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Star Wars STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)---Always taking new players!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bravo, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. Baskerville

    Baskerville Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 19, 2009
    IC: Michael Mash
    Cockpit of the Nightmare

    Michael Mash sat humming to himself in the cockpit of his ARC-170 starfighter, Nightmare, as it exitted hyperspace. The brilliant streaks of light slowed down around him as he turned off the hyperdrive and switched to sublight speed. The fighter slowed down considerably and Michael was always amazed at how slow he could feel as he emerged from hyperspace.

    Michael had spent his last month on some mission to escort some important dignitary to a planet in another sector. It was pretty boring, yet relaxing at the same time. He had mostly spent the time talking with his R2 astromech droid. Upon returning to Port Haven, it seemed alot had happened in his absence. Attack by Imperials, the death of Janice Toller and a mysterious Red Rock. What was going on? Captain Rick Taller had told Michael about the small squad out on the asteroid base, and Michael immediately volunteered to assist his comrades. So here he was.

    The R2 droid whistled and beeped, alerting Michael to the presence of an asteroid field.

    An asteroid field? Just what I needed, Michael thought, as he tilted his neck side to side to loosen his neck. He was reminded of an asteroid field race a long time ago. Michael loved the thrill of it and would be ready to do that race again anytime. Not while I'm in the Mercs Michael smiled ruefully.

    Checking the coordinates on his Navigator, he angled the Nightmare towards a large asteroid where he knew the other mercs were. Switching his comlink to the right frequency, he spoke, "This is the Nightmare, over and out." His ARC-170 swooped in to the large asteroid.

    Tag: everyone

    OOC: Glad to be here :)
  2. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Forgotten asteroid base, somewhere near Kalee

    From his unseen location within the dark hangar, Winterkill regarded the new arrival, even as he landed his ship. Upon visually appraising the incoming ship, the nagai had a thought. The pilot was either very skilled or very lucky. Not to be judgemental, but the ship didn't look like much, however, statistically speaking, it would take some considerable skill to stay alive in a ship like that. Winterkill was one step short of being impressed, since he usually reserved judgement until after proof was given.

    Either way, what he did like was the name. Night Seeker. It was a good name, just like his own ship's name, Wraith, and Havah Jeth's Spook. Perhaps Captain Taller was molding the Mercs into something darker. Winterkill smiled at that thought as he could only hope.

    The Night Seeker landed with a small bump, and its pilot disembarked in short order.

    A rope Ladder? Winterkill silently observed in mild surprise. He couldn't even remember the last time he saw a star-fighter sporting one of those. Still, he kept a scrutinizing eye on the descending pilot until he was on the ground. Though armed he did not look threatening at all and seemed relaxed enough.


    ?Hi boys, it has been awhile.? The pilot called out. He spoke with a sense a familiarity, but Winterkill had never met him. But if he knew to be here now, he knew Taller and was likely a Merc, and that was good enough for Winterkill.

    Having reached that conclusion, the nagai emerged from a dark corner and stepped into a dim light so he could be seen despite his black flight suit. He regarded the new arrival with his dark piercing eyes. His expression betrayed nothing other than his steely demeanor.

    ?Nice place you have here.? The pilot said.

    Humor. Probably a friend of Jason's. Winterkill observed mentally, though he did smirk to himself.

    The nagai walked slowly as he appraised both the pilot and the his star-fighter. One could almost sense a connection between ship and pilot after observing their interactions.

    "Welcome to the War..." Winterkill said somberly, then saluted the new pilot with respect.

    "Night Seeker. That's a good name." He commented after a beat. A small smile played on his pale face as he spoke.

    Before anything else was said, another communication was heard through their Merc channel.

    "This is the Nightmare, over and out."

    Another good name. Be that as it may, Winterkill did not believe in coincidences.

    The nagai's dark eyes immediately narrowed in suspicion as he looked at the new arrival. Without taking his eyes off the pilot, he called aloud to Havah Jeth and to Lasso.

    "How many more are we expecting...?"

    His question carried a slight tinge of annoyance and suspicion. He needed some answers, too much had gone 'wrong' already and it was beginning to wear on him. Not to mention that he was 'technically' still recovering from his encounter in the arena.

    Tag: Cadaverous, Mith, Baskerville, Bravo. Woot! [face_dancing]
  3. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: All non-new players (nice title, huh :p ) in this game (Bravo, Mitth, Grey) please re-post your character sheets with your next posts. This will help assist the new players with what your characters are like and give all up-coming new players a good place to start from with summary post and character sheets. Thank you. :)

    Name: Jason Lasso
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Affiliation: The Mercs
    ---Traits: Punctual, inquisitive, observant
    ---Likes: Staying in shape, learning and exploring new things, exploring wreckage of starships and sea vessels, studying history, hanging out with friends, playing holo games, watching holo movies, reading books (both paper and holo disk), eating carrots (and chewing gum and beef jerky), and helping people
    ---Dislikes: People with evil intent, arrogant people, liars, politics (Lasso really hates politics), and the Galactic Empire
    ---Habits: Scratching his head, cracking his knuckles and fingers, rubbing his face when tired, scratching his feet with each other
    ---Skin Color: Light
    ---Hair Color: Brown
    ---Eye Color: Blue-gray
    ---Clothing: During starfighter missions, Lasso can be seen wearing his standard yellow-green flight suit with black striping. His helmet is the same yellow-green color with a black strip down the middle of the helmet with a black visor. On either side of the helmet is a picture of a cartoon-looking bird hitting a cliff wall, the picture being in various colors; the bird is white, with it?s startled face looking out towards the viewer of the picture with large white eyes and black pupils, with it?s yellow beak open in shock as it?s body hits the brown cliff. With feathers flying in all directions, the birds? feet are yellow. The background of the picture is a white circle background in which the picture in contained. On the front of the helmet in the middle above the opened face of the helmet is white bold letters that read: QUAGMIRE.

    During ground operations, Lasso finds himself wearing brown pants tucked into black military infantry boots at the ankles. He has a black blaster belt (that carries spare ammo clips for both weapons, handheld comlink, a combat knife, and water canteen) around his waist with two holsters, one holster on each thigh midway on the thigh. He has a brown short-sleeve t-shirt covering his torso, with a black short-sleeved blast vest over the t-shirt. An ammo belt is spanned across his chest from upper right shoulder to lower left hip containing more ammo and grenades. A dark brown trench coat covers the blast vest and ammo belt, with black sunglasses to cover his eyes, an ear-worn black comlink with the comlink extending to the right side of his mouth, and black fingerless gloves cover his hands.

    When in civilian clothing or not on missions, Lasso is usually seen wearing (during summer time on planets) the modern tunic and shorts or pants with chrono watch, black sunglasses or baseball cap, with his blaster pistol and blaster belt. During winter time, he can be seen wearing a tunic with jeans or pants and a chrono watch, cloak, or coat, black sunglasses or baseball cap, and blaster pistol and blaster belt; he normally wears shoes during winter time and boots, when there is enough snow for boots.
    ---Other Attributes: Lasso stands 5'10 and weights in at 190 pounds. He has an athletic build and stays in shape.
    ---Other Details: His hair is cut to a fade style haircut.
    Weapons: One DL-44 Blaster Pistol (in off-duty clothes and pilot jumpsuit),two WESTAR-34 blaster pistols (ground outfit), and E-11 blaster rifle (ground outfit).
    Starship (Starfighter only---can?t be an X-Wing yet)
    ---Name: Sweetheart (Merc 3, call-sign Quagmire)
    ---Class: Naboo Royal n-1 Starfighter
    ---Hyperdrive Class: Class One
    ---Weapon(s): twin laser cannons, ten proton torpedoes
    ---Shields: Stock model
    ---Sublight Speed: 3,750 G
    ---Crew: One pilot, one astromech
    ---Passenger(s): None
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 65 kg
    ---Interior Description: Stock model appearance
    ---Other Deta
  4. Baskerville

    Baskerville Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 19, 2009
    IC: Michael Mash

    Michael angled his ARC-170 starfighter through the cloud layer and soon saw two structures: one of which looked like a hangar. As he approached, a voice crackled over the Com-Link: "Nightmare, this is Lasso. Welcome back Michael! I hope that extended escort mission went well for ya. See you in the hanger. Door is open."

    Michael smiled as he recognized Jason Lasso's voice. Jason was a year older than Michael and they had spent a lot of their early years in the Mercs training together.

    "Good to hear that you're in one piece, Jason. Okay, I'm coming in." Michael slowed the fighter down and maneuvered it into the ancient hangar. As he descended, the first thing he noticed were the neat rows of ARC-170 fighters lining both walls of the halls. Strange indeed...what kind of place is this?

    Michael landed the ship and emerged from the cockpit. His R2 astromech, nicknamed Buddy, boosted itself out of the socket and landed next to Michael on the ground.

    Michael was dressed in a jumpsuit and had his trademark bandanna tied around his neck. He rolled his neck from side to side, looking at the group before him.

    First up was a robed fellow that Michael thought was vaguely familiar. His first name was Jake. Michael saw Jake's fighter behind the group - an ancient looking starfighter, with a rope ladder. Michael chuckled to himself.

    Michael then recognized Havah, Winterkill and Jason Lasso. Captain Taller had told him about these three who had escaped here. The three men looked tired and battle-drained. He smiled at them - they were indeed men who had walked through hell and back.

    Michael saluted Havah and said, "Sir, Michael Mash reporting for duty. What's our plan of action? By the way, I've brought some rations from the base. Guess you guys might be hungry." Michael pointed his thumb back at the rear of his starfighter.

    Tag: Everyone in hangar

  5. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Name: Havah Jeth
    Gender: Male
    Age: 33
    Species: Arkanian
    Homeworld: Arkania
    Affiliation: The Mercs

    ---Traits: Havah prefers the direct, sneaky approach to missions, and is reluctant to sit back when he thinks danger is an acceptable risk to complete a mission or save a comrade. He keeps his head, if not his cool, at all times, and is generally perceived as protective.
    ---Likes: When everything ends well, women, the occasional glass of Abrax cognac or shot of accarrgm wine, fine tuning his ship, and combat sparring
    ---Dislikes: Boring missions & scenarios, weak drinks, when mechanics screw up his ship, failing an obligation, and going in blind on any mission
    ---Habits: Will play a flute when bored and fiddling with his armor/weapons

    ---Skin Color: Caucasian (Albino Pale)
    ---Hair Color: White
    ---Eye Color: White
    ---Clothing: Tan Chitin Armor with no insignias, with concealed vibro-dagger gauntlets and utility belt.
    ---Other Attributes: Somewhat broad, with decently rugged looks
    ---Other Details: Straight hair down to his shoulders, usually keeps helmet hooked at his side when not in combat situations, and has five fingers on right hand.

    Weapons: Westar-34 Blaster Pistol (Jango Fett?s blaster type) and spare cartridges, Stokhli Spray Stick, 1x Cryoban Grenade, and the concealed gauntlet vibro-daggers.

    ---Name: Spook (Merc 5)
    ---Class: Customized CloakShape Fighter
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.7
    ---Weapon(s): 2x Medium Forward-mounted laser cannons, 1x Concussion/1xProton Torpedo launcher (4 concussion missiles and 4 torpedoes)
    ---Shields: Light
    ---Sublight Speed: 1000 km/h to 3500 km/h (Shields on)
    ---Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Otoga-222-series repair droid wirelessly connected to ships computer
    ---Passenger(s): None
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 30 kg
    ---Interior Description: The Spook has been modified to work as a single man and droid fighter from its previous one man status, and as such the positions which would have distracted him such as power flow control and in flight minor repairs are taken care of by his Otoga-222 droid ?Pick?. The power generator has been upgraded to allow for its light deflector shields, engines, and weapons to be used at the same time without serious detriment to either systems. The more common upgrades of a maneuvering fin, hyperdrive sled, and advanced targeting computer with sensor suite.
    ---Other Details: He rarely allows other droids or people to work on his ship without them being supervised by either himself or Pick at all times. The paint job on the Spook has been intentionally left a mottled tan with cream and rust colored blotches with the exception of white paint at around the missile tubes, giving it an old worn-out look.

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: None

    ---Personal History: Havah grew up as one of seven children, son of Kir, a scientist who works on the main board of the Arkanian Dominion. As this took most of their father?s time they were left to their mother, when she was available, and more often than not to servants to be raised. Some of the servants were of course qualified bodyguards and pilots incase they had to be moved suddenly, and from these he learned many techniques on how to fight and pilot at a young age as they would often use these lessons and training sessions as a way to keep the children busy and out of trouble. As a result, Havah became an adept pilot and fighter at a young age, and as he grew older his skills, with the continued and varied tutelage of the guards and servants, improved. Although he was more of one to break then fix items he had had to learn a good bit about repairing items as even though his parents didn?t mind replacing things, although his caretakers whose wages were docked until the items were fixed or replaced certainly did.

    When he came of age of decision it was plane to everyone that the first male born to Kir was not to be a scientist, but instead a fighting instrument, and so he was enlisted into the Arkanian Bla
  6. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Name: Winterkill (Qu'elwynt'r)
    Gender: male
    Age: 22
    Species: Nagai
    Homeworld: Nagi
    Affiliation: The Mercs

    ---Traits: observant, calculating. Focused. All persons and occasions are viewed under threat analysis.
    ---Likes: Above all things, his freedom. His Tehk'la blades and electromesh armor are a close second. He'd also like an honorable friend (if he ever found one ) and even an honorable enemy ( to test himself against, from time to time).
    ---Dislikes: Tofs, slavery, oppression and anything like them. Hates dishonor.
    ---Habits: Winterkill is constantly training and honing his skills to keep himself in prime fighting status. He has seen the fatal consequences of being subpar.

    ---Skin Color: Pale white
    ---Hair Color: Raven black
    ---Eye Color: Black
    ---Clothing: Black form-fitting fighter's suit. Black boots and gloves.
    ---Other Attributes: Winterkill is proficient at the 'soothing voice' ability his race possesses, which acts much like a Jedi mindtrick.
    ---Other Details: All Nagai have lightning reflexes. Winterkill combines them with acrobatics during combat for added lethal effect.
    Weapons: Although he knows how to use a blaster and does in fact use one, Winterkill much prefers the use of vibroblades and vibroswords, but he especially prefers his two Tehk'la Blades. Winterkill also gears himself with his black electromesh armor, which is quite resistant to energy weapons.

    ---Name: Wraith
    ---Class: modified StarViper-class attack platform
    ---Hyperdrive Class: Class 2
    ---Weapon(s): Twin double Heavy laser cannons (x2), Forward Proton Torpedo launchers (x2), 3 warheads each.
    ---Shields: 50 SBD
    ---Sublight Speed: 110 MGLT
    ---Crew: 1 (pilot)
    ---Passenger(s): slaved/ integrated astromech (droid) comp. (aka Nyx)
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 50 kg
    ---Interior Description: Usually dark and unlit. Uncluttered and ready for action.
    ---Other Details: Aft and front shielding capabilities. The Wraith is painted completely black. This ship was bequeathed to him by a slain mandalorian who fought alongside the Nagai to reclaim their homeworld from the Tofs.

    The Force: Only something he's heard spoken about in random conversations by members of the alliance.


    ---Personal History: Winterkill was one of the few Nagai who stayed behind on Nagi when the Tofs invaded their home planet, mostly because he was very young, and that youth was vested in the continual struggle for survival, as the Tofs were systematically eradicating all Nagi from their own planet. Thus Winterkill learned the art of stealth, killing and misdirection at a very early age. There was no remorse in slaying an enemy who sought your extinction.

    Death was constantly at the heels of the Nagai survivors. There was no point in making friends or close ties. Survival was all that mattered. In small groups or alone. The slaughter seemed to go on forever as years went by, but one day....after an eternity, Nagai warriors and mandalorians returned to Nagi to liberate the planet from the tyrany of the Tofs. Winterkill, who only lived between the ticking of seconds, almost did not trust himself to hope.

    Freedom. At last.

    ---Military History: Winterkill fought alongside the mandalorians who came with the nagai warriors to free their home planet. He quickly fell-in with a unit of mandalorian special forces as their guide. Impressed by his skills in the field of combat, one of the mandalorians took it upon himself to further mentor winterkill in the arts of war. This was the same mandalorian who had bequeathed his weapons and star-ship to him when they had fallen victim to an enemy ambush.

    ---Traumatic Experiences: Life on occupied Nagi was traumatic. Everyday was the last day of your life. Someone you knew always died, someone was always killed. Survival in that hellish environment was all that mattered. Nothing else. This is probably why Winterkill is such a risk taker. He fears nothing, not even death.


  7. Baskerville

    Baskerville Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 19, 2009
    IC: Michael Mash
    Forgotten asteroid base, somewhere near Kalee

    Havah returned Michael's salute with a crisp one of his own. Havah then continued, "Rations will have to wait for now, but Lasso will be first in line probably. Spread out to cover and form fire covering arcs on the blast doors with whatever blasters you have, Winterkill and I will introduce ourselves. Don't shoot first until one of use indicates to do so."

    With that, Havah and Winterkill moved to both sides of the blast door, signing instructions to each other. Havah then moved in front of the door, signaling Winterkill to stay on alert as the doors were being opened.

    Michael whipped out his twin DL-44s and activated the power cells. He moved to the right side of the hangar, leveling the sights of his guns at the opening door. He felt a sense of dread, wondering what would appear behind the door. Waiting with bated breath, he rolled his neck side to side to loosen the tension around his nexk and shoulders.

    Havah readied himself, and said, "Open the doors." Placing his fingers on the triggers, Michael waited in anticipation.

    Tag: Mitth, Cadaverous, Grey, Bravo

  8. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Jason Lasso
    Forgotten asteroid base, somewhere near Kalee

    Jason Lasso took a one knee kneeling position by his starfigher's bow landing leg's flood light, extending the stock on his E-11 Blaster Rifle and resting it up against his shoulder. Unless whatever it was had some type of special sight, the flood light would blind the unknown life signature's sight to Jason's location, giving the Merc an advantage over bis enemy. As he rested his cheek against the carbine's stock, he looked down through the scope, which he zoomed in on the door. As Havah and Winterkill took their positions, Havah gave the order. The blast doors opened with a grinding noise familiar with doors not kept up in the maintenance department over the years.

    Whatever it was jumped out with a speed and strength that was terrifying all in its own, easily clearing Havah and Winterkill's flanking positions at the door in one leap. The four legged canine-looking creature stood about waist high on a average man, its body a silky wet black look with a rigid flexibility that muscles underneath it's top layer worked under as the creature moved. Its tail ended with a large solid spiky black ball that looked like it could go through a tank's armor! The creature's four paws ended each with four razor-sharp and long claws that looked thick enough to slice through most modern-day blast armor, but not Stormtrooper armor. The canine's head was massive, easily agreeing with the creature's already huge size. It had two green eyes that glowed in the dark, a noise sniffing the air rapidly that was fit for a high-case sensor package on a starfighter, and pointed ears that picked up the slightest sound. Its silky wet black appearene from its body stayed with the face and gave a even more terrifying look to the creature's two over-sized white canine teeth that flanked the outside of the creature's mouth. A red tongue licked at the air in a mouth full of white razor-teeth. Wet slim drooled from its mouth and collected on the floor under its mouth. Its neck was lined with thick skinned breathing sacks on either side that pulsed in and out with the creature's normal breathing.

    The breathing sacks is what struck Jason as odd. They didn't look normal with the creature's appearance and neither did the green eyes. But that was for a later debate Lasso figured. The creature scanned its area around itself rather quickly, its eyes very closely making contact with almost everyone in the room. For a moment it stayed there in the middle, as if bating the Mercs into a fight.

    And then its screamish-howl erupted from its mouth and three more of the creatures appeared at the door out of nowhere. As if the creature could see a challenge, it stared down Winterkill as if the nagai was standing in the open. And the wet slim that dripped from its mouth piled a little bit more in its mouth and on the ground as if the creature almost grinned at Winterkill, before jumping into a striking attack, going straight for the kill.

    The other three creatures joined the fight, all three of them jumping into the hanger like the first one had. One went for Havah, while the other two sprinted at lightening speeds for Jake and Michael. That left Jason open for free reign of fire. Knowing that Winterkill and Havah could easily handle their attackers---hopefully---Jason tracked along the beast attacking Jake, taking aim and firing. The red blaster bolt laced out, quickly followed by two more in rapid fire. To Jason's delight all three bolts hit, knocking the creature off its intended attack path. To Jason's shock, however, the creature simply shrugged off the three blaster bolts as if someone had simple punched the animal, and it looked right back to Jake and jumped for the kill.

    Powerless at the moment to help Jake in fear of hitting his comrade with friendly blaster fire, Jason could do very little but watch. He pivoted on his knee to Michael, who was already under attack as well.

    This wasn't turning out to be very good, especially when another creature ap
  9. Baskerville

    Baskerville Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 19, 2009
    IC: Michael Mash
    Forgotten asteroid base, somewhere near Kalee

    The blast doors lowered and a humongous canine entered. It had black skin and was rippling with muscles. Furthermore, its teeth were razor sharp and slime was tricking down its fangs. Michael's heart almost jumped to his throat. He had never seen any creature like this before and was shocked.

    All of a sudden, three more of the strange creatures leapt into the hanger bay, with one heading straight for him. Michael's eyes widened as he fired multiple laser blasts at the creature's head with his DL-44s. The canine dodged speedily, his bolts only hitting its shoulder. Nevertheless, the beast seemed to shrug the pain off and jumped at Michael's face, baring its glistening fangs. Michael lost his balance and fell backwards. The creature was now over him, suspended in the air. slime dripped down its fangs and onto Michael's upturned face.

    Michael instictively fired his guns at the underside of the beast, piercing the animal's flesh with a miasma of burnt flesh. The creature howled and landed in a heap right on top of Michael's torso. The impact took the breath of out of Michael's lungs. He shoved the creatures lifeless body off him and was disgusted by the putrid slime which now covered his jumpsuit and bandanna. Nevertheless, he was glad to be alive.

    Looking at Lasso, he saw him fire at the beast's air sacs, killing it instantly. Was that the beast's weak point? Michael thought. Lasso then let loose a barrage of blaster bolts that turned the creature into a bloody pulp. The hangar floor was stained with large pools of blood and flesh.

    Michael scrambled to his feet and felt adrenalin coursing through his veins as he surveyed the room for the remaining canines.

    Tag: everyone in hangar

  10. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: For our new players (and us old guys :p ), when you see a letter and number (as seen below in N-5), this is referring to a box on "The Galaxy" in STAR WARS The Essential Atlas on pages 4-5. If you have the atlas book, then you can reference our location or any group of characters and where they're at. If you don't, here's a link I found of the Outer Rim: [link=] Essential Atlas Extra: Outer Rim Sectors[/link].

    Also, for our new players, below is a post of for Rick Taller and the Johnny Boy crew. The information below is IC (In Character), not OOG (Out of Game or OOC, Out of Character). So none of us at the asteroid field, save maybe Havah Jeth or his droid Pic (through Rick Taller in discussion), would know anything about the discussed information below. There is no tag, meaning you don't have to reply back to this post. This post is simply a post to expand and detail the story.

    I know maybe some of you may know this and you may not, so I just wanted to clarify for everyone. :)

    IC: Rick Taller
    Captain's Room, Johnny Boy, in hyperspace passing Shaum Hii (N-5)

    Captain Rick Taller stumbled into his Captain's Room, a private study for the ship's captain away from the on-going business of the rest of the ship. His body very much showed its age as he slumped into his chair. "I am so tired, Dak."

    Dak, his black colored M-3PO Military Protocol Droid who was as close to a friend as Taller got outside of his Clone War buddies from his unit, turned from the small holograpic projector built into the floor by Taller's desk that occupied the rear of the room with a wall-wide viewport looking out into the blue tunnel of hyperspace behind the desk. The droid looked at the exhuasted Taller, stepping aside from the holograpic projector to let Taller see it, "Captain, I hate to be all business right now, but we have no time for rest."

    "Dak, only if I had your machine-like endurance for a long day. I'm getting up in years ya know!" Taller replied.

    "Age is no excuse, Captain. Now, here's our current roster..."

    Taller looked at the hologram roster of The Mercs,

    The Mercs' Roster

    Johnny Boy ([link=]Marauder-Class Corvette[/link])

    Captain: Rick Taller (Game Master and Assistant Game Master Controlled
    Commander: Terrel Vacks (Locked NPC, cannot be killed)
    Lieutenant Commander: Chris Street (Locked NPC, cannot be killed)
    Ensign: Open
    Intelligence Officer: Open
    Captain's Personal Assistance: Dak (Game Master and Assistant Game Master Controlled)

    MERC Fighter-Interceptor Squadron

    Squadron Leader: Havah Jeth Mitth_Fisto

    One Flight
    Merc 1 (1 Flight Lead): Squadron Leader Havah Jeth ([link=]Cloakshape Fighter[/link]) Mitth_Fisto
    Merc 2: Flying Officer Jason Lasso ([link=]Naboo Royal n-1 Starfighter[/link]) Bravo
    Merc 3 (2nd Wing Lead): Flying Officer Michael Mash ([link=]Aggressive ReConnanissance-170 Starfighter[/link]) Baskerville
    Merc 4: Open

    Two Flight
    Merc 5 (2 Flight Lead): Flight Lieutenant Winterkill ([link=]StarViper-class Attack Platform[/link]) greyjedi125
    Merc 6: Flying Officer Jack ([link=]Sith Interceptor[/link]) Darth_Cadaverous
    Merc 7 (3rd Wing Lead): Open
    Merc 8: Open

    Three Flight
    Merc 9 (3 Flight Lead):
  11. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Forgotten asteroid base, somewhere near Kalee

    A strange looking canine creature had leapt over Havah Jeth and entered the hangar. Winterkill was only momentarily surprised, for the creatures feral nature and animalistic challenge were plainly understood, and apparently it could see him as plainly as if he were standing in the open. But before anyone could do anything, the creature howled and three more creatures appeared.

    The one that stared at the nagai, came bounding at him, snarling and eager for the kill.

    A fierce adrenal rush shot through Winterkill as the creature came in range and pounced. Razor sharp claws extended and ready to rend him asunder. Furious blaster fire echoed through the hangar, but Winterkill's focus was unshaken. Close quarter combat was Winterkill's specialty as his nagai reflexes in combination with his rigorous combat training served him well in these situations. Winterkill bent all the way backwards as the creature's claws grazed his flight suit, audibly shredding the material where contact was made. Winterkill flashed both his Tehk'la blades. The left one he used to strike under the creatures left underarm in order to throw it off its intended trajectory. His right hand blade he used in a delayed strike, and slashed at the creature's whipping tail as it sailed over him.

    Using the momentum to propel him, Winterkill performed a shoulder roll, then pushed himself to his feet in one smooth acrobatic motion. He didn't even need to look down at his ruined suit. He could feel the cool hangar air blowing through it.

    The creature skidded as it landed, then regained its footing, but a bit unsteadily. It growled fiercely at Winterkill.

    "What? you didn't think I had something sharp of my own did you...?" Winterkill chided the creature who was now rethinking its attack options, which the nagai knew better than to give it the opportunity. With a sudden motion, Winterkill bolted towards Lasso's ship, taking a left curving arc as he did so, which he hoped slowed the creature just a little. The nagai pilot was not surprised to hear the sound of sharp claws against the cold hangar floor, or feral growling right behind him. But Winterkill was not trying to outrun the creature.

    Winterkill ran right into the flood lights beaming from Lasso's ship, hoping that the sudden brightness would blind the creature momentarily. Without slowing, Winterkill leapt onto the nose of Lasso's ship and immediately backflipped. Without wasting a fraction of a second, Winterkill came down with both Tehk'la baldes in a reverse grip, fully intending to drive them down and through the creature's back, thus ending its rampage. There was simply no point to play around here. As far as he was concerned, these things were starving half to death and were more than ready to make a meal out of them.

    Better to end it first.

    Tag: Bravo, Mitth, Baskerville, Cadaverous.
  12. Darth_Cadaverous

    Darth_Cadaverous Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 25, 2008
    IC: Jake
    Forgotten asteroid base, somewhere near Kalee

    Was about to respond to Jason, when another craft entered the base and landed. He shook his head as another pilot popped out. The gang was all here, though he did not personally know the new guy. But it was cool, if Jason thought it was cool. He watched as the new guy saluted and talked to Jason. Though what happened next was called, all hell breaking loose. Lasso?s droid started to go crazy and Lasso translated.

    ?He says his sensors picked up life signs beyond those blast doors?

    Then Jason pointed his E-11 at the blast doors and commented, "And whatever it is, it's not human."

    Jake watched a few merge with the shadows and everything else was drowned out by Jake?s own concentration. What came out of those blast doors was total amazement. He did not know if it was a dog or what, but it actually cleared the two?s position in one bound. He counted one for the moment and watched as it landed and looked around. It was a dog for sure, but very mutated to the extreme. The canine had clubbed tail and had no problem on taking on a person of any size, was his guess, but yet he did not touch a weapon. What got to Jake the most was the sacks on either side of their face. Then it yelped or scream he could not tell for sure, and three more came out of hiding.

    ?What am I in this time, a freak show,? he commented to no one. Then they attacked two went for the two hiding and one for him. He instantly lost track of the forth. Jake stood his ground and waited for the right time. The blaster bolts came lancing and knocked the beast down. However to Jake?s own surprise, it got back up and looked at him and he stared back, unafraid?he hoped. Then it jumped for an easy kill, but failed. Jake rolled to his left away from the fighter and came back up with two eighteen inch blades. ?Right mutt, do your worse.? His voice was calm and smooth. As the dog thing landed without its intended prey, it quickly turned and tried again. This time, it paced in a half circle, and Jake followed in the opposite direction. ?Nice doggy?nice doggy. Do you want a bone, or are you just glad to see me you fur ball?? He twirled the blades in each hand and continued to study the thing.

    Then it attacked again, and this time, it was much quicker than before. Jake spun out of the way, but not too cleanly. He felt the snag and rip of his hood jacket, which almost threw him completely off balance. Catching himself on a something, he turned and faced the thing. Out of his corner of the eye, he saw someone shoot a dog?s nose sack and it fell, not to get back up. Nodding at that, he used it too his advantage. Instead of the dog, doing the attacking, he fainted to the dog?s left, and almost came back to his right, but caught himself and rolled at the dog?s front, bringing the blades out in front as he came up.

    He could feel the blades bite deep into something and a hot, wet pressure on his chest. As he looked down at the thing, he could see blood on his clothes and a massive mouth with fangs that could ripe out his heart without thinking, pressed against it. He stayed there for a few seconds longer, then slowly backed away, letting his blades droop a little.

    When he was back a foot, he felt lucky, for if he missed, he would not be able to retire, for one tooth was still poking him in the chest. He plucked it out, examined it and then pocketed it for safe keeping. But the fight was over as he saw everyone gathering themselves together. As he turned and headed back with the others, he had a small limp in his right leg. ?Ah, the pains of having fun,? he grimaced and continued to meet up with everyone.

    TAG: All

  13. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth
    Forgotten asteroid base, somewhere near Kalee

    As the creature jumped over him to land and survey their little group, he had a real bad feeling about what was about to happen. Something that the creature was only too happy to prove as it made a screamish-howl erupted from its mouth and three more of the creatures appeared at the door, not too unexpected since Lasso's droids had indicated multiple targets. He had just hoped that at least one of them would have been sentient, it would have made this all so much easier.

    One of the three new creature lept for him, it was a terrifying sight to know that both of your main weapons, though present, were utterly useless becuase your hands were out for a sign of peace and it would take to long get them ready before the beast was commenting on the taste of your blood. Yes, this day was not going well.

    Ducking to the side as the creature passed he made as if to punch the side of it's face, the hidden vibro blade in his gaunglet extending just enough to drag open a gaping line in the side air sack and nick the armored skin of it's left shoulder. Landing it let out a high pitched snarl, one that was music to his ears, he spoke no words knowing no beast would be able to understand more than the tone.

    With no avenue for reason he started to circle the creature, something which it quickly responded to half leap and a twisted flip. At first the meaning of it twisting as if it changed it's mind about charging him left him curious. That quickly changed when he spotted the spiked tail coming around from behind the creature, only his honed reflexs and supreme luck allowed him to dive forword and under the attack as the tail spikes dug into the hanger floor, biting out gouges. In his new position nearly between the creatures hind legs he jabbed both hands blades into the base of the tail and twisted, performing a near amputation of the limb.

    The creature quickly spun around, the weight of it's own tail tearing the last connectors as it flew beneath his starfighter. He pulled his blaster, the Westar, as he spun around into a crouch with arm extended. It's mouth opened as it lunged forward, quickly he depressed the trigger as the mouth began to engulf his arm and blaster.

    Dropping it fell to the floor, it's mouth proped open with it's teeth resting on his armor. Extricating himself he shook his arm and blaster to sling some of the brain, blood, and tissue off onto the surrounding ground before taking in the surrounding scene. It looked like everyone else had finished their own beasts and were extricating themselves similarly.

    "Form up." he called, he knew it was time to prepare for the next step. Assess injuries and set prioties for checking out the base. The hall beyond they would have to assess next, before they decided where to head in the now apparently infested complex.

    TAG: Bravo, Grey, Baskerville, Cadaverous.
  14. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Jason Lasso
    Forgotten asteroid base, somewhere near the planet of Kalee

    Jason Lasso was one of the last ones to form up, busy inspecting his creature's blasted skull. "Dude, why don't you stay with the ships. Keep a guard out here for us, huh?"

    [You think just because I'm a droid I'm not scared crapless about this place either? Its a good thing I'm a droid...but this place does give me the creeps. You better hurry back.]

    "I will Dude, I will," Jason joined with the group, picking up his E-11 blaster rifle on the way. The carbine had a flash-light attached to the barrel, so Jason activated the light, holstering his blaster pistols. It was nice to be out of his flight suit and in his ground operation clothing. He felt ready to fight anything.

    "Hey Boss," Jason said, referring to Havah, forked a thumb back towards his dead beast, "I'm no scientist or anything, but it sure looks like those things had two set of lungs. One set of normal lungs, then those air sacks on they're necks. Anyone else think that is a little weird?"

    There was an echo of rushing of feet and a door closing through the blast doors and around the corner. "Why do I get the feeling that canine monsters didn't close that door?" Jason asked sarcastically in fear.

    Tag All :D


    IC: Unknown Person
    Forgotten asteroid base, somewhere near the planet of Kalee

    Peter ran for all he was worth after closing the blast door. They had woken up the beasts! Stupid people, the nine year-old human thought, Why did they have to wake up the beasts! More would be on the way now! He ran through the living room, tripping over a piece of furniture. He fell right down, facing that dead guy again, his face weathered from decay. He was human...ish. He had a human form---tall at 6'5 and strong looking---but his face was a silky glossy black, his eyes were red when Peter last saw him alive, and his teeth were razor sharp white. His clothing, which remained on him (although not his weapons), was a black armored shell (much like the Imperial Stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire wore, except no helmet) with black gloves. His equipment belt was empty of any weapons, ammo, or other equipment he had once carried outside of that little black box. The dead guy had spoken in a weird language when the soldiers had taken him down weeks ago in a hail of blaster fire...his armor showed the remains of a blaster fight gone very wrong for the dead guy.

    Peter scrambled to his feet, his hand accidentally hitting that little black box on the dead guy's starting flashing red silently. Peter didn't know that he hit it when he scambled into the turbolift. Hank would be mad enough at him as it was. No one was supposed to go up top---no one!

    But as the turbolift doors closed, Peter couldn't help but justify his actions. He liked looking at the sleeping beasts. The soldiers had trapped them in that room, after they had a difficult time killing the beasts, much like the dead guy on the floor. So if they couldn't kill them, they would starve them to death. That plan was working just fine until the "stupid people" woke them up!

    No matter, Hank would view him as the hero now when he told him of the intruders and saved them all.

    But the turbolift didn't go anywhere. Peter hit the button again...and again...and again. Nothing!

    The raggedy looking human refuge could feel his heart pounding now. Oh no! He thought, The stupid people will catch me! They might kill me!

    In panic, Peter forced the turbolift doors open and scrambled out. He could hear the voices of the "stupid people" now getting closer, there was only one way now---the Emergency Staircase---the way he used to slip out from the Supply Depot to see the monsters.

    He tried the door---it was locked! Peter voiced in despair, "Oh no! NO! It must have shut and locked!" Surely the "stupid people" would be getting closer. He was sure these people weren't here to rescue them. No, they had to be pirates, just like
  15. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: We have a player returning and was wondering if anyone is able/willing to take up a second character? The role would be as a RIO (Radar Intercept Officer) or WSO (don't know what that stands for). But basically if you've seen the movie Top Gun, Goose is Maverick's RIO. For more information on the position, PM Rally_Fan_84.

    If you're interested, PM a character sheet to greyjedi125 or me for approval. :)

    God Bless,

  16. Baskerville

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    Sep 19, 2009
    Michael Mash
    Forgotten asteroid base, somewhere near the planet of Kalee

    The fight was over quickly and the hangar floor was littered with the corpses of the four fiendish beasts. Michael was still a bit dazed when Squadron Leader, Havah instructed everyone to form up.

    Michael walked to the centre of the room, his jumpsuit soaked in the animals blood and slime. The smell of the slime was pungent and terrible.

    Jason then said, "I'm no scientist or anything, but it sure looks like those things had two set of lungs. One set of normal lungs, then those air sacks on they're necks. Anyone else think that is a little weird?"

    Michael nodded in agreement. "Never seen any creature like that before. I think you're probably right about the air sacks."

    There was an echo of rushing of feet and a door closing through the blast doors and around the corner. "Why do I get the feeling that canine monsters didn't close that door?" Jason asked sarcastically in fear.

    I guess there's more where that came from Michael thought morosely to himself.

    Michael gripped his DL-44s and told his droid, Buddy to stay with the Nightmare until he came back. He had a really bad feeling about this place. A chill coursed through his veins as he awaited Havah's order.

    Tag: Mitth, Grey, Bravo, Cadaverous
  17. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth
    Forgotten asteroid base, somewhere near the planet of Kalee

    As the group came together he let them talk a little as he looked over their various conditions, most just seemed to be coated in a nice layer of Monster Dog slime'n'stuffing.

    "Possibly made to order beasts, you can see strange things like this all the time coming out of Arkania from specialty buyers if they have enough creds."

    There was an echo of rushing of feet and a door closing through the blast doors and around the corner. "Why do I get the feeling that canine monsters didn't close that door?" Jason asked sarcastically in fear.

    "Because they lack fine motor controlled parts." He replied quickly, as he took stock of their situation. If someone else was here, than odds were they had just bested their favored means of dealing with unexpected intruders, probably not the strongest but at least favored blend of docile and viciousness.

    Stepping back into the hall he took in the lined room, with lockers and gear across the left, and computer stations along the right. There were clothes, half eaten food items, and all covered in a fine film like the hanger. A hasty evacuation for some reason to abandon the place without care for the equipment left behind, so a personel evacuation, wonderful. Another question for another time.

    On the wall was a map of the base, which he quickly took a static image of. The base was laid out in a farely rash fashion, with all paths leading to the living quarters or commons area.

    There was the Hanger that they had left, the room they were in now on the otherside of the blast doors was the Access and Logistics Corridor or Hanger Control corridor. Control Tower was labeled in Lockdown in bold, as was the Supply Depot which took up most of the map and asteroids core, and Power Control. Other locations that connected with the Living Quarters section where the barracks, smaller Supply Room probably with reguraly used base supplies, Mess Hall, Kitchen, Sleeping Quarters, and Supply Hanger. The Supply Hanger stood out on his quick observances of it as it displayed a note that it was currently occupied, as well as isolated from the rest of the base except for a long winding corridor from the Living Quarters.

    "Winterkill, take Michael and Jake and see if you can't run down our mystery guest that probably just unleashed the guard dogs on us. Alive if possible." he knew he didn't need to say anything more on that topic, possible had very meanings, and when it came to a status of a target it was more of a guidline than worrysome need.

    "Lasso, you and me are going to see if we can gain access to the Control Tower. From there with any luck we can take control of the base and aid Winterkills team. Any questions or assignment transfer requests? If not then we secure the Living Quarters and move out from there." This had the makings of a long day, well the...guard dogs already had made it a long morning, but for some nagging reason he doubted it was not going to be the last obsticle they had to face in this Supply Base.

    TAG: All
  18. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Forgotten asteroid base, somewhere near Kalee

    All the canine assailants had been defeated with no casualties on the side of the Mercs, which was something Winterkill was silently grateful for. As he inspected the damage to his flight suit, a small smile crept on his face. He already knew that both Havah Jeth and Jason Lasso had the necessary skills to take care of themselves in a pinch, so he was inwardly glad to see that these newcomers also possessed the stuff.

    Perhaps this detour would prove beneficial after all.

    Many speculative comments were made concerning the strangeness of the beasts, which Winterkill listened to with interest. Then the echoing sound of something or someone running just beyond them was heard.

    "Why do I get the feeling that canine monsters didn't close that door?" Jason asked sarcastically.

    Winterkill chuckled. The nagai wasn't much of a humorist, but he did enjoy Jason's quips. It was his brand of sarcasm, if he ever decided to speak it aloud.

    "Because they lack fine motor controlled parts." came Havah Jeth's quick reply. Winterkill recognized that tone. It meant the arkanian was using his tactical mind to approach their situation. Winterkill's smile widened at that.

    Winterkill had several burning questions is his mind, but he knew they did not know enough to answer them, which made them rhetorical at best. How did those beasts get on this station, and who was responsible? Hmmm. He was sure the answer would not be an easy one to find, and he was unsure if the information was pertinent to their mission.

    Like Havah Jeth, Winterkill took a detailed look of their surroundings and noticed the peculiarities of their location. Something was not right in the station. Something had happened here, clearly. The question was 'what' exactly. Without making a sound, Winterkill walked up to where Havah Jeth studied a wall map, and the nagai likewise studied it. Any information about their location was very useful at this point. Silently, he committed the locations shown on the map tp memory.

    Then while still studying the map, Havah Jeth spoke. "Winterkill, take Michael and Jake and see if you can run down our mystery guest that probably just unleashed the guard dogs on us. Alive if possible."

    Winterkill nodded, noting how Havah Jeth included the word 'alive'. He said it only when it was necessary to do so, and he understood this.

    "Yes, sir."

    "Lasso, you and me are going to see if we can gain access to the Control Tower. From there with any luck, we can take control of the base and aid Winterkill's team. Any questions or assignment transfer requests? If not then we secure the Living Quarters and move out from there."

    Winterkill faced the Flight Leader and saluted him crisply before moving on to gather the other two pilots.

    "Michael, Jake. You're with me. We're going hunting." the nagai said in his low and sinister tone as he joined the two. "I'll take point and be the decoy, so you two will trail behind, one after the other and stay hidden as best you can. Set your coms to receive silent code in case we need to communicate. Arms at the ready."

    Winterkill waited a moment to hear confirmation before continuing.

    "I'll open the blast doors and enter, count to five, then Michael will follow. Jake, you guard the rear and follow three seconds after Michael. Are there any questions?"

    Winterkill's face remained unreadable as he waited for the two pilots to acknowledge. Many thoughts were going through his head, but he'd have to sort those out later. For now, securing the base was imperative to their survival, and the quicker they did this, the quicker they'd be able to refuel and rejoin Captain Taller and the rest of the Mercs...wherever they were.

    Tag, Winterkill team: Baskerville, Cadaverous, (Mitth, Bravo)
  19. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Jason Lasso
    Forgotten asteroid base, somewhere near the planet of Kalee

    "Winterkill, take Michael and Jake and see if you can't run down our mystery guest that probably just unleashed the guard dogs on us. Alive if possible." he knew he didn't need to say anything more on that topic, possible had very meanings, and when it came to a status of a target it was more of a guidline than worrysome need.

    "Lasso, you and me are going to see if we can gain access to the Control Tower. From there with any luck we can take control of the base and aid Winterkills team. Any questions or assignment transfer requests? If not then we secure the Living Quarters and move out from there." This had the makings of a long day, well the...guard dogs already had made it a long morning, but for some nagging reason he doubted it was not going to be the last obsticle they had to face in this Supply Base.

    Jason had been standing rear guard, watching the droids (who were left behind) guarding the starfighters when Havah spoke. Jason hated leaving the astromechs behind, mostly for their sensors. They could really use a early warning of enemy threats within this place. But nonetheless, someone had to guard the ships.

    He turned to Havah. "You got it boss. Lets get to it!"

    "I'll open the blast doors and enter, count to five, then Michael will follow. Jake, you guard the rear and follow three seconds after Michael. Are there any questions?"

    Winterkill already had his team up to the blast doors and Jason filed in behind Jake. Once Winterkill, Michael, and Jake had secured the living room, Jason imagined he and Jeth would flow towards the Control Tower as Winterkill's team provided cover. It was the entry team securing the position and covering, while a second team followed in behind under the entry team's covering weapons.

    At least that's how Jason thought it was going to work out at first.

    Tag Mitth (Grey, Cadaverous, Baskerville) :)
  20. Darth_Cadaverous

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    Sep 25, 2008
    OOC:Sorry everyone, been busy as nuts, and not done yet...I will get caught up this weekend. Sorry for the delay
  21. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: We'll be moving the game along tonight. Just wanted to let everyone know. [face_happy
  22. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: Mitth, you may advance the team through the asteroid. :) For those of us who haven't posted yet, don't feel too rushed. I'm just needing to keep the game going forward. I can send PM's to anyone who wants me to catch them up on what's going on. :)

    Storyline Post Six

    Private Estate, Malastare, 1 year B.B.Y.

    Hal Fongo walked over to his open balcony overlooking the ocean, his black robe protecting him from the slight wind. It was a beautiful sight indeed with the morning sun just glistening off of the blue waters. Birds were off in the distance diving for fish. The sandy beach was quiet, as usual, with no one in sight. But that's how Hal Fongo liked it.

    He was one of the richest men in the galaxy and was self-made. He hadn't come from rich money, he became rich money. For a human, he was tall and lengthy, standing 6 feet, 7 inches tall and was all height and no weight. Although he had muscle and was in shape by anyone's standards, he wasn't the next weight lifter of the galaxy by any means. And he found such over-muscled beings as clumsy and unfit for combat.

    Yes, combat. His true love. Now with gray hair, Hal Fongo's glory days of fighting may be over, but the 51 year-old Coruscant native was quite able to fight for himself. He trained every morning with his droids and beasts. Every morning, five days a week. He was always needing to be ready. Because you never quite knew when the call would come in.

    And Hal Fongo was always waiting for the call. He was the head of the biggest treasure hunting corporation in the galaxy, Treasure Hunters Galactic based out of Coruscant. Created a few years after the Battle of Naboo, Treasure Hunters Galactic was a three-man company then: Hal Fongo, his brother Alex, and they're best-friend Rex. Alex or Rex never had dreams of going big. But Hal---he was always looking bigger.

    The three treasure hunters would soon make a name for themselves, discovering treasure over countless worlds. They were known to take risks that others wouldn't dare think of. As they're status grew, so did their enemies with rival treasure hunter groups. How could three humans out-wit larger and better equipped companies that did this as a professional business? Although the question became common place around the treasure hunter circles and Spacers alike, the Treasure Hunters Galactic were marked men. Soon, Hal's brother, Alex, became the first causality of war, murdered in cold blood by one of the larger treasure hunter companies. Out-raged by the murder of his brother, Hal and Rex would take revenge for Alex's death. But taking small bits with only two people out of a large corporation wasn't doing too much.

    They needed an army.

    Remembering a ship wreck the three of them---Hal, Alex, and Rex---had been on years earlier, Hal and Rex traveled to the remote planet where they remembered the ship wreck. They had been frightened away years earlier by the mere appearance of what they found. But now it was time to go back and re awake the terrifing monsters they found, asleep in stasis chambers.

    Rex had been killed some years ago now, sometime after the Clone Wars. But he had become a traitor, becoming weak and scared. Rex was going to bring the whole of the Galactic Empire down on Hal's head. Rex had said Hal had become so consumed by what the monsters---that now formed a secret branch of Treasure Hunters Galactic's secret army---were searching for. Rex had said that he, Hal, had become like one of the monsters, murdering anyone who got in he way of the Red Rock.

    But Hal couldn't have Rex telling on him. So Hal had his monsters, known in myth as The Beasts, track down and kill Rex before he could tell anyone about Hal's operations.

    On the outside, Treasure Hunters Galactic, was the modern corporate face of treasure hunters, employing millions of employees galaxy wide. Although publicly addressed as "security," Treasure Hunters Galactic's military arm was quite powerful, if "civilian se
  23. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: Mitth will be posting early next week. He gave us clearance to move on without him until he posts again. So lets see those posts! :)

    Here's some information:

    [link=]DC-15A blaster rifle[/link]

    IC: Unknown People
    Forgotten asteroid base, somewhere near the planet of Kalee

    Kyle shook his head again as he listened to his brother Victor "suck up" to Ann once again over the hand-held holograpic projector.

    "Don't worry Ann," Victor was saying to Ann's minature blue holograpic imagine, "We'll find Peter and bring him home safe."

    There was a tear-filled thank you from Ann on the other end and the holograpic imagine shut down. Victor put the hand-held comlink back into one of his belt pockets. "I say we just leave the boy to die," Kyle said, adding, "This is the third time already. He thinks we don't know he's using the access tube along the turbolift shaft. He's endangering the whole group!"

    "And what would you do if Peter was your kid, Kyle?" Victor asked calmly.

    Calm. Victor was always calm and cool headed. It drove Kyle up the wall. After all of these years, the man just wouldn't snap. He was always the cool headed one, while Kyle was always the hot headed one. That suited Kyle just fine. "He's not my kid. And besides, I don't even have kids."

    "That's why you should be quiet then," Victor replied, "Lets find him and make sure he's okay." Victor donned the Clone Wars era helmet.

    Kyle shook his head again and muttered, "And like your a dad, either." He donned his own helmet.

    The turbolift light blinked to a new number. Two more floors levels to go. Earlier, the turbolift had been stuck due to a lack of power, but Hank had upped the power to the lift temporary to get Kyle and Victor up to the upper levels.

    One more floor to go.

    "I'm getting too old for this," Victor said matter-of-factly.

    "You and me both," Kyle replied.

    The light blinked green and the turbolift doors opened with their usual grinding noise due to a lack of maintenance. Although they knew this floor was secured, both Kyle and Victor were professional soldiers, bread and trained to fight. Secure or not, they exited the turbolift with their DC-15 blaster rifles ready. As they exited, their weapons swept the room quickly and effectively, securing both blast doors at either end of the living room and the Control Tower door. As usual, all doors were locked.

    "Clear!" Kyle barked, securing the blast door leading towards the barracks.

    "Clear!" Victor echoed towards the Control Tower blast door and the blast door leading towards the hanger area.

    "Man Vic, I tell ya---"

    "Not clear..." Vic restated, pointing towards the Control Tower debris, "Someone is up in the Control Tower!"

    "That Peter! When I get my hands on him---"

    It all happened too quickly...

    Tag Group :D
  24. Darth_Cadaverous

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    Sep 25, 2008
    IC: Jake

    "I'll open the blast doors and enter, count to five, then Michael will follow. Jake, you guard the rear and follow three seconds after Michael. Are there any questions?"

    Jake only smiled and unsheathed his sword, and nodded for the go ahead. He was bringing up the rear, which to him was cool and got hard and low. The blast doors blew and they went in, Jake only waited till things cleared some and too see what was on the other side.

    TAG: ALL

    OOC: Sorry for the short one folks, do not want to get too far ahead of the blast doors. ;)
  25. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Forgotten asteroid base, somewhere near Kalee

    Winterkill waited until both Jake and Michael were in position before moving out. The nagai moved so stealthily and quietly, that if you took your eyes off him even for an instant, you were sure to lose track of him. But Winterkill wasn't trying to lose his teammates, so he made sure not to stray too far or make any sudden turns, unless it was absolutely necessary.

    Thus, they set out, and Winterkill tapped the control panel next to the blast-doors and was rewarded by a soft 'whooshing' sound as the metallic slabs parted to let them through.

    Crouching low, Winterkill advanced and signed for the rest to follow after him. His focus now was reconnaissance, where all senses came into play and nuances of topography. Everything in one's surrounding told a story, and if one knew how to glean that information and interpret it correctly, a great advantage could be had. Coming to a halt for a moment, the nagai simply listened, then slowly swiveled his head around, taking in the area they had entered.

    This looked like some sort of gathering area, a living room for lack of a better term. There was furniture here and other living amenities here, some which would require closer inspection. Without words, Winterkill signaled for Michael and Jake to move to his left and right, respectively and be alert as they moved into flanking positions.

    Winterkill then moved a few paces, then stopped once again. A mental alarm had gone off inside his head! The nagai immediately perceived a be more specific, he smelled something.

    It was death.

    With that realization, the scent of something dead became even more apparent to the nagai. His dark eyes narrowed to slits as he wrinkled his nose, even as he moved forward, but with greater caution. He had no fear of whatever was already dead, for dead things presented zero threat factors, unless they were rigged. No, his concern was for whatever caused the death of... whatever he was smelling.

    Following his own natural olefactory sensor, that is, his nose, Winterkill remained alert to sudden movements as the nauseous smell grew in potency, then just as suddenly, he saw it.

    And as he approached the dead thing, he found himself frowning in puzzlement.

    He was looking at something humanoid in shape. It was definately dead, as its face was weathered from decay. Winterkill guessed that it was somewhere between 6'2 to 6'5 in height and pretty strong from the looks of it, but there was no telling what race it belonged to without a forensics team. However, there were other ways to solve this puzzle. Leaning in a bit closer, Winterkill noticed what looked like jagged teeth. A devaronian? Mmm. unlikely, the body just seemed too massive for that species.

    What really got Winterkill's attention now was what the dead being was wearing. Though it seemed to have no weapons in its possession, it did sport a black armored shell, much like the Imperial Stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire wore, except no helmet. This was exceeding odd and simultaneously intriguing. Especially the plethora of blaster marks that showed on the armor of the dead figure.

    Winterkill looked behind him and glanced at the wall for a moment. No sign of scorching by a heavy repeating weapon. Hmmm.

    Once again, silent hand motions bid Jake and Michael to approach, but cautiously. Winterkill found it necessary for his teammates to see this, but not to turn the viewing into a distraction or for them to let down their guard. Three breaths later, Winterkill sent a message to Havah Jeth informing him of his find.

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