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Star Wars CLOSED Star Wars: Ronin: The Curse of Qalydon

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Oct 14, 2021.

  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Broodica
    Battle of Corbos

    Another of the Dark Masters had nearly been crushed by the fallen wreckage, and she stood from beneath the debris and regarded their Leviathan.

    Chuckling at Syn’s creation, the woman drew her lightsaber to her hand and ignited it, not too far from Tomas and the Corellian Princes. She recognised them from her days as a Jedi, and vowed to strike them down.

    “No need, my old friend,”

    Broodica looked over, startled even in the middle of a battle by Ajunta Pall, their High General and leader. “My lord?”

    His face shadowed, the Dark Master pointed, almost maudlin. “It seems the Jedi Lord’s have decided to risk it all.” Poking out from the atmosphere disruption was an immense Imperial Dreadnought, far too large in the sky.

    Gaping, Broodica looked aghast. “The ship will crash if it enters atmo. It’s too big - twice as long as a Centurion, and that can’t cross that line -“

    “I know,” Ajunta said softly. “Which means Grand Master Ductavis has decided it is worth the risk.”

    “Ductavis himself?” Broodica grinned. “Then we’ll kill him ourselves.”

    “He’ll fire at us before we he makes planetfall.”

    “And imperil the prince and princesses?” Broodica gasped.

    “In his arrogance and hubris,” Ajunta said slowly, unperturbed. “He’ll trust the Jedi Lords to fire precisely.”

    “But why are so calm about all this?!”

    “Why?” Ajunta sighed slightly.

    “Because we’ve already lost.”

    For the Hunter and Jerjerrod, there would be light within the cavernous reaches of the fallen dreadnought’s bridge; the self-repair diagnostics were alive, and there were even reports of vaguely functional weapons, a stock of command escape pods potentially intact half a ship away (with their own mini-hyperdrive), but absolute certainty the vessel was neither space-worthy or safe. Jerjerrod would come to in the artificial light, as Hunter became aware of the ships part-survival; his after-death, so to speak.

    For Marc, the freighter spluttered into life and was ready to go. Corellian designs were hardy, and something as silly as the ship it was inside crashing would not stop it. There was a lovely crumpled underside-blaster, but the top-most one was fine, which could be controlled remotely from the cockpit or directly. A little droid beeped at Marc as he arrived. What happened to the Master? Is he alive?


    The massive Leviathan’s turn would drive Maldael back towards Tomas and the Corellian Prince and Princess, insofar as much as the interaction between Nin and Tiona was interrupted by its immense bulk turning. It was truly dominating the field, and though an immense eye flicked to the ongoing violence between Akuma Oni and Kazu and Tedryn, it focused on the gathered Force users before it.

    Tomas, Kallan, Konstance, Nin, Tiona, Maldael… it did not distinguish between them at that moment.

    A shifting of motion as a set of figures landing atop its head. Krespuckle was happy to accept them. Syn, Dreypa, Muur, before being joined by Hord and then XoXaan, the latter grinning malevolently at Maldael.

    Hord raised his hand.

    The Leviathan charged forward, mouth wide and yawing, ostensibly aiming for the light side presences, but every darksider here was a veteran of the besieging of Balmorra - they knew that the massive creatures were hunger incarnate, a shape of flesh drawn again and again and again until birthing this monstrosity.

    It would simply devour what fell into its mouth, whatever it’s grasping tentacles seized, whatever it’s energy-blisters neared -

    But confusion was the weapon of the dark side, and the strategy of smashing through the battlefield had long served them time and time again.

    The dark was consistent, if anything, lapping at the hearts and souls and shadows of us all.

    As relentless as a tide of sand.

    Said sand sprayed outwards as Krespuckle lunged -

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  2. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Janus Jerjerrod
    Location: Back on the bridge….didn't I just get off this?

    As Janus regained consciounessness again, he recognised where he was.

    Back on the bridge again with all the death, destruction and bodies.

    Was someone playing a cruel joke on him?

    He could see someone nearby. Someone clad in some strange armour. His rescuer perhaps? His brain was stull fuzzy from the concussion but at least he was still alive.

    Taking stock of his injuries would be a hard task but he knew he had a bit of recovery time ahead before he was released back on to active service.

    For now he would let his rescuer do what he needed to do.

    The battle for him was over.

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  3. darthbernael

    darthbernael EU Community Mod, House was on fire, not my fault star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Maldael
    Battle of Corbos

    As the Leviathan continued to drive him back Maldael noticed the grin of XoXaan as she joined the other Dark Jedi on the bulk of her beast. He shook his head, feeling as much as sensing the immense bulk of the ship coming closer. He knew their time here was short and if that craft was going to fire upon the planet then they’d have to secure themselves before it fired.

    He continued to back away, defending from the tentacles, cutting off sections as she slashed and parried the poisonous appendages. He could feel others behind him but he couldn’t turn to see who or what they were, the beast was simply too driving a force and if he split his attention for a moment it could cause an eternity of pain.

    All he could really to to aid those behind him, if they were friend, or even foe in this moment, was to send a blanket thought behind him, ’We must all work together, the Dark Lords have decided on one roll of the dice, before the ship above fires.’

    The Leviathan lunged, a bow wave of sand rising before it. A musical laugh sounded from his throat and he threw himself backwards and sideways, out of its direct path. He glanced up at the Dark Jedi on the beast, a dark smile on his face, both the joy of battle and anger that it had come this far warring in his expression.

    Pointing a saber’s tip at one of beast’s huge eyes, he surprised even himself when a jagged bolt of lightning surged from the tip at the eye. He fell back, eyes wide, realizing what that had to mean about himself. Shaking his head, it didn’t matter now, what mattered was defeating their foes. Which meant using the tools at hand. As he tried to mentally rally the others behind him again he once again pointed his saber at their foes, again at the eye, reaching into himself to find the place the lightning had come from and use it again.

    He knew, after this battle, should he survive, he’d have to meditate and look into himself and find how or why or when his basic beliefs had shifted so much that what he’d just done was possible. Which, in his distraction, was when he almost missed a tentacle. A quick duck and a slash of one saber and he fell back again. One more quick bound brought him to the others and he landed beside them. ”We don’t have long, one way or the other, anyone else have a plan?”

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  4. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Force Ghost star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    Dark and Light are not synonymous with 'Sith' and 'Jedi'
    The distinction must be made and is a crucial one

    Orders of the Force will inevitably lead to corruption, stagnation, or become misguided
    That is if these Orders of the Force are tied to any political machine or entity
    For the purpose of these Orders conflicts with the purpose of the State
    For when politics is entered into an Order to rids the Order of its eternal meaning
    Of its great and truest purpose
    The affairs of State erode and destroy this purpose
    And the affairs of the Order misguide the purpose of the State

    - Excerpt from The Pathway of Nin circa 20 ABC

    IC: Nin

    Battle of Corbos

    Nin would sense and feel the great Levithan barrel down towards them both, sealing any possibility of them joining together at this moment. He was confident that Tiona would survive, she was not one to die so easily.

    The roiling mass of tentacles came down, undulating in its madness of the dark as Nin dodged and weave to move out of its destructive path. Nin ducked low as a tentacle came round to swat at him, his eyes narrowing. This would prove to be a great annoyance.

    It would require all of Nin's focus to survive in this moment, his dark aura doing nothing to protect him from this creature. His mind wandering ever so briefly to that of his conversation with Tiona... of his future... had he made the correct decision? And perhaps more importantly, how would he know if he did?

    The pain panged in his heart once more, the pain of an impossible situation with seemingly no correct path. A tentacle lashing once more as it struck Nin's right eye, a howl of pain escaping his lips as he clutched it, leaping back further into cover.

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  5. CosmoHender

    CosmoHender Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2016
    OOC: Combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Marcus Dren

    Battle of Corbos

    Marc heard the beeping of the little droid and he turned to face it. Great, another droid. Though at least this one wasn't a war droid. He could easily destroy it, of course. But he had no reason to.

    "Your Master?" Marc asked the droid. "He's probably dead. Things are getting really bad down there and a lot of people are being senselessly killed. Who was your Master, little guy?"

    A hologram was shown of a Corellian man. FEN RENDAR. It communicated.

    There was no sign of the man. The droid whistled sadly. ARE YOU OUR NEW MASTER? It asked in droid-speak.

    Marcus considered it for a second. "Yes," he quickly said. A droid could be useful for him to have, after all. "My name is Marcus. What's yours, little guy?"

    MY DESIGNATION IS D22E, the droid said.


    The droid wheeled around and led Marcus to the cockpit with a cheerful whistle, eager to serve.

    "Then that is what I will call you as well, if that's okay," Marc said as he followed the droid. "It's nice to meet you, 2E."


    It rattled off a list of mostly cosmetic damage to the underside, but the damage to the under slung blaster was an issue. It would be inoperative until it was repaired.

    The XB light freighter was a relatively new addition to the Corellian repertoire, but a good one - and a good find.


    The droid had them up and running swiftly enough, and beeped its concern; an Imperial Dreadnought was dropping into low orbit, which was surely going to cause it to crash into the surface. It recommended they escape before then.

    Marc agreed with the droid's recommendation.

    "We're setting a course for Eriadu," he said as he sat down in the cockpit. Marc still had a few things there he could pick up. But after that... he didn't know.

    He just knew it would be better than here.

    The droid had the freighter active and Marc could slide out a side hangar on the other side of the Leviathan's attack on the gathered True and Dark Jedi. But breaching the blockade would be tough... could he do it, against the massed might of the entire Empire?

    Dozens of capital ships, hundreds of escorts, thousands of starfighters.

    All here to finish the war.

    The Force was charged; panicked - a truly powerful Jedi Lord had entered atmosphere... the Grand Lord himself was here.


    But would that light blind the Jedi Lords in orbit as to him?

    Would the atmospheric detritus sufficiently cover his departure from mundane sensors?

    And would the damage to the blockade wrought minutes before, causing the fall of these two great ships from orbit, be sufficient for him to escape?

    Let us see.

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  6. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Entity known as ‘The Hunter
    Location: Bridge of Dreadnaught - Battle of Corbos


    The armoured figure’s helmet turned. The visor turned opaque and glowed a faint green as it regarded the injured Officer.

    “You’ve sustained trauma. I’ve done what I could to stabilise you.” A modulated voice spoke then turned back to the console.

    A droid’s universal computer interface popped down from the underside of the right forearm and extended to the socket. It wasn’t a natural part of the suit and had been grafted on and connected to the suit’s computer.

    Going over the ship’s diagnostics. The vessel ‘wanted’ to live. There was a fight still left in it though sadly, in its current state, it will not be able to leave. Scrolling by the listings, a few key elements highlighted.

    While shifting through the information, the figure explained further. “The infirmary appears to be functional. Getting you there might cause problems. I’ve sent an alert for a functional medical droid.”

    Some of the weapon systems seem to have functionality, the generators are still producing power. Then the figure looked over it’s shoulder to the officer. “There’s a beast that needs subduing. If you have some fight left in you, I can set you at a weapons console.”

    Returning back to the interface, it’s armoured fingers danced across the keypad while the makeshift droid interface cycled around.

    The clamps on the bank of escape pods had unlocked.

    Augmenting the data the suit had captured on the bio-energy signature of the leviathan with the data from the sensors. Refining the parameters for the firing solution then sent that to the fire-control systems...

    Getting it ready for firing...

    Now for a lure.

    The bulkheads shuddered. A loud ka-thunk sound, followed by another as two of the escape pods jettisoned remotely, with the trajectory intended towards the raging leviathan.

    ~IC~ Konstance and Kallan e Solo
    Location: Battle of Corbos

    “Pleasure to meet you Tomas, I am Kontance-“ Konstance started as they moved together.
    “And Kallan!” Kallan interrupted to include his name in the introduction.
    “-of Corellisi.” She finished.

    “Ah,” Kallan remarked as he looked over his shoulder. “Our situation has not improved.”

    Konstance gave a quick glance at the twist of the leviathan’s path. It was arcing back their way.

    “Should have let me take that shot. Could have blinded it.” Konstance growled.

    “Not powerful enough. Would have ticked it off.” Kallan argued. “We best make for the crash.”

    “Hey!” Konstance shifted her weight into Kallan, bringing Tomas with her as someone new landed almost into them.

    “We don’t have long, one way or another, anyone else have a plan?” The stranger asked.

    “High ground. Fall back to the crashed cruisers.” Kallan said. “It may provide cover.”

    “Staggered retreat.” Konstance added. “Rotate every few seconds to cover each other’s flank from the tentacles.”

    Two loud explosive sounds came from one of the downed ships. Twin objects with plumes of jets launched into the air.

    “Escape pods?” Konstance remarked.

    “Head for there!” Kallan said and unsheathed his sword with his free hand. He pulled away from Konstance’s support to ward off a tentacle. “Keep moving. I’m right with you!”

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  7. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    The Daemon, The Droid and the Jedi
    Battle of Corbos

    Dust gusted fiercely from the titanic clash between the Jedi Forces and those of the Dark Masters. In a moment of visual disorientation, Akuma Oni had lost sight of the ‘white pawns’, just to suddenly find himself next to a curious looking combat droid.

    Was this one of the Dark Retainers? The daemon warrior was not entirely certain, as he hadn’t focused on the dark roster. However, one who was clearly an enemy immediately announced himself. A Jedi combatant launched himself in their direction while brandishing two green lightsabers.

    Akuma Oni growled in response and acted immediately, whirling his double bladed vermillion weapon in a defensive pattern, even as he too launched himself at the Jedi, seeking to spoil his attack with a powerful deflection, then end him once he became unbalanced. It would be best to eliminate the Jedi quickly, in the event the droid presented himself as an enemy of opportunity.

    In Akuma Oni’s mind, the Jedi was not the greater threat. Still, he could not afford for the two to join forces against him either.

    K4-ZU-P8489, or Kazu, was not surprised to find themselves in yet another altercation. Statistically analyzed alone the chances of them finding a quiet spot to watch the battle and accurately transmit situational updates were so statistically unlikely as to not compute. The new pairing they found themselves facing was rapidly analyzed.

    Subject one, ID. . .Akuma Oni - Hordes loyal retainer. Capable fighter.

    Subject two, ID. . .Tedryn - Jedi Master. Dual wielder. Analyzing combat situation. Analyzing.

    Jedi has initiated hostilities. Akuma Oni has given verbal sub-vocalization of acceptance of challenge, see growl. Defensive posture identified. Moving adjacent to offer flanking / assassination position for combat, passive and defensive self preservation routines activated until disabling or neutralizing opening identified. Audible warning deemed redundant.

    Tedryn eyed the war droid as it moved adjacent, a flanking move, and refocused upon the growling masked foe.

    There was no need for words; this late in the war, it was clear.

    The Jedi Master flipped forward, crossing the distance between he and Akuma in a blink of an eye and slashing down with both blades -

    The Jedi vaulted and slashed down! The retainer deflected and move past!! Vermillion brilliance clashed against the Jedi's verdant blades, sending sparks flying!!! There was a momentary impasse for both warriors, but the droid had changed the dynamic of the encounter as it sought flanked the Jedi and not the dark retainer.

    Both Akuma Oni and Jedi Master Tedryn would take note of Kazu's positioning and draw their own conclusions from it.

    As for Akuma Oni, his eyes narrowed dangerously behind his mask, a plume of hot steam flaring from his mask's nostrils.

    "Green Blade...." He would intone with undisguised vehemence, almost as if remembering something from his past; his stance lowered and his weapon separated into two, effectively allowing him to dual wield just like the Jedi.

    The dark retainer did not regard the combat droid, but certainly included him in the dynamics of the encounter. There had been no conversation between them, like he'd had with the unusual sephi. As far as he could surmise, the combat droid could be playing both sides at once, biding its time to strike them both down. It could all happen in a blink of an eye; and that sensation was....exhilarating.

    Kazu dashed to the side slightly so as not have both combatants in a line, clearing a line for a clean shot whether hit or miss. Deploying his weapon he fired upon the Jedi Master's right shoulder, attempting to aid in disabling him - to halve his weapon capabilities. This was a fight above his class, but he could do what he could to aid.

    They separated as the Red Blade addressed him by the colour of his weapon. Tedryn grunted, flexing his muscles and rolling his arms -

    Kazu fired, and Tedryn deflected, batting the blade at the Dark Jedi and lunging after the bolt to slash at the man's legs at the knees, falling forward as he dove -

    Akuma Oni’s eyes narrowed behind his mask. The Combat Droid did attack the ‘Jedi’ who'd deflected the salvo and now performed a lunging attack!! The Dark Retainer leapt into the air, himself deflecting the shot that came his way, then evading the lunge at his legs with a leap, retracting his own legs under himself as he rose.

    Turning in place while suspended in mid-air, he exerted with the force at the diving Jedi, his intent to force his enemy to the ground, smash him upon the arid surface, not only to delay and frustrate the Jedi, but also to test the droid.

    Akuma Oni remained unconvinced by the first shot. Would the droid take a second shot of opportunity at the temporarily vulnerable Jedi, or perform a different feat?

    The daemon would be ready for any variance in the flow of combat, for as he landed, both sabers twirled, cutting a trail of vermillion ribbons in the air.

    Kazu waited and saw the reactions of the attempts of Oni and the reactions of Tedryn. With the presentation of a possible opening Kazu dashed in, attempting a quick advance and hyper-extended lung at what should be a prone Jedi.

    This time attempting to spear through the hip joint. Something low enough to still have an effect, and if effectual and the femoral artery is severed possibly deadly. Also low enough that a reactionary defense should be able to be seen and withdrawn ahead of prior to possible damage to his own casing or internal mechanisms.

    Tedryn watched the deflection, the jump, and then sensed the droid lunge -

    This Jedi was not just a Knight, he was a Master and a Lord. He transformed his essence into a sharpened blade creating at the point of his helmet, splitting the thrown Force push and sending it rolling off and down him into the sand -

    Be touched the Force to his feet and inverted around his center of gravity to catch the deflected bolt anew and angle it back at Kazu, sending it zipping back at the droids photoreceptors.

    By the time his feet touched the floor again he was already bouncing forward, his heavy-set armour not remotely impeding his strong motions,

    Behind his Mask, Akuma-Oni leered openly. This ‘jedaii’ was not so easily dispatched. This was good, very good, for its would make the final blow all the more satisfying.

    In an instant, the Dark Retainer crossed his vermillion blades before him, causing them to spark at the point of contact, then with an exertion of the force, coupled with a well timed forward leaning ‘X’ strike technique, he sent a wave of plasmic energy in a crescent shape straight at the bounding jedi.

    Such an attack could easily cleave through a sheet of durasteel. Jedi flesh or armor would not stand a chance should it hit. But that was not all Akuma had in mind, oh no. Now that the combat droid had made its target clear, the Dark Retainer could well influence and exploit the flow of combat.

    That is, if the combat droid managed to mount a proper defense against their mutual enemy’s counter attack at his photoreceptors.

    Calculations were furious and redundantly performed by several eyes. The motions of the Jedi Master were paramount to survival, all combat subroutines were explicit on this stance. Probability predictions were conclusive that a failed attack would elicit an attack of reprisal from the Jedi Master, how and what was creating a collective overclocking situation - risking a cooling warning was worth it though as it registered the divert toward the deflected weapons blast. Reactions were clear, randomize motions to dodge and avoid critical damages, whatever they might be.

    All it could do is wait while these titans battled and wait for an opening to stab it's own blades in if possible.

    The droid dodged the thrice-reflected bolt, and Tedryn focused on the madman before him.

    He flicked his arms up and blade down, surging the Force through the burning plasma and caught the X-attack on the lightsaber, turning his body and flicking the X up and into the sky -

    Conscious that such a spin left him vulnerable, he touched the Force to his feet and leapt up and away, closing his eyes and weaving a basket of defensive slashes in anticipation of being attacked -

    There was a moment of unspoken enjoyment as the daemon slashed at the Jedi who had also immersed himself in the flow of combat.
    The X-strike had been a set-up, but his opponent managed a timely recovery and affected a worthwhile defense. Akuma Oni launched a barrage of red slashes, which was met with a counter-barrage of intercepting green ones, creating two colliding kill zones. A veritable spectacle of sparks blossomed from the lethal clash, for no quarter was given. A single miscalculation would end either combatant's life in a blink of an eye.

    Yet, both lived still.

    But for how long?

    Above them, the firmament shook with such force that it caused the ground, nay, the very air between them, to reverberate in response. Something of impossible size was coming through the atmosphere, bringing with it the brightness of the Jedi's false light and the imminent promise of obliteration.

    Akuma Oni growled, his moment of enjoyment now dashed to pieces. The combat theatre was changing rapidly, and not for the better.

    Maneuvering into a flanking position Kazu slowly advanced. The prior adroitness of the Jedi Master was not a factor to be ignored in the computational analysis of the battle. Seeing what was coming as well as working out a rhythm of both combatants illustrated a weakness in the combat progression. If timed in conjunction Kazu should be able to lunge forward aiming at two points, one for the upper spine and the other for the femoral arteries. These diverse locations should make blocking with a single blade impossible, and with Akuma Oni pressing the attack both blades were already needed. Either Kazu or Akuma Oni should be able to land a strike and kill this Jedi Master.

    After which they would be able to reassess the battle field situation due to the incoming alteration to the situation. In all computations one thing was constant, with Jedi or Sith the only truth was that things would change.

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  8. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Fan Art Manager & Curator star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Tomas Graal
    The Battle of Corbos – 20 years earlier

    There was truly a lot to consider as the trio made their escape. If not for the Force to provide guidance and strength, Tomas would’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it all. The hulking Leviathan was relentless in its forward charge, but that didn’t compare to the massive dreadnought that had begun to literally drop down from the sky above. It would surely crush them all without intervention.

    And what of his new companions? They had surprised him in their own right. He had not expected the twins to reveal themselves as the Prince and Princess of Corellia! That would explain why they had appeared so familiar to him. Growing up in a political family, Tomas had come to view Konstance and Kallan as prominent celebrities; it was a true honor to work alongside them.

    But there was no time to gawk or fawn over his famous allies. He had to concentrate if they wanted to win this battle.

    Fortunately, an opportunity soon presented itself when a pair of escape pods launched from the Foresight’s wreckage. It was unclear who had triggered them, but it was plainly intended to serve as a distraction to lure the Leviathan away from their position.

    And that’s when the Corellian twins presented their plan to overpower the beast.

    They were to retreat toward the ship's fallen husk and slip inside to hide within the twisted tangle of durasteel. Not only would it provide sufficient cover from the onslaught, but it would allow them to commandeer what remained of the vessel’s weapon emplacements. With any luck, it would be enough firepower to pierce the Leviathan’s thickened hide and halt its forward progress. Perhaps they would even get lucky and slaughter it. At any rate, Tomas wasn’t about to scrutinize their strategy. He couldn’t think of any other options.

    "Staggered retreat," Tomas repeated through ragged breaths, committing the details to memory. "Got it. Makes sense."

    Bringing his azure blade around in a defensive position, the young man nodded toward the Corellian royals before he bolted for the wreck, swiping at any tentacles that strayed a little too close to himself or his companions. His attacks weren’t as measured or precise as some of the more experienced warriors, but they still proved effective under the circumstances.

    He only hoped that it would be enough to assist him in reaching his intended target.

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  9. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Master Ductavis
    Battle of Corbos

    The Grand Lord of the Jedi had no choice but to take these inordinate risks.

    The Dark Masters had gathered, and they had trapped them. Broken their fleets, shattered their hordes, their Lord and his witch lost.

    But Ductavis was no fool, he knew it was a risk.

    One which could cost the Republic the entire crew of a second Imperial Dreadnought - some forty thousand beings.

    But to save the Corellian royals, and end the battle - end the war - he knew it was a decision that his fellow Lords would agree with.

    The needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few; it was why the Jedi had became Lords in the first place in the wake of the rise of the first Emperor, some three centuries ago; to secure control of the peace, and of order. But now the Empire was in-fact and not in-name, and they had to secure the future by force of arms and blades.

    Dead was the age of civility.


    He drew the Force within him, a conduit of a colossal Force meld that included hundreds of Jedi Lords.

    They subsumed their sense of individuality in a manner the darksiders considered heretical; unnatural, becoming a greater whole and subsuming the self in the will of one.

    His will.

    With the senses and power of them all, Ductavis guided the gunners.


    Bolts emerged in staccato.

    The Force warned them below; sensors too.

    Laser and ion fire funnelled into a point of absolute precision.

    The Force was with them.

    The Dark Masters looked up from their Leviathan steed, the shadowed High General watching. They leapt free of Krepsuckle as two escape pods roared towards the monstrosity, as its fronds and claws and teeth ground at the Jedi and Dark Jedi before him -

    Tedryn twirled with Kazu and Akuma-Oni in their death-dance -

    Tomas drew towards the Foresight, not even half the way there -

    Kallan and Konstance were imperilled by tentacle -

    Nin was wounded -

    Madael was in the thick of the fray, by rage and choice -

    Tiona was -

    The bolts slammed down, ripping Krepsuckle apart, an immense shockwave hammering the entirety of the group, incinerating the escape pods, the ion fire frying Kazu and perhaps even Hunter, even though he was part-shielded by the jagged and open hull, the concussion of Jerjerrod would redouble -

    They were all crushed by the force of the attack, all tossed and turned and pounded and pummelled into unconsciousness -

    Marcus was in a perfect vantage point to see much of the blockade fleet using their tractor-cables to hold the immense Imperial Dreadnought above the battle, to ensure the diamond-shaped warship did not plummet to the depths and crush the Jedi and Dark Masters in one -

    His way was open as the blockade contracted around the battle -

    His new droid tweetled panic. ARE YOU A DARK JEDI?

    Shortly after

    The Jedi and Corellians and indeed Jerjerrod would come too in a medical bay aboard the immense Imperial Dreadnought.

    The wizened Ductavis stood before them, aged by the events of the day. The Grand Lord of the Glorious Jedi Order.

    "All of you, my friends, sleep, you are heroes of your time. Your careers, and lives, we will watch with great interest."

    He quirked a smile, and a dozen medics in ornate robes swept over them.

    Shortly after

    The ship was an aged one.

    All of the Dark Jedi came to, in a small and shadowed vessel.

    They had their weapons, yes, and their armour, but all were on the floor of the hold.

    A hologram awoke them.


    The voice of the Grand Lord Ductavis spoke.

    That is the sentence placed upon you all. To rove the stars until your death. This ship has had its systems pre-programmed and encrypted to steer towards the dark between systems. For darkness begets darkness, and you shall die so. The Dark Lord has failed you, your nefarious aims undone, your fates sealed. I would hope that in your time together, you find enlightenment, but I imagine you shall simply kill each other. For that, we left you the honour of your weapons, but you do not deserve them for your treachery; for your manipulations; for your sins.

    He sniffed.

    Die well, unlike how you lived.

    The message cut.

    Ajunta Pall stood, his back to them.

    To Karness Muur, to Sorzus Syn, to Remulus Dreypa, to Tulak Hord, to Broodica.

    To those who had survived.

    "The Dark Lord did not fail us. He saw our future, and he acted accordingly. None of you have met the Dark Lord, but I knew him well. We will not die. We will find a world, and we will become."

    He turned back, face in shadow, for the lights were low, power already at its emergency levels, purposely so, perhaps.

    The others?

    That is not to say that all of them were aboard the Imperial Dreadnought, being rewarded, nor to say that all of them were being dragged into the Unknowns.

    Some of them would wake - or reactivate - in the sands of Corbos, forgotten, or perhaps lost, in the aftermath.

    Some of them were no longer True nor Dark Jedi.

    Some of them would change later, while heroes, while exiles.

    Some of them would never change.

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    I hope you enjoyed the Prologue!
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    Jedi, Force Lord Maldael Fesh
    Sands of Corbos and beyond

    It was warm, silent, peaceful almost, when Maldael’s eyes opened. That was if the crackling of burning Leviathan could be said to be quiet, or the smell of burning metal, plastic, and flesh that pervaded the battlefield could be peaceful. He remembered the searingly bright flash as the Dreadnaught fired on the beast. Remembered being flung through the air, even his own abilities and reflexes unable to right himself before he slammed through a pair of dunes before one was thick enough to stop his flight.

    Blissful unconsciousness had overcome him as he hit the last dune. As he woke he had no idea how long he’d been in such a state but he could still, mostly, acutely feel the pain of his injuries so he decided it hadn’t been more than a day or two. One memory, or perhaps something Grandmaster Ductavis had planted in his mind, came to the fore as he came to his senses.

    The wizened old master stood over him, a sad expression on his face. Maldael, you are one of my stronger Knights. I am sorry that the war that you just helped end brought you to this point. I will contact Thustra so they recover you and will grant you all the leave you need to recover. I do hope you can return to the Light. May the Force be with you...

    With that the vision faded, the darkening sky of the desert replacing it. Mal realized part of why he felt warm was that he was mostly buried in the sand of the dune. If that was the case and what the vision had shown was true, staying in the warmth of the sand, for now, was better than chancing the chill that would come over the desert as night fell. Many people never realized that just as warm as the desert got so too did it get cold at night.

    He lay back on the sands, thinking about the last few moments of the battle. He could remember the sensations, the feelings, that had been within him as the battle progressed. He’d grown weary of fighting those that once had been brothers and sisters. They’d fallen, yes and needed to be stopped but, at the same time, the lengths the Order had gone to also wearied him. The fact that the Grandmaster had almost destroyed some of his best, those he’d sent to stop the Twelve, to end the war spoke of that.

    The weariness hung heavy on him as the stars emerged. As the air cooled rapidly, one of the stars began to twinkle more, until a ship, one that looked as much like a sailing vessel as a vessel that travelled between the stars, settled to a hover above the sands. A small craft descended from the larger, landing close to where he was half buried.


    From the smaller craft four figures emerged, a floating litter between them. They approached, the litter stopping a pace away. Forming a rectangle around him, the eldest of the tall, lithe, long haired beings spoke, “Lord Fesh, we have come. Let us bring you home to Thustra.” before the four concentrated and his body lifted from the sands, settling gently onto the litter.

    The flight back to Thustra was longer than usual, the crew desired to return their Jedi Lord to his full health before they debarked. Especially as they knew he’d be given an audience and all the honors a hero of the Battle of Corbos deserved. The medics toiled, alternatingly immersing him in bacta tanks and stitching him back together.

    When the ship landed on a widely cleared pad at the the main spaceport of the capital it was greeted by cheers, throngs of Sephi ringing the cordon that kept the pad clear. It was obvious, from how Lord Fesh acted, that he seemed uncomfortable with the attention his fellow Sephi were paying him. An aircar, with Palace markings, was brought to the ship, he and several of the older of those that had recovered him boarding it.

    The trip to the Palace was more of a parade than a swift trip to that locale. The aircar, the driver more apparently a palatial guard than driver, took a circuitous route that allowed as many present in the capital to see him. Mal kept mostly silent, thoughts still brewing on the recent battle and the final words left by the Grandmaster.

    Compared to the trip from the landing field to the Palace, the trip through the palace to the throne room was swift. It was as though he was as important as the king as he was ushered along the halls, to the massive, airy room. A path between the high and powerful of their species was open, leading directly to the dais. He reached the end, nodding in deep respect to King Alaric, ancestor of the same Alaric that ended Thustra’s association with the Republic in the time of the Clone Wars.

    The hall was silent as the king spoke. He’d received reports of Maldael’s activities, of the battle, of the apparent attitude with which the force user now was imbued. It had pleased him, the Imperium was overreaching and this was yet another way the Sephi could disassociate themselves with it. He praised Maldael, naming him the Force Lord not Jedi Lord, a subtle yet important distinction, of the Sephi, second only to himself in power, in prestige. He awarded their ‘hero’ lands that would allow him to rest, to rejuvenate, to study. Lands that encompassed ancient ruins of Sephi force users.

    He entreated the academies, the scholars, the people, to search their antiquities, their precious possessions for any scrolls or relics related to the Force, dark or light, so that their Force Lord could further his power and his knowledge. Likewise, he spoke to the populace at large, stating that, from this day any that demonstrated Force ability would be encouraged to turn to Maldael to learn, rather than be sent to the Jedi. That the Sephi would only reluctantly engage with the Imperium, only enough to keep that star nation and the Jedi from coming down on them in force.

    Maldael retired to the estates, the lands he’d been granted. The king had been correct, in his way. The experiences of war, fighting the Dark Jedi, fighting alongside the Jedi, had driven from him what the Jedi called the purity of the Light. He’d seen the hypocrisy, the ends to which even those that said they followed the Light would go to to achieve victory. So, he dug, he studied the ancient lore, realizing that neither the Twelve or the Council had the right of things.

    Years passed and he began to travel more and more. A special craft had been procured, designed for him, artistically designed as a Sephi, even a Force user would find pleasing. It allowed him to travel further, to gain more knowledge. And, even more importantly, face any that lacked what the demonically armoured one he’d faced at Corbos had possessed, that honor and wisdom of a warrior, of one who had seen, greeted, Death and knew that without honor one was simply a butcher, no matter Light or Dark.


    In the chaos of the galaxy that began to proliferate, he became the Sephi Ghost, spoken of in hushed whispers. Who he was was suspected but, aside from the Grandmaster that knew he’d left Maldael to be recovered by his own, if that one spoke of him to the Council, only his own kind knew who he truly was. To most of the galaxy, he was one of the Fallen of Corbos. And that pleased him, it allowed him to hunt, to tear down those that continued the chaos, no matter the side they fell upon.

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    IC: Akuma-Oni
    Crepuscule of the mind

    His eyes never wavered, his gaze never left his object of focus: the Jedi. He would do it, without a second thought. He would slay the jedi before meeting his own fate. He would rid the thankless galaxy of this single falseness, this agent from the brotherhood of betrayers.

    But no such desire would materialize.

    The force itself sundered as power was unleashed! Blinding brilliance was followed by deafening thunder and a tidal shockwave that swept everything in its path.

    Death spread like wildfire, as it bounded through screams, as lives were snuffed out in that single moment.The Sith Leviathan disappeared in a flash as it had been at the epicenter of the catastrophic assault.

    With a final act, the Jedi had chosen to demonstrate their superior might and flexed for good effect, for any lesser effort would have certainly failed.

    Akuma-Oni felt the attack physically as well as mentally as his body careened through the air. The world seemed to tumble outside his vision as he attempted to remain conscious through the searing pain of broken bones that now assaulted his senses. Something solid hit him suddenly, or perhaps it was he who had hit something, there was no way of knowing, then it happened again. He was tumbling through the ground, every impact doubling, tripling his agony, until finally everything went dark.


    A familiar sensation. Anger. A familiar place. He was dreaming again. A burning corridor. A Jedi with a ‘Green Blade’ decapitating a man.

    A different being, wearing a dark mask took the head and began to ‘feed’ on it.

    ‘You mustn’t….’ he began to imagine an unspoken objection, when the yellow eyes on the dead-head regarded him and then spoke with the sound of a hundred voices, after undergoing a surreal transformation.


    “We do not NEED your consent.”

    Anger. Shame. Failure.

    He blinked and the scene changed.

    There was now a sense of insatiable hunger and limitless hate, a battle had been raging inside a ship. The masked being was here once again, but this time, fighting a large misshapen man garbed in a golden robe, one that carried himself as if Supreme, a titan in the powers of the Force.

    A veritable inferno erupted around the man in golden robes, perhaps to consume him whole.

    Fire and Ice came into lethal prominence at levels that defied description, yet still, the man in the golden robes, the one who was targeted, managed to survive.

    Anger. Shame. Failure.

    What did it all mean?

    Another blink.

    An item in the shape of a crude walking staff appeared then, floating in the void of space. It spun languidly, teasing, like a key just out of reach. From it, he could hear what sounded like far away echoes of mocking laughter. Was that the voice of a woman? A man? Both?

    A wave of fierce irritation overcame him and he sought to strike at the image.

    There was an odd thudding sound, almost as if he’d hit some kind of imaginary barrier, but the pain he felt from his hand felt real.

    Real pain.


    It was this sensation that caused his eyes to flutter open, to become aware of where he was.

    His hand, it had struck glass. On his face, he could feel a breather mask, though he could not see much past the barrier, for the lights were off wherever he was. He felt a measure of surprised by the liquid environment that he found himself floating in, as he seemed to be encase in some kind of capsule or tank. Most strange was the feeling of faded familiarity.

    Whatever this was, it was clearly not the battleground of Corbos.

    So, was he a prisoner?

    There was no way to tell.

    In that moment, he felt drained of strength, shrouded by dull aches and groggy from medications. Sleep was forcing itself upon him once again, sleep that would cause him to dream of strange things he would hardly remember upon waking.

    For now, the war was over. There would be no triumphant march over the corpses of his enemies, however, no enemy was presently threading over him either.

    Akuma Oni accepted this, as he allowed his eyes to close once again, would allow himself to heal. In due course, he’d find answers to his questions, unravel the mystery of his person - and that of his current benefactor- but for now, he would simply rest and heal.

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    IC: Marcus "Marc" Dren

    Battle of Corbos

    Seeing his opening through the blockade, Marc seized his opportunity to escape. He pushed his ship forward, past the fleet and away from Corbos. He could tell that the battle behind him had ended and with it the war. He felt a sting of guilt as he thought about how he had abandoned his fellow Dark Jedi, his own allies. But he knew that he had to do this. Once he was clear, Marc made the jump to lightspeed. His destination was Eriadu, his homeworld.

    When Marc heard 2E realize that he was a Dark Jedi, the human turned to face his new droid.

    "I was," he admitted, deciding to be honest. After all, he could easily wipe the memory of the droid if he needed to. "I made a lot of bad choices and down there I finally made a right one. Because I decided that I didn't just want to fight for myself anymore. Because I wanted to be more than a Dark Jedi. More than a killer. I'm not proud of myself and I once knew somebody else who also wouldn't be proud of who I became. But I saw the chance to hopefully change that and I took it."

    2E hesitated. It clearly wasn't very happy to be in the presence of a Dark Jedi.

    Everyone knew the stories of them.

    Their monsters.

    For a long moment it wondered, and then, a tweetle, as the white and blue of hyperspace rumbled by.


    Marcus thought about that. His sister, Auranae, would she have forgiven him? Where was she now? He hoped that she was alright, that she was doing well. He had no idea of knowing.

    "I think she would," he finally answered, his voice soft.


    The droid asked the big question then, as they roared across the galaxy.

    Marc smiled slightly. "She's my sister," he explained. "Auranae. Our father was... not a kind man. One day I decided to rid us both of him. I thought that she would be happy to learn that we were free of him, but there was no joy on her face. Only disappointment... and fear. She and her mother left after that. I never saw them again. Only later did I realize why my sister was so disappointed. Because I didn't kill our father for her. I killed him for myself. Just like how I became a Dark Jedi for myself. And I knew that I could no longer live like that. Not anymore."

    The droid paused for a long time.



    Marc looked at the droid. "The odds of what?" he asked. "Her forgiving me?"


    The droid whirred off to go perform the necessary repairs.

    Marcus nodded and turned his gaze to out of the cockpit, watching as the ship traveled through hyperspace. It wouldn't be long before they arrived at Eriadu and he would be able to pick up what he needed.


    They eventually arrived, crossing a battered and broken galaxy. The Imperial border had withdrew in the north and east in the century of violence, with Dark Jedi hordes reaching as far Coreward as Alderaan, Balmorra and Rei’izu.

    To cross from Corbos in the far north meant navigating their way across the entirety of what they as known as the Fallen Worlds, until they reached the Corellian Run. Once that was passed, the 77 Sectors were islands of civilization on the Rim, for the Corellian had held their line, even though worlds as remote as Naos, Tascollan and Roon had been infected by the Dark Jedi.

    Eriadu was a small colony world of the Empire, not as important as nearby Seswenna but determined to one day eclipse its big brother neighbor. At the extreme edge of Imperial space, it was frontier territory, the Unknowns of the south quadrant and Western Reaches beyond.

    They settled down… and of course, they were noticed. The comms of the freighter chimed; Marc would recognize the identifier code…

    Marc answered the comms. "Tarkin, this is Marcus. I'm just here to pick up a few things from my family's estate and then I'll get out of your hair. I know it's been a while, but I'm afraid I can't stay to catch up."

    The Dren family were very familiar with the Tarkins, whose clan had been among the earliest pioneers of Eriadu. On this small colony world they were very influential and Marc had grown up with several of its members. He hadn't seen the Tarkins since he left Eriadu with the Dark Jedi, so it would definitely be an awkward reunion...

    The patriarch of the Tarkin family was often known as simply Tarkin, and it was he who replied.

    "Marcus," he glowered. "You've some nerve coming back here. You were marked as a war criminal in your absence."

    "Wars over, I hear, does that mean you won?" Tarkin spoke nastily.

    "The war is over," Marc confirmed. "And the Dark Jedi lost. I left before their defeat. I don't want any trouble."

    "You best not," Tarkin said. "We don't want any of it. Eriadu escaped what befell the Colonies - we'd like to keep it that way. I have no doubt that the post-war galaxy will be as messy as the war one." He sounded so jaded, as if the time since they had separated had been the hardest possible.

    "You have twenty-four hours, and I expect you to keep your comm open so I can track you. Any deviation from that and I'll call the Jedi Lords myself."

    Marc nodded. "Understood," he replied. "Thank you, Tarkin. I'll make this quick."

    Bringing his ship down near the Dren family estate, Marc reflected upon how he never thought he would be coming back here after he left Eriadu with the Dark Jedi. Being here again brought back a lot of memories. Painful ones, which is another reason he intended to make this visit a short one.

    Marc quickly went through the abandoned estate, gathering up anything that he thought he would need: credit caches that had been left behind, expensive items he knew he could sell, and basic supplies. It took him a few hours to go through everything, but he had to make sure that he didn't give himself a reason to ever come back here. Before he left, Marc stopped outside of his sister's old bedroom. He paused and after a moment of hesitation, he went inside.

    It was mostly empty and it had been that way ever since Auranae left with her mother. She was long gone and anything that Marc felt here now was just an echo. He sighed, hoping that wherever Auranae was now she was happy and she was safe.

    Then something caught Marc's eye. Something underneath the bed. He knelt down and pulled it out, blowing dust off the object. It was a doll, home-made like all of her toys and Marc remember helping Auranae make this doll once upon a time. As he looked down at the doll, tears welled up in his eyes. He held it close to him, silently deciding that he would take it with him so that he would have a part of his sister with him.

    Little did he know that his own daughter would be playing with that same doll in the future.

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    In the greatest darkness, light shines ever brighter

    - Excerpt from the Pathway of Nin circa 20 ABC

    IC: Nin
    The Ship

    Nin felt himself awake in the dark. He could barely piece together what had happened between him losing his right eye and awakening here. Nin would look down softly at his feet, his back lent against the cold metal of the ship. His mind was awash with much as the pain on his face continued to swell within him, an empty redded socket was all that could be seen of his right eye. He was surprised they were not all dead, although it was inkeeping with the Jedi way, just unexpected.

    The voice of Grand Lord Ductavis rang in his ear, informing him along with the others of their dishonorable exile, of their fate beyond the stars. The one named Ajunta Pallspoke to them all, speaking on their new path before them. Of the world, the Dark Lord would carve for them. But what hope was there in such a word? What happiness could be achieved?

    None. Nin concluded resoundingly his mind. His long, now managed hair, drooping by his side as he sat in the darkness. Thinking, pondering...hoping.

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Entity known as ‘The Hunter
    Location: Remains of the bridge of Dreadnaught Foresight - Battle of Corbos

    [Warning: Energy low]
    [Energy: 18]
    [Systems critical]

    Looking past the pop up diagnostics report on the armour and systems. The view beyond the HUD was dark, save a faint slither of light.

    A crushing weight on chest and limbs.

    Unable to move.

    Checking the diagnostics... swapping cannon configuration to plasma cutter?

    Taking a moment to consider. Who knows what is atop. It could come crushing down... but then again? Being trapped here is not much better either.

    Confirming the selection and depressing the trigger. The sound of the energy emitted from the barrel and the crackling of the cutter shearing into metal-durasteel.

    Angling the tip of the cannon away to cleave out a section. A loud clank as cut fragments started to break free. Little by little, the weight started to lift.

    It was beginning to feel easier to move and pressing against the sheet of durasteel. Feeling it budge.

    Deactivated the cutter.

    Pushing against the sheet to open a gap. Drawing a knee close. Then the other. Drawing the barrel of the cannon across the chest plate... twisting to push it further across to the left and clear of the other arm.

    Activating cutter. Repeating the process.

    Several loud clunks of durasteel later, the armoured figure pulled free from its temporary imprisonment.

    Rising to its feet, the figure paused. Surveying the scene... what a sight to behold.

    The decks above the bridge was no longer there. As though a giant hand had picked up the vessel and tossed it aside.

    Sections of the wrecked ship were splayed open and strewn across the landscape outside looked as though it had been struck by an orbital bombardment. Faint dark dots peppered around an impact area... bodies...

    Swapping visor spectrums. The helm looked down and across to where the officer had been. There was a faint glow of yellow and orange of heat from under some rubble.

    The figure stumbled over and activated the plasma cutter. The right arm worked the cutter to incinerated a path to get to him as the left hand pulling back parts of crumbled armature and plating.

    The officer was mostly cleared. The scans showed the vitals were still going, the person was alive.

    The roll of thunder alerted the figure’s attention skyward. Zooming in. The HUD picked up transports in bound. It was time to go.

    Raising the cannon skyward, the figure fired off a shot as a flare. The officer is their concern now.

    Turning for the destroyed viewport. The figure turned and leapt clear.

    Running along side the gutted hulk, using the twisted forms to obscure position from sensors. Estimating the time of arrival of the transports was a few minutes. There was a narrow window to escape undetected-

    An alert popped up on the HUD.

    [Target located]
    [40 metres]
    [29 degrees]

    Angling in that direction without breaking stride. Leaping and bounding through the unnatural obstacle course of what once was the insides of the dreadnaught.

    The counters ticked down and finally. In a distorted room, adjacent to what had to be the infirmary sat the prize. Breaking the seal of the crate marked for spectrum imaging, a brief scan indicated the components there were intact.


    Giving one more glance for further souvenirs before turning for the exit. It was time to head back to the gunship with the prize.

    ~IC~ Konstance and Kallan e Solo
    Location: Medical Bay - Imperial Dreadnought

    It was not clear exactly how they survived.

    Kallan tighten the robes about him as he walked along the corridor of the medical wing. So many injured recovered from the battle, so many losses. There was a victory but at what cost?

    He checked on how Tomas was going, the acquaintance they met in the midst of battle, though was stopped by the medical droid. It stated that now was a time for the patients to rest and he too should return to his own bed. Kallan nodded and slipped past to briefly wave a greeting then made his way back to Konstance.

    She was sitting up, conscious. The bandage about her head make Kallan feel protective over her.

    “So what’s the verdict?” She wearily asked him.

    “Spoke with the medical droid...” Kallan cupped his chin, a look of concern on his face.

    Konstance tilted her head and looked at him expectantly. “Yes?”

    “I’m sorry to say that our mutual friend will recover.”

    Konstance blinked before what he said sunk in.
    “You!” She grabbed her pillow and threw it at him.

    He laughed as he awkwardly caught it then tossed it back to her. “I couldn’t resist.”

    “Really?” She glared at him as she plumped up the pillow and placed it behind her. “At a time like this?”

    “I know, I know... it’s a bit insensitive.” He admitted.

    “Yes...” Konstance winced and touched her temple. “Don’t get me excited just yet.”

    “I do have news... I’ve caught wind that father has sent someone...”

    His voice trailed off as he noticed movement at the accessway to the room.

    An imposing figure, clad in black armour bearing the crest of the dragon and bear. The Black Guard of the House of Isabeau.

    Kallan stood to attention and smartly saluted. Konstance pushes herself back against the pillow to sit up.

    “Grusse steele, General Lekhauf.” The twins both greeted in unison.

    “At ease. Don’t get up.” The man had a commanding but warm voice.

    “What brings you here?“ Konstance asked cautiously.

    Lekhauf stepped aside and glanced back to the accessway.

    “You, as a matter of fact, your highnesses.” A young woman answered as she stepped into the room. She was dressed smartly as though she was about to take casually ride on a slopewing. The only hint of her lineage was the cameo broach on her white blouse. She carried a parcel in her arms and placed it on the bed.

    “Cousin Feya!” Konstance outstretched a hand to her to take.

    Feya took the hand and squeeze it gently and she regarded both of them with warm smiles.
    “You both are being transferred to the Jörmugandr. Your presence is required to attend the Althing at Saberhing.”

    “Right now?” Konstance asked.

    “After you both get dressed. I’ve brought you some clothes.” Feya gave them an amused look. “The media would have a field day if they snap a shot of two royals galavanting about in their hospital gowns.”

    “We can’t have that, can we?” Kallan said dryly. This was puzzling. “What is going on?”

    “All shall be explained on the Jörmugandr.” Lekhauf answered.

    On the observation deck of the Jörmugandr, Konstance and Kallan watched as the Corellian warship withdrew from the allied forces. It wasn’t long before they felt a brief shudder as the pinpoints of stars stretched out to oblivion, a bright flash before the ship slipped into the purple, shadowy realm of hyperspace.

    “Would you like anything brought to you?” Feya asked as she came around to sit with them.

    Kallan shook his head. Konstance whispered “No, thank you.”

    “Feya, it is great to see you after so long.” Kallan started.

    “Don’t get us wrong but it brought joy to see you...“ Konstance added. “Though we are wondering why did you came to us? We would be returning soon after.”

    Feya hesitated and downcast her eyes. “I volunteered to bring you home. You both are required to fulfil your duties to the Kingdom. I didn’t realise that you both had been injured until we arrived.”

    Kallan placed a hand on her knee and she looked up to face him as he asked. “What aren’t you telling us?”

    “The war... this hundred-year of darkness. It’s finally over. That’s what official reports are saying. That means every prospector, surveyed and thrill seeker will be firing up their crafts and charting new routes and territories.”

    “That makes sense...” Konstance nodded slowly. “Is this to do with our exploration division?”

    “We’ve got a hint of something special. On the fringe of the unknown. Rather than wait weeks to send someone there and back and then mount up a team, they feel we should go all in. Scouts are enroute as we speak but a colony ship is loading up for departure.”

    “That’s risky.”

    “We’ve only a narrow window of opportunity to do this and we are throwing what we can to make it a success. House Isabeau and our Black Guard will make sure of that.” Feya explained.

    There was something in her tone that caused Kallan to pause. “What are you saying?”

    Feya’s composure slipped. Her eyes started to well up.

    “You’re going with them.” Konstance gasped.

    Feya nodded. “It has been decided. Mother and father are coordinating with everyone but we are leaving with the ship.”

    “All of Isabeau?”

    “Everyone.” Feya confirmed.

    “But why? That is a huge risk.”

    “Father said that we are representatives of the family. Royal blood. We can make decisions on the spot and carry diplomatic leverage in the area rather than them having to wait for who knows how many weeks for messages and directives to go back and forth with Corellia.”

    “I... I... that makes sense. The colony will have autonomy with you there. But still, our eastern borders will be vulnerable.” Kallan shook his head. “Who will take over?”

    “That is why the Althing is being held. It shall be decided then. You both might not have had a chance to see us off and so I went and got you so we can spend these last moments together.”

    Konstance reached over and pulled Feya close and hugged her. Kallan joined in hugged them both.

    “It won’t be forever.” Konstance whispered.

    “That’s right, once the colony is set up and lines of communication established, a path will be set for the trade ships and we will see each other again.” Kallan said, trying to sound cheerful. “You’ll be sick of us visiting.”

    Feya chuckled softly and sniffed. “I really hope so. That would be wonderful.”

    “No matter what happens and the distance between. We have each other. Family forever.”

    The shipyards of Saberhing is where the colony ships were being constructed and prepared for their outbound journey. It was courteous of Jarl Guthrem to host the Althing at his hall, not that he had much of a choice. The hearth at the centre of the great hall crackled though it felt inadequate to heat the vast volume... or maybe it was the somber mood of having their family separating just when they could reconnect again, that made Konstance feel cold. The twins sat on the makeshift throne on either side of the larger throne, reserved for their father. She glanced across to her brother. The look on his face told her that he wasn’t happy either.

    The space was starting to fill up as everyone took their seats about the round table. There were a few familiar faces.

    Jarl Elika of the House Federov, Jarl Halfdan and his daughter, Lady Faye of the House Isabeau, General Lekhauf of the Black Guard, Colonel Solkrest of the Corellian Defence Forces, Masters Nye and Varin of the Corellian Order...

    Then there were others they were not familiar with. Judging by the emblems and insignias, several other families and members of the Corellian Hegemony have sent their representatives for this assembly.

    Corellian Security officers stationed about the room gave the all clear that the hall was secure and ready for them to proceed.

    Jarl Guthrem stepped forward to offer thanks and tribute to their King before opening the stage to discuss the future of Corellia.

    Special thanks to @pashatemur for your blessing and collaboration to use the House of Isabeau in such a way.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: K4-ZU-P8489, or Kazu
    Sands of Corbos

    Re-initialization in progress.. . .

    Power levels stabilizing. . . .

    Rebooting in SAFE MODE - Unknown Error -

    System Scan in progress. . . .

    Memory sectors cleared. . .

    Processors Cleared. . .

    Initializing core systems. . .

    Sand. That was the first thing to fill Kazu's visual field, not blood, not battle, and not a repair bay. Sand. Memory kernals were slow to connect, but the last they knew was driving twin blades in for the kill.

    No, that is incorrect. Damaged memory cluster was identified as several seconds after that lunge. Enemy bombardment detected.

    Sidelining the processing of that memory and further reconstruction, Kazu began to focus on his surroundings and his current status.

    The world of Corbos became like many other places that had seen a great battle; graveyards for starships. Like Uqine millennia before, or even the worlds of the more recently defeated Waymancy Storm, the scavs were over them like flitnats to a corpse, especially with how the so-called Fallen Worlds, a recent designation by the Emperor, were.

    And so what had in-fact disturbed his subroutines was a young woman, a re-breather for the billowing sand to her face.


    She was picking through the battle debris for anything she could sell, and when she had found the droid, her initial reaction had been joy, but when it awoke, she swore profusely in Huttese, reaching for her blade -

    Processing the image and word of the woman before it, Kazu turned very slowly his dome to present his main eye. Preparing with as little threat as possible to perform an act of carnage or defense.

    “Greetings and salutations. This unit requires updating. Date, status of war, and function or purpose for-for unit by *#*€*£*¥%#*.” The last was a more colorful form of the girls cursing in Huttese. Head canting slightly at that. “Apologies, full title of mechanic unable to capture. Designations preferred.”

    "Oh great, a sparkin' war droid..." she muttered. "War's over, buckethead. Battle of Corbos, past tense. You've been in the sands for what, twenty years?" Keeping her weapon handy, she spoke up. "I'm Sieg."

    "The Sith lost, y'know? Attacked the Imperial capital, retreated here, got blown up by the Empire. You're done," she emphasized the point to his programming.

    System processes and further external verification would be needed. Yet what she stated calculated as most likely honest, if imprecise. Although there was an error in her calculations, how she could overlook such a thing while holding a weapon at the ready - well, that was programming error of organics. Always straddling two paths and unsure of both feet.

    It made Kazu pleased his Maker had made him better. "Understood. Updating systems." Initiate deceptive evasion survival subroutines. "Awaiting Master Sieg instructions for unit K4-ZU-P8489. Alternative address for this unit designation Kazu." They needed a ship, and a means of updating and repair. It would be illogical to waste a resource such as this one.

    Sieg raised her eyebrows. Master Sieg?

    A Sith War Droid?

    Oh wow.

    She nearly bubbled up with joy as a gruff voice sounded out.

    It was Plutt, the rotund Crolute stepping around the wreckage.

    "What do you have for me, slave?"


    She panicked, and then pressed on. "Kazu. Kill him."

    Her tone was smooth, clipped.

    Head swiveling, body raised into a crouch position as the Crolute had arrived. Kazu had merely delayed 0.537 seconds, or a mere half second as an organic would imprecisely gauge such a thing. That was an infinite pause of consideration on his part, a calculating and weighing with new information.

    To succeed a slave master that specialized in scavenged material and war surplus would be a good starting point. Only such a being was as likely to sell Kazu as scrap as a unit to a new Master and chances of a memory wipe were high. Slave willing to have their Master killed were more likely to cling to their saving object if it held any personification or sentimentality. They had no sentimentality, but her visual reaction to being called Master indicated it might of triggered a personification of identification between this woman and this unit.

    Launching itself at the accepted target Kazu drew his twin blades in a rough and jerky motion. Sand had reduced the efficiency of the joints operation. Automatic adjustments for wear were not allowing smooth operation - oil bath recommendation elevated to needed status. Internal hazard indicator raised to orange. They merely needed to stab one blade through the neck, another to sever an arm. Decapitation and second arm neutralization would follow.

    The Crolute died.

    Blood, well, it splattered everywhere.

    Sieg was speechless for a moment, and then she grinned.

    She pointed to a ship in the distance, visible as Plutt's body toppled. A broken-down scavenger ship, with all manner of hodgepodge addition. "We can take that." She grinned, saw the third member of the crew - a green-skinned Twi'lek named Yea, who looked stricken. "If you could deal with him too, please."

    The scav began to scramble for a blaster -

    Noting the possessions of the Crolute as it was gushing blood it's predictive software was not surprised when another being was spotted near a ship. Nor was it surprised when the slave giddy off of blood ordered another execution. If it had not already performed one murder that was witnessed then her viable choice stock was dropping rapidly.

    Adjusting it's grip the calculations took nearly a whole second to adjust for the time and weathering to it's servos and processes. Once complete Kazu threw his short sword to fly forward and impale the fumbling being through the heart. If successful it would acquire the slaver controller from the dead Crolute, if not it would need to rush forward to finish the job before the being had time to properly aim its weapon.

    The blade took Yea in the neck, actually, and he toppled. Not an accurate throw, but deadly enough.

    The slave controller was in Kazu's hand and his new master opened her mouth in an O of panic.

    "Oi, no! Droid!"

    The slave rig showed two micro-bombs were active... one of which confirmed that the slave had been terminated as Yea died, and the other active.

    Kazu had Sieg's life in her hands... and the ship was, by inevitable conclusion, empty otherwise.

    "It is too late to reconsider." Kazu stated as it began stalking forward to retrieve it's short sword and the killed beings blaster. "The wound was fatal as requested. This unit has done as instructed as it's new goals were dictated. Murder. Death. Kill." It buzzed the last in a monotonous resound, like a mantra of those without feeling.

    These tonal patterns were shown to have a demoralizing effect on the common troops and civilians. Slaves should be of similar enough temperament. It ignored the obvious leverage that it had clutched in it's hand. If she moved against him, Kazu now had a method of easy defense. "Maintenance required." he stated as calmly as stating that the sky was blue, both were perfectly equal in their obvious nature to his subroutines.

    She was referencing the slave-owner controller, but Sieg swallowed her words.

    "Alright. Let's get going, and get you oiled up and repaired. That sound good?"

    In the blink of a second, she'd exchanged a Crolut for a murder-bot.

    A Sith war droid.

    "I have friends on Kijimi who specialise in droid restoration," she hedged.

    Kazu swiveled his main eye towards her again, "An oil bath sounds like the best idea you have had. Master." He would not comment on the note of 'friends' in droid restoration. For a slave to have friends and be a slave meant the friends were either lowly to extreme, or not truly friends according to the proper calculations - merely people known superficially.

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  16. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Tomas Graal
    Medical Bay, Imperial Dreadnought – 20 years earlier

    He had awakened in the med bay several days ago, weak and disoriented. The medical droid had reassured him that it was perfectly normal to feel that way. While his physical injuries hadn’t been extensive enough to require a bacta tank, he had still sustained a moderate concussion, which demanded constant observation. And so, Tomas had been bedridden and subject to the droid’s eccentric behavior. It wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience, but at least it afforded him time to reflect on the battle and the role he had played in its outcome.

    His memory was still hazy on the details, though he was aware that the engagement had concluded with an orbital bombardment—a turbolaser blast streaking down from above. The brilliant display had both terrified and impressed him; it was a desperate final act that had ultimately brought a swift end to the war. That had filled Tomas with elation, but a shadow hung over his conscience…

    Over his guilt.

    Over not doing enough to ensure their victory.

    Grand Lord Ductavis’ presence, along with his pep talk, only compounded those sentiments. The man had visited the infirmary to bolster the spirits of those who had fought bravely on Corbos. He spoke of glory and how each of them had become heroes through their efforts.

    But Tomas was no hero.

    He was merely at the wrong place at the wrong time, bumbling around as he tried not to get himself killed. He wasn’t deserving of the recognition. That notion would continue to whittle away at his mind, becoming a heavy burden that he would bear for years to come.

    The only consolation was the opportunity to meet the Corellian royals, Konstance and Kallan. He had brushed elbows with a pair of celebrities, and he would always cherish that experience. The fact that they had become friends and allies was more than he could ever ask for.

    Even now, as Kallan waltzed by his bed to inquire about his condition, Tomas managed a genuine smile. He returned the man’s wave and offered a small nod, confirming that he would be fine; he just needed rest.

    And so, as the medical droid ushered the Corellian away, he settled back against his pillow and closed his eyes. Naturally, his thoughts began to stray toward the future and what it had in store for Tomas Graal.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Twenty years ago…

    Citizens of the Galactic Empire.

    This is your Emperor.

    Your divine intercessor with the Force itself.

    Righteousness incarnate.

    I come with good tidings.

    The war is over.

    The Battle of Corbos has been won.

    The Rebellion has been defeated.

    The necromantic army of the Dark Masters has been undone.

    The Leviathans have been destroyed.

    My Imperial Navy, Storm Corps and the Lords of the Jedi have saved you all.


    But now - but now we come to the disposition of the Fallen Worlds.

    Many systems fell to the Dark Masters, and you were taken through the indolence of your platitudes, the weakness of your words, the failure of your principles to defend you from blades and weapons. It was Imperial blood and might that freed you!

    Worse, many among your numbers provided succour to our enemies, desperate to survive, and add to your innumerable sins. The sin of sloth for not moving to defend yourselves; the sin of greed for prioritising profit over responsibility to your neighbours.

    The you add the greatest of sins to your list; treachery? How can I, in my magnanimity, offer you forgiveness? How would that honour the dead who fought to save you?

    All systems beyond the Line of Order, the frontline that we held fifty years ago, you will be considered Fallen. The Galactic Empire shall patrol your worlds, shall police your worlds, shall
    tax you, shall rule you, but you will be left to rebuild yourself. Once you do, you may petition to rejoin the Galactic Empire as full worlds and you will be Judged.

    By my divine eye, by the Princes of the Imperial Family, by the Lords of the Jedi Order. The Galactic Empire will welcome you back once you are worthy.

    Worthy of my love.

    Worthy to be children of the Galactic Empire.

    Together, we shall prevent this horror from ever occurring again.

    No more shall our sons and daughters and children right in wars caused by corrupt Senators and fallen Jedi and corporate warlords.

    This is my pledge; my vow.

    For a safe and secure society.

    Our great work now begins!
  18. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    GM OOC: The only event that will have happened off-screen will be the death of the warlord that Akuma-Oni took the armour from. That was referenced in his bio, and I want to confirm that it happened just before the current day events of this game. @greyjedi125, obligatory clarification. I am very happy for you to fill in the time between now and before during the game, if not in your post-prologue post, for example as we saw with Kazu and @Mitth_Fisto, whose prologue ended just before the present day. Also as a fact for all cast members - you have never met the original Dark Lord; nor have the Dark Masters.
  19. Sinrebirth

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    In the time between the Battle of Corbos and the present day, the Dark Jedi acquired another name; a whispered one, that became a panicked one.

    One full of fear.

    The Jedi that fought for a hundred years, they were not merely Dark Jedi.

    They acquired a new name.

    They were Sith.

    The Rebellion became known as the Sith Rebellion, remembered for the Jedi Lord who turned, who became the Dark Lord.

    The Dark Lord of the Sith, is what he was known now.

    But history remained; after their devastating strike at the Imperial capital, the main Dark Jedi horde was undone, by unknown means, and the surviving twelve generals became the Dark Masters, and took control of the surviving hordes.

    But without their Dark Lord, without his Witch, without
    her necromantic army -

    The Battle of Corbos was merely the post-credit to the war itself.

    It had been lost already.

    Before Tomas, Janus, Kazu, Hunter, Maldael, Nin, Konstance, Kallan, Akuma-Oni and Marcus even met.

    Before Akiko was even born.

    But now, the survivors were known as Sith.

    An evil word.

    A plague.

    A rot.

    The Dark Masters had been exiled to find death, and had returned as Lords of the Sith.

    The rumours of the Sith Empire abounded, draw to counter the Galactic Empire.

    As the Emperor waned from age, as the Crown Prince and his younger brother squabbled for the throne.

    As the Fallen Worlds fell even further into the mire...

    A curse upon the galaxy...
  20. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Emperor

    It was one of those moments he could look back on his career and regret it.

    Seventy years of Galactic Empire, and he had mis-stepped at his greatest triumph.

    "The declaration of the Fallen Worlds was a mistake, I see that now," the aged Emperor coughed, and looked to Admiral Jerjerrod. "But you were at Corbos, you saw what we lost to win that battle."

    True enough. The battles with the Dark Masters, with their necromantic army at the fallen Imperial Capital, with their Leviathans, had been devastating. Horribly so. Millions had died to give them their victory, to drive the monstrosities into the depths of that world, to seal them away, and separate them from their creators.

    "The Jedi made an error in judgment, in banishing the Dark Masters, I see that now."

    An image appeared between them.

    "This is Remulus Dreypa," he wheezed, shifting on the throne to be more comfortable.


    "I am sure you know of him, being as he was a former Imperial Fleet Admiral."

    Indeed he was.

    "He was a Force user; we did not know, and when the Dark Lord got his claws into him, he joined them, ascended after the Dark Lord vanished, and became one of the Twelve Exiles." Another cough.

    "You know of the Imperial Dreadnought we lost recently, about how the Crown Prince and the Second Prince have used the HoloNet to rage at each other, as have the nobles. To blame each other." It was true. The recent loss of such a ship had caused recriminations to flow, even though the source of the threat was unknown. It had been too devastating a blow to hide.

    "There was a raid on a convoy last week, using these unknown ships."

    An image.

    "One of the captains who made it back, swore blind that he recognised a manoeuvre as one pioneered by Admiral Dreypa."

    These were alarming words as it was.

    "But the raid occurred at the Yag'Dhul node, inside Imperial space, on the far side of the Empire."

    But those were much worse.

    "I task you with locating these raiders, sniffing out the involvement of Dreypa, and ending them. Captain Calrissian is at Yag'Dhul now, with his surviving crew. Proceed with caution, Admiral." At this some of his old and angry tone returned. "I do not want news of this to leak out. You will have assigned to you your Star Destroyer only, but if you discover the base, then two Empire-class Imperial Dreadnoughts may be called from Coruscant."

    He leaned forward.

    "Are we understood?"

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    IC: Kyber



    The bleeding crystal resisted Nin.

    Of course it did.

    All things resisted change, and the man would find it much harder to heal a Kyber than to bleed it.

    One could not say precisely why he had fallen.

    Or why he had chosen to return to this Between place and heal it.

    A flash of the battlefield of Corbos, perhaps.

    But the Rebellion had became the Sith Rebellion.

    Their lightsabers, they had removed their powerpacks with the technology found in the Unknowns, brandishing the modern lightsabers of the time. This was unimportant, of course, their blades had evolved.

    And then they had decided that their struggle against Empire had taught them nothing.

    They would return not as Sith liberators.

    Perhaps that was it?

    There was a flashback, to when Ajunta Pall, the leader of the Dark Masters announced the words to the survivors that had been drawn to Korriban. Among them, at very least, Nin.

    Pall spoke long.


    We have been blessed by the Dark Force; have found a species as violent and as malleable as any, all sensitive to our powers, all broken for us to shape. The Kingdom of the Sith we have broken, taken a hundred of their worlds, and now, we shall learn the lessons of our defeat at the Battle of Corbos.

    We shall birth an EMPIRE.


    Those words were roared back by most of the horde gathered.


    Did Nin?

    Why did Nin have misgivings?

    The Kyber crystal asked.

    And asked.

    And asked.

    TAG: @Shadowsun (combo)
    IC: Fetnon Thul

    Alderaan, Fallen Worlds

    Once described as the soul of the Old Republic, the capture of Alderaan by the Dark Masters had signified the end of the democratic regime that it had fostered, and the true birth to the Galactic Empire. The loss of Balmorra may have galvanised the Imperial military into existence, but Alderaan had elevated the Emperor to his throne.

    Without Alderaan, Alsakan threw its support behind tyranny, and even if Corellia grumbled at it, the Galactic Empire had secured peace for two long decades. But the Sith were not gone, the rebellion was not destroyed... it could all rise up.

    Fetnon Thul, the Prince Regent, he knew all this.

    Of course he did.

    He was in-contact with the Dark Masters, after all.

    Well, five of them.

    The five that had Returned.

    The rumours had spread, and now Fetnon was forced to address at least one about it.

    He chose carefully, following hints, suggestions, and Intelligence provided to him...

    ... he opened a comlink channel and cringed as he keyed them in.

    "Marcus Dren, I am Prince Thul of Alderaan. I know who you are, and I have a request for you."

    He knew he would be interrupting the man with his daughter.

    It did not matter to Thul.

    "A request from Lord Tulak Hord."

    TAG: CosmoHender (combo)
    IC: Him

    Arkania, forward base of the Sith

    He had struck first, of course.

    How could he not?

    One of his retainers had died on one of his planets.


    Balmorra, Arkania, Alderaan.

    His frontline.

    His Shadow Empire.

    Twenty years ago they had retreated from the Core and Colonies, but the Empire had been too weak to fill the void. He knew their words, arguing that the Fallen Worlds needed to rebuild themselves first, but there had never been more than a cursory military presence in half of the old Republic.

    He knew that.

    That was how he was here, having resumed control of these systems.

    But a frustration to his flank.

    On Yn, one of his warlords, placed to the rear, had been slain.

    By Akuma-Oni.

    He squeezed his lightsaber hilt in frustration, and ignited his blade.


    Not yet.

    He would reach out to the Black Knights.

    Send them Kijimi to slay the man; use him as bait for the other Rogue Sith.

    They would not disobey him, regardless.

    Nobody would dare disrespect a Dark Lord of the Sith.

    They answered his call, working away on some barren world in the Outer Rim; training.


    One did not train, one took.

    XoXaan would notice their absence soon enough.

    But it would be too late.


    Indeed, Akuma-Oni had already caught the eye of the Dark Lords with his actions.

    It was a bar that he sat in, for now, an empty one - the denizens had departed, headed off, wanted nothing to do with him.

    The sole occupant, the bartender, a nervous looking Zabrak named Bard, simply provided drinks outside the curtained booth. He reckoned it was a Sith; he'd palmed the alert for the local police some time ago, but nobody had came.


    Bard assumed that nobody cared.

    In-fact, word had been spread, which was, Bard would reason later, and others would reason later, had potentially been the plan all along. Indeed, word was spread to the Hunter a few worlds over in the Hapes Cluster, and would probably reach Nin eventually. The words would reach Kazu who, as serendipity would have it, was on-world with his pet, Sieg... worse, so too was Akiko, having been led here by rumours of her clans fate in the time after the Battle of Corbos, the dark fate that had taken them had began here.


    The Sith who overheard the news whispered on Iridonia, or in the markets of Kijimi, or the shadows of the criminal underbelly of the world, they would have to wonder.

    The old thoughts, the old words, the old creeds, had they each spoken them?

    To each other?

    Or had they balked at the Sith Code?

    TAG: @greyjedi125, @Corellian_Outrider, @Mitth_Fisto, @Kurisan (singles)
    IC: King Alaric



    The world of the Sephi was a shining light within the Fallen Worlds, capital of the Mid-Rim Alliance.

    King Alaric, the latest of his name, some four hundred and fifty years old, had seen the slow decline towards Imperialism and autocracy, from enlightened democracy, to fear. When the then-Prince Tapani unified his sector with his Emperor, it was the beginning, and Coruscant grew more dictatorial - and Alsakan opposed it, even before a new capital of Rei'izu was named.

    The Dark Jedi took advantage, and before they knew it, the galaxy was aflame.

    Alaric had watched as the battlements of Balmorra fell, and he knew that the Old Republic was dead.

    The Galactic Empire labelled Thustra among the Fallen, but Alaric considered them among the free; the Mid Rim Alliance.

    He only wished he'd opposed the Senate earlier.

    Because now this would not be happening.

    With a sniff, he turned to his aide, knowing full well what his old friend was, and who.

    Maldael Fesh.

    He smiled sadly.

    "They're here."

    In orbit, the forces of the Sith had arrived.

    One had jumped from Taris.

    Another, from Ambria.

    "We know the origins of our enemies," Alaric intoned.

    "Go, take this information to the Emperor. Thustra is truly fallen."

    Indeed, the Derriphan-class cruisers began to drop their warriors from the sky, angling towards the Royal Palace.

    There were Jedi Lords here, having kept their own counsel and left the Empire.

    Knight Errants.


    They knew not that Alaric placed his trust not in the Light, which had accepted Empire so readily, but in the shadows, for they comforted him more.

    If he had the chance, he would have sided with the Rebels and Separatists all over again.

    He would leave his writings for his successors, for his heirs, and hope that one of them stood up to the Republic before it became an Empire next time.

    It had happened before, and it would happen again.

    TAG: @darthbernael (combo)
    IC: Norin Graal

    Nubia, Jedi Lordship

    The High Council was not present in person, of course.

    The Jedi High Lords were far too busy for that.

    Twelve Masters of the Light for Twelve Sectors.

    But Lords could command systems, and they were elevating one right now.

    Politics be damned.

    The Corellian Sector may have been unhappy about the Galactic Empire, but Nubia was a loyal son of the Emperor, and it demanded a Jedi Lord, it offered its greatest son.

    It offered Tomas Graal.

    By the Light of the Council.

    By the Star of the Empire.

    By the Truth of the Emperor.

    We name you; Jedi Lord.

    In the Force's image, we grant you the Nubia system.

    To defend from the Night.

    To keep from Falling.

    To honour the Code.

    To stand righteous.



    The ceremony was over; the Jedi High Council cut the transmission.

    "My boy!" Norin stepped over and clapped his shoulder.

    "You did it!"

    TAG: @HanSolo29 (combo)


    The King, Thrackan e Solo, glowered.


    He'd been copied into the transmission, his eldest two children besides him, off-screen.

    They'd not been required to comment, had been merely informed.

    Thrackan watched the Jedi High Council, all hidden behind their hoods, and he turned asides.

    "Another stooge for Coruscant, this time in our home sector."

    He gestured to the galactic map that existed beneath the throne room floor.

    "The Fallen Worlds are becoming the foundation of a new Rebellion; another Sith Rebellion, and we are instead entreated to accept the erosion of our principles; tyranny, placed upon my loyal subjects."

    There was a green swathe of territory inside Imperial space, the so-called Corellian Hegemony. Every time Alsakan and Coruscant went to war, Corellia invoked Contemplanys Hermi and watched the battle play out. Thirteen times had they done this in the last ten thousand years, but now Coruscant and Alsakan were unified in their Imperial dream. Worse, what had been the Herglic territories to the south were now Tapani, who had their own brand of Empire that supported the Emperor.

    "We have heard rumours of Sith fortresses being erected on Balmorra, on Arkania, on Alderaan. Bridgeheads to restart the war, as the Emperor ails. His age assails him, and his Princes smell blood. Our decisions now, before he dies, will determine the course of the galaxy - Imperial, Republic, whatever."

    He eyed his son.

    "Do we entreaty Nubia? Do we launch our own crusade into the Fallen Worlds? Move against the Emperor while we still can wrestle control from the Crown Prince?"

    In any other chamber, those words would have been heretic, and deeply dangerous.

    But here, they were safe.

    But only here.

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    IC: Akuma-Oni

    Everyone inside had fled shortly after his arrival, now he was the sole patron within the ‘abandoned’ tavern, aside from the zabrak barkeep. How curious, perhaps that was the sole reason why the bartender still lived, strangely enough. Well...perhaps.

    Presently, Akuma-Oni occupied the stool at the far-end of the bar counter and motioned for yet another drink to be brought, despite having had so may already.

    He paid no heed to the fear that poured out from the barkeep like a torrential river, for that level of fear was more the paralyzing kind- it was not the type to inspire reckless behavior, sadly enough.

    Akuma's dark cloak was ill-suited for the frigid climate, yet he seemed completely unaffected by the ever present chill. Akuma-Oni’s hood remained up, allowing only glimpses at his daemon mask. Only the lower portion would open, releasing a cloud of steam just before he took a gulp of his drink. Behind his mask, his eyes would narrow to slits as he imbibed the intoxicant, to little effect. His body simply processed the toxins with incredible efficiency, seemingly its own - apparently far too disciplined a biological mechanism to do otherwise. This caused him to growl in response.

    And so, there he sat and drank his fill, in what passed for contemplative silence. A powerful sensation in the force had compelled him to come to this forsaken place; that he could feel quite palpably, even now, with every breath he took. But that was not the source of his troubles.

    His perpetual frustration originated not with what he felt, but by what he could not remember. Even after all this time, he could not seem to access past memories- almost as if something prevented him. Perhaps he was in need of a specific event to ‘trigger’ his memories? like some sort of key?

    Akuma-Oni scoffed, a dark rasp issuing from behind his mask.

    The whole conundrum was positively maddening. Faces, images, sensations, flashes of events would come to his mind, sharp- full of focus with information and revelation, bringing with them desperate lucidity - then they’d simply vanish, almost as soon as they'd appeared.

    A dark feral growl.

    Akuma-Oni clenched his hand, closing his fist over a drinking glass, which shattered into innumerable shards inside his gloved hand. He hardly felt it and simply ordered another drink.

    Inside a moment, there was a surge in the Force: Danger.


    The sudden and welcomed sensation stirred memories of Corbos.

    And somehow, that event seemed like a life time ago. The galaxy had changed, yet he still remained the same, presumably so. Last he recalled, he’d been on a mission, a dark mission for one of the Dark Masters...Hmmm, No.Sith Lords. But that too had been splintered by fracturing memories. For now, only the dark currents of the Force guided him, moved him towards unravelling the mystery of his past and himself.

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    IC: Janus Jerjerrod
    Location: CenSD Electrostar

    It was amazing how twenty years flew by. He was now an Admiral, ther Jerjerrod name carried honour and he had a wife and child.

    Well the wife bit was not going so well. Being berated constantly that he was never home, that he was supposed to be helping raise their son Artemis. It probably would not be long before a divorce would be on the cards.

    But he had his own ship now, the Centurion Star Destroyer Electrostar. And he was aboard said ship now listening to the Emperor give out his instructions.

    "The Electrostar and her crew stand ready as always Your Highness" he responded "If he has gone rogue as you say and joined the other side then he could be very dangerous".

    "These mysterious ships, do we have any details? How powerful they are? Do they carry any fighter craft?"

    The Emperor nodded, fully aware that the Admiral would zero in on the details. “The enemy warships are some 215 meters long, so not immense, but they are missile equipped and carry at least six starfighters.”

    He looked concerned; heavier upon his brow. “They don’t have shields, but their heavy armour is quite substantial, so the analysts expect that the starfighter capacity is low. They’re slow, but so well protected it doesn’t matter.”

    “We’ve taken to calling them battleships, because in-spite of their small size they are clearly designed to take on much larger vessels.” As he spoke images of starfighters appeared.


    “Their starfighters have a triple blaster configuration that packs quite a punch I understand, but the larger problem for our starfighters is these ships.”


    “Gunships, complete with six auto blasters - they can overwhelm most small freighters and fighter-craft.” The Emperor sounded concerned.

    He let the Admiral absorb this information.

    Janus tapped his chin, the wheels turning in his head.

    It looked like the Electrostar would have to deal with these ships on her own with the starfighters in reserve.

    "How would Dreypa be involved Your Highness? And why did he turn to the Dark Lord's side?"

    “The starfighters used a ‘Fighter Slash’, whereby the fighters precede missiles to divert fighter defences,” the Emperor explained. “This was a tactic pioneered by Admiral Dreypa.”

    The fighters advanced on a Republic cruiser and the fighter screen scattered to chase them, allowing for the missiles to pass into the middle of their formation and hit the cruiser.

    “I would ask you to proceed at all speed to Yag’Dhul. It is not a Fallen World; it is an Imperial world. If the Sith have setup a space inside our space we need to know.”

    Janus had noted that the question about why Dreypa had turned had gone unanswered. Maybe perhaps the Emperor did not want him to know such things.

    "One last question sir. About Calrissian. I need to know who he is and his past history. So I know who I am dealing with".

    "Then myself and the Electrostar will proceed".

    "Calrissian?" The Emperor hesitated. "He's a decent enough man. Some call him a rogue, but his whip-crack mind is useful in sectors where we have limited resources and dull Academy-grown Imperials. Not an ounce of experience to them, unlike you, Admiral."

    "I would vouch for him. He's from Socorro - on the Imperial side of the Corellian Run."

    Janus nodded "Thank you Your Highness. That will be all from me. With your permission I will head onwards. And will stop this Dreypa and whatever he is doing".

    "For the glory of the Empire"

    "For the glory of the Empire," the Emperor said tiredly, his eyes closing even as he gestured at Jerjerrod to leave him.

    "Go, my Admiral."

    Janus deactivated the transmission as he bowed to his Emperor.

    He commed the bridge and told them to get ready and their destination.

    The Electrostar was about to go on a mystery tour.

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    IC: Marcus Dren

    Alderaan, Fallen Worlds

    It had been twenty years since he had fled from the Battle of Corbos. Twelve years since the birth of his child. Twelve years since the death of his wife.

    2E had stayed with him the entire time, despite the droid's initial unhappiness about serving a former Dark Jedi.

    But Marcus was no longer the same person he had been during the Hundred Year Darkness and his appearance, which has changed over the last two decades, reflected that.


    He went by Marcus Valor now, having adopted a new surname in order to better protect himself and his daughter. Marcus Dren was the name of a war criminal, after all.

    He also moved himself and his daughter around a lot, always being wary of staying in one place for too long in case his past life caught up to him. Currently they were living on Alderaan, which was one of the nicer places that Marc and his daughter had called home. He was still a master of beasts, but a far less impressive one. Instead of controlling the dark side creatures created by the Dark Jedi... Marc was a nerf herder.

    Not that he minded, of course. He was happy as long as his daughter was safe. At the moment he was making dinner for the two of them. As he prepared their food, he sensed his daughter's presence in the Force. He sensed her happiness. Once he was done, he went outside to get her.

    He would find Aura, who took more after her mother appearance-wise, playing.

    Aura was playing with a wooden animal, turning it with her hands.


    Her eyes were full of wonder, and the Force was light and bright around her, as it always was.

    Untouched was she by the barbarity of the Hundred Years Darkness.

    Indeed, that self-same darkness had remarkably loosened its old on his own heart.

    The peace had been good for Marcus.

    She sensed her father coming, dropped the animal with a start -

    Marcus hadn't seen Aura using the Force, though he knew that flowed through her just like it flowed through him. He had known this ever since she was born, but he had decided not to train her. Because he knew that if she became stronger, then others might learn about her abilities and want to use her like the Dark Jedi had wanted to use him. And the last thing that Marcus wanted for his daughter was for her have to go to war like he had.

    "Aura?" Marcus called out. "Are you alright?"

    "I know I'm not supposed to use the Force when you're not here," she said, sullen. "But I didn't see the harm. There are no Sith on Alderaan. We're in the Core, Dad."

    Marcus sighed. Yes, he had decided not to teach her. But he couldn't stop her from feeling the Force and the Force was determined to have a relationship with Aura whether he wanted it to or not. He was still wary though, since the galaxy was not a safe place for young Force users...

    "It's alright," he told his daughter. "Just as long as you're careful."

    "I'm always careful, Dad," she rolled her eyes. "I know about big movements and small movements." Nonetheless, she reached down and picked up the toy with her hands. "Waves and echoes in the Force and all that."

    Marcus nodded. Truthfully, he never had much proper training in the Force since the Dark Jedi had wanted him on the field as soon as possible. But he knew enough and he did make sure that his daughter at least knew the nature of the Force.

    "Good," he told his daughter. "You know that I don't want you to be ashamed of your connection to the Force, Aura. Or afraid of it. I just want you to be aware that it can't be taken lightly. The Force is bright around you and I want to keep it that way. Because when the Force shines brightly, so do you."

    He knew too well what happens when the Force darkens instead...

    She twisted her face, embarrassed by his words. "Daaaad. Stop it."

    But Aura smiled, broadly and brightly, filling the Force with light.

    Marcus then heard 2E beeping at him from inside their home, apparently they were receiving a message over their comms.

    Quickly Marcus rushed inside to answer the comm and hear the message. But what he heard he didn't like at all...

    "Marcus Dren, I am Prince Thul of Alderaan. I know who you are, and I have a request for you. A request from Lord Tulak Hord."

    Marcus flinched. It was bad enough that someone knew his real name. But then Thul mentioned a name that he had hoped to never hear again: Tulak Hord. One of the Dark Masters.

    He thought he had left that life behind. But apparently not.

    "What does he want?" Marcus asked, his fists tightening as he wondered how he had been exposed.

    "He wanted me to convey a message to you. That he will reveal your identity and location to the Empire, unless you come to Yn system." The man sounded as servile and sneering as any that served the Sith during the Rebellion. "Lord Hord was quite insistent; he stated that it was time sensitive."

    If Dren was to look up the Yn system, he would find it in the Inner Rim... inside Imperial Space.

    "I understand," Marcus said before the transmission ended, his fists tightening in anger.

    The Sith knew where he was. Not just the Sith, but Tulak Hord himself.

    Time sensitive, huh? Too bad that Marcus didn't care. There was no way that he was getting dragged back into this, not after he had made such an effort to leave that life behind. He could not risk becoming that person again or getting his daughter involved. But their location here was compromised.

    "Get the ship ready," he told 2E. "We have to leave as soon as possible."

    He then rushed outside, rushed over to his daughter. "Aura!" he called out, his voice urgent. "Gather your things, we have to go! The Sith know that we're here!"

    Aura jumped up, panicked. They'd, tragically, rehearsed this. Especially with the news that the Sith had struck at a Jedi Lord recently. "I'm coming!"

    In a handful of minutes, she had her things gathered - the important things. "Where are we going?" she asked, as she rushed, breathless.

    The wooden bear was left behind.

    "I have the locations of several safe houses we can go to in the nav computers," Marcus told his daughter. "I'll figure it out."

    As he ushered her towards their ship, he made sure that they didn't leave behind anything they'd need. He noticed the wooden bear and with his hand outstretched, he pulled the bear off the ground and to him.

    No matter what, he was not going to lose his daughter... or her light.

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    ~IC~ Entity known as ‘The Hunter
    Location: Hunter’s Gunship - Hapes Cluster

    The plasma cannon rested on a cradle. It’s outer casing removed and the inner workings exposed.

    Tiny sparks flew from the tip of the soldering tool as a launching mechanism was fitted into position.

    The whole suit was designed in such a way to be upgraded with new and improved components. However, given the rarity of the design and the scarcity of compatible components, the trick was to modify what can be ‘salvaged’ into something of used. Trial and error.

    What the cannon needed was an secondary weapon. The whistling birds of the Mandalorians would be nice though they lacked the punch needed to take down much larger targets. On top of that, the cost to replenish such a tool is higher and their clans don’t often like parting with their gear.
    Portable launchers have been stripped out , their housings and launch mechanisms modified to keep the scaled down missiles protected from the heat of the plasma cannon and when switching configuration, feeds the missile into the chamber, ready to fire... in theory.

    There’s always the weight issue. Having to modify the rest of the arm to support the additional weight and to be able to freely move without hinderance. At the moment, the chamber capacity can carry five but for now it probably be best to test with only one in the chamber. Don’t want to risk blowing up the cannon-

    A twittering chirp sharply interrupted concentration. Looking up from the workstation and tilting head to listen carefully. The sing song chirping sounded like a bird.

    Setting down the tools and leaving the workspace for the cockpit.

    The trilling twittering came from the gunship’s computer however it wasn’t a warning of another contact. Sitting down in the cockpit chair, the figure paused for a moment to view the spiralling tendrils of the nebulous region, to see if there was something out there. Blinking, focus shifted to the reflection of their face, a set of tired green-blue eyes staring back at them.

    Sighing softly.

    “Little bird, what have you found?”

    The computer had intercepted certain transmissions. Keywords indicated a potential target...

    That there is a Sith on Kijimi.

    Someone has to investigate such a claim.

    The navigation interface dial swung down from overhead. Upon keying in the destination, the gunship languidly rolled and angled on the vector for Kijimi.

    Activating drives.

    [Kijimi - Bryx Sector]

    The ice blue world of Kijimi looked beautiful from space. The database indicated that the orbit around its star was the reason for the cooler climate, that the surface temperature could reach sub-zero in places with extreme gale force winds. Despite such hostile conditions, life has been determined to call it home. Several spots showed signs of civilisation, structures, power readings, traffic...

    Locking in a flight path, the gunship will land a few klicks from one of the larger settlements for the approach to go in on foot. The terrain is mountainous though there seem to be a stretch that shouldn’t prove too much of a hassle to traverse. With the helm given over to the auto-pilot, it was time to suit up for the cold...

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    IC: K4-ZU-P8489, or Kazu

    Landing on world and using the contacts of the one currently labeled Master had seen them off loading the salvage and initiating bank transfers appropriately. The oil bath had been sub-par, compared to the ship it was adequate, and the trip here had been uneventful as Kazu had asked questions to understand the current state of the galaxy.

    The controller had been integrated into current design situation and was purposefully shown to be in such a place that if this unit was powered down without proper preparation it would trigger the device. Leaving the ship behind they had gone for this beings friends. It was during that journey that a message was intercepted.


    As this unit was war droid, prior property of the Sith, the notion that someone had mislabeled his status was briefly considered. This notion of course was discarded as unlikely. The more likely course was that someone had recognized a Sith on world.

    Kazu had no method for following such a notification at this time. "We should proceed to your, friends." it stated in passing to Master Sieg. "This unit still requires repair and upgrades Master Sieg."

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