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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Littledawg, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. Littledawg

    Littledawg Jedi Knight star 3

    Aug 19, 2008
    Tales of Terror.
    The Force, what is it, where does it come from, how did we find it to begin with. Well no matter the answer we only know that the Jedi, found it, harnessed it, and know use it to keep peace and justice in the galaxy. However their power was and still is to great for some to contain, and thus their Dark brethren, the Sith, and though the Dark side of the force is in essence stronger than the Light, Good has triumphed time and again, but that all changed, when one day, a new power rose to combat the power of the Jedi, a Sith race, one long dormant under the sands of a forgotten planet, have now arisen to fight the Jedi. How will the Galaxy stand, will it stand against this threat like Great hero?s of old, or will it shatter, like water upon rock, you decide.

    Alright then this Journey you shall undertake should you choose to accept it, will be to either stand defiant against the Sith Forces, or bring the walls of the Galaxies most powerful Republic crashing down around them. This story takes place, long before anything movie related, Palpatine doesn?t exist yet, there are no clones, no droids, in fact droids are as of now considered useful for only the most meaningless of task, like changing out the ink in a copier or shredding paper you were to lazy to get rid of.
    The four factions that can be played for now are as follows
    ? Jedi
    ? Sith(includes any and all Sith ground troops)
    ? Republic Army *includes non Jedi good guys*

    1. Obey the TOS. You will be removed if you fail to do so.
    2. If you don?t like a call I make, that?s fine, PM me with your complaint and I will look at it, Now be reasonable If the Sith send a thousand men against you alone and your just a lowly Padawan, don?t tell me you dashed through and blew everyone away It won?t fly.
    3. Keep the OOC to a minimum
    4. Keep it clean no Paragraph long scenes describing the pile of goo that your foe was turned into after he fell into a chemical chamber or what have you. Swearing is unacceptable, however I don?t mind hell, bloody hell, damn and the like, but, other than that, be creative, make stuff up or use Star Wars lingo
    5. PM all sheets to me I will inform you if I have an uneven distribution of Jedi/Sith or Good/Evil if you prefer.
    6. Note: There is no chosen one, no prophecy referring to said chosen one, if you want to pull an Anakin and eradicate the Jedi you better have a ship load of friends and then some, it won?t be easy, especially since the Jedi are in their prime and their all ready to fight the Sith.
    7. And most Important Have Fun


    (Elite ranks will be awarded to those who prove themselves worthy through posting quality)
    Blade Master
    Force Mystic

    Sith Lord
    (Same as before, players will be awarded elite ranks based on post quality.)
    Sith Sorcerer

    Character Sheet
    Physical Appearance:
    Other items:
    Combat specialty:
    Bio: At least TWO sentences, however there is no Maximun
  2. jedipassion

    jedipassion Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 9, 2007
    would this be pre-old republic or post old republic - pre SWPM?
  3. Littledawg

    Littledawg Jedi Knight star 3

    Aug 19, 2008
    AU Early old republic
  4. SnipeHunter

    SnipeHunter Jedi Master star 1

    Aug 30, 2005
    GM Approved

    Name:- Ze'hal Kourd
    Race:- Nautolan
    Age:- 16
    Height:- 1.5 meters
    Weight:- 48 kg
    Physical Appearance:-[image=]

    Clothing:- Same as the picture
    Armour:- none
    Weapons:- two lightsabers. Her main one is silver bladed and her secondary one is purple. She also carries a few knives hidden in her clothing that are balanced for throwing as well as two blasters strapped to her thighs.
    Other items:- Standard utility belt items hidden over her body.

    Personality:- She is a friendly girl who gets on with everyone, she also will help anyone in need even to the point that it may get her killed.
    Combat speciality:- she uses agility and dexterity in her combat, known to be almost impossible to hit but all her blows are made with little muscle strength unless its needed, mostly attacks with speed.
    Affiliation:- jedi
    Rank:- padawan, but close to becoming a knight of her own similar to obi wan in episode 1.
    Bio:- Ze'hal was raised in the jedi order, and even though she is firmly a light side user she always insists on wearing her black and red jedi robes. The robe design is the same as the blanket she was found in when she got dumped on the jedi temple as a baby.

    She has many friends inside the temple and has been a padawan now for about 4 years, and her master is currently in talks with the jedi council about sending her on the trials to become a knight. She is already advanced with the lightsaber and has started getting special lessons with the battle master who is teaching her the subtleness of each fighting form.
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