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Star Wars Star Wars: Episode V: Twilight of the Force II: A Father’s Fate

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Nov 5, 2019.

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    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Chancellor Feyna Organa
    Front Plaza, Senate Tower, Senate District, Coruscant

    She gave Isolder's hand one more affectionate squeeze before she released him, trusting him to behave himself.

    The crowds were making quite a fuss over Graul, as all manner of spectators and reporters pressed around him and Captison. From here it was difficult for Feyna to make any sense of all the noise, to gauge the peoples' reactions to this reveal, but no one was throwing anything, at least. She didn't need a riot on the Senate steps.

    At one point, Graul managed to catch her gaze across the plaza, and his expression almost seemed...apologetic? Feyna couldn't quite tell at this distance, and even if she was reading him right, she wasn't sure if he meant it or if it was an act for the cameras. Though, he did have a lot to apologize for.

    Gradually, Graul and Captison made their way through the crowd to where Feyna waited with Isolder, and Winter standing on her other side. She could see Isolder forcing a smile—Graul was probably lucky that this first encounter was so public and exposed, actually; her Prince would likely have had some choice words for Graul if this were taking place in a more private setting, and Feyna would have been less inclined to quiet him. Here, though, he would play along and mind his manners, and so would she.

    Feyna likewise managed a courteous smile, and found it was easier if she reminded herself that it wasn’t all about Graul personally, that tonight was about welcoming Bakura to the New Republic.

    Captison seemed genuine in her politeness as she greeted Feyna and Isolder. From what little she was able to garner from what had been publicized throughout Bakura’s campaign, Feyna knew that Gaerial Captison had connections to several of Bakura’s higher-up political families, but what her relationship was to Graul, Feyna wasn’t sure, nor did she particularly care. Their linked arms suggested at least friendship, if not more, though Captison was closer to Feyna’s age than Graul’s. But Feyna and Isolder’s romance had been the target of so much gossip (nothing unusual there; tabloid rumors were just part of political and royal life), she made a point not to judge others’ relationships, especially when she didn’t know all the details.

    "Madam Chancellor, Your Highness." Gaeriel curtsied, offering her hand to Feyna, while Isolder held his out to Graul.

    Feyna gave Gaerial a nod, taking the other woman’s hand kindly. “Ms. Captison.” Her gaze shifted to settle on Graul, and she was careful to keep her tone light and calm. “…Senator.”

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    Aug 21, 2018
    Galen Marek
    Coruscant, Ship

    He put up his hand to silence Huyang.

    The force. Actually he felt a subtle, almost muted whisper. Galen felt the immediate urge to follow it. Fate. Destiny. The force calling.

    Yet there was something else. Something more urgent. A threat. A hostile consciousness. It went beyond the planet. It was part of something bigger.

    "The Sith. I believe the Sith are here."

    What could they be after? The Senate? The Chancellor? The Jedi?

    "Start the ship and follow me at a distance." Galen said and summoned the force, jumping to the gangway above and then up and up. Quickly he made his way to the shatterpoint, using the force to make leaps from one level to the next impossible for anybody without.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Mandalore's Estate, New Keldabe

    Right away as Madelyn fell to her knees Ka'rta was with her helping her up. Her head snapped up as she heard the alarms as the smoke from the docks rose into the sky. As Arthur came close, the warrior pulled her helmet off her belt and pulled it over her head. Behind the visor her eyes seethed with anger. Now of all times to do this, right when they were spending time together.

    "All Mandalorian Protectors…" she started nearly growling into her com, summoning the security force of Mandalore. When she got no reply she snarled about to jump down somebody's throat before Owen informed them that jamming was in effect. Ka'rta's lip curled.

    "Vode, Manda'lor," Tor's breathless voice reached her mother's ears. "Something's wrong with Alfred. He just started crying."

    "Ad'ika," Ka'rta started, "I think I know what's wrong." She gestured towards the rising smoke cloud. Tor's eyes widened, not in fear, but excitement. She would get the chance to work with her mother, to get right into the middle of action.

    "Tor, stay here look after Leia and Alfred."

    "Buir," Tor shot back with pain and anger in her voice, "They have Arthur and a cadre of guards around them they don't…"

    "And they will even more protected with you there."

    "Buir," The word flew from Tor's mouth like a curse the anger and rage rising in her blood. "You promised we'd go hunting."

    "Boar not criminals."

    "Same difference. How will I know how to do these things if you won't let me?" The young woman stepped up coming as close as she could to her mother craning her head up to look into Ka'rta's cold stare.

    "There are times one must stay back, must let others deal with the immediate threat while they protect what is most important. When one must know their place." Ka'rta's form loomed over Tor, but the young woman wouldn't be moved.

    "And there are so many things I need to learn, need to see."

    "There will be time later."

    "We need to hurry." Madelyn said firmly.

    "Tor, stay here, look after Leia and Alfred that is final."


    "I've spoken." Ka'rta said in a low tone, a hard edge in her voice that sent a shiver up Tor's spine.

    "I hate you." Tor cried out, though the girl made no move to disobey her mother. Instead she turned around slumping her shoulders forward as she moved with the gaggle of children and guards.

    "I have the Oisk parked nearby." Ka'rta said moving briskly towards her light freighter that had been destroyed and put back together three or four times now. The frame was still the same, but nothing else was. The armor laced with Baskar, the engine the latest from Mandalmotors capable of speeds the old Oisk could only dream of, the weapons far stronger than the simple laser cannons it had previously, not to mention the personal armory she had expanded little by little since that day 14 years ago.

    "You're being too hard on her." Mirdala chided his wife.

    "There is much she still needs to learn." Ka'rta shot back not breaking her stride.

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    Nov 1, 2019
    IC: Gil Fortis | Combo with Sinrebirth
    Back street with Berko, Senate District

    The more Gil stepped forward through the alley, the more he wanted to hold his nose. He was beginning to wonder how far off he’d been with the sewer comment, given the growing stench. Still, he continued, the light swinging from one side to the other to illuminate the path.

    As he began to swing from left to right, the flash of purple stopped his sweep, and his rifle barrel jumped up to reveal the robed man. As Orloc, as he said his name was, lurched further into the light, Gil had no doubt this was who Berko had caught a whiff of. Clearly, the man was drunk.

    “Hey, right there is fine,” he said, taking a half step back while trying to keep his tone somewhat non-threatening.

    “It’s one of those religious nutters, going on about Him, whoever ‘he’ is.”

    Gil was about to comment when the man began his clumsy advance, causing Gil to take a few more steps back to keep adequate space between him and the stranger. A close-range scuffle, if there was going to be one, was not on his agenda today, and he wasn’t about to discount the man simply for being drunk. If anything, it could make him more volatile and unpredictable.

    Then the man staggered and tripped, showing his palm and the explosive hidden under his robes. All at once, Gil knew he was far closer to this guy than he wanted, or needed, to be.

    “See the Truth!”

    At the moment, the only truth he was seeing was that if the detonator went off, the three of them were officially in the history datacrons, and likely the morning news as a footnote to whatever was happening at the Senate. Trying to increase the distance, Gil continued to back up, his rifle trained on the Acolyte’s torso and mind recalling training from many years past. Without armor, two pulls. With, follow the recoil up. Watch for hands and detonator lights…Berko had better be watching our backs…

    “Listen, this doesn’t have to end in a problem,” Gil said, hoping to avoid the bomb. “Let’s get that coat off, remove any surprises and put them safely aside, and then we can relax and we can talk about truth, ‘him’, or whatever else you want to discuss. Alright?”

    The Acolyte’s drunken swagger was gone; it had been an affectation, a ruse, merely designed to get closer. As he stood to his full height, the man grinned beneath his beard, revealing a suicide vest of sorts.

    “You know nothing of the Truth,” he sneered, spittle bursting from his mouth.

    Berko pursed his lips, letting Gil keep point, and the man continued to ramble.

    “Step aside, heretic, and I shall present the Truth to the Senate, live on the HoloNet!”

    The Rodian took that to mean that the explosive had to be a lower yield than he’d first wondered; otherwise the man would have just triggered it now – the Acolyte had to be closer to make his point. But he could hardly communicate that to Gil, and he kept his rifle pointed at the Acolyte’s head, sure to keep an eye on the shadows for any other shape.

    By this point, Gil was convinced there wasn’t going to be a peaceful end to this and was searching for a way to stop the Acolyte’s advance. He also knew that the Senate guard needed to be informed, preferably before any detonations. Thinking fast and trying to catch the man in the middle of his rants, Gil jammed his off-hand against his radio to try and get the transmit button to stick on. Maybe the Senate security HQ would get an earful and get to work. He then readjusted his aim off the bomb vest to the man’s knees, trusting Berko with a shot up higher. If nothing else, he would make sure this guy didn’t walk right up to the Senate.

    “Look, I don’t want to open fire, but I will if you give me no choice. Let’s put the bomb vest away. We’re alone in this alley, so we can talk, but we can’t let you around to the front of the Senate.”

    As he spoke, Gil weight the options. Clearly, the bomb wasn’t large enough to level the entire area, much less the Senate from here, so that could give them a chance to run if they crippled this guy. However, that still didn’t solve the issue of the bomb being triggered. If they aimed for a kill, they ran the risk of a dead-man switch going off with them too close. He grimaced at the thought of all the bad options, but the man’s advance meant he had to do something fast.

    In the end, he settled on somewhere in between, and prayed the surprise from it would buy them a moment. With a grunt of unease, he pulled up the rifle and put a single shot into the Acolyte’s lower neck, hoping for a small miracle. He then immediately turned to run for it.

    “Go! Get out of the alley!”

    He grabbed at Berko’s sleeve as he hustled back the way they came, listening for sounds from the detonators, and hoping his trick with the radio had gotten off some kind of warning.

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Senator Aryan Graul
    Senate Tower, the Senate District, Coruscant

    The tension was palpable when they reached the apex of their ascent and came to stand before the Chancellor and her Prince upon the ceremonial red carpet. It was all decorum and etiquette at this juncture, though Aryan knew that it would only take one minor slip from either side to upset the delicate balance. Neither could afford to endure such a disaster with the Holocams recording every moment, so naturally, they would behave. But under the surface, he remained vigilant of their actions, keeping a careful gauge on the minor fluctuations in the Force that may indicate imminent danger.

    For the moment, Aryan did not detect anything out of the ordinary – except for the Hapan Prince’s obvious disdain for him. But under the circumstances, a negative response wasn’t entirely unexpected. If he was honest, he didn’t exactly hold the other man in high regard either.

    Standing at roughly Aryan’s height with long, golden locks and intense blue eyes, Prince Isolder was handsome in a classical sense. He fit the common standard for all Hapan males in that he wasn’t afraid to flaunt his charm to garner attention. This made him infuriatingly smug and insufferable – two traits that Aryan had come to loathe over the years; two traits that he had previously seen in himself.

    Of course, he also had to wonder if Isolder was potentially taking advantage of his proximity to the Chancellor to subdue the New Republic and bring Hapes some much-needed exposure…

    That thought remained at the forefront of his mind as he grasped Isolder’s outstretched hand and shook it in greeting. He could feel the man exerting pressure to make this experience as uncomfortable as possible, though Aryan did not give him any satisfaction by reacting to his firm grip. He simply offered a thin smile in return. “A pleasure, Your Highness,” he drawled smoothly, inclining his chin to glance into the other man’s eyes. “You must make Hapes very proud with your current accolades. I’m happy for you.”

    Taking this as her cue, Gaeriel disengaged from Aryan’s grip to offer her own pleasantries through a graceful curtsy. “Madam Chancellor, Your Highness,” she conveyed with a warm smile. She was cordial and disciplined in her approach – a true politician in every sense of the word. Aryan admired her beauty and fortitude, and if he wasn’t already completely attuned to his surroundings, he may have lost himself to these temptations.

    Instead, he retained his amiable disposition and turned his full attention to the Chancellor. Despite her various terms in office and the many hardships she must have faced in establishing a galactic government, she had hardly aged a day – she was still quite elegant. This was a true testament to her resilience and strength. It was a shame how things had ended between them, but perhaps now he would have a second chance to set things straight.

    “…Senator,” Organa acknowledged coolly, her expression calm and serene.

    Aryan bowed and extended his hand to her. “It’s an honor to see you again, Madame Chancellor,” he expressed in a respectful tone, making an effort to appease to her after the sins he had committed. “I hope that this will be the start of a long and fruitful journey for us both – for Bakura and the New Republic.”

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Prince Isolder
    Coruscant, Galactic City, Senate Tower

    “I hope that this will be the start of a long and fruitful journey for us both – for Bakura and the New Republic.”

    The Prince paused, smiling with his teeth. He waved to the crowds, and led them out of the public area into a private one which had been prepared for them. It was entirely traditional for the Senator and the Chancellor to have a brief sit-down and a kind of orientation. Of course, this would likely be a very different decision. Gaeriel waved off the crowd and Isolder indicated for Feyna to precede him, but did not given Aryan the opportunity to offer for him to go first.

    The Force fluctuated, rippling with the confrontation occurring in the suburbs to the rear of the Senate tower, but there were so many people present that the true danger was eclipsed, especially as the aforementioned Acolyte had concealed much of his intent behind his acting until now. As such, Aryan would not detect anything more than a murmur, and, besides, he already had enough on his plate.

    With a final gesture to the media, they headed into the relatively ornate but also sparse waiting room. Isolder managed to keep his expression genial. After all, it was hardly his place to start off the meeting and Feyna had already warned him with that squeeze. Gaeriel looked similarly pleasant but clearly neutral, and drew into a fuller smile. "Prince Isolder, I believe that we do not, strictly speaking, have a formal role here. With the blessings of the Chancellor and Senator, and of course your accord - "

    " - we could leave them to it?" Prince Isolder finished, looking conflicted for a moment.

    "I mean, it would prevent me from embarrassing Hapes any further." He eyed Aryan. "Couldn't you have sent word ahead in any manner? I appreciate Bakura is unhappy about having to join up, but this... antagonism will have to stop, surely."

    "Is that the view of the New Republic, or Hapes?" Gaeriel had no need to fight Aryan's battles, but she couldn't let that go.

    Isolder genuinely smiled. "Oh so you're going to keep Aryan on the straight and narrow are you?" He shrugged. "Come, Madam Capiston. I really do want to see how he does on his own." They had already spoken more than he would have preferred.

    "If it suits, of course," so said, mien.

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    Back alleys, Coruscant

    The shot was taken, and the shot rang true, catching Orloc's neck. The man toppled, and Berko squeaked in consternation. He all-but tripped over himself to flee, catching up with Gil. The Acolyte gurgled, placing a free hand to the wound and trying to keep himself from dying.

    Berko became immediately aware that he wasn't dead, and he peered back at the man. It had been a risk, but at least the bomb was no closer. He panted as he ran. "You worked out that the explosives couldn't reach the Senate?" The Rodian glanced back, and there was a group of shadows moving forward, robes twinkling. Other Acolytes. But now that Gil and Berko were not in-position, they rushed into the alleyways, splitting off in two directions even as a trio of Acolytes drew blasters from their sleeves and began firing at the two of them.

    There was a sound over their comms.

    This is Captain Girdun; Gil, Berko, report!

    The alleyways were also warrens, and it was becoming more likely that the group, nine strong, not counting the one crawling across the floor, would filter through.

    It had been a feint, but that didn't stop, left behind it all, Orloc crawling, slowly but surely, forward - his faith propelling him in-spite of his wound.

    Huyang had acknowledged Galen's orders and brought the ship up, keeping the cloaking mechanism active. The Force was consternation, but it was of the mundane sort; guns and anger and violence. But Galen would be able to tell that it was connected to what he had sensed, and a lead that he did not have. The enemy was splitting into three, and Huyang conveyed as much.

    But at the same time, the Force in the area confirmed that there was still a danger from a single threat, from where the three groups of three Acolytes had dispersed from; with Orloc, the fallen Acolyte.

    Because the bomb was still a bomb, but Gil and Berko would have plenty to keep them busy.

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    IC: Luka

    The terror attack on Metellos corresponded with the attacks on Nouane, Mandalore, Coruscant and other worlds. In very short order word would filter to the New Republic Senate, but not yet. For the moment, the HoloNet was focused upon Senator Graul and his unveiling. As was the intention of Darth Tempera. But the explosion on Metellos merely provided context for the investigation into the bloodied ship, and diverted attention to the clean-up and restoration of power.

    As such, through serendipity, Bernael was brought through the security cordon to a medical center on the main plate of Metellos City. Fundamentally, this was where most of the defensive and security and government groups were focused, and indeed all the sanitation and food processing centers. Not much to it, and of course hundreds upon thousands of cables and tubes connected it to the other Cities in a hovering network of plates. One day, it was envisioned, the number of plate-Cities would block out all light to the citizenry below, and perpetual darkness would rein.

    They weren't wrong.

    But, in all likelihood, such an event was going to happen a lot sooner.

    Luka however, he was one for detail; he kept his eye on the prize and he pursued it. In very short order, he decided that he was too curious to leave well enough alone, and he went to track down the sole survivor of the massacred crew. Not out of a terrible desire for the gory details, but the niggling of a loose end; that he needed to know what it was that arrived and how it pertained to him. On any other day, the massacre would have been noticed.

    But today, with the main power relays attacked by what was suspected to be the Acolytes of the Beyond? It was just an aside, especially once it became patently obvious the survivor had nothing to do with the mad fanatics.

    Thus, he was here, having made his way through the layers of very uncaring personnel, focused on patients with actual families present and concerns they were being nagged by. An unconscious but otherwise healthy Anzati did not feature into their interest as a building, save for the rarity of Anzati. But it rarities were the stock and trade of the galaxy, and it was impossible to know everything so why be surprised by it anymore.

    The controller pushed aside the curtains, carefully speaking.


    TAG: @darthbernael
    IC: Jyn Erso

    Fleeing Nouane, aboard the Rogue One

    It didn't take much for them to break away, especially as Jyn had set up a ship in a nearby warehouse, and the confusion was such that everyone was looking at the Clock-Tower. Jyn didn't understand, though she had known about the age and relatively importance of the landmark. Things, for Jyn, were immaterial; they all passed her and were simply impermanent. Qwi had made sure of that.

    A whole planet; gone. As Jyn pushed the Omwati along, she spoke. "I had been waiting for a distraction, before I acted. Something that could draw everyone else's eyes. Terrorism isn't really my thing - not now, anyway - but I'm not going to take advantage when I can."


    The Rogue One, a Skipray GAT-12 Blastboat

    As Qwi reached the ramp, a Yar Togna was evident, masked and looking, in human terms, relatively creepy. "Benthic," Jyn said, as she moved to lift off. Her little ship was faster than any of the old ships the Nouane had. Elderly Sphyrna-class corvettes, and indeed Hammerhead cruisers, as well as the original A-wing design from a bygone era. A fair amount, as 212 systems belonged to Nouane, but nothing that could keep up with the Rogue One.

    Benthic, leader of the surviving Partisans

    The alien kept an eye and gun pointed at Qwi, holding a finger to his mouthpiece for silence. The blastboat rose up and rushed into orbit, shortly thereafter vanishing into hyperspace; the ship vibrated with the jump. As soon as it was done, Jyn returned from the cockpit to the seating area, leaning on the wall. "For future reference, I'm the Good Cop, and Benthic is the Bad Cop."

    She brushed a hair from her face. "You see, Qwi, when the war ended it wasn't really over. I mean, sure, the New Republic put out that vibe, that the Empire was beaten and civility and peace could resume. All it meant, of course, is that a long list of war criminals vanished, and some of them are really, really bad. Among that list, leaked from the Empire, was a breakdown of the scientists who had assisted with the Death Star project."

    "Some of them handed themselves in; some went underground. Some, we found, but 'neutrality' meant that we couldn't touch them without the New Republic being accused of foul-play." Benthic muttered something. Jyn glared. "Some of us don't think politics should get in the way of justice, but I do. Some of us think that a dead war criminal is the best one"

    "With that in mind," Jyn continued. "I want to ask when was the last time you heard from Bevel Lemelisk?"


    Bevel Lemelisk

    Qwi would know that name; it was the Chief Architect on the Death Star project.

    The man who had supervised her on Eadu.

    The Yanjon Hospital, Nouane

    In short order Ike came to, unhappy he'd been shot but pleased he wasn't dead. The nurses shuffled Pascale back in to see him, who had not much else to do in the waiting room but make those necessary contacts, and see if he could drum up a connection. Ike lightly waved, wincing, as Pascale was led back in.

    "Hey!" He was nearly jaunty. "I'm not dead!" He gestured to the HoloNet repeater. "And I see the Clock-Tower is gone. Not that's a tragedy. I loved that old building; working through the secret tunnels and the like. I found a skeleton once, would you believe. It had been preserved in the dry of this area, not far from the boiler room. Carbon dating suggested it was thirty five thousand years old?! How cool is that?"

    There was a swish of the curtains and another person joined them, ornately robed, though his bi-coloured skin would draw more attention than his clothing.

    Zekka 'Patches' Thyne, Black Sun Vigo

    "It's fairly cool, sure, Recusant, but it's not especially relevant to what happened today."

    Ike looked alarmed. "Why are you -"

    The man cut him off. "Rouser called me. It would have been nice to know he had been here all along? I only setup in the Neutral States about a decade ago."

    His face turned. "You called Black Sun?" Ike grinned. "Getting back into business are we? Gallantly looking for your Omwati lover?"

    The new man growled. "My apologies," Ike said. "Zekka Thyne, meet Pascale Rouser, the former Dark Underlord."

    Ike grinned, looking at Rouser. "Did you want the title back? I haven't worn it out much."

    Zekka blinked. "What? You're -"

    "Also, fair warning," Ike said, "Zekka used to report on Black Sun activities to Crimson Dawn, led by your old friend Qi'ra Ananke."

    "You knew!" Zekka nearly shouted, until an orderly shushed him.

    Ike's grin could not have grown any broader.

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    IC: Vergere

    Unknown location, unknown ship, going to an unknown place

    Zorn raised a brow and laughed. "Oh you know. They say knowledge is power. I guess they don't know true power. What do you think I do to those who know about my plans? I am listening. I guess whatever you have to say to make this a civilized encounter ... now is the time."

    Vergere smiled, crest turning orange. "I assume you kill them, crushing them into dust and erasing them from issue." A human shrug. "Which is fair, and fine, because you're Darth Zorn! It has to be done."


    "I thought it prudent to track you down as the Dark Lord of the Sith and all - I couldn't find the other claimant as she's gone off. But of course you're not concerned, because to be a Sith is only a means to an end for you, isn't it? Vengeance on your father and all that." Vergere stroked her whiskers. "For example, I could tell you that I was once a candidate of Darth Sidious to succeed him, before he moved on to Dooku and Vader, another back-up like Amedda - but you wouldn't care."

    "So," Vergere said, ruffling her feathers. "I will tell you that I have found a threat to your plans, and as a loyal Sith, I thought I would tell you about it, though we would have to divert to my home for a bit."

    "Because you see..." she looked him in the eye. "There's a Sith in my basement, and I am afraid that I cannot stop their plans without help."

    The Force rang with the truth of her statements, which was curious, because everything she had told Zorn was a lie.

    @LordTroepfchen (combo)
    IC: Mirdala

    Mandalore, confusion and skirmishes; Mandalore Estate

    Watching Ka'rta and Madelyn suit up and take off, well, it was a difficult moment but someone had to stay back with the children, notwithstanding that Jerod and Owen were here too, albeit getting on in their years. Mirdala looked at Alfred, and then back to the problem of the family, Tor. It was unfair to term her that; she was just desperate to get involved.

    The Osik was gone, souped up and the other love of his partners life. Mirdala looked amused, but being a neutral state was not always a safe place. They needed to be strong, and independent, not just hoping nobody noticed them. The Resurrection was on-going, and Madelyn, or, Mandalore the Resurrector, as she was known, needed to be protected and that was precisely what Ka'rta did.

    He refocused on his daughter. "We can go hunting if you want. It doesn't have to be your buir."

    "You have so little time left as a child. Enjoy it; it'll be over soon enough." Even sooner, for Mandalorian children, when the galaxy at large expected a human to come of age between eighteen and twenty-one. But here, on the edge, it was a harder world and children needed to be able to defend themselves.

    Mirdala didn't care until he had a child of his own, but now he cared more than not.

    There was no war; was there a need to prepare for one to the point of causing one?

    Then there was another bomb, back in the City.
    New Keldabe City

    There wasn't much in the way of panic and screaming, as there was on Nouane, Metellos and other worlds. On Mandalore, there was gruff annoyance and frustration that the Oyu'baat, the oldest building in the city, had been targeted by the second bomb. Mandalmotors tower was usually the starting point of any enemy attack, so this was something new, and different.

    By the time Linnett and Ka'rta arrived, there was a decent sized crowd and an argument brewing.

    "I bet it's the aruetyc New Republic, doing a black ops move on us."

    "Don't a di'kut, they want us to join and they're pandering to neutral states to keep the Senate together."

    "Yeah, Bakura just sent a war criminal to be Senator and the Chancellor had to k'atini for the sake of unity."

    "So who then? The Hutts? The Nouanese? Hutts don't care about psyche ops an' the Nouanese are philosophers and make the other aruetyc look war-like."

    "I still think we should invade one of them; make sure nobody attacks us ever again if they know we mean business. Fourteen years is too long to be sitting back, being all soft."

    Blasters were out; tensions were high.

    It was an argument brewing; the first explosion had taken place in the spaceport. Ka'rta and Linnett had plenty to deal with.

    "Guess the shipment is postponed, hm?" Marec turned back to Joren, watching him make his way to the ship. "Where do you think you are going?"

    All of a sudden, the 'planted crowd' of people listening to the Acolyte threw off a top layer of clothes and drew blasters, opening fire. The Acolyte himself went bounding into the City. A bolt hammered in Marec's rear armour plate, propelling him forward. He landed beside Joren, turning on to his back and wincing at the bruises already rising.

    There was another explosion, deeper in the City, and Marec snarled. His blaster shakily pointed back as he tried to sit up.

    The shadow was definitely gone, but of course Joren had seen it. Or not, perhaps, as it was.

    Distractions abounded.

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    Nov 1, 2019
    IC: Gil Fortis
    Back Alleys, Coruscant

    As soon as Gil felt far enough away from a potential blast, he ducked into a spot of hard cover and took a glance back. Panting, he realized his high-risk gamble had paid off. Not only had he and Berko gotten away from Orloc, but he was now spotting the other Acolytes moving in, which would have no doubt swarmed them if they had simply stood where they were.

    “You worked out that the explosives couldn’t reach the Senate?”

    Gil shrugged and gave him an uneasy smile.

    “Rough guess. Otherwise there was no stopping us from becoming a smoking crater, right? Why else would he want through if he had to get closer?”

    As he spoke, blaster fire shot past Gil’s cover, making him flinch a bit.

    “Listen! He’s probably got a dead man switch wired up to that vest. I took a risk trying to disable him, but he could bleed out, or worse keep going. We-“

    He was interrupted as a bolt from a blaster struck the wall next to him, prompting him to tip the muzzle of his rifle out and fire off a couple rounds in hopes of sending the new combatants scurrying for cover. At the same time, the radio sprung to life finally.

    “This is Captain Girdun; Gil, Berko, report!”

    Gil fired off a few more shots before grabbing his comms.

    “Gil here. We’re under fire from Acolytes of the Beyond behind the Senate. One contact has a bomb vest, more with blasters. Looked like a couple parties split off.”

    Pausing for another volley of shots, Gil tried to gather his thoughts and maintain composure. He wanted to get as much info out as possible before things got too hairy, though his window was rapidly closing.

    “Bomber is down, but still rigged. Blast yield is unknown. Over.”

    With that, Gil replaced his radio and put his full focus on the firefight, leaning out just enough to start aiming shots more on-target. In his mind, he was counting his lucky stars that they hadn’t been blown up so far, but also trying to figure out what next. Here they were, stuck in a tight alley with at least 3 gunmen and a bomber set on going straight through them to the Senate, and others likely moving to either flank or simply go around them. As much as he wanted to worry about the possible flankers, he knew they couldn’t let the other Acolytes get to the bomb.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Sidious the Unhallowed
    Nowhere, no when, no how, in the past, and the future

    The True Dark Lord reflected on all that he had achieved and done, on all that he was to triumph over, on all that he was to fail to oppose.

    His Last Plan was Enacted.

    He reflected on it all, no-where, no-more.

    Thirty three years earlier, in the chambers of then-Chancellor Palpatine

    The Coruscant nightfall was spreading through the galaxy.

    The darkness in the Force was no hindrance to the shadow in the Chancellor's office; it was the darkness. Wherever darkness dwelled, the shadow could send perception.

    In the night, the shadow felt the boy's anguish, and it was good. The shadow felt the determination of four Jedi Masters approaching by air.

    This, too, was good.

    As a Jedi shuttle settled to the landing deck outside, the shadow sent its mind into the far deeper night within one of the several pieces of sculpture that graced the office: an abstract twist of solid neuranium, so heavy that the office floor had been specially reinforced to bear its weight, so dense that more sensitive species might, from very close range, actually perceive the tiny warping of the fabric of space-time that was its gravitation.

    Neuranium of more than roughly a millimeter thick is impervious to sensors: the standard security scans undergone by all furniture and equipment to enter the Senate Office Building had shown nothing at all. If anyone had thought to use an advanced gravimetric detector, however, they might have discovered that one smallish section of the sculpture massed slightly less than it should have, given that the manifest that accompanied it, when it was brought from Naboo among the then-ambassador's personal effects, clearly stated that it was a single piece of solid-forged neuranium.

    The manifest was a lie. The sculpture was not entirely solid, and not all of ti was neuranium.

    Within a long, sim, rod-shaped cavity around which the sculpture had been forged rested a device that had lain, waiting in absolute darkness - darkness beyond darkness - for decades.

    Waiting for night to fall on the Republic.

    The shadow felt Jedi Masters stride the vast echoic emptiness of the vaulted halls outside. It could practically hear the cadence of their boot heels on the Alderaanian marble.

    The darkness within the sculpture whispered of the shape and the feel and every intimate resonance of the device it cradled. With a twist of its will, the shadow triggered the device.

    The neuraniam got warm.

    A small round spot, smaller than the circle a human child might make of thumb and forefinger, turned the colour of old blood.

    Then fresh blood

    Then open flame.

    Finally a spear of scarlet energy lanced free, painting the office with the colour of stars seen through the smoke of burning planets.

    The spear of energy lengthened, drawing with it out from the darkness the device, then the scarlet blade shrank away and the device slid itself within the softer darkness of a sleeve.

    As shouts of the Force scattered Redrobes beyond the office's outer doors, the shadow gestured and lampdisks ignited. Another shout of the Force burst open the inner door to the private office. As Jedi stormed in, a final flick of the shadow's will triggered a recording device concealed within the desk.

    Audio only.

    "Why Master Windu," said the shadow. "What a pleasant surprise."

    The Revenge of the Sith novelisation, pages 321-322, by Matthew Stover​
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    Joren Sole
    Landing Platform, New Keldabe

    Joren hissed out and stopped, seeing the Mandalorian was injured. A second explosion rocked through the city and he stopped his way into his ship. Instead he fell one knee and returned fire, grabbing the man called Marek and dragging him into cover. His shots were badly aimed and mostly served the purpose to get the acolyte spectators with their guns to take cover.

    "Can you walk? We need to get into the ship!" He yelled at the man.

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    Mace Windu

    "A dead Sith joins us. Well, the Skywalkers story will end. Just not how you imagined it, did you?"

    Mace Windu shrugged, choosing to ignore the Sith presence. The dreamspace had shown him many ghostly whisps of evil, and he'd walked Beyond Shadows to visit and gain wisdom. Skywalker was his target, here.

    "The real question, Anakin, is whether someone else's story is set to begin

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    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth :)

    IC: Qwi Xux, Jyn Erso
    Location: Aboard Rogue One

    Qwi felt like a prisoner already.

    Here she was aboard some alien ship being taken to Force knows where with two people that basically wanted to blow her brains out thanks to something she did when she was younger.

    What possessed people to act like animals to come up with something so vile in their heads that they would equate that to using it against a person?

    Before getting on board Jyn had explained that basically the bomb was a distraction. That terrorism was'nt her thing. Qwi snorted inwardly, how naive. You wouldn't have done it if you wanted to kidnap someone, you might as well have grabbed her when she most vulnerable, like at the University when Pascale wasn't around.

    A creepy looking alien was keeping an eye on her and a gun too. She tried not to tremble and tried to be strong, it was what Pascale had taught her if she was ever caught in a sticky situation. He had taught her how to handle a blaster, some self defence techniques and to basically be as strong as she could. It was all well and good in a normal situation but this was not normal.

    Pascale. She nearly broke into tears again. The love of her life was back on Nouane and probably wondering where she had gone. But the comforting thing was that he was going to find her eventually but hopefully not before it was too late. And then she would explain everything to him, why she did it, why she chose the Empire over everyone else, why she thought her designs would be used for good not evil. Anything she could think of that she wanted to tell him, she would.And perhaps they could live together forever.

    However she had to get past this equation, basically a hostage situation it also depended on how she answered Jyn's questions. And it seemed she was being put in the same list of war criminals that had arisen after the New Republic came to power. He lover was of course one. She could understand why some went underground, although they were not all like her and trying to atone for her crimes. And handing yourself in was a one way ticket to jail or death. Perhaps she could be spared and actually do some good.

    But the interrogation was about to begin. And Jyn began with a name she instantly recognised her eyes widening. Bevel, her mentor at the Eadu research station. Now she wished he was dead. He disgusted her with his lies and deceit, at the station he had seemed like a father figure to her, guiding her in her designs. But in the end he was like Grand Moff Tarkin, a complete monster and she hoped he rotted in the fires of the deepest part of whatever Hell he was in.

    “I haven't seen or heard from him in years” she said trying to keep her voice calm “I last saw him back on Eadu, no doubt working with your father on the Death Star designs as well. How were we to know that he was actually creating not just one monstrous weapon but perhaps two with the Separatists seemingly getting their hands on our designs. He helped me design things that could have been used for good in my mind instead he wanted to use them along with Grand Moff Tarkin for evil and to destroy whole worlds, to bring systems into line with the Imperial regime”

    She narrowed her eyes her face turning a deeper shade of blue in anger “Me, your father and others were deceived but it seemed your father had a bigger idea of what was going on than I or the others did. And we never knew until it was too late. And I hope, Tarkin, Bevel and others rot in an inferno which is as hot as the brightest sun for what they did.” she calmed down a little “Perhaps I should too, but at least like your father I tried to atone for my sins”

    Tried by... hiding? By getting a steady job and shacking up with another war criminal?" Jyn scoffed slightly. "I couldn't get him without getting some major heat from Black Sun, but I'll come for Rouser soon enough."

    She sneered. "You can thank Recusant Ike for that. Seems he has his own plans for the former Underlord."Jyn shook her head, before looking back to Qwi.

    "So if you've never heard from him, how do you explain the same ship shadowing Nouane that did his prison ship before he vanished?" Jyn held out a datapad. The image was evident. It was a peculiar design, part TIE, part something else - and nothing like that had been in the Imperial armory fourteen years ago.


    "Well?" Jyn said, as her colleague hefted his blaster to head height, pointed at Qwi.

    It was concerning Qwi that Jyn was so casually talking about Pascale and Ike like she knew details about them. And Ike having plans for Rouser?. She had liked him more than Pascale did, he could be insufferable at times but he had become a friend to them both. Would he lead him into trouble or worse?. Who knew but she didn't like the sound of it.

    But Black Sun seemed like they were keen to protect their former leader, so much so that even Jyn would not mess with them. It would work to Pascale's advantage but for how long?. And Bevel it seemed was still alive?.

    She couldn't think about that now. Jyn then produced a datapad with a picture on, it looked like an unfamiliar design, one that she had only seen drawings of. She studied it carefully memorizing every curve, nut and bolt. She was trying to ignore the fact there was a blaster aimed at her head.

    "Whatever you have planned for my lover you had best be careful" she replied still angry "Pascale is more clever than you realise. If Ike has plans to harm him like you, you can both join Tarkin and the others in Hell"

    She leaned back watching them both closely, she could end up getting herself injured or worse here but she had to try and plead her case here "I've only seen designs for this ship, there were rumours that this ship could be created but with someone else, a sort of joint venture. I don't know who they could be. But what I can see from the ships arrival is that someone wants scientists, obviously to either build something or perhaps take us away somewhere"

    Qwi shrugged "Your guess is as good as mine. But an alien ship watching places is a bad sign. This could be a scout for someone, someone who could arrive in the galaxy to make trouble"

    Jyn sighed. "I think you're telling me the truth, but that's what he's for." She gestured to her alien comrade, who stepped forward, pressing his blaster to Qwi's head.

    "What about the other scientists? Tol Sivron? Feyn Vann? Rasett Milio? Stinna Draesinge Sha? Nasdra Magrody? They're all missing, after all. Picked up by these ships." Jyn spoke, and the alien pushed.

    "Surely you've kept in touch with at least one of them?"

    Qwi began to tremble again as the alien pushed the blaster right into her head. All she could see in her mind was Pascale and his smiling face and handsome features and she wondered whether this would be the last image of him she would ever see. She was telling them the truth, could they not see that by now?

    “I swear I have had no contact since I left the Eadu station!. I thought they were all dead or had run away after the project was completed. All I did was head to Nouane and I never spoke to them again!. I didn't know that someone was going to start kidnapping us all for some reason!”

    She looked up at Jyn “And if they have come for them they will come for me, the ship near Nouane proves it. So either you kill me now, hide me somewhere or put me in a prison where nobody can get to me. But if you still have me it would mean danger to you and your comrade here”

    Jyn waved off the other. "Alright, that's enough."

    A guttural exchange followed, and lightning quick, Jyn came up with a blaster pistol under the aliens chin. "I said that's enough."

    In short order he stepped back, glaring and then heading off in a huff. Jyn fished out a reprocessed ration pack from her pouch, tossed it to Qwi. She went to leave, but held back."Don't be too hard on him; the Empire took everything from him, too. But you need to give us something to work with. Think, Qwi, or we'll have to think for you."

    With that, she locked the door behind her, leaving Qwi in the room alone.

    Qwi was thankful they had decided not to blast her head off. She had convinced them enough that she knew nothing regarding the mysterious fighter nor that she had made contact with any of the scientists from Eadu station. Both were true, she had never had contact with the scientists, she had never wanted to see them again after she found out the truth. And the ship she had only sees bits of pieces of in drawings.

    It looked like a work of art though, curved lines, a beautiful design yet it looked like it could blast you to bits if you tangled with it. A TIE cockpit with alien designed wings, someone must have the technical expertise to craft it. There was possibly one but she didn't know if that person was still around.

    And if it was that person kidnapping scientists then she could be in danger. There were only rumours of this person existing but maybe they were true. And if they wanted her and the others it could be a bad sign. That they wanted them to design something.

    Possibly even worse that the Death Star. That thought made her shiver in fear.

    Pascale she thought biting into her ration bar (it wasn't as nice as her and Pascale's cooking) if you can hear me, please stay out of trouble…

    Because I might be getting into some.

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    GM Approved!

    Name: Huesunne Suials
    Age: 25
    Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa
    Personal equipment: Lightsaber, blaster pistol
    Personal ship: Grim’s Delight
    Faction: New Republic Military
    The Force: Yes
    Bio: Huesunne’s parents ran a Hutt owned bar on Nar Shaddaa. His father was a dark Jedi turned high enforcer for the cartel and Huesunne grew up idolizing and surrounded by the crime life. Where his father saw a life of opportunity in the underbelly of the galaxy, his mother saw no future for her young boy. With both his parents being force sensitive, it was no surprise when his father discovered Huesunne’s affinity. He took the boy under his tutelage and from the age of 13-17 Huesunne worked as his father’s partner enforcer. It wasn’t until his mother became ill that she expressed to Huesunne that there was more to life than being the hired muscle of criminals. She convinced the Hutt who owned their bar that Huesunne could be more than just hired muscle if given the chance and that she would trade the remainder of her life is he would send Huesunne far away from his father for a chance at a different life.

    Huesunne never saw his mother or father again as he was pulled off the streets of Nar Shaddaa and sent to school in the Core Worlds. He embraced this second chance and, after he finished school, commissioned into the New Republic Intel arm as an investigator and he hopes to go back and find what became of his parents with his newfound status.

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  13. Jerjerrod-Lennox

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    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: Another combo with @Sinrebirth :D

    IC: Pascale Rouser, Ike, Zekka Thyne
    Location: Yanjon Hospital, Nouane City, Nouane

    Whilst waiting for Ike to wake up Pascale got to work. First was to the spaceport and to have Firenze fueled up and ready to go. Next it was to start making contact with his old comrades, mostly within Black Sun.

    He had only wanted to use these contacts in emergencies but now was the time to utilise them. Especially since the love of his life had been whisked away by agents of the New Republic or independent mercenary's working with them. At the moment he couldn't think of where they could have taken Qwi. The only place at the moment would Coruscant as that was where Feyna and Aryan and the rest of the New Republic were meeting up.

    Ike meanwhile was as chirpy as ever and was even giving Pascale a little history lesson too about the Clock Tower. "Aren't you the most happiest person in the galaxy right now. Good to see you alive and well at least" Rouser said with a smile "It was a shame about the Clock Tower, I would have liked to have explored it more one day"

    Someone then arrived looking like he had just bought the most expensive robes on Coruscant. Pascale still thought his suit and Panama hat looked more presentable though. His skin though was the most noticeable thing about him.

    As the conversation continued Ike seemed surprised that Pascale had called his old friends but what did you expect to do when your girlfriend was in trouble? As Ike introduced them to each other Pascale gave a nod to the colourful person. He had seen Zekka's name thanks to the information he had been sent regarding Black Sun's operations.

    And then Ike dropped the bombshell: he WAS the new Underlord. And he was willing to let the title go back to Rouser. And then another one: it turned out the Zekka was a double agent, giving information to Qi'ra. The Dark Lady herself.

    Pascale had wanted the quiet life, doing odd jobs and settling down with Qwi. But that had been interrupted. Perhaps it was time to head back to the big time. And he could make things more difficult for the New Republic along the way. Perhaps still go on some adventures too himself and break his love out of whatever prison they transferred her to. Then when it was all done, he could either choose to remain Underlord or pass it onto a worthy successor, run away with Qwi and settle somewhere they could never be found.

    Pascale shook his head "You are so full of surprises aren't you Ike, you kept that little tidbit close to your chest" he chuckled "Perhaps you should put your feet up, relax a little. After all, even heads of criminal organisations needs rest"

    Ike shrugged, looking innocent to all accusations.

    He straightened up "Maybe perhaps I should retake the mantle. Perhaps working in the shadows would be the best way to work. Plus my Omwati lover as you put it is my life and she deserves to be free and to enjoy her life despite her sins. I'm a mercenary, but we love each other for who we are even if we have both done bad things in our lifetime"

    Zekka eyed Ike, and Ike gave the man a look that involved raised eyebrows, as if inviting Zekka to comment. Perhaps even daring him. He didn't.

    He turned to Zekka narrowing his eyes "I decided to keep things quiet, especially since I had disappeared off to the other side of the galaxy and the organisation was in disarray. I wanted to make a new life for myself, still doing the things I enjoyed and having someone to share it with. Her name is Qwi Xux and she was mine until the New Republic took her. I never asked to be Underlord again but I will take the mantle on to make sure Black Sun remains one of the best underworld organisations in the galaxy, and to possibly retrieve that which is most dear to me"

    Pascale's voice turned a little bit sterner "However I will not tolerate double agents. I am not a barbarian unlike that murderer Ananke but if you betray anything again perhaps I will reconsider having you chained up somewhere or perhaps sending an assassin after you. You work for me now, not her." He rubbed his chin in thought, "Perhaps you could report to us regarding Crimson Dawn for a change. Plus we need to keep an eye on the competition right?" Rouser smirked at him and then Ike.

    Ike nodded, and Zekka paled. He was lucky to be leaving the meeting alive. In the past, he would not have done.

    Pascale then turned serious again "So to business then. I have been restless these last few years about getting back out into the galaxy. So what has happened in my absence?"

    Ike looked to Zekka, and Zekka belatedly caught on. "The pool for business has basically shrank. Hutt Space is always what it is, but most of the neutral states have joined up with the New Republic. The Hutts, Nouanese, Corporate Sector and Mandalorians are still independent, and there is give smuggling across the borders of the latter three, but the Imperial Remnant has fully joined the New Republic and their 'customs union' thingy offers free trade so smuggling is dead. Kessel isn't part of Hutt Space proper anymore, and nobody has been able to plot a job through the Maw Nebula for years. The only known route was blocked up by the New Republic, so all the Spice has to run up the Kessel Run, which is heavily patrolled."

    "I was trying to find historic records on Nouane of an older route through the Maw Cluster, but I don't have the expertise." Ike said. "It would be pretty lucrative if we managed to find one. But I imagine we'd have to go a lot older to find a way through."

    Zekka nodded. "The Hutts, Crimson Dawn and Black Sun are all that remain of the criminal underworld, and Crimson Dawn has been pretty active beyond the frontier, but we don't have maps to keep up. So, that's a thing. We tried to locate Qi'ra Ananke once, but she's a ghost. And everything underground ends up winding back at the Acolytes of the Beyond."

    Ike didn't add anything; he wanted to see Rouser's thoughts on this so far, and what he knew of the Acolytes from being respectable.

    Pascale listened intently, radiating concentration as they both spoke. It seemed the smuggling trade had died off thanks to the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant. Qi'ra had disappeared into a black hole but the Dawn were still active, and with three syndicates left they would all be fighting for business.

    "First things first, I have no interest in getting into a war with the other syndicates" he said folding his arms "We are depleted enough and that would only embolden the New Republic to finish us off. And I don't like to see people fighting over a piece of meat like animals"

    "From what Ike has told me, Nouane may be about to join the New Republic too, so that's one less neutral world. And if I get found out then my stay here will come to an end. So we need to find new places, new routes and the only way you can do that is to go further back in history there must be a route some ancient civilization used, we need another library or I'll see if there is anything in my archives" he similed "Some people would kill for a new route"

    Pascale then had a eureka moment, "If we cannot trade in spices, how about antiquities. There are treasures out there yet to be explored and there are collectors out there who would pay millions of credits to get them. Even the New Republic or Imperial Remnant couldn't say no to having a decoration or two to liven up the place" he grinned a predatory smile "And I know just where to find them. And it wouldn't necessarily be smuggling they could be disguised as legitimate deliveries. We could make a fortune and put Black Sun at the top of the chain. But we also need to keep an eye on the others, make sure we get to these new routes first as well. And to make sure Qi'ra stays in her hole, she'll probably still want me dead"

    Rouser then frowned "From what I have heard the Acolyte's of the Beyond are a bunch of nutters who are basically non Force sensitives worshiping those that wielded the dark side of the Force mostly the Sith that had died. I believe Yupe Tashu was their leader, I don't know if he is still about. They basically hate the New Republic and want to basically resist them" he waved a hand in dismoissal "They should not affect us too much, the New Republic however…"

    Ike coughed. "I did have an expedition planned to Critons Point, it's a quarantined world, since the Empire took over - but it's supposed to contain one of the oldest libraries in the galaxy..."

    "... but I was too busy keeping an eye on you," he grinned.

    Zekka took a moment to think. "What of us masquerading as Acolytes? It's all sparkly purple robes and all. Dress up Black Sun operatives, and we have a chance?" He turned to Ike. "And what's this of Nouane joining up? Is this because of Bakura?"

    Another shrug. "Probably. Nouane was about to start haggling concessions if they handed all their war criminals over. I gather they had a list of names they revealed." Ike looked neutral. "Not much else I can add to that, but we won't be able to stay here forever." His voice dropped. "They'll be watching."

    Pascale had heard of Criton’s Point, it wasn't so much on people’s “Most Visited Library” list but it would have to do. There wasn't much choice but to try it and see if they could get on the world.

    He nodded at Ike “Good call, many historians have tried to get there with no success, it has a very strict quarantine. However one scientific expedition did get there, apparently I heard they were going to do an archeological dig there.” he smiled “And perhaps you being too busy keeping an eye on me may have helped a little at least, although getting shot was not in the plan. I guess us Underlords do stick together”

    He turned to Zekka “I don’t know if dressing up as potential terrorists could help although I am sure that you and Ike would love to dress up in those purple robes, it would be right up your alley” he chuckled “It could be a possibility, but we could also be an archeological expedition, perhaps a new one or another team helping the team there” he shrugged, “I am no master tactician so these are just my thoughts”

    He looked at them both “I think we should proceed to Criton’s Point, it’s worth the risk since Nouane may not allow us to stay here much longer. Gather a crew of operatives, my yacht can hold eight unless you want to take another ship as well. Firenze is being fueled as we speak and I need to head back to the residence to grab some things. Or we can meet close to Critons Point and head in, whichever you prefer.” He looked at them both “You are both more than welcome to join, I need to know you can still be trusted Zekka” he then turned to Ike “And it depends whether you are discharged from hospital and wish to broaden your horizons” he then dropped his voice to speak to Ike “And I don’t know who they are”

    Zekka choked. "Do I have to come?"

    Ike shrugged. "Well I can't, can I?" His voice had an air of challenge. "We need to keep Rouser in play, and the sooner we get some new hyperspace routes, the sooner we can bypass our competitors."

    Swinging back to Rouser, he narrowed his eyes. "I can be trusted; spying for Ananke wasn't particularly soul warming. She's a murderess, and every moment talking to her is cheating death with those Force powers." Zekka shifted into his robes more. "Alright. I'll help; my subordinates can sort it out. I'll hire some mercs for the job, and let Ike know what their names are so he can vet them. I know how this works."

    "Indeed you do," Ike said. "Go on, then."

    Zekka stiffened slightly, before nodding and heading out. Ike looked back at Rouser. "You need to go home; get ready, and I'll send one other person to assist. He's been in touch with me for a few years now, and we've worked together before. You may have heard of him, a s he's been reported dead until recently."

    Ike began to drift, though, his eyes lidding slightly. In his hand was a controller for the pain meds, and he'd triggered it and his focus was drifting.

    "Arb, is his name; Arb Skynxnex."

    And then he was gone, asleep, recovering from his near-fatal blaster shot.

    And so it was decided.

    Pascale would have to head home first and get changed into one of his signature suits and of course top it off with his signature Panama hat. Then it would be on to the weapons and then his tools, just in case. His datapad he carried with him at all times, just in case he had to send anything to his private archive. He would also pack a bag with Qwi's bits, stuff she would need if they ever broke her out.

    Arb Skynxnex. So that sadistic brute had come back. In the underworld he was known as an enforcer on Kessel and boy did he love to show it. Rouser thought he was a liability, too rough even for him, and he had worked with quite a few rough types.

    And being Underlord again meant that you had to work with all the scum and villainy in the universe. It felt strange to have that title back again, to be the leader of one of the most powerful criminal organisations in the galaxy. But if he was going to get Qwi back, he had to use anything and everything at his disposal. Perhaps he may even keep the title afterwards, he would see.

    Although he was concerned about Ike saying that they had to keep Pascale in the game as if he was a chess piece to be used. He was his own master, the master of one.

    Qwi he thought I will keep my promise to come for you. Right now I have to get my hands dirty again. Sorry.

    He thought about his exotic and intelligent lover and he smiled. They would be back together soon. Rouser gently squeezed Ike's arm "Rest well Ike, no doubt you are going to need it"

    It was time for Pascale Rouser to once again step into the shadows….

    And become the Dark Prince once more.

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    Darth Zorn
    Personal Ship, Unknown Planet

    Darth Zorn eyed the creature and then folded his hands behind his back. Another apprentice of Sidious. Well, now it had sealed it's fate probably. But not yet.

    Vengeance. He wanted no vengeance, he wanted to fulfill his destiny. But how could a feathered fool like her understand that.

    Zorn was aware the "risk to his plan" was probably a ruse. But the other Sith was the truth. He felt it.

    "So how convenient you can tell me only about this risk if I come to your home and take care of that Sith." Zorn smiled. Then nodded. "Cockpit is yours. Take me there."

    This creature had a good idea who he was. It understood his Sith order and ambitions. The problem was he had seen and suffered manipulation by Sith before. So he was letting the game unfold. This was more interesting then a disturbance in the force. His father was unlikely to reveal himself so easily. But this creature was a threat. One he needed to understand before ending it.

    Hanging his lightsaber back at his belt he followed the creature to the cockpit.

    "Where is your home?" He asked as they arrived in the cockpit.

    Could this be a trap by his father?

    No, that was not Anakin Skywalker's style. It felt more like a trap by this creature. A trap for his mind probably. It tried to lure him into it's game. Which was so much more interesting than a simple attempt to kill him. It probably underestimated him, which was not surprising. There never had been a Sith with blood of the Chosen One in his veins.

    "Darth Tempera, proceed our operation in the order we agreed upon." Zorn gave the order through his comm, letting his right hand subtly know he was not alone through the force. He also wanted the creature to know he would not slow down.

    "If this is a trick to keep me from claiming my destiny I will rip your soul from your body and feast on it. You understand?" Zorn had leaned forward and whispered the words into Vergere's feathered ear.

    He meant it and his sincerity was radiating into the force.

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  15. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Mandalore's Estate, New Keldabe

    The young warrior looked up to the sky as her mother's ship shot off into the sky. Her heart still burned with anger, a rage that had nowhere to go. It just welled up inside her building and building as she watched the Oisk fly out to the horizon. Her jaw clenched breath coming in deep angered breaths.

    "We can go hunting if you want. It doesn't have to be your buir."

    "But I was promised I'd go hunting with her!" Tor yelled back turning her full fury onto her father, a man that had done nothing to deserve it. She was just angry, angry and being denied something she was promised, something she had been looking forward to for most of today.

    "You have so little time left as a child. Enjoy it; it'll be over soon enough."

    "I'm done being a child!" She shot back with more fire on her words than a flame projector. "I'm done standing on the side, done just watching my Buir fly off at a moment's notice, leaving me behind to just watch. She's taught me and trained me and for what!" Her voice echoed over the grounds. "I have all these skills all these talents and I never...ever get to use them! What the shab am I doing then! Why have I been wasting time sparring leaning under buir, when the chance comes up to use them I'm always left here, to look after Alfred and Leia!" Her hand thrust almost accusatory fashion at the two younger children. "I'm not some di'kut ad'ika that doesn't know which end of her blaster to hold! I can help, I can fight, I can do more than just stand to the side and let you two handle everything...I can stand on my own!" She turned away throat a little raw from her shouting her face squished into a snarl. As she marched away she found a rock and sat there turned away from the estate looking out into the forest her knees held up to her chest. Her arms wrapped around her knees pulling them close.

    A second explosion sounded in the distance. Her head turned around looking to Uncle Owen and Aunt Jerrod's craft...she could steal hard was it to pilot one of those things anyway. Her gaze moved over to Leia, the young girl had shown an affinity for piloting.

    It could be useful.

    New Keldabe City

    The Oisk made the trip quickly, the plume of smoke making a good landmark for her to follow. At a distance it was difficult to tell the exact location, once they got closer the target was clear. Though it was very specific, Oyu'baat Cafe. Mandalmotors tower was understandable, the center of Keldabe, the home of a main supplier of war material. It was usually the start of any attack. The Oyu'baat, was an institution, a civilian institution. It furthered nothing, but to spread fear. However they came to the wrong planet for fear.

    The Oisk landed wherever they pleased, having the codes for the Manda'lor and the crest of the 'Dar'Solus' clan plasted on the hull was a free pass to land anywhere there was space. Ka'rta led the way her hands on her pistols. The accusations were already flying. New Republic, Hutts, Nouanese, it didn't feel like any of those. She looked to Madelyn waiting for orders, until the third explosion rang out, and blaster fire joined it.

    The hand of the Manda'lor pulled close to the leader of all Mandalore pistols drawn.

    "Blaster fire from the space port and explosion from deeper in the city." She reported, "Jamming still in effect." She said checking her coms. Her eyes swept over the crowd looking for anyone that didn't belong before moving towards the active combat. Not so much to protect the innocent. More to end the fighting before the city got too torn up.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Combo with our GM, @Sinrebirth

    IC Bernael and Luka

    During the transfer to the corvette, the flight to the main plate of Metellos, and the transfer to the medical facility there, Bernael remained as dormant as possible, while paying attention to every detail he could take in. After he was placed in the ward and vital sensors placed on him, he slowly let his body rhythms speed up until they were near normal, to where they would appear he was in a light sleep.

    Internally he grinned at the medics and doctors as they realized they had an Anzati patient, the consternation that they didn’t know much of what they could do for him except wait, all the confusion, pain, and hurt that he felt around him from the casualties of what appeared to be an attack just as he arrived.

    As he lay there, he extended his senses, and the predatory grin he hid internally grew. They had brought him to the heart of the web, he couldn’t have asked for a better circumstance. From here he could truly bring darkness to this world. But he would have to bide his time and find the best moment to slip away and begin his work, showing the galaxy what true darkness was.

    Soon enough Bernael felt a presence that was headed in his direction. He decided that had to be so based on the feelings he sensed from the being as well as the way they walked past and through all the other casualties in the ward, on a seeming unerring course for his room.

    And then the curtain parted.


    Bernael opened his eyes slowly, then they flew open as he clutched the bed and sat up straight, “Whaaattt…..where am I, where is it???”

    Luka panicked, holding his hands up. "You're on Metellos, in the State Capital hospital. Um, I was the flight controller you spoke to when you arrived." He realized how stupid it was to have even visited; he had no connection to the Anzati, no right to intervene in the tragedy which the victim had been apart of.

    He wanted to leave, but now couldn't, and winced, stepping forward to try and reassure the man, but at a loss how to.

    "I'm Luka, do you remember your name?"

    I mean, this wasn't a Holodrama, but it was a good start until a nurse got here.

    Bernael began to ‘calm down’, he’d had to artificially inflate his own body rhythms as it was so the monitors would show such when he had his hysterics. So he slowly let them drop back toward a normal range. His head continued to scan the area, eyes darting outside often, as though he was sure something would come bursting into the room.

    “What?? You’re.. who? Metellos….where? Me, I’m…” taking a deep breath he continued, “I’m Tyron…..Janus. Are...are you sure we’re safe? I saw what it did to the ship.” His eyes grew again as though seeing the memory of the event again. “I heard,” he gulped, “heard the crews screams and cries” At the last he held his head in his hands, feigning tears and terror.

    “I…...I saw the mask,” head came up eyes filled with terror. “Why…..why would it leave that?”

    "Tyron Janus," Luka repeated. "Everything is okay, I am sure. They'll catch whoever did it - if they left, um, a mask, was it? They'll be able to trace whoever wore it; they can do amazing things with technology nowadays!"

    He was just saying what needed to be said, arguably, but what else could he say?

    The curtains parted to admit a severe looking woman; she had an officer's uniform on. "Who are you?" She growled.

    "Flight Controller Luka!" he said in a panic. "I was on duty when the Even Star came in; I wanted to see Tyron here."

    "Tyron, eh?" The woman tapped away in the datapad. "Strange, because I was sure that I had managed to find a connection to a Anzati last seen in the Nouane system, some eighty years ago." Her eyes drifted to Bernael.

    “Nou...Nouane?? Where is that?” Bernael asked, confusion in his eyes. “I’m not the only Anzat in the galaxy.” He said semi sourly.

    “Do we all look the same to you? Why does that matter in regard to whatever killed the crew, chased us here?”

    The confusion and fear were evident on his face, but now warred with some appearance of annoyance that they seemed to see all Anzati the same.

    The woman shrugged. "You'd be surprised how few Anzati wander the galaxy, but I take your point." She narrowed her eyes. "Leave us," she said to Luka.

    Luka hesitated. This felt like she was victimising him just because he was Anzati. As a nonhuman, he felt some sympathy, and the woman's gruffness was evoking Imperial jingoism. "He's clearly distressed and he wants me to stay, so -"

    "Does he? Random Space Traffic Controller?" The woman stepped closer to the bed. "A mass murder has occurred; a mask has been left by the perpetrator but it's been wiped clean - doesn't that seem suspicious to either of you?"

    “Luka...Luka, right?” Bernael began, “Yes he has been very kind, I’d rather he stay.”

    His expression appeared to be very confused as he processed what the female officer said. Internally, however, he was suppressing the extreme humor he found in the situation. The officer seemed to know, as those around him did, that he was Anzati but that there was so little information on his kind in general that they didn’t realize one would never be acting the way he was.

    “Wiped clean?.......What? Why? Lady, I’m terrified of why whatever it was left me alive. I heard the others die, so yes I’m very aware there has been a mass murder, but I’m more worried that whatever it was will be looking for me to finish the job than I’d ever be that the mask it wore is clean.”

    Luka smiled back, and made sure to make clear he was on the Anzati's side. The woman looked nonplussed, and reached into her jacket.

    "This mask?"


    Bernael nodded in thanks to the controller then turned back to the officer in time to see her pull the mask from inside her jacket. A second later he was trying to climb the wall behind him, the leads from the medical equipment the only thing keeping him from getting further away from the mask.

    His eyes were wide, as if in fright, as a shriek issued forth from his lips, rattling the windows. A second later he was stammering, “The….the’s mask...oh gods the mask.”

    His head swung back and forth as though looking for any shadow that may exist in the room, in seeming fear that whatever had worn the mask would ooze forth from such shadows and consume him and everyone in the hospital.

    Internally the darkness roared seeing it’s property in the hands of an arrogant mayfly. It knew he had to play this game until he could get free to consume this world and move on so it did no more than impotently roar for now. Externally, he was a terrified creature, fearful that the owner of the mask was going to appear.

    “Yes…’s mask. I’ll…..I’ll never forget..seared into my memory.”

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  17. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Anakin Skywalker
    Dagobah, Dreamscape

    Anakin smiled at Master Windu's question.

    "Oh why don't you tell me again how you despise the prophecy and turn around to look for your next chosen one, Master Windu?" Anakin shook his head. "Every moment that passes a star dies and someone's story begins."

    He decided to wake up.

    "I'll leave this discussion to the two of you."

    WAKE UP!

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  18. Lawbreaker

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    Aug 21, 2018
    Galen Marek
    Coruscant, Alley

    This was not what he had expected!

    Galen watched the scene below. Two ... guards of sorts and a pack of cloaked men with weapons. None of them was a Sith. Nine with guns, one with a bomb. The one with the bomb concerned him most.

    There was a connection ... barely recognizable. Maybe had he been better at these things ... but he was convinced this was somehow linked to the Sith. A cult maybe? Smart if the Dark Lord had recruited non force users. They would be impossible to track back to him. For the security services at least. Galen had now taken up his trail.

    First he would ruin whatever plan they executed though. Every grain of sand in the machine of Darth Zorn was good.

    He acted quickly, holding himself at the wall with one hand like a free-climber he spread the other and ripped a heavy metal plating from the other side. He made it vertically drop on the bomb and the man who had it to suffocate the explosion and kill the man before he could set it off.

    Then he allowed himself to drop down into the midst of one of the cloaked figures groups and ignited his blue blade. It began it's dance, killing two of them and cutting the arm of the third off.

    "Take care of the others!" He shouted to those guards pointing at one group of attackers and turned to the third group reaching out with the force to pull them away from the crowd and back into the alley. With his blue blade he approached the three ... ready to eliminate the danger before interrogating the wounded one.

    The Jedi would hear about this. He was having limited time now.

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  19. TheSilentInfluence

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Leia Skirata-Linnett
    Mandalore's Estate, New Keldabe

    Leia felt a little offended at the accusation but squared her shoulders and let her father take Alfred in his arms. She knew Tor was angry, but Leia was also sure that her mother and Ka'rta had their reasons for keeping Tor with them. When Tor went off by herself Leia followed her to the rock and looked at the young warrior.

    "I know you love us Tor." Leia smiled a little and lightly punched her in the shoulder. There was a mischievous glint in her eyes. She lowered her voice. "But you can't go off on you're own. You're too important to us."

    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    New Keldabe City

    Madelyn reached out with the force as citizens gathered around her and called for order, "Whoever attacks us will face all of Mandalore." Madelyn pointed out, trying to find anyone who didn't belong.

    "Ka'rta gather as many warriors as you can. We need to end this before it gets worse." Madelyn said quietly. "We also need medical attention for our Vode." She pressed her back against Ka'rta but did not draw her darksaber yet, instead choosing to wait and figure out what was going on.

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  20. BobaMatt

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    Aug 19, 2002
    Mace Windu

    "Oh why don't you tell me again how you despise the prophecy and turn around to look for your next chosen one, Master Windu?" The former Jedi shook his head. There was so much pain, there. Understandable. But still: dangerous. And yet (and Windu saw this as a glistening shatterpoint), perhaps galvanizing. "Every moment that passes a star dies and someone's story begins."

    "Yes. And, like it or not, we're characters in this story."

    Anakin didn't respond to this. He looked between Windu and the hooded figure. "I'll leave this discussion to the two of you."

    And with that, Skywalker was torn from the dream. Windu sighed. He turned to face the apparition of Palpatine. There was nothing left for either of them, here. Windu asked simply:

    "A son? Really? How? When did you have the time?"

    And then Windu exited the dream himself.

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    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: Combo w/ @HanSolo29 and @Sinrebirth
    IC: Chancellor Feyna Organa and Senator Aryan Graul

    Senate Tower, Senate District, Coruscant

    It was a bit of a relief to finally be out of sight of the media, but that didn’t mean that Feyna was going to just relax and let her guard down. Though Graul was being perfectly professional so far, she still wasn’t sure how genuine was being; she hadn’t been very good at reading him fourteen years earlier, and there was no telling what sort of person he was now, and the underlying tension remained.

    Isolder thankfully didn’t lay into Graul as soon as they had retreated from the public eye, though Feyna worried for a moment when he started trading verbal jabs with Captison. But while some of their points rang true, the tone of the exchange seemed—to Feyna, at least—more like light banter than real hostility.

    Nonetheless, it might be in both sides’ better interests that Isolder and Graul not be in such close proximity to each other for much longer, so Feyna gave no protest to the suggestion that Captison and the Prince leave them for the time being. “I believe that would be best, yes,” she replied. “We can rejoin you when we’ve finished here.” She looked to Graul; she didn’t expect him to argue, but if he insisted that Captison stay, then Isolder stayed as well.

    Isolder nodded,and Captison took the profferred arm, linking arms and smiling. "Thank you, Chancellor."

    Whatever Aryan had to say about it, Gaeriel was making a decision for him. With a bat of her eyes at Aryan as if innocent, she allowed the Prince to lead her from the room.

    He didn't need to look back; Feyna would eat Aryan alive.

    With their respective partners gone, Feyna turned her full attention on Graul. She was not particularly happy about his return to the political stage; with the litany of charges against him...he was either very bold or very foolish. Maybe both.

    She was careful not to show such displeasure, though. Things were already shaky enough with this Bakura situation, and the last thing she needed or wanted was for them to think that she was antagonizing their new Senator right off the bat.

    Feyna took a seat in a nearby chair, and gestured for Graul to take another. “Congratulations on your election, Senator,” she began smoothly. “Quite an accomplishment, considering the obstacles you must have faced.”

    Aryan exhaled through his nose and came around to the side of the table, his hand trailing idly along its edge as he watched Gaeriel retreat from the room at the Prince’s side. It had been a tense couple of minutes, but thankfully it had passed without incident. In that sense, the years had certainly proved beneficial – instead of openly engaging in the debate to make a personal statement and exacerbate the situation further, Aryan had been able to practice restraint and maintain his composure. Of course, it probably helped that he had also been mildly distracted by a subtle stirring in the Force – a quiet murmur that had touched his mind across the vast crowd. Either way, this had been his first true test since returning to the political scene, and he had passed with relative ease.

    Acknowledging Organa with a slight nod, Aryan accepted her gesture and took the seat directly across from her. “Thank you, Madam Chancellor,” he replied in an equally cordial tone, leaning forward to fold his hands upon the polished tabletop. “I certainly appreciate that.”

    He paused for a moment to consider his words carefully. “I won’t lie to you – it has been a long and arduous journey to reach this point after everything that happened, but I maintain that we all deserve a second chance. It’s about forgiveness and the healing of old wounds. We can’t carry on and enter a new age if we continue to squabble and dwell over the mistakes of the past. That kind of backward thinking could potentially destroy us from within – we must learn from those mistakes, perhaps even embrace them, and build upon them as we move into the future.”

    Aryan offered a small smile and dipped his chin marginally. “I know my presence may not be welcome here, Chancellor, but I intend to make things right.”

    It took a bit of effort for Feyna to maintain her neutral expression, somewhat cynical of his talk of mistakes and second chances. Yes, they’d both made mistakes during the war, some grievous…but there was a difference between a mistake, and a crime, and while Feyna didn’t believe that Graul was guilty of everything he’d been charged with, she wouldn’t say that she felt justice had been served, either. And there were plenty of Senators who would probably agree. At least he seemed prepared for the backlash.

    But again, they weren’t here to talk about the past—though there were things she would have liked to ask, questions left unanswered for fourteen years, but they could wait a bit longer. Tonight was about the future—specifically, Bakura’s future in the New Republic.

    “Your Bakurian constituents appear to agree with you,” she observed; she still wondered whether he’d been elected out of spite, but she hoped that Bakura wasn’t deliberately trying to stir up conflict. “At this point I think the question is, what can we do to make this transition less…grating, for them?” Other neutral territories considering membership would be watching these events carefully, and Feyna wanted to avoid this reluctant friction in the future.

    A hint of a smile flitted across Aryan’s features before he settled back in his seat, adopting a more relaxed posture now that they had moved on to more practical matters. He was fortunate that Organa had not decided to press the issue – at least, not at this moment. She could have easily derailed this whole meeting by pursuing her own personal agenda, but the Chancellor had demonstrated more civility in that one decision than he had previously given her credit for. Despite her personal feelings, she seemed willing to give him a chance, and he certainly wasn’t going to back down from that challenge.

    “From my own personal experiences, I understand that the Bakurian people prefer a more centralized system,” Aryan began casually, slipping right back into the usual political rhetoric that he had grown so accustomed to, almost as if he had never been away. “They are attracted to the idea of consolidating power, creating maximum efficiency, and thus binding the worlds of the galaxy together. Bakura is simply seeking a strong foundation upon which they can build upon...and contribute to in a positive way.”

    He canted his head to regard her as that same impish grin returned to his lips. “They are a proud people who laud themselves on their values of law and order. It’s understandable that they feel a great deal of apprehension over this union and how it will affect the principles they hold dear. If you can alleviate those fears and provide a strong, unified approach, I can guarantee a smooth transition. It will be the first in a new era."

    To Feyna, some of it came off as rather contradictory. The Bakurians valued law and order, but had deliberately ignored the New Republic’s warrant for Graul’s arrest; wanted unification but had elected as their Senator a war criminal whose mere presence was bound to create further division.

    But she wasn’t about to point that out to Graul.

    “With the Senate as divided as it is, that might be easier said than done,” she warned, though not too gravely. “Not impossible, though.” The Senate was split into dozens of separate parties, all with their own opinions and beliefs, which may or may not run parallel to those of the Bakurian people.

    But Feyna was more concerned about those Senators who may be nursing grudges from the war. She was making an effort to look past Graul’s history and focus on Bakura, trying to put her best foot forward in the hope that the rest of the Senate would follow suit, but she couldn’t guarantee that they would. She eyed him cautiously. “I don’t believe that Bakura should suffer repercussions for your past, but I cannot promise that other Senators will be as willing to tolerate you for the sake of a smooth transition." It wasn't meant as a personal attack, simply a warning of what he might have to face from his new colleagues. "Now that your election is out in the open, the next session will give us a better idea of where everyone stands."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Vergere
    En route to her asteroid

    "So how convenient you can tell me only about this risk if I come to your home and take care of that Sith."
    Zorn had smiled, bemused. Then nodded, a chop which Vergere allowed her whiskers to duplicate. "Cockpit is yours. Take me there."

    She allowed the man - he was no boy, not any longer - to process the threat she represented; an unknown, is what she was, and men of power loathed things they did not know. Controlled, yes, she could, but he saw her as a layered opponent, and that if she had sought him out, then she had a plan, and merely killing her would not resolve that.

    Vergere plopped herself in the chain and took the controls.

    "Where is your home?" He asked as they arrived in the cockpit.

    "An asteroid near a world known as Bimmiel, a world surveyed by the Empire in the Outer Rim in recent years."

    More gears whirring, even if he was too powerful to read with the Force, his calculated nature echoed into the Force. A comlink appeared in his hands as she nudged the ship along a new course before she could engage the hyperdrive. "Darth Tempera, proceed our operation in the order we agreed upon." A name, given not as a tease but as a threat, to emphasize to her that whatever she did would not stop him, but would he go further to make his point?

    "If this is a trick to keep me from claiming my destiny I will rip your soul from your body and feast on it. You understand?" Zorn had leaned forward and whispered the words into Vergere's feathered ear.

    "Oh, yes," she said, and pulled the lever to jump. "I am counting on it."

    They vanished from this galaxy.

    It was a short jump, but Vergere turned her eyes to Zorn when they were safely ensconced in hyperspace.

    "So, tell me, Lord Zorn, what you know of me; I know Wyyrlok was another secret apprentice of Palpatine, who your father killed." She mentioned the elder Skywalker merely to see if his mere name would craze his son, and if so, she would decide whether to use that at another avenue. "Did you know that I was also a candidate for Palpatine, instead of your father? Or, perhaps, merely a placeholder like Dooku, who knows."

    She shrugged, human-style.

    "So when you wonder how I found you, you merely face another Sith, I am afraid to say - one who has mastered hiding for the last forty years... though even I could not find Ananke, as much as my ostensible masters would have preferred me to work with her against you." Her hand lifted, palm up, unconcerned. "But what they want is not what I want."

    Vergere allowed her eyes to meet Zorn's.

    "I seek for the Sith to be restored to their place as masters of this galaxy, and you are the greatest of all the Sith, no?"

    She offered questions, and no answers, but he had plenty to work with; her; her 'ostensible masters'... the Sith threat she had discovered, too.

    TAG: @LordTroepfchen, @QueenSabe7 (mentioned)

    Hidden World of the One Sith

    "Darth Tempera, proceed our operation in the order we agreed upon."

    "Of course, my Lord," she had intoned, but he had not acknowledged it, merely clicking off, and vanishing into hyperspace.

    The Order was abounding with activity. The Seven were active, and she, as Voice, had all manner of direction to give. Their cultists had attacked various worlds as was decreed, as was planned, and the Apocalypse would be under way. Her Lord and Master were gone; there was no love shared between the man who was formerly Luke Skywalker and the woman who was formerly Mara Jade.

    Now, there was only Zorn and Tempera, and they were carnality and destruction combined.

    For a year, her Lord had been absent, searching the galaxy at large. For half of that, she had been sequestered from the One Sith as she completed her Master's Will.

    Retiring to the Chamber of the Vergence, she regarded the oubliette. A Sith design of the late Lord Dreypa, it had been designed to trap a Sith spirit, to prevent Karness Muur from causing the grief one would have expected of him. When they had recovered it as part of their research, the oubliette was empty, but it's mechanism was self-evident; to suppress the Force signature of it's occupant.

    Only two had been built, according to Legend, as the Sith were want to do.

    What you placed within the oubliette would be hidden entirely from the Force, and so, Tempera strode to the casket and, eyeing the droids attending the same. They objected to her constant use of the artefact, but it was necessary, though they were likely at the point where her merely opening it would telegraph. She was relying upon Zorn's arrogance, and his immediate leap into hyperspace, to hide to contents.

    It opened.

    The Force rippled.

    It was a different one to that of the awakening felt on various worlds, that had been mere serendipity; but fortuitous.

    Tempera trembled at the audacity of what she intended to do, but she needed to.

    For him.


    As Mace Windu left a malevolent but perplexed avatar of Sidious behind in the Beyond Shadows that lay between him and Anakin Skywalker, he would sense it, a new twist in the Force, hidden by the backdrop of the galaxy but now, Mortis told Mace what he needed to know.

    Qui-Gon's voice echoed out.

    "It is time to rejoin the galaxy. You have spoken to Anakin, and see that he will not stop his son; not until it is too late. The new Chosen One has been decided, and other threats abound; you know this, from the Holocron of Prophecy." Qui-Gon Jinn referred to the blue-cube shaped Holocron that had came into existence, regaling a tale of the past with Vader, of afuture of Ragnos and Kun reborn, of an invasion of invasions, of Caedus, of Krayt - before the ill-defined End of Time.

    It was time to depart, and depart in time.

    The Force rustled, though it was not clear.

    It rarely was, but the Dagger was here, and ready.


    The moment, the rude awakening, it occurred.

    Anakin would sense, as if it was beside him, whatever Tempera had revealed.

    He had a flash of a world, of a coven of black-robed Sith, and of an artefact, opened -

    The Force had not only awakened, but something else had been created, or perhaps unleashed.

    But it wasn't that which would draw his attention.

    Padme stood in the clearing, as clear as if alive; not blue limned like a spirit, but standing in the swamp in a softly blue robe; in another time, in a reality Anakin had glimpsed, it was the dress she was put into for her funeral.

    "Annie," she breathed out, softly.

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    IC: Orvac

    Coruscant, Senate District

    The Acolyte formerly known as Orvac was continuing to drag himself across the ground, inching towards the Senate building. Galen was in the middle of it all, and then the piece of metal dropped and the explosion occurred; it was part muffled, but it was a small device that was made even more smaller - and focused, shredding the man.

    But there was no time for a report by Fortis and Berko, for the three Acolytes rushed them, screaming inarticulately in some ancient foreign tongue, heavyset blaster rifles a striking contrast to their robes. Berko took a bolt to his arm before he had time to adjust from aiming at the blue lightsaber, to bracing himself from the controlled explosion, to recognizing the new threat, and he was down before he realised - Fortis would have to react quicker to avoid taking a hit.

    For Galen, the third, injured man, cried out and sought to run away, to which Huyang chimed in. "Should I pursue, Master?"

    The three before him threw their blaster rifles to the ground and withdrew a series of wicked looking curved blades which had glowing red edge to them; two a piece. In that moment they charged, roaring in the same tongue, charged. If Galen was to meet one of their blows on the red edge, there would be resistance, sufficient enough for the blade to skid off, though not truly block.

    Huyang made a noise of curiosity over the channel. "What an interesting dialect."

    TAG: @Bodhran777, @Lawbreaker
    Inside the Senate itself

    With amusement, Isolder led Gaeriel out of the sitting room, to a quiet corridor between the main Senate chamber and the entrance - and the gaggle of reporters desparate to catch a glimpse of then. The guards had dutifully opaqued the doors, so nobody could see him. Isolder took the the opportunity to smile down at the slender woman, and gestured for her to take a chair in the waiting room, a terribly ornate bronzium statue of some demagogue of the past looming over the small table.

    "The Chancellor is quite likely to cause Graul some grief, Madam" he opined, and she merely smiled back.

    "Please, call me Gaeri, all my friends do."

    "Oh," Isolder said, warming to the topic. "Friends?"

    "Or potential friends, perhaps?"

    "Graul will surely decide much of that. Though why Bakura would pick a war criminal to represent them I have no idea; you petitioned to join us, no?"

    Notwithstanding the vagaries of the words alleged war criminal that should have been evident in that sentence, Gaeriel swayed slightly, clearly deciding how best to reply. "Do we contradict you so, Prince Isolder?"

    "I confess that you do," Isolder said, making a steeple of his fingers, elbows on the arms of the chair. "You favour law and order, yet ignore the charges against Graul. You seek a centrist platform, yet were a Separatist world for four decades - and its capital for a time, no?"

    Gaeriel smiled again. "Oh, that's quite simple. We respect law and order, and indeed seek a strong and powerful central government to rule the galaxy; but one of our laws, based on Bakura. Nowhere else."

    "Ah," Isolder said, perplexed. "But Bakura is so far into the Outer Rim, away from most of the population centers of the galaxy -"

    "- but is well placed between the Known and Unknown, and indeed receives visitors from the distant Companion Besh galaxy at times - an intergalactic power, rather than a galactic one, like the New Republic seeks to be."

    "Perhaps, but - "

    There was a commotion by one of the entrances, and Isolder recognised Captain Girdun of the Coruscant Security Force stepping into the room, clearly looking for them. There was another man with him, but Girdun did not introduce him. He strode up to the Prince, who stood. "Your Highness, Ma'am," he said, abruptly.

    "Can we help? The Chancellor is with the Senator."

    "I know," Girdun said, darkly. "Please come with me so I don't have to explain the danger twice."

    "Danger?" Isolder said, his tone becoming harsher.

    "Twice, your Highness." With a knock, he led the others into the room. "My apologies Chancellor, Senator - I had to speak to you. There has been an incident in the Senate District."

    Promptly repeating the situation; the three groups of terrorists in the garments of the Acolytes of the Beyond, coupled with early rumours of similar attacks on Mandalore, Metellos, Nouane and other planets - and he went out of his way to confirm that a third party had intervened and was on his way to neutralise at least one of the groups. Other security officers were in the field, and the main point of contact was two private hires named Fortis and Berko, who had downed a bomber on his way in, and the attack had scattered.

    Gaeriel frowned. "We don't know the yield?"

    "No," Girdun said, finally turning to the sixth person in the room. "Allow me to introduce Huesunne Suials, of New Republic Intelligence. He would be best placed to assess what kind of weapons the Acolytes of the Beyond have access to, and indeed interpret any of the early reports we have."

    Indeed, Suials would have access to very unverified data about what the Acolytes had struck on the other worlds; a power station, on Metellos, an ancient clock-tower, on Nouane, a pub, of all things, on Mandalore, and so forth. Small-scale explosives, but Girdun's remit was domestic, not galactic, so he didn't have the most up-to-date data. Suials would also know that Intelligence had missed every one of these attacks, but seemingly the Coruscant one was the largest one.

    Isolder growled. "Chancellor, I would recommend that we evacuate the Senate."

    Gaeriel shook her head. "If the security forces have it in hand, then we will only create a lot of unnecessary commotion and stress, and maybe even appear weak in the face of this terror attack. We should stay."

    Girdun didn't have much to add; he had made his report, and he had no recommendations on an active situation, not one with an unknown third-party stepping in. But Aryan and Suial would also have two other elements to bring to the table; both had access to the Force, and both could sense that there was a Force user at large, and was likely the same person as the said mysterious third party.

    As a CSF captain, Girdun wanted to head to the field personally, but he had to manage an evacuation if it came to that.

    Even then, strictly speaking, Suial had been dropped right into the middle of it.

    TAG: @HanSolo29, @JediMasterAnne, @The Jedi in the Pumas
    In orbit, arriving

    The centre of the galaxy was just that; a scintillating jewel of light and life.

    It was also pomp, a ridiculous bureaucracy and a lot of waste.

    Such was the nature of governance.

    Jyn knew the world had barely recovered from the scourging that Ananke, had ordered to be inflicted upon the world. Rogue One slid into orbit, casually joining a series of freighters and lesser ships drifting into the reborn capital. Armed defence platforms held orbit, Golan III battlestations, designed to exchange blows with Star Destroyers and win out in the long run. Every avenue of approach was in targeting distance of a torpedo launcher or turbolaser. A strong defensive envelope was just what the New Republic stood for.

    They had left Qwi be during the trip, but now the nonhuman member opened the door and gestured with his rifle for the Omwati to head to the cockpit. Jyn was there, and called for her to join her.

    "Coruscant, yes. I'm handing you in and collecting the bounty. The New Republic will stick you in a nice padded cell until a nice and messy trial, and maybe, just maybe, I'll sneak out of hiding those strange TIEs." They were nearing atmosphere -

    A guttural noise, and Benthic pointed at the display -

    The ship shook and Jyn managed to stay in the chair, while Benthic clattered back. "We're hit!" Jyn shouted, slapping displays. They'd been shot at, and that wasn't all; a call blared out across the comms. "Transport Rogue One, you are off-course; please confirm."

    Jyn struggled with the controls even as Benthic slid further back, as the shuttle's tail dropped. Qwi would be at a loose end, depending whether she had made it to a seat or not. What to do? Flee? Rush Benthic? Help? Find a pod? Options were there for the Omwati to take.

    TGA: @Jerjerrod-Lennox
    IC: Aliyn Vel

    Mandalore, Keldabe

    The order went out and two dozen Mandalorians immediately unbelted. The skirmish was just in front of the beskar loading area, leaving them no disabused notion what the attack was about. Eight plain-clothes Acolytes of the Beyond, spouting in dar’jetii languages, four pinning down the auretiise traders in the area itself, and four having shot up what guards were in the area. One was unaccounted for – Marec – but with comms down, nobody was able to check unless they were counting bodies.

    A younger Mandalorian, a woman calling herself Aliyn, stepped up beside the Mandalore and her Hand, taking point. The others spread out to secure all exits in the immediate vicinity. Aliyn boosted herself atop one of the nearby residential blocks, sending flash-information to Linnett and Ka’rta.

    The sole robed man gestured to his Acolytes to stop shooting, and stepped forward.

    “I seek Mandalore the Pacifist; the one who has eroded your culture and made you weak, easy prey for my kind.” He gestured, diverting weapons that were suddenly pointed his way. “I am Jedgar. I was, once, a Sith that served Emperor Palpatine as advisor, and, later, Emperor Amedda. Once. Now, I am an acolyte who serves the True Dark Lord, Darth Zorn.

    The man produced a crimson blade. “I challenge Mandalore for the right to the darksaber. Sith have been Mandalore before, and now a former Jedi is. I wager my men against the Hand. Mere auretiise, surely no threat to two Heroes of the Galaxy?”

    The four plain-clothes men stepped clear from the places which they had been hiding behind, throwing down their blasters and producing wicked looking sickle daggers. They were offering personal combat to the Hand, and to the Mandalore; four against one Hand; a Sith against a Jedi.

    Two fights, just as important.

    TAG: @TheSilentInfluence, @galactic-vagabond422 (combo)
    Linnett Estate

    There was enough chaos from the earlier explosion, let alone the second, and Mirdala had his attention split with the rest of the family. That left Tor with Leia, but they were being watched. Owen strode over, leaning over them conspiratorially. "Buir knows what you are planning, Tor. You'll think about stealing a ship and going on your own adventure. Sounds great, until something goes wrong. Remember, you're part of Mandalore's clan; what you do could cause issues for everyone - and you're a target. A way to get Mandalore's crown, if they grab you."

    Owen nodded sagely, ignoring Jerod for the moment, who was caught up with the others too. "So here's the deal; I distract the adults and we take a ship on our own. Or, I tell them that you're looking dangerous and are about to steal one, and we'll stick a tracer on you. Maybe inside you, if that's what you want."

    He pointed at Tor. "Part of being a warrior is knowing when to listen. You're not all helmet, are you?" He quoted a popular Mandalorian catchphrase, about someone who had an over-inflated opinion of themselves - Ori'buyce, kih'kovid.

    "I mean, I know you'll sneak off at some point, you're smart, ad'ika, but with my way, I get the heat, not you." Owen wasn't so good with Mandalorian parlance but in the fourteen years since Ka'rta had reintegrated with society he had picked up a bit.

    Owen shrugged, looking Tor in the eyes.

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422, @TheSilentInfluence, @DarkLordoftheFins (outstanding Joren TAG with Marec and his Defel)
    IC: Luka

    Metellos, hospital

    The officer kept her glare on Luka, who kept his glare on Bernael, not using that name, of course.

    The dark side spoke to the Anzati, tugging him to haste. Or, perhaps, something else did. The traffic controller reached over and snatched the mask from the woman, who snapped at him. “Hey -”

    “Can’t you see that you’re torturing him -”

    “What is this commotion,” came a snap, and a Mon Calamari in a nurse uniform bustled in. “It’s disturbing the other patients.”

    Luka found himself looking at the mask, and, he swore, it looked back. He turned it away from him, peering at the back of it. Through the eye-holes. Was it him, or –

    The officer and the nurse descended into squabbles, the medic attempting to drive the interrogator away from her patient – alleged murderer or not, the man could stay here unmolested, Anzati or not – any investigation would take place when he was released from her care.

    TAG: @darthbernael (combo)
    IC: Arb Skynxnex


    When Rouser returned home, his door hanging off the hinges, and a solitary don’t cross yellow band lazily placed across the accessway - he was greeting by an eye-patched Arb, grinning. He was on the kitchen table, idling handling the statue. “So, you met Ike, and of course Patches, doing his double-cross shenanigans…”

    “Greetings, Dark Underlord,” he said, standing to attention, as if remembering his place. He bowed. “I served Lady Ananke, for a time, the vile murderess. She put me in a position where I had to obey her or die, and so I did,” he lamented, and the Force confirmed he was telling the truth, insofar as much as it resonated with what he said.

    “But I gather now you’re back to head to Criton’s Point, in the deep Outer Rim with me; to find old hyperspace routes and the like to give Black Sun the edge it needs against Crimson Dawn and the Hutts, or some-such.” A shrug. “Something Xim or Xer, I can never remember which.”

    He lifted a thumb to his eye-patch. “This was done by your friend – Ka’rta, and Linnett, too. They tried their best. I crossed paths with Aryan too, mind you. So, I basically clashed with all of the Heroes and Villains of the last war apart from you and, well, Feyna Organa herself – oh, and Luke Skywalker. Not all that interested in that confrontation, haveta be honest.”

    “Anyway,” Arb pointed at a duffel in the corner. “I packed a chunk of your wardrobe. You can check it if you want.” He brandished the small statue. “Want to bring this? Ike has a knack for finding things that prove useful later on…?”

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    IC: Marec
    Landing Platform, New Keldabe

    The four gunners inside the landing area dove away from Joren’s fire, while the robed Acolyte and the other four headed out to their confrontation with Mandalore and the Hand.

    They took cover and began to fire back at the motley array of surviving spacers, all of which were separated from Joren and Marec.

    ”Can you walk? We need to get into the ship!" He yelled at the man.

    Marec felt for the back of the armour, and realised the shot had impacted just beneath his neck, catching the plate instead of killing him. “That was lucky,” he muttered, casting his gaze back. “I’m alright, go, I’ll cover you!”

    Suiting action to words, he opened fire, but was himself already backing away, as their impromptu cover was evaporating under combined fire - it was merely a box, not beskar - Marec hoped the spacer - Jole, if he remembered correctly from their interaction - would be in position to reciprocate the cover fire when he entered the exposed sweet spot between the ramp and the box - a death wish without cover -

    If not, he’d need even more luck.

    TAG: @DarkLordoftheFins

    Because indtead I’m blind and stupid, I missed your reply. Apologies!
  24. Bodhran777

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    Nov 1, 2019
    IC: Gil Fortis
    Back Alleys, Coruscant

    Gil flinched hard when a piece of metal suddenly fell and landed directly on top of the fallen Acolyte, resulting in a muffled explosion that shook the immediate area. Whether he had been right about the dead man switch on the bomb or not, it mattered very little now, and they were all still breathing. For that, he was thankful. Now, however, he had a stranger with a blue glowing blade standing in the middle of the Acolytes, though thankfully he seemed to be with Gil and Berko, if only for the moment.

    Given the bomb had just been neutralized, Gil would have loved to share that detail, and he hoped his radio was still stuck on the open channel, but he had other issues at hand, namely the rushing attackers. As soon as Berko took the hit, Gil inched out and placed a blaster shot directly into the chest of the offending shooter, dropping him to pavement.

    With a swing of the rifle barrel, Gil opened fire on the other two. By this point, they were close enough that he had no excuses, at least in his mind, for missing them, and they both dropped with a few squeezes of the trigger. It was now that Gil finally got a look at the mystery man holding the glowing sword. From what little he knew about lightsabers, he knew they could cause more than their fair share of damage, and blue was usually a good sign as long as you weren’t making trouble. Otherwise, his understanding of Jedi and Sith was as solid as a peat bog on Dagobah.

    Looking from his cover, rifle still up, Gil looked over at Berko, noticing the blaster wound on his arm.

    “How bad is it? Got any stims with you?” He glanced back and forth from Berko to the Jedi, keeping an eye on danger while making sure his partner wasn’t about to expire on him.

    The wound recalled memories of his own similar experience while still in the military, and the scar he carried as a souvenir on his shoulder. The thought of it made his left shoulder itch, as if it were seizing the moment to get attention even though it had long since healed over. He had been lucky to get away with only the scar. Others in his squad had not been so lucky. Though he hadn’t been partnered with Berko long, he didn’t want him joining those squad mates who hadn’t walked away from that fight. He hoped the Rodian was as lucky as he’d been.

    Gil waited a moment to make sure he was clear to move, then quickly moved to where Berko was. He knelt in front of him, still facing the ongoing fight, then reached back to a pouch on the back of his belt and opened it to produce a small med kit and stim injection.

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  25. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Anakin Skywalker
    Dagobah, Dreamscape

    Anakin gasped. The Sith. He felt them, he felt their power as if they were right next to him. It was real and it was ... undefinable. He had never felt something like this before. He had faced many evils. This felt different.

    Dark robes. A room. Nowhere was his son. It was his doing though.

    Then he saw Padme. He almost smelled her. Almost felt her.

    "You are a memory, are you?" He felt the tears in his eyes. His hands trembled. "So they start getting to me I guess. Who would more perfectly represent my need to act? I know I am not as strong as I made Master Windu believe. I know I am not as sure. Yes, I starve our son. I oppose what he has become by not confronting him. But he becomes stronger. Every second he grows more powerful. I allow it. Have I waited too long?" He raised his eyes and looked at her.

    "Look at me old stubborn fool. Resisting destiny, Obi-Wan and all the Jedi by turning peaceful just when everybody wants me to grab my lightsaber and be a warrior. I wish you were here. I could need you clarity." He stepped to the projection of his wife. "I am afraid, Padme. I am afraid I am making a mistake. No matter what I do."

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    Joren Sole
    Landing Platform, New Keldabe

    Joren made good use of the offer and dived out of cover quickly making his way into his ship. Then he looked back and saw the Mandalorian had not followed him. He realized he probably had to return the favor, aimed and opened his cover fire with a well aimed shot at the closest attacker, before wildly shooting at them to make them go for cover. "Come!" He yelled, ready to punch the button and close the ramp as soon as the Mandalorian got on board.

    Tag: @Sinrebirth