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Star Wars Star Wars: Episode IV: Twilight of the Force: A Father’s Legacy - Game is now OVER!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Star Wars: Episode IV: Twilight of the Force: A Father’s Legacy

    Vice-Chancellor Amedda?

    Chancellor Palpatine has been killed by Masters Windu and Skywalker. Execute Order 66.

    Yes, my Lord.


    That was nearly nineteen years ago.

    It was when Darth Tyranus was freshly dead, and the Republic was poised to be ascendant in the Outer Rim Sieges against the Confederacy of Independent Systems, that Darth Sidious, Chancellor of the Republic for thirteen years, put into place his ultimate plan to corrupt Anakin Skywalker, arrange the death of General Grievous and the consolidation the majority of the Separatist Council on Mustafar for one final decapitating blow.

    Everything was in place. The cadre of officers that espoused and formed a military bedrock to the next regime; the millions of clones loyal to the chain of command; the atmosphere of fear which had the galaxy begging for someone to restore order and peace.

    All that Sidious needed was an apprentice and he would turn the key.

    He failed.

    Amedda turned it for him.


    In a whirlwind of events, Sidious was killed, the Jedi Rebellion was defeated, and the Senate, freshly terrorised by the tragedy of the Clone Wars and the treachery of the Jedi, declared Acting Chancellor Mas Amedda the first Galactic Emperor.

    The Jedi Order, massacred across the galaxy by the clones they had once trusted, fled Imperial space, buoyed by the intervention of Master’s Windu and Skywalker in the attack on the Jedi Temple, who managed to stage a fighting retreat into the Coruscant under-city before the surviving Jedi managed to sneak off world with the help of Senators Amidala and Organa.

    The Jedi retreated to Naboo, where a heavily pregnant Amidala declared the Alliance to Restore the Republic, otherwise known as the Republic, triggering the formation of a small new government including Corellia, Caamas, Mon Calamari, Kashyyyk and Alderaan, and precipitating the withdrawal of the Empire from the Outer Rim to protect - or perhaps to hold hostage - world’s such as Coruscant, Kuat, Fondor, Eriadu, Kamino, Rothana, Bilbringi, Yaga Minor.

    The nascent Empire, the reborn Republic, the bloodied Confederacy; they found not a common enemy but a divide that could not be crossed with words or fought with war.

    A stalemate.

    The Confederacy was given a moment to lick its wounds, to rebuild its devastated homeworlds and purse world’s.

    The Republic and Jedi were given the chance to build their small but powerful government anew, to rid themselves of the rot cultivated by Palpatine, to find lost Jedi and save them, to hold a line against the darkness.

    The Empire had the opportunity to consolidate a regime of fear, settling with control of half the known galaxy, building a large military just as tied down keeping the peace as it was building for the next conflict.

    The Hutts, the Commonality, the Mandalorians, the Centrality, the Senex Lords, the Nouane, the Bothans - they declared their independence, a dozen political alignments large and small.

    The Galactic Cold War began.

    Anakin Skywalker, to the soft sadness of Yoda, to the grim censure of Mace, to the quiet disappointment of Obi-Wan, left the Jedi Order.


    He settled down with Padme and their young twins, the children kept safe, spending as much time with ‘uncle Bail’ on Alderaan as they did Anakin’s stepbrother and wife, Owen and Beru, on Tatooine. The Jedi Council, strained by the example set by the Chosen One, moved its academy to Ossus, but left representatives on Naboo to protect the Chancellor.

    The Senate remained a powerful entity within Mas Amedda’s Empire - who, even though he was able to secure the loyalty of the first Inquisitors and few Hands, was more reliant upon democracy to keep the peace, and thus Senators within the Republic were able to represent their systems in absentia, via hologram, though they numbered so few that Emperor Amedda’s veto could not be overridden - but the Senate as a whole could, and so power jockeys daily, and the Senate is more than capable of destroying a Moff’s career or enacting legislation - publicly, and loudly - which undermines the Empire.


    In the last few years, the line between the Republic and Empire has hardened, and as violent suppression’s occur on Ghorman, Mimban, and other Imperial worlds, the Jedi become more inclined to intervene, and the Confederacy is reported to finally have recovered its lost strength, more and more indications are suggesting that the status quo cannot last...

    The balance of power, held in the hands of amoral Senators.

    The Jedi, crippled, but rebuilding.

    The Force, not yet balanced, but holding its breath.

    The Emperor...

    ... with time on his side.


    Welcome to Twilight of the Force: A Fathers Choice. Based upon the moment between Anakin, Mace and Palpatine in his battle scarred chambers during Episode III, we are now nineteen years later. The lines have been drawn, and the galaxy divided.


    These are split as follows-

    1. Republic: Military
    2. Republic: Senate
    3. Republic: Jedi Order
    4. Empire: Military
    5. Empire: Senate
    6. Empire: Inquisitors (there will be a limit on the size of this faction)
    7. Confederacy
    8. Independent: (Lesser Faction, such as Hutt, Black Sun, Mandalorian, etc)

    The Rules

    1. Submit a sheet to the GM for approval before you post it here. Please also post it in the Resource Thread.
    2. Emperor Mas Amedda is the only character that is off-limits to players.
    3. The Timeline is based on Order 66, or O66, which is year 0, or 19 BBY. We are now in 19 O66.
    4. Combo posts with another player must be approved by the GM before, with them copied in
    5. Using the Force will result in fatigue; if you are not realistic in your use of it, the GM will have to impose consequences.
    6. Play nice, be civil, etc etc.
    7. Have fun! (The most important rule)

    Character Sheet

    Photo: (If available)
    Personal equipment:
    Personal ship:
    Faction: As above
    The Force: Yes/No - if yes, what level - Padawan, Knight, Master, Senior Master, Grandmaster
    Bio: (If Film/Legends/Canon character; from 0 O66 to 19 O66 onwards)

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  2. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    @Sinrebirth Approved

    Character Sheet

    Name: Ka'rta

    Appearance: Short black hair with grey eyes, fair skin and facial features one could describe as pretty if they ever saw them, she usually wears her helmet, around 1.74 meters tall, though a slightly stockier build than most.

    Age: 20

    Homeworld: None, she was born in space

    Personal equipment: Standard beskar'gam (Mandalorian armor) with a main color of dark red accented in gold, her family crest is on the right shoulder, three stars above a beskad (Mandalorian sword) with the family motto "Dar Solus" (No longer alone) written in the blade, has a white stripe that runs down the center of her chest. She has an assortment of weapons on her person, wrist mounted rocket launcher that can be fitted with different warheads, Jetpack with a concussion missile launcher in it, two Mandalorian style blaster pistols, one vibroblade in a sheath attached horizontally at the small of her back.

    Personal ship: Her ship is a TL-1800 called the “Hettyc Osik” (I’ll let you look that up)

    Faction: Independent (Mandalorian Mercenary)

    The Force: No

    Bio: Ka'tra was born to two proud Mandalorian Warriors and bounty hunters, Kot and Ka’ra. they were declared dar'manda (Not Mandalorian) shortly after their verd'goten (Mandalorian right of passage). Cast out and abandoned, they found comfort with each other, forming their own nameless clan. When Ka’rta was born it was the happiest day in their life, their little clan had grown by one.

    She was raised as any Mando’ad would be, taught how to fight, and how to hunt. Even after her verd’goten Ka’tra stayed with her parents. One day they let her go on a mission alone, that’s when she killed her first being. When she commed her parents to pick her up, there was no answer, lost and alone on a foreign planet She did her best to survive, running into two former Republic Special Forces operators, that had become mercenaries. After a fight that ended in a draw they offered to help her search for her parents. After about a week they found their ship, empty, blood all over the deck. The scanners picked up several different DNA signatures, including her parents’. There was so much that the two mercenaries, Owen and Jerrod, said that her parents were dead. While not completely satisfied with that explanation, Ka’rta knew she couldn’t devote her whole life to the search, she needed money.

    For the next few years she worked with Owen and Jerrod as a small merc company, until she decided to go her own way. She still looks for her parents but, has found it takes second place to her work as a freelance merc.
  3. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    GM Approved

    Name: Inquisitor Horus
    Age: 35
    Homeworld: Csilla
    Personal equipment: Inquisitor Lightsaber, Pistol, Thermal Detonators, Slicing Tools, Credits
    Personal ship: Firespray-31 class Interceptor, The Helios
    Faction: Empire (Inquisitor)
    The Force: Yes, Inquisitor
    "Take the damn child, Woman! They are here, take him and run!"
    "You're mad! What would they want him for?"
    "Just do it!"
    The door was ripped apart by the blasts from the heavy repeater rifles the takers had carried, slamming into the male Chiss before their attention was redirected to the woman. The rounds had scorched the child's ear before the masked soldiers snatched up to bundle of rags he was nestled in and too him away. He never even remembered his parents. Just their screams as they were torn apart by blaster rounds. His ear was a constant reminder that no one will be there to help you. The Jedi said they were protectors. But what did they protect people from? Nothing. They were vain, idiotic people who didn't deserve the power they had.
    And that is why Horus is were he is now.
    If only Order 66 had been completely effective. But then Horus would never be able to relish that moment of slaughtering the Jedi. He was raised to kill them. He had trained his whole life for this moment. He was the Emperor's will. He would be the one to kill the last of the Jedi Order. He would make them fall. He would make them irrelevant.
    He had his orders, he knew what to do.
    All he had to do was start.
  4. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    GM Approved

    ame: Pascale Rouser
    Age: 42
    Homeworld: Commenor
    Personal equipment: Small hold out blaster, thermal detonators, vibroblades, usually dresses smartly
    Personal ship: Fortuna, Baudo class star yacht
    Faction: Independent (Black Sun Mercenary)
    The Force: No
    Bio: Born to a wealthy brandy making family in Chasin City, the largest city of Commenor, Pascale grew up admiring the galaxy’s most famous archaeologists and aspired to be one of the greatest in the galaxy himself and so he enrolled in the University of Commenor where he began his studies.

    During a work experience archeological dig, Pascale discovered he had a taste for capturing artefacts but also decided he wanted to make some money for himself. So he decided to sell these priceless artifacts off, damaging the reputation of one of the archaeologists on the dig. Thus began his descent into the underworld of smuggling as he made some contacts with black market dealers. Returning to the University, he plagiarized an essay from one of his fellow students, but unable to prove he did steal it, he was awarded the Archeological Prize.

    His family name and wealth got him a job at a prestigious museum where he became assistant curator. However his job didn't last long as he became suspect in the funding of a grave robbing expedition which caused the deaths of several of his fellow employees and a Coruscanti archaeologist. With his dreams in tatters and fired, Pascale decided to become a mercenary and smuggler for hire for whomever could afford him.

    His skills in acquiring artefacts and treasures for several criminal gangs and underlords made him a household name in smuggling and mercenary work and made him several enemies and rivalries which he relished with a passion. He has presently been hired by Black Sun who have been impressed with his work and have offered him the most amount of money to undertake contracts.
  5. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    Sinrebirth Approved

    : Feyna Organa
    Photo: (ignore pointy ears).
    Age: 18
    Homeworld: Alderaan
    Personal equipment: Small blaster, one vibroblade. Both are small enough to be concealed, and are only used for self-defense purposes. Feyna usually dresses nicely.
    Personal ship: CR90 Corvette Tantive IV (technically it’s her father’s)

    Faction: Republic-Senate: Princess of Alderaan
    The Force: No
    Bio: Adopted daughter of Bail and Breha Organa

    Born in Crevasse City, Feyna has no memory of her birth parents. According to the file at the orphanage, her mother was a teacher and her father worked in construction. Her mother contracted a terminal illness late in her pregnancy with Feyna, and died a few weeks after giving birth. Feyna’s father was killed in a work site accident less than a year later. With no other family, the child was taken into the local orphanage.

    As luck would have it, Bail and Breha Organa were making one of their regular tours of Crevasse City just a few months later, and the royal couple stopped at the orphanage to visit with the children there. Feyna, normally a shy child, climbed into Bail’s lap and fell asleep. They brought her home to the palace in Aldera a month later.

    With role models like her adoptive parents, Padme Amidala, and Mon Mothma, Feyna grew up knowing expectations were high. She is bright and creative, and a bit of a perfectionist.

    Bail still represents Alderaan in the Senate, attending via hologram, and Feyna will often observe when not occupied with her other Princess-ly duties.
  6. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    GM Approved!

    Name: Madelyn Linnett
    Photo: (If available)[​IMG]
    Age: 15
    Homeworld: Lothal
    Personal equipment: A small dagger that she found while scavenging one morning.
    Personal ship: N/A
    Faction: Jedi Order
    The Force: Yes, Padawan.
    Bio: Born to politician parents on Lothal (although her father was rumoured to come from Dxun) Maddie was always sneaking out to go on adventures, despite the danger from the Empire. She was eventually found out to be force sensitive and her parents used their connections to send her away, which she protested constantly. Even after she came to the Jedi Order, Maddie resented her parents sending her away like they didn't want her anymore. And despite having the rank the newly obtained rank of Padawan, Maddie doesn't think she will make the cut as a Jedi, let alone be able to master the force.
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  7. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    GM approved

    Name: Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin with his son, Luke
    Age: 45
    Homeworld: Tatooine
    Personal equipment: Lightsaber (blue), various equipment available including a personal ship, the Twin Sun
    Personal ship: Twin Sun

    : None
    The Force: Yes - Senior Master (also people keep pointing out his nearly 'unlimited potential'
    Bio: Anakin Skywalker, the legend, the Chosen One, the Jedi Hero, left the Jedi Order in the days after the Clone Wars and settled down with Padme, his wife, and their two children on Naboo. The disappointment of his Masters was great, but Anakin had felt the Dark Side and he knew he carried more of it in his heart than any man of his power should. He never talked about it, but truly the revelation of the true nature of the man he had once called friend as a Sith Lord had shaken his infamous confidence to the core. The act of killing him had also broken his heart and equally damaged his believe in the Jedi way. He truly understood the prophecy and finally realized the price it would demand from the Galaxy. It was more than a defeat, it was an age old struggle for balance that demanded millions of lives.

    He wanted to be no more part of this. Quite the contrary, he retreated from all Jedi activity and supported the greatest believer in peace he knew ...his wife. A woman much wiser than he was. In his view the Jedi have failed to be the beacon of hope they should be. He personally had failed. It is Padme and her Republic that took up this torch and he is certain it is the will of the force for her to succeed.

    To support her he had done what he can. Serving as father to their children and as a bodyguard and even General when necessary. He has lost none of his prowess in battle, but he tries to avoid violence when possible.

    He maintains a friendship with his former Master Obi Wan Kenobi and he has even begun to train his children in the ways of the force, because he understands they have become heir to the curse of his bloodline. Unlimited power. Not training them could become a path even more dangerous than showing them the Living Force as what it is. A part of them they must decide themselves what to do with.

    Now, 19 years after Order 66 he lives a quiet life and rarely appears in public. He has lately begun to spend much of his time meditating. He is ready to return should Padme ever need him to, though. He knows that every dream must be fought for from time to time.
  8. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host Who Loves Fanfics & RPGs star 7 VIP - Game Winner VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
    GM approved :)

    Name: Leia Skywalker

    Age: 18

    Homeworld: Alderaan

    Personal equipment: Lightsaber :bluesaber:

    Personal ship: N/A

    Faction: Republic -- Jedi

    The Force: Yes, Senior Padawan

    Leia's parents settled on Naboo, and she with her twin, Luke, have been learning under the tutelage of their father as well as other Knights.

    Leia has a strong affinity for the intuitive facets of the Force, and is skilled in diplomacy.

    They are close family friends with the Queen and Viceroy of Alderaan whom they visit frequently. They have often visited Owen and Beru Lars.
    Luke is close friends with the Darklighters.
    Leia is closer to her Naboo cousins & Winter Retraq.
  9. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    GM Approved

    Aryan Graul

    Age: 42
    Homeworld: Nubia
    Personal Equipment: A holdout blaster attached to a shoulder holster and concealed within his jacket; a vibroknife sheathed to the inside of his boot; personal datapad and wrist comlink; usually dresses in a smart suit
    Personal Ship: Corellian Engineering CR90 Corvette Stringent; the exterior is painted matte black with a silver pinstripe and matching accents
    Faction: Empire - Senate (Senator of Nubia)
    The Force: No
    Bio: Aryan was born on Nubia as the only child to Norin and Ashaiya Graul. His parents were the proprietors of a rather large mining corporation and shipping company, which included several bronzium processing plants in the capital region of Rordis. As the sole heir, Aryan would one day have a stake in the company for his namesake alone, but his dreams and aspirations remained elsewhere...among the stars.

    While he abided by his father’s wishes and enrolled at the University of Coruscant after completing secondary school, he was again tempted by his passions and joined the Republic Navy to become a pilot shortly after graduation.

    His military career was littered with excellence, and he eventually rose to the rank of Commander, becoming a hometown hero in the process. With each passing achievement, he became more and more convinced that a career as a fully commissioned officer was the way to go, but that all came to a crashing end when he was seriously wounded in a scuffle in the Mid Rim. His injuries were extensive enough that he ended up losing his left leg, and he was medically retired from the military at the age of 28.

    During his tenure in the Navy, he met his wife, Lyzia Eross; the two were married in 20 BBY, with their only son, Arek, being born three years later. It was Lyzia who served as Aryan’s lifeline and moral support during the intervening months following his injury. As a philanthropist, she actively traveled around to various worlds stricken by the war to offer assistance and provide for those people in need. She also held rallies on notable Republic worlds to garner support for her cause. Aryan often accompanied her, and it was soon discovered that he had a real knack for interacting with the public and charming a crowd. His speeches were often engaging, and he soon gained the attention of a prominent politician working within the Imperial Senate – Garrit Pilleu, a member of the Nubian Ruling Council and aide to the current Senator of Nubia.

    The bureaucrat was infatuated by the young man’s passion and took him under his wing to help him learn the ropes. With Pilleu’s help, Aryan’s influence over the people remained strong. When the time was right, it was the old man who ultimately pushed Graul to seek elected office in the Senate, where he felt he would have the most impact. Against all odds, and helped along by a sympathy vote due to his injury, Aryan won the election by a landslide and became the next Senator of Nubia in 11 O66. He viewed the outcome as some kind of epiphany; he was their savior, and anything less than that was simply unacceptable. It was a dangerous thought that would slowly begin to consume his mind.

    In fact, it wasn’t long before he became a victim of his own machinations. While he adopted a public mask that kept him quite favorable to the people – he was considered a charismatic and attractive politician – he continued to obsess over the government and his quest to obtain the kind of influence he needed to become the savior he envisioned himself to be.

    Senator Graul during a recent HNN newscast

    Aryan spent the following 8 years building clout and networking among his peers and beyond to establish long-standing connections. He even gained several big-name proponents in the Republic Senate, which quickly pushed him into the limelight with his idea for a unified government. He had become the Senate’s newest ‘superstar,’ and he basked in the glory; he was one step closer to his goal – ultimate rule as the galaxy’s next leader.

    Despite his lofty aspirations, he remained completely oblivious to the fact that his pursuit for power was slowly corrupting him and turning him into a monster.
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  10. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Sinre approved

    Name: Luke Skywalker
    : 18
    Homeworld: Naboo
    Personal equipment: Lightsaber (he created it himself)
    Personal ship: None
    Faction: Republic
    The Force: Yes - Knight
    Bio: Being the child of two living legends is a life not many have. Really not comparable to ... being a farmboy or something.

    Luke was raised and trained in both the force and politics by the founder of the Republic (his mother) and the Chosen One (his father). He excelled in both fields, much like his beloved twin sister Leia did.

    But it is a life undeniably in the shadow of your parents that he lived. Whenever he could he fled to Uncle Beru and often even to Uncle Bail or his fathers best friend Jedi Master Kenobi. He learned flying, he learned languages and the arts of war. But he never fought in one. His father had left the Jedi Order long ago and the Clone Wars had left the order crippled ... both in numbers and spirit. Some of their ranks even turned their back on them and joined the Empire.

    As he grew older he began to question his fathers action and reluctance to join the efforts to overthrow the Empire. He heard the stories of the legendary Jedi who defeated Count Dooku and countless other enemies of the Republic. He heard of the skilled tactician he had been and how he was unrivaled in the cockpit of a starfighter. He especially heard Anakin Skywalker was the Chosen One, the one who would bring balance to the force. Why did his father not lead the campaign against the Empire? Why did he not end the evil remnants of Chancellor Palpatine once and for all? Wasn't it his duty? Wasn't it his destiny?

    Maybe it wasn't. Luke slowly began to realize his father was probably no longer strong enough. Maybe he was not the one. But if not he, who was? The Jedi had failed to overthrow the Empire in 19 years and his mother was fighting a desperate battle to limit it's influence. Who would end it? Who would have the power to end it? Who had the will?

    Maybe the greatest sin of all was having power and not using it ...
  11. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    "Jedi do not fight for peace. That's only a slogan, and is as misleading as slogans always are. Jedi fight for civilization, because only civilization creates peace. We fight for justice because justice is the fundamental bedrock of civilization: an unjust civilization is built upon sand. It does not long survive a storm."


    Name: Mace Windu
    Age: Master Windu is in his early 70's - he's never bothered to track down what year he was born.
    Homeworld: Haruun Kal
    Personal equipment: His lightsaber, his books. A Jedi has no need of many personal belongings. What he needs he borrows from the Jedi's resources.
    Personal ship: Despite himself, Master Windu finds it useful to maintain a ship. It's an HH-87 starhopper, commandeered to escape on some mission to some planet a decade ago - he can't even remember how or why - and largely kept in storage, in a state of disrepair. Master Windu knows it's not the Jedi way to name such a possession. He named it the Depa Billaba anyway.
    Faction: What's left of the Jedi. What's left of the Republic.
    The Force: Quite so.
    Bio: He'd thought about it a lot in the intervening years. What if he'd shared Yoda's affection for the boy? What if he'd been kinder? What if, when the boy came to him to say the Chancellor was a Sith Lord - like he was supposed to, like a good Jedi - he'd acknowledged his contribution and brought him along for the ride? What if he'd had more faith? But in those moments Master Yoda would remind him of Qui-Gon Jinn's constant refrain: "Be mindful of the present." More and more, as the years passed and he studied what Yoda had learned on his journeys, Qui-Gon Jinn would chime in to remind Master Windu himself.

    But the Jedi had lost so much, and as he practiced his spiritual exercises he could feel the chill of the dark side, against which he'd built his entire life as a wall, scratching at the gates of his mind.

    And so now, Mace Windu has the germ of an idea. A hunt to find the first Jedi Temple, spoken about in the Aionommica and the Rammahgon and hinted at in holocrons, to see where the Jedi went wrong, to learn who they could be, or if they even still should be. And Master Windu could think of only one man he wanted at his side on such a journey, such a quest, a man he should have trusted more when he was just a boy.
  12. RachelTyrell

    RachelTyrell Jedi Master star 3

    Feb 15, 2009
    GM approved

    Name: Han Solo
    Age: Late thirties
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Personal equipment: DL-44 Blaster and an old YT-1300
    Personal ship: Millenium Falcon
    Faction: None
    The Force: No
    Bio: For guys like Han it doesn't matter who rules the Galaxy really. He escaped Corellia after having some trouble there. Joined the republic navy. Had a head of his own and ended up deserting and meeting a Wookiee call Chewbacca, a bandit named Beckett (their friendship was short lived) and a guy called Lando. Won his ship over a game of Sabaac, had a hand in killing a Crimson Dawn leader and after many adventures ended in the service and debt of Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine. Funny how some things never change, is it?
  13. Lawbreaker

    Lawbreaker Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 21, 2018

    I think they call it GM Approved around here ...

    Name: Obi-Wan Kenobi
    : 65
    Homeworld: Stewjon
    Personal equipment: Lightsaber
    Personal ship: None
    Faction: Jedi Order
    The Force: Yes - Senior Master
    Bio: Order 66 changed the Galaxy, but the Jedi Order prevailed and his apprentice Anakin actually resisted the lure of the Dark Side. The years that followed were used to rebuild the order and Kenobi did what he could to help his order and the Republic. He has fought many battles, trained several Jedi and was always a voice of reason. As Yoda and Master Windu have withdrawn more and more from the daily business in the order, Obi-Wan has taken over more and more duties within the Jedi Order.

    He missed his first student and friend Anakin at his side, but unlike many others he accepted the decision of the young man and secretly even believed it might have been the right one. The two men maintain a strong friendship until these days, but duty does rarely allow them to spend time.

    But Obi Wan knows Anakin Skywalker and he knows the boy (he will always refer to him as that) will be there if he is truly needed.

    They do not agree about the children of Anakin though. Obi Wan believes they should have been trained as Jedi and invited them many times. He has spend time training both, but not as much as he should, he feels. Anakin wants them to make their own choices though and that is something his old Master believes is very dangerous. The lure of the Dark Side is always there and the Force knows what might have been, had Anakin not resisted it!
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  14. Kaleesh-Cyborg

    Kaleesh-Cyborg Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jan 4, 2017

    Age: approximated 40s or 50s
    Homeworld: Kalee
    Personal Equipment: Lightsaber collection, DT-57 Annihilator Blaster
    Personal Ship: Customized Belbullab 22 Soulless One (stolen by Obi-Wan Kenobi)
    Faction: Confederacy
    The Force: No
    Bio: After his final encounter with General Kenobi during the battle on Utapau, Grievous was believed to be dead. His barely alive remains were collected by Poggle The Lesser and other Separatist leaders and taken to the facilities on Geonosis where the means to sustain his hairline connection to life were at their disposal.
    Recovery would proceed over the course of several years as Grievous’ few organic parts had been severely burned. His eyes were barely salvageable and required extensive surgeries and implants to restore his sight. The armor that had encased his fragile organs had to be upgraded and undergo extensive repairs from the fiery demise that had befallen him.
    Having survived a torturous revival in which he wished several times for death to relieve his suffering, Grievous became even more bitter against the Jedi, if that were even possible. He silently vowed to visit every bit of his own agony upon any Jedi he would ever encounter in the future. Yet, at the same time, his ordeal with Obi-Wan Kenobi had made him painfully aware of his own mortality. He would not make the same mistake twice.
    Rumors have begun to circulate that the commander of the droid army—that dreaded Jedi-hunting killing machine—lives again, though there is no factual information to back this up as the Separatists have taken great care to keep the cyborg that had once terrorized the galaxy top secret until such time when he is ready to be unleashed once again.
  15. QueenSabe7

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    Mar 23, 2001
    Sinre Approved!


    Name: Qi’ra
    Age: 31
    Homeworld: Corellia

    Personal equipment: A well-used S-195 blaster pistol, gold ring with dual half-circle symbol of Crimson Dawn, personal comm.

    Personal ship: Aurora - an entirely matte-black Kalevalan yacht, formerly known as First Light and once belonging to notable gangster Dryden Vos. The lavish ship has seen several renovations since Qi’ra assumed possession, most of its more luxurious amenities downsized to make the vessel more practical and less showy. It is currently more in line with her preferred personal style; simplistic, yet elegant.

    Faction: Independent – Crimson Dawn

    The Force: No

    Bio: Qi’ra was born on Corellia, growing up on the rough streets of the notorious Coronet City slums. Quick-witted, savvy and smart, she eventually became a “scrumrat” of the White Worms, an underworld criminal gang that operated out of the sewers beneath the city. Thieving for their leader, Lady Proxima, she earned herself a notable spot in their ranks for her ability to adapt and con her way out of any situation, and into the pockets of those she stole from. This was how she met an intriguing young man by the name of Han. The pair bonded easily, working together as teenagers and eventually becoming lovers. They both craved a life beyond their proverbial chains and longed to escape in a ship of their own to experience the galaxy at large.

    Eventually finding their moment and hatching a plan involving stolen, highly valuable coaxium – a raw mineral that once refined, is used as hyperspace fuel – they attempted to bribe their way off planet. The plan went awry and Qi’ra was recaptured by the Worms as Han was forced to flee alone, separating them for several years. During that time, as punishment for her escape, she was sold by Lady Proxima into slavery. This put the young girl on a path that saw her end up in the employment of a wealthy gangster named Dryden Vos, the public face of Crimson Dawn – an emerging, yet powerful crime syndicate.

    It didn’t take Vos long to take note of Qi’ra’s potential and he eventually offered her a valuable position within his organization. While this new role gave her a more luxurious and powerful lifestyle, her forced loyalty to an owner would remain. Becoming Vos’ top lieutenant and most trusted operative, she still bore the branding of Crimson Dawn upon her skin. Not literal chains, but permanent ones just the same, ones that taught her many brutal and tough lessons – most of which she refuses to speak of.

    Through a chance encounter during this period of her life, she was reunited with Han, now known as Han Solo. At the order of Vos, the pair were sent off on a mission that would see them grow close once more, only to tear them apart for a final time.

    In a climactic betrayal, Qi’ra killed Dryden in order to spare Han’s life, but she did not flee with her former flame as they had long ago planned to do and he still expected to. Instead, seeing Han safely away, she chose to step into a drastically different role and personally hail the true leader of Crimson Dawn, a figure shrouded in complete mystery and darkness.


    In the wake of Vos’ death, the former Sith apprentice immediately summoned Qi’ra to his side on Dathomir. She obeyed, leaving Han and her old life behind for good.

    It has been many years since that fateful decision…
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    Dramatis Personae

    Anakin Skywalker, human, former Chosen One, played by DarkLordoftheFins
    Aryan Graul, human, Senator, played by HanSolo29
    Dark Man, The, man, Dark
    Feyna Organa, human, Princess, played by JediMasterAnne
    Grievous, Cyborg, General, played by Kaleesh-Cyborg
    Han Solo, human, smuggler, played by RachelTyrell
    Horus, Chiss, Inquisitor, played by Master Vo’Un’Var
    Ka’rta, human, Mandalorian, played by galactic-vagabond422
    Leia Skywalker, human, Jedi Padawan, played by WarmNyota_SweetAyesha
    Luke Skywalker, human, Jedi Padawan, played by LordTroepfchen
    Mace Windu, human, Jedi Master, played by BobaMatt
    Madelyn Linnett, human, Jedi Padawan, played by TheSilentInfluence
    Mas Amedda, Chagrian, Galactic Emperor, played by Sinrebirth
    Obi-Wan Kenobi, human, Jedi Master, played by Lawbreaker
    Pascale Rouser, human, scoundrel, played by Jerjerrod-Lennox
    Qi’ra, human, Crimson Dawn, played by QueenSabe7

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    IC: The Force
    Somewhere, somewhen, somehow

    It was Master Qui-Gon Jinn’s voice which came to him, as it often did at the start.

    ‘The boy is the Chosen One, you must see it.’

    And then Ahsoka.

    ‘I know.’

    And then Darth Sidious.

    ‘Help me, Anakin! Help me!’

    And then black. Deep, deep, black. A breathing, hissed, deep, in, and out. His minds eye was filled with fire, with the fleeting images of thousands of Jedi dying. Ki-Adi Mundi, Plo Koon, the recently recovered Depa Billaba, Stass Allie, Aayla Secura, Luminara, the recently forgiven Barriss Ofee. Thousands, killed.

    A flash, of the siege of the Temple, clone troopers - his troopers, his 501st, attacking children. Whie, Scout, many of the teenage Padawan’s slaughtered as they rushed beside Masters Shaak Ti, Cin Drallig and Jocasta Nu to defend the youngest children. Mace and he, grim, determined, stoic, fearful, despairing, anguished, rushing to transport the children, who had been huddled in the Council chambers, away. The sense of Shaak, Cin and Jocasta dying, one after the other.

    Guilt; overwhelming guilt. Whose?

    The throne, black, indistinct, a Dark Man upon it, shapeless, faceless, beneath his robes. And then, a glint of starlight where his eyes should be - his robe becoming almost liquid like, flowing away from his shoulders, a female chittering and malevolent giggle -

    Then Padme’s surprise ripped through Anakin, ending the moment.

    Naboo, Palace District, Theed Royal Palace


    It was the appointed hour.

    In a rare moment of contact, Jedi Grandmaster Yoda had sent some instructions to them; training materials from the Jedi Council. Yoda did not approve of Anakin’s relationship, nor did much of Jedi dogma since the Old Sith Wars. It reached the point that his appeal to the younger Jedi had resulted in the Order moving from Naboo to an undisclosed location some fifteen years ago, but Yoda knew that they were children and needed training.

    Their ward, Colonel Panaka, had, reluctantly, for he always screened their mail, passed it over. Their mother had, equally reluctantly, but with some faith in their haphazard instruction to date from their father and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and briefly, as children, by Djinn Altis, agreed that they were ready to spar.

    But Padme had only allowed it to go forward with training lightsabers only, an act which she knew would incite her son, but draw understanding from her daughter. But Padme had also refused to allow Panaka to check that their lightsabers were in-fact at the lower setting. She trusted them both. Whether they trusted each other was not for her to say. They had been between places; here, Tatooine, Alderaan, and other safe-world’s during the earlier years. The Republic was not a continuous territory; it was isolated worlds which had chosen to make a stand for peace.

    Proud peoples, principled world’s; Alderaan, Kashyyyk, Corellia, Chandrila, Mon Calamari, Sullust, Elom; a hundred sectors of the original thousand the Galactic Republic had once included, before Count Dooku began to stoke the flames of Separatism. Before the Clone Wars. Before Order 66.

    Padme felt responsible for what happened. So did Bail, and Mon, and Masters Windu, Yoda and Kenobi, for allowing the Republic to birth an Empire in the name of security, of Order, of peace. She shook her head, paid attention to the Senate session she was present at by hologram, driving away unhappy memories.

    Trying not to think about her twins, teens both, about to fight.

    Panaka was to oversee in another part of the Palace, and with a slow gravity, instructed them to begin. Nobody else was present; nobody else would see how the culmination of their lives would play out today.

    For as long as their fight lasted, it would be shattered by the fear of their mother.

    Padme muted the channel, gesturing to one of her handmaiden lookalikes to step in for her; it was useful for when she was really shocked. She knew that she would not need to speak to draw the attention of Luke and Leia; they would sense her upset and come, or not. Luke might prefer to win rather than end their bout.

    Padme tried to settle her emotions, ready to step back into the Senate, or to speak to her children.

    Her husband, however, he might react differently. Padme reached his comlink; it was switched off, but when her alarm reached Anakin, perhaps not. ‘It’s alright. I’m just a little surprised.’ She swallowed, speaking to the recorded message.

    ‘Amedda just offered to meet us on Alderaan and discuss peace.’

    TAG: @LordTroepfchen, @DarkLordoftheFins, @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha
    Galactic Senate, Coruscant, in session, a few moments before


    The central podium of the late Galactic Republic stood in the centre of the Senate chamber. Instead of a central stand for the Chancellor to speak from, it had been replaced with a black throne, from which Emperor Mas Amedda sat, one hand holding his staff of office. The blue-skinned Chagrian was wrapped in blood-red robes, eyes boring into the various Senate members from afar while his Grand Vizier filibustered against a Motion suggested by the Senator of Naboo; a commitment to formalise a treaty between the Empire and Republic, rather than the status quo which had settled after the confusion of nearly two decades gone.

    ‘... whilst, yes, there has been violence at Mantooine, Lothal, Atravis and Ruuria, much of that has been caused by Separatist agitators, Hutt weapons brokers, and lone Force users, acting without the support of the Empire or, presumably, the Republic.’

    ‘Of course the Republic is not fomenting Rebellion against the Empire, Vizier Pestage,’ had cut in Padme Amidala Skywalker irritably, ‘and we can hardly be held responsible for the individual actions of Jedi, who were ruthlessly genocided by -‘

    Pestage had raised his voice, and cut her microphone with a tab of the console he stood in-front of, on a slightly lower tier to the Emperor. ‘But I do not consider that a ‘declaration of peace’ will undercut the basic fundamentals of the issue at hand. Until the Republic returns to the Empire, the galaxy cannot heal from the Clone Wars -‘

    The chamber erupted into arguments, and Amedda eyes darted across the room. Some five hundred Imperial Senators were present in person, and another hundred, like Amidala, were evident as blue holograms, expecting to be arrested as soon as they stepped foot on Coruscant. But more telling where the four hundred sectors which stood unrepresented, their pods empty. The Separatists and world’s which had chosen independence such as Mandalore, the Senex, and Centrality numbered among those former members, many of which had pursued grudges and war against their neighbours, excusing the three superpowers from involvement in their private struggles.

    The noise between Amedda’s loyalists and the Imperials that were more individually minded was the source of much of the uproar, though many Senators from the Empire and Republic did not give their voice to the tumult. Amedda’s eyes found many of the ‘new generation’, the Alderaanian Princess Feyna Organa, representing her father in absentia, the Senator Aryan Graul of Nubia, among them. Their reactions he required; the balance of power in the Senate. As interesting as the expression on Chancellor Mon Mothma’s face was, it did not draw him; especially when she was a year from finishing her second and thus penultimate four-year term, assuming she won a third term. Amidala had taken the first of the two prior terms, before Bail Organa had taken two thereafter. But Mon was more popular than either.

    With a deep, pained, and exhausted sigh, he decided.

    It was time to end this.

    With a drum of his staff, Emperor Amedda stood, and the Vizier was silenced. ‘We shall consider a formal accord; a Treaty, perhaps. In one week We shall be conveyed to the Republic world of Alderaan and discuss terms, based upon the definition of borders, mutual trade agreements, and working towards a joint task force designed to defend against the depredations of the Separatists, but also to separate warring factions in the Neutral World’s. It is time to end this Galactic Cold War and return to the millennium of peace that the Clone Wars and Jedi Rebellion ended.’

    There were instant murmurs of surprise.

    For Princess Organa, who had been unceremoniously dropped into representing her world as a test from her adopted father, Bail Organa, it would be a truly telling moment. But her father, sitting outside the hologram view with a collection of Republic ministers, uttered his surprise behind her. Yet, it was for her to respond to and she who was in the seat for all to see, for all sessions of the Senate were broadcast live to the galaxy.

    In the Senate pod of Aryan Graul, his aide de camp, Sentan Moor swore feelingly, almost a whisper, but almost sufficient to reach Aryan’s microphone. But while the transgression would not be noticed in the noise, it would reach the Senator’s ears, if he even noticed following the surprise declaration by the Galactic Emperor.

    What a historic day.

    But would it be lost in the bipartisan nature of the Senate, or would the Emperor’s word be final for Imperial and Republic delegates - could anyone step up and accept on behalf of the Republic, or affirm and support the motion for the Emperor, without betraying themselves?

    TAG: @JediMasterAnne @HanSolo29
    The Battle of Mimban
    Mimban, a few light years out



    The Battle of Mimban had began some ten years ago.

    Han Solo would know; he had been a mudtrooper during it, and escaped with Tobias Beckett and his motley crew, hooping up with Chewbacca and, not long thereafter, winning the Millennium Falcon. So in many ways, as terrible a place as it was, it had been a springboard for Han. Now, he was to be engaged to smuggle weapons to the native Coway - known in Galactic parlance as the Mimbanese - who had reached out to the Hutts.

    Near Gyndine in the Expansion Region, Mimban had fallen within a border sector of the Empire; any further Galactic east and whole sectors came within the quagmire of dozens of world’s falling within the respective spheres of influence of the Mandalorians or Bothans or Hutts, let alone the Empire and Republic. Ripe for opportunity, smugglers and pirates and mercenaries could make a fortune in the Neutral World’s; assuming one survived and could escape the cutthroat atmosphere.

    The Imperial Fleet was circling the world, some dozen capital ships, a far larger force than that which attacked Nar Shadda a few years back. Three Imperial Star Destroyers and nine Vindicator heavy cruisers was enough to give anyone pause, let alone the five dozen Guardian light corvettes making their rounds up and down the system.

    Han was one of sixteen other smugglers and their ships who had been hired or were about to be bored as part of a run organised by the Hutts, Black Sun, the Pykes and even the Crymorrah, each with an investment in the matter. No Crimson Dawn, as far as Han and Chewbacca would be aware; not that the organisation had made a particularly large impression on the galaxy after he had stolen a rather large quantity of coaxium and started a war between them and the Pyke’s on Kessel...

    Chewbacca whined to himself in memory.

    Today, Jabba the Hutt had doubled his fee, and made it very clear that even if Han decided it was too hot, there would he no hard feelings. Another smuggler was available to take the run, so even though Han was expected to meet the rendezvous and discuss the job, he was under no orders to take it; it was a very hot run. He would just risk a Hutt’s hurt feelings. Of course, if the replacement smuggler failed, Jabba might blame Han, or remember the spice that he had lost to the Imperials... or how one of his ex-girlfriends had tricked Jabba into wasting precious time attacking Ylesia for them and the Rebels...

    ... the Galactic Cold War was so opportunity laden, and the demand for good smugglers and fast ships so high that Han Solo had been given a third chance, a chance he might not have been given in a different galaxy.

    Chewbacca, who had no good memories of Mimban, and hated the Empire for its enslavement of several Wookiee colony worlds, was happy to help the Coway - even if there was no pay - growled that they should accept. But it was Han’s ship, and Han’s choice. They were partners, but Han was the captain, and Chewbacca had a life debt to him.

    ‘Well?’ The hologram of Bib Fortuna snapped in Huttese. ‘Will his Excellence be pleased that you have taken his offering?’

    Chewbacca went silent.

    TAG: @RachelTyrell
    Elsewhere, at the same smuggler rendezvous near Mimban

    Meanwhile, among the various milling ships was an asset of Black Sun, tasked with inserting Pascale Rouser, an archaeologist and scoundrel. He had been tasked with locating an ancient temple in Coway territory, rumoured to be the source of an enormous Kyber Crystal found on the world. Such crystals were key components in Imperial weapons, and the likelihood of a Kyber Crystal vein existing on-world if the natives would just yield, arguably the Temple was the entire reason the Empire was here - though a treasure trove of other precious metals had been found since. All Pascale really had to work on was an old video report of a Coway translator, who had stumbled over the word Kyber and mistranslated it into or from Kaiburr in-front of Imperial investigators. The offence was such that the Coway present killed the said translator, the Imperials, and any human they found on-world - triggering the battle so long ago.

    His personal ship, the Fortuna, was thus among the smuggler group, and Black Sun had been quite exacting in their need of the Crystal, which had been rumoured to have been attached to the largest Coway came. It had however been caught up in the latest wave of engagements after finally been found - and the tribe had reached out to the Hutts and other criminal gangs present for supplies and guns; thus the entire run. Black Sun had responded with a YT-2400 that was to run the guns, but they were also interested in the original source of the battle - the oversized Kyber Crystal.

    The present leader of Black Sun, a cropped and blond human named Dal Perhi, was personally addressing Rouser. ‘That’s all the intel I have, I am afraid. And you’d best be grateful for that, considering no off-worlder has been able to visit Mimban without Imperial protection for a decade.’

    A sniff, all superiority. ‘I am sure you’ll be able to deliver. You are a skilled man, after all, are you not, Pascale?’

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox
    Elsewhere, at the same smuggler rendezvous near Mimban

    On yet another ship, however, there was a small band of Mandalorians - four in total, part of a mercenary outfit that found it useful to work together. Among them were Mandalorians recently driven from the world following the latest in a far too long series of civil wars.

    Following the death of Imperial Hand Gar Saxon, the darksaber had resurfaced in the hands of a new Mand’alor, and the Empire ostensibly driven from Mandalore with the aid of two Jedi, of all things. Not all Jedi were neutral in the Galactic Cold War, walking the line of a dainty status quo, thankfully for Mandalore - which was rumoured to have reciprocated an earlier favour at the battle of Atollon.

    Aboard the Kyramud, a slab of a pocket carrier, were the various personal ships of the four. The two Galgar twins, Ven and Van, had a Kom’rk-class fighter each, while Goran Beviin had his Aggressor-class fighter. Ka’tra of course had her TL-1800, which took up much of the hold space but was also capable of running on more than one crew member.



    Their crew leaders were the twins, who were leading the briefing. Ven had his arms folded and leaned on his fighter hull, while Van had his personal holoproj out.

    ‘Basically, the Coway head tribe had been on the move for the last decade, while other tribes and families led the charge, giving them the ability to build weapons, cultivate the land, and generally run a roving capital.’ Van said, gruffly.

    ‘Made them tough to pin down, no matter how much damage the Imps did,’ added Ven.

    Goran was silent, studying the display, which showed the world and interlocking Imperial ships, and Van continued. ‘The Coway have reached out for help from the clan, paying us to break or distract the Imps long enough for them to take on supplies from the other smuggler ships and disperse.’

    ‘A good old Ba'slan shev'la, basically. They’ll swell up and continue the war, and they’ve plenty of credits to keep going.’ Ven snorted.

    Goran frowned, who, even though at eighteen and he’d long been an adult in Mandalorian terms, seemed to be an even younger member of the team. ‘How?’

    ‘Not my question to ask. Our, ah, intermediary has verified the funding arrangements. We just need to get past the blockade, punch a hole in the Imperial army cordon, and get back out once the supplies have been dropped.’ Goran looked as if he was going to ask another question, but Ven carried on.

    ‘Expect TIEs, a lot of ‘em. Those cruisers and Destroyers can account for a good three hundred of the things, but they’re covering the entire system - we shouldn’t have to face a fifth of that. Once we’re down, focus on taking down the twenty odd AT-ATs we have putting together the cordon and, well, not dying.’ A meaty grin spread across the man’s features.

    ‘Any questions? We’re moving out in five.’

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond22
    Further out than the smuggler rendezvous, near Mimban

    All sixteen ships were played out on the display. The Mandalorian carrier, which accounted for four smaller ships. The YT-2400 and oddly placed pleasure yacht which were aligned with Black Sun. The YT-1300 supplied by the Hutts. The two Crymorrah Y-4 transports, and, finally, the six Pyke ships - a Corellian-design corvette and five expensive B-Wing prototypes. The latter was what Qi’ra was here for.

    Her subordinates had concocted this scheme as part of a larger attempt to shatter the Pyke syndicate, which they had been at war with for the past nine years - more or less since Qi’ra had led a team to steal coaxium from their vaults on Kessel. A civilian uprising during said theft had resulted in the Empire seizing the planet, and the Pyke’s had lost out terribly. The effort had been for naught when Crimson Dawn lost the coaxium to Republic partisans known as Rebels, who then used the fuel to finance their own campaigns against the Empire.

    Basically, everyone was unhappy.

    Apart from, apparently, Qi’ra, who had risen to be the foremost lieutenant of Crimson Dawn thereafter, and for everyone in the organisation shortly thereafter, she had actually been the sole point of contact for their actual leader, who had been ‘focusing on other projects’ since. There were some rumours that he was dead; but never in earshot of Qi’ra. Not after the corpse of the traitor Beckett had been presented as evidence of what would happen to any who crossed Crimson Dawn.

    Her tall, lanky, human lieutenant, one Arb Skynxnex was presenting the plan to her now. ‘All we need do is notify the Imperials and they’ll be ready. Moff Essada will be in our debt, and we can use it as a springboard to spread product throughout the sector.’

    Another criminal present by hologram, one Zekka Thyne, a blue-pink skinned humanoid, his skin in such a manner to warrant the nickname ‘Patches’, sneered. ‘Seems a pretty complex plan for you, Arb. Did the Coway really contact you for help, and you set all this up?’

    Arb glared Zekka, the latter who was basically Dawn’s mole in Black Sun on Corellia, but Arb continued. ‘The Coway contacted me as part of their plan to coordinate with the Five Families, Lady Qi’ra... their need was so great that they had no choice but to reach out to multiple parties. I just applied enough credits to work out who was being sent by who... and with the Pyke leader Marg Krim rumoured to be personally leading their part of the mission...’

    Arb looked to Qi’ra herself, eyes hungry. ‘Seems like an easy win for Dawn, right? Nobody knows who has hired the Mandalorians to help - we just say that we did and it looks like we’ve lost out too!’

    With great exaggeration, Patches just rolled his eyes. ‘That just means that whoever laid down those creds is big enough to worry about. The Republic? Hell, it could be the Seps. Do we want to piss them off?’

    ‘But we can finish off the Pyke’s! If we make a move on Oba Diah at the same time, that’s their capital taken! One of the Families will collapse! What are we, a talking shop like the Senate? Jedi?’ Arbs looked pointedly at Qi’ra, clearly aware of the leaders heritage, looking to draw a reaction.

    Patches hesitated. Anyone digging into the leader’s past was usually very, very dead. Anyone who interacted with him usually emerged scarred, or at very least psychologically.

    Everyone but Qi’ra.


    TAG: @QueenSabe7
    Secret Jedi safeworld, Ossus, Council Chambers within the former Great Jedi library


    The mission to Mimban also included a component of Jedi interest. They had long inserted undercover operatives into the Five Families at the insistence of Jedi Master Argilan Zey, who had himself been the former General in charge of the Republic Commando’s - black ops work.

    He had taken over their covert operations since Order 66, though he had been required by the lack of Masters to also, reluctantly, take on a Padawan, one Madelyn Linnett. They were both in the field now, aboard a Pyke syndicate corvette, in a secure safe room which enabled them to communicate with the Council. The room itself was completely sealed save for the entrance, now lit by the hologram of the Council.

    Master Zey was briefing them now; Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Mace Windu. While there had been talk of expanding the Council again, there were very few Masters remaining and most had been needed to head into the galaxy and recover isolated Jedi.

    Not all Jedi had been receptive.

    A’Sharad Hett had fallen to his Tusken heritage and needed to be stopped on Tatooine; An’ya Kuro now pursued her own campaign against the darks side; Jerec had returned from the Unknown Regions and joined the new Imperial Inquisitorious, breaking several captured AgCorp Padawan and remaking them into Inquisitors. Others had never returned, instead abandoning the Jedi way or going into hiding, and with every clash between them and Imperials they weakened the peace more and more. Jedi without the guidance of the Council were inclined to right the wrongs in-front of them, which had escalated into a series of violent confrontations at Eriadu, Atollon, and Lothal, confrontations which had only just ended with all three Jedi involved being lost, but the Empire abandoning Lothal.

    The tragedy of it all weighed heavily on Yoda, who himself focused on Mace as Zey addressed, by and large, Master Kenobi. Most meetings became like this; Yoda would lose focus, distracted by currents in the Force, and would inevitably find himself drawn to look at Master Windu, who did not look much like his former clean-shaven, sharply-attired, self.

    Yoda keenly felt his age, now, more than ever, when the Sith had been defeated but the galaxy had fallen apart. It was not the Jedi way, which had saved the galaxy; it had been the Jedi way which enslaved it - they had served the Dark Lord of the Sith for thirteen years, surrogating the birth of the Empire within the heart of their Republic, until it had not even needed a Sith to complete its rise.

    Arrogant fools, they had been.

    Master Zey, with his Padawan beside him, spoke on. ‘The Pyke’s and other criminal families have gathered resources to assist the Coway, who are funding this effort through unknown means. My mission has been to curb the greatest excesses of the syndicate, but the Force urges caution. A greater hand is at play here, and I cannot judge where it will go.’

    ‘Does the Council wish for me to stay with the Pyke’s, or move to support the Coway against the Empire and discover who is truly financing this conflict?’ Zey flicked a hand, discarding the next question. ‘I shall of course seek to ensure that we do not engage the Imperials directly, and only teach or guide the Coway as advisors, as we did on neutral words during the Clone Wars.’

    Not that all Jedi had managed to even stay out of the fighting when instructed. For example, on Onderon, Anakin Skywalker himself had intervened to assist the rebels in overthrowing their Separatist-aligned monarchy, and those self-same rebels were responsible two decades later for some of the most brazen of the rebel attacks on the Empire - some in-fact whispered that Saw Gerrera made truth of the Empire’s propaganda that the Republic was financing terrorism in Imperial space.

    Another legacy, Yoda darkly thought.

    Yoda looked to Master Windu, hoping he would speak up, and hoped that he would not look to Master Kenobi to respond.

    For his part, Zey had tasked his Padawan with being mindful of the Force, to sense any danger approaching their hidden room in the engine compartment aboard the Pyke ship, and to listen in the presence of the Council. Of course, the question of whether to actually help the Coway or not was being sidetracked - the parties spreading war in a time of tense peace were the true target of the Jedi Order, no? Padawan Linnett might have an opinion on that.

    Or, she may feel a rustling in the Force; a presentment of danger. Was it near, or was it far? The Force was subtle, today, a whisper in a collection of the almost normal voices of criminal intent to be expected of a gathering of sixteen smugglers, mercenaries and scoundrels.

    Elsewhere in the Jedi Temple, however, surprise would rip into the Force, striking at the Jedi Council - not fear, but pure and complete surprise. But a Council should not move and rush, for swift action would result in failure, at very least.

    Or so the slow, soft, unyielding Jedi traditions of stone said. Yoda absently wondered if he was simply too old to lead any longer, as he had wondered with more and more frequency over the last two decades.

    He sought to keep his sadness out of the Force, but knew that Masters Windu and Kenobi would undoubtedly notice, if they were paying attention. But at least Master Zey would not notice, and nor would the Padawan, unless she was particularly perceptive.

    TAG: @BobaMatt, @TheSilentInfluence, @Lawbreaker
    Mimban blockade line, aboard the , Chimaera, ready room

    Ushered aboard by a pair of black Stormtroopers, the so-called Deathtroopers, Inquisitor Horus had been given orders to appear here at the behest of Grand Inquisitor Jerec, who was present the moment he arrived in the Destroyer’s ready room, as a hologram. A blue skinned Chiss was not an often occurrence in the Imperial Fleet, however many would be aware that this particular Star Destroyer had been renamed following the apparent loss of the original vessel and its own Chiss Grand Admiral - information Horus would be aware of.


    ‘We do not have time for pleasantries,’ Jerec, a Miraluka, said without preamble. ‘The main resistance to the Kyber crystals on this world Coway Tribesmen - the natives - have been located and we have detected several transmissions from this world to the independent systems and the Republic. As much as the latter will not wish to become involved, we can expect that some shadowy agents will appear.’

    ‘Perhaps even Jeei.’

    A soft snort. Jerec was prone to talking, and so he did. ‘As you know; the numbered and named Inquisitors, initially trained by Darth Sidious, have all now fallen. The last few died on a secret mission for our Emperor to Malachor, with their Grand Inquisitor some weeks before aboard the Sovereign, above Eriadu. Very wasteful, but it serves to give us chance to prove our usefulness.’

    ‘So prove it.’

    From the corner of the room came a whirring and a droid in trooper armour emerged from a shadow; its black prismatic had made it vanish from view, draped in the shadows of his hologram; it had been deactivated, concealing it’s presence. The words had caused it to whir, alive. Electrified blades burst from its arms and it attacked.

    Jerec paused. A wasteful test; but not if it succeeded. The Emperor was just as demanding as the late Darth Sidious, at the end of the day. Jerec could be undone by a Hand for failure, insofar as much as the Inquisitors could be tasked to destroy a Hand. Checks and balances; especially as the Emperor was a mere politician.

    He decided to watch how Horus would do.

    TAG: @MASTER Vo’Un’Var
    Aboard the Ultimate Weapon, Undisclosed location

    The mask, shaped to evoke the memory of the ancient Krath war droid, descended down towards his face. It was lowered by a cybernetic arm, tipped to meet the base of his jaw, and then lain down to meet his forehead, a snap, and a hiss, as air was drawn free to seal it to his face. A slight squeal of metal fastening against metal confirmed the connection.

    He was released from the life support machine.

    The table rose, pivoting him up, his balance maintained by the manacles around his wrists and ankles, clawed feet meeting the metal floor.

    ‘Lord Grievous?’

    A voice, slightly snuffling, weak, uncertain; stressed.

    ‘Can you hear me?’

    Another, utterly nasal,

    ‘Are you alright?’

    Mechanical, filtered.

    All familiar. Memory would provide labels, no, names. Nute Gunray, San Hill, Wat Tambor. In order of speaking.

    When eyes were opened, there would be the three present, surrounded by an outer circle of medical droids, as well as one half-droid, half human, and beyond that a quartet of IG-101 bodyguard droids.

    Further behind, through an archway, was a galaxy map limned in red, showing much of the Outer and indeed Mid Rim in Separatist control, save for several points - Hutt Space, the Centrality, the Senex, Mandalorian and the Commonality sectors, - all independent - the Cassander and Sesswenna Sectors, - in Imperial blue? - and Mon Calamari and several sectors surrounding it, in... Republic red. A single Tactical droid stood watch over the display, clearly ruminating over a single highlighted point.

    Mimban, in the Circapous Sector.

    Operation: Flashpoint


    Besides that map, a massive spherical readout, for a moon.

    No, not a moon.

    A space station.


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  19. RachelTyrell

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    Feb 15, 2009
    Han Solo
    Cockpit of the Millenium Falcon

    Han looked at the Hologram and then at Chewie. He sighed and knew Bib Fortuna had probably a dozen others on the line to hand over the job. Problem was, none of them mattered. They would not be as fast or as good as Han was. They would be less experienced, less skilled and have a ship that was not as fast as the Millennium Falcon. Han Solo was not easily replaced. The big question was though if the slimy rat of Bib Fotuna understood that.

    "Connection is terrible, guess we are passing a solar storm. I get back to you in five Bib, okay?" Before the other could say something Han shouted as if he tried to overtone him. "Really bad, was that an okay? Alright buddy, hear you in five!"

    He killed the line and looked at his first mate. "You cannot be serious buddy. These guys forgot to weapon up before two dozen warships parked in their orbit? And now they pay double fees?" Han shook his head slightly. "That is not smuggling, it is Blockade Running."

    Chewbacca gave him a deep growl.

    "We could do Ryloth. Gupta pays good credits. And it is always nice hanging out there."

    Another growl.

    "Yeah, I like the dancers, so what? I can't help you if they are not hairy enough for you pal!"

    Chewbacca gave him a series of growls. Han nodded finally in slight agreement.

    "Yeah, I know. But this is not my war. Well, let us see what Bib gotta say."

    He turned the hologram back on and smiled at the slimy Twi'lek.

    "Bib! Buddy there you are. These solar storms. Okay, quite a job the slimy excellency got there, but the way I see it, this will go like like a game of Pazaak when you are at 18 and got no jokers left. You promise us double fees, but what are the chances any of us gets out there to collect them, hm? You bet simply we get in and deliver the goods so you get the payment. Because of we do that, we will be shot on the way out probably. Which would leave you with all the profit and zero costs. Am I about right?" Han smirked. "So here is the deal. Half the creds upfront and I will not only fly those guns in, no. I will even forget to tell the other guys what you are counting on. That good friends we are. So, acceptable for the mighty Jabba?"

    Han looked at Chewie and winked. He had taken the job. His hairy friend was hopefully satisfied. He never said he'd play it by anybodies rules.

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  20. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Ka'tra
    Smuggler rendezvous near Mimban

    Ka'tra stood with her arms crossed listening to the impromptu mission briefing and she wasn't liking it. One, she was thrown together with other Mandalorians...people she despised. They were the ones that threw her family away as Dar Manda. Cursed both her mother and father to wonder the galaxy alone, without culture or family other than themselves. Two, they were asking her to run a blockade, taking on TIEs and AT-ATs, in her slow, lightly armed, freighter. And three, how did a group like the Mimbanese get the aid of such a generous benefactor. Ka'rta knew the rates this group charged, and what it would take for them to take on such a job.

    It was the only reason Ka'tra was here, the money, the scattered Mandalorians could wallow in their loneliness for all she cared. Maybe then they would understand the suffering of those thrown into the cold galaxy without anyone to stand with them. However even she needed to eat and keep fuel in her ship, the money on offer was enough to do that for awhile maybe even pay for some upgrades but, this was all too neat.

    The battle here had dragged on for ten years whatever profit that could be gained from it must have been mined out by now, unless someone was gaining money from the conflict itself and would benefit in it continuing for a decade more. Herself notwithstanding, there was always conflict somewhere in the 'Neutral' Zone, always someone willing to pay her fee to kill someone else. This 'Cold' War everyone called it was actually quite hot, you just had to know where to look. And Ka'tra knew where to look.

    Though she wasn't paid to ask questions, wasn't paid to think about what her actions meant in the larger picture of the galaxy. Not that she cared. There were always gaps, no one could control the entire galaxy, not the Hutts, not the Republic, not the Empire, not the Confederacy, no matter who came out on top she would still have a job. All she had to do was stay alive for the next breath, the next shot, the next move.

    The nominal 'leader' of this strike group asked for questions Ka'tra had maybe a few.

    "You know whoever put out little team together is a di'kut right? Asking me to participate in this suicide run. I'm in a shabla freighter, and I'm supposed to take on TIEs and AT-ATs? I'm not scared I'll throw myself head long into this but, don't expect me to do much other than blow through the TIEs and really annoy the walkers. A complete waste of my talents and my ship, and a detriment to the rest of you. Unless we're planning to stuff the Orisk full of verd and use it as a makeshift troop transport. Another stupid idea unless we want to take a mud bath. So can we all agree that this mission and my presence specifically makes no sense?"

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  21. TheSilentInfluence

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Padawan Madelyn Linnett
    Secret Jedi safeworld, Ossus, Council Chambers within the former Great Jedi library

    Madelyn still couldn't believe that they had elevated her to the rank of Padawan. Let alone assigned Master Zey to teach her. She was a bit of a loner, always huddling away with a book, or in her own words, defending the younglings from Padawan's that got aggressive. It had earned her more then one trip to both the medical ward and the council chambers, but Madelyn didn't care. And it made her wonder just who had decided she needed a Master.

    I guess it's better then Lothal. She thought, trying to shield her thoughts. But Lothal was free from the Empire now. At least that's what Master Yoda said. And even Master Zey had said what a good thing it was when he saw her watching the holonet in the middle of the night. He didn't even scold her for being out of bed. And that made her wonder just what kind of Master he was. Master Zey seemed okay, but sometimes he looked contemplative, or withdrawn.

    "We should advise the Coway Master." Madelyn spoke up. "They should know how to defend themselves." She added, before shutting her eyes and trying to reach out with the force, feeling a little uncomfortable. There are too many people on the ship. "We should still be careful Master, I don't like how this place feels." She opened her eyes and looked at her Master and the Jedi Council, tossing a smile to Master Yoda. He looks a little down. I wonder why.

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  22. LordTroepfchen

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    Luke Skywalker
    Palace on Naboo

    Sparring with his sister was not exactly what Luke had hoped for. A training-saber was even humiliating, as he had constructed his own lightsaber long ago. But his father had not allowed him to use it.

    In secrecy he had done so anyway. In secrecy. As if anything could be kept a secret from his parents.

    This was not right. He had put his training saber to the lowest setting. His own saber did not know such settings. It was lethal by nature.

    He ignited the clumsy training-lightsaber and waved it through the air a few times. Why did Dad not do this? Anakin Skywalker was one of the greatest swordsmen to ever be part of the Jedi Order. Luke would have loved to learn from him.

    "So, sis. Let's get this duel going. I will try not to be too hard on you." He smiled at his sister and rotated the lightsaber a few times to get a better feeling for it, before bringing both hands to the hilt and the energy blade in front of his body.

    Training like this was strange. A training downsized by their concerned mother was not what they needed, because they were powerful. Raw power was given to them through their heritage. Like their father before them, they had the power to change the galaxy. They had the duty to end what their father could not do. Instead they were held back.

    "Probably step back. These things can still hurt." He said to Captain Panaka, their babysitter.

    His thoughts were distracted by the sudden emotional outburst of their mother. Surprise. Something had surprised her. Leia would feel it too. Luke used the moment of distraction to attack.

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    Leia on Naboo, Traiining Room

    Luke gave Leia a measuring look, then said in an offhand, oh-well tone:
    "So, sis. Let's get this duel going. I will try not to be too hard on you."
    He smiled and got into the ready stance and cautioned Panaka to step back.

    Luke was full of restlessness and eagerness to be in the midst of the action. Flex his Jedi muscles, Leia knew. He was hardly subtle about it.

    Leia wanted to tell him: Be careful what you wish for; being in the midst of a battle wasn't all glory. Being a student of history, she knew that no one had come off the victor in the Clone Wars, even with the death of Darth Sidious. The war in some fashion was still going on, and the innocents suffered the most.
    Leia shrugged inwardly. Her opinions & outlook were influenced in no strong measure by her mother and her own involvement with the diplomatic side of things.

    Speaking of her mother, Leia gasped as she felt a spike of surprise from Padme, strong enough to project all the way on this side of the Palace.
    It must have something to do with the Senatorial hearing her mom was participating in, via hologram.

    She was distracted, but not too distracted to notice out of the corner of her eye that Luke was on the offensive.

    Leia laughed humorlessly and swept her own blade up and blocked his and pushed it to the side. (She had practiced with training remotes on varying levels of unpredictability for some time.)
    Reaching out with the Force, she deactivated both weapons and smirked. "Let's table this insipid task, which, don't deny it, you'd rather anyway, and go see what's going on." She knew her brother would want to know as much as she, if for vastly differing reasons.

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  24. Jerjerrod-Lennox

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Fortuna, rendezvous near Mimban

    It looked like the whole scum of the universe had turned up for this run.

    And they were not only up against a blockade of Imperials in space, but on the ground as well.

    Aboard Fortuna, his Baudo class yacht Pascale did feel a bit conspicuous in his ship. After all, it was considered more of a rich persons toy than a mercenary ship. But as they said, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. And Rouser had enough credits to throw around and the Fortuna did cost a packet. Even with just one laser cannon it could send a message other scoundrels would not forget….

    He’d allied himself with Black Sun at present as they had offered the most money out of the syndicates for lucrative contracts. And now here he was, above the swampy planet Mimban, tasked with finding an ancient temple where it was said a Kyber crystal may be lurking. Assisting him was a YT 2400 freighter, it’s mission to help insert Pascale and to run guns to the Coway tribe.

    Pascale had heard about what was going on in the galaxy, but so long as he could find treasures and make some money out of it, he didn't care. Black Sun may turn out to be a temporary assignment depending on how this run went and whether they could keep up the contracts to satisfy his desires.

    All he had been given for information was a recording of an unfortunate encounter between the Coway, a translator and some Imperials. I had ended up in a messy end with a simple misunderstanding during translation had led to everyone being killed. Rouser was an expert in several languages, however he would have to see if he could brush up on his Mimbanese, or maybe even see if he could try Coway.

    Perhaps he could find a treasure to appease them with or maybe if he tried to make sure there would be no mistakes in translation, he might get away scott free. It seemed these people did not like outsiders so he had to be careful or risk losing not only the crystal but his life.

    The leader of Black Sun the blonde haired human Dal Perhi was talking to him in a tone that Pascale thought sounded uncivilised.

    ‘That’s all the intel I have, I am afraid. And you’d best be grateful for that, considering no off-worlder has been able to visit Mimban without Imperial protection for a decade.’

    It will have to do he thought i’m sure a temple would stick out like a sore thumb. It was a shame he could not research the place beforehand but if offworlders were basically forbidden to visit without said protection it was probably the best they could come up with.

    A sniff, all superiority. ‘I am sure you’ll be able to deliver. You are a skilled man, after all, are you not, Pascale?

    The black haired blue eyed Rouser looked at him as if he was an idiot.

    “Rest assured, the crystal will be ours. Just make sure you deliver the credits when we are done and perhaps maybe I will be able to study it for archaeological reasons” he allowed a slight smile to cross his features “Make sure your boys and girls do their job and I will do mine”

    He continued “Perhaps to run the blockade he could try and get through posing as an archaeological team, there to explore some of the ancient structures that were down there. Hopefully the Imperial’s will take no notice, plus as my name still has clout i’m sure they will let us through”

    Pasacle did not mention that his name had been slightly tarnished due to his underworld reputation. Hopefully the Imperials would still see him as a respected archaeologist with possibly a little reward for letting him through.

    He got to work starting a quick scan of the planet to see if any structures stood out.

    If he did end up getting off the ship he would have to get changed. After all he didn't want one of his best suits getting dirty….

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  25. Master Vo'Un'Var

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Inquisitor Horus
    Mimban blockade line, aboard the Chimaera ready room

    The gleaming black armor of the 'Deathtroopers' were one of Inquisitor Horus' preferred designs of the Imperial Armor. It added a menacing tone which Horus so very much appreciated, the perfect color sche,e to show ones enemies before they die. He had arrived in the 'Chimaera' at the behest of Grand Inquisitor Jerec. He sighed. Horus had always been saddened by the fact that he could never meet Thrawn, the Chiss Admiral whose ship this destroyer had been named after. A man he so greatly respected in the Empire, but he was glad to see his legacy was being remembered. The grey-silver doors of the ready room slid open as Horus entered, he scanned the area. There he was, Inquisitor Jerec as a hologram, nothing more to be expected of the man.

    ‘We do not have time for pleasantries,’ said the Miraluka without preamble. ‘The main resistance to the Kyber crystals on this world Coway Tribesmen - the natives - have been located and we have detected several transmissions from this world to the independent systems and the Republic. As much as the latter will not wish to become involved, we can expect that some shadowy agents will appear.’

    ‘Perhaps even Jeei.’

    Horus silently let out a sigh, Jerec was rumored to be prone to talking, and so he was. ‘As you know; the numbered and named Inquisitors, initially trained by Darth Sidious, have all now fallen. The last few died on a secret mission for our Emperor to Malachor, with their Grand Inquisitor some weeks before aboard the Sovereign, above Eriadu. Very wasteful, but it serves to give us chance to prove our usefulness.’
    Horus looked up at the Hologram, he started to understand what Jerec was meaning.

    ‘So prove it.’

    From the corner of the room came a whirring and a droid in trooper armour emerged from a shadow; its black prismatic had made it vanish from view, draped in the shadows of his hologram; it had been deactivated, concealing it’s presence. The words had caused it to whir, alive. Electrified blades burst from its arms and it attacked. Horus sighed, he really did think this was a rather large waste of time. He dragged his blaster pistol from his holster and fired thrice at the droid, letting the smoking gun fall to the ground before he slid backwards. He reached behind his back and pulled out his lightsaber. He ignited it, letting it spin a few times before he sent a flurry of strikes at the droid as it drew closer.
    "This better not be too easy," Horus muttered.

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