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    SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. ? DECEMBER 1, 2009 ? Scheduled for release this December, the fifth expansion to the successful Star Wars Galaxies? Trading Card Game from LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) brings the ability to boost your light or dark side deck with all-new beast trait cards in the The Nightsister?s Revenge expansion. Experience ten new story scenarios pitting players against a reclusive, Force-sensitive Nightsister witch exiled in the icy caverns of Hoth. Using mind control powers, the Nightsister has taken control over a pack of wampas, devastating nearby installations and stealing supplies. Her control over the beasts is so powerful both the Rebels and the Empire have begun to take notice.

    Hit the [link=]link[/link] to see more information on TFN Main.
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    The Nightsister's Revenge (All cards + bonus) (zip, 35 mb)

    All cards + few original artworks = 248 pics
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    Thanks for the link dude....

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