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    Jun 2, 2007
    I've had this idea bouncing around in my head about an Objective referencing the Yuuzhan Vong war. It would be a virtual card of Invasion/In Complete Control. The idea being that the Vong started outside the galaxy and slowly marched their way towards the Core.


    Deploy v-Rendezvous Point (light side) with a worldship there and any battleground system.
    For remainder of game, you may not deploy cards with ability (except creature vehicles). Your droids are lost.
    While this side up, once per turn, you may deploy a battleground system from your Reserve Deck; reshuffle. At any time, you may "invade" a system by placing a card from hand face-down beneath a system you occupy; at any time, you may relocate that card to any other system you occupy. You may only deploy starships to systems that have an "invasion" card (except Rendezvous Point). Your battle destiny draws are +1 wherever you have an "invasion" card.
    Flip this card if you control Coruscant system.

    Haven't figured out what to put for the 7-side yet though. And the rules I have in mind for the Vong are something like this:

    Your Yuuzhan Vong characters and starships have ability 0, but provide presence much like the [Presence] icons of battle droids. However, they cannot be targeted by cards that specifically target a character's ability. Also, although many Yuuzhan Vong characters are warriors, they cannot wield weapons except those that specifically say they can deploy on Yuuzhan Vong. They cannot also pilot non-[Yuuzhan Vong] starships or vehicles.

    My idea for the worldship is:

    Yuuzhan Vong Worldship (3)

    Capital: Worldship
    Power 10 Armor 7 Hyperspeed 3
    Deploy 10 Forfeit 9
    [Permanent Pilot] [Astromech] [Presence]

    May add 4 Yuuzhan Vong pilots and 4 passengers. Ship-docking. While with a coralskipper, draws two battle destiny if unable to otherwise. Immune to attrition <5 (or <8 if at a system of parsec 6 or lower).

    It would probably be a V-card of Big One or Rogue Asteroid or something.

    And the V version of Rendezvous Point would pretty much be a mirror version of the Light Side version of the system, except have 2 dark icons and give 1 extra hyperspeed to ships leaving there.


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