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Star Wars OPEN Star Wars: Black Sheep (Always Accepting New Players)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bardan_Jusik , Sep 24, 2017.

  1. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Ianna Mcear
    Swordfish system

    With the Lancer out of action at least for now, it was time to get back to the main mission. Taking down the Star Destroyer. It loomed large above her dwarfing her little Y-Wing. She always felt small, a little ship in the vastness of space, a little girl surrounded by looming threats. She couldn't let it get to her, couldn't let herself feel fear. There was no place for that, none at all, She had a mission to complete. Letting out a breath she set herself behind Lou and Joy, she gave a mournful look to where Mixer was, she hoped they got out, that they weren't just another name on the casualties list. There had been too many, far too many. Shaking her head she returned her gaze forward lining up her shot.

    Taking another breath her hands tightened up on the stick waiting for her moment. She could feel her muscles start to tingle as warm sensation rising in her heart. They were going to do this, they were going to take down a Star Destroyer, the metal monsters of the Empire. A small group of annoying flies was about to topple a giant she could feel it. They were going to succeed, no question in her mind.

    "Torps away!" She called out pressing down on her trigger for her ordnance. They streaked through the blackness of space, closing the distance between launch and target quickly. She started bouncing up and down in her seat waiting for the boom, the violent crack that would finally break this ship and signal another victory for the Rebellion, another hit against the Empire. "You think we got it? You think we got it?" She asked over the Charlie com channel to the more experienced pilots.

    TAG: @Vehn @TheAdmiral @Bardan_Jusik @Mitth_Fisto
  2. The Real Kyp Durron

    The Real Kyp Durron Jedi Knight star 2

    May 6, 2018
    Ic Mullen 'Priest' Shetland, Genevieve 'Foxxy' Lehrsherr , MacKenzie 'Fox/Flanker' Hollymander, Zephyr Trillo, Digger
    Bridge/Life - Bith Marque - joint post from @galactic-vagabond422, @TheAdmiral, @Corellian_Outrider, @Mistress_Renata and myself. Many thanks

    Reaching his bloodied hand up to the lift buttons he looked out. Zephyrs' distraction had bought them a hand full of seconds at best. The female marine was making her way over. He looked to the man beside him. "Cover fire, if you can." He said harshly through his laboured breathing. He hoped they'd get in soon, the countdown was almost done and any moment all hell would break lose.

    The flash had the intended effect and caught the opposition off guard. The crackling electro whip snapped several more times as Zephyr retreated to the bank of turbolifts. Suppressive fire helped kept the enemy pinned back.

    She caught sight of the lift doors opening with her peripheral vision and then dived across to close the distance and then scampered to the opening.

    "You sure know how to show a lady a great time." She remarked to Holly and the injured marine. She took Holly's blaster off him and fired down the hall from the cover of the door frame.

    "Come on!" She barked to the other marine to join them.

    MacKenzie looked to Zephyr. The taste of blood was strong and the pain blinding. He couldn't help himself. "Wait till I walk you home." He said as she took his blaster.

    Digger whistled anxiously as the stormtroopers fired out of the other lift. He plugged in his probe, and quickly got the doors closed, changing the access code so they couldn't be reopened. It wouldn't hold them for long, although he wasn't sure they'd use an explosive while they were still in there. A few had gotten out, but he was sure the Marines could take care of them. He broadcast to Matey: DEPARTURE: REASSEMBLE AT SHIP. Then he slipped into the tube which was used as an access lift by droids and began to make his way back to the Valkyria.

    Foxxy tried to move hastily towards the turbolifts. Crimson blasts crisscrossed sending sparks and bits of molten metal around. She tried to shoot back but couldn't see a target. Getting closer to the turbolifts Genevieve had an idea, she reached for the smoke grenade in her pouch and pulled the pin. Hopefully the smoke will be enough to cover their retreat. "Wait for me!" she shouted to the others.

    He saw the smoke grenade go off and heard the voice. His finger was on the button and he wanted to yell 'hurry up'. He couldn't, his strength was fading. As soon as she was aboard he'd press the turbo lift button to get them down to the Valkyria. Few more seconds was all they needed.

    Scarlet bolt that pierced through the smoke screen. Zephyr fired in the direction of each one that came their way. She heard an awful wailing as a ghastly silhouette moved from within the smoke. She line the barrel of the blaster at it when it burst out of the vapour. Manipulator arms waving, it was Cassell's treadwell droid heading for them, rolling as fast as its treads allowed it. She shifted her aim and fired to the side of it.

    When it was close, she leaned out and grabbed its manipulator arm and yanked it into the turbo lift with them. It chirrup some nonsense about other droid.

    "Why didn't you go with it?" Zephyr snarled as she returned fire down the corridor. Hoping to get a sight of the waylaid marine so they can get going. This party had worn out their welcome and they need to go.

    Matey used it's manipulator arm to place it's pincher over the hold button for Holly. It's photoreceptors angled downward, giving the impressing of emoting distress as it looked to the injured men.

    "You thought we needed help? Well? Be helpful!" She jerked her head in the direction of the injured marine next to Holly. "Take that cripple's weapon, he ain't using it."

    Mullen was barely conscious leaning against the nearest wall to keep himself upright. His pistol trained on the door of the lift as they began to make there way to the deck the Valkyria. He looked to the Sergeant at least he wasn't coming back alone...though if this wound kept bleeding like it was he might not make it back. If he had a moment to breathe, he might shove some gauze into the wound try and stop up the bleeding a little.

    As the corridor filled with smoke Genevieve sprayed some blaster fire. She smiled as she heard a scream, but couldn't be sure whether or not the person was killed or wounded, or just a shot flew close by. The Sergeant almost leaped in the crowded turbolift. "Thanks for waiting! Let me help you Mullen."

    "Mam'," He said leaning fully against the door. Fishing around on his belt he pulled off his emergency med kit. "Should be some gauze and pro-coagulant in there." Gritting his teeth he looked up at her. "I'd do it myself but, hard to work with just one arm."

    His eyes were closed when the lift doors closed. This wasn't over because there was another 10 or so meters to the docking port where the Valkyria lay waiting. He hoped Cassell was ready. Someone used the word 'Sir' and he looked up through sweat filled eyes. "Huh?" was all he could manage as he could feel the blackness getting closer and he was about out of strength to fight it anymore. The lift doors reopened and he now wondered if 10 meters was too far for him now. Reaching his bloodied hand up to grab the railing he attempted to stand but his wet hand slipped free and he slumped back down. "Go." He ordered. "Get the frack off this ship." He said through pained pants. The ship shuddered with the roar of fire as explosions could be heard and the manned guns on of the Star Destroyer that were operational fired upon the enemy. He dropped his head back, his plan to take the Prince down had failed. It felt like a least one of the ships would go down and their mission had been mostly accomplished. The black was there now and he let it take him into unconsciousness. His last thoughts being 'I tried to get back Vixen.'

    "Sir, sir,"
    Mullen said trying to hold up the tumbling Major. Pain coursed through him as the weight of another body pulled on him and the wound in his shoulder. Almost falling himself he dropped to his knee trying to keep Spook up. Trying to get the other man to his feet was something of a losing battle. They were so close, the guns opened up the ship rocking with each shot. They were close...just a little further.

    Genevieve pursed her lips at seeing Mullen trying one of the usual "heroic" clichés. She quickly moved back and held the Spook by the other hand. It was made difficult by the fact that the ship rocked. Oh how much she hated space battles...

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  3. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Rebel At Heart. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC: Maxime “Max” Pallas, Amber Tehanis, Ethan Malek, Big Boss Flagg.
    A-for-Awesome Flight, bringing the pain...

    There was one directly in front of Max, possibly the one she’d flagged earlier, and she kept on firing. He was good, juking and sliding. She fell back a bit, wanting him to be at the best range for her guns. And Belgium went crazy, with a string of invective.

    “ON THE RIGHT ON THE RIGHT ON THE RIGHT!” he screamed. Max glanced up and swore. A starwing, trying to avenge the loss of his wingmate, was coming at her broadside, and launched a torpedo. “EVASIVE ACTION!” continued Belgium.

    “I know!” said Max. It was coming fast, it would hit her broadside…she smiled to herself, then banked sharply, pulled around to the left of the gunboat in front of her and increased her speed, putting the enemy between herself and the torpedo. As she drew up alongside the enemy craft, she could see the pilot inside turn to stare at her. She couldn’t see his expression under his helmet, but she grinned and waved before boosting speed to maximum. The X-wing shot away with a kick that knocked the wind out of her. She would have to talk to Sparky about these 'improvements'. It would be nice to know exactly what they were.

    The gunship she’d been shooting at was shielding her, and the torpedo’s targeting systems were confused. As Max sped away from the ship she’d been pursuing, the Imperial’s torpedo smashed into the side of his colleague, sending the gunship up in a ball of flame. She flew back towards Flagg, mentally tagging the position of the ship that had fired the torpedo. He’d be raging at what she had done, at what he had done, he’d be out for blood now.

    As she settled in to her wingslot, she heard Ethan’s voice, "Reporting, Vixen and Veteran have returned to formation and are awaiting orders." She turned to see them falling into formation on her left. Oh, yay.

    "Able, leave the dupes to Baker," Flagg ordered. "Let's take on those remaining gunboats, keep them off the our own bombers." They wouldn't necessarily have to destroy the enemy fighters, just keep them busy enough for the B and Y wings to finish off the Both Marquis. "Stay with your wingman, we're faster and more maneuverable than they are this time." That was a change, usually the TIE they fought were the faster more agile craft. Now they were up against something slower and less nimble, but with shields. Time perhaps then to use Imperial tactics.

    "Slashing attack, Max and I go in first and slash through their formation with lasers, if any break formation to turn and follow after us they should be easy pickings for Vixen and Vet." Unless they weren't, he left unsaid, in which case he and Max would have to shake them off their tails. "If we can't get any to chase us, Vixen and Vet, follow up with your own slashing attack and try to set Max and I up." Eventually the constant hammering should work to break up their formation. He hoped. "Save your torpedoes in case the bombers need some added firepower."

    "Lead, Vixen, No torps left here, so no probs." She spoke to the team. "Let us take a look first Boss." she asked hoping he'd agree before opening to Veteran. "Criss cross, to avoid being hit 12 and 6, I'll go 6."

    "Understood," Ethan said over com and moved his X-Wing into his new position. R7 bleeped something to him that he didn't get completely, so he asked, "can you clarify that?" R7 repeated. "Seem´s I still have two torpedoes left, might be able to use those to finish one of them off," he told Amber. He had become so used to only having two torps at every mission that he hadn't checked his loadout for this, but it seemed Alec had somehow been able to organize two more for him this time. Definitely owe him something if we get out of this alive.

    "I've still got a full load out, boss," said Max. "We can switch off and do a second pass, I don't think we'll get them all in the first one."

    "Two huh?" Amber responded to Ethan as she dove to 6 on the clock, "Ok Vet, let's go!" She allowed herself a smile as she accelerated, "OK, crossing now!" She dived her craft to port then corrected 180 degrees starboard, repeating as Ethan crossed her above as they approached the enemy.

    "Roger that Vixen," he pulled back on his control stick, bringing his X-Wing's nose up allowing Vixen and Vet to roll out in front of him. "You have the lead." It bothered him not in the slightest that she had volunteered her section to go in first. He watched as the pair of X-Wings slashed through the Imperial formation, lasers slamming against the gunboat's shields as the Imperial's scattered.

    Her laser fire wasn't really doing any damage, neither was Ethan's if she was being honest with herself at this point. She was creating a distraction while getting a closer look and attempting to get their attention. She wanted to get close, like real close. Amber wanted to see their eyes widen with her actions, wanted to 'feel' their fear and as her craft approached the first gunship she lifted her crafts nose slightly using her skills to guess the distances. She was close now and she smiled as she grinned and flipped her ship over 180 degrees. Her timing was perfect as the pilot of the gunboat turned to her and she could feel his fear, his disbelief. At that moment she waved as her X Wing screamed past the enemy ship where she turned it back essentially 'upright'. She knew she was showboating, she knew she was being cocky but she didn't care. It had only been recently she'd realised not everyone 'felt' their opponents emotions, not everyone knew what their next move was going to be. So she'd decided to use that skill to the best of her abilities.

    "Our turn Max," Flagg now said, his tone emotionless as he pushed his throttles forward and the second pair of fighters began their attack run.

    Max nodded to herself, bringing her torpedoes online as she watched Vixen and Veteran making their passes, distracting the gunboat pilots.

    As Amber accelerated away and caught sight of Ethan's ship she had a wave of what she thought felt like an apology wash over her. Where'd that come from? She wondered bringing her craft around and opening her comm. "Lead, Vixen, they're scared, let's play on it!" she reported.

    “They’d better be scared,” said Max, “they’re about to get a boatload of torps up their backside. Three, Four, link fire, it’ll give you more punch. Boss, I’ll hit the the left.” She hoped. The gunboats were splitting, breaking formation. But they weren’t maneuverable. She fell in behind one which she’d seen Malek hit earlier. The shields should be weakened… she sped up to get closer, hit him with her own cannons, then dropped speed, switching to torpedoes and fired one at him. She switched back to cannons, banking and climbing to get above him. If he tried to drop chaff, she could hit him from above.

    Amber banked hard to starboard dropping slightly. She had an idea. When she was a kid she'd 'think' to the servants really hard, and they'd often, very often do what she was thinking them to do. She wondered if she could do this again. If she could convince the second ship in the formation to turn into his squadmates, they likely take each other out, but she knew she couldn't do it alone. She opened her Comm to all three of them. "Lead, got an idea, if I can you all to cover me, I think I can convince the second ship to take his team out, he's really scared!" She hoped they'd go for it, otherwise she was going it alone.

    Max watched with satisfaction as her second starwing went up in a ball of flame, then frowned as Adalia mentioned her idea. This was NOT the time to pull her "Jedi Wannabe" stunts. "I think torpedoes would be more effective, Three," she said laconically.

    Ethan rolled his eyes at Max´s laconic comment. Is she just unable to trust anyone? Though then again Max probably had never seen Amber use her power except of her briefly wielding a lightsaber. But he had, he fought alongside Jedi during the Clone Wars and he still remembered how Amber had used the force to distract him during their swordfight. "Having your back Vixen, as always," he said over com and brought his fighter a bit closer to Amber's ready for whatever she would try.

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  4. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    OOC: Just a one parter today to move the pilots along. I know that leaves a couple of you (as well as several secondary/marine characters) with no update here, but I have it on good authority that @Corellian_Outrider is working on something special and I didn't want to preempt that but. However, I do need to move the pilots along.

    GM Update

    Operation MIDWAY

    Able Flight/Baker Flight:

    IC: Commander Flagg (NPC)
    Leading the Black Sheep

    "Let's save the torpedoes for the capitals if we can..." Flagg said in response to Vixen's idea as he poured fire into the gunboat on his nose. It's shields buckled and he was rewarded with a bright explosion, sending debris out in an expanding cloud. By now he had just a pair of torpedoes left. Still there was no time to hash out what the Vixen's plan actually was. They would have to trust this one on faith alone.

    "Able flight, cover Vixen. Black Three, do your thing," he ordered, noting now how the A-Wings of Baker flight were now dropping down to help too. With any luck the remaining gunboats would be so worried about the X-Wings mixing it up with them directly that they wouldn't see the nimble A-Wings slashing in from above...

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron @Mistress_Renata @Anedon @Sarge @Rebecca_Daniels @BobaMatt @The Vanguard

    Charlie Flight/Delta flight:

    IC: Major Beskaryc Taab/Major Grace "Boomer" Valor (NPC)
    Avenging the loss of a son...

    From his place at a near standstill under the gargantuan shape of the Star Destroyer Bith Marquis, Taab watched as torpedo and heavy laser and even ion fire lashed out at the vulnerable belly of the beast. Bright explosions dotted her lower hull, especially around the area of the fore and aft hanger bays. Soon the mandalorian was greeted by the sight of a series of secondary explosions in the same area. It seemed they had indeed managed to set the fuel lines on fire. Unless the Imperials could get those fires under control then, and quickly, the massive ship was doomed. Taab took a grim pleasure in that, but wanting to make sure continued pouring more concentrated laser and light turbo laser bolts ionto the stricken craft's lower hull.

    "Uh Iron Hand," Boomer called out from behind him. "I know you think overkill is the best kind of killing, but they're done for." Taab ignored her and just kept shooting. "Doing more harm than good," she sounded irritated. "The more holes you open in her lower hull the more fires you're putting out now." Taab eased his thumbs off the firing studs. "Besides, in case you haven't noticed, we're between the ship and the disc, when it explodes we have no where to run to." Taab looked back over his shoulder at her and sighed, she was right.

    "All right, Delta..." he paused for a second and remembered Charlie flight was with them too. "And Charlie, form up, we're doing more good than harm down here." He echoed Boomer's sentiments without giving her the credit. "Let's loop back over the back end of the ship," he was still comming out to the groups of Y and B wing pilots. "Strafe the Prince Eugene as she comes across our path and then continue to curl over the destroyer's engine bells." He hoped they were following all of this. "Once we're topside we'll strafe the main gun emplacements of the Bith Marquis, Charlie you take the starboard side, Delta we'll take the portside guns." He paused for a moment letting the various pilots absorb that. "One pass, haul shebs." That should help add to the carnage on the Star Destroyer and hasten her demise. After the single run was over they could do a quick BDA (bomb damage assessment) and re-attack as needed. After all it seemed the fighters of the squadron were doing an excellent job of keeping them clear of Imperial fighters...

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto @Bacta Bubble Bath @Vehn @TheAdmiral @galactic-vagabond422

    IC: Commodore Maximus (GM restricted use NPC)
    Bridge of the Gladiator (Nebulon B class frigate, commanding FrigRon 42, approaching the Swordfish System

    The Commodore watched the swirl of hyperspace through the Gladiator's forward viewscreen, urging his ship to go faster. His task force had been dispatched on an urgent mission. One of his squadron's vessels, the Prince Eugene that had been detached on temporary duty protecting a high value target, was under threat of immanent attack. Indeed, by the time the rest of the squadron arrived that attack would have probably already begun. It was just a single squadron of Rebel fighters, but the types the rebels flew had proved to be rather troublesome. Well to most Imperial craft. The Commodore had little illusion that the meager 12 standard TIE fighters could offer the high value target, the Star Destroyer under the watch of the Prince Eugene, much protection, though they could offer some. No those fragile fighters would be assigned to cover the command ship, the Nebulon B frigate Gladiator while the other three ship's in his command laid waste to the fighters. He looked over the status display of his small task force as the task force came out of hyperspace, his gaze linger over their names; The King Jafan the First, The Queen Yram, and the Queen Amidala all denoted with a prefix denoting their class. They like their sister were Lancers, and now that they were here, they were going to tear that rebel squadron apart.

    "Report!" the commodore barked out as realspace resolved itself before him. He ignored the beauty of the accretion disc far below him, noting the lumbering bulk of a disabled and burning Star Destroyer between his own task force and the disc.

    "The fleet is deployed Commodore, the Prince Eugene is disabled, the Bith Marquis is..." the officer paused for a moment as he gave his report.. "Heavily damaged." It was clear the officer was understating the damage, even to his own commanding officer. The Commodore sighed heavily. It appeared they were too late. Well, if they couldn't prevent the loss of a major Imperial vessel, they would certainly avenge it. He looked away from the transparisteel window in front of him and looked to the officer who had made the report.

    "And the Rebels?" he asked, his meaning clear. The officer paused, collating his thoughts. "A group of fighters forward of the Bith Marquis is engaged with a group of StarWings..." They couldn't be engaged without putting the Imperial gunboats in danger of being hit by friendly fire, but the Commodore didn't seem concerned about that. "There is also a group of bombers, B and Y wings, beginning an attack run on the top side main gun emplacements of the Bith Marquis." The officer frowned. Likewise they too couldn't be fired upon without endangering Imperial materiel, this time the Bith Marquis herself. Any shots that missed the attacking fighters, and there were sure to be misses, would strike the hull of the already badly damaged Star Destroyer. Once again though, that seemed to matter little to the Commodore, who had already written off the destroyer.

    "Order the Lancers to fire on both groups, wipe them out, all of them."

    TAG: All

    OOC: A quick reference rundown of what we're now facing...

    The number of Imperial fighters is dwindling, though of course some reinforcements just arrived for the Empire.

    • Two (2) standard TIE fighters from before. One is damaged and is moving away from the battle area. The other is in formation with it. These are now turning around and on course for the newly arrived Imperial task force.
    • Just eight (8) Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing gunboats remain which have launched from the Bith Marquis. These are engaged with Able and Baker flights near the bow of the Bith Marquis and are free use for them to engage and destroy as you see fit in your posts.

    • Prince Eugene (Lancer) is disabled: Charlie and Delta flights may post their brief strafing runs on this target as they loop around to hit the Bith Marquis from up top. Leave damage on this target to me, I'll describe it in my next update.
    • Bith Marquis is disabled and on fire: Again Charlie and Delta flights may detail their attack runs on her primary gunnery station in their posts. Feel free to describe damage to those guns in your posts, though once again leave any "final destruction" of the ship to the GM for timing reasons.

    The newly arrived Imperial task force is above everyone and deploying to keep the Black Sheep pinned below near the accretion disc. It consists of four ships in a diamond formation (the Nebulon B is the rearmost ship) One Nebulon B frigate and three (3) Lancer class frigates. The Nebulon B is the command ship of the task force and is launching twelve (12) standard TIE fighters which are providing close escort of the Nebulon B.

    Any questions concern or the like, as always feel free to PM me or ask in the fanclub.
  5. Sarge

    Sarge Chosen One star 8

    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: LT Kayn "Mean Streak" Balzroth [face_devil]
    Do Or Die

    Kayn switched sensors to passive mode as he dropped on the ugly furball below him. X-wings, A-wings, and Starwings were twisting and turning every which way. He hoped they were preoccupied to the point that they wouldn't notice him swooping in to the attack. Selecting one target for passive homing missile, he launched and watched it track. Ships maneuvered randomly, and his missile passed within a dozen meters of an X-wing. Black 1. Oops. Better switch to guns.

    A Starwing pulled up toward him, trying to outmaneuver a Black Sheep that was pounding its aft shields. Hoping that the gunboat had doubled its aft shields by reducing forward shields, Kayn zoomed in and blasted the Imp from dead ahead. Its fuel cells detonated spectacularly; that was a clean confirmed kill.

    Sensor warning receivers flashed their warnings, new threats had arrived overhead. Three Lancers and a Nebulon, with TIE escorts. That formation could shred whole wings of starfighters, much less one squadron that was running out of ammo. Frack that. Time to call this mission a win and get out before we turn it into a loss. An attack run on that formation would be suicide. Wait a sec... attack... suicide... might work, worth a try.

    "Bravo Flight, this is Bravo Lead, stay on these gunboats until we can jump home. I'm going to go greet those party crashers. Zero, you're in charge of Bravo until we rendezvous."

    Rebel Rouser soared up in a tall Immelmann turn and rolled out into a distant head-on collision course with the new formation of attackers, out of weapons range, but closing rapidly. Kayn switched power from weapons to hyperdrive. Forward deflectors were still all but useless, so he deactivated shields too. Switching his comms to common traffic frequency, he began broadcasting at the Imperial ships. "You Imperial sons of barves, you killed my brother! You murdered him! I'm going to kill you for that, you fracking leeches on a diseased mynock! I'm going to see you all in hell!"

    He carefully kept the A-wing's nose perfectly in line with the distant Nebulon as he accelerated and prepped the hyperdrive. The trick would be to alter course just a hair at the moment he made the jump; it was a move he had used in his racing days to mislead his opponents about his course in hyperspace. If the Imps fell for his bluff, they might take evasive action, scattering their formation to avoid a hyperspace ramming attack.

    Any moment now and he'd be within weapons range. Concluding his raving transmission with an inarticulate hateful scream, he activated his hyperdrive. At the same instant there was a blinding flash right in front of him as a long range ion missile detonated in his flight path. There was an instant of searing pain, a sharp crack that threw his head back and to one side, then nothing at all.

    The A-wing fell out of hyperspace, inert and tumbling, and drifted like a fluttering leaf into the hungry accretion disk.

    TAG: @Rebecca_Daniels @The Vanguard @BobaMatt @Mistress_Renata @Adalia-Durron @Anedon @Vehn @galactic-vagabond422 @TheAdmiral @Mitth_Fisto @Bacta Bubble Bath @Corellian_Outrider @The Real Kyp Durron
  6. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Rebel At Heart. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC: Maxime “Max” Pallas, Amber Tehanis, Ethan Malek, Boss Man Flagg, Belgium
    Bringing the 'A' back to Atrocity!

    Amber stared at her console for a moment, Flagg had gone for it. "What the.....?" She muttered before turning her ship toward the formation of enemy ships. "Squirt, you need to take over, shields at max and keep this heading, when I say 'now' match speed with the enemy ships." she said to her droid to which a soft beep was given as an affirmative. Angling her craft she came in high over the ships before slowing to match speed, she hoped the others were following Flaggs orders. "Ok, NOW Squirt!" She closed her eyes, the face of the man she'd give a wave too came into her mind. She took a long deep breath and reached to him. She felt his presence, it was the same as she'd felt when she'd skimmed his ship, he was still scared, really scared. He was young, like her and she'd not expected that, but she pushed on with her intention. Crunching her eyes tighter closed she pushed an idea to him, 'Save them all, turn hard port' she began to mutter as she clenched her fists. This wasn't as easy has she'd thought it would be as she repeated the mantra over and over both verbally and mentally. She felt the young man's mind listening, she felt him believe he could save them all, she felt him suddenly pull his craft to port, she felt the terror of explosions. She felt him die. She screamed.

    Max watched as one of the gunships careened sharply to the left, smashing into the side of his wingmate. The second ship drifted to a third and the fragile wings clashed briefly before the pilot of the third veered off. The first two gunships went up in a glorious ball of flame. Max hammered at the third.

    "Vet, finish this guy off!" she pleaded. And Belgium went nuts.

    "INCOMING INCOMING INCOMING!" he shrieked. Max winced as the sound went through her head. So help her, she was going to pull that vocabulator out of him with her bare hands. "FOUR MARKS, ENTERING AT 5 POINT 14! THREE LANCERS AND A FRIGATE AND THEY'VE LAUNCHED TIES! WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE NOOOOOOW!!! I did NOT sign on for this!!!"

    Kriff. Max glanced towards the Bith Marquis and the Prince Eugene. She could see fires. It looked as if Charlie and Delta were still hammering them. No sign of the Valkyria. Come on, people, blow those bastards up so we can get out of here. She saw Flagg roll to avoid a torpedo, but he was safe. And then she heard Balzroth.

    "You Imperial sons of barves, you killed my brother! You murdered him! I'm going to kill you for that, you fracking leeches on a diseased mynock! I'm going to see you all in hell!"

    What the hells? He had a brother?

    Ethan shivered as he heard the Devoranian´s screams over com. For a moment anger filled him. For this guy we risked our lives? His own heart was filled with sorrow as he saw the imperial warships on fire as he thought about the soldiers dying there. But he had different things to worry about now, taking aim he shoot his second to last torpedo at the gunship Max had marked out for him. He could see the explosions shook the craft and hoped that damage would finally be enough to finish it off. If not, well he still had a last torp left.

    Squirt was screaming a series a beeps, tweets and whistles at her, but Amber couldn't react. She was frozen with terror and horror at what she'd just done. She'd led a young man to his death, she'd essentially used his own mind to commit suicide. In a vague haze she heard her console warning her there was incoming fire, but she couldn't react, she was frozen. Her X Wing shuddered as Squirt continued to make noise, another hard shudder. Alarms were going off as blue light tore across her console and smoke began to pour into her cockpit.

    Squirt was now in control as he realised his pilot was unable to save herself, the ship was tearing apart and he had no choice. Making the decision, Squirt ejected them both from the craft only to watch it explode several hundred meters ahead. Extending his grappling arm he grabbed his pilots leg around the ankle, he didn't want to break the seal on her gear but knew that it wouldn't be long till that didn't matter. He began to send out a beacon in hopes they'd be rescued, if not he would be doomed to float forever in space with his dead pilot.

    "Amber!" Ethan yelled over com forgetting anything about code names and protecting identity. There was it again, the old feeling of loosing his friends in battle. This wasn't fair he was an old man why did so many young people had to die where he survived? In this moment he just hated everything, the imperials, the rebellion, the whole dammed war, but most of all himself for being too late, once again too slow to save a wingmate.

    R7 tore him out of his thoughts with an urgent bleep. Ethan's heart began to hammer in his chest, "can you confirm that?" R7 did while Ethan stared out into the void completely forgetting the battle around him. Amber will still there, ejected from her destroyed ship. Then he could see her a droid dangling from her ankle. "This is Veteran," he said over com. "Vixen has ejected from her X-wing, we must get her out of the void, now! Sending the coordinates."

    His hands flew over the keyboard. He would stay here with his friend until aid arrived.

    As the remaining gunboats scattered, Flagg latched onto to one dumping quad linked laser fire into its damaged shields which were quickly overwhelmed turning the craft into a bright explosion against the dark sky. Immediately he began scanning for another when he saw Vixen's craft turn into its own ball of flame.

    "Three of us, three of them," he muttered, not taking into account the remaining A-Wings that would be slashing into the formation any second now. It took a moment for him to realize that there was an emergency beacon, evidence that Amber had ejected.

    "Able flight, wagon wheel around Vixen's beacon." Flagg now ordered. They would do their best to protect the ejected pilot until the CSAR bird could arrive to pick her up. "Combat Search and Rescue..." he began before it dawned on him that there hadn't been a dedicated CSAR craft assigned to the mission. Normally it would be the Valkyria, but it was performing boarding duties. Still they had to try.

    "CSAR, we have a beacon in need of immediate extraction," he commed out giving the co-ordinates of Vixen's beacon. With any luck the Valkyria would be by soon to grab her, because he knew they weren't going to be able to stay much longer.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Akiva “Wolf” Lurell
    Dealing Death, Delta Flight

    Sitting there unloading her weapons in a spectacular fashion of excess she noted with some small satisfaction as the fire from Delta Lead began to die down and stop. She immediately did the same, flicking switches to expend some more energy on recharging her weapons and shield banks. So far Alpha and Bravo where doing wonderful jobs of keeping them clear, as was Charlie at keeping up the bomber pressure on the hanger. Although with no imminent sign of the big bang, she was worried that they had expended too much ordnance on getting this far.

    "All right, Delta..." Came the quick tones of Delta Lead. "And Charlie, form up, we're doing more good than harm down here." Sounded a bit too well thought out to be his own words. "Let's loop back over the back end of the ship, Strafe the Prince Eugene as she comes across our path and then continue to curl over the destroyer's engine bells." Not too hard, loop back over the engines and take pot shot of opportunity at the disabled ships. "Once we're topside we'll strafe the main gun emplacements of the Bith Marquis, Charlie you take the starboard side, Delta we'll take the portside guns." Tapping a few keys she keyed in which side was the port and the schematics for where her main guns would be for the run on this thing. "One pass, haul shebs." Haul what now?

    She could guess from how it was used, it meant something to nature of move fast! Although likely in some colorful variety. Setting her engines alight to push her back in her harness she folded her wings down as she skimmed across the hull plating as she raced aft, trusting that her wing would follow her through. Once past the under belly she flicked for her wings to lock back in attack position just as she swung up, letting loose a full salvo for the two seconds she held the escort in view before she began to loop up and over to drop down on the intended target. It was then she heard the odd tones from the sensors. A quick glance confirmed what her ears were hearing. This mission was over. "Delta Wing, we appear to be in final attack run and jump. Repeat - final attack and jump away." With that she stated her understanding of the situation. Namely she was here to fly B-wings, sometimes take crazy risks, not to commit suicide.

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ Extra special thanks to @Bardan_Jusik for this joint post :)

    ~IC~ Captain Cassell “Skipper” Wystari, Zephyr Trillo + Troopers
    Location: Valkyria - Docked with the ISD Bith Marquis

    Anxiety. Being onboard the enemy ship while it is currently on high alert and attacked by your squad mates. Can't help but feel helpless that you aren't there backing them up. Waiting on standby for the infiltration team to finish their role so you can make a quick escape. Suppose there's something about the preservation of one's life as well should be added.

    Cassell stood by the entrance to the docking porta, awaiting to hear from the team and assist them with getting on board at a moments notice. Most of the Valkyria's systems were powered up, ready for a quick get away… and no doubt would have alerted the crew as well. The team had said that they were on their way and he hoped that the crew of the Bith Marquis would be too overwhelmed to notice that. What with all the red lights flashing and alarms that sounded like an animal wailing.

    The ship rocked. Another impact? He strained his ears to hear through the alarm. Was that the sounds of boots marching on the polished decking? He carefully tread closer to the end corner of the corridor.

    He held his breath and awaited as another sound entered the mix, mechanical? Round the corner came an astromech. It tootled whistled in greeting. Their astromech! Digger!

    "Thank the Force, you almost made me jump. I take it the others aren't too far behind." Cassell remarked.

    He then frowned. There was the unmistakable sounds of marching again, this time getting louder.

    "Get behind me." He said to the droid as he started easing back to the docking port.

    He glanced over his shoulder to check and saw a squad of white armoured stormtroopers marched into view. It did not look like a routine drill. Cassell grimaced as he heard their modulated voice.


    Zephyr heard the march of several beings, judging by the harshness and uniformity, troopers. With the alarms going off, it was hard to tell in which direction. Focusing on their sounds, the clattering of armour and boots, it was leading away from them… though she had an inkling as to their destination.

    "We have company in the area." She announced the others. "I'll scout ahead, you guys bring up the rear."

    Matey warbled, the tone was something of concern.

    Zephyr gestured to the wounded. "Help them get back to the ship. I'll see you all shortly."

    She scampered away from the bank of turbo lifts, hoping she would get to their ship in time… or divert the troopers away from it.

    "Thank goodness you're here!" Skipper greeted them, arms outstretched in a welcoming manner. "Do you any idea as to what is going on?"

    There was a visible hesitation with the troopers, almost taken aback by his greeting as they exchanged glances.

    One spoke for the others. "You are to surrender. Power down your craft-"

    "About that." Cassell cleared his throat and held up his index finger. "According to 2187 section 22A of the Imperial Navy regulations…" He stepped towards them. He caught sight of a shadow moving behind the troopers. "… in combat situations, regarding non military vessels-"

    A muffled crunch, one trooper at the rear gurgled and dropped. A few turned as a flash of yellow lashed out, the electrical current of the electrowhip coiled around the neck of another. That trooper hit the deck hard.

    Cassell wasn't waiting for an invitation as his hand dropped to his GL-77 and fired twice. He grimaced as stun bolts rang out. He had forgotten to switch the settings. One glanced off the armour of one as another collapsed. Blaster rifles raised at him as he caught their attention. Muzzles flashed red.

    Several things happened at once. The rush of heat and air. The sound of tearing metal. Cassell watched Zephyr crash tackled into the rest of the troopers and leapt over towards the wall, her arm making a throwing motion towards him. He felt himself lifted off the decking and yanked backwards with force. Sharp pain as he slammed into something hard behind him. Whatever it was held him in place momentarily before dislodging with a electronic high pitch wail, taking him with it-

    Jolted to a halt. Sheering pain around his ankle. Wide eyed, Cassell found himself to somehow be suspended in the air. The cord of the whip about his ankle, trailed back to Zephyr, the claws on her other hand had punctured through and latched onto the framing of the light fitting.

    Several white armoured bodies blew past him as he twisting around to avoid being hit and saw out into space and the ruptured seal of the docking tube. The stormtroopers flailing their arms as they spun out into the void, along with a spinning astromech. Digger.

    He gritted his teeth, the pain around his ankle was unbearable. It felt as though the cord was slicing through the skin. He could see Zephyr's mouth move but he couldn't hear her voice above the roar of the escaping atmosphere.

    More shapes flew around the corner and barrelled down the corridor towards them. Before he could process who or what they were, it connected with the extended whip with such force that Cassell felt himself sharply yanked along with it- and down the docking tube towards the Valkyria and the opposing wall with it.

    A large shank sounded from behind as the mass hit the wall with him. Everything dropped to the decking. Groaning, Cassell sat up and recognised the sprawled figures of Holly, the two marines and Matey tangled about him.

    "Zephyr!" He called.

    "Right here Skipper." She mewed by the Valkyria's docking hatch controls. Cradling her hand to her chest. "You best away anchor."

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Amber Tehanis
    Floating In Space.

    Ejection hurt, Amber established that very quickly. She'd learned it in training, but never had to actually do it, and now she knew why it was not the best option. The pressure difference, the magfield lock in of her helmet, the cold and the inability to do anything was totally overwhelming. If she'd been in a bad state before, she was almost catatonic now. Something grabbed her ankle and she vaguely looked down to see Squirt floating nearby, his arm extended and holding her ankle. The thought he might puncture her boot crossed her mind only briefly before she tried to focus on the distant Star Destroyer and the massive explosions erupting from it. Her vision was blurred with tears as the pain from the young mans death was still raw. She'd murdered him, it wasn't in battle, he had no chance to defend himself, it was murder. She slowly looked at the circling X Wings and somewhere in her mind she knew they were protecting her but she wished they weren't, she didn't deserve it. 'Let me die' she thought as more tears blurred her vision, 'Let me suffer and die'. Amber deserved nothing less according to her. No rescue was coming, she could hear voices in her headset, but wasn't listening. It didn't matter now, it was getting colder. She closed her eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks, soon it would be over.

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    IC: Louise "Lou" Gray, Jocelyn "Joy" Sunwalker, Ianna "Kid" Mcear
    Swordfish System

    "Good shooting you two!" Lou cried out as she guided Charlie Flight back toward the Prince Eugene.

    She opened up with her lasers doing another strafing run on the disabled Lancer frigate before receiving orders to attack the gun emplacements on the topside of the Bith Marquis.

    Time to finish you off, Lou thought as she redirected energy from her shields to her engines.

    "Tighten up, target the weapons emplacements, let's take down that destroyer!" Lou called out to the rest of Charlie Flight.

    She gracefully brought her Y-Wing back around the top portion of the Star Destroyer and began her attack run. She whooped as a gun tower cracked and buckled, floating off into space, as her salvo wreaked havoc on the Imperial gun emplacements. She only hoped the others were doing the same right behind her.

    Joy took several shots at the Lancer. She doubted they did much given that the main canons of her Y-wing wouldn't be strong enough to pierce the armor. But it felt good... A big juicy target which could not do anything to stop her. Target practice...

    As soon as she made the shots they got another order to swing back towards the ISD. A feral grin formed on her lips. An even bigger and juicier target. At least she could shoot some of the canons and turrets protruding. She had an idea... "Lou, we should try to find the torpedo tubes, there should be a missile in, maybe we could detonate it."

    Lou smiled and nods she liked what Joy was thinking.

    Affirmative Joy, good idea,” she relied.

    Kid,” Lou called out, “see anything that fits that description?

    Not waiting for the Kid to reply, Joy instructed her astromech, Shadow, to look in its database for schematics of the ISD. After all it used to be an Imperial droid. She checked the translation on her computer, it had found it, so she keyed a couple of commands "Kid, Lou, I am sending you the schematics of a standard ISD, your astromechs should be able to find the torpedo tubes. Mine is already looking for them."

    Lou clicked her comm unit in response. Maybe Kid's signal was being scrambled by the accretion disk or perhaps there was another problem. Not wanting to delay the inevitable destruction of the Bith Marquis Lou tapped into her internal communications with Crazy Eight, C-8, her astromech who was busy sending her schematic data.

    "You find them?" Lou asked her droid.

    An affirmative blurb responded.

    Lou looked up, destroyed a few remaining turbo laser towers, and realized she had inadvertently flown directly above them. She cut her power, inverted nose down toward the tubes, and opened up with everything she had.

    She could only hope that Joy and Kid were following suit.

    "Huh?" Ianna said getting a sudden transmission from Pat. It seemed to be a lot of information on the Destroyer that now filled her view. "What is this?" Pat tweeted a reply. "From Joy, why can't I hear them?" She didn't know when her com cut out I just did. Thankfully she hadn't left Charlie flight's formation keeping with her flightmates. "Comm's busted?" She said starting to get her targeting computer ready. "Can you fix it?" The astromech gave a negative reply. "How did it happen?" Again the droid didn't know. "Well we're going to have to work with it." Ianna replied settling in with Lou trying to follow her lead.

    If only she had some torpedoes left, maybe pull a Luke Skywalker on those tubes and send a missile in, that would have lead to a catastrophic explosion as the whole arsenal would have detonated. The only thing she could do now was sigh and shoot at the closest protuberance. It seems that one was still loaded as her Y-wing shook and Joy manoeuvred to avoid the big chunk of metal that flew off.

    Lou watched as Charlie Flight lit into the destroyer. There wasn’t much left and she could tell the ship was on the verge of total destruction.

    That looks good Charlie Flight. Let’s form up and get ready to go home,” Lou called out as the rotated the Y Wing away from the doomed craft and hit the throttle.

    The Star Destroyer began to grow smaller as she zoomed away. For a brief moment she felt the tension release.

    Joy clicked in acknowledgement. She was glad that her idea worked. At least they blew a large chunk off the hull. If the Destroyer miraculously survives they would have to spend a lot of credits and material to repair the damage. Better to scuttle it.

    She frowned slightly, why was Ianna silent? What was going on? She hoped that the girl was alright.

    Ianna watched as the others fired on the vessel, watching the ship be picked apart. She fired off a few shots of her own doing some nominal damage, the bulk of it was done by the others. Her com was still silent, unable to send or receive. She was just left following as Lou pulled out of the engagement zone.

    "Any news on my coms?" She asked Pat, a negative reply was all she got. "Well, I think we'll be alright." The young woman settled into formation keeping close and her eyes peeled.

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC Zara Yaren

    The last thing they needed was more Imps, but the Imps just kept on coming. The latest arrivals, jumping in on a worn-out, damaged squadron, was all but certain death. They had to cut their losses and leave.

    "Bravo Flight, this is Bravo Lead, stay on these gunboats until we can jump home. I'm going to go greet those party crashers. Zero, you're in charge of Bravo until we rendezvous."

    Well, that was stupid. She wasn't the highest ranking member of the flight, that was Jaqa, still with the second pair. She wasn't a leader. But Kayn always had a plan, or so he claimed, and for now, that meant she was alone, cutting down towards one of the gunboats that looked easiest pickings.

    "Yeah, right, leave Zara in charge. It'll be fine, she's definitely command material. Stupid," she muttered to herself, low and biting as she opened up her lasers, shredding the wing of the gunboat before it saw her coming. It veered off without a satisfying explosion, but it was out of the fight at least.

    "You Imperial sons of barves, you killed my brother! You murdered him! I'm going to kill you for that, you fracking leeches on a diseased mynock! I'm going to see you all in hell!"

    What? She jerked her head at the inarticulate yell, ears ringing. What was Kayn on? 'Go greet those party crashers' was supposed to mean 'I have a plan that will definitely increase our chances' not... whatever that screaming was. Did he have a brother? It wasn't like he went off every time they saw Imperials so this was either some split personality or there was a plan in there... somewhere.

    And then, the light indicating Black 5, alone in front of the newly arrived Imperial formation, disappeared from her sensors.

    "Blast it, you kriffing moron." There was no point in a visual scan in this chaos, but she tried anyway. There was too much debris to pick out something as small as an A-wing, and she couldn't take her focus from the battle for more than a moment. The Imperials could just as easily have vaporised the starfighter.

    Keying her comm for squadron wide, Zara called out. "Streak, Zero, do you copy?" And then, after a moment, voice even: "Does anyone have Five on their sensors?"

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Captain Cassell “Skipper” Wystari. Zephyr Trillo
    Location: Valkyria - Was docked with the ISD Bith Marquis

    The docking tube tore free and the safety mechanisms kicked in, sealing the breech as the Valkyria drifted away from the Bith Marquis command structure. The thrusters flared, carrying the Corellian vessel away from the destroyer.

    "You should go back and help the wounded." Cassell remarked. His voice strained as he ignored the throbbing pain in his ankle. There was no time to tend to it.

    "Matey and the Sergeant can do that. You need a copilot." Zephyr sat down behind Cassel in the copilot's position. Her left arm still cradled against her chest.

    "Sure thing," Cassell nodded as he reached up to the switches on the panel above. Bright flashes outside as laser fire shot past. There was no time for further discussion and he could use all the help he could get. He saw her reflection off the viewport. "Just plot us a course out of here. There's an emergency med kit under your console if you need it."

    Zephyr's feet felt for the med kit as she used her right hand to cycle through the displays and data. "Oh… no no… Skipper. Someone just winked out."


    "I don't know- A-Wing. Five."

    "Five? Black Five?!" The news was a shock to Cassell… though what was the nature of such disappearance? It could mean anything. "Kayn? How?"

    "I don't know! Ow!" Zephyr shouted back as her feet pulled up the kit and the corner of it jabbed her leg. It dropped with a thud. "How do you go back? Wait! Pussycat is down, she's E.V."

    The mystery of Kayn's disappearance still fresh on his mind, however, his fate was still unknown for the moment. Amber on the other hand needs immediate attention otherwise her fate would be sealed.

    "Just give me her location." Cassell sighed. Amber's location finally flashed on the scopes. He grimaced and sent the Valkyria into a dive to arc around. "Hang in there…"

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    GM Update

    Operation MIDWAY

    Able Flight/Baker Flight/Echo Flight:

    IC: Commander Flagg (NPC)
    Leading the Black Sheep

    The incoming laser fire from the Lancers above was relentless as it began raining down onto the fighters of Able and Baker flights. Luckily the Valkyria swept in and shielded Vixen from it as they picked her up. Even so, some blasts still rocked the ship as well as Flagg's fighter. They wouldn't last long here, but at least they had picked up their downed pilot and her droid.

    As bad as they had it, Baker flight was in even worse shape. Probably as a result of Mean Streak's insane suicide run, it seemed the majority of fire was being directed at them. Bolo's fighter was bracketed by enemy fire, and his Gungan voice called out for help over the comm system, help that couldn't, and wouldn't, come. His fighter eventually evaporated in a bright flare against the black backdrop his life snuffed out with it. Fire from the trio of Lancers then shifted then towards his wingmate, Blackbone. His fighter quickly met with the same fate as Bolo's. Still, even though Balzroth's apparent suicide run on the Imperial task force hadn't resulted in any damage to the Imperial frigates, an attack like that was a one in a million chance anyway only a fool would have attempted it, it did seem to have some affect as they redeployed slightly. Spreading out away from one another, so as not to get caught in the resultant explosion should one of their own be destroyed, it created a hole in the grouping, one large enough for the Black Sheep to escape to hyperspace through, once the mission was accomplished.

    Looking beneath them to see the status of the bombers and their target, Flagg saw as shots from the Lancer squadron impacted against the wrecked hull of the Bith Marquis. It seemed the Lancers were trying more to contain the lumbering bombers below, boxing them in where they could be picked off in one salvo rather than trying to take them out one by one. Flagg knew the squadron couldn't take much more of this, but he wanted to make sure they accomplished the mission. They were so close, once the Bith Marquis was destroyed, he was ready to give the order to jump out of system...

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron @Mistress_Renata @Anedon @Sarge @Rebecca_Daniels @Corellian_Outrider @The Real Kyp Durron

    Charlie Flight/Delta flight:

    IC: Major Beskaryc Taab/Major Grace "Boomer" Valor (NPC)
    Pinned near the accretion disc, Swordfish system.

    Glancing back over his shoulder, Taab watched as another series of secondary explosions racked the star destroyer following their last attack run. "Charlie's out of position." Boomer's voice rang out behind him, sounding slightly concerned. Looking down to his scope he could see they had altered their path from an attack run on the main guns to apparently hit something else, something that had generated even larger secondaries than the main gun batteries. "It's fine," he commed back over the internal system to her. "They did more dam..." his voice cut out as they began to come under fire from above. It looked like Imperial reinforcements had finally arrived in the form of a squadron of frigates.

    Taab immediately threw the Iron Cross over into a series of evasive maneuvers, but they hardly seemed necessary. Most of the laser fire seemed aimed at a general area, not directly at them or the other Black Sheep attack craft. "They're boxing us in," Taab called out as he realized they were trying to contain the fighters to an area above the stricken star destroyer rather than trying to destroy them outright. He didn't have much time to consider the ramifications of that, though he did note one potentially favorable side effect. Most of the fire raining down at them was impacting against the upper hull of the Bith Marquis, adding to the carnage the Black Sheep had wrought.

    "Delta, Charlie..." Taab called out to the remaining attackers. "Pull up, we're going to need to punch a hole through those frigates if we're going to get out of this." They would have to hope that the damage inflicted on the Bith Marquis was enough to destroy her. Taab couldn't believe that it wasn't. "Able flight, Delta lead, we're BlasTech** hope you have some torps saved for those frigates," he called out next on the squadron frequency, letting the squadron lead know the attack element was out of torpedoes.

    A bright flash behind them turned the dark of space to near daylight for a moment. The Bith Marquis had finally had enough and had exploded, sending waves of debris in every direction. One large chunk, a portion of the conning tower, struck the disabled Prince Eugene squarely amidships, cutting the Lancer class frigate in half before it too exploded a moment later. Taab smiled at the carnage even as the fire from above slackened somewhat. It looked like the Imperial frigate squadron was redeploying, a mistake that gave the Black Sheep an out.

    "Our job is done here Black Sheep," Flagg's words brought a sigh of relief from Boomer in the seat behind Taab. Before he could finish though more green laser fire burst through the debris field behind Taab's fighter, followed quickly by rapidly moving forms. Clearly Imperial, the tri foil dagger like wings arrayed around the central body denoted them as Trips, the dreaded TIE Defenders.

    "Break," Taab called out too late as the enemy craft ripped through Taab's formation, shredding Blacks 9, 12 and 16 before the group could do anything about it. Taab managed a snap shot of his nose mounted auto-blasters at one red trimmed craft as it did a victory roll following taking out Black 16, but the light blasters did nothing but splash ineffectually against the Defender's shields. Now the in effectual fire from above made sense, they were waiting for the Skull's for that's exactly who these Defenders were, to arrive and deliver the coup de grace. They must have been patrolling within the accretion disc, thinking we would make our attack through there, Taab thought.

    Caught now in the debris field of the Bith Marquis, the rebel bombers were safe, but just for the moment, as soon as the Skulls managed to turn themselves around they would rip through what was left of Charlie and Delta flights. Able and Baker were too torn up to do anything to help, Able down a fighter already, and Baker down two now. An order came from Flagg even as the emergency transponders from Black 9 and 12 began to register over the emergency channel. Those two had at least managed to eject, though it didn't look like the Sheep were sticking around to try to pick them up.

    "Black Sheep, emergency jump to Waypoint CV-8." They would all jump to the rally point, co-ordinates that had been stored in each plane's droid or navi-computer before the mission, as a waypoint to throw off Imperial tracking. From there, they would be headed home, their tail tucked firmly between their legs.

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    OOC: ** Used BlasTech here as a stand in for Winchester, USAF terminology for out of ordinance. It should be something understood by the other Black Sheep

    And now...

    ...The rundown:

    Moved some of us around a bit to make this work. Biggest move was the Valkyria crew moving in and rescuing Vixen. Outrider, you'll be getting a PM from me shortly here regarding other rescue operations. Everyone else, feel free to post your own character's jump to hyperspace, as well as any actions taken before that, through to the return to the Intrepid. My next update will see us there, perhaps a few hours post mission as our characters attempt to decompress from this harrowing assignment. I'll be moving things around a bit from my intended order of operations, I think for the better, as our next mission will deal with the immediate repercussions of this one.

    For those who want to post a little bit of action prior to leaving the system, here is the rundown prior to our jump to hyperspace.

    • Two (2) standard TIE fighters from before. One is damaged while the other is escorting it. These had moved away from the battle area but have now turned around and are on course for the newly arrived Imperial task force.
    • Just two (2) Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing gunboats remain which had launched from the Bith Marquis. These are engaged with Able and Baker flights near the bow of the Bith Marquis and are free use for them to engage and destroy as you see fit in your posts.

    • Both the Bith Marquis and Prince Eugene have been destroyed. The wreckage from these vessels has created a large debris field above the accretion disc.
    • Twelve (12) TIE Defenders of the Death's Head Squadron (The Skulls) have emerged from the accretion disc and have flown through the debris field at high speed. These have destroyed several fighters, including Lou's, Joy's and Dolva's. Lou, Vehn and Joy have ejected while Dolva was killed. Vehn and The Admiral, feel free to post your shoot downs as you see fit, controlling the enemy fighter(s) that take(s) down your characters. The only two caveats are that your fighter's are destroyed and no TIE Defenders are destroyed. We're still winless against these guys, and I want to keep it that way for game play (dramatic) purposes for a little while.

    The newly arrived Imperial task force is above everyone and had deployed to keep the Black Sheep pinned below near the accretion disc. However Mean Streak's suicide run caused them to disperse the fleet, giving the Black Sheep room to run. The task force consists of four ships; one Nebulon B frigate and three (3) Lancer class frigates. The Nebulon B is the command ship of the task force and is launching twelve (12) standard TIE fighters which are providing close escort of the Nebulon B. You may damage (but not destroy) the capital ships on the way out in your posts while the TIE fighters are free use to damage/destroy on the way out. Any questions or concerns can as always be PMed to me or raised in the X-Wing fanclub.
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  14. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Dietryk Gray
    Swordfish System

    "Curse them," Dietryk growled as he received a secure transmission from the Imperial task force. He quickly switched to a comm. wide channel, "Skulls, form up on me and accelerate to full power. Weapons hot as soon as we break the disk. Show no quarter, give no mercy!"

    The Rebels, specifically the Black Sheep, had attacked from a direction that the Skulls hadn't been prepared to encounter. The Skulls, on Dietryk's recommendation, had been assigned to patrol into the accretion disk. The Rebels, in their typical fashion, had gone with a rather unorthodox plan and had largely succeeded. The Bith Marquis and the Prince Eugene were destroyed. The Lancer squadron headed by the Nebulon B Frigate was doing its best to box the Sheep in so that the Skulls could finish them off.

    Dietryk pressed the throttle forward and shot out of the accretion disk. He picked his way through the debris field as his sensors and targeting computer struggled to get a lock on the plethora of craft ahead. He quietly chided himself for positioning the Skulls away from the Bith Marquis. He could hear the Baron's voice burning in his mind reprimanding him for failing to account for everything that could go wrong. For a brief moment the vision of him losing his command flashed before his eyes. Had he already failed?

    No, Dietryk thought as a flight of Y-Wings caught his eye, failure is not an option.

    Dietryk switched his cannons to full and linked. He knew in his heart that the first Y-Wing to fall under his guns would be the one commanded by his ex wife, Louise Gray. It was the lead craft rocketing away from the wreckage of the Bith Marquis. A quick scan of the bomber confirmed his suspicions. C-8 was with her in the socket. That was her droid. The one she called Crazy Eight.

    For a brief moment he hesitated pulling the trigger as his targeting computer screamed at him. The blast would surely kill her. There'd be nothing left. One pull and she would be gone. A distant memory.He remembered when he'd presented Lou with her astromech. It had been two weeks before the very end. Now it too would have a destiny with the void.

    "Goodbye, Lou," Dietryk whispered as he pulled the trigger sending out a powerful swath of energy directly at the Y-Wing.

    IC: Louise "Lou" Gray

    Lou was only focused on hypering out of the area when a blinding flash temporarily disabled her vision. The old bomber shuddered and groaned as it was tossed by the shockwave of the Bith Marquis exploding. She fought to keep control and stay on course even through the heavy blaster fire of the Imperial reinforcements.

    "Lou! TIE Defenders closing fast! Break! Break Break!" Airen screamed.

    Lou didn't even have a chance to hit the stick and evade as she heard a horrendous shriek of metal and transparisteel ripping apart. Bright green flashes engulfed her as she punched the eject button.Lou hit the detaching canopy on the way out and through a concussive haze, and shaky containment field, watched as her bomber spun slowly away into the depths of space on fire and with the engine pylons spewing fuel.

    Lou caught sight of a Crazy Eight ejecting from the doomed bomber and rocketing into the void. She breathed a sigh of relief and reached down into her pocket leg and procured a small flashlight. She immediately began flipping the light switch on and off trying to get the droid's attention. Crazy Eight noticed and began to head in her direction. As Crazy Eight drew near the bold astromech suddenly erupted in a ball of flame and debris as a TIE Defender blasted away.

    "Crazy Eight!" Lou screamed as tears ran down her face, "don't leave me!"

    Crazy Eight had been her greatest friend since her days with the Empire. She'd had its memory wiped upon fleeing the Imperial Academy to protect her identity and origins. The droid had been with her during her hardest fights and also her loneliest nights.

    Lou's eyes went wide as her bomber exploded sending debris everywhere. She didn't have the energy to cry out for Airen. To wonder if he had lived. If he had ejected safely. It was all too much. The debris scattered and headed in her direction. She screamed in horror as a piece of her engine pylon, shaped like a dagger, breached her containment field and embedded itself in her lower abdomen. She struggled mightily to remove the piece of debris, fighting off the loss of blood that was freezing the minute it hit vacuum, as the darkness flooded the corners of her vision.

    The sounds of battle faded away and with it all hopes of being rescued.

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  15. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Rebel At Heart. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Zephyr, Cassell, Amber
    The Void of space (and possibly a bit of time in there)

    The Valkyria rocked by incoming fire from the Lancers. Zephyr had bounded through to the cargo hold and hit the control panel with her fist. The bay doors open, faint blue glow of the magcon field held in the atmosphere while the Nosaurian looked out to the space beyond. The swirls of matter of the accretion disk provided a backdrop to the battle while Zephyr's eyes narrowed and focused upon the humanoid figure of Amber, floating in space. Her droid tethered to her.

    The forces of gravity lightened in the hold as Zephyr held on and watched as the Valkyria expertly maneuvered over, aligning them with the 'maw' before sinking and consuming them whole. Zephyr hit the controls again and the doors started closing as Amber and her droid drifted into the hold. The doors closed with a muffled thud and the gravity adjusted back on.

    She watched as the ship approached, she stared blankly but somewhere in her mind she knew whose ship it was. As she drifted to the air lock, Squirt in tow, she registered that she might actually survive this, she didn't want too, but she was in shock and couldn't fight back. In an instant the gravity was restored and Amber and Squirt hit the deck with a resounding thud. She gasped, as if ice water had been poured over her and the fog around her began to clear as the air filtered in. Rolling to her back she undid her helmet, releasing the magfield lock and allowing the fresh air to rush in as she took gulps of it. She pulled it off and lay there as she listened to Squirt beeping and whistling nearby.

    Zephyr rushed to Amber's side. "You had us worried there for a moment, pussycat."

    She turned to look up to where the voice came from. She knew the face, the voice, but chose not to answer, instead closing her eyes again and laying her free arm over them.

    "Are you hurt? Are you injured?" Zephyr asked. There was no physical sign of trauma though who knows about the internals of the human species. More fragile than Nosaurians

    She didn't move her arm, just shook her head slowly. She wasn't hurt, she just didn't want to be there.

    The ship shook. Zephyr stared back at Amber, it was clear she was still in shock. There are methods to overcome that. "Good, good. Up you get. We need your help." She offered her good hand to help Amber. "You've got the turrets. Copy?"

    She shook her head again, this time more vigorously. She was done.

    "Geez, I get more logic from a Muppet. Use your words, solider." Zephyr tugged Amber along with her. "Want me to tell Skipper you've been a naughty kitty?"

    Amber struggled, she didn't want to do this anymore. The young mans terror, his fear and the pain of his death were still rolling about her mind. She pulled back hard in a vane attempt to escape the grip.

    Zephyr stood her ground, she resisted the urge to let go. "Look, you've lost a machine. They are replaceable. Lives are not, I'd wake Ody up right now if it gets you moving though he is otherwise occupied. This energy is wasted on resisting when you could be channeling it against your enemy." She looked Amber in the eyes. "I am needed in the cockpit. I can let go and you'll fall over and left to your own devices or you can help protect our lives. Which is it?"

    Amber's green eyes grew large. "Ody?" she whispered. She knew who Zephyr meant. "Wake him?"

    "That's what I said." Zephyr nodded. "Are you a trained medic?"

    She looked away confused. "I have some.....knowledge." She'd tended her own wounds in the past and had cared for staff members when hurt on the estate.

    Zephyr shook her head. "This ship needs a crew. We've got one marine tending to the wounded but if you feel you are more qualified, be our guest. Otherwise we could do with some cover fire."

    She was still confused. "I'll take...a look and get on the guns after that..." Amber looked over to the two marines and then saw the medical bed, the form on it was all too familiar to her now. Panic ripped through her, she couldn't look at him, couldn't lose him, couldn't face that. "Guns, I'll take the guns." she stated clearly standing and turning away. "Cover fire, I can do that." She found the ladder and began to climb up, she'd been here before she could do it again as she pushed the swirling thoughts from her mind.

    Zephyr smirked to herself and then raced back to the cockpit.

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  16. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Jocelyn “Joy” Sunwalker
    Swordfish system

    A wave of satisfaction passed through her. The ISD blew up and the Y-wing shook from the shock wave. Some alarms blared, but the shields held. Joy wondered who delivered the killing blow and who will get to paint a triangular silhouette on their craft. She took a note to have Shadow analyze the final moments to find out who did it.

    Now how to deal with the newly arrived Imperial reinforcements. They were proving to be a nuisance and potential danger for their withdrawal. She could see that their numbers decrease. No time for grief or anger. Emotions were the worst advisors in such situations. Her mind was racing, looking for a solution, but there was hardly anything that she or the other Charlie flight members do against the Lancers.

    Ion cannons, maybe? She considered, but there were too few of them to overload the bigger vessels. They were effectively in a zugzwang. Each new move made their situation worse. The thing was that they were running out of fighters and bombers fast. There had to be something to be done?

    As soon as she thought that the ISD’s wreck destroyed the Prince Eugene. The other Lancers maneuvered leaving the squadron an opening. Then came Flagg’s voice commanding them to disengage and run for it. Not his exact words, but still the meaning was the same. The sensors indicated a new set of threats. Jocelyn frowned, they were coming from the accretion disc and passing through the wreckage of the ISD. The leftover radiation from the explosion made it difficult to determine who they were.

    Joy tried to maneuver but a stream of emerald blasts made it difficult. It was a TIE Defender, go figure. Now that she was low on ammo and fuel, the shields were going to fail soon. Her stomach cramped and made her wince. She had not felt so scared for her life for some time now. Lately she had found a reason to live… to fight on, but then it could amount to nothing if she was blown up.

    The Y-wing shook as she was struck. The alarm blared as the shields failed. She tried to maneuver. Another blast struck just in front of her. A piece of the plating flew and coolant from the blasters spewed freezing in the vacuum of space. The problem was that it covered her front screen and she could not see anything. Joy knew that she had very little time so she prepared for ejection, sealing her suit and donning her mask on. She instructed Shadow to prepare to eject too. It still carried Imperial technical data so she did not want to lose it.

    If Joy remembered her position correctly she turned the Y-wing away from the debris field. It wouldn’t be good to be killed by pieces of wreckage or get irradiated from the generator’s leftovers. Another hit, this made a computer burst in sparks and before the bomber lost power she could see on the screen that the left engine pylon was about to be torn of.

    The moment had come. She pulled the lever, the canopy blew then her seat ejected in space. It spun wildly so she had to use the built in maneuvering thrusters to stop it. They were soon spent so if something flew her way there wouldn’t be much that she could do to avoid. If only she could detach the frontal part, but that wouldn’t be better as then she would still be a good target for the Defender. She saw the flare of her black colored astromech. At least Shadow was intact. The Y-wing lost the pylon and then the TIE finished it off.

    In her frustration she took her pistol from the holster and took a couple of shots in the general direction of the enemy. She was aware that even if she managed to hit anything it would hardly matter… At least it felt good…

    “Help...” she whispered to herself.

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik

    IC: Genevieve “Foxxy” Lehrsherr

    The escape from the Destroyer was a blur in her memory. A lot had happened in such a short time that her mind was still processing the information. Foxxy was running on autopilot, her instinct and training kicked in. The freighter shook, which made it hard for her to administer help on Mullen. The Lieutenant was stable now, so she had to help her comrade in order for him to be able to help her.

    They brought a pilot on-board. It seems the battle was not going so well. Though probably that was not an indicator given that it was to be expected some of the flyboys and girls to eject. On the other hand the look in the girl’s eyes was telling enough. Foxxy shook her head slightly, no time to think.

    “You OK, soldier?” she patted Mullen’s shoulder “You up to helping me?” she then looked at the Nosaurian and nodded to her.

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  17. Sarge

    Sarge Chosen One star 8

    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Kayn "Mean Streak" Balzroth [face_devil]
    Knock Knock Knocking on Hades' Gate

    (Can't be Heaven's Door, it's Kayn, for crying out loud)

    Kayn didn't want to wake up. Being conscious meant feeling pain, unbearable pain like his brain on fire. But he was dragged up to the surface of reality by a shrill whistle that pierced his ears and added another layer to his agony when his eardrums popped.

    Abruptly remembering that he was flying his A-wing on a combat mission, he forced his eyes open. Nothing but darkness. No, not quite, intermittent sparks on his instrument panel failed to give enough light to see anything else. And there was a faint glow outside his canopy, dim light filtered and refracted by the accretion disk. Not enough light to see what caused that horrible whistle-shriek. His ears popped again. Cockpit air pressure must be dropping.

    Air pressure dropping... The cockpit was leaking air! Where was the leak? He couldn't see anything! He held still for a moment, tracking the sound with his hearing. Was it coming from his left? He reached out with his hands, pawing at the canopy. After endless frantic moments, his left hand was sucked up hard against a small hole and the whistling stopped.

    He tried to think, but it was so hard, his brain just wanted to shut down and not be in any more pain, excruciating pain. What to do next? Access emergency checklist, loss of cockpit pressurization... Nothing. His neural links and databases were down. All his cybernetic enhancements were offline.

    Plug the hole. That was the obvious thing to do. What to plug it with? Still blind in the dark, he felt around with his free hand, noticing that artificial gravity was out too. Something bumped his hand in midair. He grabbed whatever it was, feeling a tapered curving sort of cylindrical shape. It was oddly familiar, but he couldn't think what it was. Anyway, it seemed like the right shape to plug the leak, so he jammed it into the jagged hole. The whistle returned faintly; it wasn't a perfect fit. He peeled off a flight glove and wrapped it around the plug, hammering it home with judicious blows, plugging the hole and not shattering the cracked canopy. Good enough for now. What next?

    He was still sitting in darkness and silence. Another spark flickered across the instrument panel. Ionization effects, from the Lancer squadron flak. His ship was completely ionized. Until the excess electrical charge dissipated, Rebel Rouser would be totally inert.

    The faint glow from the accretion disk dimmed even more. He looked outside, instinctively switching his cybernetic eye to low-light-vision mode. Useless, the eye was as dead as all the other equipment. With his remaining natural eye, he vaguely made out a shifting shadow. An asteroid? His unthinking response was to steer away, but of course the joystick was useless. He held on and waited for disaster.

    A faint thump on the forward hull was accompanied by a brilliant flash, which momentarily revealed a rock bigger than the A-wing, an asteroid which had lightly brushed against the hull. An asteroid which had opened a path to ground for the electrons immobilizing his ship's systems.

    Hardly daring to hope, his fingers ran across the electrical panel until he felt the master switch. Standard procedure for resetting ionized systems, wait until charge dissipates, then double-tap the master switch. Emergency lighting glowed weakly and power systems whirred faintly. Life support online. Oxygen supply critically low, but not yet gone. He sighed in relief, which brought on a wince from the pain that the sigh triggered, and the wince itself triggered more pain. What was wrong with his head? Had the ion blast fried his brain as well as his cybernetics? It was a good thing that asteroid had grounded out the electrons without smashing the A-wing into wreckage; what were the odds of that?

    Something glowed outside. He focused as best he could on the blurry shape... shapes? He caught his breath and stared in surprise. They were back. The purrgils had found him.


    The creatures surrounded his ship. As he watched in amazement, one of them fastened itself to an oncoming asteroid and pushed it aside. Pushed it away from him. Why would they do that? He shook his head in wonder then stopped as the movement sent fresh waves of agony through his skull.

    No time for amazement, get the ship running. All the instruments and displays were dead. Now that air wasn't leaking into space, he could smell burnt electrical insulation. The overload must have fried the wiring and electronics. But judging by the humming from the power core, the main couplings must be intact. That meant he should have power to the engines. He nudged the controls and the A-wing lurched forward.

    The purrgils responded immediately, turning to look at him. The largest one moved closer, then angled away from Kayn, paused and looked back, then moved on again, watching him. With all his avionics and navigation gear offline, he decided he might as well follow the purrgils. They were more likely to know where they were than he was.

    The creatures moved forward in a cone formation with the biggest one in the lead, staying ahead of Kayn. Occasionally they pushed a small asteroid aside from their path. It was slow progress, but at least they were going somewhere. Maybe even somewhere worth going to.

    With his most immediate concerns dealt with, Kayn took a moment for assessment. He scanned the right side of the cockpit, noting little but dead and dark instrumentation. The left side was harder to see, his cybernetic eye was still inoperative. Relaxing his neck muscles as much as possible, he slowly turned his head. The pain caused by the movement was almost manageable. He stopped turning as he caught a shadowy glimpse of the plugged hole in the canopy. The emergency chem-light in his survival vest still worked, so he shone it on the breech and the plug. And he froze, vertigo overwhelming him. He'd have fallen over if he weren't strapped into his seat.

    The hole in the canopy was plugged with the broken remains of his own left horn.


    An endless moment later, he turned off the light and slowly turned his head straight forward, where he couldn't see the piece of his own body that had been snapped off, mutilated...

    Just fly. Follow the purrgils. Don't think. Just fly.

    Kayn never knew how long he took to fly clear of the accretion disk. It was a nightmare journey of pain and horrified shock. There was nothing to do but think, and nothing he could think about but pain and mutilation.

    At long last, the disk thinned, cleared, and faded behind him. He stared at the stars, still lost. No navigational databases, no recognizable star fixes, no avionics or commlink aids. The purrgils' tails flashed. Kayn had seen that before, just before they vanished into hyperspace. Their leader looked back at him. With no better options coming to mind, Kayn powered up his hyperdrive and hoped the crippled A-wing could keep up with the creatures. Better to hope they were going somewhere than to float here as the last of his oxygen ran out.

    The purrgils flashed away, and Kayn followed.

    I'll answer why purrgils would rescue Kayn when someone explains why dolphins rescue humans.

    Kayn's injury was inspired by WW2 Japanese ace pilot Saburo Sakai, who described his battle and the flight home in a harrowing passage in his book Samurai, written with Martin Caidin.ō_Sakai#Serious_wounds
    And for the record, I had the broken horn in mind long before episode 6 of The Mandalorian.
  18. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Amber Tehanis
    Upper Gun Turret, Valkyria

    Once she'd reached the top, Amber climbed into the seat mindlessly. She knew what do do, but she didn't want to do it anymore. Dropping her head back she picked up the headset and slipped it on before flicking switches and pushing the correct sequence of buttons through narrowed eyes to bring the weapon on line. Sighing she sat forward and opened her eyes to scan the area. The explosions from the two large Imperial ships continued as debris shot in all directions. She could see various Alliance craft, some in danger, and some escaping. Turning she saw what made her blood freeze. The Skulls were here. How did they know again? How could they know? The idea that there was a spy in the ranks surfaced again, but who. This was going on before Naboo, and it was still an issue that needed to be sorted. Around her the ship shuddered, and reality seeped in. "Time to go to work Amber." She muttered to herself before picking up the handles and setting her thumbs on the triggers. A quick tap and she'd opened the com on her head. "Vixen in place, set to go Skipper." she said in a deadpan voice. Her body was doing what was needed, her mind going through the motions, her heart was breaking, her soul dying.

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  19. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    R2-MA16, “Digger”
    In space, a few moments earlier…

    He had not expected to be blown out of the docking tube. He had not expected the explosion. It was not pleasant. Still, after the initial shock, he quickly ran the protocol on being EV in deep space. It was something most astromechs were designed for, after all. He pinged the Sheep with a location notification, then ran a quick systems check. Functioning, no apparent damage apart from possibly some scratched paint. He turned on his propulsion canisters, headed back towards the Valkyria. As he approached he could see the engines powering up as the ship began to pull away from the Bith Marquis. No worries there. He was almost there…almost…yikes! The Valkyria accelerated towards him so quickly it almost rammed into him! He barely avoided it, but it wasn’t stopping for him. Quickly, he shot out his tow cable, with the electromag clamp on the end, grabbing the top side of the old freighter’s hull.

    All right. Now all he had to do was slowly retract the tow cable, bringing himself closer to the hull, where he could—whoa! Yikes! The Valkyria was skipping around in a series of evasive maneuvers that had him whiplashing out behind it. But of course, the Skipper was Corellian, like his own pilot. Corellians had a reputation for a heavy hand on the thrusters and an utter disregard for the physical limitations of the ships they flew. He’d had a pleasant discussion on Yavin with Wedge Antilles’s astromech while they were recharging in the droid servicing workshop, both agreeing that it took a special type of mechanical to keep up with a Corellian.

    He was almost there—ow—just a few more feet—oomph—yes, okay. A quick shot of the propulsion gas, another shot because the ship was still moving like a bucking shaak…no wait, they were finally slowing down. He was finally able to lock his treads on to the hull, using magnetics to stay in place. This was something he was designed for, but he’d still be happier inside. His optic sensors could see a pilot, floating in space. He rolled forward quickly. He couldn’t be anxious or worried, exactly, he was a droid and didn’t have emotions. Even so, it was not his pilot, it was the red-haired one, tethered to her own droid and if he could feel emotions, relief would have been the primary one.

    The airlock was opening and people were reaching up to help the young woman and the droid in. Digger rolled up to the opening, waiting politely for his turn. Organics always took priority in a deep-space rescue, they were terribly fragile things and difficult if not impossible to repair if they were damaged. Once they were in, he began to move to position himself only to find the opening slamming shut in front of him.

    For a moment he sat there, running several programs through his system. Why would they not rescue him? He’d been pulled on to the mission because he was, theoretically, critical to its success. In practice, he’d hardly had to do anything, but he did gather as much valuable intel as he could. The crew on the Valkyria must have known he’d been blown in to space, but had made no effort to get him, and now he felt shock waves reverberating through the area as the Bith Marquis exploded in a massive fireball. He swiveled his head to see a chunk of the Star Destroyer rip through the escort vehicle and explode it in turn.

    Did they not think the information he’d gathered was valuable? They hadn’t seemed to have any interest in retrieving him! In which case, why bring him along on the infiltration mission? With a digital growl, he sent a binary message to Matey, asking for access to one of the droid maintenance hatches and moved towards it. He could stay on the hull through hyperspace and back to the Intrepid, but he didn’t want to. This was the last time he would agree to go on a mission without his pilot.

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  20. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    IC: Ethan Malek
    Space Battle

    Ethan watched as more and more imperial ships entered the system, I already see how they are fleeing in terror over our oh so great victory, he thought bitterly. One Star Destroyer and an escort cruiser had been the result of their mission but they had lost many fighters, Amber had fallen into the void and while R7 told him that she was okay he knew that being edjected was coupled with a lot of pain. For a brief moment he remembered the two times when it had happened to him, once as a young cadet during one of his first assigments when pirates had severly damadged his valyrie fighter. Thankfully the other Eriaduan forces had arrived at the scene to get him out of the void before the pirates. The second time had been many years later during his time as a mercenary, where a mission against slavers had gone terribly wrong and he had not only lost his ship but also been pulled out the void by the slavers. He had never been so afriad in his life like in that moment, he had long since accepted that he would likley die in battle some day, he was a professional soldier after all, but being made a slave? Thankfully he and some of the other captives had been able to stage a revolt on the slavers ships and kill their captors before they could be implanted with transmitters and sold to the Hutts. For a moment he shivered at the thought at what would have happened to Amber if the empire had gotten her instead of them. The tortures that would have awaited his friend in that case made him thank the gods that it didn´t get this far. But now it was time for him to leave this battlefield behind and so he gave R7 the order to get them out of here. The little droid responded as glad as Ethan felt now that they could leave. When the darkness disapeared for the safety of hyperspace Ethan finally allowed himself to relax, they had done it, survived yet another sucicde mission. But they had taken heavy losses, and so while moving closer towards the Intrepid Ethan spoke a quiet prayer to all soldiers, on both sides, who had not survived this day.

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  21. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Ianna Mcear
    Swordfish system

    A smile bloomed on Ianna's face as the huge Star Destroyer went quiet behind her as she followed her fellow Y-Wing pilots. She was feeling good, they had struck a blow for the rebellion, destroyed a symbol of Imperial power. They had survived, they had gotten out alive, that was good enough for her. Then fire rained down from above nearly pinning her and the others under the behemoth. She continued to follow Lou and Joy as they made their way out under heavy attack. There were no torps left but she could hit them hard with her ion cannons and lasers, it would be something. Pat warned her that the Star Destroyer was breaking up. With rushed movements she accelerated, hopefully getting out of blast area of the Destroyer as it went up in a bright flash.

    She smiled her face glowing in the light of the final destruction. It was done, they had won...that was until more fire rained down from above. Her shields just took it though it was all they had left. Her shields collapsed leaving her exposed. Her comms were still out so she looked to Joy and Lou, the two pilots she'd been following, her friends and all that remained of her flight. She watched in stunned silence as first Joy, then Lou were shot down.

    Her heart sunk her eyes welled with tears.

    "Joy, hear me…" She looked behind her at the empty space behind her. Why didn't she fly an S3, she could pick one of them up, she could at least bring one of them home. "Nooooooooo" she screamed pounding her fist against her instruments.

    "Black Sheep, emergency jump to Waypoint CV-8." Flagg's voice sounded over the comm, finally it worked, just in time for her to get word that they were leaving.

    "No, No, NO" Ianna disobeyed breaking hard and trying desperately, futilely to get some measure of revenge, something for all their efforts. The TIE Defenders that she could see just waggled their wings before flying circles around her. Taunting her playing with her. She fired off her lasers, her ion cannon, hitting nothing but debris. Her craft shook, and shook again. Part of her didn't care, if she died here it would be fitting, she would go down with her wing, her friends then it would mean they would all go together.

    "Come back, come back safe and in one piece. I need you too."

    "I...I will, I'll come back to you."

    The last words she said to Jeen before she left. It hurt...She made a promise to come back alive. She couldn't do that if she went down with her wing. Though it still felt like a betrayal of them, of her closest friends.

    "I'm coming back...for both of you...I'll steal a shuttle if I have to." She promised through angry tears, her jaw set in anger. She shook her head trying to clear her vision, she won't break her promises, she would come back alive and come back and save her friends. Nothing would stop her.

    Diving through the debris field she knew she couldn't out maneuver the Defender so she would just have to get creative. She must have been flying through the former engineering section of the metal behemoth in front of her she saw a fuel canister. How it survived wasn't her problem...but it was a way out. Dipping under it she flipped her ion turret 180 firing it directly behind her, right at that canister. Gunning the throttle to full she rocketted away from the explosion that forced her pursuer to break off even if for only a moment.

    With the moment Ianna jumped to the safety of hyperspace.

    Once there she slammed her fist so hard into her thigh she could feel a bruise.

    "Damnit damnit damnit." She cried, the pain of loss stabbing her heart, that pain quickly turned into anger. She was going to do it, steal a shuttle, a U-Wing, the Valkyria if she must. She was not going to leave her friends trapped there. She would do everything in her power, nothing would stop her.

    Though even with a plan she couldn't help the pain in her chest, the pain that made her scream as loud as her little lungs would let her into the blue whirlwind of hyperspace. It still echoed in her ears as she took deep panting breaths trying to calm her heart. Normally when she did this she felt better, like all the anger in her heart had been though she just felt alone. Her flight was gone, half her squadron was gone as well. Had they really won? Had they really done anything?

    She curled up tight trying to keep warm, trying to keep that tiny, tiny flame in her chest alive...even if she was only fueling it with righteous anger, and self hatred. She needed to keep it was the only thing keeping her together.

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OCC~ Special thanks to @Adalia-Durron and @galactic-vagabond422 for this collaboration post

    ~IC~ Captain Cassell “Skipper” Wystari, Zephyr Trillo + Amber "Vixen" Tehanis + Mullen "Priest" Shetland
    Location: Valkyria

    Focus. Cassell breathed. The field of battle was a minefield of obstacles. Rain of laser fire, debris large enough to remove ships from existence and more vessels were entering the arena. Each time he glanced to the scopes to check on the number of crafts, his heart sank a little more as each of his own squad mates winked out as their fighters were removed from the board.

    The throbbing pain in his ankle kept him on the edge of concentration. He wished someone else was there with him to feed the necessary information. He dare not risk a further glance at the data, to find out who had fallen otherwise he too might end up a casualty.

    More power was diverted from the forward cannons to boost the shields and engines. Barrel roll and reverse thrust... now! Angle 35 degrees and dive... throttle at 66 percent.

    Over the internal com he heard a familiar voice.

    "Vixen in place. Set to go Skipper."

    Thank the Force! Some good news.

    "Copy Vixen. Open it up and give 'em hell."

    Amber heard Skipper's voice and nodded. "Acknowledged." she said calmly as she swung the guns around to find a target. What she saw surprised her and she opened her comm. "Skipper, we have a passenger, Droid on the hull, looks like Max's unit. Near the air lock." she reported as she raised the guns and began tracking one of the near by TIE Defender before pouring laser fire at its nose.

    "Which airlock?" Skipper asked.

    Matey tootled in response.

    "Yes, Digger has permission to come aboard." Skipper responded. Now was not the time for such questions. "Open the hatch for it and make sure to pass along my thanks."

    More warbles with a hint of curiosity. Cassell gritted his teeth. Now was not the time!

    "I would not be here if not for it. Just-."

    More warbling and Skipper muted the com.

    "I take it that call is not my ride out of here." Zephyr's voice came from behind. "There's a pazzak game I'm late for at Ole Henri's on Mon Gazza."

    "You are more than welcome to coordinate the coms. I also need your directions. We lost a few on our side and we need to live up to the ship's name and pluck the fallen from the battlefield."

    The Defenders shields must have been at least weakening, but it didn't matter. Amber knew that she couldn't blow it up, beneath her the Valkyria shuddered, they were being hit. She swung the guns around and found they had company, "Yeah, you want back wash, get closer." she muttered. The Defender was doing just that, pouring laser fire into the Valkyria's rear shields and she was waiting for her moment. "Just a little closer." she whispered.

    The interior lighting flickered briefly and the ship shuddered.

    "That volley punched through!" Zephyr remarked. "Punch them back! You got this, pussycat!"

    Cassell didn't respond as he took the forward cannons offline and assigned that power to bolster the rear shields and concentrated on trying to outmanoeuvre the TIE. He heard but not listen as Zephyr coordinated with Matey to check the damage. His eyes briefly glanced to the Multiview Display to the waypoint to the nearest downed craft, Black Nine - Lou.

    Amber allowed an almost cruel smile to spread over her lips. "Perfect." she said under breath. Aiming directly at the cockpit, she could even see the pilot but she didn't care anymore. This was war, she had to be cold, she was now a murderer. She pressed the triggers and double firing hit the cockpit as hard as she could in one spot. She was sure she'd not be able to kill it, and its pilot but she was rewarded with what she hoped would happen. The Defender veered hard to starboard then dived, she'd blinded it enough to lose it. "Tailgaters gone, we're clear for now."

    "Thank you." Cassell breathed, they were nearing the position of the downed Y-Wing. "Zephyr, call whoever able and willing-"

    "-or willing and abled." Zephyr interjected.

    "-to be on standby in the cargo hold to assist the rescue… please be someone to rescue."

    "Roger roger," Zephyr cheekily responded, impersonating a B1-Battle droid and then relayed the request through the Valkyria's internal com.

    Matey's treads shuttered along the corridors. The small fire had been put out and the bypass in place to reroute power for the hyperdrive. That should hold it for now. As the droid passed through the main hold, it carefully moved around the wounded and the one tending to them- The droid slowed as it's photoreceptors swivelled to observe that Holly had not been patched up yet, he was 'leaking' red, the stain on the clothing had spread.

    It cooed a distressing sound and moved to the open medical kit. It was programmed for mechanical repairs. It did not have detailed knowledge of anatomy for biological beings. However, the wounds looked familiar to the droid. Its processors scrubbed through its archives, the memories of outposts and starships it had serviced… the wounded from the 224th Clone Division on Mimban loaded up, the medics tending to them, the equipment they used.

    Matey narrowed down the equivalent details to what it noted in is memories as its pincers plucked out what it needed before swivelling to Holly.

    Mullen had largely been quiet slowly regaining himself after getting basic medical attention from his sergeant. The adrenaline of a direct firefight was fading but he could feel himself stabilizing. Through gritted teeth he dealt with the jostling, he was used to getting dropped off by U-Wings in the thick of combat...this was nothing to him, the marine knew how to brace. His wounded shoulder protested a little, but pain was an old friend to him by this point. Looking around he finally got his senses back, they were swooping in for a pickup and they had a wounded Spook to look after. He looked to his Sergeant for orders thought he did move closer to Hollymander doing his best to staunch the bleeding and help with whatever stitching Matey was about to attempt. Mostly by getting the clothing out of the way by ripping open the officer's shirt to get a better look at the wounds.

    Cassell spared another glance at the scopes. The pinpoints of red indicating Imperial crafts had them completely ensnared, save for a small gap that had been punched through their formation. For a moment he had considered Flagg's ordered to withdraw from the combat zone…for only a split second before disregarding it. In his heart, he knew he could not leave until he did all in his power to save those that could be saved of the fallen.

    Very faint life form readings could be read off the starboard bow as the Valkyria approached the wreckage and transponder belonging to Black Nine. As the Corellian vessel neared, it slowed down and repeated the same manoeuvre it had performed earlier to bring Amber aboard.

    Confirmation reached him that they had recovered someone and so Cassell opened up the throttle and set out to the next transponder. Outside the view port he saw the reflected light wink off the surface of multiple TIE solar panels…

    They were heading their way…

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    IC: Airen Vehn
    Deep Space
    Swordfish System

    Airen groaned and awakened. He frantically clawed at the space around him before realizing that he had successfully evacuating the doomed Y-Wing. All he could remember before blacking out was the green lights of death from a TIE Defender engulfing the entire canopy, the shrieks of Crazy Eight, and Lou frantically fighting in the front seat to keep them alive.

    Lou... Airen thought as his eyes darted around the depths of the void.

    He couldn't see her through the debris field. That worried him. Had she made it out alive? Was she dead? Where was her droid?

    Airen's fears were only heightened as the smoldering dome of an astromech, Lou's astromech, floated right by his containment field signaling the worst had happened. He looked up and could see the Lancer formation above still sending out pieces of green turbolaser energy down through the field in some Imperial's dream of getting lucky. Red glows, exhaust from the surviving Rebel fighters, winked out of existence as they made the jump to hyperspace. He felt relieved that a few of them had gotten away. Relieved that someone could carry on the fight. Unfortunately, he quickly surmised, his fighting days looked numbered.

    A glint of solar panels, the infamous tri-wing of the TIE Defender, caught his eyes. The Skulls were flying in formation a few klicks from his location no doubt hunting down the Rebel pilots who'd safely ejected. A deep seated fear gripped his heart as he waited helplessly in the void quietly hoping that they wouldn't see him. He tried maneuvering using the booster rockets attached to his seat but they only gave a little sputter before dying out completely. Fuel was gone.

    "Great," Airen muttered.

    The little movement that Airen did make, however, jostled his location just enough that now he caught sight of something that made his blood run cold. Lou, floating lifelessly, only a few meters away. Her hands had locked around something in her stomach and as she slowly rotated from the inertia of her last movement his eyes went wide in fear. A piece of debris had lodged itself in her stomach. He wasn't a medical professional but he immediately knew that wasn't good for either her or the baby.

    Airen felt a rage build up inside of him as he sat there helplessly in his ejection seat. He wanted to rush to her side, hold her, heal her, feel her lips one last time upon his own, but nothing he could do now could move him from his eternal limbo. He screamed in frustration as he reached out helplessly for her as if she could somehow hear him or feel him through whatever bonds they shared. She didn't move. Nothing disturbed her. For all intents and purposes she looked dead.

    "Lou!" Airen yelled, "Lou!"

    She didn't stir.

    A shadow fell across Airen's face and he glanced to his right only to see the Valkyria rotating on it's axis to recover him. Within seconds he was inside the airlock, breathing real air, lying exhausted in a corridor with a blanket over him to keep warm. He struggled to say the words that needed to come from his mouth but nothing happened. He was, like Lou, frozen.

    He felt the Valkyria accelerate which meant they were on the move. All he could do was close his eyes as a deep seated pain washed over him, as his soul cried out for the woman who held his heart in her hands.

    Lou was gone.

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    IC: Akiva “Wolf” Lurell
    Wheels of Fate and Death, Delta Flight

    Flying through another pass on the guns when it all fell apart. It was with some glee that explosions started to register on the stricken Star Destroyer, only that joy was short lived. They began to come under fire from above. It looked like Imperial reinforcements had finally arrived in the form of a squadron of frigates. Well, she never would of guessed that this mission had had any good luck to it from the start, but whatever they had had run out.

    Pitching her craft in a random pattern she hoped her evasive maneuvers would work, luckily at this range that was something that worked in her favor as they didn't seem to actually be aiming. "They're boxing us in," Taab called out as he realized they were trying to contain the fighters to an area above the stricken star destroyer rather than trying to destroy them outright.

    "Delta, Charlie..." Taab called out to the remaining attackers. "Pull up, we're going to need to punch a hole through those frigates if we're going to get out of this." Fantastic, this just became a mad scramble to glory or freedom. The rest of the message was stating what she and anyone who paid attention to the plan would already know, they were dry on heavy ordnance. Blasters, lasers, and ion cannons all were starting to run low as they hadn't had enough of a break to allow the systems to recharge.

    A bright flash behind them turned the dark of space to near daylight for a moment. The Bith Marquis had finally had enough and had exploded, sending waves of debris in every direction. One large chunk, a portion of the conning tower, struck the disabled Prince Eugene squarely amidships, cutting the Lancer class frigate in half before it too exploded a moment later. Taab smiled at the carnage even as the fire from above slackened somewhat. It looked like the Imperial frigate squadron was redeploying, a mistake that gave the Black Sheep an out.

    Finally a bright futures chance.

    "Our job is done here Black Sheep," Flagg's words were blatantly hollow and unneeded. It was time to flee and every pilot knew it, although before that thought could finish though more green laser fire burst through the debris field behind Delta Flight, followed quickly by rapidly moving forms. Clearly Imperial, the tri foil dagger like wings arrayed around the central body denoted them as Trips, the dreaded TIE Defenders.

    "Break," Taab called out too late as the enemy craft ripped through Taab's formation, shredding Blacks 9, 12 and 16 before the group could do anything about it. All she could do was perform more evasive maneuvers and pray it worked. Now the in effectual fire from above made sense, they were waiting for the Skull's for that's exactly who these Defenders were, to arrive and deliver the clean sweep. Either misdeployed or part of the arriving reinforcements meant to catch the fighters if they had tried to escape through the accretion disk.

    Caught now in the debris field of the Bith Marquis, the rebel bombers were safe, but just for the moment, as soon as the Skulls managed to turn themselves around they would rip through what was left of Charlie and Delta flights. No help was coming and the void was calling, either as safe escape or sure death.

    "Black Sheep, emergency jump to Waypoint CV-8." They would all jump to the rally point, co-ordinates that had been stored in each plane's droid or navi-computer before the mission, as a waypoint to throw off Imperial tracking.

    "Roger, Delta's. Been fun. Wolf Redlining it out." She called out on the Flight frequency before setting max burn and shields as she closed her S-foils to cruise position. Emptying a few random shots of whatever energy was left in the ion banks she made for the gap. Pulling the lever to jump as soon as she was green.

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    Ic MacKenzie Hollymander
    On board Valkyria

    Pain, that was the first thing on his mind. Whatever was being done to him hurt like nothing he had ever felt before. The pain had brought him back to consciousness it was that powerful. He groaned as it felt like his flesh was being pulled at. Someone ripped at his clothes and he could hear a droid speaking. With a sense of spinning he turned his head in that direction and tried to open his eyes. Blurred vision greeted him and the pain was reducing. It was now bearable. His vision started to clear and he made out one of the marines. His name eluded him at this point. "Am I ………..gonnna …….live?" he muttered as he realised he could taste blood. It was unpleasant.

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