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Star Wars STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)---Always taking new players!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bravo, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. Kartanym

    Kartanym Jedi Knight star 6

    May 23, 2002
    OOC: GM Approved.

    Name: Teeganithan "Tee" Rowbano
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Tatooine
    Affiliation: Whoever pays the most
    ---Traits: Intelligent, humorous, outlandish
    ---Likes: Fixing things
    ---Dislikes: Someone else destroying his good work
    ---Habits: speaks his mind when it isn't required, cracks a joke much the same.
    ---Skin Color: Pale (sun? what sun?)
    ---Hair Color: light brown
    ---Eye Color: pale green
    ---Clothing: dark orange overalls, slightly worn and rarely washed. military style boots, probably stolen. long sleeved white shirt, equally as worn as the overalls.
    ---Other Attributes: Always has some form of dirt or oil on his face, making his skin darker than it actually is.
    ---Other Details: despite his looks, surprisingly well kept, short hair style and soft features. Someone once told him he'd look half decent in a tux.
    ---Name: Betty
    ---Class: Customised 'F' Wing Starfighter
    ---Hyperdrive Class: Class One
    ---Weapon(s): Twin laser cannons, five proton torpedoes, five anti torpedo flares
    ---Shields: Medium Class, front and rear, adjustable.
    ---Sublight Speed: 4,150 G
    ---Crew: 1 Pilot
    ---Passenger(s): None
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 20kg
    ---Interior Description: Tight, just enough room for the pilot, but surprisingly comfortable and efficient.
    ---Other Details: The F Wing is Tee's own creation, using parts off various starfighters across the Galaxy. It's designed to be the fastest starfighter around, without skimping out on weaponry and defence systems. Stripped down to the barest of weight classes, the fighter negates the need for a droid pilot, replacing it with an onboard system acting as both automatic pilot and personal assistant. It's hard to tell what it looks like, one part N1 Starfighter, one part Imperial Tie Fighter, that really needs a new paint job, not that Tee cares for looks. It's what's inside that counts.
    ---Weapon: Hand pistol, neatly tucked away within overalls.
    ---Personal History: Little is known about Tee's childhood, mainly because most adoption laws on his home planet were either destroyed or stolen. What is he aware of, however, was that his father was a pilot, though he isn't sure whether he was Old Republic or New Imperial. Either way, his own interest in mechanics and design were born from his 'other' adopted parents, a couple who lived next to the adoption centre who taught him everything he knows. He quickly used his skills to set up his own business as a teenager, fixing lowly transport vehicles and speeder bikes. He always kept his head low, working on his own private projects such as the F Wing within his warehouse, preferring to stay out of sight from any Imperial or Rebel doings. But his name was well known through-out most circles, and as he grew older, he became known as Mr. Fixit, a relatively kind hearted soul who would do anything for laugh but always kept law and order by his side, just in case.

    As of a few days ago, he finally completed his F-Wing project. Early tests showed the fighter was even faster than he first predicted. Somehow, however, his data had been leaked to the public, and the Empire was keenly interested in buying his research. Fortunately, and perhaps unfortunately for him, they weren't the only ones interested in his services...

    IC: Teeganithan "Tee" Rowbano
    Red Destroyer, CR90 Corellian Corvette, Holding Cell B
    Out-skirts of the Whendyll System

    "Excuse me?"


    "EXCUSE ME!"

    Tee's mouth was drying out. Seriously, how hard is it to get a frelling drink around here?. It had been almost eight days since he'd been dragged aboard the murky depths of the Corvette, or at least it felt like eight days ... maybe it was five. Whatever. Either way, no-one had spoken to him, food was scarce, and to cap it all, not a reading light in sight.

    It didn't exactly surprise him that the 'pirates' had raided his warehouse. He figured the Imperials had something to do with it, probably because he never returned their calls. Since some low life had hacked his datap
  2. Bravo

    Bravo Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: Welcome Kartanym! :)

    Hey guys, Grey and I were talking, and we'll be introducing a slicer NPC here. Hope you all enjoy! :)

    IC: Ensign Ta' Buk
    Red Destroyer, CR90 Corellian Corvette, nearing Port Haven, Whendyll System

    The Aqualish Ta' Buk sighed as the blast door opened to Holding Cell B. The lone pig-like Gamorrean guard snapped to a sloppy attention, the Gamorrean's T-6 Thunderer heavy blaster pistol slipped into a slacking blaster belt around his waist and his virbo-ax handle in his hand, the ax's head resting on the floor at his feet. The Gamorrean guard was probably living up the over-heated Holding Cell B with the complete darkness, other then the emergency light over the blast door and the small desk light over the guard's table and chair, with his half-gone drink resting on the table.

    Although space travel was usually cold, there had been an environmental control malfunction a few days ago in Holding Cell A, which had super-heated the holding cell and killed all the prisoners in there. Although Ta' personally could have cared less about the souls rotting in Holding Cell A, Captain 'One Eye' had a different opinion and had thrown the Ishi Tib guard, who caused the malfunction, into the air lock and ejected him into space. That was lost profit in the dead prisoners according to One Eye, but to Ta', it was just more food saved for the pirate crew themselves.

    Somehow the malfunction had moved its way over to Holding Cell B the same day, but before the holding cell got too hot, the problem was stopped and somewhat reversed, but regardless of saving the prisoners in Holding Cell B, the holding cell itself was still above normal temperatures for a space ship and the sweating Aqualish couldn't wait to be done with his assignment in here and be back to colder places on the ship.

    If heat and darkness wasn't already enough for Ta', the pirate crew's most recent prisoner was rather annoying. So annoying he had become in fact, that the Gamorrean guard had resorted to wearing head-phones and playing music to tone the human out. Ta' would have just shot the prisoner by now and dumped him into the air lock and out into space, but Captain One Eye had specifically said that no harm was to come to the human. The Galactic Empire was paying the pirate captain too many credits to let the rotten human die.

    But that didn't mean Ta' had to feed the dirty human scum. And so, he had dutifully left a few meals back at the mess hall, as well as water for the human. Just because Ta' couldn't kill the human, didn't mean he couldn't take a few pounds off of his bones. But after hearing the human's voice resound through the bulk-heads for many a night, Ta' had to feed him something, just so the prisoner would shut up.

    Turning on the lights made most of the other prisoners in Holding Cell B cover their eyes. Ta' then made his way to where the human, named Teeganithan "Tee" Rowbano, was at. He looked at the gathering group of prisoners in the large cell known as Holding Cell B, and grunted, sliding the food tray under the red laser bars and into the holding cell. Like a bunch of rodents after crumbs, most of the prisoners scrambled to the tray to each get their small bowl of soup and piece of bread. Next the Ensign motioned for the guard, who grabbed a five gallon jug of water from by his desk and started filling plastic cups up with water, each cup of water passed to each one of the prisoners under the laser bar in turn.

    Ta' grunted at "Tee," saying in broken Basic, "Why don't you act more like you're slicer friend over there, the human?" Ta motioned his head over to the small skeleton-like framework of what appeared to be left of a male human being with torn black clothing and black pilot boots with silver-colored stun cuff rings on each wrist, but the middle of the stun cuffs broken off sometime ago; the slicer human had black hair that was ragged and not cut in sometime, with light skin that had spots of old grease and other liquids and fluids on his sk
  3. Kartanym

    Kartanym Jedi Knight star 6

    May 23, 2002
    OOC: Thanks Bravo :) Good to be here.

    IC: Teeganithan "Tee" Rowbano
    Red Destroyer, CR90 Corellian Corvette
    Nearing Port Haven, Whendyll System
    Holding Cell B

    "Why don't you act more like you're slicer friend over there, the human?," the Aqualish's dishevelled Basic grunted over the noise of Tee's fellow inmates as they scrambled for whatever food or water they could get their hands on. Tee glanced over at the forlorn figure tucked away at the rear of the cell, ""He never speaks, unlike you, who are loud and annoying."

    "Maybe I prefer to make my presence known," he smirked back, trying to keep his cool, "Kinda like you ... minus the impotence."

    "If I had my chance, I'd kill you Tee," the brute's voice rose, "You killed two of my best men raiding your Hutt-hole of a place! They were worth more than you!"

    "What do you get paid in, womp rats?," Tee bit back as the guard reluctantly let them be, the two keeping a firm eye lock the entire way before the Aqualish vanished behind the blast door. Tee sighed.

    "Typical. All words and no play."

    He turned his attention back to the stranger, taking what little bread and water was left from the feeding frenzy with him. The Aqualish was right about one thing, he hadn't budged since Tee had been thrown in with the others. Residing to your own fate is one thing, but not even getting up to pee?

    "Hey, kiddo," he said, raising the small cup to the mans lips, "Come on, don't make me look like an idiot. I know there's someone in there. Hm?" Not a word from the slicer in reply, though Tee did catch a slight hint of a sip as the water touched the poor man's lips.

    "I guess that's something" Tee sighed.

    Tag: Bravo
  4. Bravo

    Bravo Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: In-Jailed Slicer
    Red Destroyer, CR90 Corellian Corvette, nearing Port Haven, Whendyll System, Holding Cell B

    "Hey, kiddo," he said, raising the small cup to the mans lips, "Come on, don't make me look like an idiot. I know there's someone in there. Hm?" Not a word from the slicer in reply, though Tee did catch a slight hint of a sip as the water touched the poor man's lips.

    "I guess that's something" Tee sighed.

    He wouldn't understand, the slicer thought to himself, No one would. But... The slicer mentally waved the thought off. Although there was everyone in Holding Cell B from one-time passengers on high-end passenger liners to you're average citizen, none of them portrayed any real scientific-mind towards technology. So he wouldn't be able to share with them what they needed to know.

    But this other guy, this Teeganithan or "Tee" as most people called him, showed at least some intelligence beyond a space slug. The slicer had kept hearing something chatted back and forth about some F-Wing this Tee fellow kept talking about. And if the slicer's observations proved right, then this Tee person was the man behind this F-Wing. Or he was just another spacer making stories sound five hundred times bigger then what they really were.

    Either way, if Tee remotely had the ability to built a starfighter and from further observations from the slicer, on his own and not part of a major corporation, then the slicer hoped that this Tee might know some code talk. If Tee had any spacer knowledge regarding slicers and general spacer techs that worked on all finds of spacecraft from starfighters and small freighters to capital warships, then he might know this little known code.

    It had taken the slicer's former employer and the slicer himself months to track this code that, it turned out, was out-dated since during the Clone Wars. But, there were still a small number of out-laws that used the out-dated and barely known code.

    Tearing off a piece of tattered clothing, a small rough piece from his arm, he took the spoon from the near-by soup and itched in a series of block letters. It was a mix of numbers and letters three long. But if one looked beyond the surface, they would find that the simple mix of letters and numbers was a complex message involving directions and access codes.

    It was an escape plan.

    Tag Kart :)
  5. Kartanym

    Kartanym Jedi Knight star 6

    May 23, 2002
    IC: Teeganithan "Tee" Rowbano
    Red Destroyer, CR90 Corellian Corvette
    Nearing Port Haven, Whendyll System
    Holding Cell B

    "Sometimes I wonder what the point of it all is. One minute you're just minding your own business, trying oh so hard to make a living out of your own imagination, the next you're a marked man, at the mercy of fate thanks to some stupid pirates, a bunch of crazy scientists who think my work is actually worth something, and the Empire who ... well, I guess we all know about 'that' one. Always trying to be one step ahead of everyone else. Damn fools wouldn't know a thing about real brains, not the dull drones they've got growing out of that academy of theirs. I swear, it's like they're all as dumb as each other sometimes. Maybe that whole 'Clone' thing I heard about has merit after all. I don't know, what do you think?"

    Tee's wondrous perception of his current situation married neatly to his diluted understanding of politics had almost completely ignored his new friends scribbling exercise.

    "You didn't hear a word I said then, did you?" he said, partly taken aback by the slicers sudden movement, "Nice to see you moving, if that means anything." As each symbol, or at least it resembled a symbol, slowly appeared one by one, Tee's head whirled into action.

    "Hey, I know that. It's old though, real old," he kept his voice low, "Wait a minute, is that? Woah, woah, you're not actually thinking of ... you know ... breaking out? Have you SEEN those guards? You must be mad, which explains a lot under the circumstances."

    As the last few letters were marked out, Tee nodded to himself, silently thanking the Gods that he'd read up on Old Republic technical code readouts during his lunch breaks. "All right, I get it" he said, "It has some merit. Though how you got all this is beyond me, I'm gonna take your ... uh ... 'word' for it. There's just one thing you've missed out there. It's nothing much, teeny tiny really. See ... there's no mention of getting out of here, you know, holding cell B? What about that, smarty pants? And it better be good."

    tag: Bravo
  6. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Chris Streets (& Winterkill)
    Port Haven, The Octagon

    A hooded rodian was visibly upset by the outcome of the match. He seemed to be taking things a bit 'personally', according to Streets' estimation.

    "No, no, no! You were supposed to die! die! die!!" screamed the hooded rodian, blaster pistol in hand. Then suddenly, he rushed into the Octagon, with the clear intention of using his weapon.

    The chiss was not about to take any chances, not after all they had gone through thus far. In a smooth motion, Chris brought his weapon to bare, took aim as he targeted the rodian through the scope, then squeezed the trigger. A single blistering bolt of crimson energy was released, which struck the hooded alien in the back, immediately taking him out of action. As the rodian fell to the ground, Chris silently, but quickly moved locations, just in case anyone tried to trace the origin of the shot. With his location somewhat compromised, the chiss knew not to stay perched up high for too long. As it was, he saw that he'd have cause to move.

    The chiss began to move out, even as he spoke firmly, but in a low voice into his communicator.

    "Captain. Streets here. I see the Octagon medical team is moving bothWinterkill and the Killshot. The Coruscanti Ace has a nasty wound to his shoulder, but it looks like Winterkill was poisoned. He may not have much time. Medics are swarming all over him. I'm going to follow and track them, see where they're taking them. I'll report back with a final location. Streets out."

    Chris Streets was glad that the crowd was still pretty much in an uproar as he managed to make his stealthy descent. He doubted anyone would be paying him any mind, or look in his direction. Before touching the ground, Chris made a motion to both Havah Jeth and Mira T'saaren, the only two other mercs he managed to spot within the arena. He indicated that he was going to follow the small convoy of medics, then just as quickly, he merged with the crowd and blended into public anonymity.

    Winterkill's stint in the octagon probably didn't go as he had imagined, but hardly anything did. Chris silently shook his head at the nagai's apparent 'death wish' and hoped that the Mercs didn't have to attend yet another funeral.

    Only time would tell.

    Tag: GM ( Anyone else, if necessary )

    OOC: This concludes the Octagon's main event. We can go on to our central story. I'll tie this up as we move along. Thanks all.
  7. Bravo

    Bravo Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: Some information below for the following post.

    [link=]Sheathipede-class transport shuttle (Neimoidian Shuttle)[/link]
    [link=]TIE/In starfighter (TIE Fighter)[/link]

    IC: Terrel Vacks
    Briefing Room, Johnny Boy, Port Haven

    Between Hallomar's report and Chris Streets' report, things were moving very quickly suddenly. "Copy that," Vacks said in response to Chris' report, then switched comlinks over to Havah Jeth and Mira T?saaren, "Havah, you and Mira get Winterkill. Get him whatever medical drugs you can stuff into him to make him whole again and operational---I need Winterkill and you two in cockpits yesterday! And get Nick Skysand back in one piece. Once you three are back here, you three are launching and the Johnny Boy is following. We have trouble and lots of it! Lasso and Taller are already heading to the combat zone as we speak!"

    Once he had ended the comlink with Havah and Mira, Terrel went back to Chris' comlink, "Chris, this is Terrel again. I hate to do this to you buddy, but we're going to have to leave you behind enemy lines for a little bit. Sucks being a sniper, hah?"

    "Hey, that means I just get more fun!" Streets replied cheerfully in a somewhat hushed tone as he followed his target quietly. Chris had done this before on missions, where the Mercs would drop him behind enemy lines or just leave him there for a few days to observe movements of an enemy and or report intelligence on an enemy position. He had done the same thing during the Clone Wars for the Old Republic and was use to the routine and although he didn't need Terrel giving him the whole speech as he did, it made him feel good inside that his old war buddy would care for him enough to drop him a sweet-good-bye message. What a Hutt softy Terrel was! :p

    Tag all Mercs at Port Haven! :D :cool:


    IC: Jason Lasso
    Sweetheart---Naboo Royal n-1 Starfighter, Atmosphere of Port Haven, heading towards space

    "He's running and fast Captain!" Jason Lasso reported as he zipped through the white puffy clouds that dotted the blue landscape in front of his cockpit, a distance brown dot and two black dots dancing in and out of clouds were ahead of him.

    "Just keep him in you're sights, Lasso!" Captain Rick Taller ordered as he flew to port of Lasso in a customized Z-95 Headhunter.

    "Easy for you to say, he's good!" Jason replied with wit. The two Mercs were gaining on the escaping Sheathipede-class transport shuttle with two TIE/In Fighters flanking to either side of the shuttle as escort, "Come on!" Lasso urged his starfighter forward in frustration.

    Although the two pilots were gaining on the escaping would-be Winterkill killer, the two Mercs were running out of time and quick. Hallomar had some local smugglers disable part of the shuttle in a shoot-out that coast two smugglers they're lives and two of this mysterious killer's own bodyguards. Despite the quick blaster shoot-out, the Sheathipede-class transport shuttle had been damaged enough to prevent it from breaking the planet's atmosphere---at least for now---and that was the only reason why it hadn't already jumped to hyperspace.

    "Lasso, watch out! The TIE's are breaking off!"

    "Oh, for a Hutt's wedding!" Lasso replied in disgust, "What's the game plan, boss?" He asked as he watched the two TIE Fighters break from their escort pattern and start a loop back towards the two Merc starfighters.

    "You take the TIE's, I'm on that shuttle!"

    Jason grinned, "I was hoping you'd say that, Captain. Merc One engaging hostile enemy starfighters!" Jason switched
  8. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth

    Things began happening very fast, first he was knocking out the soliciting patron the old fashion way, and the next the fight was ending and another patron with a blaster out dropped after intering the ring.

    "I hope someone got that on holo-recorded." he grumbled as he manuevered the crate through the gates to begin chasing after the medic's as the order came over the comm. And the first one to make a comment about him being an 'ambulance chacer' was so not getting a present for their next life day.

    TAG: Bravo, Grey, oreatrageous
  9. Bravo

    Bravo Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: I hope everyone is having a good Labor Day weekend! :)

    Since its Labor Day weekend, just note that some people may be gone this weekend with travel plans and won't post until they get back. So just be aware of slower posting this weekend.

    Thanks! :)
  10. Kartanym

    Kartanym Jedi Knight star 6

    May 23, 2002
    IC: Teeganithan "Tee" Rowbano
    Red Destroyer, CR90 Corellian Corvette
    Nearing Port Haven, Whendyll System
    Holding Cell B

    "Knock out the--" Tee's attempt at arguing against physical confrontation, something he wasn't adept at, was drowned out by the sudden burst of activity outside. Heavy boots pounded metal in no particular order as the pirates jumped into action, for what reason Tee could only conclude was the possible rescue attempt, though by whom alluded him.

    "Listen, I'm all for getting out of this place, but how in the frell do I get this guy over here, smack him upside the head AND steal his data card thingie without getting my hands blown off by the security laser!"

    An explosion rocked the ship as Tee finally completed his argument, and in almost disbelief, he watched as the red hum of the security gate holding them in flashed and vanished without a trace. The guard covering the entry way cursed, shouting down his communicator for back up. Whoever it was out there, Tee thought, had one hell of an aim ... or perhaps dumb luck.

    He jumped into action then, not even thinking as he dove towards the guard, tackling him to the ground and laying him out with a swift right hand across his brow, the sickening thud of his knuckles against exposed flesh making him cringe. With the guard down, he found the card and turned around, only to find every other former prisoner standing in disbelief.

    "What? Don't just stand there, come on!" he shouted over the increasing noise of the battle, picking up his new slicer buddy as they headed towards the door.

    "I sure hope you know what you're doing, kid" he whispered.

    Tag: Bravo
  11. Bravo

    Bravo Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: Hey everyone, once again this post just gets everyone from 'point A' to 'point B.' Not a big deal really. If anyone has any questions, just PM me.

    Take note that sometime here soon (I can't say when, least I give away a spoiler ;) ) there will be a 'Chapter Update.' Different from a Storyline Post, a Chapter Update will catch everyone up to the here and now of the game with a recap of what has happened so far and will be a excellent place for new players to join (so they won't have to read six pages of posts to catch up). So, with that said, if you know anybody who's interested in joining a RPG, send them this way to either greyjedi125 or myself! :)

    Guys, I'm getting really excited here. Its been a lot of listening to the Stealth music score and soundtrack while driving and coming up with cool ideas to give detail to the general storyline. Start sending out the word for more players everyone, because its about to get really interesting! :D

    I just want to say that I feel like we have a great core group of players here and with all the 'day-dreaming' I've been having about he storyline and how all the characters could fit in...yeah guys, its been a really fun time for me to think about the storyline of this game with such a great group of players! Keep it going strong everyone! :)

    IC: Terrel Vacks
    Bridge, Johnny Boy, Port Haven

    Everything had gone as well as it could have...considering. But that didn't mean that Terrel Vacks was at peace at all with it. Winterkill was near death and an intruder had been spotted on the ship. All the information that was given was that two crew members had seen a 'man in a cloak' running out from the cargo bay and across one of the corridors. Alarms had been sounded and twenty of the maroon marked security class B1 Battle Droids had been dispatched throughout the ship searching for the intruder with all other crew members on alert with blaster pistols at easy reach on their uniforms. The other four maroon marked security class B1 Battle Droids stood guard at the bridge, with two outside the closed blast doors and two inside the bridge, flanking either side of the blast doors. Their commander, with bright yellow-orange markings and a backpack, was identified as a Commander battle droid and stood besides Terrel Vacks on the bridge as the second-in-command looked at his options.

    "Will someone turn that alarm off!" Vacks voiced and as the alarm sound died---although the red warning lights kept flashing everywhere in the ship---closed his eyes in relief from the sound, "Commander, have you're droids located the intruder?"

    "Negative, sir," The Commander droid replied, "No units report success in the capture of the intruder."

    "If they're after Winterkill, he or she will head for the Medical Bay. Double the guard at the Medical Bay."

    "Roger, roger," The droid replied, turning and relaying the orders to his droid units.

    As the Commander droid relayed the orders next to him, Vacks looked outside the bridge viewport. The blueness of the sky and white clouds gave way to the thin look of air and space and stars beyond---one could almost touch it! A pair of starfighters---a R-41 Starchaser and a CloakShape Fighter---streaked ahead of the Marauder-Class Corvette towards the engulfing starfighter dog-fight just above orbit of the planet. Beyond the dog-fight was a line of three enemy CR90 Corvettes that were just waiting for some blood---and Vacks was ready to bloody their noise, although he knew he couldn't sustain an extended fight while out-numbered with two more enemy light cruisers moving in from beyond. He knew that this would be a hit-and-run mission, the Mercs goal being trying to escape without losses. Vacks knew that speed and timing would play an important part in such a plan.

    Tag grey, anyone else :)


    IC: Jason Lasso
  12. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth
    Spook---Customized Cloakshape Fighter, Atmosphere of Port Haven, just beyond orbit

    As he rose once more to dance among the stars he gave the customary contact call to the pilots in the field, cutting off Captain Taller was just a bonus. A bonus that went very well with his and Merc 4, Mira T?saaren, laser duet that saw the end of two uglies.

    "Havah and Mira, I'm buying you two a drink when we get back!" Lasso yelled in joy over the comlink at the appearance of their help.

    Flicking a switch to bring his speed down to a more managible level for a dog-fight he responded in similar fashion, "Not the cheep stuff?!"

    Although that mirth was short lived as the call of Taller's craft having been wounded, and soon he was EV. Floating in space with only a shimmering magcon field between him and space, and a space suite that eventually would loose the war with the vast coldness that it held. Requesting further instructions after calling in the clean EV he had their mission.

    For all that was a clean EV, all of that going for him, wouldn't matter if he didn't get Lasso and Mira into service quickly to deal with the remaining fighters.

    "This is Merc Lead. Merc 1 form up with flyby between us...bring as many tails as you can, then form up for an inverted chevron before performing a claw split once two tails are formed." It was the best approach he could think with keeping the speed high to quickly cover the field, hopefully one or two would tail Lasso's craft as they met up if they didn't pick any off along the way, and then with a forty degree turn into the thick of things with Lasso coming up to complete the chevron.

    The chevron shape was so old no one could agree who first invented it no matter the species as it was merely a loose triangle, with in this case the three ships forming the three points. The final maneuver the claw would merely be them splitting in wide then quick crossing loops, each heading through the imaginary points of a triangle perpendicular to whatever their course was at the time, and hopefully blasting whatever pursuit in a three way cross fire.

    "Let's show these creeps. For Taller!" it was a rallying cry for sure but one he felt they might need to refocus on the mission. Especially since most minds...well at least his was having to deal with the switch from a Nagai in a med ward to EV human out here, and then to himself and the uglies. It needed that call to reorder, weak as it was, just to keep it in the life.

    TAG: Oreotragus, GM
  13. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Port Haven, ER, Triage Center

    Winterkill's body was on a cold and impersonal medical table inside a small and cramped room. He had machines hooked up to him, machines that monitored his vital signs, which were progressively decreasing. Two medics and a medical droid labored over him, almost desperately, as they tried their best to save the life of their patient.

    "Administer it again!" the medic ordered, his voice tremulous as he vainly attempted to stave off frustration. The human male did all he could not to run a hand through his disheveled raven hair in his mounting frustration.

    "I'm sorry sir, the antidote is not having any effect. We are losing him." The medical droid informed neutrally.

    "Please tell me something I don't know. Like why is this neurotoxin still causing a cascade failure of his nervous system and shutting down his primal functions when we have an antidote!?"

    "Perhaps it is not a neurotoxin at all... but something more sinister." The female twilek medical assistant put in as she eyed the dying patient. Her lekku twitched and shuddered, expressing for her what she would not speak out loud.

    ********************Somewhere between places... ****************************
    The stone floor was cold. Heck, the stone floor was always cold, which meant that someone had put out the camp fire. Did that mean enemies were coming!?

    Winterkill shivered as he woke up with a start! He immediately rose to a sitting position and looked all around him - and at first glance recognized the location. This was the underpass they had made camp the previous night after travelling the whole day in an attempt to lose the Tof Death Squad that had been pursuing them. This ruined city was a vast valley of demolished structures due to continual bombardment. The stench of burning matter seemed to be forever embedded in the air.

    Winterkill reached beside him and found his Tehk'la blades exactly where he had left then the night before. Right next to him. But his blanket was nowhere to be found. What in the world was going on? Something felt very....odd.

    "Good morning, Qu'elwynt'r. Finally decided to wake up?"

    A cheery female voice said from behind.

    Winterkill whirled around with lightning speed, his in hand was like a flash of silver.

    A crouching female nagai smiled at him, unbothered by the blade he pointed at her. He noticed how she held his blanket gingerly in her hands. Next to her stood her male companion.

    "You've slept long enough. Time to wake up." said the male, who looked down at his sitting form, a smile also across his face.

    "Kasha! Nerub!!"

    Winterkill got up right away and embraced his friends. He suddenly felt very happy to see them...then realized.... something was not quite right.

    "Wait....this is... what...I'm confused." Winterkill shook his head and took a step back as he tried to sort his thoughts. "How am I here? I remember.... I remember.... oh! the Octagon?" (was that a dream?)

    "Am I dead?" Winterkill asked his friends. A mixture of sadness and happiness flickered back and forth on his face.

    "No. At least not yet..." Kasha said as she tilted her head to regard him.


    ER (Emergency Room)

    "He merely sleeps."

    The voice had startled both the medics, who had turned around with a start once they had heard it.

    "You almost gave me a heart attack..." The female twilek said as she tried to catch her breath as she gently placed a hand over her heaving chest.

    "I apologize for my...sudden appearance."

    "How did you get in here!?" demanded the male medic of the robed figure who had entered the small and cramped operating room. He could not see the figures face for the hood it wore, which was enough to make him reach for the com and call security.

    "Please don't do that. I can help save your patient. You have tried everything you know. Please, let me help. You have nothing to lose If I fail..."

    The twilek looked at the medic, who in turn looked at the medical screen which indicated th
  14. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: I hit the submit button before I was ready! :oops:
  15. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: Its been just over a week since the last "GM Post"---if you want to call it that---to move the game along. As such, we're moving long. All players who haven't post, just catch up or insert you're characters into the action as needed. :)

    Mark, my tag still remains for you from the previous post. Just refer to that tag for you're next post. :)

    I'll be playing some friendly tag as Jason Lasso and other NPC's before any other major moves as GM to move the game forward. Bring it everybody, the tag is on! :D :cool:

    Just as a note, turbolaser placements are taken from Star Wars: The New Essential Guide To Vehicles and Vessels (for the CR90 Corellian Corvette) and the Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels (for the Marauder-Class Corvette). Please note that three out of the four other turbolaser placements for the Johnny Boy are not from the Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels. However, the Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels has a reference for such added weapons: "Standard Authority Marauders carry eight double turbolasers and three tractor-beam projectors, although they have mounting points for up to four additional turbolasers if a larger power generator is installed" (p. 108)

    IC: Terrel Vacks
    Bridge, Johnny Boy, Port Haven

    Terrel Vacks watched with a measured eye and calm features the battle around the Johnny Boy and kept a ear open for any latest developments about the intruder alert aboard the ship as well. To his front green turbolaser fire splashed all around the ship, a few shots impacting the shields and resounded among the energy shields. Three CR90 Corellian Corvettes were directly to his front, each firing both of their double turbolaser cannons on top and on bottom of their ships with each vessel also having their two bow-facing turbolaser cannons join into the fight. By pure positioning of the ships, the employed pirates were not able to bring their full long-range firepower against the Johnny Boy, which worked for Terrel Vacks just fine.

    For Terrel, he had the Johnny Boy returning long-range battery fire with the wing-tipped double turbolaser cluster on each wing, the two bow-facing turbolaser stations with two turbolasers per station, and the nose-mounted retractable turbolaser station. The other three turbolasers of the vessel were inactive, as they were away from the current zone of fire at the moment, but were located two top wing of the vessel (where the base of the wing and middle of vessel connects) and one mid-bottom of the vessel. The Johnny Boy's massively bow-faced weaponry advantage for such a small vessel proved very effective with shield strength doubled on the bow. The Mercs' capital ship's red turbolaser fire centered on each pirate Corellian Corvette in firing range as she moved, sucking energy out of enemy shields and rattling the pirate commanders' confidences against their foe.

    But Terrel knew the basic principles of ground combat and knew that those same principles could be applied to space combat in some fashion. Plus, it helped that Taller had placed in bridge command plenty of times and the old veteran foot soldier found a degree of ability in starship commanding and battles.

    Being out-numbered, Terrel knew his best chances were to run. With two pirate Republic light assault cruisers making their way towards the battle at a steady pace, Terrel knew that being between a world, which in effect was a gravity well preventing the use of hyperdrives so close to the planet, and five enemy battle-equipped starships was a bad idea.

    As the Johnny Boy shuddered under her own turbolaser discharges and incoming enemy turbolaser fire, Terrel took a final glance at the Mother, the Lambda-Class Shuttle dispatched to rescue Taller after his EV, and saw that she was being left alone for now and, considering how out-numbered the Johnny Boy was, would h
  16. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth
    Flying in the space above Port Haven

    One of the oldest plays in the book, and one that hadn't been tossed out due to the effectiveness of it's nature. Relying on an enemies dogged determination or killer instincts to override safety, and one's own pilots to be versed well enough in the tactic not to kill each other with either laser fire or a collision.

    Once they were past and he was able to actually read the heads up as they reformed, he found that the remaining three Uglies were quickly retreating to safety of the three CR90's. Finally he let out the breath he had been holding for the past several minutes.

    "Good job and nice flying Jason and Mira." he called back through the comms to his two wings. All things considered they were doing fairly well, with a kill and nuetralizing ratio far outstripping the pirates.

    "Let's slowly follow those Uglies, best not to rush into an ambush and leave Rick out here all alone." It was a boring order he knew, but Rick's life hung in the ballance. Personally he wanted nothing more than to run down those Uglies and pound on the Corvette that was moving away from the support of it's two friends. But that would leave Taller unguarded, and he wasn't about to leave a Merc behind, no matter how much he boiled beneath his own orders, unless the Merc brass gave a new order.

    Though he doubted he would be happy until they had Rick safe and at least one of those CR's blown back to scrap.

    TAG: Oreotragus, Bravo
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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Jason Lasso
    Sweetheart---Naboo Royal n-1 Starfighter, just beyond orbit of Port Haven

    Jason Lasso took a moment to look at Port Haven as he flew just beyond its orbit in space. For a moment, the pure beauty of the planet struck him as something amazing to him personally. Here he was however many meters above the planet flying in space. He could only imagine, if even for a moment, how the early space explorers of the galaxy must had felt, when they could look at a planet from space. It was so common now-a-days to fly in space that Jason had missed so many times as this: to look at a planet from outer space and appreciate it.

    Havah's voice rang over the comm channel and Jason's eyes focused on the events directly ahead of them, with laser fire darting between a group of capital ships. "Let's slowly follow those Uglies, best not to rush into an ambush and leave Rick out here all alone."

    "Hey boss," Jason replied, "I have a question for ya. Captain Taller is in the middle of four capital ships, right? So, hypothetically speaking, if we had to go in after him, wouldn't we be like sitting ducks before those three capital ships' guns opposing the Johnny Boy?"

    Lasso cringed after that. He knew Havah was a good boss and all, but he sure didn't want to see the squadron leader's dark side when Lasso just questioned his orders.

    [Your dead.] Dude pointed out as support.

    "Thanks Dude for the moral support," Lasso replied.

    Tag Mitth :p

    EDIT: Grammar. :p
  18. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth
    Cloakshape fighter just beyond orbit of Port Haven

    [You did realize that...didn't you boss?] Reading those words from Pic he sighed, capatil ship weapons tended to not be to much trouble if you kept manuevering.

    But Lasso did have a point, in that if they basically hovered there they would take pock shots which would only put Rick in more danger instead of minimizing it.

    "Good point Lasso." he replied into the comm with a slathering of cheer dripping from his voice, "Acquire targeting data on the CR-90 paralleling our Mother ship, and prepare for a straffing run on it's forward weapons emplacements and engines." reaching forward he flipped a few switches to activating auto-target acquiring by Pic. "If Uglies try to get in our way take them out first."

    "Lock and load!" with that final call he punched the engines to max, boosting his craft further ahead as it turned toward the command vessel. If the remaining enemy starfighters desided to return they would just have to deal with them as well.

    TAG: Bravo, oreotragus
  19. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Jason Lasso
    Sweetheart---Naboo Royal n-1 Starfighter, just beyond orbit of Port Haven, engaging enemy capital ship

    "Good point Lasso." he replied into the comm with a slathering of cheer dripping from his voice...

    [Dang, your lucky.] Dude replied across the screen.

    "Acquire targeting data on the CR-90 paralleling our Mother ship, and prepare for a straffing run on it's forward weapons emplacements and engines." reaching forward he flipped a few switches to activating auto-target acquiring by Pic. "If Uglies try to get in our way take them out first."

    Jason replied over the comm, "I like to hear talk like that, boss." Flipping switches, Lasso brought his own auto-targeting provided by Dude online, targets appearing on his sensor screen.

    "Lock and load!" with that final call he punched the engines to max, boosting his craft further ahead as it turned toward the command vessel. If the remaining enemy starfighters desided to return they would just have to deal with them as well.

    "Lets tuck and follow, Mira," Lasso said, then turned his attention to following Havah, "Shields up and ready. Weapons are hot. Waiting your orders, Lead." Lasso said over the comm.

    The CR90 Corellian Corvette wasn't about to just let the Mercs have a free shot at her. Bringing her top double turbolaser cannon around from the Johnny Boy engagement, she let loose a red volley of fire directed at the three starfighters. One of her two port side turbolasers cannons followed suit, the other cannon not yet in the field of fire, and the Mercs found themselves dodging turbolaser fire. But their shields held.

    But Lasso's sensor screen lit up, "Lead, this is One. We have three Uglies coming in hot at one o'clock. ETA until firing range is twenty seconds."

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Port Haven, ER, Triage Center

    How strange it was, that all he could recall at the moment was the bright light, and now - it felt as if he were trying t wake up from a dreamless sleep. He imagined he could feel his limbs moving languidly, though he could not see them at the moment. It felt almost as if they moved on their own accord, which made it impossible for him to figure out his orientation. Was he lying down somewhere? If so, why did it feel as if he were floating? and that far away sound in his sounded like....fluid.

    There was a cascade of perception and sensation once the word came alive in his mind. Winterkill could feel it all over his skin. That distinct and unmistakable feeling of fluid. It was all around him. It engulfed him. A jolt of adrenalin shot through his system once his mind realized that perhaps he would be drowning...but somehow, he was not. His breathing was even and steady, excepet for that little start he'd just given himself.

    Winterkill eyes fluttered lazily, then open slowly, like dark nocturnal petals. His dark eyes perceived blurry images, however, despite the fuzziness, Winterkill understood that he was floating inside a liquid environment. Only now did he feel the breathing aparatus attached to his face. Slowly, he reached out with a hand and was almost surprised when it hit an unseen barrier. Tentatively, he ran his hand on the smooth surface and found it to be concave in shape, like the inside of a big circle.... a circle that seemed to go all around him?

    Winterkill blinked hard to better adjust his vision. As he did this, he became aware the nodes that were attached on several locations over the surface of his body. What was going on?

    As if to answer that question, his vision cleared, almost completely, and then he saw. He was inside a tank, and right beyond the tank, he could see equipment with little lights flashing....and a med droid.

    Oh! That's right!! The Octagon.

    Memories flooded his mind just then as he came to realize how it was that he ended up inside a bacta tank. Not only that, but flashes of his old friends, Kasha and Nerub.

    [Doctor, it would seem that the patient has gained consciousness.] The medical droid seemed t say to no one, since Winterkill did not see anyone else within the small chamber. A door he had not noticed earlier opened from a darkened corner, letting in the light from the room beyond and casting the doctor in silhouette.

    "Thank you three-three." said the doctor as he entered and walked right to a sensor display.

    [Will you require any further assistance, doctor?] MD-33 asked.

    "yeah, just double check him for any toxic traces while I initialize the purge and egress sequence."

    The doctor turned to Winterkill and spoke, which he heard clearly, not through the transparisteel containment tube, but a device within the breathing apparatus.

    "Looking good in there." he said, then gave Witerkill a thumbs up. "Alright, please do not be alarmed. It's time to get you out of there."

    Winterkill didn't know what the doctor meant, then his eyes went wide once he felt robotic arms fold around him, then cradle him in place. A moment later, the bacta was being drained from the casing. The process did not take long, and Winterkill was soon rinsed and cleaned off before he was released.

    "How are you feeling?" the doctor asked as he came to stand before the nagai.

    "......uhm...... like new..." Winterkill managed to answer as he tentatively flexed his arms and legs.

    "....Thank you doctor. I....."

    Winterkill shook his head, not knowing exactly what to say.

    "Well, to be honest, it wasn't me. It was some hooded figure..."

    At this, the nagai looked at the doctor with narrowing eyes of curiosity and intrigue. After a beat, he added: "Well, not to sound ungrateful, but could I have my clothes back? I need to get back to The Mercs. How long was I out for?"

    "Oh yes, your things..." the doctor turned and stepped toward a footlocker; he entered the electronic key-code and it opened, revealing Winterkill's belongings. Upon seeing t
  21. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001

    I just talked with Grey and he said that he had made a mistake on his last post due to sleepiness. That's his official disclaimer. :p

    So the below post will correct his character's location. :)

    Post information again:

    [link=]BTL Y-Wing starfighter[/link] (look for the BTL-S3 model)

    IC: Terrel Vacks
    Bridge, Johnny Boy, Port Haven

    The Security Commander turned to Terrel and said, "Sir, my units report Winterkill is out of Med Bay."

    Terrel nodded as he looked at the Battle Droid, "See to it that he finds his way to the bridge with an escort."

    "Roger, roger," The droid replied, then turned to his own comlink, "Detachment 2-M, escort Winterkill to the bridge."

    Terrel looked back out to the space battle. The Johnny Boy's shields were holding, which was good. The Mercs' starfighters started to come in for a run against the CR90 Corvette, which opened up a window for the Johnny Boy to escape as the Corvette's gunners were diverted to a secondary attack. "Gunnery, focus all available firepower on the Corvette! Engineering, divert power from all non-combat systems to engines and full speed ahead!"

    "Johnny Boy, this is Mother. We've been hit!" Came Flight Lieutenant Patty Sand's frantic voice over the comm channel.

    Terrel ran to the sensor station and saw that Mother was under attack from the two CR90 Corellian Corvettes. The Lambda-class Shuttle wouldn't last long. "Mother, this is Johnny Boy. Hold---"

    "Johnny Boy, this is Red One. You're free to go about you're business. We'll take care of these two Corvettes," Red Sand Panthers' Squadron Leader and group commander answered, "Looks like someone likes you boys. We got a contract to help you!"

    "What!? Thank you Red One! Who issued the contract?" Vacks asked, knowing the answer he'd get.

    "You know the rules, Terrel. We can't tell you our contact. But, our contact did give us these coordinates. I'll send them to you now via data channel. Your needed there ASAP. That's all I was told to tell you."

    "Roger Red One. And thank you. Johnny Boy out."

    Out from around the other end of the planet came a squadron of twelve two seater Y-Wing BTL-S3 models, the fighter craft having white hull plating with red strips and a red out-lined Corellian Sand Panther attacking on the top starboard and port sides of the fighters' cockpits. Six of the Y-Wings stayed on course for the nearest Corellian Corvette and each fired two proton torpedoes at long range. The combined twelve proton torpedoes impacted the Corellian Corvette and in a brilliant and quick display of fiery explosion, the ship blew apart. The other six Y-Wings went in-bound to protect the Lambda-class Shuttle Mother and the still EV Rick Taller.

    "Squadron Leader Jeth, this is the Johnny Boy. Continue your attack run and destroy or disable that Corvette! We're going to escape under your attack run. Then regroup and escort Taller and Mother clear of enemy fire. The Red Sand Panthers are our allies and have twelve Y-Wing class fighters on the field assisting us."

    Tag Mitth, anyone else :)


    Medical Bay
    Johnny Boy

    The corporal ranked Battle Droid of Detachment 2-M nodded to his instructions via comlink as he and an other Battle Droid diverted they're patrol and headed to the Medical Bay. Once arriving, the droid looked at Winterkill who stood between the two sentry droids outside the Medical Bay, "Winterkill, you are to come with us to the bridge, sir." Without waiting, the two droids of Detachment 2-M flanked Winterkill and started to escort him to the
  22. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth
    Space above Port Haven

    "Roger that Jonny Boy. Okay flight lets dip low for the bottom gunwell so they can't keep taking shots at Base. Eratic attack run and fire what you got when you have a lock."

    Suiting words to actions he spun his ship the Spook down in an exagerated position beneath the Corvetter before lining up for an attack run.

    TAG: Bravo
  23. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Jason Lasso
    Sweetheart---Naboo Royal n-1 Starfighter, just beyond orbit of Port Haven, engaging enemy capital ship

    "Roger that Jonny Boy. Okay flight lets dip low for the bottom gunwell so they can't keep taking shots at Base. Eratic attack run and fire what you got when you have a lock."

    As turbolaser blasts filled the space around him, Lasso nodded as he spoke into the comlink channel, "Roger that Lead." Without questioning Havah's direct order this time, Jason put actions into words and dropped his Naboo Royal n-1 Starfighter into a roll under the Corvette's top plain of fire and towards the bottom turret. His targeting equipment flashed red for a target lock on the bottom dual laser turret and Jason switched to proton torpedoes, "One firing secondary pay load!" Squeezing the fire trigger, one blue streak issued from under the nose of the starfighter, a second blue streak following the first a moment later.

    Breaking off his run, Jason purposely dove under Havah's escape route from his firing run as to not collide with his Squadron Leader when he broke. Not waiting to see if the proton torpedoes had any effect, Jason speed away from his run, only for his fighter to come under a vicious assault. Jason looked all around as his shields seemed to take laser bolts from multiple directions, "Sith bones! Where is that coming from?"

    [Uglies are in range.] Dude answered.

    "Lead, One here. Watch out for those Uglies!"

    [Shields down to 50%.]

    The laser fire stopped as the Uglies flew over and past Lasso's starfighters. He checked his sensors, "Havah, they're coming around for a second run against us!"

    Tag Mitth :)

    EDIT: Grammar. :oops:
  24. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Storyline Post Five

    Queen, 3959 B.B.Y.

    Queen La?lata sat on her throne chair in her personal throne room aboard her kingdom?s mightiest warship, a tribute to her as they?re Queen, the Royal-Class Command Battleship Queen. Her own people had built the massive 2,000 meter ship in honor of her, as their Queen. Her people had been prosperous for generations, lead by Queen La?lata?s family line for as long as they had been a prosperous people. When her husband, King Stakpo?The Honorable? passed away ten years ago, her people cried with their Queen. Her people let her know that they were there with her, every step of the way.

    But now millions were dead. Their home planet of Prime was utterly destroyed, and whatever was left of the proud and prosperous Red Rock Kingdom, was now aboard they?re last naval fleet, fighting for their very survival---and that of the known galaxy.

    Two years ago, while mining the re-generating Red Rock native to their planet of Prime, the mining crew discovered a hidden city under the numerous Red Rock caverns that lined the planet. It had been abandoned for thousands of years---or so it seemed. What came out of those caverns was a nightmare that her people would call The Beasts.

    The Beasts very quickly overtook the Red Rock Kingdom, utterly laying waste to it. The fight for their very survival, the Red Rock that gave the Red Rock Kingdom its name, was to the bitter end and after two years of non-stop fighting, their planet of Prime was destroyed and the people of the Red Rock Kingdom found themselves flying away from their planet in star ships, The Beasts in hot pursuit.

    Her people had stayed unquestionably loyal to her for the months they had been running, which made Queen La?lata?s heart break even more. She had sent her people to their deaths and they followed her willingly---for the greater good of the galaxy.

    Once an accepted, even revered, people, the Red Rock Kingdom had been one of the most lavish kingdoms in the galaxy. Now, no spaceport, friend or enemy, would take them in. They all rejected the Red Rock Kingdom?s people upon fear of The Beasts attacking their planets. As the remains of the Red Rock Kingdom fled across the galaxy, a black cloud of destruction, known as The Beasts followed them, destroying anything in their wake after the bloodthirsty pursuit of the last remaining piece of Red Rock.

    Queen La?lata looked at the small piece of Red Rock on the table before her. This little piece of rock, if captured by The Beasts, would doom the galaxy. And this little piece of rock was what her people---soldiers, sailors, doctors, teachers, merchants, men, women, children---were all giving their life for, so that the very galaxy who rejected her people would live. They had no safe haven to run in the galaxy and The Beasts were catching up to them...

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth
    Spook in Space above Port Haven

    The first run had been completed, the ship shook, the CloakShape fighters shields absorbing the impacts. A small screen to the port side blinked in quick succession, the colors dropping from green, to yellow, to red. The ultimate downside of this craft was the terrible shields, already down to probably a quarter or third of their starting strength from the start of this running battle.

    "Pic get us locks!" was his only call as he banked hard to a head on flight trajectory with the returning uglies. "Merc Flight continue assault on Corvette's gun implacements. I'll see how far I can hold them. Now Break!"

    He knew he had good pilots and knew they would get the job done, and that when they got back someone would owe them all a toast and a round.


    Three target recticles appeared on his screen, one quickly flipped through the designations tell a tone sounded the lock. "Missle away. Next." The next in line began to change pitch in his headset as he lined up on the other with his lasers for a game of chicken.

    "Lock trajectory with Nuna level breakoff point." it was an old program he had installed from his days in the Arkanian Spec Forces as a temporary pilot on some missions.

    His ship began spinning around the forward axis, simulating a drill as it went faster and faster, only waiting for a new tone that signaled distance to blaster's being effective. Closing his eyes he held down the fire stud, letting shields and hull absorb what damage they could. It was programed for a special note that Pic would use to notify him of either the other pilot breaking off or the last possible moments to break off himself before a colission.

    TAG: Bravo
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