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Saga Star Wars Short Stories [By Jordan1Kenobi]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Jordan1Kenobi, Jun 11, 2022.

  1. Jordan1Kenobi

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    Sep 30, 2012
    Hey guys!
    I always find it too challenging to pick one story and stick at it, so I’m going to be writing a bunch of short stories set during the Star Wars saga with my favourite characters.
    Here’s my first attempt. I hope you enjoy, and I’d love some feedback.


    A Pirate’s Bounty
    A Cad Bane Short Story

    “We’re going down, Todo!” rasped Cad Bane

    “Oh no!” cried Todo 360. “We’re done for!”

    The Justifier broke through the planet’s atmosphere rocketing towards the surface, leaving behind trails of smoke. Debris began peeling off the ship as flames emerged.

    “Lousy pirates caught me by surprise!” grumbled Bane. “Ain’t no way this would’ve happened face to face.”

    The planet’s rough terrain only appeared in flashes through the smoke and flames covering the cockpit. Bane was practically flying blind.

    “Grab onto something, Todo!” warned Bane. “This ain’t gonna be pretty.”

    “I hate these types of landings!” groaned Todo.

    The Justifier crashed into the planet’s surface, colliding with a large rocky mesa. After tumbling for several violent seconds, the ship came to a grinding halt.

    What was once an undisturbed, uncivilised plain, was now home to scattered debris and scorching fire.

    Bane kicked the ship’s damaged door down and emerged amongst the smoke. “I hate pirates,” he scoffed, while straightening his hat.

    The bounty hunter and his droid set out to find the nearest settlement as there was no chance of the ship flying any time soon. But that wasn’t their only problem. The pirates would surely be approaching the crash site to finish what they started at any moment.

    Hours had passed. The sun poured down on the barren land, distorting the horizon into a mirage of ripples. The bounty hunter was the only life form for miles. Bane’s blue skin was drying up, and his pace was gradually slowing.

    “My scanners are picking up incoming ships!” wailed Todo.

    “Those blasted pirates!” seethed Bane, using what little energy he had to speak. “Head for the rock over there!”

    The two of them raced for the largest landmark in sight, crouching behind it as still as the rest of the land. It wasn’t exactly the best place to hide, but what other options did they have?

    Lucky for the duo, the two pirate fighters flew past the rock, unaware of them. They were safe for now.

    “This is good news,” said Bane.

    “How is this even the slightest bit of good news? We couldn’t be in a worse situation!” cried the droid.

    “Quite the opposite,” said Bane, confidently. “Those are pirates and this is their home, Florrum. They’ve just pointed us in the direction of the nearest town.”

    “Ooh! You are brilliant, Bane!” complimented Todo.

    The pair eventually spotted a settlement. They approached with the setting orange sun trailing behind. The evening breeze flickered Bane’s coat ever so slightly.

    It was a quiet town with few buildings. Weequay citizens were sparsely scattered around, chatting and relaxing while there was still light out. The bounty hunter approached the nearest man.

    “I’m looking for the mechanic,” demanded Bane.

    The man pointed at a small wooden building. One lone Weequay stood outside, goggles on and head down, welding what looked to be parts of a ship.

    Bane approached. “My ship needs repairing. Came down hard out in the desert.”

    “Is that so?” asked the mechanic. The look of suspicion grew under his goggles. “How’d ya manage that? If ya don’t mind me askin’.”

    “Was bein’ chased over the planet. Some goons got a lucky shot on me,” replied Bane.

    “We don’t get many folks ‘round these parts. Especially not in those get ups.” said the mechanic, pointing a tool at Bane’s coat.

    Bane felt the mechanic’s suspicion growing. “I got a question for ya’ too. Dead or alive?”

    “Excuse me?” hesitated the mechanic.

    “Dead… or alive?” Bane repeated with a scowl. “Raka Dondo, ain’t it? There’s a 50,000 credit bounty on ya’ head. I’m here to collect.”

    It was no accident that Cad Bane had come to Florrum searching for a mechanic. The bounty hunt was coming to an end.

    “Not so fast, blue face!” barked someone across the street. The two Weequay pirates who had been pursuing Bane stood with their blasters aimed at him. “We’d almost given up lookin’ for ya’.”

    The two started approaching, until all four men were facing each other in a circle. The bounty hunter, the mechanic, and the pirates each took turns scowling at one another.

    “A bounty ya’ say?” smirked a pirate. “Maybe we’ll just kill you then claim the credits on him too!”

    The blood orange sun slouched lower. Each second felt like a minute. The concentration on all four men was unbreakable. Sweat dripped down Raka’s forehead, and both pirate’s trigger fingers were itching, while Bane remained a statue.

    Within a split second, Bane dropped to the ground with a forward roll and blasted both pirates as he stood up. Raka then reached behind his back revealing his own blaster, but was not fast enough to challenge the deadliest bounty hunter in the galaxy. The mechanic fell where he stood with a shot through his chest.

    “Well, that answers that. Dead it is,” finished Bane.
  2. Jordan1Kenobi

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    Sep 30, 2012
    The Art of War
    An Omega Short Story

    “Sigh… I‘m so bored!” complained Omega.

    She had been stuck in her room for the past two days while the Kaminoans conducted their research.

    “Patience, young one,” comforted Nala Se. “We’ll be done by day’s end. Find something to keep you occupied in the meantime.”

    Omega let out another sigh and approached the window. “I wonder what the weather’s like today,” she said sarcastically. “Oh look… rain! What a surprise…”

    Thunder echoed across the skies and rain continued to fall into the violent ocean. Darkness covered the planet.

    “I need to run a few errands. Please stay put and try not to cause any trouble while I’m gone… again,” insisted Nala Se.

    Unsurprisingly, only moments passed before Omega made her exit.

    Making her way through the endless fluorescent white hallways of Tipoca City, she greeted her brothers with a warm smile and playful smalltalk.

    After stopping for lunch in the mess hall, Omega observed the training facility. She had always wanted to try it for herself, but knew the most action she was ever going to experience was from the sidelines.

    A squad of rookies were taking their trial run, and it was not going well. Within moments the entire squad were out.

    “Blasted training! We’re never gonna pass!” ranted a trooper, leaving the trial.

    Omega felt sorry for him. “Hello, trooper!” she said while running to catch up. “Sorry about the trial. It’s not easy.”

    “You got that right, kid,” grumbled the clone.

    “I’m Omega,” she smiled. “What’s your name?”

    “CT-2731,” he replied.

    “CT- what?” she said, confused. “No, your name!”

    “CT-2731,” he repeated.

    “But don’t you have a name… name? Like Rex or Cody or Wol-“

    The trooper cut her off “N- No! Look, my name is CT-2731 and nothing else. I’m not special or talented. I can’t even pass a basic trial.”

    “That’s not true!” comforted Omega. “You are special. We all are. There’s something unique inside every single one of us. Maybe you just need some help finding it.”

    “Look, that’s kind of you to say, kid, but I’m just not,” he moped. “I can’t aim, I’m not fast or strong like the others, and I can’t even remember a plan half the time.”

    “No one gets anything straight away. Isn’t that what training’s for? I know you’ll ace the trials one day!”

    Omega’s head dropped. “At least you’ve got the opportunity… I’ll never be allowed to train.”

    He looked at her with sympathy. “Well, you’re not missing out on much.”

    The two had reached his quarters. As the door opened Omega’s eyes widened in pure amazement.

    From roof to floor hung colourful paintings and portraiture drawings. It was a breath of fresh air to see something in Tipoca City that wasn’t ice white or gloomy grey.

    “Did you do all of these?!” gleamed Omega. “They’re incredible! I’ve never seen anything like them!”

    The trooper smiled for the first time all day. “Thanks, kid. That- that means a lot.”

    Omega lit up “I know what your name should be! Sketch!”

    “Sketch…” repeated the clone. “Ha, I like that.”

    As Omega continued to admire his works of art, Sketch thought to himself that maybe he was more special than he had grown to believe. Just not in the same way he had expected.

    Sketch may not be good with a blaster, but he was skilled with a pencil. And he may not have passed the trials yet, but today he had brought happiness to this young clone. It was enough to keep his spirits up and his head held high.
  3. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    I'm glad I found these.

    Cad Bane is the sort of character that you like to read about, even if you don't like him, because he's interesting.

    I love Omega. I'm not very familiar with her yet, but I absolutely love her. I wish all the good things for my little Meg'ika.