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Saga - PT Star Wars Prequels Redone

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Emperor Ferus, Feb 13, 2017.

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    Jul 29, 2016
    Sorry, I know I've done this before, but I want to get it right! Restarting my prequel rewrite, and as always, it will include characters and story elements from the actual prequels that I see fit to add.

    Star Wars Episode I: War of the Jedi

    It is a time of peril. Although the Jedi Knights have maintained peace and justice in the Galactic Republic for millennia, the evil Empire, led by has emerged from the darkness to take over the galaxy.

    During this crisis, the dying Republic needs the Jedi more than ever as the Sith Lords, the ancient enemy of the Jedi Knights, return from hiding. As the Empire's clone army launches attacks across the galaxy, it forces many systems to join them.

    On the peaceful planet of Alderaan, the King and Queen are assassinated by a deadly clone trooper squadron, and Princess Padme is captured by a bounty hunter on behalf of the mighty General Grievous on Tatooine. Famous Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi is sent to rescue the princess, and confront the darker forces at work...
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    Jul 29, 2016
    It wasn't the most difficult mission he'd been sent on, Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi thought as he piloted his Jedi starfighter through hyperspace, but he still felt more pressure than usual. Maybe it was because the ship he was tracking contained a very important prisoner, Princess Padme Organa of Alderaan. Yes, that was the intense feeling he felt as he approached the desert world Tatooine.

    "We're almost there, Arfour," Obi Wan assured the anxious, beeping astromech droid perched in the wing of his starfighter, "I have the ship in my sights." Indeed, on the screen, Obi Wan could detect a Firespray class ship, flown by a certain bounty hunter. If Obi Wan's information was correct, the bounty hunter that had kidnapped Princess Padme was taking her to the great crime lord Grievous who hoped to sell her to the Empire.

    As the starfighter came out of hyperspace, Obi Wan could see the small vessel just ahead.

    "He must be able to detect us," Obi Wan remarked both to himself and Arfour.

    In the cockpit of the ship Slave I, bounty hunter Jango Fett, clad in the armor of the Mandalorians, piloted the ship, with the young princess in bindercuffs next to him.

    "You won't get away with this, bounty hunter," Padme snarled, defiant to the last, "The Republic will come after you, and you'll have to answer for what you've done."

    Jango sighed through his helmet. This girl had been complaining the whole trip and he would be glad to be rid of her, once he'd delivered her to General Grievous and received his pay.

    "Shut up, little girl," he grumbled, "You overestimate your own importance."

    "Once the Jedi..." Padme began angrily, but Jango slapped a gloved hand over her mouth. The scanner on his computer started beeping all of the sudden.

    "What the..." Jango muttered. It looked like a Jedi ship. Those fools came after the wrong bounty hunter. He was Jango Fett, and he could take on any Jedi.

    Obi Wan watched in confusion as Slave I spun around and sped towards his starfighter.

    "This is bad!" he shouted as he swerved his fighter straight downwards, just dodging a volley of laser fire from the bounty hunter's ship.
    As Obi Wan's stomach flipped from the sharp downward turn, he thought, how could I have been so foolish as to not expect an attack? He had known that he could not open fire on the Mandalorian hunter's ship, as that would kill the princess he needed to protect. But he had a feeling that this man wasn't going anywhere until he was blown into space.

    "Take me around to the other side!" Obi Wan commanded Arfour. The red and white astromech beeped in compliance, and maneuvered the starfighter towards the other side of the planet.

    The bounty hunter's ship continued to fire at Obi Wan's fighter as it pursued him.
    Arfour gave a suggestion as Obi Wan piloted his starfighter upwards to dodge more fire.

    "No, we can't fly away from the planet," Obi Wan replied, "He'll just deliver the prize."

    In the cockpit of Slave I, Jango kept firing the ship's guns at the red starfighter ahead.

    "Can't take a hint, this guy," he said to himself.

    As Jango kept firing at the Jedi starfighter, Padme considered her options. She could try, with her bound hands, to grab the armored man's blaster from his holster, but he'd probably knock her out with his hard armor first. Once they landed, she could try to fight him or run, but he could easily shoot her down. There was no way that she was going to offer him more money if he released her, from the Republic or the Royal House of Alderaan. She wouldn't lower herself to make deals with this kind of scum.
    Padme found herself choke up as she thought of her dead parents, but then realized she couldn't get distracted at this time. As the Alderaan princess continued to think of a way out, Jango laughed through his helmet as he managed to hit the Jedi fighter.

    "Blast it!" Obi Wan groaned as his fighter began to plunge towards Tatooine's surface, "Arfour, see what you can do." He couldn't just be taken down like this, he was a Jedi Knight. The droid Arfour flew out of her socket on the wing of the fighter and used her rockets to fly to the back of the fighter. Spraying water, she attempted to put out the fire lit by Slave I's lasers.

    Arfour beeped sullenly as she followed the descending starfighter.
    "This is not good!" Obi Wan shouted as the ship plummented through the atmosphere. He could see the blue sky, the dry sand below. His stomach dropped as he braced for impact.

    "Looks like you won't be seeing your Jedi rescuer," Jango taunted his prisoner as he piloted his ship towards the coordinates of Watto's palace. Padme glared at him in disgust. She'd escape anyway, it made no difference. As Slave I descended into Tatooine's hot atmosphere, Padme found herself wondering if she'd ever see home again.

    Arfour circled around the crashed fighter, wrecked somewhere in the Dune Sea, according to her readings. Obi Wan lay slumped and unconscious in the cockpit, but Arfour sensed that he wasn't dead. Her gears within her domed head picked up speed as the astromech tried to think of a plan. Scanning the damaged fighter, Arfour could tell that it was beyond her capabilities to repair.
    If her master didn't wake up soon, Arfour realized, then she may have to try to track down the bounty hunter herself. He wasn't out of range of her scanner, and it wouldn't be hard to find him, although she knew that it would be hard to take him on. In any case, Arfour knew that her duty as Obi Wan's droid was to help him on missions, and she understood enough to know that this one was urgent.
    Using her scanners to detect the location of Slave I, Arfour wheeled away from the broken starfighter, leaving the unconscious Jedi inside.
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    Two adolescent boys sat up high in the Jundland Wastes, rifles strapped to their backs. The older of the two was scanning the canyon below with a pair of macrobinoculars. Parked behind the two boys was the landspeeder that they had been traveling in, with enough net attached to drag several grown bantha carcasses.
    "No sign of any Bantha," fourteen-year-old Anakin Skywalker said to his younger brother Owen, who was panting in exhaustion.

    "We have to catch at least one," the younger boy replied, "or he could kill us." For as long as they could remember, Anakin and Owen had been slaves to the crime lord General Grievous on Tatooine. Their mother Shmi, had been executed five year earlier after being caught stealing food for her two sons. Their father had died shortly after Owen was born, having disappeared in Mos Eisley...

    "How much longer are we going to be out here?" Anakin wondered, looking towards the horizon. His whole life, he had dreamed of flying far away from the dungeon that was General Grievous' palace, fighting among the heroic Jedi Knights. He had always felt an odd connection to those mystical warriors, though he wasn't sure why. A worthless slave was as far from being a Jedi as anyone could get.

    "Until we hunt a bantha," Owen replied dully. He too, was miserable.

    "No," Anakin corrected his brother, "I mean as slaves, on Tatooine. I feel like we belong somewhere else." For some reason, he suddenly felt that that somewhere else was very near....

    "Anakin, what if there's nothing out there," the young boy said seriously, "what if this is all there is?" Owen was wise beyond his years, but Anakin knew that he was right. Owen had never been particularly ambitious, and Anakin had always strived to change that about his little brother.
    "There has to be something better out there," he said distantly, gazing up at the afternoon desert sky. Anakin got to his feet, pulling Owen up at the same time. Suddenly, there was a beep behind them. Whipping around, Anakin could only see the cliff behind them, but he somehow sensed something lurking behind it.

    "Lets have a look," he said, unstrapping his rifle. Owen trailed behind him cautiously as his older brother raced to the cave.

    "Come on out," Anakin said inquisitively, "come on."

    Finally, a small red and white droid came wheeling out of the cave. Anakin studied it curiously.
    "An Astromech," he marveled, "we don't see too many of those on tatooine."

    "Who cares!" replied Owen impatiently, "lets just keep hunting so we can go home!" Anakin frowned at Owen referring to Watto's stronghold as home.
    "I have a feeling about this droid," he said, "we should take it with us." The droid backed up slightly.

    "Come with us," Anakin beckoned it forward, "its all right."

    "Grievous is gonna punish us big if we don't bring home game!" Owen reminded him anxiously. Indeed, the twin suns were beginning to descend behind the clouds.

    "Maybe he'll appreciate us bringing him this droid," Anakin suggested, hoping to change his mind, "he'd forget about the bantha." Of course this wasn't true, but Anakin somehow had a strong feeling that this droid was their golden opportunity. Owen didn't believe in that sort of thing, so there was no use explaining.

    The red astromech, however, had starred whistling excitedly at the mention of Watto.
    "You know of General Grievous?" Anakin asked her, "what's that?" He had taken the time to learn the languages of droids and aliens alike, feeling like it somehow connected him to the universe beyond.
    "She says she's on a mission," Anakin said to the younger boy, "she needs to get to Grievous!" Owen rolled his eyes.

    "We can take you there," Anakin said to the droid, suddenly in better spirits than in a long time, "lets go!" He had a really good feeling about this. He climbed into the driver's seat of the landspeeder and beckoned Arfour towards it. Reluctantly, Owen climbed in next to his brother and sighed in frustration as Arfour perched on the hood of the speeder.
    The interior of Grievous' palace was a mix of magnificent and sinister. At the entrance and in the corridors, brutish guards lurked, consisting of Gammoreans, Weequays, and Nikto, among other frightening species. Dangerous beasts lurked in the dungeons, feeding off each other and Grievous' prisoners. In the throne room, dancers performed for their master, and various bands came to entertain the mighty gangster.
    A diverse range of bounty hunters and thugs lurked in the throne room, seeking out jobs. On his giant throne was the general himself. Grievous was a reptilian Kalesh, a veteran of war. Long ago, a terrible battle had left his external body damaged beyond repair, and his organs had been preserved in a cyborg body. The General wore metal plating over his lizard organs, and spoke with a hoarse voice and a bad cough due to his injuries.

    As two figures entered the grand throne room, the Cyborg Kalesh was watching Astri, a particularly attractive Twilek, dance in front of him, chained to the floor. The band of Max Rebo was playing a jazzy number.
    Signaling for the music and dancing to stop, Grievous stood to regard the Mandalorian bounty hunter and the girl that had entered.
    The bounty hunter was Jango Fett, a favorite hunter of Grievous and one that never failed to capture his prey. The girl, who the old General knew to be Princess Padme of Alderaan, was dressed in a simple flight suit. She looked about sixteen or seventeen, and was looking at Grievous' slave girls in pity. Padme's hands were bonded by cuffs, and when she approached Grievous's throne , she gave him a look of irreverence that made him want to snap her neck on the spot.

    "My lord, I have come with the princess," Jango said, bowing to the crime boss.

    "Good work, as usual, Jango," Grievous coughed, "the Sith will pay great money for her." He was pleased to see the girl shiver at the mention of the Sith.

    Grievous gave an order in Huttese to his second in command, a Hutt named Jabba. Jabba slithered forward with his sluglike body and began to discuss Jango's pay. Grievous turned to the princess.

    "Don't worry," he said with mock gentleness, "you won't be here for long. The empire will be excited to take you. But for now, you'll have to enjoy my company."
    Padme glared back at him as two piglike Gammoreans grabbed her.
    "You won't get away with this, Grievous," she said with surprisingly cold fury, "you will be brought to justice by the Republic."

    Grievous laughed. "We'll just have to see," he replied, signaling for the guards to take her away. They dragged the struggling Princess to a holding cell.

    General Grievous activated the holoprojector next to his throne. A small blue image appeared in front of him, that of a cloaked figure. The hologram removed its hood to reveal the face of a horned Zabrak, from the planet Dathormir. The Zabrak had a red face, with black tattoos signifying his Nightbrother heritage. The horns on his head made him look like a devil.

    "Darth Maul," Grievous addressed the image of the Sith Lord, "I have captured the Alderaan princess. She is here in my castle."
    "I shall arrive personally to collect her," Darth Maul replied from light years away, "She will be a valuable hostage."
    "Yes," Grievous agreed, "I expect good money for her." Not many dared to stand up to a Sith, but Grievous was capable of things many weren't.
    "Don't worry about your pay," Maul replied with undisguised contempt, "we will negotiate when the girl is in my custody." With one last sinister look, the blue hologram faded away.
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    Despite having come in and out of his master's palace many times over the years, Anakin had never gotten over the ominous feeling of entering it. The front gate had a built in security droid which recognized him and Owen upon their arrival, so it immediately slid open for them.
    The droid called Arfour beeped in increasing fear. "Come on," Anakin beckoned to the little astromech, "we can't keep the master waiting." Arfour only followed because of the mission to rescue Princess Padme.
    "I still think this was a bad idea," Owen grumbled as they are passed rows of masked guards. He drew close to his older brother for comfort.
    Dancers and guards leered at the two humble slaves as they approached Grievous' throne with the droid. Jabba was at the side of the throne, ready to give advice to the great lord.
    "I should have expected no more of worthless filth like yourselves," the Kalesh addressed his two slaves, "You have failed to bring back Bantha meat."
    One day, I'll make you pay for what you did to my mother, Anakin thought, barely repressing a storm of rage. "Exalted one," he said quietly, "We found an astromech droid out in the Jundland Wastes, the kind used by the Jedi Knights. We thought you would find it valuable."He let out a breath, anxious for Grievous' reaction.

    The metal Grievous stood up and examined Arfour. "A droid such as this would be useful," he admitted, "it can be put to good use."

    "We thought you'd want it, my master," Anakin added hopefully. Owen hid behind him, not wanting Grievous in his view.

    "Nevertheless," the giant crime boss said, "you have failed to bring back what I asked for."

    "Please..." Owen began desperately. Anakin knew there was no use.

    "Your fates will be decided later," Grievous said, holding up a clawed hand, "I am expecting an important visitor."

    Anakin heard Owen squeal behind him. He whipped around to see that a large Gammorean had grabbed him. Anakin impulsively started towards his brother protectively, but felt two strong arms wrap around his midsection and his feet rise high off the ground as another Gammorean restrained him. Anakin struggled in the creature's strong grip but to no avail.

    "Lock them up for now," the general commanded. The guards led the struggling boys away to the holding cell. This does not look good, Anakin thought. Unless they thought of something soon, they'd both be vapor on the floor of Grievous' throne room.

    Obi Wan groaned as he climbed out of his wrecked star fighter.
    "That was a horrible crash," he said to no one in particular, "this is why I don't like flying." He stopped as he realized Arfour was gone.
    "Arfour?" he called, looking around for his trusty droid, "where are you?" He paced around the starfighter, wondering what could have happened to his little droid.
    "Of course," he realized suddenly, "she went after the princess." Arfour saw it as her duty to help Obi Wan complete whatever mission he had been assigned, whatever the danger to her. "Good old Arfour." He knew that no astromech could take on a bounty hunter, let alone General Grievous but he could always trace her. His immediate problem was that they had no way of leaving Tatooine, even after the princess was safe.

    Taking his commons off his belt, Obi Wan knew he needed to call for help, and there was only one man who he trusted enough to help him with this. As Obi Wan activated his comlink, he patched his signal directly to Qui Gon Jinn. During Obi Wan's years as a Padawan leaner, he had trained under the veteran Jedi Master Qui Gon, who had become something of a father figure to Obi Wan.

    "Master Qui Gon," Obi Wan said into the comlink, "I'm stranded on Tatooine and I haven't yet rescued the princess. Can you come with a transport?"

    "I shall see what I can do," replied the voice of Obi Wan's former master, "In the meantime my young Padawan, remember what I taught you, and be mindful of the living Force."

    "Yes, master," Obi Wan replied. Qui Gon had always valued the living force, and felt a connection to every being bound by it, big or small. That both impressed and frustrated the younger Jedi.

    "I sense a strong force presence," Obi Wan said as he realized his awareness of it,"right here on Tatooine. What could it be?" He had never felt the Force so strong, anywhere in the galaxy. What could possibly be so strong in the force?

    "Do not divert from your task, Obi Wan," Qui Gon reminded him, "your mission should be your first priority."

    "Yes master," Obi Wan replied. Qui Gon knew better then he did, after all.

    "I shall see you soon, my young apprentice," Qui Gon said into the comlink, "may the Force be with you." With that the communication ended. Obi Wan placed the comlink back onto his utility belt and replaced it with a scanner.

    "This shouldn't be too difficult," he remarked to himself as he began to pick up Arfour's trail.

    "I have an odd feeling about that astromech," Anakin said as they sat in the damp, dark, stone cell, "what would one be doing all the way on Tatooine?"

    Owen groaned dramatically. "Who cares about a dumb robot?" he snapped, "Grievous is going to kill us for sure!" Owen began pacing the cell in a panic.

    "Relax," Anakin said soothingly, patting Owen on the back, "that droid could finally be our way out of here. It must belong to a......"

    "A Jedi knight," a voice said from the back of the cell. A girl emerged from the darkness, dressed in a simple flight suit. Anakin instantly sensed that she came from somewhere far more sophisticated. He found that he could not keep his eyes off her, despite the dire situation they were all in.

    "Who are you?" he asked with a sudden interest. This girl had something to do with the droid, that he could figure out.

    "That droid came here with a Jedi," the girl disregarded his question, "to rescue me."

    "Why?" asked Owen, unsure of what else to say.

    "Allow me to introduce myself," the girl said formally, "I am Princess Padme of the Royal House of Alderaan. I was kidnapped by a bounty hunter to hand over to the so-called Empire, and a Jedi came to rescue me."

    Anakin froze and stared as he took all this in. The empire, Alderaan, the Jedi. All that seemed to be in a world far beyond him, something he'd never be a part of, yet incredibly, it was all so near. Anakin knew then that his fate was intertwined with both the droid and this princess, and that this explained the connection he'd always felt to the Jedi.

    "My name is Anakin," he said nervously, "this is my brother Owen." Owen smiled slightly, hiding behind Anakin. Anakin understood how he felt. It was odd meeting a princess, he couldn't help feeling like he should be doing something different.

    "Charmed to meet you both," the princess said distantly, looking outside the cell, where four guards lurked stupidly. Anakin knew she was thinking about a way to escape.

    "We've been slaves here all our lives," Anakin said, as if that would do anything, "we've never been free."

    This did get Princess Padme's attention. "You're slaves?" she asked in what was meant to be sympathy.

    Anakin felt a surge of defensiveness. He wanted this girl to see him as more than a slave. "We're people," he said.

    "I'm sorry," Padme replied quickly, "this is a strange world to me, and I don't fully understand."

    An outlander, Owen noted to himself. As a rule, he didn't trust foreign travelers, particularly from the Republic. What had they ever done for the people enslaved in the Outer Rim?

    "Maybe we should focus on our escape," the younger boy suggested, finding himself reluctant to make conversation.

    Observing the two younger boys, Padme saw that the smaller one was more conservative and introverted, while the one called Anakin was more outgoing and clear headed.
    "Any ideas?" she asked the boys. She found herself wanting to help them, free them from these conditions.

    The masked guards had heard them talking and a Weequay was opening the barred cell.

    "Shut up!" he barked, drawing his blaster. Anakin stood up to confront the guard. Padme drew Owen to her to keep him away from the upcoming confrontation. As the Weequay entered the cell, Anakin seized his blaster arm with strength and speed that he had not known he was capable of. Anakin broke the guard's arm and knocked him out with his fist. Before the other guards could react, Anakin was blasting all three of them. He had experience with a blaster, often being sent to hunt for his cyborg master.

    "That was easy," he muttered. Owen marveled at his brother and Padme quickly moved to pick up a blaster.
    "Don't relax yet ," she warned as the trio proceeded along the stone corridor.

    Something was wrong, Grievous realized, as soon as several of his guards began retreating into his throne room. In the distance, he heard the sound of blaster fire and limbs being cut off.
    "Intruders," he realized out loud. Before he could do anything else, a figure in a brown cloak entered, in the process of fighting Grievous' guards with what he knew was a lightsaber, the weapon of both the Jedi and Sith. This man's lightsaber blade was blue, which he swung as more of Grievous' men approached him.
    The cloaked man raised his hand, indicating for his attackers to stop. His antagonists backed off at once, recognizing his power. The man deactivated his lightsaber and clipped it onto his belt. Evidently he had used it to cut through the gate of Grievous' palace.

    General Grievous watched in silence as the man threw back his hood. He was in his thirties, with a a short brown beard and the air of being well traveled.

    Without waiting for Watto to speak, the Jedi said, "I am Obi Wan Kenobi. I am here for both my droid and the Alderaan princess." He stared at Watto with a look indicating there would be no debating the matter.

    Grievous merely stared at him with his red lizard eyes. From beside him, the red droid beeped excitedly at her master. The Jedi Kenobi looked back at her in recognition.
    "Don't worry Arfour," he said calmly.

    "You think you can just come into my domain and take away my prizes," Grievous demanded of the Jedi, "if you want the princess or the droid, you'll have to pay far more than the Empire."

    Obi Wan Kenobi frowned. Apparently, he hadn't known that Grievous' had ordered the girl's capture to hand over to the Empire.

    "You will let me take my droid,and bring the princess to me," he commanded, with a serenity that did not match the situation.

    "You are not the first of your order that I have killed," Grievousreplied, standing up from his throne and reaching into his cape, where he pulled out two lightsabers from Jedi Knights that had had the misfortune to cross his path." Grievous ignited both sabers and began to slowly advance

    "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way," Obi Wan said, drawing his lightsaber and igniting it.

    As his guards advanced, Grievous signaled for them to stop. "I will execute this Jedi scum myself," he snarled. All present in the throne room backed up against the walls to make room for the combatants.

    "So be it," Obi Wan sighed with casual impatience. He moved towards Grievous , blade in motion. The large cyborg leaped over his head and landed behind him. Before Obi Wan could turn, Grievous drove his steel clawed foot into the Jedi's back, sending him flying. The Jedi landed forty feet away with a thud and a grunt.
    Grievous laughed malevolently and coughed. Perhaps the Sith would pay him extra for killing this fool. Grievous walked towards the stunned Jedi, twirling both his lightsabers casually. His twin blades cut through the adobe floor and sent sparks flying across the throne room. . As he got near his fallen opponent, Obi Wan leaped to his feet, swinging his blade towards Grievous. The Kalesh warlord moved backwards as sharp metal blades retracted from his arms and legs.
    "Not good," Obi Wan muttered as Grievous lunged and met his blade with his own . The Jedi retreated as Grievous sent a kick into his stomach and knocked him down.
    The Jedi scooted backwards as he used his lightsaber to block Grievous' attack. As he pressed his advantage on the Jedi, Grievous heard laser fire and footsteps behind him.
    Looking back, Grievois saw the princess, well as those two slave boys, brandishing blasters and fighting their way through the guards.
    This was perfect. Grievous leapt away from the Jedi and landed behind the prisoners. Before any of them could move, he had kicked Owen to the ground and held a blade to the throats of Anakin and Princess Padme.

    "Surrender or they're dead!" Grievous coughed, staring down Kenobi. The Jedi Knight kept his saber level but did not approach. The large throne room was deathly quiet as every guard and dancer alike stared at the scene. A grunting Owen struggled to his feet but did not dare move. He looked at his older brother in fear, but Anakin remained calm under Grievous's lightsaber. Padme also did not betray fear, merely purpose.

    "Take him," Grievous ordered the Gammoreans. Two of them approached Obi Wan as he reluctantly deactivated his saber. Two Nikto guards came to Anakin and Padme and confiscated their blasters. Grievous continued to hold the lightsabers to their necks.

    "Jedi scum," Grievous sneered in his hoarse voice as another Gammorean lifted Owen and held a club to his head. Obi Wan looked at the guard, then at Grievous, who still held a lightsaber to Anakin and Padme's neck. Without another thought, Obi Wan reached out to the club of the Gammorean guarding Owen. With the Force, he wrenched it out of the guard's piglike hand and sent it flying at Grievous' skull.

    Coughing wildly, Grievous flew backward as Obi Wan activated his blue blade. Padme recovered quick, shooting her blaster at the General. Anakin immediately shot the alien guarding Owen and pulled his little brother to him as he continued to shoot at Grievous.

    Deflecting the shots with his two sabers, Grievous said, "Open fire." All palace guards present began shooting at Obi Wan and the others. Wielding his blade to deflect the blasts, Obi Wan easily took down several guards at once, making his way to the cyborg general. Anakin and Padme also fired at the guards with their weapons, keeping Owen out of the crossfire.
    From beside Grievous' throne, his major dormo Jabba the Hutt merely watched the battle intently, betraying no emotion.

    As Obi Wan approached the recovering Grievous, he held his lightsaber in a defensive stance. Grievous raised his two blades, ready to do battle.
    "This ends now, General Grievous," Obi Wan said calmly.
    Grievous leapt at Obi Wan in a frenzy, preparing to drive his two lightsabers through Obi Wan. Obi Wan dove out of the way as Grievous struck the ground. For all his combat experience, he was no Jedi. Although the warlord Grievous wielded lightsabers, he, unlike Obi Wan, did not have the gift of the Force.
    Obi Wan pivoted to meet Grievous' next attack. Both the general's sabers clashed with Obi Wan's. Another kick from Grievous sent Obi Wan flying back, his midsection aching from the sting. As Obi Wan hit the ground with a thud, his lightsaber went flying out of his hand. Grievous loomed over him triumphantly, both of his lightsabers were raised.

    "The Jedi have no power in the outer rim," Grievous coughed gloatingly, "prepare to die." As he brought down his two lightsabers, a shot came from the side, hitting Grievous in the arm.
    The cyborg staggered sideways, and looked to find Anakin with his blaster aimed at him, a look of cold fury on his face.
    Obi Wan jumped to his feet and used the Force to pull his lightsaber back to him. Nobody else was fighting now, all eyes were on Obi Wan, Anakin and Grievous.
    Grievous was distracted from Obi Wan and slowly walked to Anakin.

    "Worthless slave scum," he snarled, lightsaber pointed at Anakin.
    "Look out!"Padme shouted as Grievous swung his green blade at Anakin's head. Not a moment too soon, Anakin ducked and somersaulted away. As Grievous moved after him, Obi Wan jumped up behind him and plunged his blade through the General's back.
    As Anakin got to his feet, Grievous staggered forward and fell with a final thud.

    Obi Wan studied Anakin, deactivating his lightsaber. Owen ran to his brother as Obi Wan thought about what he had seen. The older slave boy had definitely shown Force potential. That explained the awakening that Obi Wan had felt upon arrival on Tatooine. None of the palace guards dared to attack them, and Jabba remained silent.

    Finally, Obi Wan said, "well my young friend, I do believe you saved my life." He beamed down at the boy, who looked about fourteen. Anakin stared back at him expressionlessly, then managed a small smile.

    "We'd better get moving," Padme said urgently, "the Sith Lord Darth Maul is coming for me, and he'll never miss an opportunity to kill Jedi."

    Obi Wan regarded her then turned back to Anakin. A boy so strong in the Force, he couldn't simply pass this up...

    "Come along," Obi Wan said to Anakin and Owen, "there's no time to waste."
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    On the Republic capital of Coruscant, the Galactic Senate was deep in session. The Senate was comprised of senators from a diverse range of worlds, representing their home planets in boxes in the giant arena like room, with the Chancellor's booth in the center.
    "Nevertheless," Bail Organa of Alderaan was saying in a fit of emotion, "something must be done about the crisis on Alderaan. We must send Jedi Knights to help." Bail's brother and his wife ruled Alderaan, and he had been unable to contact them or his niece Padme.
    "Senator Organa," Chancellor Palpatine said, "I promise you something will be done about the Imperial occupation on Alderaan. I just don't know if sending Jedi Knights would cause a full scale war. There hasn't been one in a thousand years."

    Bail looked at Captain Antilles, his head of security and grimaced. "What else can we expect from a politican?"
    "You are one," Antilles reminded him."

    "If the Senate is to obtain direct control of the Jedi council," Palpatine explained reasonably, "we will have to vote on the matter." He said something to the Chairman next to him, a blue skinned Chargrin named Mas Ameeda. Ameeda quietly responded and Palpatine said aloud, "We shall vote on the matter immediately." Organs could have sworn that Palpatine had smiled at the mention of gaining direct authority over the Jedi.

    Bail sighed. This was a hard dilemma. He had always been a steadfast supporter of the Jedi Order, and was friends with many members, and now he was making a motion for them to be used as soldiers, a role he knew they hated to play, but for the sake of his home planet, there was no other choice.

    On the screen in Bail's senatorial booth, two buttons appeared, one green and one red. The same happened in the thousands of other senatorial booths in the Senate hall, so that each planet could cast their vote.
    Sadly, Bail pushed the green button.
    "You're doing the right thing sir," Antilles whispered, for our people.
    "I hope they're all right," Bail replied anxiously, thinking of his family on Alderaan.

    On the Chancellor's booth, the results appeared onto Palpatine's screen. He looked at them intently, his expression difficult to read. Then he said, "Motion carried. In this time of emergency, the Senate shall give orders to the Jedi Council, and use them as soldiers."
    Palpating assumed an expression of sadness. "I pray this crisis ends soon, and that it will not come to war."

    Night had fallen on Tatooine. Anakin and Owen, having been sent on many an errand by Watto in Mos Eisley, had guided the others to a cheap inn to spend the night. Owen had fallen asleep in his cot, and Padme, Anakin and Obi Wan sat around the stone table in their adobe room. Arfour was in low power mode next to them.

    "Our first move should be to Coruscant," Padme said decisively, "we will appeal to the chancellor for help."

    "With respect, your highness," Obi Wan replied, "I don't believe Chancellor Palpatine will be of help at this time. You should come to Ossus under the protection of the Jedi and from there, we can decide what to do."

    Anakin didn't understand what was going on between Obi Wan and Padme. He felt somewhat out of place.

    "What about me?" he asked tentatively, "will Owen and I go with you?" He felt silly for asking, why would a Jedi and a princess take two slave boys with them? He had actually hoped to go away with them.

    Obi Wan sighed and looked out at the stars.
    "Princess Padme," he said respectfully, would you excuse us for a moment?" He stepped out of their adobe suite onto the balcony overlooking Mos Eisley, and Anakin followed.

    "I sense that the Force is very strong with you," the young Jedi Knight explained, "I sensed it upon arrival on Tatooine. You have potential to become a powerful Jedi."

    Anakin liked what he was hearing, but he didn't fully understand.
    "Master Jedi," he asked shyly, "what do you mean by the force?"

    Obi Wan frowned, as if he didn't quite know what to say. "The force," he said finally, "is a mystical field of energy that surrounds us all. A Jedi Knight draws his or her power from the Force."'

    Anakin thought about this. "You mean the Force is a weapon?"
    Obi Wan sighed. "A true Jedi knight uses the Force not as a weapon, but to protect the galaxy. It is our sworn duty to defend the Republic."
    "I can handle it," Anakin said, "I'd like to become a Jedi."

    Obi Wan regarded him with wisdom beyond his age.

    "I think you'd better get some rest," he said distantly, looking at the stars, "big day tomorrow." Anakin went back into the quarters.

    Obi Wan activated his comlink.
    "Master," he said to Qui Gon, "I've discovered a boy unusually strong in the Force. I believe we should take him with us, and have him evaluated before the council."

    "The Jedi council can be very rigid," his old mentor replied through the comlink, "they may well refuse to have him trained."

    "I understand, master," Obi Wan said, "but I have a strong feeling about this boy. My instincts tell me that he was meant to he found, and trained."

    "You've learned well, my old Padawan," Qui Gon said proudly, "you know to trust your instincts first and authority second."

    "Thank you, master," Obi Wan smiled.

    "I have your coordinates," Qui Gon concluded, "I will reach Tatooine by morning."

    "I will see you soon, master," Obi Wan replied and closed the communication.

    Inside the inn room, Anakin gazed at the princess, who was looking outside with an expression of longing. He knew the feeling. She longed to be somewhere other than here, and she had definitely experienced loss, like him. He wanted to say something, but the words were stuck in his throat. She was a princess, and quite a bit older than Anakin. He felt unworthy of being in her presence, but he couldn't stand staying quiet.

    "Where did you say you were from?" he blurted out, unsure of what else to say.

    Padme looked back at him and smiled sadly. "I come from Alderaan," she replied, "its very peaceful." She doesn't like it here, Anakin thought, but who would.

    "I know how you feel," he said without considering his words, "I feel alone here too. Me and Owen, we've had only each other to rely on since our mother was killed."
    Padme scooted closer to Anakin, very subtly, but he noticed all the same.
    "I know what it's like to lose a parent," she whispered softly, "The bounty hunter killed both of mine."
    Anakin felt a surge of warmth talking to this girl. Despite his prior doubts, he felt very close to her, and suddenly felt repulsed at the thought of separating from her.
    "I'm sorry," he replied. Silently, the two of them sat together, until Obi Wan came back in.

    In the depths of hyperspace, an Imperial Str Destroyer sped towards Tatooine, flanked by an assembly of TIE fighters. The Empire ruled many planets beyond the reaches of the Republic, and its ultimate goal was to conquer its rival government. About the Nightshadow, a lone figure stood on the command bridge. Darth Maul lived in his castle on the volcanic world of Mustafar, the capital of the empire and a place strong with the dark side of the Force. It was his duty not only to enforce the will of the Empire, but also carry on the traditions of the Sith.

    As Maul stood meditating on the command bridge.
    "Lord Maul," Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin addressed the Sith Lord, "Our scouts have detected a Republic vessel en route to Tatooine. I believe it is a Jedi Knight coming for his allies on the planet." Tarkin paused. "Should I order our fighters to attack?"

    Maul considered the matter. "No, wait until they are all together," he replied, "then we will corner them and kill both Jedi."

    "As you wish, my lord," Tarkin bowed.

    "With the princess in our grasp," Maul said, a grin forming on his devilish face, "the Republic will be forced to bow to our wishes."
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    The next morning, Obi Wan, Padme, Arfour and the Skywalker boys walked quickly through the streets of Mos Eisley, past an assortment of junk dealerships, cantinas, and moisture farms. Many shady characters leered at the odd group as they passed by.

    "My old master is waiting for us at the end of the town," Obi Wan explained, "From there, we'll head over to the Jedi stronghold on Ossus."
    "Wait!" Owen shouted, coming to a stop, "Anakin, are you really going to go with these people?" The whole party stopped to face the young boy, who was looking at his brother pleadingly.

    Anakin looked down at his brother. "Owen, this is our chance for a better life. We're free now. They'll take good care of us."

    "This is your chance," Owen corrected him stubbornly, "I don't belong out there. Please stay here with me."

    "What is there for us here?" Anakin countered, slight anger coming to him, "I have a chance to become a Jedi, something I've always dreamed of, and I'm not going to throw that all away!"

    Owen backed away. "I can't believe how selfish you're being, Anakin!" he snapped, "you're just going to leave me here alone, while you go on some dumb fool's idealistic crusade!" Obi Wan looked uncomfortable, as did Padme.

    Anakin looked at Obi Wan. "You can't just leave him here!" he said, evidently stricken, "he has to come with us!" He didn't want to lose his only family, but he couldn't just give up the new life presented to him.

    Obi Wan looked down at him sadly. "I'm sorry Anakin," he said, "I'm afraid we can't force him to come with us. No one can choose his path for him."

    "But.." Anakin stammered. He was on the verge of tears and that made him feel worse.

    "Goodbye Anakin," Owen said with a coldness that did not match his age. He started running in the opposite direction, determined to get as far away from the Jedi as possible.

    "Owen!" Anakin called desperately. He began to run after his kid brother but Obi Wan held him back.

    "There's nothing we can do," he said sadly. Anakin watched through his tears as Owen disappeared into the crowd.

    "I'm sorry Anakin," Padme added, placing a hand on his shoulder.

    Arfour beeped sympathetically.

    "He's not going to make it on his own," Anakin said, unable to restrain his emotions.

    "We'll just have to hope," Obi Wan replied, "we should keep going." The group continued to walk in silence, Anakin constantly looking back, hoping that Owen had changed his mind.

    Near the outskirts of Mos Eisley, a figure waited for the group. Like Obi Wan, he wore a simple black uniform, and a lightsaber was clipped to his utility belt. He had long graying hair and a goatee and the air of one who has seen much.

    Obi Wan perked up as he saw his old friend and teacher. "Master Qui Gon," he said, briefly embracing the elder Jedi, "its good to see you."

    "And you, my old friend," replied Qui Gon. He turned to regard the others.

    "A pleasure to meet you, Princess Padme," he said, bowing to her, "and who are you?" he asked the downtrodden boy next to her.

    "Anakin," he grumbled back.

    "Anakin's having a rough time right now," Obi Wan said quietly. Qui Gon gave him a skeptical look. This was the boy he wanted to bring to be trained? Nevertheless, he understood the feeling of loss as well.

    "Well," Qui Gon said, "we'd all best be going. Our transport is waiting out in the dune sea."

    They all hiked out of Mos Eisley, Arfour trailing behind. Suddenly, Obi Wan felt a chill. Something was very wrong, he sensed the dark side of the Force.

    "Master..." he said as they trudged through the sand.

    "I feel it too," Qui Gon replied grimly. Suddenly, Obi Wan saw, in the blue desert sky, a large vessel that could only be an Imperial Star Destroyer. He could also make out an array of TIE Fighters accompanying it.

    "We're in great danger here," Qui Gon said, "lets all get back to the ship quickly." The whole group began running. Arfour lifted off the ground and used the jets on her legs to keep her gliding through the air.
    In the distance was a golden starship, one that belonged to the Republic. Two men stood outside, as well as a blue astromech droid.
    "I have a bad feeling about this," Obi Wan muttered as the Tie Fighters began to descend, opening fire on the group. A class A Imperial shuttle could also be seen approaching Tatooine's sandy surface.

    "Hurry!" Qui Gon shouted at the two pilots.

    The group looked back to see that the ramp of the Imperial shuttle had opened in midair. Several stormtroopers donning white armor were jumping from the shuttle, firing their ladders. Immediately, Qui Gon and Obi Wan activated their lightsaber and began defecting the shots. Despite himself, Anakin could not help gaping in admiration.
    Padme likewise drew a blaster hidden in her cloak and shot at the Imperial troops. Behind Anakin, he saw the two pilots each get hit by blasterfire and fall to the sand. Anxiously, the blue astromech wheeled onto the ramp of the ship, followed by Arfour.
    "Anakin, get in!" shouted Padme as she fired at the arriving clone soldiers.

    "I want to fight!" Anakin replied, grabbing the blaster of a fallen Republic pilot. As the two Jedi cut their way through the clones, a hooded figure emerged from the still airborne shuttle and leaped down onto the sand.
    "Get on board!" Obi Wan shouted at the two behind him. Padme pulled Anakin up the ramp of the ship and pressed a button on the panel that closed it.

    Qui Gon and Obi Wan stood to confront their attacker. Though he wore a hood over his horns, both Jedi recognized him by his Nightbrother tatoos and his yellow piercing eyes.

    "Darth Maul," Obi Wan said, bracing himself for the battle.
    Maul threw back his hood and withdrew a long hilted saber from his black cloak.
    "I've killed many Jedi before you two," snarled the Zabrak Sith, "even both of you will be no match for the power of the dark side."

    Qui Gon moved to attack Maul, who activated his red blade to meet Qui Gon's green saber. Obi Wan charged Maul from the other side, who pivoted from the other side. Maul grinned like a predator as he went for a low strike at Obi Wan's leg, which he barely avoided. Qui Gon swung his green bladed lightsaber at Maul's stomach, and the Sith Force-leaped backwards. As the two Jedi rushed him, Maul raised his gloved hand, using the Force to grab Obi Wan's throat. The young Jedi stopped mid stride and began choking.
    Qui Gon lifted his own hand, using the force to block Maul's choke. Obi Wan gasped as Maul unwilllingly released him, then continued to advance. Suddenly, Maul jumped away from the two Jedi as a heavy blast from above landed an inch from his feet. Looking up, Obi Wan saw that the Republic vessel had lifted and was firing at Maul.

    That boy has some real promise, he thought, not bothering to wonder if it was the princess behind the controls.

    "Master!" he shouted as the ramp opened. Obi Wan jumped onto it, followed by Qui Gon. Maul seethed as the Republic ship blasted into the sky and into space. He had been so close to killing those Jedi and catching the princess. He would not fail again. Deactivating his saber, Maul Force jumped onto his own shuttle as it took off towards the Nightshadow.
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    Breathless, Qui Gon and Obi Wan climbed aboard the Republic craft as it blasted out of Tatooine's atmosphere. The two Jedi ran into the cockpit where sure enough, Anakin was at the controls, Princess Padme sitting beside him.

    Obi Wan gaped at the boy, his face red in exhaustion.

    "You...did that?" he panted. He'd met many talented pilots, but none as young as Anakin Skywalker. '

    Anakin looked back from the pilot's seat. "Just thought you guys needed a little help," he said casually. Qui Gon frowned at the boy's cockiness and gave Obi Wan a pointed look.

    "TIE FIghters coming in!" Padme shouted, pointing out the cockpit window, where three Imperial fighters were approaching. Anakin swerved the ship downwards and steered it away from the laser fire, while Padme activated the ship's guns and aimed them at the enemy fighters. Obi Wan groaned as the ship moved upwards, barely dodging a laser blast, and Anakin steered the vessel around so that it faced the horde of advancing TIE Fighters.

    Padme fired the ship's laser cannons at the enemy fighters as Anakin piloted the ship.
    "Make the jump to lightspeed!" Obi Wan shouted as Anakin moved the ship, the Fisher, away from another Tie fighter shot.

    "I...can't..." Anakin replied as Padme blew up another Fighter. He fumbled with the controls, finding a lever that must have activated the hyperdrive.

    "We can't stay here much longer!" Qui Gon grunted as more Tie fighters came into view.

    "Got it!" Anakin shouted triumphantly as he yanked the lever. Obi Wan felt the ship vibrating as it went into light speed, then it sped up, leaving the Imperial fleet far behind.
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    The crew of the Fisher had settled in for a long flight. The two astromech droids were shut off in the cargo hold and Anakin and Padme sat together at the controls in the cockpit, deep in conversation.

    "On Alderaan," the young princess was explaining, "we have no military force, so if Darth Maul and his clone stormtroopers were to invade, my people would be defenseless."

    Anakin studied her, noticing her obvious worry for her people and wanting to do everything he could to help. "What about the Jedi?" he asked, "they can protect Alderaan from the Empire."

    Padme smiled at him sadly and stared out into the stars. Anakin was young and innocent, and Padme liked that about him. But he didn't understand that things weren't that simple, and he still had a lot to learn.
    "The Jedi... won't be so eager to come to our aid," she replied distantly, "they won't want to get involved in a ful scale war." She hoped her Uncle Bail was having luck in getting the senate to vote on using the Jedi as soldiers. Even if he succeeded, Padme hated to imagine the reactions of Masters Yoda and Windu.

    Anakin was quiet for a moment after that, staring down into his seat. Padme understood how he was feeling, she felt the exact same way.

    "It must have been hard, living as a slave for so long," she volunteered, trying to get Anakin to open up. Anakin sighed and stammered before he spoke, obviously very emotionally vulnerable.

    "It wasn't so hard when our mother was alive," he said softly, "She always held hope that Owen and I would be freed one day." He felt himself shaking as tears began to come. He recalled vividly. A Gammorean guard had been about to beat him and Owen, then aged nine and six respectively.
    Shmi Skywalker had physically fought against the green, piglike alien. The Gammorean had thrown her clear across the room. Anakin could still see the blood flowing from her skull.

    "Me and Owen, we only had each other after that," he continued, now beginning to cry, "and now..."

    "I promise that the Republic will see to his well-being," Padme said, patting him on the back. She wasn't sure if she could influence Chancellor Palpatine to do so, but she vowed to herself to see to it that Anakin was assured that his little brother was all right.

    "I lost my parents too," she whispered, feeling herself swell with emotion that she had been holding back before, "to the bounty hunter Jango Fett."
    Padme had felt helpless, taken hostage by the bounty hunter. She couldn't stand the need of being rescued, her life depending on either a ruthless hunter or a Jedi rescuer. She felt that way still, only now for her people on Alderaan. Padme's life had changed so drastically in only the last two days, and this was only the beginning. She'd have to assume the duties of Queen and deal with the Imperial threat on her homeworld.
    "Even if the Jedi don't do anything, I'll free your planet myself," Anakin said suddenly. Padme turned to him, realizing that he had been reading her mind, possibly with the Force.
    Padme could tell that Anakin truly meant it, and even if he couldn't physically take on an army of clone stormtroopers, his heart made him capable of anything. From a distance, Qui Gon and Obi Wan watched them intently.
    "I sense great Jedi potential in Anakin," Qui Gon stated, "he has never flown in a starship and already he's an amazing pilot. "

    Obi Wan nodded. "Should Master Windu admit him into the academy, I will train him as well as you, my Master."
    The Jedi Master turned to face his old student. "I do, however, sense fear in him, and anger. Those are traits that a Jedi needs to control."
    Obi Wan sighed. Qui Gon had always been very by the book, and it was difficult for him to trust anyone with the slightest flaw.
    "He's experienced great loss at a young age," he replied in Anakin's defense, "he will learn to Master his emotions. I sense nothing but goodness in his heart, despite his hardships."

    Qui Gon studied Anakin more, and sensed through the force the nature of his strong feelings. He decided that now wasn't a good time to bring up to Obi Wan Anakin's obvious affection for the princess.
    "It will ultimately be up to the Councul whether Anakin is admitted,," he said , seeing no further benefits from discussion.
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    In better times, Alderaan had the image of a peaceful world marked by its beauty. It's cities were trademarked by state of the art architecture. The meadows contained the most diverse wildflowers. The mountains were filled with both fresh snow and gushing waterfalls.
    But this image of purity was disrupted by the TIE Fighters hovering into the atmosphere, the mammoth Imperial fleet revolving around the planet. The largest of the massive vessels by twentyfold was the Nightshadow. From the Star Destroyers, gunships carried Clone stormtroopers down to the planet's capital city, Aldera.

    Rows of white armored stormtroopers marched through the streets of Aldera, directly to the royal palace. Civilians stayed in their dwellings, not daring to challenge this foreign invading army, and speeder traffic was scarce. The few civilians and speeders that the stormtroopers encountered they mowed down with their blasters.

    Sadly, Governor Sio Bibble watched from the window of the throne room as the clones marched towards the palace. He had been trusted to look after the planet in the absence of the royals and Senator Bail Organa.
    But he'd failed in his duty, and for that he knew he deserved to die. Alderaan's lack of a strong defense in favor of pacifism had always been a flaw in Bibble's view, but he had honored the traditions nonetheless. Now,Alderaan was paying the price.
    "Captain Panaka," he said to the blue shirted security officer beside him, who wore a black leather vest over his uniform, "send your troops to the palace gates."

    "Yes, governor," Panaka said. He activated his comlink. "Send all units to the front gates!"

    Bibble walked to the king's throne and activated an panel on the armrest. Behind him, a tall blue hologram of Bail Organa appeared.

    "How bad is it?" Organa asked from Coruscant, "is it as bad as the rumors?" He looked as panicked as Bibble.

    "It's worse," Bibble said severely, "the clones are outside the palace right now."

    Bail cringed, barely keeping his composure. "The Jedi had better do their duty," he said with heavy emotion, "we must save Alderaan at all costs." The hologram flickered.

    "Senator?" Bibble said. Static was interfering with the hologram. The stormtroopers had entered the palace.

    "Brace yourself," Bibble said to Panaka, fear overcoming him suddenly. Just then, a squad of Alderaan guards, all wearing black vests, burst into the room.

    "They're coming through," one of them shouted. Panaka drew his blaster and stepped in front of Bibble as laserfire approached. Soon afterwards, white armored soldiers came into the throne room, shooting wildly. Bibble cringed and ducked as troops in front of him were shot down with ease. He couldn't see through the smoke caused by the heavy crossfire. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his chest and blacked out forever.

    Soon after the Alderaanians had all been killed, three senior Imperial officers entered the room.

    "Is the palace secure?" Admiral Tarkin asked Clone Commander Cody.

    "Yes sir," Cody replied, "we have patrols around the city's borders." The commander of the 212th attack battalion, Cody had an orange stripe on his armor.

    "Good work," Tarkin replied. He withdrew his small holoprojector on the marble floor littered with bodies and activated it.
    The devilish image of Darth Maul came into view aboard the Nightshadow.
    "Lord Maul," Tarkin said proudly, "our troops have captured the capital city."
    Maul grinned. Hopefully this would be consolation for his failure to kill the two Jedi and princess, Tarkin thought. Maul was known to take his own mistakes out on his generals.
    "Excellent," the Zabrak Sith replied, "The Emperor will be pleased. Now the Republic will have no choice but to declare war"
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    The planet Ossus was lush with greenery, mixed with forests, jungles and Rocky Mountains. The main Jedi temple was located far away on Coruscant, but the academy where Padawans were trained resided on the ancient light side stronghold of Ossus. The Academy was built overlooking a wide valley, surrounded by thick jungle. The stone complex had a hangar in the back, with both Republic starships and individual Jedi Starfighters.
    A lone figure waited for the Fisher as it descended into the hangar. Jedi Master Mace Windu was the head instructor of the Jedi Academy, and perhaps the most powerful Jedi in the order. She had mastered all seven forms of lightsaber combat, and developed a darker, more aggressive form of the seventh version.

    As the Fisher's ramp opened, the company of two Jedi, a princess, a slave boy, and two astromechs emerged. Anakin looked around the vast hangar, taking it in.
    "Anakin," Obi Wan said, "Meet Master Mace Windu."
    Windu was a tall, elegant woman who, like Qui Gon and Obi Wan, wore the traditional attire of a Jedi, with her lightsaber clipped to her belt.
    She nodded at Anakin, then turned to Princess Padme "I am sorry to hear about your parents, Princess," she said, not showing any particular emotion.

    "Now isn't a time to grieve," replied Padme, but to take action." She stared at the Jedi woman pointedly.

    "Jedi Kenobi," Windu said to Obi Wan, "Take young Anakin to the council. I will join you momentarily."

    Obi Wan nodded. Beckoning for the still inquisitive Anakin to follow, he made his way towards the stone corridor. Arfour followed obediently.
    Anakin looked back at Padme, slightly annoyed at being dismissed by Windu. Padme half turned his way, but focused on the two Jedi Masters.

    Qui Gon, Padme and Master Windu walked around the hangar, followed by Artoo.

    "Have you received word from Chancellor Palpatine?" Padme asked Master Windu.

    Windu frowned at the mention of the Republic leader. "Yes, he has declared emergency control over the Jedi and intends to wage war against the Imperial prescence."

    "He should!" Padme exclaimed, "the empire is starving my people!" Her uncle Bail had in fact made a motion in the senate to grant the chancellor extra authority of the Jedi during the potential crisis, but she couldn't mention that to the most powerful Jedi alive.
    Windu and Qui Gon exchanged looks. Apparently, this girl thought it was that easy.
    "I'm afraid Palpatine might be using the crisis on Alderaan for his own purposes," Windu replied sadly, "his policies as chancellor haven't been exactly constitutional."

    "May I make a suggestion," Qui Gon interjected, "I'd be honored to accompany the princess to Coruscant to meet with the chancellor, and from there we can decide a course of action."

    Padme began to speak up in anger but then realized that this was the best deal she could get for now.

    "We'd better move quickly," she said as calmly as possible, "time is running out."

    Torn between compassion and protocol, Mace studied Padme and Qui Gon. She tried to keep the Jedi order out of Galactic politics as much as possible, but this was a situation where the Jedi needed to take action. The task of negotiating with chancellor Palpatine with the Alderaan princess was one she wouldn't trust with only the most steadfast Jedi, and Qui Gon definitely was up to the job.

    "Very well," Mace Windu sighed, "Master Jinn, take the princess to Coruscant and contact me when you have reached a settlement."

    "As you wish, Master Windu," Qui Gon replied. He gestured for Padme to follow him to the Fisher and she did, quickly and with determination.
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    Obi Wan hurried up the steps to the Jedi council, chamber, followed by Anakin, who was still taking in the environment around him. Now that he was here, Anakin felt a strong connection to the Academy and the planet at large. He'd always imagined himself as a warrior
    "Obi Wan?" he asked tentatively, "what if the council doesn't want to train me. He'd heard a bit about them and from what he'd seen of Qui Gon Jinn and Mace Windu, he had a feeling that the council wouldn't be so quick to allow him into the Academy.

    Obi Wan looked back and touched Anakin's shoulder reassuringly. "I promise I will do everything in my power to be able to teach you the Force," he replied with a warm smile, "from the moment I sensed you on Tatooine, I had a strong feeling that you were meant to be trained as a Jedi."

    Anakin smiled up at the Jedi Knight. Suddenly, he found himself particularly liking Obi Wan. He hoped to be a good student to him.
    "I never really got to say thank you," he said, "for freeing me." Now that he thought about it, Obi Wan was almost completely responsible for his liberation from Watto's grip of terror. He felt the gratitude towards Obi Wan more than ever now.

    Obi Wan started to reply, then suddenly looked sad. Anakin studied him, and quickly guessed the man's thoughts.
    "You feel guilty," he said softly, "that you couldn't free anyone else." Obi Wan admired his perception and awareness.
    "I don't imagine Jabba the Hutt being a better master than Watto," confirmed Obi Wan grimly.

    "We'll go back and free them all together," Anakin said, "we can do it." Obi Wan knew his reasons weren't completely unselfish. He had an eleven year old brother alone on the lawless world, but he also sensed sympathy from Anakin. He'd indeed be a model Jedi someday.
    "Let's go meet the council, Anakin," Obi Wan said, cheering up significantly. The two of them approached the wide metal doors together, facing the future with pride. The doors slid open to reveal a large circular room overlooking the rainforest of Ossus.

    Twelve thrones surrounded the ominous-looking room, each occupied by a Jedi Master. The center chair contained Mace Windu. Qui Gon sat to her left. How they had gotten there so fast was beyond Anakin.
    Besides Mace and Qui Gon, the rest of the council was made up of various species of aliens.

    "Obi Wan Kenobi," Mace addressed him as he bowed customarily. Anakin followed suit.

    "Masters, during my mission to rescue Princess Padme Organa, I have met a boy, whom I believe has strong Jedi potential. I present to you Anakin Skywalker of Tatooine."

    The masters studied Anakin as he and Obi Wan returned to their feet. Qui Gon looked at his old protege with both sympathy and sternness.

    "I sense the Force runs strong in your veins, young Anakin," Mace said. She stood up and paced around Anakin, who began to feel uncomfortable.
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    Jul 29, 2016
    "Tell me, Skywalker," Windu asked the young Jedi hopeful, "what do you care about the most"
    Anakin hesitated. That was a strange question, especially to determine whether to accept him into the Jedi Academy.

    "I don't..." he said, looking to Obi Wan for support.

    "With guidance from myself and the Academy instructors," Obi Wan spoke up in defense of Anakin, "he will learn to overcome his shortcomings."

    Mace sat back down in her chair, having a full analysis of Anakin. Through what must have been the Force, Anakin sensed her reaching a conclusion.

    The elderly cone headed Cerean, Ki Adi Mundi spoke up.

    "I sense your brother in your thoughts, Anakin. You feel an attachment to him."

    Anakin grew slightly angry. "He's all alone of Tatooine," he replied defensively, "and you won't do anything for him!"

    Mundi ignored this outburst against the Council. "You also think of your friend, Princess Padme Organa."

    Anakin sighed. Obi Wan patted his shoulder gently. "I can teach him to overcome his attachments."

    I don't want to get over Padme, Anakin thought in annoyance, I want to help her, and I want her to see me be a Jedi. He didn't say this aloud, but from next to Mace, Qui Gon's expression and look towards Obi Wan suggested that he could detect the thought.

    "I was angry, and attached as well when I began my training," Obi Wan reminded the Council, in particular his old master Qui Gon, who frowned thoughtfully. "You helped me overcome my challenges,Master Jinn." Qui Gon exchanged looks with the other Masters. Mace said finally, "the Council will have a vote. All in favor of allowing Jedi Kenobi to take Anakin Skywalker as his Padawan?"

    Anakin tensed. This was it. This would decide his fate, whether his dreams would be realized or crushed. He looked around the room as Jedi masters slowly raised their hands. Qui Gon actually smiled at Obi Wan and Anakin as he raised his. Anakin knew how pleased Obi Wan felt at the elder Jedi's approval.
    More Masters raised their hands; Plo Koon, Yaddle, Adi Gallia, Yareal Poof, Eeth Koth, Even Pielll...

    In fact, the only three Council members to abstain were Mace , Ki Adi Mundi, and an old human named Dooku.
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    Anakin looked around as the Masters raised their hands, in favor of his admission into the Academy. His discomfort and anxiety slowly turned to excitement, and he could not resist smiling. Finally, his dreams were coming true. He'd be a Jedi Knight, hero of the galaxy. If only his mother could see him now!

    "Very well," Mace Windu said reluctantly, "Anakin Skywalker, you are now a Padawan at the Jedi Academy. Jedi Kenobi is responsible for you now." She looked at Obi Wan pointedly. Obi Wan nodded and clapped Anakin on the shoulder.

    "We have a lot to do, Anakin," he said with a slight grin, "let's get moving."

    "Council adjourned," Windu declared as the Masters stood up to leave. Mace gestured for Qui Gon and Dooku to stay behind.

    Anakin excitedly follows his new master down the stone steps. "When do we start training?" he asked with impatience, "will we have a mission soon? When do I get a lightsaber?"

    Obi Wan turned back to Anakin and laughed. "Relax, my friend," he said lightly, "we'll have time for all that. First, I'd like to show you around the Academy. It's where you'll be training, and living most of the time. You'll meet friends here that will last your whole life."
    Anakin obediently followed Obi Wan down the corridor towards a large room, where several boys and girls about Anakin's age were wielding lightsabers and wearing helmets over their faces. Small round seeker droids fired lasers at the Padawans, which they deflected with their sabers.
    "Awesome," Anakin muttered as he watched. That would be him soon. "Come along," Obi Wan said, and Anakin followed him towards the Jedi library. As thy walked, Obi Wan greeted Jedi Knights that he knew, sometimes introducing Anakin. Anakin had never seen this much diverse life, or been in such a fine building.
    In the Jedi library, Obi Wan showed Anakin some holocrons, activated by the Force. Since he was only a Jedi Knight, Obi Wan was not allowed to access the restricted holocrons, which tapped into the dark side.
    Once they had left, Obi Wan said, "You'll be needing a lightsaber right away, in order to train as a Padawan."

    Anakin tensed with excitement, having totally forgotten about Owen, and even Padme for the time being. "Where do I get one?" he demanded, impatient to get started.

    Obi Wan held up a finger. "You'll have to build it yourself, in order to know your weapon most intimately." Anakin sighed. More waiting, and not enough action.
    "This way," Obi Wan said, motioning for Anakin to follow. As they walked towards the Temple's stately entrance, he explained, "A Jedi's lightsaber is powered by special crystals found in the caverns of Ossus. This is a planet strong with the light side of the Force. However, you must expect to be tested right away."

    As they exited the Academy and walked down the large steps, Anakin loooked around at the scenery. It was nothing like on Tatooine, it was so much...better.

    Behind the scenes- some of you may not like that I made Mace Windu a female, but I feel like i needed to make up for the way women were treated in Revenge of the Sith, and the character would have worked as either gender.

    Please feel free to give feedback, and suggestions to improve my story or my writing style. Fun fact about me-I am a real life aspiring author
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    Princess Padme had joined the three Jedi Masters in the Council chamber, and the four were in deep, intense discussion.

    "I realize that action must be taken on Alderaan," said Mace Windu, "but you must understand that the Republic cannot afford war with the Empire. They vastly outnumber us and we'd be spread across the galaxy."

    "Perhaps we should meet with the Chancellor," Dooku suggested, "we cannot allow him to dictate our course of action."

    Padme grew angry. Here the Jedi were, talking and doing nothing for her people. She wondered for a moment why she had trusted them initially.

    "The longer we wait," she said with emphasis, "the more Alderaan suffers and the more people die! We have to act now!"

    Mace sighed and looked at her fellow Masters. The aged Jedi Dooku spoke up.

    "Might I suggest that a small Jedi escort accompany her majesty to Alderaan for the time being," he said carefully, "perhaps we can rally survivors against the Imperial forces." Mace regarded him thoughtfully. Dooku was one of the most senior Jedi Masters in the order, with far more experience than even herself. She had always trusted his word.

    "We have no organized militia," replied Padme bitterly, "they won't be prepared to take on the Clone army." Such was the curse of peaceful planets. It seemed that the governments that valued peace were doomed to be conquered, Padme reflected to herself.

    Qui Gon Jinn spoke up now. "The empire relies on their Sith Lords to command them. If even a small number of Jedi can eliminate the Sith presence on Alderaan, the Imperials will be lost and confused. Without the Sith, we will have no problem defeating the rest of them."

    Dooku looked at Qui Gon, his former Padawan, with admiration. His insight had always served him well, and been invaluable to the order. Mace exchanged a look with Padme.
    "That sounds like the best possible solution," the princess admitted. She hoped that not to many Alderaanians would perish to the superior invaders.

    As they hiked through the jungles towards a towering mountain, Anakin asked, "Where exactly are we going?" Obi Wan looked back and replied, "Today, you will build your lightsaber, and take your first test as a Jedi Padawan. It is a test that all Jedi must face, and will force you to confront your darkest demons."

    Anakin pondered what this meant as they reached the summit. He felt a cold shiver as Obi Wan led him up the mountain slope. The wind blew ominously against the pair of Jedi as they approached a wide cave . Anakin could see a small figure waiting for them. As he tried to make it out, the young Padawan sensed a strong aura of wisdom and experience. As they got near the mouth of the cave, Anakin could see a very short, green skinned alien with thin white hair and a very wrinkled face. The pointy-eared creature had an expression of severity on his little face.

    Anakin was unsure of what to make of this green creature. Obi Wan however, instantly bowed. "Master Yoda," he addressed the green alien, "it's been too long."

    "Indeed, it has," the creature called Yoda replied in a raspy voice, "and this must be young Skywalker." He bowed back to Obi Ean and turned to Anakin, who regarded the small alien with interest and awe.
    "This is Master Yoda," Obi Wan introduced, "He is perhaps the greatest Jedi instructor of all time, and will guide you on your first steps towards becoming a Jedi Knight."

    Unsure of what else to do, Anakin bowed and said, "Pleased to meet you." Yoda nodded and chuckled. "In the cave, valuable crystals will you find. Use them you will, to create your lightsaber." He reached into his tiny Jedi cloak and withdrew several pieces of metal. He reached out to Anakin, who slowly took the pieces.

    "Once you have built your weapon, you shall face a terrible enemy," Yoda explained in his gnarled voice, "The power of the Force, you will need as an ally."

    "But I don't understand," Anakin replied, "what sort of enemy will there be?"

    Yoda looked down at the Rocky Mountain surface two feet below him. "Whatever enemy you decide to face," he replied. Anakin gaped at this impossible creature, unable to understand what he was talking about. He looked to Obi Wan, who merely nodded and gave Yoda a knowing look.

    "Good luck Anakin," his Master said encouragingly. Anakin turned to the cave and slowly walked through its mouth. The deepen in he went, the darker and wider it appeared to him. After about a hundred meters, Anakin turned back to the two Jedi and to his shock, saw nothing but pitch black. What have I gotten myself into, he wondered, are the Jedi just crazy old wizards?

    Anakin felt the metal pieces in his hand, and tucked them into his coat pocket. He looked aroun, seeing nothing but darkness. Was this the enemy, the darkness inside? Anakin stumbled through the cave, feeling his way around. He stopped and closed his eyes, From what little he had learned so far, Anakin knew that the Jedi relied on the Force to guide them. He had almost no experience with it, but he thought he could recognize the Force when he felt it.
    Anakin closed his eyes, concentrating on nothing but the energy around him, the symbiotic circle thst connected all life.At first, he felt nothing. Anakin focused harder, putting all his energy into this field around him. He let go of all the instincts that he had acquired on Tatooine and put his faith into this so called Force.

    As he opened his eyes, Anakin saw lights vaguely appearing in the cave, shining different colors. These must be the so called Force activated crystals, he realized as he looked around in amazement. Anakin couldn't believe that just a few days earlier, he had been serving the crime lord Watto, with no hope of freedom. Now, he was here, on Ossus, on his way towards the ultimate destiny. Anakin focused on the crystals, wondering what he should do next. He continued to call out to the Force, asking it to guide him. And now, all of the sudden, he could feel it, a strong burst of the Force. With renewed elation, Anakin gazed around and saw one crystal shunting a bright blue light directly at him.
    Anakin knew what this meant. He made his way through the damp cave towards the blue crystal and put his hand to it. He felt the warmth of it on his palm. Carefully, Anakin pulled the crystal from the rock. Using the light to guide him, Anakin withdrew the pieces given to him by Yoda from his jacket. Placing the crystal within the rod of steel, Anakin then covered it with the outer shell. He felt an odd sensation tinkering with his lightsaber, somehow he knew exactly what he was doing. Anakin fumbled the device with his fingers and felt the power switch.

    Without warning, the crystals went out and the cave turned pitch black. Anakin whipped around, scanning for an exit. He shuddered. At least now he had a weapon. At that moment, Anakin heard a strange hissing sound. It vaguely sounded like breathing, and it was coming from behind him. Anakin turned around and flicked on the power switch to his new lightsaber.

    The young teenager flinched as a long blue rod of energy sprouted from the metal lightsaber. He waved the saber, admiring the humming sound the blade made when he moved it. The sound of loud, sinister breathing drew nearer and suddenly Anakin heard a cackle.
    He stepped forward carefully, trying to drive the fear out of him. Anakin could now make out the outline of a dark figure in a hood.
    Without thinking he demanded, "What are you?"
    He could feel a terrible dark presence now, similar to what he had felt from the Sith attacker on Tatooine. The hooded being responded. "The Force flows strongly through your blood, Anakin Skywalker," it said in a voice filled with malice, "unleash the dark side and nothing will stand in your way."
    Anakin approached the phantom, his lightsaber at the ready. The figure cackled diabolically as he drew nearer, and a red lightsaber blade came to life in the darkness.

    As the figure got closer to Anakin, it appeared to change. Anakin heard the odd breathing sound again as the dark phantom came into view. It was very tall, wearing a suit of black armor and a cape billowing behind it. Its red lightsaber illuminated its armor in a crimson glow, making the figure appear more menacing.

    "I'm not afraid of you," Anakin said with all the courage he could muster.

    "You have nothing to fear from me," replied a deep voice from behind the mysterious mask, "I am your past,present and future."

    The black knight swung its red blade to Anakin. Instinctively, he raised his blue saber to deflect the blow, and the two warriors clashed. Anakin met the figure's next attack with a parry, and lunged at his opponent to gain the offensive. The tall armored man was briefly forced backwards, then came at Anakin stronger than ever, forcing him backwards to the hard rock ground. Anakin groaned as he scooted away from the approaching enemy; and slowly regained his footing.
    Slowly and deliberately, the black armored figure raised his red saber, as if about to deal a killing blow. His fear getting the better of him, Anakin deactivated his lightsaber and began to run in the opposite direction. He had no idea where he was going, he just needed to get as far away from this unknown attacker as he could. Anakin panted as he sprinted across the cave, certain that the enemy was close behind. Finally, Anakin could run no further. He collapsed to his knees, panting for breath.

    Anakin opened his eyes and stood up. To his anxious relief, he realized that he had reached the end of the cave, and that Obi Wan and Yoda were staring at him judgementally. Feeling embarrassed. Anakin made his way towards the two Jedi, carrying his deactivated lightsaber. Without a word, Obi Wan motioned for him to follow, starting down the steep mountain. As he followed his Jedi mentor without looking back at the cave, Anakin reflected on the test he had just faced. He wondered the significance of he dark vision, and more importantly, whether he had passed or failed.
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    The hangar of the massive the Alderaan royal palace contained a large assembly of stormtroopers and green uniformed Imperial officers. Standing between the opposite rows of white armor were Admiral Tarkin, Colonel Yularen and General Pellaeon.
    From the Star Destroyer looming above in the dusky Alderaan sky, a class A shuttle descended towards the palace.

    Tarkin had always assumed a cold and calculating demeanor, but Darth Maul caused even him to shiver with dread. Doing his best to hide his fear of the Zabrak Sith Lord, Tarkin knelt as the shuttle touched down on the marble landing platform.

    The ramp to Darth Maul's shuttle opened as steam came out. Tarkin rose as the devilish figure of Maul emerged from the cloudy image. Walking past Tarkin and his fellow senior officers, Maul strides towards the entrance to the palace.
    Jogging to keep up with him, Tarkin said nervously, "My lord, our scouts have detected that Princess Padme is hiding on Ossus with the Jedi."

    Maul looked sideways at Tarkin as they walked past the stormtroopers. Behind them trailed the pale faced Pallaeon and the grey, moustached Yularen.
    "Then it won't be long before the Jedi come with her to try and free the planet," replied Maul thoughtfully, "My Sith master has manipulated the senate into militarizing the order."

    Tarkin briefly wondered how an Imperial Sith Lord could do this, but knew that asking Maul would be of no avail.

    As they walked into the palace corridor, Maul said, "We'd best prepare our defense against the Jedi attack. They'll waste no time in targeting the capital."

    "What of the princess?" Tarkin asked quickly, anxious to please Maul with what he hoped was military genius, "surely the Jedi won't want her in the crossfire."

    "Once the Republic has declared war, we can eliminate Princess Organa," replied Maul, a sinister grin forming on his red and black features, "she will never allow herself to be sidelined in recapturing her homeworld."

    At last he stopped and turned to face Tarkin. He was much shorter than the human man, but appeared to tower over him.

    "Go and prepare a naval blockade around the planet," he commanded, "tell Commander Cody to position his men around the capital borders."

    "As you wish, my lord," Tarkin replied calmly, beginning to walk towards the command station.

    Darth Maul hesitated, then shouted another command. "Send the 501st through the villages. If the Jedi penetrate our navy, have them execute the civilians." It was time to show them that the Empire meant business, the Zabrak thought.

    Tarkin blankly stared at him. In his decades of military service to the Enoire, Wilhuff Tarkin had been wiling to carry out many heinous acts, but he'd met very few beings as ruthless as Maul.
    "It will be done," he said slowly, trying to block doubts from his mind. He hadn't gotten this far in the Imperial ranks by being soft.
    Tarkin headed towards the command station to deploy the forces.

    Maul proceeded to the throne room alone. Once he entered, he used the Force to close the door behind him. Darth Maul sensed a great many things about the future. He sensed that the war that the empire had prepared for was about to begin. He sensed that before long, the Sith would rule the entire galaxy.
    Best of all... Maul closed his eyes and smiled. He suddenly had a very clear vision of the future. He saw an army of clones marching up the steps of the Jedi Academy on Ossus. Leading the battalion was a black figure wielding a red bladed lightsaber.
    Maul favored the image, knowing that it would be him that would deal the killing blow to the Jedi Knights.

    Maul activated the holoprojector on the king's throne. Before him appeared an image of his Sith Master, Darth Sidious, who also happens to be the ruler of the Empire. Emperor Sidious had discovered a young Maul on Dathomir and trained him in the dark side of the Force. Maul was greatful for his Master's training, but hoped to surpass him one day.

    "Master Sidious," Maul spoke to the blue hologram, "I have successfully captured Alderaan. The Jedi should be attacking soon."

    "You've done well, my apprentice," the hooded image of the human Sidious replied with admiration for his powerful student, "the dark side has always run strong in your veins."

    Maul bowed his head. "I only wish to serve the Empire, and the Sith."

    Emperor Sidious regarded him and replied. "I sense there is something else you wish to tell me, Lord Maul."

    Maul paused. He wasn't sure exactly how to explain to the Emperor, but there was no way to avoid it.

    "During my attempt to intercept the Jedi and Princess, I felt a strong ripple in the Force, one that created a disturbance greater than any I have felt." He gazed intently at his master's hologram.

    From behind his hood, Emperor Sidious frowned. "You refer to a person?" he inquired.

    Maul sighed and looked at the twilight outside. "Yes, your majesty," he said sullenly, "I sensed a strong connection to the Force in a boy accompanying the Jedi. His attunement appeared greater than even the Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn."

    "Curious indeed," replied Emperor Sidious, "perhaps the Jedi intend to train this boy. I don't imagine them dismissing a being so powerful."

    Maul considered this. "If that is the case, there is a chance that they may bring him here. Based on what I saw of his piloting ability, this boy would be invaluable in the battlefield."

    "Then you must capture this young trainee," Emperor Sidious declared, "I wish to evaluate him, and determine if he is worthy of becoming a Sith."

    "I will make it my mission, Master," Maul replied, determination coming over him. As the hologram of Sidious faded, a new plan began forming in his mind, one that did not involve his Sith master.
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    Anakin Skywalker had been training on Ossus for a standard month. He was a quick learner, Obi Wan had to give him credit for that. The youth had progressed farther in a month than Obi Wan had in a year. As Obi Wan watched a blindfolded Anakin take on seeker droids in the jungle of Ossus, a few kilometers from the Academy, he wondered how soon Anakin would become a Jedi Knight.
    Anakin removed his blindfold after defeating the fifty-third seeker droid.

    "How'd I do this time?" he panted, his face red from the exercise.

    "You're getting better each day," Obi Wan replied proudly, beaming at his Padawan.

    Anakin smiled, turning away from Obi Wan. He looked back at his teacher and saw that his face had become one of concern.

    Looking back, Anakin saw that Masters Windu, Jinn and Dooku were approaching them, all three looking grim.

    Obi Wan bowed to the three Jedi Masters courteously. "What seems to be the problem?" he asked, sensing a disturbance in the Force.

    Qui Gon, being the most intimate with Obi Wan, was the first to speak.

    "I'm afraid we have an urgent mission, Obi Wan. We must accompany the princess back to her homeworld of Alderaan, in order to drive out the Imperial forces." Obi Wan's old Master turned to Anakin. "As Obi Wan's apprentice, you'll be accompanying us as well?"

    Obi Wan frowned while Anakin grinned. He'd get to travel with Padme again! Already he'd get to go on his first mission, and take on the evil Empire!

    "Two Jedi against the entire imperial military?" Obi Wan asked skeptically.

    "Princess Padme will rally a local militia," Qui Gon explained to him, "that will take on the ground troops as you and I go after the Sith Lord. Without Darth Maul, the enemy will fall apart."

    "In the meantime," Mace added, "Dooku and I will meet with Senator Organa and Chancellor Palpatine on Coruscant, and discuss our next move."

    "Anakin," Obi Wan said as the group walked back to the Academy, "I don't like the idea of bringing you to a war zone, but there is no other choice. During the battle, you must stick by me at all times, and not do anything dangerous."

    Anakin looked up at him and said, "yes Master," without really thinking about it. He was too excited.

    In the hangar, Padme was waiting by the Fisher, along with a pilot and a few guards.

    "May the Force be with us all," Mace said as she and Dooku made their way to their star fighters. Qui Gon and Obi Wan bowed to them as they left.

    As soon as Anakin saw Princess Padme, he made eye contact with her and smiled. She saw him to and returned the look.
    "This is it," he said excitedly, "we're going to free your planet!" Padme suddenly appeared sad and distant, like she had before.

    "What's the matter?" he asked.

    "I'm afraid," replied Padme quietly, out of earshot of the adults, "I'm afraid that even if we succeed, the rest of the galaxy will be plunged into war. I don't think the Republic can survive."

    Before, Anakin noted, Padme had primarily been concerned for the good of her own planet. Now, it seemed, she was thinking of the whole galaxy and the danger it was about to face.

    "It'll all be okay," he said seriously. He'd make sure of it.

    As they boarded the ship, Anakin turned back to Obi Wan and Qui Gon.

    "I'll transmit the landing coordinates to you both," Padme said to the two Jedi, "We'll meet you there once we reach Alderaan."

    "Anakin, remember your training," Obi Wan said to his Padawan. He felt the severity of the situation not just for Anakin but for himself. This was his first time as a Master, and his teachings and those of his predecessors would be put to the test through Anakin.

    "I have a bad feeling about this," he muttered to Qui Gon as the ramp of the Fisher closed and Anakin disappeared.

    "Keep your mind on the present," Qui Gon reminded him as they made their way to their starfighters. Arfour was faithfully waiting for Obi Wan by his. Qui Gon's yellow star fighter contained his astromech droid, Artoo Deetoo, who beeped excitedly seeing his master.
    Above their heads, the Fisher took off out of the hangar and into the Ossus sky.
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    Coruscant was not only the Republic capital, but also the largest planet in the galaxy. The entire world was a single metropolis, with a population of over one trillion. Among the speeders and shuttles of the everyday air traffic, two Jedi starfighters were indeed most unusual. Despite their role in protecting the Republic, the Jedi stayed out of galactic politics as much as possible, so those who saw them knew that this must be a serious emergency.

    The Senate was housed in a dome shaped building in the middle of the town square. On the highest level of it was a landing platform where an assembly waited for the two starfighters. In the center stood Chancellor Palpatine, dressed in the must luxurious robes from his homeworld of Naboo. Beside him stood the stately Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan, with a demeanor of great stress and worry. Bail was accompanied by his protocol droid, See-Threepio and his head of security, the young Captain Antilles. Palpatine was protected by a trio of red-cloaked guards with deadly staffs.

    As the two starfighter landed on the platform, the chancellor rushed to greet the emerging Jedi. He recognized the head of the Jedi Academy, the woman Mace Windu, and the Jedi Councilman Dooku.

    "Your graces," Palpatine bowed to the two Masters, expressionless.

    "It is an honor, Chancellor," Windu replied. She didn't bow to him, and neither did Dooku. Subtly scowling at the observation, Palpatine walked back towards the others, followed by Mace Windu and Dooku.

    "Master Windu, Master Dooku," Senator Organa bowed to the two Jedi.

    "Greetings, Senator," Mace acknowledged him, bowing.

    "We are ever so sorry about the situation on your home planet," Dooku said, likewise curtseying for Organa. Palpatine's lip curled. The Jedi had no respect for true authority, merely supporting whoever kissed up to them.

    "Greetings," the golden Threepio said to Mace and Dooku, "I am See-Threepio, human-cyborg relations." Nobody paid him any attention.

    Bail looked at the two Jedi apologetically as the group made their way inside the Senate hall. "I'm afraid the Imperial invasion requires military intervention," he said to the two Jedi, "I don't know who to turn to besides your graces." He looked both anxious and apologetic, giving Palpatine a sideways glance.

    "We have the best interests of Alderaan's people in mind always," the white haired Dooku assured him.

    "Because of the growing crisis," Palpatine explained, "it is necessary for the Senate to obtain certain... emergency powers over the Jedi for the time being, at least until the threat has ended." He looked at Mace Windu, scanning her face for a reaction.

    Mace glanced at Dooku and turned back to Palpatine. "And how do you intend to enforce our obedience, Chancellor?" She glared at the Republic leader challengingly.

    "Oh my dear Jedi," Palpatine replied hastily, "I have no intention of threatening your graces in any way, I merely hope your cooperation will bring a fast end to this conflict."

    The old Jedi Master, Dooku, spoke up.
    "If the Jedi took action on Alderaan, the Empire would take it as a declaration of war. Countless Republic worlds would be under attack."

    "Master Dooku," Palpatine replied more forcefully, "are you saying that you will not do anything about Alderaan?" He had assumed a more hostile and challenging demeanor, giving Organa a look that indicated that he should agree.

    "I'm sure that without the Sith Lord, the Empire will have to surrender," Bail said after some thought, "I propose that the Jedi make it their priority to bring down Darth Maul. Without him, the war is over."

    Mace and Dooku exchanged looks as they considered this, their conversation unheard by the two politicans.

    The group made their way to Palpatine's large public office. As soon as they entered, the chancellor sat at his desk, his back to the window and the afternoon sky behind him.

    Antilles and Threepio stood by Bail.

    "Very well," Mace said grimly, "Dooku and I shall lead a Jedi task force to Alderaan. We can only hope that the wars ends then and there." She looked at Bail furtively, hoping he would understand that the Jedi by no means intended to abandon Alderaan.

    Bail and his company exited, as well as Mace and Dooku. Threepio was last to leave, turning back towards the chancellor and his guards at the doorway. For a faint moment, he thought he had seen a smile on Palpatine's dignified features.

    "I don't like this at all," Mace said privately to Dooku as they made their way back to their starfighters, "Palpatine is taking advantage of Alderaan's situation. I sense a disturbance in the Force."

    Dooku replied, "as a politician, it is only natural that he should manipulate others to keep himself in power. No ruler should be trusted."

    "I sense darker forces at work," said Mace ans she reached out to the Force, "we can't afford to lose our guard.
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    The Imperial Star Destroyer Nightshadow loomed like an ominous shadow over the blue and green world of Alderaan. Looking at the Tie Fighters through the cockpit of the Fisher made Padme want to shout in anger. She could only imagine what the Empire could have done to the cities.

    Together, Anakin and Padme sat in the cockpit behind the pilot, a bald man named Ric Ole.

    "It's going to be a job getting past the blockade," Ole commented, staring straight at the distant fleet.

    Okay, thank you Captain Obvious, Padme thought irritably.
    Anakin felt her trembling beside him and put an arm around the princess.

    "Let's see if Jinn and Kenobi made it," Olee said, turning on the comm channel.

    "Masters, we have arrived just outside Alderaan's orbit," the pilot reported, "the blockade will be difficult to get past."

    "This is Obi Wan Kenobi," the Jedi Knight said through the intercom, and Anakin felt a fresh surge of confidence and security hearing his teacher's voice , "My Master and I have just arrived out of lightspeed. "

    Sure enough, two small Delta 7 star fighters appeared through the view screen, one red and one yellow.

    ""Do you Jedi have a plan?" Padme asked them anxiously, gazing uneasily at the Nightshadow.

    "Be patient, your highness,"Qui Gon's voice said, "I believe I sense the Sith Lord on board the Star Destroyer."

    From the cockpit of his fighter, Obi Wan grimaced as he sensed his master's plan. "What are you suggesting, Master?" More than fifteen years of friendship and most of that time as Qui Gon's Padawan told him the answer. I have a bad feeling about this, Obi Wan thought.

    "Captain," the older Jedi addressed Olee, "Obi Wan and I will attack the Star Destroyer, and that will allow your cruiser to land. Together, we'll defeat Maul and take control of the Star Destroyer."

    "That sounds risky," Olee said, "are you sure you can handle it?" Obi Wan privately agreed, but Jedi discipline told him to go along with his superior, no matter how reckless his plan was.

    "The power of the Force is a greater weapon than any amount of ammunition," replied Qui Gon, "keep your distance until I give a signal."

    "Anakin," Obi Wan directly addressed his pupil, "be very careful down on Alderaan. Stay close to the others and remember everything you've learned." In a month, he thought pessimistically. Then again, Anakin was already more skilled than most trainees were in two years.

    "Yes master," Anakin said with no hint of fear in his voice. He felt very brave with Padme by his side.

    Without another word, Qui Gon began piloting his starfighter towards the massive Nightshadow. As Obi Wan followed, he muttered to Arfour, "I sense something is going to go wrong." The darkness he sensed ahead seemed to drain all the skill out of him. No, it was just his mind. He was a Jedi Knight, and he'd faced Maul before with Qui Gon. This should be easy.
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    Jul 29, 2016
    Inside the hangar of the Nightshadow, Maul wasted no time in departing his shuttle for the command bridge. He sensed the Jedi approaching, along with the Princess presumably. She no longer mattered to him. But the strong awakening in the Force that he had felt on Tatooine, he felt it now as well. That boy that had accompanied the Jedi Knights, that had piloted the Republic vessel past his blockade around Tatooine, was here to. Maul smiled intently. All was going according to plan.

    As he gazed out into the stars, a captain approached Maul from the deck. "My lord, we have detected a small Republic vehicle entering Alderaan's system," the man reported, "along with two Jedi star fighters." Maul considered this. Princess Organa was acting rather quickly, with the Jedi already involved. It seemed too easy, to simply blast the fighters out of space and destroy the Republic ship. But no, that wouldn't do. Maul assumed that the slave boy would not yet be allowed to pilot a star fighter, so that meant that he was on the vessel.

    At last he said to the captain, "Send a small unit of TIE Fighters after the shuttle. Focus all remaining resources on those two star fighters."

    "As you wish," the man replied, saluting and hurrying back to the deck. Maul turned back to the stars ahead of him. Without his mentor, Kenobi, the boy would be lost, and distrustful of the Jedi order at large. It was then that he'd be most vulnerable to the dark side, and Maul would then swoop down on him. He'd make a powerful apprentice indeed,one strong enough to help him overthrow his own Sith Master and rule the galaxy with him.

    It was not long after Qui Gon and Obi Wan started their approach that the TIE Fighters began heading their way.

    "We need to keep them occupied until the shuttle lands safely," Qui Gon reminded Obi Wan as he flew his fighter out of the way of a torrent of laserfire. He used the Force to activate his own vehicle's cannons, blasting at the enemy TIE Fighters.

    "I still don't think this is a good idea," Obi Wan replied as he shot down an Imperial bomber, "there must be hundreds of Clone troopers on the Star Destroyer alone." As he polited his one man ship around the enemy and activated his laser cannons, Obi Wan muttered "Flying is for droids."

    "Relax, young Padawan," Qui Gon chuckled, "we've dealt with worse than this." As they fought off enemy fighters, the two piloted their own Starfighters towards the Nightshadow, which had begun to rotate in their direction.

    "If he is indeed on board the command ship," Obi Wan grunted as he steered his ship upward towards a cluster of Imperial TIE Fighters, "Darth Maul must sense us by now."

    "I feel as though he is looking for someone else," Qui Gon replied as he narrowly dodged a red blaster bolt from the TIE on his tail, "the Force tells me that our Sith friend intends to target your Padawan."

    Obi Wan thought this over as they made their way towards the Nightshadow. As the knife shaped Star Destroyer appeared larger, Obi Wan felt increasingly as though he was in the belly of the beast.

    "This is suspicious," he pondered aloud to Arfour, who rested in the wing of his starfighter, "the Imperials don't seem to be trying to repel us."

    "Something's not right," Qui Gon agreed as another Fighter approached. "I'm hit!" he shouted as a blast hit the wing of his yellow Starfigter. "Artoo, see what you can do." His blue astromech beeped in agreement and emerged from the socket on the wing of the fighter. From his dome shaped head popped a small tube, from which the little droid squirted a jet of water at the flames attacking Qui Gon's wing.
    "Master, are you all right?" Obi Wan asked as he steered towards Qui Gon's fighter.
    "The mission," Qui Gon replied, sounding more annoyed that afraid, "get to the hangar!" Knowing better than to delay, Obi Wan steered through a volley of enemy fire and managed to land on the deck of the Nightshadow through its large entrance. As his starifighter slid onto the hangar floor, sparks flew all around and awaiting stormtroopers ran out of the way. As Qui Gon managed to fly into the Nightshadow as well, he leapt out of the vehicle and ignited his blade in midair, immediately deflecting the gunfire coming his way. Obi Wan did the same as he emerged from his vessel, using the Force to push several clones backwards.

    "This way!" Qui Gon shouted as he began to run towards the large corridor ahead. As Obi Wan followed, he continued to cut his way through the armored men. Although they were all clones of the same man, Obi Wan was grateful that he could not see the faces of the soldiers that he killed. He'd always made it a point to feel compassion for all life, and enemy soldiers doing their duty were no exception.

    "I sense a trap," he remarked as he caught up to Qui Gon. The air felt very cold and sinister as the dark side drew closer.

    "Then we spring the trap," replied the older Jedi with a small chuckle. Despite his rigid thinking and seriousness regarding Jedi business, Qui Gon's sense of humor was not devoid.

    A large door lay ahead. Both of them knew what lay on the other side, and as the pending battle became closer to the present, neither of them felt prepared to deal with such a threat.

    "Let's hope the Jedi reinforcements come soon," Obi Wan remarked glumly. With that, he and Qui Gon pushed their still activated lightsaber blades into the steel door, and as easily as cutting through bread, they carved a wide hole in it. The cut out piece of the door burned of plasma as it clattered loudly to the deck.

    As the figure in black turned around, his red tattooed face wrinkled in what appeared to be mild disgust. Slowly, Maul walked towards the two Jedi, both of whom stood in defensive stances. Qui Gon' had passed on his style of combat on to Obi Wan, who carefully mirrored the movements of his former mentor.

    "I've been expecting you two," Maul addressed them as he unclipped his long lightsaber from his belt. He threw his black cloak to the floor as he ignited it. A scarlet blade appeared on either side. "But I sense someone far more powerful nearby. Where is that boy tagging along with you?"

    "You've gone too far this time, Maul," Obi Wan Kenobi replied with annoying calmness, "you have one chance to surrender."

    "We'll take him together," Qui Gon whispered to the side at Obi Wan.
    "I was about to say that."

    Rather than charge at his two opponents, Maul held his saberstaff in one hand, and with the other, reached out and used the Force to grab a piece of equipment from the now vacated command station. As he retreated further down the bridge, he flicked his wrist, sending the equipment at the two Jedi. Qui Gon sliced it in half midair with his green blade and began to advance. Obi Wan did the same, slowly holding his blue saber in front of him.

    As the Fisher flew down toward Alderaan's surface, Anakin looked back anxiously at the Nightshadow. His thoughts were with his Master Obi Wan. Though he hadn't known the man for very long, already he was like a father figure to Anakin. He barely remembered his own father, who'd disappeared shortly before he, Owen and their mother Shmi had been captured and enslaved by Watto.

    Lost in his own thoughts, Anakin felt a gentle pat on the arm. "He'll be all right," Padme whispered. Although she didn't have the Force, Padme had cared enough to read his mind. Anakin smiled, already feeling better. He wasn't afraid of the Empire. Anakin's hand went to his belt and he fondled his lightsaber hilt proudly. Today, he'd get to use it in a real battle!
    Owen would be impressed, he thought, becoming sad again for a moment. If anything bad had happened to Owen, Anakin knew he'd have felt it. His instincts told him that the kid was doing just fine on Tatooine.

    Ric Olee piloted the ship towards a mountainous region of Alderaan below them, presumably away from any Imperial eyes.
    "We can start with some remote villages over here," he said, looking to Padme furtively, "we have enough weapons aboard to provide a small militia."

    Padme leaned forward in her seat. She too, felt very anxious. A lot was at stake,not just for her, but for the galaxy, and much of it depended on her directly, here and now.
    "Land on top of that mountain," she ordered as the Fisher flew into the snowy peaks. Olee steered the ship in that direction as he prepared to land. Padme walked out of the cockpit, followed by Anakin curiously. in the conference room of the Fisher, Padme grabbed a simple cloak from an armchair and put it on herself. She opened a nearby trunk and took out a small blaster, hiding it within her robes.
    "It'll be important to blend in," she said to Anakin, "not to attract unwanted attention."
    Anakin nodded and threw his cloak's brown hood over his head. He felt the ship come to a creaky stop as it landed atop the slopey peak. The crusade to free Alderaan was about to begin.
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    Alderaan was the third planet Anakin had been on. It was unlike Ossus and even less like Tatooine, he reflected as he stepped off the Fisher's ramp after Padme and Ric Olee. He shivered as the howling wind blew his light jacket.

    "I don't think three of us can overcome a squadron guarding an entire village," Olee remarked as the trio began to hike down the frosty slope.

    "Anakin's a Jedi," Padme reminded him, managing a smile as she looked to her friend discreetly, "he can take on an entire army of clones."
    Anakin looked down as he smiled so wide, he felt almost embarrassed at his giddiness. Once again, he stroked his lightsaber hilt on his belt and he felt very tall as he did so. Padme's confidence in him was worth more than any amount of training.

    Through the thick fog, after a while a stone complex became visible in the distance. Even from high above, white armored Clone troopers could be seen patrolling the village's exterior. A few AtSts and an ATAT Walker could also be seen out in the snow, guarding the captured village.

    "We'll start there," Padme said decisively, feeling her blaster within her robe. "Let's keep moving." Deep down, she knew that this was a possibly suicidal move, but without aid from the Jedi, it was the best she could do.

    Anakin, Padme and Ric Olee together hike down the icy rocks toward the direction of the village. Far away, in the large ATAT walker, Commander Cody spoke to the small holographic image of Admiral Tarkin.

    "Sir, I have detected three people approaching Outpost 224, including the Princess and the slave boy from Tatooine, the one that Lord Maul is after."

    Tarkin stroked his chin, all the way in the capital Aldera. Spending so much time around Sith Lords allowed Tarkin to understand why Maul may want to keep this supposedly important boy alive, but his significance meant nothing to Maul. He was just another Jedi trainee, a cancer to the galaxy.

    "Terminate them," he commanded without hesitation, "blow them to pieces."

    "As you wish," the helmeted Cody replied in the ATAT cockpit. The image of Tarkin fizzled out.

    Activating the intercom of the ATAT's control panel, Cody barked, "All units, eliminate the intruders up ahead.

    As they approached the stony village complex, Anakin noticed several of the ATSTs heading their way. I wish Obi Wan was here, he thought. Instantly the nearest walker fired at them. Anakin pulled Padme out of the way and dropped to the floor. Padme drew her blaster as she got to her feet. Anakin activated the blade, using all his strength to deflect the oncoming laser blasts from the approaching walkers.
    Ric Olee began to run back up the mountain. "We'll need to use our ship's cannons to take those out," he exclaimed. Padme ran after him, followed by Anakin as he continued to repel the fire from the walkers.

    As soon as Qui Gon made contact with Darth Maul, his blade came down on the Sith Lord. Maul was able to avoid the strike, using one end of his saber to block the attack. Obi Wan ran forwards to help, but as Maul retreated, he lifted his hand and used the Force to grab Obi Wan and push him back against the metal wall. Grunting in pain, the frustrated Obi Wan quickly regained his footing. As he rushed to join the fight, he heard loud footsteps as additional clone troopers came through the doorway, blasters leveled at him.

    "Stop right there, Jedi scum," the sergeant ordered harshly. Obi Wan lifted his hand, pushing a few clones back. As they opened fire, he began to deflect the shots. He prayed that Qui Gon could hold off the Sith Lord alone.

    Maul continued to strike at Qui Gon with both his blades. The older Jedi was panting from the effort to keep up, but his years of experience gave him an advantage. Looking closely at Maul, Qui Gon realized that he had to be very young, no older than twenty-two years old. It was sad that someone with such little life experience had been corrupted so far at that age.
    As Maul slowly gained the offensive, his yellow eyes bore into Qui Gon like drills.
    "Your age is catching up to you," he taunted, "You can't match the powers of the dark side, Qui Gon Jinn."

    Not giving in to Maul's jeers, Qui Gon continued to parry his attacks from both sides as they danced around the command bridge. Sweat was pouring down his long hair and he was expending every ounce of energy in him to keep up with Maul.
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    As soon as Anakin, Padme and Olee reentered the Republic craft, the captain Olee wasted no time in piloting the Fisher down the mountain slope. As the ship hovered over the snowy ground, Anakin could see through the cockpit window a horse if ATSTs climbing up.

    "Blast it!" Olee shouted as he swerved the ship around to avoid a heavy volley of laserfire. As the Fisher came back around, Anakin activated its cannons, shooting at the nearest walker. The Clone officer inside blew up along with the walker.

    "We got this, no sweat!" -Anakin said confidently. Padme gripped his shoulder tightly as he continued firing the ship's guns, easily taking out the walkers, explosion after explosion. Soon the Imperial ground support was a pile of scrap metal on the mountain slope.

    "Look out for the big one," Padme cautioned as the large ATAT approached from the village border. Flanked by two stormtroopers in the cockpit, Cody smiled through his white helmet as he zeroed in on the approaching vessel.

    "Fire," he said into the radio. The ATAT sent a huge blaster bolt at the Fisher.

    Inside the Republic craft, Olee steered away to avoid the laser.

    "Look out!" Anakin shouted as the ship got near the icy surface. With a bang and a blast, the medium Republic vessel crashed into the surface. Anakin cringed and held on to Padme, bracing for impact.

    When he dared to open his eyes, he realized he was sitting in the wreckage of the Fisher. Captain Olee sat still in the pilot seat, head dangling to one side. Anakin realized he was dead.

    "This is not good," Padme whispered. A group of five troopers were emerging from the tall walker, rifles aimed at the Fisher's remains.

    "Come on out," the leader ordered, "we know you're in there."

    "What do we do?" Padme asked anxiously. She couldn't be captured now, she still had so much to do. Her planet would be doomed without her. It wasn't fair that her quest to free Alderaan would end here, before it really started.

    Before she could think about it any more, Anakin has jumped out of the wrecked cockpit, igniting his blue lightsaber.

    "It's a Jedi!" one of the stormtroopers shouted as Anakin quickly cut them all down.

    He's learned a lot, Padme thought as she climbed out. She couldn't help feeling useless, like the princess that needed a Jedi Knight to rescue her and do her dirty work. She'd make up for it though, when she successfully reconquered her palace and planet.

    By this time, Anakin was already running to the massive walke, blade still activated. Padme followed him, taking a grapple cable from her utility belt. She swung it forward at the walker with all her might. The hook of Padme's grapple latched onto the roof of the ATAT as she began to ascend, holding onto the cable.

    From the cockpit, Cody looked out to see what was going on. That kid was a Jedi all right, more dangerous than he'd expected. And that girl, where was the princess. Suddenly, he heard a thud from above the cockpit. As the hatch opened, Cody automatically signaled for the two troopers with him to investigate. When the first Clone climbed out, Cody instantly heard a blast and a scream. Another shot and the second Clone fell back into the cockpit.

    Raising his blaster, Cody made to blast whoever had climbed onto the walker, but then Princess Padme Organa dropped into the cockpit, blaster aimed at Cody's helmet and a look of cold purpose on her face.

    Surprised, the Clone commander dropped his pistol as Padme sent a laser into his chest. Sitting down at the controls of the cockpit, Padme mused that it wasn't much different from the Alderaanian and Republic vehicles she'd practiced flying with.
    "Not bad," Anakin commented as he hopped into the ATAT cockpit next to her.

    "I'm a princess, but I keep up with shooting practice," Padme replied with a failed attempt to sound modest. She steered the slow bulk around the village wall, to the gate ensnaring the villagers. When the walker reached the stone gate some five kilometers away, Anakin and Padme saw a large mass of villagers, of varying species.

    "Here's where it begins," Padme breathed as she stood to get out of the cockpit. Her skills would be put to be test as well as Anakin's.

    Aboard the Nightshadow, the two Jedi were having a much harder time. Obi Wan was fighting his way frustratedly through the swarms of white armored stormtroopers, while Qui Gon was having no luck against Darth Maul. His attacks were met with formidable defense and he was barely able to defend himself from Maul's blades.

    As Qui Gon continued to duel Maul on the bridge of the Star Destroyer, he repelled strikes from both sides of the Zabrak's lightsaber with his own. Great speed was required for this, speed that Qui Gon was running out of. Realizing he'd need the element of surprise, Qui Gon suddenly Force leapt backward away from Maul.
    As Obi Wan managed to cut down the last of the troops, he began to make his way to the command bridge to assist his Master. Qui Gon held his green blade level as he kept his distance from Maul.
    The Sith Lord circled around Qui Gon, never looking away from him. Maul twirled his double ended saber in his hands, anxious to break the standoff. Then, Qui Gon leapt up high, his long hair waving behind him. Falling down towards Maul, Qui Gon calmly raised his lightsaber, preparing to deal the blow.

    As Qui Gon came down on Maul, his enemy quickly pivoted, suddenly piercing his blade through Qui Gon's chest. It took Obi Wan a moment to process what had just happened. Silently, he stayed rooted to the spot, not daring to believe it. No, no, no!

    Smiling at Obi Wan triumphantly, Maul casually lifted the wounded Qui Gon with the Force, then sent him flying to Obi Wan with a flick of the wrist.

    Forgetting all else, Obi Wan deactivated his lightsaber and knelt at his fallen master's side. Qui Gon's lightsaber wound was beyond healing, that much was obvious. Obi Wan closed his eyes in sorrow as a red stain of blood appeared on Qui Gon's Jedi robe.

    "Master, no, please," Obi Wan begged quietly, squeezing his hand. It was no use. Qui Gon was dying and nothing could save him now.

    Despite his Jedi training and discipline, Obi Wan still felt the tears coming.

    "Obi Wan," Qui Gon whispered, his blue eyes looking into Obi Wan deeply, "be careful of the future."
    Obi Wan did not take in his old friend's last words, but merely stroked his hair gently.

    "No, Master," he cried as he felt the life leaving Qui Gon.

    "I sense grave danger ahead..." Qui Gon said faintly, and his breathing halted as his eyes closed. Qui Gon Jinn, Jedi Master and member of the Council, was dead. Filled with loss, Obi Wan stood to face Maul, who had been savoring the Jedi's anguish.

    "The teachings of the Jedi are weak next to the power of the dark side," Maul gloated, his double lightsaber still ignited.

    Obi Wan reignited his saber and without another thought, ran at his enemy.
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    Darth Maul was ready for Obi Wan's attack. As soon as Kenobi's blade made contact with his own, Maul gave him a roundhouse kick in the chin, sending the angry Jedi to the deck. As Obi Wan used his saber to block Maul's heavy blows, he didn't notice Qui Gon's corpse disappearing behind him into the netherworld of the Force, nor did Maul.

    Forced on the ground, Obi Wan scooted away from Maul as he continued to deflect his attacks from both sides. After putting enough distance between himself and his Sith opponent, Obi Wan jumped back to his feet, again rushing Maul. This time Maul was caught by surprise, and Obi Wan's lightsaber cut right through his own.
    Snarling, Maul now held two separate lightsabers in his hands. He struck one towards Obi Wan's head, which he deflected, and the other towards his leg. Obi Wan screamed as Maul's right blade slashed at his thigh, staggering away.
    He realized that such an attempt to neutralize Maul here and now was doomed to fail. Obi Wan was willing to die in order to defeat his enemy, but he knew that he was needed elsewhere. Anakin depended on him, as did Padme and Alderaan. From beyond the living Force, Obi Wan could feel Qui Gon urging him to retreat.
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    The villagers cheered as Padme blasted open the gate to the stone complex ensnaring them. As soon as the metal gate slid open, the mass crowds rushed to meet their saviors. The villagers were mainly dressed in heavy fur coats due to the cold. The majority were human, but Anakin and Padme also saw other species among them. It was overwhelming,being greeted by so many at once. Anakin and Padme looked at each other furtively as the crowd swept them up.
    Suddenly, someone shouted, "It's the princess!"
    The crowd gasped as they got a closer look at Padme. Immediately, every man, woman and child knelt down in the snow. Anakin looked at Padme in disbelief and she shrugged.
    A bald, fat man stood up and made his way to Padme.
    "Your majesty," he said reverently, "I am Mayor Rieekan. Our people are ever most grateful." He turned to address Anakin.
    "And young master Jedi," Rieekan said reverently, "it is a pleasure."
    Anakin blushed and said nothing. Master Jedi, the man had called him.

    "I am here to rid Alderaan of the Empire," Padme said determinedly, "but I'll need all the help I can get."

    Rieekan looked back at the kneeling citizens, then back at the princess. "My dear princess, I don't believe we are prepared to fight a war." He looked down at the snow regretfully.

    "With the support of the Republic and the Jedi, we have brought enough weapons for a small army," replied Padme, "We will rally others to our cause and make our way to the capital. We'll need all the help we can get."

    Rieekan stroked his fat chin. "We are honored to do our part." The villagers cheered.

    Regaining his strength, Obi Wan began to run away from Maul, back towards the corridor. Panting and aching, he knew he had to leave quickly. Maul hadn't expected his foe to flee, and began to pursue the Jedi. Using the force to move faster, Obi Wan deflected incoming fire from Clone troops waiting at the hangar. Both Qui Gon and Obi Wan's fighters remained intact, thankfully, and Arfour waited in the wing.

    Suddenly, Obi Wan felt a sharp pierce in his arm. A trooper had shot him. Wincing in pain, Obi Wan stopped as Maul approached him, both red lightsabers in an attack position.

    "Leave him to me," Maul said to the nearby Imperial clones. He swung his blades towards Obi Wan who weakly deflected them.Maul struck again, forcing Obi Wan backwards. Summoning all the strength the Force had to offer, Obi Wan leapt away from Maul and landed on the wing of his starfighter forty meters away.

    "Kill him," Maul ordered. The clones opened fire, and Obi Wan kept deflecting the shots. He deactivated the lightsaber as he climbed into the cockpit, and the window slid over him.

    "Arfour, get us out of here," Obi Wan said. He groaned in pain as the Delta 7 blasted out of the Nightshadow. Artoo, who had been able to repair Qui Gon's ship, followed close behind.

    Maul seethed with rage as he watched both fighters flee towards Alderaan's surface. He'd had Kenobi in his grasp and he'd just escaped. At least he'd killed Qui Gon Jinn, a Jedi Master. Maul turned around and walked past his Clone troopers back to the command bridge. His work was far from finished.
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    Hello. I'm tagging you from that challenge thing.

    I guess we've all had our ideas on what we would do to make the PT better, but I love your bold approach to just throwing it all out and starting again.

    And after reading three chapters, I love some of the ideas here - Watto's Palace?? LOL. Padme of Aldaraan, yeah why not? That's the first time I've seen R4 depicted as female, and with a bit of personality, too. Cool.

    The story rings with the kind of legend/mythos feel that is integral to the SW universe - a princess, a slave boy, and Evil King Greivous.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    The assembled militia led by Anakin and Padme proceeded through the mountains. As they liberated villages and camps with increasing ease, the heroes were able to obtain additional craft, notably walkers. As the ever growing force got near the end of the mountain range, ammunition was by no means in short supply.
    On the third night, Anakin and Padme camped in the Fisher, with the men and women of their army making shelter out of the captured vehicles.
    "We'll be there soon," Anakin promised as they sat at the table, "we can beat the imperials." Padme smiled warmly. As they had progressed, she had come to feel more confident herself. But there was something else, gnawing at her.
    "What is it?" Anakin asked. He wanted to just listen to her, show her he cared.

    "I don't know if I'm ready to take on the responsibilities of Queen," Padme confided without hesitation. She had come to trust Anakin greatly, more than any noble or government official. "I can't do it alone." She looked out the window at the night sky. The stars shined brightly, reminding her of her mother and father.
    "You've made it this far," Anakin said reassuringly, "if you can do this, being queen will be nothing you can't do." Padme sensed then how much he believed in her. She found herself leaning in, no longer in control of herself. Anakin picked up on it right away and drew her closer. As their lips made contact, Mayor Rieekan burst into the cabin.
    With a mixture of shock and embarrassment, Padme and Anakin pulled apart. What had come over them?

    Rieekan pretended not to noticed, preoccupied by other matters.
    "Your highness," he panted, "our scouts have detected two small crafts approaching our location."

    Anakin got up and jogged down the ship's ramp. As soon as he saw the two fighters touching down on the grass, he relaxed. People were starting to wake up and come out of the walkers to see what was going on. It was Obi Wan and...

    Anakin knew something was wrong as soon as he saw Qui Gon's empty cockpit. Only Artoo was in the wing of his yellow starfighter. The blue astromech emerged from the wing, letting out a mournful beep. As Obi Wan's cockpit opened, Arfour popped out of her socket and hovered by her wounded master.

    "Master!" Anakin shouted as he rushed to help. Padme and Rieekan followed close behind.
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