedi order." The woman raised her blade and Ethan saw how her hands were shaking. "This doesn´t have to end this way," Ethan said lowering his blaster a bit. "Please if you put down your weapon and come with us, I´m sure all of this can be solved." She lowered her blade a bit as well and for a brief moment Ethan felt as if another spirit touched his own. Was she sensing him? Trying to see if he was honest? "What will happen then?" she asked, carefully, seemingly considering his offer. "I don´t know," Ethan admitted, "but I´ll give you my word as an officer that you will get a fair trial. If you had nothing to do with this... act of treason, I´m sure they will let you go." The two stared at each other for a moment and Ethan hoped his words had been enough to convince her, he didn´t want to kill an ally, he believed that if she just surrendered they could talk things out with their superiors. Again Ethan felt how she sensed him, to see if he was sincere. Then she deactivated her blade and handed it to him. "I´ll take you by your word sergeant."

    Pain and guilt floated through Ethan´s body as he remembered this. He had been sincere with his offer, but in the end he hadn´t been able to keep his word. They had brought the young Pantoran back to base where she had been taken by a group of elite soldiers and Ethan had never seen her again, nor had there been any fair trial for a single Jedi in the galaxy. Worse, later he had learned that by capturing her alive he had likely sentenced this girl to a fate worse than death: Torture at the hands of the empire. Ethan had never talked to anyone about this, not even Tanja, he had tried his best to forget about it and for a time it seemed he had succeeded, but now... Being around Amber and seeing her lightsaber had brought these memories back and with them his guilt and self hatred. He felt that if his friend would ever find out what he had done all these years ago she would come to hate him, like he hated himself for it.

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  8. Rebecca_Daniels

    Rebecca_Daniels Force Ghost star 5

    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Zara Yaren
    Pilot's Lounge, pre-update

    It was a surprise, to say the least, when Cassell stopped by her table to drop off what seemed to be… a gift. The bag contained a couple of pricey liqueurs, high brow stuff she’d never be able to afford with the Rebellion’s stipend. The sort of thing it was better to steal than purchase. And yet the Captain had picked them up for her? She barely knew him. It was too much.

    Zara went to protest, but in the moments she’d been looking at the bag, he’d moved on to someone else. Gifts abounded, it seemed, all from the good Captain. Why? He didn’t have to do this for any of them.

    She sat back down, not wanting to cause a scene. It was fine, she’d have to thank him sometime later. There was another box in there, she noticed, so distracted by the small bottles she’d almost missed it. Opening it, a set of cards and matching dice-- Sabacc cards. She hadn’t had a full set in years, and most were not thrilled by the three fluxes that could come into play. The dice were shiny, unused, and the cards were bright and colourful, fresh. She slid a couple out, admiring the artwork before closing the box again. She’d have to put that somewhere safe, keep them from getting lost or mixed in with her old cards. For special occasions only. Now she’d have to find Cassell later.

    Not wanting these new gifts to go missing, she packed everything up and headed for her quarters. Best to sort things out there anyway.

    As she emptied the bag, she found a datacard as well; he had promised to pick up any messages while out, but Zara didn’t anticipate having any. Everyone she knew was gone, or here. There was no reason someone should have sent her anything, and yet here the datacard was.

    She popped it into her datapad, discarding for the moment the novel she’d been reading, and pulled up the message. Text only, from an unfamiliar name. Only one word was in the body of the message: “Torch.”

    Her breath caught, and Zara sat down hard on her bunk. This wasn’t possible. The last time she’d received a message like this, she’d been… it had been years ago. They were all gone. Or now they were. Torch was the toughest of them, but had gone down early. To know she had survived this long, just to have this gutpunch of a death notice.

    Were there more still alive? The Empire wasn’t one to put rebels out of their misery, that was for certain. She stared longer at the single word, before pulling the card out and tossing it on the ground. The sender would lead nowhere, and no one else needed to know about this. With the ongoing mole hunt, receiving mail from an admittedly well-disguised Imperial probably wasn’t a good idea.

    With a quick motion, Zara crushed the card under her boot. She’d find him eventually. Then this would all end.


    To say she was distracted would be an understatement. The message had haunted her, keeping her mind lightyears away when she should be focusing on the mission at hand. Her tech had more than taken care of her ship, at least, everything tuned and tidy to a degree she’d never seen before. Their wingpairs had been split up, and she was stuck with a two-seater, Cadera and Saeli, with whom she’d barely exchanged a nod, let alone some words. That suited her just fine, at the moment, though it meant they hadn’t discussed their roles in the coming op as of yet.

    "Everybody loaded for gundark? B Flight is about to show the whole kriffing galaxy how to frack up some Imps today!"

    Kayn was up to his usual nonsense. Zara slid her helmet and visor on, attaching it securely to the front of her headband, choosing to ignore what he’d said along with the rest of B-flight. Instead, she ducked around her A-wing, heading for the designated Y-wing across the hangar to get a few words in before they took off. Daumé would take care of the startup, at least, and it wasn't like they were in their usual flights. She didn't need to talk to them today.

    Spotting the pair she had been assigned to, Zara approached and, without preamble, asked, “You scan, I’ll track?” though her tone was less of a question and more of a statement. It made sense to have the Y-wing’s full sensor capabilities in this, she’d have an easier time getting them out of trouble when it inevitably found them, and she didn't see the point in discussing it. She didn't see the point in talking to anyone right now. They couldn't do anything for her.

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  9. The Vanguard

    The Vanguard Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 12, 2016
    IC: Yov Jaqa
    Intrepid Hanger, Pre-Launch

    Yov slid his hand along the nose of his ship, almost in a caressing manner. Not really knowing anyone on this mission, he reckoned a creeping sense of loneliness, causing him to be sucked into the memory of past missions. Spackles of battle plans, former wingmates dead or alive, different systems he'd been to, everything. He slowly hopped from memory to memory as he climbed his A-wing's step-ladder. Standing on the hull his eyes danced over the small pinup Twi'lek girl painted next to the cockpit rear-end. Preceding that was his designation, "BLACKBONE". His last crew chief was big on customizing their ships and Yov didn't mind at all.

    "Everybody loaded for gundark? B Flight is about to show the whole kriffing galaxy how to frack up some Imps today!"

    Recognizing the voice of his flight lead, Yov shouted back, "Happy Hunting, Mean Streak!"

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  10. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Akiva Lurrel, aka Wolf
    Hanger - - -> Into the Stew

    She had lost track of the time as she walked down her craft after beginning the initial startup. Most pilots never left their craft while it was breathing, while it was alive and pumping full of explosive life and purpose brimming just below the surface. She rarely did herself, but she knew her craft, just as surely as she knew herself.

    So she dismounted and walked from cockpit to farthest weapons pod and simply listened. Tuning out the chaos and noise of the hanger until all that remained was the whine of the power cells humming in a range humans called supersonic or ultrasonic noise. Listened at the finite bleed of the cables where the connections could never be a hundred percent sealed. Felt the rattle of the engines vibrate the long board effect of the solid wing with the central thrust pod.

    The ventral cable was off tune, it would need tightened again. The cargo panel was rattling, like a constant threat to disgorge the emergency supplies. Just the way she liked it. It was with a solemn pat to the nose art of and to the ghosts let her ground crew Crazy Eyes know to shut the baby down for now. Retop the fuel lines, Double check whatever she called out, and of course . . . don't mess the controls getting out. It was amazing how many people had trouble getting out of the cockpit without stepping on something.


    A few hours later, exiting hyperspace into the black.

    The darkness was there, and so too was the star. It's irradiant light drizzling through the few gaps with it's deadly gaze. They fell low and the star was lost in the asteroid haze before they turned to their appointed rounds. Literally round.

    They were flying on the edge of a wheel of a system. The one called Max, her four engines flared ahead of Wolf's craft. Slowly bleeding ahead. Her own sensors were passive, and so she received the ping from behind as the other pair trailed away, and ahead a steady rhythm guiding her ship onwards.

    The vibrational bucking of her own ship gave the false sensation of loping through the expanse with nothing but her eyes and ears to comfort her. To guide her from a possible ambush or into the teeth of a waiting trap. She knew better, not that those things could not happen, but that they were more likely not to happen anytime soon. If at all.

    Popping in a few keys her silent craft sang her the songs of home. Of the northern courts and the western college funk. Dipping so low she felt the rhythm in her bones, and so high her own teeth seemed to sing a replying tune.

    Letting the musical story pass the time she waited.

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  11. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Captain Cassell “Skipper” Wystari
    Location: Valkyria - Swordfish System

    There was a lot to ponder during transit. The hypnotic display of light and shadows cast by the dimensional realm of hyperspace makes it easy for the mind to wander. The gift giving… for the most part… was a success. Of course, confusion arose from some and he still had a couple left to hand out.

    He had received Joy's message about the gift for Carols. He could empathise with her situation since a member of her former squadron had been brought over from the other side… old threads of friendship and their status and fate is one big unknown…

    The pendant for Eliana might have hit a bit too close to home… all while his gift for Kardan had ended up going to LT Alaina Diamé. Or maybe Alaina had manoeuvred him into giving it over her… She was a clever one. He smiled wistfully to himself. He knew she had her own mission to worry about and he had hoped he had provided her with the right intel, levity and a good distraction from the stress of it all. Most of all, he wish for her mission to go smoothly.

    Just before their departure, he had caught the tail end of some incident between Holly, Amber and Zephyr. There wasn't time to pry when they had to leave, though there was time in hyperspace… since the Major kept to himself and his thoughts… Cassell caught some inkling from Zephyr. She wasn't one to spill the details without the right leverage. There are a fair bit of details left out but he caught the gist. Best to get the facts from a more reliable source. The last thing they all need is to be distracted.

    Max had kept being evasive. There hadn't been time to properly catch up with Flagg and Taab… the new additions to the squadron, he hardly knew them… hopefully fates be kind to allow for time to rectify just that. However, coming back from the supply run… Cassell could not help but notice that there had been a shift in the dynamics of the squadron. Some were lost, some were close, tension with others.

    As Hera had said to him; All squadrons have teething problems. Someone has to be the glue to bind everyone together. Was that someone him? Yes… no… maybe… Hard to say. Was he an old relic from a bygone era to them? Not that old! Yet… time marches on and waits for no one. At least the Valkyria sounded like her old self again, all thanks to the General, her old C1-astrodroid and Matey.

    The console chimed to inform him that they were approaching their destination. He hit the Internal P.A. system and announced that they were about to near their destination. For Holly to make his way to the cockpit. He held back a further instruction for Zephyr to behave… though that might give a further incentive for her to do the opposite. He could picture her performing some money making scheme on the Marines…

    A Republic-era Treadwell droid, Matey, rolled in and and warbled a few notes.

    "Thanks. Just park yourself over here." Cassell said to the little droid and pointed to the forward point of the cockpit. "Will need your binocular vision to help spot a needle in the haystack."

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    Sep 9, 2000
    IC: Maxime “Max” Pallas
    Swordfish system

    Boredom is a good thing.

    Max actually felt herself relaxing a little as they emerged out of hyperspace. The Swordfish system unfurled in a deceptive beauty, a million points of light slowly coalescing around a central core. What it would be in a million years, the gods only knew.

    She felt good having Lurrel at her back. The Codru-Ji woman had proved herself on past missions. She kept her mind focused, did the job without distractions or melodramatics. The two women had conferred after the briefing, and Max had checked in with Wolf again, just before take-off. X-wings were a bit faster than B-wings, so Max would be the searcher, actively scanning and relying on speed and agility to get her away from whatever trouble got stirred up. Wolf would be the tracker, silent and deadly, ready to go into action when necessary, a nasty surprise for anyone who decided to take on Max.

    Right now, things were quiet. Boring. This was a good thing. It meant people weren’t shooting at you. You could deal with boredom. As long as you didn’t let yourself get lulled to sleep. And Max had a feeling it wouldn’t take long before things went Corewards. The Star Destroyer couldn’t get too deep into the asteroid field without risk of damage, they must be close to the edge. Which meant the Sheep would find them sooner than they’d hoped.

    The Corellian didn’t like the mission, or the plan. Some people thought that the reason the Bith Marquis was running with its transponder shielded was from sheer embarrassment at their name. Max doubted that. It was hiding something else, something bigger. Something important. Related to the reason those Skulls kept showing up? Possibly. Max wanted to talk to the pilots from the other squadrons, to figure out a timeline or a common link. She doubted it was coincidence, especially the way they’d shown up so quickly when the Sheep had been in action. Someone was definitely tipping them off.

    The other reason she didn’t like the plan was because it was a re-hash of the whole Grappler fiasco: infiltrate by pretending to be damaged, fight your way aboard, and hope to find a way to shut things down before the Imps fired their own ship. Because that plan had worked so well the first time. She wasn’t entirely sure that her argument about taking out the hangars first had been heeded, either, so the TIE fighters would…No.


    Don’t concentrate on your anxieties. Pay attention to the moment. Focus on the here and now. A Jedi teaching. A wise one.

    Max exhaled, and touched the corley wreath in her pocket, then the fire crystal under her flight suit. She took a careful look at all the readouts; ship was running optimally. Feedback from Belgium’s connections showed that he was functioning without mishap, and her scanners were at their fullest range.

    Focus on the here and now.
    Wolf waited, silent and ready. Max pushed more power through the engines and began her scan pattern, letting her eyes move from the shimmering field of light to the panel displays. She wondered if it would be possible to project targeting data and readouts directly on to the cockpit windows, something to ask Sparky about. For now, find the Marquis. Focus on that. Your focus determines your reality.

    Boredom is a good thing.

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    IC: LT Kayn "Mean Streak" Balzroth [face_devil]
    Black 5-16

    The hangar bay faded into the distance behind him, and Kayn felt the usual relaxation as the cares and pressures of life and people faded into the black. It was always a relief to be away from others, to just be himself with no one watching and judging, for a little while. He was beginning to appreciate the rewards of leadership, but it was definitely a role that took some effort and a lot of energy. No doubt his eagerness for battle provoked eye-rolling among his squadron mates, but it was a necessary part of his job. No one would want to go into battle following a leader who didn't show confidence in himself and his ability to survive the dangers of combat. That was another lesson learned years ago under the tutelage of General Dodonna, back when he was cutting his combat pilot teeth, flying recon in a Longprobe Y. He wondered where the general was now; hopefully soaring through the sky as freely as Kayn.

    Space was still pretty crowded though. He nudged his throttles back a bit, giving his search partner a chance to form up. When Nighthawk was on his wing, he led their element to Flagg's X-wing and prepped for hyperspace. They were all soon ensconced in the familiar blurry blue swirls.

    Autopilot on and systems checked, he passed the time in hyperspace by looking over some of the sheet music gifted to him by Skipper. Some of it seemed challenging to an amateur musician like himself, although he was intrigued by one difficult contrapuntal piece. A master of the omnibox could probably make it work in a solo performance, but he knew that level was still beyond him. He'd need someone else to perform the counterpoint. It was in a range that suited Zara's voice, pity there were no lyrics. He wasn't much of a poet; maybe she could write the words. It might sound good in the Twi'lek tongue. That was a pleasant language to listen to, even though his own vocabulary didn't go much beyond voulez-vous coucher etc. Probably would not be wise to practice that line on Zara, she might take it personally...

    A chime from the autopilot woke him from his doze. He folded the sheet music and pocketed it. Shields up, weapons hot, jammer and active sensors on standby, and they dropped out of hyper.

    The accretion disk spread before them, stretching out to the limits of his field of vision. The stellar formation was - literally - astronomically huge. Huge and dense, and packed with gases and dust and rock, all of it wanly luminous with the refracted light of the primary star at its center. And they only had hours to find one ship in all of it. Impossible.

    Kayn looked over at Boss, grinned confidently, saluted, and turned in the opposite direction to begin the search pattern. He waved at the Mandalorian on his wing, gesturing for him to fall back and stay silent. His cocky grin faded as the B-wing trailed in the distance. It was time to get serious about finding the unfindable.

    He activated his neural link to input the sensor data directly into his brain. Instantly, he was inundated with garbage. Sensor returns were hopelessly blurred and confused by the gases, dust, and static discharges in the accretion disk. He tried different frequencies and amplitudes to no avail. Any more than a few minutes of that kind of feedback would fry his brain, so he disconnected. Time to use the display screens like everyone else.

    An outlying asteroid drifted past. He ought to check the calibration of his targeting sensors, see how well his new 360 degree pivot blasters worked. Setting the neural link to take input only from targeting, a gunsight aiming reticle appeared in his mind's eye. The aim point moved up and down to follow his line of eyesight, blasters pivoting up and down in perfect synchronization. He aimed at the asteroid and rolled so it would go under Rebel Rouser's belly. The rock passed beneath him, out of his field of vision, but targeting sensors continued to feed into his brain, showing him the bullseye still centered on the sensor image of the target beneath him, then behind him. Fan-fracking-tastic. Lughdyt had programmed the system so he'd still have accuracy shooting any direction the guns would point. Kayn promised himself to thank the Ugnaught with one of anything he wanted.

    Back to the sensor scans, he studied the returns as he pinged away at the accretion disk. His emissions mostly vanished into the fog. Asteroids showed up as faintly brighter returns, and he strained to figure out which ones might be the size of a maybe-partly-crippled Star Destroyer. They were passing too fast, he wasn't getting a good look, he had to throttle back or he might cruise right past the Bith Marquis and never even know it. Was the whole disk like this, or had he randomly gotten the worst part? Hells, this might even be the best part of it.

    There! A big sharp-edged triangle- No, just a big triangular rock.

    Keep looking. This is going to get old really fast. Who the frack came up with this stupid plan?

    A flash of light caught his eye and he instantly checked for it on sensors. Was it a sign of Imps at work? No, just static discharge, a random lightning strike in the cloud, ionizing the gases around it. Those could be dangerous. Another flicker, like the first bolts of lightning in a building cumulonimbus cloud, an incipient thunderstorm.

    I've been known to enjoy storms, but only the ones I start, not ones I get caught in. Hope this doesn't last. Hope somebody finds the Imp scum quick.

    He double checked his comm receiver, set to scan for the covert recall signal. Lightning flashed again.

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    Bolo Lappie
    Walking into a bad situation

    "Everybody loaded for gundark? B Flight is about to show the whole kriffing galaxy how to frack up some Imps today!"

    "May as well strap me to a missile..." Bolo grumbled to himself. He wasn't confident that his comms were off. He didn't have an astromech, here, which meant he was on his own, except for his crazy wingman - wingwoman? - Quinn. And that didn't inspire confidence! If only he had Tarpals with him.

    Bolo went through his preflight check, flexed his rudders and fired his boosters. "Okay, Boomah checking in. Let's hope for some peace and quiet, huh?"

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    OOC: Many thanks from those who are about to give all....or so we think... [face_devil] Was fun!

    IC: The Marines

    Gunny Clark shifted his weight on his feet as the Valkyria reverted to real space. He grunted as Bane rambled on about his botched grenade throw. Lucky you didn't kill everyone he thought as he heard the story come to its less than stellar conclusion. He'd been in a few situations like those and had young bloods with same kind of cockiness royally screw up. Fortunately, under his less than approving gaze, no one had been killed.

    "Hoth was a real beast, I'll give you that. I'll tell you a story," Gunny Clark growled in his gravelly voice, "I was stationed on Leritor with the Rebel Alliance and we were getting some weapons training in before a mission. I was running the show that day giving the leathernecks a chance to blow off steam and familiarize themselves with the weaponry. Bunch of rounds were going down range. Everything looked good and safe."

    "Sun was getting nice and hot in the sky and I call for a break and order everyone to cease firing. Dumb lieutenant, who clearly heard me, continued to fire down range. I stormed right up in his face, ripped his blaster pistol out of his hand and ditched the power cell, and chewed his rear out in front of everyone. The lieutenant wasn't thrilled. Didn't like the idea of a sergeant giving him the what for so he started to give me some lip and his superior officer came on by to see how things were going and told him to listen to me. Never had a problem again."

    Clark laughed and shook his head, "Sometimes I miss being an instructor."

    Mullen kept to himself, it was a long trip out to the Swordfish system. He had no fun stories to tell, no overcoming impossible odds or getting into the face of a superior. His were stories of death and desperate struggles to survive, where only he came out of it with only minor burns and injuries. It was luck and he knew it, he also knew that his were not stories to tell before a conflict. No one wanted to contemplate their own mortality right before a fight that will most likely get them all killed.

    Better to remain silent than to open one's mouth and kill all hope of success. He put on his best smile nodding a letting a slight laugh to keep the mood light.

    Genevieve smiled and nodded to the Duros. It was usual for the Marines to exchange war stories. She didn't partake as she didn't have many fun stories. Most of her life had been spent in combat. Ever since the CIS decided to invade her world. Then the Republic's betrayal and so on... There was nothing fun in her people killing each other over some off-world ideologies.

    She hoped she could get back home soon enough. But first the Empire needed to be defeated. Oh and that Luke Skywalker, she needed to find out whether he was somehow related to Anakin Skywalker. If he was... then maybe put a blaster bolt between his eyes... That made her form a thin smile on her lips.


    Kraken tuned out as the talking began. As usual, the others were telling tales of battle, which was probably their way of mentally preparing for battle and killing. The Mon Cal felt no need for such preparation; there was no glory or honor in killing, but it was something that had to be done to put a stop to those Imperials who reveled in senseless killing. He had killed them before, and he would do so again without regret... well, not much regret.

    lower turret was unoccupied, so he seated himself in the gunner's seat and stared out into the accretion disk. Visual searching for lost ships, survivors, debris, or bodies, had been a time-consuming part of his former profession as a deep space rescue specialist, so he settled in and peered out at the passing asteroids. It was a mind-numbing and eye-straining way to pass the time, but at least he could feel like he was accomplishing something in return for the oxygen he was consuming.

    Mullen looked around the rest of the squad choosing to be silent and find something else to busy themselves with. He gave look to Bane and the Gunny, giving a slight nod and a smile. He rose from his seat keeping his blaster rifle on him, just incase. Taking a guess he turned and found his way into the galley. He wasn't exactly hungry. But, he had a bit of a need for a drink. Not an alcoholic one, just a drink, and he would like to avoid his canteen for now. He had a rather powerful dislike of lukewarm water. Not that he wouldn't drink it just that he would avoid it where he could.

    Rummaging in the fridge he found a bottle of some sort of glacier water or at least that's what it claimed to be. Opening the bottle he took a swig.

    "Wow." he said softly under his breath his eyes wide. It was cool and crisp and just what he needed. He could tell that it was pure, or as pure as it could be. Not bottled with some better than average public water system. It also wasn't well water which tended to have a rather mineral taste to it. This didn't. He walked back out still sipping the water bottle. Catching a glimpse of Max's astromech that was along for the ride. He hoped he wasn't around when they returned it to her. He'd had enough close calls with her. He shook his head coming back up and locking eyes with First Sergeant Lehrsherr. She was there when he'd had his run in with Max. She hadn't said anything which was good, kept their heads clear.

    With another nod he started making his way to the turrets, though he wasn't completely out of the lounge area.

    "Not so fast, Priest,"
    Gunny Clark said, "there's something that's been on my mind. Something important. We may go zero-g on this operation. You ever done anything like that before?"

    Mullen stopped almost mid step but, he brought his foot back down before turning with the precision that was drilled into him. He didn't particularly like the nickname given to him, but he couldn't stop it now. He was Priest.

    "Uh...No Gunny, most of my action has been ground missions, being deployed from orbit."

    Gunny laughed in a dark and foreboding manner, "Well then let me give you some advice. Keep your eyes on something constant when you're out there. I would say the horizon but that isn't always possible. You're situational awareness has to be even better than when you're outside your suit. That helmet they have prevents you from seeing the full 180 degrees your body was designed to handle. You get a rip or tear in your suit make sure you slap on a your sealing compound. Don't worry about using too much. You want the goop to go right over the hole. IF you can find it."

    "Anyone else have any suggestions?"

    Kraken called up from the lower turret. "Don't panic if you spring a leak. Explosive decompression is a holovision myth. Even humans can survive brief exposure to hard vacuum, for a minute or so. It's like swimming underwater, but without the water." He turned his head upside down to the bottom viewport, scanning the passing asteroids. Most species would have found the perspective disorienting, but it didn't bother him at all; one of the advantages of being amphibious.

    "Or go without a respiratory system at all, if possible. I found that to be most helpful." The droid chimed in.

    Mullen fixed the droid with a look. The rest of the advice seemed useful, but he knew knowing and doing in the heat of the moment were two different things.

    "I'll keep those things in mind." He answered, "Do we have EVA suits in here?"
    he asked looking around.

    "We should," Gunny Clark groaned as he got up on his old knees. Darn things were about worn through anyhow. It was time for a bona fide Marine replacement. A piece of rotted durasteel ought to do the trick.

    "First Sergeant, have you seen those EVA suits we packed?"

    Genevieve frowned at Mullen's stare. Ever since their encounter at the lounge he was looking at her strangely. What was it about? It was not the time to ask about such things. She had to concentrate on the mission.

    The Mon Cal made a sensible decision to man the turret. She would have done the same but she didn't have much experience with these things. Then somehow the conversation moved on to a discussion of the EVA suits. Foxxy was nervous at the prospect of having to make a spacewalk, but you can't choose your missions.

    "Yeah, they seemed fine, a bit worn, but should do the job."
    she then turned to GC "How did you convince the cranky old Togorian to part with his prized weapon?"

    "Wait so we have the Z-6 you've been gunning for Sergeant?" Mullen replied after taking another swig, "Though you said the guy was being difficult?"

    GC quickly glanced at the very obvious Z6 Rotary canon he had hooked to his back plates as if to say, this ol' thing? To the 1st Sgt and Cpl. Shetland, the one they called Priest, Circuits only responded, "That information is classified. Please see the Company Commander for any other inquiries."

    GC-17 had a modified fixture with durasteel plating on his right "shoulder" joint that looked like the place he would mount the weapon. That or he could carry it as sentient would. Who knew what he actually had planned, he wasn't saying anything useful. If anyone knew the max weight capacity for a Gladiator droid of his liking, they would know he had several ways to use a rotary canon. What most may not know, however, was that he had two different weight max loadouts. One for standard operations and one for stealth operations. As long as he held that canon, he would not be able to engage his Stealth Step.

    Turning his display at Foxxy, he followed up, "Are you familiar with this weapon 1st Sgt. Lehrsherr?"

    She was, but surely could not use it properly. She was not built for such a weapon though would have very much liked to use it. "Yes I am familiar with it. Will you be able to use it properly in the mission?"

    "Of course 1st Sgt. Lehrsherr. My programming and hardware enable me to effectively employ this weaponry with 72 percent accuracy."
    He looked to the others around, then back to Foxxy.

    "There may be an opportunity for you to use the Z6. If that happens, I will not hesitate to ask."

    “I want nothing to do with it,”
    Gunny Clark growled in response. “You keep your Z6 and I'll keep my rifle and we'll call it square. Just so long as you know which direction to point your cannon at, droid, then I think we're good to go. No funny business. Had enough of that to last me a lifetime."

    Gunny Clark closed his eyes for a brief nap before what was surely to be an intense firefight.

    He sighed.

    His knees were really starting to hurt.

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    IC Cassell Wystari, MacKenzie Hollymander
    On Board Valkyria
    Gratitude to @Corellian_Outrider for the collaboration.

    He was grateful for the small quarters Cassell had afforded him, a soft large bed, a robe and some real personal space, even more so than the Empire had offered. He’d been sitting on the bed during the entire trip, avoiding the Marines in the common area and avoiding Cassell. The look he’d given him from the bottom of the ramp implied he could have questions, and right now MacKenzie had no answers. He’d put his few merger items away and now sat staring at his holoprojector. He’d been through the images in it again, he’d lost count of how many times he’d done that in the last three standard years and now the reality was more confusing than he’d ever expected. An announcement came over the internal PA.

    "Attention all passengers, this is your Captain speaking. We shall be arriving at our destination momentarily. Could Holly please make his way to the cockpit now."

    He looked up, well, his self-imposed isolation was over, time to put on a façade and be a Miner, that was a turn up for the books. Getting up he opened the drawer beside the bed and slipped the projector in beside the small velvet bag. He had so little to his name and these things are precious, he was grateful the drawer could be locked. Leaving the room, he made his way past the group of Marines, he had little or nothing to say to them and entered the cockpit and silently climbing into his seat. A few moments later he’d called up the displays and was scanning them, for he had no idea what at this point.

    "They say it might rain later..." Cassell said casually.

    “Arh huh.” The younger man replied clearly distracted. He then frowned and looked to Cassell.“Rain where?”

    Cassell gestured outside to the astrological event taking place, the accretion disc that will eventually create a star system if the conditions remain as it should. It was a sight to behold, the central mass was hot enough to give off light, cause by the friction and compression of matter as it spun, creating a gravitational force. Ionised matter jetted out from the axis, looking like a geyser erupting at opposite ends of the poles. Swirl of material, drawn to the central mass by the gravitational forces, spun and fan out like a disc from the birthing star. Almost looking like a miniature galaxy.

    "I'm going to take us to the fringe and work our way in." Cassell said as he guided the Valkyria to the outer edge of visible matter. "Dust, dirt, gases and ice. We're running hotter so expect water on the outside viewport. The closer we go, the larger things shall be."

    "Oh, ok." MacKenzie was not well versed in this kind of thing, so he only had Cassell's word to rely on. "So water, in space? Ok." he had no inclination to argue, his mind wasn't on that.

    "When you have travelled as I have and transported a lot of interesting people... you pick up on things." Cassell explained, with the intention of keeping Holly's thoughts on the present, seeing if it helps. "Take comets, dirty ice balls. Rich in minerals. The closer to the sun it gets, heats up the ice and that's the vapour trail... ever notice how the tail always leads away from the sun? Something to keep in mind if you ever intend to mine it's resources. Volatile things."

    Cassell smirked as he remember such incident and shook his head. If this wasn't a time critical mission, he might have outfitted the Valkyria with proper collectors and harvest properly the resources that were being created in nature's forge. However, he would normally avoid such ventures since it is risky and you are left half blind by the maelstrom of elements and radiation. Piloting on instinct is one thing though he has heard too many ships has been lost this way panning for spoils. Besides, some of the modifications to make them look the part were cosmetic and could add an extra layer of protection to them.

    Holly frowned, 'were they really mining?' What he knew about that particular career could be written on his own fingernail or less. "Noted." he said with a slight frown. Was there a comet nearby? He scanned his screens, not that he was aware of. Did Cassell take playing this role that seriously that he is actually looking for,....something other than an SD? Well, there wasn't one of them as yet either.

    Cassell reached up and checked the settings for the refresh rate of the shields and power regulation. "You're right there, Matey?" He asked the droid next to him.

    Matey tooted cheerfully, its head moved on a swivel.

    "Good. If you see something... unnatural... let us know."

    It gave an affirmative.

    Cassell glanced over his shoulder to Holly.

    "While we are prospecting for doonium hulled vessels…" The Corellian returned his attention to the flight console and viewport as they started their descent to the edge of the cosmic 'maelstrom', following the direction of the spin. "...if you don't mind my asking, what's your story?"

    MacKenzie looked over to Cassell. "My story? Where do you want me to start?" He allowed himself a soft snort, "You've now doubt read my records. What do you want to know?" He wasn't about to pour his heart out, not yet anyway.

    "Nothing too demanding. How are you settling in? Any pressing concerns?" Cassell asked.

    The screens refreshed and still nothing was to be seen. "I think I'm fitting in to a group that feels more fragmented than this asteroid belt, but it's been ......…." he paused as he rolled a screen to the left, to check something, it was nothing and he leaned back slightly. "a bit of a personal struggle."

    "We are all here for each other…" Cassell answered and then muttered "some more than others. It will take time to adjust..."

    He smiled, "Won't argue there. Have to say, Max is a wildcard, ironically much more than Harley. We know Harley is …." he wanted to find the right words without sounding condescending, "left of centre, but without even following orders to downtime in the lounge with her squadron, Max is walking a very fine line.' He gave his head a shake, "But to be honest, that's not my problem." Maybe, just maybe someone with more knowledge, wisdom and experience could and would have advice for him

    "Harley is Harley... I think we can count on her being her, if that is any consolation." Cassell remarked. "I haven't caught up with Max yet and only heard fragments from others. How many factions within the squadron do we have going on?"

    Looking to his right to scan a screen there. "No idea to be honest, but definitely fractured."

    "Hmmm... United we stand, divided we fall…" Visibility was starting to lessen and 'misty' outside as they skim the top of the moving matter, on a slow decent. Cassell keyed in several waypoints on the navcomputer of potential 'hotspots' that any prospector would want to check out… and potential hiding places. "I suppose after this mission it would do us good to look further into the situation. There is more than one issue going on and will have to get to the core of the matter."

    MacKenzie glanced over to him. "You have no idea." he muttered as he moved another screen over.

    "Speaking of core... and matters… You seem preoccupied with something turmoiling inside, distracted." Cassell stated. Enough beating around the bushes. "Need an outside perspective?"

    MacKenzie was almost relieved and dropped his head forward in an slumping manner. He'd not had a friend to share his thoughts with since childhood, and right now that friend was the problem. "Thank you." He looked over to Cassell, "I could use that I think."

    "My pleasure." The exterior lights winked on. Maybe a bit too harsh. Cassell turned the brightness level down as they entered the nebulous sea, don't want to advertise their position yet though need to see any obstacles in their way.

    Glancing up a the lights he drew a deep breath, get it out, sort it out was what his mind was thinking. "It's Amber."
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    GM Update Part I: Operation REDBERRY

    IC: Major Beskaryc Taab/Major Grace "Boomer" Valor (NPC)
    Leading element Black 3-13, Swordfish system

    As time slowly ticked by minutes became hours for Taab as he sat in the front seat of the Iron Cross. After all this time surveying it, the constant glow from the accretion disc against the dark backdrop of space was giving him a headache, not unlike one might get from too much time under fluorescent lighting. In the rear seat of the extended B-Wing, Valor must be feeling the same thing Taab thought, as she had been silent for the last hour. He briefly wondered how his wingman, Vixen was doing out there alone and if she was feeling the strain as well. Not so much because he cared for her well being, he didn't, but more for how their condition could affect the mission. He very much hoped that someone would find the shabla Bith Marquis soon, just not his group. He doubted he would even see the vessel in his current mind numbing state.

    For what seemed like the thousandth time he resisted the urge to remove his buy'ce (helmet) and rub his eyes. Wouldn't do to show weakness in front of the Star Raider's XO seated behind him. Of course for all he knew she had fallen asleep back there. Tilting his head to one side to try to get a better look he asked simply and gruffly. "Still alive back there?" There was at first no answer which both relieved and bothered his simultaneously. The relief he felt was because he hadn't wanted his question to start another conversation with the young woman, but concern that she might have actually fallen asleep which negated her reason for being here. Sadly, the latter emotion had to take precedence.

    "Major..." he began before she interrupted him. "I'm here," she sounded as exasperated as he felt. "I'm working on..." Taab sat up straighter, looking forward at his own sensor displays. He saw nothing out there, though the scopes were fairly well scrambled by all the muck in the star system. "Sensor contact!" she screamed out now, clearing away any residual cobwebs from Taab's mind. "I don't see..." Taab began even as Boomer radioed out to Vixen.

    "Sensor contact, just a few degrees to port off the nose." It wasn't the most exact bearing, but it was the best she could do under the circumstances. "Too small to be the target, must be a scout..." Taab however was consumed with rage at the Major's lack of radio discipline. "Radio silence!" He yelled at her through the craft's internal intercom as he shut down the radio. She took umbrage at his actions. "We're radiating like the twin suns of Tatooine out here with our active sensors, sending a radio transmission isn't going to add much attention to that." Taab shook his head, orders were orders, and besides, there was a big difference between sensor beams and a radio transmission. Especially if the Empire heard and decrypted it. Besides, if they did remain undetected by the scout they might be able to follow it back to the Bith Marquis once it's own survey was concluded.

    "Contact has spotted us! Accelerating and moving off!" Boomer exclaimed, this time staying off the radio and speaking just to Taab. Now the Mandalorian could see the straight line on his sensor scope against the background noise denoting the contact. It was small, so small he was surprised Boomer had seen it in the first place. Looking out to where it was Taab used his helmet mounted range finder to magnify the image of the area so he could actually see the target.

    "TIE fighter, standard eyeball," he reported back to Boomer in the backseat as he continued scanning the area. "Looks like a single. If it's seen us, it will be reporting back to the Bith Marquis, we have to destroy it first." He pushed the throttle of the Iron Cross to the stops in an effort to catch the fighter, even knowing it was a lost cause. The B-Wing might be heavily armed and shielded, but it had all the speed of a drunk bantha. There was no way they could catch up to the TIE before it could make it's report. "Do whatever you can to jam it's transmissions, might but us some time." Boomer got to work in the back seat, flipping switches and activating various jamming systems to disable the scout's radio.

    "Done," Boomer reported back though from her tone Taab knew there was going to be a but attached. The Major didn't disappoint. "But she'll be out of range in 60 seconds..." Taab sighed. that meant that had a minute to destroy the scout before it could report in, and there was no way the Iron Cross had any chance of catching up to the TIE in that time frame. That meant it was up to Vixen, assuming she had seen what was going on and reacted accordingly.

    "Ironhand," Boomer's voice was strained and more serious than excited now. "With how far back Vixen was trailing us, that TIE has too big a lead on Vixen's fighter, I don't see hoe she'll be able to catch up to it in time..." Taab took a moment to look at his scopes and did a bit of math in his head before realizing that Boomer was right.

    "She's surprised us before Major," was his only reply thinking about the jetii'kad (lightsaber) the woman had pulled out back on Naboo. "Maybe she's got another miracle to pull out of her shebs (backside)..."

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron

    IC: Flight Officer Harley "Wild Card" Quin (NPC)
    Leading element Black 8-14, Swordfish system

    As the hours passed by Harley became more and moar agitated. It started as an itch just behind her right ear, before becoming a semi-permanent twitch of her nose. Now she had a burning desire to do something, anything, to break through the doldrums and alleviate her boredom. She had tried looking out and admiring the chaos of the accretion disc, but despite its inherent beauty she soon grew bored with it. Than she had tried talking to herself, careful not to break radio silence, which had worked for a while. She was after all a brilliant conversationalist if she did say so herself, which she had several times over the last couple of hours, but after a time it seemed even she had run out of things to say. So now she was bored, bored out of her Zeltron mind. Her eyes lingered on the transmit button to her radio. Maybe talking to her wingman, the amazing Gungan, would give her something to do, but she resisted the urge. She had been told specifically not to use the radio, and for once she was following orders. She liked this squadron, it was just as much a mess as she was, and she didn't want to do anything that might get her kicked out. At least not yet.

    Looking to the other control systems in her B-Wing's cockpit she thought about what else she could do to alleviate her boredom without endangering the mission. "How about some acrobatics Harley?" She asked herself, to which she could only reply. "That's a great idea hun, let's have some fun!" She giggled at that, it rhymed! "You're a poet dear and you don't even know it..." She burst out in laughter again even as she took the controls of the Hammer and poured on a bit of speed. She wasn't worried about Bolo keeping up. He was flying an A-Wing, a way more agile craft than the Hammer, and he was a Gungan to boot. Acrobatics were in his blood. She spun the B-Wing around in a barrel roll, getting set up for what she was going to do next.

    Pulling back on the stick she looped the Hammer around, darting then hard to port before snap rolling back to starboard. She screamed with delight at her antics as they drew her closer and closer to the accretion disc itself. They weren't supposed to go in there, not yet. The search was supposed to take place just outside it, to avoid the dangers within as well as due to the thinking that there was no way the Empire would be crazy enough to risk hiding a Star Destroyer within it. Imperial minds tended to be risk adverse and not as "free thinking" as those within the rebellion. Harley's mind of course made most of those rebel minds seem absolutely rigid, and her next action demonstrated that as she pulled her B-Wing just within the disc, it was sooo pretty and she just had to try it!

    Looping around a small group of asteroids she let out another whoop. This wasn't bad at all she thought as the warm glow encompassed the hammer. It was a lot of fun, and oh so beautiful. The Empire would be crazy not to hide the Star Destroyer in here she thought now, this was amazing! Discharging gasses of some sort exploded out in front of her, adding to the color pallet surrounding her and setting off a set of warning lights in her cockpit. Oh, more colors she thought, though the alarms sounding off told her that perhaps she should curtail her little impromptu excursion. Before she could act, or even decide if she should act, there was another discharge of some sort which bathed her craft in light. She closed her eyes and screamed as more alarms blared. This wasn't fun anymore!

    She opened her eyes again as the light faded away, and pulled back on the stick hard, narrowly avoiding a large spaceborne rock that was in her flight path. The cockpit seemed darker now than it had been before, illuminated now only by the glow from the disc all around her. Looking to her scanner scopes she noticed they were darkened too. "Uh oh," she said aloud to herself. "What have you done now Harley?" She replied. Rolling to Hammer to starboard she pulled her way out of the accretion disc and back to safe space. Now the darkness in the cockpit was even more apparent.

    "Sensors are down", she said to herself after several minutes of fiddling with them, "active and passive." That meant that she wasn't radiating sensor beams anymore for her flight group. "Radiation surge from the disc caught us," she reported after taking a look at the sensor logs which were still able to be pulled up, though they recorded nothing after the event.

    "Radiation?" she asked, concerned for a moment as she looked to see that the levels were survivable, if barely. "Hmm, not great, but not terrible."** She observed. Still it meant her sensors were down, though...she activated the targeting laser for her weapon's systems which still seemed to function fine. "Weapons and shields are good, just the sensors are buggered." Still, she wouldn't be able to get a lock on any target outside of a narrow band in front of her fighter until she could get those sensors repaired, and there was no way to check her own six now either until then.

    "Any way to fix..." she started to ask before she interrupted herself. "Nope, going to have to tear down the whole sensor system and replace...everything. It'll take hours, in the repair bay." She sounded dejected. She had screwed up and she knew it. "Well, we'll just have to do the best we can than." She shrugged, looking out into space and wondering how her wingman was doing.

    TAG: @BobaMatt

    OOC: **"Not great, not terrible" taken from HBO's Chernobyl miniseries.

    IC: Commander Flagg (NPC)
    Leading Black 1-9, Swordfish system

    Nothing, after hours of searching Flagg had neither seen nor heard anything himself or from the rest of the squadron. Nothing. If it wasn't for what he assumed to be reliable intelligence reports he would say there was nothing here at all for them to find. Maybe their intel was wrong, maybe this was all just some sort of wild bantha chase and they were just boring holes through vacuum, burning up coaxium for nothing. He looked at his fuel gauges. Still plenty of time aloft, and plenty of time to finish their search pattern, though he doubted they would find anything. Then it would be time to go back to the barn refuel and start all over again...

    What a waste of time.

    TAG: @Vehn

    OOC: We drew the short straw here Vehn. The die roll for NOTHING came up with our number, so nothing happens to us this go around. Guess that just gives Lou and Vehn more time to talk. :p

    Black 5-16

    Lightning flashed again within the cloud, illuminating it's blueish-green color and giving it a harsh glow for a moment before fading again. If Balzroth or R'k'sa had taken the time to they might have identified the gas cloud as primarily being made up of Clouzon-36, a potentially valuable fuel resource for the rebellion, though refining it might take some time as it was bound to be full of impurities out here in the maelstrom of the accretion disc. Another flash of lightning ignited a small pocket of the gas, though it didn't cascade into a larger explosion, further demonstrating just how impure the gas here was. Still the bright burst of light did illuminate movement within the cloud. Something, no several somethings were inside, and they were moving towards the pair of fighters which continued their survey of space just outside the disc.

    Pushing their way out of the gas, their mass would have registered on both the active and passive sensors of the searching pair of fighters. A purplish bow head that broke through the gas cloud like a submarine breaching the surface of the ocean. First one, than two more followed by yet another pair.


    It was a pod of purrgils, emerging after gorging themselves on the Clouzon-36. The lead purrgil, the largest of the group, moved towards the fighters, taking a protective position between them and the remainder of the pod. It seemed to be a bull male, protecting it's mate and the three smaller purrgils. For the moment it came no closer, though it kept a wary eye on the pair of fighters as they screamed by...

    TAG: @Sarge @Master Vo'Un'Var

    Black 2-15

    Meanwhile the planes of Black 2-15 were encountering their own set of sensor returns after an initial hour and a half of nothingness. These returns though were no where near the size of a purgil, nor even that of a fighter. At least not an intact one. Metallic objects, none much larger than an astrodroid and most smaller still, cluttered the sensor screens of Black 2-15 as they pushed through their patrol route. The composition suggested hull plating, though the radiation levels suggested that internal portions of some vessel were included there too. There wasn't enough debris for it to be a capital ship, though there was more than could be explained by the loss of a single fighter...

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto @Mistress_Renata

    OOC: Your call on whether to investigate the debris field more closely or not. If so, any questions you have regarding it can be PMed to me and I'll get you more details on what your characters could potentially find. if not, well just continue your search/flight plan and leave the mysterious debris behind. :p

    Black 4-12

    As Black 2-15 were flying through the debris field of smaller parts, a much larger radar return filled the screens of Black 4-12. Over a kilometer and a half long it at first seemed to be a Star Destroyer, though there were no power or other EM emissions coming from it. Getting closer the pilots, Joy and Veteran, could see it was in fact just a huge rock in space, one just outside the accretion disc, but drifting in that direction. In perhaps a few hundred years it would be a part of the disc as gravity drew it inward, but not today. Today it was simply a hunk of rock directly in their flight path. One that obscured any sensor beams from seeing what might lie on the other side...

    TAG: @Anedon @TheAdmiral

    Black 6-10

    While several of the other groups were encountering their own sensor returns it was what couldn't be seen that was the cause for excitement with Black 6-10. After hours of boredom and nothingness, neither Zara nor Cadera's fighter had encountered anything. Now though the passive systems of Zero's A-Wing picked up on a faint radio signal coming from somewhere in the system. The signal was faint, so faint in fact that the active sensors of the Y-Wing precluded Cadera's vessel from picking up on the signal at all, even as they threatened to drown it out from being picked up by Zara as well...

    TAG: @TheSilentInfluence @Rebecca_Daniels

    Black 7-11

    With all the concern and attention on what was happening outside of the Black Sheep's fighters as they searched the system, it was an internal matter that was the most cause for concern for the fighters making up the Black 7-11 patrol group. The issue started roughly an hour into their up until then monotonous and uneventful search when Blackbone's A-Wing suddenly shuddered beneath him. Alarm bells began to sound even as his control panel lit up telling him that his secondary fuel pump had failed, catastrophically. His fighter was leaking fuel from the secondary tank though the primary tank still seemed to be good. The only issue was the primary tank was already down by a quarter, fuel used up during the mission, while the secondary tank had been full. The fighter's fuel reserves had been cut in half, and the half he still had was already partially spent. He had enough to finish the mission, but beyond that no one could know. especially if the search took much longer, as every moment spent searching cut further and further into his reserves...

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422 @The Vanguard

    OOC: Vanguard, you lost the coin flip on which fighter in this group would have the fuel pump problems here.
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    GM Update Part II: Operation REDBERRY

    OOC: Splitting this up so everyone gets the appropriate tags. Again any questions, you all know how to reach me.

    IC: Redbery 5 (NPC)
    Viper probe droid, floating alone in the cold depths of space, outskirts of Swordfish system.

    Hours earlier, even before the fighters of Black Sheep squadron had departed from the Intrepid, the carrier had launched a series of a half dozen probe droids towards the Swordfish system. Each probe had been ensconced within it's own hyperspace pod and deposited at points along the system's outer edges, where they waited, and watched. The probes had been programmed to maintain radio silence and were operating under strict EMCON (EMissions CONtrol) protocols. The Rebel Alliance didn't want to give away that a search was ongoing in the area before the real searchers could even arrive. The probes of course weren't a part of that main effort, they were here to maintain watch over the vast areas that the fighters didn't have time to patrol, the edges of the map so to speak where a contact was unlikely, but still possible. None of the probes delivered had detected anything after emerging from their pods, though they continued to float through the vacuum of the outer system watching for anything they might see.

    An alert "sounded" through the droid brains of the six probe, designated Redberry One through Six, notifying them that the mission clock had now started, that the fighters taking part in the search should have arrived and begun their patrols. Of course those fighters gave no signal as to their arrival, and their own emergence from hyperspace was so far away as to not register even for the rather sensitive sensors of the probe droids. Still, it was necessary to be informed of their arrival. the probe had been programmed with knowledge of their patrol routes so that if they did sense anything, they could relay the information to the nearest fighter pair. Radio silence was one thing, but the whole point of the operation was to find their quarry. Still, as with the fighters, the hours dragged on for the probes of Redberry group, though their circuits were not nearly as concerned with the passage of time. Unless they were picked up afterwards, a fate that seemed unlikely, they would be left here to drift forever. The lack of anything interesting was something they would all just have to get used.

    Something interesting did happen for one of the probes though. Redberry 5, which had been cataloging the density of space dust in the area, was alerted to the presence of a sudden burst of distinct and very significant radiation. It was the Cherenkov effect, and though there could be many causes (including the detonation of an anit-matter bomb in the area) the most likely one was craft emerging from hyperspace. Rotating it's head around Redberry 5 saw a quartet of craft moving through the area even as another quartet flashed into existence nearby. Quickly researching through it's library catalog of Rebel and Imperial craft Redberry 5 soon identified them as Cygnus Spaceworks Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing gunboats. Vessel in use by the Imperial Navy.

    Another four craft flashed into being, pulling gracefully into formation with the others. They had not detected Redberry 5, nor did it seem they were conducting their own sweep beyond a cursory one for immediate threats. A final foursome emerged from hyperspace, joining with the others as gracefully as the previous flights had. Radio traffic blared out between them that Redberry 5 was able to intercept and decode (it was an old Imperial code that the droid had come pre programmed with).

    "Phalanx wing, form up on me and head to point AF."

    That was followed by the sixteen gunboats moving off together after their leader inward towards the far distant accretion disc. Redberry 5 watched them go, as it calculated whether this was an event of enough import to break radio silence. It had no idea of the relevance of point AF, though from their course it calculated that it was a point well inward towards the disc. The nearest flight pair to their projected course was the one designated Black 3-13, but if they had followed their own search pattern they would be well away from the Phalanx group's flight plan by now. Indeed, the StarWing's flight path seemed to take them through an area already searched by Black 3-13 (again if they were on schedule, something Redberry 5 had to assume). It would take a significant amount of backtracking for the Black Sheep pair to move to intercept Phalanx flight at all, and even then the chances were small they could make such an intercept. The StarWing's course and speed were such that even backtracking, Black 3-13 wouldn't have the speed to intercept their course. Redberry 5 therefore determined not to contact the group as there was nothing that they could do.

    Giving the droid version of a sigh Reberry 5 determined that it had to do something though. It was made for this purpose, and now it had no one to report to. It couldn't try to track the StarWings itself, it lacked the range and more importantly the speed to remain with the gunboats. However, there was one other alternative. The Valkyria had come out of hyperspace somewhat close to where Black 3-13 had, though farther above the disc than the fighter group of searchers. Given the time that had gone by it should still be at least somewhat close to the projected course of the Phalanx group. It might have a chance to intercept them and follow them to point AF.

    Calculating that contacting Valkyria with the contact information was the best course of action Redberry 5 fired up it's comm system and sent along the following message in a data burst directly to the vessel, one that the other fighters and hopefully the Imperial ships would not be able to intercept.

    "Contact report from Redberry 5:" the report began giving the droid's spatial location before continuing on. "Sixteen (16) Imperial Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing gunboats sighted this location following course three-one-zero (310) inward towards system." The droid than sent along it's own calculations showing where the ships had emerged from hyperspace and where they were going. With luck the freighter would be in position to intercept and follow them...

    TAG: @Corellian_Outrider @The Real Kyp Durron, as well as the Marines: @TheAdmiral @Vehn @galactic-vagabond422 @The Vanguard @Sarge and @Mistress_Renata for Digger

    OOC: The nearest vessel to the incoming gunboats was selected at random by a random number generator.
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    IC Amber Tehanis
    Swordfish System, a bit behind but alert.

    The vision had her thinking, but she was aware she was meant to be working. Wiping the back of her neck again as her hair was wet back there now, she ran her hand over and along the long braid, laying it over her shoulder with a sigh. “Squirt?” she asked, for what felt like the hundredth time, a mournful warble told her nothing. Adjusting her heading she took note of the 2 click distance she had on the Major’s ship, she glanced down at the button hoping she’d not need to test Jeen’s theory. Her comm crackled drawing her attention, then suddenly a voice burst forward causing her to jump slightly.

    "Sensor contact, just a few degrees to port off the nose. Too small to be the target, must be a scout..."

    Amber stared, “What happened to radio silence?” she asked in disbelief. “Squirt? Got anything long range?” she questioned her droid. It took about 6 seconds for him to confirm on her screen, something was up there and there was no way if it was a scout that the B Wing was going to catch it, they were designed to find things out and run, not hang around. “Great, give me full power, take it from shields and guns!” she ordered a split second later it was confirmed she had it. Pushing the throttle forward full she instinctively leaned into the console, it was a response that made no technical sense, but made her feel better. Her screen lit up as the droid informed her that at this speed the Scout would escape and alert whoever they needed too. Amber glanced down at the button again, the choice to sit back had been hers, now she was going to pay for it either by exploding under one of Jeen's wild inventions or maybe, just maybe it would work. “Hold on Squirt, we’re gonna break a speed record I hope!” she called back to him. A sound of resignation for his own existence and possible end was heard as she took a deep breath. Her heading was right, she knew at speed she’d need to hang on to that, so as she placed her hand over the button, she was prepared to bring it back fast as the controls would need two hands. In one swift movement she pushed her hand down and returned to the controls. Nothing happened. She was still going at her maximum standard speed and it wasn’t going to be enough. “Squirt??” she asked the droid, “Is there anything……………YIKES!!!!” it took a split second for her to be thrown back hard into her seat. She was holding the control yoke and holding her breath, eyes wide as her craft moved at a speed just seemingly just beneath lightspeed. The seconds seemed to last an eternity as she could see the B Wing looming large in a matter heart beats. Then, without warning she was thrown forward hard against her crash webbing and around her the craft let out a loud groan as its structure suffered at the excessive decrease in speed. Gasping she glanced at the screen, Ironhand was behind her now, only 700 odd meters but she’d passed him. “Ok Squirt, lets go hunting!!” She found the ship on her screens still accelerating at the normal top speed of an X Wing. “Got it.” She said with determination and she banked hard to starboard. The droid told her that the craft was being jammed but it only had that for another 30 seconds at best. “Then let’s shut him up for good.” She smiled as it reached her targeting computer, but she wasn’t looking at it. She rarely did. Instinct is what she used, and she was doing it again, appearing like a hawkbat on the tail of what she could clearly see as a TIE fighter. It was alone, and it was doomed. She had it in range now and gritting her teeth she transferred to quads, it was going to be a single take down. “Few more seconds.” She murmured, and then it was there. Pressing the fire button, she filled the ball shaped cockpit with laser fire and was rewarded as the craft exploded its solar panel wings flying off freely and tumbling away. Pulling back sharply she set a course to return to the B Wing, but this time she decided she wasn’t leaving its wing. Something was burning she could smell it through her breathing apparatus. Glancing around she found the button was glowing, around it, smoke was beginning to pour. “Dammit” She cursed. “Squirt? What’s on fire this time?” she asked, seemed every time she went out, something caught fire! The droid told her the electronics around the button were burning and he was working on putting it out before the flames entered the cockpit. “Please do.” She muttered as she sighted the B Wing in the distance. ‘Nearly there’ she thought, but her hip was hot now and looking down she saw the flames were in the cockpit now and something was burning. “KRIFF!!” It was her hair!!! Instinctively she began to bash at it, her long braid melting as she went and the smell was horrific even through filters! Behind her Squirt was releasing a suppressant gas into the cockpit and the flames were dying. But as she reached the B Wing and flew over the top of it, she looked down to see her a great deal of damage had been done. Part of her wanted to cry she was going to lose the length, right now she had bigger issues. “Are we good to keep going Squirt?” she asked disheartened. The droid gave her an affirmative, confirming the damage was mostly around the acceleration button. She nodded as she pulled around 180 degrees to come onto the B Wing port side. They must be close if they’d seen a scout, so she had to be on the ball. She was sure they knew they were clear and she planned to keep com silence, she wasn't about to break that rule with a ranking officer.

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    OOC: This is a joint post between me and @Anedon ! Thank you for this collaboration!

    IC: Jocelyn “Joy” Sunwalker, Ethan “Veteran” Malek
    Black 4-12, Swordfish system

    The sensors picked something up. It was large enough to be a Star Destroyer. Could that be? Was that her lucky day? Maybe she should take part in the ship’s lottery next. A thin smile appeared on her lips. Jocelyn wanted to comm Ethan, but decided against it, given that they might be too close to the enemy.

    Her astromech brought her back to reality. It pointed out that the object is not emitting any EM. Joy pursed her lips, no grand prize then. She approached the object. It was a large piece of rock. It was blocking her sensors, they needed to go around it to see what was there. Jocelyn remembered an old holomovie where a crew found a desolate world and a crashed crescent shaped ship with some strange eggs inside… There was a spider thing… an alien bursting out of a person’s chest… She was young then and it had scared her a lot. Funny that she thought about it… maybe there was something on the rock?

    Maybe we should have a look at that rock, don´t you think? Ethan would have almost suggested to Joy as he gazed through the void at the colossal asteroid ahead of them, but in the last last second R7 had reminded him of the radio silence and so he kept quiet. In the first moment it had almost looked like a star destroyer to him but now on closer look it had become clear it wasn´t. But still asteroids like this were rare and it was probably better to have a closer look. During his time in the ORSF he had fought many pirates who had sought shelter and created small bases on Asteroids like this. It was likely nothing but better to be safe than sorry.

    He brought his fighter close to Joy´s so he could see her in her cockpit than made a questioning gesture towards the asteroid, nonverbally suggesting that they should take a look.

    Jocelyn looked at him. She decided against comming him. Joy bit her lip for a second then remembered something. Ethan too had an Imperial background. Hopefully he had a similar training. She decided to use a simplified sign language. Since she had some Special Forces training it was part of the curriculum. It roughly translated as ‘You go first, I will cover you.’

    Ethan gave Joy a nod, as he recognized her signing to him. Slowly moving forward towards the asteroid he activated the frontal scanners of his X-Wing while at the same time trying to pierce the darkness with his eyes. He didn't want to risk activating the lights of his X-Wing so he couldn't see much on the surface of the large object. The scanners told him the asteroid had a large concentration of metal within it, nothing too surprising. Maybe it will make a couple of prospectors very rich someday, he mused while continuing his scans.

    Jocelyn smiled again. It was good working with Ethan. She liked people like that, professionals. There were quite a few in the squadron who fit the profile. Joy snickered silently as she realized that she had been doing what most of the Rebels were doing to her. She was dividing them into “us and them”, which was a mistake. They are a team and everyone displayed a remarkable array of valuable skills. Hopefully by the end they will be one of the Alliance’s most elite squadrons akin to Rogue Squadron.

    The Y-wing maneuvered after the X-wing. Joy was holding her breath… but there was nothing there. She grunted… Oh well, probably next time.

    Nothing here, Ethan realized after scanning the asteroid for a second time, just to be sure. Turning his X-Wing back to face Joy he signaled her he had found nothing. As if this mission wasn't already a pointless waste of time. He was glad that they weren't in danger but still this long time of doing nothing began to get on his nerves. It was quiet here, as if they were alone in this system, not waiting for a bazzle against a much superior foe.

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik
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    IC: Eliana Saeli, Alec Cadera
    Black 6-10 Y-Wing

    Eliana adjusted herself in her seat, hands gripping the controls of her turret far too tightly as it turned her knuckles white. She let out a deep breath and tried to calm herself, turned her head slightly to see Alec staring straight ahead. They were on radio silence, but that didn't mean they couldn't talk to each other in their own Y-Wing. I wonder how Alec has been feeling. He seems tense...worried? It's hard to tell.


    "Yes?" Alec answered on their internal com. "What's wrong?"

    "I sure hope you know how to fly this thing."

    Alec laughed. Turned his head slightly to watch Eliana for a moment. "Mandokarla." He turned back and sighed. "Just keep firing when the TIE's come after us, I'll do whatever fancy manoeuvres we need when it comes it."

    Tag: @Bardan_Jusik @Rebecca_Daniels

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    IC: Ianna Mcear
    Swordfish system.

    Ianna was quiet just bobbing up and down in her cockpit sending out ping after ping into the system. If her classes during her training were to be believed she was lit up like a spotlight just waiting for someone to pick up on her. However, no one seemed to be noticing her, or at least she wasn't close enough for them to notice her. That left her flying a rather boring pattern as she covered her little slice of space. There were moments she thought she saw something in the disk, but when her sensors came back clear she sat back. Most pilots complained about the cramped confinds of a cockpit, but Ianna found them to be decently sized. She shorter though her broader shoulders did make things tight, but on the whole she found them quite comfortable.

    She was getting bored letting her mind wonder here and there. Hard to stay focused with you are presented with a whole lot of nothingness. Just a pristine black space before her. It would be beautiful and calming if she was so inclined...which she wasn't. She was just bored. With nothing active to do or anyone to talk to she was losing her focus. Looking over her shoulder she couldn't see them, but she could feel Backbone behind her still watching her back. She was almost tempted to flick on her comm and talk with him, but she stopped herself.

    "Right radio silence." she said to remind herself. She didn't want to blow the mission just because she didn't know what to do with herself...though it was really tempting. Now she was just trying to keep herself engaged, this was important, they were looking for signs of the enemy an injured Star Destroyer. They would never get another chance like this. She had to focus with a light slap on her cheek and she tried to clear her head.

    "Focus...Focus." If it kept up like this she would be long mission.

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    OOC: Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules with this post. You'll see why as we go along. I merely wanted to cover an aspect of flying that maybe folks wonder about but never incorporate into their stories. Thanks.

    IC: Airen Vehn
    Swordfish System

    Airen felt like his eyeballs were going to fall out of their sockets. He was tired of looking at the elongated engine nacelles of the Y-wing and the endless darkness of the abyss beyond. His sensors were blank. His seat was cramped. The air conditioning had frakked up ages ago and to top it all off he had to use the bathroom.

    He began to hum a little tune. An old song from Ord Mantell. It was nothing popular. Nothing Lou would know. Well, nothing he hoped she'd know as the lyrics were pretty crude. He began to whistle adding a little extra umph to the tune.

    "If you value your life, please stop," Lou commented in a bored tone from the front of the cockpit.

    "Sorry," Airen mumbled and fell back into silence.

    Ninety nine, one hundred, one hundred and one
    Airen mentally counted as he once again returned his attention to the stars both near and far. He was done with the mission. It was super boring. He'd rather be contorting his body repairing a hard to reach coolant hose than sitting in the gunner seat with nothing to do.

    Airen knew about boredom from his days patrolling the gritty, desert, poverty stricken streets of Jedha City. He also knew how quickly moments could turn from boredom to sheer terror. Conversations ended by the sound of raucous blaster fire and bodies ripped apart by improvised explosive devices. Jedha had been a real cluster. A quagmire. A waste of lives and material.

    "So, uh," Airen said, "there a fresher in here? Some place to use the bathroom?"

    "You should have done that before the flight started. I suppose you wouldn't know that because you're not a jockey like the rest of us. Number one or number two?" Lou asked.

    "One," Airen said, "for now."

    Airen jumped as a small flexible bag landed in his lap. He frowned as he picked up the bag and raised an eyebrow. "Lou," Airen said, "please tell me..."

    "Pittle bag or pittle pack take your terminology. You piss in the bag, the liquid hits a powdery substance inside the bag which will turn into a jelly. Then you're done. Just make sure you stow it someplace so if fighting gets hot we don't have urine all over the cockpit," Lou stated matter of factly.

    "Oh, ok," Airen replied, "this ought to be fun."

    "Good luck," Lou said, "flying is definitely an adventure."

    Airen eyed the bag up with trepidation and sighed, "Here goes..."

    Airen did his business and stowed the bag underneath his seat. "So, Lou, when this is all done with we'll have some great stories to tell our kid."

    "You can say that again," Lou replied, "you can say that again."

    Airen resumed his bored feelings.

    Pittle bags....Maker help me!

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    IC: Yov "Blackbone" Jaqa
    Black 7-11, Swordfish System

    Breath in, seconds..seconds..seconds..*exhale* Yov practiced his breathing exercises every ten minutes to slightly alter the oxygen intake to his mind. This kept him sharp, or so he was told by his holistically attuned squadron leader from his previous post. Honestly, he just needed to distract himself enough to stay focused on his sensors and visuals. His ship hummed with the engine directly behind him. It was a smooth patrol so far, watching as the Kid bobbed up, down, sideways, and looped. He really was impressed by her, perhaps in ways that his sister always impressed him. She was always able, willing, beaming with light and tenacity. Yov felt a tinge of emotional protectiveness over his new wingmate. She's not your sister, she can handle herself, he told himself.

    Suddenly his ship shuddered beneath him. "What the!" Alarm bells began to sound even as his control panel lit up telling him that his secondary fuel pump had failed, catastrophically. "You've gotta be kidding me." he groaned out loud. His mind began to race, taking in the situation and formulating possible solutions. Come on Yov, get it together. His fighter was leaking fuel from the secondary tank though the primary tank still seemed to be good. "Well, that buys me enough time to return to the Intrepid," Yov caught himself. What are you saying you can't leave Ianna out here alone. The debate within himself began to rage. "What good is it if we never find the Bith, and I die for nothing?" Self-preservation was always a powerful force in his life. Even if she never ran into any trouble, your job is to mark and follow. The objective was all that mattered. He replied to himself without hesitation, his conscience getting the better of him.

    "The primary tank is down to 3/4 full,"
    he spoke out loud to himself. The fighter's fuel reserves had been cut in half, and the half he still had was already partially spent. He had enough to finish the mission, but beyond that, it didn't look good. "The objective is all that matters, BUT I DON'T HAVE TO SIT AROUND AND WAIT TO DIE!" The resolve in his voice was strong, he made up his mind. Easing into his thrusters, Blackbone began to bob and weave in an inverted 8 pattern, opposite to the Kid. "I'm going to broaden our search range," he spoke to himself assertively, almost trying to convince himself of his own plan, "two torches in the night, four eyes instead of two." If Ianna was found first, he knew she would follow protocol and jump, but not before pinging a location. He would simply mimic the same pattern and hope the trail wouldn't go cold by him not being there..and that someone would come for him..

    He had to find the Bith, he had to or would die trying. C'mon you cow, where are you?!

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    IC: Kayn "Awestruck" Balzroth [face_devil]
    There Be Whales Here

    The surface of the gas pocket rippled before Kayn's eyes, it seethed, surged, and sprayed, blown aside by the breaching beasts. They heaved massively out of the clouds, ponderously rolling toward the small craft. Lumbering yet graceful, they turned, as enormous and awesome as the Leviathan of Devaronian mythology, and the leader fixed its eye upon Kayn.

    He had just activated the optical magnification function of his cybernetic eye, zooming in for a closer look at the details of its features. Devaronian and purrgil found themselves staring straight into each others' eyes. Kayn could see stars reflected in the beast's shining orb, stars, worlds, galaxies, reaching back to the beginning of time, a whole universe captured in a glimpse. Those infinite abyssal depths threatened to drown his mind in all of eternity. He was but a speck, a mote in the eye of the behemoth, and he should consider himself fortunate to be deemed worthy of its attention... unless it turned against him and obliterated him from existence, which he sensed it could do with as little effort as he would swat a fly.

    Kayn had never felt so small and utterly insignificant in his life.

    His breath caught in his throat as bands and stripes on the purrgils' skins illuminated, monstrous power flowing through their veins, building to some unfathomable climax of astronomical proportions, then they blurred and leapt away into the deep ebon night of space, vanishing into their realm of hyperspace with the casual ease of fish swimming in a stream, leaving no trace of their presence but a swirl of turbulence that left eddies and vortices swirling in the clouds of the accretion disk. The starfighters rolled and bobbed for a moment as they crossed the giants' slipstreams.

    Shaken and disturbed by the bizarre encounter, Kayn stared off after the beasts for a moment.
    Who can harness Leviathan, and rein It to his will? Can you ride the Behemoth, or keep It as a pet? Will It do thy bidding if thou callest to summon It as thy mount?

    He turned back to his sensor scan. Now was not the time to ruminate on ancient prophets and their visions.

    No matter how apropos they were.

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