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Star Wars Star Wars- The Final Resurrection

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by master-of-les-pauls, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. master-of-les-pauls

    master-of-les-pauls Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 16, 2005
    Ic Captain Tessa Manchisco

    Location The Flurry, In orbit above Telos IV

    Tessa stood tall and rigid as she looked out of the view port of The Flurry, her arms folded behind her back. She was quite looking forward to the upcoming mission, since Endor the hostility's had ceased while both sides licked there wounds. But now the time was coming to strike back at the Empire and avenge the loss of comrades and the forest moon.

    ?Captian? Came a soft voice from behind Manchisco.

    She turned quickly her black braids whipping around with her ?Yes officer, what is it??

    ?Orders from the surface, we are to send out our co-ordinates to the pilots who are going be taking part in the up coming mission? Said the slim officer.

    ?Very well, send out our location and give all pilots permission to dock? Tessa said, she was quite looking forward to having such men as Commander Skywalker and General Solo on board her ship.

    With the order given clearance and the Flurry's location, was sent through a Rebel encrypted rebel channel and now those on the ship awaited there new arrivals.

    Tag All those coming to Ballmorra

    Ic NRC Galen Ridsha

    Location Radacia space port

    Galen struggled to contain his excitement, if what he was hearing was correct then the Wolatarians were offering the Alliance information on the Empire. Knowing little about Parvil or his race, Ridsha's excitement was tempered by a slight under current of trepidation but never the less any information about Imperials was better than none at all.

    ?Well any information on our competitor would be most beneficial to us? Galen said starting to feel more self assured in his role ?And of course, my employers are more than eager to meet face to face with you General and of course with you also Doctor?

    Then an idea crossed Galen's mind, he wasn't sure it would work or if the Wolatarians would even agree to such an idea thrown at them in such a manor but if you don't ask out never find out.

    ?Perhaps, If you are willing, you'd accompany me back to my organizations headquarters?? Galen asked. ?As I'm sure my superiors would be more than willing to negotiate some sort of? He paused for a moment trying to find the right words ?System for trade, based on the information you have proposed to share with us?

    ?If this is not to much a disruption for you, I can have my shuttle ready for take off when ever your ready to leave??

    Tag Gen0ochy

    Pm sent for clarification
  2. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod
    Location: Death Star II, orbiting Carida.

    Jerjerrod knew he was probably in a bit of a situation here, a really big situation?.

    He could go off and find the military, wherever they were, side with them and topple the bureaucrats who were running the place into the ground.

    Or he could side with the politicians, get what he needed and then when the military came, switch sides and pledge his true allegiances.

    Or the third option was to side with this man get the rescources and fight with him, lest he win and take back what was his.

    Either way, it wasn?t looking pretty.

    ?Lest you forget Jerjerrod, that I am the grand Visor of the Empire, even with his Imperial majesty gone that does not change? Sate said firmly ?You wait for your military to rise again, by the time that EVER? Sate put extra emphasis on the word leaving it dripping with disdain ?happens the Rebels will have destroyed you and your station and will be picking at the carcass of the Empire?

    And he?s off?
    .thought Jerjerrod with a slight note of satisfaction to his thoughts, but overall, the ghost that was worry was crawling through his body. He had a choice to make now, and he had probably put his crew?s as well as his life on the line for that outburst. But boy did he feel better after saying what needed to be said.

    It was time he cared for other people. Yes he was arrogant and he did consider that a negative trait as well as a positive. But that arrogance could cost him.

    Meanwhile Sate was continuing on.

    ?By shunning my efforts to bring about a lasting peace, you also deny yourself the funding and man power to get your precious Death Star back fully operational? Sate said bringing his hands together and resting them under his chin. ?With my help, you can have all the finances you need, I can give you all the slaves you could ever need to rebuild your station?

    This time Sate leant forward slightly before he spoke again.

    ?For you seem to misunderstand me, I am a man of politics and bureaucracy? Pestage said calmly ?You are a solider and a man of honour, together we can strike the balance needed.?

    Allowing a tight thin smile to creep along his bony lips Sate finished what would be his final offer.

    ?Together we can unite the warring factions and take our Empire onto greater heights!?

    Getting the slave labour needed was one thing, getting the resources was something else. And with the factions warring amongst themselves probably even over something so small as a cup of tea, it was going to be difficult, Jerjerrod knew that. He wanted this station back badly because he and others knew it would keep systems in line. However tyranny as shown, didn?t work so perhaps another option was needed. Maybe even use this station as an offensive weapon against the Rebels only, maybe even a travelling base, Jerjerrod could make it happen, he had the money at least.

    Now was a tough decision ahead.

    He made it. For the safety of the Empire, this station, and the crew and remaining soldiers within.

    ?Grand Vizier? he said calmly, preferring to be polite this time ?your offer is a generous one, and yes you are indeed correct, you can provide us with what we need. No doubt your political standing can contribute to our repair efforts and I thank you foe that?

    Now for the bombshell.

    ?However, this station si badly damaged, perhaps no amount of resources can fix it, well shall see. It could be out of action for months; even years and it would not help us if that was the case. However, you politicians think only what is best for yourselves; you do not see the brighter picture, These warring faction will take time to come under control. And would they listen to a politician, even one as highly as yourself?? he snorted ?I don?t think so?

    ?I will take this station, find wherever the military are and join them, because the safety and the security of my crew and troops here would be in a much better position.? He straightened himself up ?If indeed the military should lose, then so be
  3. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Minesh Pinti ?Squint?, B-Wing cockpit.

    The odd shape of the Medical Frigate, disappeared overhead, and he looked about for the Flurry.

    All he saw, immediately, were several other Nebulon-B frigates, the same basic model as the Medical one. The sight made him smile, for he knew that they had been built for Imperial use, and the actions of defectors and Rebel strike teams had brought a whole load of them to the Alliance. Over time of course, not all at once.

    In fact, he could count on one hand, the time he had seen them with an Imperial fleet. The Battle of Mygeeto, certainly. One finger on his right glove straightened from the control yoke as he counted that one. It has been running escort for their own medical cruiser at the time. Ironic.

    The Zeltron furrowed his eyebrows as he tried to remember another instance.


    His frown deepened as he looked at what had been received, then brightened and toggled his voice pickup. ?Blue Flight from Blue One.?

    ?We saw it? Liam?s voice came back. ?Coordinates for the Flurry. Alright, follow me in guys. And remember, cut your engines when you get within four hundred metres, so that their tractors can bring you in.?

    ?Blue One, copy.?

    The others repeated the response, and Minesh steered his fighter after his boss. Eventually, at the edge of the fleet, presumably so it could get a clean getaway without having to manouvre through the other ships, was the bulk cruiser they had been looking for.

    ?Blue Flight, Blue Leader. I have a visual on the Flurry?s hangar bay. Looks like we?ll need to lock S-foils into vertical configuration. Do that now.?

    Minesh concentrated on the various controls to gyroscope the largest part of his starfighter from stretching away to his left, as it had been parked on the ground, to swinging beneath his cockpit.

    ?Alright, on my mark, cease forward motion, and cut your engines. Mark.?

    He stabbed his forefinger down, and felt the familiar thrum of the powerplant die away. Pinti felt his seat shift under his butt as the invisible force of a tractor beam grabbed his ship and held it rigid, while he could see Liam?s B-Wing being taken closer to the cruiser?s aft compartment, under a triangular central brace separating it from the block-like front of the vessel.

    The tractors turned the B-Wing round to face away from the hangar entrance, then hauled it inside, backwards, so that the top-most cockpit was level with a catwalk near the top of the hangar.

    The pilot could see the whole of the hangar interior, so guessed that it was protected from space only by atmospheric, ray and particle shields. He hoped those shields had lots of redundancies.

    The bulk-cruiser swept out of his line-of-sight as his fighter got turned round, and he had a quick view of Braze? vessel behind his own, before he got pulled away from her, and through the atmospheric shield into the Flurry?s brightly lit hangar.

    A rapping sound on the curved canopy startled him, and he looked up to see a Virgillian technician kneeling on the slatted metal catwalk, and gesticulating at him through the transparisteel.

    Minesh cracked the canopy, and allowed himself to be helped out, while the last two B-Wings were brought in.

    ?Watch your step, sir.? The tech warned as the pilot stepped cautiously onto the elevated walkway. ?Wouldn?t want you plummeting all the way down there.?

    Minesh froze, one glove on the tech?s shoulder. ?I thought it was glazed behind you!?

    ?It is.? The tech rapped knuckles on the air behind him, revealing it to be highly polished glaze that acted as a protective barrier. ?I just say that to all my pilots.?

    Pinti glowered at the grinning man. ?And I bet they love you for it.? He stomped off the catwalk to the rear, where it joined up with others, and Liam was wai
  4. master-of-les-pauls

    master-of-les-pauls Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 16, 2005
    Ic Mon Mothma, Crix Madine, Jan Dodonna

    Locations Telos base

    They sat waiting for the Mon Cal Admiral to speak but with a small gesture of his large amphibious head the council knew Ackbar had nothing else to add.

    ?Well Guiy, the items you requested are being brought to your shuttle as we speak? Mon said ?May the force be with you, dismissed?

    Tag Vangarian, Argen Palos

    Ic Luke Skywalker

    Location Telos base

    Before Han could answer Luke's com link began to bleep, the co-ordinates and docking clearance had been given for the Flurry.

    ?Well General? Luke said ?I think we'd better get a move on,? He turned to face Te'Ron ?Well Te'Ron you have my permission to join the ground attack, come on Artoo lets get moving?

    With that Luke gave the two men a slight nod of the head and made his exit from the hanger, as he did he spotted the same Mando he had eyed earlier. Who ever he was the Mando was stood with a few other the other pilots and Luke made a mental note to find out just who he was. Just as he came to the hanger bay's main doors he saw the other Rogues standing together no doubt Janson some stick for once again dosing off during a briefing.

    ?See you guys up on the Flurry? Luke called out to the Rogues ?And Janson, couldn't you manage to stay awake for at least five minutes!? The Jedi knight smiled warmly at his old friends as he passed them.

    Luke walked through the corridors of the great base with the small astro mech droid along side him. The small driod bleeped a few questions as the passed a couple of new recruits who gave Luke a brisk salute, which he returned.

    ?Yes Artoo I do think she's up to the task? Luke said answering Artoo's question ?Sam may be new here but she's not green and has far more experience then I did at Yavin.?

    Artoo gave another reply which Luke could not stop himself from laughing at.

    ?She did what?? Luke said still smiling after what he'd been told ?A happy dance!?? The Jedi shook his head and laughed again ?I think I may be her call sign from now on!?

    The two quickly found there way into Luke small quarters, as a Jedi Luke owned very little. After changing into his flight gear he packed a small bag full, he placed some extra clothes, spare parts for his mechanical hand, two training remote's and some hollo vids and texts he'd managed to find in both Ben's and Yoda's homes.

    With every thing packed Luke powered down the lights in his room and closed the door behind him. In no time at all Luke was not only back in the hanger bay but also in his X-wing, once Artoo was safely on board he guided the small snub fighter out of the hanger bay.
    The moment the got out of the hanger bay a message came up on Luke's computer screen.

    ?It's okay Artoo, I'll take us up to the Flurry myself? He said answering the question.

    It took a matter of moments and Luke was bringing the ship to land in the Flurry's hanger bay, once fully docked, Luke leaped out of the cockpit and landed with a slight thump onto the floor. Even before Luke could turn he could hear Artoo rising from his berth with one simple motion he exerted himself through the force and brought the droid down besides him. As he did so Luke could feel the eyes of half the crew in the hanger bay watching him, this was something he was going to get used to as the Jedi had not been seen for nearly twenty five years.

    Once Artoo was besides him a officer briskly walked up to Luke and saluted him.

    ?Commander, Captain Manchisco has asked if you would meet her on the bridge asap?

    ?Of course, tell the Captain I'll be on deck once I've stowed my gear and changed? Luke replied.

    Tag The Rogues, Han Solo29, Lord Pullus, Sithy and anyone else in the hanger

    Ic The Shadow

    Location Hidden.

    The Shadow sat covered in a blanket of darkness, his eyes closed tightly he peered out beyond himself and felt his power beginning to come back to him. In the last few days his muscles had started to regain there the strength of his youth and now he was able to walk freely w
  5. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Captain Pellaeon, Rhuk (NRC)
    Location: Chimaera (Fleet includes Death?s Head, Inexorable, Judicator, Stormhawk), Rinn

    Since taking command of the fleet, Grand Admiral Thrawn had the taken the luxury suite, two levels below the bridge and converted it to his own command center. Most of his time was spent in meditation as well as studying the various alien art forms that decorated the suite. Thrawn believed much could be learned from the art and writings of other alien cultures and applied in warfare. It took a full day to load the Chimaera with all of Thrawn?s belongings and a few more to refit the room to the Grand Admiral?s specifications.

    Pellaeon maintained his position on the bridge as per orders from the Grand Admiral. Earlier, while the ship was loaded with Thrawn?s personal items, he and Pellaeon sat and discussed the various protocols and procedures that were to be implemented under his command. Thrawn did things differently than most Admirals. Only Pellaeon or his XO Zumirez was allowed to enter his quarters. The one thing that struck Pellaeon was Thrawn?s command-style. The captain was used to Lord Vader?s ?Fail me and you die? method and many first-rate officers in Pellaeon?s mind had died needlessly at the hands of the Sith Lord. Thrawn explained that he was aware of Vader?s methods and disagreed with them as well. It was unjustifiable to execute officers for mistakes, considering it thinned the ranks and never enhanced morale.

    Pellaeon gazed out the viewport. Space, cold and black to others, but to Pellaeon, it was home.

    ?Captain! We have a priority message for Grand Admiral Thrawn!? Shouted the comm. officer below in the communications pit of the Start Destroyer Chimaera.

    Captain Pellaeon walked over the comm. pit, spit-shined, black boots clicking on the deck above. What he would not give for the days when crews were seasoned and followed strict, naval protocol. Now, with the Empire in disarray, he had to deal out experienced officers based on the needs of the other ships in their fleet and train the greenhorns aboard his own. It would take time to become a well-oiled machine, time that was too precious right now to waste on training. With a scowl on his face, he looked down at the young officer, no more than twenty-three and reprimanded him.

    ?Lieutenant, we do not shout at our commanding officers aboard Imperial Naval vessels. Is that clear??

    ?Yes, Captain.? He spoke softly.

    ?From now on, you will leave your station and come to me above and give me the message. Understood??

    ?Yes sir. I am very sorry sir.?

    Pellaeon eased the scowl on his face, ?Now come up here and speak to me.?

    The officer ran up the stairs to the platform above, ?Captain. We have a priority message for Grand Admiral Thrawn.? He handed Pellaeon the data card.

    ?Thank you Lieutenant. You are dismissed back to your station.?

    XO Zumirez walked over to stand by his Captain. He understood naval protocol aboard the Chimaera.
    He nodded at Pellaeon who then spoke in a clear voice, ?XO has the bridge.?

    He saluted Zumirez, ?Thank you XO.?

    Pellaeon proceeded to Thrawn?s private chambers with the data card. As he approached, two guards stood at attention and placed their hands over their weapon. Pellaeon saluted and spoke, ?Captain Pell?? The doors to Thrawn?s chambers opened to reveal the darkened room.

    He slowly walked forward knowing that Rhuk was hiding in the shadows ready to startle him.

    ?Yessss?? Rhuk said in his cat-like voice.

    ?By the Force! Must you do that every time I enter?? Pellaeon had wished the Grand Admiral had left the Noghri bodyguard on Honoghr.

    Rhuk did not answer but only blinked in the darkness and shuffled back into the shadows.

    ?What is it Captain?? An icy voice came from the room. Pellaeon strained to see in the dark.

    ?Sir, we have received a priority message.? He held out the data card.

    Thrawn?s glowing red eyes opened slightly. ?Very well Captain, plug it in to my command console.

    A little more light would help, P
  6. ArgenPalos

    ArgenPalos Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 23, 2004
    IC: Admiral Ackbar
    Location: Telos Base

    Admiral Ackbar shuffled his feet under the large smoothly polished table nervously as the mission to ascertain the condition of the gargantuan battle station, the Death Star was seemingly worked out. Being a man of few words, he merely repeated the words that Mon Mothma had used in giving her blessing to the mission Guiy was about to embark upon:

    ?Yes, may the Force be with you, Guiy.?

    They were powerful words, however, as they had been used by the Jedi Knights for countless generations and now the Alliance had taken up the mantra in the same spirit.

    However, in a pensive state, he eyed Guiy and wondered if he realized how dangerous the mission that he was about to embark upon truly was? The empire would be protecting whatever remained of their immense weapon with every resource available to them and they would certainly be expecting the Alliance to make a move on her.

    The Bothans had been baited by the Empire, it was now clear, and they had fallen into the Emperor?s well designed trap. Were the Imperials anxious to bait more Rebels and how well could the information Guiy obtained from his sortie be trusted? It was by the mere pluck of the Alliance that they survived the misinformation given to them and indeed almost won the Battle of Endor with. Would they be so lucky next time?

    All that would be sorted out with time, he mused with some trepidation.

    Waiting as Guiy left upon being given the command by Mon Mothma that he was to be dismissed, his charge clear, he turned his gaze to Mon Mothma, his large hands folded on the table before him and cleared his throat to speak:

    ?Madame Senator, I would like to recommend a course of action, if I may be so bold?,? he spoke with clear deliberation in his voice, as he waited for the allowance to speak to the council.

    TAG: Mon Mothma, Guiy
  7. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Location: Telos Base.

    IC: Guiy Phaux.

    Sensing their mixture of apprehension, concern and hope at his acceptance of the mission to find and scrutinize the 2nd Death Star's post battle damage, Guiy responded with what he hoped would encourage them.

    "May the Force be with all of us, that we find what we seek to win this war."

    He then saluted them all, turned and left at a sprint. When He was outside the chambers, Guiy swiveled his mic boom around from behind his head to in front of his mouth and spoke into it.

    "Foo-Foo, code 12, I'm expecting some hardware to be delivered and software to be transmitted to Dust Bunny 1's data address. Analyze what's being transmitted and screen for any unwanted viruses and spyware to be safe. I'll be stopping by the Armorer's and the Specialties shop for some last minute acquisitions for the mission. Thumper, you'll need to work with a new partner. It's a R4 series droid. Think of a good name for him when he arrives, nothing demeaning mind you," cautioned Guiy.

    "Roger that, Boss," answered a burly robust voice.

    "There's another item coming, care of the Alliance. It's a Fabritech 1123 scanner to replace last year's model. Foo-Foo. You'll need to install it. If you'd like, bring the nubie in on the installation procedure and make him useful. Also make sure he's equipped with everything he'll be in need of to perform all of his required functions with an emphisis on Data Raiding and fast mobility. Also self defence. Got it?"

    "Yes, Guiy. Anything else?" asked Foo-Foo.

    "Yes. Finish the Post flight safety inspection and double it as a preflight while we're at it. I'll be there in about 30. So don't panic if I'm a little late," Guiy admonished.

    "Roger that Guiy," answered Foo-Foo.

    "Out," answered Guiy.

    45 minutes later, a Modified Onyx colored Baudo Star Yacht named Dust Bunny 1 was lifting of of her landing bay pad and heading out towards the Cardia System in search of very large prey. The most dangerous kind...wounded.

    Tag: Whom ever.
  8. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Samantha Irisa, Liam (Blue Leader), the Detective Wyms, landing platform.
    Location: Telos IV base, and Flurry

    With the receipt of the vessel?s coordinates and permission to dock received from the Flurry, which Irisa rightly took as subtle impetus to get a move on, she dismissed the young woman, and escorted her to the hatch.

    She would have to catch up with her, and hopefully Captain Celchu, during the trip out.
    Where in Fornax were they going that the High Council did not want them relying on their own hyperdrives?

    Yes, okay, Balmorra. I was listening! Mostly.

    Her thoughts, and wave at Selena (though she had not gotten her name yet), were interrupted by an onyx-coloured craft of unusually sporty design, lifting off from her landing bay, and nosing smoothly into the heavens.

    Nodding to the blocky power droid hooked up to the ?Wyms, she stood under her craft?s solid tail, and went on tiptoe to run her hand along the underside of the pitted grey-blue metal, and took a closer look at her Borstel guns.

    ?Nothing wrong with their alignment!? She judged aloud.

    ?Glom?? The power droid asked, it?s thick concertina legs ponderously turning it to the sound of her voice.

    ?What? Nothing.? Irisa waved distractedly in the direction of the main hangar, where the Mandalorian had his ship parked. ?Just that bounty hunter said my guns were off to the left. Nothing of the sort! Unless?? She looked speculatively towards the hangar, ??unless that is his idea of trying to make time with me.? She shrugged. Maybe he was giving himself a reason to survive his Star Destroyer boarding action. ?Thanks for listening.?


    * * * *

    Within the hour, and with the power droid safely detached - she?d embarrassed herself enough for one day - the Detective Wyms had been brought inside the Flurry?s hangar, and settled at the far end of the lower deck, snug against the right side, facing out.

    Denied the chance to land her ship properly, Irisa had to straighten her console and chairs from looking up at the ceiling, to sitting back up.

    She was confident enough of her ship?s durability in the centre of the Alliance fleet, that she had not bothered to put on her flightsuit for the short trip up, so she was still in her blouse, skirt and black boots from earlier, as she shoved clean undies and a datapad into a small faded blue battered holdall, bearing the flaking Pasarena Holiday Resort logo of yellow sand, blue sea and green-fronded trees.

    She stepped down the ramp, to find Liam waiting for her.

    ?Sam?. You find us okay??

    Irisa shrugged as she jumped down to the deck. ?Well, the coordinates helped.? She looked up at his face as she fell in beside him to exit the hangar, spying at least one X-Wing already up here. ?Everything alright??

    ?We got our first problem with the T-47s; we are going to need gunners. For the harpoon at the back.?

    She stopped in her tracks at this. ?Aw dammit.?

    ?Hey,? Liam put reassuring hands on her shoulders, ?it?s not a problem.?

    ?You just said it was!? She whispered back in a concerned tone.

    Blue Leader hesitated. ?Okay, yes. Yes I did.? He nodded with positive vibes. ?But we have a solution. We pull some of Flurry?s gunners.?

    ?But won?t she need them herself, y?know, for her guns??

    Liam chuckled. ?Against two star destroyers, are you kidding? Once she drops us into the hot zone, she?s gone! Probably in the next system, hiding behind an asteroid!?

    Irisa took a deep breath. ?Alright, set up a meeting with Captain-?


    ?Bless you.?

    ?No, that?s her name.? He paused, shaking his head at her pun.

    Irisa smiled impishly at him, then sobered and looked about. ?So where is the bridge, anyway??

    Liam released her and pointed over her head and out through the shimmering atmospheric shield at
  9. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    OOC: Sorry about the late post
    IC: Selena
    "So tell me about this stealth tech of yours. I mean, the sensor jammer on an A-Wing works great against other starfighters, but on a star destroyer?s massive sensor array, all it does is say, ?here I am!?.?

    ?Well, It was added on at my request.? Explained Selena. ?I also work in intelligence and I needed a reliable getaway/ multipurpose ship that I can use effectively.?

    ?I am appending you to Delta Squadron, Private. Star Destroyers of the class that Commander Skywalker mentioned, hold six squadrons of TIEs; that?s seventy-two ships each, and launch them primarily through a docking port in the ventral hull. That?s the belly area. Can your stealth capability get you close enough to put a couple of torps into their main attack hangar??

    Selena thought about it. ?I think so. On my one of my last assignments? I was able to sneak inside a space station undetected, so I guess it has the technology to do it.?

    Tag: Samantha Irisa
  10. LordPullus

    LordPullus Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 6, 2006
    IC:Te'Ron Griff
    Hangar Bay, Flurry.

    Receiving master Skywalker's approval Te'Ron took it as an affirmative, and so wasted little time giving a salute before racing to his humble quarter's where he found it as empty as ever. Having lived in military living arrangements since he could remember Te'Ron existed with very little personal possessons, and he was always prepared for random mission's which would take him away from whatever base he called home. It took Te'Ron less then three minutes to gather his things into a small military standard duffle bag grabbing his comlink off his nightstand on his way out.

    "Always on the move", Te'Ron sighed to himself as he was able to catch a ride on a speeder heading for the Flurry with supplies, and as he entered the hangar the area was certainly buzzing with mixed feelings no doubtedly pertaining to the upcoming operation.

    Te'Ron relayed a brief message on his comlink for his Specforce commander notifying of his whereabouts though the specific's for the mission where kept to a minimal. The hangar consisted mostly of pilots, and the ground crew's that worked over the ships they flew so Te'Ron managed to find a seat on a nearby crate giving him a moment to gather his thoughts about Balmorra his fingers working over the dogtag's around his neck as his brown eyes scanned the area around him.

    Tags:Any in the Hanger
  11. KraytDragon90

    KraytDragon90 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 1, 2005
    Approved By The God Master

    Name: Flint Phelan Redwing
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Species: Bretonian
    Eye Colour: Silvered blue
    Physical description: Near-human. Average height and eyes, with silver hair. No outstanding marks.
    Clothing: Brown jacket over dull blue shirt and pants
    Personality: Reclusive and confident about his abilities. Usually very calm and kind.
    Occupation: Freelance Slicer (Governmental agent)
    Force sensitive: Yes
    Area of Expertise: Slicing, sniping, blaster pistols
    Rank: Major

    Personal Ship
    Name: Iced Nova (Call Sign: Cyph)
    Class: Ice Demon Mk V
    Weapon Systems: 2 Laser Cannons
    Crew Compliment: Pilot
    Hyperspace Capability: Class 1.5
    The Ice Demon was the first fighter class vessel designed to deal with the difficulties of flying through the gas clouds and nebulae of the Sigma sector of space. Highly maneuverable and heavily shielded, the Ice Demon was ideal for a dogfight within the highly volatile gas pockets of the clouds. Due to the dangerous nature of the job of pilot, even in peacetime, all who served a full term piloting within the clouds were allowed to keep their fighter at the end of their service.

    Biography: Born as a miner in the Skadi Imperium, Flint was typical of his species. He worked his way up from simple cabin-boy until he was the skipper of one of the millions of anonymous mining barges. Until his barge got caught in the path of an exploding gas pocket that plagued the clouds. After receiving his treatment, Flint was transferred over to border patrols. After a few years of random transfers, Flint finally found himself in what he thought would be a simple desk job. Governmental slicer. His job? Slice his way back encryption blocks and hack into the computers of pirates, revolutionaries, Woltarian government, and other random things. Simple job, no danger. Until less than a year into his stint, he found himself piloting his Ice Demon towards a rendezvous point to contact the Rebellion, ?officially?, to possibly arrange for a more open system of support. Unofficially, his duties were more to investigate the rumors of Woltarian interactions with the Rebellion.

  12. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lieutenant Shaara ?Braze? Dawnstrider (npc), Flurry hangar, upper tier.
    Location: Alliance Fleet, Telos? orbit

    The curvaceous, slim woman; yellow hair cascading down the shoulders of her olive green flightsuit, sat cross-legged on the metal slatted catwalk next to the cockpit of her B-Wing, staring through the vast, almost invisible, atmospheric shield fronting the Flurry?s hangar.

    The place had hardly begun to fill up yet. The top tier carried the four B-Wings, their central foils and two side s-foils hanging down. The bottom deck had just Skywalker?s X-Wing and Irisa?s Firespray.

    She was facing into space, but her minds eye was seeing more than the fleet, the stars, and the planet Telos.

    She was thinking of her recent past.

    Shaara had volunteered for unusual duty on the blockade runner, Doom 2, running Procurement or Intelligence missions from the corvette in her Y-Wing.
    Times had moved on, and a combination of Intelligence? rules about retiring an operative after twenty-three missions; and her Y-Wing?s scouting role being taken by an instrument-packed A-Wing, had forced her to switch divisions, and change from flying Y-Wings, to B-Wings.

    To say she had never looked back, would be a lie. She had looked back, and did so quite regularly.
    She missed those days.

    For a start, even as a mere Flight Officer, her opinion had mattered, as one of only two officers on the Doom?. Here, she was overshadowed by the boys, Liam, Minesh and Narain.

    And then Commander Skywalker had created a new squad and put Samantha in charge! She wasn?t even a starfighter pilot.

    In Shaara?s old life, she had gotten to name their maiden mission ? Operation Dinky Fork. She smiled at the memory.
    ?Cos we are stabbing our fork into situations to pick what we want.? She had explained her reasoning to Captain Che?att, the corvette?s Rybet owner. Actually, now that she remembered, they had been brainstorming ideas for the mission name, and the captain had been digging into some spongy cake of some type; she had been commenting on the utensil he was using, the little, jam-covered, plastic fork thingy, and her name for it had struck a chord with the captain.

    Still smiling, she nodded to herself at the resolution of the memory, and continued looking out through the shield.

    Tag: no-one

    [b]IC: Lieutenant Samantha Irisa, Blue Leader Liam ?Bongo? Parra (npc), Narain "Squint" Karthaneyan[/b], [i]Flurry[/i]? short-term pilot quarters.
    [color=red]Location: Alliance Fleet, Telos? orbit[/color]

    The hexagonal space among the repair units behind the hangar, had been turned into a lounge for pilots. The four walls with no hatches set into them, had an abbreviated honeycomb of lozenge-shaped alcoves, with sufficient room for a human to lay his head and pack down, and get some sleep. Stained violet drapes helped keep out the stark lighting.

    Narain and Minesh were doing that now, used to grabbing sleep when they could.

    Liam was by a wall communications unit that looked like it had seen better days, one finger pressed on ?transmit? while he spoke into the grille that he guessed, doubled as voice-pickup and speaker.
    ?[color=darkblue]Is that the bridge? I would like to arrange a meeting between Lieutenant Irisa and Captain Manchisco.[/color]?

    ?Or a senior officer.?

    ?[color=darkblue]Or any senior officer.[/color]? Liam relayed. Releasing the transmit button, he looked back at the battered table in the centre of the lounge. It looked painfully fragile, with it?s foldaway legs, and thin brown surface.

    Irisa sat there, sloped in her chair with legs straight and crossed at the ankles under it, arms folded as she looked at her open datapad from under hooded eyes, her head down.
    The screen on the compact, black clamshell device, showed scrolling footage of a star sestroyer?s surface hull, recorded by the ?[i]Wyms[/i]? visual scanners during Endor, as she had helped attack the communications ship.

    Just in front of the screen, projected above the keyboard, a holo-projection rolled between side and>
  13. AMNDRAG_01

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    Jan 10, 2008
    IC: Selena

    Selena arrived at the hanger. Ever since her and Irisa had their conversation, she had been perparing herself. She docked the hagner and got out of her ship and was approched by a guy that was several years older then her.

    "Who are you?"

    "I am Selena. I am expected."

    "What rank are you?"


    TAG: any
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    GM OCC For all those waiting on my replies, I'm sorry my post's haven't been so forth coming. Theres been a death in the family, but I'm working on posts and they should be up over the week end

    Ic Mon Mothma, Crix Madine, Jan Dodonna

    Location Telos base.

    Crix watched as Guiy made his exit from the council chambers, watching him leave he couldn't help but feel more than a little worried about his mission. Madine had hardly dealt with Phaux before today, it had been Dodonna and Mon who had been Guiy's contacts within the Aliance and now the high council was sending this man of on what could well be the most important mission of the Rebel Alliance. No matter what Crix's misgivings on this person were, someone had to scout out the Death Star and find out the status of that monstrous killing machine. And it just happened to be Guiy.

    Before Crix could voice his own concerns Admiral Ackbar spoke asking if he could recommend a course of action.

    ?Of course Admiral? Mon said turning to face the Mon Cal Admiral.

    Crix was most intrigued to find out what course of action Ackbar was going to suggest. There was no more able tactician in the Alliance then the man sat besides him, there was a reason Ackbar was the supreme commander of the fleet. Crix now waited to find out if he was going to suggest action for the up coming mission to Balmorra, that was that was being led by the Jedi Commander Skywalker. Or did Admiral Ackbar have plans for the Death Star itself?.

    Tag Argen Palos
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    IC: Tearus Jeando

    It had been a pretty uneventful day as far as he was concerned... Prep for the mission moving to the Flurry all the other pilots going about their business, the calm before the storm. I am ready for this, this is for my brothers that fell at the hands of the empire. I will make them fear Burska's Revenge, they will see their brothers die a firey death at my hands and if it takes me with them so be it.

    Tearus sat sharpening his beskad when he heard conversation about a young pilot who was supposed to be a stealth jockey going in to hit their hangar. That did catch his attention. If I could convince her to launch her torps at the aft section of the ship that would make my job easier... maybe even survivable.

    "Private. I am Commander Tearus Jeando and I have a proposition for you. How about instead of taking out a few squints you help me take out an SD." Tearus went over his plan extensively with the private and told her that he would be at his ship waiting for her response.

    An hour later Tearus was in his ship fitting his droids with mission critical components. Along with their laser cannons her had equipped them with flamethrowers for the close quarters combat that was sure to ensue aboard the the SD. He also refitted his proton torpedos. Since he only had six he was scrapping as much unneeded junk from them and packing them with more explosives. He needed to pack a powerful punch to breach their shields and deploy his droids.

    Taking off his helmet Tearus pulled out a short thick brown stick and lit it in his mouth. Inhaling the thick creamy smoke from it he exhaled the sweet flavors and waited for Selena or any of the other pilots to approach him.

    Tag: All aboard flurry
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    OOC: Wiki information about the [link=]Flurry[/link] cruiser that we are supposed to be boarding.

    [b]IC: Sergeant Grillo (npc), SGIS Medtech Yavscout (npc), Shaara ?Braze? Dawnstrider (npc)[/b]
    [color=red]Location: Telos Base main hangar, the [i]Flurry[/i]?s hangar.[/color]

    You could tell Grillo was a sergeant from a mile off. Okay, you would need twenty-twenty vision, or the use of a pair of electro-binoculars, but once you could see him, it was as plain as the nose on your face.

    In his green camouflage fatigues, and carrying a heavy A280 blaster rifle, Grillo had his head bowed as he moved through the main hangar, listening to the bookish fellow with the pointed ears, no muscle mass to speak off, and the faint greenish pallor to his face, expounding on his plan to load a [i]Gamma[/i]-class assault shuttle with as many missiles as he could find, and fly it off the star destroyer before the Rogues-

    ?Whoa!? The sergeant rounded on Yavscout, who immediately halted in his tracks, ?Okay, [i]our[/i] plan,? despite the blaster, Grillo spread his arms and waved to his rear, taking in the [i]Sentinel[/i]-class troopship that [b]Te?ron Griff[/b] was sitting beside, ?is to assault the shield-building facility on Balmorra. What?s [i]your[/i] plan??

    In contrast to the soldier, the SGIS operative was in a tight long-sleeved top with v-neck that could be drawn closed with laces. Tan trousers tucked into dark green calf boots, with turned down tops. ?To get aboard one of the star destroyers, invis? myself, go off looking for one of their assault shuttles, and load it up with as much ordnance I can find locally-?

    ?And what,? Grillo interrupted, crossing his arms as he glared at the other, ?will the SD?s crew be doing all this time??

    ?Hopefully reacting to Skywalker?s fighter attack.?

    [b][color=green]Medtech Yavscout. Call the Command Centre. Medtech Yavscout.[/color][/b]

    Both looked up at the announcement. ?Wait one.? Yav asked, showing a palm to the sergeant, while bring the wrist-com on his other forearm up to his lips. ?Command Centre. Yavscout here. Yes. Yep. Understood. Out.? He put his arms down, and shrugged at Grillo. ?Well that was all moot, then. I have been ordered up to the [i]Flurry[/i], report to Lieutenant Irisa.?

    ?You travelling up with us on the transport??

    ?Nah. I better take my fighter.? Yav? referred to his *cough* stolen *cough* Naboo? Royal Theed N-1, all yellow and chrome finish. Prettier than your average dogfight material, had been good in it?s day, but could hardly keep up with the modern starfighters fielded by the Empire.

    Certain of the other Telos Base pilots had nicknamed it the C-PoG, pronounced ?See-Pog?, or in full, the ?Colourful Piece of Guano?. It was rumoured that Rogue Squadron?s [b]Janson[/b] had first coined the phrase.

    ?I?m going to swing by Procurement for a field survival pack.? Yav? continued. ?You want anything??

    Grillo shook his head. ?No thanks. I would hope that we have already stowed what I want aboard the transport, so I?ll check it first. I?ll see you on the [i]Flurry[/i].? Nodding to the elf, he headed for the transport?s boarding ramp, and nodded to the Spec Force trooper already sitting nearby. He recognised the former Imperial, and though he was not special forces himself, he had worked with the other enough times to be familiar.

    ?[b]Griff[/b]. Good to see you coming with us.? The sergeant laid his A280 on a bench, and ducked deeper inside to check the storage lockers. For a start, he wanted to see a pair of AC1 remote surveillance droids, and at least one E-Web tripod-mounted heavy repeating blaster.

    * * * *

    Yavscout had collected the sturdy backpack that he wanted, containing flares, medpacs, one-man thermal survival tent, rations, more medpacs, and was swinging it by one black strap as he speed-walked back into the main hangar, and made a beeline for the C-POG.

    Yav was an ageless being from another dimension. He had been brought through to this reality along with two others by some traumatic means that h>
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    Location: Out skirts of the Bandomeer system in the shadow of Bandomeer's 3rd planet Fitee.

    IC: Guiy Phaux.

    He'd spent several hours watching and waiting for just the right sized traffic to pop in, out of Hyperspace. Guiy knew that there would be several customs stops along the way. He could afford several more hours of waiting and watching but knew that his time limit would be reached then he'd have to go with plan "B" to make his way well above Galactic plain in order to evade ship searches while heading in bound towards the colony worlds and Carida System with its artificial guest, the 2nd Death Star. He smelled fresh cafe wafting his way, as Foo-Foo came up towards his ready station with a mug of cafe and a suger bowl with a creamer dispencer on a silver tray.

    "Something soothing to drink, Guiy?" Foo-Foo offered.

    "Thankyou, Foo-Foo. That would be greatly appreciated. I'll take an extra lump for a little kick of energy if you please," he said.

    Foo-Foo moved to comply and dropped an extra lump of sugar into the cafe mug, then stirred the contents until it was ready.

    "Here you go, Guiy," she answered.

    Guiy gently took the mug from Foo-Foo's android hand. He always marveled at how organic Foo-Foo's body appeared. Foo-Foo was a gift from his relatives who wanted desperately for him to be happy. The same was true for Thumper and Guiy's ship, the Dust Bunny I. If they'd only realized that it was there own overreacting to his lack of dimension in that one area that was causing the unhappiness within themselves, not any sorrow that he'd carried within him. Never-the-less, Guiy accepted their gifts as he saw advantage in what could be done with such willingness on their part.

    The 1123 multiscanner lit up on a big set of signatures coming in from Hyperspace. Guiy focused his attention on it. The new scanner gave it's analysis. A small task Force of Imperators heading in system for convoy duty no doubt. Raw materials were in demand now more than ever. All he had to do was slip in on the rear blind spot of the rear most destroyer as it made its way inward. Then would come the tricky part. Slipping in between the ion drive nozzles in the stern just before the Tie fighters exited for their patrols. Guiy chugged his cafe down and said nonchalantly, "Hang on to something Foo-Foo."

    The black modified Baudo Yacht leaped foreward in pursuit of the Escort's tail end. Using the cover of Fitee he wipped around hugging its horizon while gaining speed for the approach, then insertion between sensor clusters and mingling with the ions trailing behind.

    Foo-Foo, gasped an exclaimation but did what she was told and latched on to a safety hand hold. Dust Bunny I accelerated hard as the velocity climbed very quickly. Guiy adjust the inertial dampeners until they had nearly eliminated the acceleration from his modified ion drives. Soon he was approaching the last Imperator's stern and bucking the ion wind from her nozzles. Her Hyper drive fields were gently reversed and acting as brakes to slow her approach towards Bandomeer and the awaiting convoy that he'd spotted orbiting the mining world hours before.

    Going to passive he whispered to no one in particular as the Dust Bunny I cleared the last of the mass to obscure his view of the group of Imperators. Quickly now, Guiy slipped into the blind spot and closed with his target. The destroyer quickly began to enlarge as the distance melted.

    "Not yet...a little more," he said. "Almost there...3...2...1!" Guiy snapped as he reversed his field and adjusted its frequency to cushion the insertion past the Star Destroyer's shields. It worked and they were inside its massive field and no longer affected by inertia from the outside. He swung the Baudo around and raised the nose up lowered his landing gear and enabled the magnetics very gently so as to reduce any perceived impact on the Destroyer's hull. With the gentlest of contacts they were locked down and for the time Guiy didn't realize tha
  20. master-of-les-pauls

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    Ic Luke Skywalker, Captain Manchisco, Wedge Antillies

    Location The Flurry

    ?Just had a response from the hanger bay Captain?

    ?Yes?? Tesa Manchisco said turning to face the officer who had just crept up on her. ?Report?

    ?Commander Skywalker has docked, and will report to the bridge once he has stowed his gear and cleaned up?

    ?Very good? Just as the Captain was about to turn back to look upon the ships bridge until she noticed that the officer was still standing there ?More to ad officer?? Tessa asked.

    ?Yes, Lieutenant Irsa has also requested an audience with you? He said.

    ?Give her immediate clearance to the bridge? The Capitan said wondering why this Lieutenant wanted a meeting with her, but it was bad manners for a Captain to refuse a meeting with ones guests.

    It didn't take Luke and Artoo to reach his quarters, once inside the Jedi quickly stowed his gear and changed from his flight gear into his more comfortable Jedi robes. He wished he had time for a quick wash but alas there was no time, hooking his lightsaber back onto his belt Luke left his room and briskly made his way to the bridge.

    As Luke made his way closer to the ship he decided it was time to call the Rogues together for a meeting once he was done on the bridge.

    ?Wedge, you there old buddy?? Luke said into his com link.

    ?I'm right here Luke, how can I help you Rogue leader?? Came the crackled response.

    ?Round up the Rogues, I'd like to give you guys a quick briefing about our role in the mission? Luke said.

    ?No problem boss, I'll round the boys up and fingers crossed Janson will stay awake this time?

    Luke could not help but laugh at Wedge's last words ?I shouldn't be long on the bridge, Skywalker out?

    With that Luke once more closed down the com and carried on to the bridge.

    Back down on Telos, Wedge found the rest of the Rogues putting the final touches before the left and headed up to the Flurry.

    ?Listen up boys? Wedge called out as he strolled over in his orange flight gear ?The Commander wants a meeting with us to discuss our role in the attack?

    All the Rogues were taking notice, the boys all liked a joke but when it was game time you wouldn't find a more serious and dedicated bunch than the Rogues. And that was why Wedge was proud to be a part of them.

    ?Okay then people,round em up and lets get moving!? There was just one more thing Wedge had to say ?Oh yeah Janson, Luke hopes you can stay awake this time?

    There was a brief moment of laughter by all that quickly died down as the Rouges quickly mounted up and in no time were up and out of the Telos hanger bay and on there way up to the Flurry.

    ?Jedi Skywalker, welcome to the Flurry? Tesa said, she felt slightly humbled to be in the presence of a person she had long admired. Skywalker's record in battle was second to none and she was truly honoured to have him on board her ship.

    ?The pleasure is all my Captain, this is a fine ship indeed? Luke replied.

    ?Once Rogue Squadron and the Millennium Falcon have finished docking, we shall be making the jump to hyperspace? Tesa said feeling proud that Skywalker had praised her ship.

    It was good to hear that both the Rogues and Falcon were about to dock, and soon the attack would begin. Luke was starting to feel a little restless, he could see that Manchisco was wearing a look he was starting to see more and more from his fellow officers. She was star struck by ?Who he was? not what he was.

    ?Very well Captain, is there anything else you'd like to inform me off?? Luke asked.

    ?There is a Lieutenant Irsa who has requested clearance for the bridge?

    Ahh, yes happy dancer Luke thought to himself ?She is part of the ground attack?

    ?So it will be her that will be taking the transport with the four Air Speeders down to the surface?? Tesa asked, she had wondered why Skywalker had ordered an extra transport be loaded onto the Flurry with four T-47's

    ?No that transport will be taken by General Solo's strike team? Luke answered ?But no doubt the General himself wil
  21. LordPullus

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    IC:Te'Ron Griff
    Hangar, Flurry

    with so much movement, and noise surrounding him Te'Ron had managed to keep fairly still and unbothered since boarding the designated ship bound for Balmorra. With all notices taken care of in regards to his own absence from SpecForce Te'Ron had turned his attention to his two sidearm blasters a DL-44, and SE-14C taking time to maintain their impeccible ability to carry out their purpose. Making sure the charge on both were at full strength, and that the trigger motion was as smooth as the first day he had acquired them the former Imperial sergeant major turned his attention to his phrik blade short sword which he usually kept in a sheath over his right shoulder blade, and then a smaller phrik knife in his left boot. The two Phrik weaved weapons were his graduation present from his father when Te'Ron had completed miliatry academy training, and was the only time Te'Ron could remember a time his father had showed pride in something he had accomplished.

    "Well it looks like we'll be getting some action soon enough", Te'Ron mused to himself as he set to sharpening his primary close range weapons remembering when they had come in handy on a patrol assignment during his stay in Balmorra.

    Whistling to himself as he continued to sharpen the blades who already razor sharp seemed to glisten even more due to the deadly edge they now resemebled Te'Ron was surprised to find a presence's right beside him, and then addressing him causing him to give a cat like jerk before putting down his blade, and answering in a quick salute.

    ?Griff. Good to see you coming with us.?

    "Sergeant Grillo I assure you the pleasure is all mine", Te'Ron answered quickly recalling the army officer's in an instant before finishing his salute withdrawing to a semi casual stance once again his attention turned in the direction of the Sergeant before him who seemed to be going through one of a storage locker no doubt in search of a few things all ground personel usually sought after for such a mission. "Is there anythng I can assist you with sir?', Te'Ron offered knowing that even though he was special forces, and Grillo was standard armed forces his military upbringing would not allow him to address Grillo as anything but such.


  22. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Sergeant Grillo (npc), Sentinel-class troopship.
    Location: Telos Base

    Sergeant Grillo I assure you the pleasure is all mine. Griff returned, following him onto the shuttle.

    The sergeant paused in his rummage of the cupboards, to return the SpecForce trooper's salute, noticing as he did so, that Griff still packed that pair of blasters; one being a DL-44 like his own holdout weapon.

    He spotted the spherical AC1 droids in the spacious cupboard under a ragged grey tarpaulin, counted the various spare blaster packs on the shelf, and carried on looking.

    Is there anything I can assist you with sir?

    "Don't call me 'sir', Son. I'm not an officer; I work for a living." Grillo spoke over his shoulder. He did not know if Imperial sub-officers said that as well, but it made an Alliance non-com's day, being able to correct someone on the difference between them and an officer.

    He patted the E-Web he had found with some satisfaction, and it was already on it's tripod, which pleased him.
    "Yeah," The sergeant continued talking to Griff as he rose from the half-cabinet, slamming the doors shut, "get on the horn, and find out where the hell the rest of our team is!"

    The growing unmistakable whine from outside, of multiple X-Wings lifting away from the deck threatened to drown out his words. That was Rogue Squadron taking off, which punctuated for him that the last ships were leaving for the Flurry.

    "I'm assuming it is not just you, me, and Solo." He muttered as he turned towards his team-mate, doubting the man would overhear him over the cacophany.

    And he certainly did not want to miss docking with the carrier.

    Tag: Te'ron Griff, Telos' hangar, any more ground troops?
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    Eshan Sector
    Inner Rim

    Music: [link=]Luck (Arrival)[/link]

    Eshan, Motherworld of the Echani, had been considered by many to have been one of the Old Republic's "Jewels of the Inner Rim". A blue green marble orbited by three moons, and birthplace to one of the Republic's most fierce and loyal races. The end of the clone wars had changed all this with the rise of the Galactic Empire. Palpatine and his regime at first left the Echani relatively alone, assigning an Imperial Governor, and an Imperial "Sector Defense Group" to the area formerly known as the Echani Confederation.

    It was not long however, before the true light of the Empire was cast upon this race of proud warriors. Having experienced the capabilities of the Echani Martial Arts via the Sun Guard, Echani who had once rebelled against the leading body of the Echani, and eventually came into the service of Dooku (and though not known, Palpatine by proxy), the Empire sought to have their special forces taught the art. True Echani are quite selective over who they teach their art too and how, but to the Empire this meant little. Those conscripted either obeyed, or were forced, many times by threats to their families, some of which were carried out. And it all culminated to this point in time. Four years after the battle of Yavin, here, now, in Orbit of their Motherworld, the Echani would preform their first strike against the Empire, wielding their greatest weapon...

    Star Destroyer Arbitrator
    Eshan Orbit

    The Imperator II-class Star Destroyers Arbitrator and Dominion's Right orbited Eshan at station's keeping. Governor Malkom, a Fleet Commander, and assigned Imperial Governor of the Echani Sector stood upon his "Flagship" the Arbitrator with an air of self-importance and arrogance that came with the job. He, and his Ship, represented everything the Empire stood for. Corruption, arrogance, and a bloated sense of dominance for those 'under him'. Things were going quite well for him, he had status, he had rank, he had ships to command, he was well on his way to Moff. All he needed was patience. Yet still he day dreamed of the day he'd be promoted and would move beyond these bothersome and prideful Echani.

    he was however, brought out of his reverie by an alarm klaxon. "Whats going on?!"

    "Sir!" Quickly replied his sensor operator, fast on the up take, "We have an unscheduled hyperspace exit directly to the fore!"

    Malkom looked forward out the fore viewport of the bridge, quickly followed by every other officer and personnel on the bridge. Out in space, the vast darkness broken only by the Blues and yellows of the Echani Nebula a massive dagger erupted from hyperspace several thousand kilometers from the two Star Destroyers. It was huge, four, almost five times the size of the Arbitrator. "What is it?"

    "I don't know Sir. Its broadcasting an Imperial identification code, the Bellator..."

    One hour Earlier

    Secret Construction Facility
    Mikaru-Six Stars Shipyard 32-Alpha
    Asteroid System ES-3114

    Music: [link=]This Is The Hour[/link]

    Muri sat on the bridge of the Spirit of Eshan enjoying the least important Echani addition to Imperial design policies. A command chair. It felt odd to him, the last time he'd sat in a chair on the bridge of a ship while in any sort of command position he'd been programing its Autopilot to ram a Star Destroyer. Muri sighed, and closed his eyes, memories rushing back in. The screaming, the tears, the sight of his quarters window blown out, its contents exposed to hard vacuum, His son, Vincent, and the one woman he'd been able to open up to, nowhere to be found.

    It hurt, but he didn't cry. Not as he did then. Back then, all he could do was cry, and scream. Locking himself in the ships shuttle. He'd pressed a blaster to his temple more times then he cared to remember. He wanted to end it then, to go and be with his loved ones again. But he couldn't pull the trigg
  24. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han Solo
    Hangar, Flurry, Telos IV

    The trip up to the command ship was brief and soon enough, the shuttle was folding its wings up into formation as it glided to a smooth landing inside one of the cruiser's many hangar bays. It wasn't exactly the best way to travel and Han would always prefer the fine comforts of the Falcon over this antique any day, but his duty had come first in this instance. A battle zone was no place for his beloved ship to sit idle while he ran off to play hero. It had been a hard decision, but ultimately, Han had decided to keep the Falcon berthed on Telos Base where she would remain safe. Besides, knowing she was back at base waiting for him made the homecoming all the sweeter. It gave him more determination to make sure this mission was a success.

    With the steady hum of servos, the landing ramp lowered to the polished surface below. Pressurized gas escaped from the underside of the craft as Han appeared at the opening at the top of the ramp. He paused there briefly, his eyes roaming over the vast expanse of the hangar as he took in the buzz of activity. "Remind me again why I do this," he muttered nonchalantly with a frown.

    A second figure appeared at the top of the ramp, his shaggy head moving from side to side as his piercing blue eyes shone brightly against the overhead lights. A soft growl reverberated from deep within his chest as the massive Wookiee turned to regard his partner.

    "Don't give me that," Han groused, his expression hardening at the tone the Wook had used. "You know damn well it was all your hair-brained idea from the start. If it wasn't for your stunt at Yavin--"

    The Wookiee unleashed a ferocious howl, halting several servicemen in their tracks. They all turned, giving Han and Chewbacca their undivided attention.

    Han worked his jaw under their gaze, readjusting the duffel slung over his shoulder uncomfortably. The last thing they needed was to put on a show for the crewmen before the real fireworks display even got started. Sighing, he shook his head and dismissed the Wookiee with a wave of his hand. "Look, just forget it, huh? That's enough. If we're gonna do this, let's just go and get it over with."

    Narrowing his eyes, Chewie studied the Corellian for a long moment before finally relaxing. He nodded his head in satisfaction and pushed past Han, stomping his way down the landing ramp as he threw one last rebuttal over his shoulder in a series of clipped grunts and moans.

    "Yeah, yeah, and we'll be back in time for dinner," Han confirmed with a roll of his eyes. Drawing in a deep breath, he started down the ramp behind his partner. "I dunno about you, pal. We're about to go into battle and all you can think about is food. Something's definitely wrong with you."

    The two continued to banter as they made their way across the hangar bay and the crewmen took that as a cue to finally return to their work.

    TAG: Hangar folks, MOLP
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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: I am going to assume that the shuttle Han and Chewie arrived on, is the same one that Griff and Grillo are on.

    IC: Sergeant Grillo
    , Sentinel-class shuttle, Flurry hangar lower deck.
    Location: Telos orbit

    Standing just inside the boarding hatch, Grillo stared after the arguing Corellian and Wookiee as they stomped down the ramp, and headed across the polished deck.

    Slinging his own bag over his shoulder, the sergeant turned inside to look at Te?ron, and the rest of the assault team.
    ?Unless you guys plan on spending the trip in here, I suggest you debark now.?

    Heading down the ramp, he found Yavscout waiting for him. ?Hey, you find your Lieutenant Irisa??

    ?I have not long been here, myself.? The SGIS med-tech revealed.

    Grillo clapped his companion on the shoulder. ?I told you, you should have come up with us.? He was pleased to see the elf along. For understandable reasons, soldiers loved medics.

    Tag: Te?ron, GM / co-GM for the assault team.

    [b]IC: Samantha Irisa, Liam ?Blue Leader?, Shaara ?Braze? Dawnstrider[/b], [i]Flurry[/i]?s short term pilot lounge and hangar lower deck.
    [color=red]Location: Telos orbit[/color]

    The yellow vector graphic holoprojection of an Immobiliser 418?s underside looped incessantly over Irisa?s open datapad, as the reclined in her chair, staring at it.

    ?[color=darkblue]That was the bridge.[/color]? Liam reported from the wall comunicator. ?[color=darkblue]You have clearance to see Captain Manchisco.[/color]?

    ?Ah. Good. No time like the present.? Irisa sat up, and stabbed a finger to her datapad, shutting down all functions, and moved to shut it. ?Braze has instructions to bring Selena here. Just give her the credit tour, and let her settle in. I will speak to her when I return.?


    Since Luke had elevated her to Delta Leader, there had been an unspoken understanding between the two officers that they were equal now. Liam did not mind a bit!

    He observed approvingly as she packed up the device to carry with her, observing security without having to be told. If they both survived this gig, the High Council might ask him to appraise her performance in the role; the Alliance always needed fresh leaders.
    The deaths of Darth Vader and the Emperor ought to bring out more beings and worlds willing to throw their lot in with the Rebellion. And they would need seasoned commanders to look up to. ?[color=darkblue]See you later.[/color]?

    Irisa waved to him as she passed through the hatch out of the lounge and into the first hallway, looking for stairs, a ladder, or a turbolift.
    Her first view of the front end of the ship from the hangar, indicated that she would have to go up to the top level, where she could access the delta-shaped hull brace that led forward to the smaller module at the front.

    [i]Ooh, a ladder.[/i] She recognised the characteristics of one at the far end of her hallway, and trotted towards it, and on the way discovered the silver doors to a turbolift, which she overshot by a few paces and had to re-trace her steps.

    Yavscout ought to be here by now, she noted, and brought out her comlink to call her B-Wing pilot stroke spy, in the hangar.

    * * * *

    [b][i]Flurry[/i] hangar[/b]

    The pilot stroke spy, in question, turned away from the newly arrived young pilot who stood before her, along with the male who had greeted her, and observed that General Solo and Chewbacca had arrived, and waved excitedly at them as they passed.

    Her comlink warbled. She showed the palm she had been waving with, to Selena in case she chose that moment to speak up. Some people were like that.

    ?[color=royalblue]Dawnstrider.[/color]? She paused, listening. ?[color=royalblue]I have [b]Private Andersia[/b] here, lieutenant. Or at least,[/color]? She regarded the sullen looking teenager critically, recalling how she had introduced herself to the Virgillian crewman. ?[color=royalblue]a ?Selena?. How many Selena?s did we have on Telos. She did arrive by X-Wing.[/color]?

    * * * *

    [b]Forward end >
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