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Star Wars CLOSED Star Wars: Episode V: Twilight of the Force II: A Father’s Fate

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Nov 5, 2019.

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    A combo with my fellow Emperor, @darthbernael [face_devil]

    IC: Bernael/Nevet, Graul/Sistros/Skelm, and the Saarai-Kaar

    Bakuran Senate Chamber, Salis Daar/the Eternal Empire Capital, Bakura

    An amused aura radiated from Bernael as they entered the chamber, the wide and varied delegates muttering and giving inquisitive, concerned, and in some cases terrified looks in his and Marana’s direction. Leaning his head down toward hers, "My dear, you are going to be the public face of our half of the Imperial leadership. Our foes will certainly be monitoring this transmission and hoping to gain more insight into the complete leadership structure. So we keep it partially hidden." he whispered to her.

    And with that he vanished from sight, before the holo pickups even registered his presence. The amused aura remained by the Saarai-Kaar’s side, enough of it felt that she, Graul, Gaeriel, and Jalynn would know he was there. A thought touched Marana’s mind, 'If there is something that truly needs my input with it I will tell you this way.' A mental chuckle followed the thought as the delegates, both physically here and here in holo, realized that one of their two Emperors could literally disappear from sight and sense and could be anywhere among them.

    Aryan strode into the chamber with confidence, the Scepter of Ragnos clenched tightly in his right hand to project his authority and power. It was imperative that he set this precedent from the outset; to ease any doubts and to demonstrate that he was a strong leader. Having Gaeriel and Jalynn at this side would also prove beneficial in that regard. It would garner him a certain appeal and generate a sense of normalcy—the people could trust him because he was a lot like them.

    But as he climbed the steps to the podium, he pushed that notion aside and attuned himself to the Force. He became centered, his mind completely focused on the address he was about to present to the galaxy. From his vantage point, he could perceive the thoughts and emotions of his audience; they were both curious and attentive, and he pulled on that for strength.

    The Emperor was so deep in concentration that he did not immediately detect Bernael’s physical departure. It wasn’t until he felt his brother’s presence drifting around the chamber that he realized what had occurred. It was a very perceptive move, particularly with the nature of their agreed arrangement. Skelm reached out to Nevet and conveyed his approval.

    Inclining his chin, he then glanced out over the Senate, calling upon the Force to augment his voice as he began to speak:

    "Citizens of the galaxy and of this glorious Empire, I greet you in a time of illumination. For nearly three decades, we have been witnesses to the ravages of war; a prolonged affair that saw us at odds with our brothers and sisters and burdened by the impacts of a political—and military—stalemate. It was both exhausting and unnecessary, a detriment to our way of life.

    "After the refusal of my peace proposal fourteen years ago—a proposal that was brazenly rejected by the Republic Chancellor and the cabal which supported, or otherwise…dominated her—it became clear that this war, which defied all means of common sense, must be fought to its end. In the face of an unshakeable foe, we buckled down our efforts, we took the initiative to deliver the peace we so fervently craved, and we emerged as the victors.

    "You know me, my friends, you know I have always been an enemy of half-measures and weak decisions. I am a strong proponent of modern Imperial ideologies—such as a robust law enforcement program, structural hierarchy, and a greater centrality of executive authority. I can only express my gratitude that you have entrusted me, Emperor Graul—along with Prime Minister Captison, my military advisor, the Saarai-Kaar, and my daughter, the Princess Jalynn—to lead you through this historic transition. In a thousand years, it will be regarded as a decisive victory, not only for the history of this Empire but for the entire galaxy.

    "Together we stand on the precipice of a new era, a new beginning—the age of the Eternal Empire. We will no longer bow down to our enemies or give them ground to thrive and prosper. Instead, we will push back against these insurgents and uphold our cherished beliefs through force of arms. Only then can we ensure a safe and secure society, one that condones peace and stability, rather than conflict and chaos. Those who oppose or wish to challenge these ideals should heed this warning—you will never weaken our resolve. We will crush any aggressors, and the Empire will prevail. We must set an example for those seeking the promise of a better future; a promise that I will personally deliver, not only for those fighting today but for all generations to come.

    "Let me remind you that the enemy is not all-powerful; we cannot deny that our Grand Army has more than once sent the vaunted Republic troops into panic flight. If one judges, not by the boastful assertions of Chancellor Organa and her propagandists, but by the actual facts that lay before us for all to see, it will not be difficult to ascertain that the New Republic is facing disaster. In the span of a single week, they have lost millions to their own incompetence. The New Republic is bleeding; their reserves of man-power are failing, the spirit of indignation is spreading not only through the peoples of the galaxy who have fallen under their yoke, but also the upper echelons of the Republic leadership itself. They are straining their last efforts, and there is no doubt that they will soon collapse under the pressure.

    "And yet, in a system far away, they continue to sow deceit. They promote peace to the frightened peoples of the galaxy while spreading lies and disorder to account for their shortcomings. It’s a mere deflection, a dishonest tactic intended to inspire fallacious hopes; to prevent us from seeing the truth!

    "But we are wise to these deceptive practices. We have seen for ourselves the true nature of the New Republic’s ways. On Coruscant, they have needlessly and callously attacked one of our military installations. It was neither fully operational nor capable of mounting a defense, but even with this knowledge, Chancellor Organa had ruthlessly ordered her agents to infiltrate the superstructure and detonate it. This barbaric act cost us the innocent lives of hundreds of our closest allies and compatriots. But even as we mourn, we become united in our pursuit to seek retribution for these heinous crimes. We will retaliate and avenge our brothers and sisters!

    "In their inherent incapacity, the Republic has also carelessly retained information, including critical intelligence reports, about an unidentified alien force from beyond the Unknown Regions. These invaders pose an imminent threat to our sovereignty, and in a circumstance where time is a precious commodity—advanced notice and preparation could mean the difference between life and death—the Chancellor had failed to act. Instead, she fled the planet; she abandoned the people she swore to serve to attend a recreational facility on Hespiridium. She opted to satisfy her own frivolous pleasures rather than contend with a dangerous threat. That is cowardice and ineptitude to the highest order! And yet, within the past several hours, I have learned that the Republic Senate has granted her clemency by voting to extend her Chancellorship indefinitely. That is a travesty and an unfortunate precedent to set.

    "Under the Empire’s New Eternal Order, you will have no reason to fear; we will repel these alien invaders, and I will make it my priority to protect and defend all who fall under my jurisdiction. It will be a difficult task, but the people of this Empire are ready for the challenge. Due to our efforts, we will finally enjoy peace and prosperity—we will maintain order. The Eternal Empire will grow as more planets and sovereignties answer the call.

    "And that endeavor begins today.

    "In the wake of the Republic’s insolent behavior, my homeworld of Nubia—after partaking in a treasonous plot perpetrated by the Chancellor—will serve as an example to the rest of the galaxy. They will experience the full might of this new Empire as they demonstrate the consequences for those who commit terrorist acts and threaten to undermine our sanctity. There will be no escape; there will be no mercy. We will vanquish all traitors."

    The Emperor paused and canted his head, relaying the silent signal to both Gaeriel and the Saarai-Kaar to initiate the attack.

    "In our victory, we will move forward as one people with one voice, as the citizens of the Eternal Empire. A great, liberating mission has fallen to each and every one of us. Be worthy of that mission! May it inspire you to restore hope for a better future—a future that our children can be proud of! For peace and order for a thousand more generations!

    "Long live our glorious Empire!"


    The Saarai-Kaar nodded at the signal from the Emperor, signaling the Admiral of the Bakuran fleet to begin his assault of Nubia. As she gazed back up she stiffened for a moment, a moment that few would notice except perhaps Skelm or Gaeriel. A noise came from her lips, a sound that if it was in the bedroom would be expected but not on a stage in front of this audience. Which was why it was good that it was such a short moment and no one saw but those two.

    They may have noticed but except for Skelm may not have realized why. The reason was, of course, that Bernael had touched her mind, had entered it, and they were in communion. She had received another gift from him, communion with her God, as it were. Her eyes glinted with a fierce and joyful light as Bernael spoke through her. "Emperor Graul, Prime Minister, assembled guests, as we speak Admiral Ossilege is leading the Barukan fleet to cleanse Nubia, the Carrack class cruiser Intruder, flagship of the Bakuran fleet, as well as the Sentinel, Watchkeeper, and Defender, Bakura class SDs are taking part."

    "As Emperor Graul said, those that have demonstrated the hypocrisy of their actions versus the words they utter must be brought to task. They will be. We will demonstrate to the galaxy the peace, prosperity, and power of the Empire through our deeds, that will match our words. When the truth of their traitorous actions are laid bare our peace-loving Empire will have those worlds that desire to remove themselves from that foul sphere of influence flock to join us."

    She shook herself, an almost dreamy sigh escaping her lips as she did, as she finished speaking. She sagged for a moment before regaining her balance and standing ramrod straight to the side of the Emperor, "Heed the words of the Emperor, demonstrate the fidelity you have placed in him, and the Empire will flourish as our foes wither on the vine." she stated in her own words before nodding to him and stepping back slightly from the spotlight, as it were.

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    IC: Admiral Ossilege

    They had slept for a bit, but resolved to head home as soon as possible as the Nubian Council was at very least their boss. The Executive picked the Senator, but Nola was to represent their homeworld, not herself, so it was important to check in. Del took a shuttle supplied by Nubia, which was an assault variant to give it some punch if need be. They sent an updated itinerary too, letting Nola know about the latest appointments back home, as there had been some shuffles as a few local politicians had spoken up in support of Aryan, or had been discovered to be part of some underground criminal network set up by Norin.

    Del was still enjoying the power behind the shuttles engines, and admiring the specs of the shields and weapons when they tumbled out of hyperspace -

    Into a battle!

    There were three capital ships immediately visible, of roughly the same design, unleashing a withering barrage on the orbital shields and the pair of Golan III defense platforms that hung in orbit. Nubia TIE Fighters and Interceptors danced against X-wings, B-wings, A-wings and Y-wings, a pyrotechnic display that they were unfortunately caught up within -


    Their systems confirmed them to be Bakura-class Star Destroyers, which told them precisely where they had came from. A voice came out across the comms, and Del shouted at Nola. "We're in trouble!" The shuttle shook with a blast, and he unbuckled to rush to the damaged spot. "You have the helm!"

    The comms crackled. "This is Admiral Ossilege of the Eternal Military of Bakura. You are entering restricted space. We have been directed by the Eternal Emperor Aryan Graul to secure his homeworld for the glory of his great regime. Any and all ships that enter local orbit are now under our jurisdiction and must submit to inspection."

    The GEMINI droids would be withdrawing warships from across the Core Worlds to the edges of the Nubia system, monitoring the engagement and prepared to accept instructions from Bernael when he spoke them. The HoloNet relay updated them as to what they had missed; a transmission from Bakura to the galaxy at large, announcing the deployment of their fleet to capture Nubia.

    "Wish we'd seen that before we jumped!" Del called back from the patch-job he was doing on an overburdened power conduit.

    TAG: @JediMasterAnne (combo)

    Bakura, Senate Chambers - and also New Alderaan

    It was done.

    As the galactic address ended, the room erupted into questions and queries, even as Ossilege arranged for the battle to be transmitted to the Senate projectors.

    The Senex Lords, local governors and other allied politicians clearly wanted to get Aryan off the stage and into a private room, even as the Jensaarai confirmed the deaths of the Tapani Jedi Lords with absolute certainty. The Saarai-Kaar seemed to be experiencing a... dislocating ecstasy at having been filleted out by Bernael, but she recovered for the Senate. Conversely, Gaeriel fenced off commentary from the Senators until Aryan wished to respond, and Jalynn smiled, but the projected confidence was beginning to slip the longer the moment dragged on; she was no seasoned politician... though the media was already turning her into a Peoples Princess with some artful manipulation by the burgeoning bureaucracy beneath the Twin Emperors...

    There were petitions for membership coming from worlds in the Southern Core, including the fortress of Belgaroth, the kingdom of Atrisia, and the prison world of Kalist, clearly preferring Eternal rule to New Republic sanction. There was a request from the Bothans and Hutts for the opportunity to setup a diplomatic station and recognize the Eternal Empire - even if they intended to hold it at arms length. These declarations also reached Corellia, and, by dint of transmission, Winter.

    Conversely, the announcement saw a group of worlds rededicate to the New Republic, emphasizing their loyalty, including Hapes, Kashyyyk, and, which was potentially fairly damaging, the Imperial Remnant, which emerged from its Moff Council meeting to do so at the behest of Moff Sarreti! There were no disasters, apart from the attack on Nubia, but the New Republic was still cleaning up at Kuat and rebuilding at Corellia - what could they do?

    There was however a report that the Naboo Royal Guard had seized Theed from the local Skytroopers, but the GEMINI droids managed to blow the Chommell Sector HoloNet relay before they communicate with the New Republic. It was however a hot-spot they likely didn't want to leave be...

    Winter had all these updates on a datapad for Feyna, as much as Aryan and Bernael had all the updates from GEMINI, or Theron, the Saarai-Kaar or Lana.

    TAG: @darthbernael, @HanSolo29

    New Alderaan, continued

    With the trip to Dagobah, the Millennium Falcon arrived at the same time as the Coruscanti team, taking the Slave I, which wasn't quite as fast as the souped up YT-1300.

    The ship came to the ground and Winter was told as much as the HoloNet updated about Aryan's message. The wedding was proposed for an hour from now, and the galaxy was calming, but not entirely. A last raft of declarations was afoot. Winter laid out the threat from Aryan, the attack on Nubia, the successes at Kuat, the state of the fleet. Acting Head of State Ephin Saretti had himself let Feyna know that the Imperial Remnant had agreed to oppose Aryan Graul and his Eternal Empire, leaving a personal message on her messages - he wanted to speak to her at some point, but he appreciated she would be busy. He reported that the Imperial Fleet was ready to deploy where they were asked to - twenty more Star Destroyers and support ships.

    There wasn't much they could do, but Winter could confirm Nola and Del had filed a flight-path for Nubia, which was of course devastating news. "I can't reach them, Feyna."

    Isolder was still being kept away from Feyna by Tycho, but he managed to convince the groomsman to allow him to contact her by comlink.

    "I have Han and Madelyn on the landing pad, but I'm at a loss as to what we can do at Nubia, if anything."

    There wasn't anything, not at all, and sending galactic transmissions across the galaxy from New Alderaan was going to see them getting found.

    When the Falcon and Slave I arrived, they would have the chance to watch the Emperor’s HoloNet speech, but their ramps would soon spill Han, Lumpy, Xaverri and Ben Solo down, as much as Madelyn, Mirdala and Tor. There wasn't precisely a gaggle of welcomes, but Isolder and Tycho were there, with the Hapan Prince on the comm to Feyna.

    "Oh, I have a baby here too - Ben Skywalker, I presume?"

    As for Madelyn, BB-8 had found her, and tied into a call Renn, Leia and Vhardia on Yavin 4. He made a triumphant noise, even though he had only just reported an inability to track down Ship, wherever that had gone.

    That left Tor to either join in with Madelyn and Leia - while Mirdala was attended to by a medical droid on the actual landing pad - or to comm Ka'rta.

    All Winter wanted to do was speak to Feyna about her father's music box.

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    IC: Beaumont Kin

    Kesh, about forty-eight hours ahead of the galaxy

    The night passed again, and they were safe, by the barn which of course utterly stank. The not-Sith woman took the Uvak up to the peak on a few occasions, being required to use rope to return to the ground. To be an Uvak handler was to be one step above slave, but it was very clear that she had figured out how to hide her Force sensitivity. Beaumont enquired, and she explained that her father had been a special breed of Jedi Shadow, a group dedicated to the eradication of the Sith.

    Within the Jedi Covenant the Shadows were even more proactive and aggressive, and Beaumont explained that after the Jedi Civil War, the organisation was not recreated for fear of how often a Shadow would lose their way. Indeed, Jedi Shadows had been abandoned as a concept because they evolved in the Jedi Vindicators during the Pius Dea Crisis, the entire cult excommunicated. Orielle Marrian enjoyed the chit-chat, but it was slow going - his face remained intensely swollen, and they had discovered a few cracked ribs, a broken leg, and all manner of contusion.

    She privately confided in Qwi that she wasn't sure if there was internal bleeding or not, but he seemed to be stabilizing so perhaps not.

    It was the end of next day that Orielle sat by the fire and raised the question. "So, what are your plans now?"

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    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Qwi Xux, Beaumont Kin, Orielle
    Location: Kesh

    Time passed.

    Qwi made sure to tend to Beaumont as best she could, although the barn was definatly starting to get on her nerves, especially the smell.

    What I wouldn't give for a good bath or shower right now.

    Of course Beaumont couldn't move because of his injuries and her and Orielle had had a discussion about it. He did seem stable but there was always a nagging feeling that he was internally injured too.

    Beaumont it seemed had regained his voice and had enjoyed a chat with Orielle about her family history. How a Jedi had essentially survived on a world full of Sith. And she had too.

    A useful ally.

    Now by the fire, sitting next to Beaumont and holding his hand she was asked about what they were going to do next.

    "We haven't really had time to think about it really, what with everything happening after we lost the yacht and were split up" a pang in her heart for the lost Firenze.

    "I know we cannot stay here, it would put you in danger. But we cannot move until at least Beaumont can walk again. We need to make sure we can stay away from the Sith as much as possible".

    Qwi indicated "As you can see, i'm not from around here. I need to be hidden. Beaumont here has suffered enough. We would like to leave Kesh if we could but if not a good hidey hole would be a good place to start".

    Orielle nodded slowly. “Yes, you being blue on a planet of purples is a bit of a give away, though the coat of yours seems to be pretty good at hiding you. It took me a while to grab you as you fell...”

    “It’s special,” Beaumont said. “It protects you from the Force, namely the dark side.”

    “I see...” Orielle trailed off. “Would you consider joining the Keshiri Resistance?”

    Qwi was confused.

    "I'm pretty sure I gave you Rax's cape before we boarded Firenze. Remember? I had to put it on you to shield you. And I don't remember switching capes back. So i'm pretty sure that cape is now with the Sith"

    She looked at Orielle quizzically "You have a resistance? From what I have seen people are pretty much happy with Sith rule. Even worship them".

    "No," Beaumont said, also confused. "I draped us both in it and then sent you flying in it?" His memory wasn't stunning, but it was there.

    Orielle waved a hand, trying to reassure Beaumont. "Don't worry about it." She looked to Qwi. "This continent has been under Sith control for the whole five millennia... but the mainland, Keshtah Major - Alanciar - it spent two thousand years preparing for war with the Tribe, and though it was eventually subsumed, there has been a simmering discontent with the rule from here - it's been very slow coming, because the Tribe allowed Keshiri into it, but it's there. Probably needs a spark or two, is all."

    Qwi thought about it. So it seemed there was trouble in the Sith paradise, and to start their downfall all they needed was a spark…

    But Beaumont and her had just come from another war, did they want to get involved in another?

    Qwi looked to Beaumont "Well you said you thought we needed to do something about the Sith when we were at that camp. I guess here is the chance" she squeezed his hand.

    She looked back at Orielle "We have just come from a war, another one is about to start. We tried to get away but I guess we will always end up in wars, never finding peace" her expression turned sad.

    "Beaumont has been hurt badly, I don't ever want to see that again. But I guess we cannot sit and do nothing…"

    Qwi looked to Beaumont "What do you think?"

    Beaumont thought about it, and his gaze became glassy before he refocused. "I want to investigate the idea, but I'm not committing to a cause in this state. Especially as we've both nearly been killed almost every day since we made planetfall."

    Orielle lit up a little. "All I can ask for is your consideration. Even the news of the outside galaxy would be uplifting... unless of course the Sith have actually seized control of the galaxy since my Jedi descendant came here...?"

    She hesitated. "Please tell me that isn't the case."

    Qwi wondered if Beaumont had tuned out totally or was maybe feeling exhausted but was glad when he spoke up. She did consider sending a thought his way.

    "I agree completley with Beaumont" she said after thinking for a few moments, perhaps it was better to have a chat in private or the safe space "We will definatly consider it, thank you for asking".

    She racked her brains trying to think back on the state of the galaxy.

    "Beaumont here is a historian, he knows a lot more than I do" she shot him a smile "But sadly the Sith have taken control more than once. Currently the galaxy is being plagued by a Sith Lord named Darth Zorn".

    "The New Republic, the current goverment were sending a battle group to deal with him, and politicians aligned with Zorn tried to stage a coup. Unfortunatly we don't know what's happening at the moment as we have literally been cut off from the galaxy".

    "There may be another war coming. Aliens calling themselves the Yuuzhan Vong have started to infiltrate the galaxy. They want to conquer it and basically their mantra is that we are all infidels".

    Orielle blinked a few times. “So the Sith returned again? How long were they ruling for? Did the Jedi fight them off? My ancestor said that the Sith were recreated within the Jedi Order twice in his lifetime.”

    Beaumont cleared his throat. “The Sith were defeated a millennium ago at the Battle of Ruusan. Twenty thousand Sith were killed and the Jedi and the Republic thought them gone. But one Dark Lord survived, and re-founded the Rule of Two, which allowed the Sith to rebuild and grow stronger with each generation.”

    He swallowed, and explained how Palpatine worked his way into the the Chancellorship, how the Chosen One killed him, but not before the apprentice took control and declared an Empire thirty-three years ago - and then split the galaxy into a Galactic Cold War for nineteen years, which was overturned and the New Republic and the New Jedi Order rose up in the meantime - only to discover that Darth Zorn had been amassing a new Sith fleet and that a species of invaders had started to infiltrate the galaxy at large in the midst of a coup. He overlapped with Qwi at the end, but he was a historian after all.

    Orielle absorbed it all with some nods and a question about the Rule of Two, because the Tribe had never ascribed to that, and eventually released a breath. “So things did get better for quite a while but not lately... so it’s what my ancestor realised - the Tribe escaping Kesh now would be devastating on the galaxy.” She nodded. “He decided it was safer to cut Kesh off from the galaxy again rather than risk anyone escaping - not until the Jedi and Republic were ready to confront the Tribe.”

    “Which doesn’t sound all that likely to happen anytime soon,” she was a bit glum.

    Qwi let Beaumont explain and was ready in case Beaumont felt tired. She held his hand throughout providing warmth and support. He was in his element with topics like this.

    "Sadly I agree" Qwi said "But they may get knocked down but they will get up again. The Jedi and the New Republic won't just lie down. It may take time but with Feyna Organa the current Chancellor at the helm, they will fight back".

    "I mean I lost faith with the New Republic but that does not mean I want to see another tyrannical regime rise up. I was once part of ghe Empire and I've seen what that regime does. And I don't wish that on the galaxy".

    "The problem is these Yuuzhan Vong, they could sweep across the galaxy whilst everyone is distracted. They may even come here."

    "What we hoped to do was leave here and warn the Republic about this Lost Tribe" she shrugged "But I guess all that you can do is maybe cause problems for these Sith and hopefully stop them from escaping".

    Orielle joked slightly. "Unless we get the Sith to fight these Yuuzhan Vong, of course."

    Beaumont's eyes glazed over again. "I mean we could try that, but we'd need to take control of the Tribe, or be able to manipulate them in some way, and then wait for the Vong to get here." His breath was becoming more shallow, and Orielle looked at Qwi subtly.

    "You can't stay here forever, though," Orielle produced an envelope of Uvak hide. "I have put a recommendation in here, with my seal... if you make it to Alanciar, which you'd have to do by boat... then the Resistance will take you in. They know about me... my brother is over there building things up."

    She hesitated. "It may be safer for you there, than here, too."

    What was Beaumont doing? His eyes were now consistently glazing over as if he was somewhere else. And all throughout their chat he had not squeezed Qwi's hand once.

    And what he considering sounded totally bonkers.

    She slipped an arm around Beaumont and thought at him through the bond you need to rest.

    She took the recommendation and slipped it into one of the pockets of her jumpsuit "Thank you, for all of your help. You have saved us both, and for that we are grateful. I could'nt imagine my life without Beaumont, and you have given us both a chance to survive".

    "It may be safe there, however with Beaumont as he is he cannot move on his own. Is there any way we can get to a boat?"

    Orielle paused. "I can't lend you an Uvak, as only Sith can use these... but I have a cart, and a beast-of-burden that can pull it?"

    Beaumont flopped, and began to sleep. He was exhausted, cut up, scarred, bruised, battered. Orielle leapt up and checked his pulse, and helped him lay. "He's fine." She looked abashed. "Sorry, I didn't mean to jump in."

    "And you're welcome; you've brought with you something we didn't have before."

    The woman smiled.


    Beaumont had exhausted himself and had dropped off. Qwi felt nothing untoward through the bond nor any warning from the Force so she assumed everything was fine.

    Orielle looked embarrassed about suddenly jumping to Beaumont's aid but Qwi saw nothing wrong with that, unless she started making any moves towards him

    Don't think about that.

    Qwi nodded releasing her arm from around Beaumont "That sounds like a good idea with a cart. Beaumont can lie there whilst I hide within my cloak. I have played a servant very well so far"

    "And in regards to hope...maybe we have. I cannot tell whether it will be enough of course. But maybe perhaps there is a chance to break the grip the Sith have on this world".

    "Perhaps the news that there is a galaxy out there will finally give the people what they need. Freedom".

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    OOC: Combos--the first is with Jerjerrod-Lennox and Sinre, the second, with the GM only

    IC: Chancellor Feyna Organa, Han Solo, Prince Isolder, and Winter

    New Alderaan

    She couldn't even get married without some sort of problem rearing its head.

    Despite Feyna's hopes to avoid news of Skelm for the next few days, Winter regretfully gave her an update on his recent address, as well as the sit-rep on Kuat, Naboo, and now Nubia--Aryan, it appeared, took offense to his former homeworld's continued loyalty to the New Republic. To make it worse, Nola and Del had apparently headed back to Nubia, and could not be contacted.

    There was good news though: the Remnant had heard enough to convince them to resume relations with the New Republic, and to oppose Skelm's Eternal Empire.

    Isolder spoke to her via comlink--audio only; Tycho and Winter were still keeping the bride and groom from seeing each other--lamenting that there might not be anything they could do about Nubia, and also alerting her that their guests were arriving--and Han had brought Ben.

    "Send Han inside with Ben," she replied.

    Se kept talking to Isolder while she waited for Han. "We can't let Skelm take Nubia; it's too close to Corellia; I know we're moving the capital to Riosa, but much of the Senate is still there, and all the refugees..." Not to mention, Corellia marked the junction of two major hyperspace lanes, where the Corellian Trade Spine joined to the Run.

    "The Remnant is asking if there's anything they can help us with, but I think they're too far to do much good at Nubia..." They might be close enough to look into the Naboo situation, though.

    Han had let out a relieved breath. They had made it in time it seemed, and Slave 1 had made it too. Everyone was here for the big occasion.

    Of course he had heard Skelm's speech. Just like Zorn he mused thinking they are the big I am. But the bigger they are the harder they fall.

    He has a bigger ego than I do.

    Of course he was going to keep his promise and not talk about Skelm at all to Feyna, not on her wedding day. He would get a chance to hopefully talk to Madelyn later but right now it was time to show Feyna the newest addition to the Solo clan.

    He stepped down the open ramp and spotted Isolder and he looked at Xav and Lumpy "I'm gonna go and see Feyna, this might be the only chance to see Ben before it all happens. You can come if you want, or you can stay until the weddin goes ahead"

    He tickled Ben on the chin "You are gonna be one popular fella"

    He saw Isolder was busy on the comm so he decided to wait until he was done to ask where Feyna was.

    Isolder placed a hand over the comm. "Feyna is inside the building, she asked you to come in with Ben."

    Xaverri looked at Han. "I am going to meet the Chancellor?" Lumpy rumbled his doubt that she asked for them.

    "Um, if Han can go with Ben to start...? You can follow...?" He went back to the comlink, turning aside; they had a lot to deal with. "The Remnant is far north, way too distant from any of these flashpoints, but I don't know how soon they'll arrive to help. We could stage with what we have left at Corellia and then ask the Remnant to send ships to reinforce Riosa, Kuat and Corellia? Might be safer and quicker." He cycled. "We have an MC90 Star Cruiser, two Hapan Battle Dragons and three Nova-class cruisers to hand, besides the Corellian defenders."

    It wasn't alot, but it may give the Bakuran ships pause. The Corellians of course had the trio of Star Defenders and Sal-Solo's Dreadnaughts, while more than a hundred Hapan and New Republic ships were in the shipyards there. Corellia would be safe for the moment.

    Winter was tuned in, and confirmed she could give the order with a thumbs-up.

    Isolder confirmed, the Remnant was too distant to help with the most pressing issues, but they could still help to shore up the defenses at Kuat, Riosa, and Corellia, while the Republic sent what it could to Nubia.

    Feyna nodded to Winter to send the orders, while she typed up a brief message to Saretti detailing the plan. "We'll do that, then. Is there anything else we can do for now?"

    She looked to Winter. "Will you go retrieve Han, when you've done that?" Isolder might not know exactly where to send him.

    It seemed poor Feyna had a lot of work to do even on her wedding day. Skelm had thrown a spanner in the works due to his speech.

    He turned to Xav "His Higness is right, i'll take Ben in alone to see her first then i'll see if she has time to see you before the main event. Judging by the sound of what's goin on I think i'm quite lucky to even get squeezed in".

    And from the sounds of things it seemed like his home planet was getting involved too.

    "Stay here, i'll comm you if you can come in" he said to Xav and Lumpy before making his way towards the building, little Ben still cradled gently in his arms.

    Winter shook her head. "Not at all. Our armed forces are at stretching point. We're lucky you blew up Lecersen aboard the Death Star prototype - we might not have held onto the Remnant otherwise." She reached for the comlink to take it back from Feyna. "Come on."

    Her voice was gentle and soft. "I'll keep an eye on things."

    Isolder directed them onwards as he signed off, and he was about to follow when Tycho moved him away. "Nope." He frogmarched him towards Madelyn and Tor and Mirdala -

    - Han and Ben were at the door to Feyna's room in short order...

    Feyna nodded and surrendered her comlink over to Winter. Hopefully, at least for the next hour or so, there'd be nothing else.

    Any way, Han was outside with Ben. "Come in," she called to him.

    Han entered with a smile "Hey kid. See, told ya i'd make it, even while making a stop on the way" he winked at her.

    "Now I thought I would bring you a little nice surprise for your weddin day, meet the newest addition to the Solo clan. I mean who'd have thought it, me a daddy" he chuckled.

    He turned so he could show her Ben "Feyna Organa, meet Ben Luke Solo. Ben, this is your Auntie Feyna, she's a very important person and hopefully she'll be part of your family"

    He offered him to Feyna "Would you like to hold him?"

    Feyna smiled at the boy; he was probably only a few months old, but his eyes were wide and alert.

    She nodded when Han offered to let her hold him, carefully taking Ben into her arms. It had been a while since she'd been around a child this small. "Hi, Ben," she said to him, gently running her fingers over his soft fuzz of hair.

    Han had given Ben his surname, and 'Luke' for his middle name. For the most part, Feyna didn't think others would ever suspect there was anything particularly special about the boy--though Force-sensitives might notice. Feyna didn't know who Ben's mother had been, but his father and grandfather had been two of the most powerful Force-users the galaxy had ever seen. And chances were, Ben was Force-sensitive as well. It was up to Han as to whether he would seek training for Ben.

    And there was the question of how much Ben was told, about his heritage. "What will you tell him, when he's older?"

    Han had to think about that one hard.

    "Well it's a double edged sword I guess. I lie to him, tell him his dad was a good man and then he finds out about his true nature, he'll resent me. Same as if I told him the truth, especially since his middle name is after his dad".

    "The truth I guess is better. I'll tell him about Anakin too. Whether he'll hate his family I don't know. But he'll have a stable new family, me, Xav, you, Lumpy, maybe Madelyn too. Hopefully that will dull the pain. And the fact Luke was good before he turned into a Sith"

    "All I will do is do the best I can to look after him. Maybe he'll become a Jedi, maybe he'll become a smuggler, who knows. All I do know is he is my responsibility now".

    Feyna was thoughtful. "I agree, it'll be better if he hears everything from you--Winter and I can help with questions about Luke before, and the others, if you need us to. But you've got time to figure it, it'll be some years before he's old enough.

    "The best you can do is love him and keep him safe."

    Han smiled "Oh we'll love him to bits alright, he's got a Wookiee for an Uncle too so he'll be as safe as he can be" he smiled down at Ben, he seemed to have taken to Feyna.

    "So, are ya ready for your weddin?"

    Feyna shifted Ben, jiggling one of his tiny hands with her finger. She bit her lip at the question.

    "Yes--but with everything that's gone wrong the past few days, I can't help worrying that something is going to happen."

    "Hey no talkin about Skelm, we promised, remember?"

    Han smiled "Hey, nothin' is going to go wrong. Not a lot of people know you are here, right? So hopefully no one will try anythin until afterwards. And even if they do we have Jedi, Mandalorians, a New Republic officer, a Wookiee plus I think you and His Highness are probably good with a blaster. Oh and me of course" he winked.

    "Maybe you should looks forwards, not backwards. Enjoy the quiet while it lasts. Because believe you and me it's gonna get hectic again".

    He pointed at Ben "And this little guy deserves to see a bright future".

    “I can only hope...that you can steal the same moments away from politics that I did -"

    Feyna managed another smile, nodding again at Han. "You're right," she said. She went to hand Ben back to him--she half-expected Winter to come and chase Han out any second, so she could finish getting ready.

    Han took Ben gently back from Feyna and smiled "He likes you already".

    "Anyways, I better let you get ready, my partner Xav would like to meet you. Hopefully after the weddin'. I think she's excited to finally see the Chancellor. Better make sure this little guy is settled down before the main event".

    He turned towards the door then looked back "Oh and if you still want me to walk you down the aisle let me know. Will need to get myself spruced up".

    "I'll send for you again when I'm ready," Feyna told him.

    Han's smile grew wider "Then I had better make myself presentable since a Princess is about to marry a Prince".

    "Come on then little guy, better let Auntie Feyna get ready eh?"

    He walked out the door with a smile as he looked behind him "See you in a bit kid".

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    IC: Del and Senator Nola Deidder

    Arriving at Nubia

    Nola scrambled to take the helm, while Del went to fix whatever had been hit--she had not been expecting to drop out of hyperspace into literally the middle of a battle!

    A trio of Bakura-class Destroyers were visible, answering the unspoken question as to to who was behind the assault--Skelm had decided to attack his own home planet. Yeah, that's going to make them want to join you. Really smart, Graul.

    Someone in Eternal Command was contacting them--threatening, more like.

    "They're going to try to board us," Nola called back to Del. She hesitated to respond to Ossilege; revealing that she was Nubia's Senator might not be wise. "I'm guessing with whatever damage we've taken, we're not going to be jumping out of here?"

    Del shouted back. "We should be okay, but we can't afford to take another hit -"

    There was a shudder as an X-wing managed a quad burst on them almost by accident at it chased a TIE Interceptor, and the Golan III released a spread of torpedoes to scatter the Bakuran fighters -

    "That was the hit!" Del howled.

    "Senator Deidder? Is that you?" There was a voice coming from the beleaguered battle station - static filled, fighting jamming. "If you need somewhere to dock, I can clear you a path -"

    A barrage of turbolaser fire slammed into the Bakura-class Destroyer nearest to them, and it had to retreat out of range for a moment. On the other flanks, the other two warships pounced, burying the station in a storm of fire, but it's shields held!

    Nola adjusted their own shields and sped up; she'd like to make it to the planet, but with the damage...

    "To whom am I speaking?" she asked, not sure if the station could still hear her.

    "Captain Bulba," came the voice, and more static. "My brother is Tul Bulba? The Twi'lek who owns the Dark Side of the Planet?" It was an odd thing to reference; the most expensive and affluent bar in Nuba City, but it was famous.

    An A-wing interceptor began to head towards them, tucking behind so the Golan couldn't interfere - it began to fire, twin-lasers stitching a trail of death that missed-

    "Thank you, Captain." Seeing bolts flying overhead, from behind her, Nola checked her sensors and did her best to evade the attacker, looking to see if she could somehow lead it into enemy fire.

    "I've an enemy fighter on my six, our ship cannot jump, and my copilot is tending to damage. We need somewhere to dock, or an escort to the surface."

    "I don't have any spare fighters, Madam Senator," he said. "And Planetary Control is not lowering the shields for fear of the enemy exploiting a hole." There was another shudder, and then an alarm - a missile lock!

    Nola scowled. Not good. An enemy missile was locked on now. And short of docking with the Golan station (which she didn't want to do with a missile trailing her), she didn't have anywhere to go.

    She went back to her controls--maybe she could throw off the missile with some chaff...

    Chaff was available, and the missile exploded into it. Del had managed to get to the cockpit, face covered in solvent, pulling gloves off. He sat down at one of the seats, and began firing back - the ship was a two-pilot one, and it wasn't really possible to fire and fly and defend and comm -

    He stitched apart the A-wing, and then shut the channel.

    "What do you want to do? I have the hyperdrive back up and running, and shields are feeding from life support for the moment - not much point breathing if we're atoms, after all." He shrugged. It was a common solution, to switch off oxygen recyclers and all spare functions when imperilled - most ships would have more than enough air in the system already to allow for them to survive for more than an hour, at which point they should be out of danger.

    Or dead.

    "You're the Senator, I'm just the over-muscled bodyguard."

    Nola's frown deepened; she didn't like just running away from the situation, she wanted to help, but if they lost their shields again they'd be in real trouble. And the planet's shields were closed.

    "Back to Corellia, I guess," she said, though clearly disappointed. "Maybe we can come back with reinforcements..."

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    IC Bernael/Nevet, Skelm/Graul/Sistros, the Saarai-Kaar, Jalynn
    Bakura, the Eternal Empire capital, Salis Daar

    As Jalynn’s outward composure began to slip a sound came to her ears, as though someone was standing just beside her whispering to her. ”I think Marana could use your assistance. I did just overwhelm her senses by speaking through her. And she’s not entirely used to this, a friend would be good for her.” She would know that voice as that of the Emperor Bernael that had told her the Saarai-Kaar’s real name. He was trying to give them both a little peace in this chaos, and someone to get through it with, as he and her father dealt with the political and military issues.

    The next to sense his presence would be Marana herself. She was still composing herself and then she felt ‘His’ presence next to her. ”Jalynn should be coming over here soon, I think you both could use a comforting presence right now. That does not mean I won’t value your input with military matters but I think you both could use that bond and strengthens the bond between the Emperors.” He leaned closer and she could almost swear she could feel his breath by her ear, ”Our Knights have proven themselves well, Marana, the Tapani Jedi Lords are dead, thanks to the training you gave them already” he said softly and then his presence moved on.

    He drifted around the room for another minute or two while he gauged the fullest mood of the room. Finally he made his way back to his ‘brother’. ’My recommendation as we deal with the recent information we have been given, you choose those you’d trust most to have both our confidence, as a ‘Cabinet’ of sorts, and then they and only they join you, me, Gaeriel, the Saarai-Kaar, and Jalynn in a separate conference room. I will allow them alone among the counselors to know of my presence fully.’ he thought/said through their bond.

    A slight head tilt and the pursing of his lips were the only indications Aryan provided to confirm that he had heard Bernael’s suggestion. Otherwise, he took this moment to bask in the glory and revel in the immense jubilation that had erupted across the chamber following his address.

    There was a lot to sort through, including various inquiries about operational procedures and matters of state, but this was not the setting in which he intended to discuss such topics. He made it clear by raising his hand that he would not answer any questions at this time. This was more celebratory, a formal affair. The real work usually occurred behind closed doors, and in that sense, Bernael had the right idea. The man’s recommendation ultimately served as the catalyst to expedite his departure from the stage.

    As he swept toward the exit, Aryan turned to regard the five individuals who he felt held the most influence over governmental affairs. They were both powerful and effective, and they had also been among his strongest advocates over the past few days. Even now, they were trying to vie for his attention.

    A wry smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth as he gestured for them to follow. Before Bernael had even suggested the idea of a cabinet, Aryan had been evaluating them from afar. And now, these five would serve on the Eternal Ruling Council alongside Gaeriel, Bernael, and himself—Lady Carise Sindian of Arkanis; Senex Lord Garonnin; Governor Ubrik Adelhard of the Anoat Sector; Sander Delvardus of the Tarkin Family; and Moff Par Lankin of the Lambda Sector.

    Once they had settled into a private office, the Emperor assumed his position at the head of the table to preside over the assembly. "Ladies, Gentlemen," he spread his hands wide to welcome their guests. "It is an honor to stand before you on this Council today. You have all been chosen to serve as collaborators based on your professional expertise and past experiences—you have all proven yourselves as the best the galaxy has to offer, and I gladly welcome your input.

    "This Council will function as an extension of the legislature, working together to deliberate, consult, and determine the outcome of important decisions. We have a full itinerary to work through based on the feedback I’ve received from the speech, so I would like to get started as soon as possible. However, before we begin, allow me to introduce you to my colleague—my fellow Emperor—Bernael."

    Aryan stepped aside for his brother to reveal himself.

    A chuckle drifted around the room as Aryan stepped aside, seemingly from nowhere. Bernael enjoyed the sense of consternation that brought as well as the shifting of bodies from the five as he slowly faded into view. His black eyes regarded them as they calmed down, swiftly. He nodded, they were powers in their own right, at least in the political spectrum, and they adapted rapidly.

    He glanced over at his brother, ”These seem the best choices for the Council, at least upon first impression.” A smile formed behind his mask as he felt a subtle sense of indignation that he had added the last to his statement, as though they were not used to being immediately implied to be only minimally trustworthy.

    His gaze raked over them once more, ”One must, from the very start, advance as you intend to continue. I give you the benefit of the doubt based upon what my fellow Emperor sees in you but you have yet to prove yourself to me. This first meeting will give you an opportunity, as the agenda is discussed, for you to make those first impressions.”

    Smiling once more, ”However, the simple fact that you are privy to the knowledge of who else sits upon the Thrones proves that you are of the highest echelons of the Eternal Empire. The galaxy currently only knows of Emperor Graul with any mention of me being a rumor. And, outside this immediate Council it will remain that way until such time as it is necessary to reveal otherwise.”

    He nodded to Aryan, glanced over at Marana after giving a little nod to Jalynn, ”The Saarai-Kaar is the military advisor to the Empire but she is also to be considered my voice when I am not visibly present. Especially as where the Prime Minister is Emperor Graul’s fiancee, she is my Consort. However, there is plenty of time for introductions to be made, the business of Empire calls.” he finished, glancing back over at Aryan, ’Political or military to begin, brother?’ he thought.

    The group looked relatively concerned by the presence of a hulking Anzati, but they quickly assigned the roles of ‘politician’ and ‘muscle’ to each of them.

    It happened; Count Dooku had his Ventress, Maul had Savage, Amedda had his Malleus. It was a tradition as old as Sith Emperors - there was always a Voice and a Wrath. They glossed over it in unison, even Adelhard, who simply threw a glance at his fellow Moff and governor. Delvardus, a former Imperial admiral, gave Bernael more attention than Aryan, but Sindian and Garonnin deferred to the politician in them... and his Imperial nobility as the names successor to House Palpatine.

    But they could tell there was business afoot, and they yielded the floor to it, listening with intense attention.

    While Aryan’s expression remained carefully guarded in view of his guests, he did not hold back for his brother, particularly when they shared such a strong, spiritual bond. He allowed his amusement to permeate the Force, notifying Bernael that he approved of his demonstration. Their reactions told him everything he needed to know about the nature of this Council; they would comply and contribute to the best of their abilities. That’s all he could ask for.

    Absolute loyalty.

    An impish glint reflected in his eye as he sent back his reply across their meld. 'I will lead with the matter that demands the most urgency, and then the conversation should evolve naturally from there. We’ll have a little of each, I think.'

    Lowering himself into a chair, Aryan folded his hands upon the table in a casual way. "The response to the speech has been overwhelmingly positive,” he began evenly, his gaze traveling around the room to survey each of the occupants. "The majority of the Southern Core, including Belgaroth, Atrisia, and the prison world of Kalist, have all made formal inquiries to join our ranks. Representatives from Bothawui and the Hutt Cartel have also reached out to express their interest. I intend to follow up on those requests and set up a meeting with each polity as soon as possible. We need their support; we cannot leave them susceptible to the enemy’s whims."

    He lowered his head marginally. "Speaking of which, I have learned that the Imperial Remnant, at the behest of Moff Sarreti, has voted to retain their membership with the Republic. While detrimental to us in the short term, I don’t consider it a total loss. A portion of the Moff Council is occupied by greedy sycophants, loyal to their own selfish desires. With the right leverage, I’m confident that I can persuade them to see reason. Sarreti will not always possess the power to influence the opinions of his compatriots. They will learn to rise up and eradicate the rot from among them.

    "That brings me to our military campaigns. The offensive above Nubia is currently underway, but I have also received reports from Naboo that the local authorities have managed to seize our Skytroopers around Theed."
    He leaned back, his gaze shifting briefly to regard Bernael and the Saarai-Kaar. Of course, he was more than willing to yield to their expertise on all matters pertaining to the armed forces.

    "Can we commit more resources to recapture the capital before they can restore the HoloNet relays in the sector?" Aryan asked with a raised brow. "Perhaps reposition the GEMINI units in the vicinity to accomplish that task?"

    Bernael sensed his brother’s amusement through their bond and his permeated it as well. He could sense the drift of the Council’s thoughts, as a group as well as individually as it came to their beliefs of the two Emperors and it amused him deeply to be considered the ‘muscle’. He was to a deep degree, but that the Council didn’t understand the depth of that was the amusing element. And then he felt not amusement but a rising anger beside him.

    His head turned slightly and he could almost see the incandescent anger that was beginning to rise in the Saarai-Kaar. His mind touched hers, Marana, allow them to believe what they will, their underestimation will serve us well, and, should that time come, allow us to learn and know which of them is closest to betraying us. Save this anger until that day.’ he sent her.

    ”Nubia will be pacified soon enough. Their forces are of no match for the Bakuran contingent that was sent, not to mention the pair of Eternal cruisers that are at the system edge, should they be needed.”
    he began his response to the military news with the immediate news.

    As he moved on with military responses, he opened the holodisplay on the conference table, the Naboo system filling the display. A smile touched his face, behind the mask. ”Making a move on the ground without capturing the ‘true’ high ground, the orbitals, was a mistake. Here we have several options. There are Eternal cruisers in the system already, which have pinpoint locations on all concentrations of treasonous forces larger than 50 personnel. Option one, precision orbital strikes on each of those positions. Technically this would be the cleanest overall. It would destroy those rebel forces and the buildings they occupy.”

    “Option two, each cruiser carries four battalions of Skytroopers loaded in their dropships, at a minimum two battalions of spider droid Troopers, as well as twenty squadrons of droid fighters, that many as they’re half the size of a fighter that needs a pilot. Which, should one cruiser decant it’s entire complement of those units, is 4000 Skytroopers, 2000 spider droids, and 480 fighters. That would be enough to take all of Naboo. However, we would divide the forces between two or three of the cruisers that are present, and a smaller deployment.”

    To these politicians, perhaps, but certainly to those with military experience, the smile that was visible from the crinkle of his eyes would be known to be predatory, ”After all, we desire that the populace recognize that we will react swiftly and powerfully to such acts, but not against the entire populace, only that portion that is supporting or taking part in such treasonous actions.”

    He glanced over at Graul, ”I have my thoughts on the matter but I would hear our Council debate the merits of both options before I speak further upon it.” It would be telling to hear the differences in how those of a more militaristic background responded compared to the lifelong politicians.

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    IC Renn, Vhardia, Leia, Madelyn
    [/i]New Alderaan[/i]

    Renn smiled at the enthusiasm of the young Padawan when the three of them were reunited. Leia had done very well with facing the tuk’ata as well as when she aided him with Ship and he was proud of her progress. He was also very pleased to see Vhardia alive and well after the sensation he’d have of extreme darkness that she’d been facing.

    They had only a few moments to talk to each other about their experiences before the little round droid rolled up, announcing that he’d made a connection with someone. He didn’t fully know who it was but with the way BB-8 was making noise it was someone important. He looked at the other two, ”He had made contact with someone, Leia, Vhardia, do you know a Madelyn Linnett?”

    Leia grinned at Master Renn in response. "Yeah. That's my mom! Can I talk to her?" She looked happier and excited at the prospect of being able to speak with her.

    Vhardia choked.

    "Your Mum is calling us?! She's the Chancellor!"

    She jumped down from the rock that she'd perched on and tried to scrub off some of the gore from her sleeves with her wrist.

    "Here, come here."

    She leapt over to Leia and started cleaning her face vigorously with her sleeve.

    "What? Hey stop it." Leia protested. She tried to get away from Master Vhardia. "My mother is Mand'alor." She argued. "You can relax. She's not that formal."

    Renn chuckled at Vhardia’s reaction, she was much like a mom getting her kid ready to meet someone of high importance. And Leia’s protests fell on almost deaf ears as Vhardia tried to clean her ward but the revelation that Leia was the daughter of the Mand’alor was interesting, and explained how her fighting skills were already above what he’d expect from one so young.

    He turned back to BB-8, a smile on his face, ”I think now would be the perfect opportunity to make the call, little droid. Let this Madelyn see just how much Leia’s Master fusses over her, will be good for them all.”

    BB-8 tweetled a chuckle, and connected Leia to her mother.

    He made a noise of greeting, though he'd not really interacted with Madelyn.

    Madelyn smiled nervously as she appeared on the holocall and greeted her daughter. "Hello little droid." She greeted and then asked, "Leia? I hardly recognize you." She teased, and smiled warmly. She glanced at Renn and Vhardia. "I suppose you are the ones taking care of my daughter?"

    "Mother!" Leia looked elated. She tried to push Master Vhardia away. "I told Master Vhardia you weren't formal and she keeps trying to make me look presentable."

    Madelyn looked amused, "Does she? I doubt you're making that easy."

    Renn nodded respectfully to Madelyn, ”Knight Vhardia is her Master but I am also doing what I can to assist. She has impressed me with her poise and ability so far.” He was unsure how much Leia wanted her mother to know of the recent events so he didn’t add detail.

    And then he chuckled at the byplay, the love that could be felt between the two of them. He could tell that mother and daughter cared about each other deeply.

    Vhardia looked slightly embarrassed.

    "I'm doing my best, but she doesn't need much taking care of." It was true, at least from Vhardia's experience, and possibly a function of Leia's Mandalorian background. Her face became more serious as she contemplated, again, something that she'd been toying with in her mind over the past few hours, since Abeloth's attack.

    "I can't pretend that the political landscape of the galaxy makes things difficult for us." She sighed. "I hadn't yet discussed this with my colleague-" here she indicated at Renn- "but we may have to go into hiding. Although the newly proclaimed 'empire' currently appears to be at a stalemate with the Republic, there are dark forces at play behind the scenes. If we are indeed the last of the jedi..." she paused, searching for the right words, "If we are the last jedi, if our location was public knowledge, there would be those who would think nothing of tying up a loose end."

    BB-8 blatted at Vhardia that he could not guarantee this call was 100% secure, and if a ‘Hidden Temple’ was proposed he would recommend they speak in person.

    The droid tweetled at Madelyn and Leia that it would be good to reunite the family, and then glanced at Renn as if to seek permission and agreement.

    Renn’s eyes unfocused for a moment, as he stretched his awareness as far across the galaxy as he could. Darkness rose and fell in waves, each successive wave mounting higher. The lights of the galaxy seemed dim in comparison and the strongest that felt left were here, the three of them. As his eyes came back into focus he sighed.

    He glanced at Vhardia then smiled down at the droid, ”Set it up little droid. We can discuss things in person, what needs to be done.” He looked down at Leia, a smile crossing his face, ”And then we can get this little one fully prepared for what’s to come.”

    Madelyn nodded and looked like she approved. "Yes, Leia has always been quite independent." She explained, and smiled warmly at her daughter. "Jedi should never have to hide, but I have been invited to a wedding. I would very much like it if Leia was there with me. If you chose to remain secluded for now, at least let me have my daughter for a few days." She pointed out, "It's been a long time since we have seen each other, and there are many changes happening to our family."

    Vhardia considered this.

    It wasn't the jedi way, meeting up with family, but it wasn't like there was anyone to stop them. Plus it would be good to forget the wider troubles of the galaxy, if only for a short while.

    "We'll make our way there." She decided, aloud.

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    Tor and Ka'rta

    Tor excused herself stopping for just a moment to put a hand on her father's chest. She was assured that he would get the best care, that was good despite everything she still cared about her father. He was always there, always calm, a good counter balance to her mother's fury and bombast. But, it was time for her to call the parent she clearly took after, the one she looked up to and wanted the approval of.

    She marched up the ramp into the Slave I looking for some privacy. The channel was ready all she had to do was start the call. There was a little fear, she had stayed behind, she'd gotten involved in an outsiders' war. And more likely than not, her mother was leading the recovery. A position of power that would grate on the veteran's nerves.

    "What," Her mother's gruff voice cut over the channel.

    "Oh um...hey buir, it's Tor." the young mandalorian looked down her hands shaking a bit.

    "Oh good you're alive." The acting Manda'lor gave a terse reply.

    "Yeah, I'm still alive." Tor shot back. "Saved Coursant...what's left of it."

    "Uh huh, good for you. When are you coming home?"

    "Busy, at a wedding for the Chancellor."

    "What are you doing there?"

    "Someone has to represent our clan, you know, now that we're Manda'lor."

    "We're not Manda'lor, I'm just keeping things in order until Madelyn returns."

    "That'll change…" Tor muttered off to the side.

    "What was that?"

    "Nothing buir."

    "How's your buir?"

    "He got banged up but he's alive."

    "He's a survivor. Just like Owen." Her voice was cold like she was just reading off a script saying what she had to, the things that need to be said to keep the conversation going.

    "Glad you care so much…" Tor said tapping her finger on the arm of the chair.

    "I'm just very busy, adi'ka." Ka'rta explained, "Keeping the clans in line, it is taking a toll." The weary leader let out a long breath. "You've done well, you've proven yourself. You're not done training yet, but you've taken a big step."

    A slight smile came to her face, it was faint back handed praise but, it was something. It was all Tor needed.That her mother finally noticed that she was ready for this, that she was capable.

    "I'm proud of you Tor…"

    "I love you too…" Tor said without thinking about it, though she instantly felt embarrassed.

    Ka'rta said nothing, slightly taken aback by the sudden affirmation.

    "Well, come home safe, there is much to do…"

    "Um...Yes buir."

    Tor ended the call and wandered out of the ship overwhelmed with emotions, and not sure what to do with them.

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    IC: Isolder
    Wedding Build-Up

    He exchanged some words with Lumpy and Xaverri, and generally agreed to them coming to the wedding, because, well, they were here.

    Isolder had already decided that he was inviting Madelyn, Tor, Mirdala, but shortly after Madelyn finished her conversation, Tycho confirmed that another ship had arrived from Yavin 4 - which meant Renn, Vhardia and Leia. The three of them had the short trip to get ready, as much as Madelyn and Tor had a short time to... well, the Hapan Prince didn't know.

    Shine their armour?

    He smirked slightly, folding his arms.


    Han and baby Ben returned from their chat with Feyna, and he nodded, heading to the chapel.

    He sketched a salute at the cockpit of the landing ship from Yavin 4, but didn't stay to see them come down the ramp.

    Tycho was there in uniform best, white with a red trim, and looking fairly dashing at that.



    Winter had taken the chance while Feyna was with Han and Ben to change, and seemingly had complimented Tycho, who looked a bit flustered.


    Clearl, she had complimented him and he'd not been sure what to say. Isolder smiled, clearly seeing that the two Alderaanians were hitting it off.

    Tycho watched Winter go, and then seemed to realise Isolder was watching him, and smiled sheepishly in response to Isolders grin.

    The pilot took a position at the door of the chapel as Isolder headed to the front of the church, nodding his head at the clergyman who intended to officiate. Tycho would offer the obligatory groom or bride's side enquiry to each of them as they entered, be it Renn, Vhardia, Madelyn, Leia, Tor, Han, Xaverri or Lumpy.

    It was a considerably larger ceremony than they had planned... but that made it more special for him.

    They had eloped, and those who were here were who should have been here all along.

    Well, he thought, imagining the absence of those who had repeatedly earned their trust and affection, or had been lost during the war.

    Bail, Breha, Padme, Leia... even Luke, before he was Darth Zorn... even Isolder's late brother.

    He looked at them all, at all they had lost.

    Xaverri had lost a husband, and children, to the Empire.

    Han, his partner, Chewbacca; Lumpy, a father.

    It was a sobering thought, but today was a day for many things.

    Winter swept into Feyna's room, having taken the moment away to change into Alderaanian whites, but in a subtle manner, so as to not outshine Feyna - not that anyone could, in her eyes. "How's it going?" She asked.

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    IC: Admiral Kalback

    Aboard the Justice, Rapid Response Task Force, Nubia

    The task force launched from Corellia the moment they heard the Imperial First Fleet had set out from Remnant space. As much as Kalback didn't trust the Imperials, not really, the Mon Calamari couldn't allow Nubia to fall. Not today, not ever. He'd fought long and hard and lost far too many friends and pod-mates at the Battle of Exegol to allow a turncoat Senator and his buddies ruin everythijng they had died for.

    The Justice and Remember Alderaan were the two Mon Calamari Star Cruisers at the heart of the so-called Rapid Response Task Force, which was essentially all that remained of the New Republic Third Fleet. Secondary to it was the kilometer long Bulwark I-class battlecruiser, an old Separatist design that the Techno Union had manufactured - a brute of a ship that could stand up to a Victory-class and win. Rounding it out were two Acclamator-class assault ships, which doubled as carriers with a frigate-worth of firepower, three modified Corellian freight-liners which were basically light cruisers, and five Corellian CC-7700 Interdictors, which doubled as anti-starfighter weapons. The 23rd Combat Wing emerged from lightspeed above the eliptic, diving down upon the Bakuran Star Destroyers even as they turned to meet the new arrivals.

    Dotted across the hulls of the Remember Alderaan, a supremely modern MC90 that could defend against any combination of two Bakura-class Star Destroyers, were several Jadthu-class landers with 18,000 New Republic marines spoiling for a fight. Beneath the Remember Alderaan's formidable shields, they were the safest they could be in the battle -

    The Golan battlestation shifted to offence as Admiral Ossilege turned the ships, his light cruiser flagship rounding the planet. The Golan opening fire exposed it to Ossilege, and turbolaser fire dug deep, causing the platform to erupt into flames, and tip towards the surface - towards the shields. Nubia would have the choice to risk the planetary dome shattering at the impact, or lowering them for long enough for it to cross the gap and then risk a catastrophe when it hit the surface... though with dozens of freighters holding under the shields, perhaps they could tow it into the ocean...

    But that was all quite moot.

    When Del and Nola were now caught in the middle of it all, as the New Republic E-wings pounced on the Bakuran vessels.

    Even though the Golan was down, the forces of Aryan Graul's adopted homeworld were outmatched - severely -

    Del whooped as a Bakura-class Star Destroyer exploded - the Watchkeeper was gone, and then winced as the rubble erupted across their flight-path -

    "We can't stay here, Nola!"

    TAG: @JediMasterAnne (combo)

    Bakura, briefing

    Of course, the news of the loss and the New Republic counter assault from nearby Corellia interrupted the discussion between Aryan, Bernael, Gaeriel, Jalynn, the Saarai-Kaar and the others. The contact from the Southern Core Worlds went silent, clearly in consideration of what was being called the Battle of Nubia. The Bothans and Hutts would not confirm what diplomats they were sending; Thyferra redoubled it's alert level; the Tapani Lords shut their sector borders, citing internal difficulties.

    The reports from Naboo suddenly cut-out too - their GEMINI resources had been cut, and the HoloNet node was under the control of the Naboo. The entire Chommel Sector was now a gaping hole in the Eternal Empire, and a brilliant jumping off point deep into their new territory.

    It was beyond Jalynn, but Gaeriel knew it was bad.

    The Saarai-Kaar's eyes flittered across the updates to the galactic map hovering over the collected Senators, Moffs and Emperors, and she squeezed her hand, choking the messenger in her anger.

    The Cabinet remained silent for a moment.

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    IC: Beaumont Kin

    Kesh, travelling

    It didn't take too long for a cart and livestock animal - a muntok, a native riding beast. Orielle saddled it up, and looked at Qwi. "Can you ride this?"

    She indicated Beaumont, who was laying down, mostly under a blanket. He responded, helpfully. "I can ride anything."

    Orielle shook her head. "Not like that, you can't. Qwi will have to."

    The woman regarded her. "Do you think I could, maybe, use something red to make your skin look a bit more purple? I reckon you could pass as an albino Keshiri... but you're a bit... um..."

    "Feathery," Beaumont said, his eyes lidded - he was not entirely cognizant of what he was saying, after all.

    "Yeah, that."

    There was a beating of wings, and Orielle looked up. A flight of uvak had just left the mountain Temple. She knelt on the floor, head bowed. "Qwi, come on!" She could only hope that Beaumont wouldn't be visible under the blanket. She hissed. "It's the Circle of Lords!"

    Indeed, twenty-one Uvak, led by Grand Lord Darish Vol.

    They were heading towards Tahv, but slaves were not to look upon the Lords.

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    IC: Da'Gara, alias "Udelen"

    Mandalore, homestead

    After Tor was finished, there was one last person seeking an audience with Ka'rta.

    He could be described as a non-descript human, and he had asked to meet the reigning Mandalore. His name was Udelen, and all one could say about him was that he gave out work to the Mandalorians, including the assassination of ex-Imperials, politicians with little evident goal, and even occasional corporate espionage.

    His words were fairly vague in his request.

    I would speak to the true ruler of Mandalore; the Hand of Clans. I have a proposition for you.

    If one had met with Udelen before, they would realise he was a bit taller and slimmer than he had been beforehand, but indeed the face remained the same. That was because the individual wearing this face had changed, because, well, ooglith masquers only had so many variations.

    So this is a tapcaf. This is where I pretend to be an infidel and speak reasonably to abominations, thought Udelen, or, rather, Prefect Da'Gara, who had been sent to Mandalore to replace the late Nom Anor in their 'interactions' with the warriors of the galaxy.

    Or so Vergere had said, before she was sent back to this galaxy to help cultivate Jedaii for their coming invasion.

    Da'Gara knew that Nom Anor and Vergere were dead; the former at the hands of the infidel Chancellor and Prince on Hesperidium, and the latter to Darth Zorn himself, seemingly having refused the Supreme Overlord's offer of an alliance... if the treacherous Fosh had ever given that message.

    Personally, Da'Gara imagined Vergere had her own plans, but she was dead now so it was fairly moot.

    He wondered if Ka'rta would agree to meet him for a drink in the Oyu'baat.

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    IC: Senator Nola and Del Deidder

    Battle, arriving at Nubia

    "It's still either back to Corellia, or dodging this until the shields open," Nola remarked, swiftly tilting the ship around some debris.

    Del nodded. "I think we need to get back to Corellia. But I don't want to abandon Nubia either." The Golan wreckage sagged and was on the cusp of hitting the shields. The New Republic was too busy chewing apart the Bakurans, so they wouldn't reach it in time. Nubia dropped it's shields to allow the debris to fall down, and a flock of freighters began to try and tractor it into stable orbit.

    "That's our chance," Del said, pointing. "In, or out?"

    Nola took their ship into a dive. "Can we still raise Captain Bulba? Or Shield Control? We don't want them closing up before we get in."

    Del tapped a channel. "Captain Bulba, can you here me?"

    "We're kinda a bit busy not dying here, Senator!"

    He twisted a control. "Shield Control, the Senator is coming in, transmitting her ID."

    A garrulous voice sounded out. "You have 1 minute, Senator."

    The channel cut. Del looked at Nola, alarmed.

    Nola's expression was similarly concerned, but it shifted to a well-here-we-go look as she accelerated the ship toward the opened shield, dodging wreckage along the way.

    The shield slammed shut behind them, but not before a Bakuran X-wing made it through -

    "On your six!" Bakuran Control shouted.

    A flight of TIE Strikers darted up, firing even before they were out of the way -

    Nola quickly rolled them to the side to avoid the crossfire, banking around as well, trying to get behind the enemy fighter--

    The TIE Strikers pursued the Bakuran interloper, driving it off, and the freighters managed to stabilise the Golan so its orbit wouldn’t crash into the surface.

    “Senator Deidder, I have a request from the Ruling Council that you attend the capital hall as soon as possible.”

    Nola glanced to Del, then opened the channel to respond. "Tell them I'm en route."

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    IC: Chancellor Feyna Organa and Winter
    New Alderaan

    Feyna had finally sifted Padme's wedding dress out of the racks; she still felt a little weird about wearing it, but nothing else here would suit.

    She couldn't wear her hair up with the veil, so she was taking out her long braids when Winter came back in. "Getting there," she replied. "Have the others all arrived?"

    Winter smiled at Feyna. "It suits you, incredibly so. Padme - and Leia - would be so proud." Her eyes watered a little, and she shrugged aside a tear, standing to occasion.

    "Yes, they're all here. Han, Ben, Xaverri and Lumpawaroo arrived aboard the Falcon, and Madelyn, Tor and Mirdala arrived with the Slave I." Her eyes flickered. "Not too sure how they ended up with Boba Fett's ship, but there you go." Winter smiled wryly. "Mirdala is with the medics, though he's completely stable. He told me to make sure nobody waits for him." A slight shrug. "Madelyn called Leia and her Jedi Master here, so she is here with Vhardia and also Renn, that Neti that resurfaced. Apparently there was some trouble on Yavin 4, but nothing they couldn't handle."

    With Tycho and Isolder, that was almost everyone relevant to them outside of the Hapan Royal Family and the gaggle of officials and the press that none of them would have wanted here anyway.

    "And our ships arrived at Nubia and are presently savaging the Bakuran fleet." Winter knew Feyna would ask, anyway.

    "Good," Feyna nodded, combing out her curls. Her brows furrowed slightly. "Is it silly, for me to be more nervous about something happening on the other side of the galaxy, than about my own wedding?"

    Maybe she didn't need the answer to that--if you have to ask... "Anything on Nola and Del?

    "And what about the BB droid, with the plans for Thrawn's weapon?"

    Winter smiled warmly. "Not at all, you're the Chancellor, after all. You care... but I don't see anything to be nervous about with Isolder. Especially not after all these years." She hugged Feyna, but withdrew with a pout on.

    "Nola and Del filed a flight path to Nubia. We've not managed to track them so far, so I can only hope they arrived in-system and bugged out straight away..." Winter furrowed her brow. "BB-8 gave us data on what Thrawn is calling Starkiller Base. He's turned the entire planet of Ilum into a mobile battle platform, with some kind of hyperspace weapon. It's much larger than the Death Star, and by definition much more dangerous. But he can't complete it - the science is beyond him. BB-8 found evidence Thrawn can't finish it without Qwi Xux, as she helped with the energy management aboard the old Imperial projects. Her and Galen Erso, that is."

    "So it's a very intimidating and expensive attack vehicle, at present, but that isn't what Thrawn wants, apparently, to stop the Yuuzhan Vong." Which of course was worrisome in it's own right.

    Feyna frowned, as she went to pick up Padme's veil, and making sure the key for the music box was in a safe spot--of course, the wedding dress did not have pockets.

    "I thought the Yuuzhan Vong were Thrawn's entire justification for building this thing--"

    She suddenly shook her head. This was starting to sound rather too Amedda-ish, and she wasn't having it today. "Whatever it is, it can wait another day or two, I'm sure. We have the plans, and neither side knows where Qwi Xux is right now." Hopefully Xux would stay hidden.

    "And we've done all we can about Nubia right now; we'll eventually hear something about Nola and Del, one way or another."

    Winter smiled. "Exactly. It can wait, and we've done all we can." She held Feyna's hand. "You've done all you can, Feyna."

    She hugged her.

    "Ready to head to the chapel?"

    Feyna adjusted the veil. "Just about, I think."

    She didn't quite pull away from her friend's hug. "Han offered to walk me down the aisle, but I suggested that perhaps you and he could share the privilege?"

    Winter smiled. “We’ll see.” Her expression grew serious. “Any last minute jitters we need to cover? I can have you off-world in ten minutes if you need it.”

    Her tone was in-jest, of course. She held out her hand to lead Feyna to the chapel (or not).

    Feyna raised a brow at "We'll see," wondering what Winter might have up her sleeve, but shook her head when asked about jitters. Oddly, she was more sure of this, than perhaps any other decision of the past few days.

    "No, let's go."

    The wedding could now begin.

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    IC: Han Solo
    Location: New Alderaan

    As Han returned from his chat with Feyna which had gone better than he had thought he had handed back Ben to Xav so he could go and freshen up. After all, he needed to look his best for Feyna to lead her down the aisle.

    Well if she wanted him to anyway.

    He looked at Xav and Lumpy “Well Feyna has taken to Ben and vice versa I think. I think those two will get along well” he smiled “I think she’s alright with being an aunt bit but we’ll see. This kid needs a stable family around him and Feyna will definitely want to be a part of it, even whilst she’s Chancellorin’”

    “Now, shall we freshen up? Might need to look and smell a bit better than we are now. It is a weddin’ after all…”

    Han spotted another ship coming in, it looked like more people had been invited. But his main priority now was to get ready.

    He and Feyna were getting along better now. Everything was still not back to normal yet but it wasn't surprising given that there was fourteen years of animosity to overcome. But they had made a start and baby Ben had gone down a storm and hopefully would improve the road to friendship a bit more.

    After spending some time in the fresher on board the Falcon Han redressed himself in a new shirt, vest, trousers with the Corellian Bloodstripe on proud display and gave his boots a clean and polish. His holster with his trusty DL44 was strapped on last. He may have to remove it before entering the chapel but to be honest he would rather have a weapon with him should anything go wrong than anything go wrong and he had no weapon.

    He did wish Chewie were here though. He would have loved baby Ben like Lumpy would do and would have taken on the Sith head on. But Lumpy would be a good enough partner and Uncle and he had shown how well he worked with Han. Maybe one day he could partner Ben if of course the boy wanted to.

    Hope you are watchin’ pal. You’d want to head straight into battle like your son did. He’s doin’ you proud.

    He headed back out to head to the chapel. Of course he would si on the bride’s side if asked but he had a more important job to do.

    To give a Princess away to a Prince.

    Fairytale endin’ eh?

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    IC: Vhardia
    Approaching New Alderaan

    The ship that they commandeered from Yavin four is slightly larger than the Otana and so Vhardia finds that she sees little of Renn or Leia in the short trip to New Alderran, which suits her well. Leia is occupying herself with the excitement of attending a wedding and Renn... whatever he is doing, it doesn’t appear to involve her, for which she is grateful.

    She does not meditate.

    The moment in which she'd reached out and, gripped with fear, when she'd touched the dark side of the force, as her last resort against Abeloth, is still seared on her mind. That, faced with her own demise, she had resorted to the dark side of the force to preserve her life, without a second thought....
    It feels dirty, like a stain on her soul which no amount of washing can remove. If she meditates, she will be forced to confront and deal with it. And she is deeply afraid of what she might find if she does.

    So she avoids it, and avoids being alone with Renn too, fearing that he will somehow sense what she has done and think less of her for it. If there is one thing she can’t bear the thought of, it is losing his good opinion.

    Instead, she busies her head with thoughts of the upcoming wedding.

    She has never been to a wedding. Jedi are forbidden to form attachments and though a member of the order might have been asked to make up part of a security detail for a politician in the past, or invited to the ceremony of a friend, such things are a rare occurrence in the semi-nomadic life of those called to follow where the living force leads.

    She has read about weddings though, in books. They are supposed to be happy, joyous occasions, with friends and family and food. They happen at the end of a story, when everything is made right and evil has been vanquished. It seems strange to have one now, when there is still so much darkness.

    The only clothes she has are her robes, so she irons them as best she can, to make sure she looks presentable, among people who are likely to be dressed in far more beautiful things.

    She is representing the Jedi, or what is left of them. In the space of a few days, she has gone from a knight, finishing her first solo mission, to the most senior member of the Order. The weight of the brown outer cloak, that she doesn’t usually bother wearing, feels heavy on her shoulders.

    The face of a woman that she doesn’t recognise looks back at her from the mirror in the fresher. Sadness sits upon the figure’s brow; a deep pain fogs up her chest, making every breath a battle for control with a cloud of grief that threatens to envelop her in sobs.

    She watches her win.

    The time for tears will be later.
    When the bride walks down the aisle, she will stand at the back and, hidden behind the hood of her robe, will cry, silently. She will cry for the beauty of the moment, for the happiness of the bride and groom, for the vows that they dedicate to each other.

    She will grieve the broken galaxy and for those that should be there instead of her.

    And most of all, she will mourn that which she lost fourteen years ago with vows of her own, when she sold her own happiness to the service of the light side of the force.

    When Leia asks her why she is crying, she will smile and say that she always cries at weddings.

    She reaches deep into herself now and finds a smile stuffed down in the bottom of one of her boots. It is arranged carefully on her face as she wins again with steady breaths.

    When she flings the door to her berth open in a minute’s time, she’ll laugh at Leia’s attempts at arranging her hair. As they come to land on Alderaan, she will gently brush out the blonde curls, singing a rhyme that she learnt in the nurseries of the temple of the light side of the force as she plaits the strands and weaves in the little flowers they picked together on the moon of Yavin.

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    IC Renn
    Enroute to New Alderaan

    Renn, Vhardia, and Leia had boarded the ship and once the course had been set had gone their separate way, as much as was possible on a ship. In a way it was good as it allowed each to have time alone with their thoughts and prepare to face those that they would soon face.

    He’d worried about Vhardia when they’d boarded, she seemed to truly be avoiding him and he wondered why. Wondered what he had done to make her do so. His first order of business once they were in hyper was to rig some solar lamps to feed him as he thought. And then he sat, crosslegged on the deck of his room, under the lights, and ran through all of his actions to see where he could have done something to upset her. He couldn’t recall anything and that bothered him more. He resolved to talk to her once they had an opportunity.

    Once he’d done so, he reached out, trying once again to sense what other lights may be flickering in the galaxy. To his despair they were few and far between, most that seemed to still exist also seemed to be trying to mask their presence. Given what he was now they could not, from him, but he respected their need to protect themselves and did not reveal himself to them.

    That task brought about other thoughts, how and why he was now awake and bearer of the Light, he’d not always lived in the Light and he didn’t understand why the Light had chosen him. The thoughts stirred his other half as he now thought of it. It’s energies rose and wrapped him in it’s embrace, a mindscape forming, the surface of Anoat where it had found him. Standing before him was a flickering brightly white form, similar in shape to what he normally wore as his form.

    Child, I know you have questions, have doubts. But I chose you for a reason, beyond that which I told you when I found you.

    Renn smiled at the being, unsure what it meant but wanting to understand. ”Please tell me.”

    I will show you, Child.

    The mists of Anoat faded and in their place came a vision, he felt as though he was floating in space. What he saw before him was odd. There was not one but two of his ‘Twin’ there. They both were still for but a moment before they blurred and began fighting. The fight lasted but a couple moments, it seemed, before the ‘battle’ shifted to what he realized was another mindscape.

    Before he could utter a word, You can sense it, can you not, Child? One is your ‘Twin’ as you call him. The other is him but from another timeline, one where Light and Dark never split, where he is the Child of Balance. That one, he is why I chose you. In that timeline you and he are companions, friends, brothers in blood. In this you two never met before the Maw but some flicker of the multiverse Renn and he exists and that may be the only thing that can stop your ‘Twin’ here.

    The vision faded back to Anoat and they were standing once more on the misty surface, ”So, I have to try to reach this ‘Twin’ of mine, when we meet again, reach that part that knows, to end this?”

    Yes Child, I have faith.

    With that the vision began to fade and Renn opened his eyes to the room. The vision had caused even more questions than answers but if the Light said it was a chance then it was one that would be worth taking.

    But, for now, he had to prepare, to face a gathering of people unknown, untrusted, to him. Many who would probably want something from him when they learned of what he was, if they even believed it. Better that not many do, yet.

    He stood, glancing at the mirror provided. There was not much he could do to disguise who he was, besides adding a touch of color to his bark to mimic robes. Concentrating slightly his outer surface became smoother, appearing almost clothlike, a deep brown, flowing down and around his feet. His ‘belt’ remained where it was, no need for excess transformation, but he did keep his sabers where they all were, attached to it. High ranking people may be there but no one was taking his blades from him.

    Satisfied, he doused the solar lights, walking to the door. Exiting his quarters he made his way to the bridge to wait for Vhardia and Leia to join him, as they arrived to land. A party was to come and he truly hoped they would get to enjoy it.

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    Oddly Tor was calm, though a little confused. She'd never really been at a wedding before and from what she knew of her parents' they didn't really have a big to do. The way they tell it, they gave their vows in her nursery. The one thing she did know was how to act at official functions. Her mother had dragged her to enough that she knew the protocol. If she could follow it that was another thing. She hated standing still and doing small talk. And it felt like this was going to take all of her patience to get through. Yes patience, one the hallmarks of her Clan, along with unstoppable rage and an overabundance of weaponry. She looked at herself in the mirror provided to her.

    The armor was Mandalorian inspired, though made out of durasteel than beskar. It was lighter and easier to move in though not as protective. She had the battered helmet hooked to the belt it was just as grey and non-descript as the rest of her armor. You couldn't really see much under her pancho but the greaves and bracers were visible in a blank steel grey. There was no character, no markings that made it hers.

    But it was a start, or, a transition, a blank canvas. Much like her. She was a mandalorian now, Vode to her clan. This was her start, her beginning. Her armor was shiny and new, and so was she. Her future was blank and just waiting for her to make her mark.

    On a tray there was some makeup she assumed for someone that might care about dolling up. She didn't. But among the foundations, concealers and blushes she found somethings that could work. Notably some lipstick and mascara. Pulling off her pancho, she turned her right shoulder to the mirror popping open the mascara she made one line and started curved then straightened. A second line started at the beginning of the first that followed it. A third line crossed the ends of the previous two. One final line going down from the middle of the crossing line gave the image a vague sword shape, very vague. Grabbing a tube of pink lipstick she made an attempt to make three stars in a triangle above the sword though it came out more of a mess.

    But it was done, her clan emblem, the clan of Dar Solus, her mother, her father, her grandparents, they all wore this mark. And now she would too.

    It was her start, her beginning. Stepping out, without the poncho, the light glinted off her armor, it's blank nature drawing attention to the crude clan mark but, the young warrior didn't care. It was her mark, her clan, and she would wear it with pride. She was part of the family now.

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    IC: Qwi Xux, Beaumont Kin, Orielle
    Location: Kesh

    It was nearly time to leave.

    Beaumont was tucked in under a blanket, it was the only thing they could do with him. Hopefully she and Beaumont would not run into trouble whilst travelling but Qwi doubted it.

    Not with all that had happened so far.

    Of course she had never ridden a beast. She had been surrounded by technology since she had been taken by Tarkin. Perhaps she could add this to her skills list along with climbing.

    Of course Beaumont tried to take the lead and made a comment that she was feathery. It seemed he wanted to do something and was forgetting he had been mentally and physically beaten.

    It was up to Qwi to take care of things now. Get them to the boat and safety.

    Orielle alerted them to the Sith arriving overhead before Qwi could reply, she pulled up the hood of her cloak, knelt down and tucked her hands underneath her armpits. To Beaumont she simply sent to him cover yourself, stay quiet.

    Inwardly she tried to remain calm. These Sith killed her lover, it was only through sheer luck that Orielle had found Beaumont and brought him back to life.

    Qwi kept her head down.

    The Uvaks circled for a moment, and then departed, heading off.

    Orielle released a breath, but then realised where one of the Uvak was heading as it broke away from the other twenty. "That's where we're going," she said, pointing. "That way, anyway." Her voice was small, and worried.

    "Do we press on? I can try and make a distraction, so you can get aboard the boat...?"

    She didn't resonate with confidence, but she did at least have grit. Orielle clearly considered them key to saving Kesh from the Lost Tribe of the Sith.

    Qwi had not realised that Orielle had decided to come with them both. Maybe she thought it would be better for her to stay behind in case the Sith noticed she was missing.

    But maybe she thought Qwi and Beaumont needed help in getting there, after all she had pinned her hopes on them both doing something.

    No pressure then…

    Qwi stood back up"To answer your previous questions it perhaps would have been a good idea to paint me purple but maybe time is now against us, maybe we can still do it".

    "I also have never ridden anything before but I guess now is a good start".

    Of course Orielle might not be able to see her face under the cloak but she did look concerned "You know what could happen if you do distract them, you could get yourself captured or killed. And they could find out about the Resistance".

    "The other option is we get there and they are waiting for us...and could end up the same way".

    She sighed "Neither way is good but a distraction perhaps could keep the attention away from us for enough time to get there".

    "I've decided it's too important to not come," Orielle said. "I have to support you."

    She nodded, and glanced at Beaumont, who was unconscious. "That and you'll need help. He's very weak, Qwi. I know his mind has repaired somewhat - somehow, but that's love for you, I guess, but he should probably be dead from his wounds. I can't emphasise how terrifying the Circle can be. I've seen Resistance fighters torn apart limb-from-limb before crowds... seen entire villages reduced to screaming masses... seen a Lord kill an entire mob with a flick of his wrist..."

    Orielle shuddered.

    Qwi nodded, she supposed Orielle was right.

    "I know he is weak, I know he should be dead by now and I do appreciate the help."

    " I suppose I can't care for him on my own. But he is my responsibility. He threw me out of that yacht to save me and I will do my best to do what I can to save him. If the roles were reversed he would do the same for me".

    "He is stronger than you might think. We share a bond in the Force which will only get stronger. Wherever he goes, I go. I love him and he loves me. And nothing will get in the way of that. The Sith will pay for what they did to him".

    She moved towards the beast and after a couple of goes managed to saddle up.

    "Let's do this".

    Orielle showed her the ropes, so to speak, but Qwi was a quick study. They passed a variety of travellers on the road, but it was nothing to concern themselves with. If anything, they seemed worried by Qwi’s cloak and stayed away.

    This worked for them of course, but by the time they made it to the port there was an inspection setup. The uvak had been heading off in advance of them... they would see it in the stalls at the edge of the shanti-town.

    There were a pair of Keshiri soldiers, armed with spears and reviewing each and every traveller. No lightsabers were evident, which suggested these weren’t Force users, but everyone was Sith so the threat remained...

    Orielle leaned over to Qwi and whispered. “They might be Resistance agents... we should try to pass without causing a scene, unless you want me to go for a distraction right now?”

    Qwi was thankful that so far, things had gone well. Perhaps she should have been thankful the cloak frightened people.

    She had taken the gloves out of her jumpsuit, along with the contact lens it was all she had left. She kept an eye on Beaumont through the bond, he had kept quiet throughout. He was probably resting but she wanted him to know she was there.

    The Sith had made it here ahead of them which of course was the biggest problem they had to face before getting on the boat. First off though: inspection.

    Qwi shook her head "Too dangerous for a distraction here, they might not be Resistance agents and could alert the Sith. Our problem is trying to get through without them spotting Beaumont".

    She thought for a moment "I could try and persuade them through the Force or try and project maybe a vision of cargo where Beaumont is. I know this cloak protects me from the Force, i'm not sure whether I can use it but it could be worth a go. The Sith hopefully might not sense me".

    "Of course the other option is I act as your servant as normal and we hope that the cargo is not inspected and they are Resistance agents" she took a deep breath as they approached the two Keshiri "otherwise if not, maybe yes distraction time".

    Orielle wasn't sure.

    "Alright..." She nodded slowly. "I don't think I recognize them but it's hard to tell under that helmet."

    She looked at Beaumont. "It's your partner we're risking - I'll do whatever you decide, Qwi."

    Orielle might as well have said if something happens to him it's your fault.

    And it would be. Qwi felt a lump forming in her throat. Beaumont if he woke up and found out she had gotten them in trouble...she felt sick.

    "As you say we should pass without making a scene. We act as normal as possible. We have options to use should we detect anything. I suppose we should trust the Force…and hope we get through unscathed".

    Orielle snorted lightly. "The Force runs very dark on Kesh. I'd rather take things into my own hands."

    They were one a way from the front of the queue now, and Orielle focused.

    She held out her hand and an item levitated from her sleeve to someone a few groups behind them, keeping to the ground as it slid across unobtrusively. It snuck up the hem of the cloak of the man, and he patted himself as he realised there was something. The human pulled it out and Orielle watched his eyes widen.

    Orielle flicked a finger.


    A green blade appeared, and Orielle watched pandemonium break out as the guards rushed from their stations, with others still pouring out of a stone-building as the two Keshiri shouted. They waved the crowd into the port, determined to get the Jedi in their midst.

    Orielle grinned. "In we go, as they say!"

    Qwi looked behind...and had to shake her head.

    So much for not creating a scene…

    And an innocent civilian had been targeted and now would face the full brunt of the guards and probably the Sith. Orielle would probably say it was worth it to get them into the port.

    It was a war too she would reason.

    So this is what we are getting into. I thought I had escaped a war, only to be dragged into a new one.

    Qwi simply tapped the beast on the side to move forward. She didn't know what Beaumont would have made of it had he seen it.

    They were through, and the crowd milled around before filtering aboard the ships and boats.

    Orielle pointed. "That's our ship. The Wayfarer." She slipped Qwi some local coinage. "Take this, the Captain will take you to Alanciar, and the Resistance will have someone to meet you there."

    She looked back. Guilt was across her face, but her lips were pursed. She had no choice; they couldn't risk Qwi and Beaumont being discovered.

    Qwi took the coinage slowly getting off the beast and shaking her legs to get some feeling back in them.

    She could detect the guilt coming off Orielle. She felt sorry for the woman. She had sacrificed herself to get them both here. And had to sacrifice a civilian too.

    Qwi stepped towards her "Me and Beaumont are forever grateful for your help, without you...we definitely wouldn't have survived."

    "I don't know if we will be able to do anything, but we will do what we can to help your cause. If it brings down the Sith regime all the better. You and the rest of the people deserve to live in peace not under an iron fist".

    "Please stay safe, maybe perhaps we will meet again someday, I hope so. The light will shine again like your father once hoped. And as the Jedi say: may the Force be with you" Qwi smiled at her.

    "You could do one last thing for me please? We'll need to get Beaumont safely aboard…."

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    The message came in and the head of the table had no time for the vague message, not when there was a full scale rearm and recall of all mandalorians. There was no time for this, no time to take drinks with a random stanger, even if he might be offering contracts. If he wanted a meeting with her he can get on her schedule. Right now, there were other things to worry about, like equipping their fang fighters and getting enough resources together to repair the one Keldabe-class battleship they had at their disposal.

    Her reply was short and sweet.

    Give me a reason to care.

    The reply was fairly swift.

    I could make your sector either very rich, or simply the next target. That’s all I will say by comms.

    Da’Gara hated infidel technology. Now the Senate knew about them, he had a very small window to complete infiltration of the sector before heading back to the armada.

    If he had to bump the Mandalorian Sector up the list of threats, he would.

    Without hesitation.

    He sipped his water under the watchful gaze of the bartender.

    I don't take kindly to threats.

    Ka'rta replied. She might not be sold on the getting rich part but the target did make her concerned. She would have to investigate. Getting up from her desk she moved to her ship next strapping on a bandolier and throwing a disruptor onto her back. The Mand'alor would not come to this meeting empty handed. Putting a few detonators on her belt along with warheads she would be ready to end this threat before it could be come a problem.

    She arrived at the location eyes scanning for her contact...

    The bartender looked at the nondescript man that was in a corner booth as Ka’rta arrived, sipping his water. The man looked up from his drink as he saw her. “Ah, the not-Mandalore.” He didn’t offer her a hand. “I represent interests that have a large-scale territorial acquisition in the works. My colleagues would like to hire Mandalorian expertise of planetary defence networks, training for our irregulars and their specialism in handling Je’daii interference.”

    Da’Gara winced. He couldn’t say the difficult word. ‘Jedi’ was seemingly beyond his translator worms capacities. “It will be immensely lucrative; money is no object for us, and I understand, all that truly matters to your people.”

    He nearly sneered his disdain.

    The warrior nodded her head marching over towards the unassuming man in the corner. She didn't shake his hand choosing to just let it hang there before sitting down. One hand was on a blaster pistol the other was braced on the table. Behind her face plate she furrowed her brow hearing the odd way the man said Jedi. It wasn't any language she could recognize. She'd been around the galaxy enough to know more than a few my ear even if she couldn't speak a word. That word wasn't sparking any memories.

    "A large territorial acquisition huh?" She said not moving an inch, she hadn't missed the slight curl to his lip that quickly disappeared. "Money is nice but planets would be of more use. I'll happily take both, money and systems." Having more planets around Manda'yiam would make a nice buffer between the homeworld and any threats. "I don't have near the firepower to take planets. Not that the Republic would take too kindly to it. I much prefer force in bringing new planets into the Mandalorian Protectorate. If money is no object than about 2 dozen systems around Mandalore should be nothing to you right?" It would be lying to say she was completely serious about this negotiation. She was poking seeing what he was really after, or what he was willing to give up for their assistance. If they wanted territory, she wondered how much they would give up. "Oh these systems would be solely under the purview of myself and the Mandalorian clans of course and your clients would have no presence there. I hope that will be alright."

    Da’Gara kept his hands flat on the table but smiled with his face. “You are more than welcome to double the size of the Mandalorian Sector. Triple it, even. As long as we have your unique expertise, we have no qualms as to what you do to your neighbours.”

    He had a thought. “We’d also be happy to pay a premium to obtain exclusivity rights.” Da’Gara thought that was what the infidels would call the icing on the cake. “Do we have a deal? I can arrange a meeting with my own immediate superior, if so...”

    His smile could not have been more alien if he tried.

    "Well, that is quiet the offer." Something about his smile was putting her off. This deal was too good to be true, it felt like Mimban all over again a good paying job that took a turn for the worst. She'd dealt with some slimy customers before, it was nothing new to her but, the fact he agreed so easily without even a hint of discomfort or hesitation as she suddenly changed the terms, he even added to them himself in her favor. There was something wrong she could feel it in her guts.

    "You did make it seem as though I had no other choice but to accept this offer or we'd become a target? Is that why you want us off the table? So that you don't have to spend resources trying to destroy us?"

    “I simply thought it appropriate to offer you the chance to be on the winning side,” Da’Gara said, oozing charm. “The New Republic is a mess, undone by a cabal of simple politicians and their droid weapons.” Da’Gara’s voice grew distasteful. “There isn’t a warrior among them. Now the Sith, they were truly brilliant fighters - but they overplayed their hand, and the galaxy snuffed them out yet again.”

    Da’Gara would have loved to recruit them, but the Supreme Overlord’s advisors had rhymed them too dangerous. The Sith were better dead than not. Though for all he knew, as he’d been away from the centres of power for some time, who knew what new strategies had been thought up.

    “But when we arrive, my friend, we shall advance upon a galaxy which has already been shattered... can you imagine the New Republic stitching itself back together in time? They won’t win.”

    "And what assurances do I have that you won't just turn on me and mine once your job is done. You seemed more than happy to part with some systems, a fair number of them. I don't trust the New Republic, but I trust you less. You walk in here offering me the galaxy but with a threat behind it. And if we know you're coming maybe that will be the kick in the Shebs the Republic needs to get its act together."

    “I gather...” Da’Gara said, carefully. “That the New Republic does know. But that won’t change anything.” He had done this enough times to know that he was making minimal progress. He placed his hands together. “I could show you our advance force, but it only includes the one small worldship. Unless I take you back with me to the armada, of course? It will take three years aboard one of your small and fast craft... but another decade, if not more, by worldship.”

    He sounded a bit apologetic. “Last chance, then the next time my kind visit your sector, it will be in force.”

    "Well, then I shall see you on the battlefield my friend. I do not have years to spend heading out to the middle of nowhere, when me and my people are needed here." The words of Venku where ringing in her head. This was not the time to be sending a contingent far away. If it was a quick mission she would have likely agreed but, it was too long for too much. Sure she could have used the credits, and if she was on her own, no loyalties, she might have taken it. But, she had the weight of Mandalore on her shoulders. She couldn't turn away. "Though we can negotiate when you return..."

    Da’Gara stood. He was tempted to try and take Ka’rta with him back... but no. He couldn’t guarantee he’d make it to his ship without another Mandalorian stopping him.

    “Well, until then, my friend.”

    He bowed over his hand. “I’ll convince my superiors to pause their march for long enough for us to chat.”

    He left the Oyu’baat.

    The bartender kept watching as he left. “Mir'osik, that one.” He shook his head.

    And that, was that.

    "Very kind of you..." Ka'rta said hand still on her blaster the urge to just shoot him was strong, so very strong. Likely the only thing that kept him from dying right there was the promise of giving them more time. Time she would use to the fullest. It would take everything she had but, she would make Mandalore into a fortress, an impenetrable bulwark against what was coming. She would also send a message to Madelyn about this. The actual mand'alor was much better at talking to the Republic than she.

    As the figure retreated she gave a nod to the barman.


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    IC: Bernael and Graul, et al

    Briefing, Bakura

    Bernael laid a hand on the Saarai-Kaar’s arm even as his own eyes began to drip darkness. "This one did not fail us, dear, those that did will pay though," he whispered to her.

    Looking up at the silent Council, he could feel Graul’s anger ignite even deeper, rising as a column of electrons does before a solar storm begins. Touching the GEMINI bond, 'GEMINI, divert the six-ship Task Group Two to Nubia, Divert Task Group Three to Naboo. Both Task Groups to destroy every combatant ship in system, no quarter. The two cruisers already on station at Naboo to begin pinpoint bombardment of every point in Theed harboring the traitors, including the HoloNet broadcaster, until no concentration above 5 such individuals exists.'

    After subvocalizing his orders to GEMINI he faced the Council, flipping his datapad on, opening the connection to Lara and Theron, their holograms popping into view. So that the Council could hear, "Task Groups Two and Three have been diverted to Nubia and Naboo respectively. Once they arrive both systems will have two four cruiser Squadrons. Prepare them to proceed insystem and for massed volleys to destroy all treasonous forces in orbit as well on the surface of both worlds. Task Groups One and Four to prepare to jump to Thyferra."

    He glanced at his brother, "If you desire any of your cruisers to join mine, I will add them to the lists, Nubia I’m sure you will want a part of its reduction. I am prepared to take the battle to Thyferra if you cannot convince them to open their borders once more. But," he faced the Council now, eyes still dripping until they fell on Jalynn, where they shifted to simply the deep void black as they passed her, "I will not allow the Empire to fall at the first hurdle, and a wedge deep into our territory will do that. Loyalty is praised, treason destroyed," he said calmly, in his flat, even tone.

    Aryan remained silent for several moments, carefully processing the plan Bernael had set forth to counteract the Republic’s sudden resurgence. He could not believe that the enemy had so easily regained the advantage, not after he had worked hard to establish their dominance. It did not reflect well in front of the Council.

    But perhaps the most damning aspect of this situation was the way it paralleled the events from fourteen years ago. A similar blunder had cost him his sovereignty, and the Empire had soon slipped through his fingers. He had failed to secure his destiny once before; he would not permit it to happen again. That notion strengthened his resolve, but it also fueled his anger, especially since it forced him to acknowledge an unfortunate event from his past.

    However, he pulled on that to augment his power, the innate sense building within his chest to become an unbridled rage. Only then did he turn his thoughts inward to speak to GEMINI. 'Send a complement of cruisers to assist Nevet’s task force at Nubia. Annihilate anything that stands in the way of an absolute victory. That includes a surface assault. If they will not comply and atone for their treachery, then they will suffer. Show no mercy.'

    As the Emperor turned to address the Council, he caught his reflection in the screen of his datapad. His eyes had yellowed, resulting in a slight hesitation. He paused long enough to allow it to pass and to shield the others—particularly Jalynn—from his more nefarious side. It would be counterproductive to prematurely frighten them.

    "This will serve as a demonstration," Aryan finally replied, his voice adopting a calmer tone to promote confidence. "It’s a testament to our strength and our unflinching determination. The Eternal Empire will not capitulate to these terrorists. We will prevail."

    Inclining his chin, he nodded to his brother. "You may carry on with the offensive."

    The deployments were so deployed, and the Battle of Nubia was truly enjoined. The New Republic task force had smashed the Bakuran survivors before the Eternal Fleet could step in, and the two MC90s made it a tough fight. Indeed, the cruisers turned to release their wave of armoured transports and in short order, thousands of marines were delivered to three of Bernael's ships. The cruisers were imperiled, and the remaining five warships were being matched by the larger New Republic ships. The ships were interdicted by the Corellian gravity tugs, and the starfighters alone raked a cruiser to the point of being disabled. The Bulwark-class cruiser went down in flames, but that didn't account for half of his deployment being savaged.

    However, the Battle of Naboo went poorly for the enemy, with their N-1 starfighters and pilfered Eriaduan Dreadnaught-class cruisers smashed with aplomb. Shields arose over the cities of the world - Gungan designs on a larger scale than ever before - but that merely meant the Eternal Fleet would have to get Skytroopers into the surface - but more N-1 starfighters prowled beneath the shields. Three Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers sped away towards the moon of Rori - powering for space.

    The GEMINI droids requested reinforcements to Nubia, with Skelm's forces en route but Nevet's closer - Theron so reported. For Naboo, the GEMINI hive mind was confused as to what to do, and Lana notified the Emperor's and the Council that the Gungan defences didn't stop cruisers from passing through them, so they could in-theory descend to a lower height. Both groups simply needed orders from their Emperor's.

    The Council simply watched, silenced in unison, and also similarly glad they had attended by hologram.

    The resistance was frustrating, of course, but the AI advisers were of the thought that the fleet needed to win these battles so brutally that the wavering worlds accepted their place as satellite nations - Bothawui, Nal Hutta, and indeed Thyferra and the Tapani worlds. The Eternal Fleet was powerful, but it was at overstretch, and more of it was damaged or disabled than active at this stage.

    The galaxy was fighting back because they didn't understand what they truly faced.

    Nothing that the Eternal Empire had done had been particularly abhorrent; their destruction of Coruscant had been thwarted; the Metellos massacres were not attributed to them; even their most heinous crimes were politicking or military affairs, at least to a galaxy sadly used to Death Stars and genocide.

    They needed to escalate at Naboo and Nubia; heavily so.

    Bernael pulled up the full deployments of his half of the Eternal Fleet as he pondered the newest events. He had the two Task Groups that would serve to reinforce Nubia that he knew of already. Checking what else he had available he swiftly made decisions.

    'Task Group One and Four, deployment orders amended. Immediate jump to Nubia, cut down anything that flies that is not Bakuran or Eternal Fleet. One sweeps from the galactic East, Four from galactic West.' Checking the deployments again, 'Task Groups Seven and Eight join One and Four. Seven sweeps from galactic North, Eight from galactic South.'

    Nubia handled until Graul could have his craft advance and join the battle he turned his attention to Naboo. 'Task Groups Nine through Fourteen, immediate jump, descend on Naboo from all points on the compass. Nine and Ten, your targets are the three battlecruisers attempting escape. Task Groups Three, Eleven, and Twelve to descend through the shields and bombard the surface until resistance collapses. Thirteen and Fourteen will take control of the orbitals and destroy any craft not verified by Skytroopers to be under our flag.'

    He barely acknowledged the Council, they had not contributed but had maintained silence. Once the orders had been given to GEMINI he turned back to them. "This Empire is not just myself and Emperor Graul. If you are the best of those that serve him I expect more than silence from you. Your ships may not match ours but if you are a part of this Empire you will be taking part, be included in the armed forces of our polity. Decide quickly." he glowered as he spoke.

    Lady Sindian spoke first. "Of course the Arkanis Protectorate is placed to offer vessels to the cause. We only have three Star Destroyers, but we can commit one to the patrol of the Corellian Run. That would free up more Eternal Fleet assets, no?"

    Moff Adelhard snorted. "We have twenty-four Destroyers; we can offer half to the patrol of the Corellian Trade Spine and the Run."

    "Might a dozen heavy cruisers be agreeable? We could perhaps assist in the Hydian Way patrols?" Lord Garonnin added.

    They were offering patrols more than anything rather than direct action, but it was more than feasible that a twenty Destroyer defence fleet could be assembled from their various contributions, including those of Eriadu and Rintooine. That was a sizeable deployment but as a confederation asset would be as fragile as the politics of empire.

    But it was much more than what they had a moment ago.

    Skelm had refrained from commenting on the situation so far, his expression carefully guarded to conceal his rising indignation. There was no excuse for this shameful performance. It was pitiful and demeaning, and the Council’s indifference certainly did not inspire confidence. In fact, it was a complete disgrace. He had chosen these men and women specifically for their competence and skill.

    But now, he was beginning to regret that decision. Disappointment was an understatement in these circumstances. Their apathy, coupled with the poor showing from the fleets, stoked his wrath beyond restraint. It swelled until it reached a fierce crescendo, bathing the chambers in a sea of red.

    At this point, he gestured at Gaeriel to usher Jalynn from the room; he did not want either of them to witness this.

    Once they were clear, Skelm rose from the chair and canted his head to regard Sander Delvardus with narrowed eyes. The man—a relic of the old Empire who had undoubtedly married into the infamous Tarkin family for fortune and fame—had failed to offer his assistance alongside his fellow council members. He would serve as a perfect example.

    A hand reached toward the councilman, the Force latching onto Delvardus’ throat with an invisible vice grip. Skelm lingered a moment, a sly smirk evident on his features, before he squeezed. He soon followed up with a second motion, which brought the man skidding across the table to his outstretched hand. "We should not have to expend so much energy to encourage a response," he sneered to the man’s twisted countenance, though it was obvious that he was speaking to the entire Council.

    "This is a joint effort, and I expect all of you to contribute in a meaningful way." He loomed over Delvardus and lifted the Scepter of Ragnos in his opposite hand. "Otherwise, those who neglect to carry out their duties will suffer the consequences."

    Tapping the staff against the floor, the Emperor loosened a secret compartment in the scepter’s handle to unveil a long-bladed sword. Brandishing the weapon, he then pivoted on his heel and slashed the blade across Delvardus’ chest, opening up a fatal wound that bisected both his lungs and heart. A sickening gurgle issued from the man’s throat before he fell limp at his feet.

    "I hope this serves as a warning for our future endeavors," Skelm continued coolly, stepping back from the corpse to resheath the sword. "This is our Empire, and we shall work together to ensure its prosperity."

    The cruel act he had just committed did not faze him in the least, and he made no effort to hide the pleasure he took in the release it granted him. "On that note, I accept your generous contributions; they will help to fortify our positions and to prevent the enemy from escaping. I will even retain and assign a pair of Eternal cruisers to each of your fleets as reinforcement. That should provide sufficient backup while the first task force is en route to Nubia. And once they arrive…"

    Skelm trailed off and inclined his chin to regard Bernael, a wry grin pulling at the corner of his mouth. "Well, let’s just say that I hope you’re hungry, my friend. I imagine you shall have a glorious feast on the world of your choosing."

    With a flourish of his hand, the Emperor angled the Scepter of Ragnos back toward Dalvardus’ lifeless form. The ornate tip glowed with a ruddy flame as he channeled the darkness to summon its power. In a flare of brilliant light, a beam of energy cascaded down the shaft to engulf the dead man’s body.

    "This will be our ultimate victory."

    The power emanating from the scepter ceased, and in its wake, Sander Delvardus breathed once more.

    In his eminence, Emperor Graul had reanimated his corpse; he had brought the man back to life.

    "Through the Eternal Empire, you will find that all things are possible."

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    IC: Madelyn Linnett

    Madelyn was happy that the fighting was over, that she was soon to be with her family again. She knew she was still representing Mandalore, although Madelyn hoped that would soon come to pass and she would be able to be relived of that if Tor agreed. She sighed and waited, although she was dressed in a mix of a dress and bits of armour, Madelyn felt out of place. It had been a long time since she had been at a wedding. She hoped her husband Arthur and son Alfred were here, although she hadn't seen them yet.

    She turned as new craft after new craft arrived, reached out with the force to see who was on board. She could sense Tor and a few force sensitives. Madelyn paused and frowned. Leia! She turned her gaze towards one of the ships. She came after all. Madelyn straightened herself out and waited. She knew Leia would probably be able to sense her too.

    IC: Leia Skirata-Linnett

    Leia was excited.

    She had never been to a wedding before. At least that she could remember. And she was eager to get there. Leia wanted to see her mother again, her father and brother hopefully too. She could feel a multitude of emotions through the force, she could sense her mother very briefly, but she struck close to Master Vhardia as they departed the ship. Leia had let Master Vhardia brush her hair and tried it up after Leia had changed into more formal robes. She glanced up at her Master nervously, and hoped her family would like Master Vhardia, and Master Renn.

    "Mother's here. I think she's already sensed me." Leia told them. "And..." She paused and reached out with the force. It feels like....Tor? "Tor's here too!" Leia grinned up at them. "Can I sit with her? Or can she sit with us and mother? Please please..."

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    IC: Arhul Hextrophon

    The Eternal Empire had requested historians head to a world they had discovered with a past they wished dug into. Via an agent known as Lana Beniko, which of course Arhul, an expert in history, assumed was a pseudonym, he had signed a NDA and accepted a quite lucrative contract.

    He would have done it purely for the historical novelty, but he was curious as to what a world with so little prominence in almost any of his writings had. There was a mere reference to refugees of the Cosmic Wars retreating there, but that had been over a hundred millennia ago, where most history was guesswork. Arhul, a former Rebel, intended to simply make it educated guesswork.

    The current natives were primitive but he wasn't convinced they were non-sentient, but the Skytrooper droids kept them away. Arhul appreciated the opportunity to study the Eternal Fleet up-close, even though he kept his personal ship prepped and an ion disruptor on his person in-case things went poorly. It happened, but he had no intentions of causing trouble.

    There was nothing as ostentatious as a battlecruiser in orbit, not this far north, so he wouldn't have chance to converse with a GEMINI droid, but for now he was content to put ahead queries to the droids that were occasionally answered but not often.

    He knew all about the Six Eternal Gods - the parents, Izax and Scyva, as well as their four children, Tyth, Aivela, Esne and Nahut. The God of Death and Mother of Sorrows, leading the Gods of Rage, Passion, Envy and Apathy respectfully. The Gods were said to have killed ten trillion sentients in the Unknowns, presumably resulting in their sparse populations to this very day. It wasn't entirely clear how the Seventh, Zildrog, related, but it seemed he betrayed the others as they rose against him, and indeed he ultimately destroyed the two-thirds of the Eternal Fleet that had suppressed the galaxy three thousand six hundred years ago. He was more powerful than Izax, after all.

    Arhul was a smart man, and he liked to draw connections. The God of Death was a title held by others, like Cold Danda Sine, an Old One, or, rather, one of the Immortal Gods of the Sith. Indeed, Tilotny, who was said to have mothered Belot, could be said to have been all sorrow. He played with the idea off-and-on, drawing comparisons to Tyth and Typhojem, and indeed you had to wonder as to the entymological links between the two - note the Ty, and all. Let alone the apathy that Mnggal-Mnggal was said to have shown his siblings when he abandoned the Cosmic Wars. Perhaps Gorog was Envy, for she was said to be that, especially of Typhojem, which had seen her secret away and abandon the other Old Ones... and then did that rhyme that Ooru was Passion? Ooru was by all accounts a creature of immense greed... so... no? And was there a Seventh Old One...? A progenitor?

    He tapped his chin.

    The Sith and the Eternals creators had fought on the same side, after all, against the Gree, Killiks and redeemed Kwa as allied with the Celestials...

    ... He was wondering about this because of the ruins he'd found on Janguine.

    If they were refugees, they appeared to worship six gods of their own, but it wasn't entirely clear. But again, their kind believed in a pantheon which included a set of twins at the top... and it wasn't beyond belief that two siblings would marry and procreate... it was the staple of many stories of Gods.

    In this case, the refugees seemed to be trying to rename their Gods, and struggling to find a place in a galaxy presumably on the edge of annihilation. There was Yammka, the God of War, and then Harla, the Goddess of Trickery. Not quite Death and Sorrow... but there were Lovers, too, Txiin and Q'aah, as well as Shuno, the Pardoner, and Ne'Shel, the Modeler. But they acknowledged that Yuuzhan was the Creator, who cut parts of himself off too create the cosmos.

    So he had a neat seven already.

    It seemed likely that the Sith twisted older religions into the form which served them, ditto the creators of the Eternal Fleet... so it was just as likely that these... Yuuzhanites, Arhul called them, for ease of reference, were trying to reclaim their old ways. The True Way, as they called it, though it didn't easily translate to an easy adjective to describe its worshippers so Yuuzhanite's would work.

    But if someone discovered that the Old Ones, the Eternal Gods and these refugees had based their religions on the same concept, Arhul chuckled... and had a much darker thought.

    What if believers of the Sith hid among the refugees?

    What if they planted these concepts at the heart of their new belief system so they could be hooks for later manipulation?

    What if the refugees weren't survivors but simply those who sought to rule the Sith themselves, and had propagated a heresy they could more easily seize control of? For example, when the Daritha's had thrown off the Predor's of the Rakata during the wars of Soa and Adas?

    Arhul shook his head and dove deeper into his research.

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    IC: Isolder
    The Wedding

    Everyone was here. He stood at the head of the aisle and regarded his betrothed. It didn’t matter to him that she was the adopted daughter of Bail Organa, or a brilliant politician that really cared, no.

    She was Feyna.

    That was more than enough for him.

    He couldn’t wait to be married to her.

    Together, they could do anything. The only time he’d been truly worried was when he went to Exegol, and she defended Coruscant. That had been terrifying.

    There was a jostling for space on the pews and he watched as Tycho did a bit of shuffling at the request of the last arrivals. Leia and Tor as the shorter minors ended up on the front-row, with Madelyn seated behind them - as the mother of Leia and aunt to Tor. Tycho didn’t know that the two hadn’t properly interacted for nearly a week now - before Zorn attacked their world.

    Renn and Vhardia ended up seated together further back, as much as Xaverri was placed on the other side of the aisle with Ben asleep in her lap and Lowbacca sitting behind them so he wouldn’t block the view - and leaving a seat besides Xaverri for Han.

    Winter escorted Feyna into the chapel and then smiled at Han, passing her on to Han with a kiss on her cheek and stepping back to follow behind and keep an eye on the dresses hem.

    When they reached the bottom of the aisle, Winter would step to Feyna’s side and Tycho of course was to Isolder’s.

    The clergyman spoke up in the traditional Alderaanian ceremony, and of course when Isolder replied I do, the clergyman turned to face Feyna and repeated the question.

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox (first), then @JediMasterAnne (second), then @TheSilentInfluence, @galactic-vagabond422, @darthbernael and @darthhelinith in whatever order suits after. At the request of the players - Leia and Tor will be in a combo.
    IC: High Lord Sarusu Taalon

    Port; Keshtah

    She didn’t have chance to reply when there was a loud cough from the port administrators office. Orielle looked up, and she froze. In her hand appeared a second lightsaber hilt, and it burst to life with a snap and a blue blade emerged.

    “So you thought a simple trick would defeat a High Lord of the Sith.” The musical voice of the Keshiri in black attire drew the gazes of all present. He was High Lord Taalon, who had taken Darish Vol’s position when he ascended to the Grand Lordship. He was cunning, powerful and brilliant.

    And dangerous.

    His red blade ignited and he stepped down from the building roof. “So what are these?” He gestured lazily to Qwi and the tarp covering the unconscious Beaumont. “Strays?”

    Orielle held her blade up to Qwi’s throat, careful not to illuminate her face. “Hostages, in theory, but I doubt a Sith will care.” She pushed Qwi from her seat and stood on the seats. “But it would have worked if the locals had asked.”

    “I am more of a local than you are,” Taalon said with a melodious chuckle. “You’re descended from the Jedi that crashed here three thousand years ago, aren’t you? The one who killed a Grand Lord and triggered a thousand year civil war.”

    “I might be,” she said. “But you’re dead.”

    Orielle pushed off the cart, angling her feet to upend it - spilling Beaumont to the floor besides Qwi. Taalon grinned and danced back from the edge of the building to the center, and the moment Orielle landed stabbed at her feet -

    She blocked with a downward blade, and swung for his neck -

    Battle was enjoined, and the Keshiri and humans watching were awestruck. But just as many went about their business, eager to stay out of the attention of the Circle of Lords.

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox (combo)
    IC: Admiral Kalback

    Battle of Nubia

    The Mon Calamari Admiral squeezed the rail of the bridge, his flippers going white with pressure. By the depths...

    He’d managed to half the strength of the Eternal Fleet assets present, and then another eight cruisers arrived, and a more consistent dribble of enemy ships. The enemy was committing heavily to this, and he was severely outgunned and outmatched.

    All he could do was watch as his fleet was chewed apart. Escape pods were launched and cut down by enemy fire; starfighters were corralled and butchered; Interdictors were ganged up on and shredded. By the time the Remember Alderaan exploded, the Justice was facing down over twenty enemy cruisers and even its incredibly powerful shields were failing. He’d managed to take done eight enemy cruisers in the end, most by initial success the rest by suicide runs.

    In short order the fleet began to swaddle the planet in turbolaser fire - the shields shrank, and began to be perforated, and then, fell.

    Nola and Del would have only just made it to the Council landing platform in the carnage when the shields collapsed and turbolaser fire began to pour like rain -

    Del was speechless. “We only just got here but -“

    They hadn’t expected Aryan Graul would overcommit to this extent. He wanted this world dead.

    His own homeworld.

    They needed to go.

    TAG: @JediMasterAnne (combo)
    IC: Gaeriel Captison

    Council Chambers, Bakura

    She left, yes, but once Jalynn was settled a room over, she returned, and Gaeriel saw Aryan kill and resurrect Delvardus from the open door.

    The effect was instantaneous; the Council piped up considerably, and they committed all their ships to the Eternal Confederate Fleet - as they called their contribution - coined by Lord Garonnin. Governor Adelhard of course emphasised that his Tibanna gas mines were completely at the use of the Eternal Fleet, while Delvardus allowed full access to the Eriaduan shipyards. It was an impressive turnaround, even moreso than what Bernael had achieved.

    News of the immolation of Nubia was joined by that of the bombardment of Naboo. It was a good thing they did commit to both worlds, as the Naboo warships that had been fleeing the planet had in-fact been using Rori to slingshot back at the first task force.

    The heavy cruisers began pounding the rears of the Eternal ships as the second wave arrived, and the Naboo were suddenly bereft of any orbital defences. The Eternal Fleet regrouped and began the bombardment in earnest, heading down into the Gungan shields and liquifying Theed, Keren, and Moenia. A focused effort by catapults hurling blue plasma balls and N-1 fighters managed to bring down exactly one Eternal cruiser, but otherwise civilians fled for the mountains, to the sea, to the flat plains.

    The Eternal Fleet continued on.

    At this rate of bombardment, both worlds would be glassed in under ten hours. The GEMINI droids simply reported on the progress without any further commentary.

    They had no ethical subroutines; this was simply what they had been told to do.

    The galvanised Council applauded. It was a great victory that would define their borders and make abundantly clear that the resistance of the galaxy meant nothing to them. Practically, they were unable to project power much further than they had for now, not without a full recovery of their losses and the development of a combined military system, but for the galaxy at large - the New Republic had just lost the Battle of Nubia, and the Naboo had risen up behind enemy lines and been slaughtered.

    Imperial Remnant forces would not arrive at Corellia in time to intervene, and the repairs to the New Republic and Hapan fleets would take weeks.

    All that would stop the massacres would be the words of the Twin Emperor’s themselves; which were unlikely to be given.

    The Bothans, Hutts, Thyferrans and Tapani all reappraised their contact to be requesting neutrality pacts, trade unions and mutual-aid treaties. None of them joined, no, but they were opening themselves up to the influence of the Eternal. Indeed, secret emissaries from the Unknowns would be sent to entreaty the Eternal Empire to save them from the Empire of the Hand!

    Their complete victory was such that the galaxy recognised them not as an upstart nation but as a true galactic power.

    They’d done it.

    Now what?

    There was a squirming within Bernael, at very least. Guilt, somewhere in the mass of consumed souls and entities... and something oddly familiar, but only briefly...

    Of course, he had the choice to head to Nubia or Naboo and consume it, ordering an abort to the bombardment.

    Gaeriel, for her part, shut the door and walked down the hallway, shielding her thoughts like the Black Coat had taught her.

    TAG: @darthbernael, @HanSolo29
    IC: Da’Gara


    Yuuzhan Vong Prefect Da’Gara left the planet in his ship of metal, and rendezvoused with his true ship of coral. He shook his head, and departed for Vector Prime. It was a bridgehead for now, but they’d abandon it, with the cartographical knowledge they needed. In the time it took for them to arrive in force, the stars wouldn’t have moved much. Their first scouts from around four millennia ago, they’d been discovered by Mandalorians and crashed in the Kanz Sector, derailing their approach as the Supreme Overlord at the time feared they’d been discovered.

    But there seemed to be no record of that fact, which was acceptable to the Warmaster. He nodded to himself. Next time he returned he would not have a masquer on; he would show his true face to that woman and he would pluck her eye out with his own talons if she backchat him.

    The Oyu’baat was quiet after the moment, and Ka’rta might have been expecting some quiet - even with the news of battles at Nubia and Naboo - but she had a call. A last one.

    “Mand’alor,” came the breathless, excited to the point of near panic, from Arthur. “Can you meet me at Enceri? There’s something big here. Really big, I daren’t say over comms.”

    He was referencing a distant town; unimportant.

    Until now.

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    IC: Ship
    Outer Rim

    Hanging above the galactic disc, Ship turned its great Eye upon the cosmos. He had, until recently, been secluded on Ziost. He had once trained Sith apprentices, five millennia ago. But after the Fall of the Empire; he slept. He slept through the recolonisation of the planet by the Sith; through the destruction of the planet by Vitiate; through its restitution after the man’s death - even through the planet’s thousand year cold age.

    Abeloth woke him.

    Commanded him.

    Used him.

    He was saved from the Chaos Goddess by the hated Jedi, yes, and even better, he had sensed her death.

    Ship was free.

    Free to follow that curious signal.

    On a five thousand year old frequency.

    The ancient Sith Meditation Sphere turned and headed towards Kesh.

    Slowly, for now.

    Something seemed to be tugging on him... keeping him from going as fast as he liked...

    A lingering shadow?

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    OOC: Combo with Jerjerrod-Lennox

    IC: Han Solo and Chancellor Feyna Organa

    The Wedding, New Alderaan

    Han waited for Feyna to arrive and even he had to admit to himself that he was nervous.

    The cocky Corellian smuggler was now about to perform a very important duty: to give Feyna away to Isolder.

    He didn't know what Feyna's family would have made of this if they saw it. A smuggler giving away a Princess? It would be unheard of.

    Well if there's one thing I know how to do is to throw the rule book out the door.

    He threw a wink and his customary half smile at Xav and Lumpy before facing forwards again, face serious to wait for Feyna and Winter to arrive.

    Feyna gave Han a nod and a slightly nervous smile as she and Winter arrived in the chapel; he'd cleaned up nicely. She hugged Winter again and kissed her cheek as well, as her friend handed her off to the smuggler.

    "Ready?" She asked.

    "As i'll ever be" he said "Is it safe to say that i'm as nervous as uou are and i'm not the one gettin' married" he chuckled and winked at her "Don't tell snyone though".

    He smiled at her "You look gorgeous kid, you'll knock Isolder's socks off. You are lucky to have bagged a Prince" his smile grew wider.

    Han then offered her his arm with a bow "Your Highness."

    Feyna smiled again and took his arm. "Thank you, Han."

    Han began to lead her down the aisle a smile on his face. He would never have dreamt he would be doing this, not after what had happened fourteen years ago.

    He kept one eye on Feyna to make sure he was not going too fast nor slow for her.

    Feyna kept pace right alongside him, her eyes briefly shifting over the guests before settling on Isolder, beaming at him as she and Han proceeded down the aisle. Gods, they were really about to do this... She wasn't terribly nervous--a few jitters were understandable, and at the moment, she wasn't thinking about the sorry state of the rest of the galaxy; she felt happier than she'd felt in days.

    Time for the handover.

    As Han came to a stop near Isolder he nodded to the Prince before releasing Feyna's arm.

    Thankfully got down in one piece….

    He grinned at Feyna giving her a gentle pat on the shoulder "Good luck kid".

    His job done he headed off to go and sit with Xav, Lumpy and Ben.

    Feyna gave a nod to Han as he stepped back, Winter moving into place next to her, as the priest began the ceremony, taking Isolder through his vows first, then it was Feyna's turn.

    Her eyes met her groom's, and her smile brightened.

    "I do."

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    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Qwi Xux, Beaumont Kin, Orielle, Taalon
    Location: Kesh

    Unfortunately the Sith had found them, probably drawn to the fact that there were rumours of a Jedi about.

    And he'd caught the fact that there was a human under the blanket.

    Not good.

    Orielle had removed another blade, thankfully it seemed whomever it was had not seen Qwi under her cloak but when Orielle held the blade up to Qwi's throat she wondered if Orielle would betray them.

    But it seemed the Sith knew more about her than Qwi realised and before long they were in battle and Qwi had a choice, run or help.

    But she knew she couldn't help, not with Beaumont in the condition he was. Orielle it seemed would sacrifice even herself to make sure Beaumont and Qwi got out.

    Qwi felt another lump in her throat but Beaumont was her main concern now. She quickly bent down to try and pull him up.

    "Orielle created a distraction, a Sith is here" she whispered "I know you can't move so i'm going to try and use the Force to move you, we need to get to the boat before the Sith comes for us".

    She tucked her head under one of Beaumont's arms and used the other to snake around his back. Concentrating inside she tried to lift Beaumont up using her frail body and the Force.

    Beaumont’s eyes’ snapped open and he waved a hand, dispelling her Force act. “If that High Lord realises we’re users - he’ll focus on us.” He pulled himself upright, used the cart to stand up. “Come on, help me up the ramp.”

    The Keshiri captain was already issuing orders to his crew to get ready to go. His sense in the Force was fearful, clearly he was concerned that Taalon would notice them -

    There was a clash to blades and Taalon’s amusement floated into the Force, as well as Orielle’s grim acceptance.

    Qwi cursed herself, of course if she used the Force they would be noticed. Although all of a sudden Beaumont had gained some energy, maybe he had been holding back to this point.

    Keeping her gloves on she wrapped an arm around Beaumont's back and helped him as best she could. With a broken leg it would be slow going.

    Eventually heading up the ramp Qwi removed the coinage Orielle had given her and called to the Captain "Excuse me sir? I was told you could take us to Alanciar?" She held out the coinage head bowed like any subordinate would.

    The captain hesitated, looking at Taalon, and back down at the coinage. “Is that where you want to go?”

    Beaumont pulled a face. “We don’t want to delay you, Captain.”

    The Keshiri nodded. “I can see why. Is that trouble going to follow you? It’s one thing for me to do it without them knowing... it’s another thing a Circle member to be here.”

    “He’s going to kill you if he sees you,” Beaumont said. There were other ships leaving. “You’d best run while you can.”

    “So why should I run with you?” The Captain sneered, closing his hand around the coins.

    Behind them, there was a pained noise and a wet slap; Orielle had just lost an arm and it had tumbled to the ground.

    Orielle was losing, there was no doubt of that. And once Orielle was down and out the Sith would have free reign.

    "My partner is correct" she said looking up "You'd best run because you know what will happen when he does find you".

    "Put simply, that woman with the lightsaber, she believed in us, rescued us both when we were down and out. The best we can do to honour her is to give you and your people hope"

    She tilted her head to the side still holding on to Beaumont "Because we apparently are the best hope you have of breaking the grip the Sith have on you all. To do something about it".

    Her voice turned into a quiet hiss "To join the Resistance".

    The Captain hesitated. “Come on.” He nodded. “Thank you... I... I let -“

    “Cap’n, we need to go!” Another shouted out.

    “Weigh anchor!” The Keshiri reached for Beaumont to help him aboard, as Orielle hissed out in pain as she dropped to her knees.

    A bolt of lightning sent her tumbling off the roof. Orielle crashed to the ground. Taalon stepped down, levitating slowly to the floor. He wasn’t even winded. Orielle spat at him.

    Taalon put the tip of his blade in her cheek, and ran it up her face. Then he booted her into the floor. “Are you done?”

    The boat drifted off the port. Beaumont leaned heavily on the wooden side, watching as they fought - or rather, Orielle lost. Tears were in his eyes, at the woman who had saved them.

    Qwi followed Beaumont aboard, nodding at the Captain in thanks.

    She kept her cloak's hood up, there was no need to reveal herself unless she was in private with Beaumont or when the time was right to do so.

    She joined Beaumont at the side of the boat as they watched Orielle be defeated. She looked up to see the tears in her lovers eyes and she once again wrapped an arm around Beaumont's back.

    Orielle had sacrificed her own life so they could live. She had saved Qwi, brought Beaumont back from the dead. Reunited them both and asked them to join a cause that could ultimately bring down tyranny.

    Qwi said a prayer in Omwati, the same one she had said when Pascale had died before letting the tears fall her small body shaking as she cried.

    Taalon looked up at them, his foot crushing Orielle’s face into the ground. Beaumont stiffened, and they could see the Keshiri High Lord’s malicious grin.

    He whistled out the corner of his mouth, and his Uvak flew from the stables and settled beside him. He took the reins, and was ready to mount and pursue them. He gave his foot another twist as he pushed on Orielle’s skull -

    Beaumont squeezed Qwi’s hand -

    Qwi felt Orielle die.

    And all she wanted to do was lash out at the Sith. But that was what the Sith would have wanted them to do. But Qwi had made herself a promise: to die rather than fall.

    She felt Beaumont squeeze her hand and she squeezed back grateful for him just being there.

    She remembered what he had said though. Any use of the Force and the Sith would detect it. And they would be attacked. And Beaumont in his condition could not fight.

    But Qwi did not like doing nothing, but in this instance she had to.

    So she stood there letting the tears continue to flow holding Beaumont's hand.

    The Uvak nuzzled into Taalon’s hand and he stepped off Orielle, intending to flip up onto the flying beast and pursue -

    But then the Force blazed with life, and Orielle had projected her death into the Force, she snatched up her blade and in one smooth, surprising motion, notwithstanding the wreck of her face, and her inability to even see -

    She severed the Uvak’s head, and turned to look at Qwi and Beaumont. What she thought slammed into them. We are the downtrodden; we are used to being stood on; we can take it. When the Sith step on, we strike!

    Taalon raised a hand, vexed, his beauty marred by a snarl, and he ran her through with an eruption to lightning from his palm. It ripped through her chest and out of her back, and her corpse dropped to the floor, holed -

    The High Lord regarded them both for a moment, and the captain's ship sped away. The Keshiri’s face returned to a knowing smirk, and he held out a hand -

    The power of the Force seized their wooden construct -

    The crew rocked as the forward motion of their ship was arrested -

    Qwi watched as Orielle suddenly popped back into life and decapitated the flying beast. And felt Orielle's message slam into her.

    A message to carry to the others. A message that could ring across the planet if powerful enough.

    And now the Sith was trying to literally rock the boat. Still trying to get them to use the Force.

    Keep trying, you'll just get exhausted.

    Qwi turned and wrapped her arms around Beaumont's waist tightly just in case the ship did up tipping over. She looked up at Beaumont tilting her head to the side asking the question: yes or no?

    Beaumont nodded. "Yes."

    He held her, and drew deep on their Force bond.

    Sarasu Taalon was a High Lord of the Sith.

    In another time, he would have matched blades with Luke Skywalker.

    He was strong, and they would have to be strong too.

    Beaumont sagged slightly; this was draining.

    Qwi could feel Beaumont was struggling so she would have to take up the slack. They would probably both collapse after this as it would take most if not all of their energy.

    She closed her eyes and drew as deeply as she could flooding it with love warmth and two words:

    For Orielle

    She removed one of her gloves but immediately moved her gloved hand over the top so the blue skin would not show through.

    She began to push outwards trying to counter the Sith's push and digging as deep as she could go to keep the push up.

    Their power, together, it was impressive. The waves rumbled and the port was blown away, driving the boat further from the shore -

    Taalon remained upright, and strained, but with a thrash of his hand dispelled the attack and watched as the drifted away. They were far beyond his range now, and clearly he had no Uvak to pursue them.

    The Keshiri arched his chin arrogantly, and turned away.

    Beaumont for his part, well, he collapsed. Every knit wound on his body reopened, and the bruises that had been fading on his skin ripened again -

    For their part, the crew cheered!

    Qwi felt Beaumont collapse and looked on in shock as his wounds reopened, it looked like his body had decided it had had enough.

    She let him drop, her body collapsing on top of his, trying to make sure she did not land on his broken leg or ribs. Whether she succeeded was another question.

    But they were safe for now, and thier bond had worked to at least give them the advantage.

    She moved her uncovered hand from behind Beaumont's back and quickly put her glove back on before laying her hooded head next to Beaumont and letting thier bond carry her away to the safe space or just drop into the welcoming darkness.

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    OOC: A fun, touching final combo for @darthhelinith and I

    IC Helinith and Renn
    The Wedding

    It was beautiful. Vhardia watched the happy scene playing out in front of them from under the hood of her robe and wiped her eyes with the oversized brown sleeve. The moment had passed, and she regained her composure with a well-practiced air of a jedi.

    She sighed softly to herself and murmured softly. "Naboo has fallen."

    She could feel it. Her parents, faces that she could barely remember, were dead. She wasn't overly upset, no more than anyone else who finds out a planet has died, but seeing Leia reunited with her relations raised questions in Vhardia's own heart about whether she could justify keeping her away from them, Jedi or no.

    "After this is over, I'm going to give Leia the choice of staying with her family over coming with us. I don't think she understands that she may not see them again."

    Renn hadn’t minded having been seated further back in the crowd. He could feel the tides of emotions as they swept the space, especially as the ceremony proceeded. He had the ‘cowl’ of his ‘cloak’ pulled up over his head, hiding his features as much as possible, this was a very public venue and he was sure that the entire ceremony was being broadcast galaxy-wide. The last thing this needed was his Twin sensing it, seeing him there, and causing chaos because of it. Especially as he felt the tides of energy in the galaxy that were occurring right now.

    He heard the almost whispered comment from Vhardia and nodded sadly, ”My fault, I couldn’t stop him in the Maw. he whispered. He turned his head toward her, leaning closer, ”There is more to come, I fear. He is almost taunting me, in the Force, that he is about to do something...massive. Something that will make the scorching of a world seem a minor battle.”

    He thought about Leia, considered their options, ”She deserves the right to choose. But make sure she knows it is not because you don’t believe she’s worth you training her. You are a strong, capable Jedi and I know you will train her well. But with us being the last we will be on the run quite often, if only to protect the innocent.” he murmured, speaking as he thought through the future.

    Vhardia flushed as Renn complimented her and was immediately glad of her hood that prevented him from seeing. "You are too kind. I'm a mediocre Jedi, there are many more who have done far greater things."

    She glanced over to where Ben was sitting.

    "The child, he will need to be trained in the force, when the time comes. Do you see that as part of your future or up to fate to decide?"

    Renn felt a shiver of shock run through him as he felt the self-doubt in Vhardia as she spoke. ”Why do you say that, Vhardia? I can feel your strength, know your depths and I believe in you. So what is gnawing at you that has caused this self-doubt?”

    He looked over at the child, he’d sensed him when they’d arrived. The infant radiated energy, power, and if he wasn’t aided he would be pressed along a path that could end with him falling. ”I think we may have to discuss that with whoever his guardian is. He needs guidance as he ages, a teacher, but if his guardian refuses we cannot just take him from them.”

    She felt Renn's shock and decided to reveal at least part of the truth but switched the conversation to inside their heads, so they wouldn't be overheard.

    When we were in the Maw, I saw a vision of myself... What I would have been, if this painful reality didn't exist.

    She showed Renn an image of a red blade and paused before continuing so he had time to gather her meaning.

    We talked, she told me things... that our reality had somehow been altered and about her world and that she knew you, or a version of you.. She turned to look at Renn properly and whispered.

    "When do Neti grow flowers?"

    Renn listened to her, her thought, saw the vision of a darker version of Vhardia. It intrigued him that he and she had met in multiple realities. But then she leaned close and whispered her question. He straightened suddenly, the bark of his face deepening in color, blushing furiously. Leaning back down, trying to make it casual, as though he hadn’t just been shocked by the question, ”Did...did she tell you about that? Tell you to ask me that?” he stammered out in a whisper. He coughed lightly to cover clearing his throat, ”Neti grow flowers, ummmmm, when in the heat of passion with someone they love.” he whispered again.

    He tried to get his shock under control, ”You’re not the only one with doubts, Vhardia. I asked the Light why I’d been chosen. It told me of that other me, and that my Twin in that reality was my closest friend there, that he was the guardian of the Balance, held both the Light and Dark in him, in Balance. And that I have to help this one sense that.” he told her, deep concern in his voice.

    Vhardia saw Renn's reaction and blushed herself.

    "I am so sorry," she hurriedly muttered, "seems my alter ego has a sense of humour." She silently prayed to the force that the ground would swallow her up but it was decidedly stubborn on the matter.

    Still, it left no doubts about exactly how well she knew Renn in this 'other reality'. Which meant, if Renn had been best friends with the being they had met, that Renn had to take down, that she must have known him too in the other world, possibly even been friends.

    "Do-do you think you'll be able to? Convince him, I mean. He wasn't exactly in a talking mood the last time we saw him."

    Renn thought for a moment, she’d asked a question that had been plaguing him since the Light let him see what he’d been shown. ”I honestly do not know. I must try but I do not know if he will listen. He seems completely set on his course. I could not even sense a single spark of the Light in him when we fought. He had no guilt, no remorse over his actions.”

    He paused, what she’d asked made him know what the feeling he’d had about her was, why she seemed so familiar and close, they were tied together across realities. A sigh, thankfully low enough that it didn’t carry, came from his lips, ”I must find the true depth of my powers. I cannot, will not let him hurt you or Leia. The rest of the galaxy must be protected as well as we can, yes, but you two, in particular, to me.” his voice trailed off as he realized how what he’d said could be interpreted.

    Vhardia flushed and tucked some stray hair behind her ear. For a moment she imagined Renn's arms around her, his lips brushing against hers and the smell of moss. If they slipped out now, her brain told her earnestly, they could run far, far away and be together. But if she set aside her vows for her own happiness, she couldn't justify asking Leia to give up her family. Moreover, would she even be a Jedi any more?

    The galaxy held its breath.

    She sighed to herself.

    "I-I have to focus on Leia's training. If things were different..." She shook her head to herself and squeezed her eyes shut, refusing to let the tears fall. It was too many ifs to reasonably consider.

    Renn sighed, he hadn’t realized he was holding his breath. He also hadn’t realized that he’d been waiting to see how she decided. Suddenly realizing he’d been broadcasting his emotions, even if they were between the two of them he took a deep breath and pulled in every emotion he had, locking them up inside himself, even as the Light protested.

    ”Don’t give up on that thought, but we do have many things that need to be done, Little Miss Curious.” he whispered, one hand rising and gently patting her shoulder. ”We have many responsibilities, Leia, the galaxy, all of it. But I’ve often found if there isn’t a personal reason to do something then your effort isn’t as in depth as it could otherwise be. Just a thought.”

    He shook his head slightly, the ‘cowl’ waving, ”But we must decide the next course, what we do next to keep safe and away from our foes, from here.”

    Vhardia's heart ached in her chest but she simply nodded softly, moving their conversation inwards again, away from prying ears.

    Leave an encrypted comlink with the boy's guardians and then find somewhere remote, unlikely to be touched by politics, like Jakku, Dantooine or Hoth... Could you manage Hoth? Or would it be too cold?

    Renn felt the touch of her mind again, sighing at the gentle pressure as she did so, ’The comm is a good idea, lets them reach us when he begins to use the Force.’.

    He smiled as he continued, a touch of amusement flowed between them, ’Hoth hmmm, I can survive on any world with an atmosphere and I’m sure that we can acquire some portable heaters for the living spaces. It is pleasantly remote and many would think that we wouldn’t go there because of the chill.’ He let an image of Vhardia and Leia, swathed in robes, with him wrapped around them, the heaters trying to keep them warm, pass through the mental link.

    Vhardia smiled to herself and chuckled quietly as Renn showed her the image.

    She touched his hand lightly, for a moment, a gesture of appreciation.

    "Although the galaxy is pretty crap at the moment, I'm glad in the midst of it all that I met you, and Leia too."

    Renn smiled softly, then had to press down on the emotions that threatened to surge. His other hand reached over, traced the back of hers before hers withdrew. ”I am glad that I met you too, Vhardia, and yes, sweet little Leia. We have a chaotic future, but I do believe we will get through it, together.”

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    IC: Leia Skirata-Linnett, Tor
    The Wedding

    It didn't take long for Tor to see Leia, as the younger girl was very excited, her voice carrying over the sounds of the other people around. Tor would have recognized that voice anywhere.

    "Leia!" Tor called out rushing up to her sister. Though Leia was with two others the young warrior didn't care instantly Tor knelt down wrapping her arms around the shorter girl. "I'm so sorry, soo so sorry I...I wasn't thinking, I...I didn't think about you and what you needed. I'm just so sorry." She said blabbering and holding Leia close almost never wanting to let go.

    Leia hugged Tor back just as tightly, wrapping her arms around her and not wanting to let go. "It's okay Tor. I already forgave you. I was being a brat anyway, running off like that." Leia explained. She pulled away to look at Tor. "You know, you don't have to be so worried."

    "But, you were my responsibility, I should have done more to keep you safe." She patted Leia down looking for injures. "But you're ok, no major injuries, you got all your parts?"

    "It's okay. And I'm okay." Leia looked at Tor curiously. "When did you grow up so much?" She asked her with a grin. "Are you sure you have all your parts?" She teased and reached up to tap the side of Tor's head. "Like you're brain?"

    Tor grinned letting out an annoyed chuckle, gently swatting Leia's hand away.

    "I got my brain, probably twice the brain you do." She teased back hands holding Leia's shoulders. Tor looked away for a moment then back to her sister. "These past few days, it's been a lot. A lot happened, I learned a lot, and I..." She looked over her shoulder to Madelyn concern in her eyes. "I, I had to grow up. It was time, I'm a mandalorian now." She showed off her handy work, a crude and messy drawing of her family crest done in makeup. "And I...I missed you. A lot."

    Leia nodded with understanding. "I think I get it." She looked at the crudely drawn Crest. "That looks good though." She paused and looked back at Tor. "I had to grow up too. I'm going to be a Jedi now." She explained.

    "I missed you a lot too." Leia added. She looked thoughtful for a moment. "You know, you can tell me anything right?" Leia sensed her concern and glanced back at her mother for a moment. She tapped Tor on the arm. "What's going on?"

    "A jedi huh," Tor shook her head, "My Buir isn't going to be happy to hear that..." She was trying to avoid the question, she didn't want to answer it but, the look in Leia's eyes, she couldn't keep quiet. She leaned in close speaking in a whisper. " wants to...wants to name me her heir, make me the next Mand'alor." She looked around hoping no one else heard her.

    "I'll be a good Jedi." Leia answered defensively. She paused as Tor leaned in to whisper her secret, and Leia had a hard time keeping still in response.

    "Really? Tor that's wonderful." Leia whispered back. She hugged her again. "Are you okay with that?" Leia pulled away, looked worried.

    "Ah...It's an honor really," Tor looked down pursing her lips a little. "I'm growing into it, I think. Maybe that was the reason I grew up so much. You know, having all this responsibility thrown on me. I mean, yeah, I'm ok with it. I don't know when I'll be ready, but I'll figure it out." Her hands squeezed Leia's shoulders. "Turned out just like our mothers, a jedi and a warrior." She had to laugh a little at the coincidence of it all.

    Leia smiled back. "You'll be a good leader Tor. But don't be afraid to ask for help from mother or anyone else either." She told her gently. "Mother might not be the best Mand'alor, but she has been through a lot." Leia said softly.

    "I hope we listen to each other better then they do." Leia replied. She thought for a moment. "You know, when I go to the Jedi Order we might not see each other much. Training takes a long time. I might even be a Jedi Knight by then."

    "Well, I might be Mand'alor by then, if my mom doesn't kill me in training first." She still had that smile on her face though she was sure the Hand of Mandalore would have many things to say about the young warrior being picked to be the next leader. "I'm sure they'll give you some time to be with family. Or I'll just find you. I'm...looking at getting my Bounty Hunting licence. So, I'll be busy too. We'll find someway to keep in touch. I promise. I won't leave you behind, again."

    "You're mother shouldn't be the only one training you though. You'll have to learn from everyone." Leia sounded confused. "That's the only way you'll earn the other clans and houses trust. You can't isolate yourself Tor." She paused. "I hope they do. But Jedi Training can be strict too." She added, "And I know you will. But I don't want to lose contact with you in the first place." She smiled at Tor. "If we work together, I bet we can do great things for the galaxy."

    "I'm sure, my buir isn't any good at teaching diplomacy. Her version of that is pointing a blaster at someone and saying "You'll do what I say."" Tor deepened her voice to mimic her mother. "But, she'd probably going to make sure I'm tough enough and strong enough to handle any challenges, or challengers that come my way." The same smile Leia gave her, Tor returned. "Of course, our parents saved the galaxy twice now. We should save it three times..."

    Leia laughed at Tor's impression. "She probably will, but don't get too tough Tor. You can be tough and empathetic at the same time." Leia reminded her. "I've never seen you that worried over me before." She pointed out, and added, "Saving the galaxy three times sounds hard." She shrugged, and seemed unsure. "Maybe two and a half?"

    "I didn't really know what I was doing." Tor replied sheepishly, "I...I though you were a bother, you know, someone I was forced to be with because our parents were close." She looked down ashamed. "It wasn't until just recently that I figured it out, that it finally made sense. I was supposed to look after you. I was older and more trained. It was my responsibility to look out for you, not myself. It was training for the time I would be a leader, maybe not Mand'alor but something close. So, when that hit me, I...I got scared you might have gotten hurt and it would be my fault for letting you get hurt."

    Leia was quiet for a few moments, considering Tor's words. "Oh." She answered and looked troubled. "Mother did mention she saw you as having potential before, but she never brought it up much after. I think she was afraid Alfred and I would be jealous." She added, "I was relieved."

    She frowned a little, "No one blames you though. I don't blame you. You made a mistake Tor."

    "Were you now?" Tor arched her brow. "I thought you'd be all for taking your mom's place."

    Leia gave her a funny look. "You're joking? I want to be the galaxies best pilot Tor. I don't want to sit on a throne for the rest of my life. Where's the fun in that?"

    "So you decided to become a jedi? Lots of Jedi pilots out there?" Tor joked with a smile. "I doubt I'll be on some throne for very long, you know, lead from the front."

    "I'll be the best one." Leia replied, a little put out at Tor's teasing. "That's good too, but you still have to handle yourself in both situations Tor. That's what leaders do." She gave Tor a knowing look. "Plus..." She made a face and lowered her voice. "What if you have to get married?"

    "Pifft..tah..ah hick..." a hundred different words got caught in her throat. Her marry? Well, maybe...her first forays into that sphere weren't anything one would call successful. They mostly involved her going up to boys she fancied and punching them in the arm. Or telling them she liked them and that they would fight well together. Not anything a 9 year old was ready to hear, but she was ready to say. The model for her was her parents, met before a battle, spent some time together decided to make a permanent thing of it. Though she'd more or less given up on that. And the last few weeks hadn't really given her much hope. Most of the boy's she'd run into were older than her father.

    "Ha..." she finally got out, "Me married...who'd want to be tied down...phifft...not me..." she said trying to hide her blush.

    Leia gave her a scowl. "I hope not. I'm never getting married." She told Tor. "Not even if mother and father arrange it." She nodded her head firmly. "You should just tell your parents that're married to your work."

    The older girl just looked away rolling her lips and biting her tongue, she wanted to say so much more but, she held back. "Yeah...maybe..." she crossed her arms looking away. "Well, um, glad to see you're ok...we...we should get um ready for this wedding thing."

    "Okay!" Leia said and she took Tor's hand in hers. "Let's go sit at the front."

    "Ahhh..." Tor called out as she was dragged along behind they young girl as they took a place at the front of the place, ending up front and center as the ceremony began...Though Tor couldn't help herself tickling Leia a little as they sat down.

    Leia laughed, "Hey stop it!" She told Tor, trying to bat her hands away. "I want to listen."

    "What." Tor whispered back, "Not like you're going to need to know these words." Her hands deftly dodged Leia's attempts to thwart her.

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    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    The Wedding

    Madelyn took her seat even before Tor and Leia did, and let the girls reunite in peace. She sighed and tried to relax in her chair, enjoying the atmosphere of the wedding. She could hear Tor and Leia apologise and banter with each other, and smiled to herself. It was nice to see and hear them getting along for once.

    But Madelyn wasn't so sure about her own future. Making Tor her heir was a big step, and stepping away from Mandalorian politics and affairs was an even bigger one. Madelyn wanted to do what was best for her family, but she needed to do what was best for herself as well. Lately, she had felt closer to the force then ever before. She wanted to help more then just Mandalorians. Perhaps, Madelyn mused, she had never stopped thinking and being a Jedi after all. It was a thought that had always been there, under the surface.

    Wishing for escape.

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    OOC: Combo with the GM

    IC: Senator Nola, and Del Deidder

    Battle of Nubia

    Nola flinched as fire rained down around them, just as they were reaching the landing platform at the Council building; Skelm had sent reinforcements, and Nubia's shields had collapsed under the assault, leaving the surface exposed to a relentless barrage of laser fire.

    Skelm didn't seem interested in taking Nubia for his Eternal Empire, at this point--now he just wanted to kill everyone on it.

    Del sounded like he wanted to get the heck out of here. "Will our shields hold, in this?"

    This was going to be just as bad as their escape from Coruscant, but this ship was no Millennium Falcon, and they were already damaged.

    "If we can dodge most of that, sure..."

    As he watched, the Eternal Fleet systematically decimated the ground defense's, pinpoint weapons picking apart Nubian fighter craft, and even blowing up the wrecked Golan, sending a rain of fiery debris upon the capital city. It was hopeless.

    The dozens of cruisers spread out so they could cover more of the surface, decimating what little resistance was left -

    A wave of civilian craft lifted from the surface, and the Eternal Fleet began to methodically take out the ships one at a time -

    Nola started re-prepping for takeoff. "What about the Council?"

    It was probably a moot point, to even attempt contact with the Council; they might all be dead already, or getting themselves out.

    Nola started re-prepping for takeoff. "What about the Council?"

    It was probably a moot point, to even attempt contact with the Council; they might all be dead already, or getting themselves out.

    The Eternal Fleet savaged the capital building, transforming it into liquid molten. Del blinked. “If we stay much longer I think we’ll be joining them, Nola.” He swallowed.

    She winced again; hopefully the Council had evacuated...

    But they had to get out of here, now. "Any power we can spare, divert to the shields."

    The ship lifted off, but Nola didn't go too high yet. "I'm assuming this is going to be the situation everywhere on the planet, but would we be better off trying to get out of the worst of the firing first, or shall we take our chances and just head straight for orbit?"

    She winced again; hopefully the Council had evacuated...

    But they had to get out of here, now. "Any power we can spare, divert to the shields."

    The ship lifted off, but Nola didn't go too high yet. "I'm assuming this is going to be the situation everywhere on the planet, but would we be better off trying to get out of the worst of the firing first, or shall we take our chances and just head straight for orbit?"

    Del hesitated.

    The Eternal Fleet was spreading out, but suddenly ceased fire. The fleet was holding position though, over a smoking world - cutting down refugees as they fled. A final wave of ships lifted off, even on the horizon. The ships opened fire on those in the distance, and their speed was as terrible an asset as the weapons, as was their droid ruthlessness.

    Aryan’s ruthlessness.

    “We can’t risk it. The Senate needs to know what’s happened, if it doesn't.”

    Nola shook her head as she saw the Eternal ships destroying civilian ships as they attempted to flee; Graul really had lost it.

    As much as she'd like to get out sooner than later, headed directly for orbit was not looking like a great plan at the moment. The fleet was still firing at refugee ships, but at least they weren't hammering the surface as much; she could stay low until they found an opening.

    As they traversed the burning cities and ground, the distance between them and the Eternal Fleet expanded. There was a flicker of hyperspace on the sensors; more Eternal Fleet cruisers and what was unmistakably a flagship that they’d never seen before.

    Del made a noise of consternation, but at least by hugging the surface they were putting distance between them and the Eternal Fleet. The cruisers began to scatter, extending the orbital blockade over the planet.

    They were ahead of it for the moment, but when they inclined up, they would lose that distance. If more Eternal Fleet ships appeared from hyperspace on their side of the planet though, their escape window would vanish.

    “Crunch time, Nola,” Del said. He cut all power from life support, shields, weapons - and threw it to the engines, ready to activate when she keyed it. He kept going, diverting more and more, until he got the power going into the engines up to 200%.

    "Get the nav-computer primed for the jump back to Corellia," Nola told Del, checking sensors and visuals to ensure that they still had some distance between them and the fleet. "I want to be able to get into hyperspace as soon as we're clear of Nubia's gravity well."

    One last look at the sensors, a silent prayer and mental fingers crossed, she pulled back on the controls and started the climb to orbit, full-throttle.

    The ship rocketed into orbit, and Del remembered to put power back into the inertia compensators to stop them being pasted to the bulkheads just before she keyed them active -

    The Eternal Fleet noticed them, of course, but they had not anticipated them at those speeds -

    Fire lanced out, bolts sought to find them and end them -

    Del had a chime from the NaviComp as some kind of energy shot up from the planet, towards the flagship, as if someone had taken a straw to the world and sucked upon it -

    He tried to key up sensors, but didn’t want to drain power from the engines to find out what was going on -

    "How far til we can jump?" Nola wanted to know what was going on, what that energy was--was this like what had happened at Mandalore, or something else?--but she didn't want to get hit if she slowed up, either. Maybe once they got past the fleet, they could put the shields back up for a minute, linger just long enough to see what this was...

    The energy from the flagship transformed into a spidering of darkness, innumerable strands like a web being pulled -

    They’d thankfully passed the fleet, they were above it all - just -

    A strand caught a ship in orbit and there was a brief scream across the comms and then silence -

    But the ship was unharmed, entirely so -

    The inky black caressed the Eternal Fleet ships with no noticeable issue -

    Del breathed out in horror. “It’s not affecting the droids -“

    He reached over for the controls as a limb of energy reached out for them -

    They vanished into hyperspace.

    Nola sank back in the pilot's seat, letting out a long breath of relief, before reaching over for Del's hand, squeezing tight. "We're okay," she said, more to reassure herself that it was so.

    "But what was that?"

    “Some kind of dark magic - it was killing sentients and leaving the tech uncompromised.” He was checking the sensor data. “The only life signs left were aboard that flagship - exactly six.”

    Del seethed. “I guess it’s the Eternal Imperial Family.” He removed his headset and threw it at the bulkhead. “I really thought we’d beat the dark side madness. Now we’ve another one.” He hesitated. “Unless we’ve just found the mystery behind what happened to Metellos.” They’d had a brief update on that fact; when Zorn had died, Mandalore had been restored, but not Metellos. So it followed that the darksider responsible was alive - and potentially at Nubia now.

    This was bad. Really bad.

    She flinched at his anger, though she understood; their home was dead, their people were dead. Their families...Nola didn't even know if her father had been on Nubia or not, actually. She hadn't talked to him recently, he could have been off-world, with his relief work. She hadn't heard from her mother in years. But what about Del's family?

    She couldn't summon the same anger as her husband, at the moment--she couldn't feel anything, just now, really. She felt...empty, was all.

    "We have to tell the Senate," she finally said.

    Del nodded. He firmed his lips, and then they trembled. They were safe in hyperspace; in their own bubble of Nola and Del.

    He drew her close to him, tears in his eyes.

    They’d risked everything; they’d lost everything.

    But each other.

    Nola pulled him to her, holding him tight as they both wept.

    What do we do now?

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