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Saga - ST Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi [Contains SPOILERS for TLJ!]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by CairnsTony, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. CairnsTony

    CairnsTony Force Ghost star 4

    May 7, 2014
    Thank you so much for the likes and the compliment! I think I can get away with replying right now as you've bounced it back to the top of the sub-forum. ;)

    On Locke: I'm not quite done with Locke yet. He still has a role to play in this story. And he comes back for a much bigger role in my Episode IX story. :)

    On the bit I highlighted... your insight serves you well. There's that other 'mistake' he made. I haven't mentioned that yet...

    There's a lot I haven't revealed yet about fanfic Rey here. You'll find out a lot more of what and who she is in my IX story.

    I work in mental health. As I see it Rey has severe PTSD and dissociative disorder, all of which has been magnified by her Force sensitivity. She is basically a trauma victim and Kylo knew this. You could say it's her kryptonite and every hero in every story needs a weakness.

    There is an explanation for the hints I've dropped about Rey and there is an explanation for why Leia isn't already dead.

    You'll find out pretty soon. ;)

    Yep. There are consequences... some of which will be explored much more in IX.

    Thank you! I try to provide cliffhanger endings with some chapters to keep readers interested and I prefer the 'gradual reveal', so you gradually get the bits of a much larger jigsaw puzzle.

    As I say, not everything will be explained in this story. I have an Episode IX story ready to go. My friend Claire1976 is reviewing it chapter by chapter as I write this, and I will start posting it as soon as I'm done with this one. I also have a much greater mystery that gradually unfolds regarding Snoke and the nature of the Force which I hope folks will find interesting.

    Thank you. I wasn't sure what to do with the story at first... it almost didn't see the light of day at all, and in fact if it wasn't for Claire1976 I probably would have deleted it. I am easily deterred and much of this story was written under duress at work over a two week period, so bits of it are rushed.

    I understand now that lack of feedback does not necessarily equate to lack of readership, in fact I have been very encouraged by good 'viewership' figures even if many of those may simply be the curious seeing what's here. I know now from what feedback I've had that it was worth doing this and I'm perfectly happy if even just one person wants to read it.

    I posted this at a rapid rate because I want it completely out of the way before we learn much more about the actual film. I think a full trailer is not too far away. Whilst I understand that even though this story will be at variance with the real thing, that some readers won't mind that. Nonetheless it may put off others. That's fine, but I still think it's about timing to some degree. :)
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  2. CairnsTony

    CairnsTony Force Ghost star 4

    May 7, 2014
    OK this is basically a sub-chapter. The next bit is what happens immediately after it. I will post that tomorrow. Both sub-chapters are exposition heavy.

    I will post the final part of the story on Thursday, and then the first bit of IX perhaps this Sunday. :)


    Leia was in the intensive care medical facility. Medics had busied themselves around her doing tests and checking her vital signs. Connix was waiting impatiently outside for news. The chief medic exited the room looking tired. Connix studied her face as she walked over.
    “We’ve done all we can,” she said, “Now it’s up to her.”
    “But she’ll be alright?” Connix was pleading.
    The medic looked down, “She took the full impact of the weapon…” she looked back at Connix and shook her head, “I’m sorry but the outlook is not good.”
    Tears started rolling down Connix’s face.

    Rey and Maz appeared at the entrance of the anteroom. They saw Connix and walked over. As she saw them coming she hid her face.
    “It’s all my fault…” she was shaking as she wept.
    Rey walked over to her and touched the woman on her shoulder before cradling her in a hug.
    Maz walked over to the medic.
    “Let her be with her family…” she said, gesturing in the direction of Rey and Connix. “Don’t let her die surrounded by all of… this,” she was looking at the medical equipment filling the room.
    “Please…” Maz said full of sadness.
    The chief medic slowly nodded and walked over to the medical station where she consulted quietly with a couple of others. She walked back to Maz.
    “OK… erm, we need to establish the nature of the relationship for our records.” She was gesturing at the two women standing in the middle of the room. Rey disengaged from Connix and walked over.
    Rey took a deep breath. “She’s my mother,” she said.
    Maz looked up at her and actually smiled. Rey exhaled and nodded at the medic. “Leia is my mother…” she continued, “Can I see her please?”
    “Certainly. We’ll move her bed into the adjacent room.”
    She motioned to a colleague. In less than a minute Leia had been moved into a room normally used for overnight stays by relatives. The bed was pushed into the room alongside the one already there. Rey, Maz and Connix stood around the bed.
    There was a sudden commotion outside as Chewie appeared carrying Luke. The medic looked at her colleagues helplessly as Chewie ignored them and placed Luke tenderly on the other bed.
    “Does he require medical attention?” the chief medic said, looking alarmed at Luke’s unconscious form. Chewie waved her away irritably.
    “It’s alright,” Maz said to her reassuringly, “He’ll be fine.”
    The medic looked at her uncertainly but could see that it was useless arguing against all the faces looking back. She went to the main station.
    Lando and the others filed in once she had departed. The room was now crowded with people. Everyone was looking in the direction of the two unconscious forms: brother and sister, side by side…
    The medic reappeared carrying a bag.
    “This is her belongings,” she said, “They were on her when we found her.”
    She left. Maz reached over to the bag and opened it. Rey looked at her frowning as she rummaged through the bag. Maz produced a small battered metal box and placed it on the bedside table. She then plunged her hand back into the bag. She clearly couldn’t find what she was looking for and had by now dipped almost her entire head into the bag.
    “It must be here somewhere… aha!”
    She withdrew her hand from the bag, looking at a small rod of metal triumphantly. Everybody watched as she picked up the box and walked around the bed to where Rey was sitting beside Leia. She held them out to her to take.
    “Go ahead. Open it!” she said.
    “What’s in there?” Rey said uncertainly.
    “Answers,” Maz said.
    Rey took the box in her hand and studied it. She saw a small hole in the side and realised that the tiny metal rod was a primitive key. Something about this felt right… She slowly inserted the key into the hole as far as it would go and turned it. The box lid snapped open and a tune started playing…
  3. Claire1976

    Claire1976 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 20, 2013
    Just a note to everyone enjoying this story, CairnsTony has come up with a phenomenal episode IX for you which I'm enjoying very much. Keep reading because it's honestly even better than this one.

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  4. CairnsTony

    CairnsTony Force Ghost star 4

    May 7, 2014
    Thank you! [face_blush]^:)^
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  5. Chyntuck

    Chyntuck Force Ghost star 5

    Jul 11, 2014
    Oh-ho! Indeed, I didn't have to wait long to hear about the music box again (and now I want to know how Maz came to be in possession of the key, but I guess that this is "a good question for another time" :p ) And we get a first answer about Rey's parentage here, but then of course we still need to find out what she was doing on Jakku.

    As a side note, this would have been my guess too. I thought that there were many hints at the end of TFA that Rey is Han's child, for instance the fact that she sits in his chair in the Falcon, or that her new outfit includes a waist-length jacket and a blaster stripped to her thigh. I'm not too attached to my theory though and I'll be happy with whatever the TLJ movie throws at us, but your interpretation works well for me.

    I should let you know that I'm going on a work trip on Wednesday, so my presence on the boards might become a little erratic, but I'll do my best to keep up with the end of this story and the next.
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  6. CairnsTony

    CairnsTony Force Ghost star 4

    May 7, 2014

    Thank you! :)

    Here are some of my thoughts on Rey's parentage. Do not open if you do not wish to be spoiled further! It is a sensitive subject for some...
    The parental reveal: I have always said that I'm fine with any outcome so long as it makes sense in the context of the story; nonetheless the evidence for her being Han and Leia's is IMHO considerable. It was only a few weeks ago that a number of people in the 'Rey's parentage' thread finally woke up to the importance of Leia's ring for example. Some of us could see its significance in 2015 but were ignored...

    There isn't just the film either. There is evidence in the visual dictionary, the 'Art of TFA' book; comments by Pablo Hidalgo and Jett Lucas on Twitter; various interviews (I can usually tell when someone is being evasive or lying in interviews: I'm a mental health nurse!), Jessica Henwick's comments (she was shortlisted to play Rey); various eyewitnesses who went to the Rey auditions; the editor's comments in an interview (since edited out of the main interview as her comments were revealing); a reference to a terrible loss that Han supposedly suffered around the time he lost his ship; the musical score (Han and Leia's love theme plays backwards when Rey is trying on the pilot's helmet); and the novel Bloodline. This includes elements inserted by Claudia Gray the author at the behest of Rian Johnson. This includes a 'visual' which she said she is not allowed to reveal. I have no doubt that visual is the music box. I will put money on Rey's theme being thematically linked to the tune it plays as it sounds like a music box playing in the opening bars.

    I also hate this obsession of some fans that it's about revealing whom the father is. In the 21st century I think we've moved on somewhat from ESB. KK has made it abundantly clear that there's a good reason why our main hero is female. The mother is of equal importance here which surely must mean she is somebody we know.

    Without wishing to turn this into an extension of the 'Rey's Parentage' thread however, I will say that I only came to the conclusion she was Han and Leia's after careful consideration of the evidence. I will be genuinely very surprised now if the outcome is different. Furthermore, whilst some readers may disagree, I think I have provided a perfectly sound explanation for this particular reveal (within reason) in this and the upcoming Episode IX story. :)

    For anyone wishing to discuss this further, I would humbly request you go to the thread covering this topic in the 'TLJ Spoilers Allowed' sub-forum. Thank you for your understanding.
  7. Eeyore freak

    Eeyore freak Jedi Knight star 2

    May 19, 2016
    Can't wait for your last part. I've always liked the Rey Solo theory but have never been able to imagine how the reveal would actually work. Looking forward to reading your version.
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  8. CairnsTony

    CairnsTony Force Ghost star 4

    May 7, 2014
    Thank you! I think, evidence aside, it is the best story dramatically seeing as they've made such a big deal of keeping it secret.

    OK part two of that sub-chapter! WARNING, it's a bit heavy....


    The room suddenly seemed to go out of focus. Rey felt dizzy. Then quite suddenly she found herself lying in bed as the tune played in the music box beside the bed. Leia was leaning over her smiling. She tickled her as she giggled. Han was standing in the doorway with a crooked smile on his face… she was playing in the garden. She saw Ben and ran over to show him her new doll…… we’re going on a trip in Daddy’s ship. Mummy is worried. Daddy says it will be OK…
    We fly a long way. Some bad people are stopping Daddy from taking us home. He tells Ben and me to hide under the floor of Daddy’s ship… Daddy says, “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll come back for you”… He closes the big lid. I hear him leave the ship to make the bad people go away. Ben puts his finger to his mouth telling me to stay quiet. He opens the lid and sneaks off the ship. Daddy will be cross! I wait… Someone comes on the ship. The bad people are stealing Daddy’s ship! I cuddle my doll because I’m too scared to come out! They leave… Someone else comes on to the ship. He’s taking the ship from the other bad people! I’m hungry and cold and feel sick… I’ve been here for days. Then the big lid opens up. A man wearing black is looking down at me. He looks scared to see me. He says he won’t hurt me. I climb out. He says his name is Ducain. He gives me some food and water. I feel a bit better, but I want to go home! He takes the ship to a hot place. He says I can go home if I wait here for my family… I mustn’t leave otherwise they’ll never find me! He leaves me with a funny creature who grabs my arm. “Quiet girl!” he says…
    “No! Come back! I won’t go with you! I want Mummy…” I screamed!

    Rey was suddenly back in the room. The music box finally stopped playing Mirrorbright and fell silent.
    Leia moaned and her eye’s fluttered open. Rey was there in an instant and leaned over her. Leia’s eyes slowly focussed on her face.

    “Breha…” she said.
    She slowly lifted a hand and gently stroked it down Breha’s face. A tear ran down Leia’s cheek. Breha was sobbing once more.
    “Mummy…” Breha couldn’t speak through her sobs.
    “Be strong… my sweet…” Leia began. Her breathing was laboured.
    “Mummy… loves you…” She gasped.
    “D… Don’t let… what… happened to… Ben…”
    Leia’s hand fell away from Breha’s face.

    Everybody in the room jumped as Luke suddenly emitted a loud gasp. His eyes flew open as his chest heaved with the effort of breathing. He sat up quickly and took in his surroundings, staring in turn at each face as he looked around and then his eyes settled on Leia. He swung his legs off the bed. He stood there momentarily looking ashen. Breha was cradling Leia. She looked up as Luke came over and they put an arm around each other and one around Leia’s inert form.

    Breha was completely distraught. All these years of not knowing… harsh, cruel years with no love and affection. Finally she knew the truth only to lose them both. She felt overwhelming love for her mother; her father… The images of her returned memories whirled through her mind once more and then they settled on one image. She could see his face… Ducain… no… that wasn’t his real name…
    She tensed. She suddenly let go of Luke and her mother and stood up. She turned around and fixed her eyes on Locke. She felt pure hatred for the man now withering under her gaze. He now knew that she knew the truth.
    “You… it was you…” her words were pure venom.

    Luke suddenly looked up. Breha was as tense as a coiled spring.
    “I panicked!” Locke said trying to placate her, “I saw you and knew that Solo would move the entire galaxy to find you! I had to hide you in the last place he’d look… get rid of the ship…”
    Locke suddenly couldn’t breathe. He grabbed his throat gasping. Luke reacted instantly and placed his hand gently on Breha’s arm.
    “Breha…” he said gently, “Come back…. come back to the light…”
    She let out a gasp and released Locke.
    Luke glared at him.
    “Go. Go now…” he said.
    Locke ran out of the room. Luke put his arms around Breha and guided her to a chair which was hurriedly vacated by Holdo. She looked at Luke.
    “Thank you…” she rasped. It was all she could say. All the strength and fight had gone out of her.

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  9. Chyntuck

    Chyntuck Force Ghost star 5

    Jul 11, 2014
    I knew that Locke character was a lousy looser! But I didn't expect him to be involved in Rey's disappearance either, and I suspect that he'll be up to more mischief now that he's seemingly out of the way.

    And Leia :_| Okay, this was kind of expected, since we know that Carrie Fisher won't be in episode IX :( but it was sad nevertheless.

    Now I'm really curious to know who were the original thieves of the Falcon in your narrative, and why they were going after Han and Leia in the first place. Given all the twists and turns in your story, it can't just be a random thief, and I wouldn't be surprised if the First Order were somehow involved.

    Looking forward to the last instalment!
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  10. AzureAngel2

    AzureAngel2 Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 14, 2005
    Sorry that I was away for a while, RL issues and matters. But I gave my best to catch up.

    Your duel between Rey and Kylo was amazing. And the powers of Maz came to me as a big surprise.

    And now you reveal Rey´s big secret. I am still blinking in front of the computer: shock, amazement, blinking the tears away - all at once. Sniff!
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  11. CairnsTony

    CairnsTony Force Ghost star 4

    May 7, 2014
    I think I can get away with replying as my thread is still near the top of the boards...
    Yep... he'll be back in IX. ;)

    I knew that I couldn't tell a story set in this context without there being real stakes. I think now that Leia survives TLJ but maybe dies at the beginning of IX? One way or the other they have no choice...

    Believe you me I shed tears writing this story... :(

    According to canon, Ducain stole the Falcon from Han Solo and in turn had it stolen from him by the Irving Boys. I reversed that.

    We know this story from Rey/Breha but we also know that she has a pretty scrambled memory. Pablo Hidalgo has commented on Twitter that Rey 'may not be remembering things right'.

    Also we are told by Rey that Plutt stole it from the Irving Boys. In my version, he was given the Falcon by Ducain/Locke as a bribe to take Rey/Breha off his hands.

    This is of course an example of the 'unreliable narrative'. Characters have incomplete knowledge, may not remember stuff correctly, have been misinformed (perhaps by Unkar Plutt), or are lying. It's a classic plot device for misleading the reader, but also for getting us away from the omnisicence of being readers, at least to some degree.

    The FO weren't involved in her disappearance in my story. I deliberately wanted it to be an utterly pointless act to increase the tragedy of her ending up on Jakku. Ducain/Locke could have easily taken her back to her family. I work with people who would do this sort of thing. It would never occur to them to ever do the right thing. Locke is a worthless bum.

    Snoke's relationship with Rey/Breha is more complex than I've hinted about up until now... ;)

    Coming up on Thursday!

    There are two chapters and an epilogue remaining.

    Welcome back! :)

    Thank you! I did wonder if it was a little short, but I hate writing fight and battle scenes. I think they are incredibly difficult to do well.

    Maz of course is Force sensitive. We know from the original script that she uses the Force to bring down the ceiling of the underground cavern in her castle onto a load of stormtroopers. So we know that she is very powerful in the Force.

    Sorry! :(

    I had tears writing it...
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  12. CairnsTony

    CairnsTony Force Ghost star 4

    May 7, 2014
    I don't know what's been going on the last few days with this forum (half the time it's been down it seems...) but hopefully it's fixed now.

    OK here's the final bit! I will put up the first excerpt of Episode IX on Sunday and link directly to it from here. Hope you can join me for the continuing journey! :)


    Leia was buried with full honours. Despite never having resided on the planet, Queen Shalra announced that, she was nonetheless a daughter of Naboo. Everyone agreed that she would rest with her mother, as was her stated wish. Another name would be added to the marble casket.
    Queen Shalra resigned the following day. Her shame at not keeping Leia safe had overwhelmed her.

    The wake was in full swing as Leia’s numerous friends, family and colleagues celebrated her life. Breha sat outside on the steps deep in thought. So much had happened over the last few days that she struggled to process everything. She had new memories, and she had a new name: Breha Amidala Organa. No… both were old… she told herself. And she felt older now… and wiser.
    Luke appeared and sat down beside her. They both gazed out over the city that lay in the valley below. Breha broke the silence.
    “Some people have come halfway across the galaxy to be here. She was so… loved.”
    Luke nodded, “Your mother changed the lives of billions for the better. The galaxy owes her a debt.”
    So had he… she thought. Breha looked across at Luke. Her Jedi Master… her uncle. How could she possibly hope to match their achievements, especially when…
    “Master… what happened in the medical facility… I failed you… I’m so sorry…”
    “You were saved by love,” he said, “Love for your parents. That’s why I was able to bring you back.”
    “Breha… this is a difficult time for you. The Dark Side can be very seductive.”
    This she knew, and yet she had been overwhelmed with grief. It had weakened her resolve. It still shocked her how easily it could have engulfed her spirit.
    “I’ve tasted darkness,” she said, “I never want to experience that again.”
    The look on Luke’s face said that he knew this to be true.
    “This is why we didn’t tell you,” he said, “Your mother… she knew, she always knew.”
    Suddenly it made sense to her; the way they gravitated towards each other on D’Qar.
    “Father never knew…” she said sadly, as much to herself as Luke.
    “When you disappeared,” Luke said, “you… ‘died’ in the Force. Leia felt it, and they grieved for their loss. Your father could never have contemplated the possibility of you suddenly coming back to life.”
    Jakku… she thought. The pieces were falling into place.
    “Your father and Ben blamed each other. It tore them apart. Ben never forgave him… or himself.” Luke was shaking his head, weary at the knowledge.
    “He couldn’t stand any loss after that. He would fly into a rage. In desperation, your mother sent him to me.”
    Breha was reminded all too suddenly of how the destruction of their family nearly destroyed Luke as well. She wanted to give him a hug, but thought better of it.
    “The revelation of finding out who his grandfather was sent him over the edge,” He said finally, “I know that feeling… and so do you, and yet… here we are.”
    He was smiling! Her instincts took over and they embraced.
    This really was a very unique Master-Apprentice relationship she knew. Nothing would break this bond. Nothing.

    They stood up to go back inside. Maz was walking towards them from the main doorway. Breha could see she had a twinkle in her eye.
    “I see you finally came around to my way of thinking,” she was looking at Luke trying to suppress a grin.
    Breha knew that Maz was overjoyed that there were no more secrets. It had been so very hard… but Breha was all the stronger for it.
    “Hello Maz.” Now Luke had the twinkle in his eye.

    The three of them returned to the wake and were engulfed by the other guests. There were many outpourings of emotion, but that was OK, Breha told herself. Now was a time of grief and loss, but also celebration, respect and love.

    Breha had finally managed to extricate herself from all the hugs. She found herself beside the refreshments and decided to get a drink. An old woman approached her as she did so. Breha saw her coming over and smiled warmly. Her great-aunt Sola. She knew who the woman was as they had already been introduced before Breha had been whisked away by her friends. Breha was thrilled at the knowledge that she had living relatives on Naboo.
    “Hello Breha,” she began “I’ve finally managed to get you alone,” The emotion made her voice shake slightly as she took Breha’s hands in greeting. They sat down on the two nearest chairs.
    “I have a little present for you,” she said, and pulled a small box out of her pocket. There was no wrapping on it. It was dark grey and devoid of any design. Nonetheless Sola handled it with care as if it were encrusted with precious jewels before passing it to Breha.
    “Go ahead, open it!” she said excitedly.
    Breha lifted the lid. Inside the box was a gold ring with two jewels entwined by a golden braid. Breha recognised it straight away.
    “Your mother wanted you to have it. She gave it to me for safe keeping when she first arrived. I think she knew…” her voice trailed off.
    Sola looked down, suddenly choked up. She took several moments to recover her composure.
    “They’re kyber crystals,” Sola said, “Very rare high quality ones!” she said, her eyes sparkling with moisture.
    “Th…Thank you Sola,” Breha suddenly felt choked herself, “I always loved this ring.”
    She marvelled at the way the crystals threw out tiny jets of light as she tilted the ring. Then it hit her: it wasn’t a wedding ring, it was a mother’s ring! One jewel for each child… Her mother’s love for her children immortalised in metal and stone.


    Nighttime on Var II. It had been three days since everyone had returned from Naboo. Breha couldn’t sleep and lay staring at the ceiling. Luke had taught her powerful calming techniques, which normally worked every time she went to bed. Tonight something was different and for a while she didn’t know why.
    “Hello?” Breha thought she’d heard a voice, but she was alone. Then she heard it again. Someone was calling her name… someone was summoning her.
    She got out of bed and dressed. She knew what she had to do.

    She stood on the landing platform by the X-Wing. Her skin looked jaundiced under the yellow sky. In front of her the huge door started to rise. The only noise she could hear was a low rumble as it lifted. Waiting for her on the other side was Kylo Ren. He strode forwards, stopping less than a metre away.
    “My dear sister…” he said.
    Breha stood silent. Impassive.
    He motioned to someone behind him. Two stormtroopers walked forward dragging someone along between them. Captain Phasma followed them out the door. He was thrown at Breha’s feet.
    “Special delivery,” she said to Breha casually. She turned and walked back inside.
    Another two stormtroopers appeared escorting a woman in binders to where Breha was standing. Her binders came undone by themselves and dropped to the ground. She cowered with terror. Breha noticed something unusual about her but she had no time to ponder its significance. Her attention was then drawn immediately back to the man lying at her feet.
    “Rey… no…” Finn was trying to talk. His face was puffy and distorted and he could barely see through his swollen eyelids.
    Kylo Ren turned to the woman, “Take him and leave us.”
    Rose was too terrified not to obey instantly. She bent down and helped Finn slowly to his feet, before walking with him to the X-Wing. Breha wanted for all the world to rush to Finn’s aid, but her fate was already sealed. Kylo Ren turned and walked back towards the entrance. Breha followed. She wondered what would happen next.


    Luke knew that Breha had gone.

    He remembered their time together; how she had saved him; how he had saved her; the valuable lesson she had learned the day her mother had died; their special bond…
    She was extraordinary. She was unique. She was the Last Jedi, and the first of something… more.

    She would shape the fate of the galaxy.

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  13. CairnsTony

    CairnsTony Force Ghost star 4

    May 7, 2014
    FTR if you're not already aware of it, this is the ring I refer to in chapter 47. The one that caused all the fuss in the 'Rey's Parentage' thread only the other week.

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  14. CairnsTony

    CairnsTony Force Ghost star 4

    May 7, 2014
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  15. AzureAngel2

    AzureAngel2 Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 14, 2005
    Wow, what an epic ending! The funeral of Leia, establishing her Naboo connection.

    Breha/ Rey being welcomed into the family by not only the Skywalker side, but by Padme´s as well.

    And the reunion between brother and sister. I hope she can save the day... the galaxy... her brother.
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  16. CairnsTony

    CairnsTony Force Ghost star 4

    May 7, 2014
    Thank you so much! There's a long way to go still, but I hope that I conclude things in a way that makes sense and provides a satisfying ending. :)
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  17. Chyntuck

    Chyntuck Force Ghost star 5

    Jul 11, 2014
    I pounced on this last chapter when you posted it and I was coming back tonight to tell you that you couldn't just leave us with that cliffhanger, but I see that you started posting the sequel already so I'll be heading over there...

    I loved the meaning you ascribed to Leia's ring. I remember noticing it at the end of TFA and thinking that it couldn't just be a random pretty object.

    And so many questions in this epilogue: what Finn and Rose have to say, what mission Rey has chosen for herself, how Luke will fit in the picture... Sequel, here I come!
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  18. CairnsTony

    CairnsTony Force Ghost star 4

    May 7, 2014
    I just realised that I hadn't replied, sorry!
    Thank you!

    No worries about a cliffhanger... I had the next story ready to go! :)

    Three chapters up now.

    I'd put money on it being a mother's ring based on the fact that Pablo Hidalgo refused to answer any questions on it for months before finally hinting that its significance has yet to be revealed. If it was a wedding ring or twin's ring, then that's no reveal... we already know she was married and is a twin.

    Yes there are still many questions to be answered. I hope you enjoy the way I answer them!

    Finn and Rose will get a number of 'Point of view' (POV) chapters in this next story. So you'll have plenty of time to find out what's been going on.

    Luke had a brief 'POV' in the epilogue of TLJ but gets a lot more in the upcoming story too.

    You will also get Maz's POV for the first time and... Snoke's... ;)
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  19. CairnsTony

    CairnsTony Force Ghost star 4

    May 7, 2014
    Well I've seen TLJ now!

    Well well well.... and not in a particularly good way....

    Rian, every film needs its beating heart. JJ gave us a beating heart in TFA with Rey and Finn. That's what I love about that film. Rian's 'beating heart' is around Rey and Kylo. I think you've missed the point here mate.
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  20. Tython Awakening

    Tython Awakening Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 12, 2017
    wrong thread, sorry

    I like Leia's ring by the way
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