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Story [Stranger Things] 16 Very Short Stories About Dates (one-sentence stories, AU, OTP Challenge #20)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by amidalachick, Jun 27, 2021.

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    Title: 16 Very Short Stories About Dates
    Characters/Pairings: Various
    Genre: FLUFF, yay!
    Notes: Real life is very messy and very complicated right now and I miss writing (and reading and fandom things and just having fun) so much. I really wanted to write something for OTP Challenge #20: It's a Date!, and I tried a few things but nothing worked out. And I fell even deeper into anxiety and depression and all those lovely things.

    But today something clicked, at least temporarily, and I was able to sit down for a few hours and use the OTP Challenge prompts to make one-sentence stories out of various failed ideas I've been trying to work on. Some of these are originally based on ideas I had for this challenge, some are based on other non-challenge-related ideas, and I made up a few today. I know some of the grammar is atrocious, but still readable I hope. Concrit is always welcome!

    Regarding the actual stories, these are all set post-S3 in my usual fluffy happy little AU world where nothing bad will ever happen to anyone. Some of them are similar to drabbles and fics I've written before, because I just keep rewriting the same things over and over, but at this point I'll take whatever the muse will give me. I've added the pairings for each one next to the prompt.

    Just a few more things. The title is inspired by one of my favorite Simpsons episodes, 22 Short Films About Springfield. "Sporting Event" is based off the real life 1986 Kentucky Derby, which you can watch here if you would like to see it. And the dialogue in "Pop (or equivalent) concert" is from Tougher Than The Rest by Bruce Springsteen, who really did perform the song in L.A. during 1988's Tunnel of Love tour dates there. It's a beautiful song and one I love for both personal and fandom reasons, so please give it a listen!

    Finally, if you choose to read, thank you so much! :)

    16 Very Short Stories About Dates

    Dinner and a holo (or movie, for Earth-based fandoms)

    Dustin took his plate of spaghetti to the living room and pressed "play" on the VCR, knowing that hundreds of miles away, Suzie was doing the same thing.

    Night at the opera/theater/symphony/etc. (Hopper/Joyce)

    Jim had been to a couple of Broadway shows - birthday gifts to Diane when they lived in New York - but sitting in the Hawkins High auditorium with Joyce's hand in his while they watched El and Max dance and laugh and lip-synch their way through "Material Girl" for their talent show performance was more satisfying than Broadway could ever be.

    Pop (or equivalent) concert (Steve/Billy)

    The words echo around the arena - "And if you're rough and ready for love, honey, I'm tougher than the rest" - for thousands of people to hear, but Billy, shivering as Steve's lips brush against his ear as he repeats them, feels like they're meant just for the two of them.

    Quiet dinner at home (Nancy/Jonathan)

    Jonathan headed straight home from the airport, the noise and energy and life of New York overwhelming as always after weeks of documenting horrors the Upside Down could never match, and when Nancy came in she hugged him without a word, holding him for a long time before they started to talk and catch up as they prepared dinner together.

    Sporting event (Robin/Heather)

    Robin can barely see the horses, but she's swept up in the excitement of the Kentucky Derby anyway, screaming and leaning into the rail with her friends, and when the announcer calls "It's Ferdinand!", there's more screaming and cheering, and she and Heather pull each other into a hug.

    Formal gala/ball (Nancy/Jonathan)

    Neither Jonathan or Nancy really enjoy attending these black-tie affairs, but occasionally it's a job requirement, and - it's been a long time since Nancy's seen Jonathan in a suit, so with a glass of champagne still in her hand, she catches his eye and tilts her chin, her lavender silk skirt swishing against the floor as she exits the banquet hall, heading for a quieter spot so they can make the best of a dull evening.

    Picnic (Mike/El)

    Sorry, Mike says as he and El sit in the Wheelers' basement with the picnic basket they'd planned to take to the park, I guess I should have checked the forecast; but El says it's okay, and her smile brightens the dark basement like sunshine.

    Double date (Max/Lucas, Mike/El)

    Lucas exchanged a look with Mike, thinking this was possibly the least romantic date in the history of dates as Max and El ran ahead to the next store, giggling and ignoring them completely; but later when they were squished into a booth sharing milkshakes - strawberry for Lucas and Max and vanilla for Mike and El - he decided it wasn't such a bad time after all.

    Blind date (Robin/Barb)

    "Hi," the red-haired girl said, holding out her hand to Robin, her smile warm and her eyes bright behind her thick-framed glasses, "I'm Barb, Nancy's told me all about you."

    Workplace holiday (or similar) party (Max/Lucas)

    Max had been - not worried, exactly, maybe just a tiny bit nervous - about attending Lucas' company Christmas party, since he liked his job, and she was his wife, and she wanted to make a good impression; but when Lucas threw his arm around her shoulders and added proudly she runs her own garage after she answered some snooty executive's wife's raised eyebrow and patronizing what do you do for a living with I'm a mechanic she knew she could relax and enjoy the evening.

    Beer/wine/liquor/etc. tasting (Steve/Billy)

    "It's got a - " Steve swirls the cheap plastic hotel glass and pauses dramatically, imitating their guide at the tasting earlier - "wine-y wine taste with a hint of wine,"; Billy laughs, then kisses Steve and says, "Well, it tastes good to me."

    Gallery exhibition (Hopper/Joyce)

    "Joyce," Hopper said, leaning over to speak in Joyce's ear as they stood in the corner of the room observing the crowds who'd come to the opening of Will's latest show, some of the people as colorful as a painting themselves, and listening to their comments, "I'll never understand this art stuff."

    Romantic walk (the setting is up to you) (Steve/Billy)

    "Cookie, hold still, jeez," Steve said, giving up on holding Billy's hand as he tried to untangle Cookie's leash from Lemmy's leash and both his and Billy's legs while Cookie bounced around, eager to get to the ocean.

    Wedding (or other life-cycle event) of friend or family member (Hopper/Joyce)

    Hopper walks with a cane, and Joyce's hair is silver, and they're shuffling around the dance floor more than dancing; but none of that matters because after almost thirty years they're still here and still together, and not even the Upside Down could have kept them away from this final Party wedding.

    Going out for tea/coffee (or equivalent) (Mike/El)

    The first time El tries coffee is with Max, and it's more sour than sweet, and she doesn't think she likes it until Max tells her she can add milk and sugar; so when she goes out with Mike one night and they end up at a bookstore with its own café, and Mike asks what she wants, she knows exactly what to say: "Coffee with two milk and lots of sugar."

    ...or choose your own! (in order: Jonathan/Nancy, Mike/El, Hopper/Joyce, Max/Lucas, Steve/Billy)

    Jonathan and Nancy walk hand in hand through the humidity and bustle of a New York City summer night, carrying takeout back to their apartment.

    Mike and El sit on their living room floor, in the house near MIT that they've been renting since Mike started his Ph.D., building Lego structures and sharing beer and kisses.

    In Hawkins Joyce and Hopper settle onto the couch to watch TV, and Joyce sighs contentedly as she tucks her legs up and leans against Hopper.

    The sky's cloudless, promising a clear California night, as Lucas flips the burgers on the BBQ and glances over at Max, at the way she's resting her hand on her rounded stomach and staring into the distance, until she notices him watching; she looks up, says what are you staring at me for and Stalker, and smiles, and he smiles back.

    Steve and Billy linger on the beach even after the sun sets, fingers loosely twined, listening to the waves and their own breathing; it's late when they finally make it to bed and murmur I love you and good night, and hold each other close until the sun rises over Los Angeles again.
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    I LOVE that you took all of the prompts to use instead of just one! I don't know that I can pick a favorite because they are all perfect stories in their own right. Though maybe if forced to choose, the last grouping of all of them (choose your own) because I love the simple dates that feel so comfortable and comforting. You don't always need something elaborate to show your love.

    Very creative and beautiful job!! =D=
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    I LOVED THESE! Your concept is fantastic and your execution just brilliant. It's hard to pick a fave of all these spoonfuls of fabulousness, so I'm gonna pick more than a few. ;) [face_mischief]

    Aw! And isn't this something we can all identify with after keeping up our Zoom friendships during the pandemic?

    I coulda smashed the 'liked' button for just this one alone. How precious! [face_love]

    It's too cool that you did the research and this was an actual Derby! And it's extra wonderful that Robin was there and out experiencing the world. [face_love]

    [face_love]!!! Just too adorable for words.

    Barb!!! Much better than canon. :p

    [face_laugh] Because what else is there to say?

    I LOVE their happy home full of animals. I cannot express how happy this makes me.

    Fair! [face_laugh]

    Also: yay for Will!

    Oh but my heart! [face_love]

    What a perfect note to end this on, with such an ensemble of awesomeness!

    Again, all of these were just fantastic and I just adored your take on the challenge. Thank-you for sharing this with us. [face_love]

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    All of those little stories; perfect. All with the same theme, great job.