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Star Wars Star Wars: Episode IV: Twilight of the Force: A Father’s Legacy - Game is now OVER!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Nov 20, 2018.

  1. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Aryan Graul
    Shuttle, Unknown Regions


    That was Aryan’s sole existence now that he had fled the galactic capital. There was no trajectory for his journey and no intended destination, only the infinite horizon that stretched on in all directions across the astral plane, encompassing both space and time as his shuttle hurtled forever deeper into the void.

    He was nowhere.

    That notion was surprisingly soothing. He had always known that the Unknown Regions would provide adequate protection from the perils of his own reality if he ever had to commit to a safe haven to hide. In fact, he was on the fringe of that wild frontier now…

    But why stop there?

    Why not continue on forever, endlessly adrift until his time in this universe expired? In some ways, that sounded like the more attractive option. Again, it was that concept of no longer feeling – of nothingness, that was so inviting. He had come close to achieving that once, why not try again? What was holding him back?

    Because you’re too selfish to willingly remove yourself as a piece in this game. No matter how bad things become, you can’t stand the thought of the galaxy moving on and surviving without you. You need to be there in some capacity…

    Maybe not now…but eventually.

    Bide your time.

    Aryan frowned at these intrusive thoughts, leaning forward in his seat to rub at his tired eyes. Where did that come from? Was he beginning to hear voices and lose himself to the unbroken silence that had descended upon the cabin, or had he just experienced some sort of epiphany?

    Before he had a chance to sort it out, the computer pinged with his next location, forcing the shuttle to drop temporarily from hyperspace to recalibrate to jump coordinates. As if on cue, a briefing package immediately downloaded to the shuttle’s main memory banks upon reversion, providing him with the sordid details of all that had transpired in the known galaxy since his absence...which amounted to a mere couple of hours.

    Is that all it’s been?

    Issuing a heavy sigh, Aryan brushed his thumb over the timestamp to confirm the passage of time – six standard hours. He lightly scoffed at this revelation; it felt much longer than that. But he supposed that existing in a state of perpetual uncertainty had the tendency to play tricks on the mind.

    Perhaps that is why he did not initially believe the reports about Coruscant burning, or simply did not have the strength of mind to muster a response. And yet, it was a disaster in every sense of the word – Arb had broken free of his chains, Death Watch had run things asunder, his decoy was dead, and the Admiralty was in chaos. It was almost poetic in a morbid kind of way.

    Despite all of these terrible things, he found that he did not care; let them burn and enjoy their victory.

    He was free.

    Perhaps he would return at some point, after everyone was gone; after everyone had forgotten.

    But for now, he would continue to run.

    Bide your time.

    Yes, he would certainly do that.

    With a cleansing breath to clear his mind, Aryan ran a hand through his tousled hair and accepted the new jump coordinates as they scrolled across the console display. He didn't even bother to thoroughly examine the readouts before settling back into the pilot's chair with another sigh of resignation. He simply pulled back on the lever and sent the shuttle careening into the unknown.

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  2. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Darth Maul
    Coruscant, Kashyyyk

    Darth Maul leaped into the Falcon and waved with his hand to shut the ramp. The hull would keep the droids out for now. As the Wookiee probably died he quickly stepped forth and brought out his red blade out and ignited it, working through the dozen camouflage droids who had just revealed themselves. It was close combat, a lightsaber was of greater use here than a gun. The blue blade he let go now and send it with the force hurling around into the droids out of his reach. The red twin blades he used to deflect blaster fire. Once he was close enough he slashed out quickly to destroy the droids. Droids. He was basically raised around them. They were easy and predictable for him. Familiar.

    He had felt the anomaly here. Right here. That was why he was here. He had jumped right into the center of it. Now it seemed like ... this whole thing made little sense.

    Walking over the possibly dead Wookiee to the cockpit he started the engines. This piece of chunk would at least get him back to his apprentice.

    The only way he could escape this trap was by being quick. So that was exactly what he tried to be.

    If the crystal was inside the ship he would look for it later. If not this whole trip had been a waste of time ...

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  3. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Ahsoka

    The vision faded, and she looked grim.

    It was impossible not to.

    It was why she had not sought out her former Master, when Morai showed her the truth.

    She already knew about Darth Vader.

    TAG: @BobaMatt (outstanding tag)
    IC: Director Krennic

    Arriving at the 13X, flagship of Admiral Teradoc, Mandalore system edge

    Long range sensors told Director Krennic all he needed to know. There was a terrific brawl shaping up deeper in-system, and he for one was happy that he was not dealing with it. He had, however, spent hyperspace formulating plans to start the next superweapon project, but it was pretty moot with his Death Star now perfected in Separatist hands, or indeed, he found out as he arrived, there being no Emperor and no capital to speak of.

    He rushed to the bridge, and before the turbolift doors opened he was speaking, preceding his Deathtroopers. "Have you heard?

    "That we have no Emperor, no capital, and no Senate?" Teradoc sniffed. "That Piett is trying to get the situation under control but is ill-equipped to do so? That Admirals Grunger, Drommel, Grant and even Harrsk are beginning to wonder aloud about who is really in-charge? About the rumours that Pestage lives, and has been in league with Sith terrorists? About this Dark Man who has revealed all the secrets of our former Emperor and General Skywalker?"

    Rumours that suggest he's actually Mas Amedda, gleaned from panicked Rebel transmissions.

    "It's chaos," Krennic said.

    "It may be for you," Teradoc said, gesturing to the screens. "All I have to do is wait until the fighting is over here and destroy the Rebellion once and for all. Then we can steamroll the surviving worlds." He pointed to a variety of secondary screens. "Vice Admiral Larm has deployed three Interdictor cruisers to surround the system, each escorted by a Carrack-class light cruiser. A handful of fighters may escape, but not many. Certainly not enough to continue this charade."

    "Which doesn't mean anything unless we have the Ultimate Weapon," Krennic hissed. Plans began to formulate... maybe a staggered withdrawal into the Unknown Regions, or Deep Core, to give them enough time to create a new weapon. The galaxy would takes years to oppress, and the weapon could hardly chase the Empire. An elite, ravenously loyal group of Imperials... he looked to Teradoc.

    Built around the man who won beat the Rebellion, perhaps?


    Linnett gave orders for a squadron to be deployed to track down the Ultimate Weapon, and whilst Dodonna had reports of its arrival at Kashyyyk, they only had four squadrons of fighters - three X-wing and one Y-wing, who were dedicated here. They could not disengage, and the droids were swarming them. The Gorgon, their only uncommitted asset, would be destroyed when the four Imperial Star Destroyers swept in.

    But if he didn't deploy, would Raddus be able to win alone? The Profundity, three Hammerhead corvettes, two frigates, four Corvettes... against a Trade Federation battleship, two light destroyers and four frigates... four squadrons against hundreds of droid fighters... They were long odds.

    Dodonna replied to Mandalore.

    "The fighters are committed, ma'am, we cannot deploy against the target."

    "Chancellor Organa, I shall see if I can target the battleship, of course..." Anakin Skywalker's advice, no doubt, but he was gone now. Advice three decades old - from the Battle of Naboo. Dodonna knew that the Separatists had dispersed their command network so that a single battleship loss would not cripple an army - even the half an army that the Separatists had left - but maybe they would be lucky.

    They hadn't the rest of the day.

    Then Saw Gerrera replied. Dodonna knitted his brow. Saw had hacked his private channel? No surprise. He didn't trust anyone. "Chancellor, I like how you think."

    Out of the debris of the Mandalorian battleship roared a corvette, going at a pace far beyond that of a normal corvette. Dodonna could only stare, before opening the channel to Raddus. "Support Gerrera!"

    On the ground

    Anakin's gambit had worked, and not quite, because the droid army, even halved, simply enfolded its numbers, and stepped in. A standard Trade Federation battleship could carry 139,000 battle droids, typically the awful skinny B1 models. So even if Anakin's commandeering of Blue Squadron had seen half of them destroyed, that still left nearly seventy thousand droids.



    They created a circle, and simply marched inward.

    Winter finished with Feyna's arm and handed her a blaster. Ka'rta had driven them from the ship, but Winter had appropriated a few grenades and two blasters along the way. They had to fight there way out. Making her way towards the edge of the rubble city, they had taken up a building not far from the approaching front-row. The droids were essentially swarming each building methodically, bleeding casualties as Mandalorians took street-fighting to a whole new level. Inevitably they would retreat or blow up the building with them inside, taking down a dozen or maybe two droids for each building, which invariably involved two or three warriors working in tandem.

    But they only had about five thousand Mandalorians, and that wasn't enough.

    Cutting across the silence, Winter spoke up. "It was Han's fault, not ours. He decided not to trust the galaxy. Whatever happened to him, even when we approached him with our trust, he never reciprocated. He relied upon Chewbacca to keep the Crystal on the move, and refused to let anyone else into the plan. There was no thought that Han's plan could go wrong. That Amedda could somehow track the Crystal. Not a single second-thought or consideration that we deserved to know."

    "Han betrayed us all, and every death is his fault." Winter steeled her voice. "Which is why he's not here, saving the day." She looked into orbit, but could only see the moon Concordia, which blocked out the majority of the battle. "The plan might work, but, it might not." She poked her head out, scanning the droids and quickly jotting down positions in the sand. She took a scan with her 'pad and uploaded it to Kar'ta and Linnett so they knew the locations of a few hundred B1's.

    "There is a fallen building here," Winter said, pointing at a gap in the enemy formation. "Their line is actually only a few dozen droids deep, from what I can see. They have to walk around the building, and no Mandalorians can hold it so there will a gap. We can make a run for it, before the line closes, and probably surprise them. Maybe split their numbers." Winter kept the line to Kar'ta open even if she hated them, but Winter was speaking to Feyna. "We just need to destroy the scouts,." She indicated a handful of droids rushing ahead to trip mines or discover enemy positions. Most of the enemy casualties had been to the scouts.

    "Can you run? Or do you want to lure them here?"

    Winter looked around their hovel. It was a blacksmith's of some kind. Lots of metal to confuse sensors, arguably.

    Whether that was heard or relevant to Ka'rta was not especially known. The spider droid exploded, luring in more B1 droids. Her Escort, wielding a pretty assault rifle, mowed them down, before leading them between two buildings. His helmet was on, and though the street maps were useless now, he could create a map with a sonar ping, and had been doing so. Every time a building was taken out, he updated and sent the images to Skirata, the older man keeping up just about. They reached a corner and his hand shot out, a knife whistling past Kar'ta's shoulder to embed in a droid head. He fished it out as they passed.

    They were on the move, but options were running low. Every now and then they reinforced a position or not, but eventually they had to stop while the map updated. Their actions had led to a sizeable chunk of the enemy following them, and they ended up in a building with three other red-armoured Mandalorians. A steady rain of blaster fire was chewing into the stone wall, and it was getting louder, indicating that the wall was eroding. Skirata breathed heavily. "Wish you'd taken that ruddy Darksaber, Kar'ta. You're here and where is Linnett? Back aboard the Osik?"

    "I have clankers - SPDs, four of them, marching forward," said one of the red Mandalorians, poking his head from an opening in the wall. As he turned to give the update, a bolt snuck through the gap and took him in the throat. He was Death Watch, sure, but he had thrown in with them, here and now. He died a Mandalorian, Skirata supposed.

    The building shook, and Skirata eyed the stairs to the roof. "Shall we, Kar'ta?" He held out two blaster pistols. Her Escort checked his fuel lines. "I have enough for one jump to another roof..."

    Skirata didn't check. "I don't." He didn't even have a jetpack. Nor had they found a specific position for Kar'ta to unload the majority of her weaponry yet.

    Unless that was here, and now, with a sea of B1s at street-level, and behind the building, dozens more houses and hovels and pubs and homes and shops... but in-front, albeit exposed, was nothing more than said sea.

    The Osik was grounded, and empty apart from two guards who were with their Mandalore - Feyna and Winter were long gone. This was perhaps beyond her, was field commanding, but this scale of an engagement was beyond everyone. She had access to everything Feyna and Winter were transmitting, everything Dodonna was saying to Raddus, and Saw to the rest. They just had to crunch the numbers, and lose, as far as anyone could see.

    You cannot win without the Force, Madelyn.

    Master Zey.

    I created your chance by sacrificing myself. I know that you wanted to honour your parents, and honour your heritage. You wanted to live, and connect all the loose ends of your life together. But now... it is about one lightsaber against an army.

    The Force indicated the Darksaber.

    You just need to choose where to make your stand, and with whom. The Force will be with you if you let go of all that you fear to lose, Madelyn.

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    IC: Darth Wyyrlok I

    Kashyyyk orbit, Ultimate Weapon

    The Dark Man mused. While he was unhappy that half the droid army was gone, the net result would be the same. The Separatists would win, or lose, and collapse, or the Rebels would win, or lose, and collapse, and his Empire would sweep in and end them all.

    The Crystal was safely aboard, and being installed as he mused.

    Maul was below, and would shortly discover that he had missed his chance. That the scrying pool had given him half-a-dozen options and he had sought to thwart the Dark Man without knowing a thing about him; he could have done anything for his new pupil, but had opted to die. He could even have hunted Ananke, who was about to be ensnared. He could have fulfilled the Rule of Two and corrected the imbalance between them.

    What a disappointing Sith. Ananke had at least the artfulness to overthrow her master and abandon him to die... it had been interference from the Force itself which had freed Maul from Malachor.

    The Dark Man sniffed. Clearly Maul's role was fulfilled in causing Luke Skywalker to fall. But even then, the Dark Man suspected that Luke had usurped another's destiny, from his glimpses in the scrying pool. But that was one less loose end, so who was concerned about another Sith acolyte killed.

    The turbulence that Maul's ship had felt was Amedda's cloaked ship, returning to orbit. The Wookiee Chewbacca had been left to die as mere bait. Amedda's flooding of the immediate area around the planet had been achieved by the geometry of the Ultmate Weapon, and Maul had dived straight in, fancying himself the hero, no doubt. Anakin had left Mandalore, of that the Dark Man had no doubt.

    He had promised not to use his superweapon, of course not. But the Dark Man had plenty of traditional weapons.

    Turbolasers pierced out, a steady rain intending to drum down on the Wookiee city, and destroy everything. He looked to the Super Tactical Droid. The new one, anyway, as Wyyrlok had smashed the last for allowing Rouser to escape. "Did we disable the Falcon's hyperdrive?"

    The droid looked back. "The ships build was non-standard. We did attempt to. I doubt it will prove functional for long if it functions at all."

    Wyyrlok demurred. That was not as clear-cut as he would like. But between the assassin droids, the commando droids, and even the droideka defending the cockpit, there was plenty to kill Maul before he managed to get the Falcon into orbit, and then he would have to avoid a few dozen turbolaser bolts.

    Not easy, the Dark Man wondered. Within the feat of Maul? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

    As it was, he made sure to position the Ultimate Weapon so, with the moons and other cartographical asides, that Maul would either have to advance on the Ultimate Weapon... or flee to Korriban. At which point, once Ananke was aboard, he would simply have them kill each other or he would head to Mandalore to kill Anakin's son. One way or another, this was over.

    He would send ships after Rouser, and treacherous Graul, and drag them back, and make them do as he told them - he already had his droids working the numbers and trajectories that the droids and Pestage had supplied from Imperial sources.

    They were just pieces on his game board, and they would do as they were told. Rouser would lead the Underworld for him; Graul, the Empire; Ananke, she would be his siren, hunting down his foes. Maybe he'd let Graul pardon Organa and install her as his tame Chancellor, creating the illusion of a constitutional monarchy and bringing peace to the galaxy. The Ultmate Weapon could be renamed the Justice Star, and their true work could commence. After all, he had other things and sentiments to address.

    But then, Ananke's ship escaped his tractor beam.

    Wyyrlok reduced the Super Tactical Droid to atoms, and snarled. "Open fire!"

    Outside the Weapon

    Braata taught Ananke the technique in record time, but then it became apparent why the Ultimate Weapon was named thus. It began to spew fire, and Arek rushed to calculate hyperspace trajectories while he let Ananke control her ship. They had not been in immediate weapon range so the battle droids manning the guns had yet to find the range, but they would, incompetent gunners or not - there were a lot of gunners.

    The Holocron spoke soothingly. "You need to merge with the Force, become the flow. It will protect you, and if you allow the flow to wash over you and propel you forward..."

    Braata rattled off techniques, ways to extend ones innate precognitive abilities into the Force. Not quite the forbidden skill of flow-walking, but probably not far from Aing-Tii battle-sight.

    Then Arek hit upon it.

    En route to Nowhere, Unknown Regions

    Lyz had just about managed to follow the data-packet upload along this route, and barely managed to trace Aryan to deeper into the Unknown Regions.

    He was running, that was to be sure.

    She managed to forward an update about Mandalore - the Intel that was sweeping the Imperial network that this Dark Man was in-fact Amedda, who had never died, and had merely faked his death, undoubtedly to lure them all into his trap. Rumours were that the key Crystal was in-fact at Kashyyyk, and Amedda already had it, and the Ultimate Weapon, and was in the process of winning the war.

    Maybe Lyz hoped that information would make a difference, and convince Aryan to come back. She was in the process of desperately trying to track down Arek to try that angle, but she might as well invent something. But what? She'd told so many damn lies to get to here, and thinking of a new and convincing one was impossible now.

    Not too dissimilarly en route to Somewhere, but not sure when

    The Epistle of Marka Ragnos was an interesting treat.

    It read pretty clearly as follows, once Rouser found the right translation matrix.

    The Master told me that I would rule one day, in opposition to a Dark One. He had foreseen it. My kaggath with Simus took us to the edge of the galaxy, travelling routes long lost to the Sith that the Master had jealously guarded, and bequeathed upon me, routes that took me closer to the territory of the hated Jedi than any Sith had been for nearly two thousand years.

    We found little on the Coreward world but a graveyard, and I added the body of Simus and his followers to it. His head, by unnatural sorcery, survived, and he beseeched me to bring him back to Ziost. That I did, and he became one of my twelve Lords, and joined my Council. A century of Golden Rule followed. My prize from that graveyard of a world was a Scepter, which I named my own, and used to siphon the Force from those who failed me, and to bequeath the Force upon those who succeeded. A gift from the Dark, I have taken it as.

    With it I forged two amulets that when connected would allow me to return - two halves of an anchor. Another I shall create within the Scepter, and make it my own. But the Dark One was not Simus. A threat though he was, he was no great foe. Just a stepping stone to my rule.

    I shall discover the Dark One and cause him to rise to power. But I shall also prepare for his treachery, thus the amulets... thus my securing the future. My Scepter will make my successor; I shall bequeath it carefully.

    But I have time.

    My Golden Age will last a century yet.

    I have foreseen it.

    There was more to the Epistle, but the hyperspace chimed. They were decanting... for some reason. Was the randomised route complete? Or had they hit something. Rouser had a short moment to intervene before the hyperspace kicked back in, before the error looped anew and sent him going.

    But two things would interfere. Firstly, the Echo, which had been silent to this point, rose up, causing a spasm to Rouser's form as his senses exploded outward, and then narrowed, as if he was being tugged - it did not truly pull at him, it purely told him a way, forward, along their feasible route.

    Secondly, he had imbibed too much alcohol. Standing would be the equivalent of the entire world being upended and the gravity switching off - whilst none of those things actually happened!

    Korriban, Necropolis, Cloister of XoXaan

    There was a very little known fact about Korriban. The power of the dark side was so incredible, and so focused, that it actually bent time. Impossible, I know. In theory, one could spend a few years on Korriban, in certain, particularly concentrated parts of the world, especially in certain, old, old tombs, and for the rest of the galaxy some decades would have taken place. There was a world deep in the Core which had the same effect, and one could spend a decade or so there, and century would pass.

    Much was the same on Korriban.

    Time was passing for Luke, and he was learning.

    But the knowledge, the failures of his Master - or was it former Master? Were replete. Pestage was gone; Kast was gone. The great network that Maul had was undone. Maul himself had ran headlong into a trap, caused by a Sith shrine that Wyyrlok had been using for decades...

    ... Luke's knowledge was thus very limited...

    ... but he did receive a brief vision of a moonlet coming to Korriban and a green superlaser destroying the entire world.

    Which was, of course, a possibility.

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  4. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    Mace WIndu
    The mirror cave...

    From what Ahsoka had told him, he already knew precisely why he was seeing this endless line of visions of himself, some very different, others only subtly, all moving in perfect synchronicity with him but none exactly the same. There was a simple reason for that. He looked, tried to peer to the end of the line, but of course that was foolish: there was no end. No end. Because he wasn't supposed to exist. There was no reality where he was meant to be alive, now. He should have died. For a moment he wondered when, but of course he knew. The Force guided him to an answer: he was meant to die in Palpatine's office. All of these pale imitations were impossibilities, as if the cave was a trash pail of wasted potentials. Windu closed his eyes, centered himself, took a deep breath...and opened again. The reflections were just reflections again. He was alone with himself, rather than one ghost in a crowd of ghosts. He called the Force to his knees and leapt from the cave. He landed, upsetting some porgs and receiving a confused and disapproving look from some of the caretakers. He would have to see Ahsoka.

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  5. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Darth Maul

    Darth Maul speed up the ship and kept it low to the treeline, putting all shields to the aft part. This piece of chunk was surprisingly nimble. He began evasive maneuvers and prepared for orbit, preparing to jump to Korriban.

    Once he was in the position he pushed the ship up and just as he reached the higher levels of the atmosphere pulled back the lever activating the hyperdrive. He would either die here or at the end of this journey. He had accepted this fate already.

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  6. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005

    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Firenze, still going into the Unknown

    Pascale was still going through the artifacts and unfortunately was now on his fourth or fifth glass of exotic alcohol (he couldn't quite remember now) but he knew he was about close to becoming wasted.

    He didn't care though, he was enjoying himself before his inevitable death.

    He was however managing to chronicle what he had learnt even though his brain was full with alcohol. He had been on binges before but usually it was with other colleagues or women. And he could usually hold his drinks, he could drink a few and still be compos mentis. However whatever was in this exotic concoction was making him feel rather drunk. He was definitely going to have one hell of a hangover.

    Meanwhile he was making his way through the Epistle of Marka Ragnos which was interesting in what it revealed thanks to the translation matrix on his datapad (spared no expense on that either). It was referencing a Dark One whether it was something akin to a Dark Man in his time Pascale didn't know. But it seemed he had taken someone called Simus with him on his quest. And then after defeating Simus under some kind of sorcery this Simus’s head survived.

    Pascale had to shudder at that. Why would you take someone's head with you? And how did it survive with no body? It was probably too gruesome to contemplate.

    After bringing his head back to Ziost which Pascale knew was a rumored homeworld of the Sith this Simus became a Dark Lord and joined his Council Ragnos then ruled for a century and it was intriguing how Ragnos was able to live that long, probably thanks to some dark side trickery.

    The Scepter of Ragnos though Pascale had heard of. It was said in the underworld that it would be a grand collectors item for whomever had it. Rumors were that it had changed hands repeatedly and was possibly back on Pascale’s home planet of Commenor but that could not be verified. It was described as more of a sword than a scepter but it would have been great for research and study. And it wouldn't be the first time Pascale could have scooped up either a Jedi or Sith artefact.

    It looked like Ragnos was using it to strengthen his followers and grant Force sensitivity to those who wish to join him. To those that failed their Force sensitivity was sucked from them. But the ultimate goal was to bring the Dark One to ascension. And he had planned ahead with creating the amulets. It seemed his rule was unchallenged since it seemed Ragnos died peacefully and not in battle.

    I’ll bet he would have loved what is going on in the galaxy right now….

    Suddenly Firenze’s navicomputer began to ping, were they coming out of hyperspace? He managed to slowly get himself up off the chair but regretted it as the room began to spin out of control. He managed to gather his wits and hold on to the chair but he was too wobbly to get to the cockpit right now.

    So he now had a choice, either let the ship jump again or stop. They had not exploded which meant the good news was that they had not hit anything, well not yet anyway. Perhaps the computer was just decanting for a quick stop and then to continue on to its final destination. Wherever that was, it could be nowhere.

    The Echo meanwhile had woken up and decided to make Pascale’s body spasm as his senses came back in full force. And it was giving Pascale an immediate headache.

    Yes, should not have had a few drinks of that…..

    The Echo was tugging him somehow not physically but it was intuiting something. A feasible route. To where though? To the middle of nowhere or to life perhaps? Perhaps it had sensed something along that route. The Echo hadn't let him down so far, it had helped him find the Force and eject the beast, literally from himself. Perhaps it was telling him he was going to live. Perhaps it was stopping him.

    Sorry my friend but if you are trying to stop me, think again.

    If there was any chance of life then he was going to take it. A new life, a life where he could keep his wealth and maybe get some from selling one or all of these artifacts. He had chronicled all he could and he would keep it as part of his continued adventures.

    Yes he could give up and drink himself into a stupor and probably kill himself by drinking but he was not one to give up. In Archeology you never gave even if you were beaten by another competitor or if the artifacts was not in the place you thought it was, you got back on the horse and carried on.

    He could let himself be consumed by his Echo, what he could have been, what he should have been, but he was content with the Echo being his partner of sorts. It was a reminder of what could have happened, but him and the Echo would work together to provide a better future for himself anyway.

    The Echo was telling him he didn't have much time before the ship jumped again so he managed to stagger himself to the cockpit as quickly as he could even though it was making him nauseous, he tried to use the Force to try and cleanse himself a bit, well if it worked that way anyway.

    Follow the road….

    He made it to the cockpit and managed to input the coordinates that the Echo was giving him hoping that this worked and that he didn't end up either going into a hole or splattered against a planet.

    I choose to live. Here goes nothing….

    He had chosen to carry on.

    Now to see the results.

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  7. TheSilentInfluence

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett

    Madelyn felt lost. She knew what she wanted to do. What she needed to; but found herself sitting on the ramp of the Osik instead; staring towards Ka'rta; the rest of her people. Madelyn frowned and stood up just before Master Zey reached out to her, told her to let go.

    I know Master. But how can I lead my people when I'm afraid of losing everything? Does that make me selfish? I can't even remember by own parents...

    ... attachment leads to the dark side, Madelyn. You have the Force again, and, thus, a responsibility to act. If you don't, who will?

    voice was soft, almost fatherly. She could almost feel his hand upon her shoulder.

    You are not selfish. You just want to save everyone, and not everyone can be. Sometimes, they need to save themselves. Ka'rta, Feyna, Winter - they all need your help, but you are just one Jedi. Do you head to them, or do you make your own front, diverting forces from them both?

    Attachment can save people too Master. Ka'rta's attachment to me saved me.
    She sighed and relaxed as he put his hand on her shoulder. If I can lead the forces away it would give the others enough time to stop this? I think I understand...but there's so many droids Master...what if I get too afraid to act?

    Madelyn wiped her eyes, biting her lip and staring hard at the ground. I wish I had never gotten hurt in the first place.

    Fear is only the fear of loss, Madelyn.
    Zey's voice was soft.

    You will never be alone, my old Padawan.

    His touch began to soften. His time was nearly up.

    Madelyn looked up sharply. The fear of loss...Madelyn took a deep breath, reaching out to the force to help her let go. Master...thank you. For helping me and...teaching me. Madelyn picked up the darksaber in her hands, feeling at peace with herself. I need to let go off everything I fear to lose.

    Madelyn shut her eyes, allowing the force to travel through her. She turned to her guards and motioned for them to follow as she walked towards Ka'rta and the rest of the Mandalorian's she had sworn to protect.

    "High in the halls of the Vode who are gone, Mand'alor would dance with her ghosts. The one's she had lost and the one's she had found and the ones who had loved her the most..."

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Ka'rta

    Ka'rta's heart was pounding in her ears, blaster shots rang out around her barely missing her armor. It wasn't fear coursing through her veins it was the thrill of combat. The shockwave of her rocket thudded in her chest taking her breath away, but only for a moment. Droids rushed her, she turned grinning like a mad woman. Her Escort's blaster rifle opened up on the rushing clankers. Her own rifle joined his in a duet of destruction, mowing down wave after wave of spindly droids. Golden bolts cut through their lines their tinny computerized voices buzzing as they crumpled to the ground with a satisfying metallic crash.

    Pressing further her and her partner continued their path annihilation, buildings falling down around them. A great cloud of dust caused by one of the collapsing structures sweeps across her, it would have obscured her vision were it not for her visor compensating. Through the dust she could see the thin forms of the B1s and the chunky Supers. Her weapon pulsed against her shoulder as she let off round after round into the gloom, dropping droid after droid.

    Another sound like distant thunder rolled, another tower falling upon the enemy.

    'Yes burn it all down.' the voice inside her purred, 'destroy it all, leave nothing for them to take.' In the cloud she rushed forward the pain in her leg an afterthought as she lept knee first into the chest of an approaching super battle droid, her rifle unloading right into its face plate turning what passed for a brain into slag. As it topled, her riding it all the way down, she rolled coming up on a knee dropping another line of B1s. The grin hadn't left her face, it had been so long since she'd ever felt this overwhelming joy, this excitement in her heart, this thrill of dancing on the knife's edge, it'd been a while since she felt this alive.

    Her Escort kept them on the right path, updating his map with every building that fell. Rounding a corner she saw movement. Raising her blaster she paused for only a second seeing Skirata step in front of her tossing a knife. She didn't flinch as it burrowed into the head of an approaching battle droid.

    The trio moved from position to position leaving broken machines in their wake. Some couldn't be salvaged, and they fell back, some could be used as a foothold to push forward. Coming around a building a squad of B1s greeting them. With a swift kick to the knee the lead clanker fell to the ground leaving the path open to take down the others behind it. Her rifle barrel steamed with heat as it spat bolt after bolt, clearing the alley before her. With that done, she put a final blast into the head of the droid still kneeling before her.

    They rushed up a building moving to aid some mandalorians trapped up there. Going room to room clearing them as the went. Reaching the floor the Death Watch were hold up in, they took to cover, letting her Escort's map update. It was a constantly shifting battlefield and information was a valuable tool when keeping it straight. Popping up over the wall she let off the final rounds with her rifle. Sparks and flame burst from in causing her to throw it away. It bounced off the rubble landing in the sea of metal before detonating with a brilliant flash.

    She fell back rejoining Skirata and the Ordo Escort. "Wish you'd taken that ruddy Darksaber, Kar'ta." The older man growled out, "You're here and where is Linnett? Back aboard the Osik?"

    "She's fine under guard, give her some time, takes a bit to get going."

    "I have clankers - SPDs, four of them, marching forward," One of the Death Watch turned to report, it was their last words as a bolt struck them in the throat. As they crumpled Ka'rta felt nothing, they were nothing to her. Just more bits of armor shambling around.

    "Shall we, Kar'ta?" Skirata asked holding out two blasters looking towards the stairs. She took them with a smile checking the powercells.

    "I have enough for one jump to another roof..." Her Escort reported checking his fuel lines. That was good, but Skirata couldn't follow, no jetpack. That complicated things. Running through her options and looking at the map, she nodded her head.

    "Right we head up," she said looking out over the ocean of droids. "Get a better look at things, and find a place to throw this." she gestured to the thermal detonator on her belt. "Put that in the right place and we can make a dent in their numbers." Letting out a breath, she turned to her Escort, "things go south we jump to the next building try and draw them to us and give you an opening." She looked between Skirata and The Escort, looking for confirmation. Once that was given she was up those stairs.

    At the top she looked around scanning for anything that could give her detonator just that extra boost to destroy a whole swath of clankers. In the distance she saw Madelyn darksaber in her hand.

    "See told you, give her some time."

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    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Princess Feyna Organa

    She heard Dodonna—and then Saw Gerrera—acknowledge the order, and heard Dodonna’s order to Raddus as Gerrera headed up to attack the Separatists’ command ship. I hope this works…

    But the way their luck was running lately, she tried not to be too optimistic.

    The brief hold-off on the Separatists’ part had allowed the Rebels and the Mandalorians to eradicate nearly half of the droids’ ground forces, but they were still laughably outnumbered, and the droid starfighters had now re-joined the fight.

    Feyna and Winter had separated from Linnett and Ka'rta, and were currently holed up in what appeared to be a smithy. A line of scout droids were approaching, and their choices were to either run out and meet them, hopefully take them by surprise, or stay put and draw them into an ambush.

    "Can you run? Or do you want to lure them here?"

    Neither option was particularly appealing, and tempting as it was to stay here, in relative cover, Feyna worried that the droids might box them in.

    She checked the safety on her blaster. "I can run. I'd rather not give them a chance to trap us in here."

    Though very possibly we might die either way. She silently prayed that Anakin's idea would work, glancing skyward to the battle she couldn't see. Good luck, Gerrera.

    And good luck to us.

    They were going to need it.

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    IC: Qi'ra/Ananke
    The Aurora, fleeing

    As soon as the Aurora broke free of the tractor beam, Ananke felt it. She let out a breath that she had been unknowingly holding and wiped several beads of sweat from her brow, disengaging from her deep dive into the connections of the Force. It had been no easy feat, learning something so involved under such restrictive time constraints, but she had managed. Braata’s presence being the sole reason they even stood a chance now against Amedda, or the creature formerly known as.

    Darth Wyyrlok wasted no time in trying to end her for her efforts to escape and she absently wondered why he even gave a damn – he could not know of Arek and she had never wanted what he apparently did. Though, she supposed she couldn’t blame him for recognizing the potential threat in her strength. That was worth noting.

    Still, none of it would matter if she and her ship were vaporized right here and now. Ananke returned to listening to the voice from the holocron with fervor, obeying her instructions and maneuvering the Aurora repeatedly out of harm’s way. At first it felt easier than she would have thought, against the gargantuan weapon that bore down on them. That feeling did not last long, the strain of keeping this fight up already taking its toll and nearly exhausting her energies in no time at all. How much longer could she keep this up? How much longer did she have to live?

    But then Arek, his usefulness continuing to rise, found their way out. An old hyperspace route that would drop them far into the Unknown Regions, in an entirely unknown and foreign piece of space. The thought gave her a thrill of fear, but it was their only option if they wanted to survive. With a curl of her lips, she recalled the familiar shape of the other yacht that had fled the Ultimate Weapon just a few minutes prior. Perhaps Rouser had located this same hyperlane, and perhaps this would grant her the opportunity to catch up to him, have a word or two, before she destroyed his new ship just as she did the old. This time, with him aboard.

    “Do it!” she shouted at her apprentice, inhaling deeply as the pull of uncertainty gripped her once again. She added her own calculations to the ship’s main controls as Arek would work the same into the navi comp, which he conveniently had a masterful handle on. Glancing at the haunting outline of Braata, she narrowed her eyes and wondered if she had a hand in that as well.

    Positioning herself and returning her attentions to Arek, Ananke looked intently at the boy and relayed her own intense concentration to him through the Force. He needed to focus just as hard as she was, they needed to do this together.

    “3… 2… 1…”

    The stars elongated outside the viewport before the unlikely trio, and the Aurora entered the whirling blue tunnel of hyperspace, beginning its journey to parts – and futures – unknown.

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Aryan Graul
    Shuttle, Unknown Regions

    The chime on the computer console roused Aryan from a light, restless sleep, warding off the last remnants of the vivid nightmares that had haunted his unconscious mind while he slept. With a sharp gasp, he sat upright in the pilot’s chair, the perspiration on his brow matting his hair and causing heavy locks to fall down across his line of sight. He instinctively reached up to brush the wayward strands away from his forehead and tempered his erratic breathing as the interior of the shuttle began to swim back into view.

    He relaxed marginally when he noticed that everything was as he had left it – his small duffel discarded carelessly on the seat beside him; the gentle thrum of the engines beneath his feet; the unbroken silence that encompassed the cockpit in an almost perfect calm.

    except for the persistent flashing on the main console – the alarm that had awakened him in the first place. That’s when Aryan noted that the familiar kaleidoscopic whirl outside the forward viewport had also ceased, signaling the shuttle’s reversion back to real space. No doubt that was the source of the alarm; the computer was recalibrating for the next jump.

    But no, there was more.

    Leaning forward to study the details of the readout, Aryan frowned to discover that the shuttle’s mainframe had downloaded yet another data package from the Core. This one contained a far more troubling reality than the first, one that the Imperial Intelligence Network had verified personally through their own channels: Mas Amedda had survived, and he was masquerading as the mysterious Dark Man, under the guise of Darth Wyyrlok. According to the reports, he had the crystal in his possession and had claimed the Ultimate Weapon for himself; he was winning the war.

    This news should have spurred something inside of him; perhaps a spark to reignite his fervor, or the need to enact revenge for all the terrible wrongs Amedda had committed against the galaxy at large. Particularly the personal betrayal that had ultimately cost him everything – his career and reputation.

    His legacy.

    But he felt nothing. Aryan was numb to it all.

    He was even beginning to question the veracity of the reports. Had the Imperial Networks fabricated the story to serve as a cover-up for the turmoil that had gripped the Empire since his departure? It wasn’t uncommon for them to utilize evasive methods to protect their image. Aryan had witnessed it countless times throughout his tenure within the Imperial Senate.

    Why would this be any different?

    And even if it was true, what could he possibly do at this point? He didn’t have the means to stop it, so why should he care? In a sense, the Republic and the Empire – the galaxy – had brought this on themselves with their lack of insight. He had already tried to bring peace; it was now their responsibility to pick up the pieces of their shattered governments and attempt to bring balance to the chaos.

    He had tried...and failed.

    And so, he was done with it all.

    With a weary sigh, Aryan switched off the report and reclined back in the chair, his hand returning to his face to rub at his eyes as the computer cycled through the latest coordinates. When it had completed its task, he initiated the jump to continue his journey into the unknown.

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    IC: Crepusculum

    The box was open; it’s importance both revealed and not.

    It was empty.

    But serendipity was released.

    In the data that Ananke received from Arb, that Wyyrlok received from Piett via Pestage, and in the data the sensors of the Ultimate Weapon and Ananke’s yacht picked up, was an incongruity.

    The hyperspace trajectories of Aryan Graul and Pascale Rouser met. Let’s say you followed the line they formed until they met. Just trace it with your finger.

    Because when it happens, arrows will fly, and a Gate in the Force will be exposed where they all meet; bring the Key, or one, or three, and the way will be opened. The Door to the Light will be found for a Time, but, Well, it won’t be what is expected.

    This was a fact told to Sistros, whispered into his ear, as a matter of fact, thirty six millennia ago.

    What ‘it’ was, he knew at the time of it being discussed. But of course, nobody without that context would know.


    It was a fact that Rouser and Graul’s trajectories would meet, in the southern half of the Unknown Regions, above a world that was all sea, and just one, isolated, unimportant, island.

    Of course, their stories could just end and this fact would not be followed; Rouser could succumb to madness, consumed by his Echo or even the artefacts before him; Aryan could kill himself, and the moment would be lost. The two could pass beyond the galactic barrier, or Ananke could simply not follow them, too tempted by the Dark Man’s. Indeed, they could just refuse to play the Game any longer and leave. The chapter entitled Twilight of the Force, or it would have been, had the Master, the great narrator of all stories, known about this chapter.

    Rouser could settle on a frontier world and live happily ever after off the money he could obtain selling even one of the artefacts; Ananke could withdraw into the shadows and continue the Rule of Two off the grid with Arek until Wyyrlok was inevitably defeated; Aryan could cease to be himself and attempt to start anew, his wayward wife pursuing him for all eternity.

    Then there would not be three, but there would be two... but a Key. A key was already there, on Ach-To, strapped to Master Windu’s waist...

    ... the Dagger of Mortis was that key.

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    This was a secret tag for the first of those three posters. For the first times, I warned them of the consequences of jumping forward, and onwards, and the result of @galactic-vagabond422 destroying that box.

    @Kev-Mas_Colcha, @Mitth_Fisto (shhh)
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    IC: Winter

    Battle of Mandalore

    She nodded, and began to run out of the building. Blaster fire chewed at the doorway, but Winter stopped and fired back, covering Feyna. But, that was the last point where they could rest. Droids began to methodically tear apart the buildings they took cover behind, and the moment Winter moved them on a projectile would find their cover. There was an array of bodies along the way, all Mandalorians, and so Winter and Feyna would be able to pick up blasters and grenades as they ran, even if their weapons depleted. The droid army was hot in pursuit, an almost infinite tide.

    Every now and then a Mandalorian would pop out of a doorway or window to divert the tide, only to fall. As it happened time and time again, Winter could not think that they were dying for Feyna - for what she represented; for democracy itself.

    Winter knew that she would hate that. That she hated every single life that had been spent for her, or lost by her, or given to her. But Feyna had to steel herself, here, and now, or collapse and die. There was no in-between here - and Winter had absolute faith in her. They paused for breath beside a burned down hovel, but the clanking did not stop, and B1 droids rounded the house in short order - a blaster shot skimmed Winter's cheek; another burnt a hole through Feyna's dress, but she suffered no more wounds. Not yet, anyway.

    Firing as she ran, Winter screamed at Feyna to go.

    The sun began to set, such that it was, and the darkness crept in as they fled.

    It had been hours since they had drank, had ate, had rested. Winter skipped up over a Mandalorian helmet, but managed to prop the body up to take the blaster shot. She shoved the body at the droids, three of which tripped, and were promptly crushed as another six followed. The helmet, bereft of the head it had protected, rolled up to where Feyna was, but they had little time to think.

    They were on the raggedy edge.


    Linnett would become the focal point of several dozen battle droids at a time. Before she made it to Ka'rta's position, her two guards were dead, but a dozen Mandalorians rallied to their leader to support her. They, too, died. A rumbling occurred, and it became apparent that the droids had identified her location, giving Ka'rta and her team their target at last - a Trade Federation AAT tank, which was rushing forward to destroy Linnett.

    Skirata pointed at it as he wobbled - the droids were pulling apart the entire building with massed fire, and he fired a few shots down the steps behind them, but another half a dozen droids were forcing their way up regardless. A blaster depletion alarm rang out, and Skirata snarled, drawing his dagger and a vibroblade. "Up to you, Ka'rta!" He dove into the fray, his armour taking shots even as he wrestled a dozen clankers into debris. Before he reached the bottom of the stairs and gave what had to be nearly fifty droids squashed into the lower level an open shot, he leapt off the penultimate step into the mass.

    Half a dozen droids paid the plight of their comrades no heed and started up the steps; another few hundred droids simply methodically continued to shoot apart the building, even as another fifty readied to enter the battered building. Her Escort peppered the crowd with fire, taking down more than a few dozen, before he suddenly turned, and saw the MandalMotors tower, surrounded by freighters that remained powering the orbital shield.

    "Ka'rta, we need to bring it down. Maybe the chain reaction will blow the freighters, blow the army - most of the City, too - probably not those on the front, though."

    But as far as the eyes could see, there were droids. The front where Ka'rta, the escort, Linnett, Feyna and Winter were, it was not a line they were holding - the majority of the droid army was massed in the heart of the city. Apart from, of course, the tank.

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    IC: Ahsoka


    Mace trudged over as she maintained her silent guard of the island. It was a natural place, both the light and the dark. She had not opted to step into the tree and view the sacred Jedi texts; she was not a Jedi any longer.

    What she was, she dare not utter aloud, or even think, for concern that it would draw his eye. Morai fluttered to her shoulder, and keened sadly.

    Ahsoka did not look to him. She merely stated. “So, you now know.”

    He knew that he was destined to die at the hands of the Dark Lord of the Sith, on that day, in that attire. “Anakin was supposed to have betrayed you, and Sidious would have cut you down.”

    “It was changed.” Ashoka would have said more, had the Force not required her attention. She nodded to where she was looking. “They have arrived.”

    In orbit

    The cartography of the Force was such that impossible feats could be achieved with it. A hyperlane from Metellos to Ilum; granted by vision. A route from Empress Teta to Korriban; granted by the combined powers of two Force using twins. Such routes were miracles, and impossibilities. For them to occur at all was the result of, as was suggested, serendipity.

    Said element of nature occurred today.

    Two leaps of faith, of despair, one by Rouser, the other by Aryan, they intersected. Behind them, a leap of vengeance, and a leap of manipulation, one by Ananke with Arek in tow, the other by Lyz. It was an aside that only of two of them needed to make the leap; had Aryan not, Lyz would have inadvertently followed his original heading out of, well, out of love.

    Not the good kind, of course.

    Rouser and Aryan arrived above Ach-To first. Their sensors chimed with an imminent collision a moment before they arrived; whether they were seated, or indeed belted in, one could not say. But at no small fraction of light-speed they shuddered to a stop, sensors screaming at them. A scrape of metal upon metal, and damage alarms, but not comms, not life support, but hull integrity, but the hyperdrives, the two ships were suddenly in atmosphere, and the only island of land that could be found was the selfsame one that Ahsoka stood.

    Not a handful of seconds later, Ananke and Lyz arrived, and much of the same interplay occurred, in terms of damage, though there were two differences. One, Lyz came across the open comms to swear profusely at whomever she had slammed into; Aryan and Ananke and Rouser would know she was here, though not all of them may recognise her.

    Two, an awful resonance arose in the Force between Arek, Ananke and Rouser. It was the introduction of the third that caused it; Arek screamed, clutching his head, for he was ill-trained in the skills of the Force. Braata shut down, hiding herself as Arek threw everything lose and unmoored to the ship at the bulkheads. Rouser would have a similar pain level - but the adult mind to handle it; Ananke would have both the mind and the training to survive the echo of echos. It was as if they had arrived on the same wavelength, impossibly.

    Ahsoka and Mace would dimly detect the wave of pain, but Ahsoka mainly noted that Ananke’s yacht would likely end up putting down in the ocean by the island due to it’s size. Which was good, for it was obvious as possible that Ananke was a Sith Lord. Aryan would feel a needling, but what that meant was unclear; survival was the point of the day.

    Lyz would feel nothing, and would wish for functioning weapons to blast everyone apart. This was not the position of control she had hoped to have when she finally met Aryan, alone, and isolated by the decisions he had made.

    All hers.

    But this... this was another game to be played out before she took her prize.

    TAG: @QueenSabe7, @HanSolo29, @Jerjerrod-Lennox, @BobaMatt
    IC: Darth Wyyrlok


    Inevitably, Maul escaped. It was destiny, undoubtedly. But it left Wyyrlok with a decision.

    Instead of being forced into making a decision, he had a decision to make.

    Pestage remained concerned about Coruscant, even if the majority of the Death Watch there was dead now, though the damage to the planet was horrendous - fires spread across most of the surface, and reactors had exploded, leaving entire portions of the world in eternal darkness. Causalities were in the billions, and the Empire simply didn’t have the humanitarian ability. The Republic would have done, maybe, but it was mostly gone; systems had not yet began joining the Empire en masse, but they would, when the Ultimate Weapon ended the war.

    Coruscant could burn. Let it be evidence of what happens when chaos is allowed to return.

    But what of Aryan, Ananke, and Rouser, who had cleverly set up a rendezvous in the Unknown Regions? The jump coordinates matched, leading to a world that Wyyrlok knew not - and he was scouring his research. Was this serendipity key to what he truly sort? What he had failed to obtain on Lothal? Was it the puzzle piece that Lord Sidious had sought? His gut said yes.

    The Force was silent; it was holding its breath again. Wyyrlok snarled. It should have been his to command now; Anakin was defeated - he had fled. The rebels were about to be destroyed. He could unleash the Ultimate Weapon whenever he wished to - Anakin he damned.

    But Maul had escaped; Luke was said to be in the deep necropolis of Korriban - he might not immediately resurface, and this might be the last time that Wyyrlok knew where he was; he could destroy Korriban and end the Sith. He could walk through the Sith worlds and annihilate them all - make sure none of them create threats to his power again.

    He would rule for eternity.

    But what if something happened at Mandalore? He might need to intervene - he was fighting heroes, after all. They had a habit of winning when they shouldn’t. These irritatants that had prevailed at Mimban; survived Alderaan; escaped Takodona. He needed them all dead, to be safe.

    What choice to make?

    He didn’t like making choices; everyone else was supposed to dance by his tune.

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    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Firenze, approaching Ach To

    Well let’s see where this leads….

    That was Pascale’s last thought as the Firenze jumped again, with the navicomputer confirming that Pascale had managed to input the new coordinates in time. He breathed a sigh of relief but he knew he wasn't out of the woods yet.

    Where this would lead him he wouldn't know but he had to trust that the Echo was not leading him astray and that he was not going to suffer a fiery death.

    Even through his massive fog of a hangover he managed to pull himself back into the pilots seat. The room was still spinning slightly but he did feel a little better, probably getting some blood rushing back into his veins was helping him purge the alcohol out of his system. Although to be honest all he wanted to do was sleep, perhaps he would feel more refreshed if he did. But to be honest, he had to be ready for when Firenze eventually dropped out so he closed his eyes and relaxed back in the chair until he decanted.

    He was dreaming about having a lovely time with a woman he had met on his last adventure before being rudely awakened by the navicomputer chiming that he was decanting and then a proximity alarm screaming that something was about to collide into him.

    Pascale jolted awake and immediately grabbed the pilot’s stick and throttle but too late. There was a large scream of metal upon metal and Pascale rued the fact that he had not activated Firenze’s shields. If he had his yacht might have bounced away instead.

    Not again he sighed. He had just gotten this yacht and now it was nearly wrecked again. The Falcon had nearly crashed into Fortuna back on Mimban but luckily the shields had been up, however this time it seemed the damage had been done. He would have to check on the damage in a bit, first things first he had to try and not crash into the planet in front of him. Pascale pulled sharply back on the throttle and Firenze luckily compiled the yacht pulling sharply to a stop above an island, decorated in lush green grass surrounded by deep blue sea.

    Definitely a place to retire on Pascale thought, it seemed peaceful enough.

    The sensors however were still screaming at him and Pascale took a quick look at what he had nearly collided with. An Imperial shuttle it seemed, no designation yet.

    What is an Imperial shuttle doing all the way out here?. Who else would want to come this way to the very end of known space and into the unknown?

    Probably someone desperate Pascale reasoned, someone from the Empire who had decided they had had enough and decided to get out of all the mess that was happening. He couldn't blame them. He decided not to give the newcomer a comm with a few choice words about scraping his new yacht. It seemed they were both heading towards the same island it wasn't co-incidence that they had come out of hyperspace at the same spot.

    Maybe he could have a quiet word then.

    Pascale did a quick check of the yachts systems. Life support, comms and engines were still in the green but the hyperdrive was showing a warning light. So if Pascale wanted to leave or escape another sticky situation he was stuck. It looked like the Dark Lord had managed to bust his hyperdrive thanks to that shot back at Kashyyyk.

    Might have to get a hydrospanner out he thought with a sigh. He had learned basic mechanics but this was another thing he rather other people did for him. Perhaps he could take a quick look and see if he could save it himself.

    Not far behind him and the Imperial shuttle came two more ships, the first was another Imperial shuttle and the other….

    Oh joy, she’s back….

    The familiar yacht he had seen at Mimban which was under Crimson Dan markings at Mimban was back again, and no doubt the dark lady Qi’ra was on board. And she was probably still coming for him, even though he was now beastless. She probably thought he knew where the crystal was or that he had it now. And with Pascale on a new yacht she probably wanted to wreck this one as well.

    She won’t get the chance this time he thought with resolve.

    These two ships also crashed into each other which Pascale had to smirk at. And then a bit of profuse swearing from the Imperial shuttle’s side of the comms which made Pascale chuckle. It seemed this woman was not afraid to express herself.

    As soon as Qi’ra arrived (and Pascale wondered what she was doing here as well as the other Imperial shuttle) the Force exploded in pain. Pascale let out a roar of pain and tried to use the Force himself to dampen it down. It was like all the Eco’s had arrived and started to throw a party in everyone’s brains, well anyone’s brains who were Force sensitive. With a few deep breaths and his hands tightly gripping the throttle and stick he managed to ease the pain down one notch at a time.

    Eventually after a few minutes the pain reached a manageable level and Pascale untensed his muscles. Whatever that was it seemed the Force did not like too many Echoes in one place. They all had to be here for a reason and that reason was probably on that island in front of them. His sensors detected two life forms on the island so they must have an idea as to why two Imperials, a mercenary/archaeologist and a Dark Lady of the Sith had decided to rock up on this island paradise.

    Time to find out.

    Pascale gently eased the throttle forward and used his sublights and repulsors to gently guide the yacht to the island before setting it down in a big enough area to handle the ship. As he shut the yacht’s systems down he took a good look at himself. He looked a mess. The suit looked rumpled and not a smart as it usually did. The bloodstain on his shirt was turning a nasty shade of dark red and his eyes felt sore from the drinking. But it would have to do since he didn't have a wardrobe on board.

    He slowly got up from the pilot’s seat and made is way into the main cabin. And he spotted a repair droid was in a wall socket. Thanks to his haste to get out of the Kashyyyk system and his light reading of the Sith artifacts he hadn't noticed it. Pascale did not have one of these on Fortuna, this could be another present from the Dark Lord. He had to take the risk that the droid wouldn't sabotage the yacht whilst he was gone or rig it to explode if it jumped again. He activated it and immediately got down to business with instructions.

    “I need the hyperdrive fixed if you can, it needs a bit of TLC after the last jump. Also see if you can fix the scrapes outside, I want this ship looking it’s best when I get back.” he left the droid to it and activated the control for the ramp. As he stepped outside he breathed in the air and smiled. It was good to be on solid ground again and to breathe in the air of a planet. And to not be shot at as well, although who knew with Qi’ra back in the picture.

    Making sure he straightened his jacket and a final check of his two remaining weapons, his small blaster and the one remaining vibroblade he set off towards where the two people were standing.

    And hopefully all would be revealed.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Ka'rta

    From her vantage point the merc had a bird's eye view of the battle field. The Mandalorians were fully overrunned, the dorids massing in the center, if there were any survivors after this there would be few. Even with her paired blasters she could only take out a few at a time. A drop in an ocean. They would lose this battle if nothing was done. Skirata pointed towards a charging tank headed directly towards Linnett. Ka'rta worried the new Manda'lor would be able to handle it head on. The older man started rushing down stairs tearing apart droids as he went, old fool. He gave them an opening that was quickly swarmed by more metal forms. Her Escort continued to watch her back. The building shifted under her feet, to wouldn't stand for much longer, not with the droids tearing it to pieces.

    She readied herself to launch into the sky coming looking to land between Linnett and the on rushing tank. The Escort drew her attention to the tower.

    "Ka'rta, we need to bring it down." she looked to the tower ships surrounding it. "Maybe the chain reaction will blow the freighters, blow the army - most of the City, too - probably not those on the front, though." Taking stock she looked around, the city was mostly destroyed anyway, they were losing it if they did nothing. There could be civilians, other warriors still trapped in the fighting, but what good would their lives be now if they were just killed by droids later. Looking to Linnett who would be out of the blast Ka'rta let out a breath. The younger woman wouldn't be able to make this choice. But, Ka'rta could...she was meant for this moment. The time when something needed to be done, something horrible.

    She lowered her rangefinder and locked on with her concussion missile on a power coupling. Once the lock was firm she sent the payload, quickly turning away and rushing towards the edge of the building that was about to not be there any more.

    "All forces clear out now." She shouted over the open comm. Looking over her shoulder she almost smiled at her Escort. "Race you to the bottom." She was joking as the tower detonated behind her in a glorious flash. 'Burn it to the ground.' the voice whispered into her mind. 'Purge the old make the new with your own hands.'

    With one hand she pulled the thermal detonator off her belt and tossed it toward the tank bearing down on the Manda'lor, with the other she took her Escort's hand and lept into the air. Her stomach lifted up a thrill running through her as she started to fall. Soon her forward momentum stopped and she was just falling straight down. This didn't phase her. At the last possible moment she gave a burst from her jetpack slowing her down just enough. Next to her she heard the other mandalorian do the same. Good he didn't freeze up.

    Landing heavy, though not as heavy as she could have, she lowered her shoulder rolling and coming up on a knee as her detonator exploded in front of her clearing out a swath of droids. Her blazing pistols took care of the rest. Charging forward she fired off a rocket aimed at the heavily armored tank. Maybe it would get its attention or it would destroy it. This didn't stop her running...she'd made a promise.

    She came to a stop in front of Linnett pistols still firing another rocket ready to launch.

    "Mirdala," Her Escort spoke over a private channel standing next to her his rifle blasting away.

    "What," she snapped continuing to fire fruitlessly at the armored vehicle.

    "My name, Mirdala Cabur, House Cabur Clan Ordo."

    "Good time to tell me." She growled.

    "Might be the last time I get to say it." Mirdala said a dark undertone to his words...It might just be.

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    combined between me and TheSithGirly and SirakRomar, Sinrebirth approved

    Darth Zorn, Darth Maul and XoXaan
    Temple, Korriban

    Darth Zorn woke from meditation again and breathed in sharply. The vision spoke clearly to him. It was time to leave Korriban. Yet, he strangely felt he still had time left. He opened his eyes.

    The ghostly voice of XoXaan was there immediately.

    "What has the darkness revealed to you, my apprentice?" He whisper was only in his mind but Zorn spoke out loudly to answer her.

    "Death. A Dark Man has brought death and suffering to Mandalore. My father is there." He turned his head and closed his eyes again. "Many died there."

    "Yes. Another one claims your title, yet he is as misguided as all before him." XoXaan whispered.

    "He is powerful. I felt that. Not like Maul or the girl." He gasped out and drew in the cold air to collect strength.

    "Yet you could be so much more powerful. Unlimited power. You seek unlimited power, do you? To become the Sith'ari. The Sith without limits." XoXaan always seemed to have a hint of mockery in her voice when she talked about his destiny.

    "Yes. The Embrace, I know." Zorn grew frustrated by Maul's absence. It felt like weeks he was away, also he sometimes felt that time lost it's meaning here in many ways.

    "Oh there are those secrets only revealed to those who have undergone the embrace, but there are other secrets. Secrets you could learn tonight." XoXaan appeared as a pale and transparent reflection once again.

    Zorn looked at her. "Then teach me."

    "What did you feel on Mandalore? Pain, fear, despair?" XoXaan demanded to know. Zorn nodded only.

    "Some Sith have desired the end of all life. Those were the most misguided among our kind. For true power comes to the Sith through the living. You have learned to drain from the Dark Side for strength. I have shown you to even sustain yourself. Those are only the rough abilities of an apprentice." XoXaan smiled down on him. "The true Sith drains the source itself. He learns to consume the fear, the anger of the living and make it his own."

    Zorn looked up at her. "Drain the anger and fear of others? That would mean I can turn the power of any Darksider against him." Zorn smiled.

    "SHORT-SIGHTED FOOL!" XoXaan hissed out and a cold wind filled the cave. "What does the true Dark Lord of the Sith have to fear from lesser users of the dark arts?"

    Zorn felt the shame hit him hard, yet he understood his fear of his rivals had corrupted his reasons.

    "My father. I could use his fear, his darkness." He quickly proclaimed.

    XoXaan hissed in disgust. Zorn shook his head. Then he understood. "How many? I mean, can I drain ... the fear of ... them all?" And finally he saw the smile on XoXaan's face.

    "Finally you understand." She spotted out.

    "I could feed on the despair of whole planets. Of the whole galaxy! Their suffering ... would make me ... more powerful than any other force user!" Zorn's eyes gleamed with a feverish desire.

    "War, death, suffering ... those are your true allies." XoXaan whispered.

    "Teach me this power!" Zorn demanded.

    "As you wish my apprentice ... shall we begin with those fearful and starving children?" XoXaan whispered again. Darth Zorn had almost forgotten about them.

    "Feel them, Lord Zorn. Dive deep into their despair. Deeper than you ever did. Feel the cold and dark core of their fear!" XoXaan now circled him.

    Zorn gave himself fully to the Dark Side and reached out to the children. He gasped in ecstasy as he felt their despair.

    "Now make their suffering yours ... draw from it. Draw your strength from it ..."


    It took Zorn shorter than any student before him to learn to empower himself through others suffering ... XoXaan's spectre realized with a growing satisfaction. The force came naturally to this boy. Smooth and readily it obeyed his commands. But the same time he was ignorant of the choices he had taken. Ignorant where his dark path lead. Unlimited power would be his, if he only brought unlimited suffering to the galaxy. The unprepared galaxy that had forgotten XoXaan and her legacy. The boy would be her revenge on those who had failed to remember her and her teachings. It was his destiny.

    In time he would return her teachings to this chaotic galaxy and the Sith, the true Sith would rise once again. XoXaan had watched the rise of many different incarnations of the Sith. Empires had risen and fallen. Some had ruled for quite some time, but they all had failed to maintain their power. Ragnos, Sadow, they had ruled for centuries still pure in their believes ... the descendants of the original Sith ... and yet failed in the end. Their shadows still haunted this planet. Kun had failed much quicker. Revan and Malak, Kreia and Nihilis ... their reign had been short enough. Vitate had come closest to turn her vision into reality. He had almost achieved what she had envisioned ... yet he had been defeated by a simple Jedi. Ruin and his followers had lacked the strength. Bane and his failed line ... even Sidious ... their rule would not have lasted. She had foreseen their fall. Now reckless rogues calling themselves Sith marauded through the galaxy like Maul or Ananke. They lacked vision. Even the one who called himself the Dark One had fled his true destiny and turned to obscure philosophies and promises of false power.

    But she had waited here in the depth of the birthplace of the Sith for one who had the vision and power to finally fulfill the destiny of the Sith. One to rule them all. The time was right. The galaxy was weak, the light diminishing. Now the Sith could finally rule and their roots would grow so deep into every soul and mind in the galaxy ... they would never fail. Darth Zorn would be the servant of her will ... her will that had survived all these millennia. Every secret he desired brought her closer to this destiny. She would share them all with him, until he was truly hers. Every whisper shaped his soul. Darth Zorn would bring the Reign of the Fallen. An eternal Sith Empire ruled by an eternal Dark Lord of the Sith.

    Eternal Darkness.


    Eternal Darkness!


    "The children, they are much more than means to an end." Zorn realized this and XoXaan appeared again behind him.

    "What are they?" She asked.

    "To rule this galaxy, to shape it to my will I must push it into darkness." Zorn mused. "So I can feed on this darkness."

    "Yesssss." XoXaan smiled.

    "But I need servants. Not mindless Admirals or foolish bureaucrats. I need servants who are able to embody my vision. Therefore they must understand my power." Zorn whispered.

    XoXaan grinned and again her voice was full of mockery. "Has your Master not taught you, that you shall have only one apprentice?"

    "Darth Bane has been hiding from the Jedi for he feared them. He made his weakness his strength. It was weakness nonetheless." Zorn hissed.

    "Indeed." XoXaan whispered, not disturbing the line of thought of her apprentice.

    "He has limited the Sith and therefore they have failed. My father was able to end all their centuries of planning with one single strike. The Sith were broken." Zorn turned to XoXaan. She nodded in silent agreement.

    "My Order will not be weak. The Rule of Two shall end with me and I shall establish a new order." Zorn smiled. "As the prophecy fortold. I will destroy the Sith and through me they shall be born anew. The One Sith. Legions. We shall be strong, for we shall be many!" Zorn shouted these words out and felt the repulsing will of many of the Dark Lords buried around him.

    XoXaan though nodded. "Maybe you truly are the Sith'ari ... my apprentice."

    "I will begin with these children. They shall be my first students, the foundation of my new Order." Zorn hissed. "Then I shall have my Embrace and finally ... I shall take my father's destiny!" Zorn's eyes glowed with a sickly yellowish glow in the dark.

    "The Sith will finally be reborn." XoXaan whispered triumphantly. Lord Zorn was already on his way out of her temple ...


    The large stone rolled aside and in the dark the blue blade of Krayt was ignited and Yovan stepped before his brothers to defend them. Dirty and rugged they had feasted on the corrupted flesh of the beasts they had slain. Fear and anger emanated from them.

    With a simple move of his hand Zorn ripped the lightsaber from the boys hand. It feel to the blood trenched stone floor nearby.

    "You betrayed us!" Yovan cried out to Zorn.

    "Quite the contrary, my boy." Darth Zorn grinned. "Look how you have risen above your limited abilities. You have slain the ancient protectors of the grave. Your fear made you powerful. More powerful than any Jedi your age ever was. I showed you true power." He stepped forward and raised his hand, forcing the children to their knees. Some resisted for a moment. He noted mentally a Twi'lek girl and Yovan were slightly stronger than the rest. Finally they all knelt.

    "A simple choice awaits you all. The Jedi Order is gone, the light failed. Now you are the end of the Jedi, or you shall rise above their teachings and become so much more. Not the hunted, but the hunters." Darth Zorn leaned forward. "Not the fearful, but the feared."

    "Luke ... we ..." Yovan had the strongest will of them. The others already hungered to serve the dark promise ...

    "My name is Darth Zorn. You will refer to me as my Lord or Master!" Zorn hissed. Yovan finally understood the nature of the proposal and Zorn consumed his sweet despair. The boy looked over to the lightsaber of Krayt lying a few meters away. He was only a child, hardly trained in the force. His doubts, his fears reflected into the force as tears filled his eyes.

    "There is no need to die, Yovan. For what? The Jedi? They are all gone. They have failed the galaxy and they have failed you." Zorn lay his hand on his own lightsaber and smiled. "Yet, if you feel you must honor them by throwing your life away ... I will not stop you." He lay his head aside.

    Finally the little boy lowered his head.

    "No ... my Lord." He whispered and the words put a smile on Darth Zorn's lips.

    That moment he heard a ship above. It was a battered YT transport. Nothing worthy of a Sith. Yet, he felt his Master aboard.


    Aboard a frustrated Maul ignited his lightsaber into the heart of the Wookiee to make sure he was dead. The damned foolish oversized ape had failed to protect the crystal.

    With a wave of his hand he opened the ramp and stepped into the cold dark of Korriban. His apprentice did not greet him. He waited in the darkness of the nearby tomb he seemed to have made his home.

    Darth Maul hissed and made his way there. Maul had wasted his time with foolish games. Zorn had certainly not wasted his. He knew the apprentice had grown. He burned in the force like a dark and cold wildfire. He also did not hide his presence. Zorn wanted him to know.

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    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Princess Feyna Organa

    She’d stopped counting how many droids they’d destroyed.

    To Feyna, it didn’t seem that they were making any kind of dent in the Separatists’ forces; for every droid they managed to take out, another was right there to take its place. It seemed like a miracle that she and Winter were still alive, though they’d had a few near-misses, the latest of which had very nearly killed Winter and burned a hole through Feyna’s sleeve, missing her arm by millimeters.

    But they couldn’t just hunker down, either, as the droids quickly stormed their cover every time they stopped to try to rest, even for a moment.

    For the most part, they were on their own, with the exception of the occasional Mandalorian, each of whom inevitably fell.

    Feyna had stopped counting them, too.

    The sun was getting low; fatigue was starting to set in, made worse by hunger and thirst, but they couldn’t stop. She’d had no updates from Dodonna or Gerrera, no idea of how the distant space battle was playing out—though clearly the control ship was still operational, as the droids were still active. She didn’t know where Syndulla was, if she was even still alive. She didn’t know where Ka’rta or Linnett were now. Solo had gone, and she suspected that Anakin was, too, which was a disheartening thought, tightening the heavy knot of guilt in her stomach.

    The past week had been one big screw-up after another, it seemed, but she knew she couldn’t dwell on it here; some things might be past fixing, but if she was going to try to fix anything, she had to survive this, first.

    Not even breaking stride, Feyna bent down to grab up a fallen blaster—a bolt whizzing right over her at the same moment—and quickly returned fire, taking out three more droids in rapid succession, and kept pressing on.

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    IC: Qi'ra/Ananke
    The Aurora, arriving

    The jump to nowhere was largely uneventful, and it left Qi’ra open to her thoughts.

    Those were full of the chaos their journey did not see.

    While darkly satisfied that Arb had carried out her orders and initiated a heavy assault on Coruscant and its citizens, the Emperor and his spouse had managed to escape their execution. Death Watch would fight until the last man, destroying everything in their path and she only wished she was present to watch it all go down, but it grated on her that the one she had wanted to see dead most… was still alive.

    As far as she knew.

    He was on the move that much she did know, once more thanks to Arb. Having provided her with Aryan’s hyperspace coordinates, allowing her to follow the ghost of his trail as she continued to put as much distance between herself and Wyyrlok as she could manage. She could still feel a part of herself pulled back in the opposite direction, a lingering effect of “what ifs” and “should I haves”. Going to the so-called Dark Lord, obeying his demands, becoming locked in chains again… it was an old desire of her former self. A need of a foolish girl who could not even begin to fathom the power she held inside of her, waiting to be awakened.

    A tiny hole within her that would always remain wrong and weak, and one that she kept buried to the point of forgetting it was there. As she did right then.

    Qi’ra’s eyes were staring at the control display of her ship, watching the tiny dot that indicated their destination. It did not show on her charts as a planet or an object with a name so it was clearly uncharted territory, a convergence in the Force that one way or another, was drawing her and Arek in.

    Arek – what would she do with him now? His parents were still breathing and she sought to keep him that way until they weren’t, the intent of the lesson still there. But, was that what she wanted? A student? Was an apprentice really what she needed

    The Rule of Two was a simple design, but she was no ordinary Sith.

    She straightened, the computer readout indicated that they would be arriving in a matter of minutes, and she turned to finally acknowledge the boy, the responsibility of him already losing its shine.

    “Prepare for arriv-“

    Qi’ra’s words were cut off by said arrival, only they snapped out of hyperspace much earlier than the coordinates had shown they would. The blue ocean of the hyperlane that had filled the large viewport before her a moment ago, abruptly switched to an altogether more alarming sight – the aging hull of another ship. Proximity alarms began wailing far too late, and having the mind to grab hold of her desk that was locked in place, the two vessels collided with a grinding crash, screeching yowls of metal against metal ringing out over the din. It was not head-on, or they would be already dead, but a graze at the yacht's side. Still, enough chimes began sounding out as various issues came through the Aurora’s comm channels, along with the curses of a distinctly female voice.

    She actually laughed, her ship now free of contact with the other’s, several Force signatures washing over her awareness almost at once. Aryan shone brightest and next was Rouser, which came as no surprise considering he had fled the Ultimate Weapon shortly before she had, and another one… far below them on the planet surface, on the only island within sight. It was familiar yet not distinct, not someone she knew in the flesh, but may have felt... recently. Then yet one more, entirely foreign, but arguably the strongest of the set. It brought her back to struggling to right her ship, piecing together who the idiot in the other vessel had been. But before she could form the woman’s name in her mind, Arek screamed.

    Qi’ra felt it at the same moment as the Emperor’s son, but she was prepared. He, an untrained force user whose strength was out of control and only growing, was very much not.

    Buffering herself against the curious wave of echoes that besieged her senses, she also slammed down on Arek’s impulsive attack, attempting to push him unconscious much as she did back on Takodana. Though, it was immediately apparent she would have a far worse time doing so, noting how quickly he was gaining power… much of the floor of her office buckled and a few of the support beams in the ceiling began to bend downward, the viewport cracking in more places than she could count – thank kriff they were already in atmo and not the void of space.

    Again, they’d surely be dead if not.

    There’s still time for that, she seethed, glass shattering and various objects being tossed about like spears in a storm. The Aurora listed harshly and she nearly lost her footing, the ship’s controls losing their focus as too many things kept failing or going corrupt. And she could not set them down in one piece if she had to keep dealing with this prat of a child!

    Siphoning a massive surge of dark side energies, Qi’ra lashed out at Arek with several jagged shards of Force lightning that shot out from the fingertips of one of her hands. Then she lunged for her ship’s main controls at her desk – which was twisted at an odd angle now. Her eyes kept dancing from the read outs and system checks to the ocean that was roaring up at them with jarring speed. She managed to right them and slow their fall a good amount, but it was clear that they were going to crash to one degree or another.

    All she could do was try to keep the ship intact - if Arek didn’t tear it apart first - and get them as close to this mysterious island as she could.

    Oddly enough, Han Solo dangled in her thoughts for a heartbeat then, while she kept working away at easing them down in an appropriate spot. It annoyed her to note, that a few tactics she was forced to employ here in order to survive, had been taught to her by him.

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    Aug 19, 2002
    Mace Windu

    “So, you now know. Anakin was supposed to have betrayed you, and Sidious would have cut you down.”

    Windu felt an anger rise and extinguish within him, mixed with pride. He reached within himself and tried to snuff it out. He'd been right about Anakin. Or had he? How did things change? What changed? As if in response: “It was changed." And before Mace could inquire further: "They have arrived.”

    A ship was settling down on the island, and soon a man in rumpled finery was approaching. In the space above the planet, a burst of darkness.

    This was too much all at once.

    Mace Windu raised his arm in...well "greeting" wouldn't be the right term, here. "Hello there. Please identify yourself before coming any closer. We've both had a very long couple of days and wouldn't want to have any unfortunate accidents."

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    IC: Madelyn Linnett

    Madelyn was greatful when Ka'rta ran to be by her side. She looked over at her, aware she could be shot at any moment and smiled. When she turned back, Madelyn could see the tank and breathed deeply as she reached out to the force and activated the darksaber.

    "This ends today!" Madelyn shouted over the battle. She looked at Ka'rta seriously and added, "We need to use detonators or some kind of explosion to take a majority of those androids out. Make sure our people are clear."

    She turned and started cutting down droids on her way to the tank, using the force as she had once been taught by Master Zey. Letting go.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Krennic
    Battle of Mandalore

    It went fairly as expected. The Rebels, being the heroes of their narrative, fought to the last dogged opportunity.

    The Trade Federation battleship was the target of the fray; intercepted communications were such that Krennic surmised that they thought using tactics from the Battle of Naboo would defeat the Droid army; the sacrifice of Gerrera did nothing to the function of the army and forces, though the loss of the battleship did give the Rebels, with the Gorgon and Profundity, the ability to undo the Droid task force, though even now dozens of Droid fighters remained aloof.

    That did nothing for the half-odd Droid army laying waste to Keldabe, but that was just as suddenly, and incredibly, decimated by the destruction of the central command hub, seemingly by Ka’rta, the new Mandalore’s right hand woman.

    Krennic sniffed, stepping indelicately over Teradoc’s still warm corpse. Time to end this.

    Keldabe, or, what was left of it

    Ka’rta had done it; had her cake and eaten it, too.

    Linnett kept the droids so focused on her that they paid no heed to the detonator that Ka’rta had thrown. The tank exploded just before the centre of the City went up in flames, incinerating the majority of the Droid army. It was a truly galvanising moment, and by the end of it, quiet prevailed upon the battlefield.

    In short order the survivors took back the tide; but there were more than enough droids milling about to cause an issue. Within half an hour, and a lot more exhaustion, bruises and drained moments, the droids were done.

    There were just five of them left.

    Winter, Linnett, Feyna, Ka’rta and Mirdala.

    They met at the centre of the burned down city, as an ethereal quiet burned down across the galaxy. There were dead everywhere, but they had made it. Impossibly? Perhaps so, but they had defeated the Separatist army. Comms were still out into orbit so they had no idea what was going on above, but for an incredible moment they were alive, and they had chance to drink, eat, patch up old wounds and dress new ones.

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    IC: Ahsoka the White

    Ach-To, by the Jedi tree

    The encounter split in three; as Master Windu entreated Rouser, Ahsoka watched for the other three ships. The yacht, the larger and thus more unwieldy of the ships to survive impact; that bore Ananke, Arek, and... something else.

    Ahsoka turned to see it, leaving Morai to supervise the conversation between Mace and Rouser, the latter who would recognise the Mortis blade upon the Jedi Master’s belt but not immediately know why. Could it be among one of the books he had drunkenly perused? Something more to the Epistle?

    The avian fetched up upon a rock nearby, jostling with porgs for space. She remained conscious of the aged tree just beside the two of them. Rouser would snatch those Jedi texts up if given the chance. But that was not the greatest concern.

    Not yet.

    By The Well

    Aryan fell unconscious, for his incline was too deep, but before he could fetch up in the ocean Lyz caught up and, managing to nudge the ship up with an impact; no small feat when her own ship was damaged, and said impact meant both were now no longer spaceworthy - she managed to make it so that they slammed into the island not far from the deep and dark hole.

    Her ship fetched up on the side of the island, tipping, and Lyz rushed free. Aryan’s ship was precariously balanced, and when he did not immediately emerge she snarled her frustration and rushed to him, pulling Aryan free as his shuttle fell into the ocean. They slammed to the stone floor, and the first thing Aryan would see was Lyz Graul looking down at him, sweat pasting her hair to her forehead, and breathing heavily.

    By the Temple

    Ahsoka, white and resplendent, strode with purpose to the outcropping where the Jedi Temple reached into the open air. Behind her was the floor with the mural of the Prime Jedi, the man who had transformed the Je’daii into the Jedi some twenty five millennia ago; who had decided that the Order stood on the side of Light, not mere Balance, in the face of the tremendous darkness prevalent in the galaxy under the Bogan and Rakata. Ach-To was the lost link between Tython and Ossus, before the Jedi had become synonymous with Coruscant, and, over time, with the Old Republic - until one day the Jedi were unable to separate themselves from the government and fell to Palpatine.

    It was obvious in hindsight.

    The focus should have been on fighting the battles the galaxy could not; against the Sith. Ahsoka recognised the flavour of the woman aboard the yacht, which had managed, by dint of all manner of use of the Force, to reach the ocean intact, albeit damaged and not at all spaceworthy at this point. It might have been, if not for the tumult in the Force between the occupants - one of which felt like the male and female that had crashed by the Well.

    But even then, three of the newcomers all seemed entwined, and Ahsoka pressed upon the connection, seeking the Sith within it - the viewing platform of the Aurora was now level with the branch of rock reaching from the Temple, where the stone that Ahsoka saw an old, wizened man would have sat and meditated, reaching out into and through the Force until he became apart of it.

    She recognised Luke.

    She also recognised that, too, may not have happened at all.

    But more directly, she recognised the stench before her. Ahsoka called out to the yacht and the shattered windows; it would be the only way for Ananke and Arek - unconscious as he was - to escape the ship before it sank. Ahsoka felt the unconsciousness of Arek and with a tug of the Force drew him through the window; he felt dark, but not so dark that he was lost - the young man was hurt; wounded; pained. His darkness was that of fear.

    But the other...

    “I can taste the Maul in you,” Ahsoka said, softly. “I failed to kill your Master, and you are my legacy; I am sorry, Sith, for your fate would have turned out so very differently had I succeeded. You are my responsibly, and I accept you as mine to save or kill.”

    “Darth Ananke, I am Ahsoka Tano, and I name you.”

    The holocron in Ananke’s presence stirred. The Power of a name...

    Ahsoka brandished her staff and laid the teen between them on the outcropping.

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    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: An island, Ach To

    The dark skinned man raised is hand whether it was in greeting or a warning Pascale wasn't sure.

    "Hello there. Please identify yourself before coming any closer. We've both had a very long couple of days and wouldn't want to have any unfortunate accidents."

    You can say that again Pascale thought. It should have been a simple mission to Mimban, in retrieve the artifact and out again. Instead he was possessed by a beast, became Black Sun’s new Dark Prince and Underlord, ended up with his original yacht Fortuna being crippled on Takodana and then taken aboard the Ultimate Weapon where the true Dark Man was revealed, the beast was pulled out of him and slain and then ended up in a quick fight to escape.

    And then to top it all off have his new yacht damaged and end up here thanks to trusting his new found friend the Echo. Hopefully the droid was getting to work on fixing the knackered hyperdrive. He took a quick look around, it looked like the others hadn't arrived at his position yet. That was the good news for now.

    He tipped his hat politely “My name is Pascale Rouser, archaeologist and former Underlord and Dark Prince of Black Sun” he used the title “former” now as to be honest he probably wasn't going to be heading back into the known galaxy again. Or if he did, he wouldn't be taking up that mantle again as he had probably been ousted after having been presumed dead.

    " I deduce that like me and my companions that have arrived with me that you either came here on your own free will or you were guided here no doubt by some spirit or echo or whatever. It seems you are here for a reason as well as I am and the people that have joined me in this mystery tour.” he shrugged “I hope you are about to reveal that reason or I have come here for nothing”

    As he looked around again he spotted the tree nearby which looked like it contained some things that were probably worth a look. However what caught his attention was the dagger sheathed to the man’s belt. It looked familiar and his alcohol riddled brain was trying to clear the fog. It was happening but very slowly. He took a few breaths and tried to remember where he had seen it.

    It looked suspiciously like the Dagger of Mortis but he wasn't sure if his eyes were playing tricks. The one dagger that was rumored to kill beings called the One’s. How has this man gotten hold of it if it was?.

    Sadly the beast was no longer here, he would have been quite handy.

    “Seems you have a rather nice weapon there too” Rouser remarked pointing at the dagger “I don’t know where you got that from, but it was probably handy in a fight. It looks like the Dagger of Mortis to me, unless I have been caught by a Jedi mind trick there” he chuckled.

    “If it is, it is most impressive and I wonder why you have been chosen to wield it”

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    IC: Ka'rta

    It was over. The last dorid was kneeling before her and she did the only thing she could. Put the last bolt of her borrowed pistols into its head. The sound of twin blasters rings out and then goes silent. Only a little wind over the barren blasted plane of what was once Keldabe. A smirk came to her face as she slumped to the ground, her arms tired from holding up her pistols her legs closer to gelatin from running across the battlefield. A sharp pain radiated from her side feeling where the pain was located her hand came away wet with blood. It wasn't a lot, but it still hurt. A piece of shining shrapnel stuck out from the gaps in her armor.

    It was far from her only pain, her chest and stomach were bruised from blaster bolts that hit her armor blackening it, but not breaking through. The deep bruise on her thigh came back full force, no more anger or adrenaline to dull it, the pain kept her from getting up again without assistance. Her back rested against a steel beam that somehow remained standing. Removing her helmet she took a deep breath. The scent of smoke reached her nostrils. She'd burnt it all down, or at least most of it. It was the only thing that saved them from falling to the Separatists. Though one had to question if it was all worth it. If all this sacrifice, all this destruction was worth their victory.

    At this point what did it matter?

    The droids were gone, the tower was destroyed, most of the Mandalorians were dead, killed by the droids. If she hadn't they'd all be dead, better some of them alive than all of them dead.

    Beside her Mirdala sat next to her their shoulders scraping against each other with the sound of metal against metal. At least he survived. Not that she was attached or anything. A single fling in a closet and a pep talk does not a relationship make. Though possibly surviving a suicide mission was grounds for at least consideration.

    She hissed as his side brushed against the bit of metal sticking out of that side. Realizing this, he began to move around to her other uninjured...or less injured side. He had his helmet off as well, sweat rolling down his face. He was also exhausted choosing to awkwardly climb over her. There was a moment their eyes locked, looking down she could see the blast marks on his armor, and the blood running down his arm. They were tired and injured, but they were still alive. There was a thought to kiss him, but she was in far too much pain, and far, far too tired to start that. He finished his transition and flopped down beside her.

    "We did it." he said to her looking at the others.

    "Yeah...yeah we did."

    They weren't heroes, they weren't saviors, they were survivors. They fought through hell and came out the other side.

    "You think we're done?" She asked of the Manda'lor and the Chancellor. "Or do you think the Republic's going to try and take our home out from under us...or the Empire?" The fight was done, there was still two other factions that loomed large over the battered and injured planet. Ka'rta would fight. As long as she still drew breath and heart still beat...she would find the will and the anger to get up and fight.

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    Darth Maul and Darth Zorn
    Korriban, Tomb

    Maul entered the grave. His apprentice ... was he even his apprentice anymore? ... still burned like a dying star in the force. He had truly become powerful. "My apprentice." He called him that almost to get the assurance he still was. Zorn stood with his back to him, but smiled as he felt the insecurity ... the fear ... of the man he had called Master not too long ago.

    "You have been away for a long time, Master." Zorn replied and Maul smiled.

    "You will see that time looses it's meaning around here. It was only a day for me." Maul smiled and stepped into the circle of torches Darth Zorn was residing in.

    "You have begun training the children. It is forbidden for a Sith apprentice to share his knowledge ... I am most disappointed." He hissed. He had felt the darkness in the Younglings.

    "No you are not. You are afraid." Zorn said with a most serious voice.

    "What shall I fear?" Maul demanded to know, but his hand instinctively touched to lightsaber at his belt.

    "Death. I assume." Zorn answered as if it was an obvious answer. "I have become your vision. You have found and awakened the Sith'ari. Your work, my Master ... is almost complete." Darth Zorn slowly half turned to his Master and smiled. He felt XoXaan's presence below. Hungry. Waiting impatiently. The Embrace

    As she has taught him he was feeding on Maul's fear, anger and frustration.

    "You have still much to learn. There is still much I can show you." Maul said and his hand slowly took hold of his restored double bladed weapon.

    "I have found other teachers." Zorn replied with a cool tone. He unclipped his lightsaber and turned fully to Darth Maul. "I have grown beyond anything you could ever be, Master."

    "We have both grown through each other." Maul realized this truth as he spoke it. Through Luke Skywalker he had reclaimed the right to call himself a Sith again.

    "True." Zorn replied. "But now our path together ends."

    "No, you are not ready. Not yet. You ..." Maul felt the attack coming. His twin blades ignited as Zorn raised his hand and a storm of blue lightning crackled from it as his face spawned a mix of disgust and anger. Maul failed to block the lightning. It was too powerful, much as his old Masters. He screamed in pain and was hurled back. His body collapsed to the ground as Zorn's attack ended.

    With a grin he raised from the floor.

    "So be it, my apprentice." He hissed, less impressed than Luke had anticipated and Maul leaped forward. Another storm of lightning hissed at him, but he pushed himself into the air escaping it and landing directly behind his apprentice. His blade slashed out and Zorn stepped aside as his own red blade ignited. His apprentice was not yet his equal with the blade. Or had he held back in training? Maul felt his doubt weaken his attack and saw Zorn's broad grin as he blocked a number of fast attacks almost without effort before unleashing his own series of strikes and slashes. The anger guided his blade. Darth Maul blocked them, but the power of the attacks were surprising. "Finally, you allow your hate to make you powerful."

    "As you allow your fear to weaken you." Zorn hissed in return, his eyes now yellow and his grin wild and triumphant. Darth Maul sidestepped and attacked again. The two Sith circled each other and unleashed both wild and angry series of attacks. Seemingly for an eternity they exchanged blows without one of them gaining the upper hand.

    "You failed to defeat Kenobi. How can you even hope to overcome me? Master?" Zorn striked at Maul's head and extended his hand unleashing a powerful wave of dark energy. Maul was captured and hurled into the wall. Zorn was there immediately and his blade missed his Master's head barely, cutting through one of his horns. Maul hissed and a wave of his hand made his apprentice tumble back. He used this moment to attack, trying to make use of Zorn's weakness to regain footing. This weakness was no longer there though. Zorn jumped back in one flip and landed behind his Master. His blade came down and Maul blocked it. Zorn had predicted the block and cut through the long hilt of his Masters blade. Maul stumbled back, now with one of his blades useless. He changed the grip and brought his remaining blade up in front of him.

    "You have learned much, Lord Zorn. Yet, you are not the Master." A wave of his hand and a nearby stone was raised from the ground and send hurling at Zorn. Zorn extended his hand and stopped it midair.

    "Yes, I am." Zorn hissed and the stone was hurled at Maul. The power of the force was strong in Zorn. The Dark Side fueled every action. Maul extended his hand and the stone crushed to dust in the air. Zorn had used this moment and unleashed another wave of dark lightning, that engulfed his Master. Maul screamed in pain and collapsed to one knee. Zorn attacked. The attacks were ferocious and brutal. Maul stumbled back, barely managing to defend himself as he summoned the darkness to give him strength. But he was no longer the Master of darkness. Darkness had found a new champion.

    Zorn kept the attacks coming. High, low, legs, head, torso, stabbing, slashing. He began to turn and twist his blade. Maul felt it was only a matter of time until he lost this dance.

    But he had one more card to play. With a single powerful kick by his mechanical leg he send Zorn to the ground. His apprentice had not foreseen the brutal simplicity of the attack apparently. Maul turned his blade and he felt regret as he realized he had beaten his apprentice. Yet an apprentice beaten by his Master had to die.

    Too late he realized the trap as his blade entered the ground and Zorn had rolled aside and slashed out, slicing right through the left leg of Maul. There was no pain as it was severed. It was mechanical. Yet he collapsed, lost balance and with one precise strike Zorn severed his left arm and send the remaining red blade of his Master away. The Zabrak screamed in pain as Zorn stood over him and grinned down.

    He had learned this lesson from a Jedi. Obi-Wan Kenobi had defeated his Master by using his hunger for the kill. Zorn had recognized this and had kept it to himself. Now he stood over the gasping Sith Lord and raised his blade.

    "I am proud of you." Maul said and Zorn looked down at him.

    "Thank you for all your lessons, Master. "

    Before Maul could reply the blade came down and severed his head from his body.

    Darth Zorn stood over the collapsing body and on his face a mild but satisfied smile appeared. A long moment passed and finally he stepped back. He raised his hand and lifted the lifeless body from the ground. His smile turned into an ecstatic grin as he closed his hand and the body of his dead Master was crushed, cracking as his bones broke. When he finally let go of the body it was barely recognizable as something that had once been living anymore. Only the mechanical leg remained.

    Calling his Masters weapon to his hand he cracked the shell open with a thought and slowly the red crystal floated into his hand.

    "He failed as an apprentice, but as a Master he excelled and through his teachings the Sith were reborn. His remains shall be buried here among the great Lords!" He did speak to the planet itself now. He would have a tomb arranged later. It was not a request. It was a command.

    Darth Zorn was the Dark Lord of the Sith, now. He demanded obedience even from the darkness itself. And then he felt it ... as XoXaan had promised ... the darkness floated into his body. He trembled as waves of electricity unloaded crawling over his body without hurting it. They were darkness and darkness was his ally now.

    With a breath he closed his eyes and gave himself fully to the power that intruded his very soul.

    Finally ...

    The Embrace.

    Finally ...

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