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Beyond - Legends Sting, for the romantic quotes roulette

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Oct 14, 2020.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Sting, romantic quotes roulette

    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan

    Timeframe: Legends: beyond
    Genre: one shot.
    Characters: Moniron characters
    Summary: a scene from Reunion ( )

    9) This feeling is like a wonderful sting.
    I want this feeling to hold me captive.
    I wouldn't give this up, not even for all four seasons to be spring.
    It doesn't need to be masked as attractive,
    This unstable beautiful pain is mine, its what I want, what I need!
    A Wonderful Sting -- David P. Leverett


    Kaagi Adin was satisfied. He had collected the ore to cure his friend Aaqu and son Marhin. He knew that the medicine made from the ore was working. Midichlorians were waking up and multiplying. He had felt it in his bond with his friend and son. He was gazing at the curved grey wall and remembered.

    To do the collecting he had been helped into a three layer drysuit that protected him from the ore when it was brought up from the depths of Kawtun trench by Kaaginha. He was a member of the Falgan species dwelling in the oceans and could dive deep aided by the Sheir Irel who protected him. Kaaginha had used a collecting-probe that kept the ore at a distance and had delivered the ore. Kaagi had put it in his collecting bag but with the bag tugging at his waist he had begun to descend. Emergency ascend using his life-preserver had him feeling the first sting in his right leg after he had delivered the bag to the collecting-droid. But he didn't mind. The sting was wonderful. He was on the surface and helped by his friends to a recompression chamber that would be his home for the next 40 hours. And those friends were entertaining him with stories. Gazing up to the curved wall of the chamber he heard two friends discussing.

    “There you are. I was already wondering if I had to call your parents and ask if rookie Guyet had forgotten his assignment.”

    “Rookie Guyet? Commander Kerebuy, those guys from Blade squadron called me the rookie when they were planning their pranks.”

    “Pranks and a rookie,” Kaagi began to smile.

    “Yes Kaagi, you're awake there?”

    “Yes Jason. And Mick, I have changed the IV-bag before the beep.”

    “Beep aw I see. Beep.”

    “What's with beep?” This was getting interesting.

    “Yes Jason what's with the beep?”

    “The first prank from Blade squadron involved a beeping alarm and that was funny because it backfired on Ialis, Sean Crico's team-mate at that time. Sean oh my. Sean got me into more trouble.”

    “He sure did after he tried to give you doctored porridge.”

    Very interesting. Kaagi heard the laughter and asked “can you tell me more?”

    “Sure. Sean had a prank that couldn't go wrong but did when I had the normal porridge. He ate his porridge and became nauseous. I took pity on him and went to the galley area to make a pie with sedative to sleep off the bad porridge. I had it on the stovetop and was searching for a knife to cut the pie when master sergeant Floreverus Bullwinkle sampled the pie with his index-finger, a very dirty index-finger just like the rest of the man. And the smell!”

    Kaagi could visualise this and laughed “and he dropped like a stone?”

    “He did and officer Qui-Sein Delph from Talon Intelligence Squadron chose that moment to enter. I was awed and a bit at a loss for words but he was nice and called his guys to fetch Bullwinkle back to his quarters.”

    “That doesn't sound like much trouble.” Kaagi was sure there was more to the story.

    “No I could tell Sean why the pie was missing a part and he accepted and ate the pie falling asleep instantly. But Sean and I going on a food hunt was trouble because we ended up in a pantry where the sergeant had put fossilized beans.”

    “Fossilized beans and you didn't recognise their state of decay?”

    “The vegetarian bean sausages and the mixed beans where uh yes smelling but nothing disturbing and I was hungry you know. I ate them, got nauseous, dumped them in the sink and used the Force to quieten down my stomach. I was quite green in the face.”

    “Green and a rookie.”

    Kaagi heard Mick's booming laugh but also some small sounds.

    “Green and I wanted to know what was wrong. I headed to the medbay and started my examination and that had me calling the Talon CO.”

    “Who is a spitting image of me.”

    “Chocim! What's up?”

    “Jim is asking what's keeping you when I helped him with the brace for Aaqu. We are almost finished.”

    “Blast I have to help him with the braces for Marhin. Jason take over.”

    “I will.”

    And Kaagi heard all about who was looking like Chocim and more and was captivated. He forgot to watch the IV-bag and was startled by the beep.”

    A beeping alarm that startled him and Jason even more.

    “Kaagi, give me your code to get Beesie working with me.”

    Kaagi did, ears assaulted by the alarm, heard Jason discussing with Jadin Finn and Jason running away, saw a new bag coming through the airlock, connected it and was satisfied when the beeping ended.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Nice salvage of a necessary medicine and diverting reminiscences
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    Jun 14, 2005
    One always can see from your fanfics that you dedicated a big part of your life saving others, dear bird. The medical knowledge and how to do a rescue. I bet you still miss the pranks the volunteers of the fire brigade play to one another occasionally.
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