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Animated Shorts Star Wars: Visions - General Discussion Thread (Spoilers Allowed)

Discussion in 'Star Wars TV- Current and Future Shows' started by Jedi Knight Fett , Dec 10, 2020.

  1. Darth Tormentum

    Darth Tormentum Force Ghost star 6

    Apr 27, 2014
    My Fav List:

    1. Ninth Jedi
    Felt epic, felt the most like SW of all the shorts.
    2. The Village Bride
    The music, visuals, and characters effected me spiritually. Love it.
    3. Akakiri
    The power of the dark side at last seen.
    4. The Duel
    An Ode to Kurosawa, and Samurai X (Kenshin), this one is amazing.
    5. Twins
    Over the top, but had some of the most memorable lines.

    Haven’t seen the rest yet. ;)
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  2. Seerow

    Seerow Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 7, 2011
    My personal list goes.

    1. The Village Bride - Damn beautiful, I loved the character designs and the setting. Take place after Order 66. B1s in anime form. loved the mythic in it. The Jedi's big damn heroes moment was amazing.

    2. The Elder - Not mindblowing or a departure from established ideas but love this portrayal of a master his padawan patrolling the galaxy. They are how I'd imagine ideal jedi ridding a village of hidden evil. Fun to root them.

    3. TO-B1 - The standard shonen journey. Mentor and student. The Professor is a mysterious and tragic character still trying to do good while in hiding. It's a unique take on Jedi. TO-B1 is a boy who dreams of becoming a strong Jedi. It's about passing the torch to the next generations and growing up. Has some dark and thoughtful touches.

    4. Lop and Ocho - Exploration of what it means to be family. Very political and steeped in cool lore. Loved the lightsaber that was handing down as an heirloom. Another unique take on Jedi

    5. The Twins - Over the top, fun Studio Trigger.

    6. The Duel - Kurosawa mode was awesome. Ronin is like the Star Wars equiv of Kenshin.

    7. Akakiri - Anakin and Padme through another lens. The Darkside's unnatural abilities are seen to their worse conclusion. Was boring in places.

    8. Tatoonie Rhapsody - Loved Chibi-Boba Fett and rocking out in the Star Wars universe but just wasn't my thing.

    9. The Ninth Jedi - I just didn't like this one. I appreciated the new interpretations of Jedi and cool ideas for the Jedi but this one seemed predictable and basic. I also thought the fight animation in the drawn-out lightsaber battle wasn't as smooth.
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  3. The Chalk Jedi

    The Chalk Jedi Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 8, 2019
    Must have Jedi droid show. It challenges so many preconceptions about what is life and who can use the Force. Absolutely LFL must develop this concept more. With Tobi-Wan, or another character.
  4. Fifi Kenobi

    Fifi Kenobi Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2019
    the filmaker behind the scenes are excellent and also quite emotional, which took me by surprise. I'm really glad I watched them, they gave me a new appreciation of the inspiration and ideas behind these anime. Tatooine Rhapsody is a tribute to the power of music and the role of music in SW. Also, the creator is a huge SW and Boba Fett fan!
  5. Darth Megatronus

    Darth Megatronus Jedi Padawan star 1

    May 17, 2020
    I rewatched several of the episodes today and now I think my top 3 are The Village Bride, The Ninth Jedi, and The Duel.
  6. Pro Scoundrel

    Pro Scoundrel Socially And Emotionally Distant Mod Of New Films star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 20, 2012
    Yeah, That's how I'm leaning, but it's difficult to decide because I like different ones for different reasons. Ninth Jedi is definitely my favorite, but The Village Bride, The Duel, The Elder, and Lop & Ocho have different strengths and weaknesses, and I keep going around in circles with them.
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  7. Darth Tormentum

    Darth Tormentum Force Ghost star 6

    Apr 27, 2014
    Those are my top five. :)
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  8. Darth Megatronus

    Darth Megatronus Jedi Padawan star 1

    May 17, 2020
    Yeah, the Elder is probably my fourth favorite. I’m really glad they did a story set before TPM.
  9. SeparatistFan

    SeparatistFan Jedi Master star 2

    Oct 19, 2012
    There were some interesting ideas such as new types of lightsabers and character designs, but the stories were way too short and didn't give me enough time to sink my teeth into them.

    I guess they could turn some of them into a full series (which would do the ideas more justice), but some were wrapped up too quickly and had cliched endings.
  10. The Chalk Jedi

    The Chalk Jedi Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 8, 2019
    1. Ninth Jedi: A
    2. The Duel: A
    3. The Elder: A
    4. TOBI-Wan: A
    5. Lop and Ocho: A
    6. Tatooine Rhapsody: B+
    7. Akakiri: B
    8. The Village Bride: B
    9. The Twins: B/B-
  11. VexedAtVohai

    VexedAtVohai Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 4, 2020
    I would love to see at least one Visions short about Mandalorians if there's a second season.
  12. obi1jedinite

    obi1jedinite Jedi Master star 2

    Oct 20, 2002
    My ranking after watching all the episodes a second time:

    1. The Duel
    2. The Elder
    3. The Village Bride
    4. The Ninth Jedi
    5. The Twins
    6. Lop and Ocho
    7. Akakiri
    8. T0-B1
    9. Tatooine Rhapsody

    There weren't any episodes I disliked, I just enjoyed some more than others.
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  13. AndrewPascoe

    AndrewPascoe Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2014
    I would definitely like a potential second season to branch out from stories about Jedi and Sith. Tattooine Rhapsody was the closest we got but I’d like a larger focus others areas and characters from Star Wars like a fighter pilot or the green milk alien from TLJ ;)
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  14. Ancient Whills

    Ancient Whills Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 12, 2011

    To the Star Wars: Visions brain trust, Star Wars and anime were always destined to meet. After all, Japanese mythology and the films of Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa were key influences on Star Wars creator, George Lucas. So to bring Visions to life, Lucasfilm partnered with seven Japanese anime studios, as well as 65 voice actors, and now, nine short films are available to stream on Disney+. For executive producer James Waugh, it was essential that each anime studio take the reins.

    “The goal with Visions was always that we wanted this to be authentic Japanese anime,” Waugh tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We wanted it to be a true expression from these individual creators in a process that they’re used to. The last thing we wanted to do was be a Western studio that went with our ideas and then really leaned on them for their aesthetic. They were creating stories and concepts that could only come from their unique cultural perspective.”

    Waugh also credits Lucasfilm president Kathleen “Kathy” Kennedy with Visions finally coming to fruition.

    “[Kennedy is] also a huge animation fan and a huge anime fan, and was very instrumental in bringing a lot of [studio Ghibli co-founder Hayao] Miyazaki’s work to the West,” Waugh explains. “And so at a certain point, there was definitely a conversation of, ‘Everybody keeps talking about how much they like this. Let’s go meet with these people. Let’s figure out how we could do this.’ So it was definitely her impetus.”

    In a recent conversation with THR, Waugh is joined by his fellow executive producers Josh Rimes and Jacqui Lopez, as well as producer Kanako Shirasaki. The group discusses the odds of Visions elements crossing over into live action and which characters they’d most like to see in that form.

    So who got that first call from Kathy Kennedy to fuse Star Wars and anime?

    James Waugh: I would say it was a mutual set of calls. We, at Lucasfilm, have been big fans of the form for a long time, and obviously, it’s inspired a lot of what we’ve done. It’s sort of a shorthand. In story meetings sometimes, you’re referencing shows or films that you know that have been influential. So we were talking about it for a long time and wanted to find a way to do it. But we were very much in a feature strategy at the time, so finding a way to do a Star Wars anime project that was authentic, we really weren’t sure. Then Disney+ came along and with Disney+, we were sort of reevaluating what “A Star Wars Story” could be and what type of Star Wars storytelling could be explored. Even shorts were all new. So the platform allowed for that, and Kathy had known that we were all big fans for a long time. She’s also a huge animation fan and a huge anime fan, and was very instrumental in bringing a lot of Miyazaki’s work to the West. And so at a certain point, there was definitely a conversation of, “Everybody keeps talking about how much they like this. Let’s go meet with these people. Let’s figure out how we could do this.” So it was definitely her impetus. Then we ended up working with Qubic Pictures and Josh [Rimes] and Jacqui [Lopez], and we started taking pitches from studios that we really admired.

    For the uninitiated, what makes Star Wars and anime such an ideal fit?

    Josh Rimes: I think it comes from that DNA of the old Akira Kurosawa films. It’s those films that George discovered growing up and in his USC day that just really inspired him. The Hidden Fortress, Seven Samurai, Yojimbo. There is so much of that DNA along with his fandom of World War II movies, Westerns and Flash Gordon that really went into the pot of all the ingredients that made Star Wars what it is.

    Jacqui Lopez: For me, I think it’s world-building and the hero’s journey. Most of the anime I’ve been watching is all about a different universe. You suspend your belief very easily in anime, and you have a set of rules that can be crazy rules. But in the end, there’s so much heart in it, and there’s a lot about doing the right thing for the underdog and helping people. And then it’s just the iconography. The style lends itself so well to Star Wars. So much of the fan art that we’ve seen blends those two, and it’s like, “Oh my gosh, that’s perfect.” And even the Bandai toys from a while back that had the samurai Stormtroopers. It just feels like it was meant to happen and I’m sorry it just took so long. (Laughs.)

    Waugh: Also, both of these are just highly cinematic mediums, and really, the visual language is so much of its success. And so that bombast and exaggeration that you find in anime, you also find in the best of Star Wars.

    Kanako Shirasaki: The core of a Star Wars story is about family, friends, and what you believe in. And that’s very universal in any storytelling, which also echoes in Japanese animations. Many of them are about bettering yourself or helping others or a story of family, so these two have lots of things in common. And lots of Japanese creators are heavily influenced by Star Wars. It’s really huge, iconic content for many Japanese people. So they already like Star Wars very much, and it’s just a great marriage between these two.

    Lopez: Especially if you think about the importance of the lightsaber in Star Wars versus the importance of a katana in any of the samurai movies. It definitely has some parallel things happening.

    We now live in a world where animated Star Wars characters are appearing in live action. Could elements from Visions also make the leap? Has anyone explicitly ruled that out or deemed it an impossibility?

    Lopez: Never say never. (Laughs.)

    Waugh: Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. There are no plans right now, just to be completely transparent. That’s not the intention. That said, I think every great piece of Star Wars content influences future creators, and we see that with what you just noticed with characters from animation finding their way in live action or characters from the old EU appearing in threads of Star Wars. The Dark Troopers [The Mandalorian season two] were from a video game in the ’90s. Great Star Wars ideas are like, “Goonies never die.” (Laughs.) These things will last forever.

    Well, in the interest of getting ahead of ourselves, which Visions character would you like to see in live action? To give you some time to think, I’m going to say that Karen Fukahara’s character would be my choice.

    Rimes: She’s amazing.

    Lopez: Yeah, she is.

    Rimes: Oh man, it’s such an embarrassment of riches. I want to go to Tatooine and listen to Star Waver play a concert.

    Lopez: (Laughs.)

    Shirasaki: I would love to see Boatman droids. (Laughs.) A side story from that old droid, yeah.

    Lopez: That’s a hard one. I love Lop. I love her character and who she turns out to be and her strength. But I would have a hard time imagining what that would look like in live-action, a bunny. So I think it would be Kara. I think the heroine in “The Ninth Jedi” would be an amazing character in live-action.

    “Lop and Ocho” was actually my favorite episode.

    Lopez: Yeah, that one just came out of nowhere. I mean, it took over all of us. It was amazing.

    Waugh: I was going to be redundant and say the same thing that Josh said about being at a Star Waver concert. But I’m just going to own it: I want to see Lop in live action.

    Lopez: (Laughs.)

    Waugh: I think ILM could do it.

    Rimes: Yeah.

    Lopez: That’s true.

    Waugh: I want a bunny.

    Rimes: A Lepi, right? Not a bunny, come on.

    Waugh, Rimes, Lopez and Shirasaki: (Laugh.)

    Did you bring the treatments or scripts to these animators and let them run wild? Or did they contribute to the writing of the stories they’d be telling?

    Rimes: They were involved. We had initial discussions, but we left it pretty wide open and had them come back with short ideas or prompts and a piece of art. And that’s really how the conversation began. So all of these stories are so authentic to these creators, and I think you see them in the shorts. Even “Lop and Ocho,” for example, [Geno Studio] wanted to explore the idea of wabi-sabi, which is a Japanese term and is really similar to Star Wars. It’s about balance, nature and technology, and finding that zen-like middle, which has so many echoes with Star Wars, the light side and dark side and balance. So we were really lucky to get some really authentic Japanese points of view that we could then work with as they developed their stories.

    Lopez: Yeah, and their passion really came out that way because it was their ideas and their thoughts of what Star Wars meant to them growing up in Japan. So I think that the authenticity really shows through.

    Waugh: That’s it, and I think that’s really important to say. The goal with Visions was always that we wanted this to be authentic Japanese anime. We wanted it to be a true expression from these individual creators in a process that they’re used to. The last thing we wanted to do was be a Western studio that went with our ideas and then really leaned on them for their aesthetic. We were really hoping that it worked the other way. They were creating stories and concepts that could only come from their unique cultural perspective. And so that’s why we worked really hard to crack that Visions framework, that there could be an expression of Star Wars that was more celebratory. But these were all their stories.

    The What If…? team had to revise some storylines since they inadvertently overlapped with the live-action MCU’s plans. Did anything similar happen in your case?

    Rimes, Shirasaki and Waugh: No. (Laughs.)

    Well, it sounded like a good question.

    Lopez: Maybe a name. I think there were names we had to change, right?

    Waugh: There was a name, yeah, but we work so closely with live action. I mean, we really do manage Star Wars in a very holistic way. I know what’s going on in live action and they know what’s going on with animation. We’re building it together. Even though this is a different expression than what they’re doing, I don’t see that happening at Lucasfilm.

    You hired some really impressive voice actors. How did you approach voice casting?

    Shirasaki: The Japanese cast is totally the studios and directors’ creative decisions. In a way, we’re so lucky to have a great cast, including Masako Nozawa, who has been the voice for Goku from Dragon Ball Z for the entire time. So you can hear some iconic voices in the Japanese original version.

    Rimes: And with the English dub, it was really different for us. In making animations for the Western style, we do voice records really early. We find our casts early on and sometimes board to that and animate to that. But it’s done much differently for anime production, so we were very up against timelines. As soon as the Japanese dubs came in, we were fast at work on updating scripts and finding voice actors. We really took big swings, and we took a lot of inspiration from what Kathy did on the Miyazaki films by going out to some really high-level talent and also a lot of AAPI talent. We went out to a lot of Japanese-American voiceover actors, like George Takei and Karen Fukuhara, who you mentioned. It was really important to us to get a nice diverse group of fun talent and talent we’ve worked with before in Star Wars. There were some folks like Andrew Kishino and Christopher Sean.

    Lopez: Bobby Moynihan.

    Rimes: Bobby Moynihan, of course.

    Lopez: Yeah, it was also really fun to see what cast members loved Star Wars and loved anime. As soon as we said, “anime Star Wars,” there were some that were like, “Yes, I’m in.” (Laughs.) So that was really fun, too.

    Waugh: Joseph Gordon-Levitt was one.

    Josh, are you responsible for Alison Brie given the BoJack Horseman connection?

    Rimes: (Laughs.) I worked on the first couple seasons of Bojack Horseman, but no, I’ve got to give a ton of credit to our casting manager, Lindsay Halper, who was just a rockstar when casting this. We would all get together and throw out names, but day to day, she is talking to the different voiceover agents out there and really finding folks that are interested in Star Wars. She would talk to people we’ve worked with before and to people that might be new to us. And Alison sort of put up her hand. I think she was busy working overseas, but the timing was just right where we were looking to record “The Twins.” And she was amazing. She really brought her pipes for that role. There’s a lot of yelling and screaming, but she was great.

    Lopez: (Laughs.)

    Waugh: Yeah, Lindsay has been an absolute hero and champion through this whole project in all honesty.

    Lopez: Yeah, we gave her zero time to do it, so it was pretty amazing. And like Josh said, because the lip sync is locked at the very, very end in anime, that really put us in a little three-month window there.

    Rimes: And we’re casting nine separate shows, if you look at it.

    Lopez: Yeah, it was 65 actors, I think.

    Kyber crystals are a common thread in a lot of these episodes. Is there any particular reason for that, or is it just pure coincidence?

    Rimes: I think it’s a coincidence. Again, it really came from the cultural perspective of the studios. To what Jacqui said before, there’s something very special to the idea of the ancient samurai in that culture and what a katana blade, sword, or family heirloom mean to the Japanese culture from generation to generation. It just really dovetails and fits really perfectly within Star Wars.

    Do you get the impression that Star Wars is going to keep making bold choices a la Visions? Does Disney+ give Lucasfilm more latitude to take these big swings?

    Waugh: Yes, the way it’s managed now is that we see Disney+ as an amazing platform opportunity that has really redefined how we’re looking at Star Wars and what opportunities could present themselves for Star Wars. So I hope you will keep seeing us be as bold as possible and do really interesting things like this. I’m glad to hear you put it that way because I think this is a byproduct. We probably wouldn’t have been able to do this without Disney+, but the future is really bright because there’s a lot of great things to do with Star Wars that are completely unexpected.

    Whether it’s a personal connection or just sheer enjoyment, what episode are you most excited for people to see?

    Shirasaki: Which child is my favorite? (Laughs.) Ah, it’s so hard. Well, I’ll say the first one that came up in my mind was “Akakiri.” It’s a very interesting story, and it has two very funny sidekicks. I also want people to hear the music as well because it features a drum called tambora, which is very unique from other shorts. So I hope people enjoy that.

    Lopez: It changes from month to month, and it has since the beginning. But I think that “Lop and Ocho” has stolen my heart. That character is so real and meaningful to me. The battle that she goes after and the strength that she shows in that story is just amazing and so heartfelt.

    Rimes: I think “The Village Bride” and “The Ninth Jedi” continue to capture my imagination. “The Village Bride,” the music’s amazing. The colors, it just immerses you. It’s just such a beautiful tone poem. And “The Ninth Jedi,” they really leaned into the DNA of Star Wars, but twisted it up in such an interesting way with how they depict lightsabers. But the score is so beautiful and it’s very evocative to John Williams. And Kara (Kimiko Glenn), our lead character is just someone you really want to root for in the same way you rooted for Rey or Luke Skywalker. So those ones are fantastic.

    Lopez: I’m going to be Kara for Halloween. I decided last minute. (Laughs.)

    The music in “The Village Bride” is really something else.

    Shirasaki: It’s just stunning.

    Rimes: [Composer] Kevin Penkin, he’s good.

    Lopez: Kevin Penkin, yeah. And just the vocals. We don’t have a lot of vocals in Star Wars music, so it was interesting to see how well that came in.

    Shirasaki: He features some Japanese traditional instruments as well, so I hope people enjoy that combination and compilation with Western and Eastern instruments.

    I can’t let you off the hook, James.

    Waugh: I have a different favorite on different days, and I think the reason is because we intentionally picked studios that were completely different from each other. From the start, we wanted to make sure that this was an example of the full spectrum of storytelling types and tone that’s found in the medium of anime. There’s definitely a Western perspective of what anime is, and the truth is that it’s so much more varied than that. So when I’m in a more whimsical mood or just a heartfelt mood, “The Village Bride” blows me away. But usually, I am in a rock-and-roll mood, so [“Tatooine Rhapsody”] all the way. I can’t wait to see your Star Waver TikToks.

    Waugh, Rimes, Lopez and Shirasaki: (Laugh.)

    Waugh: We can hope.

    Is a second batch of shorts in the cards someday?

    Lopez: That’s a great idea! (Laughs.)

    Waugh: That is a great idea. We want to keep doing bold things, so fingers crossed.
  15. darthfettus2015

    darthfettus2015 Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 15, 2012
    my faves:

    1.The duel
    2.ninth jedi
    3.The elder
    4.Village bride
  16. Trebor Sabreon

    Trebor Sabreon LACWACky Mod of SWTV & Films Force projection star 4 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 15, 2010
    My mini-review, taken from another convo:

    "None that I'd say I could not stand (which is awesome).

    Didn't like so much: "The Twins" (meh) [face_plain]
    Rather enjoyed: "The Village Bride" (quite good), "TO-B1" (charming) :)
    Wound up adoring more than I had any right to: "Tatooine Rhapsody" [face_love]
    Absolutely fell in love with at first sight (i.e. already in my personal canon): "The Duel," "The Ninth Jedi," "The Elder," "Lop and Ochō" and "Akakiri" =P~

    I think my favorite of them all was 9th Jedi. =D="
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  17. Sproj

    Sproj Jedi Knight star 2

    Mar 18, 2019
    I've watched them all a couple of times now and I think I'd go:

    1. The Village Bride - This one just hit me, the pull of light through all the darkness
    2. The Duel - This one bedazzled me with the mystery of it all, I love the fact we know nothing about the Ronin
    3. The Ninth Jedi - This was fun, the mid-story twist, the 'feeling' lightsabres and the tea drinking droid cracked me up, also kind of reminded me of The Green Lantern series and no idea why
    4. Tatooine Rhapsody - This grew on me a lot the second time watching, cool take on things
    5. To-B1 - This one was cool, I liked the premise of it and the unstated tragedy lurking in the shadows, this one really highlighted to me that the force is mysterious
    6. The Elder - I wasn't as big on this one as many were, to me it wasn't that original, very predictable and the voice actor of the Jedi, in my opinion, seemed to phone it in, I was kind of bored to be honest BUT there were things I liked as well, particularly with the symbolism of hope throughout and juxtaposition of age / strength
    7. Lop & Ocho - I didn't love this one, it seemed to just be Star Wars does the story of Thor, just substituting the good and bad kid, the sabre thing was cool but that was about it for my interest
    8. Akakiri - I liked that this one was so different but not what I was looking for from the last episode, I also found it kind of 'clunky', though I do think this was deliberate to reflect the conflict in the Jedi, again nothing overly original, kind of just an Anakin 'What If'
    9. The Twins - Kudos for taking over the top...more over the top, the exposition was jarring, it was an assault on the sense and I did chuckle at R-Duo but overall, not one I want to see more of

    I didn't hate any of them by any means and all of them were enjoyable in their own way but I guess looking at my list, I like originality and impact and I guess this is why The Village Bride just hit it out of the park more than others in my opinion but this in itself is what made this eps great, each one appeals to someone more than others
  18. Blobofat

    Blobofat Chosen One star 7

    Dec 15, 2000
    Binged them all and have no idea how to rank them. The Duel was my no.1 in terms of visuals. Really amazing. Truth is that I wasn’t that gripped by any of them, but appreciate the invention involved.

    I kept reading that The Ninth Jedi was awesome, but, unusually for me, I guessed the twist so it had no impact when it came and just felt a bit bland. I dunno, maybe I’m just a bit exhausted of SW these days!
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  19. Iustinus Tempus

    Iustinus Tempus Jedi Youngling

    Sep 25, 2021
    First posting here in such a long time that I had to make a new account, that how much I enjoyed Visions!
    Going from least to most favorite, I'm gonna try to give me thoughts on them and I don't know if spoilers are allowed now so I'm gonna put them behind spoiler tags:
    • The Twins
      • The animation and art style are amazing but that is all it got concerning me, everything else is so over the top and the dialogue so referential that it, as weird as it sounds, sucks the fun out of this insanity of an animation.
    • Akakiri
      • I enjoyed the emotional feeling that came out of the third act but I just wish it wasn't basically a remix on Anakin's downfall. I got to say, character designs look a bit jank to me, I wonder what style they were going for, and this is such a downer episode to end the series on.
    • Tatooine Rhapsody
      • It is both nice and a breath of fresh air for a non-Jedi and non-action Star Wars story but I desire a style that isn't what was used in this episode, it is not chibi enough for it to work as it makes every humanoid look like children instead and it keeps bugging me. I believe I might actually enjoy the singing segment if I listened to in in Japanese.
    • The Elder
      • I like the atmosphere and pacing of it as well as the fight scene but I didn't care a bit for the characters and story itself unfortunately even though the theme of this episode is perfectly Star Wars and I love that!
    • T0-B1
      • The animation just oozes style and energy, it such a joy to watch! That same energy can felt from the main character's interactions, and speaking of him, it's pretty neat to see a Jedi droid. The two things that hurts this episode comes the third act, one where T0-B1 temporarily fuses with his companion bot to become an upgrade version of himself as, from what I can tell, had no foreshadowing at all so it feels like whiplash, and the other, and bigger, issue is the pacing, it hurts the story due to how fast pace it was, especially in comparison with the other two acts.
    • The Duel
      • The style and action is great here and having it be a Kurosawa-like story is a nice homage. I do like the twist that the Ronin uses a red lightsaber and him being a Sith hunter is pretty neat.
    • The Village Bride
      • Similar feelings to the Elder, I love atmosphere, colors, and art style more so than the Elder but just like it, I didn't care for the characters and the story itself which bugs me to no end as I want to love it like the others in the fandom, and yet again like the Elder, it has a theme befitting of Star Wars.
    • The Ninth Jedi
      • Love the fight scenes and art style here, the characters are quite nice, and the twist is great, wasn't expecting almost all of them to be like that. The one thing that bothers me about it is it feels "stock" and "generic" to me even though even I feel like saying such a thing is a complete disservice to the episode. I wish I could describe it better, it's like I have seen this story too much in Star Wars. I hope you dudes know what I mean.
    • Lop and Ochō
      • This here, to me, is essential Star Wars, it got it all. It has the characters, story, drama, and themes,especially about family, that feels perfectly Star Wars. For a near 20 minute episode, Geno Studio did a great job with the animation, art style, and action, it all feels very much like a theatrical film. Another reason I enjoy this so much is I can relate a bit to Lop concerning family as I'm adopted as well. I need to have a series or a film continuing this story but considering how much, or at least seems, the fandom enjoys the Elder, the Village Bride, the Duel, and the Ninth Jedi over this, I don't have the highest of hopes.
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  20. Ahsoka's Tano

    Ahsoka's Tano Force Ghost star 6

    Oct 28, 2014
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  21. Bor Mullet

    Bor Mullet Force Ghost star 6

    Apr 6, 2018
    This series is more affirmation that Kennedy is the right person to be leading Lucasfilm.
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  22. Glitterstimm

    Glitterstimm Force Ghost star 5

    Dec 30, 2017
    That's taking things a bit far imo. These were nice, but one-off animated shorts are no substitute for feature films. Until we get more movies - and good ones - the jury is out.
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  23. Ian passman

    Ian passman Jedi Master star 2

    Mar 16, 2013
    I really enjoyed Akakiri. Massago was a real treat. I love a villain who combines power with persuasiveness, and I'm always interested to learn more about the philosophy of the dark side. It was very cool seeing a Sith shatter someone with a carefully worded oration instead of just hacking them apart.
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  24. BadAcrobat

    BadAcrobat Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 20, 2015
    Switch The Duel with The Ninth Jedi and you have my exact rankings. Very cool!
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  25. BadAcrobat

    BadAcrobat Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 20, 2015
    I think he is right. Mainly because they are moving away from the movies. TV is the absolute main focus for Disney now in the SW universe. We may get the odd movie every 4-5 years, and standalone ones at that away from the main storylines. I don't think we will see that RJ trilogy.

    So - if you take Kennedy's involvement with the shows - TCW final season, The Mandalorian, The Bad Batch, Visions, and 2022 looks epic so far so if the following are half as good, Kenobi, Boba Fett, Andor, Mandalorian S3....and after that Ahsoka - we are definitely in good hands.
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