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    New expansion on the way for the TCG - The Shadow Syndicate. Take a look at [link=]TFN[/link] for the latest update!
    All-New Gameplay and Loot Cards Take the Flag this September

    SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. ? SEPTEMBER 8, 2009 ? Scheduled for release this September, the fourth expansion to the successful Star Wars Galaxies? Trading Card Game from LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) allows players to boost their light or dark side deck with all-new vehicle based cards. The Shadow Syndicate introduces 10 new Shadows of the Empire story-arc scenarios putting players in the service of both an illicit Rebel swoop racing operation led by Dash Rendar as well as the sinister Prince Xizor as he attempts to steal Rebel prizes for his own benefit.

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    Don't need the game to see it all. Get the cards artwork right here (screen captures from the game)

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