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Star Wars Immortals Vol 1: Padawan Years (Part 3)

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    Star Wars Immortals Vol. 1: Padawan Years takes place between 40 BBY and 24 BBY. It follows Hal Tokkara's adventures as a Padawan learner.
    This is the first volume of my new mini series, which takes place in my Immortals timeline and follows the life of Jedi Hal Tokkara and his friends. This mini series is actually practice for getting better at writing so any suggestions and constructive criticism is welcome. I will be updating new chapters soon. Hope you enjoy!

    Author: Paul Pepper
    Era: Four years after Hal Tokkara became a Padawan
    Summary: Hal Tokkara and a youngling must help defend the Jedi Temple
    from a terrorist attack.

    “Attack on the Temple”
    26 BBY

    Hal had just begun his fourth year as Plo Koon’s Padawan. Under his master’s tutelage, he thrived and at the age of seventeen, he had already established himself as one of the best Padawans the Order had seen.

    Hal stood in front of Plo Koon’s quarters. He was feeling uneasy and decided to visit his master for guidance. He entered Plo Koon’s quarters. His master was contemplating a collection of lightsabers.

    “You can enter,” Plo Koon said. He was a tall, sturdy Kel Dor, his head ridged and ruffled at the sides, and with dark, shadowed eyes and a black mask over the lower portion of his face.

    Plo Koon was one of the wisest members of the Jedi Order. When Hal passed his Initiate Trials and became available for selection, he was quickly picked up by Plo Koon, who had good chemistry with the boy and knew him since he had joined the Order.

    Hal walked up to his master and stood next to him. In front of him were three lightsabers. “Who did they belong to?”

    Plo Koon picked up one of the lightsaber hilts. It was completely made from wood except for the bottom part and the buttons. “This one was my master’s lightsaber. He was fierce and courageous, very short tempered. He believed humility to be a poor trait in a Jedi Knight as excess of pride, but he was a good Jedi.”

    “What happened to him?”

    “He was killed in Troiken during a mission. His final words to me were ‘you make me proud, Plo Koon.’”

    Hal didn’t really understand what was happening, but he waited for Plo Koon’s moment of silence. He felt a bit of sadness inside his master as he looked at the lightsaber in his hand.

    “The same thing I say to you, Hal,” Plo Koon finally said. “You make me proud.”

    “Thank you, Master. I really appreciate it.”

    Plo Koon turned around and put his arms on his Padawan’s shoulder. “You have something to tell me?”

    “Yes, Master,” Hal said. “It’s about my family. I know Jedi are not encouraged to make contact with their family, but I have been having some flashbacks and dreams about them.”

    “Can you describe them?”

    “Some of them I can. I remember my brothers. I know I have a sister and a brother, both older than me. I also have a very vague picture of my mother, but I can’t remember much about them.”

    Plo Koon was confused. According to Obi-Wan’s report, Hal had only seen his mother a couple of times. He wasn’t supposed to remember her. As for his brothers it was understandable that some memories about them would remain, as he spent much more time with them. “They are memories from your past before you were brought to the Jedi Order. They are normal for your age.”

    “Can I ask where my parents and brothers are?”

    Plo Koon stopped to think about his answer. One wrong thing he said, and he could ruin the boy’s training. “In time, those answers will become clearer. For now, you must focus on your training. Have you visited the Meditation Garden today?”

    “No, Master.”

    “Go, clear your mind and you will find the answers you seek.”

    “Yes, Master, but before I leave, do you think my mother is proud of me?”

    “Definitely. You have grown very powerful and wise. You are very humble, and you care for the people around you. Your mother couldn’t have asked for a better son.”

    “Thank you, Master.” Hal hugged his master and left the room.

    He ambled through the Jedi Temple’s halls. He was on his way to the Meditation Garden. His mind was still thinking about what Plo Koon had told him. Was his mother proud of him? According to Obi-Wan, Hal’s family wanted him to become a Jedi, so he could use his powers for the betterment of the galaxy. He had his doubts, but he trusted Obi-Wan and his master’s words.

    As he approached the garden’s entrance, he felt a tremor and heard explosions and glasses shatter. Voices and shots came from the main passage.

    When he entered the main passage, Hal encountered a squad of armed men. Hal pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it. The terrorists aimed their weapons at him and opened fire. Hal deflected their shot and killed two of them. He ran at the the men and his green blade slashed through one of the chests. He then thrusted his lightsaber at the other. The last one charged at him with a sword, but Hal simply Force pushed him through the window.

    Hal contacted his master. “Master, come in! Master!”

    “Hal, where are you?” Plo Koon asked.

    “I’m near the main passage.”

    “Hal, I need you to meet me at the training ground.”

    “Yes, master.”

    On his way to the training ground, Hal ran into a patrol of men that were cornering a youngling. Hal Force pushed most of the patrol across the hall and jumped in front of the youngling. He slashed and thrusted the terrorists until they were all dead.

    “Are you ok?” Hal asked the youngling.

    “Yes. Thank you Padawan Hal.” The girl thanked.

    “Huh, you know my name.”

    “Every youngling knows about you. Master Yoda speaks very highly about you.”

    “What’s your name?”

    “Ahsoka Tano.” She was a Togruta. Her skin was orange with white markings. Her eyes were blue and her montrals were small, a sign of her young age.

    “I’ll keep you safe until this is over. Come with me.”

    They ran through the temple and avoided the squads of men that were attacking the temple. They reached the training ground and met up with Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, Cin Drallig, and Mace Windu. They were defending one of the entrances to the temple from various waves of men the same men that attacked him and Ahsoka.

    Plo Koon saw Hal and Ahsoka and told them to find cover. They ducked behind one of the walls leading to the entrance and waited for him.

    Plo Koon retreated to their location and took cover next to them. “I’m glad to see you’re both alive.”

    “Who’s attacking the temple, Master?” Hal asked.

    “The Tev’al. You must take Ahsoka to the safe room and return to help us fend off their attack.”

    Hal acknowledged. He and Ahsoka ran back inside the temple. They moved quietly and entered an elevator that took them up to the highest level. They reached the safe room, but the entrance was blocked by the temple’s debris.

    “I don’t think there’s anyone here,” Hal said. “Ahsoka, cover me while I move the debris.”

    As Hal lifted the debris, Ahsoka and he were ambushed by more Tev’al soldiers. Hal instructed Ahsoka to stay behind him and attacked the terrorists. One of the them came up Hal’s back, but before he could shoot him, he was Force pushed by Ahsoka outside the temple. As he checked if more terrorists came their way, Hal was contacted by Master Yoda.

    “Padawan, a mission for you I have.”

    “What is it, Master?” Hal asked.

    “Gone missing, a group of younglings has. Find them, you must.”

    “But I have a youngling with me.”

    “If to be rescued those younglings are, show courage, both of you must. The only hope they have, you are.”

    “How are we going to rescue them?” Ahsoka asked.

    Hal smiled. “Are you good with a lightsaber?”

    “I’m a Jedi, of course I know how to use a lightsaber.”

    “I was just asking.”

    Hal and Ahsoka worked their way to Hal’s quarters without being seen. They entered his room and Hal gave Ahsoka a spare lightsaber he had stored away. Before leaving the room, Hal contacted R7, Plo’s astromech.

    “Red, I need you to locate a missing group of younglings.”

    R7’s beeps and whistles sounded through the commlink.

    “Of course,” Hal complained. “Then meet us at the communications center.”

    “What happened?” Ahsoka asked.

    “The Tev’al are jamming R7’s scanners. We’re going to meet him at the communications center.”

    Hal and Ahsoka made their way to the communications center. On the way, they could see parts of the Jedi Temple in flames and starfighters engaged in dogfights. Gunships deployed troops in front of the Temple. Buildings near the Jedi Temple were up in flames and some had collapsed.

    They entered the communications center and engaged several terrorists that were attempting to disable the Jedi Temple’s connection to the HoloNet. Hal thrusted and slashed his lightsaber at the terrorists and killed most of them. One of the terrorists fired at Ahsoka, but she redirected his shot at him and killed him. Moments after, R7 entered the room. He was surprised by the terrorist bodies on the floor.

    “We ran into some trouble, Red,” Hal explained. “Get to work.”

    R7 plugged into the computer terminal and scanned the entire temple for the younglings. While R7 searched for the younglings, Ahsoka asked Hal why the terrorists were attacking the temple. Hal explained that long ago the Tev’al were part of the Republic, but after some time, they wished to separate from the Republic and create their own empire. The Republic denied their request due to their resource levels and a small civil war erupted. The Republic won and exiled what was left of the Tev’al to Carosi VIII. There, the last remnants of the Tev’al forged the Tevaron Empire, a terrorist government, and slowly took control of the Carosus system. They swore that they would be back to wreak havoc across the Republic.

    R7 located the younglings and beeped in excitement.

    “R7 says the younglings are inside the hangar,” Hal said.

    As they exited the communications center, a squad of terrorists attacked them. Hal closed the door with the Force, but the terrorists began cutting through it. Hal opened the ventilation shaft and indicated Ahsoka and R7 to enter. Before entering the ventilation system, Hal locked all Jedi transmissions, so the terrorists had a harder time jamming the signal.

    Inside the vents, Hal contacted Yoda and informed him that the younglings were located on the hangar. Yoda told Hal to help them to the nearest safe zone. Hal, Ahsoka, and R7 navigated through the ducts until they were on top of the hangar. Through the shaft, they saw the hangar full of terrorists and five dead Jedi. R7 scanned the room and located the captured younglings. They overheard the terrorists say that they were waiting for a shuttle to arrive and transport the younglings to Carosi VIII, the capital of the Tevaron Empire, to be publicly executed.

    “Red, I need you turn off the hangar lights and close the hangar door,” Hal instructed.

    R7 beeped and whistled, understanding the instructions Hal gave him.

    “That way we’ll cut off all illumination to the hangar and it’ll be easier to move around undetected.”

    “But they’ll know we’re here.” Ahsoka said.

    “We’ll have to deal with that.”

    Hal opened the shaft for R7 and pointed him to the hangar controls. R7 flew down and landed on the hangar. He hid from the terrorists and, without being caught, plugged into the controls. He closed the hangar door and cut the lights.

    “What happened?”

    “I don’t know!”

    “Turn on your flashlights and keep an eye out for any Jedi. They’ll be searching for the younglings.”

    Hal and Ahsoka jumped down into the hangar and met up with R7.

    “Good job, buddy.” Hal patted the droid. “Now I need you to distract the terrorists while Ahsoka and I free the younglings.”

    R7 beeped and went to the terrorists. He told them that he had been sent to repair the lights and asked them to take him to the controls. A few of the terrorists followed R7 and cleared a way for Hal and Ahsoka.

    They crouched through the crates and made their way to the younglings. As they carefully moved through a column of crates, a terrorist moved through the same column and pointed his light at their direction, but Hal was first to react. He hid behind a starship and Force pushed Ahsoka behind some crates. After the terrorist passed, they kept moving and reached the younglings.

    They were being guarded by three terrorists. Hal knocked out two of the guard and distracted the last one so Ahsoka could take him out. They freed the younglings and helped them escape through the vents. They were very young. The oldest one seemed to be about Ahsoka’s age.

    As Hal was about to enter the vents, he heard R7 scream. He stopped and peeked over a crate to see what was going on. Three of the terrorists had their guns pointed at R7.

    “He’s a Jedi astromech!”

    Not good, Hal thought. “Ahsoka, take the younglings to the safe zone. I’m going to get Red.”

    “I’ll stay with you,” Ahsoka said. “You need my help.”

    “Ahsoka, I need you to get them to safety.”

    “You promised me you’d stay with me until this was all over.”

    “What good will that be if you’re dead? I need you out of here with the younglings.”

    “But you’ll die!”

    “That’s an order. Get them to safety.”

    Ahsoka entered the ventilations and closed the shaft. She watched as her friend dodged the terrorists’ eyesight and reached closer to R7.

    Hal hid behind some starfighters and found R7. As he was going to take out the terrorists, the leader warned that the younglings were gone and three of their men were down. The hangar was placed in lock down and Hal remained hidden. Hal analyzed the situation and concluded that only by engaging the enemy would he be able to save R7.

    The terrorists opened the hangar doors and a Tev’al transport landed. A Tev’al general debarked the ship with six bodyguards. Hal had heard rumors that those bodyguards had been specially trained to combat Jedi. They carried electrostaves and were very acrobatic.

    Hal remained out of view, but his commlink started beeping when Plo Koon contacted him. Hal covered the commlink with his hand.

    “Hal, come in. Hal, where are you?” Plo Koon’s muffled voice sounded through the commlink.

    “Why now, Master Plo?” Hal looked around, hoping that no one would hear his comm. If someone figured out his location, he would not make it out of that hangar alive, but he would die trying.

    Hal deactivated his commlink. He turned around and two terrorists were pointing their weapons at him. Hal ignited his lightsaber and attacked the terrorists. He deflected their shots and decapitated one of them before disarming the other and throwing him out the hangar. The other terrorists began shooting at Hal and slowly surrounded him, but before they could shoot him down a voice commanded them to stop.

    “Stop! This Padawan is mine.”

    The Tev’al general stepped forward and confronted Hal. He was almost double the size of Hal and much stronger. He wore a mask which he removed and revealed his heavily tattooed face.

    Two terrorists brought a Temple guard and threw him in front of the general. The guard gasped for air and stared at Hal, asking for help. Hal ran to the guard. One of the terrorists tried to stop him, but Hal Force pushed him against a wall, killing him. Hal tried to help the guard, but the general shot him in the head while in Hal’s arms.

    “You’ll regret that,” Hal threatened. He ignited his lightsaber and stared down at the man.

    The man laughed. “I’ll kill you and hang your body atop the Temple with the rest of your friends. My name is Ghrikk Lokkar and I am your doom.” He picked up the Temple guard’s lightsaber pike and ignited it. “I have trained all my life in you Jedi arts. I will destroy you, youngling.”

    “I’m a Padawan,” Hal said. “At least get your facts right.”

    Ghrikk lunged at Hal. Their sabers clashed in a cracking frenzy. Green and yellow sparks combined in a test of power. Ghrikk was much stronger than Hal, but he wasn’t Force sensitive. Hal Force pushed Ghrikk back and they both stared each other down. Ghrikk furiously charged at Hal, but his brutal strikes were parried and dodged. Hal’s training in Form III and Form II allowed him to absorb Ghrikk’s aggressive fighting style. Ghrikk thrusted at Hal, but Hal dodged it and cut the lightsaber pike in half. He Force pushed Ghrikk to the floor and lunged at him, but Ghrikk dodged his strike and grabbed Hal by the throat. He disarmed Hal and threw him on the floor.

    “Let’s see how you do without your lightsaber, weakling,” Ghrikk said.

    Hal stood up and assumed a fighting stance. Ghrikk laughed and charged at Hal with a flying kick. Hal dodged his kick and tried to punch him in the head, but Ghrikk grabbed his fists and kneed him in the stomach. He then grabbed Hal and threw him on the floor. Hal tried to stand up, but Ghrikk grabbed him and landed and uppercut on him, dropping Hal to the floor again.

    “Not so impressive now, weakling,” Ghrikk taunted.

    Hal stood up. Using the Force, he positioned his lightsaber behind him. “Come on, I’m pretty sure you can do better.”

    Ghrikk turned around and charged at Hal. The Padawan jumped over Ghrikk and using the Force, ignited his lightsaber and pierced it through his abdomen. Ghrikk dropped on the floor, smoke coming from his abdomen.

    “Kill him!”

    Hal Force pulled his lightsaber. He began deflected their shots. Ghrikk’s guards attacked him, but he defended well against their attacks. He impaled one of the guards in the chest and cut another one’s head off. A guard tried to attack him from behind, but Hal Force pushed him against a starship. His lightsaber clashed against a guard’s electrostaff and they locked in a battle. One of the terrorists shot Hal in the wrist and he dropped his lightsaber.

    The guard electrocuted Hal and kicked him on the floor. He electrocuted the fallen Padawan again and watched as he screamed in pain and suffered.

    Lying on the floor, Hal closed his eyes and accepted his fate to join his fallen brothers. He heard a lightsaber ignite. He opened his eyes and saw a green blade protruding from the guard’s heart. The guard dropped to the floor.

    It was Ahsoka! She had disobeyed Hal’s instructions and returned to help him.

    Hal grabbed his lightsaber and attacked the other guards. Ahsoka killed the terrorist soldiers that remained while Hal defeated Ghrikk’s guards.

    “I thought I told you to get the younglings to safety,” Hal said.

    “I did,” Ahsoka responded. “And then I returned.”

    “That was unnecessary, I had it all under control.”

    “I’m sure you did.”

    Hal, Ahsoka, and R7 left the hangar and made their way to the Temple’s Ziggurat roof. Upon reaching the roof, they encountered a bloody battlefield between Jedi and Tev’al soldiers. Hal’s friend, Goota Tressk, was among the Jedi fighting. He and other Padawans were helping Master Baz Rahn and Master Vasto Vantai clear the roof.

    Hal witnessed various soldiers mercilessly shoot his friend down. As he ran to his friend’s aid, a Tev’al soldier detonated an explosive. The explosion’s impact flung Hal back and he almost fell off the roof, but he managed to hold on. He Force jumped back onto the roof and saw Ahsoka on the floor. As he ran to her, another pillar exploded, and he fell on the floor.

    Still down, Hal watched as the pillar crumbled on top of Ahsoka. He gathered all the strength he had, and Force grabbed the pillar. He pulled it towards him and dropped it next to Ahsoka. As he got up, he heard some men closing in on Ahsoka. He jumped in front of her and ignited his lightsaber. The men began shooting at Hal, but he deflected their shots and redirected them to the pillars on top of the men. The blaster bolts caused the pillars to collapse on the men and kill them.

    Hal picked up Ahsoka and made his way to the training grounds. On the way, he saw various Tev’al ships retreat and leave the planet.

    When he reached the training grounds, Hal saw Obi-Wan, Marx Miwa, and Shalla Miwa defeating what was left of the Tev’al forces. Obi-Wan and the two Padawans watched Hal limping towards them with Ahsoka in his arms. Hal fell in Obi-Wan’s arms unconscious. The Jedi Knight immediately reached out to Plo Koon.

    “Master Plo, I have your Padawan and the youngling,” Obi-Wan informed. “But they need immediate medical assistance.”

    “Take them to the infirmary, I’ll meet you there,” Plo Koon instructed.

    Obi-Wan picked up Hal and told Marx to pick up Ahsoka. They carried them to the infirmary, and with the help of a doctor, set them on separate beds.

    Hal slowly opened his eyes. He was confised. The last thing he remembered was seeing Obi-Wan, Marx, and Shalla at the training grounds and now he was laying on a bed in the infirmary. On the bed next to him was Ahsoka, who was also beginning to wake up. Plo Koon, Yoda, Obi-Wan and Mace Windu entered the room. They greeted Hal and Ahsoka.

    “How are you feeling,” Obi-Wan asked.

    “Could be better,” Hal replied.

    “The Tev’al forces are in full retreat and the Temple is secure,” Mace informed.

    “What were the casualties?” Hal asked the Jedi Master

    “Until now, twenty-four Jedi are confirmed dead,” Obi-Wan answered.

    “Fear not, those whose lives were lost, in a better place they are now. Your efforts, many lives they saved.” Yoda said. He turned to Ahsoka. “Great courage and strength in the face of evil you showed. Yes, hmmm.”

    “Congratulations are in order,” Plo Koon said. “You protected your home and showed that you are worthy of being Jedi.”

    “Now you must rest,” Obi-Wan said.

    The four Jedi exited the room and left Hal and Ahsoka to recuperate from their injuries.

    “We make a pretty good team,” Ahsoka said.

    Hal smiled. “Yeah we do. This might be the beginning of a very powerful friendship.”
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    Riveting action. Hal is quick with coming up with strategy and Ahsoka is fearless. =D=
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