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Story [Stranger Things] Untitled - incomplete fic snippets (AU, Evil Author Day)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by amidalachick, Feb 15, 2021.

  1. amidalachick

    amidalachick Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Aug 3, 2003
    Characters: Various
    Genre: All the fluff!!!
    Notes: I debated whether or not to post these, but I decided what the hell. :p These are a few unedited snippets of stories that I was excited about at first, but either lost inspiration for or just didn't bother finishing. But I actually kind of like them, which doesn't happen a lot these days, so I'll put them here. Maybe something will even spark the muse's interest again!

    Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy! :)

    Ficlet #1: Max, El (road trip, post-S3 AU, fluff)
    Ficlet #2: Billy, Heather, Steve, Robin (S3 AU, fluff)
    Ficlet #3: Steve/Billy (post-S3 AU, fluff)
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  2. amidalachick

    amidalachick Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Aug 3, 2003
    Characters: Max, El
    Notes: As always, this is a happy post-S3 AU. :D I've used these ideas in my drabbles and some other fics because I write basically the same story over and over again but, well, here's another version of it. :p For this particular story, I had grand plans for a BFFs Max and El road trip fic but unlike the girls it didn't make it very far out of Hawkins. [face_laugh]

    This is an unedited first draft and I don't currently plan to finish it, but never say never I guess! Enjoy! :)

    Billy wasn't the only one who missed California.

    Max had settled into Hawkins and she was happy with her friends but she wanted to go back someday.

    Getting her license was a formality, since Billy had taught her how to drive well before she turned sixteen. She took whatever odd jobs she could after school and on weekends, and by the time she finished high school she owned her own car.

    In the summer before college, Max decided to take a trip. And there was one person she wanted with her.

    "I'm going back to California," she told El. "Want to come?"

    El was overjoyed at the prospect of seeing more of the world beyond Hawkins. She said yes, if Hopper would let her.

    Susan wasn't too happy about Max going off on her own, either, but she reluctantly agreed, especially after Max said she wouldn't actually be alone and she would stay with Billy when they got to Los Angeles.

    So, with everything in place, Max and El threw their backpacks and suitcases in the trunk one sunny morning in late June.

    Max turned the key in the ignition, pulled her sunglasses down from where they were resting in her hair, and looked over at El. El's huge, excited smile matched her own.

    "This is gonna be awesome," Max said.

    "Bitchin'," El agreed.

    As they sped past the Now Leaving Hawkins sign, singing along with the radio at the top of their lungs, Max pushed down a little harder on the gas pedal and felt freer than she had in a long time.
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  3. amidalachick

    amidalachick Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Aug 3, 2003
    Characters: Billy, Heather, Steve, Robin
    Notes: I think this started out as part of my Silly Love Songs ficlets. I honestly don't remember where I was going with it, but I'm guessing it was a fluffy Harringrove rom-com type thing. In any case, I can guarantee they all lived happily ever after. :D

    "I'm so bored," Heather sighed.

    "You and me both, babe," Billy said.

    "I mean it," Heather said. "I'm so sick of the same old parties with the same old people every weekend."

    "So do something different," Billy said. He flashed her a grin. "Go on a date instead."

    "We tried that," Heather said.

    "Not with me," Billy said. "But someone."

    "Someone?" Heather asked skeptically. "Like who?"

    "I don't know yet," Billy admitted. "But I bet I can find someone you won't be bored with. How about it, Holloway?"

    "In this town?" Heather wrinkled her nose. "I know everyone. That's why I'm bored, Hargrove."

    "Come on, it'll be fun," Billy said.

    Heather thought it over for a minute. Then she shrugged.

    "Okay," she said. "Worst case I'll go to another boring party."

    "Trust me," Billy said smugly. "I'll get you a date you'll remember forever."

    Steve leaned on the counter with his crossed arms supporting his weight. Robin had given up even pretending to work and was sitting at a table with her feet up.

    "Entertain me, dingus," she called out suddenly. "I'm dying of boredom over here."

    Steve snorted. "I'm not exactly in a party mood."

    "Aww, Stevie!" Robin smirked at him. "Just because you still haven't gotten a single 'You Rule' point doesn't mean you totally suck." She brought her feet to the floor and sat up straighter. "You know what you need? You need a date!"

    "Gee, thanks, Buckley," Steve said, injecting his voice with as much sarcasm as he could.

    Robin stood up. "This could actually be fun! Better than sitting here dying of boredom anyway."

    "Wait," Steve said. "Robin? What are you doing?"

    Robin had dashed back into the backroom and was digging through her bag. She pulled out a little notebook and held it up triumphantly.

    "I am going to get you a date," she said.

    "I didn't know you cared," Steve said.

    "I don't," Robin said. "I'm just bored."

    Steve threw his hands in the air and went back to leaning on the counter.
  4. amidalachick

    amidalachick Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Aug 3, 2003
    Characters: Steve/Billy
    Notes: And yet another happy soft post-S3 AU. :p This is also an unedited first draft and started out as an entry for the Fanfic Olympics. I'd like to get it edited and finished eventually, I just don't know when or if I'll get there. In the meantime, enjoy!

    Steve's heart is in his throat. Nancy was the first person he'd ever truly been in love with, and even though he's moved on, is genuinely happy for her and Jonathan even, the pain of realizing she didn't love him back would always be in the back of his mind.

    Now he's about to make the biggest decision of his life.

    They've talked about it a little, mostly Billy telling him stories of the beach, of growing up in California, of losing the only piece of happiness he'd ever known when Neil dragged them to Hawkins. He'd kiss Steve and add reassuringly only good thing was meeting you, and Steve knows his closer relationship with Max and the bond he's formed with El are the only other good things, and he knows Billy would stay in Hawkins, just wanted to be with him.

    But he doesn't want to stay in Hawkins anymore. Robin's gone away to college, and the kids will be leaving in a couple of years, and he doesn't want to become bored, miserable, hiding away while working some drudge job.

    There's a bigger world out there than Hawkins, and Steve's beginning to think maybe he can find a place in it.

    He's got everything set up, and he's anxiously waiting, and when Billy comes in, Steve tries to look casual.

    "Hi," Billy says, with one of the genuine smiles only Steve, Max, and El tend to see. "What's up, baby?"

    "Nothing," Steve says. "I was just, uh, thinking. About us. You. And me."

    Billy smirks. "I was thinking about us, too."

    "Just." Steve takes his hand. "Come with me."

    He leads Billy to the kitchen, where everything's waiting. Billy studies the map spread across the table, a set of car keys laying over Indiana and a little Monopoly house placed on California.

    "Steve," Billy says, quietly.

    "I want to go," Steve says. "You'll get to go home, and there's nothing here for me now. The kids don't need me anymore. They can visit, we can visit, we'll figure it out."

    "Steve," Billy repeats, and squeezes his hand. "Are you sure?"

    Steve takes Billy's other hand too and faces him.

    "More sure than I've ever been about anything," he says.

    Billy pulls his hands out of Steve's grip, and for half a second Steve panics, thinks he's blown it, thinks he's screwed up again. But Billy wraps him in a hug, a tight, crushing embrace, and they're holding each other so tightly they can barely breathe.

    But Steve feels calmer than he has in a long time. He feels happy. He doesn't know exactly what the future will look like now, but at least he has a future. They both do. And they'll figure it out together.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Ficlet 1: yay, gal pals on a road trip! Ficlet 2: LOL friends fixing friends up [face_shhh]
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