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Star Wars CLOSED Star Wars: Episode VI: Twilight of the Force III: A Son’s Destiny

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 4, 2021.

  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    the Gods were done, and their part was over

    this was not their story, anyway

    not just theirs

    it was the story of Feyna, Nola, of Tor, Ka'rta, of Adalia, Kyp...

    what became of them, at the End of Twilight?

    one wonders what they said at the funeral of funerals...

    ... or became of them in the future...

    A future that Anor already looked to...

    But the past?

    Leia, lost, Madelyn, gone, Xundel, succumbed...

    would Vhardia and Renn say goodbye to each other one last time...

    ... the Epilogue continued...

    ... for now...

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron, @JediMasterAnne, @galactic-vagabond422, @darthhelinith, @galactic-vagabond422, @darthbernael

    OOC: Please finalise any 'post-scripts' you have in mind, Happy Endings, or reminisces. I would like to End this game on the 3rd May 2022...

    Options for singles, or combos...

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  2. darthbernael

    darthbernael EU Community Mod, House was on fire, didn't do it star 4 Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC: The Son & The Father - combo with Shadowsun and Sinrebirth
    House arrest on Mortis

    The shore along the lake had been colder than he had expected. The Son's sith-colored eyes wandered towards that of the man sitting by the body of water. Who seemed, outwardly, to be at peace.


    He took a step forward as he looked down towards the sitting man. The Son placed his hands in his pockets as he began to speak.

    "The others are deluded that we have somehow won," began the Son. He paused as he looked over to him. "How do you feel?"

    The figure, the Father, turned toward him, looking up at the Son. The corners of his lips turned up as he took in who was standing before him. ”It is good that I finished the conversation with Anakin, and that he left before you arrived. I doubt he expected any of you to broach my prison so soon.” he said rather calmly.

    He didn’t look quite as he had, even that short time ago. He appeared younger, almost like the son that had been lost, save the all white eyes that looked up at the Son.


    ”I had an interesting conversation with our benefactor, met many of the dead we created, his decision to do so. As though it would change who I was or what I would believe needs to be done.” The smile broadened at the last. ”Apparently, this reality is the only one that is truly free of the Master and all he wished accomplished. Which doesn’t mean the others are…”

    "Yes, that is what I have gathered too," he spoke, looking towards the man.

    "We are all trapped it would seem... the others seem content to live out the rest of their days," he inclined his head, considering something.

    "If you could, would you?" A pause. "Stop the Master, I mean,"

    A snort, ”Did you honestly believe I chose to hide myself here, lock myself in, rather than act as my nature demands?” he asked in reply.

    ”I won’t deny that my goals and yours are all the same. However, one thing we both agree on is that he must go.” The Father answered that much of the Son’s question.

    "Good," nodded the Son.

    "Which leaves us to the next questions..." his eyes glinted towards the Lake.

    "How the hell do we get out of here?"

    The Father chuckled, ”Well, you are already Changing things by being here in the first place. But Anakin did say it would take a Change or one of you to unlock the door to his prison. So you being here should have already weakened it, possibly opened the ‘door’.”

    He pushed himself off the rock he was seated on, surveying the Lake. ”I believe we must only follow your trail back how you came and it should open to us.”

    "Well that would be the case..." he murmured "...if I was actually here," He gave a smile. "I wanted to see where your head was before I try and get you out," he chuckled. "Though I am entombed on Mortis as are the others so we are not in a much better position,"

    The Father’s head fell back in a laugh. He laughed deeply for a few moments before his white eyes blazed. ”Almost every aspect of this place, save the Lake, the empty Pool and Font, and the lock itself are mine to control. Which means,” he gestured and a darkly shimmering thread came into being, stretching from the Son out into the metaphorical distance, ”I know that the key is in the lock, even if it hasn’t been fully turned, or you wouldn’t have come here, even in essence.”

    His hand waved again, the ‘cord’ vanishing from sight, ”Of course, there is a difference between coming to taunt me about the possibility of what the greater goal is and actually seeking my aid. Aid which will not be given, even one whit of my power, while I am locked in here.” A cold grin covered his face as he spoke, ”You, above all, should understand why.”

    The Son's face remained placid.

    "Given our... history... I think you can understand my desire to confirm that you will not try and kill me at the first opportunity, and even barring that to ensure that you... understand the significance of the threat before us and are willing to counteract it,”

    He tilted his head.

    "I am willing to try and get you out... but what do we do about the others? Daughter and Mother?"

    The grin did not abate as the Father’s gaze was locked on the Son’s. ”They seemed willing to defeat the Master here. But…your tone seems to indicate that they have already become placid in their choices.”

    He stroked his chin, ”The Ones were designed to work at our strongest when all together. If we must without them, then it may be necessary.”

    "Yes," murmured the Son as he looked up to the sky. A half tilt of his eyes as thought for a moment.

    "So where do I begin?"

    They had much to discuss, but fundamentally it would be a matter of the Son manipulating the remaining forces of evil and darkness in the Twilight Timeline to trigger an imbalance sufficient to warrant a Change. It would take time, but, fundamentally, they had ample - they were Gods, after all.

    And never before had Darkness and Chaos been so clearly aligned; it would be considerably quicker than the seventy thousand years a Change had taken the first time... and several alone had occurred during the Twilight Wars of antiquity... and it had been a mere thirty thousand years thereafter before Palpatine had wrought his.

    They would need to find an angle, a faction that had escaped the violence.

    The Empire, the Sith, the Yuuzhan Vong, even the other, lesser Old Ones and the innumerable Unknown Terrors - they were all spent forces.

    But the Son, as a Force user, had met a herald of the antecedent of one last factor.

    His vast knowledge would introduce them to the Silentium; the star-fish droid...

    ... and the Abominor, their mortal enemies...

    ... and the identity of one such droid monstrosity...

    The so-called Great Heap lived.

    It was odd really, the Son did not know how he knew it... but...

    Yes, surely so. Father had perished. He hesitated as he felt the presence of the Great Heap...

    Darkness maligned, this he knew. Chaos enshrouded in league with the dark, this was also known. But the sense of defeat that emanated from his source long lost. How could such a thing be? Such Will that wished to consume the stars and heavens be but a pitiful serpent unworthy of admiration. Aye, when the two doubted, scorned in their oddness even he could not help but feel reproached from his inner self. For a thing crafted for oneself and enjoyed by none other is no worthy craft.

    Falsehood shrouded by a degree of separation, incapable of discerning truth from fiction. Such was the way between him and the Father now. And between Father and his Friend. Great Work undone, stored, kept hidden for oneself to be tinkered and toyed with in the dark. Unseen by all but himself. For too few keen, too many distracted with the Other.

    Idle thoughts, and not his own. The Son knew this, perhaps the residual mess from his disentanglement with his progenitor. But all the same it left an open question to his further goals. Without the need to stop the one known as Patriarch, what need was there at all? Yes, Master. Master and his plans of manipulating Darkness. That remained.

    But they were safe within this time, the overlaying threat of invasion was no more. Master would be back, for sure, but they could prepare for such a thing, there was no need to venture outward.

    The Son's eyes glinted as he surveyed from afar the Heap of metal and machine. His mind was puzzled and troubled by his course of action. Secluded from all as they had no desire to interact with him... yes... troublesome indeed.

    The Father’s white eyes sparkled as he waited and watched the Son, seeing that the other was deep in thought. He didn’t need to know or understand what the Son was thinking, it mattered little to him unless it led to his release from this prison.

    Reaching down from his seat on the stone, he picked up rocks, using his fingers to feel their shapes, his eyes remaining on the still form of the Son. He let the other muse through what he must, it was up to that one to find the right trigger, the right point to break the chains that bound him.

    He leaned back slightly, placing a handful of the rocks he’d picked on his lap. One at a time he took them, using thumb and forefinger to hold them. Whipping his arm, he threw them out into the Lake, smiling softly as they skipped across the surface before sinking.

    When the pile was fully diminished he turned to the Son. ”You have much to consider, much to decide upon. But, should you desire to destroy the Master you must find the way to release me and us find him. It is on you to find that Change that can be affected. Until then, I will deal with the infernal peace of this place.”

    He stood, turning and pacing away, leaving the Son in his contemplation.

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  3. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Years passed, yes, and the Heroes of the Galaxy passed into Legend; obscurity, celebrity, or neither and both...

    But let us rewind a bit, perhaps, to a meeting.

    Who could say how long they had been apart, or whether they had spoken to each other since the Funerals.

    But the call went out.

    A message.

    Heroes of the Galaxy,

    I did once tell that if I was ever reported dead, I would return.

    And so I have.

    Please come meet me on Exegol.

    I have news.

    Yours, Thrawn.​

    Those that received this missive?

    Feyna, Nola, Tor, Ka'rta, Anor, Adalia, Kyp...

    Would they answer?

    What had happened to them, in the time since they last fought at Coruscant?

    TAG: @JediMasterAnne, @galactic-vagabond422, @Adalia-Durron, @Mitth_Fisto

    This is the always intended post-game to the Twilight Trilogy. Please come, and we shall put to an end this epic...

    ... until the Unnumbered Episode: The Epitaph of Twilight...


    Many thanks to @HanSolo29, @Lady Belligerent, @darthbernael, @CosmoHender, @darthhelinith, @Shadowsun, @TheAdmiral, @TheSilentInfluence for your service... it is time to rest... to continue on elsewhere, or nowhere... or perhaps, I should say, else-when, or no-why...

    Who knows?
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  4. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Feb 10, 2009
    An Epilogue ~ written with @darthbernael as always a pleasure

    The heart of the force.

    A place, and not.

    Everywhere and nowhere.

    Nothing happened here.

    Nevertheless, it was full of life.

    Outside of time, yet its roots were deeply entwined within it.

    The seeds in its earth grew beginnings and endings, their shoots, pushing up into the semi-twilight of choices.

    Light and darkness were here, of course. A pair of ocean currents; their vast areas driving across the stars. Lifeforms rode on those currents as if tiny sailboats, driven ever onward to new destinations as the force enacted its will. Yet the huge expanses of both, when you zoomed far enough out, were just the meeting of two bodies of water in a still pool, set between the trees of a forest.

    Ripples crossed that pool sometimes, as the tiny beings within tried their best to enact their wills upon others, to take charge of ideas and peoples, with varying motivations and degrees of success. Even rarer still, a drop of rainwater might fall from the canopy above, and scatter across the surface, sending shudders of darkside or lightside energy echoing across the galaxy.

    Sunshine filtered in from the canopy above, dyed a soft green hue by the leaves, but strong enough that no part of the wood was ever left in deep shadow. The very air itself seemed asleep, motionless, there was no wind here. Nothing drew breath. But the trees were very much alive, the sound of their growth was deafeningly silent. Time stood still here but marched on deep within the rich soil.

    But the water remained silent, content. And on the bank, Vhardia sat and observed its course for a while.

    Often, most beings saw the heart of the Force when they became one with it in their own way. If Renn had been on his own he suspected that what he’d see was the flow of the Force through the entire universe, riding the waves of it as he became more and more one with it over the eons.

    But…Vhardia had changed that, as much as he was what he was or had been, an ancient Neti, his time, their love, had changed him. Yes, when he’d merged with the Force it had been as he’d suspected, for a few moments, but when she joined the Force all that had changed.

    He’d felt her, felt as he was sure she had, all of herself ‘melt’ into the Living Force. But, even in the Force a fragment, a shade of self remained and he found that he was drawn to her. He knew she could feel him as he felt her.

    When he found himself in what appeared to be a grove, sunlight dappling the ground through the canopy, he smiled, her peace was beautiful. His phantasm being changed more into that of a tree and the canopy overhead rustled lightly as his branches kept the light rain that was falling around the almost still pool to fall on her.

    He didn’t need to see but could feel her reaching out to feel the forest. One branch, shifting slightly, descended as silently as he could. When it lightly touched her shoulder it was his usually large hand. “Your vision of the Living Force, it is so peaceful.” he said softly, not trying to break the stillness of the place.

    Vhardia smiled to herself. “When you mentioned Myrkr during our travels, I imagined something like this. Living beings inherently connected to the force. Being able to watch it move, flow.”

    Renn smiled, slowly shifting into his normal form. He settled onto the ‘ground’ beside Vhardia. Looking around again, he took into the ‘world’, feeling it, sensing it. He sighed, “It does feel like home. I wish I could have taken you there but we were eons too late to do so.” his tone soft. Looking over at her, “But I am glad this is your peaceful place.”

    Vhardia watched the pool in front of them both, the surface of the water was still as glass. “Hopefully it will remain that way.” She murmured to herself. It wasn’t clear if she was referring to what Renn had said, or the pool itself. She frowned. "I don't think this is my place. Perhaps once it was, but it seems more…" she frowned again, struggling to find a word that seemed appropriate. Real. But more than that. Much older than old.

    Vhardia's head turned to look through the trees, to the other pools she could see scattered throughout the nearby area. All of them as still as the one in front of them, but life stirred beneath each surface, dozens of worlds beyond. She wondered what would happen if someone came along and stirred the water with their hand, but felt at the same time it was not her job to do so. This was a very solemn place that seemed to have its own rules sewn into the fabric of its being. Throwing stuff in the water seemed inappropriate somehow.

    “Do you think it’ll stay balanced? The galaxy, I mean.” She sighed. “It seems a shame that just because something got changed, the whole timeline is messed up. It just seems… unfair somehow.” She was remembering back to her conversation with Helinith, many years ago.

    He thought about the question. As he did he relaxed in the ‘sunlight’. Finally he spoke, “I hope so. I do hope those still alive won’t have to fight their own wars, or their descendents.” He sighed, “But, the history of the galaxy speaks against that. Some threat or another always seems to raise its head.”

    Vhardia turned back and leaned against Renn's torso. "At least be able to rebuild, and have time to recover. To rest." Watching the pool in front of them was a peaceful occupation, despite the darkness that would ripple across it from time to time.


    Yes rest, seemed good, seemed right, about now.

    Renn nodded, then leaned his head down, gently resting it on Vhardia’s. “I do hope they have that time, that our actions and those we fought beside bought them that time.”

    His arms moved, wrapping around her, just as gently. Her warmth, somehow still present in this place as it had been in life, touched the bark that was his skin. A soft smile crossed his face as he looked down at the pool. “But…I think we’ve earned our rest from such worries, love.” he whispered.

    Concentrating for a moment he let a flower grow on one arm. Picking it, his fingers nimbly brushed her hair behind one ear before he slid the stem between her ear and scalp, the flower peeking just above her ear. “And I cannot think of anyone else I’d rather take that rest with.”


    The heart of the force.

    A place, and not.

    Everywhere and nowhere.

    Little things happened here.

    Luminous, it was full of life.

    Outside of time and within deeply entangled roots, the spirits of two curious individuals, neither quite light, neither quite dark, took refuge in a peaceful moment beside a pool of liquid reality.

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