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Stop SuperShadow Petition

Discussion in 'FanForce Community' started by Darth_Jetzt, Dec 30, 2004.

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  1. Darth_Jetzt

    Darth_Jetzt Jedi Knight star 2

    Dec 30, 2004
    Hey guys, we need to do somthing about SuperShadow!
    He has brainwashed, manipulated and defrauded "nieve" Star Wars fans for long enough. He has always insulted George Lucas and has taken cheap shots at and on numerous occasions.
    This is why we must come together to get him off of the internet once and for all. At the bottom of this post is a link to a petition, we need all the signetures we can get. So please sign.

    For those who do not know about him, here is some info:

    SuperShadow's website first appeared during the production of Star Wars Episode I. He released 'exclusive' information and claimed to be an Industrial Light and Magic employee and personal friend of George Lucas. One day, the following disclaimer appeared:

    "This web site has no association with Lucasfilm. is a fan operated web site that makes no claims as to the copyrights held by Lucasfilm regarding Star Wars. Star Wars, its characters and all related items are copyright Lucasfilm."

    It's reasonable to assume an actual Lucasfilm employee was made aware of the site, and threatened Suttle with legal action. To this day Suttle still says he is friends with George Lucas, but no longer claims to be employed by him, or have any "official" connection to Star Wars.

    He continued posting "news", which all turned out to be fake with the exception of stories which appeared on other websites earlier in the day, but attracted controversy again when he claimed to be in possession of the script for Star Wars Episode II--quite a feat considering George Lucas had not finished writing it at the time. SuperShadow's source was "Brad Bender, head of Lucasfilm Internet Relations". There is never, and has never been a Brad Bender employed by Lucasfilm, but this was all made elementary when Episode II turned out to be nothing like SuperShadow's version of the story. His excuse was that the script he'd received was a "Rough Draft".

    SuperShadow claimed to have read the script for Episode III, but could not post any information about it due to copyright law. After enough spoilers information had been released about Episode III to cobble together some kind of basic plot, he posted what he claimed to be the script - it contains only a brief rundown of each scene and no dialogue.

    He also claims that Lucasfilm released the title "Revenge of the Sith" earlier than expected (July instead of November) because one of his readers had successfully guessed it.

    SuperShadow's Q&A
    Despite seemingly irrefutable proof that he is a pathological liar, SuperShadow has attracted a legion of fans who send him their questions, which he answers on his website every day or so. These questions pertain to Star Wars history, trivia, and the upcoming movies. These appear on the index page of his site, with the answers in bold text following the questions. Example:

    O.K., SS, you promised a long, long time ago and now you must tell us the real Episode III title. Finally someone guessed so speak! Great site and congratulations from Canary Islands, Spain. (SuperShadow: Wish I could, but I just promised Lucas a few days ago that I would not reveal the actual title for Episode 3. The Episode 3 title will be announced on in November 2004.)

    Star Wars sequel trilogy
    SuperShadow claims to possess the scripts, or at least the outlines, for episodes VII, VIII and IX of Star Wars. These involve an army of Dark Jedi on rocketpacks, a superweapon which creates black holes, and characters fighting clones of each other. An excerpt from Star Wars Episode IX: Victory of the Force, reads as follows:

    Ben and Anakin battle Horgon while the real Luke battles the Luke clone and Mara Jade battles the Vader clone. Horgon strikes down Anakin. Ben screams in anger and then lunges at Horgon with all his might. The real Luke cuts the clone Luke in half. The real Luke then turns to fight Horgon in order to prevent Horgon from killing Ben. The Vader clone battles
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