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Star Wars Star Wars: Wild Sun Frontier

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Kev-Mas_Colcha, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    Before I begin, it is important to briefly elaborate on the history behind the story in which you will play a part, and it all is centered on the people of Thyrsus, a planet located in an inner rim star cluster known as Echani space.

    The Thyrsians, despite being genetic cousins of the Echani, having evolved to have much different features in order to survive on their harsh volcanic desert planet orbiting twin red giants, are an independent people, who operate free from the rule of the Six Sisters, though many Echani would say they operate in defiance of them.

    Both cultures also recently experienced a liberation of sorts. The Echani liberated themselves from the Empire in a ferocious battle brought on not only by the news of the Emperor’s death, but the fact that imperial forces had been redirected from systems key to maintaining control of the sector for the battles on Endor and Sullust. In the process, they commandeered the Bellator-class Star dreadnoughts being constructed in the shipyards over Eshan, and used their might to take back the rest of Echani space.

    Well, save for Thyrsus. They were independent after all, and such independence grants no aid from their genetic cousins. Instead, their freedom came another way.

    The Sun Guard, legendary warriors who once called this planet home, were once a proud people with a culture of their own that has always been part of the Thyrsian way of life, even after they were all but destroyed near the end of the Clone Wars at the hands of the assassin, Asajj Ventress, under orders by Count Dooku, which were passed on to him from none other than Darth Sidious, the man who controlled them at the time, his late master Plagueis having turned them into a Sith cult, twisting them to their needs.

    Well, all but destroyed, save for a few, anyways. One such survivor was one so rebellious that Sidious had to force him to do his bidding by way of Sith Alchemy. Kev-Mas Colcha, a half-blood former slave, born to a Thyrsian slave woman working a brothel on the resort world of Mindor (yes, long before the Empire chose to glass it) and an Echani aristocrat looking for a night of pleasure.

    That brings us to another note. See, the Sun Guard revere prophecy a great deal, and have many stories they use to predict their future. So when this boy was born, a former Sun Guard, who left the legendary group of warriors and went into hiding a few years prior in response to the Sith taking control immediately recognized him as a prophecy in the process of being fulfilled.

    “When the Sun Guard stray from their righteous path, a son of the moons and suns, born the lowest of the low, shall rise above as their rebirth.”

    This man just so happened to be hiding on Mindor, and after coming across a young Kev-Mas he immediately took it upon himself to train him in the ways of the Sun Guard, preparing him to fulfill the prophecy.

    Over 50 years later, Kev-Mas Colcha, deemed traitor to the Empire, former Emperor’s Hand, former Emperor’s Shadow Guard, and one of the last of the Sun Guard rose against the Empire on Thyrsus, using their own ships and weapons against them, with the aid of the newly formed New Republic.

    The planet was liberated, and what’s more, is that the Sun Guard were reborn, risen from the ashes of Colcha’s former Stormtroopers, headquartered in a garrison base on the very planet they freed.

    Twin Suns Garrison became known as Solvorgilhyum, which means “Sun Guard Home” in their native tongue. The Sun Guard also returned to their old ways, predating their stint as Sith Cultists. While it was what nearly everyone in the Galaxy who knew anything about them remembered them as, it was only a small blip in their history, which goes back thousands of years.

    Kev-Mas added other influences, however, as a safeguard to prevent another corruption. After escaping from the grasp of the Empire, he was aided telepathically by an unseen voice, who had a more neutral way of seeing the Force. Rather than seeing the Force as light or dark, this individual, whoever they were, saw other Force users as light or dark, depending on how they used it, and only in that particular moment. This individual also saw that both light and dark must be kept in equilibrium to maintain order in the Galaxy. Failing that, peace would be fragile and war would be constant.

    When Kev-Mas brought back the Sun Guard, he fused this view of protecting equilibrium with their existing reverence to the Suns, recognizing that while they may set, their light is still there, while they are up, the ashen skin of the Thyrsian people protects them from the solar radiation while serving as a small reminder of night and the constant change between day and night preserves its life. When it came time to find new Sun Guard, all races were welcomed, whether it be the Thyrsian Rebels and former Stormtroopers that made up the inaugural class, or the various other denizens of all shapes and sizes who joined seeking refuge and a new life. When the new Sun Guard recruited new members, they also took great measures to seek out Force Sensitives, and Kev-Mas trained them to use the Force as a tool: as a means rather than an end.

    Last but not least, the Sun Guard of ancient times were also conquerors. Vast swaths of the Galaxy used to be under Sun Guard control, having been won by hard fought battles, proving their might and earning them rivalries with other legendary warriors such as the Mandalorians.

    Conquering and subjugating planets however, was something that would disrupt the equilibrium, and not protect it. This was not an option.

    Discovering them however, that was something else. So the Sun Guard prepared for an expedition to Wild Space, and after several years of building fleets and armies, they’re ready.

    The year is now 20 ABY, and the first ships of the Sun Guard fleet have already been sent out as a vanguard, to scout for new worlds on which to build an Empire. A perch in which they seek to observe galactic events, and interfere when necessary to protect the equilibrium.


    Welcome to Star Wars: Wild Sun Frontier. In this game, you will play the role of Force Sensitive Sun Guard Twisuns Praetors headed out with the second group of ships sent by the Sun Guard to Wild Space after the first ones failed to send back a report of their findings in a timely manner. Tensions are high on Thyrsus as many have feared that the first fleet, which included Kev-Mas Colcha’s son and heir, Leonias Colcha among them, went out to Wild Space to meet their deaths, and that the second fleet which includes your characters, will serve more as a rescue fleet to retrieve their bodies and flee to the safety of charted space or worse.

    Since I like it so much, and I write my own stories inside its confines (including this one), this game will follow @Sinrebirth ‘s One Canon, which is a combination of both Disney and Legends canon, with subtle changes made here and there to make sure the important pieces from each continuity fit. Additionally, this game uses a lot of fanon. The Sun Guard don't have much to say about them in canon, legends or disney canon (the latter of which there is nothing) and I took a great deal of creative liberty to fill in the blanks to the point where the material I've created and curated is almost on the level of other warriors of the Galaxy, such as their ancient rivals, the Mandalorians.

    You and the other players will each play an individual Commander in the fleet. It's got some fleet battle game elements so in addition to playing like a normal game you'd see here, your characters also issue orders to NPC Sun Guard under their command. Starting off, the players have command of an attaché, which is forty Sun Guard. The story will be told from the perspective of the your character, giving orders to GM controlled forces and assisting them in battle.

    These battles will be massive. Not only will you be responsible for personally rising above your foes in battle, but you will be responsible for the morale and direction of each and every Sun Guard that serves under your command. Your tactical and leadership skills will be the difference between victory and death. If you give the wrong order, it could very well spell certain doom not just for you, but for the fate of the Sun Guard and the Galaxy as we know it. Are you prepared for the challenge?

    Eventually, after a few successful missions, you might go up in rank, and the amount of forces under your command will increase in order to better deal with the more difficult enemies you may encounter.



    Obey the TOS
    Follow all RP etiquette rules. No god mode, no metagaming, etc. You’re here to tell a story, not show off how cool or powerful your character is. It’s not a competition.
    Character sheets must be submitted to the GM via private message and approved before being posted.
    If you have a question about anything at any point in the game, please ask me about it. I've fleshed out a great deal about the world that will be featured in this story, much more than is appropriate to outline on an opening post. Chances are, if you're not sure about something, it's one of those details that didn't fit in the OP.


    Character sheet
    Appearance: (Pictures are recommended, but not necessary. In the same respect, a picture does not exclude the need for a good text description. A good storyteller needs to be able to paint a picture with their words.)
    Personal Effects:
    Personal Ship: (Scratch that. Leave this blank. You’ll be assigned to one as its Commanding Officer. Standard issue Twin Suns Engineering Wraith-class Corvette.)
    Bio: (Obviously you’re a Sun Guard, and obviously you’re Force Sensitive. Elaborate further though. How did you become a Sun Guard? Were you one of the Stormtroopers from the Twin Suns Garrison who turned against the Empire to follow their commander and liberate the planet? Were you one of the Thyrsian Rebels who were in the fight before Kev-Mas united them? Were you a refugee who was saved by the Sun Guard in one of their many pre-expedition crusades? The story behind this has a great deal of fanon, a lot of which haven't been explained all the way in this OP. Don't be ashamed to ask me for help ironing out details so your character fits in. All you need is a rough idea, and then we'll work together to flesh it out.)
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  2. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002

    2 weeks earlier

    Location: A space station. Like any other from outside appearances, aside from the shipyards connected to it through a system of gangway tunnels, which housed several warships of different varieties.

    Zoom in. To a room onboard the station.

    A tall, pale man faced downwards. He had long ashen hair and an ashen beard just as long. His beard was starting to show some flecks of gray, and his gaunt face was starting to gather wrinkles. He had eyes that were consumed with an eerie silver glow, and wore black sun guard armor, modified with a shield generator. The coils could be seen on the cortosis weave armor underlayer, occasionally pulsating with a silver glow. The armor was topped with a crimson red cape, clasped to his chest armor with red medallions bearing a white insignia.

    (The insignia)

    He held in each hand a saber pike, both held out and planted on the ground in front of him. One pike was black in color, and one was gold, though both had the same design. He ignited them as they clanked against the ground, the black one producing a red blade, the gold one, well... gold. The blades were unconventionally shaped, and looked more like physical blades.

    His gaze was focused on a younger looking man in front of him. This man was also pale, but had equally stark white hair and eyes. He was clean shaven, and wore similar armor as the other man, with the same insignia, except the cape was silver.

    The two stared intensely at each other for a brief moment, then the older one spoke.

    "Son, you will get far better use out of these in Wild Space than I will in the safety of our home. Take them with you."

    "But they're yours..." replied the younger one, "and how will I use two of them at once? You make it look easy but I still haven't figured it out."

    "That's because you have to do it your own way, Leonias," the older man replied as he shook his head, "You are an individual. If you try to do things the same way everyone else does them, you may get lucky and succeed a few times, but most of the time you will fail. You have to find your own path."

    "Yes, Supreme Sun Guardian," replied Leonias as he extended his hands to receive the saberpikes, his tone of voice suddenly more firm, as he shifted his posture to match.

    "Now," stated the Supreme Sun Guardian as he handed him the weapons, his thunderous voice suddenly growing more intense, "Thychani Dictator Colcha, I bid you safe travels. May the light of the red suns of Thyrsus follow you to the depths of wild space."

    Present time

    Location: Somewhere in space.

    Nothing seems to look familiar about this particular patch of space. It all looks foreign and unlike anything you've ever seen. Nothing except the fact that some of the many wrecked ships that rest here, their hulks still smoking from battle look oddly familiar to some of the warships in that shipyard.

    What happened here? That's up to you to find out.