Star Wars: Pathways

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  1. MarcusDade

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    Apr 5, 2006
    It is 2,660 years after the battle of yavin and 2,656 years after the Battle of Endor and fall of the Galactic Empire. It is 2,526 years after the Rise of Darth Krayt. 2,660 years after everything that was famous in the galaxy.

    For 1,000 years, it has been nothing but peaceful in the galaxy. The Jedi thrive as they once did before the fall of the Galactic Republic, and are once again the most powerful force using order in the galaxy. The Jedi are not once again the protectors of peace and justice in the galaxy and have once again become complacent because of the peaceful years. None of the Jedi now living except for a select few have ever experienced the chaotic years that preceded the millenum of peace, as it is now being called.

    The Order of Twilight, once the Grey Jedi, also thrive, although in a much different way than they much did. All of the Original Founders of the Grey Jedi are dead, having passed onto the force. The Grey Triumvirate (another word for three of the most famous Grey Jedi to have ever lived) are immortalized on plaques throughout the Order's temple, and one of them, a late Order Member who was once the leader of the order frequently appears to them, however he usually only offers advice on how to handle situations, and nothing about the past times in which he lived in. This Order too has grown complacent, although not as much as the Jedi as the Order of Twilight deals with balance, and there is always inbalance in the galaxy.

    The Black Syndicate, once the Black Sun, also thrives in these conditions. With the Jedi thinking that all is right with the galaxy and only stopping small convoys from the syndicate here and there, the large crime organization has been gaining control on many worlds and now controls a good number of outer-rim world governments.

    The Sith have been multiplying in numbers, and unlike the Jedi and Grey Jedi have not grown complacent. They plan on revealing themselves soon enough, ready to crush the unsuspecting galaxy.

    Choose your own path as these force collide, and decide who shall win in the battle over the galaxy. Will you be a Sith? A Jedi? A Bounty hunter? A Grey Jedi?

    Choose your own way, in [link=]Star Wars: Pathways![/link] Join Today!
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    Haha. I made a fan film called Star Wars: Pathways. Cool.
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