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Star Wars OPEN Star Wars: Black Sheep (Always Accepting New Players)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bardan_Jusik , Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Captain Husk (NPC)
    Bridge, Rebel Carrier Intrepid

    His back to the command staff working tirelessly behind him, Captain Husk, commanding officer of the rebel carrier Intrepid took in a deep breath and released it as he stared at the stars outside the transparisteel window in front of him. An hour had passed since the last of the Black Sheep had returned, their mission a success, lauded by his superiors after he had reported the results. Their casualties though...their casualties had been high. One X-Wing lost out of four. Two out of five B-Wings, one to an accident. Worse still were the Y and A wing losses. Only one craft each had returned, both flight leaders had been lost. The squadron had been crippled, crippled though for a good cause. Or so Husk hoped. The results reported by the squadron had yet to be confirmed, though the returning pair of X-Wings from the Intruder squadron would soon be able to do that.

    "Sir, Commander Kryze is back on board, we're ready to jump to hyperspace..." it was the flight operations officer, Felix. Husk turned forlornly to look at him for a moment before again returning his attention to the stars. "Very well, make the..." There was a warning klaxon which threatened to drown out LT Felix's voice. "New contacts, edge of sensor range." Husk's shoulders tensed as she spun around, waiting for an ID on the new incoming targets. Had the recon mission somehow been tracked back to the carrier? If so, they could always jump now and hopefully the tracker wasn't actually locked onto one of their hulls. Or was this an Imperial scouting party that had just gotten lucky? If that was the case he would launch Viper squadron and fight them off, hopefully bringing in a prisoner or two for interrogation. He frowned, waiting for his report. It normally didn't take this long for LT Felix to...

    "Standby..." The LT's eyes were wide as he peered at his sensor screen, but Husk couldn't wait any longer. "Report Lieutenant!" He barked at the junior officer who finally replied in a relived tone. "It's just a pod of purgils sir," That brought an end to the tension on the bridge. "They're moving off." Husk nodded, ready again to begin the countdown to a hyperspace jump when Lieutenant Iala, the ship's communications officer spoke up. "I'm getting a rebel transponder from within the pod sir."

    "An Alliance code?" Husk asked perplexed. The answer though brought a joyous cheer to the bridge crew. "Yes sir, it's Black Five..."

    TAG: None. End of Episode 104/105

    OOC: I know some of you haven't posted your final jump away from the system, but I'm going to move us along here. Feel free to "fill in the blanks" if a flashback portion of your next post if need be.
  2. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    GM Update Part I

    Episode 106: The Better than Average Escape

    IC: Colonel Ganho Krane (NPC) et al
    SonTay Prisoner of War camp

    Standing in formation, each barracks to their own squad and from there grouped into platoons of roughly three dozen apiece, the men and women prisoners of the SonTay Prisoner of War camp stood in the sweltering heat as the inner gate was opened and two additional prisoners, both human females, were brought into the camp proper from the administration area by a quartet of white shelled stromtroopers.

    "Fresh meat," Sergeant Vic said as he nudged the shoulder of the man standing next to him, Corporal Lin. "What did I tell ya?" The prediction was hardly impressive, any time a new arrival was brought to camp the whiteshells made them all "fall in" and stand in formation until the newcomer could be brought inside. Of course they were also made to do this for the daily morning and evening counts, as well as any random count ordered by the Commandant, but they had been left here standing in the mid day heat and humidity of this forsaken jungle world for far longer than a simple count would have taken, and Vic was sure that no escape attempt had been made. After all, Lieutenant Stilts was right there, at the head of his squad. If he was there, than no one had gone outside the wire. The man seemed to be a part of every escape attempt made from this place. None of them as yet successful.

    The whiteshells roughly led the pair of women towards the head of the formation, where Colonel Krane waited patiently. He wasn't native to the jungle world of SonTay, though he seemed to have adapted better than most of the other prisoners. Or maybe as the CO he just felt it was his duty to hide his discomfort. Coming face to face with Krane, the senior whiteshell saluted as one of his underlings removed the shackles from the women, all as the remaining pair of stormtroopers watched warily. They knew they were backed up by the Naval Troopers manning the guard towers, all of whom that were within eye shot would be watching the transfer, but still they took no chances. These were rebels after all.

    "Lieutenant Gray, Sergeant Sunwalker for you," the head stormtrooper said after Krane returned his salute. Krane nodded, a gesture indicating he accepted custody of the pair and the stormtroopers turned as one on their heels and headed back for the administration section at the far north of the camp. The Colonel waited until they were out of earshot to greet the women. "Welcome to the SonTay Prisoner of War camp," he looked them each over, perhaps dwelling on their figures for a beat too long. "Though I'm sure our hosts have already greeted you." He looked back towards the admin area where the troopers disappeared behind the energized gate. "I'm Colonel Krane, the SRO. We'll put you two in barracks two," he pointed at the barracks and then to the squad that also called it home. "That's Captain Ordw... Ord." He gave an exasperated look to the photogenic young human officer. He never could wrap his lips around the man's name. "That's Feral's squad," he said sheepishly, giving up. "So you'll fall in with him." He pointed again to the squad that called barrack two their home.

    "The Imps here are more laid back than elsewhere, so you should be well treated from here on out." He looked one more time to the admin area, "Though as new arrivals they probably aren't done with their interrogations of you." He paused. "Don't give them anything, but don't get yourself killed either." He shrugged, they had all given more than name, rank and chain code to the Imps, though they tried to wait things out for as long as possible before breaking, to give their old comrades a chance to alter anything that might be compromised by their capture. "Until then, though, I suggest getting to know everyone and taking up a hobby," he frowned now. "You're probably going to be here awhile." He waited a few moments as Gray and Sunwalker both took up their place in formation with their new squad, and once the handshakes were out of the way he motioned to the Duros First Sergeant who called the formation to attention before bellowing out a loud; "dismissed!"

    Immediately the formation lost any semblance of cohesion as the POWs dispersed and became individuals again. Krane for his part walked slowly over to where Major Hammond and Captain Rouger were talking with each other softly. "Keep an eye on them," he ordered the pair just as quietly. Nodding, they gave one look towards where Captain Ordwgal was leading them to their new home, accompanied by their barracks mates, Flight Officer Deco, Sergeant Vic, along with Corporals Lin and Kellit. The camp had never been much one to separate by enlisted and officer, nor by male and female or even human and alien. Instead barracks assignments were handed out as space allowed, and barracks two had the most space right now.


    TAG: @TheAdmiral @Vehn @Sinrebirth @darthbernael @Jerjerrod-Lennox @Mistress_Renata

    OOC: Feel free to create other minor NPC POWs as needed for your posts.

    IC: Commandant Luger/Agent Blut (NPCs)
    Administration building/Commandant's office, SonTay Prisoner of War camp, SonTay

    Sitting behind his desk, Commandant Luger did his best to ignore the presence of Agent Blut who stood just a step behind him. The long time Imperial Naval officer was disgusted by the ISB agent, not only who he was, but what he represented. The feeling was mutual he had surmised, after all the agent made no effort to hide his contempt for his commanding officer. Fortunately their duties rarely covered the same issues, Blut spent most of his time dealing with the political and high value prisoners while Luger dealt primarily with the POWs, though technically all the prisoners kept in the SonTay complex were his responsibility.

    The door opened and two men, Imperial officers both, were ushered inside by the pair of stormtroopers that remained outside. A lieutenant commander Dietryk Gray, executive officer of the elite Death's Head squadron, and a Lieutenant Hollymander. The latter's name sounded familiar to the Commandant, though he couldn't quite place why. Meanwhile the agent's brow furrowed slightly as he frowned at the sight of the junior officer. Some history there perhaps? Or something else that only the ISB was privy to more likely. The door closed behind them as Luger greeted them. "Commander," he started with a shortened honorific for the pilot, "Lieutenant," he smiled at the officer. "Please come in, sit," he gestured to the pair of unoccupied chairs in front of the desk facing him. "So rare for us to have guests, especially such a distinguished one," he waved his hand to Gray. "And two at the same time." He looked nervously up at the Agent standing behind him, he had a feeling he already knew the answer to the question that was about to be asked. "To what do we owe the pleasure?"

    TAG: Vehn (again :p ), @The Real Kyp Durron
  3. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    GM Update Part II

    OOC: Splitting these up as we have players on both sides of the equation here and I don't want anyone missing anything.

    IC: Beskaryc Taab/Commander Wallings (NPC)/ Commander Flagg (NPC)
    Portside pilot's ready room, rebel carrier Intrepid

    From his customary spot at the rear of the ready room, Taab watched through his T-Visor as Flagg finished up their brief after action review. What had remained of the squadron had managed to evade any pursuit form Imperial forces after their jump away from the Swordfish system and returned to a heroes welcome by the brass on the Intrepid. Somehow though, after losing nearly half their number, it didn't seem like much of a victory to the Black Sheep. Taab of course disagreed, they had killed scores of Imperials for a mere handful of their own, but he knew his opinion was in the minority.

    "We'll need to conduct an accident review board for the loss of Nighthawk..." Flagg was saying, his voice sounded weary. "Max, I'd like you to be in charge of that. Report your findings when you're ready. You should have plenty of time, we're on stand down until we get reinforced." That came as no surprise to the Mandalorian, the squadron had been hit hard, it would take some time to rebuild their numbers. Even some who had returned hadn't yet been given sanction to return to duty. Hollymander and Balzroth were on restricted duty due to their injuries, both were supposed to return to sick bay for observation before being allowed to resume flight status.

    "Services for R'k'sa, Saeli, Dolva, Jaqa, Lappie and Cadera will take place at 1300 tomorrow, uniform is full dress." Services for the marines lost would be handled by that chain of command Taab knew, but though the grapevine he'd heard they would take place an hour later. Notable of course as names not mentioned were Sunwalker and Gray, Taab looked over to where Vehn sat, his head in his hands in the second row of seats. He had been rescued along with Sunwalker's droid, though his own pilot and lover, along with Sunwalker had not. Their emergency beacons had been pinging though when the Black Sheep had been forced to retreat, so the assumption was that they had been captured.

    "Vixen," Flagg continued, his voice showing no hint of emotion. "We have a replacement X-Wing for you on line already, tail number D-11." Taab heard the audible groan from a number of the pilots in the squadron ready room. Dog-11 as it was often called was a known hanger queen on the Intrepid, a broke bird that always seemed to have some issue crop up with it as soon as the last problem had been corrected. "It's the best we have available right now." He shrugged apologetically, though his sympathy never reached his eyes. "As to the results of our mission..." he turned towards the hatch just as it opened and Commander Wallings appeared, an armful of datapads in her arms. She nodded to Flagg who relinquished his spot at the podium to her before he took his own seat in the front row.

    "Congratulations," she said without a hint of irony as the lights dimmed and a hologram of the aftermath of the Swordfish battle was displayed over their heads, projected from the first pad she laid on the podium. "A recon mission led by the Intruders shows you managed to totally destroy the Imperial Star Destroyer Bith Marquis as well as her attending escort vessel, the Lancer class frigate Prince Eugene." Taab could have told her that, though he supposed the rebel leadership needed their confirmation. "Other wreckage in the system indicates you also wrecked an entire wing of gunboats and numerous TIE series fighters as well." She looked up from her notes with a serious look on her face. "And all for the loss of just a handful of fighters and a few marines." She actually flashed a smile. "Well done."

    The hologram vanished as she reshuffled the data pads on the podium, though the lights stayed dim. Soon another hologram appeared floating overhead. It was of the droid, Belgium, that had just recently been made a part of the squadron. "Sadly, in addition to your losses sustained in the battle, Belgium has been arrested and shipped off to rebel command on the last shuttle." She raised her eyebrows in disbelief that a little droid could cause so much trouble. "Something about trafficking in stolen parts as well as running an informational smuggling ring."

    Taab raised his own eyebrow at that under his helmet as he slowly shook his head. There was no way that droid wasn't going to wind up escaping before it's "trial". He very much doubted it was the last any of them heard from the bellicose little droid. "Your losses leave your squadron badly under strength." She stated the obvious as she shuffled data pads once again, this time as series of numbers appearing over their heads.

    "Three X-wings..." It seemed her information was slightly ut of date, and she hadn't added in Vixen's replacement fighter yet. "Just one currently available A-Wing..." Mean Streak's they knew from Flaggs AAR was still under repairs as well. Indeed, the Devaronian himself was still under medical observation and was only here for the debriefing. Afterwards he was supposed to head right back to the ship's sick bay. "Also just a single Y-Wing..." Wallings shook her head as Taab looked to Mcear, wondering how the young pilot was holding up being the only Charlie flight pilot to bring back her bird. "And three B-Wings, though you did lose two during the mission." Taab nodded at that, Runaway had been a late replacement for Nighthawk after his accident, and she had lasted for just about as long.

    "That's not enough to conduct major operations with, so you're on stand down for now until we can get you replacement pilots and planes." Flagg raised a hand at that. "How long?" he asked after being acknowledged by the dark skinned intelligence commander. "Several weeks at least, more than likely it will be more than a month." Flagg nodded his head glumly at that. "Take the time off, mourn your dead, you're all still on call in case of emergency defense of the Intrepid is needed." Taab's head picked up at that.

    "What about our friends?" It was Quin, who hadn't even bothered to raise her hand and instead just blurted out the question. It seemed to catch Wallings off guard, though she recovered quickly. "What friends would those be Flight Officer?" The Zeltron made no efforts to hide the disgust she felt. "Joy and Lou," Wallings looked on at her impassively, which just exasperated Quin even more. "We all heard their emergency beacons, we know they ejected." She looked at Vehn, he had been riding in Lou's backseat. "We rescued him and Joy's droid, but not Joy or Lou, and if the recon team didn't see them either..." she trailed off as Wallings gave an almost imperceptible shake of her head indicating the recon teams had also come up empty. "Then it means they got picked up by the Empire." There was a slight murmur in the room from the Black Sheep pilots at that. Wallings shuffled through her data pads again, setting the last one on the podium as she cradled the rest in her arms. She took a moment reading the pad, though she didn't project any of the information it contained via holo to the rest of them.

    "Intelligence suggests that yes, Lieutenant Louise Gray and Sergeant Jocelyn Sunwalker were indeed captured and are being held by the Empire." She pressed a button on the podium and the lights came back on, signifying that she didn't seem inclined to share any more information that that. "And do we have a plan for rescuing them?" Quin asked now, even more upset than before. It was a side that Taab hadn't seen from the Zeltron before, her loyalty surprised him. Wallings looked to Flagg as she stood down from the podium. The cyborg commander stood up and answered for her. "It's called winning the war."** That didn't seem to satisfy Quin as she shook her head with a frown. "We would no doubt lose more than we would save in any rescue attempt," Wallings added on.

    "I suggest you all forget your..." Wallings paused for a moment searching for the right word. "Friends," she finally settled on with some difficulty, "and start preparing yourselves for when we get you your next assignment." She rearranged the datatpads in her arms and strode out of the room quickly, easily withstanding the withering looks she was getting from most of the squadron, though Taab's eyes were elsewhere, on the podium she had just vacated. The hatch dogged shut behind Wallings as she left, and Commander Flagg again addressed the squadron.

    "You heard her," he spoke before addressing his XO directly. "Taab, I need you to prepare a report on what we need..." he realized that the Mandalorian wasn't listening. "Major?" He called out, though there was still no response from the mando. Finally realizing that Taab's T-Visor wasn't wavering from the podium, Flagg and the others all looked towards it, and then they all saw what he was really looking at. Wallings had left something behind, the last data pad she had looked at. The one with the data she hadn't been willing to share regarding their now captured friends.

    Flagg did a double take, looking to it, and then the hatch and then back to the padd before giving Taab one more order, one which the Mandalorian leapt to obey. "Major, lock the hatch."

    TAG: @Rebecca_Daniels @Mistress_Renata @Anedon @Sarge @Adalia-Durron @galactic-vagabond422 @Mitth_Fisto @Corellian_Outrider @The Real Kyp Durron @zark

    **OOC: Taken from Captain America: The First Avenger

    OOC II: The information on the padd left behind by Wallings will be posted in the Shearing Shed. Assume that your characters will all have access to it now and that information on the padd indicates that both Lou and Joy have been transferred to the SonTay facility. Any questions, feel free to ask in the X-Wing fanclub or via PM.
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  4. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Traer Lin
    Barracks Two, SonTay Prisoner of War camp, SonTay

    Not even bothering to issue a noncommittal noise of agreement to Sergeant Vic, Traer nodded to the Aqualish behind him to follow. Vo Nudo huffed in his native tongue, traipsing behind them. Traer had fresh wounds on his face; he was still undergoing the interrogation stage, what with him having only been here a year or so. Maybe; it was difficult to keep track of time on this Force-forsaken world.

    The man opted not to swarm the newcomers; not yet.

    Soon enough, he'd approach them about supporting the true cause. Not the restoration of the Old Republic, but the rectification of the correct direction of matters; separatism, and independence. None of this cloying unity and alliance that had clearly failed everyone present here. Hell, weren't the Rebels losing the war? He'd heard about the Death Star, sure. But afterwards? What did they have to show for embroiling the galaxy in another war?


    Nudo was his go-to heavy, who deferred to Traer as Corporal even though technically he was never a member of the Rebel Alliance. It showed how badly things were going; the prisoners had incorporated him into their command chain as if nothing else was relevant.

    Grimacing, he headed to his bunk, watching them come in and inevitably 'Feral' wanting to take the lead.

    But what of the others? Flight Officer Deco, Sergeant Vic, and Corporal Kellit?

    Traer shrugged, and sat on the end of his bunk, waiting for more ceremony. He tried hard not to fold his arms, but it was difficult; he disapproved of every single Rebel here.#

    And when would they be brought into the fold?

    TAG: @TheAdmiral @Vehn, @darthbernael @Jerjerrod-Lennox @Mistress_Renata, @Bardan_Jusik

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  5. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    OOC: Disclaimer* Please know in writing this character I don't view relationships this way. Believe me, my wife, would kick my collective rear. Anyways, enjoy the read. This and what is to come has been in my mind for some time....

    IC: Lieutenant Commander Dietryk Gray
    SonTay Prisoner of War Camp
    Administration Building

    "To what do we owe this pleasure?" Commandant Luger asked.

    Dietryk's eyes awakened from their slumber. His thoughts had been elsewhere the entire journey out to SonTay. They'd been dwelling on the miraculous survival and capture of his ex wife Louise Gray. Somehow, someway, she had survived the encounter in the Swordfish system and now was a prisoner of war of the Galactic Empire. To know that he had almost killed her was not enough, he had to see her in person.

    "I am here on," Dietryk paused, "personal matters. I won't go into the details any further but I do require that you hand over all files on a certain Lieutenant Louise Gray. One of your new acquisitions. No doubt you have already determined the connection between us and I ask that in the name of discretion you do not reveal that connection to others in this camp. Were said information to get out it could be particularly damaging to my career."

    Dietryk felt a sense of relief as moments later he had everything he needed on Lou right in front of him.

    "Thank you, Commandant," Dietryk said, "this won't take long."

    Dietryk stood, gave a brief nod of appreciation to Commandant Luger, and left the office tucking the datapad under his arm. He strode quickly to a quiet corner of the bustling camp and accessed the datapad's contents. What he read nearly caused his knees to go out from under him.

    Dietryk thought back to every interaction he'd made with Lou since they had rediscovered one another across the hard, defined, lines of the battlefield. Every moment had been an absolute lie. A fabrication. Much like her service with the Rebel Alliance. He realized, belatedly, that Lou never had the old feelings return in the same way his had once done. Their moments on Naboo were for show. It was all a game to her. All an act. All a ploy to help her newfound friends.

    Then there was the cold realization of another matter settling upon his psyche for the first time since seeing her in the flesh on Naboo.

    Louise Gray had slept with the enemy.

    Dietryk closed his eyes and fought off the memories of his time with her. The good memories, the bad, and everything else in between. His heart ached even though he had professed to the Baron and those who had given him a listening ear that he no longer loved her and that he was willing to kill her. He'd come close on this last mission. Even still as he replayed the attack run in his head he knew he'd gone for the engine pylon of her Y-Wing to give her a chance to live. Had he wanted the kill he would have emptied everything in his power right into her cockpit.

    Dietryk felt betrayed. In his eyes they were still legally married. In the eyes of the Imperial courts she was still his wife. Yes, they had their differences. Yes, they had their moments of falling out. Yes, they were far from the perfect couple. By the Maker above she was still his in every sense of the word. Louise belonged to him. She'd kept his last name after all. If that wasn't a sign of her continued devotion and loyalty to him than what else could it be?

    He had spared her on numerous occasions. He had taught her everything she knew about flying. She never would have made it as far had it not been for him manipulating scores at the Academy. Louise was, and always would be, the inferior pilot. Still, he had loved her once upon a time. They had shared laughs and moments that others wouldn't understand. When they separated he had never given up hope that she would return to him. All in some dream that they could one day be reunited under the flag of the Empire. He knew now that those were merely dreams and there was no way to make them a reality. The past was gone. It was time to let it die. There existed only this wretched planet of SonTay, the jungle all around, and the bitter memories of a time that was as impossible to reach as yesterday.

    A single tear slipped down his smooth cheek. With a gloved hand he wiped the tear away as as his sadness quickly turned to rage. Deep, unseated, rage. He curled his hands into fists and threw the datapad onto the ground smashing it to pieces with the heel of his boot. He opened his eyes and knew that he had become a new man. He didn't need her. He knew exactly what he needed to do to Louise Gray, the former wife of an Imperial officer.

    It was time.

    "Oh, my love," Dietryk whispered, "I will break you before the end. I promise you that much."

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  6. The Real Kyp Durron

    The Real Kyp Durron Jedi Knight star 2

    May 6, 2018
    Ic Saxon Hollymander
    Private quarters.

    Undoing the top button of his uniform Lieutenant Saxon Hollymander sat down on his bunk. He picked up his data pad before deftly placing the data card in. The screen rolled over information and he scrolled past the usual Imperial protocols and security warnings. He knew what he was seeking. Leaning back against the wall the twist of a sardonic smile on his lips as the images appeared to him. He snorted. “Hello brother.” He muttered. He wasn’t surprised to see his image as he’d known for some time he was with the Empire. He had been only mildly surprised to find he’d been a Rebel spy. That did not evoke an emotion other predictability and contempt. Reading the information, he gave his head a shake at the charges laid against his half sibling. How he’d allowed a wedding of all things to be blown up was interesting but hardly of any concern to Saxon. His own wedding had been a joke. His father had ‘set him lose’ on the girl in question. He knew little about her other than the fact she was wealthy and alone. That was all his father Sydney ever needed to know. Sending his only remaining son in to ‘claim’ the prize of the girl and her fortune. What had happened that night had been, unfortunate. It had led him to seek his Imperial friends and having his death faked to escape the charges. He knew the surviving girl would surely lay against him. Surviving, he’d not expected that. He was convinced the wounds he’d inflicted would have caused her demise. Escaping his father had not been the worst thing that could have happened. He was free now to be himself. The estate he’d been in line to inherit was now back in the wretched girls’ hands with him not around. Reports had her missing having left the planet for rehabilitation after the wounds inflicted up on her by ‘an intruder’. Saxon knew better. Although he did wonder why she’d not named him. The fact he’d not been able to complete his own personal mission in killing her only served to disappoint him. Scrolling over the images taken from holocams that had survived the wedding he sat upright and gasped when one of his brother and a red haired woman appeared. “No.” he whispered, “Can’t be….” Scrolling further he got a front image of her face. It was her. The stupid girl he’d foolishly married over three years ago. What was she doing at the wedding? Why was MacKenzie speaking to her? Was she a Rebel? They’d never met as far as he knew. There they were talking and leaving the ballroom together. Putting the data pad on his lap he narrowed his eyes thinking. Closing the window, he opened another to look at the new list of prisoners just brought in to the nearby prison camp. Both Black Sheep. A further check revealed what their sources said was the line-up of the Black Sheep Squadron. Cold eyes read both names on the list and he smiled for real now. He had a way to get at them both now. He was alive and his brother. She was alive and his wife for better or worse. He almost laughed, almost. He’d find out everything he needed to know about them from the prisoners. That thought was the one the finally brought laughter forward. “Times up” he chuckled. He had to get this information to the relevant people involved and needed to get to that prison camp. Saxon loved a good interrogation.

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  7. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Captain Ordwgal “Feral”
    Son Tay Camp

    He wanted to reach up and adjust his collar, in the heat, but having been in the camp for several years he refrained, discipline in the ranks was necessary, even in this place. Without moving his head he let his eyes roam the formation, at least what he could see from his position at the head of his squad. Behind him as he looked he could hear Sergeant Vic and Corporal Lin muttering but there was not much he could do about it, as the guards had opened the gate and were escorting a pair of females into the camp.

    Looking to his side he could see Lieutenant Stilts and knew that the tunnels had not yet been discovered, and that no one had yet attempted a new escape so perhaps it was just that they were being gifted two new arrivals. Whether those arrivals were plants or not remained to be seen. As he stood and strained to hear the conversation that was happening between the Colonel and the Stormtroopers he made a mental note to speak to his squad, on the quiet, to speak with the new arrivals and try to determine if they were true POWs.

    A half smile touched his face as the Colonel turned toward his Barracks and pointed generally between the Barracks and him, stumbling over his name. ‘So I was right, I get the new fish. Better also tell the boys and girls to keep their hands off, outside of what I’ve already decided needed to be done.’

    He watched as the two, a Lieutenant Gray and a Sergeant Sunwalker, if he’d heard correctly, headed in his direction. A small nod to them both, for now, before he pointed to the end of the row for Team Two, where there were empty ranks. The squad kept a decent amount of cohesion even as they greeted the new arrivals, and then fell back into place.

    With the final command given, after the gates were once again shut, the formation dissolved as if it were a glass dropped on a stone floor. He turned and lead the squad back to the barracks. Once inside he saw Lin drop to his bunk and the scowl that crossed his face. That one was always grumpy and had his own cause so always needed careful handling.

    The others were still filing in and when the door was shut, he turned to the squad, “First welcome to our newest Barracks mates, Lieutenant Gray and Sergeant Sunwalker. Find a pair of empty bunks, you’ll be here a while, trust me. The others you see, the may have introduced themselves but they are Flight Officer Deco, Sergeant Vic, as well as Corporals Lin and Kellit. Lin is easy to spot, just look for his scowl, as you can already see.” he said, an arm lazily waving in Lin’s direction.

    “To the rest of you, you know the drill, help them get situated and then back to business as usual, Newcomer Protocols in effect.”

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  8. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ Special thanks to @Adalia-Durron for this combo post.

    ~IC~ Captain Cassell “Skipper” Wystari, Zephyr Trillo + Amber "Vixen" Tehanis
    Location: Valkyria

    Their time was up. The Imperials were running out of targets and the Valkyria was becoming the most prized one of all. The hull shuddered as the ship skipped off twisted girders, warped segments of bulkheads and plating as the only 'clear' path was through the space the Bith Marquis once held. At least the smouldering hulk was not firing at them. Although, it would make the fighters more cautious.

    They were getting close to Black 12's transponder. Sweat rolled down Cassell's face and neck as he focused on a path through the chaos outside. Zephyr's voice counted down the distance until they reached the last position of the Y-Wing.

    Hang in there Joy. He knew she was resourceful and not to count her out though anything could happen in the battlefield.

    "One hundred metres...eighty, sixty-" the console flashed yellow as an alert of a warhead lock on the ship.

    The Valkyria rolled out of the way and dived. "Amber!"

    She'd been firing aggressively, aiming at anything remotely Imperial when she heard Skipper cry over the comm, a quick glance at her screen told her a missile had lock on them, and it was coming in fast. Swinging the gun around she responded. "On it Skip!" Looking to the blackness and debris behind them, she couldn't find it, couldn't pick it out. Her gut churned, she didn't want to, but she knew she was running out of options. She drew a deep breath, "Where are you?" she murmured as she closed her eyes. Most would have panicked seeing her do that, but her instincts were kicking in. This wasn't the first time she'd done this, she'd just never told anyone she did it. A tingle started, she knew it well, it was at the base of her skull. It moved up and intensified as it neared her eyes, which she opened slowly. She couldn't see it still, but she could feel it. She waited till the tingle was behind her eyes then she squeezed the triggers simultaneously. Bolts shot out into what seemed to be nothingness, then seconds later a massive explosion around half a click behind the Valkyria could be seen. Sighing heavily she spoke to Cassell. "We're clear." she breathed.

    The rapid beeping subsided for now though Cassell didn't share Amber's enthusiasm. They were being herded away from the debris field towards more fighters. He reduced thrust and U-turned around to head back in and face the offending ships

    Amber felt the inertia as Cassell swung the ship around, "where are we going?" she wondered as they headed toward the enemy ships. The Star Destroyer was gone, wasn't it time go? "What are we doing?" she asked urgently.

    "Trying to reach Joy." Cassell replied as the Valkyria slipped past two incoming gunships. He altered course to try another attempt.

    In front of her she saw the Gunships. "Is she on this trajectory? I don't want to blast her!" Amber was scanning but couldn't see anyone out there. "Want me to find her?" she asked, cringing at thought of using 'it' again.

    "We are locked on her transponder…" Cassell responded. "...just a matter of getting in to collect without being... shot down."

    "What about me shooting her?" she said with passion wondering who 'her' was. "Those Gunships!!" Amber shook her head and decided the best thing she could do was aim away from the nose of the Valkyria so she spun to the side and back pouring laser fire into one of the passing gunships hoping to weaken its shields.

    "I'll make sure to keep her position away from your arc of fire." Cassell remarked as the Valkyria was once again racing to Joy's position.

    "Busy, Gunships!"

    Zephyr counted down the distance. "Eighty... sixty... fort-"

    The ship shuddered as it raked by laser fire. The Valkyria aileron rolled on its axis to mitigate the damage across the shields. The consoles flared and lit up, warning that the shields were depleting rapidly.

    "We can't make it We have to get out of here." Zephyr warned. "Shields are below 30 percent."

    Cassell eased on the throttle, he had to try and retrieve Joy. He could hear the impacts on the shield. They were almost there. Just hold together...

    The ship bucked against his controls as something solid slammed against port side. Knocking out them off course.

    "Shields at 8!"

    "I'll swing us around-"

    "Skipper!" Zephyr yelled. "This isn't Balmorra. Go! Live!"

    Cassell took a breath. Zephyr was right. He then opened the throttle. Sorry Joy.

    "Hang on." Cassell said as the ship veered away from the concentration of fighters. One glance at the scopes showed the squadron's exit vector had closed and the red dots symbolising the Imperials looked like a ticked off swarm of Corellian gluttonbugs. They still had one more option for escape.

    The Valkyria danced and evade as it dived for the swirling cosmic sea of the accretion disc.

    "Get ready to eject this prospector's facade." Cassell said, referring to the cosmetics attachments to the hull for the mission. "Amber, once we hit that 'cloud cover' I'm pulling power from the turrets to the shields"

    "Copy." she said in a deadpan voice, the sooner this was over for her, the better.

    "Dropping the dead weight?" Zephyr asked. "I can help throw somethings or someones out the airlock."

    Cassell ignored her. Visibility outside was dropping as they entered the 'primordial seas' of the accretion disc. Shields were slowly recharging. He counted silently down.

    "Here we go." He reached over to the bank of switches, flicking each one. Pieces of their cosmetics detached from the hull as power was cut from the turrets to feed the shields. Launching countermeasures from the stern, a second later the flare impacted against the drifting parts and the sensors picked up a small explosion.

    Cassell eased on the throttle to mask their presence and prepared himself for the long journey through to the other side of the cosmic seas and back to the Intrepid...

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  9. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Colonel Ganho Krane (NPC) et al
    SonTay Prisoner of War camp

    As the prisoners broke off into their own groups, some performing tasks for Big X, the senior prisoners continued speaking in hushed tones. "Tom is well behind schedule," the well chiseled Captain Rouger spoke, careful to not even look in the direction of where that tunnel ran. Colonel Ganho nodded slightly at that, though he wasn't in on the planning sessions he did like to be kept apprised of their progress. "That the one running all the way under the west camp?" He said after ensuring no one else was close enough to overhear them. The Skarn rebel just nodded in reply. "We're not even to our outer wire yet..." he said forlornly. Tom was indeed well behind schedule. "Harry is to the wire..." Major Hammond chipped in quietly, but with a bit more enthusiasm. The northern tunnel ran right under the admin center at the north of the camp, and rather near the main gate. It would be the most dangerous tunnel to escape though, if it were ever finished, but the plan was to reach the jungle before tunneling up and creating an escape hatch. "And George?" the Colonel asked, knowing what he was getting himself in to.

    That brought a frown to Hammond's face, George was his baby. "Also behind schedule..." he reluctantly reported. The Colonel nodded again. "Though not quite so badly as Tom." He left unsaid that George didn't need to go nearly as far as Tom did either. Indeed, aside from their logistics tunnel, Dick, George was the shortest of the tunnels they were in the process of digging.

    " know what to do. Keep at it." The pair of men nodded and walked away, each towards their own barracks, though they didn't salute. They had their own issues with each other regarding George, issues that were well known by the Colonel. Shaking his own head he looked north to the admin area, wondering if indeed they could tunnel under it without being detected, when he saw another quartet of white shelled stormtroopers approaching the inner gate, again with prisoners in tow. However unlike the two newcomers, he recognized this pair. "Has it been a week already?" He asked himself incredulously. It was easy to lose track of time held in a place like this.

    The two prisoners were the Squibs, twins, that had been thrown into solitary confinement as a punishment for fighting with each other. Again. The Colonel had lost track of how many times the pair, Riki and Tiki...or was it the other way around?... had been involved in a scuffle with one another that ended up with them thrown into solitary, and he doubted this would be the last time either. Sometimes he thought they did it on purpose, after all it seemed they always came back from the admin section with some new goody, sometimes tangible, sometimes just information. The two really were amazing. He began walking towards them as the stormtroopers released them into the general population of the POW camp without any additional fanfare, though one did hand each of them an Imperial meal bar.

    "You two have a nice week?" He asked them as he approached. He didn't dare address them by name, he always confused which was which. "They put you in adjoining cells or as far apart from each other as they could?" He laughed now. Protocol was to put prisoners as far away from each other as possible in solitary, to discourage communication between cells. But there was no discouraging the twins. "Might as well get to your barracks," he pointed to barracks two. "We just got two new residents so you might as well introduce yourselves to your new room mates." He gave a slight smirk, as they sauntered away.

    Looking again to the north he now saw an Imperial officer being escorted out of the admin building by a pair of deferential white shells towards the officers barracks in the Imperial lager. Pausing, the Colonel examined the man more closely from afar. The prison camp didn't get a lot of guests, and he was genuinely curious. He quickly surmised by the Imps body language that he was a fellow pilot. It was the cocky yet easy going way that he walked that was the tell. Colonel Ganho frowned now, just what was an Imperial pilot doing here? He wondered, and did it have anything to do with their new arrivals?

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    OOC: Just a little something to get Sarge's POW characters into the game, and perhaps give a little more background as to what is going on in camp.
  10. Jerjerrod-Lennox

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC:Artemis "Art" Deco
    Location:SonTay POW Camp

    Join the cause, save the galaxy from tyranny….

    In a POW camp.

    It had been Artemis's worst nightmare being sent to this place. He would have rather he had been blown up in his Y wing than being sent into the very jaws of hell itself. He supposed it was his fault after all, performing a risky move in a slower moving starfighter was not the best thing he could have done. In Artemis's defense though he was trying to stop the transport he was escorting from blown to bits by TIE fighters.

    He would rather be up there now, getting some more flight experience with the Y wing and perhaps even heading into his first proper battle instead of doing escort duties. But no, he was in the hands of the Empire and being tortured and beaten and watching his camp mates getting the same, all because the Empire wanted every little scrap of information regarding the Rebels so they could win this war.

    But karma would hopefully strike in the end for these beasts, especially in camp.

    Two new arrivals had come to join the party it seemed today, two women as well one with black hair, one with blonde. He wondered what they had done to earn a one way ticket to this place. The heat once again was stifling, and Artemis felt the sweat gathering everywhere. His usual hairstyle, combed over on the right side was beginning to feel damp and he wished they would hurry up and get back to the barracks for a little respite from this heat.

    Eventually they were all dismissed by the Duros First Sergeant and so it was time to hopefully meet and greet the newcomers. He followed silently behind Feral who was the leader of this sorry lot including himself. Artemis decided to wait until they were inside until introducing himself. And hopefully not make a total mess of it.

    Besides he had to make sure as the others did that they perhaps could be entrusted with the plan…..

    Lin had already dropped to his bunk with his usual scowl. Artemis made sure to steer clear of him, he was trouble, not only that but he had a mean looking Aqualish with him as muscle. Meant that he didn't want to do the hard work of pushing everyone around himself. Coward. Besides Artemis hated anyone who was rude or standoffish, he would rather have a more cheerful conversation.

    After learning their names and after being told the Newcomer Protocol was in effect Artie decided to take the plunge. He was always shy when meeting new people but he decided to at least try and feel a little bit welcome.

    "Sergeant Sunwalker, Lieutenant Gray?" He asked sounding a little nervous "I'm Flight Officer Artemis Deco, call me Artie" his smile was nervous but hopefully welcoming "Welcome to Barracks Two, hopefully you can make yourselves at home. Most of us here are welcoming and don't bite. Well except for Lin over there and his Aqualish bully. But hopefully it won't take you too long to settle in"

    Artemis shifted a little "I hope you are OK and didn't have too rough a ride" stupid question he thought, it was the Empire they always gave Rebel prisoners a rough ride.

    "Feral is the leader here, if you have any questions he might be able to ask him. Otherwise welcome to paradise, otherwise known as SonTay prison camp. If at any time you fancy a chat, my bunk is over there" he pointed to his bunk nearby "You may be here a while so it might be good to chat, get yourselves acquainted and perhaps enjoy yourselves here" he went red "Er, I mean with us in Barracks Two anyway"

    Artemis then changed tack "Do you need help with anything?. If you do, just ask" he was about ready to crawl into a dark hole after what he had just said.

    Perhaps these two would spare his blushes and dig the hole for him.

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Zara Yaren
    Swordfish System

    There was no response. The lights indicating the other members of B flight disappeared under a hail of fire, explosions heralding their destruction. And then she was alone.

    Not alone; the remains of the squadron danced around her, but she might as well have been flying on autopilot. No one to watch her back, all of them gone, again. And she was still here, lucky as always, to have survived when no one else did. Again and again. There was a brief moment, a thought that cut through her numbness as she could see the Imperial formation blocking their escape route-- were they moving? It seemed like they were clearing a path-- that she could take care of things once and finally, just bring the full impact of her tiny starfighter against the weakest point of one of the Lancer frigates.

    The explosion of the Bith Marquis interrupted those thoughts before she could even come about, and immediately went on the defensive as chunks of debris spread across the battlefield. They'd accomplished what they'd come for, but the cost was high.

    "Black Sheep, emergency jump to Waypoint CV-8." So that was it. Leaving half the squadron behind in pieces or worse, calling it a job well done. Someone would probably get a medal for this. She could see the movement of the Valkyria through her canopy between the debris chunks, but it was unlikely they'd be able to do any recoveries. No, any rescue would just lead to more deaths. Better to cut their losses and go before those telltale glints of tri-wings caught up to them.

    Once inside the relative safety of the blue glow of hyperspace, Zara let out a slow breath and struggled against an invisible pressure weighing on her chest. It clawed at her, trying to take hold of her emotionless core, and for a moment a rush of anger broke through, fierce and sharp, but just as quickly faded. It was over, everyone was gone and there was no point dwelling on it. She had older ghosts to carry.

    A singed Daumé waved her down on the Intrepid, surrounded by empty berths in the hangar. It seemed he'd been busy during their battle, and not looking at all his usual well-put-together self. Soot covered his skin and clothes, and Zara once again wondered if it hurt haired species to lose some as she spotted the burnt ends of his long hair. But she didn't ask, and he didn't press beyond asking about the status of the A-wing. "Fine," she said, voice sticking in her throat. "Debris. Better than the others."

    She ignored any further questions, any other people as she made a beeline for her quarters, not changing out of her flight suit in the locker room. The walk didn't make her feel any more real, nor did the hurried shower to wash away the sweat of battle. Everything was happening too fast or too slow, and she couldn't tell which. There was one solution, an easy one, and after locking the door to her quarters Zara reached under her bed for the stash she'd accumulated. A drink for every name lost, and the list wasn't short.


    Portside pilot's ready room

    Late, she'd been late and Flagg was already speaking as she slid into one of the seats at the rear of the room. It had been twenty minutes spent in the refresher, trying to decide whether or not she was going to hurl and eventually settling on her hardy Twi'lek constitution. It had been an alarm well overslept from her usual time, a dark fog that didn't quite want to relent. It had been too much, too fast the night before. It was easy enough to promise, through the pounding headache and inability to focus her eyes, that she wouldn't do that again, but the reality said differently.

    In fact, reality was saying very much that she was seeing ghosts. Zara paused in the massaging of her temples to squint at the now single-horned Devaronian in the room. Did anyone else see him, or had she finally snapped? No one else seemed to be surprised, so maybe it was better to just act like everything was normal.

    "That's not enough to conduct major operations with, so you're on stand down for now until we can get you replacement pilots and planes." Zara heard distantly. It made as much sense as anything, as half the words spoken were making it through her headache. Stand down, relax, find out if you've gone crazy. Then shoot some Imps.

    The Zeltron, Quin, cut through, and her words Zara could hear clearly. "Then it means they got picked up by the Empire."

    "It's a waste of time," Zara muttered under her breath, dropping her head back into her hands and continuing to press her fingertips to her temples. How many more would they lose on an extraction? Everyone knew the Empire didn't keep prisoners for long. Those two had been Imperials themselves, they were in for a likely painful end. No point in more going down with them. Especially since no one knew they had a crazy person in their midst. As long as I can still shoot straight no one needs to know.

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  12. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Jocelyn “Joy” Sunwalker
    SonTay POW Camp

    Jocelyn wanted to shoot the Spacetroopers who captured her, but had to let go of her pistol. Seeing it float away was sad, but she was not feeling suicidal. Now she was questioning her move, being shipped to a POW camp was probably worse than being killed. Back in the Empire she did not think much about those places, after all no one have heard of such things from the Rebels. Besides being a pilot usually meant a quick fiery death.

    The irony that her parents were in such a place right now, somewhere in the Empire, did not escape her. She was really her “daddy’s little girl” and got herself arrested. The planet was nightmarish, warm and damp. She hoped that the sanitation was good enough or there would be a lot of tropical diseases. Joy was also worried for Lou, who was pregnant, that must be extra hard for her. They were coming from a relatively sterile environment and now they were plunged into a germ infested place.

    Jocelyn looked around and saw her fellow prisoners. Hopefully they will be captured Rebels as the prospect of being thrown in the cage with hardened criminals worried her. But the way they seemed to be military trained by the look of how they were organized. But looks could be deceiving. She was checking if there were any other women, but it was hard to see. She hoped there were though as being the only two women locked with men, who had spent who-knows how many years in the camp…

    Joy had SpecOps training but she knew her limitations. Either she would have to beat the poodoo out of the biggest man here or befriend him. That almost drew a smile on her lips. First need to know the lay of the land. She saluted the Colonel, but before she could say anything she and Lou were assigned to a squad. There were brief introductions and greetings.

    There was no way to run away from the camp. Even if they managed that feat there wasn’t any place where they could go. That was why the Empire did not bother to install any chips in them. There was a gnawing feeling that waiting for the Rebellion to win wouldn’t be any better as then the Imperials would most likely execute them all just to spite the victors and to cover up their crimes. Hopefully their friends would be able to free them before this… A highly unlikely outcome…

    Jocelyn needed to talk to Lou, they had to hide their Imperial training as it might not be a good idea if the others find out they were former Imperials. Hopefully their interrogators won’t feel extra sadistic by feeding that information to the population… Another issue was when to break and reveal some information? If she spoke right away the interrogators won’t believe her and just torture her more. She could resist the interrogation for some time but in the end she would break. Hopefully she will be able to control it.

    Her thoughts trailed to Carols, hopefully someone would take care of her. Max seemed to be familiar with Tookas and Skipper brought her toys. At least there would be someone… Anais was another reason, she had dragged her to the Intrepid. Joy hoped that no one would take it on her for her and Lou being captured.

    For now she focused on the here and the now. They had reached their barracks. One of the inmates dropped on his bunk. Jocelyn stifled her urge to yell at him, some habits don’t die easily. She focused on their leader, another handsome man, were they locked in a male model camp? Good thing they seemed to be keeping some semblance of order.

    She smiled to… Artie, who seemed like a good kid. Right now Joy was not in chatting mood, but did not want to be rude. “Thank you, what do you do to pass the time? Is there a prison library? A holomovie night?” she tried to remember any of the movie prison cliches and tried to sound cheery enough. Joy glanced at Lou, hopefully she conveyed the message that they needed to talk.

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    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Kayn "Mean Streak" Balzroth [face_devil]
    Like Death Warmed Over

    The alpha purrgil rolled and slowed, moving with natural ease and consummate grace through the swirling blue of hyperspace. Kayn blearily tried to focus his one eye on the beast, not even curious about what it was doing or where it was leading him, he was just trying to stay near it. The massive creature continued to slow, so he throttled back the hyperdrive until the blue eddies turned into starlines and they dropped back into real space.

    Really dark space, as far as he could tell with one eye and no sensors. If there was a system nearby, it wasn't visible to him. Why would the purrgils stop in deep space? There was nothing out here, as far as he could tell. The distant stars were nearly as blurred as hyperspace had been. It occurred to him that his eyes - no, eye - might be suffering from oxygen deprivation. The cockpit air was foul with carbon dioxide, and there wasn't much left in his suit's survival bottle. He took a deep breath through the emergency mask, and in moments his eyesight cleared, but not before the pain in his skull sharpened as well.

    One of the points of light out there was moving, drawing near. It grew from a point to a vaguely triangular outline. Imperial ship? Intrepid? He couldn't tell. Suddenly a Viper Squadron A-wing zoomed past. He was more disappointed that it wasn't all black than happy to have been found.

    The purrgils had moved away when he wasn't looking. They were gone, just like that. No reason, no explanation.

    He took another hit of oxygen and cut his engines. A tug could bring him in. Let someone else handle the landing. Landing... No power to the landing gear. Emergency extension system... He pulled the T-handle, releasing the gear uplocks and opening valves to bottles of compressed nitrogen that slammed the gear legs into their down and locked position. Good enough. One more hit of oxygen, and he closed his eye, too drained to do anything but trust that someone would save him.

    A minute later he felt the gentle pull of a tractor beam. His eye opened involuntarily. A rescue shuttle had come to act as a tug. It was dragging the inert form of Rebel Rouser into the hangar. He managed to wave weakly back at the Gamorrean marshaller, who was greeting him as usual by holding the marshaling wands up to his head like Devaronian horns. You only need one of those now, Big Green.

    Kayn was frustrated by the shuttle in front of him. It was blocking his view of the parking area. How many ships had made it back? As he was towed forward, more of the hangar moved into his field of view.

    Valkyria was parked in her usual spot. The freighter looked more battered and dirty than the last time he'd seen her. How many hours had Skipper logged in the accretion disk? There was no doubting that man's dedication to the cause. I wonder if he brought all the marines back.

    A familiar B-wing appeared next, white teeth on the cockpit pod marred by carbon scoring. Of course Iron Hand came back; the Mando was indestructible. The Hammer was there too. Maybe some pilots are too crazy to die. He was relieved to see Wolf's ship, his first recruit to the Dirty Tricks Department was good to have around. Next came an empty spot, yet another newb hadn't returned. Those B-wings were death traps to newbs.

    C Flight's ramp space was all but deserted, just one Y-wing. The name painted on its nose identified it as Kid's ship. Had she lost all her flightmates today? Her little heart must be breaking. What about Joy? She had been a good wingmate to Kayn, even if she was stiff as a board. Suddenly he remembered her choking on the pan-galactic gargle blaster he had bought her; she had been starting to open up and relax, almost acting human... and now she was gone.
    Lou too, good flight leader... unless Max was right about her... no, she was still a good flight leader.

    Just as the B Flight area was about to come into view, the tug turned away, positioning Kayn's ship to back up into its place. Instead of his own flight's deckspace, he found himself looking the opposite direction at A Flight.

    Flagg's ship was out front, so the Boss made it back. Next was an X-wing with a rear-view mirror mounted on the canopy, the mirror Max had mounted way back when she was B Flight's tail-end-Charlie. As annoying as her paranoia was, Kayn was glad to know she was still with them. Then just one more X-wing; was that Veteran's... or Vixen's? He couldn't remember which ship was whose, and couldn't check his neural database to find out. He surprised himself with a small smile at the memory of Vet choosing a kitchen knife as he talked about Devaronian tracheotomies... yet the old soldier was probably the most level-headed and reliable pilot in this whole freak show. As for Vixen, well, she might be Undisputed Eternal Drama Queen of the Green-Eyed Witches, but she'd always had his back, facing pirates and asteroids and Imps and drunken commanders. Frack me, but I'd miss her too.

    The tug had reversed its turn to back him into his parking spot. Kayn remembered his last orders to B Flight, putting Zara in charge. He hoped things had gone well. Zara was a clever tactician, a cool head in crises, a deft hand with the tricky A-wings, and a deadly shot. If only her relentless pessimism didn't hamstring her, she could be one of the best pilots in this whole damn rebellion. Had she managed to bring Boomah and Blackbone home safely? That might give her a real shot of self-confidence.

    Finally, the B Flight parking area rotated into his field of view. One solitary black A-wing stood forlorn.

    The image blurred, and he felt something wet trickle down his cheek.

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  14. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Louise "Lou" Gray
    SonTay Prison Camp

    Lou was alive.

    Somehow, someway, she had survived.

    All she could remember was a blinding white light, the horrible pain in her gut, her vitals fading fast, and then darkness. Death had come for her and spit her out rejecting the impurities of her soul, rejecting everything she had ever done as if to say it was not enough. Even the heavens hadn't wanted Louise Gray. She was truly, dangerously, alone.

    She was trouble.

    Lou stumbled through the prison yard, under Imperial Stormtrooper escort, her hands bound in front of her. The heat was unbearable. The jungle humidity even moreso. Instinctively she rested her cufflinked hands near her stomach half expecting to find the pylon jutting out from her gut. The pylon was gone. It was if her being shot down was all some horrible nightmare.

    Airen, Lou thought as the cufflinks were removed, did you make it out? What about my child?

    Her thoughts returned to the present. She listened quietly as Colonel Krane did the introductions. She was assigned to Feral's squad. Apparently the prisoners here still kept some semblance of military discipline, rank, and order. She fell into formation automatically. Years of drill driven hard into her head first by the Empire and later by the Rebel Alliance.

    Lou shot Joy a look as she made her way to the barracks at Feral's direction. Entering the barracks she once again listened as Feral introduced the other members of barracks two. She gave nods to those who warranted them and simply absorbed the others as her mind tried to boot back up after such a traumatic event.

    She heard Joy and Artie talking. He seemed nice, honest, and at the very least wasn't going to come after her with a vibroknife in his hand. There was only one burning desire in her mind now. One goal.

    To get out of SonTay prison camp alive.

    "I'm Louise Gray, everyone calls me Lou. I am a Lieutenant in the Rebel Alliance with the Black Sheep, you may have heard of them. I don't have much else to add but wanted to thank you for taking us in. I suppose we didn't have a choice," Lou said introducing herself.

    The door behind Lou opened and in walked Dietryk Gray in full Imperial uniform. He was flanked on either side by an Imperial Stormtrooper. Her heart stopped, her blood froze, and it seemed it took forever and an age to recover her breath. She couldn't move a muscle. Nothing was working. It was as if she'd been encased in carbonite.

    "Lou," Dietryk said, "come with me. Don't struggle. Don't put up a fight. You can't win, you must know this. Come, we have much to discuss."

    Lou took one step backward. She refused to go with him.

    Dietryk sighed and shook his head, "Grab her and bring her with me."

    The stormtroopers surged forward and placed their black gloved hands firmly around her arms. She was too weak to put up much of a fight. She frantically looked to Joy for help and all she could blurt out to her friend, her squadmate, was a pathetic cry for help.

    "Don't forget me, Joy! Whatever happens don't forget me!" Lou yelled as she was dragged out of the barracks.

    Dietryk walked close to Lou as she was dragged by the stormtroopers, leaving track marks behind in the dirt, to another area of the camp. She continued to struggle as she was led into an interrogation room. Soon she was strapped to a chair and blinded by a bright light hanging from the ceiling. The stormtroopers left. They were alone.

    "Well," Lou panted, "get on with the show. I know you've been waiting for this moment for a long time."

    "Indeed I have," Dietryk sneered as he stepped away from Lou and disappeared into the shadows.

    Lou, feeling letdown after anticipating the worst, looked up as Dietryk returned with a datapad in his hand.

    "What's that?" Lou asked.

    "That which will hurt you the most," Dietryk replied.

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  15. The Real Kyp Durron

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    May 6, 2018
    Ic Lt. Saxon Hollymander, Commandant Luger, ISB Agent Blut. - Gratitude to @Bardan_Jusik
    Interrogation Room - SonTay Prison Camp.

    He entered the office and as the junior Officer remained silent. Listening as his counterpart explained his reasons for being there he began to consider his options. After the Lt Commander had left the office, he turned his attention to the Commandant. His cold eyes appraised the man opposite him and he knew he was uncomfortable. “My mission Sir is somewhat personal as well.” He sat forward a little. “The new prisoners are Black Sheep, no?”

    The Commandant shuffled a few sheets of flimsi, scanning them briefly before answering carefully. There was more to this mere Lieutenant than met the eye. "Yes, we believe so, though they have not admitted to such yet. They were captured..."

    Saxon gave a single nod as he interrupted the senior officer, much to the delight of the ISB Agent, Blut. “As my counterpart has taken one of them, I would be grateful if I would be allowed to have….. a quiet word with the other.” A cold smile on his face. “I hope to……glean important information from her.” He was already planning how he’d achieve his goal.

    The Commandant mulled that over, though it was Blut who answered, a gleam in his eye as he did so. "I think that would be most acceptable." It was his section that oversaw the interrogation of the prisoners, so he felt most qualified to answer, even without the Commandant's permission. The two Imperial officers clearly had their own agendas regarding the new prisoners, but that suited Blut just fine, for it was clear to him that they wanted to break the rebel scum, and that coincided with Blut's agenda. Let them have the first run at these Black Sheep, break them, and then the ISB would be there to deal with the pieces. He looked down at the Commandant, who was wringing his hands in agitation. Again, Blut gave a cruel smile. "Don't you agree Commandant?"

    Luger gave a near imperceptible nod of his head, a reluctant gesture. "Do with them as you wish."

    “Thank you Commandant, I appreciate your time and capitulation.”

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  16. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Ianna Mcear, Jeen Talgana (A combo with @Adalia-Durron )
    Hangar Intrepid

    Ianna landed more on auto pilot, her mind just focused on a single thing, getting back out there, in something that could pick up her friends. It didn't matter what is was, or who's it was she needed it. She made a promise, she would get them back. The Limmie game she did have planned took a back seat, she needed to save her friends. The canopy popped open and Ianna quickly jumped out landing heavy on her feet. She could feel the pain but she didn't care, she was too focused. In the distance she saw what she was looking for, a shuttle, used by one of the other squadrons. Again it didn't matter who's it was, all that matter was that she could pick up her friends. As she marched nothing else existed, not Meili, not Pat, not Jeen. As she marched tears continued to roll down her cheeks even as her jaw was set in furious determination.

    Jeen waited, and watched, Amber didn't return in her ship. His gut churned at the thought he may have lost his pilot and ship when his eye caught Ianna striding past with a determination he'd not seen in her before. He ran over to her, "Ianna!" He called, wanting to hug her for being there safe when he noticed the tears on her face. "What happened out there?" he asked urgently as it was clear the girl was distressed.

    "I'm fixing this..." She said without saying much else. Muscling her way through Jeen she kept the shuttle in her sights. "I made a promise."

    "I know, to me, and you kept it!" he began to chase her. "You're here and you're safe!" He glanced behind him at the hangar deck, still no sign of Amber. "But.....but....." he didn't know how to ask.

    "No...No..." Her tears continued to fall as she struggled to find the words. "Joy, Lou, Eliana, they're still out there, they are waiting for me...I made a promise to get them." With the sleeve of her flightsuit she wiped her face getting some of the tears but more just took their place. "I have to get them...I'm the only one left."

    Jeen was confused for a second before he realised she was talking about her wing. "I......they're out there still?" he wasn't sure what she meant, "In their ships, they'll get back I'm sure." He wasn't but he had to try to be positive.

    "No..." She sniffled a little, shaking her head and continuing her march. "They...they..were...were..." Her jaw quivered unable to say the words. "I'm going to get them."

    He continued to follow her. "What? In here? Med bay, Infirmary?" he was confused. "Ianna, please stop and talk to me, I'm not getting this!"

    She didn't stop, she couldn't stop. "No...NO," she nearly screamed. "They are still out there." With a shaking arm she pointed out into space, the cold blackness. "They're all alone and I left them there...I have to get them back."

    Jeen stopped, he'd never seen her this distressed. "Ok." he wasn't sure what to ask, what to say. He had to wait here, he couldn't follow her. He was still hoping he'd have an X Wing to work on, a pilot to welcome back. He couldn't do anything to fix her situation either and felt totally helpless and stood silently as she continued her exit.

    Unabated she marched on, the ramp for the shuttle she had picked out was lowered. Good it made it easier for her to steal it. It was clear to anyone watching what she was planning. She was too emotional to think, to consider the consequences of her actions. She just wanted to save her friends, no matter the cost.

    Jeen turned toward the hangar deck, she was on board, Ianna was safe. He had a job to do, he'd talk to her later, help her later. Folding his arms he continued to wait, Amber had to come back.

    Her boots slammed into the ramp of the ship, the other pilots and techs for the other squadron started yelling at her. She didn't have time or the patients to care. As she continued her march up the ramp one of the other pilots wrapped their arms around her.

    "Get off me!" She yelled turning in their grasp and pushing them off sending their body tumbling down the ramp.

    Jeen heard her yelling and spun, seeing what she was doing. "IANNA!!! STOP!!" he ran to her as she sent someone tumbling down the ramp. "STOP THIS!!!" He surged forward and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her off the ground. "ENOUGH!!"

    "NO...NO" she screamed her legs kicking her arms flailing. "I MADE A PROMISE...I CAN"T LEAVE THEM OUT THERE." She fought against him wiggling and struggling to get out of his grip.

    He pulled her closer and leaned into her ear. "You can't do it alone 'anna, you can't do this alone." he said in a soothing tone as he lowered her to the ground. "You need help, and I know they won't be left behind. Please ..." he was trying hard to calm her down.

    She continued to struggle a little but her anger had just left her worn out. She wanted to fight to push him away. Turning in his arms she weakly tried to push him away, her arms not even able to give her any separation from him.

    "Let me go..." she cried softly as she began to beat her fists softly against his chest. "I...I have to...their my friends...they..." She closed her eyes rubbing her face into his chest. "It's my fault...It's all my fault..."

    She collapsed into him and he lowered his lips to the top of her head, kissing her softly. "It's is not your fault. You have to stop thinking that, you are not to blame." He pulled her close and allowed her to cry.

    "But...I..I could have....I should have..." she was sobbing into his chest, trying to think of things to say, all the reasons it was her fault they were shot down...but the words wouldn't come to her. Her little body couldn't handle the guilt the pain the wracked her. "I...I..." Soon her fists stopped and she just pressed her face into his chest. "I...I...I..." She couldn't even form words anymore, her anger and her pain had taken those away. It also drained her made her feel weak, useless...which was how she felt right now.

    He wanted to hold her, to make it right, but he wasn't qualified to do that. He saw a couple of Medtecs and looked to them. She needed to rest, needed to be sedated. Taking one hand free he waved them over and resumed holding her as the approached. "I think you need to rest Ianna, you've had a shock and you need to rest so a plan to help them can be made." He was trying to keep talking to distract her and let them know what she needed. He was grateful they understood as an older woman gently pushed a sedative patch to the back of her neck.

    "No...No..." She was still fighting holding onto whatever energy she had left. As she pressed her head into his chest she felt something cold on the back of her neck. In her state she couldn't stop herself. With sudden strength she pushed Jeen away throwing her arms out catching the medic with a powerful back fist sending them turning away. She felt wounded, angry, ready to fight. Her eyes snapped this way and that snarling a little a Jeen. "No..."

    He was only trying to help. She couldn't take an unarmed shuttle into a full Imperial space to rescue people, she would be shot down as soon as she jumped in, or worse captured and tortured. He would not, no could not let that happen. "Ianna, it's for you own good, you can't die for nothing and if you try to go out there, you will die!" he pleaded, hoping the patch would take effect.

    "No...I made a promise..." She was starting to waver a bit on her feet, though her fists were still clenched tight. "Who said you could deicide what is...what is right for..." She staggered forward throwing all of her body into a clearly coming punch. "You don't.."

    He watched as she wavered. "You didn't make a promise to die, you go all four of you are dead. What's the point of your promise then!?!?" He just had to keep her talking till it started to work, he wasn't going to let he go and die for nothing.

    "I said I would come back." All of her weight crashed into him her heavy fist leading the way. It would hurt, though it would likely hurt more if she was at full strength. "I said I would save them...I have to do something."

    She clocked him, and for a moment he saw stars. Giving his head a shake he held her. "Something will be done Ianna, I swear, but you can't do it alone."

    "You don't know that...I'm the only one that cares." Another punch this one catching him in the chest. "No one but me..."

    This punch wasn't hard, she was weakening. "You're wrong." he almost cooed, "The others care."

    "No they don't." She kept throwing each punch getting weaker. "If they did we would have done more...we would have come back with them...we wouldn't have left them to die."

    Jeen sighed, he didn't believe that. He knew the Black Sheep may not have all gotten along, but he felt there was an undercurrent of 'leaving no one behind' in the unspoken mantra. "I don't believe that Ianna." He looked over at the bustle around the Valkyria, maybe they got Amber? "I am sure they did as much as they could."

    With a final bruising punch she fell into his arms. "It's all my fault...all my fault..." She muttered body finally succoming to the sedatives so rudely given to her... "all my fault."

    He pulled her up against him. "No its not." he said quietly as her eyes closed. The Medtecs stood nearby waiting for this and he looked to them. "Can you get a hoverbed and get her to the Infirmary, tell them she's trying to save her wingmates alone." He looked down at her, she looked serine, sweet. He scooped her up in his arms, leaning down to kiss her forehead. "Rest love, I'll be there when you wake up." he said quietly. Moments later a hoverbed appeared and he gently lay her on it looking to the Tec. "Take good care of her." he said firmly. "I'll come down as soon as I can."

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Amber Tehanis, Jeen Talgana
    Flight Deck The Intrepid

    Her body was numb now and she was running on auto pilot. She’d not moved from the Upper Turret, she’d stayed there as it meant she didn’t have to face anyone, didn’t have to deal with what was down there. Once the Valkyria had landed on The Intrepid she’d sat staring in the gun turret for what seemed ages. She was doing this on purpose, she was avoiding, well everyone and everything. Listening she’d heard med techs and droids taking the injured away and once the craft was silent, not wanting to see or speak to anyone she slowly descended the ladder checking the deck. She was alone, they’d been so busy no one had noticed she’d not disembarked. She started down the ramp slowly, the hangar was busy as tech’s scrambled over damaged craft. She noted the burn marks on the deck, they’d lost one there. She felt nothing, she was a murderer after all, murderers felt nothing.

    Jeen had let Ianna go, her determination was beyond his ability to calm. He didn’t like having to have her sedated, but she needed it. Once he had his pilot back, he’d go to her but now he had gone back to scanning the deck. His heart had given up, the area for A Flight was clearly missing her ship so he began to turn to leave when he spotted a figure leaving the Valkyria, it was her. “AMBER!!” He called breaking into a run, he was happy she’d made it back but it was clear her ship didn’t. Skidding to a halt in front of her he grinned. “You’re alive!”

    She heard him and when he appeared before she took a step backwards. “Yes, I shouldn’t be, but I am.” She started down to move around him. “I want to be alone, if you don’t mind.” She said in a monotone, “Oh, sorry about my ship.” A moment later Squirt rolled up bleeping and whistling.

    Jeen was shocked by the tone of her voice, whatever happened had really affected both the women in his life. Amber’s droid rolled up and began speaking, and he was grateful he understood the droid. He frowned. “He’s saying you ejected.” Jeen turned to follow her. “You both did.”

    “We did, ship blew. Watched, pretty I guess.” She wasn’t in the mood for conversation.

    "You're ok?"

    Amber gave a vague nod. "I will be." Squirt warbled and whistled again.

    “He’s saying he’s hurt bad and he’s in the infirmary.” Jeen translated for the droid. “Who’s ‘he’?

    Amber stopped and closed her eyes; tears were so close but she would not shed them. “The Major, he was shot.” She spoke the words as she tried not to think about them. “Bleeding badly.”

    Jeen turned to Squirt. “Is he going to make it?” Squirt warbled out more tones, and the man translated. “Says he is, thanks to Matey and one of the Marines.” He looked to Amber. “That’s important to you, I know that.” He sensed it after the other night when he and Ianna had literally run into them. He was important to her for some reason but he had no idea what that reason was. It was possible it was the same way Ianna was important to him, but he didn’t know.

    Amber kept her eyes closed as wave of relief washed over her body, instantly she broke out in cold sweat. She swallowed hard and gave a nod. “Thank you Squirt, Jeen.” She muttered. “I’m going to my quarters, need a sanitstream and ……rest, I need rest.” She started to leave.

    Jeen raised an eyebrow. “And a haircut, or trim at least.” He said noting her still burned and very uneven hair.

    She spun to him glaring and her anger flashing as she pointed at him. “Not another word! That was YOUR fault! And be kriffin’ grateful I don’t shoot you for it!” Her temper was taking over.

    Jeen knew what Amber did when she was emotionally distressed, whether it was fear, stress or anger, extreme emotions had a physical reaction around her. He’d knew what she’d done in the hangar when she was distressed. He lifted his hands, palms forward and stepped back ward, two women out of control in one day was more than enough for him. “I’m sorry, really I am.” He said not taking his eyes off her and choosing to say nothing more.

    Amber realised immediately what she was doing, the look on his face was enough to bring her back. She was scaring the only person who’d actually looked for her, cared about her survival. She looked away as she felt sick inside, is this what she’d become? Someone to be afraid of, avoided, and dangerous. “I’m sorry Jeen, I am……I just.” She didn’t know what to say.

    He could see her expression change instantly. “It’s ok, you get some rest, I might see who I can help out, looks like one of the A Wings just came in looking less than new.” He backed up a few more steps before turning and heading away, distance and time, that was what she needed and he hoped others were smart enough to see that. He had no intention of helping anyone, he was heading to Ianna.

    She watched him leave and felt guilt. More guilt, she had so much of it today and it was like a heavy weight on her soul. Turning she began to walk faster before breaking in to a full run. She needed to run, needed to escape and find sanctuary in her quarters.

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  18. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009

    IC: Louise "Lou" Gray/Dietryk Gray
    Interrogation Room 14B
    SonTay Prison Camp

    "What's on there," Lou asked.

    "The truth," Dietryk replied as he plugged the datapad into a nearby holoprojector.

    Dietryk walked behind Lou as the image fired up and gently whispered in her ear, "Don't close your eyes. Not for a second. You won't want to miss this."

    The image showed Lou in an Imperial medical center. She wasn't moving. Out cold. Three medical droids hovering around as they rapidly removed the pylon from Lou's stomach and began working to repair the damage. Not a word was spoken until one of the droids looked up frantically at a nearby monitor which had Lou's vitals and froze.

    "What is it T4?" T7, one of the droids asked.

    "Lifeform," T4 replied, "very faint."

    "Analysis," T7 requested.

    "This human is pregnant," T4 stated matter of factly, "fetus isn't very far along but there are life signs. The pylon barely missed it though I'm showing a large amount of internal bleeding from the trauma of the ejection."

    "Can you save it?" T7 asked.

    Lou, sitting in her chair, tried to look away from the hologram. Dietryk forcibly twisted Lou's head around to watch the hologram as she squirmed in her seat. She shook and tried to fight off Dietryk's strong hands but he held her in place. Nothing could stop what was coming. Nothing at all. Closing her eyes was not possible. There was no hiding from what was to come.

    "Negative," T4 replied, "the fetus is irreparable. There's too much damage."

    "Affirmative," T7 said, "let it be known on the record that the fetus was removed on this date and that subject Louise Gray was treated by our team and subsequently sent to SonTay Prison Camp post op."

    The feed cut out.

    Dietryk released his grip on Lou's head. He watched for a second while she processed the information. He tilted his head ever so slightly as Lou stared impassively at where the hologram had been. He wondered if anything had made a dent in her psyche. He wondered if she even cared at all.

    Lou hung her head as tears streamed down her face. She sobbed uncontrollably. She couldn't even speak clearly. All that came out were blubbering sounds. Her shoulders heaved back and forth as she sagged against her restraints. She'd never felt so crushed in her entire life. All that she had been through before paled in comparison to the pain she now felt inside.

    When she finally formed words they seemed to come from far away and from someone she didn't recognize, "No!" Lou cried out through her tears, "No! No! No! No!"

    "My baby! My baby! Don't leave me here," Lou wailed, "this can't be true. This isn't happening. This is all a lie. It's all a lie. I must be in a nightmare. I'm going to wake up. Come on, Lou, wake up! Wake up!"

    "It's not a lie, Louise," Dietryk quietly replied, "I may be many things but I wouldn't lie to you."

    "You're a monster!" Lou screamed as rage overtook her grief, "You're a frakking monster! You have taken everything from me! Everything! Why can't you just leave me alone! Why?"

    Dietryk knelt down on Lou's level, grabbed her arms roughly, and replied, "Because you are mine! You belong to me. You are still my wife!"

    "I don't belong to you. I never did," Lou replied.

    "I can't say you didn't have this coming,"
    Dietryk said, "after all this is what becomes of those who resist against the Empire."

    Lou sobbed some more as she shook her head, "You killed my child! You killed my child!"

    "No, Louise," Dietryk replied, "you killed your child by flying into a war zone while pregnant. That death is on you."

    "You're so cruel," Lou gasped as she fought more tears.

    "You'll find I am a kinder man than others here,"
    Dietryk replied with a smirk, "and I think I have a solution to the predicament you currently find yourself."

    "There aren't any solutions," Lou weakly replied, "kill me, please."

    Dietryk stood and adjusted his tunic, "It would be a shame to kill such a beautiful woman. Now, I'm willing to forget all of this ever happened if you agree to come with me. I have a full pardon in my pocket which clears you of the high crimes of desertion and treason against the Empire. I'm only going to offer my hand once, Louise."

    Lou, eyes red from all the crying, looked up into Dietryk's eyes and saw everything that had ever gone wrong with her life. Everything that had been broken. Everything that had been falsely promised and now lay shattered across the floor in a thousand soul breaking pieces. She closed her eyes, the grief, the pain, enveloping her as if she were inside her Y-Wing cockpit on the verge of bursting into flames. That death would at least be quicker.

    Dietryk softly said, "come with me and all this can end. Choose me."

    Lou weakly nodded.

    Dietryk relaxed and smiled. He knelt forward, facing Lou's chair, to cut her restraints with a vibroknife and didn't see that Lou had stiffened her posture. He paused for a second and looked into Lou's eyes shortly before she spit everything she had in her mouth into his face. He clutched his eyes as the saliva burned slightly and cried out.

    "Never," Lou replied with a devilish smile.

    Dietryk stumbled backward, wiping the saliva from his face, and then turned to face Lou with anger in his heart. He reached for his blaster pistol and pointed it directly at her. It was time to end her. He hated her now as much as he loved her. It was time for his personal agony to end.

    "So," Dietryk sneered, "you've made your choice."

    "I have," Lou replied, "go on, kill me. I've got nothing left to live for."

    Dietryk's hands shook as he was about to apply pressure to the trigger. Suddenly he yelled, "Guards!"

    Two Stormtroopers entered the room as Dietryk holstered his pistol.

    "Sir?" One of them asked.

    "Make sure she gets beaten up a bit," Dietryk ordered, "I want her to look exactly the way she feels on the inside. Battered and broken."

    "Yes sir," the stormtrooper said as Dietryk left the room.

    Not so very long after
    SonTay Prison Camp

    Lou returned to barracks two much in the same way in which she'd left straddled between the strong arms of two stormtroopers. Her face was bruised, bloodied, and puffy from the repeated attacks on her face. She was thrown into the room and lay quite still on the floor for some time.

    Deep down she knew that she would never be the same.

    Not ever.

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    Oct 4, 1998
    OOC: combo with @galactic-vagabond422 , I'm not sure if that's Kayn and the anti-Kayn, or Ianna and the anti-Ianna.

    IC: Kayn, Ianna

    Healing... ?

    Something was dragging Kayn up from the depths of unconsciousness. He didn't want to be awake, he knew he was hospitalized, and he hated hospitals, but something in his ears wouldn't let him go. A voice.

    "Joy, Lou... No... No... get off me..."

    The voice was familiar, but it took his groggy brain a few moments to recognize it. Kid. Why am I hearing Kid's voice?

    He had been thinking about her not long ago, what was it? He struggled to remember. When he did, he wished he hadn't. He remembered her battered Y-wing, parked alone in C Flight's space, with no sign of any flightmates. Her best friends were gone. And now she was lost in nightmare land.

    Kayn sat up and immediately wished he hadn't done that either. Vertigo threatened to spill him out of the bed. That was a common symptom of Devaronians with concussions, but he couldn't let it stop him now.
    Just like spatial disorientation when flying on instruments. Don't trust your sense of balance. Ignore your inner ear and focus on the attitude indicator. The walls will do. Keep the walls vertical.

    He reached out to the bulkhead with both hands and slowly stood up, leaning heavily into the smooth surface, and worked his way along the wall to the side of her med bed. From this angle, he could she was strapped into it. How messed up was she? She was crying in her sleep, thrashing against the restraints.

    Messed up or not, I'm not leaving her like this.

    Reaching for her shoulder, he stumbled and nearly slid to the deck. Bracing himself firmly, he tried again, and his hand landed on the side of her neck. Lack of depth perception was throwing off his hand-eye coordination. No matter. His hand slid to her shoulder - Kid has as much muscle as I do! - and shook her firmly.

    "You're dreaming, Kid, wake up! It's just a nightmare. Wake up!"

    Too late, it occurred to him what he must look like. Most humans found Devaronians to be vaguely nightmarish with their horns and sharp teeth, and here he was, one horn broken off, one eye, looking like an inmate of the lowest level of the hells, practically sticking his face in hers, and talking about nightmares. He tried to pull back, staggered, and, succumbing to the inevitable, slid down the bulkhead until he was seated on the deck, leaning against her bed.

    All around her was blackness, cold and dark. She could see them, Joy and Lou shining bright in the distance. Her arms reached out for them hoping to hold on to them, to keep them close. That was when black tendrils seeped out of the darkness. They wrapped around her arms, pinning them down. She struggled against them, she needed to get to her friends. The more she fought the tighter they became. She screamed for her two wingmates, she screamed at the blackness demanding that it let her go, pleading that it let her save her friends. She couldn't move, couldn't lift her arms or move her feet no matter how hard she struggled.

    Then over the sound of her own shouts she heard a voice, Meanie. Somewhere in her subconscious she felt her body shift, be shaken. Her eyes snapped open her body tensing rattling the frame of the bed. Looking at her arms she saw them bound to the bed, her legs much the same.

    "What...where am I where's Jeen..." Then she remembered her last moments with him and anger flared in her chest. "Jeen," she growled a little, still fighting against the restraints. She wanted out, she wanted to be free. The sound of her struggling against the bed grew more desperate, and more frantic.

    "It's all right, Ianna. Jeen is here. Well, not right here, but he's waiting to see you."
    Kayn couldn't be absolutely sure that was true, but it felt true, and at the moment he chose to believe it was true, mainly because Kid needed it to be so. "He'll be back with you as soon as they let him in."

    He put his hand over her fist, trying to soothe her white knuckles with a calming caress, keeping his voice low and warm. "He's all right, and you're all right, so please, lie still, just rest, then they'll let him come see you. You know how much he wants to be here with you."

    "No," She said turning her head away..."Tell him to go away." Straining against the restraints she tried to curl up. "I don't want to see him." Feeling his hand around hers she felt somewhat comforted. Though she felt her walls coming backup, those happy sun shiny walls that protected her.

    "Are...Are you doing ok?"

    Kayn froze momentarily, staring at the little girl. She had just lost her best friends and was utterly grief-stricken and heart-broken, yet she found something in her soul to offer up to him. Just a simple question, but it went straight to his heart. She cared about people, cared so much that she managed to look out and see someone else who might be hurting, and offer some comfort. It took him a moment to answer her; something had stuck in his throat.

    "I'm all right, Ianna. Just a little banged up. We'll tell Jeen to go away for now. You just rest. Please, rest. Tell you what, if you don't relax now, I'll have to start singing to you. Wouldn't want that, would you?"

    "No...No I don't need rest...I got enough of that.." Again she pulled at the restraints. "I...I need to do something." Looking up her eyes cleared a little from her tears. That was when she noticed the Meanie's broken horn, the corners of her mouth turned down. "A little banged're, you're missing a horn." She was caught between worrying about Joy and Lou, and worrying about everyone else. She couldn't help it. "Are you sure you're ok..." Wanting to help or at least do more than just lay there she tried to hold his hand. "We...we left some people back there...We...We have to get them right? We have to."

    "Don't you worry about me. Devaronians are tough. I'll be better before you know it." Kayn could see that she wasn't going to be distracted from her last question. He sighed, and looked her straight in the eyes. "Yes, we did have to leave people behind. But we can't go get them right now. We don't even know where they've been taken. We'll have to figure that out. Remember we've got some smart people on our side. I bet Max is already decoding all the data we stole from the Bith Marquis, and that might tell us where to look. We just have to take the time to do things right. Please, just lie still now, so you'll be all rested and strong when it's time to go out and get everyone back." He gave her hand a gentle reassuring squeeze.

    "I would rest easier if I wasn't in these restraints." She said still pulling at them a little. Her heart still hurt, burned at the thought of leaving her friends behind. Though she did take some hope from Meanie's words. "I hope we get to them soon."

    "Yeah, me too. Now I want you to look me in the eye and promise you won't beat me up if I loosen your straps. I can't take much more today. Okay?" His cheek twitched in a lopsided smile, the best he could do at the moment.

    She looked him in the eye a slight smile pulling at the corner of her mouth. "I promise..." It felt good to smile, to finally feel what she needed to. She needed to be the bright happy center, the one that kept everyone moving, kept hope alive. "That was a close one huh..."

    Kayn tried not to sigh too obviously with relief. It was good to see her smile again. "They're all close ones in this outfit. Think that says something about us?" He started loosening her straps. "I guess you're too small to run away if I take these off, Kid."

    "No, I won't run away..." As her wrists were freed she rubbed them. She smiled at him laughing a little. "We do the things no one else does..." she looked away pursing her lips. "Though we pay a price." Sitting up she surveyed the room a sterile white room. "This place smells weird..." she said crinkling her nose.

    "Sorry, they didn't give me a chance to shower before they put me in here." He squeezed her hand briefly. "This floor isn't the best place to sit. Can you give me a hand back to my own bed? I'm just a little unsteady on my feet."

    "No it's not that." She said with a little laugh. "It smells like disinfectant, really powerful stuff." Scooting off her bed she crouched down next to the injured pilot putting his arm over her shoulders. "And I doubt I smell like a basket of roses either." Helping him to his feet, she again displayed her solid strength, guiding him over to the bed next to her.

    Kayn closed his eyes as Ianna hoisted him up. But that made the vertigo worse, so he looked at the walls, which were in fact not spinning wildly as his inner ear would have him believe. "Whoa, nice and slow, almost there..." He lay flat on the med-bed, not moving a muscle as he focused intently on the ceiling. "Okay, that's better."

    A nurse droid whirred into the space between the beds. "Patient Balzroth, sensors indicate you were out of your med-bed. You are not authorized to leave your med-bed. Hold still and I will sedate you so that you will remain in your med-bed."

    Ianna looked to Meanie then to the droid. Leaning in she whispered in his ear. "I can take that droid, if you don't want to sleep."

    "Thanks, but if you did that, they'd strap you down again. Then we'd have to start over from square one." He looked at the nurse droid. "I did get up, and I learned my lesson. I'm not ready to be moving around. I'll stay still."

    "Ok," She stepped away sitting on her bed letting the droid inject her squadmate. "Night Night Meanie...I'll be here when you wake up." Kicking her legs a little she waved her hand.

    "Thanks, Ianna. You're a good kid. Don't ever change."
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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Kayn Balzroth - Amber Tehanis. (thanks @Sarge - for the payment ;) )
    Infirmary - The Intrepid

    She’d stopped running and now leaned against a bulk head. A glance around told her where she was and it was near the Infirmary. Maybe it was time to get the bruising looked at, her shoulders and neck were arching and she was sure there was major bruising. Entering the Infirmary, she looked around, she wasn’t alone there. She saw Kayn and he was not in a good way, she didn’t want to speak to anyone, she just wanted to stop the pain both inside and out.

    Somewhere to his left, Kayn heard someone move, sounding like a person, not another nurse droid. He turned his head to bring them into view of his right eye. Red-hair-don't-make-eye-contact-too-late-green-eyes.

    Trapped. General Dodonna taught us that the best way out of a trap is usually straight through.


    She gazed at him; she did not like him but that was inconsequential at this point. Ianna was there nearby she could see her, she was ok. 'Hi?' was that all he had? She sighed. "You made it back." it was a statement more than a question, it surprised her with the way he flew.

    "So did you. What about Vet? I saw we were short an X-wing. Is he... ?"

    She looked down. "He's fine, I think. Blew mine." she said quietly, "Ejected."

    "Oh." Kayn tried to think of something else to say, and gestured at her head. "Is that what happens to human hair in vacuum?" That was a dumb thing to say, you know how human women are about their hair! Well, can't suck the words back in now...

    She looked down at the melted mass. "No, one of Jeen's contraptions, helped me but blew up. I lost a lot of the length." She explained, "Nearly hurt him over it." She confessed. Why was she confessing to him of all beings? She shook her head, "Got me out of a tight spot at least." She looked up at him. "You gonna be ok?"

    "Oh, sure. My cybernetics are fried, I can't see out of my left eye, and I'm going to need brain surgery." That's not what I meant to say! It's true, though. Is she doing her witch thing to me again? Or are the meds making me loopy? "Sorry about your hair. It grows back, right? I always liked the color." Did I just say that? Yeah, must be the meds.

    She looked up to him. "Yeah..." he liked the colour? KRIFF!! 'I don't need this.' she thought. "Thanks?" she wasn't even sure how to answer that. "We lost a few. Who else was hurt? Do you know?" she glanced over to Ianna who seemed to be dozing right now. She knew 'he' was hurt, but didn't want to go there, couldn't go there.

    "I think I saw some marines in here. No other pilots, not that I know of, anyway." Yeah, shop talk, that's a safe subject, not! "I'm glad you came back. You're one of our good pilots." Why is my mouth still moving? "You and I got off to a bad start. But now, I trust you... to be you."

    "Glad someone does." She glanced away. "Did something really bad out there......" She felt the tears coming. "Really bad. Murdered someone." her lips trembled as she recalled the fear and the pain the young man felt.

    "Whoa, Amber, you're not a murderer. We're in a war. We have to fight, and people will die. I've known real murderers; my past isn't all rainbows and flower gardens; I've known gang members who'd kill somebody for wearing the wrong color clothes and walking the wrong side of the street. You're not them. You care about people. Look, I see tears in your eyes right now. Murderers don't do that. You're different from them. You're good, Amber." He wanted to reach out to her, but he suspected she would shy away from a raised hand.

    She shook her head vehemently. "No...NO!! You don't know. He was so scared. I convinced him that if he did what he did he'd live and save them all! It was a lie, he was terrified and I made him kill himself, and I felt him die! You don't get it; I killed a scared man not much older than me! He didn't want to fight; he was forced too and I felt him die............I felt it." The tears came now. "I'm not a good person at all." As she looked down it occurred to her she was pouring her heart out to someone she'd considered less than understanding. She shook her head. "I'm sorry to bother you with this....I just wanted something for my bruises......ejection and all.." she shrugged. "Forget I said anything." She started to back up.

    "No, Amber, you're still not a bad person. Maybe you made a mistake, maybe you did something wrong or bad, I don't know, I wasn't there. But that doesn't mean you're a monster. Look at the way you're reacting to what you did. You regret it, you learned from it, and I'm betting you won't make that mistake or do that wrong again, will you? You'll be a better person in the end."

    She looked at him with confusion. "Why are you being so nice to me?" She didn't understand. "Did you get hit in the head?" she asked wiping her tears away and craning to look at his broken horn. "Or is it.........that?" she wasn't sure what to call it.

    Kayn was taken aback momentarily. Was he being "nice"? Why would he do that? He shrugged. "Cranial trauma. General anesthetics. Oxygen deprivation. Close encounters with mortality. Chronic fatigue. Post-traumatic stress. Emotional exhaustion." He looked at her more closely. "Or maybe cultural bias. Did you know there are Devaronian myths about green-eyed witches who steal the souls of innocents? Sure, go ahead and snicker because my soul is guaranteed theft-proof, but the point is, you could frighten children of a certain age on Devaron. Maybe you triggered something deep and dark in my psyche the first time we met. And maybe I've finally gotten past that and am ready to see who you really are. Or, maybe the meds are going to my head and I don't know what the frack I'm saying. What do you think? Can you see into my head? You might not want to, probably do more harm than good right now... I'm really rambling, aren't I? Yeah, must be the meds."

    Amber listened, before raising her hands, palms out. "Slow down!!!" Her eyes wide, 'witches?' "I'm not laughing, you saw me as a Witch!?!" she was astounded. "Yeah, ok, I've done stuff around here...." she shook her head, "I think they call it the Force, but I am not Witch! At least I don't think I am." She stepped back, maybe she was? Maybe this is what a Witch is? She was gazing at a spot on the floor as these thoughts raced through her mind. "I never meant too....." she looked up at him. "I can sense your feelings if I try, can't see inside your head, I don't try to do that.........." she thought about what she'd done out there, "I can influence peoples thoughts when I try hard and.........I can......" things started to come back to her. "Make things move, I have dreams sometimes of the future....." panic began to settle, "STANG!! I AM A WITCH!!!"

    Kayn stared wide-eyed (singular). Amber was beginning to look frantic. "Hey, Amber, it's all right. There are good witches. Have you ever read mythology? That used to be my nerdiest hobby; I got into it when I was a teen, collecting hard metal albums, back when they had some radical cover art. But you don't care about that. What was I talking about? Witches, yeah, there are good witches, and those are some of the greatest friends you can have. You can be a good witch."

    Amber had wrapped her arms around herself. "Good witch?" She questioned, She'd read fairy tales as a child, stories of fantasy. "I can be that.....I think." she looked to him, he's spoken more in the last five standard minutes to her than the last few months. It had to be a break through, must be like he said the medication. She nodded, "I can be a good Witch!" This was a statement.

    "Excuse me Ma'am, did you seek treatment?" She turned to see a medical droid approaching. "If so, could you please put on this gown and place yourself on the medical table over there." The droid pointed.

    "Umm No?" Amber said. "I'm not taking my clothes off thank you." She looked back to Kayn. "Thank you, honestly. Things feel clearer to me now, don't know how, but they do."

    The droid was behind her now holding the gown. "I must insist you disrobe and put his on."

    "I suppose a gentleman would turn his head away now, or close his eyes. Eye. But I have severe vertigo. I move my head too much I may vomit. Sorry. Ask the droid for some relaxants. They're very relaxing relaxants. Am I talking too much again? I'm talking too much again. Aren't I? Good old Amber, always there when we need you. Good old green-eyed black sheep red vixen witch friend." He smiled a goofy sort of smile. "You're welcome, Amber." His eye sagged shut.

    This was all getting strange. "Go lay down Kayn.......I think you need too." There was no way she was asking for anything to relax her, control was Amber's big thing, she wasn't about purposely loose it.

    "Ma'am, my sensors tell me you have extensive bruising, I must examine you. I implore you to disrobe and put this gown on." the droid insisted.

    Amber shook her head, "No." She gave Kayn one last look. "Thanks again, get some rest. I am sure you'll forget this and we can go back to what we were before .....all this." She didn't wait for an answer, she needed to escape! Skirting around the droid she backed up, "No gowns, no relaxants. Just give me something for the bruises."

    The droid turned and began to follow her. "You must cease your exit and put this gown on."

    Looking around she realised she was cornered. 'Don't panic, don't panic, we all know where that leads' she thought. A quick look behind her and she saw a door, exit maybe? "Nice talking Kayn!!" She called out. "As for you, I'll deal with them myself." She said before slipping through the door and disappearing.

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    IC: Ethan Malek

    Ethan sat alone in his quaters and studied a report of the battle. R7 really had outdone himself with the report and the statistics and Ethan hoped these information would bring him closer to solving the question that was on his mind since his service in this squadron he begun. After he had returned to the Intrepid he had first checked if Amber was okay and been relieved to hear she was stable and had been brought to the infirmary. He would visit her later but for now the datapad had his full attention. Once again the imperial elite squadron they had run in twice before had shown up and once again cost them several pilots. Ethan could only shake his head at their superiors assessment of the battle as a victory. When will they finally realize that we can't fight the Empire by attrition. The Imperials would soon regain their losses with new conspripts and Star Destroyers, but the rebels would have a harder time replenishing their numbers. It saddened Ethan to learn that Bolo had died, only a few days ago he had risked the entire mission to protect the Gungan from Callion and now it felt like it had been all for nothing.

    Focusing his thoughts on the pad again Ethan skimmed the report for any suspicious activities. Kayn's reckless charge had caused them a lot of troubles and lead to the loss of several fighters. Wasn't the first time the Devoranian had caused them troubles either, something felt off about him. Something was suspicious here. But would a mole really act this way? Ethan wasn't sure.

    Then having a new thought he threw together a list of all active squad members to see if he could narrow it down. He wasn't sure if the traitor was part of their squadron itself but he was sure there was one on the Intrepid and he had to start somewhere.

    Assuming the traitor was still alive that left Ethan with thirteen members including himself. He could rule out Elianna and McKenzie as both of them had only joined the squadron after Ethan had begun noticing strange occurrences. Akiva had been absent for longer periods of time and during some of their missions which would have prevented her from gaining information so she was out, he trusted Amber her revelations and the moment when she had used her lightsaber to save him left no doubt she was not in league with the empire. Ianna on the other hand... Ethan couldn't believe that she would even be able to do something like this, but then again that might be exactly how traitor would act, trying to befriend everyone and be liked, but Ethan guts told him to trust her and so he crossed her of the list. Zara and Cassel had given him no real reason to feel suspicious about them but he also didn't know them well enough to be sure of anything, but he removed them for now. As for Max as much as he disliked her, she could have betrayed his plan to take down the Interdictor and lead to even higher rebel causalities, also her reaction to the loss of the strike team was too heartfelt and bitter for someone playing a role.

    This left him with the four he mistrusted the most. From what he had gathered Lou had a talent of getting herself in dangerous situations forcing her squadmates to deviate from their missions to help her out. She had served the empire before as well but as Ethan knew that didn't have to mean anything. Joy, well he knew her relationship with Anais and previous service in the empire,though, of course would a spy have brought them a prisoner? But then again Anais had given them nothing of real value and the whole thing might have been a planned from the start. Both she and Lou where now in the hands of the empire, but had they been taken captives or had the spy been taken home so to say? And then there was Kayn, reckless and arrogant, could he be trusted? Ethan wasn't sure, on the one had he felt that a spy would act differently, nicer hiding their true thoughts, but then again maybe Kayn had his own way of hiding his real self.

    He had left Taab for the last as he had been the one Ethan disliked the most. The Mando seemed like a cold blooded killer to him and from his time as a mercenary Ethan knew that Mandos would sometimes do terrible things for the sake of their precious honor. Adding to that the unclear circumstances of Taabs defection to their side and how he got promoted into a leading position so quickly after turning made him Ethan´s top suspect for the moment. But even here he had no proof for anything.

    Ethan put the pad down, for the moment at least he hadn't found anything incriminating. Some of the other pilots seemed suspicious but he had nothing clear. And what about the mechanics, the command staff? So many people who could be behind these strange occurrences. Maybe there was an answer for all of this if they followed the two captive squadmates, maybe they had by now see or heard something that could help them find out more, or maybe wherever they where held more information might be gathered. So I guess going through with Ianna´s suggestion could get us closer to answers.

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    OOC: This is a combo post between me and @The Real Kyp Durron , thank you, it has been fun!

    IC: Saxxon Hollymander, Jocelyn "Joy" Sunwalker
    Interrogation Room - SonTay Prison Camp.

    Entering a barracks was not his style. He did not do the dirty work, that’s what troopers were for. Dirty work and cannon fodder. He’d sent a pair of troopers to retrieve the woman. Circling the single chair in the room he made sure all he required for their chat was either in plain view or close by. Reaching up he pulled on the chain suspended from the ceiling, it would hold her. Whilst the act of physical torture was somewhat exhilarating, the mental games were almost as much fun. Adding to this one was the clear fact it was a woman. Women are weak, and he knew how to break them.

    Before she could talk to Lou, her friend was fetched. She did not have to wait long until they came for her. Probably someone had found out who they were. She was worried as she was not mentally prepared for what would happen. That was the whole point. She had some basic interrogation training as part of her SpecOps course, but still. Hopefully she would remain lucid enough as to analyse the torturer and find way to manipulate him.

    As she entered the interrogation chamber, she saw a vaguely familiar face. It was a young and handsome man, who resembled... Hollymander!? What was going on here? "Sorry for being late, had to make myself presentable. Oh by the way I would salute, but you know..." she raised her handcuffed hands "... these make it hard to do so." If only her friends could see her, the fact that she was cold and reserved in front of them did not mean that she could not be cocky.

    "Oh, understandable but rules...." He waved his hand dismissively. "Please do take a seat." He gave her a tight smile as he indicated the chair. "My name is Saxon." He inclined his head slightly. "And you are?" He wanted to give her the opportunity to speak. The past had shown him that opening the door often invited more in.

    His reaction puzzled her, she expected him to be more aggressive given how she had acted. Also, he revealed only the bare minimum, which in this case was simply a name. Joy sat in front of him, trying to think of something "I am Sergeant Jocelyn Sunwalker." She decided not to try to convince him that she was an Imperial spy that they had mistakenly arrested as he would simply check with the ISB whether or not she was one of theirs or even worse he could feed this information to the other prisoners who would not be happy to have a spy in their midst, even if it is a lie.

    He chuckled lightly. He did not expect her to co-operate. Did not expect her to be forthcoming so her reaction was a mild surprise. “Pleasure to meet you Sergeant Sunwalker, may I call you Jocelyn?” This was the game. Pleasantries first, information later. Saxon knew all the angles and was content to play them. He had time. “Tell me? What brought you to the Swordfish System?” He knew her reason. Once again pleasantries were the order of the day, for now.

    Jocelyn narrowed her eyes, her mind racing "Sightseeing..."

    He gave her one opportunity and she had chosen to ignore it. Now it was his rules. “Now we both know that is a lie.” He rested his hands on her shoulders and squeezed hard. He made sure the pressure he applied would not only cause her discomfort but leave marks. “I was hoping you and I could be ……..friends.” He leaned down to speak into her ear using a low threatening tone. “Again. Why were you in the Swordfish System, and do try to tell the truth this time.” It was a practised and well used one that would have scared a lesser woman. It was clear this wasn’t such a creature and much harsher options were about to be brought to the table.

    Jocelyn was out of her element, but there was no going back, she had watched so many holomovies and the main character acted all confident and annoying to the interrogators. "As I said, sightseeing, the accretion disk is so pretty..." she shrugged, trying not to flinch from his touch.

    Saxon straightened up before slipping his hands gently around her neck. "Many things are pretty. I do find such things nothing more than a distraction from my goals." He squeezed his hands closed a little. "You expect me to believe you were in a fighter in a battle zone to admire the scenery?" His fingers dug into the soft flesh on her neck. "It is important to find enjoyment in life it is true. Let me tell you about what I enjoy or more so, allow me to show you." Instantly his hands were tightening around her neck constricting her ability to breathe. "And I will be perfectly honest unlike yourself. I like to watch as others suffer; it gives me a feeling of strength. You had your chance to be open and honest. Now I plan to find some enjoyment." He did not plan to kill her yet as that would achieve little. He reminded himself: he had time.

    The choking made it hard for her to think straight. "I thought... it was... fireworks..." He seems not to be having a sense of humour, she needed to push him a bit more, though in the end she will break. It was inevitable...

    He tightened his grip ignoring the sounds of her gasping for air. "Come now my dear. You are clearly not a stupid woman." His fingers dug in deeper and he could feel the epiglottis and trachea constricting under them. "Last chance Jocelyn. Why were you in the Swordfish System?" She would black out soon if she did not respond with an answer that pleased him. Then he would wait and they would begin again with harsher methods.

    She could see spots dangling around from the lack of air. Her ears were screaming as she struggled with it. She had to give up... "Alright..." she croaked "... I was... piloting... Y... wing... blew up... destroyer..."

    Saxon smiled as he released her neck and began to rub her shoulders. "Now we are communicating. That wasn't so hard was it?" Releasing her shoulders, he ran his fingers back through her dark hair. "Tell me Jocelyn, what squadron are you part of?" This was information he also knew. He'd learned that you start with the information you are aware off and eventually the information you require comes forth. He knew of many skilled pilots in the Alliance some were big names many had heard of. He continued to 'play' with her hair gently. "Are there many known names in this squadron?"

    Jocelyn wanted to wisecrack again, but decided against it. There was no point in pushing his buttons further as he will just torture her more. She needed to conserve her energy as it will just speed up her breaking "Black... Sheep... that's the name ... of the Squadron..."

    "Black Sheep?" He gave a nod. "The Empire is aware of that pathetic rag tag group." He drawled as he continued to run his fingers through her dark hair. "They are considered a very mild threat." He hoped that goading her like this would reap rewards. "I highly doubt anyone is considered an 'Ace' in that motley crew." He bent down to her ear. "You included my dear." Reaching one hand forward he caressed her cheek. "Shame really, such a lovely face with no real talent as a pilot. Maybe your talents lay elsewhere, say in a more intimate environment?" The game was starting to be fun now.

    Jocelyn tried to remain calm and did not take his bait about the Squadron, besides it would be best for him to underestimate them. Make them look like a lesser threat not worth pursuing. What he said next made her stomach turn. Yes, he was a handsome man, in a different situation she might have considered him in that capacity, but looks were not everything. Some thought she only liked women because she had a girlfriend, but the truth was that she did not pay attention to this. "Sorry, not my type."

    "What is your type?" He straightened up again. "Maybe I can source someone to accommodate you?" He moved around in front of her, crouching down on his haunches. "Or maybe I can convince you?" He said in a cool tone gripping her binders. "You my dear are not my type either. Although I am willing to deviate from my usual tastes to explore the possibilities." He stared at her; his expression cold. Saxon then yanking the cuffs toward him causing her to sit forward so her face was mere centimetres from his. "Variety is the spice of life after all, no?" Truth was he had no real questions for her. None that would benefit the Empire at least. The entire purpose of this venture was intimidation. He knew who she was. He knew who she flew with, he knew all he needed to know. If he learned more he'd be pleased. He reached up to her neck with his free hand and grabbed a handful of the hair. "Why not try some variety?" He pulled her head backward with the handful of dark hair. "You might find you like something different. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain after all."

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Amber Tehanis
    Infirmary - The Intrepid

    Amber leaned against the door as she frantically searched for a way to keep it closed. A lock! She quickly utilised it, it was old but it worked. The droid continued its ramblings on the other side but she chose to ignore it now as she turned into the room. It was small and dark, a single small light near the end of a bed and it was clear there was a patient in here. She’d locked herself in a room with a sleeping or worse unconscious patient. She took a few steps closer and with squinting eyes she tried to see who it was and if she knew them, her eyes began to adjust and then widen. It was Fox! He was hooked up to tubes and monitors that silently blinked and pumped nearby and it was clear he was either a very deep sleeper or unconscious. She leaned closer. “Fox?” she spoke softly but she was greeted with silence. She couldn’t help but stare, she’d not really looked at him in over nine years. Reaching out tentatively, she curiously brushed aside a lock of hair to reveal the faintest of scars above his eyebrow recalling the day he got it. His father had thrown something at him, she couldn’t remember what but it really bled badly. Took her ages to stop the bleeding that day. She lowered her gaze to note his eyelashes fanning out across his cheeks, they were so long, it led her eyes to another ever so faint scar. She couldn’t remember how he’d gotten that one but she was pleased it was hard to see. His youth had been a nightmare, and now he looked pale and grey. She wondered if he’d found any happiness in the time they’d been apart, any joy. She gently dragged her knuckles down his cheek and wondered if he’d found love at all. Part of her hoped yes, but a bigger part hoped no. Behind her the door moved and she turned to look, the droid had figured out the lock and she was about to be accosted again! She turned back. “Come back soon, we need to talk Fox.” She whispered before leaning forward and brushing her lips to his. “Please?” Stepping back, she turned as the door opened, she was ready and bolted past the droid as it turned to follow her path.

    Ma’am you must put this gown on so I may examine you!”

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Movement of Lieutenant Gray authorized by GM

    IC Finnefrael “Feral” Ordwgal
    Barracks Two

    The door had barely closed behind the remainder of the squad before they began their various introductions to the newcomers. Lin kept up the grumpy act, well….with that one it wasn’t truly an act, merely how he was. Artemis stuck his foot in his mouth trying to make his own introduction, which was good as it took away from any worries that he may give away anything about what the squad may be up to outside of being good little POWs.

    Within minutes they had to accept the departure of both their newbies, Stormtroopers basically yanking both, at different times, out of the barracks, obviously to be interrogated. “When they get back, get them cleaned up and bandaged, the Imps like to leave us in pain so any medical supplies we have use sparingly but still use some.” he passed on to the others.

    ----Later that day----

    The day had passed as many would on this miserable, jungle, planet. The heat and humidity beat on everything and the way the barracks were built they didn’t break either but seemed to concentrate it indoors. Feral was laying on the crossboards of his bunk, having slid the paper thin mattress under the bunk, trying to get any relief from the heat when the door opened again. He sprang to his feet as the Stormtroopers tossed one of the newbie’s inside then slammed the door behind as they departed.

    From the hair it had to be Lieutenant Gray, not that you could really tell from her face, it was that bruised and bloody. He moved closer to examine her but she didn’t move, just lay in a puddle on the floorboards. It looked like whoever had interrogated her had worked her over both physically and mentally. Looking up he made a quick decision.

    “Artemis, get towels and a few bandages for her face, get it cleaned up and bandaged once I get her to her bunk. In her state all we can do otherwise is a cursory medical exam, don’t want to traumatize her further by opening clasps or removing garments to see if there’s anything broken.”

    Leaning over her he spoke quietly “Gray, you’re back with the rest of us. I don’t know what you saw or what they did except I can see they worked you over. I’m going to do a quick exam and then move you to one of the lower bunks, it will be yours now. So please don’t get upset when I move arms or legs.”

    He began with her head and neck, gentle pressure, to see if anything shifted in incorrect ways. Most pilots picked up decent first aid over the years, just to ensure they could do quick exams like this after a particularly strenuous flight. Nothing in either seemed broken so he moved to her arms and legs. She fought it a bit, possibly still thinking it was her interrogator trying to work her over more. He let her calm after each bout of flailing around before he continued.

    All four limbs seemed relatively intact except there did seem some extra stress on her left arm.

    “And Artemis, a sling for her left arm, don’t care if it’s just a ripped up bedsheet, something that will keep it secured.”

    When he got to her torso was where he wanted to be extra careful, he didn’t want her to think he was trying to cop a feel but he did have to check her ribs and hips, especially. Rolling her to her side at one point he checked to make sure there wasn’t any more seeping or flowing blood. His hands stayed away from her breasts and when he checked her hips he pressed on the bone on the outside of her legs and hip to see. Frowning he could feel a little give on the right side of her hip and there seemed to be a few cracked ribs.

    “Nothing we can really do for the hip, but another long strip of sheet so we can wrap her ribs, on the outside of her clothes right now. And Artemis, hands off the lady bits.”

    Rolling her back onto her back he slid his arms under hers and lifted her to a sitting position. In her stupor she barely reacted, more a ragdoll than a living, breathing, pilot. Getting to his knees, he lifted again and brought her mostly to her feet. Letting her head rest on his shoulder, he wrapped one arm around her waist and the other to support her back and neck, he shuffled over to the bunk he’d chosen.

    Bending, he laid her torso onto the bed, hand cradling her head and softly laying it on the bunk before reaching behind her knees and lifting her legs onto the thin bedding. He shifted her slightly so she was laying in a normal, on her back, position before backing away slightly to let Artemis clean her up and bandage her.

    “Ok, get to it, then we let her work through whatever it is in her head that’s shut her down.”

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC:Artemis "Art" Deco
    Location: Barracks Two, SonTay POW Camp

    Artie had kept the smile on his face as Lou introduced herself and Sunwalker made an attempt at humour. It was one good thing about being in the prison camp, at least the inmates kept their humour. If you didn't you could end up going certifiably insane.

    He had put his foot in it a little but at least Lou or Sunwalker hadn't laughed in his face or made fun of him. These two were seasoned soldiers, he could tell by the way they acted, the way they spoke. Pure professionalism.

    He had heard some pilots talking about Black Sheep squadron, basically a squadron you did’nt want to get into and was only good for basically committing suicide. But they seemed okay to him so far from what he had seen from the two ladies. Perhaps he could join them someday if he did get off this place, see if it was as bad as people said it was. Peraps maybe even get his first kill.

    Too early to be thinking about that Artie…

    Before Artie could respond to them both the door opened and an Imperial officer entered with a stormtrooper escort and dragged Lou away, she called the other woman Joy, so that was her name or er nickname he mused. And then Joy was taken away by more troopers. Artie sighed, even though they could be Imperial spies planted to spy on the barracks or whether they were genuine pilots Artie felt sorry for them. Being interrogated and tortured was never nice, he and the others knew that. He shuddered as he thought about what he had suffered during those torturous sessions.

    Feral gave out the order to basically help them out when they returned using whatever meager supplies they had luckily these were kept from the Imps, because if they found out they had kept some then all the barracks would suffer.

    Time to get back to work.

    Artie continued his jobs throughout the day, being the good little POW, doing nothing suspicious and doing his job correctly, well at least he hoped so. The heat and the sun were merciless and sweat covered his entire body and he wished at least he could have a proper shower. His blonde hair was now properly plastered to his head and his uniform was sticking to him in places where he never thought it could stick. Now it was just a case of waiting until the ladies got back.

    He was on his bunk his eyes closed trying to at least give is body a little respite after working. He would rather be in a Y wing dealing justice to the Empire, to end it’s tyranny and it’s dark shadow on the galaxy but unfortunately he was here on a jungle world dreaming of escape but overall being the good POW so when the time came they would get a shock that such a naive young man could escape.

    He jumped the same time as Feral as a body was unceremoniously dumped back into the barracks. It was Lou judging by the fact that the body had blonde hair not black and whomever had tortured her had basically let rip. Feral sprung into action barking at Artie to grab towels and bandages and to try and clean up her face. Artie nodded although to be honest he wishes Feral would stop calling him Artemis, his parents only did that if her was naughty or when his superiors were telling him off.

    As Feral talked to Lou Artie grabbed bandages and a medkit that they had hidden within the barracks (he silently thanked whomever had grabbed it along with the other bits) and a couple of towels. He was then ordered to grab a bed sheet to rip up and use as a sling for her arm her ribs. He decided to use his, it would be uncomfortable in bed without it on but needs must. Besides he had to be used to the beds by now.
    Artie frowned when Feral mentioned the “hands off her lady bits” line. “Yes sir, although I am definitely some horny teenager. If you think that I would touch a lady inappropriately, you don’t know who I really am” he shook his head he may be hi superior officer but if he thought Artie was going to do that then Feral had the thought that that was what Artie was thinking about. And Artie had to prove him wrong.

    After the medical examination was completed Feral laid Lou on her bunk. It was time for Artie to get to work. It was time to see if his first aid training had stayed inside his head. He got down on his knees next to her, opened the medkit and got to work. He decided to talk as he worked.

    “Sorry, this is going to hurt” he said sounding morose. He ripped the bed sheet into hopefully a good enough makeshift sling, and then another bit into something he could wrap around her ribs (it took a bit of effort to do both as he wasn't that muscular) but he hoped it would be good enough. “And apologies in advance if you don’t want me to touch you but hopefully this should help you get better or at least stabalise you a bit. This is my first time treating someone, sorry if it’s not good enough” he turned a little red in the face, this was the first time he had touched a woman after all.

    As he wrapped the sheet around her ribs he tried to be as gentle as possible lifting her up and quickly pulling the sheet through “Your colleague Lou was taken too, she hasn't returned yet. I don’t know if she is getting interrogated, tortured or what. But I hope she returns okay so you can see her and you can both get better”

    He finished the rib cover making sure not to touch her breasts and then moved on to the sling gently moving her arm so he could get the bedsheet underneath, wrapped around and tied up “I’m a Y wing pilot, I don’t know what you fly but I like them, even though people think they are basically old bangers. But they do have the speed and firepower and they are basically the workhorses of the Alliance. I haven't got any kills yet, mostly did escort missions as I was such a novice. But am hoping to get back in one soon, hopefully bomb this place to hell ith the Imps still in it. Oh and of course once the prisoners have all escaped of course. When that will be I don’t know, the days seem to blend in together here”

    He finished tying the sling together now to deal with her face. It looked terrible, whomever had tortured her deserved all the karma the universe could offer. First of all he used the towels to gently wipe the excess blood off her face. Once that was done he used some wipes to try and clean the cuts and bruises on her face again being as gentle as he could “Whomever did this to you deserves what’s coming to them. And you may feel like all hope is lost but we are all here for you, so is your comrade Joy. We will help you recover and we will be your family until hopefully you can return to your squadron. They will be looking for you and Joy I am sure of it. Perhaps they are your family too, perhaps you have someone you love back there or back home waiting for you. Think of them and you will survive. Love and friendship is a powerful ally, one that no-one can take from you”

    He finished cleaning and then applied the bandages to the deep cuts, making sure they adhered properly and making sure not to linger his touch on her face. Once he was done he checked his handiwork. Hopefully it would do and she didn't look too ridiculous then stood up gently touching her shoulder to indicate he was done “Rest Lou, hopefully Joy will be back soon. I’ll watch over you for a bit just to make sure you are okay” he put the medkit back into its position and then at on the floor next to her.

    Time to wait for Joy to come back.

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