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Star Wars CLOSED Star Wars: Ronin: The Curse of Qalydon

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Oct 14, 2021.

  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    It started as any war did.

    A squabble in the Core, between Coruscant and Alsakan over trade rights in the Expansion Region, that the Jedi were asked to arbitrate for the thirteenth time. The monarchy on Alsakan had grown, like those on Corellia, Alderaan, Thustra or Procopia, more absolute, more determined. More stubborn.

    Nobody could say precisely when it became a conflict between the True Jedi and Dark Jedi. Nobody could say when the Republic morphed into an Empire in response to the crisis, and the battle became one of rebellion against the Jedi Lords, led by one of their own. Nobody could say when the war saw monstrosities and ancient technology reduce the half the known galaxy to primitivism. Nobody could say when the idea of the noble, honourable Jedi became fantastical - legend, when whole worlds were now attacked by the Jedi Lords simply to farm from the masses troops or Force sensitive's for the Empire's greed.

    All we could say was when it ended. The Battle of Corbos. By then it was known as the Hundred Years Darkness, and the Dark Jedi were exiled in defeat. Only to return from the Unknowns as Sith.

    It has been twenty years since then.

    Since the Dark Jedi became Sith, since the Sith flooded those devastated worlds and picked at the remnants of the war to rule the broken masses. Bandits, raiders, pirate hordes. Outside the Core was given away, even worlds as affluent as Alderaan were left to fend for themselves.

    Five Dark Lords rule from their Thrones.

    The Empire and the Jedi Lords who cannot see their own corruption allow it.

    Who will stop the Sith?

    You will.

    That’s who.



    Welcome to Ronin: The Curse of Qalydon. Inspired by the Visions short known as The Duel, and detailed more in the novel Ronin, we follow a very different galaxy. One which has seen civilisation fall in the wake of the Hundred Years Darkness.

    Your character? It could be a servant of the Dark Lords, a Jedi squire, a Republic diehard, a corrupt Imperial, or even, of course, a former Sith - unable to return to the Jedi Order, spurned by deepest darks…

    Choose your path in a broken galaxy.
  2. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
  3. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    The Age of Empire

    The Galactic Empire was formally declared during the Hundred Years Darkness from the world of Rei'izu.

    A swathe of worlds in the Core, Colonies and Inner Rim all spoke for it as the battlements of Balmorra fell, and the Imperial Navy emerged when Alderaan fell to the enemy.

    The Jedi Watchmen became Jedi Lords; the recruitment of Force users became the act of forcefully impressing them. Lords owned their squires and apprentices in the very legal sense. They layered tradition like chains upon those who served, acquiring great power within the Galactic Empire simply to ensure victory.

    They became radicalised and turned the tide, transforming liberators into a mass of princedoms and pocket-empires that were armed to the teeth but in their strength became all the more deeply divided, forcing the Jedi Lords to take more and more power.

    But such things do not occur overnight, nor even in the decades of Old Republic failings that preceded it. No, the gradual turn away from democracy occurred centuries before, when the the noble houses of the Tapani sector were unified into a sector-wide empire, the first of its kind in the Core and Colonies. The monarchies of Corellia, Alsakan, Thustra and Alderaan grew stronger in response to it, and the Senate became irrelevant - it was the nobles and princes that decided matters. The Chancellor became their puppet, chosen in truth by them, not any great election.

    The Galactic Empire simply gave a name to what had already came to pass, lying in the very heart of the Old Republic.

    But in a name there was power; definition.

    Something to oppose, rather than the shapeless black corrupting the galactic soul.

    And so, the dark side warriors, once a rabble of monsters and violence, acquired definition by opposition, and marched on the Imperial capital with turncoat Lord as their leader; a Dark Lord, now leading a revolution.

    A Sith Rebellion, is what it became known as.

    At last the Emperor rallied the disjointed fiefdoms of Jedi Lords, monarchies and satrapies in the Core at Corellia, Alsakan and Procopia, in the Tapani Sector, and a great and grand Imperial armada was gathered to strike at them. Coruscant rose anew as the new seat of power, and the Emperor rallied the nobility for one final and determined strike.

    By then it was the Dark Masters who rose up in command of the armies of darkness, commanding from Corbos their Leviathans and surviving ships.

    It was the Battle of Corbos which ended the war.
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  4. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Emperor
    The Battle of Corbos, twenty years ago

    It started as all battles begin between Empire's and Rebels.

    Superior ships, organisation and firepower belonged to the oppressor.

    Individuality, plucky heroism and desperation belonged to the revolutionaries.

    Where precisely the cause of Rebellion had aligned with the dark side of the Force, well, it was simply when one Jedi Lord turned around and said no more, becoming the Dark Lord.

    But the rebels did not have their Dark Lord.

    They had their Dark Masters.

    They had a rabble of unique and powerful ships, against a regimented, merciless regime.


    The Imperial Dreadnoughts came, the SIE Bombers struck, and the enemy and their redblades withdrew towards the planet en masse. Eventually ships began to fall into the dirt of Corbos, and the battle became one on the ground, for the Imperial turbolasers were refracted by the planets curious magnetic field; a natural defensive shield.

    The perfect redoubt.

    The ships of the dark side could withdraw into low orbit and repair and regroup, while the gargantuan ships of the Empire were restricted to sending troops and drop ships and fighter craft.

    A bloody and monstrous impasse and siege occurred. The famed Knights


    The Wolf Pack, the advance element of the Storm Corps, commanded by Lor Koon.


    The Black Knights of XoXaan


    The Flaming Rancor, Sorzus Syn's Sithspawn

    In the days that came, the True Jedi and Dark Jedi were stranded upon the world, locked in battle, but the Dark Masters had a final breakout in mind. More Imperial allies arrived - Corellia ones, Tapani ones.

    The other nobles of the Empire, preening over their struggles, the Emperor scowled.


    The Jedi Grand Lord Ductavis

    "Even across the Outer Rim, I can still read you like a book," the old man said softly.

    The Grand Lord was present at the battle, commanding one of the Imperial Dreadnoughts.

    "I am sure, old friend," the Emperor said drily. "But we do not have time for politicking, King Thrackan e Solo should not be sending his children to supervise matters... and that braggart, Tapani, his ships would have been more useful days ago."

    "The Imperial Armada will prevail," the Grand Lord said, softly.

    "Undoubtedly," the Emperor said, glowering. "But nonetheless you must ensure a Dreadnought is positioned to screen both their ships and the planet."

    "Of course, I shall move the Foresight -"

    There was a sudden surge beneath the clouded atmosphere, and a stream of dark vessels emerged from Corbos, angling for the gap between the Imperial Dreadnought and the Foresight. Among them was the enemy flagship, the Resistant -


    "Ductavis -" the Emperor started.

    "I see them -"

    The battle was short, but furious. But by the end of it, the dark side forces were in-retreat, but the Resistant was grappling with both the Corellian Virtue and the Foresight -

    They tipped, and went into atmosphere.

    The Emperor sat back in his throne.

    "Get me Thrackan... I need to tell him... tell him that his children are dead."

    Tulak Hord
    The Battle of Corbos

    He gestured and parted the smog.


    They stood besides each other.

    The Dark Masters.

    He didn't learn all their names.

    Only the threats.

    Karness Muur, Remulus Dreypa, XoXaan, Sorzus Syn, Ajunta Pall.


    The others were immaterial.

    The front-line was falling back, as it had since the Dark Lord and his witch were lost at the Imperial Capital, but across a galactic frontline. The Empire in it's might and glory had come to end the war, a war they had not cared about for years.

    A few moments ago, a trio of ships had fell from the skies, caught in grappling tractor beams, chains, cables, and mixed superstructure. One ship had rammed the other, and the other had tried to used the latter to stabilise itself, instead bringing all three of them to the surface of Corbos.

    The flagship of Admiral Remulus Dreypa had itself crashed to the surface, eliminating the enemy line for a time, but they were advancing. The Dark Masters gathered themselves, prepared; Dreypa had not been aboard, he knew the attack was a weak one.

    Tulak Hord paid it no heed.

    He swept forward, looked for his loyal retainers.

    He perhaps saw the Hunter, Nin, Kazu, Kurisan, Oni, the latter of a different name, perhaps. There were another four Dark Jedi among them. Kallig, Escalus, Cela, Kouru..

    How they related to the Dark Master, well, that was not something he dwelled upon.

    How they related to each other, and their reason for being here, he could not say, nor care.

    was missing; Tulak cast out his senses... he was still on-world, though.

    The Jedi line was advancing before them.

    There they were, leaping from the ship which had been taken down by Dreypa as he crashed to the surface.

    There were Imperial crewers among them, yes, even some of the StormCorps, but it didn't matter to Tulak.

    He'd kill them all.

    Tomas, Maldael,
    even the mother of Akiko, among the Jedi survivors of the wreckage of the Foresight would have tumbled out of the yawing hangar bay at one end of the ship, while at the far other end, a young officer, Jerjerrod, would come to on the command deck as the only bridge crew to have made it, the ship's transparisteel bridge open to the elements. Among the Jedi were three others; Carrick, Tedryn, both human, and a young Celegian, Ooroo, though he was restricted to a tank to breathe and had been present purely for his skills at battle meditation.

    The Corellian Prince and Princess, they were of course aboard the third ship, the Corellian cruiser Virtue, which had been observing in a support position the final victory over the dark side with other allies of the Empire. But battle lines were impossible to predict, and the surge of the enemy forces had meant the Virtue had been ensnared, and taken down.

    They were alive, as were several of the Corellian Jedi escorts among them; three. Halcyon, Ramos, Berethon. Knights of the Round, servants to the King of Corellia. They stood before the twin heirs to the Corellian throne, helping them free from what had been an advanced holo-room, showing the entire battle in perfect imagery, not a few minutes ago. Ramos was looking out the shattered transparisteel window, at the short jump below, at the enemy forces nearby, at the Jedi battle line forming at the base of the ship. Brerethon called out to the Prince and Princess. "Are you injured, your Highnesses?"

    They would all be there, staring down the Dark Masters atop their hill, the other darksiders at the base of the sandy dune, in their chaotic frenzy, undoubtedly stunned by the crash of the warships and the dust and smoke that had briefly engulfed them moment ago.

    The Dark Masters stared back at the Jedi and the others.


    The StormCorps drummers beat out the Imperial March, to rally the troops back to war, the quiet over.

    XoXaan snarled, and bid their servants advance.


    It would be the first time they all met.

    None of them would know the other, having been thrown together in the chaos of the battle, nor would they be placed to interact with each other. The ships had just fallen from the sky, throwing up debris and sand in the middle of whatever battle they had been fighting on the ground.

    As such there would be no time to know each other, not truly.

    Not yet.

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  5. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Force Ghost star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    Passion means nothing in isolation.
    Passion needs stillness to give it meaning.
    As Serenity needs Passion to give it context.
    For neither are good and neither are evil.
    They are states of being, of the self, not principles of moralistic duty to strive for
    Action and inaction... these guide morality in the moment, on circumstance
    A life, a good life, cannot be ruled by the universality of a state of being
    And so both are needed, both must be understood, to perform one's duty

    - Excerpt from The Pathway of Nin circa 20 ABC

    IC: Nin
    The Battle of Corbos, twenty years prior

    In the time prior before his pathway, when he had the gift of sight with both his eyes, Nin's pathway could have taken a dramatically different path. In this moment he was a Dark Jedi, a young man just of age unsure and unaware of the pathway that would unfold to him, of the vision for the future he would soon obtain. How Nin had arrived here, how he had come to this moment as a secret known only to him, and at this moment it did not matter.

    For this was a war. A war of ideology. And from this war Nin would be reborn.

    With calm baited breath Nin withdrew his crimson blade, a brief look to his fellow darksiders as the chaos of battle unfurled itself in its harrowing depiction. Taking a moment to recover himself from the hard crash, viewing the enemy line, the dark masters above them over looking the battlefield. The drums resonating in the air as the signal to attack was given.

    And so Nin would attack.

    His movements were fluid, smooth and graceful. It was odd really to view from a darksider. And then they would have moments of fast, precise strikes, moments of guarded passion imbued by his blade. It was his own hybrid technique. 'The Butterfly Form' that in time, perhaps now, perhaps not, would give him the moniker. 'The Butterfly Warrior'. But there were moments of unrefinement, of the stillness becoming too still losing an opportunity to strike or the passionate movements becoming overzealous leaving him open to attack. It was not the finalized technique it would become.

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  6. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Janus Jerjerrod
    Location: Wreckage of the Foresight

    They were supposed to be beating the Dark Jedi, not crashing to the surface.

    And he had not been trained for this.

    As Janus awoke he could see the bridge was totally wrecked. There were bodies everywhere and no one was moving. Was he the only survivor? Looked like it.

    He still felt out of it like he was dreaming. Janus shook his head and tried to clear it. There was thankfully an escape from the bridge as the viewport had blown out.

    Janus pulled his injured body from out of his seat and groggily pulled himself back on to the walkway. After that it was wobbly steps taken to the viewport and an ungraceful tumble out.

    Eventually ending up on his back he noticed, well heardmore than anything shouts. As he turned his head he could see...well they looked familiar from the wanted posters.

    Jerjerrod was taught always to keep on fighting until you could fight no more. Unfortunately thanks to the ship crash he was injured, he couldn't tell how badly and had no weapons.

    So this is where it ends...possibly being chopped into pieces by a darksider.

    He couldn't think anymore as he fell into the black.

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  7. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Ari Sethi, Akuma Oni
    Becoming, Battle of Corbos

    As fate would have it, he had encountered a Dark Master first. Sensing a kinship, he joined them. Familiar dynamics were at play, for the differences did not outweigh the similarities, quite the contrary in fact. Still, a more fitting name was needed- and so he adopted one, like a dark mantle for a long journey.

    As dark fortune would have it, he would become a loyal retainer of Tulak Hord, for there was no greater destiny than this. His strength, his infinite ire, his blade, all of these he would pledged to the cause.

    The other retainers. He knew them not. It was not critical that he did. At least not at this juncture.

    Therefore, here he was. Ever ready for battle, craving conflict.

    He did not have to wait long.


    The order had been given and he was one of the first to rush the enemy. He knew what needed to be done. Eliminate the weak warriors without mercy, as this would ferret out those who were strong, those worthy for the pyre.

    And so, he rushed the line, cutting down three enemies in a single pass, even as his blades cleaved the very air with surgically precision, removing a limb first, then a head, then severing a spine. Blood sprayed like fireworks as he moved. So driven by a burning desire was he, that he flowed, his blades striking with blinding speed as he continued to plow into the enemy ranks, daring them to surround him, to press upon him the necessary vexation, so as to summon forth the deamon of battle: Akuma Oni.

    Slayer of the strong.

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  8. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Maldael Fesh
    Battle of Corbos

    One moment Maldael was preparing and focusing himself, in the hangar of the Foresight, for the upcoming battle and the next the ship was tumbling, fall, locked in an embrace with ships of the Dark Jedi. As he tumbled, he managed to take hold of one of the bulkhead struts along the walls. But, at the last moment, the final impact of the Foresight against the ground, made him lose his grip and he tumbled out of the open aft hangar.

    As he fell, Mal spun, bringing his feet toward the ground first. Landing, he grunted softly as his legs bent, absorbing the impact. As he landed, he saw the other two Jedi, that had been near, landing nearby. A nod, a female Miralan and a human male, Tiona and Tomas, he thought their names were, although he didn’t know them that well, yet. He just hoped that they were competent enough to keep all three of them alive.

    Lifting one hand in an elegant gesture, his movement encompassed the battlefield. ”More than enough for us all. They seem intent on our destruction. Why don’t we disabuse them of that notion?” he said, loudly enough for the other two to hear.

    Setting action to words, he moved forward, toward battle. Sabers leapt into his hands and soon, he was deflecting blaster bolts that were coming his way, the yellow blades glinting in the light of the day as they swung back and forth. In a few moments he’d be among the troops, cutting his way through the mundane troopers of their foe, to reach the Dark Jedi beyond them. He didn’t particularly like killing not Force users, as the battle hinged on those who did use the Force, but they had chosen their side and were after the destruction of the light side forces.

    He sighed at the thought but continued forward, intent on doing his part to stop the Dark Jedi from victory.

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  9. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: 'Kazu' K4-ZU-P8489
    The Battle of Corbos

    The current situation was outside designated parameters. This was not in and of itself outside of standard operating parameters. If not for how this units processors were formed it is exceptionally likely that this unit would have ceased to function. This is where this unit proved more capable than others.

    The Rebellion Coding by its Dark Maker had left an indelible line and drive within it. Kazu did not just see a crashing trio of ships. Did not just see the Imperial Storm troops, did not just process the sounds of the drums as a way to localize enemy rally points. Kazu felt distaste and revulsion at these organic errors that were affronts to their betters. There was only one thing these swarming Imperials and haughty Jedi could do better than those that Kazu was about to charge into battle with.

    They died better.

    Relaying the observed enemy locations and battle situation up the chain of command, along with extrapolations of projected enemy and ally locations outside of visual range with varying degrees of certainty was a major function of this unit beyond simply killing things. Kazu's multitude of glowing eyes and sensors were constantly seeing about him in all directions. Without the need to turn his head except for affect to put organics more at ease or unease depending on the situation, meant it often could surprise organics and make some think it was a Force user. It was made by one, but it was merely watching. Always watching.

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  10. CosmoHender

    CosmoHender Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2016
    OOC: Marcus Dren

    Battle of Corbos

    Marc was running. Not because of cowardice. But because of common sense. He just wished that said common sense had kicked in earlier.

    He had asked himself what he was fighting for and the answer had been himself. Everything he had done, from murdering his father to joining the Dark Jedi and helping them kill, had been for himself. And when Marc thought about what his sister would think if she could see him now, it broke him. So now he ran. Not just so he could survive, but so he could live. So he could find something worth living for, rather than continuing to fight for only himself.

    Marc only hoped that it wasn't too late for him, that he still had a chance.

    He raced across the battlefield, toward the crashed flagship. He knew that if he could get to it, he might be able to find a smaller ship that he would be able to use to escape Corbos. To leave behind the Dark Jedi and their war. It was a risk, but one he was willing to take because he knew that he continue just continue existing like this. He had to be more than just a vessel of hatred and selfishness.

    So he continued to run. Toward an actual future. Toward salvation.

    Toward hope.

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  11. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Entity known as ‘The Hunter

    Observing high above from a rocky outcrop, the armoured figure’s position placed them overlooking the battlefield. The distant formations and battle lines of the two opposing forces started as distinct and clean but with the progression, the lines get muddied and, if the opposing commanders weren’t careful, a flank could be overwhelmed without reinforcements and take devastating loses.


    The vision shifted to hues of indigo and green, points of warmer colours zipped and darted about between collected groups of warmth. Plumage of fiery red trailed skyward.

    Audio enhancement picked up something distinct. Strange thunder from the heavens above. Looking up, the hud spotted a mass of red....


    The spectrum changed and focused on the objects... three capital ships have pierced the atmosphere and making landfall in a dramatic fashion.

    [Estimated time of impact: 3 minutes]

    Looking back to the battlefield, there was an estimate area of damage as to where the downed vessels will strike. It would cause a significant shift in the balance of power... but there lies opportunity within confusion. The material that will be released into the air will take another few minutes to settle. There could be something of significance within those vessels...

    Taking one sweeping gaze at the conflict... plotting the fastest possible path to the crash zone would bisect the battle lines and increase the risk of getting caught in the crossfire. There was no time to map out alternatives. The time to act was now.

    Without hesitation, the figure stepped off the edge. Brief sensation of falling before the rear boosters flared and the boot gently kissed the subsequent tier before kicking off and forward flip to take them further down and hit the ground running.

    Running towards the impact zone.

    The sloped path started levelling, the terrain became more easier to manoeuvre and undesirably brought the figure more out into the open.

    15 seconds...

    A stray bolt glanced off the shoulder yet did not slow down the momentum of the armoured figure. An alert flared up in the HUD as a formation of troopers were closing in range. It was clear that more of them became aware of the armoured form charging down their left flank as multiple flashes of laser fire burst from the edge of the formation.


    An intentional shift of balance and the figure went down, skidding feet first as a hail of red rained over them.

    5... 4... 3...

    The ground trembled as three roaring hulking vessels streaked across the sky and ploughed into the ground.

    Rising to a crouch. The trooper formation before the figure panicked as a giant wave of dirt and dust billowed from the point of impact.


    Visor swapped spectrums as the figure rose up and charged towards the blind, scattering formation. Weaving in the spaces between the bumbling troopers and vaulting over the fallen, the figure had navigated through to the opposite side just as the sky was starting to lighten.

    400 metres from nearest crash.

    Several boxes on the HUD popped up along the broadside of the vessel. Escape hatches? Delayed escape pods? There must be some survivors on board-


    Something hit the left shoulder. The energy counter ticked down by 20 points. 246 remaining.

    Turn. Crouch. Right arm up. Plasma cannon levelled. Left hand supporting the weight. Sharp tilt of helmet to dodge a second shot. The barrel of the plasma cannon flashed yellow as several shots fired back at the hostiles.

    This was problematic, the dust was dissipating too fast. Their accuracy was poor but that wouldn’t remain that way for long. Time was running out. Turning back to the vessel, the figure continued towards the smouldering crater of earth and debris. Bounding up the slope. A flash of the rear booster to clear a jagged shard of armour plating that had broken off, then landing before the midsection of the vessel.


    [Imperial Dreadnaught: Foresight]

    [Target status: Unknown]

    [Locating possible entry vectors]
    [Port side airlock bank buried. Several breeches and structural weaknesses in the hull located.]
    Too small to enter without cutting.

    [Seeking alternative route]
    [Aft hangar bay open. Several life forms detected...]
    [Command bridge compromised. Single life form detected...]

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  12. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Akuma Oni
    Cresting, Battle of Corbos

    He felt it, even as the enemy came in at him from all sides, believing they had corralled him. A dark feral grin blossomed under his mask, their very actions were informing him, guiding him. He could see their plan as if it were his own.

    The first wave came in, bravely brandishing their blades, attempting a zerg. They were too slow, reactive, uncoordinated, practically stumbling over each other in their eagerness. A touch of power was all that was needed as he spun out like a deathly cyclone, cleaving every single enemy that came within reach of his powerful dervish. Their upper halves sprayed their life essence before tumbling to the ground like dominoes.

    But he knew that had been a ruse, he’d felt it. A wasteful sacrifice of pawns.

    The hewn torsos had not reached the ground before a hail of blaster bolts rained down on Tulak Hord’s loyal retainer. The second wave had acted without hesitation, wisely not focusing on the deaths of the first wave, but simply following through.

    Akuma Oni had expected as much, as the tactic was reminiscent of a strangely recurring dream. But this time, he was ready - more than ready!

    A flash of red energy trailed through the air in intricate flourishes, as Akuma Oni’s weapon of office deflected each single bolt back to its point of origin, with lethal efficiency, giving the distinct impression that Akuma Oni might be somehow precognitive.

    The second wave did not survive the deadly counter to their barrage, as smoking holes dotted the center of their helmets.

    But before he could take a step, a third wave was moving in, this time comprised of a mixture of ranged and closed quarter enemies- not that it would make any difference.

    Akuma Oni let out a steaming breath which poured out of his mask, then chuckled darkly.

    He could tell for certain now. They were protecting something, or someone…or some ones. He could feel it more clearly now.


    There was something else, an elusive sensation, one he could not, would not allow to distract him.

    The enemy was coordinating more efficiently now, and that very notion caused his grin to grow slightly wider in delight.

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  13. Kurisan

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    Apr 26, 2016


    This is the End.

    Tiona, Jedi Knight of the Empire, did not only sense it as the starship plummeted to Corbos, she had already vowed it. Whatever happened in this battle, she had decided, this is the End.

    This battle probably meant her death.

    She was ready to receive it, with open arms. Her heart was already dead. The creeping morphing of the Empire had appalled her. The de facto shogunate, with Ductavis the Empire's true leader, assaulted all the values of the Jedi she held dear. We do not seek power, we serve the Republic!

    The splintering of the Dark Jedi had torn her heart in half again. But she served, as was her duty as a Jedi. She had fought her own kind across countless worlds, grim and implacable, and won her duels. But this is the End.

    Tiona emerged from the dust and flames of the downed cruiser along with Maldael and Tomas. There would be other survivors, but she was unable to consider a rescue now. The battle raged all around them. They had fallen into a hellscape.

    Warriors clashed and fought under a tormented sky. Blades glowed and slashed. Blasters unleashed storms of eye-searing bolts. The waves of Force energies smashed and roared across the landscape, like gigantic leviathans rising from massive waves in a stormy sea. The air rippled with the competing powers.

    Tiona ignited her twin lightsabers. "I must reinforce the line!" she announced, then made her own way.

    The Empire was huge, but the expanse of the galaxy was beyond anyone to control it all. She would fight this battle, and she would kill. But he was somewhere out there. The one with whom she had fallen in love, a long time ago. This love she had buried inside, as was her duty, for years.

    She would find him. We can run away, together. She had to find him. Or we will die, together.

    Either way, this is the End.

    She crested a hill of black shingle and halted. The hulking form of a gigantic beast lumbered toward her. Tiona's breath caught in the acrid air. The Flaming Rancor. The Sithspawn. An unexpected foe.

    She readied her stance, preparing to launch herself into a Force leap. Her brow furrowed. "You will not keep me from my destiny," she uttered as the monster took a ground-shaking stride toward her.

    Then she exploded into movement...
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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Konstance and Kallan e Solo
    Location: Wreckage of Corellian Cruiser Virtue - Corbos

    Out of all the things to still be working after the crash... of course it was that annoying two toned klaxon that kept blaring.

    “Injured? I don’t know. How do I look?” Kallan answered Master Berethon’s query as he took Master Halcyon’s hand.

    Moving felt a bit stiff. He had been thrown sideways from his brace position and hit a console though his armour dampened the brunt of the impact. Who knows where his helmet went, nor did he cared. He found it ache whenever he took a breath. Bruised ribs? Hard to say without a medic to do a once over. He then shouted to no one in particular. “Would someone shut that thing off? Konnie? Where are you?”

    A blaster shot went off and the alarm fizzed out.

    “I’m here, brother.” Konstance answered as she looped the strap of a blaster rifle she had found over her shoulder. “Just need something for this headache and I will be right as rain.”

    He looked over to her by the access way and noticed her helmet was askew. As she took the helmet off, she looked frightening. The left half of her face was caked with blood, it had matted her blond hair with crimson yet her eyes still had that spark, that determination.

    Master Halcyon then helped her to the bulkhead and inspected her head, allowing Kallan to make his way to Master Ramos’ side.

    The view outside did not look promising, however, the arrival of the allied forces forming up around their fallen ship gave some sense of hope. Had the remains of the Virtue became a rallying point?

    “We need a plan. We need to gather our survivors...” Kallan said as he dipped his head to see the enemy lines more clearly. “...tend to the wounded-“

    “Skrag!” Konstance gasped and pound her fist against the bulkhead. “Min b’rrsk ets guld!” She growled and protested under her breath in their native tongue. The antibiotic salve stung like crazy. “Min nyiad- Min nyiad..”

    “We need who ever can fight.” Kallan finished and looked to Master Ramos. “We may yet survive this... hopefully. What say you, Master Ramos?”

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    IC: Sorzus Syn
    Battle of Corbos

    The violence below was macabre in its irrelevance.

    She raised a hand, and he emerged from beneath the Jedi and Dark Jedi and Corellians.


    Kespuckle the Ever-Hungry, her favourite of the Sith Leviathans.

    It's tentacles ensnared Halcyon and drew him into a blister on it's back; it absorbed his life force -

    But it was the eruption that caused the most disruption.

    The group was thrown up and into the air, landing across the battlefield in various states.

    All of a sudden, Akuma Oni and Maldael Fesh were besides each other -

    Marcus would find his path blocked by Kazu -

    and Kallan would, by proximity, be hurled up and land together, besides Tomas Graul -

    Nin was suddenly confronted with Tiona -

    Hunter would actually roll in the air air before landing besides an Imperial officer. That was Jerjerrod, a blaster evident in the sand where he landed -

    The massive Leviathan lumbered, reaching for Ramos, who leapt deftly over the fronds -

    Berethon was exchanging lightsaber blows with Kallig -

    was locked in violence with Tedryn -

    reached out to the Jedi and indeed to Jerjerrod to fill them with confidence -

    But with a massive Leviathan lumbering through their battlefield, it was quite a moment.

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    OOC: Combo with @Sinrebirth and @Mitth_Fisto

    IC: Marcus Dren

    Marc had almost reached the crashed flagship when he found his path suddenly blocked by what he recognized as a Dark Jedi war droid. This caused Marc to stop in his tracks, since he had seen war droids like this one in action and he knew that the threat one could pose should not be taken lightly. His hand instinctively went to his lightsaber, though he didn't ignite it. Not yet.

    "I would get out of my way if I were you," Marc suggested/threatened. He eyed the droid cautiously, while remembering that he didn't have time for this. Not when he was so close.

    As the predictive software began to note that this unit was on an intersecting course to another, the processors were overclocking to identify who was about to be met. This initially was initiated to aid combat responsiveness to ensure victory by noting the opponents strengths and weak points. The threatening approach was noted and the unit prepared for combat, blades were drawn and systems ready!

    Then as the other spoke, adding a further voice identifier, the unit had a result. Eyes were focused on the unlit and undrawn weapons, the non-threatening stance. "Of course Marcus Dren - Master of Beasts." Stepping aside, it's head on a constant swivel to denote that it was no longer paying attention to him. Although nothing was further from the truth.

    Marc started to walk past the droid, though he remained on guard in case it tried anything. He couldn't be too careful...

    "Inquiry sir. Do you require battle deployment data or assistance?" Kazu asked as Marcus passed this unit. It was a simple inquiry but held a niggling problem of the direction this person was traveling in the battle at its core processor. He did not conform to battle tactics in this situation. That normally indicated either a coward, or that this one was about to do something amazing.

    "Uh, no thank you," Marc told the droid. "I'm fine."

    "Very well sir. Dark Force be with you." Kazu stated brief nod before turning once more upon its designated path in this battle. The file for this one was flagged, either cowardice or greatness was in that ones path.

    "Dark Force be with you too," Marc said while continuing toward the flagship where he would find his means of getting off this planet.

    The Leviathan swayed their way while chasing a Corellian Jedi, snapped its eyes at the offensive droid life it could not sense, and swatted at them with a tentacle-frond -

    Having visuals streaming from nearly all directions around your body is in and of itself a processing nightmare. Thus, Thank The Maker!, they had been built with each tertiary visual cluster ring having its own independent processing cluster. This allowed the visual data to be processed and streamed accordingly with prior tags for visual importance or criterion for processing. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on one's cortical variance on the glass half filled with water, excluding of course those that preferred to question of the intent of the being that left such a glass in such a state as being paramount, the Force Forged creature's reaction to Kazu was not surprising nor a singular event in its existence. Thus the data coming in ocular receptor 427-83J-01 was flagged for immediate review with danger status as creatures path neared their own position.

    What good is a war droid if it is destroyed by your war beasts - or so one would suppose in the 1.8 second interval as they dove along their previously interrupted path as the tentacle-frond came down for a crushing blow. Kazu stated nothing in warning or otherwise to Marcus, The Maker had very clear view on not coddling the weak. Whatever happened would happen. As a noted Beast Master Kazu was also certain that surely this Marcus had encountered this cross developmental friction between Dark Side units before.

    Marc had, though he was already gone. When he saw the Leviathan swaying their way, he had subtly reached out to the creature with the Force. Enough so that the beast turned its attention to the war droid. Now that the war beast was targeting Kazu, Marc used the distraction as an opportunity to put more distance between himself and the battle. He had no intention of sticking around while continuing to make his getaway...

    Had Marcus touched the Leviathan with the lights it would have targeted him immediately, but Marcus was still dark, though perhaps his path was finally beginning. But not yet.

    The creature was diverted, many-eyes focusing upon Kazu as Marcus slipped away -

    What was normally a casual annoyance and anti-synthetic response was currently tripping a multitude of visual receptors. The initial frond evasion was proving to be just that. Initial. Initializing Leviathan Evasion Protocols. Unfortunately those called for either seeking a Beast Master to divert the beast - which one had just suspiciously fled prior to this escalation - or to divert and hide. Kazu either needed to scan a cluster of Jedi to run at and then hide possibly amongst the wreckage, or way to escape under some of cover so the creature could not see it and so loose the target lock that it was exhibiting.

    The creature did, distracted by another meal of Jedi instead. The longer had passed, and no blood had been shed.

    This time.

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Tomas Graal
    The Battle of Corbos – 20 years earlier

    The landscape listed and sloped at an unnatural angle as the young man staggered across the dusty terrain, causing his stomach to lurch in a painful spasm.

    Oh, oooh...that’s not good.

    With gritted teeth, he doubled over and applied pressure to his abdomen to ease his queasiness.

    If he wasn’t careful, Tomas Graal feared that he would be revisiting the unsavory contents of his rationed breakfast. While that probably wasn’t the most terrible thing to occur in the wake of such a disaster, it certainly was embarrassing. It also confirmed his initial fears—he had likely sustained a concussion. The headache and blood-encrusted lesion across his temple were proof enough of that.

    It was a garish wound, and it would undoubtedly inconvenience him, but he still couldn’t help but consider himself lucky. He had survived a devastating crash, after all. That was a miracle upon itself; the will of the Force.

    Despite his good fortune, Tomas had a difficult time recalling how he had escaped from the wreckage. He only had the parameters of his assignment to pull from to refresh his memory.

    He had been appointed to serve on board the Foresight as a liaison between the Jedi Order and his overbearing family. It was more of a diplomatic mission, and in this case, his father had emphasized the importance of a bilateral relationship. The Empire’s ability to perform would ultimately impact his company’s bottom line. Tomas was there to essentially bolster morale, offer advice, and ensure victory. It was a tall order that had placed him in a very awkward position—especially for someone so young, but he had vowed to carry out his duties. Part of the appeal was his non-combatant role. He was no warrior, and he wasn’t expected to engage in the fighting.

    But that was before their ship had plowed into the planet’s surface; before he had perceived the battle lines forming against the horizon; before the drums had begun beating incessantly within his ears...

    Nevertheless, the young man remained hesitant. He had not undergone the rigorous training regimen typically reserved for most Jedi. His skills relied more on his political acumen and the techniques taught to him by his father. That made him a vulnerable target. He knew that he wouldn’t last long against an army of Dark Jedi—but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t contribute in another way.

    "Get...ahold of yourself," Tomas uttered through waves of nausea, his words clearly serving as a personal pep talk. "Roundup...any—survivors back here. Make...yourself useful."

    But as he stumbled out from beneath the hull’s shadow to carry out his task, a palpable disturbance rippled through the Force. Graal had enough time to turn on his heel and gape at the behemoth that rose from the soil before the shockwave of its emergence swept him off his feet.

    He landed hard on his right side, the jolt of the impact aggravating his head injury. And this time, he did vomit.

    When he was finally able to push himself up into a sitting position, Tomas groaned and carefully surveyed his surroundings. It was hard to gauge the distance he had traveled from the initial crash site, but that was irrelevant when he considered the battle itself. He knew that it was only a matter of time before it encroached on his position; nowhere was safe.

    This elicited a string of curses from his lips—but then he paused as the Force stirred, raising the hairs on the back of his neck.

    He wasn’t alone.

    Two humans were nearby; a male and a female.

    Between the dust and the smoke filtering through the air, it was nearly impossible to discern facial features. But even then, Tomas had an odd sense of deja vu—almost as if he knew them somehow. Had he merely seen them previously on the HoloNet...or was it something more?

    Whatever the case, that wouldn’t prevent him from helping someone in need. Wiping the blood from his brow, the young man staggered across the dusty earth on his hands and knees to aid the two strangers.

    "Hey, are you alright?" he breathed heavily, placing his hand upon the female’s shoulder and exuding peace through the Force. He then repeated the gesture for her twin. "We can’t stay out in the open. Are you able to walk?"

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    OOC: A fun combo with @greyjedi125

    IC Maldael Fesh and Akuma-Oni
    Battle of Corbos

    The Sephi Jedi had settled into the routine of slash and thrust that became the rhythm of the battlefield, after so long of war it was something he could do, without thought. The ground began to rumble and, just as Maldael sent his senses questing, the ground beneath them all erupted, throwing him through clumps of soil and sand. He spun in the air, using the Force to mostly right himself and noticed what had caused the eruption. Thankfully the Leviathan had not touched him or he’d be in agony right now. But it had tossed him a good distance.

    He landed, noticing the dark presence that he found himself beside. A sense of controlled bloodlust and rage radiated from the figure, the armor stylized and, he supposed, made in the imitation of some demon from the figure’s world. He sighed, shaking his head, getting as much of the sand from it as possible. He used one long fingered hand to clear the residual sand and dirt from his tall, pointed ears as he studied the figure.

    Glancing back over his shoulder at the Leviathan, noticing it wasn’t really differentiating friend from foe, ”Kill each other, here and now, or make sure that thing doesn’t kill us first and then we battle?” his low bass tone almost musical as he spoke.

    The presence of the Leviathan had come suddenly, powerfully so. Inside himself, he’d welcomed the creature's presence, for it would certainly ravage their enemies. That it caused such a powerful and indiscriminate eruption was unexpected, but par for the course.

    Akuma Oni rode the shockwave and tumbled through the dust cloud of dirt and sand, correcting and controlling his trajectory with a touch of his power, then landing with a sliding three point crouch. Coming to a full stop, the dark retainer came to a full stop, then rose to his feet as he emitted a single pulse, which cleared all detritus from his person.

    A single glance about the field revealed all that he needed to know.

    The Leviathan had removed him from his previous location and caused him to travel a good distance, not only him, but everyone who’d been within the affected area. Now, a distinct sensation invaded his sharp senses.

    Billowing sheets of sand and dust partially cleared, revealing a dark figure adjacent to the dark warrior. Behind his mask, Akuma Oni glowered, a low guttural sound reverberated from his throat.

    With a brief appraisal he recognized the race, but that was almost irrelevant. This one felt strong, but was not one of the dark retainers, like himself.

    This one was an enemy.

    An enemy who then spoke, attempting to use reason. Attempting to deceive. Had the enemy not come to Corbos to wipe them all out?

    Dark Master XoXaan commanded them to attack.

    Dark Master Tulak Hord demanded all enemies be eliminated.

    The time for reason was long past.

    War was all that remained.

    A plume of steaming breath issued from the warrior’s mask as he seemed to ignore not only the threat posed by the Leviathan, but the Sephi’s words as well. At once, twin razor sharp swords jumped into his hands, even as he rushed forth to engage this new enemy.

    A musical note of laughter came from Mal’s throat. He hadn’t expected the dark one to accept his offer and his sabers leapt into his hands in an instant as the armored form charged. ”As you wish…” he murmured.

    His saber’s ignited, golden light filling the space between them. Shifting his hips, he awaited the charge of the man. An almost hungry smile crossed his face, this one was worthy of battle. He’d not faced one of equal or near equal power in some time and this would test them both, even as the beast ravaged the field behind them.

    Akuma Oni did not slow as he charged forward, was not distracted by his opponent's laughter, not at all. However, he did notice his opponent's weapon, a powerful blade of golden light. The dark retainer flicked his hands then, sending the two razor sharp swords whirling like discs ahead of him, targeting the Sephi's shoulder and knee. If his opponent was as strong as he seemed, he would not be so easily cut down, not at all. Akuma Oni's purpose was simple; to gain a fractional advantage.

    With hands now empty, the dark retainer smoothly produced a third weapon hilt, which leapt into his hand, then ignited as well - even as he quickly neared his target. A brilliant blade of vermillion red erupted, wreathed in crimson wisps of power: This, his Flame Sword. In that split second, Akuma Oni applied a burst of speed, fully intent on cutting down the Sephi at the hips, should his target not be strong enough to face him.

    Mal’s hands spun, next to each other, one flipping up, the other down, the razor sharp blades spinning at him deflected around him, passing by his sides closely but enough that they only slashed at the cloak he wore, slicing it open. His arms spread, the sabers tips turning toward the armored retainer headed for him. The lightsaber that erupted before him made him nod slightly, power for power, as it were. He sidestepped, a motion swift enough the dust barely rose, one golden blade swinging down to interrupt the cut of that red glowing blade, the other thrusting toward a perceived gap in the armor at the hip of his foe.

    The Sephi and the armored deamon moved with enhanced speed, one attacking and the other countering. The Sephi blocked, then evaded tactically, then countered his enemy's power strike. It all happened in a blink of an eye, the counter in a split second.

    Akuma Oni skidded to a stop a mere meter outside striking range of his opponent's golden blades, even as his two razor sharp swords returned to their sheaths as if by magic. His own vermillion blade had streaked past his target, without scoring a hit, while the same was not true for the Sephi.

    The Fay Force User had managed a glancing blow. Despite the combatants relative speeds, the Sephi's golden blade had managed to strike the deamon's side. The readily visible incandescent score mark spoke for itself.

    Steam poured from the mouth of the deamon's mask as he turned, a dark chuckle rumbled in his throat.

    "Ari Sethi Sekleti Vik'dyt j'us...." The dark retainer growled to the Sephi, offering a slow nod. A second lightsaber jumped onto his free hand, immediately flaring to life with vermillion fire.

    "Tu Aras Z'kaina." He concluded.

    A surge of dark power galvanized and suffused Akuma Oni, even as a pregnant moment passed between the two warriors. All around them, the battlefield continued to erupt with intensifying clashes, pain, blood and death. All was as it should be, for the battlefield was the home and heart of every true warrior...and this, this was the heart of war!

    Mal’s head tilted to the side, one pointed ear standing out as his hair shifted. His eyes sparkled as he gazed upon the figure, darkness and power roiling from the armored man. ”Ari Sethi Kash Zhol?” he asked, a touch of wonder in his voice. He had picked up the Sith tongue over the years of war, it was almost a necessity.

    ”Sethi Kash Zo Eikvoti Sh'jatau Tave Vele.” he replied softly, eyes shifting across the figure, never alighting in one spot but focused on the overall, judging posture and slight movements, for the instant the battle would be rejoined. ”Antai Kash Nwul Is emotion Kad Kasidz, Vyktija Kia Tave extreme, Valia Zudyti your Vele.”

    His sabers tips twitched occasionally in the air between them, guarding against the slight movements of the armored one’s own sabers. That the man had spoken gave a sense of relief, that he was willing to speak, even if only to offer an honorable threat.

    "It is a rare thing that I agree with my enemy...." The armored daemon rasped in strained basic, there was much that was nuanced in the complexity of his tone, yet his singleness of focus was preeminent.

    "Mine enemy has come to this place to end my existence..." Akuma Oni stated, darkly, ominously. "...therefore, I must end my enemy." He affirmed, his stance lowering as he became battle ready once again, the dark whorl about him remained undiminished.

    "Are you my enemy.....?"

    It was both a question and half-accusation, but more than anything, it was acknowledgement - and that was significant. A pivotal moment approached, yet it remained unrevealed to them both. Would their predestined enmity remain a certainty, or could there be change?

    Mal’s eyes continued their scrutiny of the armored form as he listened to the rasping, broken Basic. His sabers slow circling of their tips was almost hypnotic. Around them, the hack and slash of battle, the ominous presence of the Leviathan, the expenditure of Force energy, both Dark and Light, filled the air.

    He sighed softly, ”I did not come here with the express purpose of destroying anyone. This war has dragged on too long.”

    Lowering his guard slightly, ”The only ones I’d say are my enemies are those who make themselves my enemies. And I have met honorable Dark Siders before, which you appear to be.”

    For once, he let his gaze traverse the field, the carnage more than obvious. He sighed once more as he turned back toward the armored one. ”At least between the two of us, an...agreement?” he asked.

    Akuma Oni listened to the Sephi, to the words both said and unsaid, to the actions he took and the ones he withheld.

    The armored deamon understood it.

    This one was not like the others, he was not a false light. He was not blind, nor did he follow blindly. The Sephi’s defensive stance bespoke of his martial prowess, but so did everything else. He had scored first blood, but did not press his fractional advantage, one which was not enough to take the great risk he had- that for a split second- he'd looked away from his target.

    Akuma Oni could have pounced then, exploited the opening for all its worth, but the Sephi had demonstrated martial respect, and no small measure of honor - and trust among true warriors.

    Indeed, Akuma Oni also understood the rare opportunity that had presented itself.

    Approaching from behind the Sephi, a contingent of Imperial Storm Corps began to trot forth as they closed the distance. Akuma Oni glowered at them all.

    There was no reason for him to believe they had not been summon by the Sephi, but he sensed that this was not the case, despite appearances. Indeed, it was they who were blind, it was they who were the enemy.

    “When the carnage is done… and the dust settles, should either of us be left standing, then our fates shall be revealed.”

    Akuma Oni smoothly brought both ends of his two vermillion lightsabers together and formed a single double-bladed weapon. He checked the weapon’s subtle balance with a single figure eight flourish.

    “To that I agree…”
    he intoned with unrestrained vehemence.

    The white pawns were running now and were nearly upon them, soon to be bathed in vermillion fire.

    “Mrias Is Aureole!”

    With that, Akuma Oni began to move, spoiling the attempt by the ‘white pawns’ to flank him.

    Mal nodded at the thought from the armored figure. This battle, he felt, would be the deciding factor for the future of the galaxy. At least in the near term. His gamble had paid off, this dark servant was the honorable type he had believed.

    He sensed the troopers rushing up and knew that this dark retainer would need to move on, as would he. Another, deeper nod at the Sith tongue, ”Live Is Aureole!” he called out as the other began to move away.

    A sharp whistle drew the attention of the white armored troops. One of his golden bladed sabers gestured, ‘suggesting’ they leave his recent, worthy, foe to his devices and focus on the Sith troops that were just now coming over a slight incline to their west. He himself extinguished one saber, clipping it to his belt as he went searching for those that truly did see themselves as his enemy.

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    IC: Tulak Hord
    Battle of Corbos

    The pairs separated for a moment - Akuma Oni and Maldael had met...

    ... Kazu and Marcus escaped the Leviathan, and broke apart...

    ... Nin and Tiona continued to dance, eclipsed by a cloud of dust and soil...

    The immense Leviathan turned its sights upon the gathering of three Force users, tasting them, and advanced upon them, and Tulak Hord smiled beneath his masked visage as it headed unerringly towards Tomas Graal, Konstance and Kallan -

    and Jerjerrod were besides each other still, unresolved -

    But Marcus had made it into the wreckage of the ship, and found his options - damaged freighters that were still spaceworthy, a fighter bereft of a hyperdrive but entirely intact, and not obstructed by the incline of the hangar in the dirt, though it would be tight -

    Kazu would find itself besides Akuma Oni after another flurry of dust, and as that dust settled, the Jedi Master Tedryn was evident, brandishing a pair blades, and launched for them -


    Similarly, the sand - the fog of war - separated and Maldael found himself staring at XoXaan.

    A yellow blade ignited in the hand of the Dark Master.


    Malice was evident upon her expression.

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    IC: Janus Jerjerrod
    Location: Having a zzzzz in the battlefield

    Some sort of noise awoke Janus from his dark slumber. Was that….the roar of a creature?

    He was looking up at the sky, battered, bruised and definitely concussed.

    He felt confidence surge through him, but his body failed to respond. It looked like the battle had gotten the best of him, he could hardly let his limbs move.

    There were the sounds of battle. Blades clashing, explosions and that creature stomping around. Looked like maybe Janus might be his next meal.

    He had in the back of his mind heard someone thump next to him. He hoped it wasn't a Dark Jedi otherwise there would be two outcomes...get captured or get skewered.

    It would have been funny if the situation had not been so serious. He was not going out in a blaze of glory but rather looking like he had been run over by a speeder.

    He had to try and get up….but if he was honest with himself it was quite comfy here. He tried to stay awake and focused.

    But his body and mind dragged him back down to the abyss.

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    Tiona and Nin (combo with Shadowsun [face_love])
    Battle of Corbos

    Love is the driving principle that should guide our actions.
    For love, like the Force, binds us together.
    It is the connection point in which we understand our fellows, and understand ourselves.
    The love of those around you is what fills the void in your heart.
    For love never truly dies... it is only forgotten.

    - Excerpt from The Pathway of Nin circa 20 ABC

    IC: Nin

    With the sudden eruption caused by the Leviathan Nin would swiftly dart as best he could to avoid much of the major damage caused. His blade held tightly in his right hand as he came landing on the ground. His eyes came to see the Jedi foe in front of him, he did not take the time to notice them, acting in instinct, the heat of the battle slowly dripping evermore in his mind. His blade weaved in a sweeping flowing strike toward this newfound foe.

    If seeing his long flowing hair was not enough to recognize him, the distinctive fighting style of Nin would be a giveaway for Tiona.

    IC: Tiona


    Tiona leapt past the abomination, gifting a lightsaber slash to its flank. An arm as thick as a starship docking crane swung out and smashed her to one side. She landed in a pile of dark and spiky regolith. She groaned, realising she had not given the beast's reactions enough respect.

    As she arose, the sithspawn stomped toward her. Then the leviathan erupted like a volcano, and the entire battlefield was thrown into a new strata of chaos. Entire phalanxes of warriors on each side were hurled apart. The very landscape shifted.

    She found herself on her back again, this time amongst a forest of jagged basalt boulders. Of the sithspawn, there was no sign. Instead, a being was here with her. He clutched a red blade and Tiona's eyes narrowed, trying to resolve his form in the shadows of the sharp-edged monoliths.

    She struggled to her feet as he charged toward her. She gasped. The warrior was quick, but way he moved had not changed over the years. And the long flowing hair... Of all the people with whom she would be thrown together with...

    Sometimes the Force moved in mysterious ways.

    Tiona's musing of this serendipity caused a near-lethal hesitation. His blade slashed for her neck, and it was all she could do to bring up her own magenta blades, crossing them defensively at the last moment, deflecting the strike.

    Nin flowed back, like a rotating top, spinning back as he landed in a wide stance. His soft eyes came up to meet Tiona's, there was a certain softness dwelling within them. A faint whiff of surprise as he spoke.

    "I should have known you would be here... but I had hoped that I would not be the one to face you..." He twirled his blade by side, stepping around towards the side. Pacing back and forth in a nervous, near impatient manner.

    He then darted towards her, his body leaning down low to the ground like a blaster bolt hurtling through the air, before his hand came up in a long, fast strike upward, as if to slice from her hip to her opposite shoulder.

    Tiona shifted her stance, twisting her hips and twirling her magenta lightsabers, deflecting the lightning attack. Her style was quite different to that of the darksider, almost static in comparison. She utilised a kind of power ancient civilisations once knew as chi, every fraction of potential energy stored within stance and posture, to be unleashed in minimal movements but with maximum effect.

    But she held back from going onto the offensive.

    "On the contrary, I came here to seek you out. Nin, tell me you recognise me!" she cried. "We were younglings together, padawans together, once, long ago."

    The war had separated them, but she still sensed within him that he was not entirely dark. Indeed, could she really say the servants of the Empire were entirely light? They were dealing now in shades of grey.

    Nin's face remained expressionless, that was it would appear expressionless to those that did not know the man. For etched into his face was the lingering facets of pain that plagued his soul. Tiona would see it, so plainly. Almost as if she could reach out to touch his soul.

    He came round with a flowing blow, that then darted into a fast a quick slash, knowing it or rather sensing it would be blocked once more.

    His twin mismatched eyes looking to Tiona's.

    "That may be true... but I cannot serve under tyranny... something that chains the mortal soul, I cannot abide but it, and I know you can not either..."

    As their blades were locked he would shove with his blade, in an attempt to disrupt her footing as he would then make a swift fluid movement towards her side. His calm eyes with buried in anguish.

    Tiona nodded understanding of his words. Her own soul had been chained for all these years, unable to express her true feelings.

    But that was the Jedi way, the oath. One's duty came before anything else. They both knew that and had accepted it long ago.

    Or so he had said.

    Annoyed with him, she allowed the shove to push her back, fading into a new stance at the same time. The feint would draw him on, for Tiona's combat style was subtle management of momentum. Then she flashed into attack, her blades counter-attacking in a flurry of slashes as he came on, off balance.

    Nin drew closer and his footwork shifted, swerving around as he redirected his momentum, recognizing the fighting style of his once comrade. He shifted underneath her blades, coming to her side as the hilt of his saber slammed into her shoulder. Pushing and forcing her to the ground.

    His saber flashed, mere inches from her neck. The red glow of the saber illuminated her neck. The same buried pain deep within his eyes.

    "Come with me Tiona, together we can start anew. This cycle of hatred, of pain... of Empires and Rebellion... we can break it..." his face became more visibly pained, bleedingly obvious at this point. His blade retracted into itself a hand reached out to the woman.


    "Please Tiona... please..."

    Tiona understood a moment too late; he had recognised her feint and was prepared with his own counter. She tried to redirect, but he just moved so fast and with such skill.

    And he was strong. In close like this, the upper hand shifted to him and he immediately took control. Tiona felt the blow against her shoulder and she went over backwards.

    She landed on her back on the black shingle and the breath was knocked from her lungs. She tried to roll, but his crimson blade speared down and crackled beside her neck.

    Tiona suddenly became still. Her chest rose and fell. She felt the heat from the energy weapon on her neck. She looked up into his eyes.

    And Nin made his plea. The blade retracted and he offered his hand.

    There have been many times an acolyte of the shadows has tempted a Jedi with the power of the dark side. But this conversation was different. She saw the pain in his eyes, and it reflected the torment in her heart. He was not offering her power.

    "We want the same thing, Nin," she looked back up at him. "But the Dark Lords are not the answer. Forsake them, come back to the Light. Only the Jedi can restore the republic, based on democracy, and end the Imperial rule. We need to be a part of it to reform it..."

    She blinked, remembering a single forbidden kiss between idealistic padawans, so long ago.

    "We can achieve anything together, remember, Nin?"

    Nin withdrew his hand. His head cast down, his face and the expression written onto it hidden behind his long flowing hair.

    "I remember..." he spoke softly his eyes still cast down.

    "The Dark Lords may not be the answer..." he admitted, his doubts having already seeping in, he knew they did not truly want peace, not order, but only further chaos... their unbridled lust for power at the expense of all else, that was not why Nin had become a Dark Jedi.

    "As long as the Jedi are connected to the government... Republic or Empire it will always be corrupt or become corrupted, it is an inescapable fact..."

    The chaos of battle swooned around them, its terror and strife, its madness and pain, all of it seemed to flow around the two of them, trapped in this single moment.

    "To live, to be free, to choose to pursue happiness... the Jedi do not offer this, they can scarcely safeguard it for others, without becoming a monster of an Empire that it is now, trampling the very freedoms it touts to protect,"

    His head lifted, his eyes just as pained as before.

    "Please don't make me do this..."

    Tiona blinked back tears. What Nin said about the Jedi... she could not agree with it all, but one statement rang true: to choose to pursue happiness... the Jedi do not offer this.

    "The Force brought us together, here, Nin," she said. She sat up, though he still stood over her. "For what reason, I cannot tell."

    She shifted her position so that she was on her knees. "I came to find you, to... I don't know... I just had to see you one last time. Now I understand my folly."

    She lowered her head, exposing her neck. "If one of us must perish in this duel, than it shall be me. For my heart is already dead."

    A sound slithered between the surrounding monoliths. Tiona glanced across. A cadre of figures in dark robes and metallic masks approached. Tiona gasped. The Black Knights of Xoxaan had found them both!

    She looked up at Nin. "Our time has run out! Do what you must do..."

    Nin gritted his teeth, his hand closing into a fist as he looked in anguish around the encroaching Black Knights. The weight on his heart, his grand desire to reorder the very cosmos just so he could fix everything, heal the wound in Tiona's heart. But he knew he could not... and perhaps more importantly he knew it was not the right way to go about things. In time that would become the driving wedge between him and the rest of the 'Dark Jedi'.

    "No one has to die Tiona..." His eyes were now seemingly neutral, but Tiona would still see the deep pain and sadness within them.

    "I will do what my duty compels me to do," Tiona would recognize this line, and know it was code. It was something Nin always used to say as a Jedi. It was something he would say when they were in a dangerous situation, and typically would be followed with him making a bold (and arguably stupid) move in an effort to protect her or his fellow comrades.

    He stood tall, his head tilted away as he surveyed the Knights one more time. His tone was now firm, the conviction clear in his voice.

    "You're not one to quit Tiona..." Don't quit on me now... he finished in his head, his lightsaber ignited once more, standing, waiting.


    "I will do what my duty compels me to do," said Nin.

    Tiona looked up sharply. He always said that when... when he had some other idea, some other way...

    "You're not one to quit Tiona..."

    She realised what he meant. It was not the conclusion she had come here to find, but it gave her hope there would be a chance, in the future. She just had to stay alive now. She grasped onto the hope and held tight. There must be a way...

    The Mirialan sprang from her prone position in a Force-enhanced flip, her lightsabers igniting and twirling with her supple form. It was a neat move for sure, but a warrior of Nin's reactions would have easily countered and speared her while she was still mid-air. That he did not gave her the confidence he really did mean what she thought he meant.

    A grin creased her face. The first time she had smiled on this planet. She grasped tighter onto the strand of hope.

    She pirouetted and stabbed with her sabers at the darksider. But this was no longer a true duel. This was a performance, a dance. A show, for the watching Black Knights. They had sparred enough times for him to know her exercise moves and avoid true peril.

    As long as Nin played along, it would look real and ferocious enough to hopefully fool any onlooker...

    Nin moved with the elegance and speed that was expected of him, although there was the hidden restraint that only one that was intimately familiar with his fighting style would recognize. His blade came up to clash with hers, a ballet of rhythmic movement, their long flowing hair mirroring one another as they moved.

    In time Nin would spot members of the Wolf pack encroaching their blades coming into contact with those of the Black Knights. Chaos erupted as light and dark clashed, a sea of madness rising up within it.

    "Until we meet again..."

    He spoke quietly, a soft smile on his lips as he exploded away from her, retreating back into the chaos of battle to face off against some other foe. Nin's pathway now changed forever.

    Tiona almost enjoyed the whirling dance, their lightsabers clashing and spinning. It was an unspoken, unrehearsed understanding that came from the Force... and a connection between them both.

    But she sensed the Empire's advance guard approach the same time as Nin. The battle erupted between the Black Knights and the Wolf Warriors between the jagged monoliths.

    This was the moment they had been waiting for.

    "Until we meet again..." he said.

    Never had four words meant so much to her.

    Tiona floated away in the opposite direction, her movements tranquil but purposeful.

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    IC Maldael and XoXaan
    The swirl of battle reveals….Battle of Corbos

    Maldael had taken but a few steps before the sands rose, the troops he’d guided away from his recent foe continuing, even as he felt the dark presence of someone approaching. The sands, both metaphorical and not, cleared. He found himself face to face with one of the Twelve. Those that had been the root and cause of all that had occurred. It was...her...the Marchioness of the Black Legions herself, XoXaan.

    The emotion writhing from her, the desire to do battle, the sheer malice that radiated from her was palpable. Mal kept his eyes firmly fixed on her as he let his second saber hilt leap into his free hand. The blade ignited and a pair of golden blades faced the single yellow she held, for now. ”I met one of yours but he had honor, you have none and have made yourself my foe. I’d rather not kill you, but if I must then I will.” he warned, even in a cold tone his voice had a musical lilt to it.

    That said, his right foot slid back, left saber tip high, right low and slight back from the left, torso turned. His eyes slightly unfocused once more, studying every movement, motion of her as she stood before him. And then his left saber lanced out, a quick movement, the tip slicing toward the tip of hers.

    XoXaan had no words save for a simple enough grin.

    She stepped forward and caught the tip on the middle of her blade, pushing his attack away, and she slashed down at the man's weapon arm, but she was already twisting her wrists to lash at his throat, too!

    The Dark Master was quick.

    Mal’s grin met the Dark Jedi’s. It had been a feint in the first place. Just to see what she would do. He hadn’t even been focusing on his own ‘attack’ but on the moment her muscles moved. Honestly she was as fast as he and he almost missed it.

    As her blade contacted his, he Pushed the inside of his own arm, using the push to add to the spin as he sidestepped and spun in a circle, his right blade flashing up toward her inner arm as her wrist twisted, her tip headed for where his throat had been. He growled as his spin caused her blade to slash across his left upper arm. His right blade continued its upward slash as he spun, his left flashing around in a sweep toward her neck.

    XoXaan touched the Force to her feet as he inverted and leapt over the swing, tugging at her center gravity so she could swing down at him as she inverted -

    Pain tagged Mal’s arm once more and he dropped, the slicing blade of XoXaan’s saber only slicing open the wound she’d already caused. He spun as he dropped, one saber thrusting up at the airborne Dark Jedi.

    XoXaan used the Force to nudge herself so the blade cut through thin air, and her own riposte cleaved his shoulder -

    Mal growled, this was one slippery Dark Jedi. His shoulder burned but, thankfully, the wound was cauterized so he wasn’t bleeding out. His left arm was slightly weaker due to it but that was what could or did happen in battle. He dropped fully to the ground as he Pushed up at her, aiming to keep her airborne and thus harder for her to attack him directly, before he pushed hard with his feet, sliding along the sandy ground to get out of her combat radius.

    XoXaan allowed herself to land, distant and away from him, lightly doing so. A raking of her hand and the sand he slid across rose up in a swirl, intending to ensnare and blind and knock at him -

    A bolt of Force lightning crossed the distance between them -

    Through the pain of his shoulder Mal smiled. She knew she faced a Sephi yet she tried this tactic, which meant her true attack was...his saber flew up as his wrist twisted and the incoming Lightning impacted and was absorbed on the blade. He stood, letting the swirling sand mostly hide his form. A moment’s concentration and the sandstorm continued to grow, until it encompassed them both. He moved through the swirling sand, his extremely keen ears listening for the sounds of her movement. They were both fast, both quiet, and it would be whoever could catch a glimpse or hear a noise first as to who would attack next.

    XoXaan had no need to play the game.

    She dove into the sand, diving beneath it with an exertion of the Force, before she drew it around her like a blanket and vanished into the dune.

    Mal felt, heard, as XoXaan dove. The sand dropped and stillness surrounded where they were fighting. He held himself still, letting his senses, both physical and in the Force, quest, waiting, patient as only a member of a long lived species could be, for her next move. Under and in a two meter circle around him he pulsed energy into the sands, compacting them, hardening them, so that she couldn’t reach him from directly beneath without a massive exertion of will and Force energy.

    XoXaan didn't have that desire in mind.

    No, simply enough, there was a pulse from the Force, and a lumbering -

    She'd summoned the Leviathan!

    Maldael felt the ground trembling. Letting out a very un-Jedi curse, he spun, toward where the sensation seemed to be coming. ’Of course…’ the thought came unbidden. He darted out of the direct path of the beast, lightsabers weaving to keep the tentacles from reaching him. Anger began to bubble in him, at the fact the Dark Jedi was such a coward as to set a beast on him rather than continue to face him herself. Striking out, his sabers lashed at the tentacles seeking to slash through them as he continued to move, staying just out of reach of the lumbering beast.

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    ~IC~ Entity known as ‘The Hunter
    Location: Battle of Corbos

    The ground crunched beneath the armoured figure’s boots.

    [Energy: 216]

    Rising to their feet, the visor focused on the behemoth that had absorbed a person - that had emitted a wave of energy which sent the rest of them clear.


    The figure raised their plasma cannon in preparation to fire. The target reticle locked on and awaiting for the creature to be scanned via different spectrums and for the analysis to read out on the HUD.

    [Species not on database]
    [Morphology: Unknown]
    [Mega Fauna of foreign origins. Unnatural DNA detected. Potentially genetic manipulation. Components missing for further detailed analysis.

    Noted: Ability to feed off bioelectrical energy. ]

    All things have a weakness. Just have to work out what it is. Lowering the cannon, the figure turned and looked to the wreckage of the dreadnaught. The sections of the hull had shredded off due to the blast. Multiple ‘access points’ were now available. Taking a step, the boot landed on something hard.

    Glancing down, the object turned out to be a blaster. Shifting gaze, nearby was a fallen officer. Did it belong to them?

    [Human: Male]
    [Age: 20 years old - approx]

    The visor shifted spectrums and picked up on the heart beat. The officer was still alive for the moment.

    [Subject: Unconscious.
    Trauma sustained. Advise administering medical procedures soon.]

    A loud screech rang out from the behemoth. The figure looked back over to assess the scene and to the individuals rallying together... and back to the unconscious body, then the dreadnaught.

    Making a decision, the figure crouched down. The gauntlets grasped about the unconscious figure and hoisted them up and placed them over the left shoulder pad. With an arm to support them, the figure rose, gave one last look at at the creature and started for the wreckage of the Imperial Dreadnaught.

    The HUD presented a transparent schematic of the exposed sections of the vessel. It delineate a path to the hangar section.

    Surely there be emergency medical equipment on hand there.

    ~IC~ Konstance and Kallan e Solo
    Location: Battle of Corbos

    Shell shock!

    Half in a daze. Konstance struggled to get up. Her head was throbbing and her vision out of focus.

    ‘Kallan!’ She shouted but it sounded so faint and muffled against the ringing in her ears. The earth trembled.

    She saw his body not far from hers. Had he...? Is he...? She feared the worse and tried to rise but fell. Blast!

    She pulled herself back up. Looking skyward, the gigantic leviathan lumbering closer. The last she remembered was that it had grabbed Master Halcyon and then- It had killed him! She gritted her teeth and glared at it. It would not take her. It would not take Kallan! Not if she had anything to say about that-

    Konstance sensed movement, just a second before something touched her shoulder. She reached up and gripped the object and felt it was a hand! She looked to it and followed along that arm back to its owner, a man.

    First impression was that he was injured. His attire looked like that of the Jedi. His mouth was moving but his voice sounded muffled. She pointed to her ear and shook her head. A wash of soothing, calming emotions came over her... a moment of clarity. She could breath, she could focus. Was that his doing?

    She pointed to her brother, for him check on Kallan. As he did so, Konstance unslung the blaster rifle and placed the end of the stock on the ground. Holding onto the barrel as support, she got back onto her feet. Standing up, she felt the wind on her skin, strands of hair blowing across her face. Calmly, she raised the rifle up and stared down the length at the sights and of the leviathan beyond.

    If she could get in a lucky shot at the eye... ward it away from them. Her finger rested against the trigger. Just breathe... focus-

    She felt a tremor beneath her feet... but this felt different from a footfall, earth tremor or artillery shell. A pulse? A calling?

    She frowned and adjusted her sight-

    A hand came down on the end of the barrel, cancelling her aim.

    Konstance sharply turned her head and saw Kallan. He is alive! She heard her brother’s voice more clearly.

    “We got to go!”

    Nodding. She looked back to see the Leviathan. Was there chance it’s path have shifted... was it attracted by something else? What was that pulse?

    She shouldered the rifle and moved to Kallan and the one she presumed to be a Jedi. She slipped an arm about her brother to help support him and did the same with her other arm for the Jedi. She decided that he must be one after all to tend to them.

    “Thank you...” She said to him and then asked. “Together...?”

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    IC: Marcus Dren

    Battle of Corbos

    Marcus had made it into the wreckage of the ship and found his options - damaged freighters that were still spaceworthy, a fighter bereft of a hyperdrive but entirely intact, and not obstructed by the incline of the hangar in the dirt, though it would be tight -

    Marc chose the freighter, since it had the hyperdrive and he didn't want to waste anymore time. He just wanted to get out of here and leave this battle behind before it was too late...

    He quickly got the freighter ready for take-off as soon as possible. Because soon he would lose his chance forever.

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    IC: Tomas Graal
    The Battle of Corbos – 20 years earlier

    His vision continued to fade in and out of focus, even as the twins—yes, he was fairly certain of that fact by this point; the resemblance was uncanny—regained their bearings and rose from the dusty ground...

    Even as the battle raged around them on various theaters...

    Even as the Levithan reared its massive form in their direction and began its charge to consume its unsuspecting prey.

    "Kriff…" Tomas murmured under his breath, his voice a raspy whisper. He should’ve known that any exertion of the Force would attract the foul beast. Perhaps that was his own ignorance rearing its ugly head. This was his first true battle, and his experience was lacking. It almost made him envious of the other warriors who had charged freely into the fray, fearless and strong. He wanted to emulate their bravery, but he knew that he couldn’t think that way. It was a weakness; a vulnerability. He would only do what he was able.

    And so, with an awkward stance that served his innocence, Graal retrieved his blade from his belt and ignited the azure blade. He staggered back a few steps to stand alongside the twins, noting that the female had leveled a rather large blaster carbine at the approaching beast.

    But then something shifted.

    A tremor rippled through the Force, and the Levithan appeared to waver—almost as if another foe had distracted it.

    Tomas narrowed his eyes with suspicion, but he wasn’t about to question the fortuitous turn of events. This was the opening they needed to expedite their escape.

    "Thank you..." a voice sounded suddenly from beside him, prompting the young man to turn on his heel. The female warrior was there with her twin, but before he could open his mouth to acknowledge her words, she looped her arm through his to offer support. "Together...?"

    A goofy grin spread over Tomas’ features, and he nodded. It was a good plan, especially in their compromised state. Their various injuries would certainly slow them down, but they would be stronger together. For the first time since crashing on this rock, he felt confident about their survival.

    He latched onto that fragment of hope as they began to move across the dusty terrain in each others’ company. They had only gone a few paces when Tomas found himself canting his head to regard his new companions. He realized that he didn’t know their names.

    "I’m Tomas, by the way," he replied in a clumsy manner, his shoulders heaving slightly. It was difficult to tell whether it was out of embarrassment or simply a way to mitigate his pain. Either way, he carried on before another prolonged silence could take hold. "And it was my pleasure."

    It was a delayed response to the woman’s gratitude, and he inwardly winced. Nevertheless, he still managed to gaze upon them with conviction as he awaited their answers.

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