SWC17 Star Wars: Galactic Nights at WDW April 14th

Discussion in 'Star Wars Celebrations' started by D-Ludicrous, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. jerejerebinks

    jerejerebinks Jedi Padawan star 1

    Mar 24, 2017
    Skipped the talks. I wasn't about to pay 120 to hear yet another panel lol
  2. Echosen

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    Feb 1, 2017
    my kind of scum, absolutely was our fav time as well. Although I disagree with RP learning just a thing or two,... They would be absolutly schooled from A-Z if they'd just pay attention.

    jerejerebinks ya I noticed TS, SW and rock n coaster were always over 100 min wait. We ended up riding Star tours 3 times, the coaster 1x, wish I would've rode this one again and skipped the "talk show". We did toy story 5 times, 3 of which we basically exited and walked right back on.
    I think 2019 if it's in Anaheim amd STar Wars world is open, we should make it a group event.
  3. Rox

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    Nov 24, 2000
    We setup a fastpass for as soon as we entered the park at 5pm. Then came back and rode it a second time later. This event was so much fun. My second favorite part of the whole week.