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Char, NC Superman vs. a lightsaber and Superman vs. a Jedi . . . and The Death Star!!!!

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by Jada, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Jada

    Jada Jedi Master star 6

    Apr 20, 2006
    Recently we had this discussion about what would happen if Superman faced a Jedi. Apparently overheard us and came up with this:

    Can a Lightsaber Cut Through Superman?

    Can a gadget defeat a superhero? Here's a question our sister site io9 posed: can a lightsaber cut through Superman? We put both our nerdy gadget knowledge and our nerdy superhero knowledge to the test and came up with reasons why it could and reasons why it couldn't.

    ? If the lightsaber crystal was green, like green kryptonite, or if they actually used kryptonite as the crystal, then Superman would melt like a hot knife through even hotter dog droppings.
    ? Superman's been injured by lasers before (see most aliens he's fought), so an extremely focused laser like a lightsaber could possibly hurt him if applied directly to the skin for a long enough time.
    ? If he were under the effects of kryptonite, when even bullets can hurt him, then a lightsaber could definitely chop off parts of his body.

    ? What type of radiation does the lightsaber emit? It's light, and Superman gets power from the sun, so the lightsaber could be a refreshing lamp.
    ? It would just burn off his clothes, like in Superman 2, but it wouldn't hurt him.
    ? He uses lasers (his own heat vision) to shave himself, so the best the lightsaber could do would to singe his chest hair, or give him a nice shave down there.
    ? Jedis can't actually cut through "everything" with the sword. Example: the big huge door in Episode I. They had to jam in their lightsabers and "melt" a doorway inside the door. The sword was fast to go into the door because they applied all the force to the tip, but was slow cutting because the Jedis are only so strong. Picture you cutting through a watermelon. In the same principle, a lightsaber technically might be able to cut through Superman, but there's nobody strong enough to force it through. Unless you somehow get the Hulk to use a lightsaber. But the Hulk doesn't exist.

    Verdict: Superman wins! [Thanks to Achal for his Superman knowledge.]


    Superman vs. a Jedi

    By the Power of Sol, I Have the Power
    Superman?s powers come largely from his exposure to Earth?s yellow sun, and the sun has been charging his solar batteries for nearly all of his life. While it?s unlikely at this point that Superman?s batteries could run down, we?ll assume that all of these battles mentioned in this article take place on Earth or in the presence of a similar star.
    We'll begin with the question that started it all -- would Superman win in a fight against a Jedi Knight? Booth's e-mail raised several specific questions. Would a Jedi be fast enough to sense Superman's approach? Could the Jedi manipulate Superman in mid-air? Could a lightsaber be made from kryptonite?

    Jedi are fast, and part of their training involves fighting without using their sight or other senses. But they don't quite reach Superman's speeding-bullet status. Physically, Superman has the upper hand.

    Because of Superman's strength and speed, using the Force to manipulate him mid-flight would be a lot like manipulating a starship. If the Force could manipulate starships in flight, Darth Vader could have crashed all the X-wings during the Battle of Yavin. Or, Luke Skywalker could have destroyed all of the Star Destroyers during the Battle of Hoth. The logical conclusion is that Jedi are not capable of stopping something as strong and fast as a speeding starship. Some portrayals, like the "Clone Wars" series, do show Jedi performing extreme feats with the Force, but those feats come with a price. To even attempt to stop Superman in mid-flight could seriously injure or kill a Jedi.

    Finally, there are two reasons why a Jedi wouldn't have a lightsaber made from kryptonite:

    * A lightsaber uses crystals to focus the blade, and gathering these crystals from the planet Ilum is a rite of passage for a Jedi. Under certain conditions, the cry
  2. eagle-eye

    eagle-eye Jedi Youngling

    Jan 19, 2008
    i think another questioned that needs to be asked is why would superman face off against a jedi. i think that a bizorro superman has no chance at all against a jedi. also think about this, remember in superman two, the rule states that superman gets all his powers from our sun, so even the baddies get the same power. my question is what if a jedi or even a sith such as vader came to planet earth and had the same effects, now who would win superman or a jedi/ sith?
  3. Jada

    Jada Jedi Master star 6

    Apr 20, 2006
    Hey, I just post this stuff :p

    I think the premise of the question was Superman at his full strength and the Jedi/Sith at their full strength.
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