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Star Wars CLOSED Star Wars: Episode V: Twilight of the Force II: A Father’s Fate

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Beaumont Kin
    Inside the tomb

    The mounds had been built on Kuna's Tail by the insects some thirty millennia ago. Their constructs, made of spitcrete, were designed to last. Indeed, there were, rumour had it, hundred millennia old Killik buildings on Alderaan before it was destroyed.

    It was truly impressive, but there were enough sources to suggest to Beaumont that the Killiks, along with the Gree and Kwa, had served the creators of marvels like Centerpoint Station, the long-lost Cosmic Turbine, the Maw, Hapan Transistory Mists, and the like. Pascale knew about these theories as well; a great Cosmic War that had set the stage for the much later Twilight Wars, the ones the Rakata and Sith had triumphed before their falling out.

    Beaumont regaled these theories to Qwi as they made their way down the burrow, following the connection the Echo had given them.

    No, wait, it was something else, tug tug tug.

    After a pause, Beaumont looked to Qwi.

    "This doesn't feel like what we were supposed to be here for."

    Indeed, a melodious chuckle echoed up the catacombs.

    "Darth Insipid, you're early."

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  2. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Qwi Xux, Beaumont Kin, Gorog….and a mystery woman
    Location: Mound, Kuna's Tail

    As they made their way into the mound after Qwi had activated Firenze's security system she tried to listen as Beaumont yet again regailed her with a history lesson.

    Pascale meanwhile was letting Beaumont speak, smiling away, impressed with the young man's knowledge. He would have made a fine protege he mused.

    As they continued she suddenly felt tugging in her mind….and Beaumont was voicing doubt, doubt she was agreeing with.

    I've got a bad feeling about this…

    This was confirmed when someone chuckled and said something about a Darth Insipid…

    Wonderful she sent to Beaumont this person thinks a Sith Lord has come to get them.

    Inwardly she was glaring daggers at Pascale who was giving her a confused look back.

    "Sadly not" Qwi replied sliding a hand down to her blaster "I assume you are the one who put up that shield as well. Why don't you come out, tell us who you are and why you are waiting for a Dark Lord of the Sith".

    The voice, male, snorted. "You're not Insipid... how curious. Is he not coming? Am I early? After thirty millennia one loses track of a few decades or so."

    There was a faint glow from around the corner. Beaumont had a blaster out, and looked at Qwi.

    He mouthed.

    Me first, or you?

    Me, she mouthed back. She didn't hesitate, Beaumont was always throwing himself on the line for her, time she protected him instead.

    Walking towards the glow she pulled her blaster out but kept it at her side, ready to snap up and fire if need be. She felt Pascale prepare to guard her and Beaumont if need be.

    "I don't know who this Insipid is, or whether he is coming or not. For some unknown reason me and my partner have been tugged here. Perhaps you have the answers…."

    The main one, who was that person who it seemed had been waiting around for centuries.

    The accessway led to a tomb, and at its centre was a sarcophagus, and on the pedestal to the front of it was a glowing red Holocron. On the floor was also a woman in her early twenties, her age likely between Qwi and Beaumont's.

    The Holocron was lit, and it showed a simple head.


    It was a recording of a head inside a jar.

    "You stand before Daritha Gorog... I have quite for answers for an inheritor of the Epitaph Echo..."

    A dry chuckle.

    "I was just expecting a different one to find me." His gaze turned. "Even she was a surprise... though she doesn't have yet to inherit one..." He looked back. "Your comrade can come too."

    Beaumont stepped around, cautious.

    It was all looking a bit surreal to Qwi. A head in a jar being projected via this object, it knew she had an Echo and there was a woman on the floor. What she was doing here was a mystery, would she eventually inherit an Echo?

    She kept her guard up, Pascale keeping his gaze on both the head and the woman lest they try anything. Stay sharp he sent to both Qwi and Beaumont.

    "Sorry to disappoint you that it wasn't who you were expecting. But yes, I carry an Echo of my former partner. I don't know how he came back or why but he did."

    She pointed to the woman on the floor "But what is she doing here? Was she tugged like we were to this place? Because of a potential Echo?"

    If he'd had a hand, he might have waved it in a dismissed fashion. "She's an orphan, her mother died a decade and a half ago now... hidden from her father, blah blah blah. Really mundane things, in the galactic balance. But yes; an Echo that has yet to resonate. So I've kept her here for now."

    His gaze took in the two of them. "So you two are sharing an Echo? I didn't expect Trayus to cultivate them in people, but his Malachor experiments were focused on such things... wounds in the Force."

    "But I guess you want to know why I called you here, am I right?"

    Qwi frowned. He was dismissing this woman as if she wasn't important enough. But she had to have come here or maybe even had been here somehow. But she decided not to press it for the moment.

    And she didn't know she was sharing the Echo with Beaumont, she had thought that maybe he had awakened his Force sensitivity. That was interesting and did not bode well for the bond once Pascale disappeared….

    "Yes" she simply answered Gorog's question.

    "Well, the Echo is about wounds," Gorog said, as Beaumont stepped over to check on the woman, hand to her neck to confirm a pulse, and then sitting her up and trying to whisper her awake, "and it essentially gives you all manner of powers, rule breaking powers, actually."

    A smile, sinister like.

    "So in theory, with a degree of blood magick, perhaps some treachery," he indicated Pascale, who was probably evident to them as 'around', but not visible. "You could have him back, did you realise?"

    Qwi of course had tested these powers for herself….and it had nearly cost her her life. She had resolved to only use those powers when she needed to and not end up like that again.

    Pascale raised his eyebrow at the thought of coming back….but he had come to terms with his death, why it had had to happen. If he had lived...who knows what he would have become.

    Meanwhile Qwi's eyes widened at the mention of bringing Pascale back. But these things usually came with a price, no doubt something to do with Beaumont.

    Yes she did miss Pascale at times but she was starting to move on and Beaumont had chosen her. She would never hurt him, he didn't deserve that. Pascale would always be her first love but he was dead. He deserved to be at peace as the man he was.

    "I know about those powers and I know what it costs me" she said folding her arms "And I know when to use them and to use them for good, not evil. I've done enough evil in my life".

    "That man you see there is my partner, my former partner is dead. And he deserves to rest in peace not come back to this hell. My heart lies with my new partner and I would never, ever betray or hurt him just so I can get the old one back".

    "And you still haven't answered the main question as to why you called us here".

    "Because I want an Echo for myself, you see. I wasn't chosen, not at all. My body, it was interned here after I fell, but had I an Echo... I could have reanimated myself!"

    Gorog looked amused. "So I can have yours, or hers, perhaps, but I wanted to see which Echo was strongest..." A chuckle. "But it seems yours is on the verge of fading, Qwi Xux."

    Beaumont was focused on the woman, trying to coax her awake.

    Beaumont she sent through the bond you might want to leave her for a second, we might need our combined strength and attention on this one…

    Of course he had been so distracted with the woman had he heard anything she had said? She wasn't sure.

    "So this woman is important after all, to you anyway" she countered "And you are right, mine is fading, but you still cannot have mine, or my partners, or hers. I will make sure no more evil comes into this galaxy, and that includes you".

    She dropped her hands to her sides, Pascale getting ready perhaps for one last time to help out.

    Beaumont stepped back, but he was clearly worried about her. His damsel in distress complex was clearly triggered. He refocused, clearly scolded, and glared at Gorog.

    "You can't misuse the Echo like that," the young man said firmly.

    "Oh?" Gorog said, inclining his head in the holographic jar. "Isn't everything you two, sorry, three done been a matter of heresy? Isn't this all because of the Change, the turnaround of events that should never have been?"

    Qwi could sense Beaumont's worry about the woman and she was probably going to get an earful from Beaumont for that. But they had to work as a team to protect her from this monster.

    She nearly rolled her eyes with the mention of the Change. Why were people so obsessed with it? As a scientist she needed facts not mumbo jumbo.

    "You know , this Change thing has everybody running around and generally becoming nasty and fighting. My former partner died because apparently he was supposed to be dead fourteen years ago. But a dark spirit, like you kept him alive. An ancestor or spirit took his life away as he was a heresy".

    "I have spent my entire life trying to repent for past sins. I was happy, then it was taken away. Then Beaumont here found me and just when I think I might feel happiness again people threaten to take that away from me. No more".

    "Whatever happened in the past is done, Change or not. It's what we do with our futures that matters."

    "Ah, yes," Gorog said. Beaumont's attention had wavered, because of the way the light caught the walls. He realised he was peering at Killik murals, around the tomb itself. Gorog continued on. "But you wouldn't Change anything? From your past? Or going forward?"

    The Sith Lord was conniving, clearly.

    The woman on the floor suddenly sat up, eyes wide, panicked. "Who the hell are you?!" She glanced at the Holocron, and screamed. Beaumont nearly stepped forward, but was conscious that he needed to concentrate - he'd just been rebuked by Qwi after all -

    Qwi now knew that Beaumont had become distracted by the woman who was now screaming her head off at the image. He had not reacted to a word she had said.

    She wanted to help the woman out as much as he did, but why was he so fixated on her? Maybe she was overthinking things but with Pascale gone she was scared to lose the only man she trusted.

    Back to the matter at hand though….

    "Please remain calm" Qwi soothed the woman, "Me and Beaumont my partner are here to help. We will get you out".

    She turned back to the image "We all want to change things in our past but sadly what is done cannot be undone. We can only learn from it to make a better future".

    "Going forward….I know who my future is with" she looked Beaumont straight in the face then and conveyed everything she felt for him through the bond.

    Beamont looked straight at her, surprised at her dedication, less than a day since she had said she needed space. He could feel her censure, and he wasn't as sure about the reasons why she was saying this now. Was Qwi declaring her feelings because of the woman, or Gorog's insinuations?

    He allowed the warmth from Qwi to ease his concerns - his overthinking - and stepped closer to the Omwati to hold her hands. His eyes searched hers, and Gorog rolled his eyes. "Jalynn Graul, looks like you're up."

    He was gazing at the woman, and the spirit of the Holocron yanked her hands to hold the device, and her eyes glowed white -

    A shockwave sent Qwi and Beaumont tumbling out the room -

    Qwi could feel Beaumont's thoughts and she did still feel guilty about telling him to concentrate on Gorog instead of the woman.

    But it was true what she had said to Gorog, all of it. And it wasn't because he was poking and prying and trying to get her to waver. It wasn't because this woman had shown up. It was because she was realising something. Something that was growing stronger every day.

    No more holding back she thought. No more indecision. Yes she was probably acting too early and she didn't know how Beaumont was going to take this. It could all fall apart or Beaumont could think she was pushing things. But she had to take the plunge.

    Before she could say anything though she and Beaumont were flying out of the room, Pascale meanwhile was feeling sadness that Qwi was moving on but felt happy that at least she was happy.

    Another Graul, he thought fantastic. Now you will have to fight a Sith spirit and her. You can unite together...or fall together to save her.

    Qwi looked at Beaumont "I'm sorry I chastised you, but I needed help with Gorog. I want to save her as much as you. And we can do it together".

    "You know that we will have to use the Echo….and you know what that could mean. Everything I said in there was true, about me, about us. And I realised that I had been holding back, indecisive...but no more. No more being afraid".

    She held his hands in hers "I know that we have only known each other for a few days. But I cannot hide it any longer. It may be too early, yes. But I don't care anymore".

    She leaned forward and captured Beaumont's lips with her own and it wasn't a light or brush of the lips anymore it was a full blown kiss which she held for several seconds before pulling back.

    "Because I don't just care for you Beaumont….I love you".

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: With @Sinrebirth as Dr Pershing

    IC Bernael
    Battle of Exegol, Laboratories

    Bernael had made his way quietly but as quickly as possible, through the darkness of the enormous temple. Noises ahead told him of a space that had beings, that and the scent of blood and death. He slipped into it and allowed himself to fade into view slowly. Standing in a patch of shadows he took in the sight, the vats, the tables now covered in broken bodies, those still twitching out their last, those who may or perhaps now not survive their wounds, and the man, presumably a doctor, covered in the various bloods of those broken beings.

    He stepped closer, the souls trying to slip away catching his attention, and that was when the slight, little man saw him.

    "Who - Who are you?"

    A low, dark chuckle sounded from his lips, as he took in the man, confronting an unknown quantity that had entered the temple. ”I am Dia a ’Bhàis.” he borrowed from his Father, the name his ancient Architect father had been known by. ”I am the Dark Side corporeal. And who are you, little mortal?”

    "I am Dr Pershing," he said, blood dribbling from his mouth. "I used to work for Darth Zorn, or," he coughed, "I thought I did, but apparently I haven't been for nearly a year." He spat some blood out. "You look like an Anzati to me, Dark Side corporeal."

    His mind was angular, even when wounded. Pershing gestured at the wrecked laboratory. "What do you think of my life's work? I would call myself a cloner, if I had succeeded at it."

    Bernael gazed around sensing half souls and even less from many of the bodies in the tanks, the only true sense of presence coming from the wrecked bodies of acolytes on the tables and this wretched person before him. ”Not enough to feed a child, and clones are useless unless there are souls to fill them with, especially if they have no Power.”

    He could feel other presences in the distance, ones that were not bound to flesh but had wandered this place for many years, and further still, the one who he’d come to observe as he and that one’s father confront each other. His night black eyes gazed at the man, ”These bodies look familiar, little man. Let me guess, before Zorn came you were working for an old Sith, one who needed a new body…”

    Pershing snorted, trying to sit-up more, his body sliding. "Yes, I was, Anzati." A cough, as he exerted himself. "The Chancellor, he began to setup Exegol as his redoubt when he led the Republic. Accelerated, his plans were, by the Clone Wars." A gasp, pain shooting across his expression. "But he foresee his death, and prepared here."

    He sagged again, breath catching. "We weren't ready, and he was trapped in a dying clone." He looked like the pain was excruciating. "We needed another twenty years to get it right, at least." He seemed to lose consciousness, and he pulled back. "Can you help me - I have, more, to tell you."

    The next words he forced out. "About the Eternal Project -"

    His eyes rolled into his head -

    Bernael sighed, ’Of course I need to expend some power, here in my foe’s redoubt.’ he thought.

    Stepping closely to the collapsing man, he gazed around. For an eyeblink power suffused the entire room, careful to not let it be felt beyond. Every being in the room still alive, save the Doctor suddenly slump into unconsciousness. ’Better safe than sorry with who might be present.’ he thought as he came within arms reach of the man.

    Touching the man’s forehead, he let a tendril of power enter the man, enough to bring him back to temporary consciousness. As he did, ”You have a choice, tell me, or I absorb it as I devour your soul.” he hissed, his night black eyes boring into the man’s.

    Dr Pershing took a breath, sudden and sharp. He was back, just about, but his fear returned as quickly as consciousness, and he leaned back away from Bernael's terrifying visage. "The Eternal project," he spluttered, picking up on his thought process. "Thirty six hundred years ago the Eternal Fleet ravaged the galaxy, until two-thirds of it was destroyed by the Gravestone, a sentient superweapon. But it had been controlled by an Eternal Throne, keyed to the genome of the individual who defeated the last Eternal Emperor - the Outlander."

    He coughed again. "But it wasn't common knowledge that a third of the Eternal Fleet had hidden away, refusing to serve the Throne, because the warships were actually extensions of the GEMINI droids that controlled them." Dr Pershing was running out of breath, swallowed, and pressed on. "So these laboratories were working on duplicating the genome of the Outlander, by raiding tombs and tracing family trees... but Zorn killed Palpatine before we could complete the cloning project... or the genome."

    "Zorn took the genome research, and injected himself with it so he could dominate the Throne, which was rebuilt here, in the Sith Throne..." Pershing sucked a breath in, blood dribbling from both sides of his mouth. "But Zorn doesn't want rule, he just wants his father dead... so he had us duplicate the genome again for someone to be Emperor..." He gestured to the broken down lab. "... and I thought he wanted the cloning project to continue too, while he was in meditation for the year..."

    His hand drooped - he couldn't support it. "But apparently not..."

    Bernael held the Doctor as the man ran through what he’d intended to tell him. The Eternal Fleet, something he knew of and which now explained why the fleet over Exegol seemed less powerful than it should have. ”Petulant child, he is…” he muttered.

    Glancing around, he could only see the dead or dying Acolytes strewn around the lab. He couldn’t see any evidence of any of the other research that had been done here, save the tanks with the now dead clones. His senses would not be able to pick out what Pershing had mentioned, not without making his presence here in the Temple painfully obvious.

    Head turning back to the Doctor, ”Where is this sample now, Doctor?” an obvious, purring threat to his words.

    "The clone, or the genome cocktail?" Dr Pershing said, sagging more and more, beyond even Bernael's ability to sustain; Zorn had damaged his internal organs, twisting them free -

    Bernael let his senses wash over the collapsing man in his arms, another sigh, Zorn had broken another toy, in his childish pique. Pulling the body close his hands reached up, closing around the man’s skull. Even as he black eyes gleamed, the slits in his mask slid open, proboscises plunging forth, in one motion, burying themselves in the man’s face. So quickly they bored into his head Pershing had no chance to scream, not that Bernael’s will would have let him right now.

    As they drank in the man’s mind, he drew in the small, seemingly insignificant soul, drinking in his life, his memories, his essence. A clean, sterile room in his mind formed, empty of all but the soul, no door, no windows. As the last of the man’s essence and mind was drunk in, the proboscises whipped back into their cheek pouches and he dropped the empty husk that had once been a scientist.

    Touching the soul in his mind, ’Now answer my question, where is what I need to control the fleet, rip it from Zorn’s grasp?’

    Dr Pershing screamed as he was consumed, and even moreso when he came to inside Bernael's soulscape. "What - where - where am I?" He glanced around the area, which was painting with his memories, recreating the lab when it had existed. There was a tank of liquid, dozens of Sith acolytes and scientists, and a glance at the genome data -

    A high-content M-blood sacrifice -

    A dark side action -

    A cocktail of eight genetic markers, stripped from tombs, corpses, and living subjects -

    The memories grew unclear, as Pershing panicked more and more -

    Bernael touched Pershing’s soul, his will washing over the spirit, even easier now that it was inside his head.

    ’Calm down, this was the only way to save you, so to speak, to not let that child destroy the future. You need to breathe, as it were, and calm yourself or you are useless to me.’ he thought-told the man.

    He had some of the information already, but not the key part, where it was. So he had to waste even more time calming this soul so that he could get that final piece of information from him. He sent calming vibes and let his will damp down the spirit’s fear and anxiety and waited for the man to finally surrender that information.

    There was a flicker of memory, and guidance flowed; Bernael would be shown where the cocktail was being kept, and more details notes about how to complete the process - the ritual - to bond the contents to him in blood and soul -

    There was also a whole detailed aside about the cloning project to create a new body for Palpatine, which had failed to duplicate him save for a non-Force using man that basically looked nothing like the Emperor-to-be, and a misshapen homunculus that Zorn had slain -

    Pershing's soul was tapering away...

    Clearly Zorn's attack had been Force-ful, and had damaged the good doctor's very essence.

    That the Dark Lord had done so without specific intention was only indicative of how powerful he had become.

    Bernael felt the beginnings of the dissolution of Pershing’s soul. The only way to save the information, what was left that the man had not shared was something the man would not enjoy but such was existence. His will swept into the cell, surrounding the soul, 'You will now be part of the whole, forever.' and then the soul flowed into him completely.

    He followed the details the man had given, retrieving the cocktail, preparing himself for what was to come, and the next steps of the ritual. He gazed at the rows of unconscious acolytes that were left after he had rendered them that way. If he had to face Zorn, even weakened, a snack beforehand would be helpful. Reaching out he ripped every soul that remained from the bodies, depositing them in the storage banks.

    He touched the memories of Pershing, 'And where to next?'

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    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: Combo with Sinre and HS29

    IC: Chancellor Feyna Organa, Del and Nola Deidder, Captain Hamner, Arek Graul, and An'ya Kuro
    Chancellor's office, Senate, Coruscant

    Feyna had to try very hard to not roll her eyes at Aryan's statement; Nola, however, was under no such restraints.

    Feyna probably should have been more bothered by the address than she was, but with everything going on, the only emotion she could summon where Aryan was concerned was exasperation.

    She was tempted to make a public statement of her own, to call out him, and Treen, and the rest, but she had to wonder if that was just stooping to his level.

    Hamner had Shevu on the line, waiting.

    To meet with Aryan smelled of a trap, but avoiding it felt cowardly.

    "Tell him I will meet with Graul."

    Hamner nodded. He had an expression of approval; he hadn't personally thought Feyna should rise to his bait. "Shevu; tell him that the Chancellor will meet."

    There was an acknowledgement, but it was a short one, and Shevu didn't sign off. A query. Hamner looked back. "And the others?"

    Del coughed, "and about him being a Force a user? Isn't that dangerous, ma'am?"

    Feyna nodded; she knew what she was risking. "Have Shevu relieve Graul of any weapons," she told Hamner. With the Force, Aryan was dangerous whether he had a physical weapon or not, but she could hopefully minimize the threat somewhat.

    As to the others, "Shevu can leave some men behind to watch the others; I'd like it if they stayed put, until Aryan and I are done talking." Treen was her main concern, aside from Aryan, and she didn't want any of them trying to take an opportunity to flee.

    Hamner conveyed the information over, and Del looked at Nola and then back to Feyna, a bit twitchy.

    "Chancellor, what did you want us to do?"

    Feyna had intended to send them back to the Nubian embassy, with Hamner, to arrest Norin and Ike, if they were still there, but she was also realizing that that might not be such a good idea. Norin had put out a bounty on his own son, he probably wouldn't hesitate to lash out at his staff. And she had thought of something else they might be able to help with.

    "Actually, I want your help, filling Winter in when she wakes; she'll be confused, and you know what happened better than I."

    She looked to Hamner. "If we have time, before Shevu and Aryan get here?"

    Del could fill in the gaps in Winter's memory, but Feyna still wanted to be with her when it happened.

    A short distance away, the commandeered shuttle of Norin Graul raced through the sky lanes on an approach to the Senate Tower. But what should’ve been a relatively brief trip from the Nubian Embassy had turned into a complicated affair. The mass exodus from the planet had increased the number of transport ships in the area, which precipitated unexpected traffic delays. It had become an extremely vexing situation, especially when time was of the essence.

    However, at this juncture, Arek appreciated the temporary reprieve the bottleneck had afforded him. He needed the extra time to think, to reflect on his actions, and to formulate a plan. After all, he had not expected his father’s message to affect him so deeply. It had shaken him to the core.

    The young man clenched the control yoke and squeezed until his knuckles turned white. No matter how hard he tried, he could not shake the haunting visage of Aryan Graul from his mind. It had been the first time he had seen his father in years, though it wasn’t reallyhim – not how he remembered him, anyway. The changes were palpable, from the timbre of his voice to the strange glint in the depths of his gaze. Perhaps that was the most disturbing feature. His eyes had become luminous, twin flames glistening with an intensity that almost seemed…feral. Arek couldn’t decide if it was an illusion, or merely a result of the terrible things he had just heard him say on a public platform. It was troubling, to say the least.

    Of course, it didn’t help that Master Kuro had also reminded him that his presence here would likely have consequences for this reality; a cause and effect. Some negative, some positive. He had already come to terms with that, though it didn’t make it any easier.

    In the end, he had only wanted to live; to escape from a worn-torn galaxy and continue on in peace. He had never wanted to carry any of these burdens, nor to––

    Before he could complete that thought, a soft chime began to sound from the control console, alerting them that they were coming up on their destination. Arek sighed to clear his mind and exchanged a quick glance with his passengers – Master Kuro and Four-Dee, before leaning over to activate the comm.

    “This is STA-099, Shuttle Starfire,” the younger Graul read from the transponder, “requesting permission to land on the executive level of the Senate Tower. I know this probably goes against protocol, but this is an urgent matter. The Chancellor’s life is in danger, and we must speak with her immediately.” He pursed his lips, making a decision that would surely attract their attention.

    “I’m, uh–I'm Aryan Graul’s…son.”

    Before they could start with Winter, a somewhat-confused-sounding air controller came through on Feyna's comm, with a message that someone claiming to be Aryan Graul's son was requesting permission to land, and wanted an urgent word with the Chancellor.

    Arek was here.

    Feyna's calm reply probably surprised the befuddled controller. "Let him land at my private dock."

    The expediency at which the controller approved their request came as a surprise to Arek. He had only assumed that security would subject them to a lengthy vetting process, particularly with their appeal to meet directly with the Chancellor. Were they really that lax in their practices, or was something else going on?

    Whatever the case, Arek did not have time to dwell on it. He merely angled a sideways glance at Master Kuro before turning back to guide the shuttle toward their designated landing platform. As they settled down on the tarmac, he left instructions with Four-Dee to remain behind and attend to his grandmother. It would not be safe for her inside the Chancellor’s suite, and he could not bear to see her suffer more harm. She had been through enough.

    That thought lingered at the back of the young man’s mind as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to her cheek in parting. “I’ll be back soon. I need to set things right.”

    In short order, they were descending the ramp and greeting their escort, led by a Captain Hamner. Arek studied the man with a wary gaze, an old habit he had picked up from his time in NuSec, but he wisely kept his mouth shut. Instead, he allowed the security captain to carry out his duties by showing them into the executive offices.

    When they entered the elaborate space, Arek’s officer training took over as he stood at attention and clicked his heels together out of respect. “Madam Chancellor,” he acknowledged with a firm nod.

    The formality, the lack of familiarity, stung a bit, and Feyna had to remind herself again that this wasn't Arek back from the dead, but a different Arek, from a different time.

    He was older than the Arek Feyna remembered--but he was probably about the age Arek would have been now, anyway. And he was marked with fairly fresh bruises and--was that blood?

    Nola, watching from the doorway of a side room where Winter had been moved to, winced as the Chancellor stiffened slightly; they hadn't told her that Norin had attacked Arek.

    Feyna pushed past the brief alarm, returning his polite nod. "Arek.."

    Unsure of how much he knew of this timeline, she forced herself to remain as professional as possible. She gestured to a couple of chairs nearby. "Is this about Norin? Nola and Delan have filled me in on some of the details of what he's been doing..."

    Del watched the Chancellor, and then Nola, and then Arek. Feyna clearly still had feelings for Arek Graul... just not this one. His eyes moved back to the Chancellor, and Captain Hamner hitched his head to one side. His movement was noticed by the woman trailing after Arek; a pale faced Jedi Master, the one who had addressed the Senate about Aryan a few days ago.

    "It is, but it's also about my Padawan, Aryan Graul..."

    She looked unapologetic, uncompromising. "He is now in league with Darth Zorn, and has taken the name of Skelm, Chancellor." An'ya Kuro looked to Del and Nola and Hamner, unsure of the security risks but her eyes found Nola and nodded. "He just throttled Senator Norin Graul to death with the Force."

    Del blinked, and also deflated somewhat, putting together why Ike had abandoned his pursuit of them, while An'ya continued to speak.

    "I have little doubt he is a very grave threat, now..." She glanced at Arek. "But Norin Graul was investing in experiments into duplicating the Change... and is responsible for how Arek looks now."

    Hamner stepped out the room, feigning a comm call.

    Norin was dead? Both Nola and Feyna were startled by the news.

    That Aryan had killed him was perhaps not as surprising as it should have been. Norin had been willing to have Aryan killed, after all; the other way around was just as plausible, given the state of their relationship. And if Aryan had Fallen...

    Feyna might have had a few words for Kuro, about how the Master had assured her not forty-eight hours ago, that she would keep Aryan out of trouble, but she had greater concerns.

    "Aryan is on his way here," Feyna informed them, brows knitting. "It crossed my mind that it might be a trap, but I agreed to meet with him. Shevu is supposed to be bringing him in."

    Arek had remained silent throughout An’ya’s narrative, the clenching of his jaw the only outward sign of the revulsion he felt over their current situation. But that quickly turned to embarrassment when the Jedi Master indicated the wounds that were still quite prominent on his face. He did not want the Chancellor’s pity for the beating he had endured; that was too personal for him. That’s why he diverted his eyes and lowered his chin to avoid her gaze.

    However, he knew there was more to it than that. He could also feel the spike in the Chancellor’s emotions – the rush of excitement and joy that had permeated the Force when he had first entered the room. There was an attraction there that he could not deny, something that might have even transcended a simple friendship.

    But those feelings were not for him. They were for the Arek Graul that had lived in this timeline. Unfortunately, he had passed away several years ago, and Arek did not want to interfere and cause her more pain by merely existing.

    And so, pursing his lips, the young man clamped down on his resolve and maintained his professional composure as he addressed her concerns. “It will almost certainly be a trap, Madam Chancellor,” Arek agreed with a slow nod, a hint of regret evident in his voice. “I, uh––I know my dad. He won’t waste his time meddling with minor subordinates. He’ll want to go directly for the top. If I had to guess, he set this whole thing up to gain access.”

    Inhaling deeply, he then lifted his blue eyes to finally meet her face. “But you do have a choice, Ma’am. You could either deny his request, which I–well, I don’t recommend that.” He scoffed and offered a nervous smile. “Or you can carry on and allow us to spring our own trap. He doesn’t know we’re here...especially me. We can handle him while you escape to safety.”

    An'ya pursed her lips. "I would recommend you go, Chancellor. Skelm has became a very great threat. We must stop him." Hamner burst back into the room.

    "Chancellor, the droid fleet -" The man looked panicked. "It's here! The Star Destroyers, they're not, they must be at Exegol, but the battlecruisers!"

    Del looked at Nola, clearly worried. "Now what do we do?"

    From what Arek was saying, it sounded like Aryan was like this in his own timeline as well.

    Feyna had already agreed to meet Aryan; he was coming, and she wasn't going to change that. To back down would just give him and his Centrist friends more ammunition against her.

    But in all likelihood, Arek was probably right, that Aryan had demanded the meeting just to gain access in order to kill her.

    Captain Hamner then returned with more bad news: some of Zorn's droid fleet had arrived in orbit.

    Conscious that she was in the presence of two Force-users, Feyna did her best to maintain calm, to not panic or let her utter frustration show.

    This new development, however, seemed to settle the question of whether she was staying or going.

    "I have to deal with this," she told Arek and Kuro. There was more she would have liked to discuss, about Norin, and the Change, but there wasn't time, now. Perhaps after...if there was an after.

    "I will leave Aryan to you. Let me know once he's...neutralized." Whatever that might entail. And if they failed...well, she'd probably know soon enough, one way or the other.

    She turned to Del and Nola, where they stood watching--Nola had observed in silence, not quite as composed as the Chancellor appeared to be. "I'm going to go down to the situation room--" from whence Piett had coordinated Coruscant's defense during Thrawn's attack-- "to oversee our defenses." The armada was gone, but they had the Golan stations, and Raddus should have left some ships to hold the capital.

    "You two can come, unless you have somewhere else you'd rather go...?"

    Winter still needed waking up, too, and Feyna wanted to check in with Jyn...hopefully someone was coming with that remote soon...

    Nola looked to Del, giving a small shrug, not sure what they should do.

    A shrug. Helpfully vague. "We're at your service, Chancellor."

    But Del looked back at Arek, and back at Feyna. He also looked at An'ya, who was looking at him. Captain Hamner had already gone, calling for a speeder, and also an update on Winter.

    "Um," Del said, uncertainly. Who hadn't heard those rumours? "Did you want us to leave you for a moment?"

    He looked at Arek, and then at the Chancellor, remembering how to address the ruler of the galaxy.


    An'ya was already walking out of the room.

    Feyna watched Kuro go, then glanced between Nola and Del, and Arek. She wasn't sure about being left alone with Arek--not that she didn't trust him, but it was bound to get awkward very quickly. And she didn't have a lot of time to spare. But she didn't have a reason to keep Del or Nola here, either.

    "Go and follow Hamner, " she instructed them. He might have something for them to do.

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    The following is a combo with Sinrebirth – thank you so much! :D

    IC: Senator Aryan Graul (Darth Skelm), the Master of Masters, and Lady Carise Sindian
    The Indigo Tower, Coruscant

    It was a remarkable thing to experience a momentous event that would enact a decisive change in one’s life, something that would render beneficial results. This occurrence had many terms – a crossroads, a turning point, or a watershed moment. If you were among the lucky few, it would happen once or twice throughout your lifetime.

    For Aryan Graul, he could identify two prior instances that fit into that category – the injury that had occurred above Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars, and the victory that had secured him a spot within the Galactic Senate.

    And now, as the Force rippled with anticipation and excitement, he was about to undergo another pivotal change. Unlike the others, this moment had a more innate quality. He knew that it would not only alter his path, but it would also finally permit him to ascend and fulfill his destiny.

    That thought permeated his mind as Skelm stepped forth to accept the gifts from the courier – the staff of Marka Ragnos, a chrome lightsaber, and a vial and injector. He basked in their radiance, even as the Force trembled with the arrival of the Eternal Fleet. This generated a nexus of energy that seemed to bring the skies above Coruscant to life. Aryan pulled on this power and lapped it up to satisfy his insatiable hunger.

    But something was still troubling him. He soon realized that it was the courier himself, a slender figure in a dark cloak. Skelm could not distinguish his features below the heavy shroud, but he recognized him all the same. After encountering him fourteen-years ago on Ach-To, this man had become his obsession. He was not about to let him slip away again.

    "I know you," Skelm began evenly, casually gesturing with his hand to dismiss Senator Treen from the room. He was idly aware that she had requested his permission to assume control of the Death Star. Her proposal did not raise any immediate concerns, and he trusted her to handle the situation with the appropriate care.

    Turning his attention back to the cloaked man, the Senator then narrowed his eyes. "You’re the one from the cave on Ach-To. The Shadow Man." He scoffed at the term, clearly trying to connect all the dots from the past. "I’ve been waiting for you...and now, you’ve finally arrived. I have so many questions."

    "I am, and you do," the man said, nodding. "I'm happy to discuss it all, but I am somewhat conscious that you have a destiny to fulfill, and a galaxy to take as Emperor..." He gestured to the viewport, "and the entirety of the CSF poised to arrest or indeed escort you to the Chancellor!"

    He chuckled. "Quite a pivot point in your life, I'd say."

    "You can call me the Master of Masters, if you like..." As he said it, there was a curdling in Skelm's gut, as if this was a bad bad thing. "But I don't really care what you call me, as I'm simply serving Lord Zorn today..." A smirk filled the Force. "But I'd say we have time for one question, your Majesty."

    He bowed deeply.

    Skelm allowed a thin smile to cross his features as he stepped closer to the mysterious figure. "That’s hardly fair," he drawled in a low baritone, his tone almost mocking. "Especially after you confessed to tampering with the various timelines, displacing certain individuals to fix the rift in the Force. What many refer to as The Change. Palpatine’s death may have been the main impetus, but you accelerated events and likely exacerbated the situation further.

    "But I’m not sure if that was wholly unintentional," he continued after a brief pause, canting his head in an effort to see beneath the cowl. "To orchestrate things so precisely, that had to require extensive knowledge about The Change."

    By this point, Skelm was mindful of the churning in his stomach. He had first noticed it when the Shadow Man had introduced himself, almost as if his name was a perversion to the Force. Or perhaps it was a warning. The Senator instantly recalled the vision he had seen of a world swathed in darkness, thousands of Star Destroyers looming on the horizon. He had heard the Shadow Man’s voice there as well:

    ...the End of Time approaches from the Unknown... as it always does.

    It was hardly a coincidence, particularly when he accounted for the events currently unfolding above the capital. It also became the basis for his question.

    "Anyway, I’d like to learn more about these unique gifts," Skelm proclaimed after a moment, nodding to the objects clenched within his hands. "I’m curious how they will assist me in achieving my goals, specifically the lightsaber and the ritual."

    A devious smirk pulled at the corner of his mouth. "And how this all relates to the End of Time." He raised his brow, almost daring the Shadow Man to answer. "What did you mean when you said, ‘the End of Time approaches from the Unknown’?"

    The Master of Masters starred at Skelm, pausing before he responded.

    "The End of Time happens at some point in all timelines, all realities. In the original version, it occurred a century and a half from now, when the Immortal God of the Sith is released from the Well of the Dark Side, which is on Mortis, in the Unknown Regions. But of course," the man shrugged. "It could come from any terror from the Unknown Regions. Presently, that would be Darth Zorn, the One Sith Order, the Sith Eternal, and of course," his hand fluttered at the sky, "his Eternal Fleet."

    "But yes, I am aware of precisely what the original timeline contained..." the Master of Masters shrugged. "I wrote the Holocron of Prophecy, after all, what, thirty-five thousand years ago?"

    "But as to these," his hand shrugged. "The lightsaber will cement your power in the dark side, ditto the Scepter of Ragnos. You'll need power to complete the ritual bonding of the blood to you - and with that blood," the Master clapped. "You'll be able to command the Eternal Fleet!"

    "It's pretty neat, very heretical, of course, but Zorn doesn't want to have to handle the small-details of galactic rule." The Master of Master's shuddered. "Politics are really anathema to him, ditto me!"

    A short chuckle escaped Skelm’s lips, though he wasn’t exactly amused by the Master’s eccentric sense of humor. His thoughts were elsewhere, focused on the man’s revelation about the Eternal Fleet and its alleged connection to the End of Time. If he was to ascend, he wanted to ensure that there would be a galaxy left to rule, and that his actions wouldn’t inadvertently bring about its destruction.

    It made him wonder about the Shadow Man’s end game and what his true intentions were. Was this what An’ya Kuro and Sistros were trying to warn him about? Cryptic words meant to lead him astray?

    His expression turned grim at the reminder, prompting him to rest his hand against one of the Holocrons concealed within his coat. It hadn’t escaped him that the Shadow Man had also referenced a Holocron. It was likely another link, another piece of the puzzle he would need to solve.

    However, he swiftly returned his attention back to his original concern. Everything hinged on that for the time being; the rest would soon follow.

    "So, taking everything you've said into account, if I were to succeed at this ritual and acquire control of the Eternal Fleet," Skelm inquired with a lifted brow, "wouldn’t I trigger the End of Time? That’s something I would like to avoid. I want to secure my prosperity, after all."

    The Master snorted. "The End of Time would involve an apocalyptic event, like a Dark God shattering civilization, unleashing monsters from Otherspace, and the destruction of whole worlds on the daily. You're not that bad, Lord Skelm. You've not even triggered a Change," he said, scoffing.

    "The Terrors that serve the Dark God emerge en masse from the Unknown Regions when given permission, after all... but Palpatine, Thrawn... they've tamed so much of the area who knows if there are any left..." He chuckled darkly. "Until the Yuuzhan Vong get here, of course, but as long as we have a strong and stable society running things, we'll be fine."

    His shadowed cloak regarded Skelm. "You're the right man for the job, no? I heard you were... Treen seems convinced you're the only one who can Protect us from chaos... and Zorn doesn't care, which is why I'm backing you. An intergalactic invasion by a murderous fanatical race is just an inconvenience to him, even with their advanced biotech and plans for genocide..."

    "Hang on," the Master leaned forward. "You do know about the Yuuzhan Vong, right? Chancellor Organa has been investigating them, she captured a few of their infiltrators and some of their tech - it's why Thrawn has thrown in with her..." The Master put his gloved hands on the side of his face. "You must have known that Yarmond was one of the Yuuzhan Vong spies, right? That the entire New Republic is on the verge of destruction and all little Feyna seems to care about is clinging to power?"

    Skelm’s expression remained reticent, but internally, he went through the full range of emotions. It was a relief to learn of the Master’s assurances about the Eternal Fleet, and that quickly translated into confidence and pride in his own abilities to usher the galaxy into a new age.

    However, the emergence of an alien foe from beyond the Outer Rim, Yarmond’s connection as a spy after learning of his suspicious behavior, and the Chancellor’s role in concealing the truth to preserve her own power – all of it aroused his anger.

    He clenched his fist, and the Force responded by sending out a pulse that caused the floor to tremble slightly beneath his feet.

    There was a noise as a shuttle docked with the Indigo Tower, and a voice called out. "CSF is here for you, your Majesty."

    It was Carise Sindian, the young noblewoman seemingly positively confident that they were fine. When she saw the Master of Masters, she bowed. "My apologies, Lord Trayus, I had not seen you there."

    The Master of Masters oozed amusement. "Not a concern, Lady Sindian. If you could tell Feyna's lapdog that we will be with him momentarily, that would be appreciated."

    He glanced back. "A lot to absorb, that. Like the old days, eh?" He was talking to himself, almost. "I am so sorry that Feyna chose not to share with you. Clearly, she never trusted you... only little Norin, whispering in her ear..."

    While Aryan caught Lady Sindian's slip when she used the name 'Darth Trayus', he failed to act upon it. He was too distracted. Instead, the Force rippled with his resentment toward his father. Even in death, he was not willing to forgive or forget. It was a continuous flow of emotions, fueling his anger, and harboring his strength. "And she will play for her insolence," Skelm sneered in a low growl.

    He stepped forth, inclining his chin with confidence. "Anyone allied with my father will meet his fate – her own transgressions notwithstanding."

    The cloaked man turned. "I will need to go, undoubtedly. It wouldn't do to have me seen, no? I'll keep my ship close, cloaked... and, well... we'll see if you're ready, no doubt of that..." There was a leering grin into the Force…

    The Senator returned the grin, pouring his appreciation into the Force as he gathered his belongings. "And I will not disappoint," Skelm stated with conviction, his gaze unwavering. "I am ready."

    He offered a nod to the Master, and then to Lady Sindian, before retreating to meet the awaiting CSF troopers.

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    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth , @galactic-vagabond422 and @TheSilentInfluence :)

    IC: Han Solo, Lumpawaroo (Lumpy), Ka'rta, Tor, Madelyn Linnett
    Location: Millenium Falcon, Osik , Exegol

    After a successful drop off of Anakin, Han was now focused on knocking that tower out of commission.

    The fleet had now arrived and as far as Han could see were concerned with their own battles. But they were taking a bit of a beating. And the tower itself was well protected with walkers, fighters and a destroyer.

    Lumpy rumbled a suggestion about some Mandalorians nearby. Had Madelyn sent a fleet herself or had she come? Only one way to find out….

    "This is Captain Solo of the Millennium Falcon" he said comming the Mandalorian group "There's a particular problem I might need your expertise in" he smiled "And it involves a bit of demolition work".

    "Captain Solo..." Ka'rta said with a growl keeping her ship on course after a close call with Star Destroyer. "You planning to stick around this time?" She pressed recalling her last interaction with the smuggler, him bailing on the battle of Mandalore that brought Ka'rta to power.

    Tor, dressed in light durasteel armor, looked worriedly to her mother, recalling the few moments the name Solo was mentioned in the house.

    Madelyn tried not hide her smile when she heard Han, and gently moved around Ka'rta so she could talk to him next. "It's nice to hear from you Han." Madelyn said. She glanced back to see Arthur watching with an amused expression. "It's been a while Captain."

    Han grinned as Madelyn's voice came over the comm, Ka'rta was blunt and to the point just as he remembered.

    "Hey kid, good to hear from you again" he said to Madelyn "And Ka'rta, nice to see you too, tactful as always. I'm sorry about Mandalore and I'm sorry for bailing out. Let's just say I had a bit of a crisis which is now resolved".

    He turned deadly serious "But I'm not bailin out this time. Like you I've got a score to settle with Zorn. His Master killed Chewie and him and his cronies are about to get some payback. With interest".

    He concentrated on flying towards the tower as he spoke "The New Republic is gettin battered. And I think takin out the tower you can see with the destroyer near it can help. I can't take it out on my own much as I would love to, and I need your help".

    "You in?".

    Lumpy fed the data to the Mandalorians; the unshielded 9Star Destroyer hanging above the relay station, the squadrons of TIE Daggers, and the two AT-ATs patrolling beneath the shield dome that protected the station.

    He rumbled in consternation.

    They had a lot to do, and the station was sending navigation data to more and more Star Destroyers -

    "You'd better not..." Ka'rta warned the Smuggler again as her ship cut through the sky. She checked her sensors looking to see if any Mandalorian fighters managed to get through the blockade. If they had those they had a fighting chance of getting through the fighter screen. Though the shield wouldn't make it easy either. "Tor get on the weapons and keep those fighters off of us."

    Tor followed her mother's instructions and began tearing into TIE Daggers that were swarming around them. Ka'rta for her part tried to keep close to the tower, daring the Star Destroyer to fire on them and risk hitting the tower. "Any ideas?" She asked the warriors behind her.

    Madelyn turned to Ka'rta, knowing there would be time to talk to Han and the others later. "You know, I might be able to help with that." She sounded thoughtful and wondered about the previous battle. "I could try to use the force to get a good look at what we could be facing. That is, what we aren't able to see down there at the tower."

    "You're the Manda'lor." Ka'rta replied subtly giving Madelyn the go ahead for using the force to scan the area. Knowing more about the forces aligned against them would be useful. Giving a glance over to Tor focused completely on covering their descent from TIEs coming in.

    Han grinned, looks like the Mandalorians were on board for this crazy ride.

    "Looks like they have the destroyer and the fighters covered" he said to Lumpy "We need to take out those walkers at the bottom and then hope no other fighters come our way."

    He gunned the Falcon now full throttle towards the tower, he had to keep an eye on that destroyer though as that still posed a problem as was how to get that shield down.

    He set the Falcon's sensors to scan for any weaknesses.

    The Force affirmed what sensors did; the shield would need to be breached by a landing force, to get to the tower, and the two AT-ATs were basically the same old Imperial design in red trim. Lumpy pulled up energy readings and communicated that the big cannon seemed to be feeding directly into the reactor - he hadn't been at Kashyyyk, so couldn't know about the Xyston vulnerability.

    Madelyn would also, however, sense the presence of Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker and Darth Zorn in the Temple-monolith, as well as a murkier sense of double-shadow which she would be unable to name. The three were locked in combat, but it wasn't something she could impact.

    But what did speed up their schedule was the TIE Daggers that broke off from the defence, clearly having noticed their probing sensors. The whole horde boiled towards them like a nest that had been poked, and Lumpy shouted out in surprise -

    "Tor, Focus fire on those AT-AT's aim for the legs, the laser cannons should be able to melt through and send them tumbling." Ka'rta ordered her daughter.

    "But what about those TIEs" Tor objected, still struggling to keep up with the truly staggering amount of TIEs.

    "Let the Smuggler handle them," The experienced warrior cut the enhanced light freighter around and through various obstacles trying to shake the cloud of fighters being her. "We need those walkers off the table before we land and take that Sensor tower."

    "Alright..." Tor turned her attention to the walkers looking to cut their legs out from under them.

    Madelyn sighed and knelt down, trying to focus and using the force to reach out to get a glimpse at what was below. She let out slow breaths as age focused, and could feel the Jedi below, the dark presence that obscured her view.

    Ste could hear and feel Tor firing on the AT-AT's. "I don't know what they're facing, but it feels wrong." Madelyn told them. "Be careful."

    Han saw the TIE's heading their way and swore. This looked like a swarm of them had come out to play.

    The Mandos meanwhile were attacking the walkers now and Han knew that they could have fighters aboard to use as a ground force. He would just have to provide the air support.

    Han brought the Falcon up and towards the swarm "Alright Lumpy let's see if we can't keep these guys off Madelyn's and Ka'rta's backs. I'll fly, you shoot 'em down".

    He powered forward straight towards the swarm, ready to spring a move at the last moment….

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    OOC: A little combo with @TheSilentInfluence and @darthhelinith

    IC Leia, Vhardia, Renn
    Exterior of Starkiller Base, Ilium

    Leia kept quiet for the most part, especially since the situation felt as if it was getting more complicated by the second. They were doing alright, so far; but Leia wasn't sure if things would stay that way for very long. "Master? I have a bad feeling about-"

    The comlink by their feet chimed, and Leia felt silent. She didn't know if she should answer it, and turned to Master Vhardia for help.

    Renn gazed at the chiming comm, then at Vhardia, and finally at Leia. ”Little one, I do believe we all have a very bad feeling about this.”

    He checked the controls as he attempted to ignore the still chiming comm, but as he’d suspected they were locked, by some outside being, presumably the one who was now calling them. That did not bode well for them at all.

    He looked back over at Vhardia, ”Up to you if you desire to answer that call but I have a feeling it will only make our situation worse.” he said quietly.

    Vhardia looked from Leia to Renn to the comm.

    "I guess you're right. Maybe there are people I can't win over with my fabulous personality." She sighed, picked up the comm and threw it at the wall. "Let's get out of here."

    She took off her cloak and shoved it in one of the saddlebags of a speederbike and pulled on a fur-lined jacket.

    "Leia take off your outer robe, I'm gonna put you into a warm coat."

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    IC: BB-8
    Starkiller Base, Ilum system

    After they were warmed through and Leia's sense in the Force tugged them along their way, BB-8 kept a sensor eye upon the deployment coming from above, which settled in where they had been previously. The droid beeped as they sped forward upon their speeders, detecting something up ahead. A large cylindrical building, relatively low but well built. He seemed important, though the snow harassed them as they proceeded.

    There were no Stormtroopers evident; not yet, but the Kyber crystal beckoned them closer; leading them to the building.

    The astromech tootled; there were four speeder bikes coming their way, carrying the anticipated scout troopers.

    The Force rumbled with concern, and Renn and Vhardia would have to make decisions about which way to go; it was unspoken that the Force was acting through Leia; the building before them had to be key, as was the finding of the crystal.

    Another tootle; an Imperial shuttle in the distance, making it's way forward...

    But no TIEs, curiously.

    TAG: @darthbernael, @darthhelinith, @TheSilentInfluence
    IC: Lumpawaroo

    Aboard the Millennium Falcon, Battle of Exegol, by the signal tower

    The wider battle continued to modulate.

    The half of the Sith fleet in low orbit could nonetheless fire in the gaps formed by the chaos, and the New Republic, Hapan, Imperial and Hutt forces were being driven back towards the Red Nebula. If pushed back too far, they would be unable to maintain their formation and would be diced apart. The other half, with shields up and holding position, was incurring as many losses as the lower half, but were ill-placed to press forward and abandon the support of the lower.

    But the engagement below was the pivot.

    If it continued, the rest of the Sith fleet would be able to deploy and smash the allied forces, bringing a swift end to their only change.

    Admirals Piett and Raddus, Prince Isolder, and the other commanders were working well together, but the efforts of the Mandalorians and the Millennium Falcon were the difference between victory and defeat. Lumpawaroo rumbled to Han to be careful, as he rushed the TIE Dagger formation. They scattered, but the old Corellian freighter took all manner of fire, and though it's shields took the barrage, the ship protested, half a dozen alarms battering the two of them from all directions.

    Lumpy slapped a control to silence them, even as three TIE Daggers rallied to the upper-part of the Falcon, but the backdrop was the hovering Xyston-class Star Destroyer. There were errant turbolaser blasts down at the Falcon, but circumspect, and Lumpy knew they were cautious only to avoid hitting the base below - notwithstanding the shields.

    Under that dome of energy was the Osik, causing the two AT-ATs to explode and leaving the tower relatively exposed, though turbolaser towers had sneaky emerged from the ground to support the walkers, promptly blasting through the shields of the ship and knocking out the power, giving Ka'rta a problem with the ship going down, and Tor and Madelyn had to survive the drop -

    The blasts had been too precise, and Madelyn would sense the Force behind the targeting computers; a Sith was within the complex, coordinating the defence. Now, they would have to end the base on foot, if they managed to land intact -

    Alfred and Mirdala were armoured up, ready to go in, strapped in and ready to go. Their jetpacks were placed and the men glanced at each other. This was about to get violent. Mirdala grinned into the comms. "Are we doing this the hard way, Ka'rta?"

    "The way these two always do it," Alfred added.

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox, @TheSilentInfluence, @galactic-vagabond422

    Exegol laboratory

    Deeper into the monolith temple, there was a cacophony of conflict afoot, and the tang of new blood filled the air - as did that of lightsaber burns. The light clashed upon dark upon light. It was a jagged, frigid engagement, violent and sharp. The clash between Anakin Skywalker, Darth Zorn, and Mace Windu was a tear upon the Force -

    But there was no suggestion that they had sensed Bernael.

    As such he was relatively uninterrupted as the Anzati worked, the soul of Dr Pershing advising, and explaining, detailing how Bernael was to rebuild the concoction from eight separate gene pools. There was the catalyst to complete the bonding, of course, an infusion of high-M-count blood, which was the only scientific term for Force user. It couldn't just be any Force user, it had to be one of a decent level.

    There was a handful of tugs upon him, though. Of course, the great clash between the three Force users...

    ... but also to what felt like an artefact chamber...

    ... and the unseen eyes of several Sith spirits, peering upon him, stalking, watching, preening...

    ... and outside the monolith, in the signal tower, which appeared to have at least one Sith within...

    ... there was a light side Force user not far from there, too...

    ... but there was a pressure emerging in the Force, which suggested more Force users were on the way...

    He had his concoction, but needed one more piece of the recipe.

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    IC: Captain Shevu

    Escorting Skelm, Coruscant

    With an armada in orbit, silently listing as if awaiting the merest permission to rain fire upon the planet, Shevu wasn't entirely sure as to his orders, but until he was told otherwise, he would honour his Chancellor's direction. He did not consider that Aryan Graul deserved it, but the Chancellor was a woman of peace, and she would give any opportunity for the Bakuran Senator to step back from his path.

    He didn't understand how the Alderaanian could turn the other cheek so many times...

    Shevu would have shot the man where he stood.

    But he escorted the man, thinking of the complexities of the day... and unaware that Skelm, with his newfound power, could pluck upon his thoughts.

    However, the journey was thankfully short...

    ... because on the landing pad stood a single woman.

    An'ya Kuro.

    Her lightsaber, purple and gleaming, was already ignited.

    Shevu was suddenly quite happy to convey Aryan Graul to the Chancellor.

    TAG: @HanSolo29

    Secondary hangar, under the main pad

    Captain Girdun escorted Nola and Del to the lower hangar, beneath the main pad. He held out a datapad to them, gruffly. "Ike is at large, and someone needs to track him down."

    "And I've been hired to do so," Boba Fett said, as he stepped forward around the docked ship. "Which means you're my best chance to find him..." He indicated up. "With an armada about to blow the joint... but the shields are up, and however many Golan stations are in orbit..." He shrugged. "Sounds like the perfect time to track down him before he goes missing..."

    Girdun was on the comms. "The Chancellor won't condone that, but it's a lawful bounty, registered with the Guild by Jabba the Hutt himself." He looked at his comlink, unhappily.

    "We're not assassins," Del said, concerned.

    "No," Fett interjected. "But you know Norin, and Ike will likely make use of whatever hidey-hole he is. Perhaps wherever he snuck into Coruscant during Thrawn's attack? I don't know where that was..."

    Del did, and so did Nola, and Fett's logic was sound.... but Del focused on Hamner.

    "What's wrong? We have the shields, and the platforms, don't we?"

    "We do," Hamner said, "but the Death Star prototype is out there... and a shuttle left Indigo Tower before the shields went up... and I don't know if Jyn Erso made it through before..." He glanced to Del, and then Nola. "We're essentially under siege here, and in the middle of a political disaster..."

    Fett didn't add anything, he turned his helmeted visage to Nola.


    TAG: @JediMasterAnne
    The Chancellor's Office

    That left Arek and Feyna to one last conversation... before it all came to an end.

    TAG: @JediMasterAnne, @HanSolo29 (combo)
    IC: Daritha Gorog

    Sarafur, Killik mound tomb

    "Because I don't just care for you Beaumont….I love you".

    Qwi spoke the words, and Beaumont could only stare in bewilderment. He could feel how she felt, through their shared bond. He'd had crushes before, even a taste of what he considered love, but this, it was incredible. He could only draw her into a kiss, and it was as if fireworks had exploded within his mind. The Force sang with their light, with their emotion, a wind dispelling cobwebs and dust -

    "Bah," Daritha Gorog said, turning Jalynn Graul aside, her eyes void as if empty of consciousness.


    Her thrashed his chin as the Echo rose the Qwi and Beaumont almost off the floor, and the tomb thudded open, revealing a mummified corpse; humanoid. "Now, I said." She reached forward and placed the Holocron upon his chest -

    There was a tug in the Force, and a perversion which rebuffed the two lovers and sent them tumbling to the entrance floor.

    Energy flowed from her through the Holocron into him -

    Half a galaxy away, Aryan Graul would feel a tug in his Echo, a pain that would have spoken of his daughter's existence not a moment before he met An'ya Kuro -

    As he chanted, there was a flash of crimson light -

    And he stood, a staff in his hand.


    The conches lit, revealing all manner of books and shelves -

    Beaumont didn't pay them any heed, backing up, helping Qwi back to her feet. "The Holocron - it was a container -"

    "For my spirit, yes," Gorog said, cackling. "I was a Sith pureblood many millennia ago, researching the Echo that Daritha Trayus spoke off in his ancient writings... I served the Old One, Tharagorrogaraht, the Night Queen... as Daritha Soros... but then, when she died, I took her name as my own..." A gesture, and Jalynn's form was drawn up, and then thrown into the tomb in his place.

    "And I now stand here with the ability to become the Old One I was destined to be... if Abeloth will not wreck the cosmos as is her role in the Great Wheel of Change, then I will be Chaos, and with no Gods to stop me... I shall take it all."

    Taking Qwi's hand, and feeling the Echo between them - feeling Pascale, feeling the Force - he squeezed her hand and drew upon their connection.

    "I don't think so..." Beaumont smiled at Qwi. "We don't think so."

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Bernael
    Exegol laboratory

    Bernael sensed the fight, deeper in the monolith, as he worked on the recipe that he’d received from Pershing. A small smile touched his face, ’Good...good, let the three of them wear themselves out.’ he thought. It did suit his purpose for the two Chosen Ones and the Jedi Master to waste themselves in this fight. If one, especially one of the Lightsiders, perished even better. He finished the formula, save one element. The memories told him it had to be the blood of a Force User, the death’s blood of one.

    Briefly he thought of the three there in battle but discarded the idea. He felt the presence of an artefact chamber but there was no guarantee there was a Force user present. The Sith spirits, powerful beings though they may have been, strong though they remained, would be of no use. He reached out further and could feel further Force users approaching the planet but they were too far away. That left a couple options.

    The Lightsider out there he sensed, strong in the Force and with a strong will. But...they were surrounded by many other presences, not Force users but strong warriors all. ’Ahhh, the Mandalorians, which means one of them is a Force user, wonder which. And one of them is the parent of that young Jedi, interesting…'

    So his options had narrowed down, to one spot, which made him chuckle, as it would bring even more chaos and possibly give the ‘heroes’ a chance to think they had won. It was outside the monolith, with the Lightsider and their compatriots closing on it. The Sith he’d felt. Fading from sight once more, reducing his Force presence to almost nil, he darted through the monolith, to the entrance of it. Past his Fury and a couple ships near the entrance he could see a signal tower, in the near distance.

    A crashed ship, at a tangent between the entrance of the monolith and the signal tower, had figures emerging from it. From the dress, he could tell his assessment of them was correct, Mandalorians. The one that the others gathered around was the one that gave off the aura of the Light Side. A sly smile crossed his face, ’The Mand’alor, so she’s the one with Force ability, very interesting, and means it was her daughter I met…’ he thought.

    Slowly he emerged, doing his best to move between the falling raindrops, avoiding the wind as best he could so that his unseen shape wouldn’t be outlined by areas where the rain wasn’t falling. He kept protrusions and the ships between himself and the others as well. He was an unseen, unfelt part of the background as he moved. The closer he got to the Mandalorians, the more he could hear of them.

    They seemed to be headed to the same place he was, for a different reason of course, but all the same he needed to complete his task and depart as swiftly as possible. It took precious time to make his way around their position and to the secondary entrance to the tower, opposite the one they were headed for. But he made it there unseen. From the amount of noise the turbolaser batteries were making, the sound of the hatch cycling would be lost in it.

    Slipping through the door, before it fully cycled, he quickly wrung out his cloak so it wouldn’t drip, then slipped it back on. Quietly he moved through the complex, letting his senses passively reach out, feeling for the essence of the one he sought. He slipped through the facility, until he reached the space where the Sith he’d felt was located. Outside the hatch to the room the Sith was in, he slipped a pair of daggers into soft sheaths inside the sleeves of his cloak, hilts out.

    His invisibility and absence from the Force was a boon, but nothing could hide the mechanics of a hatch opening. So he didn't take a chance, backing toward the end of the hall he boosted and, as he took the first step, he threw a box at the controls, diving through the opening of the hatch just as it was wide enough for his body. A quick roll and he disappeared behind a console near the door.

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    Ka'rta and Tor

    The pair of walkers crumpled their legs melted by the sustained fire from the Oisk. Tor threw up her hands in victory, she'd actually contributed to this mission, she finally helped rather than being just a screw up. Then the ship shook and shuttered, the lights going out.

    "Why does this always happen…" Ka'rta grumbled as she fought the controls working to get some sort of auxiliary power going. How many times had her ship been shot down, twice during the Battle of Keldabe, a few more times between. She'd thought she gotten it up to snuff but not apparently. "Of course we're doing this the hard way." Ka'rta scolded her partner. Had they not been falling out of the sky she would slap her lover.

    "Hang on to something we're coming in hard." Ka'rta called out over the coms, managing to just get enough control to not kill them all instantly. The bottom scrapes against the ground skipping like a stone once before finally skidding to a stop. Looking around she checked on everyone, making sure they were alive. After that she unbuckled herself and moved towards the back of her ship, to a place she only visited occasionally, her weapon's locker.

    Inside were all manner of destructive devices, ranging from disruptors to thermal detonators. Reaching in she grabbed a heavy blaster rifle slinging it across her back, a few detonators, and a few more warheads for her wrist launcher as well as a reload for her concussion missile launcher on her jetpack. A few bandoleers of powerpacks completed the look, it was much the same was the one she had when stepping onto the battlefield in Keldabe.

    "Grab what you need, this might be as far as we go…"

    Tor looked on in awe, she'd heard whispered legends from Owen and Jerrod about the stash of weapons her Buir kept but this was the first time seeing it. There were things she'd only ever heard about, weapons that were illegal, or deadly beyond all reason. She was unsure of which weapons to take. The young warrior was trained in many different weapons but, this almost beyond her. Not knowing what to do she merely grabbed a few powerpacks and hoped for the best.

    Even she could tell that this was it...this was the last act of the story...

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    IC: Han Solo, Lumpawaroo (Lumpy)
    Location: Millenium Falcon, Exegol

    Hold on baby, hold together…

    That was Han's thought as he rushed the TIE's. He was going to try and brake and bring the Falcon up so the fighters would rush beneath him before flipping over and smashing them from behind.

    Unfortunately they had scattered and his lady had taken quite a few hits.

    Han tapped the pilot's stick wondering what to do next. The Osik looked like it was going down and Han hoped both Madelyn and Ka'rta made it safely to the ground.

    "We need to give the ladies time to get in there and destroy the tower. But it looks like the fleet won't last much longer either. We might need to take out this big bad destroyer to at least give 'em a chance".

    "If we keep these fighters in range of the destroyer they can't do much or risk hurtin' their own" Han grinned "See if you can find a way to take this beast out".

    Lumpy woofed his disbelief. Take out the Star Destroyer? He was surprised at the suggestion, but it was Han Solo.

    He flipped the Falcon, giving Han the chance to shoot up into the unshielded warships belly even as the TIE Daggers turned impossibly tight turns to catch up -

    Han knew he didn't have much time before the fighters were on them again, so he had to wait until the last moment and then fire and then turn his attention to the fighters. Or let Lumpy handle the fighters whilst he went back to piloting.

    "Get ready to dive once I fire" he waited, and waited until…."Now!"

    He fired the concussion missiles, he had fired twice already which meant he had four left to use.

    The two missiles shot out, slamming into the Xyston under hull, impacting the cannon and causing an eruption that consumed the Falcon for a moment. If it was possible, a hundred alarms (approximately) screamed at them as the YT-1300 buckled, quite literally on fire, and began to nose dive -

    Lumpy roared as the Star Destroyer began to be consumed by the detonation, clearly the Sith had tied the weapon into the reactor! It was suddenly aflame, all manner of debris falling -

    There was a screeching noise as laser-fire found their engines -

    "Yeah I know we are on fire!" Han called to Lumpy as the ship began its nose dive, Han had to pull this one out of the fire...literally if the Falcon and both he and the Wookiee would get out of this.

    Han took control back as the Falcon dived pulling back on the stick to try and pull the Falcon up "Do we still have the cannons? Because I bet that's those fighters firin on our backside!".

    He continued trying to pull the Falcon out of the dive to try and spring back up to get out of the way of the fighters and the disintegrating destroyer.

    Debris tumbled down, and Lumpy spun again and again to try and put out the flame -

    He roared that they had weapons, and engines, and a hull -

    Half the TIE Daggers vanished into the flailing debris, and the rest pulled off -

    But of course now a vomiting wreck was coming down atop the shielded comms tower -

    Lumpy saw the Osik go down, and there was dust-up from another ship...

    A cloaked one?

    He rumbled at Han that there was more going on down there -

    The defensive weapons of the tower began opening fire on the Xyston pieces -

    Han tried not to close his eyes as Lumpy spun the ship as he continued to try and pull out of the dive. His baby was on fire and he hoped they would not be joining that destroyer in being incinerated.

    "A cloaked one?" Han exclaimed "Please don't tell me it's our Sith friend we encountered at Coruscant. Because if he's here that means trouble for the ladies. Of course it might not be him…"

    And of course now the destroyer wreck was coming to crash down upon the tower. Would they all be crushed?.

    "Well pal, guess we'll have to see what we can do from up here, I park the Falcon up chances are she could be crushed too. Let's try and keep the skies clear for when hopefully the ladies come out...and take out the tower".

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    IC: Qwi Xux, Beaumont Kin, Gorog, Jalynn Graul
    Location: Mound, Kuna's Tail

    It felt as if a light had been switched on.

    Beaumont hadn't said the three magic words back but as he pulled her into a kiss in return...she felt released. Pascale was either amplifying things or the Force was but she didn't care. She could feel Beaumonts emotions and feelings. Her body tingled with this new sensation and Beaumont's love for her. It felt magnificent.

    And….were they nearly floating? It was like they were lightness personified.

    Pascale meanwhile was grinning his head off as he worked his magic. My gift and blessing to you both he said your love for each other has solidified the bond. Now you can use it to fight darkness.

    Of course it seemed they had no clue what was going on until their kiss was interrupted. Gorog it seemed had now become alive and Jalynn Graul had been thrown into a tomb. But through it all Qwi sensed Beaumont suddenly dropping his nervous nature and a firm resolve taking its place.

    Qwi looked back at him smiling back, squeezing his hand in return before holding it tightly. Their bond was singing loud and clear.

    "You will not win Gorog" she hissed feeling the bond surge between them "We will stop you, you will not stain the galaxy with your darkness and you will not be able to use people as puppets like you did Miss Graul".

    I will stop you too, said Pascale, Qwi felt him passing his strength to them both. I was once possessed by a Sith God and it cost me my life. Harm these two in any way and you shall feel the full force of my wrath. I want my last act in this galaxy to be a good one...and stopping you would be a pleasure.

    Gorog snorted. "Ah yes, the cousin, Typhojem. The original Gorog hated him, so I'm glad he failed."

    A chuckle, as he twirled his scepter. "I hear that Abeloth was released too, only to be defeated. Very, very sloppy." A snort. "Or perhaps, very neat." His clawed hand reached and there was a yank, and suddenly there he was, standing, surprised, as if he was real.


    Beaumont jerked, disrupting the connection between him and Qwi, and Gorog stepped forward, spinning and driving the sharp end of the staff into and through Pascale's chest. He clutched the weapon and groaned, the Daritha throwing his hand out to send Pascale tumbling away, the scepter still running him through.

    "He's not really here," Gorog said. "His essence can be corporeal for a bit, sure, but without a vessel for his spirit, he'll be gone, gone, gone, soon." He stepped back to let Qwi go past. "You may want to say goodbye," he sneered.

    Qwi stared as Pascale suddenly appeared, he looked as shocked as she did. He was about to say something, Qwi felt Beaumont suddenly jerk, the connection faltering...

    Before Pascale was stabbed right in the chest and sent flying.

    Qwi screamed in anger and anguish as she saw him die again, she couldn't help it. She squeezed Beaumont's hand tightly, she didn't know why he had jerked back but she needed him now more than ever.

    She knew she had to stay with Beaumont, she was committed to him, she loved him. But it was sad to see Pascale go out like this, he deserved better.

    Qwi stayed where she was, Pascale was gasping for breath and knew he was on his way out. He had wanted to go out in a blaze of glory but it was up to Qwi and Beaumont to stop Gorog.

    If you move he will go and try to escape Pascale thought at them both it's up to you now. Love each other, cherish each other, use the light and your love to stay true to each other. You both deserve a happy future not pain, loss, death or destruction.

    Beaumont, don't be like me, give her the love I could not. Qwi, you will always and forever be my cheri. Take care of Beaumont….

    Qwi was staring at Gorog as if she wanted to tear him limb from limb "You bastard. You may have taken the Echo away but you still won't stop us. You will NEVER divide me and Beaumont. Ever".

    Pascale looked over with a smile before the light faded from his blue eyes and his last breath exited his lips.

    Pascale Rouser was finally at rest.

    Beaumont panicked, but Qwi's hand brought him back to the current crisis. Pascale had blessed their union before, but part of Beaumont's mind hadn't been convinced - how could he? Qwi loved them both, and Beaumont didn't understand that - but this, this really felt like a final blessing.

    Pascale's epitaph was to give them his love.

    Tears streaming, Beaumont squeezed Qwi's hand and turned back to confront Gorog, who had been grinning until he saw Beaumont's expression. Fearful, his eyes turned to take in the Omwati -

    He drew up his hands, lightning full in them -

    "I love you, Qwi," Beaumont said, softly, not forgetting what he needed to tell her too.

    Qwi heard the three magic words spoken by Beaumont and her heart swelled with happiness hearing them. She still felt the ache of Pascale's final passing but she knew he was finally at peace and had given them both his blessing.

    Gorog though was ready to fight and was about to blast them with lightning. She looked at Beaumont who looked like he wanted to tear him apart limb from limb.

    Together she sent to him let's see if we can deflect the lightning back, maybe even give him a little push….

    She drew in a deep breath, blew it out pulling from inside all her strength, utilising her connection between her and Beaumont to bring forth what she needed to fight.

    Qwi threw her free hand out intending with all her might to try and deflect the incoming assault as well as give Gorog an almighty shove.

    Beaumont reached down deep within their connection, as much as Qwi did. He lifted his hand, like the Omwati -

    A tangle of green lightning erupted from their hands, and Gorog stumbled back, electricity rushing up and down his body, and the Sith leaned forward, sending a blue storm of energy back at them -

    Their attacks met, exploding, sending Gorog hurtling over his tomb, even as the shockwave caused Beaumont to stumble back, breaking his grip with Qwi and their connection suddenly weakened -

    Beaumont reached back for Qwi -

    It seemed even they could unleash lightning which Qwi was amazed at. Were they tapping into the light side of the Force itself?

    No doubt what they were doing could drain them but Qwi was going to do all that she could to stop Gorog from escaping and unleashing hell. Pascale no doubt would have been proud of the both of them.

    Qwi stumbled back as well as the shockwave hit, she nearly fell as her light weighted body took the blow. Since the Echo was gone it seemed that if they were not holding hands the connection weakened. No doubt Gorog would sense that and take advantage.

    She hissed, and pushed herself forward again to grab Beaumont's hand. She did feel drained slightly but they had to keep going.

    Again she thought dig deep my love and perhaps this time he'll get the message loud and clear.

    She raised her hand again and dug even deeper, as deep as she could go...and aimed everything at Gorog with a shove.

    The light shredded through Gorog as he stood, howling. His body seemed to grow waxen, and he reached into the tomb, ripping the doors off and throwing them at the two of them -

    He didn’t pay attention to the results of the throw, he simply reached out to take Jalynn’s arm and a stream of energy flowed from her to him, making his skin redden again, and of course a spike of pain run across from her to Aryan once again...

    Gorog, eyes glowing golden, skin healing, looked back at Qwi and Beaumont to strike them down at last -

    This spirit was just not lying down….

    Now with Gorog drawing on Jalynn, Qwi and Beaumont had to push one more time. Of course whether they could die from using up all this energy but that was still uncertain.

    And now he was throwing doors at them. How petty.

    "Beaumont" she said out loud but quietly enough so only he could hear it squeezing his hand "I don't know what will happen to us if we succeed. But know that I love you with all my heart and soul. And if we do get through it….I want to show you how much I do. How much we do."

    "We need to show Gorog that the light always wins. That our love can conquer all." She gave Gorog a stare that could melt ice "For Pascale, for the galaxy, for us, we will succeed and Gorog will fail".

    She drew deep within the bond once more entwining herself emotionally with Beaumont. Her love for him, her hope that they could spend the rest of thier lives together. That one day they could live in peace.

    With one last scream….she unleashed hell.

    The light did it.

    Their light did it.

    It shone over Gorog and his skin melted away, and then his sinew, and then his bones.

    He was but a shadow, hovering over the screaming form of Jalynn, a wraith that snarled. Your echo is but the reverberations of a wound in the Force... one day, it will pass on. You will lose your power, and lose your light. I will watch from beyond Death... for when that -

    Beaumont pushed with Qwi, light upon light -

    happens -

    He dissolved away, leaving them in an empty tomb, as empty Holocron on the floor, and an empty moment, devoid of danger, devoid of death, devoid of...


    It was over.

    Qwi nearly collapsed onto her knees with her energy drained releasing Beaumont's hand but managing to grab Beaumont's waist to steady herself, she was breathing heavily.

    There was an empty space where Pascale used to be, he had sacrificed himself so that Beaumont and Qwi could continue on, to do what they had just done.

    Rest in peace Pascale Rouser, may you find peace among the stars.

    They had to try and get Jalynn out and aboard Firenze and then get away from this place. Perhaps find out why she was hetre in the first place and why she was so far away from her father.

    Beaumont meanwhile had not as yet expressed his thoughts on what Qwi had just said but she would give him a few moments to gather himself.

    "We did it" she said simply with a smile at him.

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    OOC: Combo with the GM

    IC: Nola and Delan Deidder, Boba Fett, and Captain Kenth Hamner

    Hangar, Senate Tower, Coruscant

    Nola's eyes moved across the three men, thinking. There was a lot happening, and not very many of them--Hamner of course had CSF to hand, but security already had their hands full with everything else going on, so they couldn't take too much from that resource.

    Letting a bounty hunter go after Ike was questionable--as Hamner had pointed out, there was no way Organa would go for it...but what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Gods knew she had enough to deal with already. And that Death Star was a bigger priority.

    Nola pulled up the coordinates for the warehouse Norin had landed in during Thrawn's attack, showing Hamner and Fett. "Ike's probably headed here, it's in the industrial sector on the other side of the planet. He might be wounded, but he's also a Force-user."

    To Fett, "Do with that as you will, but I'm not going to ask CSF to assist you." But if Hamner wanted to send a squad that way, she wouldn't stop him doing that, either. Whoever got there first could take the prize.

    "I'll bet credits that the shuttle from Indigo Tower is probably some of Aryan's Imperialist friends, maybe going to try to take control of the Death Star--so we need to find out if Jyn got through or not. If not, we need to find a way to warn her, and Shield Control needs to know to let her through--she actually knows the Chancellor, doesn't she?" Nola thought she'd heard there was a connection between the two, and it was known that Galen Erso had pulled Organa, and Arek Graul, out of the Graveyard after Alderaan was destroyed.

    Fett snapped a sarcastic salute to his helmet, and turned and jumped off the edge, his jetpack firing and he vanished.

    Hamner grinned at Nola. "I like that plan."

    "The Death Star?" Del said, pushing the point.

    "I can't reach Jyn, otherwise I'd know. We either need to get into the air and go after that shuttle ourselves, or..." He pulled a face. "Not many 'ors'. They won't be able to take over the Death Star immediately, there is a crew up there, after all." He looked at the Eternal Fleet. "Assuming they're still loyal to the Chancellor, of course."

    Del steeled his expression. "Is there much of CSF left?"

    "Most of it is at Indigo Tower, but not sure what to do. We're losing units though; people heading home rather than get shot." Hamner paused. "Can't blame them, though."

    Well, what are we paying them for? Nola had to wonder, upon hearing that some of CSF were fleeing. The civilian evacuation was one thing, but security forces abandoning their posts was another.

    It also meant that their already-stretched resources were now even thinner.

    "The ones at Indigo are watching Treen and the rest of her gang, right?" Nola had heard the Chancellor explicitly state that she didn't want them going anywhere--but then who was on the shuttle, and how had it been able to leave in the first place? "How many of them are there, and how many CSF?"

    Hamner tapped a screen, showing the names of the Senators that were conspiring with them. There were also twenty-eight CSF officers deployed, four of which, with Shevu, were escorting Senator Skelm in a roundabout journey to the Senate tower.

    There was a ship in the bay, of course. Unlocked, the one that Arek and An'ya had brought to the Senate tower. It was free, and they could take it. But where? Hamner was wondering, and then he switched his comlink over. "Do we have any eyes on the Death Star?"

    "Yes, sir," came General Kre'frey. "The shuttle that escaped, it's docked. But we've no power to the station evident. Shields are up, the Golan stations are all targeting the droid battlecruisers... but we're not starting the fight. I'm not sure we'll win, Kenth."

    Kenth Hamner nodded. "Understood." He glanced at Nola and Del.

    "We understand there is a ship that left the Death Star. An Imperial shuttle, call-sign Rogue One."

    "That's Jyn's ship. Have you seen it?"

    "It went down towards the old Jedi Temple, with engine trouble... but a man's voice reported in?"

    "Shavit," Kenth said. "Jyn rigged the Death Star to blow," he said, signing off. "We need that remote... or we're done." He looked at Nola and Del.

    "What are we now?" Del said drily, "the go-to pawns?"

    "You have somewhere else to be?" Nola retorted to her husband, but it was meant as a tease. Sort of.

    "Find out if the Chancellor has heard from Jyn, maybe Jyn sent someone else? Or has a co-pilot?" It was a flailing hope, but Nola was assuming that there had been some sort of scuffle, and Jyn was either dead or incapacitated. "We need to get to that Temple."

    Hamner signed off. “She hasn’t; I’ve been with the Chancellor since Prince Isolder left. We’ve no idea what’s happened.”

    He looked at them. “I need to protect the Chancellor, get her to the war room, or off-world.” He indicated the datapad, which was cleared to accept communications from the highest level of government. “Go, find Jyn, blow the Death Star, and hopefully Arek and An’ya can deal with Aryan.”

    Del sighed. “And now we’re trying to be Heroes.” He looked at Nola. “You really want to do this?”

    Nola looked at him, a little concerned by his current demeanor. "I don't care about being a Hero. I do care about not getting blown up by a Death Star. That shuttle's already up there, every second we waste finding someone else to do it is another second closer to Imperials taking control of it."

    To Hamner, "We'll let you know what we find." Hopefully, they'd simply find Jyn, with a remote, a male co-pilot, and a downed ship.

    The way things were going, though, Nola suspected they weren't going to be that lucky.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    Battle of Exegol, by the signal tower

    Madelyn felt her stomach drop as they entered the atmosphere, and went to grab onto something to hold onto as Ka'tra started their decent. She looked for her husband, Arthur who was talking to Mirdala. She tossed him an uneasy smile, because she really didn't like flying like this, and the feeling of the darkness down below was starting to become more overwhelming by the second. She turned to Tor as Ka'rta set them down, and walked over to her niece, placing a hand on her shoulder as she noticed she was gathering weapons for the fight.

    "Don't forget the vibroblade I got you Tor." Madelyn encouraged. She dropped her hand and stepped away, a frown on her face as she made sure her own weapons were nearby and loaded up, taking a few thermal detonators for good measure. She turned to look back at Tor. "Come on, we need to get this done quickly, before anyone else gets hurt." Madelyn looked at Ka'rta, at everyone else on the ship that was getting ready for the battle outside. She tried to push her nervousness down, but found that she couldn't and shook her head to try and clear it.

    I just need to focus. That's all.

    Madelyn sighed.

    May the force be with us.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Beaumont Kin
    Sarafur, Killik mound, tomb of Daritha Gorog

    It was over, completely, and utterly. Beaumont turned to Qwi, and held her hands. "We did."

    He squeezed both, for emphasis. "We."

    Beaumont leaned forward and kissed her, softly, warmly. He regarded the sceptre on the floor, glanced at Jalynn's unconscious form, and then back to the weapon again, which had been previously within Pascale.

    "He's gone this time, isn't he?"

    "Excuse me..." a woman's voice came. It was Jalynn, and she was awake, if disheveled. Pale, even. "What's happened?" She sat up in the tomb, and glance at the skeleton in the corner. "And what the hell is, or was, that?"

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox (combo)
    IC: Blessed Toxmalb

    Comms Tower, Battle of Exegol

    The Osik landed hard, but it didn't land in any manner that suggested she couldn't pick herself back up. It was a short out from the impact, and the ship kept it's family safe. Ka'rta, Tor, Madelyn, and the rest, they were safe. Above them, all manner of flaming debris was impacting upon the shields that they had dove beneath. The defences which had once caused them issue were now their saviours.

    For now.

    It didn't take much to solve the fire; pulling up out of atmosphere cut off the oxygen supply outside the ship, but lead them into the battle itself.

    Lumpawaroo growled as TIE Daggers regrouped, and the Millennium Falcon was in no better shape to fight on. The sky was thick with Daggers, but also X, B, A, E, Y and U-wings, let alone Hapan Miy'til's and Hutt Uglies and Imperial TIE Fighters and Interceptors. The starfighter skirmish was going as poorly as the capital ship one. Lumpy didn't know what to do, and he called out to Han a warning.

    The respective fleets were in a bad place. Each flagship, the Song of War, commanded by Isolder, the Home One, commanded by Raddus, and the Avenger, commanded by Piett, they were each in a state of peril, a separate Xyston having cut through their escorts and bearing down on each vessel almost nose-to-nose. All three needed immediate assist and evac, but the Falcon wasn't fast enough to save them all; just one of them.

    A group of X-wings rallied to the Falcon. "This is Colonel Celchu of Rogue Squadron. Looking for orders, Captain Solo."

    They were fighting back, making miracles. But for what?

    As they watched, the escorts of the three ships fell back, attacked from below by Xystons mid-deployment -

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox (combo)

    The Mandalorian team had crashed outside the front of the tower, the entrance already breached. It was hand, but inside was darkened. The box that Bernael cast upon the door fizzled, and dropped to the floor. An exertion in the Force had undone it. There was a chittering laugh, one the Mandalorians would hear outside.

    "How quaint."

    "A Chaos, a Light... some men and women of metal..."


    "And a Darkness..."

    A group of black-armoured Stormtroopers stepped out from the shadows, and lit up the entire corridor, firing out the entrance at the Ka'rta-Madelyn family. There were eight of them, with a ridiculously attired madman in the middle. Mirdala and Arthur leaned down, firing into the distance, blaster fire splattering their beskar, but they didn't have time for this, not really.

    "My name is Blessed Toxmalb, I'm a Sorceror of Rhand... I lead the Sith Eternal before the Dark One came here," he said with a chuckle. He did; he'd led the Red Nebula before Sidious found them... before Zorn killed the man, and took his throne. "Die, my pretties, so I may enact the current Dark One's wish."

    His body seemed to buzz, to blur and writhe beneath the fabric. He laughed and laughed.

    TAG: @darthbernael, @TheSilentInfluence, @galactic-vagabond422 (super-combo), @BobaMatt (combo finale time)
    IC: Del
    On the way to the Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    There was a flurry of chaos consuming the capital, rumbling under the surface. Those that could escape, had, those that couldn't, had flowed up into the abandoned apartments and tower blocks. With the military completely focused upon the fleet in orbit, and the CSF completely unable to manage the crisis and thus only free to keep a watchful eye out for a coup...

    The HoloNet was reporting on most of this now, and Del didn't look happy about it. "I'm not exactly sure how Feyna's going to fix this."

    He squeezed Nola's hand, and turned their borrowed ship towards the Jedi Temple, which had a restored appearance to it where fire damage had been removed. Temporarily the Imperial Palace of Emperor Amedda, it had been reinforced to survive assault and been relatively intact when Ananke burned down Galactic City. Otherwise abandoned, it wasn't used all too much by the New Jedi Order, who were more exclusively based on Yavin 4.

    When the Order was large enough again, perhaps, Del thought.

    They had clearance to head to the Temple from Hamner, and when they arrived, Del pointed at the landing area. "There!"

    An Imperial shuttle, landed relatively askance on the steps of the Jedi Temple, was evident, the ramp down.

    It looked abandoned, in-fact.

    Even from the cockpit as Del set down, he could see a trail of blood...

    His bones chilled. "Oh kark."

    Their comms sounded. "Well hellooooo, I'm looking for a replacement Braata, as the current one tried to kill me. If you're in the business for a cosmic destiny, could you let me know? Otherwise, Ms Erso and I are a leetle busy, so buzz off."

    The line cut.

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    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Han Solo, Lumpawaroo (Lumpy), Prince Isolder
    Location: Millenium Falcon, Exegol

    It was looking very bad up here….

    The Falcon was thankfully no longer on fire but it had run straight into a melee. Both fleets and starfighters were having a tough time and the Falcon sadly couldn't help them all.

    "Well pal" Han said to Lumpy "We just jumped straight into the fire. Guess we'll just have to take out as much as we can before the ladies hopefully take out the tower. They won't fail, I know they won't".

    Meanwhile a Colonel Celchu was looking to him for orders. It seemed Han had now earned himself a command position. He wished Xav was here to see it.

    He remembered what he had done down below, it would cost pilots but hopefully they could do enough to stop the lead three ships from getting crushed. And it was a typical Han Solo crazy trick.

    "Get as many starfighters as you can and take out the cannons on those destroyers. I've got a team downstairs tryin' to take out that comms tower. The more destroyers we take out, the more time it gives them and perhaps turn the tide".

    "I'll see if I can clear some of these fighters off your backs. Just get out there and get shootin'".

    Celchu clicked acknowledgement, and his twelve X-wings roared off, attempting to break through the Xyston shields. The ones at the edge of the planetary orbit were fully-deployed, with all defences up. It made them difficult nuts to crack, 2400 meters of brute strength.

    The Song of War, Home One and Avenger were struggling to maintain shields, a dribble of fire but they didn't have the power for both. Lumpy howled.

    Rogue Squadron lobbed torpedoes, breaching the Xyston deflectors, and causing a chain of reactions that sent it vomiting fire down. That left two Xyston-class warships, but Celchu called in. "Out of torpedoes, Captain Solo."

    There was an equilibrium between the three flagships and the two ships... but four more Xyston-class Star Destroyers were turning to head in.

    Han had thought the Rogues would tell all their starfighter friends to attack the cannons but it seemed only they were doing it. Which wasn't good as the three lead ships were still getting pounded.

    And then Chelchu came back on the line saying he had no torpedoes left, and with more destroyers joining the party…

    "I know pal it looks bad" he said "we still have four missiles left, hopefully we can take those two out before the others get there and finish the leadership off".

    He pushed the Falcon forward towards those two before comming Chelchu "You need to get all the starfighters involved this time. Missiles, cannons, I don't care. Spread the word to starfighters hell even the capital ships. Tell them the cannons need to go, it's your only chance at stoppin' them".

    The Falcon was now approaching the two ships, Han hugging as close to the destroyers as he could in case any fighters decided to follow and juking and jinking between the melee.

    "Well Lumpy if this doesn't work, at least we gave 'em hell" he armed the concussion missiles again "Alright i'll bring her in, you fire then we'll try and head quickly to the next one before we turn into a fireball again…"

    He dipped the Falcon's nose down to get the cannon in his sights "Alright Lumpy….now!"

    It had been a long battle so far, and there were blown-apart fighter squadrons, damaged frigates, hulled cruisers, all trying to frantically target the enemy. The communique went out across the channels, but between the three commanders and the chaos, not everyone acted, and to punch through the Xyston defenses required a truly coordinated approach.

    A group of ships - cruisers, fighters, corvettes - saw the Falcon and coordinated, firing at Lumpy's target, and the missile shot out and slammed firstly into the shields as they collapsed. Lumpy roared and fired a second concussion missile, but a TIE Dagger intercepted it and exploded. The Wookiee growled as a swarm of angry TIEs cut apart the fighters nearby, and the Destroyer rallied to cut apart a pair of frigates. The Song of War was belching fire now -

    Han thumped the console in frustration. The trick had not worked and now a load of fighters had gone and it looked like the capital ships were losing out. Especially the Battle Dragon labelled Song of War, Han guessed that was Isolder's ship.

    "That does NOT look good" Han pointed out the fan shaped viewport at the ship belching fire "Guess we are about to turn from fightin' to rescuin'." He shook his head "Guess it's all up to the ladies now…."

    Han pulled away from the destroyers and headed towards the Battle Dragon "This is the Millenium Falcon to the Song of War. Your Highness your ship is done for. We've tried but I guess we have failed. And I would like to get you back to Coruscant in one piece before your fellow Hapans put a bounty on me".

    There were escape pods mottling from the Song of War, but the Prince's voice came from the Battle Dragon. "Captain Solo, I'm a bit busy squeezing life out of a dying warship -" there was a detonation along the axis, the two saucer-discs separating, and then he continued, a static bubble occurring as he switched to his comlink, Lumpy slapping a control to track him. "And power is out, so that's that."

    The Home One, an MC90 with legendary shields, was holding out the best, moving to interpose itself between the Song of War and the closest Xyston. Lumpy pointed as Rogue Squadron looped in to deal with the smaller craft surrounding the Battle Dragon, engaging three times their number in TIE Daggers. Suddenly another three squadrons of Sith fighters joined the furball, and Lumpy howled as they were briefly smothered by attacks -

    And then a squadron of TIE Defenders, complete with red-piping, swooped in and erased two dozen Daggers in half as many seconds. "This is Colonel Phennir of the 181st. We'll cover you, Millennium Falcon."

    Raddus's voice came out across the comms. "All ships, I designate Prince Isolder as my second-in-command -"

    The Avenger exploded, cutting off whatever Imperial Admiral Piett would have said, the flaming Xyston that had been attacking the Remnant flagship turning ponderously back towards the Song of War and Home One...

    Lumpy growled. They didn't have much time... the Falcon swerved atop the Song of War, settling atop the bridge hatch. From the turning Xyston hurled a dozen troop transports, and Lumpy howled at Han to go while he headed to the upper gun-well and fired at them -

    Isolder's channel buzzed. "That you, Solo?"

    A transport was already settling on the upper hull of the Battle Dragon, twenty crimson-armoured Stormtroopers ready to deploy the moment the ramp went down!

    It was getting REALLY bad now.

    Han thanked Captain Phennir for the assist in getting the TIE's off him but the Falcon was starting to take heavy damage. And he knew it wouldn't be long if the ladies didn't hurry up that the Falcon would go down in flames.

    And Han Solo would rather be dead than let that happen.

    Isolder was in trouble, hopefully they could get him off that Battle Dragon before it completely disintegrated. Han watched in shock though as the Avenger went which took Piett out. Now they really had to hurry.

    "Keep 'em off Lumpy!" Han called "We might need some good shootin' to get the Prince to safety!". He settled the Falcon on the hatch before checking what was in front of him….oh great.

    "Stormtroopers, I hate these guys" he then commed Isolder "Yeah it's me Your Highness with your ride off. We've got company though, a troop transports arrived. I'll clear them off and then you better get your backside aboard. Because I'm not waitin' around for these guys to blow more holes in my ship".

    Time to bring out the big gun...Han activated the underside Ground Buzzer cannon and with his customary smirk fired at the approaching troopers.

    He had his other hand on the throttle to floor it once the Prince was aboard.

    There was a noise, and Isolder clanked noisily aboard before shouting that he'd made it. Lumpy roared at Han to go, and the Falcon would escape just as Stormtroopers unleashed a hail of fire at the hull. Reports flooded in as Isolder tumbled into the cockpit.

    Shields down, energy reserves tanking, hyperdrive disabled, sensor dish peeled away.

    The Song of War exploded, and the Home One was their last flagship. It was not going well... and the enemy numbers seemed infinite, at this stage. Isolder commandeered the comms to shout orders to the Hapan fleet, which had become disorganised while he was out of contact.

    But Han's private comlink beeped.

    It was Jabba.

    "My boy, you seem to have led our fleet to its death!"

    Han sighed. He really did not want a comm call from Jabba at this point as he gunned the Falcon away from the exploding Battle Dragon. He did not know where he was going to go next, probably tackle more fighters.

    "Welcome aboard Your Highness" Han said to Isolder "Looks like your fleet is doin' as bad as the rest of 'em. I've got Lumpy in one turret, I could use an extra gunner to help out. Or you can stay here and help command. Either way is fine with me".

    "Excuse me for one sec" he activated his comlink "Jabba! I wondered if you would be keeping tabs on things. But look I know it looks very bad out here, but there is a team on the ground and hopefully once that comm tower goes, we'll be fine. Trust me".

    You ladies better not let me down this time Han thought to Ka'rta and Madelyn.

    Isolder pulled a face. “There best be, our hands are full up here.” He headed to the lower gun-well and started blasting.

    Jabba sounded unconvinced. “The Hutts keep their word, we won’t be the first to abandon the battle - but we will be the second.”

    He cut off, leaving Han and a hundred things malfunctioning on his ship. Lumpy abandoned the upper turret to head to the power couplings.

    And then the Home One erupted into flame, a shockwave whipping every ship, including the Falcon -

    Han sighed again. Of course if the Hutts decided to bail out, if Han survived there would be bounty hunters on his tail. Probably for years to come.

    What a mess…..

    Of course Han was trying to concentrate on flying whilst the Falcon was telling him about the thousand and one things that were going wrong. Of course with Lumpy not in the cockpit he would have to rely on the young Wookiee to keep the ship running.

    Then something happened. The Home One was now in flames...and the Falcon suddenly began to spin, Han trying desperately to pull the Falcon out of it's corkscrew spin.

    I think my luck might have just run out….

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    OOC: Another combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Qwi Xux, Beaumont Kin, Jalynn Graul, The Mandalorian
    Location: Mound, Kuna's Tail

    Qwi kissed Beaumont back with equal softness and warmth, also squeezing his hands back before wrapping one of her arms around his waist again as she was still wobbly.

    The hole where Pascale used to be was like a dark empty space, it would heal but she still felt sad at the way he had gone.

    Jalynn had woken up and it looked like she had forgotten what had just happened. Qwi knew she and Beaumont would have to be careful lest they get her into an emotional state.

    Qwi looked up at Beaumont again "Pascale is gone I cannot sense him anymore. He is fully at rest now and I think he would be pleased we got through it in one piece".

    She indicated with her head at Jalynn "We need to get her out of here, get her aboard the yacht to rest, maybe find somewhere safe for her to be. And I think you and I deserve some private time after what has just happened" she smiled at that.

    She turned to Jalynn ``I'm afraid you've ended up in a bit of a situation Jalynn. That skeleton in the corner was a rather nasty man who tried to kill me and my partner here and did kill someone I knew".

    She indicated with her head towards the exit "I have a yacht waiting outside. Me and my partner will make sure you are safe and comfortable, you look like you need some rest".

    "Can you remember how you got here?".

    Jalynn frowned. "Not right here, no. It's been a few rough years..." She swallowed. "My mother died in the war. I headed into the wilds... was too scared to head to the Unknown Regions."

    "There were bounty hunters after me... so I came here, the Moddell Sector."

    "Well, we can take you away from here, anyway," Beaumont said. "I'm Beaumont Kin, and this is Qwi Xux."

    At the latter name, Jalynn's eyes flickered. "Jalynn, as you said."

    Beaumont wanted to press the point on her surname, but didn't. "Did you want to come?"

    "Can I?" Jalynn said, her voice small.

    "We already offered," he said, squeezing Qwi's hand. "I want to take some photos of everything, and then we can go." He looked at Qwi. He was an archaeologist, anyway.

    It looked like Jalynn had taken a bit of a hit memory wise as she still couldn't remember things. And as Beaumont had not pressed her on her surname Qwi decided not to either.

    They could try after Jalynn got some rest. But the flicker at Qwi's name….I think my reputation precedes me again. Won't press her on that just yet, got to take it slow.

    Qwi squeezed Beaumont's hand back, he did remind her of Pascale sometimes "Of course you can" she said to him "I'll help Jalynn get to the yacht" she was getting less wobbly now that she had supported herself on Beaumont.

    She released her hand from Beaumont's and after a few wobbly steps approached Jalynn extending a hand to get her out of the tomb "It sounds like you have been through a lot and today is no exception. It sounds like you have a bit of memory loss but everything will come back eventually with some rest".

    "You can come with us and we can take you where you need to go next. Do you have an idea of where you planned to go? Or where you want to go?"

    Thoughtful for a moment, Jalynn was about to reply when they exited the mound, and the Mandalorian was standing there, a blaster in hand. "My bounty." Jalynn looked surprised, nearly fell down the stairs backwards -

    Beaumont Qwi thought as she saw the Mando pointing his blaster at Jalynn we have a problem….

    Qwi folded her arms and gave the Mando a stare "You know as much as I am glad to see you and glad you got here safe and sound, me and my partner have just been through hell to rescue this woman".

    She raised an eyebrow "So enlighten me, why is she your bounty?"

    "A Bakuran gave me the contract when she got back from the capital," the Mandalorian said. "I hooked up with Callat only to have an excuse to be here which wouldn't alert her presumed kidnappers." He hefted a fob. "I have a valid Guild contract."

    "Someone wants me?" Jalynn said, frowning. "Why?"

    "Not my job to ask," he said, sounding indifferent. There was a noise to his left, and the Mandalorian turned. "What -"

    Having managed to find an alternate exit by, well, pressing symbols and hoping they didn't trigger any traps, Beaumont tackled the Mandalorian to the side, he cursed, but didn't topple -
    Qwi wondered why a Bakuran would put a bounty on Jalynn. After all, wasn't Arya
    n Graul technically Bakuran now? Although no doubt he had many enemies, eho if they found out he had a daughter would no doubt want to either take her hostage or kill her.

    And they had the money to spend on getting a contract from the Guild….

    Her thoughts were interrupted by Beaumont popping out and tackling the Mando. He had heard the call from Qwi but trying to fight a Mando was a bad idea.

    Guess negotiations are out the door…

    Qwi was not sure with Pascale now gone whether he powers could be used or not. Plus Beaumont was not holding her hand….

    Worth a go….

    "Jalynn, behind me!" Qwi called as she charged forward throwing her hand out and throwing her mind into trying to push the Mando as far away as possible so they could get Firenze off the ground...

    The Force didn't come to Qwi's aid, not this time - she seemed to need the connection now to make it work. The Mando shoved off Beaumont and grabbed him by the back of the neck. His blaster had been knocked to the floor and he simply pointed his flamethrower at the man's face. "Enough! I don't want any trouble."

    "The contact is Gaeriel Captison," he said. "The partner of Aryan Graul."

    He pointed at Jalynn. "I don't intend to cause you any harm; she just wants to talk to you about your father and his latest descent into madness." He pushed Beaumont to the floor and tapped his arm, showing a hologram. "He's thrown in with the Sith, and they're holding Coruscant hostage."

    "Captison reckons she can get Aryan to leave Coruscant if she shows that you're with him." The Mandalorian looked at Qwi. "I hear you have the Force; use it to read me."

    Beaumont stood, glancing at the Mandalorian and then Qwi, his hand subtly out to her.


    It looked like Qwi now couldn't usd the bond unless she was holding his hand or maybe even just touching him. Poor Beaumont had thrown himself on the line again and had nearly got a flamethrower in the face for it.

    But the surprise was that it was Aryan's partner that had placed the bounty on her. And that things were going to hell back on Coruscant. Arysn Graul had decided to make a power grab and now Chancellor Organa was in trouble.

    But were they good intentions from Gaerial? She didn't know. Of course it was up to Jalynn whether she went or not but what should she and Beaumont do?

    Qwi walked over to Beaumont as if she was going to check him over, which she did but clasped her hand in his.

    "Are you alright?" Qwi said quietly so only he could hear "It seems our bond only properly works if we are touching each other. Sorry it didn't work there".

    She reached out with her senses "I'm not sure what we should do next. Let Jalynn go? Go on the run? I don't want to go back to Coruscant, it sounds too dangerous there right now. And I can't sense any malice from the Mando, can you?"

    “No, I can’t,” Beaumont said quietly. “But is it our place to interfere in bounties?”

    Jalynn was getting her mind through all this. “Alright, I’ll go, because well, I don’t want you to have to kill them...” The Mandalorian glanced at Qwi and Beaumont, appearing completely nonplussed with what he might have to do. She pressed on. “But I’d like them to come with me. Firstly, because they saved me from a... monster, in there, and they deserve to be rewarded,” she looked at them imploringly.

    “And I don’t want to go alone,” she said simply. It was a point. He could be telling the truth, but he couldn’t vouch for what this woman would do after she had Jalynn.

    Beaumont wasn’t bothered by her plea. He might have been before Qwi and he bonded, but now Jalynn’s appeal didn’t touch him. He simply looked at Qwi and shrugged. “It’s not our problem, but if you want to grab a reward we can do it. I’m a poor student; I’ve no savings stashed away, so we might need the money later.”

    He imagined Pascale had money somewhere, but since they’d been exposed to the galaxy again any legitimate accounts they had would have been frozen. So it wasn’t an unfair point. But they’d undoubtedly make do if need be…

    Qwi stood there listening to Jalynn's plea and what Beaumont had to say and took a few minutes to think about it. This was a big one…..

    She turned to Beaumont first, he needed to hear her explanation, taking both his hands in hers.

    "I agree with the fact it it not our problem" she said quietly "It's not our place either to interfere with bounties. I have a feeling that if we go….we could get into trouble again. Yes I do feel guilty about leaving Jalynn, but we could get into some serious trouble and I just want us to retire in peace".

    "Yes we will need money. But we can sort that. We can try and get jobs somewhere, budget, sell some of Pascale's collection off. We will find a way to live, but money isn't always everything. We could even go somewhere and live off nature for a bit. So long as we have each other and the yacht, that's all that matters to me".

    "Plus there is the bond to consider. No doubt if Aryan finds out Gaerial has Jalynn, he'll come for her. And I don't think we are ready to face someone with an Echo now that Pascale has gone. We need to train, know what we can and cannot do and explore things further".

    "And Thrawn is still around too, we need to be ready for when he comes for me. We need to be ready for any danger that comes our way. I am sorry if any of my responses are disappointing but you needed to know where I stand".

    She turned to Jalynn her voice gentle, a guilty look on her face. "Sorry Jalynn but I don't think we can come. Of course we did what any decent people would have done and saved you from that monster. But if we go….it could be too dangerous".

    "But then again Gaeriel could be genuine. She may want to get you out of harm's way, away from your father. The Mando here is a good fighter, hopefully he will be good enough protection. And we do not wish to interfere with a legitimate bounty from the Guild" Qwi nodded at the Mando.

    "I am sorry. I really hope you take care and that if your father really has become dangerous you get as far away from him as you can".

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    OOC: Another combo with HS29 and Sinre

    IC: Chancellor Feyna Organa, Arek Graul, and Captain Hamner

    Chancellor's office, Senate Tower, Coruscant

    An odd silence ensued once the others had gone.

    Feyna wasn't really sure what else to say to Arek. As she kept reminding herself, he wasn't that Arek, the one she'd known fourteen years ago, so it wasn't like they could discuss old times. He might be able to talk about the Change, but with yet another planetary attack to handle, Feyna was too conscious of precious time; she couldn't linger here much longer. Not to mention Shevu might arrive with Aryan at any moment, and she needed to be gone before then.

    "I'm sorry that Norin brought you into this," she offered eventually. Considering the current circumstances, how Norin had planned to use him, and had beaten him, she had to think his experience in this timeline so far had not been very positive. She didn't know what kind of situation he'd come over from, but just from what she knew, this didn't seem like it would be an improvement.

    The Chancellor’s words were soothing, and they jolted him from his daze. The inherent awkwardness that had plagued their meeting so far instantly faded, allowing Arek to push aside his lingering doubts. He then turned and regarded her with a rueful smile. If he had been more attuned to her thoughts, he would have almost certainly agreed with her sentiments.

    “It was my choice,” he explained quietly, his blue eyes diverting from her face to focus on a fixed spot on the floor. He was recalling the moment, retracing his footsteps, and trying to accept his decision. “Where I come from, my Grandpa––he, well...he died when I was just a kid. He got sick from the mines. So, when I saw him standing there in that gateway…”

    He scoffed and shook his head, his eyes closing briefly. “I couldn’t resist. I followed him through, and here I am. I guess I was too young to truly know him, you know? To recognize the corruption.” He pursed his lips, his mind beginning to wander again.

    “I’m still not sure if this was the right path for me, but all things considered, I suppose it’s better than constantly running from a vengeful god.”

    There was a click, and Hamner stepped into the room, looking apologetic. "I'm sorry Chancellor, we've gotten word from Exegol - Admiral Piett's Avenger has been destroyed, and, um," he swallowed. "We understand that the Song of War has gone down. We don't have any news about the Prince yet."

    "The Mandalorians are in the midst of disabling a tower of some sort which is key to the Sith fleet deployment, but we've had no word from Masters Skywalker or Windu since they headed to Exegol." He had some more beeps. "I just need to take this." Hamner basically stepped out again, not quite fleeing but he had just delivered some bad news, he knew that.

    Piett gone, and...

    "...the Song of War has gone down..."


    Hamner was gone again before Feyna could ask for any more details. She tried not to let Arek see how much the news hurt, and she managed to keep herself together, for the most part. She tried to reassure herself, remind herself that they didn't know yet, but...knowing that the odds had not been good going into the battle...

    "I should go," she began, fishing her comlink out of her pocket to see if there was any message from Isolder--she didn't expect one, but maybe... "There'll be more updates coming in soon, and that droid fleet still needs dealing with..." Her tone was distracted; she was talking more to herself, here.

    Looking back to Arek, she tried to keep her expression neutral, in spite of her inner turmoil. Hamner's interruption had rather de-railed their discussion. "I hope we can talk again, after..." If there was an after. "But if not...good luck to you."

    Arek nodded, distractedly. Despite the Chancellor’s tough exterior, he could feel her worry and fear through the Force, particularly for the one she…loved. It rippled off of her in waves, prompting him to divert his eyes and shift his weight uncomfortably.

    Suddenly, his problems seemed insignificant compared to the losses she had endured. He felt foolish for lamenting about his grandfather and venting to her about the difficulties he had faced in his own galaxy. It was so selfish. What had he been thinking? She was the Chancellor, for kriff’s sake! He couldn’t just swoop in and expect to fill the void in her life. This was different, he had to remain professional. He wasn’t the same Arek she remembered.

    But you can still comfort her, strengthen her resolve…

    The young man clamped down on that thought and pushed it from his mind. It was a ridiculous notion, and it made his cheeks flush with embarrassment. To counter this response, he turned to her and quickly rattled off a reply. "Right, uh...thanks. Good luck to you too, Ma’am."

    He winced as soon as the words left his lips. That sounded far more insensitive than he had intended, which forced him to backtrack. Clearing his throat, he lifted his eyes to meet her gaze and tried again. "And I, umm––I’m sorry," he murmured quietly, a sad smile crossing his features. He wanted to express his sympathy, though it was also an apology for his careless behavior – for his rambling. Somehow, he didn’t think it had the desired effect.

    There was more shuffling before Arek turned to leave.

    Feyna gave him a small nod, understanding and appreciating that he was trying to be kind, despite the awkwardness.

    "I'm sorry, too." For what Norin had done, had tried to do to him. For the unfair and no doubt very strange situation he was in--she felt guilty that she didn't know what to do to help, and she felt like she was being a little rude, having to abruptly end their meeting like this, but she couldn't shirk off her duties any longer.

    She started to go after Hamner, but paused to look back to Arek again. She didn't know if she'd see him again, so just in case: "May the Force be with you."

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    OOC: Combo between myself, @darthbernael @darthhelinith and our GM @Sinrebirth

    IC Renn, Vhardia, Leia
    On the surface of Starkiller Base

    Renn listened to the droid’s warning then let his senses range out. What he felt, sensed, made him grimace. He pulled his speeder in close to Vhardia’s. Between the wind, the snow, the howl of the speeders, any further out and his words would be lost to the background noise. He could have touched her mind to mind but this was less easy to be felt.

    As he pulled in, leaned as closely as he could without causing their speeders to collide. Raising his voice just enough to reach her ears, ”Vhardia, little miss cheerful, we’re being herded. I don’t know why, but they want us there,” he pointed at the building before them, ”want us to reach that Kyber, for some reason. And I don’t like it.”

    Vhardia considered Renn's words.
    "I was thinking the same thing. But I don't think we have much choice."

    She couldn't help but wonder if her grand idea had lead them all into a trap. She glanced at Leia and then back at Renn. "What option do we have other than to keep going?"

    A smile was playing at the corner of her mouth.

    "Did you know you're collecting a layer of snow? It's rather festive."

    Leia looked at her Master at Renn's words, and frowned. We're being herded? Because of the crystal or because I'm the one who can sense it maybe?

    "We should still be careful." Leia said, wondering what could lay ahead. "I can feel where the crystal is though-" she pointed to her heart. "-in here."

    BB-8 struggled over the snow, eventually opting to use his miniature flamethrower on the path before him in a huff. He beeped that the shuttle was back in the air, and they’d need to take cover in the building or find somewhere else. But the Crystal, it would be tugging Leia harder.

    In the shuttle, Thrawn laced his hands. “I wonder what they’re following. There is no way they could have a technical readout of the base... it isn’t stored anywhere...”

    General Fel, on the comms, spoke up. “Shouldn’t we just fire upon them from orbit?”

    “With where they are now?” Thrawn shook his head. “No. We shall see what the Jedi team will do.”

    Renn chuckled at Vhardia’s words, shaking himself slightly to remove the excess of the snow. But a snow ‘monster’ suddenly appearing at their destination couldn’t be a bad thing. So he also shifted form slightly to appear almost yeti-like in appearance, the snow now mounding around and on the fur like texture of his bark.

    ”You’re both right. Vhardia, we have to be careful but we’re set on this course now. And Leia, we will follow what you feel, but we must be careful not to overplay our hand. Whoever is behind this feels brilliant and will not hesitate to use us for their own ends.” He could feel those around them, even the beginning of the sense of Thrawn and his people, and what he felt there was a cold-calculating mind that worked on straight lined thinking, direct toward his goal.

    Vhardia chuckled at Renn's shifting form.


    She looked over at Leia, remembering something from her own training many years ago...

    Don't trust your heart, Vhardia, it can lead you wrong. Follow only the will of the force.

    Maybe rules were meant to be broken.

    "We'll find your crystal Leia, don't worry. Let's take things one step at a time."

    "Yes, okay Master." Leia answered quietly. "But if I can help find my crystal faster, then we can leave faster." Leia told her seriously. "And then I can build my own lightsaber." Leia said seriously. She looked at Master Vhardia. And then I can start training to become more of a Jedi. And maybe see Mom again. Leia fell quiet, lost in thought; but tried to keep her mind open to where her crystal was.

    The crystal led them into the building, and BB-8 trundled to the nearest console and plugged in. He tootled, letting them know this was an oscillator, and he rocked with excitement. This was where excess energy from the weapon was diverted, so it was critical to the superweapon, codenamed Starkiller.

    That was big news. The crystal, however, it called them deeper into the metal-corridors, apparently, it was somewhere near the centre. There was a warning of danger, and a blaster shot rang out behind them -

    A mental message passed from Renn to Vhardia, ’Take point little miss cheerful, have Leia continue to point you in the right direction but be ready for action, I’ll take the rearguard.’

    As soon as the thought left his head he spun, facing backward, letting his senses keep track of the other two so he could follow, yeti Renn letting out a roar of outrage at the shot fired at them, as though that was exactly what he was as the snow dripped from his hide.

    Leia looked just as excited as BB-8 when they entered the corridor and felt the sense of the crystal grow stronger. She jumped a little and grabbed her Master's arm when she heard blaster-fire behind her, and felt nervous. I need to find my crystal before this gets any worse.

    She looked up at her Master, and said softly, "Master, do I have to find my crystal by myself?"

    At the sight of the oscillator, Vhardia dived under the nearest console, interested in how it worked and wondering if she should try to sabotage it.

    However, she had sensed the danger before the shot rang out, had crawled out again and was just brushing herself down when Leia grabbed her hand. She gripped it back, an affirmation.

    "Only you can sense that crystal Leia. The bond between crystal and Jedi is one even the old masters don't fully understand. But the traditional trial didn't have a whole planet of stormtroopers so I'm not going anywhere, don't worry."

    Especially as it's my fault we're here in the first place. she thought to herself.

    She sent only two words back to Renn.

    Don't die.

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    IC: Nola and Delan Deidder, and ???

    Old Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    Nola frowned; she didn't know who 'Braata' was, and the voice didn't sound familiar--but Jyn was here, and at least currently still alive, though the trail of blood was worrying.

    She grabbed a blaster and headed down the ramp, looking around cautiously. Eying Jyn's shuttle, she turned to Del. "Should we check that out first, do you think, or just follow the blood?"

    "It's a lot of blood," Del said, lips firm, briefly checking the charge on his blaster. "I don't think we can risk leaving it for to long."

    There voice continued to drivel, this time over the Temple's own tannoy system. "Hellooooo, are you coming? Or...?"

    There was an audible sound of ticking, what was first seemingly from the speakers, but then from Jyn's shuttle...

    "Ah shavit," Del said, starting towards the Temple -

    Not good...

    Nola rushed after her husband, away from the suspicious ticking coming from Jyn's shuttle--I really hope the remote's not on there...

    There was an explosion as they cleared the tunnel entrance, and the room shook and caved in, sealing them inside. "Great," Del said from the floor, having, like Nola, been hurled forward. He produced a torch and shone it at her. Turned out he was pretty much face-to-face with her, and he grinned.

    "Hi, beautiful."

    Nola groaned as she started to pick herself up, jumping just slightly when the torch came on to reveal Del's face just inches away.

    "Hi, there," she replied back with a small chuckle.

    Pulling herself up to her knees, one of her hands reached for his, the other retrieving the blaster she'd dropped. "You okay?" She asked.

    “All fine,” he said drily, dusting himself down. “Alright.” Del was mentally settling himself, armouring up, as he did whenever he had something to do that was unpleasant.

    He led the way, attaching the torch to his shoulder by a sticker on the side. This freed up his hands, and they were nearly through the corridor when the lights flickered on. The voice came again.

    “So you survived! Good start. You wouldn’t have been a good candidate if you’d died straight away, after all.”

    Del noticed the nearest speaker perched off a stone column, and pointed his blaster. “Are we listening to this drivel?”

    Nola was annoyed by the voice as well, but that wasn't what concerned her the most. "Do you think he can see us?" she asked Del, her eyes searching the area for a camera. She kept her voice low, in case their mystery host could hear them, too.

    Whoever had Jyn knew they hadn't blown up with her shuttle, so probably they had eyes on them--or possibly they were dealing with another Force-user...

    “I doubt it, there’s no microphones I can see... but...” Del pointed as he scanned the ceiling. “There! Camera. Thought so; that’ll have audio.”

    He shot it without asking.

    “Awwww,” came the voice. “No fair.”

    Nola peered at the destroyed cam, hoping the act hadn't provoked the stranger to retaliate by hurting Jyn--or worse, destroying the remote.

    "Think that was the only one?" She wondered, referring to the camera. Possibly it was part of the Temple's security system, in which case there would probably be more along their way--and perhaps defeating the purpose of destroying them.

    But the Temple had been mostly abandoned since the Empire's fall; no telling what still worked or didn't. The owner of the mysterious voice may have put up the camera themselves.

    "Oh I imagine the Jedi Temple was full of these, and the Imperial Palace definitely would have been," Del said, snorting. He lifted his blaster and shot out the speaker. "Yes, I know it's pointless, but it makes me feel better."

    He grumbled.

    He stepped forward, leading them onwards, but it became obvious they were being nudged along a certain course; corridors were unlit, and others were lit, leading them into the Temple proper. No more words assailed them, no more taunts, or jaunts. There was a lift evident, and Del paused. "Well."

    "That's ominous."

    Nola frowned at the lift. She didn't particularly like whatever game this person was playing--especially since they were probably playing right into his hands--but they had to find Jyn, and the most likely way to do that, was to find the mysterious stranger.

    "Is there still a blood trail?" They'd been propelled along by which lights were on or not, but she didn't want to lose track of that clue.

    It occurred to her, it might actually not be Jyn's blood; their 'host' had mentioned that someone had tried to kill him...maybe it was his.

    Del directed his torch down; even though the lights were on, they were dim, for ambiance, no doubt. "Yeah," his voice spoke neutrally. "But less, so either someone ran out, or they patched themselves up on the go."

    "It's the latter, I am happy to say," came the voice, and Del jumped; he'd been shooting out cameras and speakers as a matter of course as they moved.

    "Kark!" He swore, looking for the next camera and speaker-combo... but he couldn't see one... nor had the voice sounded like it came over a tannoy...

    He swallowed, and looked at Nola. "I'm taking it we're going wherever he wants?"

    Nola also started at the nearness of the voice, and it wasn't coming over a speaker..."I think we're already right where he wants."

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    IC: Senator Aryan Graul/Darth Skelm

    Landing Platform, Outside the Indigo Tower, Coruscant

    Skelm could perceive Captain Shevu’s disdain through the Force as the man escorted him across the plaza toward the transport. His thoughts were as plain as a warm breeze nestling against the nape of his neck on a fair day. And he utilized that to his advantage. He relished the moment, pulling on the man’s negative emotions to revitalize his vigor and strength.

    At the forefront of the Captain’s mind was his disgust and indignation over their current circumstances, as well as a strong desire to kill the Senator outright with a well-placed blaster bolt.

    A wry smirk tugged at the corner of Skelm’s mouth at this realization. There was a certain temptation to see if the man would truly act upon that inclination if presented with the opportunity. Or was he merely pontificating? Far too many men had a tendency to do so when they believed that their thoughts were safely guarded beneath the surface. But when confronted with action, they often developed cold feet and shied away from conflict.

    Was Captain Shevu one of those cowards, or could a direct provocation incite him to attack?

    Before Skelm could test his theory, the Force stirred in a peculiar way to announce a distinctive presence. It was a presence he knew all too well, one that had defined much of his life over the past fourteen years.

    "Master Kuro," he acknowledged firmly, his chin lifting to regard the lone figure waiting for him on the nearby platform. Her hair and cloak whipped about her in dramatic fashion due to the tempest of Coruscant’s upper levels, but it was the royal brilliance of her purple blade that truly underlined the grim determination etched on her features. They remained intricately connected as master and apprentice, and now she had come to neutralize him.

    He had expected this; it was an inevitable confrontation. His path – his destiny, had undoubtedly led them to this moment. It was his sacrifice, and An’ya would never genuinely understand the reason behind it. And as a result, the only thing she saw was a monster.

    That thought spiked Aryan’s anger, and he gestured with his left hand. Captain Shevu suddenly rose from the permacrete surface, his feet struggling to find purchase as he groped helplessly at the collar of his uniform.

    "Thank you for your hospitality, Captain," Skelm rumbled in a deep baritone. "I can take it from here. Your services are no longer required."

    There was another gesture, and Shevu sailed through the air. His body crashed through a towering heap of storage containers before ultimately tumbling off the edge of the landing platform and into the abyss below.

    Only then did Aryan dare to lock gazes with his former master. He anticipated her admonishment, but when she retained her silence, he interpreted that as an invitation to proceed. So be it. Removing the lightsaber hilt from his belt, he then strode forward at an even gait.

    "If I’m completely honest with myself, I expected to see you sooner." His boots clicked to a halt a respectful distance from An’ya, leaving himself some room to maneuver. "You’ve grown accustomed to the shadows, bending them to your will to follow my every move. But if you strip us down to our basic elements, I suppose that doesn’t make us all that different. In fact, we believe in many of the same philosophies, from establishing a secure and orderly unraveling the truth about the Change."

    He paused to allow that to sink in, his eyes appearing to burn with an unnatural light. They were almost feral. "I’m on the precipice of discovering the answers we seek. All of our research, all of our hopes…everything is culminating at this moment. I don’t want to shut you out. There’s still time. But I need your assistance to complete the chain."

    Of course, what he failed to mention was that the ritual mandated her blood. So, it wasn’t a complete fabrication of the truth. He still required her assistance, but it would eventually lead to her demise.

    But as he awaited her reply, Skelm felt a tug on his very soul. It started small, a slight flutter that he could’ve easily dismissed as a rush of anticipatory excitement. However, it soon escalated to become an intense pain that clenched at his chest and drew the air from his lungs. He heard himself gasp as he stumbled back a few paces to compensate.

    And then the pain embodied a face and a name. There was no denying the image that flitted across his mind’s eye through the Force, reaching out to him across the expanse.

    "Jalynn," he uttered under his breath in a hoarse whisper.

    His daughter was alive, though she was suffering. It was impossible to determine the source of her anguish from this distance, nonetheless, it wasn’t a coincidence that he should experience this now. It was a premeditated attack to weaken his resolve – to ensure that he remained distracted. And he knew who was behind it.

    An’ya Kuro had located his daughter, and she was using her to target him. How dare she go against her moral obligations to intentionally harm a blameless girl. No wonder the Jedi always failed. They were hypocrites.

    "Y–You have my...daughter," he growled dangerously, his anger consuming him and casting the scene before him in a haze of red. "You used HER!"

    With a flick of his thumb, Skelm ignited his azure blade to begin his advance.

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    (OOC: A combo post between @Sinrebirth @darthbernael @TheSilentInfluence and myself)

    Bernael, Madelyn Linnett, Ka’rta, and Tor
    Exegol, Comm Tower

    Bernael chuckled, from the shadows. He felt the power of the so called Sorcerer of Rhand. He knew of the group of old and back when he was, to him as he was now, lesser he’d countered their moves, whether they knew of it or not. The fact the man saw him as a Darkness was humorous, he knew not of what he faced and that suited Bernael for now. ”You have fallen far to serve a petulant child who is a slave to the Force whether he believes it or not. I know your kind, Sorcerer, and I call you no longer one as you serve the Force and not the Dark, any longer.” he hissed in a voice that carried only far enough to reach Toxmalb’s ears.

    His defenses were up, ready for an attack from the Sorcerer’s puppets or from the approaching Mandalorians. He kept an eye on both parties as he moved down the hall. He could feel the strength of the man’s will and knew that this would be more of a straight fight than a mental one as the other man’s mental defenses were almost as strong as his own. ”If you truly serve the Dark, you are facing it, not a Darkness, the Darkness.

    Ka'rta hurried Tor into cover her beloved dual pistols in her hands. These were the weapons that saw her though the Battle of Keldabe, though many fights as the Hand of Mandalor. Now they would see her through this. Sticking her head out around the corner she saw the troopers and the man with ridiculous headgear. Though he seemed engaged at the time with another weirdo. There wasn't time to figure out who was on what side, but the other weirdo wasn't instantly attacking them so that was something.

    Ka'rta readied a high explosive warhead.

    "Don't have time for this." She informed Madelyn. "I say the old Manda fall back shock and awe."

    Madelyn didn't feel right as they approached the battle, and looked over as Ka'tra hurried Tor into cover. She let out a sharp breath and looked around as Arthur went to cover as well. They were vastly outnumbered, but Madelyn realised they still have a chance, however slim; to turn this battle around.

    "I can figure it out. We don't need to get friendlies killed Ka'tra." Madelyn said, before kneeling on the ground. She let out a slow breath, and reached out to the force to see if she could pinpoint where everyone was. There had to be a way to get rid of the enemy, and help their side survive long enough to win.

    Their husbands disagreed. “Ka’rta is right; we don’t want to take this place, we want to blow it,” said Arthur. He grunted as a focused barrage took him into the breastplate. He took some more steps back, and Mirdala did. The latter indicated his rocket launcher. “Shall we?

    Blessed found Bernael deeply bemusing. Stepping forward, a glowing dagger appearing in his hand, blaster bolts bent by him as the troopers advanced beyond them. When Blessed reached Bernael, he lifted his hand, electricity within his palm, but it was misdirection - a swarm of insects emerged from his head - or rather his walking corpse, angrily intending to take the Anzati off his feet, and out the window, alighting upon them; darkflies, intending to choke and suffocate Bernael. The creatures were resistant to the Force, for they had been grown alchemically over generations to be so.

    The Mandalorian’ comms were full of reports of warships going down; the Avenger, Song of War, Home One - all three flagships of the Remnant, Hapans and New Republic respectively. It was becoming more hopeless.

    Similarly, in the Force was a sense of great and tremendous conflict within the nearby monolith. Anakin, Zorn and Mace were fighting to their very deaths...

    But there was a light coming.

    Strong, and rushing, it would be here any minute...

    But Madalyn would instinctively know, through her new battle meditation, that it would not be enough unless this tower was destroyed. Right here, right now.

    Madelyn felt the light, and realised that they had to act whether she liked it or not. She opened her eyes and looked at Ka'rta. "Alright. Do it now!" She shouted, standing up quickly and looked towards the tower. "I'll cover you."

    As Blessed moved toward Bernael, he nodded in a short sharp movement, his armor reaching up from around his torso, connecting to his mask, the vision filters covering the openings for his eyes. A chuckle emerged, the attitude of the Sorcerer was one he’d experienced when facing dark siders for many years, even back before the Change.

    Sure that the flies heading toward him would have been engineered, from what he knew of the Rhandites, he chose the simplest option. His talons emerged, and boosting his own natural speed with a touch of the Force, his hand blurred, slicing through the air. Wherever it passed there would be thumps as fly bodies hit the floor, wings tumbling after.

    However, the sheer volume of them did continue to press him backward. Gaining an advantage for a moment, he surged forward, taking hold of Blessed and pulling him along as the flies tried to force him out the window. His dark eyes bored into the eyes of the sorcerer as they moved. ”Handy pets, dead one, but not enough.” he laughingly said as he surged again, Pushing against the wall of insects, and yanked Blessed out of the window with him and the fall to the ground outside.

    Blessed felt himself tugged, surprised, and flew out the window after Bernael. He landed with a thud outside, half-turning back to the complex and crying out. “NO!”

    Ka'rta nodded her head arming her rocket and firing it. Tossing a grenade for good measure. Mirdala followed up with a missle of his own. Tor for her part popped up from behind her cover laying down some cover fire with the pistol she borrowed from Fett. She watched as one of the troopers crumbled and felt, that thrill run through her. More bolts flew past her but she kept cool dipping back down as her mother gave her a hardy shove in the back.

    "Time to go." She shouted over the shared mandalorian comms. As they ran the ordinance detonated sending the tower crumbling down behind them. Acting on instinct Ka'rta pulled her daughter close to her falling over her to protect the girl from the swirl of dust and debris.

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    IC: Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu


    The world beneath that horrid atmosphere was no better than it looked, with a ground cracked in so many places, a Sith monolith the only structure above ground. As Han and the Falcon headed back into orbit, Anakin turned to perceive the second ship coming down, hidden beneath a cloaking device.

    It was the Rogue Shadow, and Anakin already knew who was aboard it. Huyang popped open the hatch, and Anakin looked up, aware that undoubtedly the Jedi droid would stay hidden for as long as possible for extraction. Anakin sketched a salute at the cockpit, and then the ship vanished again, hopefully nothing more than a momentary blip on the sensors of the Sith fleet.

    “Master Windu,” Anakin could only say, his emotions ablaze with the memory of the last time they had fought side-by-side... in the Chancellor’s Office, against Darth Sidious.

    Thirty-three long and terrible years had passed since they had killed the Dark Lord of the Sith and divided a galaxy for nearly twenty years, only to lose everything then.

    Yoda, Obi-Wan, Padme, Leia, Ahsoka.

    Today they were here to stop his son.

    How much more could they lose?

    Mace Windu envied the man. Even as he came with his head bowed and full of grief, the Force blazed around him. On Mortis, Mace Windu had witnessed the boy's past; yes, the memories that had been taken from him by the Father, but also his past on Tatooine, the terrible events in the desert after his mother died...he even saw the terrifying possibilities, the future where Anakin became a Sith Lord and his son saved him. It was only this future that was dim. This one. He saw bits of it, from time to time, but could never be sure. It was blurry, some parts more fixed than others.

    "Skywalker." Windu's voice caught in his throat, came out raspy. Not a smooth beginning. He could feel emotion welling up behind his nose, but never quite knew how to let it cool and soften his words. "I'm so glad to see you're well."

    Anakin smiled. "I look like I've spent fourteen years in a swamp sulking, and I've only had one shower in that time."

    He held out a hand to Mace. "I have missed your certainty, Master, I could do with a lot of that now." As it was, the Chosen One had a lot of certainty within him, and a degree of apprehension to that decision, verging on dred.

    I could offer you some certainty.

    The voice was basso, a metallic thrum to it, that of Darth Vader.

    Anakin froze, for a moment.

    Or perhaps just death.

    The rasping tones of Darth Sidious.

    It would be easier if you just removed Master Windu's arm as you should have...

    The voice of Darth Zorn, at last.

    Mace thought of Linnet's - the Mandalore, he thought, shaking head - words. He was not alone, and that became more and more true. He could feel the Dark Woman lingering in the penumbra, and other Jedi searching for the strange invaders.

    "And I miss your ability to leap before you look," Windu smiled. "So much is uncertain, I don't know what help I can be. But I will lend myself in what ways I can."

    Anakin nodded, smiling, and clutched the man's arm in greeting and friendship.

    "Let us end what we began thirty-three years ago," he said solemnly.

    Come, come, come.

    As the galaxy fought itself to death, the two Jedi Masters strode into the abyss.

    Leaping with certainty.

    The way from the entrance was marred by nothing more than creases of lightning that screamed out along their path, or cracks in the ground that spoke of light and rupture in the planets core. For the mineral wealth that Exegol had, it was originally dug into by the ancient Sith to seek a vergence in the Force... the resources made it the center-piece of the Red Nebula, of the worlds within the Nihil Retreat, and Sidious had spent the Clone Wars and formative years of Amedda's Empire diverting resources to restore the extensive shipyards that the so-called 'Sith Eternal' had kept hidden here.

    They were escorted by the design of the Monolith past a set of abandoned vats and tanks, echoes of unholy experiments of flesh and sin, and Zorn's voice teased them. The Sith Eternal worked to sustain the return and rebirth of Darth Sidious when I found them, so I slew him and repurposed them... there were dozens of recently dead acolytes on the floor. But in my stasis, hunting you, father, they secretly sought to continue their sciences... much as my Voice concealed a son from me. A son that Han Solo stole from her, and now has hidden wherever you hid these long years, father.

    The voice caressed the skin of Mace's cheek.

    You come to kill me, as you did the Emperor of the Sith, sending this galaxy down it's tragic path. Now, I stand in his place, far more powerful, far more monstrous, ruthless, and masterful, than he ever was. You are nothing to me, Master Windu... you hid somewhere, too, and I am sure you learned much, but it means little - very little - to me. Chosen Ones, Ones, and the rest of you. You are nothing to me, the true Destructor.

    A chuckle in the voice of Palpatine; reptilian, cloying, a shudder upon their spines.

    There stood before him.

    His blade ignited red.


    "Let's do this together," Anakin said, breathing out.

    It was an understatement, but also a call-back to when he and Obi-Wan Kenobi faced Dooku, all those many, many, many years ago.

    It felt like a lifetime ago.

    A dream.

    But of course...

    It was merely the preface to a nightmare.

    This nightmare.

    Mace Windu saw the lattice of shatterpoints arcing across this reality, but nowwhere longer, brighter, and more fragile than between Anakin and L...Darth Zorn, Windu reminded himself. An echo from the World Between Worlds entered Windu's ears as he advanced: "Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son." Windu shook it off. Father and Son. He watched as Anakin approached his enemy. His son. Anakin, who in other realities had become so fearsome. Anakin who had lost his wife and his daughter already, who had lost his mother in the desert, who had lost Obi-Wan and so, so many others. Anakin would have to kill his son. No, Windu thought, and as he gave himself over to vapaad he wrapped his heart in Jedi wisdom. This was not Anakin's son. Anakin's son was already dead. Darth Zorn killed him. That would have to do.

    Anakin felt Mace's resolve, and his certainty. He drew solace from it, stilling his churning heart again.

    There was a flash of red, and Anakin violently blocked, catching Zorn's blow and feeling it reverberate in his hands. Anakin hissed with strain, swinging at Zorn's throat, but he was already gone, cutting underneath and at Mace, a series of viper-quick stabbing motions.

    Anakin went to follow after, but found his hand holding his side - as Zorn had dove under, his blade had cut through the soft-tissue beneath his ribs, opening a rent in his side that had torn through his stomach, kidney and -

    He sagged to the floor, dropping his lightsaber as he focused on not collapsing -

    The Force wailed in Mace Windu's head, and he could see the bright red shatterpoint linking father and son tear away, the shards of reality collapsed. The

    If only he'd been faster. If only he'd gone first. If only... Mace rushed to Anakin's side and caught him as he fell, keeping his lightsaber lit and pointed at Zorn. "Anakin. Stay with me. I need you here, Skywalker. Rest. Heal. Repair your body, but..."

    Mace's eyes snapped up at Zorn, trying to read remorse in his face, in his aura. He listened to the fizzle and spark of his own blade retracting into its hilt as he placed his hand on Anakin's wound. Another vision from another timeline, a girl on a piece of wreckage, that girl with a serpent, that same girl dead in this very chamber with a troubled young man, each with their hands placed just so. Just so.

    Zorn stepped up to Windu, sneering. "Weak."

    There was another interplay that flittered before the old Korunnai's eyes.

    The Daughter and Son, fighting amongst each other, and the Father intervening, time and time again, to stop them.

    Another interplay, that girl and a boy, blue blades alight, standing before a white eyed Palpatine.

    A third, of Zorn as Luke, green blade alight, standing with twins against humanoid eldritch creatures, wielding snake-staffs and wearing crab-armour, facing a monstrous foe with rainbow eyes.

    Anakin huffed. He was drawing on the light, on his love for his son, for his wife, for his daughter, for Obi-Wan, for Ahsoka, even for Mace, for Han, for his grandson - Ben Skywalker, or perhaps, one day, if adopted by Han, Ben Solo...

    Myriad futures dovetailed here and now.

    Bring balance, croaked old Yoda, in Mace's ear.

    As if moving in slow motion, Zorn lifted his spitting crimson flame of a blade, swinging with two arms up and down -

    - and with a concussive blast fired from the very roots of the planet, digging down from his knees, scuffed on the stone floor, connected through the Force to the core of the world, Mace sent Zorn flying towards the throne. He stood, drawing power from the hush of the lifeforms in the room, and ignited his blade once more.

    He faced a choice.

    He could turn to vapaad, his trusted ally, and solve this as he solved all other problems. Or he could leave this to the Chosen One, go, heal him, give his life to the boy - no, not a boy, a man - give his life completely to the man, let him live again, bring balance.

    Was he the Chosen One? The Shatterpoints were everywhere, shimmering, but inscrutable, like a spider's web. Mace Windu brought his sword up in a defensive posture. He closed his eyes. "Be with me. Be with me. Be with me."

    "These are your final steps, Rey. Rise and take them... Rey... Rise," Obi-Wan Kenobi spoke up... speaking to Mace, but also... through him.

    "Rey... Bring back the balance, Rey, as I did... The Force surrounds you, Rey... Let it lift you," Anakin Skywalker spoke... and here, and now, Anakin turned his head, and heard it too.

    "Rey," that was Ahsoka, and Anakin, who hadn't seen his old Padawan for many years.

    "Rey... In the heart of a Jedi lies their strength," Kanan Jarrus spoke again.

    Luminara Undili spoke next. "The light. Find the light, Rey."

    "Every Jedi who ever lived, lives in you... We stand behind you, Rey... Rise," Qui-Gon Jinn said, and Anakin turned his head again.

    Another voice, Aayla Secura. "Let it guide you."

    "Feel the Force flowing through you, Rey," it was Mace's own voice.

    "Rise, Rey," Adi Galia, wounded at Boz Pity, and killed by Maul and his brother.

    "Rise in the Force, Rey," spoke Yoda.

    "Rey, the Force will be with you. Always."

    Zorn's flinched, hearing the voices as well. It was his own voice.

    There was an intersection of time and space here, but the Force rose up not with this Rey, but inside Mace. Anakin looked at the Jedi Master with shocked eyes, and could see the Force rise within the Korunnai. He removed his hand from his wound, which was knit to a degree, but not entirely. Enough for him to step in front of Mace as the Force rose up within him. Anakin ignited his blade, and stood to protect the man.

    With a snarl, Zorn sat down upon his throne and it glowed as he drew upon the darkness of Exegol, focused through the monolith into him. The man with the face of Luke Skywalker pulled back his lips over his teeth. "I wanted to best you first, but now, I don't."

    "Just die."

    He hurled the full-power of the dark side at Mace and Anakin.

    The crackling arcs met the two lightsabers, burning brightly and illuminating the farthest reaches of the cavern. Using all of their might, Anakin and Mace crept forward, step by step, drawing closer to the Sith Lord, watching as the lightning began to dance closer and closer to him. Mace, straining, managed: "We'll take him...together."

    Anakin looked at Mace, his eyes tearful. “I was about to say that.” He struggled against the tide of darkness, until an arm laid on his shoulder. It was Obi-Wan’s, and he held out his palm too, lightsaber ignited.

    At Mace’s leg stood Yoda, placing a three fingered hand on his knee, smiling up at the Jedi Master before reaching forward.

    At Anakin’s shoulder was suddenly Leia, bracing with a blue blade to hand

    On Mace’s other side was Depa, flashing a dry smile at her Master. Her green weapon held her share.

    Ood Bnar tied his limbs around them each, rooting them against the tide. In one gnarled hand was a golden lightsaber.

    Ahsoka held two blades of white up, throwing a smirk at Anakin. “Skyguy.”

    “Snips,” Anakin managed, smiling tiredly.

    “Together,” he said to Mace.

    Zorn howled as his energies were hurtled back at him. He redoubled his efforts, but the throne was starting to flake away, as was his own skin, a ghastly shadow tethered to a fraying form.

    Working his way forward, Mace felt a heaviness in his feet. Was this not the darkness? Was this not everything he sought to tame in himself? Zorn cried out in pain but didn't let up his onslaught, even as his own body seemed to slough off in chunks and evaporate into the ether. Mace wrapped his saber in the Force and used it to intensify his enemy's attack, to augment the lightning as it met his weapon with his own purifying intentions. He could feel the electricity in his arms, burning his face, coursing up and down his arms, even as he deflected it. His and Anakin's mind met, a battle meditation, a joining, working as one, bolstering each other, alleviating each others' pain. How much more pushing? How much longer would this endure? He could feel Anakin's sorrow crying out as he liquefied his own son. Surely they could relent.

    "Luke!" Windu managed, "We can end this!"

    Zorn was dying.


    The Jedi spirits had intervened against him en masse, and he could not slay them all.

    Indeed, he could not defeat any of them.

    As skin was flesh dribbled away from all three of them, he cursed the certainty of Mace Windu, but rued almost softly his fathers grief.

    For a moment, part of him was Luke, yielding, accepting, acting weak.


    He was too far gone.

    He was Darth Zorn.

    Knowing his exertion could kill them all, drawing pleasure from the fact that he would at very least kill his father, the Son of Skywalker drew upon all that was left of him, and put all of that into his last, final, terrible, attack.

    There was a great detonation. Mace braced himself, but he could not prepare for what he saw.

    As the blast of Zorn's energy radiated from where he stood, crumbling stone as it went, Mace Windu saw Anakin dash in front of him. The younger man's strength faltered and he fell to his knees, but his hands extended out ahead of him, as he poured his energy into keeping Zorn's malignant force away from the other Jedi. Mace could see that it was a struggle. He wanted to call out, but couldn't. Anakin turned his head, and he could see once more the rogueish grin he remembered from the Clone Wars. "I know you've seen the other timeline, too," he said, and Mace could see sadness and regret. Shame. "Let's just say I owe you this."

    Mace nearly pleaded, but what could he say? That it didn't happen, that it was just a possibility? But how could he ask this man to live, who'd lost so much, who seemed so determined for this to be his last act?

    And it didn't matter, because Anakin turned back to waves of exploding energy, holding them at bay. It was a marvel. Beyond the abilities of most Jedi - not the strength, but the calm and focus necessary. The Force sang - the dark side rumbled and shrieked, but the beautiful chorus of the light, of the balance, drowned it out. Mace knew he couldn't help.

    But what he could do is hold out his hand, put his worry and sadness aside, and offer Anakin his peace, his strength.

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    IC: Blessed Toxmalb
    Battle of Exegol, surface

    The Rhandite was tugged free with Bernael, hissing as it did, his darkflies nibbling at the Anzati but not doing much else. There was a flash of light and an explosion, the signals tower becoming a fireball that washed over both Blessed and Bernael even before it sent Madelyn, Arthur, Mirdala, Ka'rta and Tor flying.

    There was a crack in the ground and it swallowed the two darksiders in a moment, sending them falling -

    The Force abandoned them as the flame funnelled them into the depths, depositing them in an open yaw of stone deep beneath the planets surface. There were bones, broken skeletons of those the world had been built over and upon. The Force returned to them, and Blessed snarled.

    For the Mandalorians, their armour would protect them, rolling them -

    There was noise over their comms; Mandalorians, in a roar of noise and orders and directions. The group they had brought with them reached low orbit, clearing airspace above the Osik, which was less damaged than not, perfectly airborne.

    The ripple from the exploding tower revealed a black-hulled ship, the Rogue Shadow, and a Jedi-training droid by the name of Huyang, standing on the ramp, he clattered to the floor. "Oh my!"

    The Xyston line wobbled as the lower down ships were suddenly cut off from the guidance they needed to break orbit. Without the signal, they could ill navigate the devastating weather and turbulence of Exegol. The Star Destroyers in the second line began to wobble and crash into each other, but it was hardly a rout - the front line was still crushing the allied forces.

    The monolith exploded, hurling rock and debris and slamming the Mandalorians and Huyang with a second shockwave. Chunks of Sith Temple smashed apart TIE Daggers, and slammed into the undersides of three Xystons, each which promptly erupted. It was something, but it didn't change the tide.

    Lumpy howled as they dodged and flew. They were down to two missiles now... and thousands of Star Destroyers remained, against hundreds of allied ships. Isolder was taking out a TIE Dagger with every hit, but he shouted to Han. "I'm out of blaster gas!" Lumpy rumbled that he was depleted too. The power core was shuddering with the damage they were taking, even accidental fire.

    But of course, with even half the Sith fleet out the way, it wasn't over.

    Not yet.

    -The former amphitheatre of the Sith was now an open space. In it there was no rebuilt Eternal Throne; there was no legion of worshippers. It was open to the elements, and in it lay Anakin Skywalker. He was peaceful, his expression soft. There was nothing of him in the Force. He was gone, happy that he had righted a wrong in his life.

    Thank you, Master Windu. May the Force be with you.

    He could not speak of the old Korunnai and his wounds, of his soul, of his victory, and his balance.

    The Force however, it answered.

    There was a flare of hyperspace arrivals.

    A hundred of them.

    The New Jedi Order, scattered to discover Yuuzhan Vong infiltrators, had cleaned out as many worlds as there were Jedi, and now, gathered by Shara Dameron and young Kyp Durron, they were here, arriving as the Sith lost their leader, lost their tower, and lost their plan.

    In short order, X-wings, B-wings and E-wings dove among the Xyston-class Star Destroyers, loosing torpedoes with unerring accuracy.

    In seconds, a hundred Xyston's exploded.

    In minutes, a thousand.

    The hulks began to drift down, hitting into more ships, the second line crumbling into chaos.

    The allied fleets, rallied, countered, cutting down hundreds of Xyston's.

    The Sith fired back, of course. They fought and fought and fought.

    Soon, the Sith armada would fall, but it would fight to the end.

    What of the Heroes of the galaxy?

    The New, and the Old?

    It was an open moment. The Battle of Exegol was not over, but it was won.

    The allied fleets? They had been decimated.

    But they had won.

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    Commander Agate hadn't gone to Exegol. She hadn't even gone to Kashyyyk, to assist in the clean-up.

    No, she went to Mandalore, to take command of the recovery efforts there.

    She was injured; she could not lead, not any longer.

    The woman knew she had nothing that could save Coruscant. The armada there; it was too large. The galaxy was a dark place.

    But something happened.

    It showed light.

    With Darth Zorn dead...

    ... Mandalore returned.

    The Void, it vanished, the leech upon the planet's life gone.

    The colour, the sound, it came back first.

    The homeworld of the Mandalorians would recover in full, within a year, two, maybe three.

    Because Darth Zorn was dead.

    Word spread among the clans, among the Mandalorians, among the refugees.

    In short order, Mirdala and Arthur would know.

    So too would Ka'rta and Mirdala.

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    IC: The Dark Woman

    Coruscant, Senate tower, upper landing pad

    His blade ignited.

    Hers did, too.

    An'ya Kuro lamented, her grief swirling into the Force.

    This madman... he spoke, railed, snarled, accused...

    Aryan Graul was gone; Darth Skelm had killed him.

    She tugged upon a connection.

    There was no time for morality; for fair play.

    This was her apprentice, fallen or not.

    He was her responsibility.

    Norin Graul had brought the young man here to use again his father from another time.

    An'ya called on him.


    Meanwhile, for Skelm... the concoction in his pocket called upon him, it swirled in the Force.

    Above them all, the dark side emerged as a fount of destruction.

    The Eternal Fleet opened fire.

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    Senate Tower

    With the upper port busy, and the secondary one emptied of it's ship, Hamner had choice to escort the Chancellor into the Senator Tower proper, from the Chancellor's office via the turbolift into the Senate proper. They'd find another way to the war room, and then they could lead the war. The Senate was strangely empty, as if the Senators had fled in the opening hours of the renewed conflict. They had, actually, when the allied armada began to gather above them. The rich and powerful had abandoned the Chancellor for the most part.

    So the Senate was a quiet place.

    "Chancellor," Hamner said. "The Eternal Fleet in orbit, it's going mad. It's not any formation I've ever heard of."

    He led her to an abandoned Senate office; it had belonged to the Senator for Fondor. He overrode the systems, showed her.

    The droid battlecruisers presently had no leader. No controller. Without one, they reverted back to their base orders, some thirty-millennia old.

    Kill all life forms.

    The thousands of warships turned and attacked the closest abundance of life.


    The defence stations, the mines, whatever fighter craft they had to hand, they were suddenly besieged. The capital was a fortress world, it could survive, for months, on the provisions it had.

    Hamner huffed. "The prototype has so little crew it isn't even getting noticed..." Indeed, the Death Star wasn't getting targeted at all.

    "We could make a war room here, I can connect you up?" He paused. "Unless you want to be as far away from Aryan as possible."

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    The Jedi Temple

    The lift took them into the old Council meeting room.

    Tied to one seat, looking waxen, her clothes bloodied, was Jyn.

    In the Grandmaster's chair, one leg crossed over the other, was a Black-Coat.

    In his hand was a remote. "Why hello, boys and girls."

    He fluttered the fingers of his free hand.

    Del lifted his blaster, took one look at Jyn, and shot him in the face.

    In an instant, a gloved hand reached up, caught the bolt, dissipated it into a piece of smoke.

    "Now, now. Play nice."

    He flicked a finger, sending Del's blaster out the window.

    It fell a long way.

    The hand turned, reached out to Nola.

    "May I? I find it easier to talk about things when only one of us is able to kill the other."

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    IC: Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Starkiller Base, Ilum system

    They entered an area that was open, a massive gangway across the divide, and a pit that led all the way down, down, down.

    In that room, there was a call, a cry, from Leia's crystal. She would be able to hear other crystals too, nearby. The oscillator, it had been built into the ground. Leia's crystal was behind a panel in the wall, not far from here.

    There was a voice however, and standing on the walkway, a hologram greeted them.

    "Vhardia, you appear to have happened upon my secret. I take it you suggested the Ilum system... a young Jedi Knight... rather than an ancient Neti, and a young Mandalorian Force user."

    Thrawn's voice sounded even, not even remotely vexed.

    "I had anticipated this, but hardly a this time. Inconvenient, when so many of the galaxies warriors even now fight against Darth Zorn at the Battle of Exegol. Without me present, I put our chances of victory at exactly 50%, even with my additional committed forces."

    His hands were tucked behind his back, and his poise impeccable.

    He was in control, simply put.

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    The entrance corridor to the main area

    Whether the same could be said of Renn was another thing.

    Snowtroopers were advancing, but also Deathtroopers dropped by a grounded shuttle, and then the Stormtroopers inside the oscillator that were coming around the corridors. In the distance, there were also larger transports depositing larger AT-ST walkers and twenty-trooper transports were coming down too. A siege, but no artillery, nor heavy weapons.

    There were more and more coming.

    The Neti might be in trouble.

    He would definitely sense the death of Darth Zorn, at least.

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    The Outer Rim, Moddell Sector, Sarafur

    Jalynn thanked Beaumont and Qwi, hugged them both, and consented to leave, somewhat mutely, but nonetheless happy that they had saved her. The Mandalorian, who named himself Din, passed them what hard credits he had, as well as what supplies he could spare. He dumped the Blood Carver's body in space as the Razor Crest left, and shortly, it was just the two of them again.

    Beaumont held her hand and enjoyed the Force filling them.


    He squeezed.

    "I want to stay for a while and go through this. This Daritha Gorog, he knows about the Change, and the Epitaphs."

    He swallowed.

    "It might be key to us figuring out everything that has happened. We could head back to Ast, get a professorship or two..." Beaumont was speaking aloud. "Sounds like your setup on Nouane, but this time we're just... out. No more war, no more drama. The entire galaxy, it won't know where we are."

    He wasn't wrong; the Moddell Sector was about as far out as possible. The New Republic, the Hapans, the Remnant - they were all going through another war. But here, nobody cared. There was no Battle of Endor to light the sector up on galactic maps. It never happened. It never would.

    Palpatine was gone; the second Death Star would never happen; the Empire had fallen.

    Beaumont was happy to be open ended. He didn't need anything apart from her.

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    IC: Han Solo
    Location: Millenium Falcon, Exegol

    Eventually Han through much effort managed to bring the Falcon out of it’s spin and righted her. His brain felt like he had been in a spin dryer and his arms ached from squeezing the throttle and stick hard in order to pull the Falcon out of the corkscrew.

    What had caused the Falcon to go wild however seemed evident. The comms tower was gone and Han couldn't help but grin, the ladies had come through. The monolith where he had dropped Anakin off was also gone and his grin faltered. Did it mean Zorn was dead? Had Anakin failed and Zorn decided to blow the thing up to destroy the alliance fleet?

    What he was thankful for though was that on the sensors he could see destroyer and fighter blips beginning to disappear. With the comms tower now down the destroyers were lost and it seemed now crashing into each other as they could no longer communicate.

    The Falcon meanwhile was still flying but barely. She felt like she was going to break apart any minute and hopefully if she didn't it would take him and Lumpy quite a while to fix her back up again to make her at least ready for another battle should they need her.

    Hear me baby hold together…

    Isolder and Lumpy both reported that the cannons were basically dry. Han thumped the console again, nothing was going right and with the Falcon now essentially defenseless they were in real trouble “I’ve only got two missiles left!” he called back to Lumpy “I’m going to try and use them as a last resort. You’d better get out of the turret and see if you can stop my lady from falling apart!”

    Han continued to dodge, weave and perform somersaults as he tried to dodge any fighters and any crashing destroyers. It was difficult though with all the fighters and ships still around “Your Highness” he called to Isolder “Better get out of that turret and come and watch the show up front”.

    He activated the comm “Skywalker this is Solo, I hope you are alive down there because your ride is about to come one down and pick you up. And Zorn better be dead too because I've got two missiles with his name on them if he isn't….”

    It was looking like Han’s luck had totally run out and perhaps he was resigned to perhaps maybe going down in flames...when the Falcon’s sensors went wild. Ships began to appear, finally numbering at one hundred and Han whooped with joy. Backup had arrived and they began to cut through the lines of Sith ships and fighters with skill, Han watching on impressed.

    Han tried to keep the Falcon out of the way whilst the new arrivals took out the remaining ships of the Sith fleet. “Ya know we could have used these guys earlier. Where the hell were they when they needed ‘em?” What worried him though that there was no response from Anakin on the comm. Was he injured? Dead? Or maybe just busy?

    Eventually it was all done and Han blew out a breath wiping his brow with one of his sleeves. This had been an edge of the seat ride but the Falcon had made it, sadly the alliance fleet looked like it had been nearly wiped out. Perhaps this was it, perhaps the war with Zorn was finally at an end and they could rest at last. An could pick up Xav, give Ben over to Anakin and go back to a life of crime. Or maybe work for the New Republic if Feyna gave him a good enough offer.

    And at least his bad reputation from leaving the Battle of Mandalore could maybe be laid to rest. Bringing Isolder back would earn him some points too. And he couldn't have asked for a better copilot than Chewie’s own son. Perhaps he could ask the young Wookiee to take the position on permanently.

    Time to check on the ladies, he hadn't seen the Osik come up on his scopes “Ka’rta, Madelyn this is Solo. Are you guys alright? Good job on the comm tower there, I think the New Republic will owe you one”.

    “Do you need a lift?”

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