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Beyond - Legends Sunrise & Sunset - Bit of .. Anguish/Comedy/Romance? - K/J - 2 old AU one-shots linked together!

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    Here are two old one-shots of mine and a fav couple I like.. Enjoy!:D


    Title: Sunrise
    Author(s): SITH_MAYO - (was my original login.. but lost that with new boards ‘cause forgot password.. so now mayo_durron_666)
    Timeframe: (few years after Yuuzhan War)
    Characters: Kyp Durron / Jaina Solo
    Genre: AU, angst, humour, one-shot (long)
    Keywords: Grief / Friendship
    Summary: When a friend hurts, your job is to be there…
    Notes: It’s a long one-shot broken up into 2 parts! Hope you enjoy. Comments welcome!


    “Did I ever mention how beautiful you are when you’re angry?”

    “Several times in the last ten minutes, so yes, you have.”

    “You are, you know…”

    “Uh huh,” Jaina replied, unimpressed, “and you’re drugged up, you know.”

    Dizzy, Kyp shook his head aimlessly at her.

    “Drunk. Not drugged.”

    Silently Jaina went to grab him off his stool at the bar.

    Durron shrugged her hands away and downed a glass of brandy. He ordered another drink, ignoring the disapproving look from the feisty brunette at his side.

    “Come on, Durron.” She said firmly, “You’ve had enough.”

    “I’m the M-Master here. I’ll say when I’ve had enough missy.” His sentence finished with a rather loud belch.

    Rolling her eyes, Jaina commented dryly,

    With his short black curls sticking up in odd angles, his eyelids drooping heavily, his eye greens bloodshot, and his face very rosy, he gazed at her. It was a look she couldn’t describe. Strange. An amazing combination of thoughtfulness, and yet blank all at the same time. It was something only Durron could do.

    “Kyp, why you doing this?”

    Drunkenly, he waved a hand at her to be quiet.
    “Either park it, or walk it, Solo.”

    Reluctantly, she sat beside him at the bar. Wordlessly, he got her a glass of wine. It sat on the side for a while. She didn’t want to join him in whatever drunken celebration or self-hating moment he was in.

    He was hurting. And Force forgive her, she wanted to know why.

    After sampling several more gulps of brandy, Kyp stopped. He clutched his empty glass tightly and stared into space.

    His green eyes dimmed further with sadness.

    When he caught Jaina watching him, he gave a quick grin that held no humour. He pointed at her wine.
    “You’ve sat now, and its there, you better take a sip.”

    “Or what?” Defiance rested in her dark eyes.

    Kyp looked away, and muttered,
    “Nothing.” He glanced back and huffed. He wanted to be alone. To drown in this moment like he always planned to.

    Irritated by her company, he became suddenly determined to get her off his case.

    Exasperatedly, he spoke,
    “Look Solo, if you’re not gonna join me, then by all means jet off! I intend to stay here a while longer, d-drinking till I can’t talk, and then… I’ll drink some more. So either get that glass necked, or kriff it. I don’t need someone watching me.”

    His words had no affect.

    “Yeah, well, watching you hasn’t exactly been pleasant over the last hour. There are half-eaten dirty banthas that look more attractive than you right now.” Jaina took a calming breath, “However, despite this awful show I’ve been watching, I can’t turn it off now. I know you. And this isn’t you.”

    Quietly, Kyp whispered down into his drained glass,
    “Walk away Jaina . . .”

    When she didn’t move, he ignored her again and got himself another two beverages. He felt her critical eyes staring at him as he began to drink. He took a gulp and slammed the cup on the counter.

    “Stop looking at me!” He yelled, uncaring of the attention he was getting from other beings in the bar. “Stang it, Jaina! Can’t a man just get drunk without you giving him the sithspawn evils? Either take that disapproving l-look off your face, or I’ll wipe it off for you! Damnit!”

    Not fazed in the slightest, Jaina leaned on the counter casually and looked up at him.

    “Are you done?”

    There was no getting rid of her. Stubborn Solo. But he admired that about her. Even now, in his intoxicated state. Gradually, his anger faded the more he looked at her serene face.

    “So, you gonna tell me what’s wrong?”

    He looked away and didn’t speak. No reply came. She thought of giving up entirely. It was useless. He was so hard headed and immovable.

    She was about to get up and obey his demands. To leave him in peace with his thoughts and drinks would be easy. Staying with him would be annoying.

    Jaina paused, unable to leave. Friends, however infuriating they might be, friends looked out for each other when they were hurting. And Kyp was definitely hurting. She couldn’t walk away.

    Then she saw the glass of white wine in front of her. Why not do it his way for once? She pondered mutely.

    She lifted the glass and sipped the bubbly liquid. Neither of them spoke. Maybe that’s all he wanted, silence and booze. When there was no reaction from him, Jaina got comfortable on her chair again.

    She remained silent and continued to enjoy her wine.

    Into the last sip, Kyp ordered again. This time not just for himself. Another glass of wine was placed in front of her and Jaina frowned. For once, she said nothing and went with it. Without a sound, she drank the second drink.

    Simultaneously, they both finished and placed their glasses upon the counter.

    “It’s today.” Kyp simply stated, his voice breaking a little, “Today, I don’t like.”

    Unsure of where the conversation was heading, Jaina remained quiet. And waited.

    With tearful eyes, Kyp gazed at her, and whispered,
    “It’s my brother’s life-day, or what would have been.”

    “You celebrating?” She asked cautiously.

    Smirking dejectedly, he shook his head and explained,
    “Trying to forget. It happens every year. And I fail every time.”

    Jaina understood. Thoughts of her own lost brother, Anakin, flashed in her mind. She held back her feelings, wanting to focus on Kyp. She watched as he brushed tears away quickly from his eyes. He looked broken.

    “Maybe its time you end this ritual.” She spoke gently, “One drink to toast one man, should be enough. Getting blasted-sideways like this isn’t helping.”

    Shrugging tightly, he replied,
    “I can’t sleep. Never do this day.” Kyp rubbed his tired eyes and admitted softly, “I took Death Sticks earlier.”

    “Oh, dang it, Kyp you nerf -”

    “- I don’t do them normally.” He defended, keeping his voice low, “But if I don’t take them… I s-see, sometimes.”

    Baffled, Jaina questioned,
    “See what?”

    His watery eyes caught hers as he answered plainly,

    Just when he was about to drown himself in another drink, Jaina caught the glass and pulled it from his grasp.


    Decisively, she rose from her seat and said,
    “You’re done here.”

    “I-I . . I wanna stay. I gotta -”

    “You have to get to bed, Durron.” Jaina was already dragging him to his feet, unwilling to let him continue this madness.

    “But Jaina -”

    “Nope, not taking any excuse. Come on.”

    With one of his arms slung over her shoulders, she helped him stand and started to escort him out of the filthy bar.

    Kyp resisted. Childishly staggering backwards and trying to convince her to stop. He huffed and tried pulling away.

    “J-Jaina, you’re n-not l-listen-ing!” Hiccups had caught his words now.

    “Durron stop messing!”

    “Jaina st-op!” This time he shouted.

    She stopped and looked up at him. He stood holding his breath for several moments, waiting for the hiccups to vanish before he finally explained himself.

    Defiantly, he declared,
    “I need to go to the refresher!”

    “Oh…” Was all she replied.

    Teasingly, he went on,
    “Okay, I’ll agree, we’ll leave. But I have to pee. You can come and help me if you want. But I think it might hurt my ego slightly, when other people see me being assisted.”

    “Alright,” Jaina conceded, “I’ll wait here, go do your thing.”

    Kyp staggered a few steps to the men’s refresher. He glanced back at her, and smiled weakly,
    “Not that you wouldn’t make a great assistant, Jaina.”

    Stunned, her jaw dropped. Kyp didn’t notice. He turned and went into the refresher.

    “Oh, Holy Stars, Master Durron you are a mess…” She murmured amused, as she heard something crash in the refresher.


    Bright light crept across his face.

    Warmth from the sun began to whisper along his skin. It felt wonderful. It was refreshing to be woken by daylight instead of an alarm clock.

    Hesitantly, his green eyes peeked open ever so slightly.

    The light burned.

    He closed his eyes then attempted again, this time not looking so directly at the sunrise drifting up upon the horizon. In his big bed, Kyp lied on his side staring out his large window watching Coruscant get lit up building by building.

    “Beautiful . . .” He murmured thoughtfully.

    Wanting to stretch he rolled over and spread out, only to find a black jacket mixed in with his covers. It wasn’t his. There was a small blue shirt by his pillow too. He frowned at it confused.

    Just then he heard movement from elsewhere in his apartment. It sounded like someone was in his kitchen!

    He sat up, quietly panicking.

    Did he bring someone back with him? Had he been that wasted? Had they spent the night? What the hell happened?

    Feeling light-headed with all his worries, he flopped back onto the mattress. He held his weary head in his hands and shook it, annoyed at him self for being so foolish.

    The movement of the stranger was getting louder. And the smell of food wafted into his room. His mouth began to water. And his stomach grumbled.

    Deciding to face this stranger now, rather than later, Kyp got up from bed. Instantly, he realised his nakedness and groaned again at his idiocy. Not another one-night stand, he prayed.

    Quickly, he tugged on a pair of boxer shorts and strolled down his corridor to the kitchen.

    Slyly, he stuck his head around the doorway to spy on who was cooking. His heart stopped dead.

    Oh no, he thought terrified, Han Solo is going to blast me! I’m so dead!

    Dressed in only a towel, Jaina Solo, walked about the kitchen making a pot of caf and a couple bantha-bacon sandwiches. She didn’t feel his presence at all.

    Casually, she went about her business, humming a tune he couldn’t name.

    Half way through his alarm, Kyp stopped to pause. For once he truly appreciated what a stunning woman Jaina was. Her body glistened, radiating freshness, her skin was damp and her long brunette hair was dark with wetness. Her beautiful face. Dark soulful eyes. Stang, she was mesmerising.

    His flustered mind suddenly caught up with his distracted heart. The spell broke. And Kyp couldn’t contain his shock any longer.

    He stumbled into the kitchen.

    “What, in the name of all that is Holy, are you doing here?” He blurted.

    Jaina didn’t react the way he expected.

    With a sassy smile over her shoulder, she responded,
    “Don’t you remember?”

    Agitated, Kyp ruffled his short hair and gaped,
    “When did – how did – what happened?!”

    Seeing him so puzzled was highly amusing. Jaina refused to let him off the hook so easily. Time to poke and tease the great Jedi Master, her favourite game.

    “I stayed the night.” She explained happily, “What does it look like?”

    His face grew whiter as he asked,
    “Jaina, did you stay over? Or did you sleep over?”

    She turned the oven down and faced him. Wearing a perplexed expression, she said,
    “Kyp are you still drunk?”

    Despairingly, he whispered,
    “Sweet Force, I hope so…”

    Knowing how good she looked in the damp towel, she took advantage. Slowly, Jaina sauntered over to him. Enjoying the look of desire and fear mixed upon his face, she walked right up to him and grinned sexily.

    “Surely you wouldn’t forget an amazing night, like last night?” Jaina purred.

    Swallowing back his lust, Kyp tried to remain calm. It was difficult, especially with her so close, so beautiful, and so undressed.

    He had dreamed of her many times. And he couldn’t deny that he found her very tempting. She was after-all gorgeous. But he never thought of actually ruining their friendship by making it more intimate. It had been a line he refused to cross.

    Though apparently, he had.

    His throat went dry as he queried,
    “It was an amazing night?”

    “Yes,” She smiled, “you made a powerful impression.”


    “Don’t you remember?” She murmured.

    Lightly, Jaina touched her fingertips up and down his torso. He shivered at the contact. Caressing him absentmindedly, she gazed at him with heat in her eyes. And Kyp became breathless.

    She decided to help his memory by saying wickedly,
    “You had me at your mercy. Touching everywhere, kissing everywhere, pleasuring me all night, you must remember. It was very . . hot.”

    Leaning toward her, he uttered,
    “I think I remember…”

    Jaina rose on her tiptoes, her lush lips precariously close to his. Barely a hair’s width away from his mouth, she paused. Kyp’s heart pounded in anticipation.

    Just then, she broke out into laughter and slapped his chest playfully.

    “Great Force, you’re gullible!”

    With a creased brow, he asked,
    “We didn’t, ya know, we didn’t sleep together?”

    She shook her head at him,
    “Sorry to disappoint you. We did sleep together - but we never did anything but sleep.”

    Relieved and at the same time disappointed, he sulked,
    “Frakkin hell Jaina! Don’t ever do that! You had me thinking, well it doesn’t matter – the point is that was cruel!”

    “Yes it was,” Jaina smirked, “and I enjoyed every second of it.”

    “You devil woman!” Angrily, he held his hands out, like he was going to strangle her. “You almost gave me a heart attack!”

    She stuck her tongue out at him and instructed,
    “Quit whining, you baby. Sit or you ain’t getting breakfast.”

    Peevishly he slumped down at his kitchen table and waited.

    He couldn’t believe her. Jaina Solo: One, Kyp Durron: Zero. But he would have revenge soon, he wouldn’t give up till he did.

    She brought breakfast to the table, and they sat eating and drinking in comfortable silence. The more caf Kyp sipped the more of last night he remembered. And it made him feel embarrassed. How had Jaina put up with him?

    When they both finished they just sat there, quietly drinking their brews.

    Eventually, Kyp cleared his throat and said,
    “I’m sorry about last night. I was a state.”

    “Don’t worry about it.”

    She gave him a reassuring smile.

    “Thank you for looking after me.” He said the words softly, meaning them.

    Tilting her head slightly she joked,
    “Is this official? Do I get this apology and thanks in writing, a card or something?”

    “Shut up.” He chuckled, despite his words.

    When the humour died away, Jaina returned his gesture,
    “You’re welcome Kyp, anytime you need a friend.”

    Her tender words made his heart clench with gratefulness. Miss Solo was too good a friend for him. He appreciated her efforts, despite the fact he didn’t deserve her.

    The pair shared a long happy gaze.

    Kyp leaned across the table, his face somewhat worried, as he questioned,
    “There’s just one thing that bothers me, why did I wake up naked? You didn’t, ya know…”

    Smirking wildly, Jaina replied,
    “No, you undressed yourself – though you kinda made me watch.”


    “You were trying to seduce me.”


    “Its fine Kyp, nothing happened.” Jaina winked, as she added, “But let’s just say you and I have no more secrets.”

    Kyp hung his head in shame.

    And Jaina laughed.


    Title: Sunset
    Author(s): SITH_MAYO - (was my original login.. but lost that with new boards ‘cause forgot password.. so now mayo_durron_666)
    Timeframe: (few years after Yuuzhan War)
    Characters: Kyp Durron / Jaina Solo
    Genre: AU, angst, humour, one-shot (long)
    Keywords: Grief / Friendship
    Summary: When a friend hurts, your job is to be there… Bring back the happiness… don’t forget the mischief … Plus Kyp gets his own back!
    Notes: This is a sequel to another one-shot called Sunrise! It’s a long one-shot broken up into 2 parts! Hope you enjoy. Comments welcome!


    “Little early in the day to be drinking, don’t ya think?”

    “Screw you.”

    “I don’t think that would be wise, but if you’re putting it on the table . . .”

    “Nothing is going on the table, counter or whatever!”

    Tiredly, Durron sighed in fake disappointment.

    He glimpsed around the empty Coruscant bar wondering why in the galaxy he was there. Of course he knew the answer was her, Jaina.

    She didn’t look well. It might have had something to do with the long drinking binge she’d drowned in over the last twenty-four hours. Given the date and occasion he understood her need to escape. Still, it was time to call it quits.

    He had to get her sober and home. A few months earlier, she had helped him with his own break-down. Now it was his turn to return a favour.

    It was late morning for Force-sake.

    Slumped against the bar Jaina ordered another drink, when it arrived she kept her head on the table and clumsily sipped on the liquor. She had dark bags under those rich eyes of hers, her civilian clothing was creased and her long hair was pulled back into a messy pony-tail. Not her finest hour.

    Durron rubbed his jaw in contemplation before saying finally,
    “I know why you’re doing this Jay but it doesn’t have to be this way.”

    Blood-shot eyes flicked up at him briefly. Irritated, Jaina snorted and raised her face long enough to down a drink completely. With a satisfied burped she slammed the glass onto the counter and ordered another.

    “Lady-like.” Kyp murmured dryly.

    “Do me a favour and jet off.”

    He bit back the retort burning on his tongue.

    In reality, Jaina was speaking out of pain. Today was an anniversary. But it was not the kind anyone wanted to celebrate. Sadly, Kyp understood that gut-wrenching feeling. And he knew the ache would never fully heal, not for him, or for her, everyone had to bear their scars.

    Before she could drown herself in more drink he took the whiskey from her grasp. Surprisingly, she didn’t protest.

    “Come on, Jaina,” He spoke gently, “you know you’re better than this.”

    Still leaning over the counter, arms crossed and her head resting on them, Jaina looked at the Master beside her.

    Sharp hazel eyes stared at him hopelessly. She shifted a little under his perceptive gaze. Stubbornly, Jaina made no attempt to move.

    “I’m not great at th-this,” Her voice wavered, “I’m . . . not strong all the time.”

    Sitting down beside her, Kyp nodded,
    “Nor should you be.”

    Giving a miserable half smile, she mumbled with a slur,
    “I’m-m a Solo – can’t show weakness . . . b-but drinking, now that I can do brilliantly. It’s just in th-the blood.”

    Pushing the alcohol away from both of them, Durron’s eyes turned glazed with similar sorrow as he replied,
    “That I can’t argue with, you can drink most people under the table. But look around Jay, there’s no one to see your weak state, no one to drink against and the only one who could . . . isn’t going to. You’ve cried for Anakin, you’ve toasted to your brother’s memory and had a few more to finish the remembrance. I think it’s time to sober up, wash away the tears and get some much needed sleep.”

    It sounded good. Very logically. Odd for Durron to say, even despite his Master status. He was usually game for a drink. For him to suggest home meant she really was a mess.

    Jaina had to admit, the alcohol was playing hell on her skull, her body was sluggish and her mind ready to crash.

    She wanted to forget. But that was impossible. Today was the anniversary of her little brother’s death. And no amount of distraction or drink was going to get rid of the hurt she felt even now.

    Anakin Solo was long gone. That cold thought ripped through her, making her eyes shine with watery grief.

    Seeing the misery written on her pretty face, Kyp made the only decision he could.

    Slowly, Kyp slipped a comforting arm around her and carefully lifted Jaina from the barstool. All the while, he murmured soothing words into her ear. Holding her up, he began to escort the very drunk Solo from the dead club.

    When she realised his aim, Jaina struggled,
    “Wait, K-Kyp, come on, o-one more drink!”

    “You’ve had enough.”

    “But Kyp!”

    More determinedly, Jaina began to punch, kick and push. Not giving an inch, Durron grabbed and hauled her over his shoulder.

    “Durron put me down!” She yelled furiously, “I’m gonna k-kill you!”

    “In your dreams, sweetheart.”

    Unceremoniously, Kyp walked out the bar and into the busy streets of Coruscant.

    People stared in disbelief at the sight of them. Some even stopped and took pictures. Swung upon his shoulder like a naughty child, Jaina fumed, she beat his back and shouted insults at him the entire way home.

    To every horrible comment, Durron responded,
    “You’ll be thanking me later . . .”


    It hurt to be conscious.

    A sharp splintering pain was wrecking her mind. The worse headache ever tormented her every thought and movement. She hadn’t even opened her eyes, yet she knew they would be sore and blurry. A part of her wanted to get up, another only desired more sleep.

    For several horrid moments she lied there accepting the sensations.

    Eventually with great care, Jaina Solo’s dark eyes fluttered open. Luckily for her there was low lighting. It wasn’t day time. She gazed around her bedroom, baffled and relieved.

    How did she get home? At least she made it back, she thought gratefully.

    She didn’t recall much of yesterday, or was it the day before that? Time seemed to have slipped her notice. And right then, lying comfortably in bed, she didn’t really care.

    Cuddling further into her plush pillows, Jaina mumbled her worrying thoughts aloud,
    “At least if I did anything stupid, I won’t remember it . . . thank the Force.”

    The second those words escaped her lips, the loud slam of a cupboard door echoed throughout her apartment.

    In a bolt of shock, Jaina sat up straight in bed, then moaned as her weak mind disapproved of the action. She flopped back onto the bed holding her head, twisting in the sheets as the agony of the hangover overpowered her.

    Regaining composure, Jaina lied perfectly still listening for the merest sound. It happened again. Another cabinet door clicked shut, cutlery clanged and a deep humming resonated through the walls.

    “Gods no, no, no . . . please no!” She muttered, almost terrified.

    Too stunned, Jaina didn’t even dare reach out with the Force. She was so startled, she didn’t want to do anything in that second. What would be worse knowing before or after they entered her room? Neither. Both?

    Cheery humming got louder and the shifting of feet started.

    That meant one thing. The stranger was moving closer, with intention, towards her room. And to make Jaina’s thoughts race beyond reason, she glimpsed under the covers to confirm the suspicion that she was indeed completely naked.

    As the shuffling came to her door, Jaina took a deep breath and pulled the duvet up to her chin in a vague attempt at dignity.

    The bedroom door slid open quietly.

    “Good evening gorgeous.” Kyp Durron grinned happily.

    No amount of training or Force skill could stop Jaina’s jaw from dropping. Master Durron had been the last person she’d expected to see. Add her, him and the unusual circumstances, equalled total embarrassment and confused.

    She tried to speak. No words made it from her throat.

    Blasé, Kyp entered the room, wearing only his black boxers and carrying a tray of delicious smelling food. Shocked, Jaina didn’t know what to pick at first, the perfectly well sculptured male body or the tasty grub.

    Baffled by her own reaction she shook her head, feeling too hung-over for this.

    Sitting on the edge of the bed, Kyp placed the tray casually on her bedside table and started eating munchies from it.
    “Hmm, you should try this Jay, its lovely.”

    Swallowing hard, she finally spoke,
    “Kyp, what the frakkin’ hell are you doing in my apartment?”

    Not her finest hour, but she was dehydrated, hugely hung-over and way past bewildered.

    In an instant the food was forgotten. Casually, Kyp turned his body and full attention towards the stunningly attractive woman lying next to him. It was highly distracting to know that she wasn’t wearing any clothes under those thin bedcovers. Even if he couldn’t see, he couldn’t help but imagine the beauty of her.

    He gave her an innocent stare, full of concern and something else she didn’t dare name.

    “Kyp.” She warned him, “Don’t look at me like that. Why are you here?”

    Awkwardly, Durron cleared his throat and ruffled his dark hair as he thought of how to explain. He looked her in the eye and spoke gently,
    “I caught you drinking yourself silly. I tried to help . . .”

    “I’m sensing a ‘but’ coming up.”

    Quirking an amused eyebrow, Kyp shrugged nonchalantly,
    “Your butt is extremely tempting, it might very well be next on the agen -”

    “Stop!” Jaina shifted uncomfortably, “Explain. Fast!”

    “Look, I honestly didn’t mean to start drinking with you. I did have good intentions.” Dejectedly, as if sensing her future reaction, he added, “I still do.”

    “What happened?”

    She uttered the words softly, too frightened to hear the answer but needing it desperately.

    “Well, we got very trashed, I mean utterly off our faces, and . . .” Apologetically, Kyp raised his hand and showed the gold marriage band on his finger. If it was possible, Jaina turned a shade paler.

    “Sweet Force.” Was all she could muster.

    Frantic, she pulled her hands from the covers and found a similar gold ring on one of hers. It was solid; a great fit and gleamed wonderfully under the low lights. This felt too real. Overwhelmed, she collapsed to the pillows again and stared at the elegant ring placed on her wedding finger.

    As the astonishment wore off, Jaina woke up further with more questions burning her brain.

    “Wait, wait, back track!” She sat up, keeping the bed-sheet wrapped around her, “Please tell me you’re dressed in those tight shorts because you’re hot! Have we . . . did we . . . you know . . . did we consummate the marriage?”

    Agitated, Durron huffed,
    “You could just call it sex, Jay. And don’t sound so disgusted, my ego’s big but not invincible to your comments.”

    “Answer the damn question, Durron! Before I decide to take off certain parts of your anatomy with my lightsaber!” Surrounded tightly by the duvet, she moved closer to him, anxious and irritated, “Kyp! Please, tell me we didn’t.”

    Furiously defiant, totally Durron, he shut her up by locking his lips to hers. It was meant to be quick and soft. However, the second his skin touched hers, he couldn’t control himself.

    Needing her, only Jaina, he pulled her against him. His mouth and hers melded together, synchronised, hot and feverish. Something primitive hit both of them. Neither could deny the longing that tortured them.

    Tongues teased, lips pressed insistently and teeth nipped, but none of it was enough.

    Oblivious to everything, Jaina absorbed the fiery moment. She couldn’t restrain herself. Unrepentant, she pressed her body into his firmly, loving the feel and taste of him. Restlessly she shifted, desperate for more, entirely under his spell.

    Kyp desired more also. Decisively, he pushed her back onto the mattress, kissing her senseless, caressing her lush curves through the sheet, moaning with wanting.

    When his sly hands tried to remove the covers, Jaina stopped him and paused for air. Stunned at himself, Kyp stilled, panting as he hovered above her. Both of them were dazed by their own actions.

    “So, I’m guessing we did have sex?” Jaina muttered breathlessly.

    She could still taste him and she craved it. Handsome, rogued, stubborn, sexy and flawlessly built, Kyp was the most scrumptious thing she had ever sampled. And he was so close now.

    A flicker of amusement danced in his green eyes, as he responded,
    “Sadly, no, we didn’t. We didn’t even get married.”


    “I bought the rings as a joke.” He smiled smugly.

    “We didn’t get married?” Jaina frowned, then caught the laughter shining in his cocky gaze. Suddenly, she clicked and snapped, “You complete nerf! Why’d you freak me out like that? You’re dead – where’s my lightsaber?!”

    With real mirth, Kyp chuckled heartedly.
    “Pay back is a sith, ain’t it?”

    “One more question,” Jaina studied him carefully as she asked, “did you see anything you shouldn’t have seen?”

    Resting above her, he smirked knowingly,
    “What? You mean like seeing you shoot a blaster at a row of empty ale bottles, you trying to start a fight with a stripper, oh and lighting up your lightsaber to slash a lift door open because you couldn’t be bothered to wait?”

    Cringing, Jaina went on,
    “That, I guess. But did you see anything else, like me?”

    Giving her a hot stare, Kyp replied honestly,
    “I brought you home and you undressed alone, I had nothing to do with it. My lack of clothing, this evening, is just part of my act to trick you.”

    Comforted by his words, Jaina relaxed and enjoyed the simple feeling of having him near. She never thought she could be this content. It was so intimate. All they needed was to continue kissing and the moment would be complete.

    Secretly, a large part of her didn’t want him to pull away.

    “Guess you got me.” Jaina conceded, her voice dropping going soft and sultry unconsciously.

    He saw her pupils darken and her lips glisten appealingly. Everything male in him urged him to touch, kiss and worship her. It went further than instinct, more than emotions, it was a soulful bond he couldn’t deny anymore.

    Unable to resist, Kyp leaned in as if to kiss her. Barely centimetres apart, he paused and uttered huskily,
    “Not all of you.”

    “I’d give you all of myself, if you only asked.” Jaina whispered, leaning up to press tantalising pecks along his jaw.

    “Give me your all tonight.” He murmured against her neck between kisses, “Tomorrow we’ll work out the rest.”

    It didn’t make sense. They both knew that. But in that instant nothing else mattered except having and holding each other.

    Finally finding his lips with her own, she spoke quietly,
    “I’m yours . . .”

    Out the window, past the thin curtains, a glorious sunset warmed the horizon in a fiery glow. As light became dark, the distracted couple found passion and peace in one another’s embrace.

    It was just another night on Coruscant.

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    Whew!!!!!!! That was some kind of tasty! :D

    Thanks ever, ever, ever so for the tag! Beautiful blend of friendship caring and teasing and delicious sizzlyness. @};- [:D] !!!
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