Story [Stranger Things] It Ain't No Sin (one-sentence stories, AU, OTP Challenge #21)

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    Title: It Ain't No Sin
    Genre: Various, but mostly fluff
    Characters: Various
    Notes: Inspired by OTP Challenge #21: The Seven Deadly Sins because these challenges are literally the only things I can write for anymore. I tried to do something combining some of these with a couple of long-neglected Mini Games prompts and - nope. But then the idea for one of these popped into my head and I kind of liked it, which just doesn't happen these days, so I wanted to do something with it. But I couldn't turn it into a full story and posting a single sentence seemed like a waste of time (because posting seven sentences is so much better, right? :p) so I made myself write for all seven. I don't really like how the rest turned out, but I've got nothing better so I'm just going to post them before I talk myself out of it.

    I feel like these are really repetitive, because I literally just keep writing the same things, but I don't have any new ideas and can't do justice to the ideas I do have so it is what it is. Concrit is always welcome!

    These are arranged in chronological order (covering about a twenty year time span from S2/S3 all the way up to 2005) and, with the exception of "Envy", are all AU.

    Title is taken from Badlands by Bruce Springsteen, specifically the lyric "For the ones who had a notion, a notion deep inside/That it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive".

    Finally, if you choose to read, thank you!


    It Ain't No Sin


    1. Envy

    She tries to see the appeal in Steve Harrington, tries to figure out what it is about his ridiculous hair and dumb jock attitude that makes him so irresistible to girls - girls like Tammy Thompson, who giggles and tosses her thick black hair back over her shoulders to show off her new neon blue hoop earrings when she's paired with Steve for a class project - and she tries not to notice how close they're sitting and how Tammy's smiling at Steve.

    2. Greed

    They make it to Enzo's the second weekend in July, shortly after he's released from the hospital, and they soon decide they don't just want dinner, they want it all; by August they're back - this time with Jonathan, Will, and El - to celebrate their engagement.

    3. Lust
    (Robin, Steve/Billy)

    Robin finds Steve and Billy cuddled on the couch with a blanket wrapped around them, a box of cereal and empty bowls still on the coffee table, laughing at Saturday morning cartoons like they're six years old instead of twenty-two; she takes a handful of Golden Grahams out of the box and tosses it into her mouth before saying, "Do you losers mind clearing out tonight, I have a date."

    4. Sloth

    She wakes up automatically, conditioned by years of early mornings getting herself ready for work and the boys ready for school, but Hopper's arm is draped over her waist and he's still snoring softly, and they don't have to be anywhere today, so she shifts herself closer to Hopper and closes her eyes again.

    5. Gluttony

    Mike lifts the heaping forkful of chocolate-dipped strawberries, whipped cream, and Eggos to El's lips; she manages to get it all in one bite but there's a bit of whipped cream on her nose, and she giggles when he leans in to kiss it off.

    6. Wrath

    Nancy's a professional but this story - a sixteen-year-old girl, a cover-up - becomes personal; this time the girl is saved, but after it's settled, after truth is spoken and justice is served, she lets herself fall apart in Jonathan's arms.

    7. Pride

    Max leads Lucas and their two daughters to the border officer's booth and hands their passports over; when the officer asks the purpose of their visit to Canada she can't hold back a smile as she says, "My brother's getting married."
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    Great using the prompts to give insight in the characters.
    Loved them all
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    Excellent set of drabbles and use of the prompts, amidalachick, I especially enjoyed Envy, Sloth, and Wrath

    Envy - You did a great job of giving an example of Robin's attraction to Tammy through her inability to understand Steve's attractiveness. That bathroom scene in the show was powerful.

    Sloth - Good for Joyce realizing she has nowhere to be and indulging herself in Hopper's presence, even if asleep. :p

    Wrath - In so few words you paint a picture of pain and sorrow with trust and vulnerability. Not to mention a dark allusion to a heinous crime. Well done.
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    To her credit, she's working hard to understand.

    Oh boy![face_love]

    I'm glad you posted character-revealing pieces because I'm unfamiliar with the program and this helps. [:D]
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    I really love how you dove in and gave us a little bit for every prompt! It's a super creative way of approaching the challenge, and in no way do I think that your writing is saying the same thing over and over without anything new to add. You're fleshing out a wider world, and all of these glimpses just add to that for the best!

    In particular, I enjoyed:

    Aw! Such a great way to interpret the prompt, without the more sinister aspects of a '7 Deadly Sins' theme. Because they deserve it all after everything they've been through! [face_love]

    I can only imagine how this would have hit Nancy, and you really expressed that with just a few well chosen words!

    Well done with all of these! I'm delighted that you decided to share them with the rest of us. [face_love] [:D]
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