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Story [Stranger Things] Silly Love Songs - fluffy ficlet collection

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by amidalachick, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. amidalachick

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    Aug 3, 2003
    Hello, lovely NSWFFers!

    Many of you know I love Stranger Things. Well, I also happen to love Valentine's Day, fluff, and happy endings. :D A couple weeks ago after rewatching the show I decided to give myself a fun little writing challenge for the month of February. I chose 20 of my favorite love songs, randomized my list, took the first 14, and started writing 14 ficlets based on these songs.

    These stories are mostly AU featuring various characters and pairings, and I've interpreted 'love' to mean everything from family and friendship to romantic relationships. I will clearly indicate which characters/pairings are involved in each ficlet so you can skip any that aren't to your taste. But the one thing all 14 ficlets will have in common is fluff. Soft, sappy, sugary sweet fluff. No angst, no drama, nothing serious. This is all silly shenanigans and hearts and flowers and everything happy. It's fun to write, and I hope it will be fun to read too!

    Thread title is taken from the song Silly Love Songs by Paul McCartney.

    Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoy! :*


    1. "I Say A Little Prayer" by Aretha Franklin (Mike/El)
    2. "Wedding Bell Blues" by The 5th Dimension (Nancy/Jonathan, Barb)
    3. "John Deere Green" by Joe Diffie (Lucas/Max, Steve, Billy, Dustin)
    4. "No One Needs To Know" by Shania Twain (Joyce/Hopper)
    5. "Heat Wave" by Martha & The Vandellas (Steve/Billy, Max, El)
    6. "Love Sweet Love" by Johnny Reid (Nancy/Jonathan)
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  2. amidalachick

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    Aug 3, 2003
    Song: "I Say A Little Prayer" by Aretha Franklin
    Characters/Pairings: Mike/El


    I Say A Little Prayer

    Ever since he met El Mike knew he wanted to be with her.

    During their long separation, when he didn't know where she was or if she was even alive, she was in his mind and his heart every day. As he spoke into the radio, sending out a desperate plea for her to answer, he imagined her sitting in front of him, her smile lighting up her entire face. He longed to hold her hand, hear her say his name, maybe even kiss her one more time.

    When they were finally reunited El looked even more beautiful than he remembered. He could hardly believe she was real. Holding her in his arms there in the Byers' house, he silently promised that they would never be separated again.

    Ten years later, with El gazing up at him adoringly as they shared their first dance as husband and wife, Mike leaned down to kiss her. He had kept his promise. And he would keep it for the rest of their lives.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    HAPPY MELTED SQUEE! What a lovely lovely idea for a ficlet thread and a delicious first entry!
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    Aug 3, 2003
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed that one. [:D]


    "Wedding Bell Blues" by The 5th Dimension
    Characters/Pairings: Nancy/Jonathan, Barb


    Wedding Bell Blues

    The morning after their college graduation ceremony, Nancy and Barb met for breakfast.

    "We did it," Nancy said.

    "College graduates," Barb said.

    They clinked their water glasses together and beamed at each other across the table. The past few years hadn't been easy, but they had survived and succeeded. Today they were determined to forget everything that had happened and celebrate. They laughed and chatted easily until their food arrived.

    "So did you decide if you're going back to Hawkins right away?" Barb asked.

    "I don't know," Nancy said. "It depends on Jonathan."

    "Ah." Barb smiled. "You haven't talked about it."

    "We have," Nancy said. "Sort of. Indirectly."

    "Nancy." Barb gave her a shrewd look. "You've been together for five years. You fought monsters together. I think you can discuss the 'm' word."

    "Well, what if he's not ready for that?" Nancy asked. She picked up her coffee cup. "We always planned to finish school, have careers... be together, but maybe not married."

    "You can have both," Barb said. "A career and a marriage. You two love each other, right?"

    "Of course!" Nancy said.

    "And you want to get married?" Barb asked, her tone more gentle this time.

    Nancy looked down, considering her answer.

    "I don't want to be my parents," she said finally, meeting Barb's gaze. "But yes. I want to marry Jonathan Byers."

    "Then ask him," Barb said. She reached across the table to lay her hand over Nancy's. "Just ask him."


    Nancy stood outside Jonathan's apartment, her hand poised to knock, Barb's words echoing in her head and her heart pounding harder than it ever had facing down demogorgons.

    When she finally knocked, Jonathan opened the door so quickly she wondered if he'd known she was outside.

    "Nance," he breathed as he pulled her into his arms and their lips met in a passionate kiss.

    Nancy smiled up at him when they parted for air, feeling a sudden surge of confidence.

    "Jonathan," she said. "I know we haven't really talked about this, or made plans, or anything, but..." She took a deep breath. "Will you marry me?"

    Jonathan's eyes widened, and his lips parted but he didn't speak. Nancy bit her lip, waiting.

    "Nancy," Jonathan said finally, his voice heavy with emotion. He reached for her hand, his thumb tracing the scar on her palm. "Yes. Yes, I'll marry you."

    As they lost themselves in another kiss, Nancy felt lighter and happier than she had in years. She couldn't wait to start the next chapter of their lives together.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    What a sweet friendship moment and a wonderful proposal from Nancy :)
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    Aug 3, 2003
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Thank you so much for reading! [:D]

    Notes: I intended to post this next ficlet on Valentine's Day but I won't have time, so it's a little bit early instead.

    This one started out with a very different group of characters in a completely different situation, and ended up being this contrived mess of a plot with much OOC-ness. But I've loved the song since I was a kid, and I had so much fun writing this. Hope you enjoy anyway, and hope you have a wonderful day whether you celebrate or not! :*@};-


    Song: "John Deere Green" by Joe Diffie
    Characters/Pairings: Lucas/Max, Steve, Billy, Dustin


    John Deere Green

    It was lunchtime on the day before Valentine's Day when Lucas realized he'd screwed up.

    Max had a dentist appointment, so she hadn't been in school that morning, leaving Lucas to eat lunch with just Mike, Will, and Dustin. Mike was talking about teddy bears and chocolates, and Dustin was going on about Suzie and a special radio date. Slowly it dawned on Lucas that they were discussing their Valentine's plans for their girlfriends.

    "Oh crap," he said.

    "What?" Will asked.

    "When is Valentine's Day again?" Lucas said.

    "Tomorrow." Will made a face. "I can't wait until it's over!"

    Lucas had a sinking feeling in his stomach. He couldn't believe he'd forgotten about Valentine's Day. Max wasn't into all that mushy romantic stuff, but he knew it was a pretty big mistake to not even acknowledge the holiday. She'd be even more annoyed when she found out Lucas hadn't bothered to do anything while Mike had at least gotten El a present. He frowned, thinking. Maybe he could take Max to the arcade. But that didn't seem special enough. He decided his best bet was to find a ride to the mall two towns over after school and hope he could find a present for Max.

    "Hey, Will?" he asked hopefully. "Is your mom picking you up?"

    "No," Will said. "She's working. I'm going home with Mike."

    "Dustin!" he said. "Is Steve working today?"

    "Huh?" Dustin, his mind still on Suzie, took a minute to register what Lucas was asking. "Oh, yeah. He's there until 7."

    "Crap," Lucas said again.

    He spent the rest of the school day trying to come up with a plan. He barely even noticed when Max returned and rushed up to him, smiling widely.

    "Hello?" she said, waving her hand in front of his face when he didn't acknowledge her. "You okay?"

    "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," Lucas said. "Just... thinking."

    "Well, don't think so hard," Max teased. When Lucas didn't respond, she frowned. "Ok. I'm going to class. I don't want to interrupt your thinking."

    "Sorry," Lucas said. He mustered up a smile and reached for Max's hand.

    At the end of the school day, waiting with Max for Billy to pick her up, he still had no idea what to do. He made an effort to act normal, and she seemed to have forgiven him for being distracted earlier. When Billy pulled up, Max gave Lucas a quick kiss on the cheek.

    "See you tomorrow!" she said.

    "See you tomorrow," Lucas echoed. He watched her dash off to her stepbrother's car, her long red hair flying out behind her.

    Her stepbrother's car. Lucas suddenly had an idea.

    He went to get his bike. Dustin was unlocking his own bike in the space next to Lucas.

    "You going straight home?" Dustin asked.

    "No," Lucas said. "I'm going on a mission."


    "Are you sure about this?" Dustin asked, panting.

    "Yes," Lucas said. "He's not possessed anymore, and you know he apologized for before."

    "Yeah, but he's still a total jerk," Dustin said.

    "Look, you'd do anything for Suzie, right?" Lucas said.

    "Of course," Dustin said. "Suzie's the greatest girl in the world."

    "Well, this is for Max," Lucas said firmly. They brought their bikes to a stop in front of the Hargrove house. "Let me do the talking."

    He and Dustin marched up the steps and knocked. And knocked. And knocked.

    "See?" Dustin said. "He won't even answer the door. Jerk."

    Lucas pounded harder. Billy finally yanked the door open, a cigarette in his mouth and loud music blaring from somewhere in the house.

    "Maxine's not here," he snapped.

    "I actually wanted to see you," Lucas said.

    "You wanted to see me?" Billy repeated.

    "Yes," Lucas said. "I, um, need someone to drive me to the mall and no one else with a car is around right now."

    "You biked all the way over here to ask for a ride to the mall?" Billy said. He crossed his arms. "What's really going on here?"

    Lucas drew in a deep breath. "Honestly, I just need a ride. I, um, kind of forgot to get Max a present for Valentine's Day."

    Billy's reaction wasn't what either Lucas or Dustin were expecting. He laughed.

    "She'll be furious," he said.

    "I know!" Lucas said. "So will you drive us? Please?"

    Billy took a drag on his cigarette, and appeared to be thinking.

    "Nope," he said finally. "I'm not driving you nerds anywhere. Got to get ready for my date."

    Lucas felt Dustin tugging on his shirt and heard him hiss, "I told you!"

    "But," Billy drawled, "I think I can still help you out. School parking lot, tomorrow at lunch."

    "Really?" Lucas's eyes widened. "I mean, uh, thanks."

    "Whatever," Billy said. "I just don't want to listen to Max bitch about this for the next six months. Now get lost."

    Dustin's eyes were wide as they scrambled to their bikes.

    "That was weird," he said. "Are we sure he's not possessed?"

    "He's not possessed, Dustin, jeez," Lucas said. But he couldn't help wondering what was going to happen tomorrow.


    Lucas had purposely gotten to school a little late so that the only interaction he had with Max was a hurried, whispered "Hi" as he slid into his seat in class. He'd arranged for Dustin to distract her at lunchtime while he snuck out to the parking lot to meet Billy.

    "Get in," Billy said.

    Lucas climbed into the passenger seat. He decided Billy must have changed his mind and was taking him to the mall after all. But then Billy passed the road that would lead them out of Hawkins.

    "Where are we going?" Lucas said.

    "Harrington's," Billy said.

    "Why?" Lucas said.

    "His house is nicer than mine," Billy said.

    "I meant, why are we going to anybody's house?" Lucas asked. "What about Max's present?"

    "Settle down, Sinclair," Billy said. "I've got it all under control." He smirked. "You know, Harrington's a real romantic. When he heard about your situation he was practically begging to help."

    "Great," Lucas muttered. "Does the whole town know?"

    "Nope," Billy said. "Just Steve."

    Lucas slumped in his seat. He was beginning to think he would never live this down.


    By the time they arrived at Steve's house, Lucas still didn't know what was going on. Billy went around to the trunk and pulled out what looked like an old bedsheet. He dumped it in Lucas' arms and then lifted a big box. Lucas didn't even ask what was inside. He figured he'd find out soon enough.

    Steve answered Lucas' knock right away, trying and failing to hide a smirk.

    "Dude," he said. "Forgetting Valentine's Day? You would have been dead meat."

    "Yeah, yeah," Lucas said.

    "Happy Valentine's Day, Harrington," Billy said in a smarmy voice, pushing past both of them with the box in his arms.

    "Aww, you remembered!" Steve said, batting his eyelashes comically.

    He and Billy both burst into laughter. Lucas scowled.

    "Would you idiots care to let me in on the plan sometime today?" he said.

    "This way," Steve said, stifling his laughter and leading them farther down the hallway.

    He stopped next to a bunch of newspapers spread out on the floor. Billy set his box down and opened the flaps.

    "There you go," he said.

    Lucas dropped the sheet and peered into the box. He saw a couple cans of spray paint, two boxes of chocolates, and a big bouquet of flowers.

    "Spray paint?" he asked.

    "Yeah," Billy said. "Write your initials in a heart or some crap like that. Jeez, use your brain, Sinclair, do I have to do everything?"

    Lucas unrolled the sheet and picked up one of the cans. "Wait, green? Shouldn't it be red or pink?"

    "Yeah, green's not really romantic," Steve agreed.

    "Well, green's really all they had," Billy snapped.

    "Okay, whatever!" Steve held up his hands. "Why don't we give him some space? Lucas, you know where stuff is, but yell if you need anything."

    They turned to leave, and Lucas was smoothing out the sheet when Billy looked back and shouted, "One more thing, Sinclair. Nothing inappropriate!"

    When Billy and Steve were out of sight, Lucas shook his head. He really hoped Max appreciated this.


    Much to Lucas's amazement, everything finally came together. Steve had picked out a movie he thought Max and Lucas would both enjoy, and it was waiting in the VCR. Lucas had finished his banner and Steve and Billy had tacked it up over the doorway to the living room. The flowers and one box of chocolates sat on the coffee table.

    When Billy left to pick up Max, Lucas waited anxiously by the door.

    "Calm down," Steve said. "She'll be thrilled."

    "I hope so," Lucas said.

    "Come on," Steve said. "Help me make the popcorn."

    Lucas followed Steve to the kitchen. As they waited for the kernels to heat up, he cleared his throat.

    "Uh, thanks for helping with all this," he said.

    Steve shrugged. "Anytime. It was mostly Billy's idea anyway."

    "Well, you guys really saved me," Lucas said.

    They finished making the popcorn. Lucas carried the bowl out to the living room, along with a couple cans of soda, and looked around once more to make sure everything was perfect.

    It wasn't long before they heard Billy's car pull into the driveway. Steve's front door slammed, and Max's loud, irritated voice drifted down the hall.

    " - hell are we doing at Steve's house?" she was saying.

    "I told you," Billy said. "It's a surprise. Close your damn eyes!"

    Steve and Lucas looked at each other and tried not to laugh as the scowling, squabbling stepsiblings stopped just outside the living room. Steve cleared his throat and nudged Lucas.

    "Hi, Max!" Lucas said.

    Max turned her glare from Billy to Lucas. Then she noticed the banner hanging over the doorway. Her mouth dropped open as she took in the large, bright green letters that spelled out Happy Valentine's Day Mad Max! Love, Lucas. She stepped inside the room and spotted the flowers and chocolate.

    "Happy Valentine's," Lucas said.

    "Oh," Max said.

    She threw her arms around Lucas, hugging him tight.

    "Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Stalker," she said. "I thought you forgot."

    "Me? Forget?" Lucas chuckled. "Never."

    "Okay, kids," Steve said. "The living room's yours. We'll be in the kitchen though, so don't get too carried away."

    "Oh my god," Lucas said.

    "Yes, mom," Max said at the same time, rolling her eyes.

    Lucas took Max's hand, and then looked back over his shoulder and mouthed a quick Thanks in Steve and Billy's direction. Billy winked at him. Lucas smiled.

    "Shall we?" he asked, gesturing to the couch.

    They snuggled into the cushions together, and Lucas started the movie. As the opening credits played, Max leaned over to kiss him. Lucas twined his fingers through hers and returned the kiss.

    After this, he thought, he would never forget Valentine's Day again.
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    What amazing fun! They really did save Lucas' bacon [face_laugh]
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    Oh what a fun idea and unique template for a ficlet collection! These are such a great mix of fluffy fun so far, and I can't wait to see where they go next. :D [face_love]

    Aw!! I had a big dorky grin on my face all the way through reading this first ficlet. These two share such a special bond, and it was beautiful to see Mike's promise keep through the years - though there was never a doubt, of course! [face_love]

    Yep, Barb's alive - perfect ficlet is perfect just for that alone - 'nuff said! Then, of course she remains a wonderful fount of good sense and better logic for Nancy. She's spot on right, as always! :D

    I loved Nancy's proposal after, too; it was very IC. She decided what she wanted and then she marched straight on up to make it happen, with more boldness than fanfare. But that fit them! I loved Jonathon's reaction - just too sweet! [face_love]

    [face_rofl] [face_rofl]!!!

    Honestly, I could have quoted this entire vignette. They asked BILLY for help, and then Billy asked STEVE?!? Oh but it's great that Lucas had such great friends - well, mostly, anyway :p - who were so ready to help him out. It really was a sweet night for him and Max. And Max! Of course she has an inner romantic that was craving and appreciated that special gesture. Just beautiful. [face_love]

    Lovely work on these so far! I look forward to reading the rest. [face_dancing] =D=
  9. amidalachick

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    Aug 3, 2003
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha I had such a blast writing it, so I'm very glad you had fun reading it! :D Thank you so much for reading. I always appreciate your kind comments. [face_love][:D]

    @Mira_Jade Thank you so much! [face_blush] I was rewatching the show, and even though I absolutely love it and can't wait for Season 4, I need my own happy fluffy little headcanon world too. So love songs it was! [face_laugh]

    The first song screamed Mike/El to me, and yes - of course Mike kept his promise! As Aretha puts it, they will be 'together, together, that's how it must be'. :*

    Yes, Barb is alive! No dying/angst/tragedy allowed here. :p It was my first time writing her, so I'm so glad you liked her characterization and found Nancy's proposal IC. It felt right for her to do the asking, so I'm happy it worked.

    The third one was honestly so much fun to write, and I give full credit to the song for inspiring that exchange about the green paint (technically it inspired the whole fic, and it's actually a really sweet song, but it's literally about a guy who paints his and his girlfriend's names on the town water tower in John Deere green, and everyone tells him he should have used red [face_laugh]). And Lucas really was only looking for a ride at first, but I think his and Max's Valentine's date turned out a lot better than even he imagined! [face_laugh]

    Thank you again for reading and for your kind words! It means a lot. [face_love]

    Again, thank you both for taking the time to read and comment on my silly little rambles, and thank you to anyone else out there reading. Hope you'll enjoy this next installment! :)[face_love]

    Notes: It's a short one this time. Work and Darth Real Life are going a little bit crazy at the moment!


    Song: "No One Needs To Know" by Shania Twain
    Characters/Pairings: Joyce/Hopper


    No One Needs To Know

    Murray doesn't know what he's talking about.

    She doesn't have feelings for Hop. Sure, they dated in high school, and they've been through a hell of a lot together. And once or twice, when they were in the midst of a heated argument because he seems incapable of actually talking about anything, she had a crazy urge to kiss him. Either that, or scream at him for being so oblivious. Despite that, and contrary to what Murray keeps going on about, they are just friends. Good friends.

    Things were easier with Bob. He was smart, sweet, good with the boys, and he adored her. Life with him would have been steady, secure, comfortable. When he'd gotten his job transfer and they'd discussed moving, part of her wanted to take him up on his offer. She had finally decided to stay in Hawkins, in the home she had made for herself, with her boys and - everyone else. Once in a while, although their breakup had been amicable and they were still on good terms, she felt a twinge of regret. But in her heart she knew she had made the right decision.

    That doesn't mean she's in love with Jim Hopper.

    She keeps telling herself that, right up until they're watching TV one night while the kids are at the Wheelers' house, and she leans in close against his shoulder and he shifts to look at her, and suddenly they're both reaching for each other, and it's the most passionate kiss she's ever experienced.

    "Damn it," Hop mutters when they finally break apart, gasping for air. "That bastard's never gonna stop gloating when he finds out about this."

    "Well, who says we have to tell him right now?" she asks mischievously, pulling him close again.
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    Wonderful bit of slice of life here, as Joyce contemplates a relationship that might have been, and attempts to deny feelings she has for Jim Hopper. Yup, not in love at all [face_laugh] SQUEE!
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    Barb is awesome.

    I like Steve but I'm biased towards Nancy and Jonathan.

    Good stuff :D
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    Aug 3, 2003
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Joyce is so totally in denial. [face_laugh] So happy this made you squee! :D Thank you so much for reading and for your lovely comments! [:D]

    @Emperor Ferus Barb is, indeed, awesome. :D I love Nancy and Jonathan, too - they're my favorite canon ship along with Mike/El and Joyce/Hopper (they're close enough to canon for me :p), and I love Nancy in particular in her own right. Thanks so much for reading! :)

    Notes: I debated whether or not to post this next one here since it contains a slash pairing, but this is the story the muse wanted to tell and I decided to go with it.

    There's a lot I could say but the short version is that this particular ficlet and this particular ship is very much an AU of a fictional television show with fictional characters. It's meant to be a rom-com type fic and not at all realistic. It's just something that makes me happy, and with everything going on in the world right now I think we all need things that make us happy. If this story and these characters aren't your thing, I hope you'll enjoy some of the upcoming ficlets when I get around to posting them. :) Thanks always for reading! [face_love]

    One last thing: I spent entirely too much time playing MASH while working on this to figure out how to get the results I wanted (well, one set at least... the others are what they 'actually' got, which ended up being really amusing). And I realized that it's just as fun now as it was when I was actually a 14-year-old girl. :p


    Song: "Heat Wave" by Martha & The Vandellas
    Characters/Pairings: Steve/Billy, Max, El


    Heat Wave

    Max sighed.

    She was laying on her back on her bed, with El flopped on her stomach next to her, giving her a sympathetic look.

    "Still no swimming?" she asked.

    "No." Max wrinkled her nose. "It sucks."

    Usually Max and El would be hanging out with Mike, Lucas, and the rest of their friends at the pool, the mall, the arcade, or somebody's house. But yesterday, when Mike suggested going swimming, Max had rudely told him just what she thought of his suggestion. Mike had asked sarcastically why she was suddenly so opposed to swimming, and it had turned into a screaming match that ended with Max and El leaving early for their sleepover. Later Max had explained to El exactly why she couldn't swim right now, and they'd both agreed that boys were infuriating and clueless.

    Now, with no money to go to the mall and neither of them feeling like doing much else in the heat, they were in Max's room trying to decide how to spend the day.

    "I wish I got my allowance today," Max said. "Then we could do something fun."

    "We could play a game," El suggested. "Cards?"

    "Nah, I don't feel like cards," Max said. "Wait! I know a game that might be fun, though."

    She scrambled to her feet and dug through her desk for a minute before holding up some scrap paper and a pen.

    "This is like a silly fortune-teller game," Max said, plopping down onto her bed next to El. She wrote the letters M, A, S, and H across the top of the page. "These stand for mansion, apartment, shack, and house. Now, pick four numbers."

    "Any numbers?" El asked.

    "Yeah, any numbers at all," Max said.

    El looked down at her forearm. "Eleven."

    Max gave her an encouraging smile.

    "Eight," El said. "Three. Seven."

    "Good choices," Max said. "Now we need four people."

    "Four people?" El frowned. "Who?"

    "Anyone," Max said. "I usually pick three people I know and a celebrity. But you can pick whoever you want."

    El grinned. "Mike. And you."

    "Cool," Max said. "Two more!"

    "Um, Corey Hart?" El said shyly.

    "Good one!" Max added the name. "Last one."

    "Will?" El said.

    "Okay, that works," Max said. "Now pick four cars."

    "Cars?" El asked.

    "Yeah, pick two cars you'd like to drive and two that you wouldn't," Max said.

    "Hopper's truck," El said.

    "Good one," Max said.

    "I don't know," El said. "You pick the rest."

    "Okay." Max thought for a minute. "Let's say a limo! It's a big, fancy car with fridges and everything in the seats. Everyone would be so jealous of us."

    "Cool!" El's eyes lit up.

    "And, for crappy cars, let's see..." Max thought again. "Mrs. Wheeler's station wagon! It's a total mom car. Not cool at all. And, hmmm... how about a falling apart rusty old clunker?"

    El nodded and giggled.

    Max finished writing, then said, "Okay, now pick a number between one and ten."

    "Five," El said.

    "Okay!" Max began counting under her breath. With El watching over her shoulder, she crossed out words until only one item remained in each category.

    "So are you ready to hear your future?" Max asked.

    "Yes!" El said.

    "You, El, are going to live in a shack with Corey Hart," Max said. "You'll have eleven kids and drive a limo. Congratulations!"

    They both collapsed in a fit of giggles.

    "Can I try?" El asked when they'd regained control of themselves.

    "Of course!" Max handed her a paper and the pen. "My numbers are zero, one, two, and three. My people are Dustin, I guess, you, Ralph Macchio, and - " she huffed a pretend-reluctant sigh - "Lucas."

    When El finished writing those, Max listed her cars.

    "A limo," she said. "A convertible. A motorcycle. And a station wagon."

    "Okay," El said. "Number between one and ten, right?"

    "Yeah!" Max said. "I'll go with three."

    El carefully counted out the spots and, with Max's encouragement, crossed out each item. She held out the list when she was finished.

    "House," she read. "With Lucas, two kids, and a convertible."

    "My dream come true!" Max fell backwards, and they both burst into giggles again.

    "One more?" El asked excitedly.

    "Billy?" Max laughed. "We can try. Come on!"

    With pen and paper in hand, the two of them ran outside, where Billy was washing his car.

    "Hey, Billy!" Max said. "We're, uh, doing a project and we need you to answer a few questions."

    "School's out, in case you forgot," Billy said.

    "It's not for school, duh," Max said. "It'll just take a second."

    "Please?" El asked sweetly.

    Billy sighed. "Make it quick."

    "List four people," Max said.

    "That's vague," Billy said. "What kind of people?"

    "Three people you know and a celebrity," Max said.

    "Harrington, Heather, James Hetfield, and me," Billy said with a smirk.

    "Now pick four numbers," El said.

    "One thousand, thirty-seven, five, three million," Billy said.

    El giggled as Max wrote it down.

    "Okay, four cars," Max said.

    "Right here," Billy said, patting the Camaro's hood.

    "Clunker," El said.

    "She is not!" Billy said.

    "Forget it," Max muttered as she wrote. "Your dumb car. Clunker. Limo. Station wagon. There."

    "Pick a number between one and ten," El said.

    "Eight," Billy said.

    Max and El counted together, their heads bent over the paper, until they had their results. They both burst out laughing.

    "What's so funny?" Billy asked.

    "We see your future," Max said dramatically. "You will drive your - "

    "Car," El said.

    "And have five kids," Max said.

    "And live in a mansion," El said.

    "With - " Max looked over at El and they both snickered.

    "With... ?" Billy asked.

    "Steve Harrington!" Max and El shouted at the same time, before collapsing into laughter again.

    Billy scowled and tossed the rag he was holding onto the ground.

    "Real funny," he snapped. "You think life's all a big joke, huh, Maxine? You think you're so smart, got it all figured out? You don't know a damn thing!"

    "What the hell is your problem?" Max snapped back. "It's a stupid game, dummy, it's not real."

    Billy glared at both of them, then stormed inside and slammed the door. Max held up her middle finger, a scowl on her own face.

    El closed her eyes for a moment, opened them, and frowned.

    "What if he wants it to be real?" she said slowly.

    Max turned to her, surprise replacing her angry expression. El looked back solemnly.


    One day El and Max had decided to have some fun by using El's powers to spy on the boys. They'd laughed themselves silly over Mike, Lucas, and Will's teenage boy immaturity. It had been so entertaining that they'd made a list of other people they knew and randomly picked someone to spy on. They'd ended up with Billy.

    At first all El saw was an ordinary scene of Billy flirting with Heather and the Hawkins housewives at the pool. But then she'd started to see glimpses of other, hidden things - shouted words she didn't recognize but that she understood meant something bad, bruises, pain, tears, guilt, longing. When she told Max, Max said Billy and his dad didn't get along at all, but that wasn't her problem, and besides he had done plenty of things to feel guilty about. After that, though, they had dropped both the subject and their spying.

    El hadn't thought about it again until now, but sitting on the steps next to Max, she explained what she was thinking.

    "One of the things I saw before," she said. "There was someone he liked. Like I like Mike and you like Lucas. But he didn't want anyone to know. I think it's Steve."

    "That would explain why he got so mad," Max said. "Maybe he's scared we'll find out and tell Ne - everyone." She dropped her chin onto her knees. "We've been getting along a lot better, but what if he hates me now?"

    "He doesn't hate you," El said. She put her arm around Max's shoulders. "Let's talk to him."

    Max shook her head. "He won't listen to us right now."

    "So we talk to Steve," El said.

    "El, it doesn't work that way," Max said. "We can't just tell Steve that my brother likes him. Especially if we're not sure."

    "Billy will talk to Steve," El said. "But we need to tell Steve that he wants to talk. Because boys are clueless. Right?"

    "Right," Max said. She sat up straight and managed a little smile. "I guess we're going to the mall today after all."


    With El on the back of her bike, Max pedaled to Starcourt as quickly as she could. Both of them were hot and sweaty by the time they arrived, but they were so focused on their mission they barely even noticed either the humidity outside or the cool air-conditioning inside. When they reached Scoops Ahoy they pushed their way to the counter, ignoring the other customers' protests.

    "Hey!" Steve said. "Line's back there, you two."

    "We need to talk," Max said.

    "Right now?" Steve said. "Is it, uh, an emergency?"

    "Yes," Max said, at the same time El said, "No."

    Steve crossed his arms. "This better not be some kind of joke."

    "Not an emergency," El said. "But it's important."

    "Okay." Steve sighed. "Robin's back in ten minutes. Go sit down and I'll be there as soon as I can."

    Max and El found a booth and squeezed in next to each other. When Steve joined them a few minutes later, he looked back and forth between them.

    "It's not the Upside Down stuff again, is it?" he asked.

    "No," El said firmly. "I closed the gate. It's gone. Promise."

    "Start talking, then," Steve said.

    "I, um, kind of did something to hurt my brother," Max said. "I didn't mean to."

    "We both did it," El said loyally.

    "And now we want to fix it, but we need your help," Max said.

    Steve frowned. "I'm gonna need some details here."

    "I can't." Max looked down at her hands for a minute, then took a deep breath. "I can't give you details, I mean. Just... Look, Steve, I know you're friends, or maybe not exactly friends, but...if he wanted to tell you something, would you at least listen and not, like, get mad?"

    "I guess so," Steve said. "If it's about last year, though, he already apologized, and yeah, it was a really bad time for all of us, but we're past all that, and - "

    "No, it's not about that," Max interrupted. She looked imploringly at El.

    El squeezed her hand reassuringly.

    "Billy has a secret," El said. "I think he wants to talk."

    "To me?" Steve said.

    "Yes," El said.

    Steve looked away, seemingly lost in thought, before glancing from El to Max again with a hint of a smile on his face.

    "Okay," he said. "If Billy wants to talk, I'll listen. I'll be home all night." He leaned back in the booth and crossed his arms. "But if you two are pulling some stupid prank, you're dead, got it?"

    El and Max nodded.

    "That's all we wanted," Max said. "Thanks, Steve."


    When Max and El returned to Max's house, Max knocked on Billy's closed bedroom door.

    "Get lost, Max," he called.

    "I'm sorry about earlier," Max said. "It was just supposed to be a stupid game. But I think you should talk to Steve."

    "I think you should mind your own damn business," Billy shouted.

    "Billy?" El said softly. "You should talk. Friends don't lie."

    "Steve said he'll be home tonight," Max said, her own voice softer now.

    Billy yanked his door open.

    "What did you say to him?" he growled.

    El put her hand on Max's shoulder. Max stuck out her chin and locked eyes with her stepbrother.

    "Just that you have something to tell him," she said. "If you want to tell him. I would never say anything, Billy. Not to anyone. Not even when you're being a total jerk. And neither would El."

    "Promise," El said.

    Billy let out a long breath. For a moment, all three of them were silent, staring at each other.

    "I'm sorry too," Billy mumbled finally. He gave Max a small but genuine smile. "For a nosy little bitch you're not half bad as a sister."

    Max impulsively threw her arms around him.

    "I love you too, jerk," she said.


    Hopper arrived to pick El up shortly after, but Max promised to call as soon as she had any news.

    El tossed and turned the entire night, wishing she could at least be keeping Max company. She was tempted to use her powers to look, just for a second, but she resisted. She would find out what happened soon enough.

    The phone rang early in the morning. El jumped out of bed and hurried to answer it before it woke Hopper up.

    "Max?" she whispered.

    "Billy brought Steve over," Max said, sounding like she was trying to keep her voice down but wasn't quite succeeding. "They want to take us to breakfast before they go to work. We'll pick you up."

    "Okay," El said. "Hurry!"

    "Okay!" Max said with a laugh. "See you soon."

    El quickly dressed, left a note for Hopper, and was waiting impatiently on the porch when Billy, Steve, and Max pulled up. Billy and Steve stole a quick kiss as she scrambled into the back seat next to Max.

    "I'm so glad you're here now," Max said. "I don't have to suffer alone with these idiots anymore."

    Billy stuck his tongue out at her in the rearview mirror. Steve twisted around to look at them, grinning.

    "There's the other fortune teller," he said. "You know, you guys never told me my fortune yesterday."

    "Lots of kids, a mansion, a stupid car, and you're stuck with my loser brother," Max said, her eyes sparkling.

    "Sounds good to me," Steve said, giving Billy a fond smile before Billy turned his attention to the road.

    "And you give us all the free ice cream we want because you are eternally grateful to us," Max said.

    "Don't push your luck," Steve said.

    "Do I get free ice cream?" Billy asked flirtatiously.

    "Sure," Steve said. "Why not? How about I hand out free ice cream to everyone in Hawkins while I'm at it?"

    "Oh please," Max said. "You already give Dustin free ice cream all the time."

    "I do not!" Steve said. "Not all the time." He pointed in Billy's direction. "And besides, I heard a certain lifeguard lets a certain group of nerds go swimming without paying admission."

    "That was one time!" Billy said. "I had to watch Max and her misfits anyway, might as well get paid for it."

    "Misfits, really?" Max kicked the seat and El giggled.

    "Was anyone talking to you, Maxine?" Billy said.

    Max flipped him off and pretended to look annoyed, but there was a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. Steve and Billy kept stealing little glances at each other when they thought the other one wasn't looking, both smiling softly. El sat back contentedly, basking in the happiness that radiated from everyone as warm as the sun promising another perfect summer day in Hawkins.
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    I haven't seen the show but those ficlets are great fun bringing the characters alive
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    @earlybird-obi-wan I'm so glad you enjoyed these even without watching the show. :) Thank you so much for reading! [:D]


    Song: "Love Sweet Love" by Johnny Reid
    Characters/Pairings: Nancy/Jonathan


    Love Sweet Love

    Jonathan lifted his camera and snapped a picture.

    "Stop that!" Nancy protested, but she was laughing.

    "What?" Jonathan said innocently. "There are great views out here."

    Nancy took his hand and gazed up at him from under her lashes.

    "There's an even better view up ahead," she said coyly. "Come on."

    Jonathan let her lead him farther up the path, unable to hold back a smile. Neither he or Nancy had had much time alone lately, but today, miraculously, they both had a day off with no responsibilities. It was a perfect late spring day, the bright sunshine making it almost summer-warm, and there was something about being outside and together that made them both feel a little giddy.

    "We're almost there," Nancy said.

    Hand in hand, they left the trees behind and walked down a gently sloping hill to find a small, secluded pond fed by a bubbling stream.

    "Wow," Jonathan said. "It's beautiful. How'd you know this was here?"

    "I... " Nancy hesitated, then said, "Steve. We came here once. For a picnic."

    "Oh," Jonathan said. "Well, it's a nice spot for a... picnic."

    Nancy's smile brightened again at Jonathan's mischievous tone. Jonathan tucked a stray curl behind her ear and kissed her. Nancy wrapped her arms around him, eagerly returning the kiss.

    Reluctantly, they broke apart long enough to make their way to a flat area next to the water where they could spread out the blanket they'd brought. Nancy laid down and tugged on Jonathan's hand.

    "Come here," she said.

    Jonathan carefully laid down next to her and gazed at her, taking in her smile, her beautiful blue eyes, her delicate frame that he knew possessed so much strength. He touched her soft skin and murmured, "You're sure?"

    "Yes," Nancy said firmly. "No one's going to see us."

    They lost themselves in gentle caresses, hungry kisses, and their love for each other. Afterwards, as they rested in each other's arms, Nancy beamed at Jonathan.

    "It really is beautiful out here, isn't it?" she said.

    "I've never seen anything more beautiful," Jonathan said, unable to take his eyes off her. He twined his fingers through Nancy's and pressed their palms together. "I love you, Nance."

    "I love you, Jonathan," Nancy breathed, leaning up to kiss him again.

    This time Jonathan didn't need his camera. He knew this moment would be captured in his mind forever.
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    Sweet as Jonathan and Nancy go to a lovely, special spot and make new memories which juxtapose nicely to those Nancy had of earlier times. For her, it implies a lovely second chance. [face_thinking]
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    [face_love] [face_sigh]!

    Oh, but this entire scene was just so soft and lovely! What a beautiful moment, for both of them! And a more than fitting homage to your song!

    These continue to be just so awesome! Keep 'em coming! [face_love] =D=