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    Most of the fan suggested titles that I came across in the past, for the now released films, have been awful. I remember the reaction to the unveiling of the title of Episode II was quite mixed at the time but, ultimately, it does work as a title, I think.
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    I like this idea. It would also work nicely with the Saga as a whole. Fear of loss has always played a large part in the SW films, so this would be good to bring closure.
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    The title Journal of the Whills would fit the title formula of the third film of each trilogy (noun of the noun).
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    It would also fit the force/religious theme too. Ep 3 = Sith Winning. Ep 6 = Jedi Winning. Ep 9 = The Force wins
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    (Insert story that doesn't suck here)

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    Well, this is clearly not MY synopsis, but I'll give Mr. Oswalt permission to speak on my behalf. :p

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    Basically an inversion of the original tale. Luke must sacrifice himself to save his son or some such. I had suggested this in another thread.
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    I like it. Though I'm not sure the Republic has to go so far as to ban the use of the Force (it is rather X-Men), but they could just not have the Jedi Order as an integral part of the restored Republic. All that would matter is that the Jedi would have fallen out of favor, even despite Luke's heroics to defeat the Emperor. It's a big galaxy and no one can stop Luke from training students. They know how powerful he is. But you know at some point something would happen to make them reconsider. It gives the new Jedi a goal to strive toward, to bring the Jedi back to their rightful place as guardians of the galaxy -- though perhaps in a modified form. And it may give a purpose to Leia's character. She could be a politician working on the inside of the republic who is an advocate of Jedi reinstatement. After all, she doesn't need to disclose to everyone that she is Luke Skywalker's sister who is a secret force user. For all they know, she is just his comrade from the days of the rebellion. And meanwhile, Luke has been off on some cool looking planet training a new crop of Jedi.
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    Star Wars: The Emperor's Curse

    Since the collapse of the Empire, the galaxy has fallen into a state of chaos. Warring factions -- some loyal to the Empire, some to the New Republic, others to economic or planetary interests -- have been able to maintain control of their own boundaries, but unable to exert enough military and political power to force the other factions to acquiesce or declare absolute victory. Meanwhile, during this period of galactic instability, piracy and crime syndicates have run unchecked and now threaten to take over individual star systems. Amidst this chaos, the reconstituted Jedi Order, led by Luke Skywalker, is overwhelmed, and find their non-aggressive use of the force under increasing political and public scrutiny. Worse still, the Imperial Remnant, fearful of total anarchy, has now begun to organize their own order of force-sensitive knights: The Unsaid Path, Guardians of Galactic Peace and Justice (Imperial Guardians, for short), who claim to hold no allegiance to either the light or dark side the Force, but wield it merely as a pragmatic instrument of law and order.

    With this new threat of complete galactic social disintegration and an escalating, possibly endless war, Chancellor Leia Organa Solo has dispatched her husband General Han Solo and their daughter Lian, a Jedi Knight, to a secret meeting with the Imperial Remnant in order to negotiate a peace treaty.

    While the meeting between the Republic and Remnant at first goes smoothly, it is soon interrupted by an attack from an unknown assailant. Donning a mask and an armor similar to that of the Sith Lord Darth Vader, the intruder easily dispatches one Imperial Guardian (beheading him), but is seemingly subdued by Jedi Knight Lian Solo and Imperial Guardian Jain Ordal. However, when the mysterious figure is ordered to remove their helmet and reveal their true identity, Lian and Jain are surprised to see a beautiful woman, her features apparently perfect except for her left eye, which has a colorless iris. This is the bastard daughter of Emperor Palpatine, Zel, who has been experimented on for most of her life by her father's scientists and, finally, driven insane after being injected with Virus AB-5117 (we probably won’t find this bit of info out until the end of VII, or VIII; or who injected her with the virus).

    Before anyone can react, Zel leaps to a balcony and drops the Vader-like helmet, which explodes, releasing the virus. Screaming in agony, some of the representatives in the room begin to transform, their skin hardening into a black metallic or crystalline substance. Inside their bodies, the cellular structure is altered into a perfect receptacle for the darkside, which either destroys them, or drives them violently mad. Those who survive are nearly indestructible, and may even be immortal; they lust for the destruction of all life except for themselves.

    While everyone else tries to escape the virus attack, Han, Chewbacca, Lian, and Jain pursue Zel. This time, when Lian and Jain engage her in battle, she easily defeats them (she was playing with them before), but before she can kill Lian, Han and Chewbacca intercede, to tragic results. Chewbacca is mortally wounded, and Han is taken prisoner.

    The two warriors pursue Zel in the Falcon, but find her ship to be impossibly fast. After informing Leia of what's transpired, the two travel together to the Jedi Base on Tattooine. On the trip, Lian and Jain begin to respect each other more (at first they viewed each other as natural enemies; she thought he was no different than a Sith while he thought of her as weak, ineffective, and arrogant), debating their different views of the force and their mutual repugnance for Zel, whose mad thirst for death seems even worse than the Sith’s lust for power.

    On Tattooine, we meet more of Luke's Jedi Order, the Master Jedi himself (who has chosen not to marry), and Han and Leia's other child, Lian's younger brother, Correl, a Jedi Apprentice who admires Luke more than his own father (Lian is more like Han). With Chewbacca dead and Han's life in danger, Luke decides to take action, but, not wanting to lose anymore family members to Zel, chooses to find her himself. Unwilling to let their uncle go by himself, Lian and Correl, accompanied by Jain and two other never before seen alien Jedi, follow him in the Falcon.

    However, before they can jump to lightspeed, they are attacked by a squadron of pirates, and the Falcon is damaged so badly they are forced to crash land in the desert wastelands of Tattooine. The five warriors survive, but the Falcon is destroyed beyond repair. Still, they try to send a distress signal on the holo-transmitter, but are unsure whether or not the signal is sent.

    After they battle many unknown reptilian horrors during their journey through the wastelands, they are found and captured by the heavily armed pirate squadron, who plan to sell them to the highest bidder or into the slave trade. Their fate seems hopeless as they arrive at the Hutt’s base, when a squad of X-Wing Fighters (upgraded), piloted by Jedi (who received their distress holo), come to their rescue.

    They all rendezvous with a Republic Fleet and Lian and Correl are reunited with Chancellor Leia Organa Solo, who has had a vision of where Luke is, and a vision that he and Han will soon die.

    When they reach Zel’s planet, they find a fleet of strange and advanced enemy ships waiting for them. A huge fight breaks out, and the Republic squad clearly doesn’t stand a chance. Lian, Jain, Correl, and the other two Jedi take a ship down to the planet and are able to land due to Lian’s incredible maneuvers.

    In Zel’s lair, which is strangely empty, they encounter her and listen to her plan for destroying most of the life in the universe. Before they can attack her, she reveals Han and Luke to them, who are hooked up to tubes and machines, and appear unconscious. She warns them that if they don’t give up and join her, she will infect them with the virus. They have no choice but to give up.

    A dozen or so virus-infected warriors emerge from hidden corridors and surround them, and, seemingly under Zel’s influence, hook the Jedi and Imperial Guardian up to the machine. They will join Zel, but under the influence of the virus, she says.

    Suddenly, right as they are about to be infected, a masked figure cloaked all in blood red appears. Zel’s lackies attack the figure and, with a gesture of its hand, are shattered to bits. Lian and the other Jedi use this opportunity to escape and attack Zel. The five surround her and appear to have her on the ropes, when the figure in red casts them to the ground easily with the force and holds them there. As they lay there, unable to move, they watch as the figure captures Zel with the force too, carrying her through the air, immobile, screaming and pleading for their help. As soon as they are gone, the Jedi are free again, and release Han and Luke from the machines; although they have both been drugged, they are alive and uninfected. The group escapes together in their ship and reunite with Leia and the fleet, who escape into hyperspace.
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    Going through this thread makes me think 2 things:

    1. Star Wars fans' expectations are bat**** insane.

    2. Thank the maker for having Michael Arndt on board.
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    Here's how I think it will go down:
    Luke, Han, Leia find out Palpy is still alive. Luke tries to stop him but is not strong enough. Palpy is gaining power fast. The Solo children (which have nothing to do with the EU creations) will go against their parents will and embark on a quest to uncover an ancient Jedi or Sith artifact that can bring the dead to life, as only Anakin Skywalker can defeat Palpatine.
    The Solo kids will uncover a Sith planet which contains the artifact (a crystal maybe?) and they are able to resurrect Anakin who for some reason or another (perhaps his new body is not as strong as hoped ) is forced to wear an ancient Sith armor that is pretty spot on identical to the Vader we know and love.
    This Vader who now fights for the Light side of the Force is able to ultimately conquer and kill Palpatine by Episode IX. In the meantime, the Solo daughter becomes the new Luke character, etc.
    As a subplot, Boba Fett and other familiar bounty hunters (including IG-88 and Bossk) have been hunting Han & Chewie for decades and finally catch up with them.
    There could be a time travel subplot involving Obi Wan (it is possible because Ewan is around and there's that JJ person..)
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    ^HELL NO

    Star Wars VII: Rising Darkness

    The Vong Invasion story line, enough said.

    The Vong are tweaked a bit to make them screen friendly and convoluted material is removed.
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    Mar 10, 2013
    ^Wow! That's quite a synopsis. I like the bit about the convoluted material being removed the best.
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    I said this in another thread but I think it applies here. I liked the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion story line with the kind of threat they presented with the whole "Immune to the Force/Lightsabers/Blasters" angle and could really shake things up and present a new kind of challenge to the Jedi/.greater galaxy rather than some random Dark Jedi/"Sith Lord" who have the same ambitions that Palpatine had. They are the best original villain I've seen and it would be a real shame to see them uncanonized. This is a really good gold mine Disney would end up throwing away in favour for some silly story line of some lead female protagonist with 2 guys fawning over her ala Hunger Games/Twilight.
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    There are so many possibilities, no one will ever guess the plot they actually decide to go with. I'm still having a hard time seeing how they're going to come up with a plot the is on the same arc as the first 6, but I trust they'll get it done. Just no cloning please.
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