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Saga Star Wars - Infinities (Updated 5-27)

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    May 21, 2013
    Star Wars Infinities​
    It is a new era for the Galaxy. Five years have passed since the end of The Clone Wars. The Galaxy is now in a time of peace heralded by Emperor Palpatine, and his Galactic Empire. Alongside of his apprentice Darth Vader the treacherous Jedi have been wiped out. Those who stood with the Jedi have been brought to justice, or hide in the far corners of the Galaxy. The last remnant of the Confederacy has now become a mere memory as the Galaxy prepares to celebrate the Fifth Anniversary to the end of the war.​
    Senator Valeria Dawn of the planet Naboo travels to the Capital alongside of her Husband to witness the graduation of their son into the ranks of the Empire. Little do they know that their entire family will be reunited….​
    Meanwhile in the far corner of the Galaxy a woman discovers a message that could bring about a chance to erase her past...​
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    May 21, 2013
    Prologue –

    The Star Destroyer Devastator, Outer Rim -

    Silence. That was all that filled the air of the bridge. Only the slightest sound of tapping at consoles could be heard as no one dared to say a word. Only the silence was followed by the haunting sound of gasping. All eyes were glued to screens, and other assortments of equipment to save them from what had become a common occurrence. A loud thud filled the room as a spare few looked up from their posts to see the lifeless body that laid on the floor. Within seconds a pair of men rushed forward, and dragged the body away. Captain Holden kept his face emotionless as he turned his attention to the lone figure that stood looking out the viewport.

    The cloaked figure did not move at all as it surveyed the planet before it. Taking a brief second to compose himself Holden began the dangerous walk towards the figure. A few officers looked up at him almost entranced to see what would happen. He had heard the wagers that took place about how long each new Captain would last aboard the Devastator. So far he had reached the newest record of three weeks. Yet today he felt that his run was coming to an end as he stopped a few feet from the cloaked figure. The loud steady sound of continuous breathing came from the cloaked figure which was enough to cause many numerous nightmares.

    “My lord. I was told you asked for me?” Holden asked bowing slightly as the cloaked figure did not turn to face him. Instead it clasped its gloved hands behind its back, and the haunting breathing continued. Hesitantly Holden reached up for his neck expecting the worst, but nothing occurred.

    “It appears your contact has been captured Captain. It can only be assumed it will give away all the information it holds.” Lord Vader spoke sending shivers down the spines of all in the room. Holden felt the beads of sweat on his forehead as he fought to keep his composure. Failure was not something that anyone associated with the Emperor’s right hand man. In fact there had never been a single report about Vader failing at a task. “He was taken by Bounty Hunters on the planet of Kravoa. Do you know of this planet Captain?” Vader asked with no emotion in his voice. Holden fiddled with his uniform as he tried to recall the information he knew of this area of space.

    “From what I know of my lord it is a criminal planet.” Holden replied hoping that his answer would suffice. For a few moments only Vader’s breathing followed as a few bridge officers exchanged glances with each other. “I don’t see how it would interfere with our mission.” He added as he quickly regretted his statement.

    “It is where our target lies. If word gets out about it then our target will vanish before we can exterminate it.” Vader replied as Holden felt himself being lifted into the air. Vader turned around merely holding his hand out as Holden fought for air. His vision became blurry as his life left his body. It crumpled onto the floor as Vader walked over it. A lone officer stood holding a datapad as Vader stopped in front of him. “Inform Lieutenant Jrue he is now Captain. You will send a message to our agents on Kravoa that all force necessary are now required.” Vader finished as he entered into the lift, and vanished from sight.
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    May 21, 2013
    Kravoa, Outer Rim -

    The last Rodian swayed for a moment before it fell to the ground crashing into the table behind it. The contents of the drinks which had resided on the table fell onto the unconscious Rodian as the residents of the dingy cantina gave a roar of approval. Some of them raised their glass at the lone figure that remained in the center of the carnage. They were stunned to have witnessed what damage the lone human female had caused. Most of them had been sure that when the fight broke out the human would last only a few seconds. Instead she had turned the tide in a way none of them had predicted. Bets had already been exchanged with looks across the room, and now some of them were broke because of it.

    The human let out a sigh as she studied the many combatants she had dispatched. It was an array of the typical scum that had come to call Kravoa home. Rodians, Devorians with a mix of Twi’leks from time to time. She dropped down to a knee as she began to search for anything she could take from the losers of the “disagreement” as she referred to it. She had been minding her own business as usual. Enjoying what little time of relaxation she could on this junk heap of a planet. For once she had been able to pay for a full meal before her visitors had arrived. Her left hand ached as she recalled the blows she had landed during the fight. If she had been more focused she could have dealt with them much quicker, but life nowadays had forced her into new fighting styles.

    Her search of the Rodian who had fallen last gave her a slight boost in her mood as she pulled out a handful of coin that would at least keep her alive for a few more days. Other than that most of the scum had the typical gear on them. The occasional modified blaster they had smuggled or some random junk they had hoped to sell for a big pay day. Kravoa of course was corrupt as any planet in the Outer Rim. It was considered a Government if one could even call it that. It was run by a family that had high allegiance to the Hutts. Which meant anyone who wanted to drop off the face of the galaxy could find a way of life out here. That was until word got out and everyone who could would hunt for the bounty pay off. It was through Bounty Hunting that she had earned her way of life over the past five years. It was not a profession she was proud to be a part of, but it paid. However to most people she just seemed like another victim who had no reason to be a part of life on Kravoa. Getting back to her feet she brushed herself off, and turned to the Rodian Bartender that seemed to not care for the damage to the cantina. She approached the Rodian as she placed some of the coin on the counter.

    “Think that might cover it for this time.” She commented as the Rodian nodded his head. A few patrons stared at her as she made her way to the door. As soon as she had stepped out the unconscious fighters were mobbed for anything valuable she had left behind. Rain fell from the sky as she pulled her hood over her head quickly walking through the crowded alley ways. As usual it seemed the amount of beggars tripled as she easily avoided contact with anyone else. A drunk human fell almost directly in front of her as she stepped to the side avoiding him. She paid no attention as a few beggars pounced on the fallen human searching for their chance to find coin. A small building stood across the way from her as she picked up her pace. Above her head a ship flew over causing some stands to fall over. Stepping into the building her eyes fell upon a Devorian who was fiddling with a blaster. For a moment the Devorian paid her no attention as she closed the door behind her.

    “The payment for that bounty on that Twi’Lek hasn’t come in yet has it?” She asked taking off her hood. As usual she began the process of removing the vast amount of weapons she had placed on her person. Small hold out blasters alongside her hip followed by the pair of grenades in a small pouch she carried. Her eyes remained on the Devorian as she would check on her last weapon when she was back in her room.

    “Employer says we damaged him.” The Devorian replied giving a devlish grin. His array of sharp teeth made him look almost ravenous as his eyes still did not leave the blaster he toyed with. She didn’t know if she considered herself lucky to have formed a partnership with the likes of a Devorian. In fact she was amazed he hadn’t gotten himself drunk as was his usual daily occurrence. Still it was this Devorian that had gotten her out of the worst part of the slums, and at least got her a roof over her head.

    “I told you not to rough him up.” She answered slightly angered as she made her way to a small table with a chair. Most of the house was a mess which was something she had learned to live with. “He was supposed to have been a Hutt spice transport captain. Apparently he might have been selling information out.” She added feeling sorry for the poor fool. It was clear to her that in a few days that Twi’Lek would be marched into the center of the city for execution by the Hutts. It had become almost a sporting event for the citizens to watch what new ways of death would be implemented.

    “I heard that he might have been sharing drinks with the Empire. Makes sense why he didn’t try to get off planet sooner.” The Devorian said sounding slightly disappointed. A chill ran up her spine as she looked down at the floor for a moment. Her eyes remained locked on the floor as she fought back the fear that raced through her. “Could be that the contact is still on the planet. Might get a chance to go after an Imperial. Apparently more than trade route information being sold.” The Devorian commented as he placed the blaster back into its holster strapped to his leg. She immediately shook her head causing her partner to give a disappointed sigh.

    “No. You know we don’t deal with Imperials in any way.” She responded getting back up to her feet. Her fists were clenched as she turned away from the Devorian. “Besides they wouldn’t bother with us way out here. What information could a spice pilot have?” She asked more to herself hoping she wouldn’t hear the answer that echoed in her head. Outside some arguments seemed to break out as they were silenced by the usual sound of blaster fire.

    “Rumors been going around a lot these days.” The Devorian said spitting onto the floor. He eyed the spot for a moment before taking a drink from a container that looked filled with things one would never want inside their bodies. “I heard from a pal that Empire is hunting a war criminal. War criminal most likely here.” He continued spitting onto the floor again. She turned away from her partner as she closed her eyes for a moment. She had heard of how harshly the Empire went after those who stood on the other side of the war. How relentless their forces were when they found an old Confederate fighter. Five years after the war, and still the horrible stories would spread. Even though most were merely droids that had been shut down the Confederacy still had living beings that had fought in it.

    “Well I try not to get mixed into politics Zego.” She replied as Zego looked slightly disappointed. All Zego seemed to live for in life was the latest news, and the credits to get himself a drink. “Besides we don’t really top the charts on bounty hunting….” She began as a light tap came upon the door. Instinctively Zego drew his blaster as he crouched slightly. It was a rare occurrence for someone to knock on a door on Kravoa, and even she felt fear run down her spine.