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    Tales from the Southwest
    Author: Anedon
    Timeframe: 4 ABY-47 ABY
    Character: Various OCs
    Genre: challenge
    Summary: various moments of life in the Galactic Southwest, loosley tying into my Ilona/Ulrika stories.
    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm belongs to Disney.

    Week 1 With Fifteen he joined the Army...
    Week 2 A usual Weekend
    Week 3 The perfect Martyr
    Week 4 Goddess
    Week 5 Rebels vs Imperials
    Week 6 Another Pruge
    Week 7 Forbidden Love
    Week 8 Younger Brother
    Week 9 (Bonus) The Magnificent Seven (Minus Two)
    Week 9 Dear Mom
    Week 10 Age of Empires
    Week 11 Five things I taught her, One thing she taught me
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    Week 1 With Fifteen he joined the Army...

    Saying goodbye was never easy, but she couldn´t put it off any longer. Tears were running over her face as she looked at him. Fifteen years old the uniform was too large for him and only underlined that in many ways he was still more boy than man. She hesitated to let go of his hand just yet. Remembered how she had held his fathers, her husband's before.

    It will only be a short campaign, then the rebellion will be defeated.

    He had assured her, instead he had been gone for years and years, the only thing that ever returned a quick message of his Death in the Battle of Endor. The short campaign he had promised had turned into a galaxy spanning war, a war that would also now take her son away from her.

    "Be careful, will ya?" she asked him through the veil of tears covering her face.

    "I will, mother," he replied. His voice still that of a teen, a teen trying his best to hide the fear in it.

    His bravery in this situation made her only sob harder. He was such a good boy, a kind, gentle soul, he shouldn´t be forced into this. This wasn´t fair.

    "Why does it have to be you?" she asked chocking.

    "It´s not just me," he said, gently, fighting the tears in his own eyes. "They conscripted all the boys in my class. It´s our duty."

    In this moment he sounded almost like an adult, but it didn´t matter, for her he was still her little boy. She knew he was right, since the battle of Endor the whole Galaxy was on Fire, rebellions and warlords had sprung up everywhere and the Empire was falling apart. It reminded her of the time when she had been a little girl and the Republic had fallen apart in the Clone Wars, before the Empire had restored at least some semblance of order. The same Empire now it would rob her of the only thing she still valued in this galaxy.

    They are so young, but there is nobody else left... As more and more soldiers deserted Governor Kentor Sarne had declared to conscript every able bodied man between the ages of 15 and 55.

    It shouldn´t be your duty, your duty should be to live a long and happy life, not throw it all away for a nation that already took away your father. She wanted to say it, wanted to suggest running away, to hide, to escape this insanity. But she was too afraid to make this step, too afraid to save her son´s life.

    He gently pulled his hand from hers, "this won´t be for long. Once the situation has stabilized I can come back, maybe even go to the academy." His smile was forced.

    Again she sobbed, this couldn´t be it. "Be careful. Don´t die out there."

    He nodded, again giving her the false smile, "I won´t mom. I will live through this, you will see."

    With that he turned around, took his bag and went to the door, as he reached it he turned around one final time, "I love you mom."

    "Love you too Victor," Gina Laric pressed through her dry, shivering lips. Praying this wouldn´t be the last time she ever saw her son alive.
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    How incredibly touching! @};- =D=
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    Touching, Gina loosing her husband and now. I hope he will stay alive
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    Thanks, will say got a bit teary eyed while writing it.

    Well you know what happens to him don´t you? ;)

    Week 2 A usual Weekend

    "Honestly, why do things always end like this?"

    "Do you have a problem Elena?"

    "Well, my problem dearest Ulrika is that as the daughter of a former senator I had different ideas to spend my weekends that scrubbing the floors of the academy or being locked into my own locker."

    "Hey, that didn't happen every week."

    "No? What about last week, and the week before."

    "You screwed up that one!"

    "Yeah, that one time, it's usually you who gets us in trouble."

    "Of course, put all the blame on me, and by the way, the weekend before we had our fun at the clubs."

    "You mean you had fun getting black out drunk, while I had to hold you back from getting on stage and joining in on the act."

    "I thought you would enjoyed seeing me dance like those girls."

    "Can't sadly deny that completely."

    "Hah! Now she admits it. Our oh so uptight senators daughter is such a naughty girl, if only daddy knew."

    "Maybe I should let your parents know about all the troubles you get us into all the time."

    "You wouldn't dare!"

    "No? Let me just get my comlink..."

    "No! Please, that was a joke El, just a joke."

    "And what you did this morning?"

    "I was just upset that Ilona had won the marksman competition again...."

    "Are you surprised at that? She had half of last summer camp using us as target practice with her water gun after you..."

    "I told you I don't want to hear about that ever again!"

    "Honestly, Rika, your entire existence seems to be focused around getting me in trouble."

    "I thought you like that about me, besides, haven't I gotten us out of trouble each and every time as well again."

    "If you want to call it that..."

    "Didn't you enjoy our little revenge on Ilona and Kat during the last week of camp as well."

    "I... I... can't fully deny that it was a lot of fun..."

    "...and totally worth it?"

    "If you say it like that maybe, it's just. You obsess so much about this rivalry, you will get yourself kicked out of the academy, and me too if things stay as they are."

    "Well, need I to remind you that this woman accused me of being a violent psycho who gorges people's eyes for fun? Who spreads horror stories about me being the second coming of Palpatine were ever she goes?"

    "Sometimes you act like you are..."

    "Oh no! My great plan has been discovered. Now face my unlimited power!"

    "Stop that, a broom isn't a lightsaber."

    "Already giving in young Jedi? All is processing as I have foreseen it."

    "You are just the worst Ulrika... can't you be serious for once."

    "Where would be the fun at that? Now draw your blade or life forever in shame!"

    "Hey! Cadets Grau and Kyr, stop fooling around! The floors aren't cleaning themselves."

    "Yes ma'am!"

    "Right at it ma'am."

    "That old witch."

    "She used to be a slave driver in the past I bet ya."

    "Remember how afraid she is of bugs?"

    "Ulrika, yet another revenge plan?"

    "Are you reading my thoughts?"

    "So how do we do it, use the keycard you stole from that young sergeant to plant some in her room?"

    "That's my girl."

    "Always at your side my friend."
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    love those girls bickering and being the best of friends.
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    Thanks :)

    Week Three The perfect Martyr


    "This is the Denon, we are under attack, repeat, we are under attack we need immediate support..." The message had been in their ears for hours now, the flight here, the preparations, the determination to save the people. All had lead him here, to a lone distress beacon, placed amongst nothing but forest, there was no settlement here and no one to save. Other commanders would have been smarter, but he? He had wanted to be a hero. "It´s a trap," Tobin said as he realized it. Blaster shoots hit them seconds later, before he could even begin to panic.


    The dead didn´t leave him, nor would they ever. From the moment he had fallen unconscious due to his wounds on the side of the ambush, to his first awakening in the hospital. The weeks of physical rehabilitation, the people telling him he was not to blame for what had happened, their faces and murmurs saying the opposite. The burden had been with him, day and night. Until today, until he watched the engines of the last evacuation shuttle leave Coruscant. His place on board now belonging to a family of refugees. While he stayed here to await the Vong.


    "My brother was a hero, a martyr, may he live forever in our memory to remind us of true bravery." Aretha Redan raised her cup in a toast as did the other nobles assembled at this service. Her brother, Tobin Redan, the fool of Denon, now a hero, a symbol, drawing in more and more nobles to join the fight against the Vong. In a way he had served his family more in death than he ever had in live. And yet, to Aretha he was more than that, more than just a symbol. And so her tears where real.


    "What in hell happened to them?" Sergeant Crean turned towards Tobin. The Vong soldiers had died agonizing deaths by the looks of it. Showing extreme burn marks across their bodies, their armor torn to shreds. "If only I knew," Tobin replied shivering. They had been hiding in the depths of galactic city for only goddess knew how long, had seen arcane wonders and terrors none of them had thought possible. An old woman, one of many refugees and survivors who had joined them cleared her throat as she stepped next to them. "It's Coruscant, the planet herself is fighting back."


    "Sir, we have found survivors."

    "It's amazing that people managed to survive these two years. But they are far from the first."

    "Yes Sir, but... this time. I know them."

    "You never told me you had friends on the capital."

    "No sir, I know them from the holonet. They were all over it. Everyone thought they were dead."

    "What are you saying Lieutenant?"

    "The martyr returned from his grave it seems. Contact the Eriaduan ambassador, they need to know. This going to be a sensation."

    "You mean... Can you get him..."

    "This is Colonel Tobin Redan, ORSF, reporting for duty."
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    A great response to the drabbles showing what Tobin has been doing during the Vong wars
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    Yeah, a brief glimps at what he went through.


    She watched the three women in the basilica, She saw the tears running down the short haired blondes cheeks, read her quiet prayer from her lips. For a moment She reached out, touched her mind for a second, reassuring, giving strength. Telling her to move on, to follow her path.

    Ulrika didn't pray often, only in moments of great weakness, and yet She recognized her as a daughter, like every other woman.

    The others were approaching, the black haired woman prayed every day, had even spent time amongst the priesthood. Conservative and lawful her prayer was the same every night, wishing for peace and protection. Some might have considered Ilona shallow, devoid of free thought. But She knew of the true kindness and compassion behind the blue eyes.

    The blue haired one was different, to the outside world at least, but not to Her. She prayed most nights as well, even if she occasionally forgot. The prayers were personal, more like a talk between friends. She had always seen her as who she truly was, disregarding her birth. Elena was Her daughter, and to Her, always had been.

    It made Her smile to see the three of them together, the hatred between them gone. Something that had been in all three of their hearts for many years now, something they had wished for in their prayers spoken or in thoughts.

    For a moment She almost considered appearing to them, honoring the three humans with a moment of Her celestial presence, like she had done to others in the past, reassure them that their lost sisters, loved ones where in a better place now. But She couldn't. It was their way to go, not Her's, and they had to make their own choices.

    She remembered how, in the past, Her name and image had been misused for all kinds of horrible causes, from the extermination of those not born a human, the oppression of people who fell in love with members of their own sex, people like Elena, born not as what they truly were.

    Devils like the mother of chaos, had sometimes perverted Her teachings and tenants, but in most cases it had been humans themselves who had used Her name as an excuse for their own greed and hatred. When in the end all She wanted was for Her children to be free and stand together.

    It warmed Her heart to see the three women hug, the bonds of friendship between them restored. It was only a small victory against the suffering that filled the universe, the suffering Her children face each and every day, but like all others of its kind it reminded Her why She had first fallen in love with them.
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    Stunning way to describe how She sees how she is used and misused and sees how three women are friends again
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    Thanks, some of it goes in my own religious believes as well.

    Rebels vs. Imperials

    "Well Ulrika," Ilona said, not even bothering to hold back the smugness in her voice. "All things considered, this was an interesting way to wind up in prison. Isn't it?"

    "Let me out of here and I show you how interesting it really is," Ulrika said darkly. Sitting on the muddy ground inside one of the makeshift cages used for the captives in the field game. They had taken away her stormtrooper armor pieces, leaving her in the black bodysuit to glare at her captors.

    Ilona, wearing a green and brown rebellion grab, tapped one of her fingers against the lock of the cage. "No, Imperial scum like you is best kept behind bars. It's where you belong after all."

    Ulrika rolled her eyes, the role-playing aspect of this field game had been fun at first, as she and the other girls chosen to play the Imperials had their fun emulating the over the top core accents many modern holo movies gave them. But the more tense the mock battles had become the more determined both sides had become to win and the fun had faded to the background.

    Ulrika mockingly clapped her hands, "and what do you Rebel scum fight for? The benefits of the free market?" She gave Ilona twinkle, a peace offer. They hadn't seen much of each other since that fateful night in another summer camp three years ago, and Ulrika was at least willing to make a step in Ilona's direction.

    "What I fight for?" Ilona's voice suddenly became dark, dropping all pretense of the game. "I fight for a world were criminals like you are locked away instead of being allowed to run around freely. A world were spoiled brats don't get away with gorging people's eyes out but are instead properly punished."

    Ulrika felt how anger flared up inside of her, that was the result of her peace attempt. "Kriff yourself," she shouted. "When you are too dumb to understand that what happened that night was an accident..."

    "An accident? That's what you call it?" Ilona became heated as well. "Is that what your twisted mind calls it? Will it also be an accident when they find you standing above a real corpse, or with an entire shipment of spice in your ship?" The black haired woman shook her head, "no, you are a criminal Ulrika, you have no respect, no humanity, you are just driven by your own desires." She took a step back, "better get used to this, because mark my words, you will spent most of your life in a cage." With that she spat at Ulrika before turning around, leaving the captives to themselves.

    Ulrika slowly whipped the salvia from her face, before leaning back against the bars of her cage. This was what it had come to? Petty insults of a girl blinded by her self-righteousness? And yet, while she would never admit it, Ilona's words had hurt her more than she let on. Maybe there was some truth to them after all. Ulrika knew herself that she was a troublemaker, causing her many hours of detention and other punishments, yet despite that she often found herself unable to keep her temper in check or do what she considered right, even if deep down she knew they weren't.

    It had gotten to the point even her parents had started to worry about her behavior and decided to talk to her. Ulrika had swallowed her pride and hoped to become a better person, and show more responsibility. Yet here, the words of Ilona, coming from her a former friend, cut into Ulrika's skin and reminded her of the disappointment in her parents eyes.

    "Don't listen to her," a voice called over to her. Sitting in the cage next to her Elena had stuck on arm through the bars trying to reach her friend, but it was impossible, even as Ulrika stretched herself as well. "Ilona is just blinded by her own self importance... while choking on the stick up her butt."

    Ulrika gave her friend a smile, in the darkest days of her life, after that disastrous summer camp Elena had been there for her, just as Ulrika for her. "Yeah..." Ulrika said weakly.

    "Hey, would she have done for me what you did? I doubt that, you are a good person. You helped me out of my darkness." Elena reminded her. "Don't let her words go to your head."

    "Of course not," Ulrika said with renewed confidence. She was Ulrika Grau, she had never given too much on what other people thought of her. The moment of doubt passed and new determination filled her mind. Determination to get back at Ilona for her insults. Looking around to see none of the guards were watching them at the moment she pulled out the small piece of wire she had hidden in her right boot. Time to test those lock picking skills mom taught me. As she began working on the lock of her cage she could already feel the kiss she would share with Elena after this on her lips.
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    great insight in Ulrika and her friends
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    Mission Impossible, or how to break out of prison and see your girlfriend. :)
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    This is a really great mix of situations and emotions, and you've done a wonderful job with all of these prompts!

    [face_laugh] Loved all the banter in this one.

    "Goddess" was so powerful and beautiful.

    This is just gorgeous and really stuck with me. Honestly, there isn't much I believe in anymore but I do still believe this. That small simple acts of love and kindness still matter. Again, this is a really beautiful piece of writing.

    Great work on all of these so far! =D=
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    Thanks :)

    That´s the plan. ;)

    Glad you enjoyed them so far. :)

    Was fun to write it.

    Goddes might have been most personal thing I ever wrote. Glad it works for you.

    Another Purge

    "These are the final lists, my lady," Ilona gave the regent a deep bow as she placed the data pad onto her desk.

    The Archon said nothing for a moment just watching her subordinate bow in her black and gold uniform. It was a game she played with every visitor, each time wondering for just how long they would kept their head bowed and their eyes fixated on the ground. The longer, the more loyal they were, or at least wanted to appear. A short bow might indicate disrespect, or a loyal desire to not waste the Archon´s time.

    As Ilona finally looked up again, the Archon slowly took the datapad and let her eyes wander over the names. This was hardly the first time she had done this, seen a list like this, and as always she skimmed over it, took little to not time on each name, unless she knew it. Instead she kept half an eye on Ilona, noticed how her subordinate shivered, barely noticeable, just like the little drops of sweat running down her neck and into her uniform. The fear, the fear she might included a name on here I´m not happy with, the Archon knew.

    "What about Katia Darb?" The Archon asked after a moment of silence. "She has always served us loyally."

    Ilona swallowed hard before she answered, "her brother was that degenerate traitor Welmo. He helped non humans escape from Eriadu and was involved in the republican sponsored coup attempt against you.... But if you believe his flesh and blood can be trusted Katia could be removed."

    Ilona was playing her hand well the Archon had to admit, she offered to track her steps back, but at the same time she challenged any opposition to it. The Archon nodded slowly, "I was merely suggesting a further name, that close friend of hers, Anela, we should take her down as well, just in case." Like Katia Anela had never been anything but utterly loyal to the government, but troubling times like this demanded sacrifices and it was better to have an innocent family whipped out than leaving traitors in the backyard. "Her husband is a lawyer isn´t he?" The Archon continued. "Make sure he is given no chance to defend himself or her in court."

    "A direct strike then?" Ilona asked, making a few notes on a second pad.

    "Yes, the whole family," the Archon said firmly. "Offer them the cup of hemlock first, they deserve that much."

    "Of course, my lady." Ilona said, inclining her head to the Archon.

    The black haired woman had been one of her most loyal and fanatical followers, had even reported on her own parents attempted treason against the Archon´s father. In return she had been spared being publicly executed alongside her parents and little brother. An act of mercy the Archon had always questioned her father for, yet Ilona´s skill as head of the secret police had proven it to have been the correct decision.

    The Archon continued to skim across the names, many completely unknown to her, until another caught her attention. "Kinga..."

    "It is time," Ilona said, her voice coldly, "she has outlived her usefulness to us. The goddess demands it."

    The Archon said nothing, her gaze wandering over to the large portrait of her late father over the fireplace. Still giving his daughter a harsh disappointing glance, just as he had in life. She wondered how he would react in this situation. Kinga had been instrumental in stopping the coup attempt after his death, one of many times she had proven her faith, skill and dedication. And yet...

    "I myself made her an honorary human," the Archon said after a while. "She has proven which half of her blood she takes after..." Kinga had clearly overcome the Sephi blood her mother had cursed her with. The strength of her father was in her veins.

    "It is true," Ilona admitted, "but... the flaw is still within her blood. Driving her against us. Who knows how long her will can resist these savage urges?"

    "She volunteered to be sterilized," the Archon continued, still not convinced.

    "Think of Emperor Palpatine," Ilona said.

    "Don´t mention that man's name ever again," the Archon said darkly. "He was a betrayer to everything he claimed to fight for, a puppet for the degenerates, a traitor to humanity."

    "He was, and wasn´t this why he failed? Because he had mercy on the degenerates? That Alien Thrawn, the freak Vader, and others... surrounding themselves with them was his end."

    Ilona had a point, the Archon nodded, then she confirmed Kinga´s name. "If she is a true daughter of Eriadu she will accept her fate. May the goddess have mercy on her soul." Kinga said, while at the same time knowing she wouldn´t have. Kinga´s blood, her flaw, it was the only sin the goddess couldn´t forgive. Her degenerate blood would doom her to an eternity in hell.

    Unwilling to bother with the list any longer the Archon skimmed the last dozen or so names before confirming it. "Approved. I want them dead by the end of the week. Make sure they are given the appropriate treatments." Soldiers and officers would be shot, government officials offered to commit suicide instead of facing the gallows. Degenerates and their families would face torture to cleanse what was possible of their souls before they would given to the flames.

    "Understood. Goddess, Nation, Labor, my Lady." Ilona gave her another bow.

    "Goddess, Nation, Labor, Ilona," the Archon answered. "How is the war going?"

    "My hus... Admiral Malek has begun the cleansing of the Qealan system, Admiral Ricter reports that the cleansing of the Curean system is complete, she is moving further, to support General Laric in the south in crushing the remaining strongholds of the Kathol Republic."

    "Good," the Archon folded her hands on her desk. The Southern Campaign was advancing as planned. Ten years ago her father had started it, to aid what was left of humanity in these forsaken systems against the pirates and raiders infesting them. Now it seemed this long work was coming to an end, the Southwest would finally be stabilized under the law of the goddess. "And feel no shame in your marriage. The goddess blesses unions like yours," the Archon continued with a smile. "may she bless you with many strong and healthy children."

    "Thank you my lady," Ilona said, bowing for a third time. "There is something else..."

    "What is it my child?" The Archon asked.

    "The matter of Ulrika Grau, I feel she has outlived her usefulness." Ilona said, still looking down to the floor.

    Ulrika Grau had been a useful servant, from the day the Archon´s father had released her from prison to help in building a strong paramilitary force. Her black shirts had been key in quelling resistance, first on Eriadu, then on newly conquered worlds. An expert at hunting rebels and partisans Colonel Grau had proven her worth countless times. The young, blonde goddess of death as she had become known by both friend and foe alike. Stories of her excesses, of pillaging, torture and worse helped to keep entire systems in line, just as the suggestion of her being send there.

    There had been rivalry between her and Ilona for ages. Ulrika´s black shirts being the sledgehammer to Ilona´s precise rapier. The two women despised each other, tried to undermine the other at any opportunity and it was clear that one day one would kill the other. The Archon had encouraged the rivalry as it kept both of them on their toes, and from making plans against her. But maybe it was now time to settle the matter once and for all.

    "If it is time..." she said slowly, "you have my permission to take the necessary steps. But... make it look like the work of our enemies. Ulrika might have lost her worth as a terror tool, but as a martyr she can still be of service to the goddess."

    A smile played around Ilona´s lips, she had no idea that the Archon had granted a similar permission to Ulrika a few weeks ago. But that was the way of the goddess, the strong would thrive, while the degenerates would fall. As it had been for all time.

    "I thank you my lady, goddess, nation, labor," she bowed a final time before making her way out of the office.

    "Goddess, nation, labor, my child," the Archon of Eriadu, Sword of the Goddess and ruler of the Southwest replied. After Ilona had left she stood up from her desk, pouring herself a glass of wine one of the most powerful women in the galaxy stepped to her large panorama window, looking down onto the nightly city. Even now she felt the gaze of her father's portrait in her back.

    She watched the lights of the skycars down there, as millions of humans hurried to or returned from long hours of work in the factories. Kept from revolting by nothing but blind faith and brutal repression. All of them were hers, as were hundreds of worlds through the Southwest. The mighty rulers of the galaxy were forced to treat her as an equal, her priests were riling up humans all across the stars to return to the true faith. She had accomplished her father's dream, had proven herself worthy of his legacy.

    She should have been happy, yet despite all her power, Elena Kyr was nothing but a bitter, lonely woman with an empty heart. A pale shadow of the great woman she could have been...
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    Great to see your beloved characters act so cruel in this AU
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    Oh wow, this was great! Loved this.
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    Wasn´t easy to write... glad it works.

    Thanks :)

    Forbidden Love

    Could she even do this? She had cut herself off from things like this for so long, Kinga had basically no idea how to even approach the subject. Her father had forbidden her to even approach it, all in fear of his precious reputation. For the same reason she had been forced to only visit private doctors whenever she had a health problem, and had been forced to act all clumsy around others, so they wouldn't notice. She was an outsider, always had been. By choice, not by circumstances. She had certainly noticed the looks, mostly from boys, but from girls as well. And as she had become a teenager she had been asked out almost once a week at least. It had flattered her, but also worried her, worried that her secret could be discovered. So she had denied them all, lied and claimed she wasn't interested in these kind of things at all. While in secret she had dreamed of nothing else but to say yes to any of them. Boy or girl, it didn't matter to her, she just finally wanted someone she could share her life with. But in the end she had been too afraid. Until she had met Elena. The two of them had clicked almost instantly. Maybe because they were both outsiders, or because both of their fathers were amongst the loudest human centrics on Eriadu. And so Kinga had eventually taken the plunge and admitted her secret to Elena, sure she would lose this one friend she had finally made. But instead Elena had hugged her and assured her they were still friends, that Kinga's Sephi blood was nothing to be ashamed off. They had been the best of friends ever since, and even to this day Kinga valued Elena more than anyone else in the galaxy. She was still ashamed that, like anyone on Eriadu not named Ilona Malek, she had come to believe that Elena and Ulrika had truly betrayed them during the Vong War.... it had almost gotten to the point that she had considered committing treason herself to stand at her side. Something she had admitted to Elena after the war. But once again her friend had been supportive and made sure Kinga was assigned to her and Ulrika´s squad. And so Kinga had admitted her secret to Ulrika as well, and in time to the rest of the squad. She had finally found friends, people who accepted her for who she was, not for who she pretended to be. The girls had become a real family to her, had been there for her, and taken it in good spirit that Kinga's lightening fast reflexes allowed her to kick all of their butts at close combat training. But in terms of love Kinga was still as lonely as she had been as a child. She and Elena had shared a bed a couple of times, but her best friend had admitted herself that she just wanted to blow of her frustration and make Ulrika jealous. So the two friends had eventually agreed to stop it. After Elena Kinga had had a few short relationships with both men and women, but none had worked out, as she had been afraid her father would find out, and she also noticed at least some of her partners where more interested in her body than her as a person. So she had resigned her to her fate to die as an old maid... but now there was Cari. Kinga had been attracted to her from the start, but it was more than just her muscular figure. Cari was the first person who could hold her own against Kinga in sparring, her massive strength and stamina allowing her to easily shrug of Kinga's attacks. Waiting until she had tired herself out. As she had found herself pinned to the ground by Cari after their fight Kinga had broken into laughter at the first time she had been defeated in decades. She and Cari had enjoyed some drinks afterwards and joked around. She had talked about her new, vat grown arm, and the two had shared a laugh at how her father had to bribe half of Eriadu to ensure no one figured out it wasn't fully human. Cari had suggested Kinga to share her secret with the public, especially now with the restrictions against non humans being removed in the ORSF, and Kinga had thought quite a bit about this idea, even if she didn't feel ready quite yet. And now... well it was unclear if she ever even would get a chance to. This mission was pure suicide, even more now as things would demand her to not just meet the Iron Lord but to try and... goddess she was really doing this... then, what did she even have to loose, to hell with her father and his demands! Tomorrow she would ask Cari out. She would go on a real date, at least this one time in her life.
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    Yeah things are finally looking up for her...

    Younger Brother

    "Is it getting cold again?" Katia asked him gently as she pulled up the sheets to his chin.

    The boy tried his best to remain brave, not to show his big sister how much he was shivering. The primitive heater at the edge of their room was barely enough to keep the temperature up during a blizzard like this. It was insane, they lived in a large penthouse atop one of the shining spires of Eriadu City, yet most rooms had been emptied, and only few where still in use, as heating most of them was a luxury the family couldn´t afford anymore.

    Now it had even gotten to the point where he and his sister had to share a room. We might call ourselves nobles, but we live like animals...

    Katia kneeled down next to the heater and turned it a bit stronger. "Better?" She asked her brother.

    "Mom said we shouldn´t turn it up... it's getting too expensive." He answered fearfully, he didn´t want to cause even more trouble for his family.

    Katia gave him a smile, "then it has to remain our little secret," she run a hand over his hair. "Don´t worry little bro, we get this done."

    He couldn´t express how much he loved and admired her. She had always been there for him, always been willing to give up what she had for his sake, whether it was food, or money to buy clothes with. She was the ideal big sister, and he often felt as if he didn´t give her back enough. That he was just leeching of her kindness without doing anything in return. It made him feel bad, even more than their terrible living conditions.

    Since his father had died the already struggling family had no breadwinner. Their mother did what she could to uphold the image of the Darb family still being powerful and prestigious nobles so they wouldn´t lose the last thing they had, their status.

    So it had fallen to Katia to do what she could to earn them some money. Which wasn´t easy for a noble to do without causing attention. But she had cut her hair, and now worked the evenings as a babysitter and maid for other noble families. Officially to "experience the less fortunate sides of our society" in truth her small earnings were amongst the only thing the family earned.

    "But..." her brother said.

    "Don´t worry," Katia assured him. "If it gets too bad I will have to do a few more night shifts... next month."

    "But you already spend all day in school... you need to sleep!" He protested.

    Her smile remained, "I am an Eriaduan, I don´t need sleep. I can do it."

    She was so brave, so selflessly caring for him, it had his guilt only worse. And for the thousands time he cursed his grandfather for squandering away the families fortune on drugs and girls. It wasn´t fair, it couldn´t stay like this.

    "One day I will regain our wealth," he told her, with all the seriousness a 11 year old had to him. "I will bring our family back to our rightful place."

    Katia slipped under her own sheets and looked over to him, "of course, you are my hero."

    A hero, a hero of his family, of his world. That sounded good. "We will refurbish the penthouse. And have a dozen servants so you never have to get up again if you don´t want to." He smiled.

    Katia giggled, "its a promise then."

    "Its a promise," Welmo Darb said. And I will keep it, no matter the cost.

    Welmo belongs to @Sinrebirth
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    Thanks :)

    The Magnificent Seven (Minus Two)

    "She is here now," deputy 'Kat' Richter informed her boss as she stuck her head through the door of the sheriff's office.

    "Great," Ilona let out a sigh as she stood up from her chair. As the only female sheriff in the county, and the only one without serious alcohol problems her job had never been easy, but in time she had won over the respect of the people, to the point that her taking a female deputy hadn´t raised too many eyebrows either. "Where is she?"

    "In the saloon, drinking and watching the ladies dance."

    She took up her hat and checked herself in the mirror. As always she wore men´s clothing, pants, shirt and a vest on which her sheriff star was pinned. It was good enough, but she didn´t want to look indecent out there. Appearance was important. "I will go see her then." She said, letting out another sigh.

    "Need backup?" Kat asked.

    Ilona shook her head, "no, were I go no one can help me. You can watch over the prisoners while I´m gone." Prisoners was a big word, but in one of the cell sat two teenagers who had caused a drunken ruckus last night and broken a few things in the saloon. Ilona had determined to keep them here for a few days before they would be tarred, feathered and finally released. "Keep an eye they don´t cause any further trouble."

    "Don´t think there is much of a threat," Kat replied with a grin.

    Given that the young boy and his girlfriend mostly focused on making out with each other through the bars of the cells Ilona couldn´t help but agree. "See ya later. If I don´t make it you are the new sheriff," she added with a twinkle.

    It wasn´t far from her office to the saloon but Ilona took her time to talk to the townsfolk on the streets. Her heart was racing, the last time she had met this woman it had ended in a brawl, just like the time before that. She hated having to rely on her, but saw little other choice.

    Entering the saloon she felt how, as always when she entered, the sound level dropped a few bits, and all eyes turned to her for a moment, even the music from the Piano stopped. But as Ilona gave just a smile the music soon returned and the conversations started again.

    The sheriff made her way through the room towards the stage were several of the showgirls were dancing. As it was still early only a few men were watching them... and a woman. The blonde hair cut short, as were her jeans, while she had tied her shirt below her chest to reveal a bit of her belly and the golden ring in her navel. A knife and a revolver sticking in holsters on her belt, as she lounged on one of the chairs.

    "Ulrika," Ilona said, fighting with herself as to not sigh again.

    The best bounty hunter in the west looked up, "Ilona, you look as good as ever."

    "And you look, well... at first I thought you were a prostitute yourself," Ilona said, before she could stop herself.

    Ulrika chuckled, "you may be surprised how many bad boys draw second in a duel just because they can´t need a few seconds to take in every bit of female skin presented to them."

    "A new strategy, huh?" Ilona asked.

    "Whatever keeps me alive and my pockets filled with money," Ulrika smiled.

    "Because you keep wasting the latter on girls, tattoos and piercings whenever you have any?"

    "A good life ain´t cheap, darling," the bounty hunter teased. "But you should give it a try."

    "That again?" Now Ilona let out the sigh she had been holding back. "I am a married woman."

    "Right, everything´s more fun with three, in bed as well..."

    Ilona shook her head, "you are just the worst."

    "Old Abe called me his best," Ulrika playfully raised an eyebrow.

    Ilona knew she wasn´t completely wrong with that. During the civil war Ulrika had served the Union as a spy, getting various Confederated gentlemen and just as many ladies out of their clothes and secrets.

    Ilona had fought in the war as well, so her little brother didn´t have to go, at the time disguised as a young man. And it had been there she had met her husband. And Ulrika...

    "The best at hurting your own comrades maybe..." Ilona muttered.

    "I did what I had to do, otherwise my cover would have been blown!" Ulrika defended herself.

    "Right, the old excuse," the sheriff muttered.

    "Oh don´t act like I´m the terrible one. You send me to the chain gang the last time we met!" The blonde woman said.

    "It's were you belong, how did you even get out of there?" Ilona asked.

    "You think that women´s prison could hold me? I beat up all the lady guards with my bare hands..." Ulrika said, but added a twinkle.

    "Yeah, yeah, you forgot the part where you flew over the walls, walked on water and had an affair with the wardens daughter..." Ilona couldn´t help but smile. In truth she had only sentenced Ulrika to two months of hard labor, for her 'minor offences'. "I can´t believe I´m saying this, but its good seeing you again."

    Ulrika laughed, "same old friend. I´ve been gone for too long..." She leaned back on her chair. "What happened, your letter only mentioned you need help."

    "I do, it's about Tobin." That wasn´t her husband's real name but as his real one was barely pronounceable for anyone not born in China, the men in his regiment had only ever called him Tobin and so the name had stuck.

    "Is he okay?" Ulrika asked and Ilona heard real worries in her voice.

    "I don´t know," Ilona´s face became worried. "He has disappeared."

    "Could it be related to his family?" Ulrika continued. "He said he is a noble of sorts in his homeland?"

    "He left that all behind, I think there might be something else, he wouldn´t stay away this long without telling me." Ilona said.

    "Well he would have never run away with another woman," Ulrika said with a twinkle. "As much as I tried to talk him into that."

    "Ulrika!" Ilona turned her head, couldn´t she be serious for once?

    "I know, sorry," Ulrika raised her hands. "How can I help?"

    "I send to Tobin to check in on some farms who noticed some strange occurrences and disappearances."

    "Disappearances?" Ulrika raised an eyebrow.

    "Mostly farmhands, serving girls, at first it was just assumed they had run away, but there might be more too it." Ilona explained. "I told Tobin to have a look, and now he is gone as well."

    "Well, say no more, I will help you." Ulrika said firmly as she stood up.

    Ilona looked at her, then she just couldn´t stop herself as she gave her a tight hug, "thanks, I feared you wouldn´t."

    "Hey that doesn´t mean I have forgiven you for those two months... but if you need help you will always get it from me," Ulrika grinned. "And you are lucky, I have a few, friends who might come in handy." She turned around and lead to a table were two women and... well.

    "Aren´t you the son of that slaver who helped take down his father?" Ilona asked, just staring at the dark blonde young... man? Wearing a female blouse and...

    "The daughter," he... or she... said. "My name is Elena."

    "Wasn´t your name..."

    "Ilona!" Ulrika was almost shouting. Suddenly so angry as Ilona had never seen her before.

    "I... I... am sorry." Ilona felt how her face turned red.

    "It's okay..." he... no she said. "You know I´ve experienced much worse."

    "You shouldn´t suffer at all for what you are." Ulrika said but began to calm herself down. Then she turned to the other women.

    "This is Kinga, the most beautiful bastard the Confederation has ever produced," she gestured at a woman whose dark skin gave away her mixed heritage.

    "Charming as always Ulrika..." but she grinned as she offered Ilona her hand.

    "And our most competed tracker the greatest hunter the west has ever seen, huntress of scalps, daughter of the great..."

    "That is called a stereotype Ulrika," the last woman said. She was larger and more muscular than any woman Ilona had ever seen. Probably larger than most men as well. Her bronze skin and clothing left it unambiguous that she was a tribal woman. "You can call me Cari."

    "A pleasure," Ilona said, still a bit worried of saying the wrong thing again.

    "To those of you who don´t know her, this Ilona Malek, the straightest lace in the entire west. Utterly devoid of humor or mercy... as well as the best woman I´ve ever met."

    Ilona felt how her cheeks became red, "Ulrika Grau, a common jailbird. There is no one in the entire world I would rather have at my side."

    "Well then," Kinga leaned forward on her chair. "What are we waiting for?"

    Half an hour later the five women left the town as the now acting Sheriff Kat saw them off. She hoped the bounty hunters wouldn´t get Ilona in trouble, but in some ways the troubles was probably already here.
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