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Star Wars Star Wars- The Final Resurrection

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by master-of-les-pauls, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Hello? Phoenix Force dropped a seismic charge among TIE fighters during the space battle. The only TIEs at the time, were those being engaged around Shielder.
  2. Master_Y-wing

    Master_Y-wing Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 1, 2003
    IC: Horton Salm
    Location: Flurry meeting, in hyperspace to Telos

    Salm reseated himself with Irisa as the hologram suddenly started speaking. "Guess not," he muttered to her as they sat down.

    Luke did his prattling, followed by Wedge's short report. Dif Muncho, leader of the squad designated Green, then offered up his report. Friendly fire was never taken lightly by Salm, though he wasn't even sure what affiliation the Phoenix Force had, Alliance or otherwise. After Muncho had finished, Salm looked up from his datapad and spoke.

    "Aggressor Wing suffered no casualties. Before we could board again, we had use ion cannons to disable these little mechanical creatures drawing power away from the Flurry. I'm not sure exactly how they got there or where they came from, but my XO..." Salm trailed off and quickly scanned his datapad for the term, "...discovered records a similar model used in the Clone Wars called 'Pistoeka' sabotage droids. In any case, perhaps because they were such old models answers why we could dispatch them so easily." Salm turned his head to Manchuso. "Hopefully the Flurry isn't having any after-effects from the sabotage?"

    TAG: Manchuso (whom MOLP is now playing I assume)
  3. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    OOC: Hello? Phoenix Force dropped a seismic charge among TIE fighters during the space battle. The only TIEs at the time, were those being engaged around Shielder.

    OOC: I know that. He was aiming for the Star Destroyer. I'm just saying the guy had no contact with Phoenix Force and Phoenix Force is not a civilian vessel.
  4. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Charlie Crewes, Danni Reese, Captain Che?att, firefight, and Blockade Runner.
    Location: Telos surface, star system

    Half in and half out of the ?speeder, arms stretched into the rear area to reach the rear gun, Charlie Crewes desperately blasted a line of heavy blaster shots left and right, blowing at least one of the caterpillars apart.

    Small weapons? fire was plinking into the airspeeder?s flanks, ricocheting of the small window blister that looked towards the enemy transports, smoke plumes wafting lazily, pulverised earth fountaining; it was no surprise that he barely saw anything now.

    Something rattled in the forward seat, to Crewes left, and he craned his neck away from the fight to see what the hell it was, though he had, somehow, known.

    The explosion from mere feet away shredded into the Alliance soldier, bouncing him barely a foot before his canopy arrested his flight, and he flopped back to where he had lain, a mini-tornado of smoke belching from the cratered ruin of the front seat.

    The rear blaster fell silent.


    On the ground, a scarlet line of blood dripped from one of Danni?s ears, while the other seemed fine, her dropped Q2 lay forgotten, barely a couple of inches from where her right hand would be if it hadn?t been clasped to the side of her head.

    The sudden pressure of the two Wolatarian troopers holding her down, brought her out of herself a bit, vision clearing slightly. She automatically tried to shift the two, but without immediate success.

    Reese calmed, deliberately drawing upon her Meridean Jitsu training, noting where on her body, she was feeling their combined pressure, and decided it was on both shoulders, meaning she certainly could not sit up.

    The SpecForce trooper tensed, brought her knees up past her hips, and kicked her feet over her head, using the backward momentum to roll backwards from under her assailants, and landing, free, on her knees.

    Spotting her shiny weapon on the packed gravel to her right, she scythed her left elbow across the head/face/delete as applicable of the caterpillar on that side of her, and dove for her gun, her right arm hooked out like a canoe?s outrider to bear the other soldier to the ground with her, grabbing her Q2, and jamming the business end to the end that certainly seemed to be more head than tail.

    ?Alright, nobody move!? She inhaled deeply, getting some much needed air into her burning lungs. Reese tried to hold onto the alien combatant, straddling it with her legs out like the legs of the letter A, so that it could not roll enough to either side to dislodge her; C?Boath, but the thing was muscled! ?Try anything and I will smoke this abo?!?

    She stole a glance towards the Wolatarian she had elbowed, to keep him honest, then tried to keep her attention on as many of them as she could.


    Doom 2 bridge

    ?Get back here now.? The silhouette of ?Father? ordered from the main viewer above the Calamari crewmen. ?I am transmitting the coordinates for the RAID situation.?

    Che?att nodded once. He understood RAID to be Rebel Agents in Distress. ?You want me to ?bring the noise???

    ?If that is Rybet patois for a Base-Delta-fragging-Zero, then yes, ?bring the noise. These caterpillars want to drokking escalate, we can drokking escalate.?

    The captain had never heard the case officer swear like this, and understood that the man felt responsible for what had happened to the snowspeeder patrol. He didn?t even consider telling ?Father? that he wasn?t carrying any troops like normal. This had started out taking some flowers up to that Tanka bird on the Echani battle cruiser. ?We?re on the way. Helm, bring us about; max? sublight to the danger zone.?

    ?Yes sir.?

    Che?att leaned over to press the button on his armrest, connecting him with the guest quarters. ?Alison? Apologies if you have responded to my charms, and cha
  5. Master_of_les_pauls

    Master_of_les_pauls Jedi Knight star 1

    May 28, 2010
    Ic Jan Dodonna , Admiral Ackbar, Manchuso

    Location The Flurry, Telos

    Both members of the high council were more then happy with what they were hearing about the mission. Neither of them had imagined the mission going this well and of course the destruction of not just one but two Star Destroyers was an added bonus.

    Tessa rose from her seat to answer Horton's question ?The Flurry has sustained a fair amount of damage during the battle? She turned and gave the leader of Aggressor Wing a warm smile, despite there disagreement earlier ?But thanks to Aggressor Wing none of that damage has come from the
    Pistoeka' sabotage droids?

    ?Very good? Jan Dodonna said though there was something in the Reports from the Green and Grey leaders that troubled him ?What MO do we have on this Phoenix force at all??

    Ackbar then chimed in ?Now General Solo, your report please?

    Tag Solo, Salm, Sithy
  6. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003
    OOC: I love the action. Now it is getting intense. Sorry the body count had to rack-up on the rebels. Every time I think my next move, your post always manage to shift the situation. Keeps me on my feet. Nice job, Sithy!

    MOLP, post-y please for Mira and Parvil? =) Sith-I-5 and I?s story is still twenty minutes in the future for them.

    In Character:
    15:10 Wolatarian Synchronized Time
    Testing Waters
    Telos System, Kwymar Sector

    1st Sgt. Airal Idai, WUEF
    Expeditionary SOF Extraction Group Zayin-1
    ?Convoy Alef-4-4-Bet-Gimel? (Squall Four/Five) Gr-177 Transports
    79km North of Rosh Farming District, Planet Telos IV

    Col Col. Etana Oss, UWAF
    Cpt. Isira Cha?lil, UWAF

    Cit?o Flight Recon Position
    Exosphere, Planet Telos IV

    [blockquote]The battle ended as quickly as it began, a torrent of small arms fire giving way to the tinkle of transpisteel and metal raining from the speeder. Dust and smoke drifted around the area and a clatter of yelling began as the teams shouted to each other for aid, or movement.

    The engines on both the transports were spinning up again, the pilots ready to get the teams out of the area. The navigator on Squall Four, and two SOF members rushed and were using portable fire suppressors on the flames inside, even as the battle raged outside.

    As the battle transitioned from a squall to a breeze, the team quickly switched from combatants to medics. At least seven were injured from the high-velocity spray of molten soil and rocks thrown by the blast of the now-deceased pilot?s cannon. The other speeder was still burning and descending in its queer hover.

    Inside the cockpit, the pilot of Squall Four, cpressed the various screens to bring the ship back online and prepare to lift off as soon as they troops were back onboard. He heard the grenade and checked the vidscreen. Smoke poured from the speeder, and burning sparks rained down around it. Content the battle was over, he shifted his attention to checking what systems might have been damaged by the cannon fire. So far, only auxillary systems were damaged and a fire suppression line to the left engine. The ship, though hit, would have no trouble taking off.

    First Sergeant Idai rushed forwards towards the Wolatarian struck by the bolt. The body was twisted oddly, the two halves held together by a small strip of blaster resistant weave, and his internal organs spilled out the gaping, scorched wounds. It took the First Sergeant only a second to recognize him as one of the three new privates they had received last month. This was Private Mawria, a native of Vandar. As Idai reached him, his mouth was gaping open and eyes seemed to be trying to move. Though still in the last moments of consciousness, he was for all purposes, already dead. With a lump in her chest, she reached down to close his eyelids. This would be the third comrade she had lost in her career.

    The sergeant was pulled away from the graphic scene of her fallen comrade a moment later by a scuffle ahead of her. In a flash, the two Wolatarians who had rushed to secure the female human, had be knocked by and before Idai?s rifle was up, the female had one of the Wolatarians in a lock with her weapon to his head. She had to be a bit impressed with the way she handled the three-hundred kilogram soldiers. Whoever they had crossed here, wasn?t just some beat cop.

    What was with these humans? Death wish much?

    ?Alright, nobody move!? She said, as if this was a bank hold-up. ?Try anything and I will smoke this abo?!?

    By the time she had him pinned, half of the teams already had weapons trained on her. Idai wondered if she realized she was shoving her weapon against a blaster resistant helmet that wrapped Sergeant Yoph Rystlald?s head. Depending on the power, at that range, it might still be lethal to him. The weapon she had was tiny, and Idai was quickly assessing how penetrating it might be on Sergeant Rystlald?s helmet.

  7. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: NPC Weequay, Wayne the Weequay, Switek and STAN
    Location: Landing field, Nar Shadaa

    Stan Switek nodded gratefully as the Soildings agreed to come too. If they had ?history? with this Drekka dude, they knew that he would be no pushover, or at least, not to stand behind him if he did get pushed over.

    ?No, don?t hurt me!? Cried a gravelly voice by the pilot?s knees, causing him to look round and down, to where one of the thugs had dropped to all hands and knees behind him.

    Another Weequay planted a plate-sized hand onto Stan?s chest and pushed hard, causing him to fall backwards over the kneeling alien, his blaster firing a bolt up into the Pusher's shoulder, turning him around with the impact. Pusher bolted into the night, followed a moment later by Kneeler.

    ?I hate when that happens.? Switek moaned, stretched out on the cracked ferrocrete. After a second, he tried to roll over.

    The tankdroid rolled caterpillar tracks backwards and forwards, slowly turning its cannon from the youngest henchman, to help, only for him to sprint a few paces, and duck to roll under the landing gear of the yacht that Astella had shot earlier.

    ?You?ll never take them alive!!!? One shouted out of the darkness.

    Zaq?s captive made no attempt to free his arm from the captain, but instead quickly spun into and away from him, attempting to wrap an arm around the Nabooese? back, and planted a leg in front or Zaq?s left shin, to throw him over.

    STAN ruined Switek's night vision with a lethal flash that had reduced the last three thugs to glassy patches, by time he rose to one knee, and sighted along his infra-red targeting scope to the escapees, then put the gun up and swore. ?Drokk! We gotta follow them. You okay with yours?, Zaq??

    Tag: OrrionCarn
  8. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han Solo
    Meeting Room, The Flurry

    The same tired speeches were made in the same tired manner as the fighter crews made their reports. It took all of Han's strength to prevent himself from nodding off and embarrassing himself even further than he already had with his raid of the buffet table. Of course, Han was a man that rarely cared about what others thought of him and his habits, but there were always exceptions to that rule. In this case, he needed to earn extra brownie points with high command if he even wanted to survive this debriefing.

    "Now, General Solo," Admiral Ackbar's gravely voice finally called for his attention. "Your report please."

    Lifting his chin to gaze at the Mon Calamari, Han didn't even bother to stifle the yawn as he shifted in his seat and began to speak in his usual casual drawl. "Everything went well, Admiral. We went in, did what we were told, got out..." He shrugged. "I can't really complain. We did have some losses, but I think all can be forgiven once you feast your eyes on this little gem and the information it's carrying..."

    Reaching into his tunic pocket, Han produced the small datachip he had swiped from the mainframe inside the bunker's command center. It was fascinating that such a tiny piece of hardware could hold the schematics for the Empire's next big thing - an advanced shielding technology that the Alliance had been meaning to get their hands on for months. And now, here it was, perched between Han's thumb and forefinger. He turned it about slowly within his grip, purposely trying to entice the Admiral.

    "So, what do you think?" he started again, studying the Admiral carefully with his eyes. "Not bad, huh?"

    TAG: All within the meeting room
  9. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    IC: Lanta Makarins Imperial Engineer/Scientist & Rebel Agent and R4 N8
    aka "Chirppy".

    Time: Midnight shift Prior to Lady Tyris' arrival.

    Location: Death Star, orbiting Caridia.

    "What was that you said?" called Lanta in frustration. "I've got twelve fabricators working balls to the wall down here and I can't make out what your saying," she nearly yelled. The com channel seemed to clear as interference filters were engaged to make communications better. She looked down to see Chirppy jacked in once again, no doubt making effort to help with the problem. Sure enough, the Lieutenant's voice at the other end was clearing up and she could now make out what he was saying.

    "...want a status report now on the Power Relay Coupling for the Super Laser!" He nearly bellowed also in frustration at not being heard.

    "Oh good. Filters are back on line again. Yes. Status is as follows: We have the PRCs in place and are now capable of operation. The fabricator Droids are currently securing the frame work so that they won't misalign. I would strongly suggest for the sake of any technicians sent down here that they keep clear of the tunnel's innards during operation as they'll get fried quicker than a Male Gas Fly just after mating, so make sure that this is listed as a Lock Out Tag Out work area before they enter it," she said firmly.

    The Lieutenant at the other end paled a little. "As long as it works by Moff Jerjerrod's next inspection," he said with conviction.

    "Oh it will all right," said Lanta then disconnected while she simultaneously and apparently, accidently dropped her 6,000 Credit Technicians's Multi-Tool which went into the lower sections of the power relay tunnel out of her apparent reach. "Damn." she fumed. "No time to retrieve that. I'll have to write up for a replacement of equal value, at shift's end," she spoke to no one in particular-except perhaps the Fabricator Droids who were just finishing the last of the welds and starting off to the next section of the scheduled list of work assignments.

    Now if I can just get the activation code out to the Alliance for this gift from Guiy, the PCR will blow up in their collective faces when next they use the weapon to kill Alliance Forces. Pay back is such sweet sorrow, she thought as she wanly smiled, her eyes shedding tears down her cheeks as she recalled her first hearing of Alderaan's destruction and the death of her Mother, Father, sisters and one brother, little Tobias.
    They would pay dearly for what they did!

    "Chirppy. Plan Alpha is in operation now its up to you, my little friend to get communications to the powers that be up and running to let them know, she said softly to the R4 unit as she knelt down to adjust her pant leg cuff. Chirppy toodled his acknowledgement, branched off and took a Droid Traffic Tunnel. Heading for the Communications junction relay block, so as to patch in for the big message. Several minutes later, the little droid arrived and jacked in. Chirppy waited for a convenient Imperial message to high jack then sent out the hand shake code for Mellon Seed... waited... then established contact... The droid then downloaded the coded information in HD Burst using the 'Hyperwave Piggy Back Method'. It worked. Chirppy left for his rendezvous with Lanta.

    IC: Lobot and NPCs ECHO 3 Team Members Terrance, Piper, Ventru and Psyrus. NPC R8 Droid Units: Theo, Aether, Neumo, Cybin and Prit.

    Location: Caridia's Heliopause, Hyperspace Relay Station #83231IHRS.

    Prit was on watch monitoring the Imperial Hyperwave traffic coming through #83231IHRS. The filters picked up a familiar pattern of code and responded to it. This was followed by a burst of HD data. Prit captured it, then acknowledged it and alerted Ventru, who in turn alerted Lobot.

    Lobot reviewed the coded message with keen interest, then verified its source.

    Gentlemen we've hit a jackpot! We've just been given both bad news and good news that cancels out the bad news. Our Yahoo operative has sent us news of the Second Death Star. It has now been repaired in its
  10. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    IC: (NRS) Khorne Kor
    Location: Cardia

    Khorne stood at attention in the room. Even though there were seats for him, he preferred to stand due to his training as a Royal Guard. He looked around the room at the high leaders of the Empire. Many of them were arguing and talking amongst themselves. All except Grand Admiral Thrawn who was standing quite calm actually. Kor smirked as he noticed the Moffs and Grand Admirals were grumbling under their breath, while others stared the other down. Their patience was quite thin and they looked as if they felt as though Thrawn was about to claim his place as Emperor of the New Order.

    Although he didn?t like it, he had to see logic. The Emperor was dead as well as his clear successor Lord Vader. Of all of those present, Grand Admiral Thrawn was most competent for the job. Although he didn?t like it, he knew that the Empire had to be united under a firm hand to crush the Rebellion. In his opinion, the Alliance was not beaten utterly; they only wounded the dragon, nothing more. If it was differently, he would be content to let these fools fight amongst themselves.

    He noticed Thrawn had his guards holding weapons at the ready. Khorne smirked; he had his royal guard companions and a battalion of shadowtroopers. (shadowtroopers can disappear) If it comes to blows, he will be delivering the blows.

    ?What is this about Thrawn?? Nivers would not use Thrawn?s rank in his question. ?Are you here to tell us you are in charge? If so, I believe you will be challenged by all of us?? Rhuk hissed loudly behind Thrawn, but was silenced by his master.

    Thrawn walked around the table, Rhuk closely behind him. ?Come now Moff Nivers, do you really think I would call you together and make my claim?? He stopped in behind the man, Rhuk?s breath, hot and steamy fell upon the Moff?s neck like a vice grip. ?Surely, I would be much more intelligent than that.? He paused, ?I would have snuck in your room at night while you were asleep and slit your throat.?

    Kor chuckled.

    Nivers threw an ugly glance at Thrawn as the whole room erupted into anger. ?This is outrageous. You had better have an explanation for this meeting.? It was more of a threat from Trachta than a order.

    ?He will not be challenged by the Royal Guard,? Kor remarked coolly. ?He holds more competence than all of you put together!? He noticed the Moff clutching a blaster, ?Put that toy away.? He remarked coldly.

    ?What gives you the right to order us you sorcerer?? snapped another Moff.

    ?The dark side of the Force is more powerful than that pathetic super-weapon we have, don?t mock it!? Kor countered. His eyes narrowing.

    ?Don?t frighten us with that ancient relig-? the Moff?s voice abruptly stopped. His eyes were bulging as Kor casually used the Force choking him.

    Casually he threw the Moff against the wall. One of his guards drew a blaster only to have Kor, with a gesture, cast it out of his hands. Another guard attacked Khorne, running at him with a blaster, only to be stabbed with a force pike by one of Kor?s Royal Guard companions.

    At that instant, the shadowtroopers reveled themselves with blasters ready.

    Thrawn put his hands up to stop the commotion. ?If you gentlemen will turn your attention to the center of the table, our Emperor wishes to speak.

    A collective gasp filled the meeting room.

    TAG: Ominous, MOLP
  11. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Vangarian, AMN', nice pair of posts! I especially liked the appearance of the shadowtroopers. V, what is the PRC?

    Irisa is re-enacting a Stargate: Atlantis scene between Dr Wier, Colonel Sheppard and Doctor MacKay. Special thanks to IMDB. :)

    [b]IC: Lieutenant Irisa[/b], Manchuso suite

    [b]Han[/b]'s held the prize of the mission between thumb and forefinger, turning it about slowly within his grip.

    "[i]So, what do you think?[/i]" The General asked, staring up at the holoscreen. "[i]Not bad, huh?[/i]"

    Sam leaned forward to glance past [b]Colonel Salm[/b], over the row of knees, and the occasional plate, at the chip.

    [i]For a datachip,[/i] she thought. Solo's question seemed the sort of thing you needed to ask of a protocol droid, shortly after slotting the thing onto it's motherboard.
    Her follow-on thought of the Princess's Threepio unit inviting the General to hit it, drew a wan smile from her.

    [color=purple][b]Princess Leia[/b] I am still trying to understand how you thought it was a good idea to test this out by having someone throw you off a [i]balcony[/i]!

    [b]C-3PO[/b] Artoo suggested it. But believe me, Mistress Leia, that is not the first thing we tried.

    [b]Han[/b] [Smug] I shot him.

    [Princess Leia gives him "the look"]

    [b]Han[/b] In the leg!

    [b]C-3PO[/b] I'm invulnerable!

    [b]Princess Leia[/b] Aren't you the one who's always telling us the odds?

    [b]C-3PO[/b] [Well pleased] In-vul-nerable![/color]

    An involuntary snort of piglet-type laughter erupted before she could stifle it, her cheeks burning pink behind her hand.

    [b]Tag: all in room, AHC[/b]>
  12. OrrionCarn

    OrrionCarn Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 1, 2010
    IC: Astella Soilding, Nar Shaddaa Landing Fields
    Location: Nar Shaddaa

    It all happened so fast Astella barely had enough time to draw her blaster only to point at nothing. She sighed, but her eyes were wide open in case someone came out of the black of night.
    ?Drokk! We gotta follow them. You okay with yours?, Zaq??

    Zaq batted the weequay on the back of the head with his fist, sending the alien into submission, ?Yeah, I?ve got it.?

    Zaq turned to Astella, to H6 and back, ?H, ?Stella. I?ll take this guy back to The Remedy and tie him up. You two,? he sighed, ?You two follow Switek. I?ll load the rest of the supplies while you?re gone. Keep in touch.?

    With that Zaq gripped the back of the alien?s neck and practically pushed him all the way back to their ship. The young nineteen year old Astella turned to Switek and nodded.
    ?Statement: Oh, I will enjoy this, Mistress Soilding.?

    Tag: Sith-I-5
  13. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    IC: Sheeal Barzak
    Location: unknown planet

    After a few minutes Sheeal muttered ?Forget this, this is probably not Telos Base.?

    He turned to a crew member, ?Get this planet on our navicomputer. We may have to come back to this place.?

    ?Yes sir!? the crewman replied and went off to complete his order.

    Just then, Sheeals halocommunicatior activated with one of his commanders. A kaleesh named Balzik. ?We have set up a defensive parimeter. What else do you want??

    ?Get everything out so the engineers and mechanics will be able to repair the ships without interference and send out some fighters for reconnicence.?

    ?Yes sir!? his commander replied. And the communication was canceled.

    Time to try again. Sheeal thought.

    ?Telos Base. This is Brigadier General Sheeal Barzak Over!"


  14. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    IC: Agent Guiy Phaux, NPCs Foo-Foo & Thumper.

    The journey had been long and arduous, but Guiy had weathered it relatively unphased save his worries for Lanta Makarins and to a lesser extent the little R4-N8 Driod he'd nick named Chirppy. His concern for Lanta was for obvious reasons as they'ed rekindled an old flame that they never explored back in the Imperial Academy days until too late, where as Guiy's concern for Chirppy was a mixture of Anthropomorphism and genuine affection for a human creation that he'd taken a liking to. Guiy sighed, Please if there is a Force out there, let her be safe...let them both be safe. The Hyper Jump termination alarm announced his long journey's conclusion as it counted down from ten seconds to the drop into normal space. He'd taken the alternate route and it cost him in time, but it was safer for heading out bound towards the rim. Guiy settled his feet back into their appropriate deck bound positions with a double clunk as his hard soles hit the floor deck. Thumper was on the gunnery console in case of an unexpected surprise. Foo-Foo with her modified programming was handling communications in the event she'd come in handy for talking their way out of trouble. When the Stars returned from Hyper space dazzle to lines and finally dots, none was forth coming. There instead floated a swarm of Alliance Cruisers, Frigates and all manor of other of Hyper Space capable Warcraft that had come to join in the struggle to free the galaxy from the tyranny of the Empire. IFFs were exchanged and recognized. Guiy was welcomed home by no less than three of his fellows from the outer rims. He finish with brief chit chat then navigated towards Telos Base proper. Traffic was heavy with fighters and other ships whether coming or going Guiy had no idea. Within half an hour he landed and disembarked from the Dust Bunny I at a brisk pace straight for Crix Madine's Office in order to carry out his promised assignment to him. Within a few more moments Guiy was walking up to Crix's headquarters.

    Tag: Master_of_les_pauls.
  15. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Danni Reese, Telos Base personnel, the Doom 2

    Danni was under no illusions that her position was precarious to say the least, as a rough crescent of alien invaders aimed rifles towards her and her captive.

    She had not even managed to get him, her, or it, between herself and his friends, so she was acting as his meatshield. Not a great state of affairs, however, SpecForce volunteers knew that they were amongst the most death-prone arms of the Alliance forces, so whether her demise came in the corridors of a holed starship, operating an E-Web heavy repeating blaster, or playing ?horsey? on the back of a camo-sheathed space caterpillar, she knew was ready.

    ?Drop your gods? condemn weapon now!? Sergeant Idai barked. ?Or I swear you can join your??

    ?Frag yo-? Reese started to shout over the caterpillar?s second outburst, when the first round caught her just below the left eye, blowing everything above, behind and to the sides back over the back of her flightsuit, Rystlald?s tail end, and across the snowspeeder?s radiator grille in a splash of gore.

    Her blaster discharged into the resistant material protecting the caterpillar, and the blowback in turn detonated the Q2?s power pack.



    A three metre plume of ignited plasma painted Reese over the T-47 and GR-177s, pitting the craft with the bone-shot that she had been converted to. Basically, if you ended in 7s, a visit to the car wash featured heavily in your immediate future. After a moment, it rained pulverised earth, gravel, and..., matter.

    Alliance soldiers had been known to use overloading blaster power packs as makeshift grenades, cos? when they went, they went BIG.

    * * * *

    Telos Base

    Groups of ground troops donned heavier semi-armour in response to the alarms echoing through the base corridors, and rushed to muster stations, shifting around Agent Phaux as he strode into the base against their outward flow.

    Some went to defensive emplacesment, setting up E-Web tripod blasters, or manned the more permanent Atgar and Golan laser turrets that were dotted about the base perimeter.

    Ten troopers headed for where Princess Leia and Mon Mothma were with their guests, intending to bolster their protection.

    Within the hangar, the first pair of the six Alert Fighters raised from the hangar floor, and headed out of the cavern mouth.

    They were at least getting airborne, while their own superiors wrangled with Alliance Intelligence, what they were supposed to do.

    Alert Fighters were here to defend Telos Base, not get drawn out by whatever was supposed to have happened up at Rosh...

    * * * *

    Doom 2

    The Blockade Runner tore through space; the reddish-orange, white and brown orb that was the fourth planet, growing rapidly in size as she got closer.

    To the right, a speckle of distant ships marked out the Alliance Fleet, which could not be mobilised without the say so of Admiral Ackbar, so until he gave his go-ahead, the Doom 2 was the only space-going asset that Alliance Intelligence had to hand.

    Automated IFF was briefly exchanged with the Dust Bunny as the other vessel navigated through the Fleet, though the actual vessel was too distant for the CR90's crew to tell her apart from the orbitting warships.

    The starfighters of Cit?o Flight were quickly detected as the Doom 2 approached the planet, but compared to the usual world that the Alliance chose to put their bases on, this had a heavy volume of traffic in and out of the planetary atmosphere, and the Rebel corvette paid them no mind.

    It would soon reach the atmosphere.

    Tag: GenOochy, MOLP for Telos Base, Vangarian (if you want to note the increased activity)
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    OCC A big thank you to Ominous and also to the one and only Sith Star Slayer for helping me with this post

    Ic His Imperial Highness, The Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious

    Location Byss

    It was almost time, time to remind the fools who had tried to carve Darth Sidious's Empire into pieces. These fools would all suffer unthinkable pain at his hands, it was time to take back what was rightfully his! Word had come from Thrawn that the meeting had been moved from the Death Star to Cardia, the location of the meeting did not trouble Sidious in the slightest he was eager for the meeting to begin.

    In the last few days Sidious could his strength beginning to return in earnest, it had taken longer for not just his force strength to return to anything like his normal levels but it had taken a surprisingly long time for his physical strength to return. But now he physical strength had return and his force power's were almost at the apex, once they had he wreak revenge on all those who had dared stand against him.

    The lord of the Sith briskly walked through his dimly lit throne room and took his place on his throne, the throne was positioned above a small flight of stairs similar to the one on the Death Star. Once he began the transmission it would appear to those on the other end that the Emperor was standing above them and that was just what he wanted to project to the Moffs and Admirals. That they would always be beneath him. Once he was seated Sidious opened the communication to the meeting on Cardia, as he waited for the connection to begin the Dark Lord felt a fire burning in his chest, it filled him with dark power as his anger began to swell.

    Then the channel opened and before him he could see the room filled with self obsessed and power hungry fool squabbling and arguing with each other.

    Thrawn put his hands up to stop the commotion. ?If you gentlemen will turn your attention to the centre of the table, our Emperor wishes to speak.

    With those words Thrawn killed the arguing and every set of eyes grew wide in disbelief at his hollo projection. At that moment if a pin had been dropped it would have been the only sound heard in the room, the Moffs and other Grand Admirals had been stunned into silence.

    It was grand Admiral Rufaan Tigellinus who first broke the silence ?It can not be!? He then turned his anger towards Thrawn ?How dare you use this blasphemy to force us under your control yo.. urghh? Before he could finish Tigellinus began clutching at his throat.

    Sidious reached out with the force and began to crush the poor man's wind pipe ?Did you really think that even death could end my rule?? The Sith lord snarled ?Even in death there is no command but mine!?

    This was not the face of the old man who had led the Republic through the clone wars nor that of the Emperor who had formed and guided the Empire for so but the true face of whom they served, Darth Sidious.
    Tigenllinus began to rise from his chair still gasping for air and clutching his throat he croaked out a plea for forgiveness ?P-please your ma-jest..." Crack! "...gah!?

    ?The blood in MY veins, Grand-Moff...? hissed Sidious, "...flows without mercy!" his eyes burned yellow with rage. With one last squeeze he snapped the Officer's neck and almost casually, Force-tossed the now lifeless body across the room, where it smashed into several other Moffs and sent each of them spiralling and tumbling out of their high-backed chairs. The scene unfolded quickly like a sick comedy and only one of them was capable of laughing at it all.

    From clear across the room, Sidious could sense the fear which permeated the conference centre. A wicked grin slowly crept across his face, for it gave him great pleasure to know they each now understood that this was no ruse but that he had indeed returned from death. Their astonishment fed their fear, and their fear was now feeding him.

    ?How is this possible?? A voice stuttered.

    Sidious ferrous eyes cast them self upon the Grand Moff Ardus Kaine ?Moff Kaine, how
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    May 28, 2010
    GM OCC Leia and Crix posts coming asap

    Ic Jan Dodonna, Admiral Ackbar, Tessa Manchuso

    Location Telos, The Flurry

    Jan placed his hands together in front of his chest at the sight of Solo brandishing the data chip that contained the schematic to a working cloaking device, he could not hide his delight at seeing it and he broke into a huge grin. The mission had indeed gone better then they had ever dreamed!

    ?General Solo, it would seem for once you have managed to complete your mission? Ackbar said not trying to hide his disdain for Solo, while he respected Han for his skills as a warrior and pilot he could not over look his criminal background.

    Dodonna interrupted the Mon Cal Admiral before he could insult Solo further, Corellians were well known for there quick temper and the last thing Jan wanted was for a full blown argument to brake out! ?Well done General Solo? He then motioned to everyone else gathered in the room ? You have all completed a vital mission in our battle to free the galaxy from the grip of the Empire?

    It was time for Jan to drop a small bombshell.

    ?The plans you all helped to steal shall be used in our next major offensive? Dodonna paused for a moment ?We are going to finish what we started at Endor, we are going to destroy the Death Star once and for all!?

    Jan let the enormity of what he had just said sink in for those who were gathered ?Now all of you rest and recover your strength, you will need every ounce of courage you have when we finally destroy that dreaded station, now you all dismissed?

    Both Ackbar and Dodonna saluted everyone in the room and Jan then finished the debriefing ?May the force be with us?

    With that the connection between the Flurry and Telos ended and Tessa took centre stage.

    ?Now ladies and gentlemen, as Captain of the Flurry I have provided us with a small feast for us to celebrate our fallen comrades and our victory, now please help yourself to what ever food and drink you wish?

    Tag everyone at the meeting
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    In Character:

    15:02 Wolatarian Synchronized Time
    Antonia; Naval Flotilla Three
    Testing Waters
    Vendara System, Kwymar Sector

    [blockquote]Almost an hour into rescue operations and the carrier Antonia was wrapping up. At least ninety civilians pulled alive from the wreckage of the space docks were in her main hanger bay, treated by Wolatarian medics. The carrier?s flotilla had arrived three million kilometers away and held position. The Imperial Strike-class had not moved, nor attempted to aid the station. It just sat there, over a thousand kilometers from the Antonia. Bridge-to-bridge communications had failed to hail it either.

    The commander of the carrier still had no idea the station had been destroyed by Colonel Oss. The Skadi had never shown back up, and word had been passed that General Parvil was on Telos IV. The medical ship had departed the system. Everything in Vendara was wrapping up, just under two hours from when it began with the arrival of the Executive Flyer transport. That craft was now a mangled wreck, lost inside the devastated hanger bay.

    The commander still had to get the ambassadors out of Telos IV. The SOF force dispatched was not to retrieve them, except in an emergency. They were suppose to depart in a civilian transport to avoid rattling the nerves of the Alliance. Once the meeting was concluded, the plan now was to have an rendezvous with a rebel transport somewhere in the sector. They would contact General Parvil with this plan as soon as he indicated that the meeting was concluding.

    At three after the hour, he received an emergency message for Parvil, one he decided not to pass on. Saana Parvil, the General?s wife, had been involved in a speeder accident. She was being rushed to the medical center in A?thor with no word on her condition.

    This would have to be the most chaotic day in four decades. And at that time, the commander had no idea that in just nine minutes, it would only get far worse.[/blockquote]15:04 Wolatarian Synchronized Time
    Bro?can Royal Towers, B?ran City
    Planet Bro?can, B?ran System

    [blockquote]Another Executive Flyer sat on the fifty-second floor landing dock at the Royal Towers. This particular model was an extended, luxury edition designed just for the Bro?can royal family. The engines whined to life as the Queen and security boarded the transport. It was just past 22:00 local in B?ran City. A crystal clear night, the royal tower standing high above the rest of the large island city, and the swirl of the clusters stars visible even above the street lights. In the northern sky hung the pale blue clouds of the Sigma Nebula. The Queen?s transport rose off the deck and then, lifting into the night sky, streaked for the heavens. [/blockquote]15:06 Wolatarian Synchronized Time
    A?thor Medical Centre
    Municipality of A?thor, 168km NE of Sanna City
    Planet Or?rac, O?ran System

    [blockquote]Looking up, all she could see was the glowlamps flash by as she was wheeled down the hall.

    ?Mostly just lacerations to the face and cracked exoskeleton. She?s lost at least two quarts here. Record says Type-Iota Negative. Ma?am? Can you hear me. I need you to say focused. I?m Doctor Brands. We need to keep you awake right now.?

    ?That?s Doctor Parvil, Brands. Saana? It?s me, De?more. We?re just going to do some internal imaging. You?re going to be just fine.?[/blockquote]15:11 Wolatarian Synchronized Time
    Joint Military Operations Centre
    Imperial House Capital
    Planet Wolatar II, Woltar System

    [blockquote]Minutes after the Queen took to the skies, several light-years across the Wolatarian sector, the President?s transport lifted into the early evening sky above the Imperial capital. A converted military grade transport, washed in glossy white paint, the transport met up with six fighters from the Aeronautical Force almost immediately after taking off. The seven vessels streaked into the upper atmosphere of the Wolatarian homeworld.[/blockquote][color=
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    Mar 1, 2003
    IC: Horton Salm
    Location: Flurry meeting, in hyperspace to Telos

    ?We are going to finish what we started at Endor, we are going to destroy the Death Star once and for all!?

    After Salm collected his jaw from the floor, he uttered a word he didn't toss around very much:


    Salm was no cusser, but when the time needed it, he was glad he was a native Basic speaker. To him, the plosive consonants in the language matched most perfectly the feeling one is experiencing. He crossed his arms in front of him as his mind started to race over all of the reasons why the Rebellion could in fact not mount a second attack so soon.

    Manchuso then moved to the front of the room, announcing the opening of the buffet. Salm was searing with irritation. Glancing at the female pilot seated next to him he said as to be heard by no one else, "What does this slitch think this is, a Gungan wedding? This is ridiculous..." Horton shook his head. No doubt the other squadron leaders would be having a problem with the lack of pilots, snubfighters, and resources. He's have to get their input as well, and maybe convince High Command that they simply were not ready, magic shield or not.

    TAG: Sithy as Irisa
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    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Grand Moff Zinsj, Major Warhammer
    Location: Carida, amongst the blood and guts of the Emperor?s wrath!

    The Emperors anger was rising by the second ?You have ten minutes to provide me with a reason why you should not suffer the same fate as Ardus.?

    With that Sidious turned his attention once more to the gathered military. ?Now you know the penalty for trying to service your own petty goals. Remember you serve me and now as the supreme head of my navy and military you will be led by Grand Admiral Thrawn?

    The gathered Moffs and Grand Admirals were now soaked in fear; it dripped from their bodies like sweat. Each one now understood that they would pay with their lives if they did not follow the will of Darth Sidious.

    ?Under Thrawn's guidance we shall destroy this petty Rebellion and strike fear into all those who would dare oppose me.? Sidious then turned his attention back to Korne who was still force-pinned against the back wall ?Now Khorne, your time is up.?

    Thrawn watched the homicide of Ardus Kaine with some pleasure. His crimson eyes narrowed and a slight grin crossed his face. Indeed the Emperor had grown stronger since their last meeting. Blood and bits of brain tissue from the exploding head of Ardus Kaine splattered against his gleaming white uniform and face. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped away the blood.

    The Emperor continued his wrathful vengeance on the group, focusing on one uninvited guest Korne. Warhammer turned his head quickly to see that the black guard was thrown against the wall and held there by the Dark side, thankful it was not him in the man?s position. Collecting his shock and shoving it into the back of his mind, he nodded his head and signaled the guards inside to disarm the shadowtroopers and hold them at gunpoint. The slides on the new blasters were racked back forcibly and held in the guarded position. One shadowtrooper attempted to resist and was immediately thrown to the grown in a grappling hold. Major Warhammer watched as one of his personally trained soldiers put a boot to the man?s neck and sprayed his face across the floor with a point-blank shot.

    TAG: Korne, Emperor
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    Jan 10, 2008
    IC: Khorne Kor (NRS)
    Location: Cardia

    Kor was so busy punishing the guy that slighted him and the dark side that he did not notice what was going on until someone grabbed him by the force and pinned him to the wall.

    His eyes opened with horror as he saw the Emperor had returned. How is it possible? He searched the Force for months and no reply his master had survived.

    ?Kor? He spoke the name like it was an insult ?You were not invited to this meeting and yet you come here to disrupt my return? Reaching out with the force he lifted him off his feet and slammed him into the far wall ?You bring my Shadowtroopers here in a naked show of agression to take control of my Empire? Sidious kept the Darksider pinned firmly in place against the wall ?I should have had the traitor Vader cut your insides from you?

    The Emperors anger was rising by the second ?You have ten minutes to provide me with a reason why you should not suffer the same fate as Ardus?

    Kor signaled his men to stand down.

    With that Sidious turned his attention once more to the gathered military ?Now you know the penalty for trying service your own petty goals, remember you serve me and now as the supreme head of my navy and military you will be led by Grand Admiral Thrawn?

    The gathered Moff's and Grand Admiral were now soaked in fear, it dripped from there bodies like sweat. Each one now understood that they would pay with there lives if they did no follow the will of Darth Sidious.

    ?Under Thrawn's guidance we shall destroy this petty Rebellion and strike fear into all those who would dare oppose me? Sidious then turned his attention back to Kor who was still force pinned against the back wall ?Now Khorne, your time is up!?

    Kor looked into the Emperor?s eyes and bowed as best he could. ?Mi lord I have no interest in ruling the Empire. While these fools bickered amongst themselves, I was trying to complete my last mission you gave me. The only reason why I?m here is because Grand Admiral Thrawn summoned me. As for the shadowtroopers, this man? he said pointing to the Moff. ?Mocked the power of the dark side. I was just putting him in his place.?

    Kor paused before continuing ?I have tried to find you, but the Force was dead to me, it didn?t tell me you were alive. As for me. If you wish I and my companions will be more than willing to re-swear out Oath of Allegiance to you. I am still loyal to you, like my Royal Guard companions.?

    His Royal Guard companions bowed low before their Emperor.

    TAG: MOLP, all in room

    IC: Serena, (NRC) Koyi
    Location: Nar Shaddaaa

    ?That is nice of you? Serena said as she sipped her drink. ?But how did you know I would come back? Are you still mad at me??

    The Twi?lek shrugged ?You remind me of what I was like a while ago. And that fight we had, you were right I shouldn?t have asked you to do that.?

    Koyi smiled and said ?So you are in??

    Serena smiled then nodded ?I?m in.?

    TAG: Nar Shaddaa

    IC: Selena
    Location: the Flurry

    Selena checked the speeders, the ships, and her x-wing. All in all they were in decent shape but one was partly fried on one end. The others were partly scorched but ok.

    Her x-wing?s proton torpedoes are all gone but she knew they were well spent.

    She saw a bonthan that looked like he was a mechanic. She walked over to him and said ?Excuse me sir???

    ?Don?t interrupt me kid. What are you doing here??

    She glared directly in his eyes and replied calmly ?I am part of Blue Squadron and when you have time I want you to take a look at the damage and resupply them?Oh and my x-wing as well? she said gesturing to her ship.

    The bonthan folded his arms and said ?Why should I listen to you??

    Selena took a deep breath to calm herself down and said ?I?m a Private. Technically I outrank you.? She did not think this was fair. This always happens to her. Every time when the tries to do something, adults do not listen to her just because she?s a kid!

    ?Yes but you are a kid.?

    Selena took a deep breath ?do you want me to notify my superiors a
  22. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    IC: Agent Guiy Phaux, NPCs Foo-Foo & Thumper.

    Guiy could obviously sense the heightened tension in the Bases atmosphere. As he approached the Crix Madine's headquarters he'd felt certain that it would have been here that he'd be if things were about to get hot. Two Aliens troopers were present and on guard at Crix's command center. Guiy turned to the one on the right reading his ID before addressing him. "Private Atkins is it?" he asked.


    Showing his ID Guiy spoke. "I'm Agent Guiy Phaux. I've returned from my mission. Can I reach Crix Madine here or is he at the Command Center?" he asked.

    The Alliance Trooper eyed Guiy's ID, then his face. "Sir Crix Madine is currently over at communications I'll have someone escort you there on the double as we're on high alert," he answered.

    Within a few moments another Alliance Soldier was escorting Guiy to the communications center at a brisk pace. Shortly he and the soldier arrived. His escort brought Guiy to Crix Madine's attention saluted and stepped well back for the two to confer, still eying Guiy just in case. Saluting, Guiy then reached into his zippered tanned shirt pocket and pulled out the data chip filled with all of the information he'd been able to acquire back at Caridia's system and Caridia 4.

    "Sir as you wished for any information available on the Second Death Star, I've brought back a sizable chunk of scans plus other information gleaned from the Imperial Academy. I've also managed to acquire an operative on the inside who's been working on the repairs within the beast's belly. Her name is Lanta Makarins. She's an Engineer and former class mate of mine from my early days there. I took a gamble doing this but it paid off. I know it did. She once mentioned that her home was on Alderaan back before it was destroyed. I gave her one of the special camouflaged explosive packs of Pentex 4 to conveniently drop at a key location. The R4-N8 droid is assisting her in the operation. I also inadvertently made contact with an ECHO 3 Team under the command of
    'Mellon Seed' and dropped them an invitation to stop by Caridia System to see if they could soften things up a bit before our forces hit," said Guiy, all in a tumble.

    Tag: Molp.]
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    OOC: My thanks to Ominous, for the provision of location details. Some nice writing from all participants.

    IC: Grand Admiral Warrick Perrinaw, Chief Analyst Sara Sidell, the Monster Squad, Imperial Academy.
    Location: Carida

    The Grand Admiral?s people had broken several laws, including, he suspected, several physical and temporal ones, to get him from Tangrene this fast.

    But when Wraithis had reverted in front of the Death Star, and saw the personal battle fleets of his fellow Grand Admirals, Moffs, and warlords, he knew in his heart that he was late for the meeting.

    A white Campus Security landspeeder with blue doors, tore towards the designated administration building in the sprawling grounds of the Academy.

    Their attempt to bring one of their ex-Judicial Forces rescue craft directly to the conference centre had been stopped by ?security concerns? and they had been diverted to a local spaceport, only to find all the proper repulsor-limousines already taken and in use by the other dignitaries.

    Sidell had been forced to flash some booted leg to catch the attention of the nearest member of Campus Security, and have him offer to give them a lift.

    ?My sister,? Advised the driver, seated next to Perrinaw, but ignored by him as he looked out for landmarks from his time here as a fresh-faced young lad out of his Sector Naval School. ?reads tea leaves to determine the future.?

    ?Oh yes?? Sara asked from the back seat, while Perrinaw looked up and rolled his eyes at her in the rear-view mirror. He assumed she was humouring the idiot. ?Did she prophesy this meeting of the highest-level people in the Empire??

    ?Nope. But she says, when a kid named Zeth Durron enrols, leave word that anyone claiming to be his brother, is not told that he died in a training accident, and to make sure I am off world, anyway. Sis? can be pretty specific sometimes. Ah, here we are.?

    The speeder slowed at the end of a curved gravel path sandwiched by large fields of green grass, then manoeuvred carefully through a dozen shiny black VIP limousines, to reach the doors. The building they were going to was an uninteresting block of tan-coloured ferrocrete, topped by an oversized crown of curving, organic-looking architecture with lots of large square windows.
    It looked better than an Authority Data Centre, but not by much.

    The Grand Admiral unlocked his door and climbed out, but as he reached in to drag the inflated blue choob-ring from the foot-well, the driver leaned after him with one parting shot. ?I tried to call ahead, sir, but no-one was picking up.?

    On either side of the patrol cruiser, his speederbike outriders, Maria Van Helsing, and Beta, dismounted their Aratech 74-Zs with practiced ease. She had paired her Phase II GAR armour, because of the candy-coloured stripe that helmet and chestplate came with, with her trademark black short-sleeve minidress, and boots, while he was in Desert Terrain stormtrooper gear, minus the backpack. They were both armed.

    The squad leader, ZTA-6479, was already out of the back seat, and called over the roof. ?Maria, Beta, take the Grand Admiral in. We will stay out here and secure the perimeter.?

    ?Yes sir. Grand Admiral?? BTA-1773 pushed open the glased door, glanced into the deserted lobby, then gestured for their supreme commander to follow him in. Maria followed.

    Seventy-Nine looked towards the other vehicles and their chauffeurs, planning the best escape route to get his officer to an empty patch of grass.

    Reason being, none of his team had failed to notice the product of, according to Beta anyway, ?Operation Who-Ate-All-The-Pies?: hanging over the planet like a gibbous moon; if anyone on the Away Team called in a Red Zero high priority extraction, that damn thing was coming in, security concerns or no.

    ?So you came to this Imperial Academy, did you, sir?? Maria enquired as she trailed the pair down the corridor, while Beta tried door handles on first the left, then right side of the corrid
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    Tis I tis I who created "GalaxyBucks" a long long time ago....

    Hello ....May the Force Be With You All!!!!!

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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: LZM, that was a brilliant invention. Have you been reading the thread?

    IC: Aninja the Mechanic, Lieutenant Samantha Irisa, the Flurry bulk cruiser.
    Location: Hyperspace

    Aninja had looked forward to continuing her dalliance with the Rodian pilot, on his successful return from the Battle of Balmorra, as she had silently named the mission, but he had grabbed an emptied crate, and placed it in front of the sealed ship that had joined them after the engagement, and planted himself on it, waiting for the pilot or pilots to emerge.

    She had tentatively identified it as a Rancor, Raptor, Krayt, some kind of beast, but then duty had called.

    It had been constant work since the fighters had arrived back onboard; with some fighter crews immediately wanting someone to work on their ships; while others had sought to relax, debrief, get some shut-eye, clean up. Even the latter folk had eventually started to look around for mechanics and other support crew after a couple of hours, so the work had all run into each other.

    Aninja had pulled yet another re-fuelling tube out of another fuselage, leaning back to massage her own spine, when the Bothan mechanic had come over, coralling a small team, including her, to work on the B-Wings and airspeeders of Blue Flight.

    At his back, had been that incredibly young X-Wing pilot, watching them work for several minutes.

    Then, the rating saw the teenage girl come over and apologise to the furred Bothan about something.

    The rating wiped her hands with an oily rag while she listened with half an ear.

    ?I?m sorry for what I did earlier.?

    ?Ok fine. Good. get out of here and let me work.?

    She wondered what on Fornax that had been about, glancing after Selena as she sighed and strode off.

    * * * *

    Captain?s Suite

    Irisa sat perched on the edge of her seat, having the sense of the meeting winding down, but entertaining the assumption that she was here to give an account of Blue and Dancer Flight.

    She had listened, stunned, to Luke?s announcement that he had found another jedi in Imperial custody, and then felt gratitude to the Commander that he had not spoken for her, to the High Command.

    But that wrestle with that Imperial woman ? Yavscout had called her a ?shaman? ? had awakened something in the lieutenant.

    Adamant that she wanted to be a pilot when she last talked with Luke, now she felt a responsibility to support him. For the good of the Order. A New Jedi Order.

    ? We are going to finish what we started at Endor, we are going to destroy the Death Star once and for all!?


    Irisa?s jaw dropped, and she didn?t realise until she felt her tongue drying out. Certain that she must have gained another audience, she glanced guiltily to her left, and was relieved and gratified to see that Salm had had the exact same reaction!

    Smiling now, she looked up as the Colonel leaned in to whisper, following Captain Manchuso?s announcement that the buffet was open.

    ? What does this slitch think this is, a Gungan wedding? This is ridiculous...?

    After her earlier altercation with the woman on the bridge, Samantha was the last person to jump to the Captain?s defence, but her thoughts were cast back to her childhood, once the nomadic jedi refugees had established a home of sorts aboard a captured Imperial cruiser...Master Yoda had gathered everyone for promotions, awards, and medals.
    She had, after some adventures on Ryloth, passed her Trial of Courage, one of four that a jedi went through, before being a Knight.

    She understood.

    ?It is a different mind set, Colonel? A tone of certainty was in her whispered voice. ?Pilots like us live out of our kit bags, moving from barracks to ship to base. But people like that,? she nodded over to the Flurry commander, ?carry their home with them, so they already they already have the stability. Shi
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