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Star Wars Star Wars: Episode V: Twilight of the Force II: A Father’s Fate

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Nov 5, 2019.

  1. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Anakin Skywalker
    Dagobah, Dreamscape

    Anakin gasped. The Sith. He felt them, he felt their power as if they were right next to him. It was real and it was ... undefinable. He had never felt something like this before. He had faced many evils.

    Dark robes. A room. Nowhere was his son. It was his doing though.

    Then he saw Padme. He almost smelled her. Almost felt her.

    "You are a memory, are you?" He felt the tears in his eyes. His hands trembled. "So they start getting to me I guess. Who would more perfectly represent my need to act? I know I am not as strong as I made Master Windu believe. I know I am not as sure. Yes, I starve our son. I oppose what he has become by not confronting him. But he becomes stronger. Every second he grows more powerful. I allow it. Have I waited too long?" He raised his eyes and looked at her.

    "Look at me old stubborn fool. Resisting destiny, Obi-Wan and all the Jedi by turning peaceful. I wish you were here. I could need you clarity." He stepped to the projection of his wife. "I am afraid, Padme. I am afraid I am making a mistake. No matter what I do."

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    Joren Sole
    Landing Platform, New Keldabe

    Joren made good use of the offer and dived out of cover quickly making his way into his ship. Then he looked back and saw the Mandalorian had not followed him. He realized he probably had to return the favor, aimed and opened his cover fire with a well aimed shot at the closest attacker, before wildly shooting at them to make them go for cover. "Come!" He yelled, ready to punch the button and close the ramp as soon as the Mandalorian got on board.

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  2. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Combo with @Sinrebirth as Luka, near the end movement of Luka approved by GM

    IC Bernael
    Chaos A’Coming

    As Bernael let his ‘hysteria’ die down, his mind thanked the nurse for arriving when she did. The whole act here had been to cause enough noise to draw the hospital staff. The more chaos the sooner the better it would be. He could have played it even longer but he could feel that other forces were at play and approaching and this place was his to bring to the long night, the others could bring chaos but would find only him waiting at the end.

    As the officer and the nurse began to argue about what was more important, him being calm and ‘getting well’ or getting to the bottom of the investigation he saw that the one called Luka had seen the mask.

    Inside, the darkness howled in a bloodthirsty joy as the controller picked it up. Keeping a crazed look on his face and in his eyes, he watched as the mask was turned, brought closer to Luka’s own face. He knew the amount of Dark energy that was imbued in that mask and how even a normal being could be affected by it. ‘This may give me just the distraction I need to continue on my mission.’

    At the last minute he called out weakly “Don’t….” knowing it was too late for the being before him, Luka was already caught up in the energy’s pull and Bernael could feel it.

    Luka felt himself putting the mask on his face before he even realised. The medic, Nurse Reficule, and the officer caught sight of the Anzati and turned immediately. Then it touched the controllers face and in a flash of purple, the edges dug into his face and he screamed, falling over and kicking at the bed.

    The officer drew a blaster from a hidden pocket, to the protestations of the Nurse, but not a moment later Luke was standing, mouth askance as if he was not even present.


    The jaw worked, but the words dug deep into the minds of all around, the energy Bernael had infused into the mask speaking in his true voice. The voice of chaos itself.

    Fear blossomed throughout the floor of the hospital floor as suddenly the lights all went out. A second later the emergency lights lit and the sounds of medical equipment beeping in low power mode began sounding all around Bernael's room. With the shift, it could be forgiven that the nurse and security officer didn't notice Bernael's eyes shifting to full black as they were focused completely on the possessed Luka.

    He moved quicker than either could have thought possible toward the duo, even as the officer trained her blaster on him. Bernael, seemingly frozen in shock in the bed, watched as Luka reached them. His mind leapt out in the chaos, stirring it in waves emanating from his room like ripples in a pond from a dropped stone. And then the screams began, the first cutting off into a bloody gurgle as Luka's bloody fist reemerged from the officers chest, wrapped around the spinal cord it ripped out.

    Even as the possessed beings head turned toward Bernael, his hand swept to the side, wielding the remains of the spine as a whip, catching the nurse in her temple, dropping her to the floor in an untidy heap, her neck making a dry twig cracking sound as she fell.

    Bernael shrieked, adding to the chaos as he leapt from the bed, grabbing what of his gear was in the closet by him, and racing from the room. Luka followed slowly, one hand dripping blood, pieces falling from spine still in his hand, a death rictus on his face.

    Bernael ran, wrapping his cloak around him as he did so, occasionally pulling a nurse or patient behind him as he ran, trying to get distance between himself and Luka. He sensed where the lift was but knew that the time it would take for it to arrive Luka could reach him so he headed for the stairwell. Behind him he could hear the chaos deepening.

    Luka stalked forward, following Bernael, easy enough to do as he could see the bodies being flung into his path. As he moved forward he painted the walls in blood and viscera, mangled bodies dropping around him as he used his fists, feet, and any sharp object he came across as weapons. Screams and gurgling moans followed his wake as the hospitals alarms began screaming. By the time he reached the stairwell, door slowly closing behind his target, the floor was in complete chaos, few in the path of the storm had escaped unscathed.

    Bernael raced into the stairs, leaping down whole flights as he descended toward ground level. Unfortunate beings in his way were either knocked over the railing as he ran, flattened against the wall, or leapt over. He gave no warning as to what was chasing him. As he ran he worked his way into the garments he’d worn, the mishmash of armor that had covered him socketing into place. He’d have to acquire weapons elsewhere but that was for later.

    As evenly paced as ever, the possessed Luka followed Bernael. Those that had escaped the rushing Anzati and had not ducked into the nearest floor then met the demon that was following. From time to time Bernael would hear a dopplering scream as someone went flying over the railing and fell past him. Luka continued steadily, keeping his footing on the stairs now becoming slick with bodily fluids.

    Finally reaching the ground floor, Bernael rushed out of the stairwell, hood now up, concealing his features to a degree. He encountered a trio of security guards as he exited. Rushing up to them, then beyond he cried out, “Stop it! It’s coming for me!” He continued backing away from the stairwell, senses pointing the way to the exit.

    Luka exited the stairwell a few moments later. His head turned, seeking Bernael as he backed away.


    The word hung in the air, malice, hunger, and terror radiated from the being standing there. Blasters began firing, the trio overcome with terror trying to stop whatever it truly was that had appeared. As Bernael reached the exit he could see that Luka was barely hit, only minor wounds to his arms and legs, the guards terror having thrown off their aim. The gore that covered the possessed being only increased as he leapt among the guards and quickly, violently, took them apart, wrenching a head around on one, taking his blaster and neatly drilling a hole through the chest of the second, then a rapid fusillade of shots, riddling the body of the third.

    Bernael burst out of the hospital doors, the citizens around the entrance already ducking for cover, hearing the sounds of shots from inside. And then the glass of the entrance blew out as Luka burst through them, drenched in the bodily fluids of the victims he’d left in his wake. Bernael raced away, seeking, then finding an alley that got him out of sight.

    Luka followed, even as the sounds of sirens erupted on nearby streets, security racing toward the hospital in response to the alarms. He entered the alley, finding Bernael standing there, cloak now deep black, hood up, waiting.

    The possessed being stalked forward until a pair of paces from Bernael, then seemed to lose steam, dropping to his knees, arms hanging loosely by his sides. “You chose poorly, controller, but you did not know what you faced.” a voice very similar to that of the mask sounded in Luka’s ears as his head tilted up and the mask let him see what stood before him. It was the shape of the Anzati he’d seen in the hospital bed but it was no cowering, fearful being, it was as if the void of space had taken form.

    The hand of this being reached out and, with a small sound, the mask detached itself from Luka. As it did the knowledge of what he’d done flooded in, “Why??? Why did I kill all those people??” he begged the shape.

    The hand turned the mask and soon a pair of deep black pools looked out from the eyelets of the mask, down at him. “It was time to move on and that encounter, you, provided the means. This world will die and you will bear witness, having allowed it to begin. Who knows, you may be the only to survive from this world, if they don’t take revenge on you when they get here.”

    And then the being before him slowly vanished from sight, the last to disappear was the mask, one eye winking at him before the being was gone, bringing death and destruction to this world. All that was left was one broken, tormented, flight controller, still kneeling in the alley as Security cautiously approached.

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  3. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Darth Zorn
    Personal Ship, Leaving Unknown Planet

    Darth Zorn looked at the creature and smiled.

    "Flattering. Teasing. Hinting. I guess you are good with those unsure of their path or destiny, right?" He sat in the co-pilot chair and closed his hands to fists.

    "This Ananke will be taken care of in time. She missed her chance. I was much weaker a decade ago." He closed his eyes as Vergere used his father and smiled. The creature studied him as he studied it.

    "I don't think Palpatine had any secret apprentices. He knew his destiny lay with my father. It so obviously did. You guys were there to cover the time between moves. No matter how powerful we grow, we are all trapped by destiny." He opened his eyes again.

    "So you want the Sith to return to their former glory? What exactly is that? Hiding in the shadows provoking wars and hoping their plans work out? Your Master was quite a Sith, was he? Yet, it all depended on corruption. A dangerous game, as all it needed was one man to look through it and he failed. Maybe had the Chosen One not appeared ..." Zorn leaned forward.

    "You must understand the Sith will never rule the galaxy. Philosophies don't rule. They inspire rulers. One Sith will rule. It is a question of claiming the destiny to do so. One man failed. One man denied himself the power. One man needs to fulfill the destiny." Zorn hissed out. "I will be this last man. It is my destiny, making me so powerful and the same time so weak. I am trapped by it. As I said: We are all trapped by destiny."

    Zorn leaned over to Vergere. "So are you." He moved closer to the thing. "You were not chosen. Like Wyyrlock was not chosen. How could I defeat him? Barely a Sith Lord, trained only in the most rudimentary arts of the Dark Side. How did I best him? He had a destiny, too. He was the one I had to kill to become ... me." Zorn licked his lips. "So this plan of yours ... don't deny you have a plan, it is terribly obvious you do ... is it part of my destiny? Or is it standing against it? I don't know yet. But I know what will happen if it is the second. I was and I am inevitable. Only one man stands in my way. Only one man can make me fail. The one whose destiny it was to be me." He leaned back. "My father."

    Zorn breathed in and felt the cold embrace again. It no longer weakened him. The depth of this darkness ... he had learned to feed of it.

    "So we shall see Vergere what your part is in this eternal game?" Zorn summoned the darkness around him and watched the charges of blue lightning dance between his fingers. "Who are your Masters by the way?"

    The way he said it made it clear the answer was probably more than information to him. It was a test. If Vergere would decide to play games Zorn would set the rules and they would include a lot of elements the feathered wanna-be Sith Disciple would probably dislike.

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  4. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth :)

    IC: Pascale Rouser, Arb Skynxnex
    Location: Rouser/Xux residence, Nouane City, Nouane

    When Pascale returned home he shook his head. Jyn had blown the door off its hinges, luckily there was no damage inside. However it seemed he had a visitor and Arb had managed to pack a bag for him.

    It seemed strange to have someone stand to attention in front of him, most of the time it was him doing the genuflecting to other high ranking crime lords.

    Arb meanwhile was bragging about basically losing an eye and meeting some of his former acquaintances and Aryan. Nothing had changed there it seemed. His sincerity flowed through the Force although when it came to his fellow mercenaries who knew what they were thinking.

    "And so you have decided to join Black Sun he said moving indoors, past Arb towards where the bag was sitting "About to come with our merry little band to basically try to beat your former employers" he shook his head "Ike must have given you quite the credit haul to keep you honest"

    Pascale searched the bag, his suits were there as well as his 'safari' kit. There were bits for Qwi too. He headed into the bedroom to grab his weapons and his datapad which was safely locked away before quickly getting changed into one of his usual cream suits and shoes, white shirt, black tie and lastly his Panama hat, blaster safety in its holster and vibroknives sheathed on his belt.

    He returned back into the main room his eyes focusing on Arb "You must have been well paid to disobey Ananke, you do know that she may come for you if she finds out you have joined us" he shrugged "But I suppose we may need someone of your talents shall we say to get what we need."

    He folded his arms "My question is, what are you doing here?. And why should I trust you to get the job done?"

    "Who knows, kiddo?" Arb said, with a shrug. He was feeling his way into this role, still. "Ike asked for me, and he pulls the strings of old Arb, right now."

    "Credits, and all that," he said with a shrug. "Though, would you believe, I used to work for old Palpatine once. Took me a while to figure it out, mind you, him being Darth Sidious and all that. Scary bastard; scarier than Ananke, in some ways."

    He shrugged. "I'll take my chances with her. She got tempted by the sun, came too close to it." He looked Rouser up and down."Looking good, Dark Underlord, hafta give you that."

    Another lazy gesture."Statue?"

    Pascale stepped forward and took the statue "Might as well keep it, it was a gift from Ike after all" he popped into the bag "Besides as you say it might become useful later. And if not i'll just add it to my collection"

    He folded his arms again "So you seem to have worked with a few homicidal maniacs in your time, and your reputation does of course precede you. I can see why Ike possibly asked you to come along, perhaps it's your brawn rather than brains, or perhaps you know something I don't about Criton's Point and the routes Black Sun is looking for"

    "I have the brains to know when to get out, if you know what you mean."

    Pascale probed with the Force a little "So tell me, why have you come to find me here?. And how do you know Ike?"

    At the nudge, Arb's head slightly turned, and then he chimed in. "I was keeping tabs on Ike; he figured it out, as he does, and offered me a job. So, here I am." A grin played across his lips. "I mean - I wanted to get to know the legendary Pascale Rouser. I heard you met Emperor Amedda before Luke Skywalker died. I know Ike had a hand in shipping some very expensive statues for him to the Ultimate Weapon... maybe I'm curious where they are?"

    Pascale raised an eyebrow "And so thanks to Ike, he whisked you away from Crimson Dawn just like that and offered you probably an exuberant amount of money all so you can come on this magical mystery tour" he shook his head once again probing with the Force "And so you also decided to swap one criminal for another, and I bet you were one of the ones who burnt Coruscant to the ground. At best you should be in a cell, at worst you should be like her, waiting for justice to be put upon you"

    He shrugged "As for me, I am only legendary because I get the job done and I was labeled a war criminal for siding with the Separatists a bit. And you could say that I did have a little chat with him, it was more about more than anything else. And Luke Skywalker isn't dead, he's announced himself as a Dark Lord and basically wants to watch us all burn" again he raised an eyebrow "Thought you would know about that"

    "As to the statues I have no clue where they are. It seems Ike though was not above getting his hands dirty either ..."

    "It would be a shame if they went up with the Ultimate Weapon. How disappointing, if so." Arb shrugged. "Worth their weight in neuranium, they are... though what you and the Emperor of the galaxy consider lore and chitchat, is probably worth a few credits itself."

    He seemed to chew over that. The Luke point was moot to him, for now. "Alright then," he said, brushing himself off."Ready to go?" He produced a lighter, and lit it, all prepared.

    Pascale did a final check of the bag before picking it up "As ready as I will ever be I suppose," he said. His probes hadn't worked and the point about Luke Skywalker now being Zorn had either skipped Arb's mind ...or there was something else.

    "You seem to be very interested in those statues yourself, fancy earning a credit by grabbing them I suppose?" Pascale said raising an eyebrow "A mercenary such as yourself would know all about them, correct?"

    He tipped his head to the side "And why have you got a lighter?"

    Not answering the query about the statues, Arb merely grinned.“To destroy any evidence I was ever here, of course.”

    He dropped it, and as it went it caught the tablecloth even before it hit the carpet.

    Oh no you don't…..

    Pascale reaching out with the Force and one hand grabbed the tablecloth and whipped it out from under Arb, he didn't care if it tipped him off the table, the main thing was stopping his and Qwi's residence from going up in flames. With his other hand he grabbed the lighter again with the Force and called it to his hand.

    The tablecloth he scrunched into a ball, it was at the moment a ball of flame. He would have to be quick, he would have to toss it away or….

    "I see your sadism is still about" said Pascale with a slight smile "You like burning things do you?. Does it give you immense pleasure?" He shook his head "Did you have a good time while Coruscant burned?" He snorted "Barbarian"

    His eyes turned to ice "If you think you can burn my home down which I have made with my girlfriend, think again. If you think I am an easy ride because I am a gentleman, think again." He inched the ball of flame closer "You could say I could do the galaxy a favour and set you on fire, perhaps send you to the New Republic wrapped in a pretty little bow as a present"

    "Now, you put a toe out of line, I will have you dealt with" he prepared to throw the ball one way or the other "So, shall we conclude this messy chapter and get down to business?"

    Arb grinned, unfazed by the threat. “There is the Dark Underlord I was looking for. I didn’t think much of the suggestion you were forced into Black Sun kicking and screaming.”

    “Let’s go then, my lord. I am yours to command,” he said with a half-bow. “I promise not to burn any more planets to the ground for murderess Dark Lords again.”

    Arb seemed to be taking it all in his stride and seemed unfazed by the fact that Pascale was either about to kill him or shop him off to the New Republic. He was no barbarian, he would have rather have sent him off to face justice. But in the underworld you had to make sure the menace was still there.

    And as Dark Underlord he had to not only command respect but make sure that anyone that stood in his way or messed with him was dealt with. Qwi would have been shocked if she had seen him now.

    I'm in the thick of it again he thought with a sigh. Do this job then find Qwi and get her back. I promised her I would and I will do it.

    "Let's just say it was the lesser of two evils" he said his face remaining serious and tossing the fireball out the door to dissipate harmlessly outside "Follow me, i'll show you the way to where my yacht is parked"

    As he exited he turned his head around "Oh and if you do decide to have sadistic tendencies whilst doing this job, stow them. I prefer not to work with animals, but I suppose needs must…"

    He took one more look at the place he and Qwi shared. They had made it their home, their love nest. Now wrecked thanks to Jyn Erso and her New Republic friends.

    Perhaps though one day they would be able to return.


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  5. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Qwi Xux
    Location: Aboard Rogue One, approaching Coruscant.

    She had been left alone to think and to ponder her next steps. The unknown craft still concerned her, why were they showing up now?And why come after military science officers?. Could it be that they wanted a new weapon built?. A weapon to destroy a new threat or even the New Republic itself?.

    She wished Pascale was here with her. He would at least provide a comforting presence and they could help solve the puzzle together. Qwi knew though that Pascale would not stay on Nouane for long now, hopefully he had gotten off safety and was off on another adventure before he tried to get her back.

    Now though to her present predicament. She was no fighter that was for sure, Jyn and the alien looked like they had been fighters for a long time. That option was out, she was also not particularly good at firing a blaster even though the Empire and Pascale had taught her how to use one in self defence.

    She would bide her time though and solve this equation as it came and any opportunity presented itself. After all you could never rush an equation such as this.

    The alien eventually came and ordered her into the cockpit. It seemed they had reached their destination. And that destination was Coruscant. It looked as beautiful as it did in the holos an entire planet covered in city, a sprawling cosmopolitan metropolis bouncing back from being totally annihilated.

    And as Jyn pointed out as she took a seat she was being brought here to stand trial. To face years in a prison all alone. No Pascale, no friends, just her and those padded walls. Qwi supposed she could have fled before but both she, Pascale and possibly Ike would have ended up dead.

    It was then that the ship took a hit and the tail end dropped backwards. The alien guard was down and basically going backwards down the ship and Jyn was struggling. It seemed the opportunity was now to do something….

    Of course this could be their mystery guest trying to get her this time. It could follow them all the way down to the surface or even just kill them outright. But if they wanted her alive all they had to do was disable the ship. Now she had to think.

    This was a Skipray blastboat, commonly used by the Empire, designed by Sienar Fleet Systems, it was basically a mobile gunship packed with weaponry. But if they were up against a starfighter it could easily dodge out of the way. Skipray's also did not carry escape pods which was a shame. She could have gotten down below and gotten some allies to get back offworld again.

    So the only options were to fight or to flee. To fight them both would end up with her getting injured or worse, but she could not sit idly by while the mystery guest ship took potshots at them.

    They couldn't stay on Coruscant, it was too dangerous. One way or the other their mystery guest would find her again. Their only hope was to get out of the Coruscant system and jump somewhere. Perhaps they could even take potshots at the ship back just to say they were there.

    With a strength that even surprised her she sprang forward and grabbed Jyn from behind, grabbing her holstered blaster along the way and shoving Jyn backwards as hard as she could.

    "We stay here, we die" she said simply popping the blaster in the waistband of her trousers "And I don't fancy entering Coruscant in a fireball. You want me to go to trial?. It will happen eventually but this equation is faltering, it needs a new path"

    Pascale had taught some piloting skills to her and so it was time to use them. Pulling the stick she sent the ship sharply up and out of the traffic lane. It would catch thier attacker by surprise at least for the moment.

    She brought the ship bacjk out into space and activated the comm "This is Rogue One, we are under attack from an unknown vessel. We have moved out of the lane to make sure other vessels are not in danger"

    She would now have to find a place to hopefully jump to and that the vessel would not follow. Or hope that Coruscant's air defenses or squadrons would take care of it.

    Of course there was still the alien and Jyn to deal with….

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  6. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    Ka'rta (A combo post with @Sinrebirth )
    New Keldabe City

    The Hand of the Manda'lor snarled as the 'Sith' bloviated from his perch. So that was what they were after to challenge for the throne. Thinking that Madelyn didn't have the stomach for fighting now that she was ruler. They would find that it wouldn't be that easy not while Ka'rta lived. The four 'acolytes' stepped forth throwing down their blasters and drawing knifes. Did they not notice her pistols still in her hands? As the challenge was laid down. She turned her head to the side, looking to her friend. Madelyn couldn't rightly ignore it not with all of Mandalore watching.

    Though did that extend to her? Her skin crawled at the thought of having to show any respect to these monsters that attacked, that showed no honor themselves. Attacking from the shadows, causing a scene. If one wanted to do it marched on the Estate, challenge at the doorstep of the Mandalore, or in the throne room, the sight of many fights. They were just making a spectacle. They wanted a gladiatorial show down. Suits a Sith to go for the show rather than the reality.

    The fight for the throne was clear, once it had been offered it could not be rejected...lest one invite whispers...Ka'rta on the other hand...was not bound by these rules. She was the Hand, the enforcer of the will of the Manda'lor. With a snarl she raised her pistols taking aim considering it for a second before looking to her Vode.

    "I...Accept" With three quick pulls, she sent three bolts towards her challengers.

    Four on One wasn't very honorable now wasn't it, and the challenge had been offered, she accepted...that meant the fight was already on. She charged forward stowing her pistols and drawing her blade in a fluid motion.

    The bolts ripped into the three men, startling them and sending them to the ground. They rolled, revealing holes in their clothes but body armour beneath them - though one had taken a shot in the throat and was done.

    There was an approving rumble through the crowd; the Mandalorians approved, though there was as much attention on Linnett.

    Only one managed to get back to their feet quickly, scrabbling for a weapon, by the time Ka'rta rushed into the fourth. The other was splayed out, stretching for his blaster to equalise matters. The fourth man lashed out, aiming for Ka'rta's neck but mostly off-target out of the surprise of Ka'rta's attack.

    Seeing the strike coming she dropped her chin, crouching down a little and letting the blade scrap off the rounded top of her helmet. Snapping upwards she drove her blade into the underside of the man's chin sending it through his skull. With a quick turn she rushed the next one careful to put him between her and his comrade looking for a blaster. One arm wrapped around the back of his head the other guided the point of her knife into a gap in the armor, right at the waist. It would be a bloody mess but she didn't have time to be careful.

    Boots hammered into the back of the acolytes back as the blade stabbed into his side, causing him to cry out and drop his weapon. The sole survivor didn’t let Ka’rta have a time to react - he shot the stabbed man in the back of the head, which exploded a mass of gore over Ka’rta’s visor.

    Standing and dropping the blaster, the survivor recovered a blade, and then another, moving to engage Ka’rta - hopefully before she recovered.

    She turned in a rage wiping what remained of the one acolyte's head from her visor. His vision was already streaked with red as she saw the last one rushing toward her dual blades shining in the sunlight. She was just able to get her guard up in time to parry the first attack then the second. Bringing her elbow in a strike that was meant for her ribs was deflected and she thrust her blade up looking to open the man's throat.

    This one was a fighter, and he was pushing off her block, meaning he was off angle; the blade skimmed his throat, and the acolyte grinned, leaning into the damage and bringing his arm up under her neck, intending to hook his foot around the back of hers, and send her to the ground with his arm pressed to her throat and a blade under her arm.

    It was a fluid move, but reliant upon him surprising her and her not standing her ground - on him being stronger than her.

    Potential over-assumption, there.

    This was where her training with Mirdala came in use. Her partner was good at grappling, using his strength and height as leverage against her. This fighter while trained and good, was not Mirdala. While she might not have been stronger than her attacker, she did have instincts and prior training. Her unbound leg moved to the outside of her opponent's leg giving her a moment of stability in that moment she stabbed her blade into the acolyte's exposed armpit as it was busy applying pressure to her throat.

    Her weight was still falling backwards but, hopefully he would have a punctured lung and a severed artery by the time they hit the ground.

    He did have both of those, but they landed heavily.

    The Mandalorians paused, a collective moment of wonder who had won - grappling was notoriously difficult to follow from the outside, and he had landed on her, which implied she had lost.

    It wasn't the case, of course.

    She quickly pulled her blade from his arm throwing the body, not quite lifeless, but not getting back up, off her. Her dark armor dripped with blood, her boots were standing in a slowly growing pool of the other man's lifeforce. She looked to her friend and her fight...using all of her control not to intervene...This was a fight only Madelyn could take...and it hurt her to just stand there and watch.

    Linnett Estate

    Tor looked at Owen, the old man that had taught her mother, that watched over her when she was old enough to fight, but not old enough to fight on her own. He was offering something she'd always wanted a chance. A chance to finally put her skills to the test. She looked to Leia then back to the others. A devious smirk bloomed across her face. She wanted to take his offer, not the tracker that just sounded like a hassle and besides she could ditch him easy enough. He was old and slow. Though his use of mandalorian phrase did give her pause. Her mother did order her to stay and look after Leia and Alfred...though if they came with her...she would still be watching out for them wouldn't she? The flawless logic of a girl that didn't know any better and just wanted to be out there, where the action was. Though she had no idea where she would go...though from what her buir would talk about at home, there were dangers everywhere. It wouldn't take long for them to get into trouble.

    "Say Leia…" She started looking at her much younger sister. "Want to go on an adventure?" She looked to the adults nearly vibrating with energy ready to just take the ship and fly off...She knew her mother would be safe...nothing could hurt her. And she would finally be out from under her protective gaze and could finally breathe.

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  7. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Senator Aryan Graul
    Senate Building, Coruscant

    The interruption came at the most opportune time. Had his conversation with the Chancellor been allowed to continue along on its current trajectory, Aryan feared that things would have devolved into a prolonged debate on the merits of his past actions. While he was more than prepared to defend himself against the various allegations, it would have certainly sidetracked them from focusing on matters that were far more relevant to their cause.

    However, uncertainty and doubt quickly supplanted his relief when he heard why Captain Girdun and his companion had decided to impose on their meeting. According to their intelligence reports, another series of terrorist attacks had ravaged a sector of the Senate District. Rumors suggested that this was part of a concentrated effort that had stretched beyond their borders – to Mandalore, Nouane, and Metellos. A fringe group calling themselves the Acolytes of the Beyond had claimed responsibility for the violence.

    Aryan frowned at the name and leaned forward against the table, his hands resting casually under his chin. The group did not sound familiar to him on the surface. He could not recall any details, either through his lessons with Master Kuro or his own research, that may help him uncover the truth behind this mystery. The only thing he had to work with was how strikingly similar this incident was to the previous attack on the Senate all those years ago.

    Had they done that on purpose? Did they want this to emulate the Dark Jedi Rebellion of 0 ATA? Perhaps as a precursor to what was to come?

    Of course, they all knew what had happened last time – it had led them to war. Even now, Aryan could feel the darkness lingering at the fringes of his consciousness, threatening to descend upon everything like a heavy shroud. The attacks had spurred something into motion; another awakening of sorts, though it contrasted heavily with the first one he had felt as it rippled perceptibly through the Force. What did it mean?

    As the others began to discuss their options and whether it was an appropriate response to evacuate the Senate, Aryan drew inward and opened himself up to the many pathways the Force provided him as a guide. He had every intention of delving deeper to find answers, but he soon became distracted by a single spark that brushed across his awareness – an unexpected presence that pulsed vibrantly against the chaos that had consumed the Senate plaza. There was no mistaking this distinct feature; he had discovered another Force user.

    At first, he only assumed that there was a link between this strange presence and the Acolytes themselves, but then he recalled Girdun’s summary of the situation and how a third-party interloper had intervened with his operations on the ground. A small smile pulled at the corner of Aryan’s lips at this realization – this Force user was the unknown benefactor. How quaint.

    Clearing his throat, the Senator straightened his posture and canted his head to regard the Chancellor and the two New Republic officers. “If I may Chancellor, Captain,” he raised his brow and gestured to them idly. “I completely agree with Lady Captison and her assessment – I don’t believe this situation warrants such rash action, especially if the threat is largely contained. Let’s allow the Captain to do his job, shall we?”

    He puffed out his chest slightly and adopted a more contented expression, exemplified by the perpetual smirk that remained on his lips. “However, I do have some information that may prove beneficial to those efforts.” Aryan shifted his gaze marginally and gave Girdun a knowing look. “The mysterious third-party that dropped in on you unexpectedly? I think you would like to know that he is a Force user.”

    Before the others could ask how he knew, Aryan decided to indulge them with a vague explanation. “Let’s just say that I’ve discovered certain…aspects about myself that I wasn’t aware of before,” he remarked with a small shrug, his tone surprisingly calm. “I didn’t spend the last fourteen-years simply hiding, after all.”

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    IC: Owen
    Linnett Estate, New Keldabe, Mandalore

    The Estate, out in the distance from New Keldabe itself - almost a mini-community on the outskirts - had its own private area for ships, and Owen grinned at Tor and Leia and looked for Mirdala. The man was busy with Alfred, as much as Jerrod was involved in everything else. Leia had yet to comment, but either way he would be taking Tor. It would do her good; to see the real galaxy.

    "Mirdala, I am just taking Tor to look at my ship, keep her out of trouble."

    He nodded absently, containing a tantrum of some kind. Owen snorted.

    "Do you need to grab anything before we go? Didn't you have a pack ready for hunting with buir?"

    @TheSilentInfluence (outstanding, updated), @galactic-vagabond422
    New Keldabe proper

    It was done; four assailants down, and the general approval of the crowd echoed out; a few even slammed a gauntlet to their chestplate in approval. That left Linnett to handle the remainder Acolyte, who was already dancing forward. The Mandalorian above it all, Aliyn, reached out to Ka'rta. "Hand, the blaster-fight is intensifying in the port. Permission to lay down cover fire for you?"

    It was up to Ka'rta if she stayed and watched her Mandalore face the Acolyte, Jedgar grinning malevolently.

    He had barely survived being killed in the purge of the Dark Jedi that Amedda had led, intending to cut apart the dark side order that Palpatine had made to support his Sith. The Inquisitors were all gone, but the Prophets of the Dark Side had offered themselves to Lord Zorn and his One Sith with malevolent glee.

    Once Skywalker was dead...

    ... they would take everything.

    Chaos would rule at last.

    @TheSilentInfluence (outstanding, combo fight), @galactic-vagabond422,
    Port, slightly away from the Duel for the Crown


    Marec fell over himself to rush, hearing the dull ache of a man shot dying from Joren's lucky shot. What a mad man. The ramp began to raise, and Marec rolled to the floor as bolts impacted the inner bulkhead, two blasts zipping by Joren's face. The ramp shut and there was a dull sigh, and as Marec looked back to Joren, he wondered what the noise was - but then more blasts hit the ramp.

    "We need to go!"

    Marec grinned. "You have some Jetiise luck, you know that?" He pointed at the holes in the wall. "You should be dead, you know that?" He slapped Joren on the arm, hard. "Do we have any guns on this thing?"

    TAG: @DarkLordoftheFins
    IC: Not-Padme


    "Look at me old stubborn fool. Resisting destiny, Obi-Wan and all the Jedi by turning peaceful just when everybody wants me to grab my lightsaber and be a warrior. I wish you were here. I could need you clarity."
    He stepped to the projection of his wife. "I am afraid, Padme. I am afraid I am making a mistake. No matter what I do."

    Padme stepped forward, with a soft smile to her lips. "While you are afraid, Annie, you can't act. You shouldn't - you'll just trip over yourself, and you won't be your best self. We will need your best to save our son."

    She seemed to need to catch her breath. "I forgive you, Anakin - do you understand that? For Alderaan; for Coruscant; even for Daala. I forgave you for Dooku and the Sand People and everything in-between. You aren't a bad person - you saved us by stopping Palpatine. You saved everyone."

    TAG: @DarkLordoftheFins
    IC: Berko
    Coruscant, streets

    “How bad is it? Got any stims with you?”
    Berko had just about managed to keep track of what Gil was saying, slipping back into his native Rodese as the pain made it difficult to concentrate. He swiped a hand for the med kit that Gil offered, missing, but clearly needing it.

    The Jedi, in-fact Galen Marek, was busy with the survivors, a CSF gunship tentatively moving forward; the old Republic LAAT/i design had been repurposed by the Coruscant Security Force, painted in grey to avoid the associated with the black and sleek transports of the Empire - even though many of the officers here had served beside Stormtroopers in the years gone by. The Acolytes had rushed Marek, and his droid aide was holding ready to intervene.

    Spotlights sought to illuminate the brawl and indeed Marek.

    Girdun, the young but grizzled officer who had been leading the operation, had yet to say anything further but even a cursory scan showed that Berko was fading, though Gil had taken out his foes with aplomb; point-blank high power shots did that.

    But it was very clear for Galen that the Force was tugging him on; it had connected a dot between him and the next clue, and indeed that connection was growing stronger the more he immersed himself in the fight with the Acolytes; clearly they were involved in Darth Zorn's plans.

    TAG: @Bodhran777, @Lawbreaker (outstanding)
    Senate, antechamber

    “I completely agree with Lady Captison and her assessment – I don’t believe this situation warrants such rash action, especially if the threat is largely contained. Let’s allow the Captain to do his job, shall we?”

    Isolder managed to bite his tongue at Gaeriel and then Aryan's comment. But of course they agreed.

    But then he puffed out his chest slightly and adopted a more contented expression, exemplified by the perpetual smirk that remained on his lips. “However, I do have some information that may prove beneficial to those efforts.” Aryan shifted his gaze marginally and gave Girdun a knowing look; the officer had no need to keep the scowl off his face that Isolder felt. “The mysterious third-party that dropped in on you unexpectedly? I think you would like to know that he is a Force user.”

    The Hapan prince still managed to keep himself from saying anything, and Girdun simply adopted a neutral 'you are not going to bait me to ask you how you know that'.

    But, keeping that coy tone, Aryan decided to indulge them with a vague explanation. “Let’s just say that I’ve discovered certain…aspects about myself that I wasn’t aware of before,” he remarked with a small shrug, his tone surprisingly calm, but Isolder's desire to punch him not lessening. “I didn’t spend the last fourteen-years simply hiding, after all.”

    Girdun simply turned to Feyna and the spook, looking for them to continue.

    Meanwhile, Gaeriel simply looked at Aryan as if he'd been a show off.

    Which he had.

    TAG: @JediMasterAnne, @The Jedi in the Pumas (outstanding, updated), @HanSolo29
    In orbit, surviving Coruscant

    It had been a quick turnaround, and Jyn quietly seethed at the woman as she managed to get an understanding of what had happened. She had been so caught up in not dying that the Omwati had surprised her.

    "We stay here, we die"
    Qwi had said, simply popping the blaster in the waistband of her trousers. "And I don't fancy entering Coruscant in a fireball. You want me to go to trial?. It will happen eventually but this equation is faltering, it needs a new path"

    Jyn could tell that she had taken the ship into open space, and then the comm went. "This is Rogue One, we are under attack from an unknown vessel. We have moved out of the lane to make sure other vessels are not in danger"

    was still aboard, and Jyn knew he would simply kill Qwi for what she had done; unless they were too busy. A New Republic frigate, the Mawrunner, was already turning out of a high orbit. "Rogue One, please stay on the channel. We cannot detect any other ships."

    Another blast, and a shape darted past the front-display.

    It was one of those Clawcraft.

    Taking the co-pilot seat, Jyn ignored Qwi for the moment. "We need to decide whether we want to head to the frigate or jump. They've tracked us here, but we're not in a good spot." Benthic was nowhere to be seen, somewhere deeper in the ship.

    Jyn pursed her lips as she redistributed the shields. "You're the bait - your decision. If we jump, I'll have a lot less help to hand. I have an in with the New Republic, but somewhere else, we'll have no help..."

    Another shot shock the ship, and they began to dip into atmosphere.

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox
    IC: Vergere
    Arriving near Bimmiel

    In many ways, Vergere found listening to the young man quite invigorating. He was right, in more ways than one.

    "You must understand the Sith will never rule the galaxy. Philosophies don't rule. They inspire rulers. One Sith will rule. It is a question of claiming the destiny to do so. One man failed. One man denied himself the power. One man needs to fulfill the destiny."
    Zorn had hissed out. "I will be this last man. It is my destiny, making me so powerful and the same time so weak. I am trapped by it. As I said: We are all trapped by destiny."

    Vergere turned her head from side-to-side, as if a feline studying prey. Destiny...

    But wasn't destiny dead, now?

    Zorn leaned over to Vergere. "So are you." He moved closer to her. "You were not chosen. Like Wyyrlock was not chosen. How could I defeat him? Barely a Sith Lord, trained only in the most rudimentary arts of the Dark Side. How did I best him? He had a destiny, too. He was the one I had to kill to become ... me." Zorn licked his lips, and Vergere, as controlled as she was, blinked. "So this plan of yours ... don't deny you have a plan, it is terribly obvious you do ... is it part of my destiny? Or is it standing against it? I don't know yet. But I know what will happen if it is the second. I was and I am inevitable. Only one man stands in my way. Only one man can make me fail. The one whose destiny it was to be me." He leaned back. "My father."

    He wasn't mad, he was merely possessed, surely?

    Vergere blinked again.

    Zorn breathed in and felt the cold embrace again. It no longer weakened him. The depth of this darkness ... he had learned to feed of it.

    The Fosh narrowed her eyes.

    She'd felt that.

    "So we shall see Vergere what your part is in this eternal game?" At that, Zorn had summoned the darkness around him and watched the charges of blue lightning dance between his fingers. "Who are your Masters by the way?"

    Vergere knew a bait when she saw it; Zorn was deep into his destiny speech, and it had already shaved away at his sanity; then he had done that... embrace, was it? Then the dark side had reinvigorated him... but did a little less of him come back?

    She shrugged, all liquid suppleness and feathers flowing. "Shadows, from beyond the Outer Rim; they seek to destroy this galaxy and all it stands for." Vergere appeared neutral, soft, even. "Perhaps this is a test of whether I will hand them to you, or direct them against you?"

    A flick of a hand. "I digress. Whether they are allies or enemies is irrelevant for now." She arched a claw and tapped her chin. "I am merely a guide, today. Finding powerful Jedi and, yes, Sith, to prepare for what is to come."

    "You are that Sith, and, once upon a time, that Jedi."

    Vergere eyed him. "I offer you knowledge, and a test of your skill and power; nothing more or less."

    They emerged from hyperspace, and an alien, powerful, virulent, darkness, slammed into them both. Vergere was ready for it, and had used her speaking to cover her preparation for it. She merely watched Zorn to see how he reacted to the very different darkness that was here.

    It was old, old, Old.

    "I know you hold this galaxy in the palm of your hand," she said, offhandedly. "Your One Sith and their raids of the late Palpatine's storehouses; the projects and schemes you inherited, they are terrible. But what of after? The Apocalypse is not the End of Time."

    "Not yet."

    TAG: @LordTroepfchen
    IC: Nil Spaar
    System edge, Metellos

    The said shield generators were managed here, on the central-city spoke. Bernael had basically been given free access to the world by Luka, and now he had an entire complex to pull apart, and the signal to give. It was the Yevetha who had passed to him the mask of Nihilus, scavenged by them from the rest of the Koornacht Cluster during their quiet actions there. The green gemstone known as the Eye of Deth and a pair of Jedi lightsabers were among the trinkets they gave to the Anzati who represented hunger and death - the two central concepts which drove the species.

    Thrustships held position at the edge of sensor range, conscious that Metellos was the first major world they had reached. Stolen Imperial designs were evident, and had quietly been used to expand their influence to the entire Farlax Sector, an isolated territory in the western Core worlds - almost the Unknown Regions, in some ways.


    Yevethan thrustships



    This had required preparation, effort, and patience; skills that they had perfected waiting to overthrow the Empire and take their weapons.

    Nil Spaar had discovered the mad Anzati, who had promised to bring blood and chaos to the cosmos, in a ship drifting through the Koornacht Cluster. He had spoken of what was coming; and it did. Stormtroopers, in incredible numbers. Their natural technical ability had been poured into perfecting Imperial designs at the Black Fleet shipyards, and now the Black Fleet was theirs.

    They would take Metellos, and, one day, Coruscant itself, there was no doubt of that.

    But the shield complex, and its hundreds of employees, dozens of guards, thousands of camera points backing up an electrified fence, droid patrols and roving neks, was what stood between Bernael and that.

    It could be said though; was there a need to mask himself anymore?

    Now they would declare themselves.

    How he approached this, as the security forces rushed and completely gave their focus to the hospital drama, was entirely down to Bernael now; nobody was on his trail, and his next victims were completely unaware of what was coming.

    TAG: @darthbernael
    IC: Arb

    Heading to Criton's Point, in Rouser's ship

    Arb kept to himself for the remainder of the journey. There wasn't much else to add, and the point had been made. Arb knew that Rouser was not one to be trifled with, so he merely handed his data to the man and left him to study it with alcohol or whatever.

    The man simply spent the time cleaning his guns, and made sure to be in-sight of a holocam if Rouser checked on him; he had no desire to be distrusted, nor tabs kept on him.

    Criton's Point, the data said, had been founded in the then-Unknown Regions by Xer, who had named the Library after himself, some twenty five thousand two hundred years ago. Xer VIII was the man who had taken the Kingdom of Cron onto a galactic scale, conquering much of the Tion Cluster and allowing his son, the infamous Xim the Despot, to establish an Empire which encompassed a vast swath of the modern Outer Rim - from the Radama Void all the way to the edges of modern Hutt Space. Xim himself had taken the title of Daritha, before the Hutts defeated him - the ancient Sith title that the word 'Darth' had originated from.

    This was all very impressive as one of the first major governments after the final defeat of the Rakatan Infinite Empire and the end of the so-called Twilight Wars, but the construction of Xer's library on a world that not even Xim had reached had always been a cartographical oddity. Like the presence of Sith relics on Alpheridies, Hoth and Naos, which were each impossible, or the Shrines of Kooroo, which were also impossibly scattered across the galaxy in a time before the hyperdrive was invented.

    How Xer had found Criton's Point at all, in the then-Unknown Regions, was a mystery; that he had hid a library there had been the result of all manner of historic quest, but the library had never really been fully explored. The world wasn't discovered by the Old Republic until after the Battle of Ruusan, and even then never really engaged with until the Empire quarantined world.

    So yes, it was likely the source of very ancient data - potentially including those hyperroutes that would give Black Sun an edge over Crimson Dawn.

    Even before he entered hyperspace, Rouser had a menagerie of messages from Ike, lamenting that he had missed him before he left; from Patches, letting the man know that he was trying again to find Ananke and Crimson Dawn's heart; from the various spies on Coruscant, letting Rouser know that attacks had occurred on Metellos and Mandalore - as well as Nouane, led by the Acolytes of the Beyond, which most were now assuming was a terror organisation setup by Darth Zorn himself.

    Rouser would have to make some decisions about what he had in mind, of course, for the future, and data to absorb. If he slept, well... he would definitely dream.

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    @QueenSabe7 (mentions)
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    Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin smiled at Padme and closed his eyes.

    "I know you do. Have you not always forgiven me?" He nodded. "You were always the better one of us." Anakin smiled. "You made me a better man."


    Obi-Wan Kenobi had talked about it.

    They were both right.

    He was afraid. It weakened him. But it also made him cautious, denying his son the confrontation he longed for. Hopefully the force would find a champion worthy of Luke. One not afraid of him.

    "Palpatine was a monster. His dreams and believes were monstrous. Yet, he would have failed in the end. I saved many. You have no idea how many ... but it cost us our only son." It felt as if the force was judging him, retaliating for his cowardice.

    Through his failed apprentice Palpatine had achieved victory. A mighty Skywalker had turned into a Sith. Not the cripple he would have been, but the unchained power of the Dark Side at the command of a man with nearly unlimited potential.

    A perfect Sith.

    His son.

    "I love you Padme. Just trust me. I know what I am doing."

    He wished he had the certainty he had almost a decade ago when he came here. Something was coming. He did not need the force to know something terrible was about to happen. Had he failed?


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    OOC: This is part 1, Part 2 to come soon. All death:destruction GM approved

    IC Bernael
    Chaos and Death

    Crouched on the lip of a building overlooking the shield generator facility, the mask looked out across it. Bernael’s mind was ranging among the facility, tagging each being, civilian workers, guards, and Neks alike. The controllers of the beasts had their own tags, special ones. In his time away his mind and powers had expanded. He only needed to decide what he wanted to do and the Dark provided. The mechanical was of less consequence, could be easily overcome.

    Reaching into his greaves he pulled out a pair of sabers, given to him by the Yevetha. Once attached to the clips on his belt, his hand dipped once more, into a small pouch that was seemingly overlooked by security, withdrawing a Beskar chain, a single green gem attached. Slipping it over his head, below the cowl, the gem glinted in Metellos’s sun before disappearing beneath his clothes.

    In the distance he could hear the howling of sirens, Security well diverted, dealing with the carnage Luka had delivered for him at the hospital. That left only the people here in the facility to stand in his way. He could feel the Yevetha awaiting his signal, in the distance of the system, their wait almost over, to announce their presence, with him as their herald, upon the greater galactic stage.

    The time of sticking to the shadows, of being in the dark spaces of the galaxy were over. It was time to begin the true galactic purge. One hand raised slightly and darkness began creeping over the facility as well as the surrounding blocks of buildings. Night had come, at midday. The alarms began ringing and the guards moved to their posts, now on high alert. A dark chuckle sounded from Bernael’s lips, tasting the fear and uncertainty, as well as the knowledge that they were alone and no forces would be coming to their aid.

    As the darkness covered the facility, now no longer needing input from him, but simply growing exponentially until it shrouded the area in darkness, he reached out again with his mind. This time a smile did touch his face, under the mask. In his time away he’d come into the ability to touch many minds at once. Those specially tagged, the Nek controllers, were who he was after. Each fought his touch, bodies writhing as their minds tried to fight the invader, fight him. But they were no match for the Dark. In only a few moments they were all his, all under his control. For the moment they continued their usual rounds, not giving away the influence the were under.

    Leaping from the lip of the building, he dropped to the ground. Landing in a crouch he faced the facility across the street, the guards now extremely nervous to see someone do as he did. Strolling casually up to the gate he looked through the gate at the blasters pointed in his direction. Turning his head he grinned behind the mask at the cameras turning in his direction, the operators wanting to view the newcomer as much as the guards directly before him.

    He could feel the sense of safety the guards had, behind their electric fence. “Do not put your faith in your technology. There is always something stronger.” Reaching out a hand his fingers came within a pair of millimeters of the fence. Sparks jumped between his fingers and the fence. “That tickles.” he said casually, before he placed his hand against the fence itself, feeling the enormous amount of electricity course through him.

    Raising his other hand he pointed it toward the cameras. As lightning flowed from his fingers, one by one, the cameras exploded. He watched as the popping cameras continued down then fence, until they came full circle, all turned to scrap and frying circuits. He laughed, a deep, clanging sound, as the guards blasters fired and droid troops raced toward the gate.

    Letting go of the fence, he gestured and thin whips of dark energy shot through the gaps in the fence, slicing through the helmets and skulls of the guards facing him. As they dropped, the whips sucked the grey matter from them, and the energy of their spirits flowed up the whips and into Bernael himself. One tendril lowered, touching a stud on one guard’s belt, opening the gate. As he strode forward the tendrils retracted and blaster bolts began ricocheting off of apparently thin air all around him, the droids having closed enough to begin attacking. Another smile below the mask and his mind reached out, instructing the Nek controllers and suddenly their beasts charged, not at him, but towards the droids around him.

    He strode through the ensuing chaos, droids attempting to attack him even as they defended against the ravenous Neks. Bolts continued to ricochet around him as he walked. As he approached the entrance to the facility he could sense guards huddled behind the door. Even as a laugh erupted from him a wave of energy rolled out in all directions, flinging droids and Nek for dozens of paces, some against the still electrified fence, sending up the scent of broiled meat and fused circuits. Likewise, the entry portal for the facility was blasted off its hinges and down the entry hallway, taking all the huddled guards with it, leaving furrows that rapidly filled with the blood of those crushed by its massive weight.

    Entering the portal, Bernael touched against a wall stud, sensing the flowing electricity behind it. The smile returned once more and he pushed energy into it, overloading the circuits, but slowly enough that even more energy could flow, blowing out the power circuits of the facility, sending it into deep darkness. He didn’t need light to see or move so why give the unfortunates here any more ability to resist. And the taste of the terror that flowed as darkness descended was delicious.

    Now in the shadows of the hallway those shadows seemed to darken further as whatever outside light disappeared behind a curtain of darkness that enveloped Bernael. With a thought, he let his senses flow outward, registering all the tags he’d made of every being in the building. Reaching into the Darkness surrounding him he let that energy flow outward, tendrils as thin as gossamer silk, in every direction. A humorless laugh echoed through the hallway as those tendrils came in contact with all the beings he’d sensed.

    As the tendrils wove in and out of those beings, he could feel their terror turn to madness. He’d developed this trick as he’d grown in power, devouring worlds. As the darkness suffused them, it acted much like Sith poison, turning each into a crazed being, willing to attack any other being nearby. People fled, trying to dodge or hide from the tendrils, locking themselves in seemingly secure rooms, jumping out of windows, running from their former friends.

    Those who locked themselves away were the longest lived. Those who weren’t fast enough were turned, attacking any other that didn’t run, tearing into them like wild beasts. Those that leapt from windows either fell to their deaths, fell a short enough distance to be hurt, or like the ones who were on the lower floor, caught in the battle between the remaining Neks and droids, ripped to pieces in the chaos. Bernael could feel the hidden ones, seemingly secure in their vaults, causing him to laugh once more.

    He headed toward the control room, stepping around bodies or through the remains of them. Those unfortunates that attempted to attack him in their madness soon found themselves in pieces across the floor, swift slices of his sabers reducing them to such, without thought. He reached the, still locked, control room. Securing one saber to his belt, he placed his palm against the security panel, he closed his eyes and let energy flow into the circuits. In a matter of moments he reached through millions of lines of code and found the override. Pulsing that, the door slowly swung open on it’s massive hinges.

    “Hello, children.” he called out as blasters fired from within the room, ricocheting from his armor or simply coursing through his flesh. The latter he ignored, pain was an old friend and only fueled his madness. Even as he slowly made headway into the room, his body continued to twitch from the shots piercing it. He enjoyed close in work as much as that of killing at a distance. His talons extended as he walked, hands reaching up and securing his remaining saber to his belt. For this he wanted to use his hands.

    Now close enough to reach out, he grasped the steaming hot barrels of two blasters, searing his hands for a moment, wrenching forward, bringing the two beings stumbling forward. Letting go, he slashed both hands inward, palms flat down, and in a moment two heads, and their bodies, crumpled to the floor. The other two control room employees kept up a steady stream of fire into him as he moved once more. A death rictus, similar to that Luka had given earlier, crossed his face and he boosted. Faster than either remaining beings could think, they joined their comrades on the floor.

    Wading through the remains, he reached the control panel. Shifting through the controls he found those that overrode the security systems, unlocking and opening every secured door. As he did, he could hear the screams in the facility intensify. Pressing a few other controls he killed the alarms and sent an all clear to the central Security facility. He could not ignore the benefit of both actions. Security was already overworked dealing with the hospital and having one less emergency to worry about allowed them to focus on the first. And, not only did the doors opening allow the Darkness to take any remaining beings in the facility, it opened the doors to the shield generators.

    Ignoring those poor souls whose fate was up to the energy he’d let loose, he walked through the chaos, toward the central area where the generators were housed. Laughing at the destruction, he took a slow, steady pace, even as he felt the desire of his associates for him to finish this task so that the true work could begin. Very few living beings came between him and the generators but even those who had been touched by the madness avoided him, recognizing that he was not anything to be trifled with.

    Reaching the generator room, he could hear and feel the deep throb of energy inside, as they worked to protect the spheres, keep the denizens from harm. As he walked in the chamber, he was rocked by several shots. Looking up, he could see several humans in the catwalks above the generators, blasters shakily trained on him. Looking directly at them he could sense the terror that gripped them, that they’d heard all the chaos that had and was still occurring outside these walls. He projected it back at them even as he raised a hand, one finger extended, waggling it back and forth as if a parent cautioning a child.


    Striding forward, he ignored the shots that continued to rain down around and onto him, the cloak and armor shot through in many spots. His path took him on the shortest route to the generators, until he was standing less than a pace from them. Raising his hand again he placed his palm against the warm metal. Feeding Dark energy into the metal, through it, and into the generators themselves, he could feel them rapidly approaching critical. He also felt the safeguards against such trying to fall into place. Diverting a small amount of energy he held the safeguards back.

    In the last instant before the generators hit the critical threshold he removed his hand, wrapping himself in shields, and crouched. A bright flash, a sound beyond sound, and he found himself flying backward through the air, out of the chamber and many paces down the hall. Well, what remained of the hall because as the generators overloaded they exploded with tremendous force, obliterating the chamber as well as several of the rooms surrounding them.

    As Bernael came back to his feet he felt the energy to the shields begin to dissipate. One clawed hand reached up, pulling the Eye of Deth from under his clothes. Truly he did not need it to reach the fleet but it was a nice touch. His mind leapt out, finding Nil Spaar aboard the Yevethan flagship.

    ‘Bring death and ruin to this world. I am going to play while I wait for you to arrive, empty this building’s shell of life.’

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  11. JediMasterAnne

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    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Chancellor Feyna Organa
    Senate Tower, Senate District, Coruscant

    The interruption from Captain Girdun, with Isolder and Captison in tow, was not unwelcome; it was the news he brought with him that was bothersome. An attempted attack on the Senate by the Acolytes, with rumors of similar occurances on at least three other worlds, and though security had engaged the assailants here, apparently assisted by an unknown third party, they were still dealing with an explosive of undetermined strength.

    Isolder immediately recommended evacuating the Senate, but was quickly countered by Captison, who pointed out that security was handling the situation and such a drastic response would cause a lot of stress and confusion—Feyna was not worried about looking “weak,” where protecting civilian lives was concerned—and the Chancellor could see her point. Graul, predicatably, agreed with Captison.

    An easy call for them to make, people wouldn’t be pointing fingers at them if they were wrong. No, that blame would fall on Feyna’s shoulders. She would rather err on the side of caution and be criticized for the frustration of an “unnecessary” evacuation, than have preventable casualties on her conscience.

    Graul then informed them, or at least voiced his belief, that the intervening third party was a Force-user. No one made to ask him how he knew, and Feyna felt no need. There were only a couple of ways she could think of that would explain how he knew this: Either he knew the person directly—highly unlikely given the situation—or Graul could sense it because he had the Force, himself. He hadn’t said as much directly, but the possibility was there.

    After all, Arek had to have gotten it somewhere.

    But Graul probably didn’t know that Feyna knew about that, and though she was curious now as to just what he had been doing in those years of hiding, now was not the time to be getting distracted.

    She gave Captison and Graul a small nod, acknowledging their input, but not ready to make her decision on their advice alone. A possible Force-user acting on their side was helpful, but until they knew how powerful an explosive they were facing, she was taking the threat seriously.

    The Intelligence agent, who probably had a better idea of what they were dealing with than anyone else in the room, had been silent thus far, but his opinion was the one Feyna was most interested in. “Agent Suials, do you think this threat is serious enough to merit an evacuation?” She raised a questioning brow. “Or would that be over-reacting?”

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Qwi Xux
    Location: Aboard Rogue One, Coruscant

    Qwi was wondering whether she had made a massive mistake.

    A frigate, the Mawrunner was coming out of high orbit to see what the commotion was all about. The comm crackled to life "Rogue One, please stay on the channel. We cannot detect any other ships."

    Qwi got a shock as the mysterious ship darted in front of them. The majestic fighter had decided enough was enough and had made itself known by making a pass. The pilot must have felt it was time to reveal it’s presence and basically say in big letters I’M COMING FOR YOU.

    And so our mystery guest decides to finally show itself…I hope that frigate saw it.

    This ship was built to be a little bit like a starfighter, so she began to juke and jink to see if the mystery ship would try again to hit them. Perhaps the pilot would eventually have had enough and either blow them up or retreat and try and find them again. Which was why she had wanted to jump as soon as possible and then hopefully jump again to put the mystery ship off course.

    However if the rumours were true about who wanted these ships and was now commanding them then they would do anything to capture her. They could follow her to the ends of the universe if need be, if they were that desperate. Unless she hid in the Unknown Regions but unfortunately that would mean that Pascale may not be able to find her, Force powers or not.

    "We need to decide whether we want to head to the frigate or jump. They've tracked us here, but we're not in a good spot." Jyn said , sounding like she was talking more to herself than to Qwi. Which was understandable since Qwi had practically shoved her out the way and disarmed her. Plus the alien had gone backwards and had not made it back to the cockpit. Which Qwi was thankful for as no doubt he would want to basically fry her where she sat at the moment.

    "You're the bait - your decision. If we jump, I'll have a lot less help to hand. I have an in with the New Republic, but somewhere else, we'll have no help..."

    Qwi sighed, Jyn was right. If the frigate hadn't come in then Qwi might have made a break for it. Perhaps dropped her captors off at an inhabited plane and then run off to try and find Pascale. But here could be a good chance that the fighter could still pursue. Another shot shook the ship and Qwi had to make a decision. It seemed the New Republic would have their prize after all, despite Qwi’s attempt to try and do a runner.

    “It seems it would be better to perhaps get some help, tip the scales in our favour. It may be fortunate that the frigate has arrived, we will see. But our pursuer may need to be get rid of, before it blasts us or decides to return from the place where it came from and decides to report on today’s festivities”

    She turned Rogue One and headed straight towards the freighter “Mawrunner this is Rogue One. A hostile fighter craft is trying to damage or destroy us. Your assistance would be much appreciated”

    Rogue One had dipped again with the shot, but Qwi had managed to balance her out with a bit of shifting. Pascale if he was watching would have been proud of her. It was up to Jyn and the alien whether they wanted to man the guns and fight back but Qwi was happy where she was, even though she would rather be designed ships than flying them.

    Perhaps she would even get a bonus point for getting them out of this mess but she doubted it. The alien would be gunning for her and Jyn might not thank her for shoving her aside. But there had been a chance to escape and she would have done anything to try and get back home and see her love again.

    But for now she would have to head towards the frigate…

    And hoped that luck would be with her today.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Bernael's further exploits while awaiting his associates. Death, destruction, and the layout of the generator facility approved by GM

    IC Bernael
    Chaos and Death Part 2

    The signal having been sent, Bernael tucked the Eye of Deth back into his clothes. He pulled back the tendrils of Darkness, letting the energy and spirits of those turned or destroyed flow into him. The physical side of feeding he didn’t truly need since that fateful day, but he still enjoyed denying souls their final rest. The constant terror and howling of them, in his mind kept him focused and enjoying his task.

    He let the tattered cloak billow out as he began moving through the ruins of the facility. The first attack came within a few steps. A crazed desk worker charged out of a side corridor, possibly not even at him but he was closer than whatever prey they were after. They howled and raced toward him, the remains of a desk chair in their hands, raised over their head. Without pausing, Bernael’s finger drew a line across the corridor ahead of him. The crazed worker never stopped their charge, until their lower half collapsed a couple steps beyond the razor thin line of Darkness he’d stretched across the hall. Closing his fist the Darkness returned to him as he walked.

    Looking ahead he could see that the corridor was choked with rubble. A low laugh at the destruction he’d already caused followed. A thought and a lattice of the same razor thing tendrils of Dark energy filled the corridor ahead of him, pushing forward, slicing the rubble to shreds. As the pieces collapsed he recalled the energy and pulsed a wave ahead of him, scattering the rubble and clearing the passage.

    More of the crazed workers appeared, racing into the now open passage. They fell upon each other as they saw other beings. The only other sound, aside from the howls that rang out from those fighting was the click of Bernael’s heels as he walked forward. Those workers preoccupied with fighting each other didn’t notice him until he passed, and then it was too late, their bodies fell, locked together in death. Those that charged him also found death, whether by talons, saber, or the tendrils that whipped around him, almost with a mind of their own.

    As he passed adjoining chambers, he would slow, letting his senses quest into them. The empty ones he would reach out and crush into rubble, so that there was no place for any survivors to huddle in and escape him. The corridor behind him, he likewise collapsed as he strode forward. When he came to chambers still occupied, either by those who were in the throes of madness or the ‘lucky’ few who had escaped that fate, he would enter, taking his time, especially savoring the terror radiating off of the unturned workers.

    By the time he would leave such chambers more souls would have been added to his mental asylum, more bodies would be cooling on the floor, before becoming just another part of the rubble as the room collapsed. He was not in a hurry, he was just spending the time between the receipt of the signal and the arrival of his associates enjoying himself. In over 2000 years he’d avoided, not known, the pleasure of letting his emotions out to play, but since the change he’d come to realize, in his crazed mind, that such was pleasure especially feeding on the emotions of those he destroyed.

    Room by room, vault by vault, he moved steadily onward. Keeping track of the tags of all those who had been in the facility he smiled as the numbers steadily decreased. Not all perished by his hands, at least not directly, but also by the hands of those turned and by the now rampaging Neks. Any of those beasts that came near were either dispatched or he would reach into them, altering their circuits until they followed his commands. Soon enough he had a small pack that followed close behind him. For amusement he would, on occasion, use them to clear a chamber rather than do so himself. Death was death, no matter the form it came in.

    Coming to the end of the current corridor he turned into the next. The complex was set up in a square, four central corridors with the, now obliterated, generator chamber in the middle of the square. A broad smile crossed his face as the first corridor fully collapsed behind him. This newest had more noise, more terror. It seemed there were more survivors in this corridor than the last. More fun to be had, that was.

    With a slow, deliberate, pace Bernael strode down the hallway. As he did he set the tendrils of Darkness and the Neks to scouring the rooms on either side of the corridor, flushing out those survivors that each didn’t kill. As the poor souls entered they would find him there, blades in hand, the cold, white mask looking directly at them. He experimented with different abilities he’d developed as he drained worlds, the memories imbued in the mask assisting him. Letting the hunger rise it flowed out, some survivors simply vanishing into dust, some finding themselves inside out as all their blood drained and flowed into him, some collapsed breath drained from their lungs. On an on it went, room by room, sounds of collapse echoing behind him as each room was destroyed with his passing.

    By the time he reached the end of the second corridor, there was only the sound of that collapse behind him, no voices called out, they had all been silenced. Ahead he could hear beings trying to stay silent, at least those still unturned. They had realized the only way to even attempt to escape was to hide. They didn’t know he knew exactly how many were left and where they were. He walked, calmly, to the midpoint of the hall. Stopping there, he gathered the darkness around him. After letting it build he sent it out, flowing into each and every room.

    As the energy flowed out he felt it touch upon those cowering inside the rooms. Once the energy had found every one of the survivors he closed his fist. That motion called the energy and all those survivors back into the corridor, pressing the bodies together. He laughed at the moans and screams as they pressed tightly together before the energy contracted even more. As it did, he could feel the lights flickering out of each, their souls attempting to escape. The Darkness swallowed them, feeding their little flames to Bernael, until, at last, a sodden, crushed, mass dropped to the floor and the dark energy returned to him. He reached out and let his will flood the rooms and hallway as he walked to the end of the corridor. Once in the last corridor he closed his fist and the entire previous hallway imploded.

    This last hall was quieter than any of the previous three. While striding down the corridor, he discovered why. Most of the rooms on the inner part of the hall had been destroyed in the explosion of the generators. He could see the darkness he’d plunged the facility into through rents in the walls. And then his senses picked up the Yevethans plunging into the atmosphere, closing on Metellos. Time to finish this facility and head out to see what awaited and what challenges there would be in bringing this planet to the Dark, silencing it. Once again the Darkness flowed away from him, faster this time, like a billion billion razor sharp shards. They passed through walls, ceiling, rooms, and flesh alike. Once it reached the fence it plunged back toward him, reducing everything in the last hall and chambers to rubble and viscera.

    As the Dark returned to him, Bernael felt the last essences of the survivors and workers flow into him. Sending his mind out he found not a single life sign save his own and the Neks. The Neks he kept close for now as they had many uses and they followed him as he exited the facility. The beings he’d just devoured had been as snacks to him, less than the full meal a Force user would be but still they added to his strength. But this world had many snacks, and they all would feel the blade and bolt.

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  14. Bodhran777

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    Nov 1, 2019
    IC: Gil Fortis
    Back Alleys, Coruscant

    Gil looked back to see Berko reach for the med kit, but his hand fell short, clear evidence that he was in very bad shape. Taking another quick look around to make sure he was clear, Gil set his rifle down and turned to face the Rodian, unwrapping the kit and pulling free a bacta patch. It was no healing tank, but the bluish gel-laced bandages could still work wonders, from Gil’s experience. It took a bit of fabric tearing to get through Berko’s shirt, but Gil finally managed to make contact between skin and bacta and get the meds working. He then grabbed the stim injection and found a clear spot.

    A quick jab was all it took for the stim to release, and Gil dropped the spent injector to the side. Getting hit with one was like getting a full 3 meals, deep sleep, and a whole 2 pots of caf all at once and should jumpstart the Rodian, he thought. On the few occasions he’d needed a stim, Gil had been totally wired for the rest of the day, which both helped get out of trouble and caused a massive crash later.

    As Gil was working, the LAAT/i came swooping in and lit up the small battlefield, showing the fallen Acolytes. Seeing it all lit up, and the pile of smoking metal that was Orloc, Gil realized how lucky they were to be in the shape they were so far. It also lit up the ongoing fight between the Jedi and the remaining Acolytes. Grabbing his rifle once more, he pulled the flashlight from its mount and aimed it up to the gunship, flashing the light multiple times to mark their location to the pilots and spotters.

    “Hang in there, Berko. Backup’s here, so we’re going to get out of this.”

    After marking their spot, Gil set the light to full-on and set it on the ground to illuminate a wall across the alley to provide a constant glow. He’d prefer chem lights for the color, but this would do. He then once more picked up his commlink and called in:

    "Gunship, this is ground team. Three robed hostiles remain engaging the swordsman. One casualty in need of evac, location marked by the flashlight. All known explosives have been neutralized. How copy?"

    As he waited for an acknowledgement from the LAAT, Gil set his rifle against his shoulder again and took aim at the remaining Acolytes in case they disengaged from their mystery ally and headed their way again. When able to get a clear shot, he sent a blaster round or two toward the Acolytes, hoping to wound one with a hit to a leg. If they could capture one of them, they could hopefully get some answers.

  15. Lawbreaker

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    Aug 21, 2018
    ooc: Sorry this took so long. Had some tech trouble

    Galen Marek
    Coruscant, Alley

    "Yes, follow him." Galen ordered his droid and looked up at the spotlight as it illuminated the scene and allowed his blade to rotate as another of the acolytes ... no it were actually two ... approached him with a weapon that looked like another iteration of lightsaber proof steel.

    He stepped back and reached out, using the force to grab the taller of the attacked and rip him off the ground. Slowly he closed his hand, crushing the bones of the man. He felt a dark satisfaction of which he knew it was wrong, but he had decided the ends justified the means a long time ago.

    The second man attacked probably.

    Galen did give himself to the force and dodged the blade bringing his own blade around. Surprisingly the man skillfully blocked his strike. These men were not the only ones to play dirty though. Galen kicked at his leg and unbalanced the man as he let go of his dead comrades crushed body. When the man regained his footing he was there, unleashing a series of brutal attacks. The last strike of it broke through the defense and made room for one killing blow slicing through the attacker shoulder to hip.

    Galen turned. They were prepared to fight lightsabers. They were ready to die. The darkness within their souls gave away their true master. The Sith Lord. Zorn was behind this. He was sure of it.

    "Where is our friend running to Huyang?"

    Hopefully a ship. He wanted to follow him. It would probably not lead directly to his target, but by the force ... this had Sith written all over it. It was a lead! The Force had given him a damned lead! Finally.

    First he had to escape capture though.

    Summoning the force he leaped up into the air and landed on a platform above. He turned and began to run ...

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    Aug 21, 2018
    GM Approved

    Name: Han Solo

    End of his forties
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Personal equipment:
    DL-44 Blaster and comm unit, a vibro blade hidden away, some credits and a shard of a mysterious crystal.
    Personal ship: Corellian Engineering Baleen-class heavy freighter Eravana


    The Force:
    Bio: For guys like Han it doesn't matter who rules the Galaxy really. When the Empire was still a thing he escaped Corellia after having some trouble there. Joined the republic navy. Had a head of his own and ended up deserting and meeting a Wookiee called Chewbacca, a bandit named Beckett (their friendship was short lived) and a guy called Lando. Won his ship over a game of Sabaac, had a hand in killing a Crimson Dawn leader and after many adventures ended in the service and debt of Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine. Funny how some things never change, is it?

    Then there was Mimban and Mimban changed everything. The damned crystal and the damned force sucked him into a game that was so above his pay grade he had no idea what to do. So he tried his best. It was just ... not good enough.

    First his plan got most of his friends killed. Then ...

    He met a Princess he kinda disliked, two Mandalorians he kinda liked actually and a Jedi Master he might have called a friend (and he had a hard time believing that). A Rebellion was thrown in the mix that nowadays has become a Government and he disliked them, too. Also they turned out to be much better rulers than the Empire.

    He devised a plan that went terribly wrong over Mandalore, was ready to die for a higher cause and never got the chance to do so and finally ... he did what he always did best. He ran away from all the trouble. Probably the reason why he made it out, but he often wondered if that was seriously a good thing.

    He escaped, but death had found his friends. Maz, Lando and Chewbacca were gone by the end of the crisis. Heartbroken he sold the stolen X-Wing he had stolen and began drinking himself through his money. But in time he realized there was no sense in wasting his life and talents. He actually believed it would make a certain Wookiee very angry.

    He was lucky enough to win a ship in a game of Sabacc and bored enough to get back into the one business he knew ... smuggling.

    His only priority was money and staying out of anything that felt even remotely like 'galactic affairs'.

    Among his newly acquired crew was an exotic woman known only as Xaverri. Han had previously made her acquaintance several years ago on Nar Shaddaa, where she was working as a traveling magician and illusionist. The two immediately hit it off and became lovers, but where circumstances prevented them from being together in their youth, they now had a second chance to make things right. They were able to rekindle the love they once had, and have become a formidable force working together as professional partners.

    From various sources around the galaxy he managed to reconstruct at least a little about Chewbacca's fate. He died at the hands of the Sith, probably ironically the very son of Anakin Skywalker. So even he tries to stay away from such things, he holds a grudge against these particularly dark players of galactic deejaric. He never met one though and hopes they died in some hole somewhere the most miserable death they deserved.

    After a streak of bad luck he recently accepted a job to steal Beskar from some poor guy over Mandalore ... a planet holding especially bad memories for him.

    ooc: Thanks to @RachelTyrell, @HanSolo29 and @Sinrebirth for getting a chance to give my favorite scoundrel a try!
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    Aug 21, 2018
    Han Solo
    Above Mandalore

    Han smirked at his companion ... did he call her that now? ... and folded his arms.

    "Oh well, we have sunken so low we now are pirates who have to steal the stuff we wanna smuggle." He shrugged. "What should we feel bad about? We can't sink any lower than that."

    Mandalore. He remembered Mandalore. He had come here to die a brave heroic death at the side of a noble Jedi Master who turned out to be quite alright actually. Han sometimes wondered what had gotten into him. But it had been painful. Their plan failing had been painful. Getting the girl and her pet Mando into this situation had been feeling particularly bad. It had all kinda turned out well for all of them. But that was of little help considering how bad it had turned out for him. Chewbacca. He had send his best friend to his death. The plan was so perfect and then things had gone wrong. He should have anticipated this. Things always did. It had cost his best friend his life.

    He wondered where the other great looser of that day had gone to. Anakin Skywalker had obviously never been heard from again. Maybe hiding under rock like he had for five long, drunken years. Well, considering he was a Jedi there was probably less alcohol involved. Skywalker had lost his friends too. Even his family. He kinda hoped he had found some peace as Han finally had.

    He wiped the dark thoughts away. Xav was way too good at detecting these moods nowadays. A smile tried to obfuscate them. The earlier he left the planet again, the better.

    He actually had a bad feeling about this.

    Mandalore was not his lucky place.

    "Any sign of the ship Plo?" He asked. "Undry is probably getting bored in that rusty ion battery up there."

    The plan was simple and incredibly rough. Steal the beskar, get it to the buyer. They were now supplying themselves with smuggling goods. How had it come to that?

    He sometimes hated the New Republic for it's liberal take on things as much as the Empire for it's oppressive ways. Well ... not as much. But he could use a little more anarchy for his business.

    "I hope the captain of this ship is not one of those heroic types this planet seemed to attract like energy cables a mynock."

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    Mar 9, 2005

    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Firenze, en route to Criton’s Point

    It was good to be home, well his second home anyway.

    Fortuna was always his bachelor pad, the place where he could retire to safety and enjoy all the home comforts. His mansion in effect and he always made sure to spend good amounts of money on his girl. When Fortuna was destroyed on Takodana he felt like a part of him had died, luckily he had been granted a gift on the Ultimate Weapon, a new Baudo yacht, his ship of choice.

    Christened Firenze, this yacht became his new home, taking him to the Unknown Regions and back again. It had become his second home after the residence on Nouane but after Qwi she was his second favourite girl. She had the optional extras and security systems reinstalled that he had had on Fortuna plus a new paint job, this time red and golden yellow.

    Firenze had been called into action once again only this time on a more dangerous mission than usual, to hopefully transport him and the Black Sun team to Criton’s Point and hopefully land them on sacred ground. And hopefully Pascale would not have ro use the solitary laser cannon the yacht had.

    Pascale was himself in the cockpit, listening to a song he always played when away on his adventures and missing Qwi. Oh how he missed her. The woman he had met and decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, cruelly taken away by Jyn Erso and sent off to probably rot in a New Republic prison, brought out in front of the public like some kind of freak and then thrown away to play dodge the manic prisoners. They also needed to talk, she needed to come fully clean with him about her past, he needed to explain why he had decided to plow back straight into filth of the underworld and renounce himself as Underlord and Dark Prince of Black Sun.

    She would probably be disgusted with his choice but hopefully he could explain to her his reasoning. Chief of all was to get her back, whatever prison or place they sent her. She was quite resourceful though, her brain was her main asset and he knew she would use it well, perhaps escape herself. He would find her either way, and Black Sun had the agents to do it. And when they were reunited….

    Business first Pascale, then pleasure…..

    Before he had jumped messages had come in. First was Ike basically with a “sorry i’ve missed you” message. He had to smile a little at that, at least he had made it through the ordeal and Qwi would be pleased he was OK. Pascale had found the man annoying but he didn't deserve what had happened to him.

    After he had jumped the yacht into hyperspace he read through the rest. Patches who had been waiting by the yacht with the team had sent him a message regarding his quest to try and find Ananke and Crimson Dawn. Hopefully he was steering clear of Arb who was a former Crimson Dawn mercenary who could find out about Patches mission and turn traitor. They were both steering clear of him and Pascale was still not sure Arb was who he said he was. Perhaps he could secretly task the agents with finding that out.

    Speaking of which Black Sun’s network of agents and assassins had gotten to work. Different agents were reporting that terrorist attacks had happened on other worlds and not just Nouane. Mandalore was one of them and Pascale's heart panged a little because Linnett and Ka’tra had been heading there the last time he had seen them. He hoped they were both OK, Ka’tra could handle herself and Linnett had been a Jedi. He may have been competing with them to grab the Kyber crystal but he still felt guilty for stripping Linnett of her memories.

    These Acolytes of the Beyond could be a future problem for the galaxy and if Zorn had taken them over they were now his own personal band of terrorists. Those psychotics would like nothing better than to be mini Zorn’s just watching the galaxy burn and sowing chaos everywhere. Pascale would make sure that Black Sun would have no dealings with them whatsoever, and no amount of credits in the world would make him ally with them. Besides, the Echo within him wouldn't like it. Pascale still did not have a clue where or who this Echo came from.

    Moving on to the data he had received from Arb regarding Criton’s Point, it seemed a former pirate turned King called Xen had found it and decided to basically plonk a library there. He had been an explorer himself deciding to create an Empire that was passed on to his despotic son Xim who was more famous than his father. There was no reason why Xer had decided to create a library there, not many people had made it including Xim and because the world was quarantined not much information got in or out. And of course the team there would be limited as to what they could get out into the wider galaxy.

    And Black Sun was hopefully about to infiltrate it, take what it had to offer and depart, all so they could beat the competition to the best smuggling routes and steer clear of the New Republic and Imperial Remnant. Spice and other illicit goods would be no good unless they could use these hyperlanes and there was still the antiquities idea which Pascale thought was a good eureka moment. Pascale could find them and get them to buyers via Black Sun smugglers or even take the lanes himself. And also he wanted Black Sun to be a reputable organisation. More...civilized than Crimson Dawn but still running black market trade and maybe the odd assassination for people who turned traitor or maybe people who decided to mess with them. Barbaric yet hopefully not done too often.

    He wanted to remain Underlord for a bit, just to get the organisation sorted and successful. Then maybe once he had found a worthy successor, drop down to being an employee again doing odd jobs for them and keeping the credits flowing into his bank account. And of course making sure he and Qwi had a good nest egg for his eventual retirement.

    Top of his list was to get Qwi back, second was to keep one step ahead of the New Republic and the former Empire and the third was to keep Black Sun at the top of the underworld food chain. Perhaps keep his Force skills going during this time too, it would give him and edge against his competitors.

    To get into Criton’s Point he had to be clever. An archaeological team was a good cover, hopefully they could get past the quarantine controls by stating they had to use the library as it was stacked with information regarding ancient treasures than other libraries and that they had come to assist the other team. Which was a lie but maybe the Black Sun agents could provide some information to them to keep them sweet.

    He had an alternate name which he used more during the fourteen years he had been on Nouane and doing odd jobs gathering treasure in system. Announcing himself as Pascale Rouser wasn't going to get him anywhere, he might as well have announced himself as a wanted man. He also had an alternate name and ID codes for Firenze as this yacht would also be recognizable, although it had a new paint job since the last time it was touring the galaxy.

    Everything seemed set he just hoped it was enough to get them through the front door.

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    IC: Padme

    "I know, Annie, I know. But does your son? I trust you, I do." Padme's eyes were wet with worry. She was not spectral, not like a blue-lined ghost, as Obi-Wan Kenobi had been, but more memory than not.

    However, who came thereafter, she was a blue ghost.


    Padme faded away.

    "May the Force be with you, my love."

    This was Anakin's last trial. If he did not go now, then he never would.

    Zorn would have to find his father to kill him.

    TAG: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha (your cameo, Princess), @DarkLordoftheFins, @LordTroepfchen (mentioned)
    Agent Suials

    Coruscant, Senate, antechamber

    “Agent Suials, do you think this threat is serious enough to merit an evacuation?”
    The Chancellor had said, raising a questioning brow. “Or would that be over-reacting?”

    That was a difficult question to answer. If he was wrong, a bomb would do a lot of damage to the appearance of the New Republic, and it they lost any one present, there would be an uproar. Feyna Organa would absorb a lot of the blame, but his career would vanish... which was why CSF had pulled in NRI to comment. Suials glowered at Girdun, who ignored him. The CSF Captain was smart, clearly, and former NRI to boot.

    "Madam Chancellor, it would seem prudent to act with caution and to -

    Girdun held up a hand to still the conversation so that he could listen. The voice was slightly audible over the earpiece.

    The Intelligence agent went to comment further when Girdun cut across the pleasantries. "I have confirmation that the bomb has been detonated by the Force user, in a controlled detonation."

    That made it easier for Suials to reply with a shake of his head. "With that done, I think it would be an over-reaction to evacuate now. It can be downplayed as a negligible incident, and the Senate can move on."

    Isolder snorted. "An easy decision to make in hindsight, eh?"

    Suials didn't reach out to Aryan, but was similarly glad that the Chancellor hadn't asked the smug politician to expand on his Force sensitivity.

    Girdun continued to listen, the voice slightly audible to anyone else there.

    "Gunship, this is ground team. Three robed hostiles remain engaging the swordsman. One casualty in need of evac, location marked by the flashlight. All known explosives have been neutralized. How copy?"

    "Ground team, three hostiles accounted for, one fleeing."

    "One casualty confirmed, his partner is with him, "Girdun paused. "The Acolytes seem to be down save for one fleeing the scene, but the Force user is not one on the Jedi books. Chancellor, do you want us to bring him in? I have air support positioned to intercept...?" Gaeriel frowned at that, but didn't say anything.

    Isolder winced. It was easy to discuss matters clinically, but people had died here.

    Girdun had other messages piling up, one from orbit on a disconnected issue, but this was his focus.

    TAG: @HanSolo29 (when you are back), @JediMasterAnne, @The Jedi in the Pumas (pushed along in your absence as requested)

    Skirmish, coming to an end

    Huyang quickly began putting things together. "There seems to be an... odd shape under a concealing tarp a few dozen meters way, Master Marek, but you appear to be being paced by the CSF Gunship. Orders?"

    Sure enough, the Gunship was moving on, and communicated with Gil. "Fortis, location noted and medic is coming up from the rear position. I am requesting orders about the swordsman; he's not on the Jedi rolls, from what we can tell. Follow the target, but do not, repeat, do not, engage until Captain Girdun comes back to you."

    Berko's position had stabilised, lapsing into unconsciousness, but Fortis would hear the medic approaching, supported by a single Lethan Twi'lek officer. They hadn't reached his position yet, but the knight errant was seemingly running his own mission.

    TAG: @Bodhran777, @Lawbreaker

    In orbit

    Jyn cursed as they turned, but the Mawrunner's captain decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and opened fire, turbolasers creating a decent-shaped tunnel around the Rogue One and a tractor beam pulling them in. Benthic had caught up to the cockpit, and pointed his blaster at Qwi with a guttural noise. Jyn held up a hand. "No, she saved us. She's alright, at the end of the day."

    Benthic issued an interrogative in an obscure tongue, and Jyn replied.

    Whatever she had said, it had calmed the nonhuman, who headed to prepare the airlock.

    Sensors showed the fire grazing a shape, which was suddenly visible - one of those clawcraft, which had been stealth-equipped. More New Republic fire harassed it, but, in the typical TIE fighter fashion, it evaded and vanished into hyperspace.

    Jyn released a breath. "So they took the bait." Then the woman switched off the engines to take the strain off the tractor beam. "I told Benthic to get us ready for boarders. He'll hide that nasty looking gun while we deal with the authorities."

    The ship came to the hangar, and Jyn waited until Rogue One had settled. She turned in her chair. "How do you want to play this?"

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox (combo)
    IC: Nil Spaar

    Metellos, falls

    The thrustships emerged from their micro-jump, some five dozen of them, deploying Yevethan D-Type tri-foil fighters and Imperial design-landing shuttles. In very short order, Metellos was in the midst of a panicked siege, but that didn't mean that Bernael didn't have another task to achieve. Not far from the devastated shield generator complex, with all it's many, many corpses, was the comm relay, spooling up to communicate with the galaxy at large.

    Metellos had defenses, certainly. But patrol corvettes and frigates were no match for the sphere capital ships the Yevetha used, and their fighters were capable of considerably sharper turns than their human counterparts in New Republic X-wings. The space battle, if it could be called that, was a massacre, and on the streets, Yevethan troops slaughtered their away across various plate-Cities, pouring fear, pain, despair, chaos and death into the Force.

    However, as much as the world was in the middle of falling, the Force sung with someone who was in pursuit of him.

    His actions had riled up a Jedi on-world, the light side could not be lying in this.

    They had been cloaked, hiding their presence as they investigated the disturbance, and now Berneal would be able to sense the trail the Jedi had taken from the ship he had commandeered, to the hospital, and now, abandoning subterfuge the man was rushing to the comms relay.


    Standing in-front of the entrance was a blue-bladed Jedi Knight. In his thirties, Havet Storm crouched, coiled in muscle but prepared to fight. He twirled the blade from hand to hand, and spoke to the Anzati.

    "I stand between you and what you desire. The New Republic will know, and they will come for you."

    TAG: @darthbernael
    IC: Arb and 'Patches'

    Departing Nouane, heading to Criton's Point

    The trip had been a quiet one, with the three of them keeping separate. Arb cleaned his weapons, 'Patches' brooded in his room, ostensibly running some numbers for Ike, while of course Pascale plotted and figured things out. The route from Nouane to Criton's Point was mostly by way hyperlane, though there were some longer patches. In a few hours they would reach it.

    Indeed, they were ten minutes out when Arb left his room, his expression soured, looking for Rouser.

    "Y'know, I would have expected that -"

    Then the ship lurched, and by the time they reached the cockpit a message was playing.

    "This is Captain Barr Moutil of the Imperial Interdictor Stellar Web, you entering a restricted zone. Please lock down the ship and prepare for inspection."

    Out there was a triangular six-hundred meter cruiser, ball-shaped gravity well generators evident. Criton's Point floated behind it, evidencing that the warship had pulled them out of hyperspace. A quick check of the charts would put them on the fringes of Imperial Remnant space, of course, but this was a bit further out than the standard Imperial patrol.

    "I knew it was going too easily, eh?" Shaking his head, Arb smiled.

    Patches had paled, if it was possible to tell that from his network of skin colours. "I'm pretty distinctive. What do we do?"

    Arb sneered. "We have to rely on our brilliant Captain, no? Archaeological dig, is it?"

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox
    IC: Plo

    Mandalore orbit, aboard the Eravana

    "Any sign of the ship Plo?" Han had asked. "Undry is probably getting bored in that rusty ion battery up there."

    The Ardennian leaned into the headset earpiece, trying to work through the static. "There is jamming at Keldabe, Han," Plo said, somewhat earnestly. "No ships have lifted off for a few minutes - which is odd as Mandalorians usually insist that everyone leaves as soon as they are loaded. Not sure what is happening but there's a lot of chatter on the comms though only trying to reach Keldabe."

    Undry grunted. "I don't like it."

    "I dunno," said Plo. "Maybe someone else is taking a crack at the beskar?"

    "Doesn't change how I feel about it."

    "Your call, Cap'n. We can wait for someone to take off, or risk a run in-system with no idea what's going on."

    Xaverri hadn't said anything yet, but she did wonder aloud. "I mean, it is lucky, that something else is going on that we could use as a sleight of hand..." she shrugged. "But we could get caught up in something big if we do." She didn't say all her other thoughts, about how she knew that Han was afraid of this planet, and that he probably knew that she knew as much.

    Here was where Han had lost so much.

    As much as the Empire and Separatists lost the war, Han had essentially lost everything.

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    OOC: Thanks for the Leia reprise/cameo @Sinrebirth
    Location: Dagobah

    Leia had been observing things in the realm of the Force -- a cosmic plane similar to that where sentients who dreamed could observe and interact with others.

    "Father," Leia said, "I am so happy to reach you at last. Our family has fractured, been so for so long! Luke ..." Her voice caught and broke. "If any one can help him be redeemed, it's you." She imbued every ounce of hope and affection into the words.

    And hoped it would be enough ...
  21. LordTroepfchen

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    Darth Zorn
    Personal Ship, Leaving Unknown Planet

    Darth Zorn leaned back. The Sith Bird was wise. It understood the trap and avoided it. Impressive.

    Shadows from outer space. Beyond the rim. He breathed in and liked the idea.

    "Turn them against me. I would appreciate the war and death the war would bring. The Jedi are weak. Their numbers are few and their Jedi Knights have little to offer to one like you, do they? My father on the other hand ... the greatest warrior of all time. A man forged by war. If I fail, what a choice he would be. But how could you find him, if even I could not." Zorn smiled. "You will have your champion either way I suppose. So I expect you not to interfere."

    Then there was the challenge. He felt it was real. He felt there was no deception in that.

    "So let us start with that challenge you have for me, shall we? I look forward to it."

    He left the comments about the raids unanswered. It was not important. Much more important was the one sentence he had read from the force. Was destiny dead?

    "Destiny is never dead Vergere. The conflict was meant to be eternal. Yet, it is about to end. I claimed destinies of others. I have not trained or unlocked this ability." He was sharing a secret he had not even shared with his most trusted servants.

    "So my father might have altered and abandoned his fate. He might have betrayed it. That did not kill his destiny. It needs just someone to take it ... to pick it up. That is why I have been given this ability. So I can restore destiny." Zorn looked at his feathered friend.

    "You probably do not believe me. You doubt my words. Which is why you will fail. You won't see it coming. You have become blind to destiny."

    Zorn got up and left the cockpit, letting the feathered Sith take him to this challenge he had promised.

    He hoped it would not be another disappointment.

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    Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin felt the urge to embrace his daughter, but this was impossible of course.

    "I ... I am not sure if he can be redeemed. Leia, the Dark Side is strong in him. He has chosen a path which was mine to walk."

    Yet, he would have been redeemed. Right? Darth Vader would have returned. If he could ... could Luke?

    "He wants nothing more but kill me. I feel his hunger, his despair. And once he strikes me down he will not only be lost forever, but so will the galaxy ... I ... I cannot allow this to happen."

    They all did not see he was doing the only thing he could.

    "I am so sorry I could not save any of you."
    He had tears in his eyes and yet he also was angry. The Force wanted him to face Luke. It demanded him to face the champion of darkness who was his son. Always another sacrifice. Always another fight. The Chosen One was cursed and he had escaped this curse.

    Tag: @Sinrebirth

    Joren Sole
    Landing Platform, New Keldabe

    Joren looked at the Mandalorian. Yes, indeed he should have died. Yet somehow he had not. A miracle, the force, good old luck or all three.

    "A rifle is in the storage." He pointed the direction and made his way to the cockpit. "Be careful, I think we might not be alone!" He yelled, remembering the shadow he saw.

    Holding on to his blaster pistol he felt somewhere in his brain the fact registered he had killed someone. He had never before taken a life. Bringing the engines online he prepared to leave and had a quick look outside to see what was going on. Mandalore had turned into a war zone. He disliked war. It was actually not good for business as people always claimed. Wars got you killed and being killed was actually pretty bad for business!

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    Linnett Estate

    Tor grinned from ear to ear hearing Owen speak. She turned to Leia eyes beaming. The young warrior nearly vibrated looking around. No one was looking and Owen was keeping them somewhat distracted. And whatever else was going on seemed to keep them occupied. Seeing her opening she rushed off snatching up her pack loaded with snares and other hunting traps, and extra power cells for her weapons. She did come here to hunt, maybe she would hunt something else.

    As she moved entirely too quickly to the hangar she stopped to look for Leia and Alfred. Hoping they wouldn't come with her, they would just get in her way...though Leia's piloting skills could come in handy.

    TAG: @Sinrebirth @TheSilentInfluence

    New Keldabe

    Her fight was over, but Madelyn's was far from over. The message came in from the young warrior, Aliyn.

    "Hand, the blaster-fight is intensifying in the port. Permission to lay down cover fire for you?"

    "My place is with the Manda'lor." Ka'rta shot back. She wanted to defend her home, to push back those that sought to take it out from under her. Though she couldn't very well leave her sister to fight this all alone. Besides, she wanted to be here, to make sure the fight went how everyone expected. With Madelyn standing over the dead body of this wannabe.

    "But you gather as many Vode as you can and end that fight. If any dare to quibble tell them that the Hand is making this order directly and will have to deal with me if they refuse. Understand?" Her voice was harsh, laced with the same fire and anger that got her through the Battle of Keldabe, that allowed her to survive years as a Mercenary for years. "Once this battle is concluded I will be with you. But I will not leave the Manda'lor."

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    IC: Gil Fortis
    Back Alleys, Coruscant - And they’re off!

    Gil watched as the Jedi cut down the remaining Acolytes in short order. The ease that the glowing blade did its work was a bit unnerving, but he was hoping that destructive force wasn’t about to be turned his way. He would have preferred, however, for the gunship to stick close for fire support. Seeing It move was a bit disappointing, but then again it would announce his location to anyone and everyone if it hovered overhead.

    “I am requesting orders about the swordsman; he’s not on the Jedi rolls, from what we can tell.”

    Oh great, Gil thought. So, we really don’t know anything about this man or which side he’s on.

    “Follow the target, but do not, repeat, do not engage until Captain Girdun comes back to you.”

    “Acknowledged, gunship. I hear medevac, moving to follow new target.”

    As much as he would have loved to escort the incoming medic and Berko back to the med center, he knew they needed answers, and staying in line of sight of this guy was the best way to do it. He turned to see medevac on its way, flashing his light twice at them for location, then turned to watch the Jedi.

    Then, to Gil’s surprise, the Jedi took a flying leap onto a platform above, further than any normal person would be able to jump, and took off running in the direction of the retreating Acolyte.

    “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me,” Gil muttered to himself as he pushed himself up from his kneeling position.

    If he took stairs up, he’d be left behind, and there was no way he was making that kind of leap himself. Instead, he began following the alley in the direction of the Acolyte. Most likely, Gil figured, the Jedi was after him. If he could catch up to the Acolyte, then odds were good the Jedi would be close.

    As it stood now, he could still see the Jedi as he made his way along the platform, so following, if at a lower level, was still possible. Along the way, Gil’s flashlight shone all around, searching for obstructions, quick ways up, and possible dangers.

    @Sinrebirth @Lawbreaker
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    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    Mandalore, Keldabe

    Madelyn regarded the Sith carefully before laughing out loud. "Mandalore the Pacifist? Is this what people call me now?" She looked amused and placed one hand on the hilt of the darksaber, keeping her eye on the Sith's friends and then turning her attention back to Jedgar. "This blade belongs only to Mand'alor. You really need to do you're research before you come to my home and challenge me and my people." She activated the blade and smiled softly, reaching out to the force. "You do not frighten me Sith."

    She took a fighting stance, and nodded. "I accept you're challenge, but if you kill me you won't make it off this planet alive." Madelyn took a step back and a few men drew close to her. "Do you know why I really freed Mandalore from the Republic?" She asked, drawing him into conversation. Patience. Do not rush into battle.

    IC: Leia Skirata-Linnett
    Linnett Estate

    Leia admitted she wasn't paying much attention, and turned to make sure Alfred was still with her father before she noticed Tor sneaking out. She moved to go after her; and fell into step; grabbing Tor by the arm to stop her; just for a moment before they got to the hanger. "I know I'm a good pilot, but if we get hurt my mother and yours will kill us. Besides-" Leia looked disappointed, "-I'm the heir." She shook her head and frowned, the young child was already full of responsibilities.

    "Tor; if I pilot this...ship. You need to promise me you won't do anything crazy."

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