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Before - Legends Star Wars: Breaking Of The Dawn

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by DarthGaul, Jul 30, 2018.

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    May 25, 2004

    A long time ago in a galaxy, far, far away…



    The Great Dawn Celebration!

    The Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic gathers the Senate to announce a celebration as they prepare to give the Jedi Order more authority into the affairs of the Galaxy and the Senate.

    Not all are thrilled about this, many in the senate remain nervous about giving too much power to the Jedi and that it could lead to another civil war. Even the Jedi themselves seem overly cautious about becoming too involved in Republic politics.

    But, just as the Supreme Chancellor announces the celebration as well as his pending retirement from office, the Senate building is under siege by an unknown individual and the call goes out to the Jedi Order for help….

    Courscant - Home of the Galactic Republic.

    The planet hung in the depth of space as a flurry of starships; transports and other various spacecraft surround it in orbit. The traffic in and out of the atmosphere is constant as this world is the hub to the galaxy. And while most of the time this influx is always occurring, a sudden halt came to the flow of ships as the planetary emergency alarm rang out all over the communication grid.

    Down on the surface was the never-ending city scape with towering buildings reaching to the sky; a huge domed structure that took up a large portion of the main citadel area- the galactic senate building – was billowing a cloud of dark smoke from the very top of the curved structure.

    Sirens continued to shriek away as medical droids, vehicles and security drones hurried towards the crippled building. The citizens near to the Senate were startled and began shouting in fear from the sight of it. A faint echo of laser fire was heard from inside and security guards scrambled about as they shouted for reinforcements.

    A group of the uniformed enforcers quickly came around the corner to the mouth of a corridor where the disturbance was drawing closer. Each one had their blasters poised and ready as they waited for the battle to come. The screams and shouting above the laser fight started to dwindle, the corridor was now becoming engulfed in a thick white smoke and the guards grew nervous fearing for what was heading their way.

    Suddenly, a group of small round white orbs rolled out of the white mist and came to a rest at the feet of the men upfront. They gave a curious gaze but soon realized what it was. It was too late to react. The objects exploded in a flash of brilliance and hurled all of the guards in every direction from the sheer force of the blast.

    Stepping out of the white-greyish smoke came an armored white figure wearing a helmet that covered its face. The being was of average height, but its overly armored body gave it a taller-imposing appearance. The front the mask was adorned with a red painted warrior-like face, a crude in design but one that gave it a look of sinister in nature. One guard managed to recover quickly to see the mysterious individual and tired to take a shot at it moving quickly for an escape. The blaster fire missed the masked attacker as it dove out of the shot as if it knew it was coming. It gave the uniformed guard a moment of fear, the next moment of fire came from the attacker as it quickly took its small white laser weapon and shot him in the chest.

    The being then continued on past the others still trying to recover and darted through the corridor and made for the outer balcony; looking around it tried to study the best possible route as the security was encircling the building with men and droids hovering about.

    “We’ve got you cornered now!” A male voice shouted from behind.

    The attacker didn’t bother to look as it continued to scan the skies. But as the sound of more men approached, it slowly glanced their way. A row of ten armed guards stood with their weapons ready.

    “In the name of the Republic, I order you to surrender and lay down your weapons!” The lead guard asserted, “No where for you to run, assassin! Get on your knees and submit!”

    The being simply shook its head and turned away. That gesture insulted the officer and caused him to draw closer. He then proceeded to press the tip of his blaster to the back of being’s white helmet.

    “I said…” He grunted with frustration, “Kneel, you scum!”

    The red-warrior faced being uttered no words; its gaze was still not being diverted by the guard and simply stood more erect as its internal sensors locked on to a small transport taking off from the base of the senate. As the craft sped away, the attacker watched with keen interest and suddenly grabbed the guard digging the gun into the base of its helmet.

    A large pair of ventral fins unfolded from it’s back armored panels and a rush of thruster power lifted it and the guard from the balcony. The guard screamed in panic as the being maneuvered him around and threw him down to the ground as it lifted into the busy Coruscant sky.

    Inside the fleeing craft, a nervous red and gold robed alien sat with two of his aides dressed in blue and gold. It’s round oval dark eyes blinked with fear as it rubbed the back of its grey pale skinned neck.

    “Why is this happening?” It said in its alien language, “It targeted me after killing two other senate members!”

    “We do not no, Senator Vectnor.” The aide on the right spoke, “We need to get you to safety immediately.”

    “I don’t understand.” Senator Vectnor replied in a worried tone, “I’ve done nothing to deserve this!”

    As the senator’s craft rushed through the swarm of traffic, all honking and gesturing rudely as it interrupted the flow, the white armored being zeroed in and drew closer as it increased it’s speed.

    A larger weapon unfolded out of it’s armored shoulder pad and pointed in the direction of the weaving speeder.

    The senator looked out the rear view and gave a shrill of a scream as he saw a blue target beaming out through the window and straight at his head.

    As the attacker tried to remain on course and focused on the kill, a huge blast of energy came streaking by its body from above. It distracted the being and caused the shot to miss the speeder by a fraction of an inch. As it rotated around to look at the source of the blast another two bolts of energy came rushing in and impacted on its armor. It dropped down quickly as it shorted out the jet pack.

    “Got him!” A young male voice announced.

    A small, triangular shaped fighter dove down out of the traffic. It housed a dual cockpit with a full glass canopy over each. The ship was colored in the blue-white Jedi markings and bore the Jedi logo over the entire structure.

    “Did you see that, Master?” The young Jedi male spoke over the ship’s communicator.

    “Indeed.” The mature male responded back. “But don’t get cocky my young, Padawan. Focus your mind back on protecting the Senator.”

    “Yes, Master.” The young man sighed.

    As they continued on to give escort to the speeder, energy blast came up from below and hit the Jedi fighter on the underside. It caused the ship to spiral off and fell back from the Senator’s vehicle.

    The red-faced attacker was back and flung several white orbs at the recovering Jedi. The orbs unfolded small spider-like legs and attached to the nose of the fighter.

    The explosions where more of brilliant distractions rather then destructive, the light seemed to blind the two Jedi temporarily as the attacker continued to pursue his target.

    “That was impressive.” The older Jedi man said trying to recover.

    “He’s getting away!” The young Padawan grumbled.

    “Patience.” The man retorted sternly, “Let’s stabilize the ship together.”

    “Aye, Master.”

    The ship returned back to the traffic level and quickly made it’s way back to the Senator and the attacker.

    When both where in sight, the two males nodded at each other with a slight grin.

    “I think we should split up, Master.”

    “Good thinking my apprentice, let’s even the odds.”

    The Jedi fighter suddenly split down the middle; the two cockpits pulled away from each other and a new, half-sized wing unfolded from the separated portion. Once the transition was completed, the one craft had become two. Both Jedi flew in close to the jet-packed being and swirled about trying to confuse him.

    Once again, it had very little effect; the attacker chose to ignore them and increased his speed to catch up to the senator who had gained a full lead from them all.

    “Strange.” The Padawan muttered to himself. “I sense something.”

    “Pay attention!” The elder Jedi commanded.

    It was only a spilt second of thought, but the Padawan did not realize he was dipping his right wing too close to his Master’s fighter. He quickly pulled up and dodged a string of traffic that came into his flight path. With slight embarrassment the young man managed to regroup with the other fighter.

    “Sorry Master.”

    “Don’t be sorry, just focus your thoughts on where you need to be now. I’d hate to see you come so far to end up taking yourself out with such lack of judgment.”

    “Yes, of course master.”

    “I’ve locked on to their destination.” The Jedi Master spoke as he resumed his attention to the ship’s monitor. “It’s the building just on the horizon there, the Reborton Shior Residence I believe.”

    “I see it.” The Padawan replied. “But, why go there? Surely Senator’s penthouse is no place to seek shelter.”

    "Senator's rarely make a wise decision when their lives are in jeopardy" The Jedi man replied back, "But I have a feeling it's more secure then we think."

    "It's shielded?" The Padawan said with raised brows, "I thought it was forbidden to have such a fortified place."

    "We can discuss rules of the republic at a later time, my young one. The assassin is getting closer."

    The two Jedi fighters weaved through the corridor of traffic and dove in and out of the building spaces available. The masked attacker opened up his back panel again and unfolded a cannon that instantly scattered laser fire at the Senator pod. With many strikes hitting the vehicle, it began to loose power and crashed into a building close by.
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  2. DarthGaul

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    May 25, 2004
    That's all I got for now.....sorry. :(
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    Nov 30, 2005
    It's a good start. (Note - You might want to have a beta take a look at your work since there are a number of grammatical errors.) I'm assuming this is an Anakin/Obi-Wan story?
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    Long before them, but not really in the same situation - if that’s what you mean. The mini-story I made prior to this, Before The Dawn - sets up for this story.