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Saga Sweet Nothings | (MMM Spoonfuls of Mush)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Raissa Baiard, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Raissa Baiard

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    Nov 22, 1999
    Title: Sweet Nothings
    Author: Raissa Baiard
    Genre: Mush, drabbles
    Characters: Whoever decides to show up
    Synopsis: Sweet and sentimental drabbles written for the MMM Spoonfuls of Mush challenge

    Thanks to @Findswoman for beta reading @};-

    Set 1


    The muffled clamor from within the galley was Hera’s first clue that something was up. When she peeked inside, the rest of the crew was bustling around inside like a crateful of headless nunas.

    “Chopper! I said 350 for 45 minutes, not 450 for 35 minutes!”

    “Bwaaah! Bwa’bwah BWOP!”

    “Get outta my way, kid, unless you want hot zoochberry sauce all over you. You’re s’posed to be chopping the salad.”

    “No, Kanan’s chopping the salad!”


    “He uses a lightsaber, I think he can handle it!”

    Hera cleared her throat and instantly all eyes and optical receptors were on her. “What’s going on?”


    They’d made dinner for her, and not just the usual “if we have to cook, I guess we can scrape something together” sort of dinner. Besides the salad (which Kanan had indeed chopped), there was roast nerf tenderloin with baby topatoes and daro root, and butter pastries with warm zoochberry sauce. How they’d managed to put together such a meal without her knowing was a mystery to Hera.

    And they weren’t finished with the surprises.

    As Hera was finishing her pastry, Kanan stood, amid the others’ significant glances. and held out a small box. “Hera, there’s something we’d like you to have..”


    Inside was a bracelet, nothing fancy, just a leather thong with beads. Each was unique: a green crystal that seemed to glow from within; an orange clay bead in the shape of a Loth-cat’s face; a glass bead with a rainbow of colors swirling inside; a bead of gray stone with dark purple striations; a metal sphere, slightly dented, slightly tarnished—and in the center an intricately carved wooden phoenix painted green and orange. Just like the ones that had been on her kalikori, each bead represented someone she loved. Her kalikori might have been stolen, but her family was still together, and they couldn’t have chosen a better gift.


    Hera was speechless as she slipped the bracelet on, turning her wrist to admire each precious bead. “Thank you,” she whispered when she finally found her voice again. “It’s beautiful, perfect… but why? It’s not my birthday, Life Day is three months away…is there something I should know?”

    The crew glanced among themselves. Finally, Zeb shrugged. “Aw, does there hafta have a reason for us to do something nice?”

    “It’s just our way of saying thank you,” Sabine said, putting her arm around Hera’s shoulders.

    Ezra leaned in on the other side. “Yeah, Hera, you do so much for us, we wanted to do something for you.”

    It was all she could do to whisper “thank you” again.


    “You didn’t have to do all this, you know,” Hera told Kanan while the others cleaned up.

    “I know. But we wanted to. You’re our heart and soul, Hera, the one who keeps us all going, and we wanted to show you how much we appreciate everything you do for us.”

    “We? Or you?”

    “All right, it started as my idea, but the kids ran with it. They love you too, even if they don’t always show it.”

    “Mmm. I’ll be sure to thank them all later. Right now…” She pulled Kanan closer, leaning in to kiss him. “Thank you.”
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    Aug 31, 2004
    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! And that's just for doing this thread at all! [face_dancing] [face_dancing] Yum! Yum! So sweet and thoughtful of everyone. Now Hera has a wonderful memory and a handmade kalikori ;) :) As for all (me included) who have a warm, courageous space!mom, thank you's are well-deserved! @};- Thanks for sharing this delicious spoonfuls! ^:)^
  3. Raissa Baiard

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    Nov 22, 1999
    Aw, thank you so much, @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha :D [:D]

    Yep, for moms of all kinds, thank yous can be few and far between and are truly appreciated when they do come. It may have taken a little prompting from Space!Dad, but the Spectre "kids" have really come through this time, because underneath all the snark and bickering, they really do love Hera.

    Today, the moose muse brings you a multitude of mush from across the multi-verse of Infinite Ezras! :ezra:
    Thanks to @Findswoman for beta-reading @};-

    Warm (Ezra from the Marzra-verse)

    Growing up on the arid planet Merkesh, Mara had never seen snow before coming to Hoth. The sparkling crystalline landscape fascinated her at first, but now the charm was wearing decidedly thin. No matter how many layers she wore, she felt like she’d never be warm again. She rubbed her hands together in a vain attempt to restore feeling to them.

    “Hey, Ace.”

    She looked up from her workstation to see Ezra there, holding a mug that steamed gently and smelled deliciously of hot chocolate. “You look like you could use this.”

    Mara drank it gratefully, its warmth and sweetness filling her with bliss. She put the mug down and smiled, pulling Ezra towards her. “I can think of something else that would warm me up…”

    Fuzzy (A Diamond in the Rough)


    Ghost hopped up onto the makeshift worktable and butted his head against Ezra’s shoulder.

    Ezra put down the commlink he was stripping for parts and squinted in the dim light of the cracked glow panel. His hands were cramped and his back was stiff from sorting salvage. “Oh, all right,” he sighed, scooping up the white Loth-cat. “I guess it’s break time.” He settled the floor with Ghost in his lap, scratching behind the cat’s ears just so. Ezra smiled as an expression of rapture stole over Ghost’s face.

    It was amazing how much better a warm, fuzzy cat purring in your lap could make you feel.

    Sweet (Canon Ezra)

    Meilooruns didn’t grow on Lothal.

    It had taken quite an effort for Ezra to find one of the sweet, orange fruits that were Hera’s favorite. He’d had to sneak out of camp while everyone was busy (luckily, being a Jedi, he was very good at sneaking) and make his way to a nearby village market. The pickings there were slim, and just when he’d despaired of finding one, Ezra had spotted a single meiloorun half hidden under a pile of pallie fruit.

    It had been worth the trouble, though, Ezra thought as he laid the fruit on Hera’s bunk where she could find it later. His family would always be worth it.

    Cute (“Sometimes I Just Know”)

    “Ezra, can you help me, pleeeeease?”

    Ezra looked up from his homework to see his little sister holding out a purple-and-orange-striped stuffed tooka and a ridiculously ruffly doll dress. She stared at him with impossibly big, hopeful eyes.

    He sighed and snatched the toy from Aliza, crammed it into the dress—like he didn’t have anything better to do—and thrust it back at her. She was such a pain....

    Aliza took the doll with a Loth-kitten smile and threw her arms around Ezra, kissing his cheek enthusiastically. “Thanks, Ezzie! You’re the bestest brother I ever had!”

    ...but she was awfully cute sometimes.

    Snuggle (Wolf Brother)

    A cold night breeze was blowing over the prairie. Ezra huddled on his pallet. His scavenged blanket was thin and tatty, and it barely covered him. At times like this, he wished he had fur like the other members of his pack.

    The padding of large paws on the stone floor let him know he wasn’t alone. Phaona, the gray wolf who was his favorite of all his brothers and sisters, curled herself around him, her bushy tail blanketing him.

    She nuzzled Ezra’s shoulder. [Don’t worry, Little Brother, I am here, and I have fur enough for both of us.]
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    Aug 31, 2004
    "Warm" :D :D Hot chocolate & Ezra ... yuppers, a delightful combination!

    "Fuzzy" Aww. Ghost is an invaluable companion, giving a mood lift and warnings, as needed. ;)

    "Sweet" - how absolutely thoughtful of Ezra, spontaneously generous too. :)

    "Cute" [face_dancing] Aliza is cute, indeed, as is Ezra, - a great big brother for sure! (The only one BESTESTER is Zeb) [face_laugh] [face_mischief]

    "Snuggle" =D= How riveting this AU is [face_thinking] Such a unique backstory for Ezra, yet, he's still himself. [face_love]
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Some people are great in writing sweet & fluffy stuff. And in making other people smile. @};-
  6. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    So, first of all, I'm really sorry I've been so remiss on commenting on these, especially when you've done such a bang-up job with them! =D=

    Set 1
    I just adore the idea of all the Spectres collaborating on a special thank-you meal for Hera—not just the idea that they would celebrate her that way, because she really is their heart and soul, but all that goes into it: the hustle and bustle of all the "family members" bickering and preparing things in the kitchen, which is such a very Spectre thing to do—and I can tell exactly who says what here. And they're still doing that when she arrives, because—because, well, family! :D It sounds like they achieved some scrumptious results in the end, even if Chop did use the wrong oven setting. [face_shame_on_you]:p

    And as someone who's done a little tiny bit of beading here and there, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the bracelet! A bead for each Spectre, and what perfect bead choices for each of them; once again I can tell exactly "who's who." Touches like that are where I can tell an artist is writing this. ;) And now of course I'm imagining the Spectres' visit to a beading shop to pick them out—and hmm, now I wonder if I should look for similar ones at my own local beading shop... [face_thinking] And it's extra sweet the way it reminds Hera of her kalikori, with each bead representing a loved one—the bracelet is carrying on the kalikori's legacy, in a way, and almost even more so, since she can wear it and have it close to her at all times. All in all, what perfect gifts for a wonderful space!mom—plus that sweet kiss at the end from Kanan, which is the icing on the cake! [face_love]

    Set 2
    The Infinite Ezras are back! [face_dancing] Very cool idea to organize a set around them; somehow these warm-fuzzy-soft-type prompts are a perfect match for our tousle-headed Loth-teen in all his incarnations. And not only have you got the full range of Ezras covered, from the Marzraverse to the Diamondverse to the WolfBroVerse and everything in between—you've also got the full range of mush types here: romance, parental-figure, sibling, and even pet. Ezra is definitely a much-needed ray of sunshine to Mara on Hoth, with its bitter cold that is worlds different from anything she's ever experienced; together, in the words of the song from The Pajama Game, they've definitely got "steam heat." [face_love] It was so much fun to see dear little Ghost of Diamond in the Rough again here, and once again he's Ezra's "conscience" of sorts, gently reminding him to take a break and just enjoy a moment of cozy companionship. In "Sweet" we get to see canon!Ezra's tenderer side come through as makes a special effort to bring Hera her favorite fruit—a small but heartfelt gesture of thanks for the new lease on life she's given him. Fun to see little Aliza again in "Cute," once again exasperating her big brother but also appealing to his tenderer side, in that way of hers. And what a joy to see the wolf family again1 I think this might be the first time we've met one of Ezra's wolf siblings by name, and it was sweet to see Phaona lavishing her own very wolfish brand of warmth and compassion on her furless little brother on such a cold night.

    And this all makes me realize an important commonality your Ezras have (and which links them back in to the original, official Ezra): they all have a knack for inspiring love and warmth from those around them wherever they go. And you, my dear, have a knack for transmitting that same love and warmth to your readers! Wonderful work once again with this wonderful character. =D=
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  7. Raissa Baiard

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    Nov 22, 1999
    Hello— I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful comments on the drabbles. I promise I will respond to them, but we’re on the road today and I wanted to get Set 3 posted for the Monday Mush Mania Challenge. This set features AU Kanan as Space!Dad to Jacen. They’re a bit out of order chronologically: “Attentive” features Hera at 8 months pregnant, “Baffled” features infant Jacen, “Cautious” And “Hopeful” are newborn Jacen, and he is around 3 months old in “Curious”.

    “Ugh…” Hera groaned slightly as she levered herself up from the acceleration couch. At eight months along, it was painfully obvious that the Ghost’s interior hadn’t been designed with pregnant women in mind.

    “Here, let me help.” Kanan was at her side with Jedi reflexes, his arm around her, steadying her.

    “I’m not incapacitated,” she informed him rather testily. She was perfectly capable of standing by herself, even if she was as ungainly as a whaladon.

    “I know. But wanting to take care of you doesn’t mean I think you’re weak, it means I love you.”

    “Well...when you put it like that…” Hera said, turning to kiss him. “Thank you.”

    Changing diapers was not a use of the Force Kanan had ever considered before.

    He laid Jacen on the makeshift changing station, frowning in concentration. Why in space were there so many snaps on an infant’s jumpsuit and how could someone so small squirm so much? Finally, he freed Jacen’s furiously kicking feet and discovered a tesh-tunic with more fiddly snaps. How many clothes did a baby need? Kanan unfastened the tunic, peeled off the diaper—sometimes Jedi senses were not an advantage! —and, with what seemed like supreme effort and focus, cleaned the wriggling infant, replaced the diaper and refastened all the various snaps in the correct order.

    Another successful mission—thank the Force.

    “Hold your arms out,” Hera told him and eased the small bundle into Kanan’s arms. “There you go. Support his head...put your other hand here…” She moved his left arm so that Jacen’s head nestled in the crook of his elbow and placed his right behind the baby’s back.

    Kanan held his newborn son carefully; Jacen was so tiny. Were all babies this small, this fragile and helpless? He was overwhelmed with love for the boy, and at the same time overcome by fear that he wasn’t ready for fatherhood. He didn’t even know how to hold a child, let alone raise one. Nothing in his training had ever prepared him for this.

    He traced a finger down the curve of Jacen’s cheek, gently touching the sleeping infant’s features. “Tell me what he looks like.”

    Hera put her arm around his shoulders and leaned against him. “He looks mostly Human and very much like his father. He has your mouth, the set of your chin, but his eyes are blue and his hair is green.

    “Green?” Kanan paused to re-order the image he was creating of his son as he stroked Jacen’s downy hair.

    He felt Hera’s smile. “Rather brilliantly green, and there’s a very slight green tinge on the tips of his ears.”

    “So he’s as beautiful as his mother.” Kanan kissed the top of his son’s head. He was absolutely perfect.


    The small cooing noises and rusting sounds from the crib told Kanan that Jacen was awake from his nap.He reached down to pick him up, and reached out to him in the Force...

    He was astounded when his son reached back. It reminded Kanan of the way Jacen would wrap a tiny fist around one of his fingers, a half-reflexive reaction, and yet there was a spark of lively interest in the boy’s Force-presence. He was fascinated by this bright, shiny new thing he’d discovered and he gurgled with delight.

    Kanan laughed, too, equally surprised and pleased, as he wrapped his arms and Force-presence around his wonderful, amazing—Force-sensitive!—son.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    *purrs* and MELTS! I was laughing and awww-ing by turns! Beautifully sweet, funny and tender! [face_love] =D=
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    Hi Raissa,

    OK I've been out of it for a while and am only just coming up to speed on this MMM challenge. I am not sure I approve. [face_thinking] However, the chaos of getting kids to put together a surprise meal for mum was expertly portrayed. And I was grinning by the end.

    So, thank you for sharing, and snapping me out of my Grinch-mood. :p

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    Oct 12, 2018
    Cute drabbles, Raissa. =D=
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    Daddy!Kanan! :kanan: [face_love] I've been eager to see this batch of drabbles ever since you first mentioned the idea to me, and as always you aced it. Oh, he's so adorable in that gently bewildered dad mode—he is so out of his depth, in a way (aren't all of us parents, when it comes down to it! :p ), but his naturally caring and loving nature guides him at each step. I especially love how loving Hera and loving Jacen go together for him; loving Hera is a way to love Jacen, and her beauty is a way for him to perceive and understand Jacen's unique, hybrid beauty. :hera: And like any parent finding their way at this Whole Parenthood Thing, he reaches out to his child with his own strengths—his strength in the Force. What a moment of nakhes and pride that must have been for him to feel Jacen responding in kind! Their bond in the Force will add a special dimension to the father-son bond that's already so beautifully formed between them. [face_love] Great work, once again—you have a real gift for these tender family moments and for these Spoonfuls all around! =D=