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Saga - ST Star Wars X

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by The battle of MAW station, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. The battle of MAW station

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    Sep 24, 2013
    I have begun to compose a fan fiction novel. This will be longer than the average story from fan fiction.
    Let me tell you a little bit about what I have in mind. It is episode 10, and in this story, the Skywalker saga does not end after 9. It still continues. The main antagonist is none other than...Darth Plagues the Wise! (As far as movie ideas are concerned, most fans will agree that of all the charecters in canon that were only mentioned, but not seen or heard in the films, Plagues is the most intrigueing. Perhaps his Star Wars story should be considered) Now, we believe that Palpatine killed him in his sleep. No, Palpatine was meant to think he did. Now when Palpatine retreated to Exogal in the unknown regions of the galaxy in 9, Plagues pulled a disappearing act himself much earlier. He has been hiding out all this time in ANOTHER GALAXY! And it wasn't Palpatine who's been pulling all the strings throughout the saga. He had strings attached to him and he didn't even realize it. They were being pulled by Plagues! Here is a small sample of dialogue that I have written:

    "Palpatine was unwise.
    He thought I was dead,
    He was wrong!"
    (He turns to Palpatine's Sith Ghost, who he has trapped in some kind of spirit torture device in bondage, so he can't move) "Young fool,
    I have been every voice YOU have ever heard inside YOUR head!"

    Apparently Plagues is not happy with Palpatine, and he's been running the show all along. And this technology used to trap spirits doesn't exist in Palpatine's galaxy yet. Plagues has complete and total control of his galaxy. No rebels, no resistance. Of course Iam borrowing from the Yusong Vong concept from legends. There is going to be an intergalactic invasion, led by Plagues. But in order to do this, he had to call upon a military expert. This expert is none other than Grand Admiral Thrawn! He will be Plagues' overall commander. There are going to be more spaceships than you can shake a stick at. In this Star Wars story, bigger is better, and the more the better! We are going to have the biggest star destroyers you can imagine, especially Plagues' flag ship. And there are going to be multiple death star type weapons as well. But there will be one ultimate weapon. A death star that can not only destroy an entire planet, or solar system, but the entire galaxy that we have grown to love can be completely destroyed!

    Everybody is coming back, in the flesh! I got this idea from that force netherworld with the angels or acolytes from REBELS I think. All of the force ghosts who were once Jedi will speak to the God of this netherworld or heaven. Now this God knows that Plagues is coming. Yes, Plagues didn't just stay hidden from Palpatine or even the jedi, but from the God, angels, and acolyes from the netherworld of the force! This God knows they must return to defeat Plagues and his invasion force. They will be returned to mortality! But there are two sides to every coin. There is a Hell and a devil on the Sith side as well. Except for Palpatine, they are all coming back, including Darth Bane, in the Flesh. Yes, Plagues was still tinkering around with those mitichlorians. He found a way to resurrect them all. That means lightsaber duels that are going to be epic. And the Hero of this story will be none other than Luke Skywalker. Now this is all I have right now, and I'll keep you posted, and look forward to putting this story on fan fiction.

    Now I have just a few more ideas for Star Wars X. I spoke about technology in this other distant Galaxy. Our galaxy cannot hold a candle to it. The idea is based on a common Star Wars theme where the more primitive side can figure out how to defeat a side with superior technology. Like how the Ewoks defeated the Empire on the forrest moon of Endor. I have selected around ten of the ancient Sith lords from the past, in canon and legends, who will be back in the flesh. And they will all be Plagues' fleet commanders during the invasion both on the ground, in the air, and in space! Names like Revan, Bane, and Malgus, just to name a few. Now imagine the scale of the the three year Clone war taking place from start to finish in what will be the equivalent of a four hour movie! The "Gone With the Wind" of science fiction, and it will be "Titanic"! A very short period of time! Now as it pertains to lightsaber duels, there will be many. And according to my research, master Mace Windu and Darth Bane were the best swordsmen in the history of the Jedi order and the Sith. This epic duel will take place, but even though the good guys will win in the end, we don't know who will win this duel. Now when all of our heroes are back in the flesh, we will learn that the God and the angels or acolytes from the nerther world did not tell them everything. Because Plagues is so powerful, he could hide alot about his existance as well as his plans from even them, let alone mortals. They could only tell them this:

    "Something wicked this way comes"!

    And once they return to mortality, they still have to figure out exactly what this threat actually is. The uncertainty adds to the tension in this story. There will be campfire tales in this story. (Rian Johnson ALMOST got this right in The Last Jedi) Luke, the old Obi-Wan, Mace Windu, and Yoda will be the lead story tellers here. Everybody is around this campfire on a planet. The moon will be shining brightly above them. No technology here. These stories will be about the myths and the legends in this galaxy as far as the historical villans as they are trying to figure out wether or not it is Darth Plagues who is behind the threat. Plagues does come up during these stories, but there is disagreement as to his culpability here. Some believe it is possible, while others think he is really dead. But what they do know is that this tremor in the force is the most powerful one they have ever detected, and they know that it is indeed coming from another Galaxy. (Now this idea comes directly from the slasher horror genra that was at the peak of it's popularity during the original trilogy era) But somehow, there is a general consensus that it is Plagues, and they begin planning for this. Darth Plagues is the ultimate boogey man in the Star Wars universe, of all time! Our heroes must unite the entire galaxy. All factions must unite in order to destroy this threat. Now let's talk about Plagues' main superweapon. This is the biggest death star that can possibly exist. It will travel behind the invasion fleet, and will remain just outside of our galaxy. Plagues wants revenge! He wants complete control of our galaxy. He has aspirations of controlling every galaxy in the Universe, because he has discovered how to live forever. His experiments with the mitichlorians are complete! His has discovered the secret of immortality. Now if Plagues does not get his way, this death star will fire, but it will not be a single laser pulse, followed by a single explosion. No, the target will be in the middle of the galaxy. The supermassive black hole in the center. We have not seen many black holes in Star Wars, so you can imagine how this black hole could destroy the galaxy from the inside out. This invasion will follow a typical formula. Plagues' forces will dominate the invasion at first, but just when you think all hope is lost, the tides of war will begin to change. And yes, Luke Skywalker will find a way to blow it up before it fires! But, the plans for this superweapon will be retrieved, and a démonstration of how it works will be shown during a holographic pre battle breifing. It is going to scare the daylights out of everyone who is watching this. The good guys are going to win, and when it is over, every force ghost will return to the netherworld where they will forever rest in peace! Now Plagues is Snoke in this story, but Plagues is the host for those Snoke clones in the ST. We know that Snoke was a defective clone. Those deformities, scars, and other physical vulnerabilities were not from battles in the past like we may have thought at first. The real Plagues will not have these defects. It will be the same guy, but he will be much larger, stronger, healthier, and much more mobile than the Snoke we know from the SQ. Now this is a story about the Skywalkers as well, but I cannot think of any greater revelation that Luke Skywalker doesn't know, si I would be delighted to hear any suggestions you may have!

    Our heroes have detected something in intergalactic space! And it is moving in their direction. They are not sure what it is. It does not match any known light speed or hyperspace signatures that they can detect with their technology. But they know it is the threat they were told about in the netherworld of the force. This is what they are here for.

    Something wicked this way comes.

    And it could be a massive clone army! But whatever it is, when all of Plagues' assets arrive, every solar system will learn a new definition of fear! Unllike anything anyone has ever seen!

    Star Wars X will begin!
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